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It will be time for these two teams to settle it. Touchdown! Looking


downfield. I'm believable! How did he do that?


Unstoppable. One game stands between our


four remaining Super It's the AFC and NFC championship


weekend where we find out It is not the all in winner takes it


all but it is a lot. This weekend is one for your resume. A title for


your honour. Of such finals, the names and careers are made. Two


finals. There, Legends are made. This is it but not yet quite it.


Two Super Bowl heavyweights will face each other to decide who will


go into Super Bowl 50 one. A battle of two offensive powerhouses.


Last week he possessed rigorous self control.


It was a performance for the ages.


We're talking the Zen-like Aaron Rodgers and the faultless


job he and the Green Bay Packers did in dismantling


Super Bowl favourites, the Dallas Cowboys.


Atlanta have done a good job dismantling teams this season.


With an exciting young core led by MVP


candidate Matt Ryan, the Falcons continue to strike the


fear of God into defensive co-ordinators across the NFL.


What a game to close out 25 years at the Georgia Dome.


It's the Packers at the Falcons for a


The NSC 's side of the NFL, one of the venerable names in the game, the


Green Bay Packers. Warmly held in America boss Max affections because


of what they say about the American winter. The Packers, with history,


with Aaron Rodgers, but also with travelling to do. This time to the


Georgia Dome, weighed down south. This is about being hot on offense,


the hot arm of Matt Ryan. If they win the NFC title there will be no


need to demolish the Georgia Dome. It will melt in the sheer delight of


going to the superb role they have never won. -- the Super Bowl they


have never won. Now third and 11th. Ryan, hangs in the pocket. He knows


how to play second fiddle. Now he does it for Jones here in Atlanta.


Already four first downs for the Falcons. Left for the fullback,


DiMarco. 3rd down and goal. Ryan. Flushed


out. Touchdown, Atlanta. The Green Bay Packers are in zone coverage.


You will see Matt Ryan, when he gets flushed, into the pocket. Sinew


comes underneath. A nice cat on that one to score the touchdown. Atlanta


get the opening kick-off. Now we will see if Aaron Rodgers and


company can match. 2nd 6. Time for Aaron Rodgers. Welcome back Geordie


Knaus and inside the 45. Broken ribs and all. See how he Bears up when he


takes a fall on those ribs. -- Geordie now seven.


That pass to Nelson again. Spun down at the 29-yard line. Do you think


the Atlanta Falcons really believe there was even a chance that Nelson


was going to play in this game? I do not know what they thought I did not


think he would. Aaron Rodgers gets rid of it. Jones, the rookie middle


linebacker gets through. After 28 post-season field goals, Crosby


missed this one. The 7-0 lead intact. 2nd 13, he fires. 1st


down, Atlanta. Right now, a big 3rd down for the Packers team. Heard


down and seven. Ryan fires wide open. -- 3rd down. Left all alone,


Austin Hooper picks up steam. He is trying to slow down the Falcons. No


answer for Sanu. On the 2nd 10. Caught by Coleman. He scooped out of


bounds. That field goal gave Atlanta a 10-0 lead going into the second


quarter. This is their 26th and final in this Dome. The Packers to


start the second quarter. Rose and has a man on the 1st down. --


throws. That was a catch and a run for 17. When these two teams met the


last time, the Packers exploited them. Out to his right, deadly


outside the pocket. Throws back across the field. The numbers that


Aaron Rodgers is putting up outside the pocket are mind-boggling. His


Rakowski, right up there. The covered by Atlanta. -- recovered by


Atlanta. That is one thing the Packers have been able to avoid. He


rips it out. Passes to Jones, he gets his feet down. The Falcons are


inside field goal range. All alone. A full head of steam inside the 15th


of the receivers are running free and clear. He brings a five-man


rash. Easy releases. Given protection, he is picking the


defense apart. 2nd down and Ryan. A touchdown!


