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That will be time for these two teams to settle it. Looking


downfield. Going deeper. Unbelievable. How did he do that?


The Denver Broncos are world champions. Hello. It has been 214


days from the Super Bowl to the start of the new season. Thankfully


the wait is over. We will be here every week until Super Bowl LI in


Houston in February. This is where they play football. We


are going to show you the good, the bad and the ugly. Denver when is it.


Get them. Get them. The Carolina Panthers against the Broncos. The


Carolina Panthers are headed to Super Bowl 50.


It is great to be back in the joint by two men who brought many a tear


to and fans and to meet last season. Jason Bell and... There does seem to


beat such excitement about this season. More people than ever before


are talking about. Last year was so exciting. People are ready to see


what the theme will be done to get behind it. Everybody is talking


about it. Maybe it is the same most seasons. It just seems to have


struck me. That video just sent a chill down my spine. It is


incredible. The NFL is incredible. Everything that happened building up


to this season, all the way through last season games were so close. We


will not have time for every team for a proper discussion. Sorry if we


don't cover your team in depth. Is this a wide-open race to Super Bowl


LI? It is always wide open. They believe is two. Cleveland really


believe they can win the Super Bowl. They tell themselves they can win


the Super Bowl. They feel like have a chance. Two minutes and you have


already bashed Cleveland. What are coaches telling the players? They


are trying to get you motivated. As a player you are attractive and your


rhythm. You have got to see you are at that season and what you are and


get out there and get your feet wet. 16 teams. Coaches like to break it


up into quarters. The coaches are like let's see if we can win a


couple of games, maybe 23 anyone. Should you be game ready break the


time you had a weak one. I know you have had the preseason and training


camps and all the rest. Is there a bit of leeway? It can be a


complicated game with so many different place and the like? You


still haven't played a whole game yet. You still have took it in the


game time condition. The first game is hard. As we will see, there are


so many rookies, but players who have moved from one team to another.


It will take time to settle in Pavelka placated the game can be.


You have to get a committed to a new teen the environment. Especially if


you are a rookie. It is difficult to get through the first game. Will you


tip anyone to win the Super Bowl? I need time to make an informed


decision. New York Giants. He might be biased. Time to get to the


action. We stuck with the repeat of the Super Bowl. The Carolina


Panthers lost that game and they travel to face the champions, the


Denver Broncos. A Broncos side who no longer had Peyton Manning. They


had all the ingredients for a great opening night. Here we go. Game one


of 256 on the national football league schedule. A nice way for him


to start his game, the former baseball player. Everybody we talked


to said the same thing, this kid is superb. This is his first NFL carry.


He gets to the 28-yard line. The poll is loose. His first carried


results in a fumble. It is recovered by Carolina. Simeon makes his


impressive debut. Caroline had to take it second. It is second found


in yet. We resume play on the opening drive for the Panthers. Over


the middle and that is caught in the end zone by Benjamin. What they


return for Kelvin Benjamin. Great rookie year. Out all of last year


but the good they go after they've recovered the fumble. Thomas comes


back into the game. They do five wide. It is picked off at the line


of scrimmage. That is Thomas Davis. Three ACL surgeries. His arm looking


protest -- looking protest. He plays through everything. Anderson


following his fullback off to the races. Judy Carolina 36. The food


back, the rookie from Nebraska, picked him in the sixth round. You


don't get gold stars for moving between the 20s. He had to start


scoring some points. And you can't turn the ball over. It is a


touchdown. Gary has to be laughing to himself. This is what he loves


today. He couldn't do it with Peyton Manning but it is his club now and


the scores. Camp Newton has a touchdown. That is a record setter.


He has a new dance. It is not very much appreciated in Denver. Carolina


got the ball back after a Denver three and out. A field goal made it


17-7 going into half-time. Carolina Panthers have a ten point lead


thanks to this man. We will see some of the plays he made in this game.


