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It will be time for these two teams. He's going to fire towards the end


zone! To the end zone, touchdown! Going deep! The wrecking Crew!


Unbelievable! How did he do that? The Denver Broncos are world


champions. Good evening and welcome to NFL this week, week two in our


journey to the Super Bowl. I am joined by the former cornerback


Jason Bell and former defensive linebacker Owen. The regular season


stretches to 16 games so it is too early to start determining anything.


Too early to jump the gun and claim a winner of this whole thing but it


is good football and teams are equal right now. But going into week to


nobody will want to be 0- two because only 12% of teens who have


gone 0- two then make it to the playoffs. Absolutely. What do you


mean absolutely? Did you know that statistic? I didn't, but what I do


remember is being 0-2 and winning the Super Bowl. Yes, you were one of


those 12%! But aside from that, is it hard to recover from that? It is


hard to come back from that but the season is long and players know


that. By the way, I heard that statistic on Redzone and didn't


actually check it. We have a second show on Saturday night with all


three of us including highlights of the Thursday night game between the


Texans and the Patriots. So let's see how the Patriots got on when


they hosted Miami Dolphins. No Tom Brady, he still suspended, all eyes


were on his replacement Jimmy Graf low. But anybody can drop into this


Patriots offense. COMMENTATOR: Second and drive,


opening drive from the projects. Inside the five, to the end zone!


Some of the criticism Garoppolo took was that he was not decisive with


his decisions. Talking to Josh Brent Daniels, his performance last week


was very decisive and we have seen that again. Over the middle, end


zone, touchdown! Bennett, 20 yards, and the Patriots


are on the board again. Under 13 and a half to play in the first half.


Now Garoppolo on third and fourth. To the end zone for the touchdown!


That young man, Garoppolo, has engineered touchdown drives of 75,


75 and 70 six yards. He's five yards shy of firing over 200 and we are


still in the first half. Ajayi in the backfield. Tannehill throws to


the near side line. Lost the ball! And the Patriots are on it! Chris


Long with the recovery! Makes the first defender miss as he's driving


towards the 1st down and before his foot goes out of bounds the ball is


stripped. Garoppolo under pressure. On the move, throws over the middle,


got his man inside the 25-yard line. Malcolm Mitchell, the Rookie out of


Georgia. He's feeling that one, Kiko Alonso on the hit. As he slides in


the pocket he is able to escape. He avoids one, steps up, gets to the


outside, Kiko Alonso 47. The pressure landed on his right


shoulder. Not only his body weight but he had Alonso's body weight


falling on my right shoulder. They are going to look at him and the


back-up quarterback Jacobi Bridge starts to get loose. Watch all the


pressure go on my right shoulder. A lot of pressure. You can see the


amount of pain Jimmy Garoppolo is under. He will head down the tunnel


and get some x-rays, I am sure STUDIO: Garoppolo's shoulder injury


meant that he set out the rest of the match. There was better news


when compound ski scored a field goal, but then the Dolphin scored


one of their own from francs to make it 24-3 heading into half-time.


STUDIO: Today we will talk about my favourite thing, pressuring a


quarterback, and we will see somebody who is not accustomed to


doing it. At third and 91 the front four giving pressure but watch what


Miami Dolphins will do. They will bring pressure here and I want you


to pay really special attention to the middle linebacker, Alonso,


watched the special play he makes. Initially his job is to check and


see whoever comes across the middle. He sees this man take that guy and


now watch what he does here, like a heat-seeking missile, he's going to


come straight to Garoppolo and watch him deliver this terrific hit to the


quarterback, bang, knocked him down. Look at this! Don't pass go, do not


collect $200, go straight down. And that was an incredible play by this


case. Nothing makes me happier than seeing a court aback get hit like


that, other than that Ella -- nothing makes me happier than seeing


a quarterback get hit like that. On 1st down, Ajayi, lost the football,


and followed on by the Patriots! Flowers. And the young quarterback


Jacoby Brissett goes back to work. Play faked to him. Wide open on the


far side, midfield and the races. Down the 30-yard line. 1st goal.


