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And it will be time for to decide between touchdown. A


how did welcome to NFL this week. Last week, Denver's Super Bowl


winner sent a festive bottle of wine to every single player in the AFC


West, which is a a contract in his -- back pocket, you would've thought


he would have bought something nice. The Broncos head into week 14


needing more than a bottle of wine from their rivals are there to make


the playoffs. Sadly there is no for this player, when they have it is


our Super we will have one post-season is the Dallas Cowboys,


who will be facing the Giants where a win will secure the title. The


Giant is currently occupy one of the wild card spots, and for them a win


is crucial in their quest the march of the season. The advance it began


with a backward step but who did stop them way back in game one, 13


weeks ago? The New York Giants. Giants by name, the big blue


wrecking crew. A Terrence Williams, touchdown and


that drive, 67 yards, As soon as that fake went, everyone


took a step that way and Terrence Williams went across the field with


no one around. A minute and a half left, 3rd 3. Cowboys in three,


going for back and he drops it inside the 5-yard line. He could not


hang on, 4th down. Empty backfield. Manning, with the ball going


forward, Cedric Soares then got into his face. He has the turnover. He


will be sick about that, Eli Manning, the ball falls out of his


hands and even worse than that Robert Lewis was free. It will be a


walk in touchdown. Eli Manning drops one and it kills the drive. Dunbar


stays in to block and the path is picked off at the 39-yard line, it


was intercepted by Jenkins, only the third interception in 13 games for


Prescott. Look at Zac. The ball comes out as well, Manning went


down, Zack lost it, another Dallas recovery. Great play by Benson. I


want you to watch this, there he is, his shoulder pads will face that way


by the time he makes first contact. Basically all he does is push into


Eli Manning. You cannot play that way, you're not even supposed to


turn sideways at all and he turned completely around by the time he


makes first contact. The Cowboys could not capitalise on the


turnover, Dan Bailey's effort ricocheted off back with the


crossbar. In the third quarter, the Giants


finally got on the board with a 30 yard kick from Robbie Gould. 3rd


15. Prescott under pressure, going deep downfield. Picked off on the


9-yard line. A good run. All kinds of action. He brings back to the


yard line. I am not so sure that Dez Bryant was relieved by the free


safety in the middle of the field. He never believed it was going to be


thrown. He looked back but then it was Jenkins that basically undercut


him and so it was a free play, basically, for Leon Hall to make


that catch. A good run back, Prescott at two. And it is Beckham


making the catch and off to the races he goes. Clark is chasing him


down but he cannot get in. They take the lead. 61 yards after the


interception. There is no one like him. With the ball in his hands, he


has to be the most exciting player in the National Football League. He


is going to attend the coronation. Second out of nine from the 22.


Manning hangs in there. Picked up on the 16. Speaking of Anthony Browne,


what a play. Victor Cruz was the intended receiver and Eli Manning


throws the pack. It feels -- he feels where Victor Cruz is in the


interception is beautifully done. What an amazing job he has done


stepping in for Maurice Claiborne. Eli Manning cannot believe it. 3rd


down and six. The Cowboys will have an interesting choice here. If it is


four and six or even more. One time-out and a two minute warning.


First thing's first, third and sixth. A Giant blitz. Prescott gets


away and it is dropped. Swallowed by Brian and picked up by Collins. It


lands on the 37-yard line. Brian makes a catch. Same deal, same exact


thing. Played the hot to read, this time they hit it and he could not


hang on. Brad Wing, his ninth pond. Easley is back at the 10-yard line.


