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It will be time for these two teams to settle it. He fires towards the


endzone. Will Montana throw. Touchdown! Chargers looking down


field, going deep. A one-man wrecking crew.


Unbelievable! How did he do that? The ball's knocked out of his hands.


The Denver Broncos are world champions.


Hello, welcome to your weekly dose of NFL highlights. It's week three


in the regular season. Now we start to see whose season could be great


and whose season will be, frankly, just regular. I'm joined again by


two former American football stars who could teach Clinton and Trump a


thing or two about television debates. Before we hear from them,


though, we're going to New York, where the Giants were visited by the


Washington red skins. The Giants won both their games. The Red Skins had


lost theirs. That was a side note. On Sunday everybody was talking


about the rematch, not between the teams, but between Josh norm around


and Odel Beckham junior. Dedication, determination to your craft. Focus


on what you believe in, not what others may think of you. You've got


to be able to anticipate and really react to everything. I've always


wanted to be one of the best, that's always been my mind set.


COMMENTATOR: Football is on the air. We're in Rutherford, New Jersey.


Facing off again for the first time again since last year. He's out of


control. He came in late. It's like a boxing match between the two of


them. I try to win every time I step out here. Always know what your goal


is and what you have in mind. What a touchdown by Beckham junior.


Norman's winning, he don't even realise.


It First and goal from the one. Touchdown Giants. Look at this


between Norman and Beckham. Obviously it's going to get more


attention because of last year and the five fouls between them and the


back-and-forth that went on in week 15. They don't like each other. A


little gamesmanship by Beckham junior, acting as though the ball


was being thereon his way. Washington went on a seven-play


drive on the next possession. It ended in this 49-yark field goal --


yard field goal that cut New York's lead to four.


Perfectly balanced to start the day. Endzone, nearly PCed by Norman.


Wouldn't Josh Norman love that moment. When you're throwing the


ball you have to be precise with the football. It's an excellent rout by


Beckham. Just late on the throw. You've got to anticipate that so


much. I thought Ely was going down the middle to Shepherd. He got the


safety helping. Here's the rookie, touchdown! The


Giants have found one with their second rounder out of Oklahoma. The


Red Skins responded with another Hopkins field goal. He did it again


on their next possession from 45 yards to cut the lead to five early


in the second quarter. Into the middle. Jackson, touchdown!


That's a great catch. You see the placement, the hand there, to be


able to maintain what looked like possession through the catch, not


enough there to overturn it. Boy, the Redskins desperately needed a


play on that drive to come away with some kind of points. They come away


with a touchdown. They've not been able to stop this Giants offence.


This defense, a lot of bickering on the side lines. Time for them to


step up and make some plays of their own.


The Redskins got back on top of it. We'll see if they get the football


officially. Knocked out by Blackman. The early indication is Redskins


football. The guy who finishes him off is Cravens. Green had a fumble


last week, put the ball on the ground earlier that they recovered.


He's been loose with the football here through the last two weeks.


May only get one more try. Better be real careful here. They spiked it on


first down. That was second down. This is third down.


Cousins back on top. No time left on the clock, at the moment. The ball


had to come out as soon as he catches it, otherwise the six


seconds is going to come off the clock. We saw it last year when he


failed to spike the ball. He took a knee and they lost an opportunity


for a field goal. You just can't have those opportunities. A little


surprised actually that he didn't elect to kick a field goal there and


bypass even one more shot. Because it was going to be close either way.


Get the ball in midfield and not get any points would be real


disappointing. No flags. Touchdown. 55 yards on


third down and 15 and the Redskins are on top.


