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Seven weeks in now and the regular season has given us thrills


and spills in what is proving to be an unpredictable season.


Teams across the eight divisions are fighting it out for that crucial


play-off spot that will take them into the post season,


Talking of Super Bowl glory, joining me is our very


own British-born Super Bowl winner Osi Umenyiora and former NFL


We start our highlights with two teams yet to win a Super Bowl.


The high powered offense of Atlanta Falcons,


led by Matt Ryan, has Atlanta in full control of the NFC South.


Their oponents San Diego sit at the bottom of the AFC West.


Led by big passing quarterback Phillip Rivers, San Diego


have been the masters of their own downfall this season.


Last week however they beat Super Bowl 50 winners Denver to keep


The disturbed rhythms of the season. The Falcons playing well but beaten


by Seattle Seahawks last week. Now time for something to settle the


stomach. A home game against the San Diego Chargers. Not so much on the


charge is bent under the weight, the bottom team in their division. The


Chargers would taint the Denver Broncos in week six. -- ten.


At the three. Philip Rivers. It is Gordon. Touchdown, Chargers. Seventh


touchdown run of the season for one of the leaders in the NFL.


Atlanta went on at charge to get the home team on the board.


Philip Rivers being rushed. Intercepted. Jones inside the 20.


Down at the 10-yard line. Philip Rivers trying to dump it


down. A tonne of speed right here. In open space now. They're trying to


establish this culture in Atlanta of being aggressive in all three


phases. That tight bond between the team.


After the interception Atlanta went three and out. San Diego kicked a


field goal of their own. Josh Lambo giving them a lead of 10-6.


Ryan steps back and three receivers to the right. Julio Jones, he has


got it. Down at the 15-yard line. 3rd down. And the endzone!


Touchdown! What to throw by Matt Ryan.


Looking for the defense to come up with a big play. Heads for the


endzone and touchdown! They've got to get to that 35-yard line. Philip


Rivers being rushed. The ball knocked loose. Picked up by


Claiborne for touchdown. Some twisting inside. Vic police


leak has great speed around the edge. He's going to try to swap the


ball. He went for a tackle on Philip Rivers.


Gordon for the goal and he is in. Touchdown, San Diego. Melvin Gordon


with his second touchdown of the game.


The only points in the third quarter came off the foot of Josh Lambo on


the 37 yard attempt. But Atlanta kept the score ticking over with a


ten point lead on their next possession.


Philip Rivers has now passed for 317 yards. Rivers froze. Touchdown,


Melvin Gordon, with his third touchdown of the game.


Intercepted! Perry man, the man who has been injured throughout the


game, he comes up with the interception. Antonio Gates, the 1st


down. You go further you trust the most.


Eight plays later and Josh Lambo kicked his third career goal of the


day from 33 yards to send the game into overtime, tied at 30-30.


Julio Jones wide right. The rest of the team tied. The vaunted freedom


at right back. -- Devonta Freeman. The Chargers stop the Falcons.


