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COMMENTATOR: It will be time for these two teams to settle into the


limelight. One-man wrecking crew. How did he do


that? An unstoppable. STUDIO: Hello and welcome to NFL this week.


Despite having a combined 18 years NFL experience and a few Super Bowl


rings, both Osi Umenyiora and Jason are none the wiser as to who will


make the playoffs. You could argue that views around here been


questionable at times but I will cut you some slack. The NFL season has


been a wild one so far. Week 13 of 17, the battle for the playoffs is


well and truly up and running. Joining me after the jaunt to


Minnesota, the knowledgeable ones, Osi Umenyiora and Jason Bell. Do you


like that? I like that. Kansas City Chiefs have divided opinion, last


week, we lavished praise on their victory over the Denver Broncos but


the big games are coming thick and fast for Kansas City. They had a


week 13 trip to Atlanta, leaders of the NFC South. Matt Ryan leading a


red-hot Atlanta offense that is leading the NFL. The Atlanta


Falcons, top of the NFC South, playing at home and with one of the


most potent offenses in the NFL. But beware. How about those Chiefs? In


the AFC West, there are teams that travel well. Among them, the Kansas


City Chiefs. Comfortable on the road and most adept at taking the ball


off their opponents. COMMENTATOR: 1st goal. Freeman,


the deep back. Freeman, touchdown. 1st goal.


To the five, end zone, touchdown. The first touchdown on an opening


drive this season for the Kansas City Chiefs. STUDIO: On the next


possession, Matt Bryant kicked field goal to extend Atlanta's lead to


four points. COMMENTATOR: Kendrick West comes into the backfield for


the first time for Kansas City today. Smith escapes the pressure, a


penalty marker is thrown. The ball is loose. The pile-up is at the


44-yard line, Atlanta think they have it, Vic Beasley at administered


the hit to Alex Smith. Atlanta football, let's check the penalty.


Gray holding, that penalty is declined. 1st down. Smith was


fortunate to get away from the pass rush the first time, able to escape


and lucky he is not hurt as Beasley tackles from behind. Judy macro Matt


Bryant kicked his second field goal giving Atlanta a 7-point lead in the


third quarter. COMMENTATOR: Kansas City will go with three type tends


again, Spencer where in the backfield. They need a yard for a


1st down. It is complete, touchdown. His second of the game. Matt Ryan,


we will see what he can do with 48 seconds on the clock and two


time-outs. He has Freeman in the backfield. Ryan, throwing,


intercepted in the middle of the field by Eric Berry. 20, ten, five,


touchdown Kansas City. That is how Kansas City has played the entire


season, very opportunistic defense, leading the league in takeaway is.


They baited Matt Ryan into thinking there was an opening. They played a


robber in the middle of the field with no assignment. Their sixth


return touchdown this season. Eric Berry takes the football right over


to his mum. Special moment, he is from Georgia, playing in front of


family and friends. STUDIO: Atlanta soon bounced back with another field


goal, cutting the lead to macro four points. COMMENTATOR: The fake, right


up the middle, Wilson, to the ten, five, touchdown. What a gutsy call


by Andy Reid and the special teams coordinator. They lined up to go for


it on 4th down in the own territory to start the second half. Wilson


takes it right up the middle, he was the protector, a direct snap to him.


55 yards. Gutsy call to start the second half. Freeman in the


backfield on 1st goal, Freeman with the football, end zone,


touchdown. Bird and to, Smith pulls it down and


throws down the sideline and he was wide open but he missed him. Spencer


where had nothing but green in front of him and he missed him. Just under


seven minutes to play in the fourth. 113 receiving yards, everyone else


for Atlanta, 88. He is back on the field on 3rd 1. Ryan fakes the


pitch in a wide-open over the middle, inside the 20 and a 1st


down. 2nd goal. Ryan over the middle, wide-open,


touchdown, Robinson. That looked like a miss in the


Kansas City secondary. Eric Berry was not happy, a miscommunication


with the coverage, he was the safety over the top. He thought he had


inside help, Marcus Peters was underneath on the slot coverage and


he thought Peters would come back into the middle zone and Eric Berry


had no help inside. They will go for two, searching for the 3-point lead.