A spinner. And the Giants are going to the 2-yard line. Dwayne Harris is


some special guy. The Cowboys now that's too well. He started his


career there. The Cowboys, down to the last gasp. Fourth Baron. Whitton


comes in for more protection at the backfield. -- 4th down. And that is


at the 20-yard line. Bryant makes the catch, going to the ground. He


holds onto it. Or did he? That is the question. And it has to be


reviewed. Did they get the stoppage before the next snap? You will get a


clearly incomplete pass. Guess who? To nor is Jenkins again. What a


night he has had. And the crowd just saw the replay and they know it is


game over. The Giants win on opening day and they win in week 14. For


Prescott, 17-37. Under 57%. Two interceptions, equalling his season


total coming into the game. I could have played better. Obviously the


second half, we had a couple of good drives. We needed more to win. Our


defense played outstanding. We got some pressure. I did not play my


best game but they had a great defense and a great coordinator. I


give them credit for all-round defense. Look at him, waiting


patiently. I will have to keep on waiting longer. Sadly he is not


praising Kansas City this week, instead he is looking at his beloved


Giants. He did say from three weeks ago that they would beat Dallas, so


he is going to look at the job they're defense did, and Pat himself


on the back. Look how happy he is! The Giants pulled off another upset


which quite frankly in New York, we are accustomed to. And they did this


with an outstanding, overwhelming defensive presence, and I want you


to look at some of the plays they were able to make. Right here, you


are going to see divine canard. The interesting thing about this guy, he


is on line back, not a defensive tackle. We have a saying, the more


you can do, the longer you will stay. You will see him lined up


against one of the best offensive lineman in football. Watch this man


push his man all the way into the quarterback. That is what forces


Prescott into an interception he could not see. And this is how the


defense is tied together. This is how you know it, when the pressure


comes against the interception. I want you to look at something here.


If you had Janoris Jenkins, the jack rabbit, lined up in a 1-1 situation


against Dez Bryant, Jenkins is right now the best quarterback in


football. Why would you feel to him? Throwing to him makes no sense.


Throwing to that side is like when you are hungry and you were walking


to the refrigerator over and over again, hoping food miraculously


appears but it never does. That is what is going on right here. They


are going to throw to him and what happens when you open that up?


Interception. Jenkins making plays for the New York Giants. And right


here, I want you to look right here. This direct to your is Romeo


acquirer. The Dallas Cowboys are going to line up with six offensive


lineman. Why are they going to do this? Because they want to fool the


Giants. Most of the time, when there are six offensive lineman on the


field, it is usually a run. Are the Giants fooled? Absolutely not. And


Romeo Okwara is going to say, no, they will not fool me today. Why


would I say it in that accent? Because it is an African name. And


he would say that in an African accent. Check him out right here, as


he goes out around the corner, playing the run amok coming round


the edge. Sack Oyonnax sacking Dak, he is sacking Dak. With all the talk


about Eli Manning, it is the Giants defense getting the job done for New


York. And they were very impressive. When


you highlight the offensive line, they have been such a strength this


season but the Giants outsmarted them. And that is a wrong look. You


are trying to fool them but it does not work. Go Giants. And yet for all


the great defensive work, there have to questions about the Giants


offense. We had a discussion last week but Eli Manning is most


definitely not firing at the moment. Statistically he always has a rough


decision. It is just what happens to him. It is kind of how his make-up


is. It seems not to flow for him. But that is why they spent this


money on this defense. They need to get through points like that because


visually, it just clicking. Can the Giants defense make up for the


stuttering fence? Offends wins games but defense wins championship. They


spent $200 million bringing in new players and frankly, I have never


seen this before. They hit on every single one of the players they


brought in. A tremendous job by the general manager, fixing the defense.


They never anticipated the offense would be so bad but defensively,


they are playing well. But things change from week to week. As we


learn as the season progresses. But can this defense to take the Giants


a long way? The defense will definitely carry. You have to have


good defense and you have to have good defense in the postseason. What


do you think this will do to Dallas, this defeat? And also the fact that


they were not particularly fluid against the Vikings but they still


managed to get out there with a win. The last two weeks, they have not


replicated what they did against Washington. They have not played


well and it will be interesting to see what happens with the


quarterback situation. Everybody is in love with Dak Prescott and they


think he the guy but he has not played well the last of weeks and


you have an outstanding player in Tony Romo, sitting behind this young


kid, that might be what is affecting right now. I don't know why you like


Tony Romo, but Dak Prescott is fine. He has had one and a half back games


-- bad games. But at the wrong time. You cannot be plain bad at this


time. You have to but playing winning football. This is the thing,


they have not had the chance to check their mistakes. Coaches do not


want to go in and rock the boat. Now they have a game to correct


everything they did bad in the previous games. I think they will


bounce back. So what happens if they lose the next to my games? Will they


stick with Dak Prescott? We will talk about that next week. Let's


take a look at our first round-up of week 14.