At the 43-yard line. Look at Denzel Perryman finding his way through to


get into the backfield. He has got to be the most banged up player on


the team and yet he has made a couple of huge plays in this game,


and interception and that great stop. 42 yard field goal. Josh


Lambo. And it is good. The San Diego Chargers win it in overtime. I have


been saying forever, we just play, it does not matter what the score


is, how much time is left, we just play. That is what we talk about at


half-time, just go one play at time. Everyone has got to believe winning


game. -- we're winning this game. Do you like his mentality? Absolutely,


that is a winning mentality. This team has played too many close


games. It is showed a lot of strength and stomach and heart. They


go out and keep it close, the hallmark of a good team. There are


the team to watch, arguably, because of these close games. But they do


have a winning mentality. The scoreline is starting to show that


now. They have a chance but just need to find a way to close these


games out. They have players who can find the endzone. And that is what


you need. And Philip Rivers, they have a quarterback in him who can be


a very angry man, but at the same time a very talented man. Extremely


talented quarterback. He is a bit overly emotional. But a very


talented quarterback. Getting it done for San Diego. Let's talk about


Joey Bosa, a great game for the Chargers, he was the third pick


overall in the draft. Some contractual disputes earlier in the


season. He is now playing and in preseason you were with him. I spent


some time with him and I said about him that this will be an exceptional


football player. Excellent movement skills, all the things you would


want. Speed, technique and he listens. He is willing to sit down


and listen. Take some of the advice I gave him and he is using that out


on the field. The last thing he needed was a contractual dispute. It


may have been something to do with his agent, and he was kept out of


it. When you work with him, what are you doing? I show him hand movements


because a lot of guys coming out of college think they are just going to


be able to run around people. It does not work like that. I'm showing


him how to use his hands comic used technique and get around offensive


tackles. You see him doing it out there on the field. A big future. No


doubt. And the Falcons, where they affected by that defeat against


Seattle, there was still all the controversy over whether Julio Jones


had the pass interference. It was an emotional game and to lose like


that, when you think it is not your fault, it takes a bit out of you.


The mark of a good team, these close games. But I do not think that


carried over, good teams sometimes lose close games.


So lets now take a look at our first round-up of week


We start with Houston at Denver. The return of Gary Kubiak. Does want a


book energised the game. -- Booker energised the game. The Texans are


now four and three. Do not criticise Brock 's foreigner yet, we will do


that in at! The chance capitalised in four interceptions. Zigzagging


across in this play before going towards the endzone.


The Rams now three and four. A great game between the Redskins and the


Lions. This 18 yard touchdown pass. Then Minnesota against Philadelphia.


Sam Bradford returning to Philadelphia for the first time


since his trade to the Vikings. Did not have a great day. The first play


from Josh Huff, for Philadelphia, touchdown and the Eagles are back


track. And Minnesota lose their unbeaten record. So no team unbeaten


now. It is a tough league. It is hard to stay up. People know what


you do not do well and they attack it. Minnesota were not helped by Sam


Bradford returning to Philadelphia and the defense knowing how Bradford


works. There were not helped by the terrible offensive line. Still out


there on their last legs trying to play the left tackle. And they just


got abused. Bradford could have done nothing with that offensive line. I


agree it was not that good. But they know Sam Bradford, they practised


against day. That is what you think. That is what I think. As the


defensive lineman, a quarterback is going to be where he is. It does not


matter whether I know him or not, I know where the quarterback is going


to be. But you know his tendencies, where he is probably going to be.


All quarterbacks are right in the same spot. All you have to do is get


to them. As a defender we love the fact that we know what they're


thinking. For defensive line, and Minnesota got beaten by being


overpowered in the defensive line, that would not have made a


difference. Did Brock Osweiler make a difference, or is he struggling?


They really knew what they were dealing with with Brock Osweiler.


They knew everything he did. And the TB players, they know what he can do


well. He got hammered the moment he stepped on the field. By the Denver


fans as well as the players. Will it have affected him but a is a little


baby! But going back to your point, in that game, 100%. The DBAs are the


ones who know the quarterback's tendencies. NFC East, so brilliantly


competitive after it was for last season, you have played Dallas, you


have paid for the Giants, would you say there is hatred between all four


teams? You hate whoever you are playing


against in that division. It has so much history and it is so physical.


One of the other three as a Giant, you would dislike? Philadelphia fans


are the worst fans in history. We would be on the bus and they would


be throwing batteries, a little boy showed me a finger I did not want to


see and he was only five years old. There was a mess playing against


them but as far as rivalries, each game, Washington, Philadelphia,


Giants, all big rivalries. It is Philadelphia against Dallas this


weekend. Selected by Jason and


Osi as a Super Bowl contender, the Russell Wilson


led Seattle Seahawks They headed to Arizona who went


into the game off the back of a two In a tight defensive battle it was


close to half time before the scoring opened with a field goal for


Arizona. Seattle tied the game with less than five minutes to play when


this was converted and the game was destined for overtime. Both teams


needed to possess the football in the extra period and Arizona scored


with a field goal but Seattle tied the game with a 36 yard attempt. All


square, next Gore wins, Arizona have the ball. This is The Drive. Play


action. Deep downfield. Caught in the 50-yard line. He laid the first


catch of his career in regulation. 26 yard game. Michael Floyd, one in


the post route. Drew Richard Sherman out of that area. One of those


throws. Three yard game for David Johnson to the 45-yard line. You can


only imagine how exhausted the Seattle defense has to be. They have


been out there a lifetime in this game and have not folded yet. Earl


Thomas, Richard Sherman, some of these guys have a knack. Palmyra.


