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He is going to fire towards the end zone. Roger is looking downfield. A


one-man wrecking crew. Unbelievable! How did he do that? For the weather.


Unstoppable. No, that's not my week spent


with this pair but words to sum up We'll hear from Osi and Jason later,


but before we start the show, a quick reminder of how


it all works.. The NFL is split into two


conferences - the AFC and the NFC. Each conference has 4 divisions;


East, North, South and West. To get to the playoffs you need


to win your division, or gain a wildcard spot by having


one of the best two records. The teams are then seeded depending


on their regular season record. Following the completion


of week 14 this is how the playoff picture looked...


New England and Kansas City occupied top spot Denver occupied a wild card


spot with Miami looking in. top spot Denver occupied a wild card


spot with Miami looking in. Dallas and Detroit in 1 and 2 seeds,


which if they stayed there by week Tampa Bay in the wildcard spot


but Green Bay looking in. Over the hill and past


their sell by date... Each season unfortunate


candidates across the NFL This season it's been Super Bowl


winner Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers.


Starting the season at 4 and 6, there was harsh criticism coming


from some quarters in Green Bay. However, you can't keep


a Super Bowl winner down. Currently on a 3 game winning


streak, Rodgers and Green Bay have roared back to life in the NFC


North. the Chicago Bears season has been


called. They have long been stuck in the freezer in the basement and for


a time, the Green Bay Packers were not exactly chilli hot. Just chilli,


feeling the cold as well. But writing off Aaron Rodgers is likely


to trigger and fire up the old spirit of defiance.


The Packers have won three in a row. They get number two. What a drive


for Green Bay. 2nd 4. Not much. Maybe two on the plate, Joe Thomas,


the linebacker getting on the tackle. Joe Thomas for the sticker,


got that right off could even carries. It is unreal. It really is.


Unbelievable. Three Bears possessions later, the field goal


put the home team on the board. Chicago would get the ball back.


Bellamy makes the catch. Touchdown! Ooh! Josh Bellamy, he has shown a


lot as a receiver. It is important as the receiver, right there, he


catches it and then a stiff arm a legal stiff arm by Bellamy forcing


himself in the end zone. On the next Packers possession, Crosby kicked a


34 yarder to tie the game going into half-time. They will start off the


half with the football. Green Bay recovers. It is the ageless Julius


Peppers. They held them early this year so he would be effective when


it matters most. I would say that is effective, running right by. The


143rd sack of his career. Still playing great at 36 years old.


Unbelievable. What a start. The following Packers possession scrawls


-- stalls and they settled for an 18 yarder from Crosby to take a 3-point


lead. 3rd 9. Berkeley. Owing to fire it deep. He has got it. Looking


for a return. Reverses field. He is taken down at the 42. For the


interception of the year for Clinton decks. Reverse and ten. Montgomerie.


Gets it back again. Lagan Montgomerie go! -- look at


Montgomerie go! He is not built to be that power runner. You can see


the talent, they do not have it right now. The fullback is in a nice


job. He doesn't seem to have that same role. 2nd down, Montgomerie


still in the back four. Montgomerie. In further touchdown. -- in for the


touchdown. He fires it, intercepted, the return takes it down. A good


first half. Mark Berkeley. The partners have the fourth turnover of


the game. Christian Michael is in a tailback. Give it to him. Look at


Christian Michael. Touchdown. It is a pack attack in Chicago. They give


Christian Michael little room and he comes about stiff arm, takes it all


the way to the house the Green Bay Packers. Berkeley. Touchdown. It was


the shone Jaffrey Drive. Welcome back. Aaron Rodgers is tough. Seven


times today he has made deliveries. His numbers would be even bigger, he


has had four great drives. He could have had a couple more. He has got


time. Brings him down. They had three sacks, their first sack in


this half and the Bears sensing momentum. Power, left side.


Touchdown. We got game! Jordan Howard, the thing he does, he he


sees it, stretch, get downhill, all the way to the end zone. The Bears


go in back-to-back possessions. Green Bay hit their first to third


downs of the day. Rogers. Pressure. Rogers is going to run. John Teemu


prevented the first half. The Bears defense does their job. Berkeley led


a 14 Play Drive. It was now 27 all with just over one minute left. 3rd


down and 11 for Green Bay. Rogers. Now some pressure, throws it deep.


