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And it will be time for these adults teams to settle in between the white


line. He will fire it towards the end zone -- two teams. A one-man


wrecking crew. Unbelievable! How did he do that? For the win. Constable


bothers-macro 32 has become 12,


the playoffs are here and the journey to Houston for


Super Bowl 51 is up and running starting with


wild card weekend. having intermingled occasionally,


the two conferences of the NFL now keep their own company, to find the


champions of the AFC and the NFC. Only then will the mix again. At the


Super Bowl in Houston. Teams that have never been to the Super Bowl


are here in the playoffs, the Houston Texans and the Detroit


Lions. Elsewhere, more familiar faces abound. Those that know and


those stepping into the unknown. It is wild card weekend.


So Super Bowl LI in Houston is what are 12 teams are working towards and


in the AFC, Miami head to Pittsburgh, the only matchup sees


Oakland head to Houston. New England will welcome the lowest seed and


Kansas City will face the highest remaining seed. In the NFC, Detroit


ahead to the west Coast to face Seattle and the other game sees the


New York Giants head to the Green Bay Packers. Dak Prescott and the


Dallas Cowboys await the lowest seed while at Atlanta await the highest


remaining seed in the NFC. You are looking forward to it? We


are going to have fun tonight. Detroit have not won a playoff


game on the road in 50 years, in fact they've won


just one playoff game total, all the way back


in Looking to rewrite history


they go to Seattle, a city where the Seahawks have


not lost a home playoff It was only three years ago


Russell Wilson and the Seahawks A win over the Lions would go


some way to returning The postseason of 1991, the Detroit


Lions only win in a playoff. Matt Stafford was three back then, not


that he was quite yet playing but like everyone in the city, it he


will note that the Lions have never been to the Super Bowl. This Seattle


Seahawks have and Russell Wilson was outstanding. The Seahawks current


form, a little bumpy, but Seattle, high in the top left corner of NFL


land is the citadel hard to take. And they roll and a little boot and


the path is caught. A scrimmage by Matthew Mulligan. That will turn at


the ball over to the Seahawks. Bobby whitener is there. Hawks from the


48-yard line. A nine yard game. Are they really going to go for this? At


least for the moment they will line up to go for it. McAvoy -- McAvoy is


a big receiver. Wilson is going to love one. All kinds of action in the


end zone. He comes up with the ball. What a catch! Wilson was all over


him. Interference. The penalty is declined as a result of play.


Stafford thought it should have been offensive pass interference. There


is the foul, no question about it. Catch, goes to the ground and Paul


Richardson, their third at best. That is a way to move up the chart.


3rd 9. Stafford hangs. Anquan Bouldin cannot hang on. Bouldin at


the end of this play will push an innocent man. It was right in front


of the official. 2nd down in ten from the 24-yard line. He is able to


Spring away again, what a night for this guy. He broke away and he has


gained 101 yards. MARK CHAPMAN: He made a field goal to extend the lead


for Seattle. The Lions responded when they got the ball, this 51 yard


making it 10-3 to the Seahawks going into half-time. 2nd down and nine


from the 21-yard line. Stafford throws. A juggling catch. Out past


the 40. Sherman writes him down at the 44-yard line. Thank goodness he


hung on to that. They needed that play. MARK CHAPMAN: He went over


again this time from 53 yard to cut the lead for Seattle to just four.


He had three receivers stacked to the left. They will run the ball.


Rawls bursts through the line. Wilson is down there. He takes it to


the 35-yard line. Rawls slow in getting out. Russell Wilson throwing


a block. MARK CHAPMAN: Seattle stalled in the red zone settling for


a field goal to take a lead in the final quarter. From the 16. He will


get taken down at the line of scrimmage. A late flag. After that


play was over, foul, number 80, offense. 2nd down. That is a second


foul on Bouldin. He is tough and physical, he played with a broken


jaw. When you have a chance to move in the playoffs, he is a veteran


guys. Clearing up about Anquan Bouldin, both penalties against him


have been for unnecessary roughness. Even though he has had two


penalties, he could still have an unsportsmanlike and not be thrown


out of the game. You tell me. Rawls. Wilson goes deep down the sideline.


