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And it will be time for these stars teams to settle it. He is going to


fire towards the end zone -- two teams. Looking downfield, going


deep. Unbelievable! How did he do that? Cart! For the win.


Unstoppable. Happy New Year to you all,


welcome to NFL This Week. A week on and Osi is back


in the house, Cleveland are still partying following their first win


in 12 months, and it's the final round of the regular season


with season defining games that will make, or in some cases,


break playoff dreams. It is going to be hard. In the NFL


it is hard every week. They know how to go out and get


tough. You never give up. So many huge match-ups in week 17,


here's a selection of what we'll be looking at on the show.


A Washington win at home to the Giants would secure


playoff football.. That win would mean a winner


takes all in Detroit, with either the Lions or Packers


missing out all together. Minus their leader at quarterback,


Oakland went to Denver without Derek Carr looking


for the win to secure the AFC West. Lose that game and Kansas had


the chance to not only secure the division but also grab


the second seed in the AFC. Here is the playoff picture


heading into week 17. A quick reminder, to make


the playoffs you need to win your division,


or gain a wildcard spot by having The the Division winners


are then seeded depending on their regular season record.


So the six teams were wrapped up here, but for New England a win over


Miami would secure home field advantage right through to


the Super Bowl, should As mentioned Kansas City went


into week 17 looking at that second seed and valuable bye week held


by Oakland. In the NFC Dallas lead the way,


but the second seed is still Seattle were hoping Atlanta might


slip up and allow them the chance to avoid wildcard weekend


and the valuable bye week that comes with being number 1 and 2 seed.


Tampa Bay were still in the hunt but had better odds of winning


the lottery than results falling into place!


As mentioned, a Washington win and they're in the playoffs,


which is where we'll The 17th and final round of the


season. After weeks, it could not be more straightforward. Win and the


Washington Redskins make the playoffs. Lose and they don't. The


New York Times have already made the playoffs, but they have chosen their


18, Giants that Kirk Cousins must pull down.


Back up at the top of the screen. Here it is Perkins. In the 20, down


at the 15th. In a game that the Washington Redskins need to get into


the playoffs, they are watching the Giants move into scoring range. The


Giants eventually stalled. They got the ball back in the second quarter.


The Giants pick it up and there goes O'Dell back out at the 41. He is on


Josh Norman -- Beckham. Second and sacks. There is Beckham. That will


be a flag on a Norman and here we go again. Norman against Beckham, round


three and this time the flag is on Norman. He has to be concerned, this


has been all New York Giants. The Giants with their chance to extend


their lead to 10-0. All of us, we don't know what to expect from the


Giants but they are playing good ball. Touchdown. Impressive start


for New York here against their divisional rivals. MARK CHAPMAN: He


had a chance to get Washington on the board, but went wide from 57


yards. The Giants are going for it. 4th down and two. Pass is tipped.


Broken up by faster. -- Forster. They are all out there for the


Giants. The only guy that we have not seen has been Jenkins on the


defensive side. You take him out and replace them with Dominic Rogers.


You think you can go after them. 147 on 3rd down. Nice move. There is


life for the Redskins. Down in the 25. -- down inside the 25. Kirk


Cousins, the receiver fell down and DRC with their kick back the other


way. Harris lost its bidding and for Dominic Rogers, his bed kick of the


year. Here it is Harris. Down he goes. He has caught seven balls all


season long. Let's look and see if Rogers gets his foot down. MARK


CHAPMAN: Washington forced a three and out and Hopkins finally put the


Redskins on the board. They trailed by seven going into the fourth


quarter. Here is Perkins with a career high. He stopped short here.


Extra effort made it close. He is less than a yard short of the 1st


down. 3rd down and 17. Khorasan looking for blocks. A flag at the


end of it a lot of Pierre Garcon. He just went and got it. It looked like


they were going to get land in columns with the late head. You see


what has happened on this drive. -- hit. One on one. Touchdown!


Washington! He has to go up for it and for a guy who is playing with a


shoulder injury knowing that you will get parked, that is a heck of a


job, securing the ball and giving the Redskins team a chance to tie


this game up. Fourth 1st down of the half for the Giants. Hitting his


stride. The first-year player out of Georgia is good for 44 yards. A


simple goal route by King. Eli Manning is able to beat Blackman


with the ball with a perfectly thrown pass. Check that MARK


CHAPMAN: Robbie Gould give them the lead 13 minutes left. This may rest


on Hopkins to tie it. The Redskins call time-out and they have given


the Giants an opportunity to bring in some fresh legs. Kirk Cousins.