Ryan, throwing, intercepted, picked off and it is very, Eric Berry going


the other way and nobody is going to catch him. Two on the board for the


Kansas City Chiefs. What a change for the Atlanta Falcons, they take


the lead and decide to go for two to make it a 3-point game, Eric Berry


with a 37 yard interception for a touchdown earlier now brings this


back for two. And the Chiefs, instead of being down, lead by one.


What they game between those guys. The Chiefs have won six consecutive


December games. STUDIO: Not only was it a great game but it provided one


of the stories of the season, a sport story of the season. That


regards Eric Berry. He was back in Atlanta, his hometown for the first


time since he had chemotherapy treatment for cancer. This is what


he said after the game. I shed a few tears before the game and I shed a


few during the game and after. I think I held it together pretty good


but there are a lot of emotions, I tried to contain them. The last time


I came home during the season was to get chemotherapy. This time it was


to play the game so I was thankful for the opportunity. I take pride in


a lot of things that people take for granted, when opportunities way, I


cherish them and try to make the most of them. I made my mind up


before the game that I would get the ball and I did. It won't matter to


the things she has given me, and my dad as well. So many nights I was


crying on their shoulder and trying to make sense of everything going


on. They kept telling me to keep pressing and that I would be back.


That I would be able to play the game I wanted to. For it to happen,


both of them supported me through the process, I can't thank them


enough. I can't do anything to show my thanks so I keep pushing and keep


trying. If you are an ardent Atlanta fan, even your heart will melt at


that. For him to overcome that, I have been through that with my


sister though I know what it is like for someone to have that kind of


treatment. The fact he was able to train and get ready for the next


season was amazing. And in the town he was from. I don't know what to


say about that. That is extremely emotional. To see a guy perform at


that level after what he has been through is inspirational. If we go


back to week ten when they played Carolina, he did something similar.


Therefore we get onto this game where they beat Atlanta but he has


history as they say. What is amazing about, a great center fielder,


anything in the center of the field, he has got. It is his ability to


read the quarterback in the defense and play to his strengths. I love


that shot from his perspective and the strength required. That is a


great pick. That is a great pick. That is what makes him dynamic, when


he gets the ball in his hand, he can score. That makes such a threat.


You're going to take me through what is so good about him in this. He is


there and the intended target of the pass is there, slightly covered.


What are we looking at from Eric Berry's position? Geller macro from


films, he knows they are probably going to work this side in the


middle, you have a tight end outside and the receiver coming in. He is


almost eliminating threats. He can move over and realise he will work


this side of the field. So it is more about space than a specific


man. You have both said that from watching tape, he will know the


distance that Mathew Ryan will throw the ball, the exact spot.


He made an incredible play. He is standing flat-footed, he knows where


it is going. He jumps up before the receiver got his head on it. By


flat-footed, he is not going deep. He knows where the route is. Then


the pic to the game? I don't know what Atlanta were thinking. I would


you throw in the middle? Look at him. He has been doing it all game.


You would want to throw it outside but you throw it right into the


middle and to the side? Now, we have had, sorry, you have had a debate


with us about how exciting Kansas City are, so let's go with the fake


punt which is a brave call from Andy Reid and excited as well. Talk me


through what I am meant to be looking at, from this formation, is


anything different? The only thing different is... Right here. He is


kind of sat on the line. They like to sit back a little more and get as


much depth as they can't because they have to shuffle back and get a


blog but then been on the line is the only tip. His position is


completely normal? Yes. He has to pick up the opposite of the center.


Now they just down block, he takes the direct snap and that whole is


wide open. However, you think, Osi, that from the point of view of


Atlanta, they have read it wrong. No question. This is 100% terrible


coaching decision. The reason why I say that, this is where things


happen, from the 50-yard line, teams like to run there, because at least


they are not having the ball on their side of the football field.


What they should have done, was they should have put their defensive


line, they should had guys like myself, I would have been on the


football field. From what you said before, I am in charge of the


buttons, you would have been around there. You would have had the


defensive tackles right in the middle of the field because you know


that is what they want. Presumably, all these people here, their line of


vision is blocked. Yes. There are smaller guys like me. They are


attempting to block the kick but they are not big enough to stop


somebody come and down like that. Look at the jersey numbers, you do


not see the big guys like Osi out there, it is little guys like me and


we are not equipped for that! Brilliant call by that man. Are we


giving Andy Reid credit? That was a great call. Analyse the situation.


