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It will be time for these two teams to settle it. He will fire towards


the end zone. Lost the ball up near the end zone. Looking down field. A


one man wrecking ball. Unbelievable. Go, go. How did he do that? The ball


is knocked out of his hands. The Denver Broncos are world champions.


fresh from the fun and games at Wembley on Sunday,


I've been parachuted in to keep the dream team in check.


Jason Bell and Osi Umenyiora alongside me to bring


you all the great, the good and the bad from Week 4 of the NFL.


Wonder which column we'll be adding to out of those three.


So to kick off our highlights show initiation, let's get straight


The Carolina Panthers have had a bit of a rude awakening this year.


Last year they suffered just one loss in the regular season,


this season they've already conceeded two.


The Atlanta Falcons are two from two on the road and have eyes


on their first trip to the Playoffs in four years.


A division in the south waiting for somebody to take control. Might it


happen here at the Dome in Atlanta, home of the Falcons, the only team


in the NFL South to have won two games, or can the Panthers stir, can


Cam put some flavour in the Carolina spam?


COMMENTATOR: Coleman has come into the game as running back. He is part


of that one two punch with Freeman. Third in goal on the four. This is


the eighth play. Ryan has time. The end zone for the


touchdown. The reliable tight end giving the Falcons the early lead.


First down in 16. Ryan is going to go deep for Jones.


Jones makes the catch. Jones, to the 31 yard line. Covered by Darryl


Worley, a rookie from west Virgina. A huge game of 44 for the Falcons.


Scored from the red zone the last time they had the ball. Freeman. Up


the middle. Freeman, scores. 98 yard drive. Freeman's 13 yard touchdown


run captured Jones with a 48 yard reception on the verge of getting


100 already. Physical you are Carolina you have been hit with the


hay maker so far. Second down in five. The Panthers tip. It's


intercepted. Running for the touchdown by Coleman. The Panthers


are back in the game. Deflected by Davis and Coleman did the rest. The


turnover and the panther touchdown. They quickly get back in early here


in the second quarter. 3rd and 17. Ryan. Going deep. The receiver,


Jones, is there. Jones is tackled at the 15. A huge gain of 53 yards.


Atlanta failed to reach the end zone on the drive and settled for a 28


yard Bryant field goal. Carolina responded on their next possession


with a 58 yard goal to make it 17-10 to the Falcons at half time.


COMMENTATOR: 1st in 10. Ryan is going deep. All alone. Austin Hooper


for the touchdown. Nobody within miles of him. Eight different


receivers have caught balls from Matt Ryan today. So the Falcons have


had touchdown drives from 99 and 98 yards. That's pretty good work in


one game. They are so balanced. That is what is making them so difficult


to defend. 1 down of the 35. Going up top. A receiver is there.


Robinson with the touchdown. Three scoring drives by the Falcons at 90


or more yards. It's testament to the fact that their number one in


offense. They might have done it against teams that did not have


strong defenses, but they're doing it against the legitimate defense


today by far. On the next Atlanta possession Bryant kicked his second


field goal of the day from 53 yards to extend their lead to 24 points.


COMMENTATOR: 1st and goal from the 6th. Pass and Benjamin makes the


touchdown grab up the middle. The fist offensive touchdown of the day


for the Panthers, six yard throw to Benjamin. Only his second catch.


They will go for two. They like Cam to have the run pass option down


here. Where you throw the jump ball to Benjamin. Two point conversion


coming up. It's going to be a keeper and the two point conversion, did he


get over? Yes, he did. Cam Newton gets hit. Apparently he's all right,


as he gets up. That was kind of close, as far as getting in there.


Watch right here. Jones is not hit with the crown of his helmet. He


hits with the side of his helmet. Cam Newton is not a defenseless


player. He is the ball carrier. If Jones wraps him up he might not get


in the end zone. Going to the locker room now. He is in the game because


Newton is being evaluated for a concussion. He remains in the pant


they ares' locker room. I will give you more information when I have it.