Taken away! Incomplete. What a play by David Brewton. After that drop,


Brown nailed a 29-yard kick to retake the lead for the Giants. On


the next Redskins possession Hopkins hit his fourth field goal of the day


to give them the two-point lead. What a catch, one hander for number


13. He fits it in there, but the catch, because there's safety help


over the top. It's a small window that you have to work with before


the safety comes in. Norchl catch by Beckham. -- another catch by


Beckham. Through Norman. Still going. How about Beckham right now,


get him the ball. He's ready to make something happen. Looked like he was


going to score. Intercepted down the middle by


Dunbar. A one-handened interception. The turnover, Redskins have it up


two. One thing we didn't see last year between Beckham and Norman was


someone coming over to Odell and calming him down. He's pacing up and


down the side lines. Something that happened this time around, his


quarterback coming over. His wide receivers coach, Adam Henry getting


in his face, grabbing him and telling him to knock it off. He


hasn't simmered down at all, though. He is mad. After a Giants defensive


stop, Manning led a nine-play drive that culminated in a 30-yard field


goal. That gave New York the lead, briefly. Hopkins 37-yard kick on the


next Washington possession edged them back ahead by two points. Need


about 21 more yards to have a shot. Plenty of time. Intercepted by


Washington. And the Redskins are going to ride back to win number


one. Cravens, the rookie. The Giants obviously disappointed. They're


going to talk about the mistakes and the turnover. Give credit to the


Washington Redskins. They come in on the road 0 and two, needing a win


against the division leader and a lot of reason to lay down. They had


questionable play at quarterback at the end of the half. Make shift


offensive line. It's a big time win for this Redskins team. We got it in


us. We were fighters, fighters to the end, man. Scrapping, savagery,


as they come. Just gritty. All the way down to the bone and gristle,


just fight, fight, fight. I wanted to play well, wanted to win the


football game. So disappointed. But I'll be ready tomorrow. Bounce back


and we have a long season. We're dog a lot of good things. We're making


plays. We will learn from it and get better. First we ought to thank Josh


norm around for can be Norman for lending OC his jacket this evening!


He's not big enough. It wasn't as explosive as the last time they met


between Norman and Beckham junior, but it affected Beckham more, this


one. Yeah, definitely did. He's a really good young player. To be a


great player, he has to get his emotions in check. He can't be like


that throughout the game. They're looking to him as a leader. He's got


to keep it in check. I don't know what that was about, walking down


the side lines crying, acting like - I don't even know what it was. He's


an outstanding football player, but he won't go to the next level


without getting rid of that attitude. That's ridiculous. The


head coach said between the white lines he actually controlled himself


very well during this game. But it's what went on on the side lines,


maybe, when plays weren't going on that is what he's got to work on. It


must distract team-mates as well. I mean, the stuff at the moment is all


fairly calm. When we get to him having an argument with the kicking


net and the kicking net fighting back, as kicking nets tend to do,


then I mean, that's the lesson there. It must distract team-mates.


Absolutely, on the field he's making the plays. He's playing well. When


he gets to the side line, they have to have a liaison with him walking


down the side line so he doesn't do anything crazy. The man who went to


be the liaison was Eli Manning, the last person you want there, your


quarterback. He's a calm, cool, collected individual. He especially


doesn't want to see a man walking up and down the side lines given what


happened last year behaving like that. Can you talk me through the


fake punt in this game and in general, just how the fake punt


works. Desperate times call for desperate measures. This is an zero


and two football team. They needed something desperate. Fourth and 12


on your own side, in your own territory. You will never see a team


pull off something like this. But watch them right here. Watch my man


here. This is known as the gunner. In every situation, the gunner's


responsibility is to get down the field in a hurry. That's what he has


to do. The gunner is the person to target the man who catches the ball.


Exactly. I like it when you both nod at me, excellent. Watch him, though.