Kirk Cousins from 204 yards and two touchdowns including that 80 yard to


Jackson. It keeps their wild card hopes alive at all but eliminates


the Eagles. 25 yard touchdown inside the final two minutes. Seattle had


the opportunity to clinch the NFC West but there were five


interceptions thrown by Russell Wilson and that put paid to that in


a snow swept Lambeau Field. Aaron Rodgers was limping a little bit but


he was good enough to secure this 38-10 win, throwing 4246 yards and


three touchdowns, two of them to Nelson. We will look at the Packers


in a moment. Minnesota managed to keep pace with the Green Bay, it was


9-9 at half-time, two second-half touchdown saw the Vikings pull away,


Rudolph with the decisive score and the final score was 25-16. The


defending Super Bowl champions are in danger of missing out of the


playoffs and that would match their Super Bowl XXXIII exploits.


Tennessee were fresh from nearby weak and they went 13-0 up at


half-time and despite Denver mounting a second-half fightback,


the Titans now have a share of the lead in the AFC South. They share


that with Houston who won 22-17 at the Indianapolis Colts. What is


that? That was a two yard touchdown. Novak scored five field goals. And


none of us want to see that ever ever again. Let's swiftly move on.


Let's talk about Green Bay. It was a matter of one month ago where we


were criticising them a lot and now they are on a little bit of a roll,


three wins on the trot, what is different? The magic of Aaron


Rodgers bouncing back from playing badly at the beginning and defense


is getting healthy. They had significant injuries early in the


season. At home, in December, are strong. Lambeau Field, the crowd


noise, people going crazy, everyone excited, Green Bay is like a small


college town. They have nothing else to do there, the whole town is now


watching the football game and the Green Bay Packers feed off it. If


you are from Green Bay, nice to have your long. They know it is true!


Does Aaron Rodgers look happier, because we have seen times where he


looked furious with what his team-mates are doing? He definitely


looks happier because he is completing passes. It is the way he


is able to set his feet up quickly to deliver that ball and he seems to


have that back and he is able to use his mobility to set his feet up


quickly and get that ball out like a web, it is amazing. He needs about


mobility as the season reaches its climax and towards the end, when we


see him limping, he looks like he might not have full mobility. I


don't buy that for one second, come on, do you watch this game? He was


out there, I don't know how many touchdown passes, was moving around


fluently and he gets on the sideline, all my leg, all my head!


Nobody is buying that, no one feel sorry for you, Aaron Rodgers! Do you


feel sorry for Russell Wilson? I do. Hit man Jimmy Graham need to get


back on the same page. He needs a target he can depend on. He's not


been very well protected? He has not been protected at all. That


offensive line have been influx that entire season. Look at this.


Turnovers... This very last play, the guy is going to run right around


him. He needs to give him the lookout block. They are getting


demolished, they need to do something about that. I want to get


your thoughts on a couple of rather nasty hits that took place in the


NFL this week. This was Douglas on Harris for Denver. This is what


happened to Sproles. You could hear their helmets crash into each other.


Which was the worst one for you? The one on Chris Harris, that could have


ended your career. That was playing dirty. If that happened to us, we


will go after him. A lot of people in the studio, we all wince when we


see the Sproles won but that is a matter of timing, whereas Douglas on


Harris, if we see that again, that is malicious. Honestly, this is


uncalled for. I'm not a violent person by any stretch of the


imagination but if I saw this, I am coming off the sidelined ride away.


You're trying to end this man's career. He's not looking at you,


you're taking his knees out! You will have to fight every footballer


on the field if you do that. The Sproles one was violent, but you can


excuse it a little bit. The guy might have been trying to aim for


the midsection... Denver were Ryles. They went after him. You have to do


that. It has not quite been a Cleveland season over in Chicago but


with three wins, 2016 is hardly a year to write home about. Making the


short trip to the motor city were rampant Matthew Stafford and the


Detroit Lions awaited, Chicago are without Cutler and without much


help. They actually won the reverse fixture in week four and looking to


drill the playoff hopes, they will be hoping to draw inspiration from


those 85 Chicago Bears. Nobody sold the NFL to an international audience


quite like William Perry. The cat-macro fridge. Super Bowl XX, the


Chicago Bears, bottom of the NFC North, they will not be making the


playoffs this season. The battling spirit, the Detroit Lions are much


more like it, top of the division, fourth-quarter comebacks their


speciality. 13 drops by Bears receivers since Berkeley has taken


over. Howard is wide open. Taking on the Lions tackle is inside the


Detroit 30. A burst of 28 by the rookie running back. Finally brought


down by Walker and Lawson. Seven plays later, the Bears were ahead.


