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Not since the 1972 Miami Dolphins


has a team gone the entire season undefated.


As we enter week 5, only Philadelphia, Minnesota


and Denver have their 100% records intact.


former NFL cornerback Jason Bell are these two -


and two-time Super Bowl winner Osi Umenyiora.


Much to Osi's delight, Tom Brady is back.


We'll be looking at him later, but first up is the 3-0


A clash of contrasts. That is a touchdown. Carson Wentz. The


Philadelphia Eagles, unbeaten. A young quarterback, and eaglet.


Meanwhile, in motor city, a slump. Detroit without a win in three,


Lions with thorns and pause. -- in paws.


And it is a touchdown. Any time you can put him with the linebacker, it


is a mismatch. How about this? Riddick into the end zone for his


second touchdown. Watch the center, Swanson. Some of the things he has,


the first two times he was in that position, he ran at the top.


Sticking Riddick out the back side. Riddick is open on the back side all


day. They fake it and throw it. And that is a touchdown to Ryan


Matthews. Carson Wentz with the sixth touchdown pass of the year.


This is the easy football, 101. Releases inside, his role is first


outside. Four ran Rush, Stafford in trouble and Downey goes with a


penalty flag coming along as well. Foul, grabbing their helm of the


defense. That is a huge play. Let's see as Stafford tries to exit. After


the penalty went, that negated some really good coverage downfield by


Philadelphia. 2nd down and third. They come back the other way, and it


is a touchdown for Marvin Jones junior. That was about three guys on


the planet that can make that throw. 3rd down and 36. The Eagles have


completion time here at the minimum to get in the field range. And open


is Zach Kurtz. Three seconds remain. A penalty on the defense was


declined and Caleb Sturgis made a 50 yard field goal to cut the Lions'


lead to 11 points going into half-time. It is a five-man rush,


and Carson Wentz, to the big fellow, and he is still on his feet,


Green-Beckham is run out of bounds at the 5-yard line. And that is a


touchdown to Josh Huff. They put Josh Huff and Matt is right next to


one another. There is some miscommunication between these two.


They should not be next to each other. One should be up, the other


outside. The ball is loose. And let's see. It looks like


originally, the Eagles added. That ball may have squirted out of there.


We will see. The signal is given, it is Philadelphia's football. Trying


to make the move through the traffic and the ball came out of his hands.


Fletcher Cox was first, there. No one got a hand on the ball. It came


out of his hands. Fortunately for Detroit Philadelphia when three and


out for a 35 yard field goal. And I drive ended with another field goal


by Sturges. That gave them a 23-21 lead. The Eagles would have a chance


to close out the game late in the fourth quarter. The Lions must have


a stop here. They pitch it to Matthews. And the ball is on the


ground! And do the Lions have it? Waiting for an official sign, and


now it is given to Detroit. It looks like the boy was stripped away from


Ryan Matthews. He put his head across the bowels and put the


shoulder right on the football. Ryan Matthews had the ball in the wrong


arm. You have got to get it in the sideline arm to protect it.


Philadelphia leading by two. Detroit after the turnover with two minutes


ago have the football at the 39-yard line. Third-down and four. Stafford


to throw it. He finds a wide-open gold intake, and down inside the 15.


Four plays later, a 29-year-old -- yard field goal to give the Lions a


1-point lead. One thing that Doug Pederson said over and over, you


talk about Paxton Lynch, anybody you want to talk about, but the one


thing I love is that this guy knows how to win. And that is the name of


the game. Don't get bogged down in stats, he knows how to win. And he's


here today. He is down the field in traffic, and the intercept by Gary


Slade. And now he has the first interception in the career of Carson


Wentz. We didn't pay too much attention to the record of the


people that the plane. If we have got to go out there and beat them we


will go out there and beat them. We left it to fire outside. This is,


what, $50 million can get you, Darius big play Slay. As you can see


here down in the left corner, in the running game, which is what you need


out of a big-time corner. He comes up and makes a good tackle, puts his


shoulder on the ball and causes a fumble. Coach, you better get out of


the way, it is dangerous down there. Be cool. This is what Mark Chapman


would call a proper tackle. Putting the shoulder on the ball, a huge


play, pivotal player in the game. He kept it inbounds and recovered it.


Downey at the left corner, an ill-advised throw by Carson Wentz.