3rd in goal from the 16. Anderson, to the end zone. Olsson. Can he hold


on? Yes, touchdown. One handed grab, rolled it into his body. The


Panthers, who looked like they would be stymied with three penalties,


when they reached the one finally reached pay dirt on a 14 yard


touchdown pass from Anderson to Olsson. Now they will go to two


again. Beautiful double move here by Olsson that he shouldn't fall for.


The size advantage, Anderson has trust that my guy, Olsson will, with


this beautiful one handed catch and securing it after the hit. They can


make a one possession game if they are you can is sellsful. Here comes


the two point attempt. The pass a is caught for the two point conversion


by Olsson. All of a sudden, the Atlanta falcon lead has been cut to


eight. Huge for Derek Anderson. 12 years jovr all in -- overall in the


NFL. He will throw. Jones still on his feet. He's going to score.


Touchdown. 75 yards. Great play call. Playing


to win. Playing as opposed not to lose. Taking the shot because you


trust Ryan and Jones. If you are going to play Jones you have to have


a shut down. They don't have a shut down quarter. He is a fine player,


don't get me wrong, one-on-one with Jones, 300 yards. 4th down and 2 for


the Panthers. Derek Anderson, on-the-run. Scores.


Corey brown catches a 4th down pass for a touchdown. So it's a one score


game. A touchdown and a two point conversion that the Panthers need


with 153 remaining and three time-outs left. That was a 16 yard


touchdown pass, by the way, from Anderson. They need a touchdown and


a two point conversion to tie. Anderson. Intercepted.


He has come back so many times that Atlanta has had the answer. This


answer is the final run. The biggest thing is when those opportunities


come, can you capitalise on them. We had opportunities to take those


shots, we took them. They have a good front. They can push the pocket


and up in the face. When we had our opportunities today it was a nice


job of those guys capitalising on those. You have to give them credit.


They did really good things. We saw him as an explosive player, Jones.


We knew he was an explosive player. He was targeted in the first four


plays. You have to give credit to the opponent. I'm giving credit to


them. He made miracles happen against the Panthers. Check him out.


Mat ryon will throw a deep bomb to Julio. Watch him adjust. Great play.


Getting things done. Another play by him.


You will see him defy the earth's gravitational pull. This is


ridiculous. Matt Ryan, under pressure, will lie, throw an ill


advised pass, watch Julio hang in the air. Look at this? Look at him


like Michael Jordan. Ridiculous. Great play. Man on man matchup.


Watch him make an inside move. Matt Ryan will deliver a bullet pass.


Watch him here. Get off me fool, I'm a Greek God. Are you a mere mortal.


Touchdown. What great play by him. If you are the Carolina panters you


can't be too sad that he beat you. He is born with better genetics like


everybody. Getting beat by him is that your girlfriend left you for


Prince Harry. That is him getting stuff done. Unstoppable. Beautiful.


Can you see how light I was on my feet Twinkle toes. Julio Jones what


a performance. Let us put it in context. The all-time receiving


yards in terms of the top six in the NFL. Jones has his name on there


right now. There are great names he is alongside. Megatron. Anderson,


right at the top. What an I chiefment? I didn't know if I was


watching football or a track meet. He was running passed people. When


you get 300 yards, it's a track meet. It's embarrassing. Matt Ryan


is a player that some people wrote off after a strong tart to his NFL


career. He came back as a bang. Last two seasons hasn't played well this


year is he in form. Matty ice. Back to his ice water days. A good


nickname. Cam Newton is struggling at the moment this season. Lots of


reasons for that. There was an interesting play in this game when


Newton had to go off because of the hit he took the concussion protocol.


The Panthers were aggrieved. He reached the ball over. They felt


they should have got a penalty there. That was the wrong thing to


think? Don't deserve a penalty there. He was already planning his


dance. He was on his way to the end zone. He is running. He is a runner.


It wasn't the peak of the helmet it was the Crown of the helmet. Fair


play. Huge win for the Falcons. We have to take them seriously.


Let's bring you some action in the first of our two


Denver Broncos carry on rolling with another victory and another rookie


quarterback stepping up and doing the business. It says a lot, it


means everyone is ready. To Sanders which clinched it. The Broncos


remain unbeaten. The LA Rams very much the surprise package of the


season so far. Another victory for them. No one saw this coming.


