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And it will be time for these two teams to settle it! Into the end


zone... Touchdown! Unbelievable! How did he do that?! The Denver Broncos


are world champions! It's been a strange


old Week 6 in the NFL. Comebacks, upsets and


the outright bizarre. Former NFL cornerback Jason Bell


and two-time Super Bowl winner Bottom of the NFC East,


it's been a rough start for Osi's beloved New York Giants


and their rookie coach Ben McAdoo. Looking to turn things around,


they faced the Baltimore Ravens. Sat second in the AFC


North, they also needed Two teams out to break the losing


habit. New York Giants, three defeats in a row. For their


opponents, two. But who might put an end to this losing nonsense? Odell


Beckham, the big player, but will he lose his head? Joe Flacco, nine


years of Raven. A Super Bowl winner with Baltimore, but can he get over


his regular-season glitch? Odell Beckham lost the football! And


covered by Baltimore! All turnover more than are automatically


reviewed. It's whether or not they think he has possession. After


reviewing the play, the ruling on the field stands. Three tight end


more than on the field now. West diving into the end zone for the


touchdown! Manning, going deep to Beckham!


Incomplete! As soon as he jumped off site, Eli Manning knew you could


take a shot down the field. Five yard penalty, repeat second down.


You've got to think he has had the wind to not out with him, the way he


landed. The good thing about the replay is, it shows his head did not


bounce off the turf. Beckham going straight to the locker room.


Manning, touchdown! His first NFL touchdown! Career touchdown pass


number 300 four Eli Manning. Can return to the game in the second


half after suffering a hip injury. New York then kicked a field goal on


their first drive of the third quarter to make it 10-10.


Manning will throw for it. Interception is made, picked off by


Young. Back inside the 30, to the 27 yard line. There are no penalty


markers on the field. STUDIO: The Ravens got a 39 yard


Justin Tucker field goal. Odell Beckham Jnr, down the sideline


for the touchdown. 75 yards! Eli Manning had protection


in the pocket. You can see him having fun with the kicking that


again. West, left side, looking for the end zone...


STUDIO: Two Ravens possession more than later, it was a field goal


apiece. West, left side, end zone,


touchdown! Three receivers in the game, they spread them out. It


looked like a counter in reverse, going underneath to change the point


of attack. 4th and one. Manning... Beckham! Touchdown! 66 yards! There


is a flag thrown in the end zone. And back to the net which is the


Holy Grail. In three Previous Place, Odell


Beckham Jnr was nursing that left rib. I was not sure he would have


enough to get to the end zone because of that injury, but he did.


I don't know how bad his hip was feeling before that play, but...


Odell Beckham Jnr, eight catches, 222 yards, a career high.


Flacco goes down the middle. Incomplete!


Foul, number 58, the defense. 15-yard penalty, 1st down. He took


three steps, that was an easy call for the referee to make. You've got


to look at the situation, the 4th down, you can't take two or three


steps as the quarterback in that situation. Flacco on the move, lots


of room in front of him, he throws to the end zone... Incomplete! The


Giants with a 27-23 win. Odell Beckham Jnr, superstar


receiver for the New York Giants, had an outstanding game against


Baltimore. I want you to check out some of the plays this man-made.


First of all, I want you to pay attention down here. Dees two


receivers are trying to get this guy and disc to pick each other, freeing


up one of the guys. As you look, immediately, you will see the


Baltimore Ravens to an outstanding job of coverage. Nothing is open


down here. So Eli Manning, outstanding quarterback that he is,


now has to look to his second option, his back-up plan. Basically,


you know that really good-looking guy that your girlfriend swears is


just a friend but the whole time is looking to actively replace you?


That's where he's going to go right here at the top of the screen? Odell


Beckham Jnr is going to run right eye, mostly by him, he's going to


waive bye-bye to Eric Waddell. Odell Beckham Jnr with the triple jump.