As the play goes on. He's not looking down the field. He's looking


back. You know why? Because the fix is in. It's the fake. It's an


incredible, gutsy call by the head coach, man. That's an incredible


play by that guy. For Wade, who's covering this, at what point,


because his eyes are on his man. At what point does he realise this is a


fake punt? Usually when you drill that in practice, the returner will


yell out "fake, fake" so you know to look. Did you see the throw by this


punter? That's an incredible play. How many times does the punter work


on throwing? Every day, they've got a lot of time on their hands. That


guy's got an arm, man. He's wasting his talent there as a punter. That


guy could be the starting quarterback at New England. You knew


that was coming! Right, before we go, we've got to move on, you've


rewound that so much, we're out of time. Before the next main match,


some action in the first of our two round ups much we start with the


defending Super Bowl champions, the Denver Broncos, who beat Cincinnati


Bank of England as, 29 -- Bengals. Sanders with that touchdown and the


nice celebration. He's done really well. Yeah, now you can see them


opening up vertically. They're trying to stop the run. He can go


outside and make good throws down the field. Petter than Peyton This


Is What You Came For offense? -- in this offense? It looks like that


right now. An incredible performance by him. Green Bay here. Two in the


first half to Nelson. The Packers built up a 31-10 halftime lead. The


Lions came back after that. The Packers held on for a 34-27 win.


Buffalo fired their offensive coordinator and it seemed to work,


as they thrashed Arizona 33-18. That fired Buffalo up. For the first


game after they fire the coach they will come out playing like this.


Next week they will be back to being Buffalo. Regular fans will know what


being Buffalo means, I suppose. Big shock for how the Cardinals started


this season. They have been inconsistent on defense. They can't


give out this many points. They don't play good until late in the


game thechl are playing catch-up all the time. Not a great start for


them. Vikings have been fantastic. They won in Carolina 22-10. This


54-yard punt return for a score in the first half. Sam Bradford, at the


Vikings this season, threw a 15 yard touchdown pass to Rudolph. This


result means that Carolina Panthers 14 game home winning streak is over.


They shut down Cam Newton and sacked him eight times in total. A safety


by Hunter. 22-10 was the victory. How much, when you see that, do you


worry about the Panthers and how much do you praise Minnesota? That


defensive line was outstanding. When have you a pig with an apple in miss


mouth slow roasting. That is what they did. They had Cam Newton with


the apple in his mouth slow roasting it. Outstanding performance by them.


The Broncos showed the blueprint for beating Cam Newton, pressure on the


quarterback, stopping the run. That is what the Vikings do. I agree. If


you stop the run and make it a one way game where he has to throw the


ball vertically you can get after him. The Minnesota head coach is the


defensive co-ordinator when you were at Dallas. The big thing is he keeps


it simple. We may see all these hundreds of play that is go into a


play book, but in essence, for the Vikings, there are just three and a


variation on three. Yes whachl he does, he does that so you are able


to know how to play versus any offense. When you line up you don't


have to think about what you have to do as a responsibility of you can


focus on the offense. It's called the kiss, keep it simple, stupid.


That's it. Is that your instruction to me No, I don't want to kiss you,


Mark, even though I love you. Are my quarterback. I love you both. No


jealousiy. Tampa Bay, owned by the glazers, who own Manchester United,


and the LA Rams owned by the majority shareholder of Arsenal.


The first game of the season in their home stadium. Pirate mania.


The against the LA Rams, the team with no touchdowns yet this season.


What would be the spirit, stifling or swashbuckling?


It will be third down and seven. See what the Bucs defense can do here.


They are going deep. It's there. Touchdown. Brian Quick. The Brian


Quick with a 44 yard touchdown pass and the first touchdown of the year


by the Rams and it didn't take them long to get. It The Rams told us


yesterday they thought they were very close offensively for letting


it get unleashed. Third down in four they converted. Both of their third


down conversions... The pass is intercepted. There is a race into


the end zone. Touchdown by Alexander. Right in his hands. I


didn't see a Ram receiver in the neighbourhood. Sit that down,


instead of breaking away. He set it down in the coverage. Allowing


Alexander to get the jump. They slotted over a 53 yard goal to give


them the lead. COMMENTATOR: They have two chances.


Tight formation. Guiding in. Touchdown. That is about the


alignment. They didn't have to call play action pass. They believe in


us, trust us. Pounded in there, man for man. We will get the ball in the


end zone. Sims running tough inside. It's caught. He loses the ball.


Fumble. Picked up by Conte. He is still on his feet. Goes back where


he started from. Tampa Bay gets the ball back. Their second take away of


the game. Watch 54 come up from behind. Pump it out. I love Conte


not falling on it, but picking it up. David understanding and trusting


his guy secured the tackle. Not to kill the guy with a tackle on the


football. Executed and well done by the veteran.