Atlanta Falcons did not have the right personnel on the field. Let's


take a look at our first round-up of week 13. Denver's rookie quarterback


started only his second game in an ugly defense of the 2010 -- 20-10


win. 53 yards. Denver are eight and four. Another win for Oakland, they


were playing catch up for three quarters of the game. Derek Carr led


them to 29 unanswered points, earning his tenth fourth-quarter


comeback over the past but-macro seasons by hitting it from 37 yards.


Magic touch and they now have a ten and two record and we will talk


about the Raiders more surely. We will hear more about the Lions as


well. The defense held them. Golden Tate scored a late 66 yard touchdown


to move the Lions to hate. It was somebody else's files! That was you,


sir. Tom Brady passed for 269 yards to Chris Hogan as the Patriots raced


to a 17- 0/2-time lead. They eventually beat the LA Rams. He now


has 201 career victories, the most by a starting quarterback in NFL


history. Let's talk about the Raiders, they are now ten and two,


in the third quarter, they were 24-9 down and for all we have praised


Raiders and their players, you have to give the fans credit. Down there,


they are allowed, they get after the opposing offense and that is always


advantageous to the home team. As we talk about the importance of


home-field advantage, we have often said it about Seattle and having


been in Minnesota and seem a home game -- home game and seeing the


influence that the fans can have, that will be important. Very


important. People do not give the fans enough credit. It is almost


like a feeding frenzy when the fans enter the game. You will have both


played against the Raiders in Oakland when they were very good,


but that doesn't attract from the vitriol of the fans at times. They


call it the black hole down there, it smells like you are having a good


time in that stadium. Don't you mean it smells of beer? Yes. They will


single you out. It doesn't feel well when you're not playing good. So


many rivals in the West have to play each other, Oakland, Kansas --


Kansas and Denver. Given how passionate divisional games, nothing


is certain. It is very exciting. These teams hate each other. They


will be going head to head and nothing has been decided in the AFC


West. Let's mention Detroit, how surprised are you that they went to


new and won? Defensively, they played a lot better than I thought


they would. You knew they would do it, but Stafford was on a roll. It


is a hard thing to do, especially in New Orleans. They play excellent


football, especially at home and destroyed went there and shut them


down. Sitting third, you would think it is season over for Washington but


it is not. Their record compares favourably to their rivals and


leaves them in one of the wild card spots. This week they head to


Arizona. It is a crucial week with Tampa Bay breathing down their


necks. Questions, questions. Kirk Cousins, do they really like at the


Washington Redskins? He keeps asking and keeps doing his best to force a


yes out of his employers. The Arizona Cardinals, are they what


they once were? Only in a wild card chasing kind of way, it seems, but


to difficult questions, it is never too late to find a different kind of


answer. The Cardinals are threatening on the first possession


of the game. They need this game and with losses so far by the Eagles and


the saints, that can all come play well to them if they can win. They


are playing with the dues and energy. You need to be accountable


about how you start a football game. 15 play, coming up, the Redskins


offense has been on the field a long time and they go to Johnson. He gets


hit, into the enzyme, touchdown, Cardinals! It was the David Johnson


show. On this opening series and the have taken the lead. In the second


quarter, Dustin Hopkins gave Washington their first points of the


game. He kicked his second of the quarter from 20 yards on the next


Redskins possession and Arizona responded with a 28 yard to extend


their lead to four points going into half-time. Five characters. Plenty


of time for Kirk Cousins to go deep and he has to Jackson who is tackled


at the fire line. Great protection for Kirk Cousins and 59 yard pass,


the longest played from scrimmage today. An extra offensive lineman


for the Redskins. It is Kirk Cousins Web the quarterback. No signal yet.


Touchdown. Cousins got over and the Redskins score their first touchdown


of the game and take their first lead. On the following possession,


they missed a field goal setting Washington up with good field


possession. Vincent Painter has come in. John Sullivan


remains at center. The Redskins offensive line is really fill.