Oppose it down. Intercepted by Dominic Rogers. And that could very


well end of the year for Washington. Second interception, second turnover


of the game as well and it is a back breaker for the Redskins. Devon is


going to be the one to put the pressure. The pressure by him forces


Cousins to slide to his left and tried to make a throw to Garcon


without being able to plant his feet and lead him across the middle. He


is open but Dominic Rogers in a trail technique and a ball thrown


behind him, he is able to make a play, once again, 40 in the Redskins


drive. The Giants do four or five players deep. Throws underneath.


This is it. Flag is down and on the ladder and on the bounce, chairman


Wayne will take it in for the touchdown and the call is Anna Lo --


is illegible. This will stand. 19-10. There is a uniqueness and


something special about this squad of guys. We will find a way to win


the games. I wish it could be pretty at times but we are winning games


and that is a good quality to have. This is in my first time dealing


with this. Tough times do not last but tough people do. I will keep


saying that until I retire. All I know is that it will give me an edge


and I will go back to work this offseason and have


a hunger that has always been there but when the season ends this way,


it will be there and it will be strong. We will talk more about the


Giants in a moment, but as far as Kirk Cousins is concerned, he will


not like what happened in this game. He will not like that. Any part of


it. Is his future on the line at Washington. No, it is supply and


demand. He is one of the better quarterbacks in the lead -- in the


league. He had an up and down year, but his ups were better than his


downs. The Washington Redskins should build their team around him.


Is it fair that there is speculation about his future and not that


interception but the one late in the fourth quarter, if you look at some


of the American media, it has been described as the past that could


cost $28 million. If there were more options, yeah. There aren't really


many options out there. You're better with what you have got and


particularly a man who has not performed well. It is hard to find a


good quarterback for the system that is in play and he can do that. No


doubt about it. There are not enough football players to play that


position who can play the way he is capable of. It is the subject we


have touched on a bit, is Eli Manning a good quarterback at the


moment. He is a great quarterback and he will always be. He has


Championship pedigree and what he has working in his favour now is he


does not have to carry the football team. The defense carries this


football team. I agree, Eli is a good player, but it is the running


game. Him allowing that running game and are getting going for it the


offense is carrying his game. Eli is a great quarterback, but it is the


context of how the season has gone. If you say they need to develop a


running game, surely that should be done by now. You can't just develop


a running game going into the playoffs six you want to have


developed by the time you had the playoffs if you're able to hit the


playoffs and what has happened with him is, they were able to win on


defense and it gives them time to find a running back and Paul


Perkins. The Giants had shown a commitment to running the football


of last couple of weeks. They might add over 100 yards like they did in


the past week but they will continue to do that and rely on their


defense. Let's look at the other important fixtures in the NFC. We


know that Dallas have wrapped up the number one seed. They gave Tony Romo


and Erin and he has completed one drive with his second-quarter cameo.


The best quarterback in Dallas! Selley combined well. -- Michael


Philadelphia. Chip Kelly's final fling saw the 49ers score image


touchdown to put clear water between them and Seattle. The Seahawks first


of all fought back and then fought amongst themselves. We will talk


more about that in a little while. The Falcons are the ones to watch as


the divisional playoffs loom. They got the ball rolling in New Orleans


with a free men dazzling touchdown. And Matt Ryan continues to be a


prime candidate, for a touchdown throws through the first half. Julio


Jones with that to Tapper. And wrapping up the NFC regular


season were Green Bay at Detroit. Washington's loss made sure both


teams were playoff bound, but there A rare moment of relief, both teams


in the playoffs without having to score a point today, but relief sits


uneasily in the NFL. There is the NFC North divisional title at stake,


23 years have passed since the Lions once in won one and the Packers keen


to keep their resurgent streak going. It is Aaron Rodgers against


Matt Stafford, relief is not on the menu.


Ten out three out of seven 430 the eyeing us Michael 39 yards.


Golden Tate is able to make the catch. Julius Peppers slammed as he


went to make the tackle. MARK CHAPMAN: missing a 39 yard field


goal kept the scores level. COMMENTATOR: This is the longest


streak of his illustrious career. Now, he is down in Nelson range.


This is a guy with 11 red zone touchdowns. No one is even close. 14


total touchdowns for number 87. Rodgers throws over the middle.


Touchdown. He has had a heck of an impact rushing in this game. Thomas


on the bench right now. Stafford airing it out and it's caught at the


35-yard line by Jones. Second year guy out of Notre Dame. 3rd goal.


