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It will be time for these two teams to settle up between the white line.


He will fire towards the end zone. Touchdown! Looking downfield. A


one-man wrecking crew. Unbelievable. How did he do that! End zone! For it


to win. Unstoppable. Just two games now stand


between our eight remaining The wild cards are gone,


it's time for the divisional On wild card weekend, the wild Cards


travelled and the wild Cards lost. Gone. For divisional weekend in


stopped the top seeds rested with home-field advantage, eight teams


remain. Super Bowl winners abound, youth dreams on. Only two wins away


from Super Bowl LI in Houston. It is divisional weekend in the playoffs,


Houston eliminated Oakland, but now head to New England against quite a


good quarterback. Pittsburgh derailed Miami last week and they go


on the road to Kansas City. On the NFC side, Osi and Jason predicted


that the chance with sea of Green Bay but it did not work out, the


Packers now head to Dallas. Seattle and Atlanta face-off in the other


playoff game. I'm pleased to also say both Osi


and Jason appear to have recovered from their ordeal last week


to join us again! We start in Atlanta with the hottest


offence in the league and a quarterback that's found


a record 13 different receivers Matt Ryan, or Matty Ice


as they like to call him, has the red hot Falcons primed


for a run at their first A much stronger team in Seattle,


the Seahawks have been Boarding the 5 hour flight


to Atlanta, they did so once again without injured safety Earl Thomas -


the kind of player you need The Atlanta Falcons re-enter the


fray with home advantage. They will soon leave for a brand grounders


Stadium next door. Nobody is ready to leave just yet. This is a Giant


Avery of Falcons and Seahawks, talons at the ready, this is an


offense on a roll, directed by Matt Ryan. The Seahawks, a long haul, but


with the knowledge of what it takes to win the Super Bowl.


3rd down, Wilson, fires nearside. Touchdown! First end goal. Ryan,


Jones, touchdown. We could talk so much about how good they are when


they are not throwing to Julio Jones. You have to feed by.


2nd down, Wilson stands them. Richardson, he has got at. We have a


penalty flag. Diving for the end zone. Holding, defense, number 34,


penalty is declined. The receiver caught the football on the ground,


not touchdown by contact. The penalty on Atlanta. I think he is


going to be down right at that point. He hits them on the hip. He


is clearly down and that one, I think, will come back. MARK CHAPMAN:


Seattle regained the lead. The 33 yard field goal putting them 10-7


up. Here is the former Falcon, the Seahawks picked him up late just


before the playoffs. The first to kick-off returns would indicate he


has choose. The coach said, just watch, he has something left.


Hester, spinning, looking, Devin Hester, turning on the Jets. Hester,


Devin Hester in the ten. Ed is a rebirth, but there is a penalty back


near work that occurred. During their kick, holding, receiving team


number 58. At the end of the cake, half the distance to the goal, 1st


down, Seattle. -- kick. The good job by the officials. Wilson fires down


in the end zone. Safety! Unbelievable. Over the center. The


rookie Philly men. Steps on the fruit of Russell Wilson. Starting to


get exposed. MARK CHAPMAN: After the safety, add Lander went on a five


play Drive that ended with this 35 yard field goal from Matt Bryant.


The Falcons got the ball back with a minute before half-time -- Atlanta.


Touchdown! It is Coleman. We talked about the backs and how good they


are, Tevin Coleman, wide open, Matt Ryan with easy touchdown. Seconds in


goal it is. Surging forward. Touchdown!


Now it is getting ugly. Seattle are getting pushed around. The Atlanta


touchdown drives, 13 plays, that does not happen again Seattle very


often. 2nd 14, Collins in the game. For rush, pressure, Wilson,


throws, he has got a man. Richardson, great catch, he has got


it. They will mark him out of bounds. What a throw. MARK CHAPMAN:


Seven plays later, he went over again to cut the Atlanta lead to 13


points. Ryan. Come late. Freeman. Devonta Freeman in the 20. You play


with fire when you blitz this team because you have got Julio Jones,


Gabriel and also this guy here is a matchup nightmare. You see Bobby


Weitzner trying to stick with him and then the void of not having Earl


Thomas continuing to show and he cannot tackle these guys. MARK


CHAPMAN: Bryant hit a 31 yarder to stretch the lead for Atlanta in the


fourth quarter. Here comes the stunt. Wilson. Moving away. Floated


out there for Collins. It is intercepted. Good job by Alan.