Cousins loses the ball, it is a fumble and it is picked up by the


Cardinals. Golden is tackled. Campbell, came back, forced the


fumble and the first turnover of the game and at the Cardinals have an


opportunity, a big one here. A three technique, has to win this battle.


His pad level is lower. You're winning that battle. His feat never


stop on contact and he does not go for the kill shot. Trusting his


athletic ability, picking it up and trying to score. The receiver lined


up to the left. Palmyra. Has sometime. Touchdown. Michael Floyd!


That was a great pass by Carson Palmer. Anything of center would


have been intercepted and the Cardinals regain the lead. We go


back to 3rd down and ten. Redskins want to do better and the Cardinals


want to hold that and there is a pass for the touchdown. Jamison


Crowder, quiet for most of this game, finally gets into the action.


A pass from Kirk Cousins to Jamison Crowder. Chris Thompson, you are a


football player, stepping in there with the big boys. Does getting


enough in the way to allow Kirk Cousins and Jamison Crowder on a


switch route, putting the pressure on the safety and beating Tony


Jefferson. 3rd down and three, Carson Palmer goes to Fitzgerald and


he may not have the 1st down, let's see where they spot the ball. He got


the 1st down because he is so smart. As he is going down, he is going to


shove out the ball. Right at the yard line, great understanding of


where he is on the field in getting that ball across the 1st down.


Fitzgerald and he is tackled immediately. There it is. Third


all-time. Written on the football. Larry Fitzgerald, he just climbs the


ladder. Only behind Tony Gonzalez. Five and a 1st down and maybe a


touchdown and it is. David Johnson. Only one run. 25 yard pass to David


Johnson and the Cardinals scorer with still plenty of time remaining


here in the fourth quarter. What a game between these two play of


hungry teams. I don't know if he has been talking about it, but we need


to start talking about David Johnson. They create ways to get him


the football. He does a great job of getting downfield to block and JJ


Nelson gets it away. David Johnson showing a burst. On the next


Redskins Drive, Hopkins had a field goal to cut the lead to one point.


They are on their own F34. 4th down and less than one. They have got a


goal and they will run out. 4th down and won on their own line. Victory.


A gain of 14 yards gets a 1st down and that may be bit gutsy as call he


has had to make all year. We have heard this talked about all year.


Playing to win the game. Time-out called by the Redskins. A play


action and here is Carson Palmer going deeper and it is his pass.


Touchdown! JJ Nelson! He went for all the marbles on that one, did


Carson Palmer. In traffic, Nelson made a great play. First of all,


Carson Palmer, they review it. Makes the throw, his guy are no guy gets


it. That is a clean catch. 3rd down and four, here comes pressure, the


Redskins need a touchdown. He is coming up. Here he comes again. This


pass is going to be picked off by Peterson. Patrick Peterson with the


interception. It is just a win, but it is a lot better than a loss. It


makes everything taste better tonight. I am sure... I can't ask


them to practice any harder. I'll bet there are a lot more smiles are


practice on Wednesday. That's not the way we want to come


out of a football game preparing for a good team on the road. We had two


turnovers and we didn't cause any. It was a good football team so


credit to the Arizona Cardinals but I feel we underachieved today and


that is frustrating. In he didn't like a lot, did he? He was not a


happy man after that game. Parry there were shouts heard from the


locker room afterwards. It got a bit angry. But as former players, that


is part and parcel. I have to tell you a story. Settle back. Is always


used to make me laugh. We would say our prayers as a team, we would say


The Lord's Prayer before the game, half-time and at the end of the


game. So maybe at half-time, the coach would come in, we would be


getting beaten and he would say" you guys are playing horrible. I can't


believe this is happening. " "Let Us pray." I remember this. Two you


can't pray after you say all of that. I had to get that off my mind.


