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He's going to fire towards the end zone... Looking downfield... How did


he do that? Are unstoppable! Hello, merry Christmas


and welcome to NFL This Week. There's only one way


we are starting the show tonight! 12 months had passed,


losing became a way of life, but following encouragement


from this show we are pleased to say Cleveland have only gone


and finally done it! Running back Isaiah Crowell's


touchdowns in the 1st and 2nd quarters cheered Browns' hearts,


warmed further still when Josh Lambo's last-gasp missed


field goal gift-wrapped a 20-17 win for Ohio's finest, delighting


the players, This week our Super Bowl winner


Osi Umenyiora went to Nigeria And he couldn't let this special


moment pass. Congratulations Cleveland. You won the game, but


unfortunately I had to leave the country for this to happen so I am


going to take full credit. My brother in Nigeria has decided to


paint his house orange in honour of your victory. That's how much your


victory means to us. Have a good day and enjoy this special victory. As


Osi still in Nigeria. That was classic! He is a very


interesting man. Here is a quick breakdown on how everything works.


The NFL is split into two conferences - the AFC and the NFC.


Each conference has 4 divisions - North, South, East and West.


To get to the playoffs you need to win your division,


or gain a wildcard spot by having one of the next two best records.


The division winners are then seeded


depending on their regular season record.


Following the completion of week 15


this is how the playoff picture looked...


Oakland had gone 14 years on a playoff drought


but following week 15 they were confirmed


Miami were in the wildcard spot divisional rivals Baltimore.


ahead of their week 16 game against Buffalo.


In the NFC Dallas looking comfortable as the number 1 seed.


Seattle and Atlanta fighting it out or the number 2 seed.


Green Bay had moved into contention with Tampa Bay back in the hunt.


London-bound in 2017, the Miami Dolphins have


the 2016 regular season to contend with first.


Our first game takes us to Buffalo where the Dolphins


Victory for the Dolphins and the eight-year absence from the playoffs


could be over. Jay Ajayi was just 15 back then. Now he has a chance to


rush the Dolphins into the postseason. Unleash the beast! But


it will not be easy. High up in New York state. Following to the


sideline, and Brown is marked down at the 15-yard line. Nice grab by


Kenny Stills. Stumbling, Ajayi fights off an attack. That play


started off as ugly as it possibly could and Ajayi made it work. On the


following possession from the Bills, Dan Carter Mr 46 yard field goal to


keep the score at 7-0, heading into the second quarter. Drake with the


handoff. Goes the other way. Lots of running room that direction. Down


sideline. For the touchdown! Why would we go with the past when the


running game is working so well? This play is intended to go to the


left and Drake recognise there's nowhere to go. McKinney slows down


the field and allows him to get into the end zone.


They were going for it, do the end zone and it's a touchdown! I thought


he had overthrown Watkins. I know exactly what you are thinking, as


that ball left your hands, Watkins was not in the clear. To the end


zone, intercepted in the end zone by Cory White. That's a decision that


Matt Moore can't make, understanding that you're in field goal range, you


can go into the half and get points. That is a 1st down, and Matt Moore,


for DeVante Parker, down the sideline for the touchdown. Moore is


staring down to his left then he picks up Parker who is on a drag


route from right-to-left, and what happens again, the Bills with a


missed tackle allows Parker to get free and any strides out on the


sidelines. We were having a conversation about LeSean McCoy. He


is in that comparison category. You can see it. You can see he said


listen, he ends up running all the way outside to the left. So, you


have to be disciplined. McCoy to the ten, to the five, touchdown! What


great acceleration and that would have been a little bit like Barry


Sanders, that we were just talking about. To the end zone, touchdown,


Kenny Stills with the reception. On the next Dolphins' drive Franks


missed a 46 yard field goal to keep it once cool game. Carpenter made a


28 yard play on the next Bills possession. The Bills and forced a


stop and got the ball back late in the fourth. Two minutes to play.