Nelson. He has got it inside the 20. Rogers to Nelson. They have to get


up and Spike get. No time outs. Rogers yanked him off. They get set


and they sacked it. Unbelievable. Aaron Rodgers, some people think the


greatest kicker of the football of all time. It is a beautiful thing to


see this guy throw a football. In stride, where it has the explosion


guard in the Green Bay offense. Aaron Rodgers says it is right


there. From 32 yards, try and win the game for Green Bay. Packers win


it. Some game. A 60 yard ball on a 3rd down and 11. Rogers gets the


team down to spike it and Mason Crosby wins it. That was a heck of a


football game. It was a lot of fun to coach and I like the result. At


this time of year, especially going into two more division games,


especially what we have been through, we get stronger, as far as


our performance and our mentality, we need to get healthy. 27-10 looked


pretty good. We let them get back in it. More drive in offense, we did


not take any time of the clock. What we had to have played, we made and


it was good to get the win. Everybody should know better. You


should not write off Rogers and the Packers off. He is an outstanding


football player and an outstanding quarterback. You cannot play that


kind of defense against a player like that. You see the safety take


the shorter route and expose the corner, you cannot do that against


Aaron Rodgers. You talk about not playing the defense like that


against the Packers and yet, you have to give Rogers so much credit


for going for this. They could or he could have gone, we will play it


safe, go into overtime and then we will try and beat them. That's what


makes him so good. He saw that happen. I'm taking the shot and it


worked out. Why would you do that? 3rd 11, wild you chase the short


route and leave this guy wide open running down the middle of the


football field? Sometimes, I don't know. I just don't know. Are you


sort of giving Rogers credit but not. You have to give him credit, he


was able to see that. He took the shot deep. That was a big mistake by


him. As Aaron Rodgers said in his post match press conference, they


wanted to get to the stage where they are in control of their own


destiny and they are in control of their own destiny and for other


teams, they're in control in their division, but you wouldn't want to


face them in that division, you would want to face them in the


playoffs. Absolutely. They are a team that once they are confident


and rolling, they're hard to beat because they have been here before


and they have seen all of this before. I managed to get away with


that question without giving away any other results. Got there in the


end. Let's concentrate on Green Bay and look at what positions in


particular and Ty Montgomery who has gone from wide receiver to running


back in this game, what were his strengths and how difficult was this


to do? Extremely difficult. He can break tackles. You just saw that. He


breaks tackles. He could read his offensive line and that is key.


Receivers, you cannot go back there and do that. You see breakaway


speed. When you think somebody's job is easy and they say you could not


do it, that is what they said to him! Here is better than everyone


may have back there. This is ridiculous. You have to be a bigger


guy, you have to be more physical to be a running back and he is doing it


with ease. Obviously, you were both part of the defense, but when you're


in an NFL team, do you ever get the opportunity to look at plays from a


different position? If you are wide receiver, do you get a look at it


from the point of view of a running back? It depends on how they will


use you. If you are receiver and they want you in the backfield


because you are a threat like O'Dell back, they will put you in a


position where you can see the game from that position. All the offense


will get together and watch it. They might be seeing things the exact


same way but they have not had the opportunity to put it into position.


Matt Barkley wore a wet suit apparently. He's a California guy.


A Houston and it was just miserable. It was just painful. -- I was in


Houston. Word-macro your Goldust game was? In Green Bay 2007. It was


ridiculous. Everything hurts in the cold! I had frostbite on my nose.


For several months this part of my nose was frozen solid black. I


looked like Rudolph the red nosed reindeer! I looked ridiculous. Are


their any photos of this? No, no photos. We need graphic evidence.


Right, let's take a look at some of the other week 15 games,


including big games for teams in the AFC...


Oakland in line for a playoff place. Derek card -- Derek Carr put that


touchdown through for... That guaranteed a playoff spot for the


Oakland Raiders. All three contenders in the AFC South,


Indianapolis leading the way with a surprising demolition of the


Minnesota Vikings. 34-6. Andrew luck with two. Minnesota have gone


downhill rapidly this season. Tennessee were down by ten points at


half-time but they kept Kansas City in check, scoring 12 fourth-quarter


points to secure a 19-17 win. Derek Henry with two touchdowns. Then this


game winning 53 yarder. They are all pumped up. Jacksonville beaten by


Houston. This means Houston kept pace, but only just. Brock Osweiller


benched. Tom Savage came on. They were trailing 13-0. He led them to a


21-20 win. Jacksonville sacked Josh Bradley after the game. On the


plane. Miami at the Jets on Saturday night. Matt Moore, the back-up


quarterback, four touchdown passes, including a 66 yarder to Jarvis


Landry. The Dolphins' playoff hopes still alive. New England Patriot had


to beat Denver Broncos and they duly did. They ran out 16-3 winners.