He goes up, becomes the receiver and takes the ball away and like a smart


defender, he gets down. Let's look at it at a tight angle. He basically


takes over from the receiver and takes it from him, muscles, comes


down, and that is just what $50 million does for you. Darius big


play Slay. I love my corners. As he comes over, I find myself having to


defend myself when I work with you, it struck me more as being like a


rugby tackle. It struck me how little there are rugby style tackles


in the game. Does that make sense? Rugby tackling, how the rugby


players make tackles, it is paying off in the NFL right now. Did you


believe Matthew Stafford in that post match press conference when he


said they are not bothered about the record of the opposition, about


whether they are unbeaten not? That is what you are taught to say. But


in camp during the week they must have talked about it. They always


talk about it. As players, you talk about that kind of stuff, but that


is what you have got to say for the camera. He spoke a lot last year


about Carolina trying to go unbeaten to the end of the season. Is it the


same with Philadelphia and others who will lose unbeaten records,


although you don't want to lose, it is of relief when it happens and you


can focus your attention on other things. Does that make sense?


Perfect sense. In the NFL when you become on an unbeaten strict streak


like that, it results in so much pressure. So when you get that loss


out of the way it helps you down the road. You have tasted defeat and you


know how to respond to those situations. It doesn't matter


whether you're 14 and two, or 15 and one, come the end of the season.


That would be good enough, you would assume, with home-field advantage.


It is all about going to the playoffs. It is about overcoming a


loss like that and knowing how he can bounce back. Would you say that


you Carson Wentz, that is the first time he has been intercepted playing


professional football? Is that, again, something that is out of the


way now? And that shows what to do in a two-minute drive. He needs to


learn that he does not mean to go on top like that. He can just do short


passes. He needed that loss. He was thinking to himself, this NFL thing


is easy. He probably was! He will have got put down a little bit now.


But the great young quarterback. So an unbeaten record goes, but this


week was all Thomas back. I am not putting you on


camera. Tom finally back. Let's go, Patriots. I thought he would be more


excited, didn't you? It was half understated and half quite creepy.


Let's move on from Mark Warburg and talk about Tom Brady. I know that


you think anyone can play quarterback for the big race because


of Bill Belichick. What you surprised how easily you settle back


in? Not at all. This is one of the best quarterbacks ever. Put him in


Bill Belichick's system and this is exactly what is going to happen.


He's been doing this for the last 15-20 years. This is just


ridiculous. He knows his friends. And you know at home, he was making


sure that he was caught up today with everything that they were


doing. He can step right in. Is this Patriots' offerings unstoppable at


the moment, because of Brady, Kwiatkowski and Bennett? It is


completely dynamic, the situation they have going on. They have two


tight ends that are bigger, faster and more physical than their


opponents. You line them up on the same side and you don't have two


guys that can cover them and shot them down. You put them on the


football field and it is a match-up nightmare for the defense. Number


one, because these guys can block and run the football also is, so no


one can match up with them. You have to bring your bigger guys on the


field to stop the run, then those guys are not able to run with those


big, quick, fast tight ends. It is a match-up nightmare for anybody.


Those guys, who can block and who can catch,... Word you find a six


who can run like that? They do not exist. I would say five or six total


tight ends who can do that and now you have two of them on the same


football team. You have to give him credit. Best coach in history. Even


on the return of Tom Brady, we have praised other members of the team.


That is enough of Tom Brady. So that's Tom Brady sorted. Here's


the first of our two round-ups. It is a miserable season for the


Carolina Panthers. They had no Newton who was concussed. Derek


Anderson came in and contributed to four turnovers, they were beaten


17-14 by Tampa Bay and they are in a mess. They do not have any defense


right now. This year it is not happening. They are great team. Have


your say here. Buffalo are winning against the Rams in LA and when they


picked up their first win, you said they would go back to being Buffalo


and they have now won three. I was talking about the 1990s! They went


to four straight Super Bowl is. You always have an answer. Let us look


at Tennessee against Miami. This is electrifying from Grant. 74 yards.


Sensational run. It was all to no avail for Miami who were beaten 30,


-- 30-17. We will show you the touchdown, he is a British-born


running back. Minnesota are now undefeated. That is the Viking


horns. They beat Houston. Great return. 79 yards. They are


undefeated. When you watch them, are they the real deal? Yes. The


offensive line and defensive line are dominating the game and that is


where you win football. I think a lot of eyebrows were raised when


they brought in Sam Bradford at the start of this season. Bridgewater,


the quarterback last season was injured. He had 13 days practice


before his first game, but I suppose he has experience. Very experienced


quarterback, played in a multitude of systems and they knew he could


come in and learn the system and he has excelled. Because they gambled a


little bit in the sense that the trade they did for him, as if to


say, forget the future, we think this could be our best chance to win


the Super Bowl, we have to go for it this season. Management have to make


those decisions, they knew they had the tame -- team in place to win.