Great protection, fires. Incomplete, intended for Fitzgerald. Everyone


wants a flag. 3rd down. Two star is going at it right there. Little push


by Larry Fitzgerald. Five receivers, a bunch to the left three, a pair to


the right. Palmyra coming then. Caught in the 31-yard line. Off he


goes. Carson Palmer, they almost got to him. Nelson takes the ball. 40


yards. He is going to run the end cut. Richard Sherman loses his


footing and cannot come back to make the tackle. JJ Belson has made some


big plays in this game, stepping up, John Brown unable to go. The play


Clark was at one. One period of time to get down there -- clock. How long


did he talk with us about what has happened to his field goal teams?


All those sorts of things. Now you line up on a 1st goal. John. All


he has to do is hold onto the ball. He holds on all the way to get to


the end zone. He is out just before he gets to the goal-line. Not the


pylon off it's mirroring. Earl Thomas came out of nowhere to push


them out of bounds. That is interesting. They come right up to


the line. They give it to Johnson. And he cannot get in, Bobby Weitzner


stops at the half yard line. One more look. You cannot challenge --


Bobby Wagner. Offense, 5-yard penalty. He has a new snapper and a


new holder. Aaron Bure is snapping. These are different guys. There is


Bobby Wagner ride in the middle. He will be trying to jump over the top.


They need to make some contact with him. Hates the upright! It is no


good. How in the world? That is the reason. It has been a nightmare. It


has been a nightmare for this team. Here comes Bobby Wagner right over


the top and some pressure on the side, was that Richard Sherman


coming around the edge? He thinks he has won the game. Oh! Now the ball


is at the 20-yard line. I just got it. Christian Michael picks up one,


Arizona does not have a time-out. My understanding of the rule is if you


jump over and make contact, if you jump cleanly, you are fine, my


understanding is clearly wrong. He puts his arm up, makes contact, I do


not know. 2nd 9, catch made at the 26 hardline. Baldwin. Now you have a


3rd down, you can take it down to the two minute warning. Down the


line. If they stop him here, you will get the ball back. Interesting


play called here. Wilson. Sideline and that is caught. Covered by


Marcus Cooper. Third and fourth, gutsy call. They brought all the


pressure. This offensive line has been tough, perfectly picked up that


time. 31 yard gain. My call. He will get them close to field goal range.


147. Gained a six. 2nd down and four. And they give it to Collins.


It is a yard, maybe a yard and a half, right now you are looking


around a 55 yard field goal attempt. At the 36. The clock is running


down, one minute left in overtime. Wilson fires it to the outside.


Baldwin stays inbounds and Baldwin takes the ball inside the 10. Broke


away from Matthew. And now you have a 1st goal. How it figures to come


in at any moment. Opening-night disaster. Through the middle goes


Christian Michael. This would be about as bad a loss as a team could


suffer. If the team comes in to try and win the game, 28 yard attempt.


John Ryan to hold. He misses it. That is impossible. That is


impossible. There is something inside his brain about this


building. Oh my goodness graces. You know what, maybe this is justice for


all concerned. If a game deserves to wind up, Ryan pushes it down, he


closes it. We watch this. Every cake that he has made tonight, he has


gone up and fooled around with the turf and felt uncomfortable. I do


not know if he stuck his foot on the ground, he judged that a little bit.