Confusion. Boxed play. Stafford nowhere to go but throw it out of


bounds. He took a hit, trying to get rid of the ball. Watch that right


hand. I don't know if he jammed a thumb. Stafford had dislocated the


middle finger on his throwing hand but he stayed in the game. It was


then tied at three all before the Lions got the ball back late in the


second quarter. They were able to get the 1st down. After the penalty,


behind the 15, going towards the end zone, it is touchdown! You angle


towards the pylon here and then this ball is going to come right over the


top. Good separation by the 14 year veteran. He is bolstering his Hall


of Fame resume. Some pretty good names, list. They struck again on


the first try for Detroit. This 54 yard field goal gave the Lions


Boldin lead. Setting catch today for just under 40. He has his man. It is


Meredith for the Chicago touchdown and the Bears are right back in it,


31 yards on the touchdown catch by Meredith. We see the timed


possession. Stafford going to be end zone, deflected, is it picked? Yes


it is. Intercepted by Hirst, what a break for Detroit. Golden Tate was


the intended receiver. Mike Callahan, he'd tapped that ball


distracting golden Tate and ricochets off his face masked.


Gratuitous bounce for the Chicago Bears and unfortunate for the


Detroit Lions. Berkeley escapes initially. First sack of Berkeley


this afternoon. Stafford incomplete. Five straight attempts, should be


3rd 5 from their own 14. The pass was intercepted. It is LeBlanc and


he is in for the Bears. You have to wonder if the glove on that throwing


hand, Matthew Stafford, causes him to throw the ball behind. The block


made a really nice block. Here he is. Watch him jump in the hip pocket


of the intended receiver. Great play. He was covering against


Boldin. The ball was thrown behind Boldin and it should not have been


thrown by Matthew Stafford. Great coverage by LeBlanc. Game on the


line, the Lions have the Bears right where they want them. Pass Boldin.


Breaking inside the 25. Just shy of the 20. They are trying to maintain


this two-game lead. Second angle, Staffords, under pressure. He is


then for the Lions touchdown. Detroit are back in front. It is not


as pretty as some of the other running quarterbacks, but you have


got to love the poise of Matthew Stafford. They are trying to close


in Alma would be their First Division title. In 22 years.


Berkeley's pass, Meredith, still on his feet, Meredith inside the 20, to


the 15-yard line. Slade forced him out of bounds. 27 yards. Big-time


play, but we are going to get a holding on Charles Leno. They're are


shareholder right there. Take down. That is a killer 27 yard pass. 129


penalty yards, 48 seconds left. 1st penalty yards, 48 seconds left. 1st


20, Berkeley throws and it is caught. What a play. Another flag is


thrown. Unbelievable. Every way possible. Whether it is receivers


dropping passes or the like of Larsen getting a holding call. Here


he is at the right guard position. That is every time. Bigas play call


of the day coming up for the Bears. They are getting receivers open in


the middle of the field and if they do so, they have a time-out left to


stop the play. Berkeley's pass up the middle is deflected, what is the


call here? They say incomplete and it will be a turnover on the downs.


It was a hard-fought game, the Bears are a strong team and they play well


and we had a battle on our hands. Disappointment, we were trying to go


and win the game, but there were parts of the game, things we have to


clean up and get better and learn from. Hopefully we will see those


things. We will correct it and move forward.