McCoy. Taylor. Throwing, wide-open inside the 20, the 15, the ten, and


there's Robert Woods. 1st goal. End zone, and it is caught by Clay.


Macro Greek -- Clay comes up with the line backers dropping underneath


and he is able to find that link. Third touchdown pass of the day for


Tyrod Taylor. There is Kenny Stills, across midfield into the 44 of the


Buffalo Bills. More, to the sideline and it is caught. Damien Williams


fighting for yardage when he could have stepped out of bounds. Huge


mistake, not getting out of bounds and now they are yelling for the


field goal unit to come out. They have got plenty of time, they are


going to kick the field goal. Slow down and take a breath. This is a 55


yard attempt. On its way. And good! Acharya long ties the game. -- a


career long. This is what it looked like when a kick happen. Rex was


calling a time-out, and that is in sync with the play, from that view.


They need to win here, to keep their hopes alive. Running into the


midfield. And out of bounds at about the 30-yard line. It was about this


distance earlier in the game and the same spot on the field when


Carpenter was kicking it and the wind pushed it right, not pitting


the field goal for the Bulls. On its way, and... Pushed it right. Try to


leave it over. Carpenter would have liked nothing better against his


former team. More, and the Dolphins from around 15. Ajayi breaking


through less side. 40, 50, can they catch? They finally bring him down.


That is a 56 yard run by Jay Ajayi. And it is good. The Miami Dolphins


with their tenth win of the season. I take my hat off to our guys, down


14, we kept battling back. Miami is a good football team. They deserve


the game. And they won it. The guys, all the backs, really, all of them,


played huge is today. We just kept chipping away in the running game.


It was tough. It was a tough one. We just kind of kept chipping away. And


Ajayi stayed strong and kept going and busted out that big one in a


crucial situation. That put Miami on the brink of play


football for the first time since 2008.


Here's the rest of the AFC action from week 16.


What they had to do was look West, as they had AFC home-field advantage


but Oakland stone to a 26 point five quarters lead, with a couple of


DeAndre Washington 22 yard runs, then the unthinkable happened. At


the top of the fourth quarter, Derek Carr fracturing his right fibula


under pressure from Trent call. We will talk more about this. He faces


surgery today. And the Raiders looking to back up Matt McGloin to


take them into the playoffs. However they were beaten 33-25. Tennessee


needed a win to force a showdown with Huston for the AFC South. They


went down 38-17 to a rampant Jacksonville. They also lost their


quarterback to a broken leg, Marcus Mariota facing surgery. A 22 yard


touchdown pass caught by the quarterback. Best game of the season


for him. I cannot believe I used the phrase razzle-dazzle on television.


That defeat for the Titans meant that Huston could wrap up the AFC


South with a home win over the Bengals. Brandon LaFell scored this


86 yard touchdown pass from Andy Dalton. Huston wrapped up the


division title when Alfred blue ran in from 24 yards. That was the


winning score. And they claimed a narrow 12-10 victory. Sunday night


football featured the big AFC West showdown as Denver travel to Kansas


City. Both desperate for the win. The Chiefs ran riot. Scoring this 80


yard pass from Alex Smith as the defending Super Bowl champions


surrendered meekly. Big cheers in Miami as a defeat for Denver


qualified the Dolphins for a wild card. Then there was this from the


heaviest man in NFL history to throw up touchdown pass. It was a two


yard, to Demetrios Harris. And the tremors were felt all along the West


Coast! We will show that again in just a moment. Let's start with


Derek Carr. And what that could do to the Raiders, going into the


playoffs, losing your quarterback with a broken leg. This completely


changes the dynamic going into the playoffs. Obviously they have


confidence in their team but when you look at Derek Carr, he reminds


me of a young Brett ball. The players love him, the fans love him,


he plays the game of football like he's in the backyard playing catch


with a bunch of friends. He is high-fiving guys, he is chest


bumping defensive guys when they make plays. He's one of those


leaders, one of those guys that you want to see excelling. For this to


happen, it is unfortunate but it is the nature of the game. He's a


leader who is comfortable in himself who has the aura to go, guys, I got


this, don't worry about that, or to go, sorry, I am stuffed. He can't


just be one of the guys. A lot of the times when specifically the


media get into it, as a quarterback, the quarterback still is a part of


the team. They still are not any greater than the next man. And so,


when you look at a guy like Derek Carr, who has such great influence


on our young team, because they are so young, it is great to see the


dynamic that he has with his counterparts.