Usually, when you see a run like this, it is because the defense is


in the coverage. Joe Thomas, right there at linebacker. He has his eyes


on the quarterback. He is unable to make the play. About the making this


look easy this afternoon. Just got it away. Just got him on the foot.


Now though you worry about the fact that if the Packers do not pick it


up, we aren't talking about them being able to climb back into this


game and get the ball at the start of the second half. All three of the


time-outs and a lot of time on the clock. Four men on the pass rush.


Rodgers out to the right. Nelson isn't there. Ricardo Allen is. He is


going to be down at the 31. They basically run the play. This time


Rodgers to the right. Rodgers does what he should do and just takes the


shot. No chance whatsoever. Ricardo Allen is playing the middle. As soon


as that ball was thrown, that was essentially a punt. 2nd 10. Ryan


gets away. The ball is up for grabs. And incomplete. When Evans was down,


that ball was up there for about half an hour. Nobody comes down with


it. Robinson was the closest Falcon to it. That typifies what happens


with the Falcons defense. The Falcons offense, they simply do not


turn the ball. The Packers 3rd down and ten. Court for a 1st down. What


a throw and what a catch! Ryan completed passes to eight different


receivers. Devonta Freeman springs inside the 15. 2nd 1 lips. Ryan


throws. End zone. Seven seconds remain on 3rd down and one. Another


missed opportunity for Green Bay. That was not going to be an easy


catch. He plays it pretty well. He comes underneath. Not able to make a


play on it. It would have been a nice cat. No time-outs remaining for


Atlanta. This effort will go into the end zone. They are all up on the


line for Green Bay. End of son, Jones. Touchdown! -- end zone. What


to wear their right foot comes down. It taps in and then slides to the


boundary. It is a catch and a touchdown. 3rd down and ten. The


pass is dropped. Three and out starts the second half for Green


Bay. Balconies pick it up. There is Jones. The flag is down. Jones with


the catch. Still going. Still inbounds. Touchdown, Atlanta. It


looks like that is where the flag came from. Defense on 36. He went


for the play. Houllier Jones, he missed two games in December. This


one good from 73 yards out. Twice he walked the tightrope. Took him into


the end zone. These fans had fun here today. Rodgers, here is Cook.


He slides for the 1st down and ten. That pass to Adams for the


touchdown. The first points are the hardest to get. The Packers finally


get on the board. Ryan throws. Middle of the field. Wow! What a


catch! Unbelievable ground by Houllier Jones. He can play any


game. -- Julio Jones. He is a big guy and as tough as they come. For


him to be able to hang onto that all, that is something right there.


3rd down and to. End zone. Flag on the coverage as the ball comes up.


The flag was thrown when the two bodies hit the turf. The ball placed


on the 1-yard line. He got turned and he is trying to make a play. He


was trying to locate the ball. There is some contact. I do not like the


call. Ryan passes. Caught by Freeman. Morgan Burnett


was there. 4th down just outside the goal line. A strong catch by


Freeman. Matt Ryan wants to challenge this goal. Is there a


definitive look down that line? This is the challenge. The ruling on the


field. The receiver was short of the goal-line. The call is 4th down on


the field. After reviewing the play, receiver had possession of the ball


over the goal-line. It is a touchdown.


Takes it himself and slide with the 1st down and flag for the hit.


Unnecessary roughness. Defense 23. Cook. Good throw by Aaron Rodgers.


It was caught by Nelson for the touchdown. You can see Jordy Nelson


wincing in pain as the game has gone along but he is out there playing,


it shows how tough he is. One player back, that is Hardy. Taken by Sanu.


He gets tripped up at the 28. Evans just got enough of Sanu. Court,


Julio Jones. Touchdown. How about that guy


lurking up the tunnel? He gets a high-5 from Tevin Coleman. He


carries it in for another Falcons touchdown.


Trying to run it in himself. It can't get there. It is 4th down.