Maybe the happiest guy in the building. Oh my goodness. What do


you tell him? He is a professional, this is not high school. You get


paid to make it. What an incredible game. They played to a 6-6 tie. I


wanted to check out Bobby Wagner. Look at this incredible athletic


play. I remember specifically been able to do things like this. Then I


woke up. Mark Chapman and Jason Bell will show was a recreation. Come


down here. Come and show us how this is done. I do not see why have to be


involved. You are the former players. You kind of looked like a


player. I will be the kicker. You want me to hold the ball. That is


very received the snap. U2 are going to play what part in this? You are


at the center. I am one of the big uglies. You will slap the ball to


Mark and I will have to anticipate the snap count because I have seen


it on film always. Clear him without touching and that is a penalty. You


will do the jump. Reemphasise, when you are doing that in the role of


Bobby Wagner, you are watching how he moves to anticipate that he is


about to stab the ball? All week we have seen something with the long


snapper that gives us this key. You're going to snap the ball to me.


He is going to jump over you. I am a little scared. You do not have a


helmet on. You take your position. Do not mess all this up. I cannot


promise that. I have a tight jacket on. I cannot promise anything. Can


you make sure I can catch this? He will snap it, you will watch him and


jump over him? Yes. I am so scared. This is so wrong. Oh! That is my


guy. He got it. I was not expecting you to actually divert me. Mark, I


do this for a living! On a serious point, I know you have not done that


for a while, but the jumping over, how much of the practising the jump


and getting all of that will they be working on during the week


Others-macro we left twice a week, but you better have that skill down


before you can do that. You have to get your guy who has a great


vertical leap and he is the guy who does it. What you were talking about


in that one play, apart from fear on my behalf, you are talking about the


physicality of the actual block and doing it. The finest margins of


anticipation and the preparation and the chess match that is a game of


NFL. That was something they must have worked on a whole bunch of


times, looking for little tics, I used to do that to anticipate the


snap count. Looking to see any detail that would give me that edge


and that is what the Seattle Seahawks had. We can look at it from


all sorts of different plays, does every team have different little


things that are unique to them on the snap count?


You have seen enough film at this stage in the season to know that it


is real. It is something that they had seen. We can breathe a sigh of


relief. Thanks very much. The insurance people are believed! --


relieved. A quick reminder that


you can get another dose of We will bring you highlights


of Thursday Night's Football and preview week


eight, which includes the Wembley game between


Washington and Cincinnati. Always keen to learn


new skills, Osi took a trip to West Ham to learn


the art of goalkeeping. How long would it take to teach me


how to be a good goalkeeper? Penalty shoot out now. I'm not scared.


Be careful. I could not even see it! Might level of respect for the


goalkeeper went up, that is ridiculous.


Buffalo have been on a roll since firing their offensive


Four straight wins has seen Rex Ryan's Bills cement second


They faced the Miami Dolphins who badly need


another win to keep in touch with their divisional rivals


after dispatching Super Bowl contenders Pittsburgh


Miami Dolphins, makers of a legend and perhaps bound by it. Undefeated


in 1972 season, they have not been back to Super Bowl since the 1984


season but they're now giving it a shot. Jay Ajayi, a 200 yard game


last week, he is on fire. The Buffalo Bills, they went to four


straight Super Bowl spot they had not been back since Super Bowl XX


eight. Speed option right. Into the


endzone, he fumbles but touchdown, Buffalo! You could see this coming


the entire way. Formation to the left, you knew it would be some kind


of quarterback run. That is why they have been so good in the red zone


the season, the threat that Taylor brings to this offense.


First inside the 30, now the 25. Sack Brown makes the tackle. You do


not see the debt on film but you can see that in person. Mike Pouncey


makes the key block. Jay Ajayi playing today with great vision.


Seven plays later and Andrew Franks kicked a 33 yard field goal to cut


the lead to four points for buffaloes heading into half-time.


This is the number one rush offense in the league against the number 31


rush defense in the league. It has been bizarre here this afternoon. He


walks into the endzone, touchdown, Buffalo! 67 yards.


Goodman so fast on the outside. The eight run of the drive, Jay Ajayi to


the endzone. Touchdown, Dolphins! It is a four yard run for Jay Ajayi.


His fifth touchdown of the year. 2nd down, he will take it again. He


stumbles into the open field. One man to beat and he is inside Buffalo


territory. Ronald Darby makes the tackle. Jay Ajayi makes two


defenders miss. Then he breaks it open. What a huge played by Jay


Ajayi in the offensive line. The 28-yard line. Jay Ajayi Bacchin.


