Episode 1 Nitro Athletics: Usain Bolt Takes on the World

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Episode 1

Highlights of a new high-energy team sporting event. International teams battle it out in traditional events and new events including an elimination mile and a mixed hurdles relay.

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Hello. Welcome to Melbourne. One of the world's most famous sporting


cities, home to the Australian Grand Prix, the iconic MCG and the


Australian Open, which only last week saw the crowning of superstar


Serena Williams and Roger Federer. The biggest star of world sport


arrived, as Usain Bolt arrived Down Under, to spearhead Nitro Athletics.


Today, next Saturday and Sunday on the BBC we'll have highlights of


this trail blazing event, which Seb Coe said could revolutionise the


sport. It is a high energy competition and it is a bit


different. In a moment our commentators will explain how it


works. Six teams, made up of 24 athletes go head-to-head over three


evening's competition, with the overall winner crowned in a grand


final. The teams are Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China, England and


the Bolt All-Stars. The three sessions of competitions are a


mixture of traditional and not so traditional track and field events,


like an elimination mile. 150 metres, a mixed four by 100-metre


relay. A hurdles relay and a three-minute run. So, a lot to look


forward to and a lot of stars in town.


Former Olympic 400-metre, Christine Ohuruogu will captain a youthful


England team. Australia's former world and world indoor champion will


be looking to score big points for the home side. And as for the Bolt


All-Stars, they have a wealth of talent including Kerron Clement and


of course the main man himself - the legend that is Usain Bolt.


The athletes are set. So get ready for track and field as you've never


seen it before. Hello, everyone, welcome to Lakeside in Melbourne.


For the very first Nitro Athletics event. Each team has 12 men and 12


women. There are six teams competing. Japan, New Zealand,


captained by Matthew Wyatt. The England team will be guided by


Beijing gold-medallist Christine Ohuruogu. Michael Rimmer is also one


to watch. China will field a young squad.


Spear the hem team, Australia is captained by 1500-metre specialist


Ryan Gregson. Finally, the Bolt All-Stars, it is a team dripping


with talent. In the men's Asafa Powell, Olympic champion, Kerron


Clement and rising American long jumper Jarrion Lawson are on show.


Here is a look of the Line-up of events for night one. We kick off


with a mixed medley. Power takes priority in the men and


women's 60-metre sprints. There are 2 Para 100-metre races.


Finally a mixed 4x100 metres relay. Teams are rewarded points for their


placing, ranging from 100 to the first, down to 40 points for sixth.


Teams attract double points for power plays. There are bonus points


on offer in the field. The team with the most points at the end of the


night is the winner. The first event is the ideal way to


kick off such a unique competition - it is the mixed medley relay,


covering distances from 200 to 800 metres. Here is your commentary team


for the night. 200 metres followed by a 400, 600


and 800. England start favourite, do you reckon? I think the English have


the team to look for. What do you do in distance medley medleys is look


at the distance. They have Michael Rimmer bringing that home. He's a


three-time Olympian. The Bolt all stars are long.


Mitchell looking to pass Stevens. They come from the athletics club.


They will look to change together. It is a good draw for Australia. A


good draw for the Bolt All-Stars. It is 200, 400, 600, 800. It's


female, male, female, male. We are about to go. Nitro Athletics is


about to explode. The medley relay. Mitchell, two from the top.


They are away, Nitro athletics gets on its bike. Mitchell has a good


start. He she'll be strong. Morgan has come up on to it. This is


the first change. This is the 200. We go to the 400. Morgan gives to


Stevens. He was sick ond in the National Championships last year.


The bolt all stars are up there. Wilson is interesting here. Gave


Luke a leg. Luke's cutting in here, which is a unique cut-in zone. Rien


rien will be the one person, Ryan Gregson will not be liking, Bolt at


the moment. He's 36 years of age. Wilson is tying up. So the Bolt


All-Stars are way back. This 400-metre leg is about to conclude.


Luke Stevens is going strong. A big call from Bolt. I reckon it will


backfire. Stevens to Rubie. This is a good distance for Anneliese Rubie.