Especially with the quarterback, but defensively they are outstanding.


Getting it done. The Rams defense heading to London of course in a


couple of weeks and looking forward to seeing them up close and


personal. Now the rookies getting it done in Dallas. Prescott and Kelly


doing it again. Dak Prescott is turning the ball over, and Kelly,


Batman is running well and will be exciting to watch. Of course it the


young team overcoming a 14 point deficit to get that win. Look away


now, Minnesota steam-rolling the Giants. Minnesota it seems right now


the strongest team in the NFL. Definitely the strongest defense in


my opinion. They are amazing upfront. They are special. And the


coach always gets his guys ready. Then the Giants flattering to


deceive, we will speak about them in the 2nd and Odell Beckham Junior in


particular. But it looks like shrewd business first of all to get certain


players. This year the guys have said to themselves we have the


chance to win right now. Bridgewater gets injured, they will not wait to


next year but they go with Sam Bradford who they think is an


outstanding quarterback and that is paying dividends for them. Ono


Beckham Junior, underrated not a word you would apply to him but he


is not performing to his usual standard. The issue of everyone in


this league is smart as defense. They can get under your skin by


agitating you, it will not stop until you get a grip of it and right


now he does not have that control. He is a superstar, that could be


playing on his mind, I think the NFL are dealing with his global status.


It is fun living on the top floor until the elevator breaks down, then


it is a problem! He had all the superstardom, things are not going


his way and he is acting like a child. I


expect him to pull himself together because he is a good individual and


a nice human being. I do know what he has got going right now out there


but he will get himself together. For our second game it's


the Oakland Raiders up against the - whisper it -


unbeaten Baltimore Ravens. They're named after the Raven, a


poem by Edgar Allan Poe, master of the macabre. But the Ravens have had


a bright 20 years in Baltimore, twice Super Bowl champions. The same


two decades have not been so sparkling for the Oakland Raiders.


But they do not mind travelling the season. They have already won twice


on the road. First in four Oakland. Derek Carr.


Touchdown! This is a radius team that is now eight from nine, gabbing


away from the red zone with touchdowns. That is top two in the


league and maybe now number one. Indianapolis number one coming into


this week but a tad of nine touchdown -- touchdowns in the red


zone is impressive. Then we had Joe Flacco cutting the lead to 14 points


four Oakland. Touchdown! What a drive by the Oakland Raiders. A


great throw by Derek Carr. To Baltimore possessions later, a


second field goal of the day making it 14-6 to Oakland is past time.


Critical force downplay in the third quarter. Allen in at right back.


Pushing forward. And touchdown. Second rushing touchdown in the year


for Joe Flacco. Search time in 64 Baltimore. Joe Flacco. Oakland


recover. Denico Autry recovered after being hit by Bruce Irvin and


the first turnover of the game belongs to the Oakland Raiders. Just


what they need, Joe Flacco flushed out but he has got to have awareness


of what is coming behind him. Bruce Irvin sensed it come he smells blood


and went in to finish it off. Touchdown! His second of the day.


Spectacular throw and catch. Against a great defense. You have to tip you


had to Michael Crabtree and Derek Carr. -- your hat. Touchdown,


Baltimore! How was that for an instant touchdown. First touched


this season for Steve Smith senior. The 77th of his career. We were


talking about how he looked on the sidelines prior to this series, he


looked like he wanted to make a difference and that is one way to do


it. He is just unbelievable. You speak about the injury he had a year


ago, to come back and make a play of that type is unbelievable. This is


completely in Baltimore's favour. The defense has got to do something


here to win the game. Fourth penalty today for Alexander. The rookie,


first turnover today by the Oakland Raiders. The rookie just getting a


little bit careless. Great play. A lot of ways to make a play to win


game and the Ravens tried it all and when they needed it a couple of


plays have been made that gives them the chance to take the lead for the


first time. Touchdown, Baltimore! That fumble by Washington is costly.