Blount, right side, touchdown! Jacoby Brissett engineers the


touchdown drive. All that optimism the Miami Dolphins had coming out of


the locker room, they are now at 31-3. On 2nd 4, Tannehill for the


end zone, got an open, touchdown! Kenny Stills, who dropped a short


touchdown he week ago, holds onto this one on the 24 yards. Exactly


what they needed. Had the turnover, that time able to finish the drive,


get seven on the board for the first time today. We saw Adam Yates quite


animated on the sideline, Tannehill looking, throwing, end zone, did you


catch it? He caught it! Jordan Cameron, touchdown. It just depends


what you think of their return team, if you think they are too good, you


click through the end zone. Blount with a hurdle and extra yardage! Out


to the 45-yard line. The size of Blount to get up, that's incredibly


athletic, a man that size, and that was not a little hurdle, it was


extra high. On 2nd 15, deep drop my lost the football! It is loose,


who's got it? Still loose! Looks like it was covered by the Patriots


back at the 40-yard line, James White diving on the ball. Second and


fourth. Inside the five, looking for the end zone. Touchdown! Canyon


Drake, the rookie out of Alabama. Got to tip your hat to Ryan


Tannehill, 20 out of 21, two touchdowns and the one incompletion


was the screen pass he saw developing and threw it into the


dirt. I don't think you can do any better and he's got to keep it


going. STUDIO: On the following Patriots possession they missed a


field goal to give the Dolphin is a chance to tie the game late in the


fourth quarter. COMMENTATOR: 2nd 10. Tannehill with time, going to


pull it down and run, 45, 40, keeps his head up, inside the 35-yard


line. 4th 5. Tannehill going for it all, to the end zone, Parker, and


it is intercepted! Rough way for things to end in the second half for


Ryan Tannehill. Strange to say but the huge advantage New England had


in the first half, I think they are feeling like they survived. Good to


win at home. I thought our team did a lot of things well today. The


momentum shift at the end, start of the fourth quarter. In the end we


made enough plays to win, just barely. But we'll take it. And we'll


move on. Obviously a quick week here for Houston coming up, another real


good football team. I think we got a lot of good performances from a lot


of different people, offensive line, running game, receivers, both


quarterbacks. The first and most important thing to say is that of a


chocolate spreads are available. You can't just go around mentioning one


brand. Other brands are available. As much as you like seeing a


quarterback get hit, you must have some sympathy for Garoppolo? Yes, he


was having an outstanding game, and dissecting the Miami Dolphins. To


get hurt when you are having the game of your life, you have to feel


sympathy. Jacoby Brissett comes in, and when you watch what he did when


he came on, you can see that they had to reduce what the offense did


to accommodate him? The first thing they had to do was let him get the


ball out quick, get comfortable. Short, quick throws where he does


not have to think a lot, get warmed up. People might understand that


you'd have two shorter than that when he came on in this game, given


that they play on Thursday do they have enough time to expand anything


with him before the game with the Texans? They can't have enough time,


only three days to prepare for this. Jacoby Brissett they were probably


not expecting to play this year and now he has to go in at short notice


but if anybody can get this done it will be Bill Belichick. That's what


I was going to expand on with you. As you pointed out last week about


his coaching abilities, he'll be able to simplify that playbook for


Jacoby Brissett. And he always did a good job of doing the best thing for


his team versus that opponent. And this is no other thing that he


hasn't seen before, you'll plug him in and play. I guarantee he'll have


a specific package, specific plays designed for this guy to execute and


make him successful in this game. Nobody wants a player to get hurt


but the ultimate for a defense must be to get the quarterback out of the


game because he is the side's lead. You are trying to win so when you


see the other team's quarterback go out you feel you have an advantage.


Miami thought they had an advantage and try to get themselves back in.


You never want to see anybody hurt but you want them out of your game.


The quarterback is the head of the snake, if you chop off the head, the


body falls. You know what it's like to hit a


quarterback. I'm going to be kind to both of you, because you're on this


list as well, remarkably! LAUGHTER


Sacking a quarterback... You had other strengths, Jason! Look at


that! We almost got fined for that! Can you described the feeling of


hitting a quarterback? An described Bull! The quarterback is so pretty,


so cute, they get paid the most money... Any time you get a chance


to take a shot at a quarterback, you have to take it! -- indescribable!