They still have no Pearson. Extremely impressive. To play the


way they are playing, losing their star quarterback, losing their


running back in Peterson, one of the best of all time and plain


outstanding football and winning on the line of scrimmage. I do not


think we should make apologies for this, you know the Minnesota coach,


you have insight into how he runs their defense and they shut them


down. They run their defense and they put a wrinkle in every week for


their opponent and the new, he did not like pressure up the middle and


that is what they did. Can I ask what put in a wrinkle means? They do


something that the opponent cannot do and they do it all game. Whatever


it is. It is a wrinkle! From the Texans fans, they spend 72 million


dollars bringing in a player, when they see how others have started, do


you think Texans fans at the thinking they have not done the


right thing. Hindsight is 2020, coming off what he did, they thought


they were getting themselves a good quarterback but he has been a dad.


So far he has been a dud. He might recover, I think he has the skill


set to be, but has he played $72 million worth of quarterback?


Sometimes defense players put a wrinkle in. For our second game,


Trevor Simeon failed to recover for an injury.


The Broncos, anything but while and undisciplined horses, they are the


defending Super Bowl champions, unbeaten and in their home in the


rarefied air of Denver. Mile High fortress. How might it be assaulted,


by a team on a roll. Three straight wins for the Atlanta Falcons, by


Matt Ryan and Jones, lighting up. After a pick up of ten, Coleman


picks up, to the right of Ryan. From the 30, he dumps it across the


middle still going. Coleman. Inside the 24 the Broncos. Three tight


ends. Freeman has it, touchdown! Freeman following his block. Watch


DiMarco. He cleared the way. That is enough space for Freeman. He prides


himself on defense and he takes the ball all the way down the field and


then bodges it in. On the next Falcons possession, Bryant,


following an 8-point drive. The Broncos responded with a field goal


of their own. Brandon McManus from 35 yards. Bryant struck again before


half-time from 33 yards to restore the ten point lead for Atlanta.