600 is her perfect distance. She's stepping up to 800 and 600 is where


she's at with her training. It will be tough. She'll have to judge the


pace. And Alex Bell is a two-flat runner. She's a powerful runner,


Bell. She's doing a great job for England. China in third place. Rubie


looks to be pacing herself well. Gregson, the final runner for


Australia. Rimmer for England. China, Japan, New Zealand and Bolt


All-Stars back in sixth place. So, Rubie, on this 600-metre leg, she


was at the Olympic Games last year. Semi-finals and the 200. She did


well at the world champs the year before. One to watch in Australian


athletics. Anneliese Rubie is picking up. She's taking distance


off Alex Bell. She fed off the vibe. She's struggling now. And Anneliese


Rubie is kicks home. A great start for the Aussies.


Rubie is actually away. Now the New Zealanders get a power play here.


They will get double their points, wherever they might finish. So,


important for them. Listen to this roar! This Grandstand fall in front


of us. Usain Bolt cannot believe it! He's saying, what have I done here,


I might have picked the wrong bloke. Rubie is away. The Australian


cocaptain, along with his partner. Alex Bell to Michael Rimmer. Japan


has moved to third. For the Bolt All-Stars, when they


arrive, Williams, who is an Aussie. Gregson broke some new ground last


year. It has been donkey's ages since we had an Australian make the


final of the 1500. He's within in good shape this season. He's a fit


athlete. He knows that Michael Rimmer is coming up from behind.


He's a 143 man, Michael Rimmer. I think there's enough of a gap.


It is breaking barriers this and I love it! They know each other pretty


well. Partners, the glamour couple of


Australian athletics. Rimmer in second place. A terrific record over


the stretch. Semi-finals and Olympics twice.


China and Japan battling for third and fourth.


We can see Ryan Gregson, who is stretching out on the back straight.


Michael Rimmer, he has to be content with second place. Australia are


flying away. Set up with Mitchell's great leg. A terrific run by Luke


Stephens. Now Gregson floating away from them.


The beauty of this concept is it is about points.


It is really important that the bolt all star runs through the line and


takes the Japanese and Chinese in front of him. Wow! 100 points coming


up. It is the best start possible in the Nitro series. Gregson and


Australia collect 100. Rimmer second. So, England get 80.


China coming through. 70. 60 points for Japan. New Zealand past Bolt


All-Stars again. So, Usain Bolt and his team have a little bit to do.


For Australia, it was brilliant! A perfect start to the Nitro series


for the home sun. Australia taking out the mixed medley relay from


England and China. Next up 150-metre sprints. Men, followed by women.


You guys are bottom of the ladder. You have to win this to get 100


points. Your captain is stressing a little bit. We didn't expect such a


slow start. I like pressure. Going out there and do it. Go and get


them, mate! Frit frat and Powell with all -- Frater and Powell with


all the championships. Nagata, Millar from New Zealand.


Here's Michael Frater. A clean start. Hartmann goes up


early. Nagata away quickly. Millar running well.


Millar inside. Hartmann coming home hard. This will


be a surprise, a big one for the Kiwis. New Zealand, Japan, Australia


and Michael Frater out of the placings. The women's 150, Jenna


Prandini the favourite here. Day, from Australia. She skipped school


for two weeks to run at Nitro series. And Sally Pearson ran


against her a couple of weeks ago. She went flat out. She broke Pearson


and Hewit's record. It is phenomenal for a 16-year-old. She is a talent.


You have to be very excited watching her coming through the ranks. With


the 150 metres it is combined, so the men and women come together. We


don't have a running total at the moment. Michael Frater back in


fourth. That means not much if they fall away in interest. What about


Day, in line number five? Hobbs in two.


Nagano in five four. Na of China outside. So Prandini...


The favourite a. Way they go. Day got a good start, Hobbs got a good


start as well. Hobbs going through.


Day hanging on strongly. The 16-year-old. Oh, big strobs for


Williams. -- problems for Williams. It is way back for England. So, the


very good Australian story continues. Bolt will be smiling


tonight. Prandini has saved a sinking ship. Jenna Prandini gets


the first win of the night for the Bolt All-Stars. New Zealand takes


the honours in the men's. In the men's pot vault each competitor has


four attempts. Vaulters have just one shot to nominate their preferred


height. Next is Marschall. Three clearances


so far. OK, he needs your support, ladies


and gentlemen. Here he goes. He's 19 years of age. Lifetime best of 5.70.