Ricardo Allen, into Seahawk territory -- Ricardo Allen. That


defensive line ran so much. Here comes the big Beasley and K Amadu


Neill. Ricardo Alan doing his best. If he sees a floating ball, he goes


and gets set -- Ricardo Allen. That Jeremy laying back in the game. They


will throw. Now, he has got it, touchdown. This is a team that


believes in developing and they got a couple of free agents. They also


went and got best I -- this guy. I think he looks like Julio Jones, the


way he plays, incredible play, this team is firing on all cylinders now.


1st down for Russell Wilson. Floats one towards the end zone. Just like


that, a touchdown, penalty flags. That is either illegal contact, that


is a touchdown. Just when you are about as they move on, Seattle are


staying alive. Robert Halford has the holes, he was hoping for a


little push-up, you got that hold. He is a really good player with the


penalty all year long. They would not have mattered, because Doug


Baldwin torched him. Seattle refusing to die. Still a chance. 19


hurdles on Russell Wilson today. Into a double team. It is


intercepted. Jones. Jones off the bubble. Craziness! One playing great


defenses do, they finish. Dan Quinn said we are not there yet, but they


finish this play, the result was an interception by Dion Jones. Watch


the two defenders, Campbell and Collins, continued to play. Collins


keeps that up. 36-20 and the Falcons are going to the NFC Championship.


Unbelievable. We knew it was going to be a fight in terms of their


defense against our offense. Our offense of line tried to set the


tone. They were ready for that fight. We just went were reissued


with the ball the entire day. Zone coverage, dropped their insight


guides deep. Getting yards, as many as we could in those situations and


when there was man-to-man coverage, ideas the running backs, tight ends


and wide receivers credit, because they beat some really good corners


and they are tough guys to go against. We are going to focus on


Atlanta but just watching the highlights package, again, Jason you


made the point that everything changed for the punt return from


Devin Hester which was followed by Russell Wilson falling into his own


end zone and the bad field position for Atlanta. There is always that


one play where you see momentum shift and that was it. They could


have probably gone up seven points but it was all about the field


position battle, it put them back and they had to punt on short field.


We have spoken about the options available to Matt Ryan and it is


interesting to hear him in the post match interview saying if the


defense do this and I can do this. He has so many options. He has so


many weapons but what I like about him is he is making these players


look good and that is what great quarterbacks do. He is spreading the


ball out to all of these guys and checking in and out of plays and


getting beer fans in the right place and doing a fantastic job. You know


what I like about it is that you can see that they respect him. He has


commanded that team and we have been in a locker room is before where


guys come in at half-time I complain they have not got the ball enough


but these guys are happy and they are getting the ball and they


respect him. How much does that come down to Matty Ice? He must be


getting it through to this receiving corps that they are not going to


touch the ball as often as they would if they were in a smaller car.


He commands a tremendous amount of credit for what has gone on. Last


year they start of the same way, they were really hot but they were


not able to finish the offense. This year, the offense has been dynamic.


Alan Davies has been making all the calls. He has not been affected by


being named by other teams -- Kyle Shanahan.


It looks like he is for San Francisco 49ers because Josh


McDaniels has pulled out. Would he make a good head coach there? I


think so. He has done well. You have to be able to manage those players


and he is doing that an offense right now. He is young, this will be


his first go around but it is a youth movement. A youth movement!


Defense of praise to Atlanta, we always talk about their offense, but


defensively they did well. They have been inconsistent but in this game


they created turnovers and got after Russell Wilson with their defensive


front and they did a tremendous job. They get after the passer and they


do a really good job. When Atlanta gets on top, it forces teams to


throw the ball. Sunday marked 50 years to the day


since Green Bay won Super Bowl One. Back then a match ticket


cost $12 and a 30 second For Super Bowl 51, a 30


second advert will set that's for one airing -


and for the select few in Houston, the very best hospitality experience


will cost them in excess of $12,000. Osi will buy that for you courtesy


of the Giants contract! Looking to be part of the show


in Houston are two teams you could say are synonymous


with Super Bowl glory. The game of the weekend,


it's the Green Bay Packers This is about contrasts, not against


South, a city of great Lakes and mighty dry Texas. The romance of the


team owned by the fans and inspired by the coach Vince Lombardi, against


the Glam of team America driven by Jerry Jones. The Green Bay Packers


in Arlington, Texas, home of the Dallas Cowboys. This is about


contrasts, of Prescott and Elliott for whom all this is new, against


Aaron Rodgers for whom nothing is new.