Focusing on Detroit, Matthew Stafford dislocating his finger but


leading them to another comeback. This is what he has been doing all


year. He has the hot hand, and especially coming back from an


injury like that, you are worried if he is going to be able to do it but


he did it with his feet. He is the champion. But the glove on and that


obviously helped him. You wonder whether it would affect how he


throws but then you see something like this. A bit of the feet, and


then it does not affect the throw. The thing about Matthew Stafford, he


has always had that kind of raw talent. This is an outstanding


quarterback but he did not have the maturity. Now he is playing at an


MVP level. When you look at it right, and I mentioned how many


times they have come back, Chicago had their chances in this game,


numerous penalties. Bellamy, right at the end, dropping the ball. It


would have got them a field goal. Our do getting away with it or are


they making their own luck? They are just a better team. -- our Detroit


getting away with it. They have playmakers who make plays when the


game is on the line. That is the difference between them and Chicago.


But are they lucky? They were lucky in that game. In certain situations


when you are a bad team, bad things happen to you and when you are a


good team, good things happen. I know that sounds a little redundant


but that is the way it is in the NFL. Two touchdowns in a row against


Chicago, that never happens. The defensive line would hold on almost


every single play. If you look at the fixtures, Green Bay might catch


Detroit in this division. They have the other three division sides to


play. But if to are setting their sights at number two in the NSC, may


be going head to head with Seattle, when you look at the remaining


fixtures, Detroit have a lot harder games, with the Giants and Dallas


and Green Bay, but Seattle have their divisional rivals. Seattle has


got the cakewalk of a schedule right now. That is the thing about


Detroit. Compared to Detroit? Divisional rivals, those are not


cakewalk. Every one of those teams are going to be trying to punch them


in the mouth. They could lose both of their games. The Rams are known


for beating the Seattle Seahawks. Those will not be easy games. You


are just accepting that? He is just talking crazy. A quick reminder that


you can get another dose of the NFL show after Match of the Day on


Saturday night. We will have highlights of the Rams as they visit


the Seahawks and we will preview week 15. Four straight wins for


Tampa Bay and all of a sudden they are finding themselves tied to the


top of the NFC south. The Buccaneers sit a far cry from their two and 14


season of 2014. Another examination of their credentials came in their


game against the New Orleans. The Saints boast the best defensive


record in the NFL. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are on a swashbuckling


surge, second in the NFC south with an eye on top spot. They sense gold.


The playoffs, the prize. But others attack with a swagger. The New


Orleans Saints, with the wind in their sales.


Tampa Bay opened the scoring when Roberto Aguero converted a field


goal midway through the first quarter. Given to Martin. And he


gets into the end zone. He runs through with that attempted tackle.


Darryl Tapp had a second opportunity. Small, contact, getting


under. Dale Breeze did not throw a tough touchdown since 2009. --


Brees. It goes into the arms... It looks like the Saints have something


more. Tampa Bay converted that into a point for the team to take a 13


point lead. New Orleans got on the scoreboard with this. They did it.


They did it. They get the set piece. And they go to safety. That is


clean. Kruger was in there, number 99, from a stand-up position. Look


at all the guys on the line of scrimmage. There are ten guys.


Kruger gets in there at number 99, and he gets the penetration. That is


not safer. That is full close. Remember they called its safety on


the field so it will be hard to return. UMPIRE: The point stands. 11


minutes later, this field goal made it a 5-point game at half-time. 3rd


down and two. And it is a touchdown. Look at Brandon cooks. Watching


going. He finds a spot, he sits down and establishes himself. Just look


at it. Here we go. I not sure. This is what they were looking at. And


look at that, the ball was down and on the ground. UMPIRE: Incomplete


pass. After failing to get a touchdown, the Saints settled for a


22 yard touchdown to cut the lead to two. In the fourth quarter, the


Buccaneers responded. This from 26 yards, restoring Tampa's 5-point


lead. True Breeze secured his second interception of the day. -- Brees.


The Saints would have a final chance to win the game, starting their own


3-yard line with two minutes to play. Drew Brees is the greatest


single free agent Saini of all time. He leads all quarterbacks in


touchdowns, yards. Can he bring his team back? The Saints have one


time-out left. If you are Tampa Bay, you have a 5-point lead, and you


need to keep everything in front. Drew Brees looking down the field,


and that is a nice catch right there. Great protection. Down the


field. And right into trouble cover. For the Saints, this is it. It is


intercepted. Buy candy. A huge interception against San Diego a


week ago, and he delivers again tonight. Earlier in this game we saw


him make two excellent collections of the football, one resulting in an


interception. He wants to be a coach and he has his eyes on the gameplay.