He wears lucky undis! Let's hope they are lucky for him here. In he


comes... That was a very close leap at 5.6


zero. A brave choice. Now the competitor from China. He was clear


at 5.4 zero. He has already got equal first, but he could push


Kurtis Marschall back into second. No count back. Xiue is a very


serious pole vault. Six in Rio, the Asian champion. This is a serious


jump, at 5.6 zero. Here he goes. 5.60 is on his way. He goes up and


down. He did not have a clearance at the final height and team Australia


and team China will show the points in the pole vault. Australia and


China show the points, next it is the three-minute distance challenge,


a race with no finish line. The team that covers the greatest distance is


the winner. And here is the line-up. Luke Matthews to come home and then


China. You know what it is all about. Officials getting ready to


stop the athletes after three minutes. It is a weird feeling. How


do you know how fast to go out? You would hope that someone is counting


you down. Those 25-metre increments are at the back, there is LaCaze.


There is a real mix. Thomas is a 15-metre runner. Keown ran a


personal best this year. The Chinese competitor is also a 50-metre


runner. They are about to run for three minutes, as far as they


possibly can. LaCaze was in such brilliant form. The key is here,


just how hard do you go out? How do you place set? There is Thomas,


followed by 22-macro. -- Buscomb. They are looking at


about 2.5 lengths after three minutes. They will be looking to


finish with 1.52 ago. They will be struggling to do that. Buscomb, the


girl on the right with the Long blonde ponytail, in the dark,


representing the Bolt All-Stars, she has just won a ten kilometres race.


Charlene Thomas from England is a really tough cookie. She has won the


European Championships. LaCaze will have to watch her. That clock


winding down. They have done about a minute and a quarter. Such a bunched


field. Where you finish, you move up to the next spot. You can finish


within 15 minutes of someone and probably get the same result. The


men will come on within about half a minute to a minute and then they go


as well. It is Thomas of England leading from Buscomb from New


Zealand, sorry, the Bolt All-Stars. She is a kiwi. Keown of New Zealand,


LaCaze, her co-captain and then the Chinese competitor. The Japanese


competitor may be struggling. Is she powerful enough to assert herself?


There is your answer. LaCaze has gone. It was a slow pace and LaCaze


has gone hard. She obviously had her tactic that she was going to spread


it down with one minute to go. After three minutes, when the clock gets


to zero, they stop. Can LaCaze get far enough away? Good response here


from the Chinese competitor. Then Buscomb. She knows she has to quit


her tape. Three minutes of torture. The last-minute has been so hard.


She has done a great job. Buscomb behind her. Thomas has dropped off


from England. LaCaze is almost there. This is going to be close.


China coming up, Australia have done it. Well done, LaCaze. They got to


about where you said. Just about spot on. Here is Luke Matthews, the


Australian who had the slight lead. Kiptoo is in third place. He will be


hard to hold out. Matthews is leading. Then we have Kiptoo,


Richard Wear from England, Tim Cornish by New Zealand. He is going


to be tactical. It is a tough one to lead a three minute challenge the


whole way so the tactic for Luke Matthews has been to take it easy,


use the lead that LaCaze gave him. Kiptoo was interesting, he took off


so fast. He is taking off, he does not have a very fast kick, but


Kiptoo is the one to watch. I think Matthews is in the right spot. The


Chinese runner, he is a steeplechaser. He does not really


have it. Kiptoo, as long as Matthews does not get caught, they are


halfway through their run right now. You can see that Luke Matthews is


boxed in a little bit and he gave Kiptoo and a little shove. Richard


Wear comes to the outside. There is still a long time to go, one minute


and 19 to go. If I were Kiptoo, I would not go anywhere. He has let


Matthew Selt, that is a mistake. He could have kept him in. Luke


Matthews has a really good chance. Kiptoo is from West Kenny. I would


have thought if Luke Matthews is in top shape, he could run him down. He


does not have their kick of Matthews. Kiptoo has had to go


early. Richards Wear is in third. Can Luke Matthews run down Kiptoo?