Did you share that sack? He got me! I needed that sack! As we've already


mentioned, you can see highlights of the Patriot against the Texans this


Saturday. We're going to start one of our week to round-ups with the


Texans and their visit to the Kansas City Chiefs. It has gone very well


thought Brock Osweiler so far and the Texans. Here was his 27 yard


pass to Hopkins for that touchdown. Four field goals each league sides


shared after that, the Texans winning 19-12. He's doing well,


Brock Osweiler. $17 million, he must be doing well! That is a very good


point! Last week's Thursday night game was the New York Jets and the


Buffalo Bills. That Jets went 20-17 up. The Bills, as you will seek got


themselves back into it. Rex Ryan is under pressure here, isn't he?


Absolutely, completely under pressure. They had and owners play


meeting and you never see that that tells you what kind of trouble Rex


Ryan is in. Coaches aren't in that! They are the ones on the hot seat!


The Jets pulled away in the fourth quarter. Matt Forte's four


touchdowns, the Jets eventually winning 37-31. Pittsburgh Steelers


continue their impressive start to the season. Ben Roethlisberger with


that impressive pasta. Then watch this turn of speed, Jason! Look at


that, slide! That led to another touchdown, a four yard touchdown


pass to Williams. Pittsburgh's beating the Bengals. A difficult


start for the Bengals. Cleveland here took a three touchdown lead


against Baltimore. They will be Cleveland, though. You know what's


coming! The fact that they took a three touchdown lead, as it


highlight what their offense could be eventually? There's no doubt


about that, if he had the right people in place the would-be winning


games at Cleveland. They are 20 zip up at this stage and in the kick for


the last Cleveland touchdown conversion is blocked and it is run


back for two points by Young will stop even though that only takes it


to 20-2, you go into the locker room thinking that could change


everything. They're like, man, we seen this before. When you're a


losing team, you're used to losing. Baltimore then fought back and as


you say, maybe Cleveland knew what was coming, because in the end


Baltimore won 25-20 against the Browns. It was the only 20 points


they scored. It was, don't rub it in for them! New Orleans at the New


York Giants. A scoreless first quarter. Second-quarter field goal


blocked and returned by Jenkins. Were you surprised that this was


such a low scoring game between the Saints and the Giants? I wasn't,


because the Giants got their money 's worth for what they are paying


for their defense. The Saints's defense has not been that good,


though. They played surprisingly well in this game. They did play


very well. Carolina got their season up and running. They were beaten at


Denver on the opening day. Kelvin Benjamin and Cam Newton connected


for two crucial third quarter touchdowns. He is a man mountain,


Kelvin Benjamin. Wow! I just want you to see the block on Luke


Keighley, there! Sound effects, a bit of Lionel Richie! But Carolina


are up and running. They are, they're ready to go. Cam Newton,


that is our new leader. You will have the deal time to argue about


Cam Newton over the coming weeks. Next, the Tennessee Titans at the


Detroit Lions. The Titans suffered a week one loss to the Vikings, while


the Lions beat the Colts with eight seconds remaining. A fascinating


matchup between two teams threatening to impress.


COMMENTATOR: Penalty, Tennessee will start at the 5-yard line for this


drive, no score in the opening quarter. Touchdown! A safety from


Brian Stevens! John Coughlan just gets beaten right out of the ball.


You're coming out of your end zone, you can't catch a defensive end in


the NFL, you've got... 2nd 20. Rolling out to his left. To the end


zone, touchdown! Anquan Boldin! On the ensuing Titans possession,


they would hit a 46 yard field goal to cut the Lions's lead to 9-3 early


in the second quarter. Stafford, fires, end zone! He has


the touchdown if it stands. This is going against the Lions. Pass


interference. 10-yard penalty. So, 1st goal, back at the 11-yard


line. Stafford in the middle, touchdown!


Anquan Boldin reels them in. Offense, number 72. That is the


third Lions called back today because of a penalty. The penalties


forced the Lions to settle for a 42 yard field goal from Matt Prater to


make it 12-3 heading into half-time. Play action, and it is picked off!