Remember, he is not the starter, he is filling in. I tell you what he


has, he has the feet of Drew Brees. He is breaking on his eyes, not the


ball. He is looking and anticipating what Brees is going to do. He makes


a great interception for the Buccaneers. Nobody could have seen


that coming. Two weeks now, we have not scored a touchdown, and I think


you've to start there. That keeps you from having a chance. We have to


be better. I am very proud of our guys for finding a way. It starts


with our defense. Who says that they do not play defense in Tampa Bay?


They do. That was the ultimate team win. Our winning has been ultimate


team wins. That is how you win football games. It felt great. For


the fifth week in a row, the good guys win. Yeah. You don't often get


applause in post match press conferences. They must really like


him. Must be a lot of Tampa Bay journalists in that one. We praised


the Buccaneers a lot last week and defensively they were great again in


this game, but how much did Drew Brees help them? Well, obviously you


cannot throw three interceptions like that. He has played poorly over


the last two games. But you have got to give the Buccaneers' defense


credit. Mike Snow is now their defensive coordinator and he was


known for being a defensive player until he switched to Tampa. But he


has that defense humming now. It is like the old Tampa Bay, they were a


defensive game and that is how they won games. -- a defensive team Brees


is it a bad run at the wrong time. No touchdowns in two games, not


helped by certain players dropping the ball when they could have had a


touchdown. And I think he feels the pressure that he has two the games.