30 seconds to go. Luke Matthews gets one little kick. Look at the captain


roaring him on. Bolt All-Stars have been vanquished again. Matthews


coming away. He made a big market in Melbourne last March. Tonight, even


better. May is going to bring home a 100 points for the Australian team.


Matthews and LaCaze collect a lot. How good is that? What a team.


Kiptoo in second place thing. What a team. What a run and he was 100% and


so was LaCaze. Another great result for the Australians, winning the


three-minute challenge which sends them to the top of the leaderboard.


New Zealand, the surprise package in second, China in third and the Bolt


All-Stars banking on their big names, still to come. Up next, the


mixed two by 300 m relay, women to men. Morgan Mitchell and Luke


Stevens, we have already seen them. This is an even better distance for


Morgan Mitchell. She was very good in the 200 and of course, the


Commonwealth champion their Christine Oduruogu. I spoke to her


on Thursday night and she was excited about this concept and she


is supporting it and she is an Olympic gold-medallist and the


silver-medallist and bronze-medallist. We are about to


go. No staggers. This will be very important. Can Mitchell get across?


She has got good speed. She does cross over. The competitor from New


Zealand mix-up. You would expect Christine Day to be very good.


Oduruogu in third place. So important to get the in running, the


first runners in the women have two bends and this changeover will be


carnage. Morgan wants to be cleared to change the pattern with Luke


Stevens. Stephen is about to go. Clement is in a good spot. He is the


hurdle champion from the Olympics. Theo Campbell is third. In fourth


place is Josef Miller from New Zealand. Can Stevens hold of


Clement? He is doing a pretty good job. Clement has not got him.


Stevens is two metres in front and holding on. The Olympic champion


will not get to him and Stevens has done it again. The Bolt All-Stars


have been upstaged and England get third. Can you believe it? It gets


better by the minute. Another upset in the relay. Australia Street in


the field ahead of Bolt All-Stars. Up next, the men's long jump and we


join the final round with bonus points available for jumpers to get


close to the personal best. His personal best is eight .58 and he


should have won the Olympic gold medal and to say he was filthy, was


an understatement. He was very upset but let us hope that has turned into


fire in his belly. He has got a good wind, let's get going. Get behind


him. Do we want to see eight metres? Here he comes. The wind is still. 25


seconds to go. He needs to take off. Launch! Here he goes. Eight metres


is required distance. That might be close. Fowl. The red flag goes up.


It is a foul but he still leads. This is the power play for the Bolt


All-Stars. Jarrion Lawson is it a good position. Burberrys Lapierre is


up next. The team manager. -- 65-macro.


-- LaPierre. He has got 7.94 for the win. His best so far is 7.7 four.


I have another statistic, he is capable of doing it. Get behind him,


here he comes. Put up that white flag. There it is! 7.89. It was very


close, great final jump from LaPierre. Look at the height.


Outrageous. Air traffic control needed to be alerted. Zhang. He can


do this. Not quite. Not quite. Some big news here, Bruce, because


Jarrion Lawson with the terrible charge for the Bolt All-Stars has


collected 200 points, 200 points, that will elevate them up the


standings in spectacular fashion. Zhang from China. It is 7.80! Do my


eyes deceive me? No they didn't. He gets the 15 bonus points. And here,


the Australian, Natasha Morrison, we heard Usain Bolt say he had great


confidence in her. Berryman on the right, she is 25 years old today.


Hannah Williams for England, double points important. She is probably


more a 14 -- 15-metre runner. There is Hannah Williams. She is coming


into the relay later because Bianca Poulter hamstring. She is 18 years


of age. There is Natasha Morrison. She is based in Texas now, the


Jamaican, 24 years old, she is a gold-medallist from the World


Championships in 2015. The 29-year-old Australian next to her.


So Morrison got a fairly good start. She stumbled. She's in trouble.


Berryman hanging on. Oh, what a shock! The New Zealander on her


birthday has won from Morrison, who seemed to stumble after the start.


What a strange old race. You can see Morrison on race, tapping her head.