Baltimore going for two. Credit to the Ravens coaching staff and their


best players for coming through. The 2-point conversion. Baltimore has


scored four touchdowns in the first three games combined. They've scored


twice in the last two minutes to take the lead over the Raiders.


Fourth quarter. Ravens trying to go for just the second time in history


at this level. Taking a shot at the end zone. They have done it! The


hat-trick, there are touchdown of the day. And this crowd is done.


First career free touchdown game for Michael Crabtree. -- three touchdown


game. His right foot is down. What a play by Crabtree. Left foot down and


toe drag, bet no question. What a phenomenal drive and finish by the


Raiders. Derek Carr told us last year we learnt how to compete in


this year we learned how to finish. Pressure is coming. Joe Flacco... No


flags and that will do it. Jack Del Rio and the Raiders will win their


first three road games for the first time since the 2000 season. This is


an absolutely monumental win for the Raiders. This young football team,


great play by the Raider defensive backs. That is what Joe Flacco had


to do. Played very well by the defense. Jack Del Rio knows three


and one, all three of those wins on the road. Back east. Nashville is


the furthest west they have been. This is a team that believe they can


go anywhere and when a ball game. It is tough to get in the end zone.


Definitely tough at times. But with all that time left, it is


disappointing. Michael Crabtree and Derek Carr hooked up for three


touchdowns on the afternoon. Let's take a look. As you see here he is


on the outside. Man-to-man coverage and he just takes on. A lot of room


and distance as he uses that to his advantage was not very smart


strategic move and they were on the page. Here he just goes right but


what is good, he goes up and protect himself and comes standard with the


ball. He knew he was going to take the hit. He had to protect himself,


check it out. Get down and take the hit, get up and celebrate. This is


just nasty. Watched on the outside, great throw, great catch. Get the


foot in but let's see right here. Come back, look at this, sweet feat.


That is painful, that is embarrassing. Comes down with the


ball and slides the voting. Crabtree was good all afternoon. He really


was and good to see this in the NFL, when a player who will be came to


the end of the road with the 49ers, and he steps up and emerges as one


of the top receivers in the league again. This is everyone thought he


would be. When he came out initially they spoke about the next great


receiver but it did not quite work out in San Francisco. But eloquent


he has become a superstar wide receiver. A great win for the


Raiders. How seriously should we take them? Offensively began


rolling, doing good things. Defensively we are still giving up


big plays on the backend and that is a weakness. But they are a young


team that is learning how to win. Of course the Ravens were learning how


to win, people suggested they were one of the worst teams in the


history of the NFL! A bit harsh, but have we seen the real Ravens? You


are what you record says you are. So they were still losing games but


they had a bunch of savvy veterans on the team and I think they will be


OK in the long run. But Joe Flacco is not getting the projection he


needs. The fullbacks that are performing the best, the ones with a


great line in front of them but his mind is letting him down. And he is


coming back from a significant knee injury. He can deliver but he has


got to have time. I think these are just bad decisions by him. He has


time, come on. You're supposed to throw the ball into second. Look at


that pressure. Get rid of the ball. That is on him. Often when


quarterbacks you blame line but a lot of the time it is the fault of


the quarterback. You have the best athletes on the field playing that


defensive end position coming after you. You have got to have the time


clock in your head, three seconds at the maximum getting with the ball.


If not, that is on you. A quick reminder that


you can get another dose of We will bring you highlights


of Thursday Night's Football, we'll look ahead


to all the other games in Week 5, and also Osi takes


a trip to Burnley to talk In my job you do a lot of agility


work and diving. I hope I can offer you something. Swipe it out! Over


the shoulder, what a play! Oh my goodness, did you see that? That is


the NFL show this Saturday. The Seatle Seahawks travelled


to the Jets in New York. It's as coast-to-coast as it goes in


the NFL, the Jets from the congested East, full of footballing franchises


against the Seattle Seahawks who have the whole of the Pacific


north-west to themselves. Seattle got on the scoreboard in the


second quarter. CJ Spiller caused an eight yard pass to take a 7-3 lead.