Clover Quinn with the interception! It is a roll-out. All of his action


is going to the right side. Mariota, his action pulls Quinn that way,


right into the throw. Stafford... Stafford, not so gracefully, goes


down after a gain of 24! Nobody talks about the mobility of Matthew


Stafford. They won't be talking about the grace of him either, but


what a great job, sits in the soft spot. Five minutes later, Matt


Prater would make a 27 yard field goal to give the Lions a 15-3 lead


going into the fourth quarter. First and ten from the Detroit 30-yard


line. Mariota, looking deep, touchdown Titans! Walker with his


first touchdown of the season. Good job by Mariota. As he gets more


experienced in his career, he will try even harder to hold that safety


who almost comes over and makes a play, there, and he got that ball on


the money to Delanie Walker and boy, the Tennessee Titans needed that.


-- looking for Tate. Stafford throwing close to the sideline. If


he had thrown it close to the middle of the field, that would have been a


touchdown. Golden Tate is not able to get his shoulders round. I agree


with you, Steve, but Matthew Stafford nos too, as a quarterback,


that ball has got to be attempt away from the sideline. -- Matthew


Stafford knows that. Mariota committed DiMarco -- Mariota, to


DiMarco. Mariota lofts one! Is a 1st down for Murray, gain of 22. Now


they're starting to put pressure on it defense that has spread very


thin. If you're playing for field goals, you're going to get the ball


back... There's just not enough time to do that. This is the right play.


Mariota with time, end zone, and it is good! Johnson, what a play! A 4th


down, Andre Johnson with the 69th touchdown of his career, and now the


Titans will go for two. How does he catch this ball? He is well


defended, there are guys all around him and he pulls it in. That's why


he's going to be a Hall of Famer when it's all said and done. You


make big plays when you get the chance, at big times. Big play here,


a field goal too tight it. Mariota going right... The 2-point


conversion is no good! Matt Prater has been clutched in his


career, will he get a chance? It is 3rd 9. Stafford, intercepted! He


wisely goes to the ground. Matthew Stafford had got 212 passes without


an interception, and he throws one here to Paris Cox, who had a


miserable game for the Titans, but in the big moment, Cox comes up with


the pick and the Titans win, 16-15. Yeah, Marcus did a great job of just


staying composed. Andre Adams made the biggest play of the game. He is


a hell of a player and we're lucky to have him here. Mariota was calm,


he knew the play was going to work and he just let us calmly downfield.


We've got a lot to work on. Too many penalties, without question. Time


and again we take it into the end zone and get called back out for one


infraction or another and some pretty sizeable gains as well. We


let them off the hook with a couple of defensive penalties. That is


something we've got to get straight, and 17 penalties is disappointing.


We've got to get that straight and quickly. Two teams we haven't really


seen a lot whilst we have been doing this show, but it was a very tight


game and very entertaining. It probably shouldn't have been a tight


game, because it right should have been home and hosed if it had not


been for all the penalties they conceded. We can see some of them


again now. 17 in total, costing 138 yards and three touchdowns. That is


the quickest way to lose. You cannot beat yourself, and that is what they


did. They gave themselves opportunities to score in the red


zone and that is very hard to do. Then they give away penalties to


negate those scores, you can't play like that. Can you sometimes find


yourself, once you're in that rut of giving away penalties, do you


sometimes find you can't stop giving them? That's what it seems like,


man. It would drive coach Coughlin insane. Penalties are the last thing


you want because it costs your team momentum. You could be driving down


the field and called back. Ridiculous, far too many penalties.


If you get away with five or under, that's considered a good


performance? That is for offense and defense. If you go over that, and he


said it in his interview, we're going to have to work on this...