He gets rid of it. He has a touchdown to boot. This one a three


yard touchdown throw by Winston as the Buccaneers add to their lead.


Barely two-and-a-half to go in the first half. Quick one out to Sims.


Never had control of it. Intercepted on the deflection by Mark Baron.


Sims never really had it. It popped out. Baron with the interception.


The former Buccaneer it gives the Rams an opportunity. He will play


anythings in the flat. He needs to read the corner, throw the corner.


There is nothing deep. Johnson jumps right away. He is there with the


pick. No signal yet. Touchdown. Gurley gets over. If they had listen


to Chris, they would have gone to Guley several times before this.


Kick. It will be close. I think he missed it. He hooked it just barely


to the left of the upright. He had a really difficult pre-season. Didn't


do well at all. People were second guessing the second Ram pick. He is


having his troubles again, today. He's about a foot away from the


goal-line. Second down. There's Gurley. Touchdown. Made it that


time. Just barely. A touchdown and a good block that time by number 46.


The Rams regain the lead with 48 second remaining in the third


quarter. 13. This is the big third downplay for... Away from behind,


picked up by the Rams. The Rams have the ball. West Brooks, west Brooks.


He has a convoy to block. He goes into the end zone for the touchdown.


Ethan WestBrooks. Quinn such a demon off the edge. Beats with speed with


the upper cut. Swat away from the football. Look at the athletic


ability of WestBrooks not falling on it. Bending his knees. Picking up


the ground ball. Robert Quinn, excellent effort. Understanding of


knowing where the threat is to get the left arm to knock it out. Number


78. Third down, tight formation. Play action. The pass. Touchdown.


Everybody is thinking, run, run, run. People are all over the place.


They miss the coverage. One of those has to take the tight end on the


line. Third down in two. Getting a pass rush. This is caught by Austin.


Breaks the tackle. Will walk into the end zone for a touchdown. No


flags are down. Tandy missed the tackle and Boston goes in for the 43


yard touchdown. You see, that no match. You put Austin on be a


safety, it's over. We saw that, you saw that. Tampa didn't see it. 11


point lead by the Rams, trying to hold on here. Second down in goal.


Winston fresh from the pocket, being chased by three defenders. Off


balance. Touchdown. Touchdown. Evans with the touchdown. With three


defenders in his face. Winston found Evans. This game is being suspended,


held up because of lightning in the area and he's asked everyone to


clear the field and the fans to find cover. A dramatic turn of events


weather wise with two minutes remaining in a game in which the


Rams lead Tamba bay. That's Evans. This is it. Winston is going to go


down and the game is over. The game is over and the LA Rams win. Again,


not to labour the obvious, the missed points no what they would


have wanted for Tamba Bay. They win 37-32 to go two in one. Throw the


ball. You don't want to eat it. Have you to understand somebody is am


coulding to get you. This is a relief for this guy here. Jeff


Fisher. They learnt how to win today under adverse circumstances. I'm


confident of my defense. This is the best defense in the league. I


believe. That I have no doubt they were going to stop them. You have to


give Tampa credit they did a good job. James is a great quarterback.


He keeps slinging it no matter what is coming at him. He gave them a


chance to inwith the game. Our defense made the play when we needed


it. The strength of the LA Rams is their defensive line. You can see by


this play from West it be Brooks with his tattoo. He is out to make


face that is all he has to do. He is doing an OC special.s a sack fumble.


Back to the end zone. He is a little slow like OC. He needs a little


help. They are there to help him. Wide have lifted OC up and got him


in the end zone. Good touchdown, good play. Let's slow it down. This


is special. You have Quinn coming off here. You have WestBrook here.