They extended their advantage to 11 points when McEvoy caught his first


NFL pass for a touchdown. Marshall reduced the deficit with a 17 yard


catch. Seattle led 17-10 after three. We join the action at the top


of the fourth quarter. The Jets have the ball, down by seven.


COMMENTATOR: It's Sherman. Smart play. The back shoulder fades have


been the consistent route. You turn your head and locate the ball.


That's exactly what Richard Sherman. He knew the back shoulder fade was


coming. Watch him. As it's going down the field, he knows back


shoulder fade. There he stops and beats Brandon Marshall to the ball.


Miscommunication for the second week in a row between Fitzpatrick and


Brandon Marshall. The first turnover of the game. Interception by


Fitzpatrick was played very well today. Now Seattle with the ball, up


seven. Just about to whole fourth quarter to go. Down to the Jets


defense here. Wilson. Picked up. Has time. Doug Baldwin. Good pick-up


there. Baldwin will get out there and pick up four yards. You have to


continue to bring the heat on Russell Wilson. Sherman made a play


when his team needed it most. That is not good. Revis, on the training


table right now. That means that you've got the rookie in there,


number 32. He is at the top of your screen. Made a play last week, here


he is against Paul Richardson. He doesn't have a catch for Seattle.


Second down. Wilson, coming near side. What a throw!


I mean, you just can't do it any better. We saw it for years. Last


year that connection wasn't quite there. Great coverage by Lee. Graham


goes up and gets the ball. This team, they've got a lot of weapons.


When you put Jimmy Graham in there, in addition to everybody else, wash


out. Back-to-back, 100 yard games for Jimmy Graham. He wants a


challenge. Take a look whether or not he had possession. If this was


indeed a catch. We have already seen a challenge earlier that was lost.


Take a look here. The receiver had control of the pass with his knee


down in balance. It is a catch. The Jets will be charged with their


first time out. What he said is what Mike told us in the break. That will


right knee, that right chin. . You have to question that challenge.


Almost as if the crowd talked him into that. They saw him on the


replay. You need these time-outs. That looked like a catch all the


way. Th replay confirmed it. They lose a time out and challenge.


Wilson to throw. There is Richardson. He has the catch. He's


inside the 10. First grab of the game for Paul Richardson. Pryor


struggles in coverage against tight ends, let alone wide receivers. He


sees that. He says, that is an easy one, I'm throwing there. Richardson


makes a nice aerobatic catch. Controlling the ball all wait to the


ground. Eight different receivers for the Seahawks. First in goal from


the 6th. Jets are significantle in aing time-out. -- signalling. They


have two time-outs on defense on this drive. We welcome you into the


booth, John Lynch. This is a big play. The big play was by the


Seattle defense and Richard Sherman. The Jets are driving down seven.


Sherman gets the ball back. We are here on the six yard line,


Seahawks going in. What a big play. The other thing for Seattle, we felt


it last week, Jimmy Graham has arrived in Seattle? He has sure has.


They traded for him. He had another big one here. First in goal. Michael


is wide open. He reaches over, touchdown.


Just poor pass coverage. They must be saying, we are pressuring them.


Can we have pass coverage back there. Williams late to get there.


That took a long time to develop. There is no Jets defender around


him. Michaels scored his first rushing touch downs of his career


last week. That was his first receiving touchdown of his career.


It's a big one, too. It make this is a two score game. Hard-fought game


to this point. That interception by Sherman and following it up with a


touchdown drive is a huge turn. Events. They converted a goal to


extend the lead to 17 points. In the final three points, Peake scored in


a heads-up play as most stood around expecting a incomplete to be called.


He returned it 42 yards for the touchdown. The final score Seattle


27, the Jets 17. Life moves pretty fast. Sometimes you have to sit back


and enjoy a drive from start to finish, right? That is what makes


football beautiful. Seeing good drives put together. What a drive it


was. It was started by the defense giving their offense a helping hand.


Sherman stepping up when it mattered? They had been trying him


with this play all day. He adjusted at half time. He comes up with a


great play. Most corners can't do this and come down with the ball


likes he does. Watch him run. Stride for stride, stop, jump up and make a


great play. Not any receiver as well? That is Marshall, one of the


greatest receivers in the football. That is what you pay the big bucs


for. We saw the drive. So many big players stepped up and made a catch.