What will happen at their training camp over the course of the next six


or seven days? Next week is going to be tough. Usually they are bringing


in officials to officiate practice and call everything like it was the


game. You go through practice and you've got these refs watching


everything you do because they've got to clean the game up. It's going


to be a tough week. Is it more about educating the players after a week


like that, rather than punishing them? Not necessarily educating them


because they know what is right and wrong, but sometimes you just get


sloppy out there, you just can't afford that many penalties in a


game. The reason I said educate, because I tell you why, there were


29 penalties in total in that game. I watched so many games this season


where flags are coming out here, there and everywhere. I know there


are new rules on celebrating as well, but are they stricter at the


start of the season, referees? Therefore players need to be


educated? Yes, you need to know what is being called. You can bring the


refs out and say they are and deciding this this year, be aware of


that. The coaches know exactly what


referee is calling what. Because different referees look out for


different things. Exactly. About what week did you think you could


get away with it? About week six, week seven. Next up, Dallas Cowboys


and Washington Redskins, both suffering defeat in week one, and


Cowboys came within one point of the Giants and the Redskins were soundly


put away by the impressive Steelers. Time to find out who avoids the


unenviable position of 0-2 after two. COMMENTATOR: Prescott gets it


wide, Swain wide open, inside the ten. 1st goal, right up the


middle, waiting for the signal, touchdown! Kevin, we talk a lot


about the best offensive line in football, just watch that line of


scrimmage, whose winning? The Cowboys are clearly winning. Ezekiel


Fryers getting behind -- Elliott getting behind. Cuts up inside the


10, Matt Jones! Touchdown! A 14 yard run for Matt Jones, his first


touchdown of the year. STUDIO: Dan Bailey hit his second field goal of


the game to make it 13-7. Washington cut the lead when they got the ball


back. This 36 yard Dustin Hopkins field goal made it 13-10 going into


half-time. COMMENTATOR: 2nd down, for man pressure. Cousins, end zone!


Touchdown. Now that was brilliant. Crowder, you can't throw it any


better, folks. He's going to get thrown into the wall, but he's got


himself a touchdown. 3rd 11. Prescott thinks about running,


hasn't done it yet. Forget run when you can hit number 88! 1st goal


for Dallas. Every time he's lined up on the shot, you've got to throw to


this man. DAC Prescott doing a nice job seeing the matchup. If you are


Washington Redskins you better and quick to make an adjustment. 2nd


goal from the six. One touchdown they got, remember the penalty. He's


going to run! And he's going to score! Talk about finishing, Dak


Prescott thinking, you know what? I'm a pretty good athlete, I can use


that, go ahead and use those legs, use them to your advantage, that's


exactly what he does. Something like he's going to throw, then


bludgeoning forward for the touchdown. STUDIO: On the next


Washington possession a seven Play Drive stalled and they had to settle


for a 29 yard Hopkins field goal and that made it 20-20. COMMENTATOR: The


ball is loose! Shaun Phillips is the guy who recovered it.


Kevin, I think it's Josh Norman who knocks this football out. Josh


Norman says all right, if I can't cover Dez Bryant, I'll make my


presence known somehow. Our colleague kind of invented that


technique, the peanut punch, goes in like a boxer with that right hand


and gets the ball out. Great players affect the game, that's exactly what


Josh Norman just did. STUDIO: Despite great field possession Lille


position, Washington again failed to make the end zone. This kick gave


them a 3-point lead with a quarter to go. COMMENTATOR: 3rd goal.


Firing, intercepted! Picked off in the end zone by Barry Church! What a


huge stop by Dallas! He's watching the eyes of Kirk Cousins. Never sees


Barry Church. Great play by Barry Church. Cowboys stay in it with a


big play. 3rd 11. Play clock at one, they get it off. Prescott


firing far side, he's got his man! Beazley again. Huge throw from


Prescott. 2nd down and two. Morris, touchdown! Back on his old home turf


and he puts his new team in front. This is not about the running back


but about that offensive play. Look at Zack Martin pushing Ziggy had off


the line of scrimmage. Alfred Morris says thank you very much. No


time-outs, Washington needs a touchdown. Cowboys up four with four


seconds to play. Kevin cousins looking, throwing. Incomplete! The


Cowboys hold on to win it. The rookie Dak Prescott with a


game-winning touchdown in the third quarter. We stayed aggressive


throughout the game, they did a good job early off keeping us out of the


end zone. Everybody kept great poise, playing with composure


throughout the game. STUDIO: I want to focus on Kirk Cousins and why he


might be feeling the pressure. One of the chats we've been having is


because he has this franchise tag, explain why that might give him some


pressure. The franchise tag, he's getting average top five salaries of


the quarterback salary, he's basically playing for a one-year


deal, he's got to prove his worth a long-term investment. At the end of


last season they didn't want to give him a bumper contract, they put the


franchise thing on, you average out the salaries, but he could be


released at the end of the year? They are saying they are not sure,


they are not sold on Kirk Cousins in the long run, let's give him a run


to see what he does. Seems at the moment like he's affecting them,


lost their first two games, both at home. Picked one play in particular


to show what he's doing wrong. This is the big one, locking in on one


receiver that he tries to deliver it to, and that allows their defenders


to know exactly where he's going. The third defender is watching his


eyes the whole time. That's not what a veteran quarterback does. He never


looks to his right, does he? Leaves them in this position with a couple


of seconds on the clock, goes for they'll marry and doesn't come off.