Robert Alford was there to stop it. The flag was down. We will see what


happens with Rodgers at the end of the play. Gets his hand up to the


facemask of Robert Alford and rips the helmet off his head. Offense


number 12. 15-yard penalty. The flag and the call will be


against Robert Alford. Passes, court for the touchdown, Cook. That is it.


The Atlanta Falcons, NFC champions onto Super Bowl 50 one. Atlanta took


the second ever conference titled to bring down the curtain on the


Georgia Dome. A moment to savour for Falcons fans and for the coach


Darren Quinn. When I walked out, I felt the incentive -- intensity of


the crowd and thought it was awesome. It is not till the end you


let yourself have those moments to go to a different spot. The coach


planned, make sure we follow the process. We never disrespect any


team. We call every week a championship week. They are the


same. And then we are used to it. We worked hard to get to this point. We


will enjoy it. It is hard to get to this point, I know from experience.


We ran into a buzzsaw. They perform great and we did not have enough to


keep up with them. It is uncharacteristic of our team. In a


game like this it comes down to details. If you are not on, it will


be tough to win against a tough offense. We felt confident we could


score with anybody and we needed to do that today. We did not get that


done. Darren Quinn -- Dan. They talked about the intensity of the


fans. Sometimes you need that as a player, to field the energy and


emotion from the fans. The Atlanta Falcons played like that. A


remarkable dominance. You did not think that would happen. You deal


the teams would score points but you did not know it would be one-sided.


Let's talk about their offense. Matt Ryan favourite for MVP but he hit


eight different receivers against Green Bay and if you look at the


bottom of the screen, we will name each one he hits in this. His


options, as we have discussed, are phenomenal. This is the dynamic


thing about Atlanta. We know about Matt Ryan and Julio Jones but if you


take away Jones, this guy has a plethora of weapons and will defeat


you that way. The offense, it dictates him the freedom to do that


and spread the ball around. He and Kyle Shanahan are on the same page


and things are ticking. How much credit as Kyle Shanahan deserve for


devising this? A tonne of credit. You have to be able to note each


player individually and their skills and then call a play that allows


that to take advantage of the defense. These players are on


selfish. I have a friend, he was not catching as many footballs and


started complaining. What happened? Out of there. They want guys on the


team on selfish, and unselfish attitude. In your experience, and


this is not a criticism of receivers, because it is about them,


and they are the showman, how unusual is it to find a group of


unselfish players? It is. When you have a receiver that is a superstar,


he wants the ball and to be the focal point but because of his


personality, and he knew he had a bigger purpose, that is why he gives


up. Julio Jones is the number one. Take us through some of his plays.


Partly from a defensive point of view. One thing about this guy, he


is big, strong, fast and when you try to take something away he does


he just adjusts. His feet here. It is hard for tall guys to get their


feet down that quick. He can do it all. This is amazing. This is scary.


When he gets in open fields, most guys go down, receivers, you can


tackle him. He is like a running back in open field. Another coming


up. I think it is this one. I immediately want to turn away


because it makes me wince. It is important to watch, for his bravery.


Similar to Rodgers last week. Despite knowing he will land on his


head, he keeps hold of the ball. The toughness he displayed on play,


knowing he went up their high. Caught the football and landed and


still held on knowing he had no real protection. Incredible by Jones,


showing how much the game meant to him. He could have dropped the


football, we are ahead. No, he held onto the ball, a tremendous


professional. You are more comfortable talking about defense


than offense. You want to give the praise to defense. For the weapons


Atlanta have, their defense need praise for how they shut down a man


in Aaron Rodgers in formidable form. They did that in a variety of ways.


It was not the pressure from the front four. They have exotic


schemes. It was like he had not seen them before. When it was time to


stop the run, they shut down the receivers and did an outstanding job


of defense. Your analysis has praised Green Bay's O line and they


dismantle that. That is what Osi was saying. They did not let Aaron


Rodgers sit back, they attacked him and they knew they had confidence in


the young secondary to hold up. We talk about the toughness of Julio


Jones and players, how much credit do you give Jordy Nelson for play


through this with broken ribs. He was wearing a Kevlar vest. It is


like he has a brick. It looks like my stomach after Christmas!