Check this out regular. He will do something he didn't do well at all


in the Super Bowl. Run the ball. Watch it. Get to the outside. Look


at him get to the end zone. With a great play. I like this part. Look


at him celebrate. Like he just found out he is not the father. What a


great play by him. Getting all the way to the outside. A nice stiff


arm. Touchdown Carolina Panthers. We will see what happens in the third


quarter of this game. Simeon goes in as he throws and it is picked off at


the 11-yard line. Third time inside the 30-yard line and no points. 3rd


3. Under pressure, don't he goes at the 9-yard line. Newton has got


the bad back after that one. This is the bigger news here at them. Took a


big hit. We showed you the sack and he has been limping a bit on the


sideline. CJ Anderson, he is inside the 10. He goes to the Anderson. CJ


Anderson. That is 878 yard Drive, a 25 yard touchdown, it plays to turn


it into the extra point. That is tipped in the air and it is picked


off at the 43-yard line. The flag comes in to the end of the play.


Chris Harris has the football. A 3-point game. It is amusing Paris


could keep the ball off the ground. Small guy makes brilliant plays like


that game after game that I watch. Third in goal. Sanders to the other


side. Getting into the end zone is CJ Anderson. The Broncos take the


lead. On the insuring Carolina possession, this cut the Denver lead


the one point. The Panthers got the ball back with one last chance to


win the game. 3rd 15. Has to get to the 50 to convert. Pressure


again. Sacked at the 29. Miller, sooner or later. That man in the


Super Bowl was a singular weapon of mass destruction. Fourth and 21,


they compelled a goal for it. They only have one time out. They have


all the big guys coming down here. All the big guys. 64, 60 five. Throw


in the air and see if you can outjumped somebody. Got to get to


the 50. It is a four man rush. Putin fires and is incomplete. A flag at


the 44-yard line. He had it in his hands for a. Regiment was there with


the coverage. Hands to the face. The fence. 1st down. Chris Harris on a


fourth and 21. A 5-yard penalty but it carries the automatic first. A


run is not out of the question. You are so close to field goal range in


this building. Again, the pressure put on. Putin tries to escape, has


tempered away. The flag is thrown. Barrett put the heat on. Newton


rising -- newton riding on the ground. Can he even continue at this


point. There are files by both teams. The first file is personal


foul, referring the passer. The fence number 26. Part of that


contact the quarterback did release the football although he was outside


of the pocket, the football did not get back to the original line of


scrimmage so there is intentional grounding. Those files will offset


and we will reply. A huge breakthrough Denver because they


don't call that one then they would be in a field goal range. Here is


the grounding. Trying to escape. There is the tackle box. He gets


outside but now you just have to get it back to the line of scrimmage. It


didn't happen. 29 seconds. Then go for white here. Newton flings it


over the middle and it is caught inside the 40. That is Benjamin. I


think the key thing for these guys is not to run of play when the clock


keeps running. 2nd down and ten. To the outside they go to play it safe


in terms of the clock and it is making the catch. What a gutsy throw


and catch. With nine seconds. He was 30 of 36 last year, his long was 32,


24 for over. Bory, there is nothing like that than to beat this bunch


and flight back 1-0. The cake is no good. A little high. Able to get it


down but probably just enough mist timing. The Denver Broncos with a


quarterback who had never thrown a pass overcome a ten point deficit


and win the game 20 1-20. The truth of the matter, the Denver


Broncos, we had the opportunity and we did it. When you play just good


enough, it is not good enough, so we're going to look at the


fundamentals. I am sure we will talk about him again. How would you


describe his first start? He had good command, of the offense, he


looks as though he has learned. And got off to the good start. You are


going to see this incredible play. Baseball background! And as soon as


he gets off to that good start, obviously composed? Absolutely.


Going all the way down the cycling, another great play. When I was


watching this, he does look like Peyton Manning? You have got to copy


the best. But he actually looks like him! Hello! My goodness. Should have


worn brown pants! That is good awareness. Peyton's age caught up


with him. KJ Anderson, do you expect to see more of the running games?


Day want to do bootlegs, the options, and they can do that. The


big thing last season, was that Manning may have delivered something


else. Absolutely. He would install his own offense, trying to say who


was going to be running the offense, then. Could they be better off


without Manning? Possibly, you can never be better off after losing the


greatest quarterback of all time, but they are going to have the same


intelligence, the leadership. Take my point? Half and half! New


Orleans. The Saints' quarterback, signed the new deal, ensuring him


$44.25 billion. I do not think he will be on the show. It underlines


his importance to the team. Raiders have not got to the playoffs since


2003. But they have lofty ambitions. Murray has it. End zone. Touchdown


Raiders! Touchdown Saints! Impressive


numbers. Those pass yards. 7000 more than anybody. Catch held on! This is


the first break nature. Quick scoring. The New Orleans Saints have


the 7-point lead, thanks to that man. Look at this laser precision.