Mensch beginning his career in Denver. Another penalty. -- Paxton


Lynch. Paxton Lynch in his own end zone. He put it up in the air and


Alan picked it off. He is trying to instil confidence and inject


something into this offense. Paxton Lynch does not do a good job with


his eyes, of controlling this guy and Ricardo Allen, all he will do is


range of for the interception. This is a tremendous range. A little bit


of pressure, Ricardo Alan reading the rookie like a book. Fifth


interception for the Atlanta defense. This is the kind of game,


whoever has the ball last can win it. A major moment for Atlanta. The


play selection, very balanced for the Falcons, almost 50 - 50. Matt


Ryan, Tevin Coleman, in for a Falcon touchdown! From the first drive,


that has been the matchup they have been looking for, there are running


backs in the passing game against the linebackers for the Broncos. He


is responsible for Tevin Coleman. He now runs and Matt Ryan throws it to


Tevin Coleman for the touchdown. Straight up the field, Marshall


sets, Tevin Coleman behind him Ryan delivers. He came up on the last


time. The third winds down. Little bit of fear. The ball came out. Ward


has it. That is the play we were talking about. Following the fumble,


the Broncos went on in a play drive and converted another goal from


McManus took up the lead to 14 points. At the 25-yard line, Matt


Ryan, Tevin Coleman down the sideline. Already a touchdown catch


today and a big game there. When something is working, go back to it


and all day long it has been the running backs of the Atlanta


Falcons, Tevin Coleman is wearing those guys out. Brandon Marshall


cannot hang with him. Tevin Coleman is having a huge day. Bryant would


hit his third field goal of the day and it extended the lead for the


Falcons to 23-6. They are giving up the room for Denver to chew up the


clock. Broncos trying to get into the end zone. Touchdown. You are


going to see him reach across, right there, gets across, that is the


big-time effort by Thomas. If you get the first one with no time out,


you can run down the clock. The ball was deflected trying to get it to


Freeman. The Broncos would hit a 45 yard field goal from McManus took up


the lead to seven that they would need an onside kick to have one last


chance. Dan Quinn is trying to forge that connection, he is trying to


build back culture in Atlanta and doing a wonderful job. He sent


flowers to all the wives and family members. Tight end. Grabbed that to


secure outlander's fourth straight victory. It was a good win. This is


a tough place to play, a very good football team, I thought we competed


well. Defense stepped out and played great, running backs did an awesome


job, I was proud of the entire team effort. Before that, all the talk


was about Miller and the D line for the Falcons. Watch the incredible


plays this ban was able to make. First of all, let me set this up


quickly. This guy is at the defensive end. This guy is the


offensive tackle, the defensive end is usually the best athlete, the


best player... I say that, because I was a defensive end. This guy, not


so much, but Beasley will expose them. Look at this play. He goes


right around the corner and gets the quarterback, knocks the ball out of


his hand, the biggest play in football. He is going to give him a


little sidestep. It freezes the offensive line, because he knows he


is not going to be able to recover in time to stop him and Beasley is


going to give him a little step right around the corner, knocking


the ball out of his hand, incredible play by Beasley that he is not done


yet. Right here, you will see him again, right at the top of the


screen, so he found -- but he is going to explode. That is not the


impressive part, that is how quickly he closed down the gap. Look at how


quickly he goes from letter a to B. He closed that down quicker than I


close down my computer when my wife walks into the room! It was the NFL


website! Beasley getting it done for the Falcons. Shall we just move on.


I have no responsibilities -- no response for that. Let us focus on


the football and not his laptop! That is a seriously impressive when.


It is a difficult place to play. Extremely difficult. It is a hard


place to breathe let alone anything else. That defense really stepped up


and did they expose the Denver Broncos? No, they did not expose the


Denver Broncos. Not too many people have the weapons that they have. I


do not think anyone will be able... Not too many people will be able to


replicate that. It will have laid down a marker to other sides about


how serious Atlanta are about the season. They have given the road map


to how to beat them and everyone copies it. As far as Denver are


concerned, you can put it down to the firepower that Atlanta have.


Denver is a good football team. They are built on the defense. I think


they will be able to respond, they will be able to play better as the


season goes on, but they are defense football team and they were


outclassed. All in the offseason, this would have seemed a ridiculous


question, but did they miss Trevor Simeon. Paxton Lynch came in, but


did they miss him? His footwork looked sloppy all


night. He is a big guy. He had to get his feet right to complete


passes and he was not doing that. He understood the offense a little bit


better than him. He didn't make too many mistakes, that is what he did


for the Denver Broncos. Their head coach will not be there. He has got


some migraine problems at the moment. That leaves the offensive


and defensive coordinators to concentrate on their own things.


Which makes sense. You want the coordinators to focus on the game


plan and not worry about the head coach decisions.


A quick reminder that you can get another dose of NFL


We will bring you highlights of Thursday night's football.


We'll look ahead to all the other games in Week 6,


and also Jason caught up with Crystal Palace manager


and Green Bay Packers fan Alan Pardew.


We can always get you some kit for a runaround. I know how you feel, I


don't want to change that. I like Green Day, not being the most


glamorous of teams, like ourselves. I can see that you have a set of


guys here who are going to drag you down. Work with this guy in that


jumper! That is Friday 11:50pm, BBC One. We only present it, we don't


schedule it! You enjoy that? He was a cool cat, I liked him. He's my


friend now. Really? Did you get his info? Have you got his number? It is


never too late, right? Now it's time for us


to look at the final drive The game literally got off


to a flying start with Washington wide receiver Jamison Crowder


returning a punt 85 In the 3rd quarter Baltimore


linebacker CJ Moseley picks off Kirk Cousins, but on returning


for a touchdown he fumbles the ball,


costing Baltimore valuable points. This all led nicely to Baltimore


chasing the game in the 4th quarter Just short of the 25-yard line. It


is the ball game for the Baltimore Ravens. Spreading the fence,


emptying the backfield. Chased by Baker. He runs for it. And the 1st


down, Joe Flacco keeps the Ravens alive with one minute 55 seconds ago


in the fourth quarter. This is the minute warning. Washington leading


16-10. -- two minute warning. It is a 1st down and 43. This is the MOD


that they will have to use. For the offensive line, he's got a lot of


changes in it. They have not picked it up well in the second half. The


wide receivers are not beating this man-to-man coverage of the Redskins.


It is in Redskins territory, 1st down at 47, and that time-out. 1st


down, Joe Flacco throwing, but it is too high. Josh Norman covering the


play, so the challenge from Josh Norman. His competitive nature, he


is going to find a way to get open, he's going to beat man coverage and


Joe Flacco will be able to find out where he was at. He at least knows


he has got a guy that he can go to. At second and then, Joe Flacco


throws for Wallace at 33. 1st down for the Ravens. 55 seconds to go.