Great play by him. Wow! What a player he is. This guy is not done


yet. What I want you to do is look down here the bottom of the screen,


because the Giants are going to run the exact same play. This time


they're going to use the tight end as well as using Odell Beckham Jnr,


essentially trying to get these guys to pick each other off again. Let's


see if it works this time. This time Odell Beckham will be his first


option. Check this out. And they hit each other off. Going all the way to


the end zone for an incredible touchdown. What a player this guy


is. More of the story must Odell Beckham Jnr is a great player. He


might be able to do things which quite frankly you're not! Look at


this guy! What a great player! He's a superstar, isn't he, Odell


Beckham Jnr? Oh, he's definitely a superstar. When you throw the ball


on 4th 1, that means he's a star. You were there over the weekend, so,


lots have been said about the nonsense with the kicking. And the


kicking net. But explain what it did to the crowd. Journalists and


ex-players can be per faced about it, but it is the supporters who


matter? He was like the emotional cowbell for the team. The stadium


was dead, and they see him making the big plays and they start going


nuts. There were loud, they got around him - he got that team fired


up. So it was flat before he got them going? Absolutely. Everybody


got behind him. It might look like a distraction, but it obviously


worked. Do you think Ben McAdoo, the head coach, is dealing with him


differently than Tom did any I think it was different because Tom was


dealing with him in a different respect. This was his last year, he


was trying to win games, so he had more of a leash for Odell Beckham,


allowing him to do some things which earlier on in his career, never


would have allowed him to do. Now he realises he has a superstar they're


on his hands, a guy who might be more important than Ben McAdoo. So


how do you deal with a guy like that? You have to let him do what he


does. Silly penalties? Yes, you always want to keep that under


control. Right, let's take a look


at our first round up of week six. Starting with the Jets in Arizona,


and watch a game this was for David Johnson, who rushed for 111 yards,


with three touchdowns. He is a superstar as well, Jason? He


definitely is. He can be great for them in the future. The Jets having


an awful time this season. Washington beat Philadelphia. You


like that?! You like that? What...? You just did it quite aggressively,


it worried me! Washington now fallen to, they've won four on the spin. --


four and two. Dallas are absolutely flying under attack press. The


rookie through for 247 yards. Green Bay are struggling, they? They are,


on offense. He does not look like himself, hopefully he has time to


bounce back. And talking of struggling teams, Carolina, well,


they were 21-0 down against New Orleans. They managed to get it back


to all square, and then the Saints kicked our field goal with 12


seconds to go. 11 seconds, it was. And it means that Carolina's


miserable season takes them to one and five. You could argue that their


season is all but over. The LA Rams, who are at Twickenham this Sunday.


Fifth to join the cheerleaders. There is the winning field goal. The


Rams have last two straight now and they are three and three and at the


moment, you're never quite sure what to expect. Let's look at the NSF


see, we took the Mick out of the NFC. They are playing well. The


Giants lost, the bounced back against the Baltimore Ravens.


Washington Redskins, everyone maligned Kirk cousins. We all know


about Dack Prescott. Let us talk more about Dack Prescott. What do


you do if your head coach of the Cowboys, stick with Prescott. I do


not change a thing, I would stick with Prescott. Why would you want to


make a change and disrupt that? Because Tony Romo is the better


player. He is a top five quarterback. I will not take


anything away from Dak Prescott?, but Tony Romo, you put him in the


same situation, if he is not endured... You cannot say that. It


is hard enough get momentum. Why cant you say that? It is not this


year. What have you done for me lately? I am very disappointed in


you. Now you know who your friends are. Carolina, one and five,


struggled to the saints. They didn't get it back. We can focus on Newton,


but the problem is the defense. The N delaying has always been the part


of the defense. They are not playing the way they did last year. With the


have a better record if Josh Norman was still there? I think so. He is


all about the defensive line, he came from the New York Giants. They


are not just playing up to their standards. Thank you.


Our next game sees two NFC divisional leaders go


Seattle topped the NFC West going into


week six, whilst over in NFC South, the Atlanta Falcons


Matt Ryan and Julio Jones, two reasons why Atlanta have dismantled


the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos this season. They now run


the gauntlet here, running into this defensive operation. It is hard to


settle in Seattle, the Seahawks with Russell Wilson are three and one and


looking good. They line up against each other, Richard Sherman and


Julio Jones. They need to get to the 19-yard line and the ball is out.