Into the end zone. Detroit touchdown. Detroit have all of its


time-outs. Zennor. Out of bounds at the 33-yard line. 1st down and goal.


Zennor in the backfield has carried 16 times. Touchdown! Golden Tate


slides to the inside. MARK CHAPMAN: The Packers put together a drive


that enabled a field goal to cut the lead going into half-time. Play


action. Nelson taking the ball to the 2-yard line. Going to roll to


the right. Fire. Court. Touchdown. Davante Adams. He will get penalised


for using the goalpost as a prop. 1st 16. Davante Adams in the


backfield. The pass is holding, in Detroit territory by Geronimo


Alison. Another catch here for 31. 3rd 9. Packers go five wide. Lyons


Rushforth. There goes a Aaron Rodgers again. Looking to the


outside again. Throwing and it is caught for a touchdown by Geronimo


Alison. You can't stop him if he does that. What did he have the


ball? Eight or nine seconds? This is why it is so difficult to defend.


Plenty of time, scrambling around, buying time. Eventually one of these


wide receivers uncover. They practice this all the time. People


think, it's streetball. No. Every single day, when we give them the


opportunity to go there, Aaron Rodgers, even when there is nobody


else on the field will try and come up with plays like that. They are


used to it. MARK CHAPMAN: lines possession, the lead down to six.


COMMENTATOR: Montgomery in the backfield. Rodgers is going to take


the snap. Rodgers takes it himself. He does everything. 1st down. It's


easy to say what a call when it works but what a call. Stafford can


only hope for another shot. Lions dancing around, showing blitz. Here


they come. The pass to Adams in the corner of the end zone. Davante


Adams working on Nevin Lawson. Aaron Rodgers has an even 300 yards on the


evening. You saw the blitz. You know it is one-on-one coverage. Davante


Adams, his 11th touchdown in a year. He's had a few drops but that


balance along with Jordy Nelson and Cook getting back into form, you


give that guy weapons and... 137, going down. Stafford fires and that


is going to be Micah Hyde coming away with it in the end zone for a


touchdown. Game on the line. Plays it perfectly. Arms around each other


on both sides. Officials say play on. Matthew Stafford can't believe


it. For all we talk about Aaron Rodgers and this Offense, what the


Defense did when nobody left to play quarterback, one of the great shows


of this year. Tremendous. Seven games, 18 touchdowns. The rating is


spectacular. Stafford throws. A few hearts beating around the country.


Anquan Boldin courted. That is overwhelming. -- he caught it. Kenya


-- can you imagine another player like that catching a Hail Mary like


that? You have Rodgers, Alison, Adams, the guys who are used to


handling the ball. Montgomery back of the 25-yard line. That with


Richard Rodgers will do it. Not quite as exciting as what Rodgers


did last time but pretty good. The Green Bay Packers go to the playoffs


for the eighth consecutive year. Giants go to Lambeau next week.


We're in the playoffs and the goal is to win the Bowl. It's fun to win


with these guys and to do it the way we did for the last six weeks. We've


got a great football team playing really well. Were just happy to be


back at Lambeau. It's very difficult to get into the playoffs. Where one


of the 12 teams in it. So, if you're in, you got a chance.


Congratulations to the Lions making it to the playoffs. A heck of a


football game, it was fun to coach in it and we're very proud to win


this title again. So the NFC road to Super Bowl 51


will go through Dallas, who end the regular season as number


1 seed and have that Matt Ryan's Atlanta Falcons


are second seeds and join Dallas on the bye week ahead


of wildcard weekend. Seattle's three wins from their last


six games has seen them slip into third seed,


they will host sixth seed Fourth seed Green Bay will host


the New York Giants this coming wildcard weekend at a very cold


Lambeau field! We will get onto Green Bay- New York


in a moment. Let's start with Green Bay. You marvel at Aaron Rodgers and


you see the stats, 18 touchdowns, no interceptions in seven games. You


wonder if he's unstoppable at the moment. This guy is playing the best


quarterback we've seen in the NFL in history. His stats is ridiculous. 18


touchdowns, I've never heard of it before. And the turnaround is


remarkable. Six weeks ago, they appeared to be an unhappy camper. He


called out some team-mates. He was hobbling and limping. Now, he's like


a Rolls-Royce. He never panicked because he believed in his skill


set. This play is amazing. Watch his footwork. How quickly he sets up the


throw again. You don't see quarterbacks do that. How would you


play against him? Now? You just have to rush the past. You can't give him


time to sit in the pocket and do all the incredible things he's able to


do. You have to attack him, came contain him in the pocket. You have


played against him and we have footage. You're smiling already.