Jimmy Graham in particular, back to his old self. Him and Russell Wilson


have chemistry. They didn't have it last year. Now they have it. What


changed? They have been together and practice together so much they trust


each oefr and know where everyone will be. Timing and Jimmy Graham


being there with Russell Wilson for the past year, they are earthquake


meshing together. That is an unstoppable combination. A tight end


often is the comfort for the quarterback. If you want to throw to


anybody look at Jimmy Graham. Look how big and tall he is. He doesn't


miss often. Wilson is injured, not really playing to his usual level.


He didn't show is in this game? Not at all. Not at all. Mobile, was able


to make plays. He made most of his plays in the


pocket. They kept him safe down there. He was able to deliver. Is


that an under rated part of his gachl. He has that ability and


aletism? He is a great pocket passer. When you see him moving


around, he is not running, he is looking down the field to make a


play down the field. One of the best young quartersbacks we have in


football, Russell Watson. I don't think people talk about that guy.


You have to factor in his height. He is short for a quarterback? He is.


Most of the times you want him to be tall. He is short and getting it


done. The little guy can win sometimes, you know. Who needs beast


mode when you have runningbacks like this to clean things up for the


Seahawks. Fantastic play? This is it. Bad defense right here. Not


locating the guy, come out of back field. Good play. Have you to trust


the guy that wears the gold chain during the game. You have to throw


him the ball. Gold chain. He got paid. A big win. A necessary win for


the Seahawks. Are they for real this year? The Seahawks, to me, over the


last couple of years they have been dominating that conference. People


didn't think they would be quite as good this year. 3-1, getting it done


again. Taking care of business and then some. Let's catch up with more


of the best action from Week 4. This is isn't we don't see often. The


Patriots getting shut out. In the end zone. Shady, shady. He enjoyed


that. Ryan enjoyed that as well. People call it his Super Bowl. They


threw a bunch of different looks. Confused him all day. He was under


pressure right there. He was. Back in contention. Pittsburgh back in


contention after suffering their worst loss in 27 years. You don't


make him angry he doesn't like it when you make him angry. He went


nuts. Over the top. Give me that! There it is. Antonio, look at this


man. Liking that. 158. 3. Doesn't get better than that. Special teams.


Knows zero about this. I can run just like that. You never have been


out there in your life. Is I can run just like that. Ever. That kid right


there can unrun. I would have run with the ball. That win put a


dampner on the Jaguars win. They are way behind? Slow start. That is what


happens. Good for them to get a win out there. It the was exciting. Good


to be at that game and watch them. They put it together. You have to


taste victory every once and a while. That is a good victory. Big


win for the Jaguars. Probably saved Gus Bradley's job as well. Wembley


has been a curse in that respect. True. What about these Colts. He


needs to get help. He needs help. They are it hadding him. He needs


protection. He is getting teed off on. Can $100 million and you don't


pay his offensive line nothing. How does that happen. The Dolphins had


another difficult season for them. Chicago Bears up and running.


Disappointed with the Lions. I picked them to have a dark horse


season. That jinxed them from the start. The Saints in a thriller with


the Chargers. They will give up a lot of points and put a lot of


points on the board. That is what they do. Here are the standings. The


Patriots in control. Brady is coming back of course. He is a good


quarterback. Not a great one. But a good quarterback. I'm not going to


be drawn into that. He was looking good in the east. A wide open


division. Giants at 500 will feel they are in contention. The Falcons


top the south. The Rams for the west and the Vikings looking like the


real deal. We have to start with Wembley. We


put in a shift. We were worried about that game. The fourth quarter


made it worthwhile? Exactly. We knew Jackson would make it interesting.