Pittsburgh's trailed Cincinnati for most of this game. Chris Boswell


kept chipping away at the Bengals' lead. Eli Rogers scored on a 24 yard


pass from Ben Roethlisberger to secure a 24-20 victory. Are you


still only Jacksonville plane?! Baltimore beat Philadelphia 27-26.


Right at the end of the day -- game, they went over from four Yarde side.


The kick would have tied the game. They went for two. They failed and


the Ravens won. The NFC South, Atlanta staying top. They thrashed


San Francisco 41-13. Dev on Tay Freeman with three scores. I fought


him one time. On the pitch? Yeah, of course. Back to the round-up.


Carolina beat Washington 26-15. It has dented the Redskin' playoff


hopes. Nothing on this game as regards playoffs but it is the


highest scoring game of the season so far. 48-41 for New Orleans


against Arizona. Lets go straight into the AFC


standings as there's lots to talk about.


New England secure their 8th They make it look so easy!


Baltimore Pitsburgh on Christmas Day will go some way to deciding


who wins this division. Tennesee Houston tied


here and they meet in week 17. Indianapolis still in with a shout.


Kansas slip behind Oakland here. Jacksonville sacked their coach on


the plane! Did you know that?! Super Bowl winners Denver


teetering on the brink of playoff elimination.


It's been 14 years since their last playoff appearance, but finally


Oakland have secured New England as mentioned


clinched their division and also the first round bye,


including homefield advantage. Miami are back in the wildcard spot


at the expense of Denver who are in serious trouble


Realistically it's 1 from 3 making the playoffs


in the South from Houston, I think we've covered Jacksonville!


Let's deal with Brock Osweiller and how difficult it must be to take the


decision to bend your quarterback in a game when you have paid $72


million for him, and then make the decision that he isn't going to play


this week? That was something they have been thinking about, obviously.


They were probably in a position where they thought, if this goes


south on us, we have to sit him down. They did. They have a lot of


faith in the back-up quarterback. You have to do this for the team. It


took a lot of guts. NFL teams hate to be embarrassed. Especially the


owners. These guys have a lot of pride. For them to dole out of $72


million and pull him out, that says a lot. He comes on and nigh on


immediately does that. And much as being benched, how much will


Osweiller and his career be affected by how those fans reacted? Man, I


want to see the mental toughness of this man. If he can bounce back from


this, I will know what type of man he is. He got played all that money,


played horribly and the fans let him know, they voiced their displeasure.


It will be interesting to see how he bounces back. They will give him a


chance to earn his spot back. But still, you're right. It's tough.


Mike Mularkey went with the two pointer which they didn't get. But


it shows the mentality may be? Yeah, they are trying to win games. They


trust each other. As a coach, you see that. As a player, you have to


respond. That took an enormous amount of guts. This is a team with


the playoffs on the line. I can understand in Philadelphia why they


did it. They didn't have much to lose. But these guys, if they lost,


they been out of the playoff race. It takes a lot of courage. You need


some luck if you make it into the playoffs. We go to another two


pointer. The Eagles' season is over. They go in for this touchdown, fair


enough. They go for two to win it. Nothing on it Philadelphia.


Baltimore's hopes can turn on something like this? Absolutely. Can


you imagine if they go on to win the Super Bowl?! How would that be? They


are a defensive team. That victory will help them. As far as Denver are


concerned, do you think they are ride? I think they arrived.


Offensively they don't have enough firepower to do it. Their last


couple of fixtures, they are at Kansas City and Oakland? They have a


tough schedule. But they still have some tremendous football players.


Miller, Marcus where it... They have some heart. After the defeat against


the Patriots, a member of the fence got up in the locker room and was


shot down. Then there was an argument in the dressing room. That


is what you -- happens when you are playing well and Defense. Why would


the offensive player get up and see anything -- say anything?! I have


been in a situation like that. You know you are the weak link. You have


to keep quiet. As former players, maybe I'm exaggerating, but do you


have a problem with the locker room going at each other? It happens all


the time. Especially on team is not winning. All the time it happens,


man. If one side of the ball is playing really well and the others


aren't, if they don't acknowledge that, they are going at it right


away. Do you think that coach would've expected that and maybe


wanted it to get them going? He could have but. -- but as a head


coach you have to control the locker room. Thank you. Jason and Rudolf!


