Episode 2 Nitro Athletics: Usain Bolt Takes on the World

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Episode 2

Gabby Logan introduces highlights of the second day as teams compete in new events including an elimination mile and a mixed hurdles relay.

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Hello and welcome back to Melbourne for round two of Nitro Athletics,


the bold new team event headlined by Usain Bolt and designed to bring a


whole new audience to the sport, which last week saw the start of


something a bit different. I knew Australia would come out and support


and I'm happy everybody is here and I'm excited to get started. Wow, the


best start possible in the Nitro series. She has taken off. What a


team and what a run. Australia upstaged the Bald All-Stars.


That is what Nitro is all about. Usain Bolt is of! It was awesome,


the crowd was great. Thank you, Australia. Usain Bolt's All-Stars


recovered from a slow start to finish ahead of Australia. The young


English team did not fare so welcome of suffering an injury to Bianca


Williams. Second place in the mixed death and medley relay proved to be


their best result but with points on offer in another 12 event there was


plenty to play for. A reminder of how it works. Six teams of 12 female


and 12 male athletes go head-to-head over three days of competition.


Traditional disciplines fit alongside more innovative events.


Points are awarded according to position with the emphasis on team


rather than individual performances. Bonus points are available in some


field events and each team can use a power play to double their points in


one nominated event. Places for the first two rounds go on to determine


seedings and lame tours in the grand final. Let us know what you thought


of it so far -- lane draws. But let's get over to the Australian


because to describe the action and Rob Clancy to draw the Li talk you


through There are individual men's and


women's 100 metres races, 110 hurdles for the men, dew seeded para


events and finally a mixed 4x100 relay, once again involving the


indomitable Usain Bolt. This is the mixed 4x400 metres relay and


Australia is using its power play. I am here with 400-metre legend


Christine Ohuruogu, and you're nervous. For yourself or the team?


It's weird because we have had a great build-up but we all agreed,


It's weird because we have had a the 400 metre lot that there is


nothing fun about it! No matter what the event, this event can make grown


adults cry! I am a bit nervous but it's fun. You know the pain is


coming! And what about Nitro as a whole, are you loving the team


environment? It's fantastic, we had a great time, we have been dancing


along and it is great to invite people into our world. People don't


get the chance to see this side of us so it's a great idea. What more


could you ask for? Time for you to get your game face on! Here we go.


The second night of Nitro is underway and Luke Stevens goes out


hard. This be strange to watch because three men and three women so


expect the bolt All-Stars to be at the back because Marinakou is a


long-distance runner. Cochrane of New Zealand is third supplement our


one, two, three you would expect Stevens do have a lead. I think it


helps Australia being drawn on the outside lane. He was able to use his


speed to get the fund. But Oseto is running a great leg. -- to the


front. A great performance and a bit of a surprise. Ishizuka gets it now


and it is Rubie for Australia. Ohuruogu goes now. It is Japan,


Australia, the All-Stars are a long way back but they come home with a


strong runner. In the back straight, no surprise that New Zealand go


past. This is Tom Moulai who is just 18 and he is leading by six or seven


metres from Anneliese Rubie who was in the Olympics in the 4x400 final


for Australia. She is a fine runner and she is getting a gap on Ishizuka


in third place. It will be a strange feeling for Rubie having a boy


flying past but she has held her form really well and she is passing


it over to Alex Hartmann at speed. The change was put a stop change.


Ohuruogu gives the bat over. Katherine Camp on the back straight,


she was 25 on Monday. Alex Hartmann has gone straight past her on the


back straight. Horii of Japan is in third place, a very good 400 metres


man and the All-Stars are still long way back but making up some ground.


Morgan Mitchell will go last for Australia but they have a very good


lead. Horii are trying to run down apartment but Japan has a female


athlete to go last, so does New Zealand.


They get to Morgan Mitchell and Morgan is away. Clement is about to


get it for the All-Stars but surely they are too far back. Australia


with a power play stemming them in the face and they are leading in the


back straight. Australia had definitely got the All-Stars under


control because Clement is only just having the bat on right now. Morgan


looks clear. The problem is the English team, Theo Campbell is


finishing strongly. Morgan is going to have a hold her form. Theo


Campbell is adopting the flight. She is lifting, they are cheering her


home. Keep going, Campbell is going to get her! England have got up and


come from nowhere. Over the line they go. Japan were third and China


were forth. So much fun. New Zealand fifth and then the All-Stars. They


are not good at the medley relay but don't worry. How good was that? What


an amazing finish is, did you think you could get her? I knew it was a


done deal, the team did a good job! We planned it and we knew it was


going to happen that way! We were a bit behind, but a good team effort.


And did you even lower case? I did! It is all fun! -- blow her a kiss. A


great start, well done. England takes the opening victory with a


thrilling finish in the mixed 4x400 relay but Australia take the lead in


the points standings after using their power play. Next up is the


60-metre sprint, men first and then women. The 60-metre sprint, Michael


Frater is one of the big stars and he will go for the bolt All-Stars --


bowled All-Stars. Fighter got a good start, Gao Ze is right up there and


a great dip! Confidence Lawson, this was close, England have come with a


rush. China and Jamaica and Japan. It changed in the last ten metres


and this is desperately close. Gashi had a better forward lean -- Gao Ze.