We've got footage of you play against him. This was the Giants in


Lambeau. The couple of times they have gone there and beaten Green Bay


and gone on to the Super Bowl. We are going to see you, missing him


first time. You have two persist. Look at what I did! Some shots


elsewhere of this game. Look at this. You were teachers pet there.


You were the closest to Tom Coughlin. I wanted to be there where


everybody could see me. With my helmet on, they don't see me too


much. I wanted to be in shot. See it one more time. He grabs you. I was


his favourite! Hello, son. What do you think it will be like for the


Giants going to Lambeau given the history they have albeit with a very


different roster. One guy who is very important is Eli. He can say,


follow me and I will take you to the promised land. I like the Giants


chances in this particular game. I can't explain how difficult what


they did against the Washington Redskins was. They had nothing to


play for and they defeated the Washington Redskins and I like their


chances in this game. In tribute to the Giants going to Lambeau, the


previous times they did that they went on to win the Super Bowl. Just


to prove he is a Super Bowl winner, he has brought his two rings. Look


at that! Bear a shiny! They don't do things by halves, I tell you.


Atlanta, now second seeds. We discussed whether we had given them


enough credit. They will be a real threat. It is good for them for two


reasons. They have time to prepare and Julio Jones has time to heal.


The only distraction will be their defensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan


who is interviewing for jobs. Surely that kind of thing should wait till


the season is over. Teams have the opportunity to hire" she is. You


don't want to wait until the season is over. He would have missed his


chance. He deserves the opportunity to compete for a head coaching job.


You'd think that was a distraction if you were one of his players. This


is definitely a distraction. He is making a decision for his future and


he's going to put in time for that. What is he supposed to do? Wait for


the job is to be filled. That's not fair to him. I don't agree with the


process but it is taking away from the next game. The men who would


have had their odd difference of opinion, what you think about the


Seattle Seahawks players fighting amongst themselves? This is


ridiculous. Read gets dejected and Clark decides to give him a piece of


his mind. Ridiculous. They should have waited to get into the locker


room to address their differences. You don't Bear your dirty laundry


for everyone to see. This is part of the dysfunction of the Seattle


Seahawks right now. If you know somebody that is hurting the team


and letting them down, you need to keep it under control. You would be


the first guy to grab somebody and say, calm down. But I wouldn't want


to address it right there on the sideline. Clark had problems on his


own. He's not the veteran on that football team that should be


grabbing people by the scruff of the neck. He should chill out a bit. Do


it in private. Not in public. Do it in private. Good luck after the


show. This Friday we will take a look at the final round of the


regular season. If you miss the show


on Friday evening you can Tom Brady led the Patriots again.


Welcome, I'm here. 77 yard catch and run. And a thunderous block from


Floyd. He is likely to lead Miami into the playoffs. Houston against


Tennessee. They had better days. Jones rumbled through for a


touchdown and then a second-quarter concussion saw him exit the game.


The ?72 million man didn't throw a touchdown. Santer fraud! You can't


call him that. Pittsburgh's knocking for an overtime touchdown. Jones


finding Hamilton to secure the game. Is that your own personal nickname?


Over in the AFC West, Oakland and Kansas City both had


an opportunity to not only secure the division but the valuable AFC


second seed and the bye week that comes with it.


For the loser playoff football is secured,


but rather than a week off they'll be back the following weekend


Both keen to secure the bye week, leaders Oakland had the tough trip


to Denver whilst Kansas City headed to other divisional


High drama. A classic western. The Oakland Raiders on their drive,


majestic until this. It is broke! The broken leg of Derek Carr, to


take the title they have to pick themselves up and take the high road


to Denver, home of the still raining and most certainly smarting Broncos.


Liz, and the offer of the division title and a home tie ahead is held


out to the Kansas City Chiefs. Raiders and Chiefs, the double


screenplay of the day. The Raiders trying to win to take


the division for the first time since 2002. The Broncos are driving


here. Into the end zone for the touchdown. Denver picking up six


first downs after taken the opening kick-off. -- taking.


So many injuries have hit these San Diego Chargers. And their line-up


does not resemble anything close to what it looked like on opening day.


The throw in. Nolan coming out of the outfield. He is put out of


bounds. MARK CHAPMAN: Nine plays later, a field goal to give it the


Chargers a three point lead. Five wide receivers on third and sixth.