Seattle fumble. Tony McDaniel. And McDaniel, the recovery, Ryan was


unaware that Cliff April was closing in on him. This is the one place you


do not have want to have a turnover. They have got to fire up the Seattle


crowds. Christian Michael, the Carrie and Michael, touchdown,


Seahawks! This is how it happens, turnover in the red zone, you now


play complimentary football, the crowd is fired up. Stick it right


down their throat, quick early lead for Seattle. Two Atlanta possessions


later, Matt Ryan scored the first point of the game for the Falcons.


It was 7-3 to Seattle. Alex Collins. Gets the football and gets the


touchdown for Seattle. His first NFL touchdown. Seattle added three more


points before half time. This field goal extended their lead to 17-3.


After what happened in the first, they needed to change. Matt Ryan on


the edge. Ryan worked out that on the offseason. Wide open, Julio


Jones has it and in the zone, touchdown, Falcons. Richard Sherman


lined up outside and I think Kelsey McRae thinks they are playing third.


Julio Jones is wide open. He should not be able to get that open against


the Seattle defense. Good drive by Seattle. Matt Ryan fires, court,


mohamid so moved, touchdown at Atlanta. No need to speculate any


more, the momentum has shifted to Atlanta. They are without Michael


Bennett. This is definitely hurting. They are not playing where they


normally play. Top of your screen, as a receiver. Matt Ryan. Wide open.


Can he make it in the end zone? Touchdown, Falcons! I have to tell


you, when I was scouting this team, I do not think I said anything about


him catching a football. They said he was there blocking tight end.


When you see this play, you will wonder who is supposed to be


covering their sky. There he is. Plenty of time to play the football.


That is a clear, a defense that prides itself on soundness, has


given up two touchdowns without anyone in the screen.


Christian Michael. Touchdown, Seattle! Christian Michael, his


second of the day, fourth of the season. The lengthy extra point


here, to tie the game. That is blocked. You just do not take those


for granted. The second blocked extra point of the year and this one


looms very large. Four minutes to play. He has thrown again and off


their fingertips and intercepted. Barral Thomas has the pick. Seattle


has the football -- Earl Thomas. I was just getting ready to say, that


someone had to make a play. This was a drop by Julio Jones. Earl Thomas


tips it over. Earl Thomas, you give him a chance, he will make you pay.


All they have to do is eat some of this clock and steal a win.


Sometimes you have to step up and make plays. He has kicked game


winners before. He came in perfect in the field gold -- Gold apartment.


From 44 yards away. The Seahawks lead. We came into this game wanting


the number one offense against the number one defense. Number one


offense on the field against a defense that has had some problems,


an exciting finish here. Matt Ryan with time on 4th down for Julio


Jones. He cannot bring it down with one hand. Seattle takes over and


31-macro is hot, he wanted to pass interference. I am not sure he is


not wrong. -- Dan Quinn. Richard Sherman got away with it. He grabbed


the left arm, sorry, right arm, that should have been pass interference.


This defense will get away with one. This will be the one they will talk


about. This field goal, big touchdowns given up by the defense,


it is no goal on the pass interference that made the


difference. Fortunately we did well early. Nice first half. We came


back, we got the stops we needed. Very difficult game, but the dance


team is playing like crazy and they were hard to beat today. It was a


great match. We like Pete Carroll, he came on for an interview and he


was a very nice man. He has probably been very fair to Atlanta, they are


playing very well. They should have won. Arguably, apart from that last


call. They are playing outstanding football and I think they will be


really good for the rest of the year. We will come to the last play.