The 12 and 4 regular season back in 2002 that propelled Tampa Bay


to Super Bowl glory seems a distant memory for Buccaneers fans.


Going into the week 15 game at 8 and 5, and on a five game win


streak, Tampa Bay were tied with Atlanta at the top


Looking to maintain their hot streak, the young Bucs only had


the small task of heading to face the 11-2 Dallas Cowboys!


The Dallas Cowboys, imperious, all conquering. But they lost to the New


York Giants home and away. A double dent in the body armour. It may make


others believe. Why wouldn't the young Buccaneers believe? Every


reason to be unafraid. We came to win.


This is the second drive for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Was Winston's


arm coming forward? The ball is loose. The Dallas Cowboys are going


to wind up with it at the 40-yard line. Winston having the ball


knocked loose. Was his arm coming forward? That ball shot straight up


in the air. They brought a safety blitz that time. Bringing Byron


Jones. This landed around. It got there too fast. The Dallas Cowboys


don't blitz too much. But their rate of success when they do blitz, very


high. It did pay off. 2nd down and goal. Eliot into the end zone! That


is his 13th rushing touchdown. Emmitt Smith can appreciate that. I


never saw him jump the pot. What's this combination. I love watching


great offensive lines. Work together and carve out that big hole. Then go


and jump and promote a very good cause, the Salvation Army. Everybody


throw something in. 3rd down and six. They go five white. -- wide.


Pressure. Winston is somehow able to escape. It is one-handed but dropped


by Charles Sims. Man, or man. -- or man.


It catches made on the 1-yard line. Brice Butler. 15 completions to


eight different receivers. The back is McFadden. Touchdown! On touched.


Ten plays, good balance, for rushers, six passes. Two for two.


Dallas' lead was cut to 11 going into half-time.


3rd 1. We talked about it earlier. When you get either one of these


quarterbacks outside the pocket, it puts pressure on the Defense. Rod


Marinelli will not give you the default. The more time you have in


the pocket, the more time you receivers have to get open. From the


42, again play action. Outside the pocket. Deep downfield. It is caught


on the deflection by Adam Humphries for the touchdown. I think he's


going to get his hands on the ball and just deflected. Let's see. I


think he did get his hands on the ball. It ended up in the lap of Adam


Humphries. That is recovered. For the Tampa Bay


Buccaneers, the perfect start of this half, go right down the field,


get a stop, they arrive back in the game. Winston has time, fires and it


is called for the touchdown by Cameron. Seven touchdowns for him


this season. Look at what the safety dance, Jones, they are trying to


follow him back inside to the middle marking linebacker in the middle of


thinking he can make the place, but they are throwing it right around


Anthony Hitchens for the touchdown. The Cowboys responded on the next


drive with a field goal from Dan Bailey to tie the game in the fourth


quarter. 3rd 14. Crowd at full volume right now. Four-man rush. The


passes high and intercepted at the 40-yard line. She takes it back to


the 21. David Irving helped to create that. He put it on the


quarterback. I'm not so sure about David Ervine got a piece of that


ball. Let's take a look. One more time. Does he get his hands on the


football? Hard to tell. Just head to his elbow as he was releasing it and


made the ball sail. David Irving as he did against Green Bay is turning


things in favour of the boys. Dallas went three and out following the


Winston head. They took a 23-20 lead. The Cowboys got the ball back.


Downswing, looking, throws underneath and then is caught. The


ball comes loose. Jason Witten lost it. They think they have it. To be


determined. I think they do. The way Frederik gets up. Alexander with a


shot. Jason Whitten. Jason Garrett. He can only shake his head. 3rd 5.


In the backfield. He drops Winston and flows. Russell Shepherd. The


Cowboys give up the ball on the fumble and then stop them in


midfield. They will bring in the front group. Prescott is 31 of 35.