This is his aiming point. Where he is going to get them. He does. Once


he gets to the spot he is getting washed out a little bit. He pokes


the ball out there. That take as special athlete. I have to give my


guy a little love for that. It's hard. Good play. Game changing play


for the defense. This is the biggest thing you can do for your team. Make


a sack, pick it up and score. This is why the D line for the Rams is


really good for them. I can't work out whether he was praising or


hammering you? I'm not sure. You wouldn't have made it to the end


zone. I would have got there. By Thursday! On Saturday you can get a


second helping of American football on the NFL Show we will be at


Wembley for the preparations of Sunday's game between the Colts and


the Jaguars. When you think the love between football and football can't


be greater, we'll bring you this. We are here at Chelsea's training


ground. Let's see what these goalkeepers are made of. The league


is always looking for good quarterbacks. That's good. That is


not returnable. Are you a soccer fan. Football. Who is your team? I


don't have... I can't believe you bottled that question. Next up are


the Raiders and the Titans. These highlights have a twist. We will


concentrate on the final drive of the game. Generally with highlights


you don't get to appreciate the match between the two teams as they


creep up the field battling the clock. There is more to this game


than tackle, throw and catch. They began life as the Houston Oilers but


moved up to the capital of country music. At home in Nashville. A


long-haul for the Oakland Raiders from the West Coast to music city


USA, who will make the sweeter sounds?


Oakland took control of this game, when Murray scored. They led 17-3 at


the half. The Titans reduced deficit. Murray dived over from five


yards. We join the game inside the final two minutes. Tennessee needing


to go 80 yards for a touchdown and trailing by seven.


COMMENTATOR: Today in the fourth quarter, Ota has struggled against


Oakland. He's just one of five for minus five yards and interception.


Does he have magic left here against the Raiders? First down, pass is


complete. He's inbounds. The clock continues to tick. Tennessee has one


timeout remaining. That was a good, strong throw under heavy pressure by


the young quarter back. Douglas has it in midfield. Douglas into Oakland


territory, a gain of 25. We've spoken about how good they are


offencively and they lead on their running game. In these situations


you don't think play calling run or pass, you think players. Get it to


the play makers. First and ten. What a catch! The rookie hauls it in. A


gain of 23. The tightan move right down the field. For a team that


doesn't have a number one wide out, all a sudden they are guys making


plays for them. Three great throws from Mariota. He's shown what he's


made of with the game on the line here. Three from three for 58 yards


on this drive. Mariota again. Sharpe is down. Penalty. Penalty comes in.


You cannot do that. At the conclusion of the play, personal


foul, unnecessary roughness, offense number 77. A 15-yard penalty. It


will be first down with ten to go. Now he had to come off the field


because he stayed on the ground and lingered. The official thought he


might have a head, concussion. They took their left tackle out of the


game. He came in late. Both he and Ben Jones came over the top. You


can't miss it. He came in. Now he stayed down after this as though he


was in pain. The independent trauma consultant evaluating him.


Incomplete. High over the head of Harry Douglas. It's Kelly who's come


in to play left tackle. This is inexcusable. I respect offensive


linemen that have a nasty attitude that want to get out of here and


take a shot, but this is a situation - you just got the ball to the four


yard line. You cannot make a dumb decision like that. We're back to


the 18. Unacceptable. He's back in the game. He missed just one play.


Second down and ten. Complete to Murray. Tennessee with


just the one timeout remaining. They are not going to use it here.


They're going to go hurry-up tempo. Let's see what Mariota can do.


Mariota to the endzone. Johnson... Touchdown! A late flag has come in.


This is going to be on Andre Johnson it looks like. Really? The Raiders


are indicating it's pass interference against Tennessee. Pass


interference offense number 81, ten-yard penalty and repeat third


down. Johnson right at the top of the stem, in the slot there. You see


him, I don't know. Didn't look like he extended his arm. But there was


contact. I think he did extend the arm. Yeah, he hit the guy. Kerry


drew the penalty. It hurts to say, it but I think that's the right


call. That arm was extended. That's all the referee sees. Third down and


15. Down to the 12-yard line. Tennessee


has called its final timeout. 14 seconds to go. They will have a


fourth down situation coming up. The game winner last week against


Detroit came on a fourth down. Yeah, it's the right call for that timeout


right. There You have to, yeah. You've got to give yourself the best


chance, fourth down and three. Listen, you've got to remember,


though, even if they get the first down, they have to get to the line


of scrimmage and spike the ball. Fourth down and four. Game on the


line here in Nashville. He throws left. Contact in the


endzone. No penalty. Harry Douglas, the intended target and the raiders'


defense celebrates. Douglas can't believe it. I think this could have


been called. I don't know if you make the call with the game on the


line. He was trying to hold off. He had his arms in the air. He went up


high. I think that's a good no call. Listen, when you're in the fourth


down, in the fourth quarter, last play of the game, it takes something


more than that to get the official to pry that flag out of his pocket.