Smith. Down the near side line. Court at the 10-yard line. MARK


CHAPMAN: For plays later, the Chief Scott on the board with a field


goal. The game was tied at three all. Rivers throws. What a catch


made. The 48, once again it is Hunter Henry. He had himself a


healthier season than usual this year. Rivers. This side of the


field. In 2pm zone, touchdown, Gates. He is tied with Tony


Gonzalez. It will be interesting to see when the game ends. He breaks.


And another tackle. Being chased by Malcolm Smith. He tries to punch the


football out from behind. MARK CHAPMAN: That run lead to an


McManus 22 yard field goal. The Raiders trailed by then. -- ten.


Quick pass to the far side. Albert Wilson. To the 20, to the ten and


tripped up before he got to the end zone. He was marked out about the


5-yard line. Those short passes are nice idea. It turned into an 80 yard


touchdown a week ago. This is Alex Smith. For the end zone, touchdown.


Knife block in front of him by Travis Kelsey. Alex Smith. Rush and


touchdown of the season for Alex. It is going to be one of those kinds of


days on the scoreboard. Rivers. Intercepted. Picked off at midfield.


Peters is out of bounds at the 30-yard line. He was under pressure


in the pocket and Peters jumped the route. Smith, rolling, throwing,


touchdown. Martin Spiers, the interception. The Kansas City Chiefs


convert at the other end. Again, he is high. Going towards Crabtree and


he got hit. It is out. 93. 15-yard penalty. Automatic. 1st down. It


looks like it is going to be the football goes high. He has to lean


back, he knows he is getting pressure. The head hit the ground. I


Jo Scott word from the Oakland Raiders that Matt McGloin has a


shoulder injury. His return is not likely. We will see his first action


of the regular season. 3rd 18. Big penalty took the Broncos out of


field goal range. He has got room. He has got an open field ahead. He


has got to the end zone for the second time. MARK CHAPMAN: Just


before half-time at Arrowhead, the Chiefs converted a field goal from


Santos to extend their lead to ten points. 2nd 3. Smith throw in.


Intercepted. Picked off on the far side of the field. Back to their 30.


Thirdly, 20, touchdown, San Diego. No flags on the field.


Simeon, throws it in there to Thomas. Into the red zone. Second in


goal. Reaction to the end zone, it is a touchdown. Virgil Green.


40-yard line. Alex Smith to throw. Wide open in the middle of the


field. For a 1st down, a 20 yard pick-up. A reminder what is at stake


with Oakland losing, Kansas City winning here, then Kansas City would


move up to number two seed. They win the Championship.


Touchdown. That looked really easy. Very familiar, the same path they


did earlier with the roll-out. West goes up and out. The receivers to


the right crash down, it is seldom easy the same play work twice in the


same area of the field. First and ten. Kirk. Bodies around


him. Beautiful pass. Cooper. Try to reach out for it. They say


touchdown. Cooper. There are a couple of things. This was a big


drop. Good field position and they took advantage. Connor Cook stepping


up was the first thing and the Raiders love to make double moves.


They do a lot of them during the game and that was some job by


Cooper. How about the way he finds the pylon? It was a touchdown. Took


a hand from Kirk. Tipped away by Simmons. You talked about how


important the bye week was. It just got more important. Playing that one


from in his own 10-yard line. Here he goes! Down the sideline for the


touchdown. No flags! 95 yards for Hill. He also has a kick-off return.


MARK CHAPMAN: At the top of the fourth quarter, the Chargers


converted a field goal from Lambeau but the Chiefs would respond with


another Santos 37 yard field goal to make it a 17 point lead as the game


wound down. I wouldn't be surprised if the numbers keep growing and


growing. Rivers, wide open at the goal-line, touchdown to Hunter


Henry, the rookie tight end. Final score, 37-27. Kansas City wins the


AFC West. They will have a bye week before resuming their pursuit of a


Super Bowl. I tell you guys all the time, you get what you earn in this


league. We did not do enough to earn a win tonight. Tough game, we did a


nice job. We didn't do enough early enough to win. That is the way it


goes in this league. For us, it was a big swing, to goal from


potentially playing a road game in the wild card, to a buy and hosting


a game. There was no in between, a big swing. Credit to our division.


How well we have been playing. We took care at our end and got some


help from Denver. So we finally have our 12 teams


confirmed for the playoffs. Pittsburgh post-Miami. Oakland head


to Houston. Dallas and Atlanta are keen observers of the wild card


weekend. Seattle will take part in wild card we get hosting Detroit.