COMMENTATOR: Rodgers! Touchdown! The flags are down on the field. Sean


Lee was back in coverage. The touchdown at 34 yards if it stands.


Aaron Rodgers knowing he had a free play was able to draw the Cowboys


offside and it paid off with a touchdown. 2nd down and go, here is


Montgomery. No signal yet. Touchdown. Montgomery is in for


Green Bay as they add to their lead in the opening minute of the second


quarter. Elliott on the sideline, Prescott throws. The pass is


incomplete, it is 4th down. That's the area they want to try to bring


guys and win the match up on three. Montgomery looking for his second


and he's got it. Dominance by the Green Bay Packers. 21 yard


completion, the biggest play of the day for the Cowboys, who need some


sort of answer here, fast. Hitting his stride, Bryant! Touchdown! They


go one-on-one with Bryant, this time he makes him pay with a touchdown.


He delivers a perfect ball and that is exactly what the Cowboys needed.


The Cowboys got the ball back before half time allowing Bailey to hit the


goal to cut Green Bay's lead to eight.


COMMENTATOR: Touchdown! And it is Cooke who got him down there. Eliot


across the 45. The first turnover of the game on an interception by


Prescott. Great anticipation, expecting the play and being right.


Rodgers throws for Adams and gets picked off by Heath, who gives


momentum to Dallas. The Packers have gone five straight without a


turnover, a rarity. Rogers mistake. End zone touchdown when. Easy


touchdown for the Cowboys. Rogers has to pull him down and down he


goes. He did not like what the young receiver did to him. Bryant.


Touchdown. And now the trifold two to tie it. Prescott is going to take


it, and makes it! First the touchdown to Bryant, then the rookie


target himself to tie at 28. The winner of this game takes on at


Atlanta. Rodgers throws it, and the flag is thrown. It is Heath on the


of it but a flight is thrown. Montgomery was downfield, he comes


away with the football but it depends on the call. Interference.


An automatic 1st down. It is a spot foul. 56 yards, that would be a


season-long for Mason Crosby and there is still one minute 38 left


for the Cowboys. It goes over the crossbar and inside


the right upright. It is a record, and makes Aaron Rodgers celebrate.


Williams fights for it, and catch midfield.


The catch, out of bounds. So they had two downs in ten yards, couldn't


do it. Bailey! Knocks it through. This is the Cowboys' 61st


post-season game, and they have never gone over time. Standing in


the middle of that drama, Aaron Rodgers, who wants to end it right


here. Comes underneath, and the pass is incomplete, out of bounds. Now


they say complete. The second one came in and overruled Cooke. The


Packers will have a chance to win it. Unbelievable, the first official


came down the sideline and said incomplete, the official from behind


the play said the catch was good and he was right. Now it is a 51 yard


try to win it. The time-out is taken before the kick. They just got it in


before the snap. So now Mason Crosby, who hit from 56 for Packer


record, hit from 51 but it doesn't count and he will have to do it


again. Mr send the Packers into the championship game. It is good! The


Packers are moving on. Aaron Rodgers has done it again and Mason Crosby


is a hero for Green Bay. I think the guys are very hungry. The guys are


really sticking together. Believing in each other in any situation. It


says a lot about the leadership and the way the guys have bought in and


understand their roles really well. He's an incredible quarterback. He


makes things happen. It's incredible watching him. He is a hell of a


quarterback. What an incredible end to the game in Dallas. The number


one seeded Dallas Cowboys are out, as a result Green Bay had to


Atlanta. What a game. Unbelievable, it had all the twists and turns.


Incredible game. I know we stood here last week and taught Aaron


Rodgers and I may have wound you up, I haven't got the shirt this week


but you, -- you cannot ignore him so I make no excuse for talking about


him again. It is taking advantage of free play is that you want to


highlight. If you focus on the Cowboys they have 14 men on the


field at the moment so he recognises that. Right, coming out of the


huddle, he is aware how they are moving. Then the offside penalty


happens. He goes deep, knowing the flag will happen so they are fine.


Dallas go berserk. The next one, this is going to be the offside so


you are going to keep your eye on that Cowboy, but the other thing you


wanted to point out, when you look at all the possible targets that


Rodgers has, they are all looking along that line so when he jumps


they can all see it. Immediately and they know right now we are all going


deep because the quarterback knows it is a free play, they might as


well take their shots deep and that's what Aaron Rodgers was here.