They were in control when Julio Jones did not catch the ball and


there was the Seattle interception. That was the first mistake. Coaches


always stress turnovers, if you lose that battle, you will lose a close


game. It went into the hands of Julio Jones and then popped out. Has


to get to him. Talk me through it. You see Richard Sherman, he uses his


inside arm to grab their inside arm of the receiver. The referee cannot


see. That is a savvy move. You're saying that is inside arm, that will


be covered from the view of the officials. You can see his view is


blocked. You who came quickly. And yet the big thing there and why Dan


Quinn was going berserk, the officials did not spot it and you


cannot do anything about that with the pass interference call. There is


no replay, the officials miss it, you are out of luck. Is that fair?


Yes, that is fair! In a game that can rely on replays and reviews, and


then you explain to the crowd in big screens, why shouldn't that be? It


is crucial, but there is hold in every place somewhere and they get


away with it and the referees know what to call when they call it. At


the time like that, they let you play. As they should. If they were


to call holding or look for interference in every play, you


would not get anything done. Neither of you have a problem? I like


holding on defense! Minnesota remain the only


undefated team in the NFL. Week 6 was a bye week


for the Vikings, but in Week 7, We asked him how his season is


going. It has been going well. We cannot get too excited or too happy.


Keep our foot on the gas pedal and get ready for the Eagles. Has it


surprised you how the season has begun would you have targeted more


at the start? We target occurring game. This week our opponent is the


Eagles and we focus on that. If you can stack those up, after a while,


that becomes your next goal. How strong are you as a group to cope


with the injuries you have suffered already this season, particularly


the Adrian Peterson one. For fans in Britain, he seems like you're


talismanic player. It is not good for any of our guys, they are


significant guys. At the same time, this league changes week to week and


you need to be ready to move forward. From a defensive


standpoint, what are you doing differently this year? Isn't


something schematically are you just more comfortable? Our coach has put


us in a position week in and week out. Just going out and executing


and trusting the guys beside you and in front of you. That is why this


group has grown. We have played a few years together now and there is


a lot of trust, between the whole group and I think that shows up. We


all know that the success of the defensive back is tied to the D


line, tell us how your defensive line has been playing? It is almost


like we have so many guys who can make plays. It is incredible. I have


not been around anything like it. The success relies on a good deed


line and vice versa. We talk about that. We just feed off each other


and we want the D line to be successful.


And finally, when you were growing up, were there any defensive players


who inspired you, any old men who might be sitting on the settee next


to me? Jason Bell! Honestly, I was just into watching the defensive


backs. I've always had my eye on those things. Harrison, that's the


biggest smile Jason has had on this show in 18 months of doing it. Thank


you very much for providing that. We wish you well for the rest of the


season. Thank you very much A quick reminder that you can get


Thank you very much another dose of We will bring you highlights


of Thursday night's football, and preview Week 7,


which includes the Twickenham game between the LA Rams


and New York Giants. Ahead of the first ever


NFL game at the home of English rugby, Osi met up former


England international How are you? I can't complain, I'm


out here with you. You look like a tank, Manjula this is like sink or


swim! Cut the music! You are still in excellent shape, man. You're kind


of sexy, Manjula no, I appreciated, but... You guys are getting out of


one shot knockout blow. Would you do it all over again? Not half. So,


that is The NFL Show, don't miss it...


Our final feature game comes from the AFC South,


where Indianapolis head to conference leads Houston,


the host city for this years Super Bowl.


The AFC South, wide-open. The highest-paid quarterback in the NFL,


Andrew Luck of the Indianapolis Colts. $140 million over six years,


a price tag which demands results. The Colts so far, two and three.


Houston Texans, their star defensive end, Jay Z Watts, injured for the


season. Brock Ross Whiteley is their highly paid quarterback, tempted


from the Denver Broncos, but struggling so far.


Touchdown,. Oil! Andrew Luck told us last night, he said, I've got some


great team-mates but this guy may be my favourite. Everybody's favourite,


right? STUDIO: On the next Colts


possession, the field goal extended their lead. Houston responded with a


27 yard field goal from Nick Novak, which at least got them on the


board. 1st down and goal at the 1-yard


line. 82 yards, it started with those three runs, all resulting in


first downs. We're going to see a split in the fullback drawing the


linebacker to him and creating the big hole inside. That was some


drive, that was exactly what the Texans have been hoping for for a


long time. After the Colts time-out, they have an automatic three.