Down the middle, between defenders. You have got to be a good


quarterback to do that. But look at Cooks, coming out, celebrating,


shakes the DB, takes the hit, what a play. Second half... 2-yard line.


Standing at his own end zone. Brees. On the run. Cooks! It is going to be


98 yards! Norton decides to put his corner, man to man, you cannot do


this. Running down the sideline. I know that he is talented, but he is


not going to be keeping up with Cooks. At the ensuing possession, it


cut the lead to 11 points. New Orleans then tried one of the road,


but could not convert. First in 20. Cooper, open! Knocked at 37 inside


27, 6'4 receiver. Touchdown. On the next, six play drive came up short.


Settling for the field goal to extend the lead. Loose. It is going


to be touchdown Raiders. 75 yards. Watch this. Gets blocked. Through


him, in a heartbeat. The 2-point conversion. Yes. Cooper, converts.


Brees. The pocket collapsing. Ball out! Yes.


And another touchdown for Brees and over 400 jobs. Floats one... Flag!


The penalty flag! Robertson was covering.


Number 52. Watch how quickly number 40, getting the ball, the


interference, pushing him out of bounds. Getting the break. Roberts,


spinning, touchdown Raiders! All that you are asking for, the


opportunity at redemption. Wow. Telling his offense, get on the


field. You have got to be kidding me. Saints have no time outs. You


like the guts. You have to trust the quarterback, to get to the end zone.


Extra point timed... Going for two. He has it! Bitterly careful with the


celebration. -- he bitterly. On the other cycling, just spotted him from


15 yards. Brees. Held onto again. What a catch. Clock runs. The only


hurting the offense, time. Thing what an amazing deal this has been.


Outstanding. Showed the leg. Made from 20. For the win... From 61. No!


Raiders win! Gamble comes off! Drilled in. Just drifting wide left.


Offense. Impressive comes down to the rookie kicker. Drills it. Last


second, too much hook. Only one thing to talk about, how that ended.


You are shaking your head? It was a gutsy call. Away game... Get in when


it's hot. Do you think he thought, the offense have got the better


chance, of winning this, that the defense stopping Brees? I do not


know what that man thinks. But imagine what he has! I am glad you


thought carefully about that. That guy, Jack, he thought, I am going to


win, we want to go out and get it done. He also took to social media.


He said that they would have had more chance, going for the point,


brilliant reply. That could give their momentum. He has some time on


his hands. But you have to respect the court, giving the confidence to


his team like that. Next up, the Dallas Cowboys, and the New York


Giants, the story was broken back sustained by Tony Romero. First


rookie since 1969, for the richest sports team. It seems as though


money cannot buy you experience. Ellie Manning at quarterback.


Prescott. 1st down inside Giant territory. Prescott's first drive,


23 field goal, Dallas 3-0. Seven. Extra men on the rush. Manning


slides. Incomplete. End zone. Incomplete. Great coverage


by Rogers. Dallas finished for the redhead at the start of the second


quarter, 6-0 up. -- further ahead. Steps in. Junior, out of bounds,


inside ten. Mark him with 15. This just becomes foot race. Trying to


run but it was not even close. 45 yards. Long time. Manning, end zone,


touchdown! Just like that. After a four play 75 yard drive. Blink! The


Giants on top in theatres Texas. 1st down, end zone. Court.


Touchdown. Give it a look. That ball comes out. It is a scoring place or


they will look at it no matter what and that ball was not secured. The


receiver lost control of the ball when he hit the ground. The clock is


good. Des Browne's forced others to settle for a 35 yard goal and that


gave them a slender 9-7 lead. Edge forced Cleveland. It is caught by


the rookie, Stirling. Shepherd for the touchdown. Shepherd has to still


concerned with the ball, a ball that understood. He makes the play. An


excellent job of capping of the drive before the end of this half.


Dallas Cowboys are down by four points. All eyes are on Prescott. He


was the paper. Let's see how he does. The rookie quarterback with a


play action and he will evade the pressure and throw a strike to Des


Browne. Great play by him. Standing in the pocket, look to his left and


delivered a strike to number 19, bottle. This is making plays for his


team. Now he will like and threw off his back leg which is it difficult


to make. Now you will see him stand in the pocket. He throws the ball


all the way down the football field. That was an incomplete pass. Let's


see if he continues that play in the second half. 13 of 16. This one is


picked. Brandon Carter. The first turnover of the game belongs to the


Dallas Cowboys. Brandon Carter reads it beautifully and he comes


underneath. Shepherd is unable to do anything about it. Elliott cut back.