Osi loves Jay Ajayi and he led Miami. He has had a bit of a dip


recently but he ran over 200 yards in this game, do they need more than


just him if they are going to go deep into the playoffs? Yes. When


that happens and teams go to stop the run, they are going to have to


attack them vertically down the field. They will need good


consistent play by the quarterback. He needed this game going into the


playoffs. To have three 200 yard games in the season, impressive. I


don't care what kind of a dip he had, when he jumped back up, he


jumped back up big. This is in one of the biggest games of their season


and in their franchise history right now, obviously they have been in a


big dip as an organisation, it was huge for them to make the playoffs.


I understand what this means for the organisation. Let's see what this


means for Dontari Poe. Last season, the heaviest person to run in a


touchdown since the Fridge. Now the heaviest person to throw a touchdown


pass. He totally sold the run! He had his head down, he drops the


dime, like in basketball, look how sweet that is. There is huge


pressure on Harris to catch that. If Alex Smith had thrown it, that would


have ruined it. When you watch him catching the ball, he is looking at


the referee, like, am I in? The last thing you want to do is not to have


both feet down or drop that ball, Dontari Poe would probably have sat


on him. Denver will log that for the next time they play Kansas. They


don't like each other and now you are putting fuel on the fire.


Buffalo dispensed with the services of their head coach. Not a massive


surprise. They have not been as successful as they would have hoped.


Statistically, with Rex coming in, since he took over in that position,


they have not had a great statistical numbers favouring him.


They almost were better defensively for sure without Rex being there.


They are not really losing much. That was one of my favourite line of


the series! It's fair to say there's no love


lost between the Baltimore Ravens Fighting it out for the AFC North


title it's come down to this game. A Pittsburgh win sees them secure


the divisional title For Baltimore, following Miami's


win, a loss would elimintate them One of those old rivalries, it never


seems to slacken. Not even on Christmas Day. With an extra pinch


of space and the playoffs are beyond the Ravens, hopes are gone. A win


for the Steelers and they are guaranteed safe passage to the


postseason. Just in case this rivalry needed a little spicing up,


it doesn't... Opening drive, Pittsburgh's


touchdown. He will be running up the same to the left side. Into the free


safety. He tries to deliver the blow. They are not afraid any more.


They go up and get it and hang on until the touchdown. Justin Tucker


nailed a 42 yard field goal to put the visitors on the board. In the


second quarter, he attempted one from 44 yards but it was fumbled by


Sam Cooke and the Ravens went scoreless on the possession. There


was redemption and later, Tucker on target from 38 yards to make it a


1-point game going into half-time. Ravens... This path looks like it


was intercepted. He gets up and runs to the 20-yard line. They will take


a tight look at it because it was a turnover. It is the third turnover


of the year for him. He sees it, a little off target throw. Does he get


both hands underneath? I think he does. Pittsburgh are pressing.


Steven Smith for the touchdown! He got the look he was looking for. No


medal safety. Fifth touchdown of the season. Steve Smith six. The Ravens


converted a 2-point play after the touchdown but the Steelers struck


back on the next drive with the 36 yard Chris Boswell field goal.


Baltimore responded when they got the ball back, Tucker on song from


46 yards to extend their lead to seven points. Rogers in motion. It


is intercepted. It is CJ Mosley buzzing underneath. Mosley at the 20


and brought down at the 11-yard line. He threw two interceptions.