I agree. With the game on the line, there was not a grab of the jersey,


a hand on the back. It was nothing that skt add the outcome of the


play. -- that affected the outcome of the play. This Raiders defense


responds by holding Tennessee to just ten points today. They win it


17-10 with a little extra crick already


After the final whistle. That's interesting to watch as the anatomy


of a drive in the final ten minutes. The first thing in a drive like that


is to get out-of-bounds if you get the ball, yes? The clock is your


friend. You have to manage that clock well. That's why you make an


easy throw and get it out-of-bounds. We can see that. When you know that


teams are going to get out-of-bounds, can you set up


accordingly as a defense but be wary of them double bluffing you? You


want a guy out there. You want the clock to keep running as the


defense. On the clock. Who's within the squad, who is the main person


watching the clock and managing thing? Offencively the quarterback.


He has to know what's going on. The offensive coordinator. The


quarterback has to keep an eye on it. When it comes to calling the


timouts, in your experience, whose responsibility is that? Head coach.


Always the head coach. If you make the mistake and call a timeout when


the head coach doesn't want it, oh, you're going to hear all about that.


How much if you give away a ridiculous penalty, do you hear


about that in the locker room as well? Because this was utterly


ridiculous. You try not to blame the game on one play, but you can blame


it on this play. This is just undisciplined. You work this hard to


get down there and you do something like this to negate with a penalty.


It's no good. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Offensive linemen want to be


tough, nasty, ugly. There's such a thing as crossing the line. Cost


your team the football game. It did. Arguably they would have gone over


from such a distance. Interesting. Right now the rest of the games from


week three starting with the India nap list Colts. The defensive tackle


kept the game close with a 61-yard fumble return from halftime.


Goodness me the Colts needed this. Yeah, they needed this. If they


protect that guy and keep him off the ground, you can make all the


throws. He's got talent and got talented receivers. He's linking up


well with TY Hilton at the moment. The Colts defense held the Chargers


in check and it is their first win of the season. 26-22. Of course,


they'll be taking on Jacksonville at Wembley. The Jaguars head to London


without a win. Bortles threw two touchdown passes. I thought they


were going to do something this season. If they go 0 and four, after


this London trip, something's got to give. That might be the head coach?


Might be I like Gus Bradley. But he needs to win. New Orleans Saints


involved in a cracker on night. Atlanta running out 45-32 winners.


Is this when you watch the Saints, I know you want to talk about Atlanta,


tough. When you watch the Saints does it feel like Breeze against the


rest? That's exactly what it looks and feels like. He's playing well.


Yeah, defensively, there was nothing. Sean Peyton outsmarted


himself. They had Darren Sproles, Graham. Carson Wentz on fire at the


moment. He threw for 301 yards and two touchdowns. The first to Jordan


Matthews. The second to Darren Sproles for 73-yard score. Then


their defense. Look at that. Darren looks like a super fast version of


my son. That's exactly what I was thinking. Their defense shut down


Big Ben. The Eagles remain unbeaten. They thrashed the Steelers. It


finished 34-3. Maybe some in Philadelphia are getting a bit


carried away with their start and why not. Let's look at the results


from week three: We are going to look at the


highlights of the week. Let's start with the player of the week. That


has to be Carson Wentz and Philadelphia. What's impressed you


so much about him? He has an answer for everything. I know some people


in this studio like that. He's got great foot work in the pocket and


when they blitz him, he delivers the ball short and keeps his offense


moving. He's good. On keeping the offense moving, I read that the


Eagles defense has been on the field for 20 less plays this season on


average than last season. The way Wentz manages the offense keeps them


on longer. Keeps them fresh. As a defense of player you never wanted


to be on the field for an extended period of time. You need that engine


Revved up all the time. Let's look at some of the catches of the week.