He has to score a lot points so he can make big plays. Honestly, that


is mind-boggling for Drew Brees to have no touchdowns and six


interceptions. We are talking about one of the greatest quarterbacks in


the history of football. Tampa Bay, similar to Detroit. They are running


is not particularly kind. And in fact, we 15, next week at Dallas,


then they have New Orleans and Carolina. It is going to be a tough


run for them but what I like about them is that they are treating these


turnovers. They are giving themselves a chance to score points


and preventing the other team. If you play well on defense, as long as


you have a good defense you will be able to stay in every game. That is


a tough three games that they have but they should be able to win a


couple. Will doubtless be looking at Tampa Bay, given what happened to


them against New York? And all of a sudden doubts might be coming into


the Cowboys because of how they struggled against New York. Yes,


because Tampa Bay can't stop the run. If they forced Dak to throw


like they did against the Giants, that game can go quickly. If it is


Dak. Let's now look... Let's look at our final round-up from week 14. We


will start with Pittsburgh, and Bell having a record day. 236 yards and


three touchdowns. The Steelers, running out to 27-20 winners in the


snow. He was jogging to the end zone. It moved the Steelers to eight


and five ahead of the Ravens. Their divisional rivals sitting on the


Patriots on Monday night but the Ravens lost that 30-23. Tom Brady am


a passing for six and 19 yards. And just as the Ravens mounted a


comeback in the second half, watch this. 79 yard touchdown. Somebody is


going to get fired. That is to open. Don't give Brady any credit for that


whatsoever. Arizona and Miami in the next round, threw for 100 and nine


yards. Three touchdowns in this. But he sprained an ACL against the


Cardinals and that could well be his season over. And they still have


playoff ambitions, the Dolphins. They ran out 26-23. They need a


quarterback. They do. Will go to San Diego next. Not a great deal on this


game but Carolina were 23 points up in the second quarter. Jonathan


Stewart, helping them do that. Eventually it finished 28-16 to Cam


Newton's man. And it was very easy for the Atlanta Falcons, opening up


a 42-0 lead over the hapless LA Rams. They finally ran out 42-14


winners to go to eight and five atop the AFC south. Taylor Gabriel had


the pick of the scoring. This 64 yard catch from Matt Ryan. Talking


of people getting fired, 48 hours after the game, the Rams fired their


head coach, Jeff Fisher, and he becomes the first coaching


casualties of the season. And we will talk about that in just a


moment. As far as the standings are concerned, New England have not yet


won the AFC East because of Miami's late win. In the North, Baltimore's


loss handed Pittsburgh the initiative. In the south,


Indianapolis lost to Houston, setting them back. Houston go to


Tennessee in week 17 and Denver are now in danger of missing out on the


playoffs in the West. As far as the NFC is concerned, Dallas lost to the


Giants, stopping and winning the division. The Giants in a strong


position. Destroyed have control of the North and eight that running


Minnesota or Bay Slytherin. -- to try to control. The Buccaneers have


the harder run in the south. In the West, Seattle's Road record has seen


them slip to 841. If this season ended after this week, New England


and Kansas City would be the top two sides with Denver and Oakland are


wild Cards, with the best record of everybody else. They go to the other


divisional winners in Houston and Pittsburgh.


Detroit now up to the number two seed and the other divisional


winners would be Seattle and Atlanta and dock let's start with the firing


of Jeff Fisher by the rounds. It is kind of no supplies, except last


week they announced that at the start of the season, he had signed a


contract extension. Mind-boggling. In the NFL, those contracts are


guaranteed for the coaches. You give him a contract extension and fire


him, you are guaranteeing him money for nothing! Now what will they


want, the equivalent of a quarterback whisperer to help? That


is absolutely what they will do. You will have to get a quarterback


expert, someone who has worked well with young quarterbacks and then a


defensive coordinator on top of that. They will look for a youngish


person? I would think so. Someone who can relate. Josh Bowden Daniel


is from the New England Patriots. That is my tip. Let us move to Miami


and look at Ryan Tannehill, this will be a big blow for their playoff


hopes. He was doing well. This was before any injury. It has been


called the worst throw ever seen in the NFL. You don't want your parents


to see that. The injury, that could be it for the season. This is how


they were going, he was starting to slip the ball down the field. That


is the second time he has done that, you cannot keep doing that. There


has been a rule since 2008, ever since Tom Brady got injured like


that, you cannot go low on a quarterback and this is the second


time we have seen him do that. He knows better. He has been a much


maligned quarterback in the past and things have started to develop for


him this season and you fear, you must have some empathy. Things are


starting to click. And the injury like that can damage it. Let's look


at the division involving Pittsburgh and Baltimore and the Steelers now


have the advantage in this division. The remaining games for the


Steelers, all divisional, Cincinnati, Baltimore, then


Cleveland. Pittsburgh and Cincinnati and they also have Philadelphia. I


like Pittsburgh in that division. Towards the end of the season, these


are teams that truly hate each other. Outside of the NFC East, this


is another division that is trying to play, it will be interesting to


see how things shape up. That game will decide it. Definitely. I also


like Pittsburgh, I feel like offensively they have their three


weapons back all played together and they are the start of take that big


of a type of teeth that Ukuma Ta'ai boasting that -- team of stars to


play well. Baltimore will be coming to the UK for the games next season.


For London fixtures, Ravens and Jaguars, the saints and the Dolphins


will be at Wembley. The Vikings and the Browns at Twickenham and the


Cardinals and the Rams. All those fans from Cleveland will come over


and make their thoughts known to you. I hope we stay safe. It is all


about you, Mark. How dare you drive me into it. Let's look at your


index. These are the top five teams in the NFL. We'll start with you,


you keep changing your mind. He put Denver in and took out Atlanta and


week... You've taken Denver out and put ad land in. I like Atlanta. They


lost a game that you were not supposed to lose. You cannot credit


mediocrity. We have to let them know that they played badly. The message


obviously got through. Exactly, they came right back. Jason, your index


is as follows,... That was last week this week... Instead exactly the


same. You don't punish mediocrity. I figure the Seahawks can pull it out.


He has the Raiders ahead of the Chiefs! He hasn't got time to answer


that. We have to end the show. The NFL show this Saturday is after much


of the day and week 14 of 17 wrapped up and the pretenders are now being


exposed on a weekly basis. That is the teams in the playoff, not their


spare! Don't it impersonate the Indianapolis Colts mascot! What will


carry teams to the line and beyond into post-season? Momentum, that


precious impetus, so hard to build, so easy to lose. It is never too


late for a role to unravel, never too late to be brought down to


earth, to be stopped in your tracks, opposing forces still at work, only


in the NFL.


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