The English have started well. They have but Gao Ze has got it for


China. This is the women 60 metres. Branding is properly favourite. --


Prandini. Erin McBride is up para athlete. She has to run tonight


because England have run out of runners will stop Prandini made a


good start. She is clearly away. It is the All-Stars over China, Japan,


New Zealand, Australia and Erin McBride getting 40 points by going


to the line. Jenna Prandini's class carried her through. It is


sensational having you supporting the event, what does it mean to you


and how can it improve? It is a really important staging post for


athletics, we have got to challenge ourselves. We have not done enough


in past years to attract young people into the sport and we have


begun to pay a high price for that. What I love about this is that it is


fun and intimate, the athletes are interacting with the crowd,


particularly the young people. And we have challenged ourselves to do


something different. I challenged everybody and I'm so pleased that


Australia took it up and you do these things really well and thank


you. Next up it is the women's pole vault. This is Aoshima from the


national champion at four metres and a big clearance. They have three set


heights, 3.70, 3.80, and four metres. That was four metres which


is the third height in the order. This is Nina Kennedy for the


All-Stars. Just 19 years of age and Usain is on the sidelines watching


and she went clear at four metres. Those were the two athlete to go


clear at four metres and then they can pick their own height. This is


Aoshima, the 26-year-old national champion and she had selected 4.10


metres. Here she goes in a final attempt. Up, up and over! The rising


sun rises up and goes clear! That a great jump and it puts Nina Kennedy


under the pump, pushing her back into second place as things stand.


Nina Kennedy, former Acrobat, former world junior record holder, just 19


years of age. This is to tie for first place. She needs to go clear.


Training partner of Liz Parnov who is still to come. Right now she is


the energy Anna Kennedy is clear! That is a big clearance. Should she


have gone for 4.20 metres? I reckoned she had it in her and she


had been too conservative. The big man Usain Bolt said to be


conservative and I don't think that is her style. Come on, you say, you


need to fill your charges with joy and excitement! Look at that


celebration. That is a great jump. Nina Kennedy goes clear at 4.10


metres. She shouldn't have listened to Usain! Next up is Abigail Roberts


from England, this is at four metres having cleared 3.85 but she will


have to settle with that, the Sheffield competitor.


Australia can share the points here if Liz Parnov can go clear at 4.10


metres. In she comes... Up she goes but no!


Wow, that is problematic for the Australian team but good news for


the bold All-Stars who share the points with Japan. Are you with the


big man? I am with Usain Bolt and Nina Kennedy. What have you got to


say? I'm very proud, she came through. I was never worried! Can


you confirm you told her to take the conservative route and jump four


metres ten? We have to be smart! It is all about winning, as long as we


get the win. And we've got it. Are you happy you get the captain happy?


I am! Good points for the All-Stars. The bolt All-Stars and Japan are


joint winners of the women's pole vault. That result is enough to lift


Japan into third overall, ten points behind China. Australia still lead


the field. A third of the way through this


event, a three minute challenge for the men and then the women. Bolt


All-Stars lead. This looks to be pretty quick to me. This does look


like a genuine 800 metres race. Ramsden is a 6-foot four athlete, he


has got that long, leggy stride. He just knows the others have really


good leg speeds. He has stretched them out. Rimmer will not be liking


this pace. He will suffer a little bit of the backend. Are you happy


with where Luke is? Good work, Luke! I think he


stretched early. I reckon Ramsden is trying to run him off his feet so he


cannot kick. Buddy can't do that forever. Ramsden holds Matthews for


the moment. You can see the English team jeering -- cheering Rimmer on.


He has got to go. He goes. He moves alongside Ramsden. This has been


great running. This is tough, they get there and Ramsden just holds off


Matthews. Because of the 25-metre gap with


macro --s that's not because of the 25-metre gaps, the women come up.


She is a terrific relay runner. She made the African Championships last


year. You've got 200 metres! Let's go!


Let's go! Linden stretches it to a few metres. You feel she might be


the one. One last throw on the dice. We know England can come with a run.


Ten seconds, nine, eight... Australia are going to do it again.


Linden Hall. Just a great race. It is just brilliant. The host nation


takes out a thrilling three-minute distance challenge ahead of England


and Bolt All-Stars. Up next is the mixed two by 300 m relay.


Australia had a great result here on the opening night. Mitchell and


Stephen Sabac up again. -- Stevens are up again.


Has Stevens got one more big run in him? Taniguchi is 18 years old, the


Japanese runner. Stevens has to hang on. Williams quickly goes up and


take skill. Stevens accelerates. He is covering more ground. The Bolt


All-Stars added again. Stephen gives it to Morgan Mitchell. Margreitter


Dolly and Morgan Mitchell stretch away. -- .ca. She has gone hard and


early. Mitchell will be strong in the last 50. She ran in the relay


but was a reserve in Rio. England and Australia. Exactly as it was in


the first race tonight. Morgan Mitchell is going to win again! What


a performer. New Zealand finished third, then Japan.