Bouldin was able to hold him. It did he stay inbounds? At the 23-yard


line they will call it a completion. Any time you're asking a safety like


Tavon Wilson who is much more than a run of play, watch this catch, get


those down, spectacular. Thomas Rawls for the touchdown. The


Seahawks just went 82 yards in eight plays to turn it into a Das


possession lead. Stafford fires -- two possession lead. Stafford gets


part by Bobby Wagner. Flag thrown, Richardson able to come up with the


ball. Bending their flag. Did they trade for Odell Beckham Jr? This is


unbelievable! He snaps his head down to make that catch. They may have


found a factor here. 3rd 9. Wilson on the run. Not caught. Incomplete.


Bouldin goes over to Carol Ann says challenge that. He caught it between


his legs. I don't think that headed to ground. Is there are enough to


overturn it? Pete Carroll gives this a try. I think it is a catch. I do,


too. He is controlling it. It is a catch. Three receivers stacked to


the left. Wilson goes that way. Das guys there and Bouldin captures it.


He's stolen. -- two. He had a walk-in, stand-up touchdown. Watch


Doug Baldwin steal it from him. It has been a one-handed catch show


tonight for the Seahawks. The Seahawks are moving on and the


Detroit Lions go into the offseason. They have been working on it. They


have been battling all year. They are feeling pretty good. We always


want to be able to run the ball and throw it at a high level and mix it


up. That bounce attack coming at it at different angles it gives us a


chance to be successful. I thought it was a great game and there is no


place like home. Russell Wilson said they always wanted to be able to run


the ball and they have not been able to do it. Thomas Rawls back and


firing is a plus. Absolutely. He was healthy and the offensive line


dominated. They created things for a Rawls and he made things happen.


Paul Richardson had a great game. As spectacular as this catch is, should


this have stood? You know, by the rule book, yes, but as a defender, I


am thinking, what is this? He cannot play the ball. We see the flag, it


is for the penalty on the defense. You put your arm out, you cant let


him get back, it was a pass interference. Detroit feel they have


been the victims of poor officiating. Is that another


example? That should have been called. The catch was so


spectacular, you cannot deny him a touchdown. Detroit, while they may


complain about the officiating they shot themselves in the foot with two


penalties against him. Not necessarily a crucial point but they


were 7-0 down, the second one that we will see, is in the fourth


quarter, how can someone so experienced lose his cool like that?


I don't understand. He is there to bring leadership, someone that


players look up to. You see this activity, I don't know, maybe he had


a rough week in practice. There is no explanation. He is not this type


of person. For him to display these aggressive tendencies, but in this


situation, you were brought their are veteran leadership, you're not


brought there to catch 100 balls, you are there to calm down the


younger guys. Five years have passed.


Five years have passed since the New York Giants,


from a city of 8.5 million people, rolled into the small


city of Green Bay, with it's 100,000 population, and


won a playoff matchup that led to Super Bowl success.


Back then Osi was 2 stone heavier than he is now,


which is quite the opposite to how footballers in the UK


go in their retirement, however, the Super Bowl 46


success was the Giants last appearance in playoff


8 Super Bowls split equally between them, Green Bay


are on a six game win streak and their quarterback


Aaron Rodgers looks every bit the MVP from Super


The strong arm of experience. Eli Manning for at the Super Bowl


Giants. Can that I find the hands of Odell Beckham Jr? Back in the glory


days, the Giants won playoff games here in Green Bay. The Packers with


a special place in the game, owned by their fans, this is their


fortress, this, they're a team on something of a surge with an


experienced arm of their own, Aaron Rodgers.


Giants hairy it up, Beckham is there and cannot hang on. Beckham got


behind him and maybe a little too much air from Eli. Manning, M zone,


Shepherd. Defended. He is a do everything player for the Packers


and was there and poked it away. This time he has lined up outside. A


well thrown ball. MARK CHAPMAN: After the drop, the Giants settled


for a field goal to take it 3-0 lead going into the quarter.


Here is Nelson. Got three and cannot make the catch. He was in front of


Leon Hall and now Nelson after getting their head is on all fours.


They hit him in the ribs. Quarterbacks typically have the rib


protectors but the receivers do not and he is in a great deal of pain.


We will find out, it looks like he will be making a return.


Eli Manning, it looks like Rodgers getting up to the line. And this one


is good. COMMENTATOR: Four plays later, New York took the lead, 6-0.