Ravens with one time-out remaining. Trailing by six. They need to get to


the end zone. Joe Flacco things, works. On the move, buying time. And


it is a catch by Mike Wallace, at the 24-yard line. That was a great


move by Joe Flacco. His protection breaks down and he comes to the


side. Checks over his shoulder to make sure there is nobody in the


seed who can get a fumble on him. Nice job by Mike Wallace, working


the sideline. -- nobody is in pursuit.


The Ravens threatening. Joe Flacco with time, to the end zone, and it's


a touchdown! Touchdown for the Ravens.


They challenged Josh Norman again. Looking back for the ball and he


lost the step. Josh Norman is signalling for his sideline to


challenge. Inside two minutes, it is going to be looked at, regardless.


Did he stay in the hallway? Josh Norman emphatic that it needed to be


looked at. That will be reviewed. Look at Josh Norman. His eyes are


down to the field. He immediately signalled to the Redskins bench.


Incomplete. Nervous moments here in this type ball game. The receiver


got one foot down, the second landed... It is an incomplete play.


33 seconds. The last player they had everyone in the back-up and


protected to take their shot down the sideline. This play, a lot more


open. Joe Flacco goes outside and steps out of bounds. At the 21-yard


line. The Redskins with a 16-10 lead over the Baltimore Ravens, the


Ravens with a 3rd down at the Washington 21, with 27 seconds


remaining. Washington leading by six. And the throw into the end


zone, double coverage from the receiver and it is incomplete.


Trying to get it to a king, but he was well covered on-the-fly. He got


safety help over the top, giving your team-mate an opportunity to


make the play. It is 4th down. Joe Flacco. He has time and he throws


for Wallace, and it's incomplete. He was hit as he reached for it.


Another big play for the Redskins. The Washington Redskins come up big.


Walace working on the outside, comes into the middle of the field. It is


going to be a tight window. You had will continue coming inside out. The


Washington Redskins defeat the Baltimore Ravens 16-10. I knew that


it was Taiko Rivera. I don't know if you saw me or not. I just started


walking off the field. I didn't celebrate or do anything because I


wasn't sure what was going on. I couldn't see if he got his feet in.


He didn't get his feet in. We can reiterate that. Like so much of


top-level sport, it is these fine margins. We have seen guys make that


catch and we see now how difficult it is to do that. When you see that,


Josh Norman called it immediately. I couldn't work out there that was a


bit of bluff or not. There is an argument that if he had got both be


in the end zone for it to be the touchdown, that Mark Crossman, the


offensive coordinator would not have lost his job. Because he has been


sacked. How crazy is that? If this man had made this play a man would


still have a job today. Think about how incredible that is, if you think


about it, so small, the difference between winning and losing in the


NFL. Do you think he would still be in a job if they had won that game,


or do you think they have seen stuff that they needed the change? He


would still have a job because they had a win, but they have been upset


with the offensive play calling this last couple of weeks. It was a small


margin of error. The crumb of comfort for Baltimore fans is that


last time they sacked and offensive coordinator during the season, they


went on to win the Super Bowl, back in 2012. They had other


opportunities as well. Can you talk us through what CJ Mosley was trying


to do? Everything was perfect until one yard from the end zone. Great


play, great decision-making, trying to make the play, trying to get to


the end zone, and he just loses his mind. He reaches over, he doesn't


hold onto the ball. The rule, then, gives the ball back to Washington.


Yes. Despite the fact that he has done everything brilliantly until


that last yard. Is the rule on? The rule was not wrong, his awareness is


wrong. Is the rule unfair? I would say that the rule is unfair, but it


was put in place because people were fumbling the ball forward and


jumping on the ball in the end zone. To eliminate that, they had to make


that a touchback, and that is why you get plays like that. He had done


everything brilliantly, and it does not reward his interception. You


have got to play by the rules, man! You don't play by the rules! I play


but all the rules, that is pot and kettle. The final round-up of the


week now. Let's start with Cincinnati against Dallas, another


good win, Elliott running 134 yards for the touchdown for Dallas. This


is sensational. We will talk about Elliott in just a moment. Dak


Prescott running through for another as well. The Cowboys now four and


one in the NFC East. The Raiders are also four and one after outlasting


San Diego in a 65 point thriller. Michael Crabtree grabbing the


touchdown from Derek Carr. Eventually it was 34-31 over the AFC


division rivals. We had the Giants against the Packers on Sunday night.


