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Beautifully designed play as Prescott rolls into the end zone.


On the next Dallas possession, Dan Bailey kicked a goal to extend their


lead early in the second quarter. Walking into the end zone is


Matthews for the touchdown. Second and gold. Intercepted at the goal


line! They bring the ball out to the 20-yard line. Aid plays later


Sturgess equalled his career-best distance to be a 3-point lead going


into half-time. Lee on 3rd 4 and that is touchdown, Jordan Matthews.


Stalled in the been field goal late in in the third quarter. On the next


drive, Sturgess and field goal of the day to extend Philadelphia's


lead to ten points. The Dallas Cowboys with the recovery. The


rookie out of West Virginia was the ball-carrier. Smallwood is put into


the game and what do you know? Bailey kicked his third field goal


of the day from 39 yards and that made it a 7-point game.


That is the thing they wanted to happen. Lee is there. That was big.


It brings in the punter instead of the field goalkicker. And I am on


the 27-yard line. To the Right he goes and reaching and making the


catch is Beazley. Big-time play. Tony Romo is looking on from the


sidelines. Prescott feels the pressure. He has room to run and


picks up the 1st down. Pressure from his back side, so he took off.


Making the catch is Dez Bryant for the touchdown! Dak Prescott this


time is going to throw it and that was an unbelievable catch. If you


have been with as three straight weeks, you know all the rules. It


can end in a tie. No challenges, everything is reviewed upstairs.


Beazley through the 38-yard line. Another Dallas 1st down. For the


moment they are going to leave the fence --.


Prescott was over the middle. Jones will have four years taken of his


life! Wide open! Jason on to win of Jason


Wilson wins the game. Not great how me. I've be better and more


consistent. In the early 90s the Dallas Cowboys were led by an


explosive group of players and the triplets. But the law of nature says


the new shall always replace the old and the Dallas Cowboys now have a


new set of triplets, Dak Prescott, Dez Bryant and Ezekiel Elliott.


First of all, Dak Prescott is a rookie quarterback and he is playing


wise beyond his years. What he is going to do here is he is going to


look to the left. Why? He wants to freeze the safety. The safety reads


the quarterback's eyes and he wants to keep the safety in place. That is


exactly what he does. You find Dez Bryant wide open. He is showing


maturity for his years. The play will break down and the pocket will


collapse and he will try and run the football. He now scrambles. Look at


him keep his eyes down the field and find Jason Witten. That is an


incredible play by a young, rookie quarterback. Now we are going to get


to the man himself, Dez Bryant. You can see him at the top of your


screen. The Philadelphia Eagles are going to be man-to-man coverage.


They said to themselves, today we want to get beaten! Dez Bryant will


run a simple run straight down the field. Look at the impressive catch


this man makes. Look at him adjust his body to the football. It is a


difficult thing to do. He makes the play for his team, a great player.


And last but not least, Ezekiel Elliott. Watch him running back for


his team. You will see the ball handed off to him. He will keep


running. Showing an incredible amount of athleticism. Watch him


run, watch him how hard he runs, watch how he runs through the


defenders. Look how hard he is working for his team. He is working


harder than that man in the gymnasium whose girlfriend has just


left him. I am going to show her! The new triplets getting it up for


the Dallas Cowboys, man. For all the praise, and we have praised Dak


Prescott on the show and we have had a debate about whether it should be


Tony Romo, the Dallas media have had a real go at him over the one


interception. Why? It is because he finally do something at them. And. I


think the same thing. He has not made any mistakes rookie would make


up until that particular point. It was really embarrassing. Maybe Tony


Romo has friends in the Dallas media. He is the darling of Dallas.


Yes, he is, and if he did come back, he would have to play really well.


Is he ready to do that? I am not sure. I am worried whether Dak


Prescott is going to hold up. Is he conditioned enough? Why is it late


in the season when we are only halfway through for a young, rookie


player? The college season is over by early December. He will have


played his last college game. He has never played this much football and


this long in his career. That is a valid point. You are agreeing with


each other! People in general at this point in time, people come in


and out of college and they are done by this time. It is difficult for


rookies to get over that. The head coach at Dallas has got an


interesting man management situation. Not necessarily on form,


but managing the lethargy that might come from Elliott or Prescott as


He can see if his sky has fallen off and does there need to be a change.


We look at the first round of week eight. An ugly Monday night


performance in Denver, a touchdown to help the Houston Texans remain at


home. They have lost all of their road games but have won all five at


home that was the end of Detroit's winning streak. Ryan Fitzpatrick


backed up his words. And a touchdown. Your laughter would


suggest you don't think he has backed up his words? Not at all. It


is the Cleveland Browns. Cleveland are getting a lot of stick today.