COMMENTATOR: After that sack, they go for Adams! Working on the rocky


and what a throw for 31. The Green Bay Packers do a pretty good job of


their own coming away with touchdowns in this position, they


are tenth in the NFL, last week, Rodgers got off to a tough start and


then heated up. It only takes a play like he just threw to get your


confidence back. First half. Second goal. Rodgers scanning, Time running


out again. What a player. Rodgers is fearless! And Adams hang on. As good


as this coverage is, you allow him to sit back and eventually he'll


find a way over. The Green Bay Packers's defends the third worst in


the league so far this season on stopping people at 3rd 1. The New


York Giants are in a position to come away with some points of their


own. It's raining on the carry on 3rd 1, it's surprising to say the


least. A time-out will be taken here by Green Bay. They'll take a shot


down the field, they'll try to get the ball from out of bounds and


maybe pick up a few yards, maybe take the opportunity for a field


goal. Rodgers does this better than anybody. Enzyme, touchdown.


Unbelievable. The safety players come you've got to get deeper than


the deepest guys. Leon Hall throttles at the goal-line and his


team-mate gets in behind everybody. It is inexplicable as to how you


allow any offensive players in front of you in a hail Mary situation. Who


does that better than Aaron Rodgers! Manning. King. The first-year player


out of Georgia who had a big catch last week at Washington gets in. And


it is a two point game. Rodgers is getting a hot hand. It's a


touchdown. That's the position if he was on the field, Cobb puts a


veteran move on him and gives Aaron Rodgers an open field. But looked


easy for the Green Bay Packers. Manning hazard. No signal yet.


Incomplete. On the following possession Crosby kicked a field


goal to extend Green Bay Packers's lead to 11 points going into the


next quarter. COMMENTATOR: 3rd 11. It's off his hands. And right or


wrong, when you deal with Beckham, and the receiver crew did on the off


date Monday, and that pass was a bit too deep for Beckham but he hasn't


been the typical presence in this game, people will point out that


trip. The protection up front for Aaron


Rodgers has been so good, as we mentioned earlier, he's been sacked


five times in the game. They have been tremendous. Manning has it


knocked away by Matthew was. Is that a life ball. I have not heard a


whistle get. And Matthews, who made the hit, is on top of the ball. How


about Matthews in the hustle committee knows it is a life ball.


The ball was recovered by Green Bay at the 45-yard line. With everyone


standing around, Matthews goes and gets said. -- gets it.


In for the touchdown. And a winning streak has hit seven. Getting into a


flow early, I think, obviously the passing game, I need to do a better


job, some basic throws and once we got going with accident. These are


the learning experiences, tough as you are, this is what you stand on


and grow from. It sucks, there is no other way to put it. Every single


time it is fun. I think we are starting to believe that any time


that ball goes up there, we've got a chance. I can throw it pretty good


but it's got to happen at the other end as well. Green Bay's win over


New York sees them head to number one seed Dallas, is the highest seed


from wild card weekend Seattle go to Atlanta, two blockbuster games to


look forward to next week. They both dismissed


the Packers last week for Aaron Rodgers and the Packers


still have playoff football, at the expense


of the Giants. All the talk was about how the New


York defense was going to lock up the Green Bay Packers. Some people


did get locked up but it wasn't the Green Bay Packers. It was the


outstanding offensive line play of the Green Bay Packers. The


quarterback knows that he has three seconds. That's what they are


taught, they have an internal clock in the head that says that after


three seconds The Boro will be gone and or I will be sacked. I want you


guys to watch how many seconds Aaron Rodgers holds the ball here. We're


just going to have a chat. What are you doing later, J Boyd, want to


have some fun, wants to go to a bar? Oh, he still has the ball. This is


ridiculous. If I were a defensive lineman and I was on the field I


would take off my pads and walk off because I'm an embarrassment. He


held the ball for 11 seconds. I want you to watch this man and have a


look at Vernon. In this particular situation you will see an offensive


lineman working with another offensive lineman, they work


together. Watch them. The pocket is cleaned for Aaron Rodgers giving him


more time to step in the pocket and throw the football. This is what


happens when they play well together. The guard is right there


to make a great play and give Aaron Rodgers all the time he needs to


make a great play and make the touchdown for the Green Bay Packers.