Now there are all these rumours around Washington Redskins of play


an rest, player dissatisfaction with Kirk Cousins, which isn't going to


help. It will make people turn on you, 0-2, I've seen it happen so


many times. But they need to stick with that kid, he's going through a


rough patch. You seen it happen in dressing rooms? All the time, you go


0-2, people have a contract to live up to, pressure on them, especially


the coaching staff, it happens. So within that set up do you expect the


head coach to deal with that, the quarterback coach? Who should try


and calm this suppose it am rest with only two games in? It's the


head coach. It's his job to control what's happening in the locker room


with the players. I'm surprised that it's out there that they are saying


they have an issue with him because who is talking to who? They should


be handling that internal. Sources! It creates more unrest if you think


there is a league, that is more worrying than your quarterback being


in bad form. Exactly. A few games left to cover, starting with


Atlanta's Oakland. We were praising Oakland last week but Atlanta's


scored 35 points against them. Jones with the touchdown. Derek Carr


connects with Clive Walford. The Raiders defense will be a worry.


They were a bit unlucky here. That's the problem. They are giving up too


many on defense. A defense that was impressive was Minnesota, but Grant


opening their new stadium. What will be worrying for the Vikings and


we'll talk about this surely, Adrian Peterson leaving the game with a


torn meniscus. Of course you've got Bradford as their quarterback now.


This was the pick of the touchdowns. Stefan Dix with that. Not much


action at the Colosseum, the Rams returning to LA, but it looks great.


I know they will not be there for long, but wow. 9-3, the Rams winning


that. They still haven't scored an offensive touchdown in this NFL


season. Speaking of great defense, the Broncos were at it again. First


Aqib Talib with this 46 yard interception for a touchdown. When


your defense scores, you can win a lot of games! Did you see the


stutter step? Did you see the stutter step? Ron Miller whipping


the ball from Andrew Luck, 15 yard fumble return. Who needs offense,


man? That's what excites people rather than the defense. EBay for


Travis Benjamin for the Chargers, 115 yards, eight catches including


two touchdowns. Jacksonville have had a disappointing start, eating in


San Diego 38-14. That's why you not -- why you need offense. The


Buccaneers beaten by the Cardinals in the open weekend. Connected for


51 yards, the defense delivering for Arizona. Marcus Cooper with an


interception. They needed that after defeat at home to the Patriots. This


is a good team. They had to come back and beat somebody. And they did


beat the Buccaneers badly. And then the Monday night game, Carson Wentz


can do no wrong, really, as he beat the Bears. And they were impressive


defensively at the very least. Two touchdowns for Ryan Mathews, 32


yards. It finished 29-14. Jay Cutler left with an injured hand, I think


in the end it was injured thumb. Electrifying play at the end, Eddie


Royal is returning a punt from 65 yards. This is a great return. The


hurdle first of all. This is the exciting part of football, Special


Teams! And the blocking as well. But it was all futile because the Eagles


won 29-14. So, let's just confirm all of the results for you from week


two. You can pick out your favourites of course. The Patriots


beating the Dolphins. The Panthers on the board with the dismantling of


the 49ers. Oakland will be worrying about their defense, conceded 69


points in their opening two games. If we look at the others,


confirmation of Tennessee beating Detroit. Pittsburgh beating the


Bengals. The Seahawks score stands out, the two teams only in single


figures. Let's talk about some of the significant injuries, shall we?


Starting with Adrian Peterson, who has torn his meniscus, which is an


injury you have suffered from three times, the same need? Well, no, both


my knees. I played through the entire season on both of them but


one of them I had in 2008 which was a really bad one, they had to sew it


down so I missed the entire season. It depends on the severity of his


injury, the terror of the meniscus will determine how wrong he is out


for. Could it also depend, obviously he plays a different position...