Over 200 yards again. -- back in. Inside the 15. Cory Grasse takes him


down. They give it up to Williams. Trying to carry it into the endzone.


Touchdown, Dolphins! Taylor today is the leading rusher for the Bills.


Goodwin, can he complete? Broken up. It will be forced down. Officially


3rd down and six. Jay Ajayi in the battlefield, to receivers to the


left. -- in the backfield. Into the open field! Touchdown, Dolphins!


66 yard smile for Ryan. A good effort from Jay Ajayi, picking up


the blitz. He steps up. Good block, and it is all about the adjustment.


Fighting for the ball. Then running for a touchdown. Border Force


quarter for the Miami Dolphins. 12 penalties for the Dolphins including


three in this drive. -- what a fourth quarter.


Bush loses the football. Touchdown, Buffalo. Bush lost the football,


take a look. A good effort from him. He goes down as the ball comes


across. That might be a matter of


millimetres whether that is a touchdown or not. It will be


interesting, it looks like millimetres. Is there enough to


overturn this call? The ruling stands, touchdown.


It stands, it is not confirmed. Not enough evidence to overturn it. Now


the 2-point conversion. 14 seconds to play.


Play in motion. Taylor looking for Bush. It is the three points game.


14 seconds to play. Buffalo still have a chance to tie the game.


Handled easily by the Miami Dolphins and Jarvis Landry. The Bills have no


time-outs so Dolphins can just take it easy. Dolphins walk away with the


28 - 25 victory over the Buffalo Bills. Jay Ajayi with back-to-back


200 yard game. He is the fourth player in NFL history to accomplish


that feat. Joining OJ Simpson and Ricky Williams.


And joining us now from Miami is the NFL current leading running back and


fellow Brit Jay Ajayi. Thank you for talking to us. It has been a special


couple of weeks for you. It has been going pretty good these past couple


of weeks. I cannot complain. What do you think has changed the last


couple of weeks, two may be the start of the season, what has


changed to you? Personally I think I feel very confident down the field


and it has been great as well having the line all together back starting


up there. Those guys have been doing a great job of being physical


upfront. The receivers have been doing a great job outside, blocking,


it is just then been about running hard and running downhill and making


people miss and trying to get the endzone. How much from a British


perspective, have you paid attention to NFL records, you have become only


the fourth running back to go over 200 yards in back-to-back games


alongside Ricky Williams and Earl Campbell and OJ Simpson. How much do


you pay attention to those records? I think it is the crazy thing to


have and to do, to be mentioned alongside those guys who are Hall of


Fame players. Some of the great players and the running back


position. To be able to be around those names, it is humbling and I


just want to keep working and keep building on the performances like


that. And just continue to see where my career can go. You carry the ball


a lot for your team. What have you done to get you ready for that


workload? I work hard and offseason I wanted to prepare myself for this


opportunity. We knew the position would be open. So I just trained


really hard. I did a lot of stuff conditioning, just try to make sure


my mind was right and that I would be able to take on this role and be


ready when the opportunity itself. Now I'm just taking it week by week


and just trying to build of each performance. What is it like being a


Brit in an American sport? It is cool, man. I definitely feel like I


am unique and my background story is very unique and interesting. I just


want to keep the burden of this story, it is crazy to believe I'm


here right now at this point and I just want to keep building permit. I


enjoy seeing all the support from the UK fans and all my family back


over there. It is great getting texts from those guys. I just want


to keep it up. We help you keep it up as well and keep flying the flag


for the UK. Congratulations on the past couple of weeks and hopefully


we will talk again before the end of the season. Thank you for having me.


Time for a final round up now think seven.


Still no Ben Roethlisberger for the Pittsburgh Steelers and New England


Patriots were just too much for them. Tom Brady completing 19 of 26


passes, 222 yards including one to rob. The Patriots now six and one,


two games clear in the AFC East. The new York Jets 124-16 against


Baltimore but lost their quarterback Geno Smith with an injured right


knee after taking that sack. Ryan Fitzpatrick, not very happy, he will


face and lead New York Jets to their win. 24 16. Oakland beat troubled


Jacksonville 33-16. Murray scoring twice on his return from injury.