This is the Hail Mary pass. A lot of people want to focus on Aaron


Rodgers, the throat and the catch but for him to make this play happen


he needs to have time in the pocket. And the running back has got to come


in because he's going to help. You see the play start to develop. Watch


the running back. He is looking for protection, hoping to help some


things happen. Aaron Rodgers is going to throw the Hail Mary. You


know what, I just can't! Cobb is the shortest guy on the football field,


he is five foot eight, how do you allow him to make this past! They


are supposed to be the NYPD! They make me so angry, man! They are


looking at each other confused! What are you doing? Explain this to me


before I go crazy. You know what, you're right. The whole issue is the


fact that there's a lot of pressure over here. Oh, my goodness. Stay


with me. Stay with me. What's the problem? This is my problem. You are


always supposed to have a designated jumper. We want to bring in an


offensive guy that can get the ball. Everyone else is supposed to face


the offenders and push them out. And who jumps? Nobody. Nobody jumps for


the NYPD. I don't want to be associated with them. Had a problem


with my jacket and I was cold so I needed to find a shirt... So, just


on that, it is a very nice fit, you've explained to me in the past


but sometimes you put the wide receiver there to stop the Hail Mary


so why wasn't Prodl back in there, not that I'm blaming him. -- why


wasn't Odell Beckham there. We as defenders knew how to get in front


of the guys and kind of war them out. The way that he was knocking


the balls down he would have been good. He had a bad day and I think


he's had a lot of stick, Odell Beckham Jr, partly because he went


on a yacht in Miami on his day off, and he was warming up topless


beforehand. Did he take it too far this week? Players deserve their day


off, there's no problem with it. But this, it's the social media game,


they are saying, look, we have done this before, no big deal but it was


a big deal today. If you were on the same team what would you have said


to him if you were walking around. I would have said, you've got to cut


this out, this is a serious game, I know you are well within your rights


but this is about the team, not you, why would you go to Miami on a yacht


and post pictures. You know the river conditions of that. You've


painted a big capital X on yourself and then not delivering in the


biggest game of your life, this situation reminds me of Carmen


Newton last year. He wasn't as crazy as this that he put a big X on


himself. Not as crazy as this though.


A quick reminder that you can get another dose of NFL


We'll look ahead to the blockbuster divisional games


coming our way this weekend, which includes Green


If you miss the show on Friday evening you can catch


Once upon a time Houston head coach Bill O'Brien


was Tom Brady's quarterback coach in New England,


oh how he must yearn for a Brady to lead the Texans


The $72 million investment in Brock Osweiller has


not worked out, but with Jadeveon Clowney leading


It's that juicy! I know what I'm doing!


licking their lips at facing Oakland.


Houston have never been to a Super Bowl, Oakland


have three to their name, but 14 years have passed


without playoff football, something they tackle without


their injured quarterback Derek Carr.


The Raiders went into this game relying not


their back-up quarterback, he got injured too,


but their third string rookie, Connor


The Oakland Raiders, raised on tales of their golden age, reliving them,


until this. Cook now pitched into the playoffs, the quarterback for


the Houston Texans, out of sorts in the regular-season but Super Bowl


winner as recently as last season, Super Bowl 50 as back-up to Peyton


Manning with the Denver Broncos, and Super Bowl LI will be played in the


home of his new team, here in Houston. COMMENTATOR: Abe terrific


duo, Whitney Mercilus and Jadeveon Clowney. He threw it up for grabs


and it is fielded by J Davey and Glennie, who is tackled by Murray at


the 9-yard line. Flags are flown at the end of the play. This man is


showing why he was number pick. Unbelievable catch and work by


Jadeveon Clowney. He sets at the Huston Texans. He's in his third


year that he says it is really his rookie year because injuries


derailed his first two seasons. Many said he was a bust as the overall


pick out of South Carolina in 2014. You don't hear anyone making that


statement any more. Can they punch it in from the fourth? Miller trying


to get outside, touchdown, Huston. You have the number one defense in


the NFL, you can go a long way. Reverse, go over the top and Lamar


Miller goes the other way. Great field position for Oakland. Murray


breaks the tackle and here's chopped out of bounds by the safety at the


20. Bad tackling hurting Houston. Jackson at right guard. Allowing the


fullback into the game and Maria has a touchdown. This is why they won 12


games. MARK CHAPMAN: Nick Novak kicked over to extend the lead for a


Houston to six points in the second quarter. They want to get the ball


back from the rookie quarterback Connor Cook. Here they come with a


lot of disguises. Watch Rodney Hudson trying to solve this mystery.


Back-up safety on the field. Lots of time. Running out of time. Off the


hands of that player. Who is rushing and dropping? He read Connor Cook


like a book. Texans in Oakland territory for the fifth time in


seven possessions. Brock Osweiller. Hopkins with the grab in the 5-yard


line. That is a great throw to Hopkins. Unbelievable separation at


the end of the road. That was thrown perfectly. Hopkins, and man they


have isolated several times will get a look if it is one coverage.