She knew she stuffed that start up. She nearly fell over. She wanted to


get back. To get back into second was a great effort. Watch her in


black. Sprinters concentrate being low on the blocks. She was brilliant


at the back. What an upset. Kelsey Berryman, known as a long


jumper. She's a backof all trades. She's -- jack of all trades. She's a


very fast sprinter. At the moment, that is where they


stand. No points have been decided. It is the men power play.


If we combine the two events here, the men and the women's to the final


point. Gill, Showler-Davis, Oseto, Powell and then Aaron Stubbs and


Renkeng Lin of China. Asafa Powell, three from the left


when we look at them in a moment. What will Stubbs be thinking? A


clean start. Powell got away well. Stubbs in about fourth place.


Powell does brilliantly. Close for second and third.


Probably Showler-Davis second. The great man! It is great to have him


back. 11 years ago he was the toast of the Commonwealth Games. The all


stars are making their move. The All stars needed a big performance and


you came through. Definitely. We have the greatest team here. We want


to make sure we get back on top. You are a little bit behind if you are


the greatest team. We are way behind! Sshh!


You seem to have time to look around, see where everyone else was,


that must have been comfortable? Having fun. My team is behind, so I


put on a little show to get up everyone's spirit. You put on a


great show for the crowd. Well done. The Bolt All skaf stars are leading


the standardsing with Asafa Powell winning the 60-metres sprint from


Kazuma Oseto and Kieran Showler-Davis. Another All Star


finished second behind Kelsey Berryman in the women's. So it is


Usain Bolt and co in the lead. Up next the women's 100-metre hurdles.


Michelle and Abbie know each other really well. Abbie today call the


call up for the All Stars. MacKenzie Keenan of New Zealand, from


Christchurch. She runs for Melbourne. She's based here now. The


400 hurdles. Drew of England.


This is an important event for Australia in the overall cop tent.


Slightly different look for all of us. They are about to go. And


Jenneke got a good start. Just let her out T Aussies are in front.


Jenneke kicks away. Michelle will get the job done. A little bit of a


mishap late for her. She just paused and cost herself some ground.


Tonight it doesn't matter. It matters where you finish. She gets


the 400. Riez riez You looked like you wanted


it so badly -- Get the points for Australia. That is really all I can


ask for tonight! Another 100 points. We heard in the lead-up maybe sore


in the hamstrings and not going 100%. How was it for you tonight? It


wasn't actually too bad. I torn it seven weeks ago. I have


done a lot of work getting back and actually very silly in the gym the


other day, a jump and I sprained my ankle. A bit of taping going on


here. Held up in the race. That's all I need. I think we better put


you in cotton wool. Go and celebrate with the crowd. Well done! Thank you


very much. Michelle Jenneke taking the win, with China second. The home


side now edges closer to Team Bolt at the top of the table.


The first to cross the finish line grabs maximum points.


They all have a classification here. It is a staggered start.


James Arnott, England, Mikiyo Ikeda, Japan. Jarryd Wallace for the Bolt


All-Stars. Scott Reardon, and Chad Perris of China.


So Reardon got a good start. Then Ikeda. Will O'Neill, a big lead.


Coming home Perris and the New Zealander wins it. Reardon gets


second. Perris, third for China. So, Will O'Neill, the holder in the ACT.


What do they say in the professional ranks? He'll get pulled for next


week, I think. A yard or two or three. Definitely. Go to the women's


100 metres. And Grimaldi of New Zealand. We talked about Anna


earlier, she's the champion from Rio in the long jump. A great sprinter


as well. Ella Pardy for Western Australia,


the 26-year-old. Pardy has a lot of ground to make


up. I think Japan will do well here.


Sasaki... Coming through Grimaldi in third place. Next elimination miles


for men and women. Six runners start and one is eliminated at the end of


each lap. Matthew Ramsden, the best young


talent in Australia, younging for the Bolt All-Stars. How does it


unfold? We've had the explanation. So the standings into this race for


the Nitro Athletics on night one, the Bolt All-Stars still leading.


Australia not star away. -- far away.


Just for the record the Bolt All-Stars pinched a margin there.


They got inside Japan at the start. We will not worry about it, will we?