Gore... And Luck is going to get sacked! And they turn it over.


Merciless! They had the penalty to keep the drive alive, gives the ball


back to the Texans. 1st down and 14. Three-man rush, and up at the


20-yard line, the ball is loose. Vontae Davis got away with it. He


goes to the end zone. One official is marking its down as a catch and


the ball is down. Interception, it will take the touchdown away but it


will not take the ball away. What a play. Yes, the play is dead at that


point, at the 20-yard line. They have been going at it all night long


but that is some play. 2nd down and four. Andrew Luck comes back left.


Andrew Luck, no luck to the right side, comes to the left and runs his


way in with the touchdown. STUDIO: On the next Indianapolis


possession, this 36 yard field goal extended their lead.


Darryl Morris comes in in the secondary. Osweiler throws it to


him. Miller gets corralled but stays on his feet. Miller! Touchdown!


That's just a wow! That was awesome! He would have been stopped well


short of the 1st down. Instead, he gets the score. We'll know how he


did this! By the time he circles back, there are about seven guys


standing there. What a night for Miller! And this is Gore, and sure


enough, exactly what we mentioned just happened. Merciless makes the


tackle. Touchdown! CJ Fiedorowicz! Well,


that didn't take long! Andrew Luck, sacked! McKinney came


firing in! Just buried him! Osweiler, two touchdowns, bad first


half. 2nd down and ten from the 48-yard line. Osweiler, deep down


the left side lane... Strong! He's had some huge games against


Indianapolis, and he does it again! He stays inbounds, 36 yards! And


rock Osweiler has finally done it, he finally broke away from having to


totally rely on these moments, comes back the other way, and Jaelen


Strong delivers. That is a fantastic catch. Just so dangerous to leave an


NFL game early. 33 or to win the game. Which he does! -- 33-yarder to


win the game. What a dispiriting loss for the Colts. It's


disappointing, and it stinks. But there's opportunities there. It's


right to there. And you can't shoot yourselves in the foot, you cannot


believe points out on the field. You got to be able to score touchdowns


and you can't settle for field goals. I know we've got the best


field goal kick in the National Football League, but when you have


opportunities, you can't have poor play, whatever you want to call it.


We continue to shoot ourselves in the foot, and you can't do that. He


says they shot themselves in the foot. The commentators called it


dispiriting. If you get on to Houston, leading like that and


losing, it could define your season? It could. We all know their defense


is not playing well, I feel like a Luck is trying to force things now.


See him taking that sacked, it's like, does he feel like he has to


win the game for them? If you turn it back the other way, to look at


Texas, Osweiler has been inconsistent so far this season. The


way he came back into this game will be a huge boost for him and the


franchise? He didn't play particularly well at the beginning


of this game. But it's not how you start, it's how you finished, and he


finished excellent. He was outstanding towards the end, leading


that team towards a comeback. They might be able to ride this through


for a long period of time now double do you think he needs time? To


develop? Yes. Because he's very young and inexperienced and he has


this massive price tag on him? And it puts the pressure on him, for him


to think that he has got to win the games for him, whereas in reality,


he's just got to get it to the players outside. But the firms fans


and be thinking, we've just invested $70 million in this man. That's not


his fault! The ownership thought that this was a quarterback who was


worth that kind of money. All he can do is what he's able to do. All the


expectation, that's not his fault. I suppose also, as things are shaping


up, this doesn't look like a great division. Talking about the NFC last


year, this looks like a fairly middling to lower middling division?


Yes, and that's the advantage for them, especially after losing JJ


what. Now it is division, they can have success. No doubt about it, JJ


being lost for the season is a huge blow, but the division is so weak,


they should be able to overcome that. You see, you just came


straight out with it! I don't believe in diplomacy!


Now for our final round-up of the Week 6 action.


And we start with San Francisco and Buffalo, Buffalo winning this one.