Green they host the New York Giants at Lambeau. Apologies to Kansas City


fans, I said it was at Arrowhead but it was in San Diego. Let's focus on


Oakland. Noel Derek Carr, Matt McGloin was injured in this game and


they had to go to their third ranked. The timing was awful.


Terrible misfortune. This team had played good football for the entire


year, lose their star quarterback and now they have to go in to the


playoffs like that. Terrible luck. You don't know what to say. You feel


so bad. It was a big hit. Right on his shoulder. He was starting to get


wraps as a starter and now he is out any have to bring in somebody else.


He did throw a touchdown but later on he did this. You can do anything


about it. It's not like you can bring in someone else. They have a


great offensive line but now that teams will stack the box. If I was


going to be positive for the Raiders, do you at least give that


those quarterbacks are bit of leeway in that they were taking an Denver


and their defense and an emotional Denver as well. They knew that


Kubiak was leaving, they wanted to go out on a high... You are trying.


You know what a good quarterback does, but they don't! There is no


way that you can take any positives out of this situation. These are two


unproven quarterbacks. There is no way they can overcome that. You


would hope there is not enough film out there on them. They don't know


what they can really do well and they might get away with it for one


game. I'm sure most people watching will note the situation with Gary


Kubiak and why he is stepping down for health reasons. It is a very sad


story. We know by being in the locker room how much time as coaches


put in. I used to see throughout the season, cultures got sick, everyone


had a cold, they put in a lot of hours and that wears down your body


and his health has been impacted. He was a former player and all the


players loved him, he rallied the troops. ... He had a great


relationship with John Elway. They had everything going for themselves.


We wish him well. He is the one who left through choice. The other


coaches that went, it is called 'Black Monday'. It tends to be Black


Sunday night! Maybe a couple of before that. 49ers, Chargers, Jags,


Broncos, Rams, all looking for new head coaches. Alt of those jobs, if


you were both to be head coach... I could see it, which one would you


take on why? The Broncos. They have a great defense. You always want to


take over a team with a good defense. They have everything in


place, they just lost their head guy for health reasons. He has taken the


Broncos job. You would say the same thing. Alt of the other ones


available, where would you go? Los Angeles. Rams. Hollywood! I would go


and enjoy the fun in the sun. You have a good young quarterback. He is


young. They have to give him time to develop. You know you have at least


two or three years. I am definitely going to LA. It started as a


compliment. Over the course of the season, we have seen the Jason and


Osi index. Osi had the Patriots, who put the Giants in at two and then


went Cowboys and Raiders and then Seahawks. Let's see how he changed


it going into the playoffs. He brought a plan to end. Steelers are


up at four, Cowboys are in there as well. You drop the Seahawks and drop


the Raiders out. The Seahawks are fighting each other. The Raiders


with quarterback situation, they cannot be in my top five. I have the


Steelers they have a really good offense. I like him in the playoffs.


Let's look at Jason's index. You haven't changed yours as often.


Patriots, Cowboys, Raiders, Giants, Steelers. That was it two weeks ago


and you also dropped the Raiders completely out of it. You bumped the


Steelers and the Giants up and you have brought the Chief said. I


wanted the cheese to be in there. They were going to jump over the


Raiders, but because of the injury, to Derek Carr... Did someone talk


about the cheese? Are you tell me they are not exciting? They have


exciting play. They are not exciting. Number two seeds. Neither


of you have that the Packers and there. They won six games in a row


that they are not better than any of those five teams. We have spent ages


praising Aaron Rodgers. They have a lot of injuries and they give plays


downfield. You know if Green Bay win, I'm going to have such fun.


Don't forget the NFL Show this Friday at 11.55 BBC One.


And don't forget you can catch the playoff action this


Starting at 6pm there's coverage of Miami's visit to Pittsburgh


followed by the Giants visit to Green Bay.


So 32 becomes 12 as we head into the playoffs and of those 32


teams, six have so far fired their head coach.


See you Friday as we preview the road to Super Bowl 51.


The numbers are slashed, 32 down to 12 and that doesn't, at the top four


may rest. Eight teams must play, smaller numbers, higher intensity.


The wild card is must take to the road could, to the homes of


divisional winners. High stakes, high-quality, the giddy heights of


football in the New Year. And it is going to go only higher. Only in the


NFL. They want me to write and


produce - for a boy band. Oh.


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