Is that different to any other team? Wouldn't all teams recognise that?


All teams do but they react differently, I believe because they


know this is where we get a shock to score. Because it happens, every


time he does it he makes a big play and you don't see that with every


other team. You see every other team attempting to do that, but what


other quarterback is as successful as Aaron Rodgers? They know they


will take the shot downfield and it's a defensive play. One more


example of his intelligence. You'll love this too. I love this because


you see him counting close-up, they know immediately somebody is in the


wrong position, which is obviously the big man there.


He's trying to call to take a time-out. The substitution changed


because he's perfect, now they have scared him with this they won't do


as many substitution changes which gives him predictable defensive --


defenses he can throw against. He's so sneaky, you have got to watch the


little things, the nuances of the way he behaves. So we have got the


nuances, we have got the intelligence. The physicality he has


two display as well. Can either of you explain how he keeps hold of the


ball here? I can tell you right now, this is completely on the defense,


on the blindside of the quarterback. You have to go for the ball. He's


not even looking to chuck the arm down. But he's been hit in the back


by surprise at some force and still has the wherewithal to keep hold of


it, and then call a time-out. He's just in control of everything right


now. Everything just falls his way. The guy has got it right now. I


understand that but these guys do that drill all the time. So they


will practice being hit in the back? Not with that force but most


quarterbacks will be able to hold onto it. Talk me through this drive.


What's amazing is nobody knows how hard it is for a right-handed


quarterback to throw on the opposite side of his body like that, and the


way he places that ball, there is nowhere else he can go. He still


throws a laser sharp. The guy is amazing. The way he's doing things


off the wrong foot, you don't even want to show quarterbacks how to do


that, that's only what he can do. Just to praise Mason Crosby is well


with his ice cool kicking, but Randall Cobb said that the final


play Aaron Rodgers didn't call a play, he just signalled with his


foot where he wanted his receivers to go like they would do in the dirt


when they were kids. That's amazing, I can see him doing something like


that too. And it worked. We could talk about him for another 15


minutes but we have more football to show.


A quick reminder we're back this Saturday with the NFL Show.


We'll look ahead to Championship games this weekend, which determine


who from the AFC and NFC will face off in Houston for Super Bowl 51.


If you miss the show on Saturday evening you can


Bad news for Super Bowl 51 hosts Houston, no team in NFL history has


ever participated in a Super Bowl at their home stadium.


With that in mind Houston headed to New England with at least one


thing to shout about - the NFL's number 1 defence.


Over in Patriot land, Tom Brady has found some


Making his 32nd post season start, he currently has 22 wins to boot.


If Brady were his own team, he would be the eighth most


A win over Houston and "Franchise Brady" ties reigning Super Bowl


winners the Denver Broncos' 23 post season wins.


It is a ripe age, 39, the age Peyton Manning was when he won with the


Broncos. How old Tom Brady is right now and who might stop the four-time


Super Bowl winner. The Houston Texans have the best pass defense in


the NFL and their coach was for two years Bradys quarterback coach at


the Patriots but can any coach match this one? To Super Bowl is and an


assistant coach with the New York Times, four with the Patriots and


coaching in the NFL than more years than even Tom Brady has lived. Blunt


comes into the game now. So powerful. It will be Brady throwing


time again. Sideline and hanging out there is Hogan and he has a catch.


They talked about him, he has lived up to everything they thought he


would be. He can play anywhere. The last play went for 22. Look at his


speed. End zone. Touchdown. Running back for a New England against


linebackers of the Houston Texans. MARK CHAPMAN: They got on the score


courtesy of Nick Novak goal. 7-3 here, New England in the first


quarter. Six different rushers and receivers handling the football. It


takes 12 play drives to score against this defense. Dion Lewis.


Taken off. Peter is trying to chase them. That is not a fair match,


Lewis is going to break it. 98 yards. From the 20, Brady.