The Bills have won four on the trot. Remember, after they won their first


game, Osi said, next week, Buffalo will go back to being Buffalo. And


he since clarified that to mean, when they reached the consecutive


Super Bowl's! -- Super Bowls! This was a chance to see Tom Brady after


his suspension. Very good quarterback! We saw Gronk touchdown


there. Seven reception morning for him. Raiders last to the Kansas City


Chiefs. Spencer where running for 131 yards. And the big boy ran for


all of one yard for that touchdown. And this was perhaps the most


surprising result of the week 's pass Steelers were beaten. It was a


big shock? Yes. He was not himself and they could not score the points


they usually do. And it was Ajayi who ripped them apart as well. We


will look at his performance shortly. But I think we can run


through the Week 6 results for you. You can pick your favourite team


out. In the early game, San Diego beating Denver.


Confirmation of the Panthers' crushing defeat to Saints. Buffalo,


who will always be Buffalo, just to wind Osi up! There are all the other


results. Obviously, all the division winners go into the playoffs at the


end of 16 weeks, and the two best sides who did not finish top will go


into the playoffs. So you're looking for four divisional winners and two


wild cards. And you can see how each division is developing. Let's look


at JJ and his performance. I say it was the shock of the week, but I


suppose what you're looking for now from Ajayi is consistency? Yes. He


had a good game. They're looking for a running back in Miami, someone


they can depend on. This was an outstanding performance by the


London born Ajayi. Will he be able to continue that? Nobody can run for


204 yards on a consistent basis. But can he play the way he played in


this game? I sure hope so. He needed that as well because he has had an


up and down start to the season? Yes, you've got to show what you can


do early. How worrying is that? When you see the top running backs, and


he is top, among some stellar names, including a man who could win Rookie


of the Year. That is a huge blow. Preseason,


already a little bit, people talking that they could be Super Bowl


champions. That is a surprise. Too inconsistent. For a team to go out


there and lose the way they have, mind-boggling, I do not understand


what is going on with the Pittsburgh Steelers. When the heat got banged


up, that is not the same. It happens a lot. Then they have hiccups like


that. Here is that important. Is that because of his sheer size and


physicality. He takes a lot of heads. He tries to develop those


roots down field and you will get some action. I want to look at


another quarterback, 28. He started for the first time against Buffalo


-- if Colin Kaepernick. He is going to be ring rusty. I think he had two


or three surgeries. The big issue was was he strong like in the past.


He made some really good runs. He will feel under pressure with


everything that has been happening. No question. You should feel under


pressure, he brought a lot of that on himself. On the field, it will


take time to get him back to playing the way he is accustomed. He under


threw the ball, he is a little weak, not quite as strong, but he will get


there. One of my favourite bits of the show. We want to see the photos


of when they used to play. This is what they had before going into week


six. This is how they have changed, both brought Dallas then. Jason, you


brought Seattle in. They are the strongest five teams for both of


you. Right now. It could change. Obviously. Seattle is playing good,


I love that defense. Russell Wilson is hot. I like Dallas. Is it close


to call? Orders one of the five standout? New England is head and


shoulders above everyone else. There is no one who can compete with them


consistently. Minnesota can compete with them? They would not beat them.


You know that. Let us look at social media. I particularly like this,


Tyrod Taylor. He was using mouthwash on the bench, so that his breath was


fresh. Let us look at a snap from Jason. He is with Sam Quek. You are


looking really friendly with him. Antonio Pearson as well. Shut up


both of you! One last reminder - join us


for The NFL Show this Friday And you can join these guys


on Sunday from 2pm on BBC Two, with live coverage


of the LA Rams versus New York So, Week 6 wrapped up,


and what a week it was, as Week six, the ongoing saga of close


calls and final margins and edge of the seat thrillers. Another chapter


in a season that is turning into a horror show, the Carolina Panthers


one and five. In the week before the NFL returns to London, a Brit does


his bit. In TBM zone before the Miami touchdown. Making the yards,


the American way. Or Americans doing the all-American way. O'Dell Beckham


junior. Sack her Scots. -- Dack Prescott. Football the American way,


only in the NFL. There's a brand-new way to stay on


top of the Premier League action.


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