I like your stories. They gave penalties, Washington, two penalties


on the first drive that he was fuming about. That does not set you


off well. You do not want setbacks with penalties. This is the formula


to beat them, pressure Kirk cousins. Make him get the ball out quick and


make fast decisions. That is what they did. Towards the end of the


game, he was under such pressure. Under duress. It doesn't matter how


good you are. Kirk Cousins has been playing as well as anybody. Once the


pressure comes at you, you make any quarterback look ordinary and they


made him look terrible. You start to see receiver not being able to do


just than the on the same timing. That is what happens when you have


youth around you. We have rarely seen him rattled this season. In


recent weeks he has been one of the best performing quarterbacks in the


NFL. He has been sitting back there able to deliver the ball. They have


harassed him and he couldn't beat them downfield. These are playoff


chasing teams, it might be a bit far for the Cardinals to get to the


playoffs, they converted ten of 16 third downs in this game. We saw how


well they defended. Cardinals fans will wonder what could have been. A


little bit too late. If you look at that offensive of forms, ten of 16


on 3rd down is remarkable. You will not lose many games converting ten


of 16 but I wish they had done this earlier. What I like about this game


is they got rid of the ball quickly rather than taking three the -- deep


drops like in previous games. I we still agree that it is too far for


them to get to the playoffs? They would have two win out, it's not


going to happen. All or nothing. I'm not used to you doing subtle jokes.


A quick reminder that you can get another dose of the NFL on Saturday


night. We will have highlights of the huge AFC West matchup between


Kansas City and Oakland and we preview week 14 as well. If you are


new to the sport, in 2014, Cleveland were not the worst team in the NFL.


I will say that again, Cleveland were not the worst team in the NFL.


Tampa Bay's 2-14 record secured that title. They got the number one pick


in the 2015 draft as a result and they chose quarterback Jameis


Winston. Less than two years after that terrible season, they are on a


three-game winning streak, flying Cross country to San Diego. A win


would tie them with Atlanta in the NFC South. Importantly it would move


them into the NFC wild card spot at the expense of Washington. To be


bottom of your division in week 30 might quell your fire but not in San


Diego. No easy pickings in the AFC West. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are


on a roll and on the road, vying for top spot in the NFC South. The dog


end weekends of the NFL regular season, no such thing.


COMMENTATOR: Chargers with 45 points scored on opening drive this season,


2nd 9 for the Chargers. Rivers looks everything over. He uses up


the play clock, time to throw, wide open. Cuts in, dives for the


goal-line, touchdown. Another big play for Mr reliable, Don Trail


Inman. Hayward opposite Evans. Of the play fake. It is intercepted by


Casey Hayward. The league leader gets his seventh interception of the


season. How about that? What a start for the San Diego Chargers defense.


STUDIO: They were unable to capitalise on that turnover after a


missed field goal attempt and gave Tampa Bay a chance to get on the


scoreboard. COMMENTATOR: 2nd goal. Doug Martin, he tries to break


through the wall, reaching for the goal-line. A signal is touchdown.


What an effort by Doug Martin. 2nd goal at the two yard line. Gates.


Rivers, for Gordon, drives for the goal-line and he is in for a


touchdown. Tenth rushing touchdown of the season for Melvyn Gordon.