Kansas City beat Indianapolis 30-14. They have lost Alex Smith twice


after hits to the head and they also finished the game with West being


the only health the running back. Oakland beat Tampa Bay 30-24. A


franchise record 513 yards completed 30 of 59 passes without an


interception and this was the winning touchdown in overtime. They


have won all five games on the road the Raiders on they are six and two.


San Diego beat Denver. This 49 yard interception return, the running


backs took over with scores from three and one yard. Denver remain


tied with the Raiders six and two at the top of the AFC West and next


week Denver and the Raiders meet in Oakland which will be a fantastic


game and with one eye on the game, let's talk. Derek our second round


pick. He is leading them towards what you think may be some glory?


They have been looking for him. A guy with a big arm, throwing the


ball down the field and he is a leader. He works the field and gets


the ball to all of this target and has some of the best receivers in


the league right now. Am I getting ahead saying he could leave them to


glory? Lots of Raiders fans watch the show and the mind the fact we do


not focus on them enough. Am I going overboard or not? You are not going


overboard. This is the best young quarterback in football right now,


he is dropping Dines, throwing the ball with complete accuracy,


velocity and everything you want in a long call quarterback. That man is


Derek Carr. The hard-core NFL fans and when you look at the passing


stats, the leading quarterbacks on the graphic we show you, Carr is


over 500 as I say, put that in perspective of how rare that is.


That's never happened to me, I've never seen that in all of my playing


career and that is because if a guy is doing that well against you, you


play defence to prevent it. Let's slow this down but he kept going. He


was on fire. He was on fire in that game. I wanted to show the San Diego


one-handed catch from Benjamin which is a great catch in itself but


because of the nature of the AFC West, other charges out of its


because of the strength of the Broncos and the Raiders and the


Chiefs. The other teams ahead of them are five and two and six and


two, it'll be almost impossible. They cannot win the division and to


get in the play-offs that he win out the rest of the games, I do not see


how San Diego can make it. With praise them last week talking about


Philip Rivers and you probably felt they had to win in mile high if they


were going to take the momentum forward? They would have to outscore


teens because defensively they are not too great so it was all in the


hands of Philip Rivers. Would you put money on one of those teams in


AFC West winning or would you like to hold? I will always go with the


Denver Broncos because of the defence and defensively they will


compete and later in the year, when the play-offs are about to begin,


later in the year you will have to bring your defence and they have the


strongest out of all of those teams. Remember I said we have lots of


Raiders fans who watched the show, who do you think will win? I'm going


with the Raiders. I'm going with the Raiders. They are better than the


Denver Broncos. I don't like the way Trevor Siemian is playing right now.


They are going to be in the play-offs ahead of the Denver


Broncos. Why are you stuttering? We will see.


If you've been looking for touchdowns this season,


Led by Matt Ryan at quarterback they have been tearing the NFL


apart, scoring more touchdowns than any other team.


Two successive nail-biting losses though give hope to their opponents


the Green Bay Packers, for whom it's been a stuttering


There are many ways to weave a tale in NFL. The Green Bay Packers way


owned by their fans, winners of the first two super Bowls. The Packers


are an institution in the NFL, Aaron Reynolds is an institution in his


own right but him and the Packers need to win now to keep up the


pressure is on the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC North. The Atlanta


Falcons need a win after two defeats. The Falcons out to reassert


control of the NFC South. Adams in the backfield. Rogers


looked at him initially. That is a touchdown for Judy Nelson. For an


offence. Without Lacey, without Jericho, that is a pretty impressive


beginning. Looking down the field to the enzyme. And it is a touchdown.


Taylor Gabriel. 47 yards, how about that. The coverage really wasn't too


bad. You see the throne here from Matt Ryan and he has two split the


two defenders. He makes a perfect throw beating the ball.


Third goal. Throws to the enzyme and that is a touchdown. Geronimo Rulli


Saint just brought out after a great pre-season. They activate him this


week. Geronimo Rulli indeed. Matt Bryant has a 40 yard field goal on


the possession cutting the lead to a point for Green Beret. -- Green Bay.