Giving Jack Del Rio victory against his former team. This is one of the


plays of the whole weekend, as Marquette King scrambled for a 1st


down from about that. Oakland are now four and oh on the road. And


Kansas City still very much in it in the AFC West. A fascinating


division. They beat New Orleans 27-21. Spencer Ware running for 77


yards to go with his 46 yard touchdown reception. Alex Smith


throwing two touchdown passes as well. In what was another efficient


outing for him. Daniel Sorensen returning that 48 yard interception


for another touchdown. Looking at the standings now at the


end of weeks seven. Let's talk about the New York Jets


and Ryan Fitzpatrick. Geno Smith getting injured. Ryan Fitzpatrick


did well, he had a difficult season. This was his post-match interview


afterwards. He has a go at everyone! It is just tough. The biggest thing


in this game in order to last is to have belief in yourself. When the


owner stops believing in you and GM and coaches stop believing in you,


sometimes all you have yourself. That is something I had to deal with


before and I am dealing with it now. I just do my best to prepare and be


the best quarterback I can be. People give up on you and that stuff


is not necessary the easiest in the world. Something you try to deal


with as mature as you can. And move on.


I realise it may have been a difficult start for him. Can you go


and do that as a team leader? Absolutely not. Even if that is


true, you do not say that to the media. You buy the guy in the locker


room, the quarterback, you do not do that. It is ridiculous. I always


liked him as an individual but he is acting like they did not have a good


reason to put him on the bench. He was a turnover machine. He performed


badly and they put him on the bench and now he is semi-do not believe in


him! Their coach said he does not mind


him saying it, as long as he cuts out all the turnovers he has caused


so far. Nobody cares as long as you produce. If you're not out there,


you do not complain. You go out and get it done. Do you think he will be


leaving that franchise? For sure. Let us look at the hot pics. Other


member of the team suggested we needed new photographs. These are


staying for the whole of the season. This is what they had as their heart


five before this week and now after this week, it has changed, not very


much. I think Jason has switched Dallas and Seattle but everything


else is the same. You are convinced that the Patriots are ahead of


everyone. Nobody is close. Who is close? Minnesota! Come on! Did you


see their performance? When did you see them perform like that?


Minnesota with the defense, they can figure it out then they will get it


done. When it happens, it happens? You must be convinced by the


Patriots? I am, but I am saying the Vikings can beat that team. Hold on!


The Vikings can beat who? I think so. Why do you think that? I think


that you have got to win three of the phases. And I do not think that


New England's special teams are good enough to be that impactful during


the game. If you look at the statistics? They have had three


different quarterbacks. You know how he beat them, pressure from the de


line up the middle. That is what Minnesota doors. New England


Patriots will win the Super Bowl this year. You are same out right


now? Calling it right now. The other thing with them and I am not on his


side, is that they have not conceded more than 20 points to any team this


season. I did not say it would be a high-scoring game, I am saying I


think they can win this game. Let us look at some of the social media. I


like the tweet about Aaron Rodgers suggesting that he is wearing the


same cardigan that we saw in the big Lebowski. I like that cardigan!


Aside from Aaron Rodgers wearing that, there is plenty of other


football stars, Harry Kane was there and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain was


there, Calum Chambers is in there as well and may more will be there this


week. One last reminder... One last reminder the NFL Show


this Friday - join us Coverage of San Diego


Chargers at Denver Broncos is on Radio 5 Live Sports Extra


on Sunday from 7.30. So week seven is done


and our final undefeated team has Those undefeated 1972


Miami Dolphins will be popping the champagne


once again knowing their perfect record is safe for


another season. Another season will pass. Oh that is


as the Miami Dolphins, 17 and oh. In 1972, the undefeated season, the


Minnesota Vikings beat at last, now five and one. The only old left in


the belongs to the Cleveland Browns. Jay Ajayi, the New England Patriots


reinflate it by the return of Tom Brady, a little history at the home


of sport. History back then, history who knows in the making now? Only in


the NFL.


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