STUDIO: In the second half, Tampa Bay reduced the lead to four points


as they converted a 27 yard field goal. COMMENTATOR: Rivers,


intercepted. That is returned by David for a touchdown. What a turn


of events, the defense is taking over as David has the interception,


15 yard return for a touchdown. And Tampa Bay had taken the lead. 11


carries, 56 yards in this one. When you see the receiving yards, total


yards from scrimmage for Melvyn Gordon. An outstanding back. He has


breakaway speed and power to run inside. Three wide receivers for the


Chargers. Gates shifting. Gordon carries, wide, makes the cut,


breaking two tackles and tripped up in Tampa Bay territory. Tough run by


Melvyn Gordon, 23 yards. 1st down for the Chargers, they use the


time-out with the play clock winding down. The fullback shifts back in


the backfield. Off the play fake, Rivers, going deep. Up top for


Tyrone Williams, touchdown. The big play, they got the big run from


Melvyn Gordon and they follow it up with a 40 yard touchdown pass,


Rivers to Williams. STUDIO: In the fourth quarter, the Buccaneers


responded with an eight play Drive that ended with a 35 yard field


goal, the Chargers lead was down to a single point. COMMENTATOR: He


steps up. He gets a block, throws into the end zone, touchdown. Jameis


Winston just fired it in the. A double move, out and up, gets the


coverage to jump outside and sure enough, Denzel Perryman not good


coverage on Cameron break. Sixth touchdown of the season for the


second year tight end out of Harvard. Now, the Buccaneers going


for two. Three receivers to the right. Winston rolls, trouble, it's


good to Mike Evans. He slipped the pass rush and made the throw to


Evans. 2nd 1. Gordon goes out Rivers throws deep,


looking for Inman, intercepted. Intercepted by the safety, Keith


Candy. Rivers had room to get the 1st down and he went for it all. He


gets picked off. Big interception by Keith Tandy, he has been known


because of his play on special teams, he has not played a lot of


snaps on defense. But he had to step up due to injury and comes away with


a key interception in the fourth quarter. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers


have now won four in a row, tied for first in the NFC South with a 7-5


record. How about that? The one thing the coach has been


emphasising, about finishing. I believe we did a good job of that.


The defense finished strong, Keith Tandy with a great turnover for us.


The offensive line have been playing well all year and that continued


today. A lot of things went wrong in the first half. All of that other


stuff will work out over time but it was great to get a win. San Diego is


a good football team and we had to really fight to get this done. I am


proud of our guys. The NFC South will be great going down the stretch


with both of them 7-5. Atlanta have the Rams, 49ers, Panthers and


Saints. Tampa Bay have the Saints twice, Panthers and also the


Cowboys. There are some battles going on. Some great football to


watch. I love what Tampa Bay is doing. They are bawling right now.


Is there more pressure on Atlanta because people expect them to go


further, is there less pressure on Tampa Bay? It has to be. Atlanta


have been better for most of the season but Tampa are playing well


down the stretch, interesting to see how it plays out. There is less


pressure because Jameis Winston is only in his second year and he is


learning. You know that team has time, he is a young quarterback and


they are trying to get him to evolve and mature. He is doing things that


veteran quarterbacks do. The way he works the pocket and his footwork,


he doesn't panic. He knows his body type and can deliver the ball. What


do you look for in a second year from a quarterback to show they are


developing the right way? All players in the NFL make their


biggest lead from year 12-year two, it is mentally. This is where they


make the transition to becoming good football players. If they are able


to eliminate a lot of mental mistakes. When he talks about his


coach saying to close it out, that is a sign of mental strength, is it?


You got to know what is happening in the game. That is part of the mental


aspect of being a quarterback and he is doing that. The reason they


picked him number one was not that he had a better skill set than


Marcus Mariota but that he is a winner. They knew eventually he


would bring a winning mentality to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Who does