Deep in his own territory. 22 yards. CJ Mosley, a lot of things going on.


He gets back into his own and right underneath the ball.


Studio-macro: Baltimore stalled in the red zone once again. Tucker


took a ten point lead into the final quarter.


Here is a deep shock to the opposite side. Marcus errors. Incomplete.


Rupee on rookie and Young will be called for the penalty.


Almost miscommunication. Bell turns on the speed. He rings up six for


the Steelers. Brandon Williams. He cannot get Bell down. That is the


speed and vision. 3rd 10. This one is caught. That takes guts. He just


took a shot, hangs on and gets it to the 35. If Baltimore believe they


will end up in the end zone, they can try to score. I am surprised


that they have got them spread out. In, has the 1st down still going. He


stays on his feet and scorers! Run of the year! The Ravens take the


lead on the road! How great was he on this drive? Watch this contact,


he will not be denied. Once he saw the end zone and comes off the


collision with Mitchell, he will uses the hand to help himself get


into the end zone. There, he kept his knees from the ground, something


about seeing that goal line, you try to stay up at all costs. He has been


so good. Picking and catching the ball out of the backfield. The run


was exceptional. The pressure has not got there from the safety spot.


The throw is complete. The 47-yard line. 57 seconds left. 2nd 1.


Ravens pressure. Eli Rogers at the 20-yard line. Both Marsh --


motioning to clock it. One remaining. The clock stopped with 41


seconds remaining in regulation. Baltimore have brought a lot of


pressure on this drive. They want to stop this 3rd down play. Do you sit


back and zone or concede but keep them out of the end zone. They will


have to declare. 32 seconds left, third and fourth.


He is back, throws underneath, caught by James, kill the clock. The


ball was fumbled on the exchange. They will kill it with 14 seconds


remaining. The problem here is that the ball has to get out, get it into


the end zone. Second end goal. He caught it. Breaks the plane.


Touchdown, Pittsburgh's. That might win them the division. If he does


not reach with the ball, the clock by run out. The reach with the


football at the end of the run it gets across the goal-line. The clock


is running with nine seconds left. Mosley looked straight. Three Ravens


there are trying to do exactly what Doug was saying. He reaches forward,


breaks the play with the ball, but the touchdown is confirmed and it is


30-27. Tremendous play by Antonio Brown. Backlot could run out before


they get the ball spiked. The final play of the game. They are going to


work under Napier and that is deflected and intercepted and the


Pittsburgh Steelers have won the AFC North title. 31-27 and the Ravens


have been eliminated from playoff consideration. I think today showed


resolve. I showed some fight and did not quit. When you throw that second


pic and you are in the red zone and they are in there already, you never


saw them get down, you never saw them complain about the offense. We


always stick together, the same thing when they scored late. We do


not point fingers, it is a team win. So the divisional winners are all


confirmed except in the West. Houston were winners in the AFC


South. Houston are winners in the AFC South


and surely everyones prefered matchup in the playoffs.


Our six teams are confirmed in the playoffs, but for Kansas


and Oakland they also head into wk 17 fighting it out for the second


seed and avoidance of What a game to decide the AFC North.


Absolutely. You saw Ben in his Christmas sweater. Santa Claus


delivered to one of his favourite elves. When you think about football


games and division rivalries and match ups, Pittsburgh's and


Baltimore or at the top of the list, because of games that they put on


like that. Even though he did not have long for his final drive down


the field, he always seemed in control, did Roethlisberger. That is


the magic of him and that team. That is why they are dangerous. You


cannot give him time on the clock with the ball in his hand. He can


rip the defense apart. Look at the Antonio Brown touchdown. The


strength in managing to get his arm over. If he had not, the clock would


run out. The commentator said, the clock would run out. When I watched


this, it is almost as though, he pulled him back up, even trying to


tackle him. It is for him to even extent, but the strength and the


wherewithal to even understand, if I can reach just a couple more inches,


this may be over and he did it and that is what makes them special.