No. Everything is a bit lose tonight. Everything is different.


This elimination mile is one of the most different events. After 400


metres you hear the explanation that the final person will be eliminator.


Jeff Riseley is sitting back. He looks to be comfortable. Matthew


Ramsden is about to move up. Jamie Webb of England.


Musson of New Zealand. 120 metres to Government


Riseley sitting back. The pace will be interesting, too. Do they run


flat out? They look like they do. Riseley has moved up alongside the


Japanese runner. Gets himself into the right spot.


I think shi no might be going. Yes, so China's gone. So Gao has gone.


Now, this is where it is weird, isn't it? This is fantastic. None of


us knew how the tactics would play out. Speaking to Geoff he thought it


would be OK. Others are more like five K types. They went out fast,


no-one wants to be eliminated so fast. Going so fast in the first lap


they have to conceive energy, if they are to finish the race off.


The young Aussie Matthew Ramsden, running for the Bolt All-Stars goes


past Riseley. So Riseley again doing what he did. He's playing a little


cat and mouse game here. They've taken the numbers. Musson here.


Riseley looks comfortable enough. He's moved up. Riseley is going to


push, push, push. He does. China went and now Japan goes. We are down


to four. So, one more to be eliminate and then the dash for


home. Well done. He's earned his keep with an 800-medley and now


this. Matthew Ramsden of the Bolt


All-Stars. The 19-year-old Jeff Riseley, the 30-year-old Victorian


and then we get to Jamie Webb and Ben Musson. I am not sure if those


guy guys at the back have another kick in them. I am not sure if they


want another kick in them. Obviously surging is not the way to run fast,


you pay for it later in the race. Musson coming back with Webb. They


have to be up closer to Riseley and Ramsden. They are probably a step


above the other two. They should be save. Ramsden looks comfortable out


there in front. It is a group of youngsters. You have the 19-year-old


Ramsden and then the 22-year-old, and 22-year-old Musson. Musson will


be the one to go, surely. New Zealand will be out. We get to the


last lap. What happens here? Do they keep running hard, or do they play


cat and mouse? I Musson has gone. It has come down to the Bolt All-Stars.


There is Ben Musson. He's gone. He's earnt some points. He's got 60


points for the Kiwis. Ramsden, of the Bolt All-Stars. In the finals of


the juniors. Jeff Riseley, sitting on him at the moment. Who gets the


100, and who gets the 80? Jamie Webb is in the background. Ramsden, a bit


of a chance here for the 1-year-old. Some bragging rights. Riseley starts


to go. He's about a metre behind him. Ramsden leads into the


straight. He'll be hard to beat, I reckon. Look at Usain Bolt and the


All-Stars shouting him on! This is a huge win. It is an Aussie for the


All-Stars. What a future he's got. Jeff Riseley, second. I am not sure


whether Jamie Webb is with us? He is about 150 metres away. He is a star,


this young fella. Unfortunately he's knocked off an Aussie. Jeff Riseley


gave it a great shot. And Matthew was able to pull away from Geoff. It


is such a tactical race. Let's go from the elimination mile, Dave to


the javelin. The target javelin land the spear inside the V. 45 metres.


It spreads out, the further you throw the spear, the wider the V. Up


next Jo Blair. Po years of age. -- 30 years of age.


The British champion. Will it land? It's gone wide.


It was a slice. She launched herself 46, 26 for Jo


Blair from England. She's in sixth spot at the moment. I'm cheering for


Kara Winger. Leading, 21. 16. I think she can find the V. This is


her first time ever throwing in a hat. For me, this is what Nitro is


all about. Give it up for Kara Winger. She is throwing in a hat.


She deserves our appreciation just for that. In she comes! Out it goes!


Out it goes! Well, she's wearing the hat. She's


got 15 bonus points, which means currently as things stand, 115


points. That's what it's all about tonight. This is super fun. I never


hit the target before. I'm terrible at that game! Here we go for Kara


Winger. She's nailed the target. Gets 15 bonus points. Distance


60-43. Leading and got the bonus points. The Bolt All-Stars back in


business. Morgan Mitchell on the runway. Run


-- Kathryn Mitchell on the runway. It looks straight - it's in there!