Rogers asking Davis to come back and get it and that is a touchdown. What


a throw by Rogers on the run. He ready has had his first catch, Davis


started with the big punt return and he ends it with his first career


touchdown. This is what we got used to seeing from Aaron Rogers, the


ball is perfectly placed. We see that over and over, it is signature


move. Buys him some time and throws a dart for the touchdown. He does an


outstanding job. He learnt a lot from his father who was a great


offensive mind, they run the ball well but that was just the seventh


rushing play for the Falcons. Looking for daylight, finds the


enzyme. -- and design. A beautifully designed play. Getting it into the


hands of the playmaker Freeman. Rogers led the Packers down the


field where they added a 29 yard field goal to make it 24-19.


Third down. I would have complexion on second down but from here what


happened on the first two plays, I would throwing but I like the second


down player action. Finds the end zone with Freeman.


A big third down in the ball game here. To see whether or not, if the


Packers don't make the field goal than what then. What would the


Falcons do to regain the lead. They touchdown here by the Packers. 13th


play of the drive, eight minutes. They are closing in on four to go


with third and fourth. Flag down, touchdown catch. Caught


by Janice. We wait on the penalty, it comes in secondary. Holding,


number 37 defence. But penalties the client, the result of the players a


touchdown. The Packers going for two here. Aaron Rogers, four touchdown


passes today. And he is going to run this in an convert the two points.


So many this season have asked about Rogers, is he the same guy, is the


Packers offence the same group, they have to feel really good. Matt Ryan,


24 coming from behind. He has 32 game-winning drives in the fourth


quarter of overtime, including post season. Does he have another one?


First down. A gain of eight. Sanu is the go to die. Out of


bounds. Burden one coming up. Matt Ryan has not throne to many


incomplete passes. They have not been able to get the ball to Julio


Jones. Snap of the ball. Sanu with a touchdown. He runs second to Julio


Jones, but he was the man on this drive. Sanu, he calms at Jake Ryan


and he has been running those crossing routs, though shallow routs


and Jake Ryan can't ease up like he is going to run a drag and Jake Ryan


gets caught on his heels and makes for an easy throw for Matt Ryan.


Fourth down. Three to go. One time-outs left. Down by one. And


that's it. The young defence we have spoken


about, Dan Quinn is slowly moulding into what he wants and a fast


flowing aggressive group, they do their job against one of the best.


The big win for the Atlanta Falcons. You don't just win it on Sunday at


730, you when it's Wednesday, Thursday and Friday by the way that


you prepare. And I thought our preparation was excellent all week.


Especially Mohammed. He did a great job this week, I was proud of him.


In the contest, what has happened to Atlanta, to close defeats going in


the game and that is a huge win? A big win. When they lost those games,


a big team even if they lose will lose by small margin. I knew they


would bounce back and I'm happy with the way they played against the


Green Bay Packers. Even though four minutes can be a long time, it can


also be a short time so go both behind it increases the pressure. I


really like the way that Kyle Shanahan is calling plays for his


quarterback. I feel like they are on the same page. You like Julio Jones,


Ryan praised Sanu, you are ignoring all of them and the two once you


focus he gets to the end zone. What makes him so good is you can give


him the ball and space and he can get to the enzyme. When you have a


runner he has the scope points and he's good at scoring there. I was


there when he was drafted. When he stepped on a football field it


looked like he was shot out of a cannon, he is so fast and explosive,


he is a really good football player for the Atlanta Falcons and the two


guys like that so hard because you cannot see them behind the blockers.


They just pop out like you said. Has he got better each season that he


seen him? He's definitely gotten better. The intricate parts of


trouble picking up blocks, running the football. Both receiving,


picking up the blitzes, that is what you see him get better at and he is


one of the best running backs in football right now. A quick reminder


you can get a dose of NFL on the show this Friday, breathing you


highlights of Thursday night football and week nine.


We will bring you highlights of Thursday night's Football


This week Osi went up to Stoke to meet some of the locals.


what have you got? You have got two super Bowls. What is the difference


between playing here and over there in America? The technical ability.


That is on this Friday at BBC One at five minutes to midnight. Were you


running through treacle? No, he is fast enough.


Cincinnati hosted Washington at Wembley for the latest installment


With divisional rivals Pittsburgh on a bye week,


Cincinnati had to close the gap in the AFC North, a division


that is there for the taking should anyone want it.


Last in the sell-out series in London, the third of three in the


NFL season. The Washington Redskins and the Cincinnati Bengals. The


Redskins had a stopper, Josh Norman who left the Carolina Panthers.