Another great throw by Brock Osweiller. Hopkins targeted


regularly and that connection is clicking for a Houston. That is what


it is supposed to look like. 3rd down is short, great time to take a


shot, this is a predictable man to man situation. Cooper at the top.


Hopkins at the bottom. Connor Cook, look out, Mercilus has him. No one


talks about Mercilus but they will, he has been a wrecking machine. We


are going to take a shot. Cook has no chance. ?255. Trying to run to


the corner. Brock Osweiller trying to run to the end zone. Touchdown,


Houston. Great goal. Bill O'Brien, a predictable situation. Brock


Osweiller has the option to throw it or run it. He has played mistake


free football and he has the Texans on the brink of the second round. He


said there is the perception that sometimes the officials let them


play, do not throw the flag, they have been instructed not to do that.


There is a touchdown to homes, out there because Crabtree is not an


Holmes was the star on the touchdown drive, they are within a couple of


touchdowns. Almost not fair for Connor Cook, first career start and


he has to go up against the number one defense led by Romeo Quinnell.


Down by 13 with under five minutes to go. Connor Cook has time and it


is intercepted he runs it back, it was intended for Cooper. It is


man-to-man coverage and Cup Kirk had Cooper and that should be the final


dagger. Bill O'Brien suffered. Much different turn of events today.


Oakland season entered the disappointed -- disappointment. It


is huge. I think it made up for last year a little bit. The fans are


unbelievable. We have the best fans in the NFL, it is loud, they stand


for the whole game, they are into it, the whole game, they create a


very electric atmosphere and I think our players feed off that. It was a


fun environment for our players. So Houston end Oakland's


Super Bowl dream, but next up in the AFC it's


Miami at Pittsburgh. The Dolphins beat the Steelers


in Miami during the regular season, but for the two-time


Super Bowl winners, they leave the warmth of


Miami for the minus 10 Home of the most successful Super


Bowl team in NFL history with six Lombardi trophies to their name,


Ben Roethlisberg's Steelers are currently


on a 7-game win streak and Miami's form was as cold as the


Pennsylvanian winter. Heated by Jay Ajayi, they turned the season around


and can dream of the sun filled days of Dan Marino and earlier times,


even more glory, of back-to-back Super Bowls. Pittsburgh stand on


their way. The Steelers have the richest history in the NFL and they


are on form right now, Pittsburgh, cold city, hot team. So, new set of


downs in midfield. He goes right down the sideline. 50 yards and a


touchdown! His first postseason touchdown, Antonio Brown, Jesse


James on the outside, Hamilton, they make the play. They get the blocks


and that was a smart start from the Pittsburgh Steelers. 2nd 7 and


what a catch by Antonio Brown. He is taken off for a second touchdown in


the first eight minutes. Just a simple concept, get rid of the


football quickly. What happens is, here is the safety, he misses the


tackle. This is the first time I have seen a man to man coverage.


Antonio Brown, across the fields. Rambo takes a bad angle. MARK


CHAPMAN: On the following possession, Franks made a field goal


to put Miami on the board. Another big game and he takes off in the 20,


keeps his balance and he is in for a touchdown. The runner's elbow was


down. 1st down and go, Pittsburgh. Weights and goes. And he did not


cross, a game it was Alonso. The hesitation by Bell. He might want to


throw out a challenge. He should. He has got the flag in his hands. You


would think he would win this. The flag has come out, the challenge is


out. Possession of the ball over the goal-line, it is a touchdown. And


nine. Gets away, here comes Harrison chasing. Oh my goodness, I do not


know how Moore will get up. That was Bud Dupre who got to him on the


first quarter. The flag is out and he was walloped as hard as you will


see it. The Dolphins are coming after 21-macro. -- Bud Dupree. There


is the penalty on Jay Ajayi. MARK CHAPMAN: Moore would miss one play


and return to the game. Miami is settled for this to chip away at the


Steelers lead. First in goal with 27 seconds. These are the time-outs


they need. Here is Harrison, the ball came out and it is recovered.


Should have been picked up. Should have been picked up, Albert, the


double team. He is not so soft in his old age. He did not have to


worry. All he is is a linebacker, he stood outside a little wider and


they paid no attention, they double down against the defensive line.