The Packers have gone to three and one after this 23-16 victory. Aaron


Rodgers with two touchdown passes, the first one to Jodie Nelson. And


the second to Doubleday Adams. -- to the Bronte Adams. Eli Manning found


you know who, Odell Beckham junior. That is a good catch. Let's go from


the Giants to the Jets, who also suffered defeat, 31-13, against


Pittsburgh's. Ben Roethlisberger continuing his outstanding form,


four touchdown passes. That was 72 yards to Sammie Coates on


Pittsburgh's Mike opening drive. The highlight for the Steelers as they


head the AFC North at 4th 1. You can pick your favourite team out on


the screen. The Vikings and Steelers both winning and Eagles losing their


100% record. Elsewhere, the Patriots comfortable against Cleveland, as we


have discussed. Dallas winning against Cincinnati. Some of those


games you may not have seen. Not showing knew anything of the Bears


against the courts, but the Bears lost. -- the Colts. As far as the


standings are concerned... Confirmation that the Vikings are


now the only unbeaten side in the NFL.


Let's just start, shall we, with the news that has come in, that Colin


Kapaernick will start for San Francisco next weekend, which, it


makes sense, but there is a much attention on him. It'll be


interesting to see how he goes. Chip Kelly has come out and said this is


a football decision. We often see that. I have got to be honest with


you. Everyone knows how I hate the quarterback position. If my son was


playing quarterback I don't know how I would feel, but I will never route


for a quarterback the way I want this man Colin Kapaernick to succeed


and do something special because of what he stood for and exactly what


he's doing. We need this man to go out there and play some really


football. We will move back to looking at Dallas. Let's look at


Elliott, a rookie in the leaker was very impressive against the Bengals.


Is it easier to be a rookie running back. Running back is a natural


position. You have the skill set and you know what to do. It is starting


to understand your offensive line and you can do that quickly. The


only difficult part is picking up pass protection and that is where


they struggle. You have these guys who are good runners and they cannot


pass protect and they are not in the game. Why cant they block? Is that


about building up strength and getting used to the physicality of


the professional game? There are exotic blitz schemes. Sending the


linebacker, and the running back pass to identify where the blitz is


coming from and that is where they struggle, mentally, not physically.


Are you surprised about how Caroline are struggling? I am. I thought they


would know how to win the coming of back row the year they have had.


Looking at the defense, they are not performing, that was bailing them


out and they are not getting it done. We did spend a lot of time, as


well as praising Newton, we praise their defense. They had outstanding


defense, but the line is not getting pressure. He loves defensive line,,


the defensive line, when they are getting pressure, it allows the DBs


to make plays. I am feeling like they are over. I do not like the way


cam is performing are leading his team. I think so. Going back to what


we spoke about at the start of the show, have the Patriots laid down a


marker with a win against Cleveland in the sense that Brady is now back?


Not with the win against Cleveland, everyone has beaten Cleveland! The


way they came out and played, absolutely, this was a dominant


performance by the Patriots. They have played well without Brady but


now you have a good quarterback back into the fold and they will keep


rolling. Look for them to be in the Super Bowl this year. We have time


to show you the highlights of social media over the past week. Let us


show you the picture that the NFL tweeted which is the Viking on top


of all the other franchises, the last of the undefeated and then


there was one and the next London game is coming to Twickenham, the


rugby posts are down and the NFL posts are up at Twickenham.


One last reminder the NFL Show moves to Fridays from this week.


Hold on! You are rushing through this thing, it is your birthday! Did


you think we would let it slide! Lady Gaga is coming on!


# Happy birthday to you # Happy birthday to you. #


Would you like one? Do you want to eat me or Aaron Rodgers? I will go


with the football, that is clear. I will go for Aaron Rodgers. I am left


with me to eat. Thank you very much. Let us reflect on Minnesota being


the only unbeaten team in the NFL. I cannot believe you did that to me.


See you next week. The perfect season to go undefeated, all the way


through to the end of the postseason. To win the Super Bowl


without a single loss. The ultimate goal and rare. Teams have come


close, the New England Patriots, but only once has a record registered


not a single blemish, the Miami Dolphins of 44 years past. Three


teams went into week five of his regular season unbeaten, the


defending Super Bowl champions, the Philadelphia Eagles and the


Minnesota Vikings. Now, there is just one unbeaten team, the purple


pride of the North, followers of the old Norse legend of fearless


adventurer, but remember, as they used to say on the old Viking


longboats heading for America, there is a long way to go. Only in the




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