Norman is tormentor in Chief. The 15th play for the Redskins on


seconds down. And it is a Redskins touchdown! Seven minutes in 22


seconds and the opening drive, you cannot do that any better. Across


midfield and finally forced out of bounds. The seconds down in five and


this is Bernard Lagat touchdown! They get out and they lead these


running backs. He gets a fistful of facemask. Dustin Hopkins would hit a


goal to give them a lead, but the Bengals Mike Nugent would miss one


going into half-time. And it is touchdown! It is 13-10 in the


Bengals' favour. We could have a ten point spread after a complete


domination by the Redskins in the first-half. But it is dangerous when


you allow a team to hang around and do not punch it in. The Bengals are


looking to capitalise. And it is a Bengals' score.


And diving into the end is Jordan Reid for a Redskins touchdown. No AJ


Green on the field. Will Compton with the interception. The first


Cincinnati turnover. Compton with his second career pick. Cousins with


time and he fires. And it is Jamison Crowder. 33 yards from Kirk cousins


to Jamison Crowder. The Redskins go back on top. He is a threat in the


middle of the field. And AJ Green makes a spectacular catch. Look at


the concentration, the eyes of AJ Green brings it in. It is as good as


it gets from Josh Norman. But that is how good AJ Green is. 1st down


and walking it in is Jeromy Hell for a Bengals' touchdown. Looking for a


field goal. Needs about six, seven yards. And the catch is made by


Jamison Crowder. He made the catch and stayed inbounds. He takes it all


the way to the 22. Here comes dust and Hopkins -- Dustin Hopkins.


And that is good and we are tied at 27. The second Redskins possession


and this is Kelly and he stays on his feet inside the 15. Down at the


13-yard line. Dustin Hopkins to attempt the potential game-winning


field goal from 34 yards out. The first ever overtime game in London.


And a time-out is taken by the Bengals. The official had that one


time-out left in his pocket. From 34 and it is no goal. Wide to the left.


Wow. It is happening over stateside and it is happening in London.


The Redskins say they have it. The officials are trying to get to the


bottom of the pile. It is Redskins' football. Wow. Someone came in at


the end of that and put their helmet right on the football. Will Compton


puts his face right on the ball. The final play for a defensive penalty.


The clock hits zero. That will do it. I do not know what


to say, should I be upset or happy? But I am happy about the way we


competed and fought. It was a dogfight. It is a heck of a football


team over there, Cincinnati. It was a grinder. But we fought and made


some good players and made some barn blaze and made things happen, but we


could not get it done at the end. We do not get a win, but we do not get


lost either. We just handled our business. Let's talk kicking. It


seems to be a big thing this season. Percival the tactics of the Bengals'


Hopkins. This would happen a lot in this situation? You always want to


get him to kick the ball, make him come back and think about it. Was I


to fire left or right? You are trying to get him nervous, it is


your last shot. The call-out came so they had to take the cake again and


it worked. I have seen it work backwards. I have seen the kicker


missed the kick and because there is a time out then he kicks it again


and splits it right through the upright. There were three kicks that


were missed before they even got to overtime. Last week we saw Arizona


and Seattle. People say they get paid to make them. But you think why


they might be missed. I had to make a couple of calls. Research. You


have got no friends. You are putting a lot of pressure on them. They are


putting pressure on the middle and they are doing four steps and


getting their hands up and getting into the kicking line. I do not buy


that. If you look at a kicker, the whole time he is running up to the


ball he has his head down, so he is not seeing the guys with their hands


up at the last minute, he is looking at the football the whole time. That


excuse that they are being distracted I do not think is


accurate. They are looking down, but they have got so much time and they


watch the films all week and they see the pressure and they think, I


might have to adjust it this way or that way. From the defense point of


view, when you put your special team out there, you can pick your tallest


players from office and defense to be in that line behind that line to


try and distract the kicker? You are picking your tall guys, the guys


with great verticals. When I was in college there was a guy who was 68


or six foot nine and that was it only job, putting his hands up. You


never saw him do anything else. But could they be talent scouting people


who do not make it in basketball at that height and make it here? You


see that in the game, you might be a scout. As far as Dustin Hopkins


himself is concerned, you was asked for his thoughts after the game on


the turf at Wembley by a German TV crew. This is what happened.


What went wrong with the kick? I am disgusted that happened with my


guys. No, no! I don't do interviews? I am no oil painting, but that is my


German equivalent. It is like Wayne's world. I cannot believe they


found that. You know the Washington press guy who tried to stop that.