LAUGHTER. It looks like my stomach all of the


time. He played with that and was still on in the fourth quarter.


Aaron Rodgers was emotional about Nelson after the game. I am so proud


of him. I mean, it is incredible he was out there. HE SNIFFS.. Why are


you laughing? I am laughing at what he has on. Look at the outfit.


People play in pain all the time. How many times have you been 100%?


Out there on the field? Very rarely. For him to get emotional about a


guy. Give me a break. If I know you are banged up and you go out and


play, it is emotional, I know what you put out on the field because I


know how hurt you are. Every player does that, especially right now, is


playing with an injury. I will not diminish what Jordy Nelson did, it


was outstanding. If he is crying, he should cry about the outfit he has


on. You just keep muttering, I will continue.


A quick reminder that we're back this Saturday with the


We'll have an alternative take on this


weekend's action and an appearance from Chris


Eubank Jr, who showed these two what it takes to be a


If you miss the show on Saturday evening, you can also


The build-up to our next game has been comical, to say


Following Pittsburgh's win at Kansas City,


head coach Mike Tomlin rallied his troops.


Stick together, say very little, he told his squad.


Only star wide receiver Antonio Brown clearly didn't get the


Live streaming from the Steelers locker room,


every man and his dog got to hear Tomlin's dislike for


their AFC Championship opponents, the New England


One person not trawling social platforms was New


England head coach Bill Belichick - a man who barely


gives journalists a quote, never mind a 17-minute locker


Asked earlier this week his thoughts on


the Brown video, the old school Belichick confirmed he


wasn't Mr Current Affairs when it comes to social


"I don't do SnapFace or Instant Chat," he told


Who needs social media to big this one up?


An incredible 16 Super Bowl appearances and ten wins


between them, the Pittsburgh Steelers and New


England Patriots need no further introduction.


These are the alpha males of the AFC. The Pittsburgh Steelers and the


New England Patriots. Whichever of these two goes to the Super Bowl


will set a new record for most appearances there. Two Super Bowl


winning coaches, Mike Tomlin the youngest in 2009, against a


legendary Bill Belichick. A final with pedigree and class acts.


Roethlisberger. And with a little bit of mischief. Thoughts from the


inner sanctum going viral and falling on deaf ears. Can coach


Belichick be so remote from modern life? Is Foxboro so forgiving? Mike,


Bill, Ben, Tom. Time to get it on. Alt of the gun to start it. Brady.


He fires it in. It is caught by Bennett for a gain of 12. They did


something and usual. They wind the coin toss, they take the football.


They play son and throw a lot of short passes. They had great


success. -- zone. He is into Pittsburgh territory. Keeping his


balance. He is thrown down by Mitchell. Going across the field.


All they talk about, he must tackle as the receiver catches the ball. He


is the best in the NFL. That went for 41. I am not surprised at all.