Touchdown. The Cowboys have had the ball four times, have four scorers.


Now they have their first touchdown. Dan Bailey hit his fourth field goal


of the day. This one from 54 yards. It gave Dallas a 6-point lead.


6-point Dallas lead. The Giants have just 32 yards and four second-half


possession. That has got to turn around right now for Eli Manning.


Second in five. Manning chased. That is Shepherd, the rookie, who has a


touchdown in this game. Court for the touchdown. Time to salsa. Victor


Cruz. Welcome back. It is a 1-point Giant lead as number ten finds an


old friend. Victor Cruz and the Giants are back on top. Mr Prescott,


the stage is yours. Prescott can spike it here if they don't get it


down. He hangs on. Depends on the spot. A 1st down has been given.


Again, Prescott cannot spike people if they don't get the 1st down here.


This is varied down. Underneath. Williams has got to get out of


bounds and he doesn't. He makes a mistake. He had a chance as soon as


the cottage. Game over, Giants win. Terrence Williams has got to know


you have to get out of bounds as soon as it is caught to stop the


clock. When you will stop the clock otherwise and get a field goal came


onto the field. Terrence Williams did not take it out of bounds to


stop the clock. Then is 1-0 in the NFL. Well, talk to me about an


management at the end of the game and what you would be saying in the


locker room after what happened to the Cowboys at the end here? This is


what happens when you have a rookie quarterback. What should have


happened is before the snap he tells everybody let's get out of bounds,


don't get any crazy ideas, let's go out, let's execute this and stop the


clock. He is supposed to know. In the heat of the moment were


quarterback is supposed to say we have this amount of time, you have


to get out of bounds. I will put the blame on Williams but Prescott, he


was a veteran quarterback, would have told them. For looking calm and


doing well, that is where the experience comes in, that is where


it had been reversed, Eli Manning would have said you have got to get


out here there are only six seconds left. He would have said that before


the play even started. You have to be reminded of the small things at


times. Do you give any credit to the Giants prosper 's defense? This is


exactly where they would have lost the game. They give away 5/4-quarter


aids. They found a way to close the game out. Next and Williams will


know where he has got to go. We have seen three games that went right


down to the wire but the excitement didn't end there. Here is a round-up


of the remaining fixtures. Brady had a mixed but ultimately successful


night getting the Patriots past Arizona. Larry Fitzgerald was on


fire with two touchdowns. It is caught by Fitzgerald. Another


amazing catch. The Cardinals fell just short. A last-minute field


attempt went wide. A debut to remember for Carson as he left the


Eagles to a win. Ouch, that has got to hurt. Cleveland, despite a new


quarterback and new head coach, Hue Jackson, came up well short in


Philadelphia. Despite the Falcons scoring first in Atlanta, the


Buccaneers responded superbly with an impressive display from James


Winston from the Tampa Bay fence, securing an opening-day win. In only


his second season, Winston should he has matured into a tough player as


he got four touchdowns. He displayed the full range of his passing to


give the Buccaneers a huge confidence boost going into the new


season. The Chargers scored three first-half touchdowns racing to a


24-3 lead before the Chiefs mounted an incredible comeback. Scoring 24


points in the second half to force the game to overtime. Touchdown.


What about, Alex Smith, threw two touchdown passes before landing one


of his own to win the game. Mike Wallace got an impressive touchdown


to give the Ravens the lead in Boston. Midway through the third


quarter was a chance to tie the game but it was wasted. However, Justin


Tucker made no mistake to give Baltimore the first opening-day


victory in four years. Brock Crosswell should everyone wants $72


billion gets you. Hopkins with the pick of the Houston touchdowns. But


this effort from Eddie Royle 's was an added bonus. In the fourth


quarter, will Fowler danced into the end zone for a debut touchdown.