Intercepted. For only the third time at this year. Gets it off the


deflection and suddenly the Texans, if something can go their way. MARK


CHAPMAN: Novak converted the turnover into points to cut the lead


for the Patriots to eight. Since the Lewis touchdown, the first one,


Houston has run 21 plays to one by New England. The Patriots have


scored 76. Lewis awaits this kick and will get a chance to run it


again. The ball was on the ground. He


signals Reddaway... First signalled as the other way, it is Houston


recovery. Recovery by Eddie Pleasant, it looked like it was


Tyler urban who hit him. Punching the ball out. Eddie Pleasant does


have the recovery. 2nd 8. Going near the end zone. Wide Houston


touchdown. MARK CHAPMAN: On the following possession, New England


added three points to make it 17-13 heading into half-time. To the end


zone. It is caught by white for the touchdown. We have seen it so many


times over the past couple of years. Not fast enough to run with it. 7.5


to go and a 3rd 4. Gets intercepted. He saw it coming, he


jumped right in front of Hopkins. He saw it, reads the quarterback, and


he really can break on the ball and sees the offense like a quarterback.


Here is Brady, fires it and it is intercepted on the day flex --


deflection. Tom Brady has been picked off twice tonight. The


linebackers stands there and I do not think Brady saw him. It leads to


the interception. MARK CHAPMAN: After the second interception for


Brady, Novak made his third goal to cut the Patriots lead to eight


points in the fourth quarter. Look at the time 's Wyler has. It is


intercepted by Ryan. The diving pass off the deflection and he takes it


all the way to the fires. He got away from Brock Osweiller. Hopkins


going across the middle, nobody followed him, nobody wet the --


there. Good catch by Logan Ryan. Lewis dives for it, I think he broke


the play. There it is, touchdown. A touchdown catch, a kick return for a


touchdown, the rush for a score. Good job in. Lewis, the first in


post-season history with a rash, a reception and touchdowns among them.


Sachsenring 43 yarder to extend the Patriots lead to 18 points. The


Texans need to operate with more urgency. Down the middle and


intercepted. It is harder this time, interception number three of the


second half, trying to take a chance. He needs to force the


football in there. Overthrow leads to an interception. Patrick Chan was


all over and around. The Patriots are on their way to a third straight


AFC Championship Game. It is great to be playing at this time of year


if you are one of four teams left after the weekend. Again, I don't


really care about the other five years right now. The only thing that


matters is this year and this team. All we have an opportunity to do and


what we need to do to move on to play again. We can talk about the


other stuff some other time, but for right now, it is this team, getting


into the AFC Championship Game. We need to play our best game. Just to


reiterate, Batman's team have just won.


New England continue their incredible record in playoff


football as they head to the AFC Championship game for


Kansas City have not been to everyones taste this year,


but as the AFC second seeds they host Pittsburgh


with their number one takeaway hungry defense.


That's takeways in the sense of interceptions and


Something that no doubt translates differently to the near 25 stone


Pittsburgh are on an 8 game winning streak as they head to Kansas City.


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. A city built on steel. There are football


team forged of steel, the Steelers, the very essence of football. But


tough is how they like it at the Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City,


Missouri, home of the cheese. So it is the Steelers, Le'veon Bell,


Antonio Brown and Ben Roethlisberger against the masters of the


interceptors class and addresses for steel, S is for a speed as well.


Pittsburgh the only team who did not allow our first arrived touchdown


this season and then in the playoffs, they do as Alba Wilson


makes the catch for the touchdown. Boy, was that a good-looking drive.


They took over at the 45, two runs and four passes to take the early


lead. Here they come, then almost get sacked, fires deep downfield and


makes the catch over his shoulder, Antonio Brown, lived by the sword


and die by the sword. They almost got him. As good a receiver as you


will see. And outside linebacker, one on one against arguably the best


receiver in the game, give him some credit, at least he gets him on the


ground. MARK CHAPMAN: Chris Boswell got his second field goal from 18


yards and he struck again in the second quarter to give the Steelers


a 9-7 lead. Extra offensive line, Brooks Reed comes into the game.


Smith gets hit as he throws and the ball is picked off at the 45-yard


line. Dupre came in. Smith got jarred and debris forces the


interception. Bud Dupree has been red-hot, he is finally settling


exactly what they thought he could be as an outside linebacker. They


bring in the extra linebacker and then to beat him clearly around the


edge and there he is, the break that the Pittsburgh Steelers have been


looking for. 213 yards gained by the Steelers in a quarter and a half and


that is in the air and picked off in the end zone. That is Eric Berry. He


has control of it, all the way through. Control there and then the


ball touches the ground but that is legal, so the interception stands.