Big hole. Eliot. Off to the races. Finally forced out of bounds by


Keith Tandy. Five plays later, Bailey kicked his fourth field goal


to give Dallas the lead in the fourth quarter. It comes out of


theirs, 12 yards on a 4th down with the Dallas Cowboys winning. Winston


buying time, looking downfield, fires into traffic and it is a


50-yard line are landowners can drag interception to wrap it up. It was


an important week. How are we going to respond? Our guys did a great job


responding. We came out and did a good job early on in the ball game


to get a lead and then we started throwing the ball a lot earlier the


second half. The response came back to the forefront. You turn it over


to much, could not finish in the red zone in those first couple of tries.


We did a good job getting back into the game, had our chances. Credit to


Dallas and we will start getting ready for the Saints next week. I


suppose that was a simplistic overview, we had two young


quarterbacks, James Wilson Winston who we praise, not having a good


game, Dak Prescott who was criticised last week is having a


good game. That is what you want to see as an organisation. The main


thing is to see a guy bounce back, how do you come back from adversity,


can we trust you in tough moments and he is showing that. Big game. It


was. It is not how many times you get knocked down, it is how many


times you get back up. There was a lot of pressure against the New York


Giants, coming from me, but he came back and he played extremely well.


It wasn't just due, it was the Dallas media. And the NFL media.


There was a lot of noise about whether Tony Romo would come back


again, and there is Tony Romo. Osi, I thought you said you're coming


back! It was not just Osi, given the whole circus that surrounds the


Dallas Cowboys, he has done very well. It is tough to handle.


Everyone has been saying, they believe in the sky and trust him. It


is everyone else who does not know him like that. Do you think that


will end it now? The next bad games they will not go back to Tony Romo?


Tony Romo in my opinion is still the better quarterback, he gives them


the better chance to win the tough games that will be coming up later


in the season. He has been playing tough games! I understand your


point, but I'm telling you from my perspective, Tony Romo is the better


quarterback. If he has two more bad games, they will go back to Tony


Romo. Each A quick reminder that you can


get another dose of NFL We'll have highlights of a huge NFC


East rivalry as the New York Giants head to the Philadelphia Eagles


on Thursday Night Football and we'll preview the penultimate


round of the regular season. If you miss it on Friday it's


repeated on Saturday morning, Finishing that particular season


at 9 and 7, they went on to win We're talking the New


York Giants of course! Apparently there was some British


bloke playing for them, can't quite remember his name...


Anyway, on a 5 game win streak and visiting New Jersey


were the Detroit Lions. In a commanding position in the NFC


North, this game was the first of three tough remanining games that


would test their ability I still can't remember


the name of that guy... it was me! Are you guys serious? The


moment of out on a limestone, a dislocated class. Top of the


division, but you need to be sharp to scratch a Giant. Giant is taking


strides, chasing down the best, the home stretch. Dallas last week,


Detroit this week, big steps, thinking big.


This alliance defense, they have given up yards and where they have


been good, they make them run the yards a game. Second and then,


Manning is sidelined. That might be his final home game as a Giant. Here


is Perkins, 1st down and more. Just get it away, Shepherd, corner of the


end zone, touchdown. The now that was a good start, great finish to a


good opening drive. That opens up all this room for Sterling Shepherd


to work the corner of the end zone. The receiver comes underneath and


you have got that much field to operate, it is a matter of your


receiver being at the back. A good start for Eli Manning. Plenty of


action. That ball had some zip on it. Stafford protected. End zone,


what a play. Eli Apple got his hand in there before golden Tate could


make the catch and that saved the cats down. That led to the 48 yard


field goal and the Giants led 7-3 and the Lions would get ball back.


Starting at the 22, Stafford rolls out. Tate is behind the defects and


golden Tate down near the town, he saved the touchdown Wow and 67 yards


per Matthew Stafford. He has been playing a lot. He comes in because


of the injury to Jenkins. Dominic Rogers lost coverage coming he comes


off Golden Tate, an easy one. Only because of the speed is it not a


touchdown. A double move that he bet on but he ran right by him and I'm


not sure what he was thinking. His first carry. Into the end zone.


Recovered by Vernon. The Giants will take over. 2nd 6, Manning throws.