Why do they do it? They have this in mind. They go from sideline to


sideline. They are playing zone. A lot of open space. Scooped up will


stop off the ground. Of the hands of Malcolm Mitchell. After that drop,


this 31 yard field goal for the Patriots to open the scoring. He


said it. He is the key. 3rd 1. A deep ball. Sammy Coates. Mike Tomlin


thought he would have a chance to play a big role in this game


tonight. My macro 3rd 11. That performance against Houston. Brady


in trouble. He is taken down by Hargrave, the rookie. Trying to


convert another erred down. 3rd 6. Roethlisberger, up top. Almost


intercepted. He jumped in front of Antonio Brown. Jordan, Jordan. Now,


Brady comes out of that. Spits everybody out. What did he see? He


saw and opportunity. Down to about 30. Big plays. Chris Hogan is going


to go right up the slot. Zone defense. That shoulder between the


linebacker and the safety. Hogan with three captures the last


few plays. He is a little slow to get up. 3rd 5. Terms of time. A


touchdown who England. Chris Hogan just goes uncovered into the end


zone. Nobody sees him. We watched the Patriots on Friday is. It took


six and seven seconds to throw the football. The three-man rush, just


waiting for someone to get hold of it. They know they have got the


emotion on their side. Bell comes back in. He gives it to him. Lines


nothing. Bill Belichick was telling us how well it is operating. Watch


97 again. Everyone is holding the offensive line. Not moving. Not


creating a whole to get through. 3rd creating a whole to get through. 3rd


10. He is going to snap it. Eli Rogers. You saw Bell talking to the


team doctor. That is not a good sign. 18 yards on the ground for


Bell. No catches for Brown as we start the second quarter. To


Williams. Down to the 37. I was watching Le'Veon Bell speak with


Doctor Bradley. They were doing nothing to the ankle. They were just


talking to him. As I am watching him right now he is moving around that


left ankle. That seems to be what is bothering him. He looks that he is


ready to get back in there, given the chance. Williams trying to pick


it up. He does. They say, touchdown. 3rd 8. James White flanking Brady.


He is a threat on the backfield with the passing game. He is making his


sixth catch. Down to the Pittsburgh 34. Chris Hogan once again sitting


outside, uncovered. You cannot chase the across the field and leave a


receiver uncovered. That is his third conversion. The flea-flicker.


A touchdown. Right back to Hogan again. Hogan has the go across. Dion


Lewis takes it into the line of scrimmage and four he throws it


back. Tom Brady puts it right on the money. What a good time to call that


play! It has a little bit of everything in it. No question.


Houston last week did not have a player the 20 yards the entire game.


For the Steelers, they -- the longest play is 63 yards. That set


up a touchdown drive. Says it wide open. Butler is tangled up from out


of bounds. This is what they have done. Bell perhaps finished for the


night with a groin injury. He is running back. When DeAngelo Williams


was called upon earlier in the year, he did a good job. 3rd 8 ball


rests with the Patriots. Here is Roethlisberger. That is a


touchdown! What a play by Jesse James. Jesse James took it in like


he was going across the field and brought back to the outside. This


may not be a touchdown. It is short. The runner was down by contact,


short of the goal-line. 1st goal for Pittsburgh.


They are backing up. Two straight plays. Valentine, the rookie from


Nebraska. This time they were a bit away and 1st down at that point. The


Patriots did use their third time out. They are out of time outs.


Wide of the mark. He was right there with him. Pittsburgh had to settle


for a Chris Boswell field goal which took the Patriots lead to eight


points heading into half-time. That is one of the best you'll ever see


on a sneak. That was a 3rd 1 kick by Brady, who is 95% on his career,


even a little higher. No one is over the center. Officials say it stays


with New England. Tom has already thrown the challenge flag.


Definitely a fumble. Did they see it on film? It stands. 1st down. He is


charged for his first time out. He did not come up before Brady was


down. 1st down for the Patriots. Back to Hogan. 3rd 10.


On the sideline, both feet down. He only got one in. On the next break,


was Kautsky broke. Extending the New England lead to 11. Roethlisberger


for 2nd 11. Wide of the mark. There is Brown. 3rd 7.


Incomplete. That was James. He has seen enough of those. John all over


him. That was good coverage. The fallback out of Brown has another


1st down. It is a second and 13th. Years ago it was 21, 22 passes out


of 23 plays. Mitchel finally ends it. Another big play for New


England. Hogan coming across the field. He had so much space. An easy


completion. Looked like it was man to man coverage. He has 180 yards.


Into the secondary. Now driving. Keep going. Can you believe this?


They finally stopped it at the one macro. My goodness! Took more than


half the team with him. How many players are on him at the end? Five,


six, seven. The other guys came around and helped him on the


offensive line. Again for the touchdown. They set it off. The


Steelers said they were going to come out and play with passion and


be physical. But the team with the passion of being physical tonight in


winning the battle is the New England Patriots. The ball comes


out. Was that a clean catch? It was recovered I New England. It was


stripped out of Rogers hands. That is the speed and how they change the


defense with the linebackers. He reacts quickly. How they tackle!