They weren't going to blow up the coast. They gave us our money's


worth. You see lots of different jerseys, this year I think most


notably than ever there were loads of Jaguar fans representing? It


looked like a home game. I was in the stands and sat with them. They


were excited. It was their house. Goodwin for them and the Buffalo


Bills. Is that the shock of the week? I wouldn't necessarily have


called that the shock of the week. Ryan had an excellent game plan


going in. He was going to stop them, why are you cuffing at me? You like


Rex? I like Rex Ryan. I wasn't surprised to see the Buffalo Bills


win that game. You weren't surprised to see them win. One of the patriot


super fans was surprised. We have the scores of the football games on


that by any chance. We do. I don't know if you want me me to tell you


what it is. Do you? Yes. Buffaloes winning 16-0. 16 of 0? Yeah. You are


kidding me? No, sorry. 3rd quarter in? 4th. 4th. Rex Ryan.


(BLEEP) Ben Afflec, my favourite bit is the Rex Ryan? He was in shock. I


would hate to see his face when he was watching his team lose to your


team New York Giants at the Super Bowl. Brady is back. They need him,


don't they? They do, man. This is a good quarterback, not a great


quarterback. Top. They are 3-1 now. Everyone expected them to be 1-3,


they are pole position in their division. They have a good


quarterback coming in. They should be interesting. You called him a


good quarterback. Respect to the rookies, inexperienced players. Bur


set is a rookie. This makes the difference. Brady is the player who


can take this on for a championship run? Coming off a loss good to get


your mojo back. This brought us the championships. Bell yes check makes


the difference. He doesn't like quarterbacks.


Head coaches do not concentrate on special teams and it pays off. This


is a guy who drafts guys who play in special teams. These are the Jets


and this can change a game. When you have a big play of special teams it


changes the outcome of the game. You have got to play in three phases.


This is kind of exciting stuff, if you are new to the NFL, this is


electrifying. This is where the action is, where I made my living.


No other place where guys run a dish other from 50 yards away. These guys


are fast. Glad we are not out there are any more. More coaches should


have invested in special teams like Bellecheck. It is his background and


understanding the significance of special teams. They bring an essence


and aggressiveness to your team and he knows that. I get emotional when


you speak about special teams. Let's check in with your power rankings


and remind yourself of where you are at last week. You both had Vikings


and the Broncos and Patriots as your top three. New York Giants in fourth


place. Let's see the top five this week. A notable omission, where are


the Giants? They're not playing well right now. They're not in my top


five teams right now. The Philadelphia Eagles are in your top


five but they did not play this week, Jason. I had the chance to


think about it and I am impressed with their defense. I like what


they're doing with young quarterback. But they're doing well.


And the Patriots, they're top of your power rankings as a serious


contender. Look at what they were doing with average quarterbacks and


now they have a good quarterback and the mad genius, Bellecheck. Always


great access in the NFL and we can check in with some sounds from the


locker room. It was not the cleanest game but


that is good because you'll understand how good we can be. I


have got to offhand. That was a hell of a return. We each have a cellist


back. You guys had each other's back. That is what it is all about.


Stay strong for one another. Stay humble. This is to represent the


defense. All right! Just time to get into the best of social media. This


from the Olympic gold medallist Sam. Now to enjoy the second half. A


really smart woman who knows her football. And a beautiful day here


at Wembley Stadium. The sheriff was in town! Fantastic day. A lot of big


sporting stars. That is from Asmir Begovic. This was in Regent Street


with the fan rally. That was a good day, a lot of people out. We just


took over Regent Street! And the weather held out as well. The sun


came out. And a great game. And what today, another fantastic day at the


office. And the next game coming up in a couple of weeks. Giants against


the LA Rams. Looking forward to that one at Twickenham.


So don't miss it, The NFL Show this Saturday


Gentlemen, thanks for taking such good care of me, I didn't


Hope you've enjoyed it and we'll see you next time!


To go to does, to make it. It confers status especially on the


victors. On the losers also, respect for all. But what comes next, right


now is next. Life after Peyton Manning of the Broncos, seemingly


seamless from Peyton Manning to Simeon and two Paxton Lynch, belief


in the system, trust in processes. And Carolina Panthers, no need to


plan any kind of succession here. But can Newton then and can he now?


The Broncos going about their business, tight end mean, giving


little away, still hard to beat. The Panthers giving lots of way. Free


scoring but not so hard to beat. Only in the NFL.


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