We've picked two out. The first one with Patrick Peterson. You don't see


a lot of corners do that. One hand stayed inbounds and he outsprinted


the receiver. Look at the distance between him and the receiver, that's


amazing. You just will not see that from a corner. You won't see that


from anybody, corner, receiver, anybody, that was outstanding. Then


Doug Baldwin was a one-handed catch. Dougie B, that looks nice. That's


what he does. Angry Doug. Without taking anything away from that


catch, is that an easier one to do than Peterson's because that was


over his head and he's trying to stay on the field of play as well?


Peterson's was more difficulty That is what I'm saying. How many balls


did he catch. I should have asked you. Is Peterson's more difficult?


How many balls did you catch? Enough, enough. I will talk to


neither of you about catching. We have Miami Dolphins hasn't had a


great start to the season. They are up and running. We needed a great


young, British player. He got it in. Won the game for the Miami Dolphins.


That is all we needed. If I'm not talking to the two of you on


catches, I'd like to get your opinion on stats. I have a good stat


involving sides #367 and 0 or 0 and 3. If you are 3 and 0 since 2002 you


have 70% of making the chances. If you are 0-8 a 0% chance. You are I


playing for your job as a player. As a player are trying to put a good


film out there. The other three teams, not the Saints. What would


you need as a record to make the play-offs, 10-6? 9-7 have won the


Super Bowl. Who can that be? 0-3 they are not out of it yet. No out


of it yet. We have our Top 5 teams who they think is in the strongest


position at the moment. First thing to notice the two look healthier now


than when they played. You have Go gone for Minnesota, Denver and New


England. Giants, Seahawks and Steelers and Panthers. We won't talk


about them about that, you can ConVerse on Twitter. That will


change every week. Here is what happened inside the Locker Room


inside Week 3. We have great young players in this room. Great


veterans. We will keep coming together. Keep moving forward. I'm


so proud of you. It's the first time we go on the road.


This week we are going back home and then travelling again. We have to


work for our rest. You know it's up. We have have to travel like pros. We


can play better. Always enjoy the job. What's better than having two?


Three. Let's get three next week. Eight!


Offensively in the second-half you came out, you moved the ball, we


scored touch downs, right. This is about the team it's not about


individuals, but the team. 1, 2, 3! A lot of head coaches say the same


thing. Like a head It's coach manual. Let's look at what is going


on on social media. Lots of attention on the NFL coming to the


UK. Plenty of events on Regent Street.


The Jacksonville Jaguars on the other hand how they might get to


Wembley on the Tube in full kill and Kam's latest outfit. After defeat he


is wearing interesting outfits you think he ought to calm down. A


little bit. He needs to show more maturity. This is the face of the


franchise. He is enjoying himself, he might want to tone it down a


little We will be bit. Back with The NFL Show on Saturday on BBC One


after Match of the Day when we will be at Wembley as the NFL returns to


London. Coverage on Sunday on BBC Two. The Jacksonville Jaguars taking


on the Indiana Colts. We are live from 1.45pm. Thank you very much to


my guests. I will follow their picks to see how right they are. We will


see you next time, bye, bye. The first days of form for the unbeat


therein is a golden glow, five teams on a roll 3-0. The flip side not to


go 0-3 not to see the season freeze and fall. The rule of the NFL, lose


the first three and you don't make the play office. Their season's


launched, relief, some comfort, some warmth at last. Foreothers, 0-3 is a


grim script. The Chicago Bears, one step closer to the deep, dark cave.


Another name, the Cleveland, the Knorr Saints. The Jacksonville


Jaguars, history's long, medium and short, it makes no difference. Only


the present counts, and it hurts. Only in the NFL.


We look ahead to the weekend's fixtures,


For me, what I've seen of him, he's a good player.


And we go behind the scenes with some of


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