They don't miss tackles. This will be a catch and a fumble. Seven and


11. Look at him fight through that.


Yards after the catch. 175 for the Patriots.


Finding Edelman. Patriots touchdown. Watch out number 11. He goes across,


stops and comes back. The number of plays, the formations, the concepts,


what to do on the offensive side, it is overwhelming for most defenses


and overwhelming for the Steelers tonight. Big time moment for the


Steelers. Sidetracked in the first quarter.


Bell went out. Had a snap and came off the field. Has been unstoppable


to get to this point. That is intercepted. What an


interception. Tiptoes down the sideline. The Patriots defense comes


up with another takeaway. The receiver running down the scene, I


do not think he sees, looks, thinks the ball is coming his way. Not even


looking. It might be the easiest interception he will ever have.


Roethlisberger has played a solid game. Nothing else he could do with


that interception. The fumble was the first lost fumble by the


Steelers in their last six games. They had only lost it once in their


first team game scratch. On the following possession, another


goal to make it 36-9 to the Patriots.


Most wins all-time in the postseason. Belichick is on his way


to number seven. Roethlisberger, got a man open and


it is court for the touchdown. Hamilton. Good play, beautiful throw


by Roethlisberger down the sideline. Eli Rogers goes in the middle.


Drools the safety. That was enough. Roethlisberger through to the back


corner for the touchdown. It will take a great game by Atlanta to beat


this team. I am happy we are one of the teams left standing. It is nice


to achieve that. It is hard to win 16 games in this league. You have to


give a lot of credit to the players and the job they have done week


after week. After champions Denver kicked off the season we have our


two Super Bowl teams. When Tom Brady were suspended at the


start of the season you made the point you can take someone out of


the defense and they will pluck someone in and they will do the job.


That is what they do. That is what Belichick does. Hogan had been cut


from numerous teams. Plug-in in in this game. Two touchdowns. An


incredible game. This is what Bill Belichick does. Being in the


practice squad of the 49ers, Giants, Dolphins, Buffalo, as well. That is


where they got a glimpse of what he can do and they plumped him into


spaces that Gronkowski was in and used in there, which is what Osi was


saying. They find guys to put there and it works out. This guy is good.


It is not just Belichick. Hogan was part of the starting offense that


had only one first round pick and the rest, either fourth round,


fifth, seventh round, I'm drafted, which highlights the remarkable


coaching staff. It shows guys like me who come into the bottom of the


league and play a long time, they find them. And those guys produce.


You would have played longer! Is it redemption for Tom Brady after being


suspended and delfate-gate? I'm not sure because it seems every year


there is something said about the New England Patriots. There is


always something whether it is deflate chrome gate. I do not know


whether it gave them extra motivation, it is what they do all


the time. I do not know what is going on in the locker room. When he


had gone early this year, guys got behind the quarterback. For someone


is experienced as him, he still finds motivation. He is like, hey,


nobody gave me a chance, which is his driving factor and he has to


find something to Burma flame. -- burn that flame.


Don't forget the NFL Show this Saturday, at 11.55pm


on BBC One, for a full preview of Super Bowl LI.


Starting on Saturday February 4th with a full Super


Making it to a Super Bowl is what players, fans


For Detroit, Jacksonville, Houston and Cleveland, the dream


of going to their first Super Bowl will have


However, for Cleveland fans, there is something to shout about in


No less than five former Browns will be


representing Atlanta and New England on


The winners have taken their titles. Champions who have achieved a lot.


Now the alphabet soup of NFC and AFC merge into one, one champion of the


NFL to find. The winner will take it all. It feels they will do it in


just about all of America with a TV audience of over 100 million across


the United States. There is nothing quite like it. Super Bowl LI in


Houston, Texas. Only in the NFL.


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