Makes a move. To the 45. 3rd down and 22. That is it. The progress is


stopped. The Giants turned that into points thanks to the 47 yard field


goal, 10-3, the half-time score. There's one floated for Jones, what


a catch! 21 yards. He has got Eli Apple right on top of them. Marvin


Jones, he goes and fights through the coverage and makes a play on the


ball and what an acquisition Marvin Jones was. Stafford. Each down he


goes, eventually. Olivier Bernard was there to clean it up. The Lions


sells for another field goal and the Giants lead was down to four points


going into the fourth quarter. 3rd down and ten. Manning, back-up, what


a throw! What a catch! A big 1st down for the Giants, covered by


Jackson and the completion of 25. Best throw of the day for Eli


Manning. They are doubling up on Beckham. Once he goes for the


corner, the safety is no longer a factor and it is not just terrible


coverage, he lays it in beautifully to Beckham. Shepherd. He has a


touchdown in this game, down the sideline. It is not the way we used


to do it when I was playing. That worked. There is no hermit with the


Giants. What a catch, Batham, he has done it


again! Touchdown, Giants! Another one for the highlight reel. He is a


way out in front of Odell Beckham. The only chance he had was for one


arm. He made that catch look routine. Finishing off this drive


for six points, seven if they make this extra point, outstanding job in


the offense. Down in ten, a field goal is an option. If they are going


to make points. I think that is what they will do if they do not pick it


up here. The passes picked off, Dominic Rogers and he will wisely


celebrate in the end zone and take it out of play. At this defense is


playing great football. The Giants have won their tenth game as they


are making play for their first playoff appearance since the 2011


Championship season and Eli Manning, can celebrate a victory. Great team


win, very good football team. All our players played a part, it is a


short week. When those football games, that is a great quality to


have. That is what we have to have going into December, you get the


weather, the playoffs, you need to win those games that we have been in


a lot of them. The offense and defense have stepped up and made


great plays. They are good team. The best we have played all year. They


have a really good defensive line and a really good secondary, we knew


it would be a tell it, we did not make enough plays, that is it. We


will not make any excuses about anything. We lost the game to a good


football team. We have been on a good run to, it is just one game. We


did not play as well as we would like. We're ready for the next one.


Such is the strength of this division, Dallas are confirmed


in the playoffs but haven't secured the division and also that important


first or second seed that gives them the first round bye.


Detroit beware the Green Bay Packers.


The Lions now only have a one game lead but head to Dallas next


and then face Green Bay in week 17. Tampa Bay fall one game behind


Atlanta which damages their hopes of winning this division.


Seattle's Thursday Night win over LA secured this division.


Green Bay have moved into contention this week at the expense of Tampa


Let's toke New York and their defense. You called Jenkins the best


in the game at the moment. He got injured. That will be a worry. He


has been playing the best football of his career. And out of anything


we have seen in New York for a long period of time! The Giants cannot


keep sustaining these injuries. To lose him for any period of time


would be a disaster. You rose above that. Better for the show. He allows


them to do so much and Defense because he can take away their


number one receivers, which frees up the rest of the Defense. He has a


bruised back. He may be back later on. On a general discussion about


the Defense, we had a chat before we came on. I asked you if it was


similar to you talking about the Denver Defense last season. Denver's


pass rush was outstanding. Olivia Berman is a really good football


player but by himself he is not going to be able to create things.


It's the Giants got a wild card and Green Bay and Atlanta win their


divisions, who would they prefer to go to? That is a tough call. I would


say Atlanta. Only because you are going against a weaker Defense. You


would hope that you are hot on Offense. Your Defense is going to


keep it tight. These are the top five teams who should do the most


damage in the playoffs. I can't conceivably put the Cowboys


ahead of the Giants. Jason's index. Jason rarely changes his mind. Two


have gone. You have put the Giants and the Steelers in. The Giants are


hot right now. They are playing well. Pittsburgh have got there are


three weapons on Offense and they are playing together. Defensively


they are not playing -- giving up a number of points. Years mine! He is


coming over to the dark side! Yard and Rudolf and Darth Vader tonight.


That is remarkable. Don't forget the NFL Show this


Friday at 11.55pm BBC One. If you miss it then it's repeated


on BBC 2 this Saturday at 7.40am. Jacksonville's Gus Bradley


has joined fellow coach Meanwhile over in Houston,


Brock Osweiller is starting to realise how Ryan Fitzpatrick has


been feeling this season. You may not be loved Brock,


but cheer up it's Christmas after all, and remember the Texans


are paying you $72m... May the Force be with you. See you


Friday. Two weeks of the regular season to


go. The holiday season. No sitting back and relaxing. Peace and


goodwill to all men. Not here. Merry Christmas. The NFL.


Relying on Josh to get this right. Watch and learn. OK, here we go.


Anyone have a clue? ..a funny dance? No, no dancing.


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