All right! 15 bonus points. Was it previous than your other throw? I


think my shoulder is Maxed out for distance. I needed the accuracy. You


have nailed the bonus points. I will work on a few things this week and


come back next Saturday. Hopefully there are a few metres extra. That


shoulder is held together with gaffer tape. The 34-year-old from


Victoria, sixth in the Olympic Games.


This is power play. For the Chinese team, currently in second place,


with 60.94. If she can launch 61. 17 and get the target, it's all


happening! It flies! It flies! That was a big build-up. A massive


build-up. That is 180 points for China. Finishing in second place.


Big points for China. Not a bad launch, too close to the foul line.


She went high as well. It was a storm chaser. It was up in the


clouds. It is not going to improve her score. Bolt All-Stars, Usain


Bolt, a very proficient javelin thrower. He threw it in Rio. 54


point 17. The Chinese athlete will finish in second place, Catherine


Mitchell third, there is your winner. Kara Winger from the Bolt


All-Stars. Linden Hall of Australia there.


Selah Jepleting Busienei there from the Bolt All-Stars. We sort of know


how it works with what happened previously. Away they go in the


women's elimination mile. Laura Nagle from New Zealand pushing up


and in front of her is Alison Leonard. Li from China has gone


forward. Selah Jepleting Busienei getting around her. Nagel there.


Linden Hall will drop back to second last. Nagel has worked hard, she is


at the front. She was the New Zealand 10,000 metres champion last


year. If you are a distance runner, you want to be towards the front so


it does not come down to the last spread. It is interesting to see,


the first lap seems to be crazy and then they slow down. Linden Hall has


got herself into a good position. She was told that the best place to


be would-be where everyone wants to be coming into the final kick down


and looks like she will make it through quite comfortably. It is


pretty tight behind her. I think Li... She has gone out. Linden Hall.


China will have to leave. It is Alison Leonard of a man, Linden


Hall, Selah Jepleting Busienei from Bolt All-Stars and then a big gap to


Laura Nagel. The Chinese runner now told that she was the background.


The front runners will probably slow, but you would think that 46


mackerel -- 46 aggro, she is in trouble... A little bit of


inexperience. -- Urabe. England have employed and interesting tactic


putting Alison Leonard in the team. I am sure Usain Bolt has explained


to her what works and what does not. Kurtis Marschall is there. It is a


fantastic environment having the athletes out there cheering. These


three know that they are safe. They are cruising a little bit more.


LaCaze, what a captain she has been. We get down to four now. Urabe will


miss out. Nagel assay for the moment. You could not see her


catching the top three. Such a different race for the men. It was


so tense. The top three have sorted themselves out. Laura Nagel, you


would think she has a forlorn hope of getting back into the picture.


What does Linden do and what does Selah Jepleting Busienei do and


Alison Leonard. They could really turn it off for a bit here. Has


Linden Hall got the pace? She is not scared to lead from a long way out.


She was speaking about maybe leading from the front. She will be OK here.


She knows that she is safe not get eliminated. She wants to win the


race and she knows that team needs to the race. She will want to make


sure that she has a bit of a lead and she kicks the legs out of Alison


Leonard who is dropping back. We know she is a flat 800 runner. This


is a combined men's and women's and the Bolt All-Stars beat the


Australians in the men's elimination mile. Into the last lap, frustrated


to shared the points with the Bolt All-Stars here. We have a power play


in the 4x100. It is important that Linden Hall can win. The captain is


verging on Selah Jepleting Busienei. Linden Hall is away. She is six or


seven metres in front of Selah Jepleting Busienei. Alison Leonard


is consigned to third place. Linden Hall looks great. She missed the


Olympic final by two tenths of a second. This young woman has a huge


future, she is 25, she has so much to look forward to. This has been


really impressive. She is a fantastic athlete. She also got


engaged last year. Look at her go, she is pulling away, she is going to


do the job for her team. The 25-year-old, the Rio Olympian, she


comes away with a big win in the elimination mile, Linden Hall, a


great result for Australia, Selah Jepleting Busienei in second place


and third will be Alison Leonard. Good result there. This is quite an


historical moment in track and field. Where are you going? This is


a very historical moment for track and field work mail takes on a


female. Did you think that this would ever happen one day. No, I was


kind of dreading it. I will just try my best. Is that trash talk? Same


Australia can take the wind? Hopefully you can hold on to get it.