3rd 7. Play Clark at two. Smith chased away. It is incomplete,


trying to get it to Spencer Wear who could not hold it in. MARK CHAPMAN:


Following that, Boswell kicked a 45 yard field goal, his fourth of the


game to give the Steelers a five point lead going into half-time. He


has a lot more here. Off to the races game before he gets strike


down, he is still going and dried out at the 36-yard line. Close to


the linebacker, runs him down finally and that is 38 yards to the


36-yard line. MARK CHAPMAN: Boswell went over a game to extend the


Pittsburgh lead. The Chiefs responded two drives later with this


48 yard are making it 15-10 going into the fourth quarter. Before


Boswell set a record with his sixth field goal of the day to restore the


8-point lead. Four receiver is set to the right.


They break that as Wilson goes in motion. Smith fires over the middle


and finds 31-macro. A tough guy to break down after the 49-yard line --


Travis Kelce. They go five wide. Smith comes down. Fires and it is


Chris Connelly converting at the 26-yard line. Huge play. 3rd 9,


clock down to five minutes to go. Four man rush. Chris Connelly, he


gets whacked, Shauna Davis, the rookie out of Maryland's. I believe,


Macklin will get into it but the secondary. Personal foul, illegal


head. Number 28, defense, that penalty will be accorded after the


gold. Green receiver is set to the left. Go to the end zone, Spencer


Wear for the touchdown. 2-point game and a 2-point conversion to come.


Five receivers, four of them set to the right. Spencer throws. Demetrius


Harris makes the catch. He got a penalty and it will come back.


10-yard penalty. Eric Fisher is six foot seven and James Harris and may


be six feet, he dips underneath and watch what Eric Fisher does, he gets


him hooked around the shoulder pads, a little grab, the officials right


there and those two points, off the board.


It is batted away in the end zone. Sean Davis who was guilty of that


helmet to helmet bashed up. Comes down to this. If they convert it is


all but over. Then Ross Lisp, buying time, throws, court, ground, at the


19-yard line. They will play for a ninth Super


Bowl trip next Sunday. It was a tough atmosphere. We took it to


Kansas City and the fans. It was a wild environment tonight. When you


are able to be successful in the midst of what we faced tonight, I


think it strengthens you and we will need it moving forward. So the


playoffs are complete. It is Roethlisberger versus Brady in


Massachusetts this Sunday. In Dallas they are still reeling from the


Rodgers masterclass, as a result they had to Atlanta and get


home-field advantage. The championship deciding game that will


close at 25 years for the Falcons. Travis Kelce had a go at the


officials after the game quite vociferously, should he be looking


at himself? You don't want to be blaming anybody, certainly not


officials. Sometimes the game is too big for guys. This is all on him, he


needs to come up with that play, he's the guy for them. 40 seconds


after he dropped it, he did this so he's frustrated. Just as Houston is


telling him to think and calm down. This is why he criticised the


officials, but there's nothing wrong with the decision, is there? No,


he's clearly holding. He just got caught. Kind of like big Sam


Allardyce! Yes, yes! Not quite topical but at least you're showing


an understanding of our football at the same time! I know I took the


Mick out of post-match reaction but nothing will faze him going into the


championship game against the Steelers. No, it's about composure


and business as usual, that's what they do. Part of the reason I said


that was because Antonio Brown somehow had footage on his phone of


Mike Tomlin giving a speech to the squad where he used less than


complimentary words about the Patriots, it ended up on Facebook,


and Bella check's response was I don't really understand Snapface!


Would you use it as inspiration? Absolutely, you're looking for


anything, any small edge. I know you're in the playoffs but we like


to call it bullets inboard material where people say something


derogatory about you and you pull -- put it on the bulletin board. Very


quickly, is it too close to call between the Steelers and Patriots?


Still too close to call for me, they are evenly matched, I need some


time. All right then, you until Saturday!


Don't forget the NFL Show this Saturday at 11.55pm


on BBC One for a full preview of the championship games.


And you can catch the championship games starting with Green Bay


at Atlanta on Five Live sports extra this Sunday from 7.45pm.


One game now stands between our four remaining teams as they look


We will see you on Saturday as we get closer to Super Bowl 50 one.


Goodbye. Memories to be banked, the


experience to be invested in seasons ahead. Only four teams live the here


and now, dream of what comes next. No, not Super Bowl LI, not yet.


There's work do first, conferences to complete, titles to win, days of


Thunder, days of wonder. Air so rarefied that only the best can


breathe it in. Only in the NFL.


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