Albert saw it too late to reach out and get him. Dangerfield comes in


for Pittsburgh. Ball comes out. The Steelers all around it. Mike


Mitchell looked to have forced it, the fumble, and it is a recovery for


the Steelers. Mike Mitchell comes off the left side. It is up to the


quarterback to see a safety blitz. MARK CHAPMAN: On the following


possession, Boswell hit a field goal extending the lead for the Steelers


to 17 points. Today they have been sharp. One of five starters who was


out for that game who is now starting. Bud Dupree was still an


IR. First and then throw. Intercepted. Brings him down.


Consecutive take aways. Three straight possessions for the


Pittsburgh defense. Jumping right over the top. That will give the


Steelers a 1st down. 5-yard penalty. 1st down. That is unbelievable. It


is the Dolphins, you talk about what has happened today, the blitzes. He


goes right over Greg Warren. He picks a center and right guard. They


all played well. 3rd 5. He has got the postseason record and he has got


Ian Sloan and he did it with a tremendous move. Sideways up the


field for the touchdown. Rolling out, finds his target.


Finally gets a touchdown. Damian Williams. 30 to 12, Pittsburgh


victory. Very good performance by the Steelers. This is man versus


himself. We are trying to do what is required to win. We are not trying


to settle vendettas. They beat us fair and square. Today it was today.


It was going to be the same going forward. What happened during the


regular season is of little importance, what is important issue


do enough to get out of the stadiums in advance and that is what we were


able to do today. Houston's reward for their win is a trip to New


England on Saturday. Pittsburgh head to Kansas City on Sunday. Seattle


had to Atlanta on Sunday and Green Bay go to Dallas on Sunday. Let's


deal with Houston and Oakland first of all, was it a mismatch. Back with


his first start against the number one defense and commentary. No


question. Connor Cook did not know what he was up against. On paper, it


was a complete mismatch. Clowney and Mercilus showed him no mercy. They


line him up everywhere, Mercilus. We talk about this defense, it is a


defense without JJ what. Because they have been without for the whole


season, it is not brought up as much as Raiders losing Derek Carr. That


was early in the season. I think it allowed Clowney to step up. Can you


imagine this defense with him? Can you imagine where they would be


ranked. . JJ Watt is the best player. You bring in players like


Mercilus, you have a recipe for disaster. We have been told that


levy on Bell is unique. Explain that to us. It is his patience -- Le'veon


Bell. What he does, he sits there and he reads the blocks and what


makes them effective, his first two steps getting through the hole. He


can see the block develop and hit it because he is so explosive. He


waits. You have to have outstanding vision. A lot of running backs have


the skill and the speed, but he has vision, he is able to see things


that other running backs cannot see and that is why he is so patient.


Andy Reid thinks he is unusual, but in your experience, how often have


you seen that? If only seen it in practice in the Dallas Cowboys. He


had that great offensive line and he would let it develop and he would


explode through the hole. I've never played against a guy like that.


I have never seen a guy played the football like that, he's a dynamic


football player. I just want to show the hit on Matt Moore. I surprised


that he came back on after this? Totally although they never


questioned his toughness, they said this all week when he was getting


ready to play and I think he just knew, I have to get up because


there's left after me. It is dangerous, though, that, and the NFL


will look at whether he should have come back on, which you can


understand. That looks vicious, anyone see that, you will think,


there is no way a guy can stand up from such a vicious shot. If he is


still cognitive and able to function he can go back into the game. I want


one of the four games that people should watch. Dallas and Green Bay,


this could be the game of the year, it will be tough. I assumed that he


will say the same? It will be a good game but I'm looking forward to


Seattle versus the Atlanta Falcons, great defense against a great


offense, I can't wait. In an arena you know very well. The Georgia


Dome, the fans are going to be like, that's a southern word, was that


English word you taught us the other day, he said, this is not a word, I


forget! We ended that on a high! Don't forget the NFL Show this


Friday at 11.55 on BBC One for a full preview


of the next round of divisional And you can catch the playoff


action this weekend on Five Live starting on Sunday


from 6pm with Pittsburgh Make


sure you join me and the chuckle brothers


this Friday at 11.55pm as we look


ahead to those divisional The wild Cards have travelled and


have departed. Only the divisional winners remain, this weekend's


victors now hits the road to the homes of the rested top seeds. In


the AFC the New England Patriots and the Kansas City Chiefs with that


home-field advantage. In the NFC, the Dallas Cowboys and the Atlanta


Falcons opened their doors. For some, this is all new, for Tom Brady


it is oh, so familiar, two more wins and you are in the Super Bowl.


Staying call. Only in the NFL. -- staying cool.


They want me to write and produce - for a boy band. Oh.


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