That is my guide Tony Wiley, he was with me in Houston. He is not


messing around. He scared the kicker. He was trying to get it off


his chest. Let's take a look at our final round-up from week eight and


we start with Minnesota and Chicago. There was a big shock. Bradford was


sacked five times and the Vikings have now gone to five and two, their


second straight loss. It was a career high of 153 yards. That is


the team that will beat the Patriots, right? We welcome onto


that. Speaking of the Patriots, quarterback Tom Brady, 315 yards.


Four touchdowns as well. They are seven and one. They have 14 straight


since Tom Brady return. We will come to your index in a moment. Seattle


lost to New Orleans. Seattle will be disappointed, Jason. Yes, they will.


He had a great game. Defeat for Seattle in New Orleans. Arizona and


Carolina met last season's NFL champions. Both have struggled this


season. Carolina ran out the winners, but is it too little, too


late? Everyone else in their division one, except for Tampa Bay.


They have got some ground to make up.


AFC NORTH - Everyone but Cleveland is fighting it out.


Stop laughing at Cleveland, there will be Cleveland fans watching us.


AFC SOUTH - Houston is in a weak division.


AFC WEST - Oakland has not made the playoffs since 2002,


NFC NORTH - Minnesota have lost two now.


Green Bay and Detroit are closing in.


Carolina win but still rooted to the bottom.


NFC WEST - Seattle lead the way despite loss.


Only takes a few wins or losses and things can change


Week to week. That is the NFL, you have two win and half to win now.


Ben Mee talk about Jamie Collins. He left New England home has been


traded to Cleveland. He has gone from a team who are... The whole


NFL. From a player 's perspective, how hard is that? I couldn't imagine


it. It has to be so difficult to go from the cream of the NFL to the


Cleveland Browns. That has to be devastating. And yet if you read


some reports, it is because he wanted more money out of the


Patriots and the Patriots were not prepared to pay for that so if you


were in his situation, which have accepted the lesser deal if that is


what it came down to. ? He didn't have the chance. They traded him. If


it's got to that point, this is his big free-agent signing, he has to go


for the money. Even if it means the weakest team he goes to? He is a


free-agent doesn't get a choice. The NFL you have a short shelf life is


what they say, you have to maximise earning potential from the time you


get into the tiny get out. He has to make as much money as possible. New


England Patriots are not making it so he goes where the money is.


Talking of a short shelf life, injury can wreck someone's career.


Kam Newton was on the end of some physical tackles when they played


Arizona over the weekend. After the game in his post-match press


conference he was not happy. At times they little say. And enough is


enough. I plan on talking to the commissioner about this bird it is


not fun and I don't know what I have to do. I showed a lot of frustration


today and I apologise to the referee Bert I don't think a person can go


through what I've go through and keep their head. What was the


breaking point today? The ACL is the breaking point. It wasn't a great


tackle by Campbell? It was low. He could have really gotten hurt. That


is valid. Let me say this, I have to be honest. He is right in saying


that tackle was dirty. Four days in my life I remember being happy, when


my son was born, when I got married, when I won the Super Bowl and when I


heard can Newton say he doesn't feel safe. As a defence player we


literally want to separate your head from your shoulders, marry


Antoinette style, we once you out the picture, you're going to go


crying to your daddy about how you don't feel safe. I don't care. He is


doing this, he's doing there's... He can dab and celebrate and that is


all entertainment but he should be in the position where he could have


his career ended by that kind of tackle, joking aside? Nobody should


be in that position but limiter you something about Cam Newton. He has


the most passing in any quarterback in the league so he has been


protected, on that play the referees did not see it and it happens in the


NFL. It happens to everybody, not just him, you take the good with the


bad. That was more of a mistake by the officials and not them


deliberately being more lenient with the defence against Cam? This


situation is very hard, he is a runner so he is in the running game.


He is getting hit a lot so he is not just a pure pocket passer like some


other guys. He is putting himself in those positions. Let's look at the


indexes to see the photos more than anything else and they have gone for


the top five teams. This is what they did at the end of last week.


Minnesota top for Jason had New England top four Osi. Then this


happened. Minnesota has been chopped down by Jason had you both brought


Atlanta in. I like Atlanta. Their offence is amazing. I think they can


be really strong. Have you really ditched Minnesota from the whole


five? Their offence of line is entirely too weak. You cannot play


football with a weak offensive line. That will cost them. They responded


to the challenge. I think they will respond. He told me earlier you


heard someone say that the courts often they didn't respond. At what


point will they respond. Now, they have two. This is all I've got. The


page it's ahead of everybody else. -- the Patriots.


One last reminder, the NFL Show this Friday -


As we near the halfway point, it's all about momentum now as teams


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