he remind you of, who is currently in the league, and established


quarterback? Definitely Big Ben. That is a tall tale because of what


Roethlisberger has done in his career but he has the same


mannerisms. His stature in the pocket. Always looking downfield. He


takes the pressure and moves quickly. He is so big he is not


worried about falling down with the first defender. I have to agree. The


only quarterback he plays similar to is Big Ben. He is younger than Big


Ben, more mobile. And he also hasn't had the injuries. He hasn't been


banged up like Roethlisberger. When Ben runs, he can get downfield. They


have the girth. That's another way of putting it. Let's look at our


final round-up from week 13. We start with Baltimore winning over


the Dolphins. The day train came off the rails in this game. Baltimore


38-6 against Miami College of lacquer increasing his record to 5-0


against the Dolphins. His favourite target, Dennis Pitter, had two


touchdowns. Not a great day for the Giants against Pittsburgh. The


Pittsburgh defense holding the Giants in check restricting Eli


Manning to two late touchdowns. Roughly spoke to Antonio Brown late


on and then the dairy as green as Pittsburgh matched the Ravens on the


top of the AFC North. It is Rogers 14 consecutive home win


in December. That looks like a horrible place to play. That is not


what you want. It's the only fun thing about getting to do snow


angels! I'm not sure that is a massive advantage. Anyhow, Green Bay


beating Houston 21-13. Indianapolis thrashed the New York Jets at Monday


night, 41-10. They are now in a 3-way tie for first place. We will


see the division shortly. Andrew Luck. Four touchdowns. Sunday now


sees a home date for the cold against the Houston Texans. It


finished their 41-10 in New York. You can't go out to New York after


that. There was another thumping here, Seattle 47 against the


Carolina Panthers. Two first-half touchdowns. Tyler Lockett added


another after half-time. 75 yards that one. The Seahawks ran out 47


winners. If we just take a look at the standings, the Patriots, if they


win against Baltimore this weekend that could lock up their title. The


North is between Baltimore and Pittsburgh and the South is a 3-way


tie between the Texans, the Colts and the Titans and the AFC West,


don't forget, Raiders take on the cheats on Thursday night. Dallas are


confirmed in the playoffs. Detroit have a two-game lead at the top of


the North but they go to the Giants and Dallas before the end of the


season. We have been saying about Tampa and Seattle are comfortable in


the NFC West. As far as the playoffs are concerned, Oakland are now in


the AFC, New England alongside them, the wild Cards are at Kansas City


and Denver. Indianapolis and Tennessee will fancy their chances.


Tampa Bay now into the wild card positions and as things stand, they


would go to Detroit. Washington will be breathing down their necks, the


New York Jets. The Giants have lost their winning streak, Miami have


lost theirs. Let's focus on the Giants, because Eli Manning was


dreadful, to put it mildly against Pittsburgh. He didn't have one of


his better games. Anyone who follows the Giants knows, this is exactly


what he does. He will have games like this where you look at him and


be like, what are you doing? Then he will bounce back. How difficult is


it to be a team-mate when you know he will have games


like that? If you are a new guy, you'd better hope someone says, we


have seen this before, he will come back. Especially with the offense,


it is on him to make all the throw is because the running game is not


strong. He has games like this. What do you say to him? What was his


worst game with you? We were playing against the Minnesota Vikings and he


threw four interceptions, the worst I have ever seen. You would look at


him, but he is so calm and collected, he does not get too high


or too low and he goes on a run of play an


outstanding football. If the Raiders keep their offense up like this,


given the strength of their defense, they would be contenders? They will


skyrocket to the top, if they can move up like this on offense, they


have probably arguably the best defense in the league. If you can


stop the run in the playoffs, you can make some good things happen.


They are up there and he is the best on in the NFL. No one touches this


guy, sometimes he makes mistakes and he seems to be in tune with what is


going on around him, but once he gets rolled in, he is unstoppable.


It is scary. I am worried about the running game. We still have Steelers


to come. That will be a battle. AFC South, three teams on sacks and


sacks, Titans, Colts, Texas, you're shaking your head. It is mediocre.


Some teams figured it out late, you thought Houston would run off with


the decent defense, but it did not happen. And you know. Tennessee,


that dynamic run game they have... You like Tennessee and colds. As


long as you have a franchise quarterback in place, anything can


happen. I had seen it happen. I have seen teams that do not play defense


and they go out there and with a good quarterback they make things


happen. Don't keep talking. This is the highlight of my week. We have


done the Osi index first of all. That is not in widescreen. That is


the size of his head. That is who you had as your top five last week


and you have brought in the Broncos this week. I had to drop the


Falcons. Offensively, there are still pretty good but defensively


they have not figured it out. We'll bring up Jason 's. It has not


changed. I believe in my choices. They are very strong in your


beliefs. Thank you very much to both of you as ever. The NFL show this


Saturday after much of the day, that will be at ten to midnight. On


Thursday, live Rugby Union. That is week 13 wrapped up, congratulations


to the Dallas Cowboys, are first confirmed a playoff team and at the


other end, the New York Jets are the latest in at a playoff contention.


The season is over for Ryan Fitzpatrick and most likely his


career in New York. Tom Bowles broke the news he will not play again this


season. Personally, I would have had the tea lady tell him that. The


three of us will see on Saturday, have a good week. Goodbye. It is a


fanfare moment, America's team, first to make the playoffs. First to


take that step into the postseason. Still a long way to go and even


further for the teams jostling just about hanging onto their hopes. No


fanfare yet for them, only the swirl of the fanfare, only in the NFL.


I fundamentally disagree with hunting rare animals.


But will living with hunters change Stacey's mind?


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