Talking about his mentality, if you look at these statistics, one catch


for its seven yards in the first, the ball was not going to him in the


first half and when you are a wide receiver and not getting the ball,


how does that affect you? It definitely it is a challenge to keep


your head in the game and as much as everyone around you is like it is


going to come, it is going to come, you do not really know that. You


want to see a ball hit your gloves and when you do not have that


opportunity to see the ball is coming as consistently as Antonio


Brown has had in his entire career, it becomes one of those deals were


it is like, come on, I want to catch a ball now! Absolutely. You don't


want to get too low because when the opportunity comes, you want to make


the best of it. Defensively, you will know, eventually the ball will


go to him. You are doing your game and you cannot worry about if he is


getting the ball, because when it happens, you have to be ready to


defend it. Thank you. A quick reminder that you can


get another dose of NFL We'll take a further look


at the match-up between Detroit and Dallas and we'll also preview


the final round of If you miss the show on Friday


evening it's repeated on Saturday morning,


or you can catch it on the iPlayer. We will start with Washington magic


cargo were Kirk Cousins was supreme. One touchdown to Chris Thompson then


he ran for two others self. As the Redskins kept their wild card hopes


alive. Greg now has a big smile on his face. In the NFC North, Green


Bay police the Vikings with Darren Rogers throwing for 347 yards. At


14, that is not the team you want to see get hot. Split loyalties here,


because you were a form of Viking as well. You just gloss over that.


Moving on... And that worked perfectly. Detroit taking on Dallas.


Dallas having the NFC home-field advantage. Great game, 21 all at


half-time, the Cowboys running 21 unanswered second-half point,


running out 42-21, and Des Browne even through a touchdown pass. What


Poe can do, he can do. Ten different receivers in this next game for two


touchdowns. They have come on strong this year. We will talk more about


their offensive weapons. They have Coleman running this in, first time


since 2003 both Supermac -- Super Bowl teams failed to make the


playoffs the next season. Then the Falcons had to cheer the Saints on


as a New Orleans victory would hand them the NFC South, with New Orleans


running out 24 winners. Two scores, and 299 yards from Drew Brees.


Atlanta's first divisional title since 2012. We will talk more about


those results in a while. Playoff football has been secure


for sometime in Seattle, however their season


is far from done. Atlanta's win over Carolina has put


huge pressure on Seattle's hope of securing the number 2 seed


and the first round bye. A win urgently required at home


to the Arizona Cardinals. Early qualification seems to have


unsettled the Seattle Seahawks. Life has been a little bruising for


Russell Wilson. Heavily defeat the Packers up in Green Bay hurt


everyone. The comforts of home now, but lose here, and the bonus of a


first round bye in the playoffs will vanish.


Third and 23 after the penalties. Fumble, and the ball is on the


ground. Arizona have recovered it. Huge turnover for the Cardinals.


Johnson, and he is in, touchdown Arizona. David Johnson scores his


31st career touchdown in his 31st gameplay. What a year he's had. Late


in the first quarter, Seattle guest Steven Hauschka had field goal


attempt to block, maintaining the 7-0 lead for the Cardinals. Believe


me, there will be a point when they say, we are going after these guys


downfield. Firing the, and he has done it, JJ Nelson! -- firing beat.


-- McLoone. He said, they have got to take it downfield. We have set


them up with the run, run, run, watch the safety hanging in the


middle. The deepest that guy ones is four, two, eight, and JJ Nelson just


outlines them. And it's complete, it is Doug Baldwin. Rocking up to the


end zone, touchdown! And he is hurt. Tyler Lockett was carried from the


field and was later found to have a broken leg. To make matters worse


after review his touchdown was pulled back, being taken down at the


1-yard line. On fourth and all, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson


was sacked, for turning the ball over. Arizona promptly gave the ball


back from David Johnson when he fumbled for the fifth time this


season. KJ Wright, on the recovery. The Seahawks again failed to gain


ground and had to settle for a 27 yard field goal from Steven Hauschka


to cut the Arizona lead to 14-3 at half-time. Wilson throwing a fade in


the corner. It's a touchdown from Jermaine Kearse. Let's see if he


holds it through the process of going to the ground. He does. That's


a touchdown, folks. Johnson. Seattle has done a good job, and going


through Larry Fitzgerald. Can you make the catch? He did. Down at the


one. Nobody catches a better contested ball than Larry


Fitzgerald. Man, that was something. Catch number one fumble and they


were needing the lead. 1st goal after the penalty. Johnson gets it,


Johnson is in. Touchdown. That is a new Cardinals record for rushing


touchdowns in a year, 15. Wilson sees it, makes the move and Doug


Baldwin, touchdown! Doug Baldwin, lots of people said he couldn't run.


That was why he was a free agent. He just ran away from Brandon Williams.


Seven minutes ago in the game, Arizona up three, and all. Johnson


is in for the touchdown. Later in the fourth quarter the Cardinals


extended their lead with a 42 yard field goal from Chandler Catanzaro.


It has been a tough day for the receivers. They came back but how


effective is it going to be? Thomas Rawls, lock it looking like he's out


for the year. Not a good day for the Seattle Seahawks. It is getting a


lot tougher for them. They need two touchdowns. That is the issue.


Wilson fires it. And rumbling right in, touchdown! Seems like a winning


formula, Jack. Pressure. He is in trouble, he gets rid of it,


incomplete. My goodness. Watch KJ Wright time this thing perfectly. He


is on to Carson Palmer. Carson Palmer does the only thing he can.


They need a touchdown. Two minutes to play from Seattle. 2nd 11.


Five-man wash. And Baldwin, Doug Baldwin inside the 20! And they are


going to mark him out at the 15s. This is where they pay dividends,


the former basketball players. Wilson to throw. End zone,


touchdown! We are tied. Unbelievable! Extra points in this


matchup. And this for the lead. This has been no gimme, because he has


missed points. Here we go, to give Seattle the lead. Steven Hauschka.


Are you serious? You cannot even make it up. Russell Wilson can't


believe it. 2nd 10, 41 seconds left. Great adjustment by Johnson.


What an adjustment as he beat Kam Chancellor. This guy can play. He is


a wide receiver. He's a running back, great body control, great


receiving instincts. Just a special football player. No time-outs left.


3rd 10. A quick throw, Fitzgerald has got it, now you have got to get


up there and get in. It is not a 1st down, you cannot spike it. It is


fitting. We go to one of the greatest receivers of all time in


the biggest situation. Nine seconds. To win it, five seconds from 43


yards. They kick is up and it is good! A stunning win for Arizona!


Against all the weapons and talent they had, receivers, quarterbacks,


we were feeding off that energy that the defense was playing with. We


didn't play great and the first half. We had a great second half and


showed resilience of a football team and what we are capable of. And so


the fight is there, and that is what you want Tom especially when you


have got one regular-season game left on the road. Against the 49ers.