Everyone knows you cannot give the Green Bay number 12 this amount of


time and space. Rogers claimed the first TD of the season. Rogers then


showcased his passing skills. Anything you can do, we can do


better. Rogers showed why he is the master and with an echo of that


he'll merely from last season the Monterey Adams had this incredible


score. A late Bloomer at this one with all the fun coming in the last


quarter. One was run in to give Miami a 10-6 lead with just four


minutes remaining. Before Russell Wilson did what he does best. He


drove the Seattle Seahawks to a comeback victory aided, it must be


said, by his team-mates. Relief on day one. In a crazy game in


Indianapolis, the script was opened. Detroit take an 18 point first-half


lead. Then Andrew luck attracting steam back into the game. -- dragged


his team. With less than a minute to go, they lead by one. However, the


home crowd had their hearts broken from 43 yards with a last-gasp kick.


The Vikings went behind in Tennessee. Murray going airborne.


But that just seemed to annoy the Minnesota defense. As they showed


their fans how to get on the scoreboard. Eric Kendricks with a


stunning 77 yard interception score. Followed by Daniel Hunter


capitalising on a fumble to give the Vikings at the win against the


Tigers. Green collected from Dalton for the pick of the first-half


scorers. It wasn't an easy day for the quarterback as he was sacked


seven times. He left happy as Mike Nugent's kick in the last minute


secured the narrowest of winds, 23-22. It was all about Big Ben as


the Redskins posted. The Pittsburgh quarterback throwing three


touchdowns in a comfortable win on the road. A new local derby, but the


really kidded Rams didn't enjoy the trip to San Francisco. -- relocated.


Well, the 49ers were excellent in that game last night. We'd like to


have fun and we like to enjoy the sport. That is why we do it.


Sometimes things are a lot more serious than sport and yet sport can


do a lot to put the spotlight on those issues. What do you make, both


of you, of Colin Kapernick's protests by peeling at the National


anthem, singing it, to get his point across about racism in the United


States? I seriously applaud this young man. I applaud the bravery


that this man is displaying in this instance. Most athletes stay away


from things like that. They tend to be vanilla, they play straight down


the middle. This is a back-up quarterback who is driving this kind


of discussion around the world. We are in England right now. People are


talking about what this man is doing and what is going on in America. Let


me just say this, because you are a lot of people say I understand but


he could have found a different way to say it. How? How could he have


found a different way to say that question at the awards ceremony a


couple of months ago you had James, Paul, weird arguably some of the


most famous black American athletes in the world stand up say a little


thing and it was forgotten about three seconds after that. Nobody


remembered what said. A back-up quarterback is driving this


discussion around the world. I completely agree with him, I applaud


what he is doing and more importantly, I will not be one to


tell a man what he should or shouldn't do, but I just came back


from Africa and the entire continent, they are doing the dance.


Imagine, if Cam Newton or James did this. Bandit is starting to spread.


No matter how you feel about this, he has the right to express what he


fumes. And he is doing it, how he feels it has to be done. You have


got to respect that. And he started, privately, silently, he has not


drawn attention to that? Absolutely. He knew the power behind it. And the


people who have got behind him, nor that as well. Thank you. These are


sounds of the locker room. Learn how to compete. This year, we know how


to win! It is so important, to start with the home opener as a win. Good


job. No matter what the situation, we're going to keep fighting.


Congratulations on the double. Stay humble. Stay humble. Stay humble.


Good finding the path to victory. Job, good job. Character. Tonight,


enough mistakes. But we did it and still beat a team that won 17 games


last year. That tells me, what we can beat. And we have got something


to look social media. Michael Jamieson has his team. Rio


Ferdinand. The Eagles, 2020. But nothing is as fantastic as the


swimming pool, at Jacksonville. You can watch the game from it! That is


absolutely amazing. But this is going to make your mouth water. You


can't have the chocolate bar and bacon... That's why they're large! I


think it is for the fans, not the locker room.


This Saturday the debut of the NFL Show. It is going to be on after


much of the day. Getting close to fans, whose day jobs involve...


Crowd going wild. Lost. I cannot go home. We lost! Westhorpe. And as


well was that, you can tune in on Sunday night. Including commentary.


That is from us. Thank you for watching. And it is good to have the


new season up and running. The new season. Complete with all the


dreams, the brilliance, that comes with a new start. The inflation of


hope. High-pressure, low pressure. NFL is the heartbeat. Protest or


does football rule? In, what makes the pulse race? The brilliance, that


shines? The new season, only the NFL.


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