To Paris is first and then the two powerhouses with the ladies, we have


got that covered, it is easy. We do not play games, we are here to win.


Good luck, guys. That is the leaderboard for Nitro Athletics.


Team at the all China, Australia. The 4x100 coming up and here are the


lane draws. Australia can get double points here. If Australia could get


second, they would get 60 more points than the All-Stars. It is a


tough ask when the greatest athlete of all time is running. Stranger


things have happened. Powell must be begin I have done a lot, this is


very different. He is running against five women here. He is the


only male on the opening leg. What price him being first to Bolt? It is


Black Caviar, isn't it? You would probably put your house on it. The


Jamaicans are well rehearsed when it comes to realise. Would he be


nervous? What to say? I think so. If you watch the movie of Bolt, you


think he is never nervous, but he says he always gets nervous. This is


his first race of the season. We are about to go. Powell to Bolt. Henry


to Day. Let's see. Powell will gobble up the lead early. Powell to


Bolt. Riley Dave. He flies the back straight. Riley Day is in third


place. The fastest man of all-time hands of the battered. I reckon she


got out. Job done. Day passes the Batham. Prandini. The All-Stars are


just out there. Where are the Australians? Fourth or fifth place.


Tarmoh brings them home. That was something. The Australian


team with two teenagers involved with a flying finish. Here was Jack


Hale, two from the left. Tarmoh was safely there. He is an 18-year-old,


he has always had a high profile, he is the Australian under 18 and under


20 record holder, fastest teenager we have ever had. Tarmoh there,


getting the points. Usain Bolt, he was just himself. You did it, you


seem to always find a way to get the win. You make us panic but you got


the victory. I told you, from the start, I told you I would win. We


let you guys win earlier, so you had hoped and then we took a back. That


was the strategy the whole time. Yes. Sometimes you have to give


people hope and then take it back. We are here to win and that is what


they did. We have two more days to go, so they better come better than


this. What are you going to change for Thursday night. This is a trend


we will expect. No, tonight, there was a lot of trash talk, but we are


winning and you are losing. From the get go, on Thursday, the hammer is


going to be down. Describe it. Awesome. The crowd was great, I


enjoyed it, it was different. This is exactly what I expected. Thank


you for coming out. We have a number Macklemore, Conrad and supporters.


Thanks a lot, Australia. In no way, we get bragging rights. The Bolt


All-Stars, over Japan and Australia and those were enormous points. His


team did come through but not without a heck of a fight. This was


so close. In both the power play and the long jump, that made such a


difference. What a first night! Thanks to that, we also want to hear


what you think. Let us know. We would love to know your thoughts.


Our next instalment is Saturday at 1:15pm and this time it is on BBC


One and the third and final highlights from Melbourne, will be


at one o'clock here on BBC Two. The athletics keeps coming and next


weekend we will have the British indoor Championships live on the BBC


sport website. All the details are online.


Lots to look forward to, we will be back with more Nitro Athletics next


Saturday on BBC One. Until then, goodbye.


Usain Bolt is the headline act as Nitro Athletics - a new high-energy team event - makes its global debut in Melbourne.

This hour-long highlights programme shows the best of the action as six international teams made up of 24 athletes battle it out in traditional events such as the 100m, 200m and pole vault - and they are also supported by new events including an elimination mile, a mixed hurdles relay, a mixed long jump and target javelin.

Jamaican superstar Bolt leads his 'Bolt All Stars' team against England, captained by Olympic and world 400m champion Christine Ohuruogu, China, Japan, New Zealand and Australia. Points are awarded for each of the 12 events, which also attempt to pioneer new technology, such as microphones worn by the athletes, countdown clocks and fluorescent blocks and batons.

This is the first of three days of the inaugural Nitro Athletics Melbourne meeting and hopes are high it will have a strong impact, with Lord Sebastian Coe, the head of World Athletics, saying this event will 'revolutionise' the sport.