What are you trying to say? A bit more lateral movement as well, and


pace, they will have to be careful. Yes, he's getting hit, he's getting


tackled, he's got to protect that. And he's the offense, a big loss for


them. I know they have Sam Bradford, but to lose him will be a massive


blow, given how they have started the season.


They can't lose him, especially in the later months of the year. In


December, you need to bring your defense and you're running game and


a PE is their running game and if they don't have him, they're in


trouble. An injury for the Broncos with DeMarcus Ware, he has broken a


bone near his elbow, that is what we're told. They are saying that


could be three or four weeks. I'm no doctor, but for a break in your arm,


that sounds remarkably quick to be back playing! I've broken my arm


twice and I've come back in three weeks and you can play, but it's


difficult. It's difficult to get out there and use your hands and that's


what he has to do. Especially as a defensive linemen. He's very good


with his hands and the quick arm movements. He's to need his arms


strong to play at the level he is accustomed to. Three or four weeks


seems optimistic to me. Maybe a bit longer. A couple of teams we should


focus on, the Rams were hammered for their performance against Sampras


Francisco in week one. They didn't score a point in that game. But if


they are going to do anything this season, it will be their defense,


whence it? No question about that. Greg Williams, like my boy says here


all the time, outstanding defensive coordinator and they are based on


defense. They have a quarterback who is not burning down the house by any


stretch of the imagination. They going to have to win with defense.


But their offense is surely going to have to deliver at some point?


They've got a great running back, if they get the running game going and


play good defense, they could be competitive. For the moment, thank


you to you both. One of the beauties of the NFL is that we get actual


access inside the locker room. This is what happened in there during


week two. Hell of a team win. Now let's build!


Let's enjoy it tonight, because you deserve to enjoy it a night, but


when we come in here tomorrow we turn the page and we are focusing on


the next opponent. Texans on three will start one, two, three! No one


can out fight us, even though it's not pretty all the time, you got to


be hard BLEEP champion. You've got to keep the pedal to the metal. One,


two, three! One game ball. Most interception returns in the history


of Denver... Let me just...


LAUGHTER Let me just take you around some of


the social media on the NFL. An interesting prank doing the rounds.


Full mask, Tom Brady said it was one of the creepiest things he'd ever


seen. When the mask came off, it was his former team-mate, Wes Welker and


he had been inside Foxboro, watching, in the Tom Brady mask!


Well, they could still lift him, so that's all right. Some very


interesting outfits around the NFL as well, James Corden going down so


well in America on the Late Show he does for CBS. Let's not make any


comment on this. He just had to go and be a cheerleader at the Rams for


one of the skits they were filming. I'm getting that picture off before


you say something! Let's take a look at Camp. We know that


loves his outfits in press conferences. -- let's take a look at


Cam Are you aware of big Van Dyke in Mary Poppins? The straw boater gives


him a bit of Dick van Dijk! His Cockney accent might be better than


his as well! A great picture of the new Minnesota Stadium, which is a


fantastic venue and they got off to a good start as well. That's almost


all we have time for, but after Match of the Day on Saturday night


we will bring you the NFL Showed with highlights of the Patriots and


the Texans, and Osi gets his hands on the Spurs defender and NFL fan


Jan Vertonghen. The training, you can train wherever? And if I don't


want, I stay? Imagine Tottenham want to get rid of me, I say no, I can


stay! I will tell them you're not going! I think I picked the wrong


sport! You won't want to miss that. The NFL


Show this Saturday on BBC One, after Match of the Day. On Sunday night,


from 7:30pm, live NFL coverage. From us, it is good night and thanks for


watching. See you next week. The first signs of patterns, teams that


will clearly be challengers come February. Teams for whom the winter


ahead already looks stark and cold. After two rounds, there is


confirmation of who is making a mark and who is rising to the challenge.


And even clearer signs of who is feeling the strain. In the band flow


of football, there are those stopped in their tracks. Pain is big


counterbalance to the poetry of football, only in the NFL. You can


cast the fates that twist, but these are the tests that must be passed.


So strap yourselves up, strap yourselves in for NFL week three.


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