NFC rivals, and that will be a battle, for sure. You have to figure


out what we can do better and what we did well and continue to improve


on that, heading into the playoffs. Three of the four divisions have


been decided but in the NFC North a rampant Green Bay head to Detroit


in week 17 to decide that division. The Giants loss on Thursday handed


Dallas the NFC East but also secured homefield advantage throughout


the playoffs which we'll look at Atlanta can secure that first


round bye in week 17 if they beat New Orleans leaving Seattle to fight


it out in wild card weekend. The Washington Redskins will be


looking over at that Green Bay-Detroit game


hoping to take advantage. A Detroit loss and they beat the NY


Giants then it's the Redskins who go Tampa are mathmatically


still in contention. Let's start with the Seahawks. Tyler


Lockett's injury affected them. Definitely. I know it affected them


because they are at the 1-yard line with his catching mates, he's got


this significant injury, you'd think that he would want to get in there


and score, but they couldn't even score. That let you know it was in


their head. We don't want to see too many replays of it. They have been


unlucky with injuries this season. They have had offensive line issues,


they cannot get a running game going because of injuries. Their offense


has been at a single year. In my opinion that is the biggest loss for


that team, Thomas. He gave so much that that defense. Obviously they


are a great defense. With him, without him, they are good defense,


not a great defense. They have not been playing great, but with Earl


Alt it is going to be uphill every game for them. If they are going to


go along way they could be doing with home-field advantage for as


long as possible. That is what you are hoping for and that says with


the Earl Thomas issues. They have not been able to do that. That has


been their weakness. Let's talk about Atlanta. I get lots of tweets


from Falcons fan saying, why do you ignore us on the show? To be fair,


that is not your fault because it's the first week that you have been


on. Let's expand on it. Ten different receivers in their win


over Carolina. If you're in that quarter, how do you feel? Honestly,


it is good but it is not all good! I say that because, when you have a


team like that, and I have been on a couple, where you have a plethora of


guys, they all have to be unselfish, or it doesn't work, and Atlanta,


everyone sees Julio Jones in the banner, but they have so many


different weapons and so many different ways they can beat you,


with the two headed monster at running back, both of them can catch


either backfield. It benefits you, but, as one of those guys, you are,


like, any of them, you know any given Sunday may not be yours!


Should refocus on them all, do you think? Yes, they are an exciting


offense. I like what they do. There are so many other teams to watch


that are great that you kind of forget how great they are. Is this a


now or never season for them or have they still got two or three more


seasons? Last season we spoke about the Bengals, now or never, this


season. I think they have got time. We could be talking about them as


serious contenders. They definitely have time. They are not an old team.


They have started plugging in pieces, taking pieces out at the


running back position. You look at their receiving corps, they have


revamped the entire receiving corps, almost, and their Bettman guy is


Julio Jones, and he is not an old guy. They have pieces there


defensively, they have got to sharpen up, -- their veteran guy.


What I think you guys have overlooked Atlanta, for sure.


It was all going so well. If you look at the inform teams in the NFL


at the moment, they are so experienced, New England, Green Bay,


Pittsburgh's, the top three and then, add latter and Houston, the


three most experienced quarterbacks, is that a problem for Dallas, that


three of their biggest rivals are the ones with the most experience. I


do not think so. I think that team is built on that offensive line. For


some reason, Dak Prescott is playing like he is the 33-year-old veteran.


I think they will be OK. If I look at how it could pan out, it could be


the Packers going to the Cowboys. Do you think Rogers can go to the


Cowboys and lead Green Bay to a win? It might be a stupid question.


Without a doubt. Watching Dallas, they are definitely beatable and


they are beatable at home. They have had so many close games, their


offense has not looked as sharp. They did look pretty good against


Detroit, but they have not looked as sharp as they once did early in the


season and I think teams are going down there, they do not have a fear


of Dallas, we have to face the Cowboys. I think the fear is if you


have to face the Green Bay Packers in the playoffs right now, you fear


that guy under that center. You know what his resume says. I will say


this. Do it quickly! I'm worried about the defensive backfield for


the Packers. Brilliant. Don't forget the NFL Show this


Friday at 12.10am BBC One. If you miss it then it's repeated


on BBC 2 this Saturday at 7.30am. One more week to go of the regular


season until we confirm the 12 playoffs contenders


for Super Bowl 51. You could argue Cleveland


had their Super Bowl moment this That result made many fans


in Cleveland, ...and Nigeria, Words not yet said, let's hear it


for the Cleveland Browns. And more forum that -- for the more


victorious, the guest list for the postseason is nearly done. The AFC


is sorted. NFC will go to the last round. Warm glows and sparks to the


last turn of the wheels, only in the NFL.


I'm relying on Josh to get this one right. Watch and learn.


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