A long gap to the Bolt All-Stars. What a fantastic finish. You just


set redemption. It must feel pretty good? You have no idea. I was pretty


gutted earlier. I wanted to come home hard. One more for a stroller,


let's keep going. Another Australian win in the two by three and a metre


relay. Tonight you're a little bit more


subdued, man. The first night you were out and about. What are you


arguing about? I was over there with my pole vaulter. You look serious! I


can't be happy when I'm losing! You have to believe in your team. I know


you don't. We are doing the maths. It's not really adding up. We are


taking our time. You can't talk too much if you're not sure you are


going to win. Now the women's long jump.


This is the 24-year-old from China. Third in the national championships.


A very good jumper. Around the 6.30 mark. Yes, 6.30 one. -- 6.3 one.


Quite tricky conditions. Here is my favourite, Kelsey Berryman. Close to


her personal best. 5.99 in their opening job. She has more speed on


the runway than a lot of her competitors. This is big. That looks


close to the 6.2 three. 6.29, a lifetime best.


The result keeps Australia in the lead from China are at the head of a


title chasing pack. Coming up next, the elimination


mile. A fast and frenetic four laps of the track were the pressure is on


every step of the way. Keep your eye on the back of the pack as well as


the front. We lose a runner every lap. If you are in last place at the


end of a lap, your race is over. Athletes will be eliminated after


laps one, two and three. And then the focus shifts to the final lap.


The remaining three athlete head to head, with the first across the line


taking 100 points. So the elimination mile. If you're


watching on Saturday night, you will know all about it. One unlucky


runner, the one at the back, drops out after the first lap, the same


for the second and third, until we get down to three. The top three


battle it out for 100 points. Or Keita is an 800-metre runner from


Japan. -- Akita. Heidi See will want to make sure she


is in the front. She has not got raped -- race fitness in her legs.


You just don't want to be at the back. She is in a great position.


She has fast athletes behind her. We can see the battle. The Bolt


All-Stars, do they drop out? I think they will. No, they won't! I think


Akita is the one to go. I think she actually got past Akita. There you


go. They say Japan is eliminated on the scoreboard. The thing is, she


was never going to get back onto that pathway. She made a fatal


error. We haven't seen anything like this before. They she is on the


bottom left-hand corner. She looks very upset. Incredible. She kept


running. With her strength, she probably would have got stronger.


These four will survive this lap. Are you pretty hot -- happy with


Heidi Sofer? Yes. She didn't have to worry too much on that lap. She


doesn't want to lose touch at the front it is at the end of the day it


is the first person who crosses the line at the end. She is doing really


well. She is in your group. How is she training? I think she is the


best person in this event tonight. She is fit, strong and she has


natural speed. Steve, let's go to Nathan. She has just rejoined the


race after missing that lap. That's not legal, is it? No. She should


have waited for the decision of the judges. She thought it was her who


had been eliminated but it was Japan. We have an official at the


100 metres to take you off the track if you are unsure. Nathan, they have


to get Bosque off the track because it will be chaos if they don't. She


has to go. This will completely change everything here. She


shouldn't be there. Thomas should survive. What should happen here,


Thomas, Heidi See should be left to go. Heidi See leads. Busk has been


eliminated. A great story for a Heidi See. For me, the Bolt


All-Stars will only get 50 points. It is hard to get your head around


it! It says that Heidi See is in great shape, which is fantastic for


Australian athletics. This is great. Look how beautiful she looks. She is


getting stronger as the laps come on. She will get going in the final


straight. This has been a great performance. Yes, Heidi! Let's go!


All the way. Heidi See coming through. She wins easily. Second


placing will be Thomas of Great Britain. And third will be the


Zealander. The microphone has been dropped by


the big guy. I looked at the screen and I was


like, or, God! Morgan Mitchell starring. She has been outstanding.


Now getting into the swing of it, the fun of it, as we come to the 100


metres from men and women. Jack Hale, the 18-year-old Australian,


Jarrion Lawson, an outstanding American.


J Cale got away pretty well. Lawson is slowest out. -- Jake Hale. Miller


is going to get through! J Cale back in sixth. The Bolt All-Stars really


struggling. Joseph Millar. What an effort. He looked great in the 150


the other night. Look I relaxed he is. Riley Day closest to us. Look at


this great crowd. Everybody waiting. Riley Day got a pretty good start.


Morrison away. Day is having a good run. Morrison goes to the front. It


is Morrison! Baguette 's second! At 16 years of age. -- day gets second.


A great run by Morrison. Riley Day was awesome.


Victories for New Zealand and the Bolt All-Stars in the 100 metres


sprints. The Kiwi 's move into second place overall, just 40 points


behind Australia, with England further back in third.


This is the 110 hurdles, the power play for Japan and it is a cracking


race. Gabriel Odujobi of England in the middle. This is such a line-up.


Power play for Japan. Not the best out from Wilson.


Merlino is a fair run. Wilson is struggling, Merlino getting back,


Xie gets through from Odujobi and maybe Wilson and Henry. No huge


surprise that Xie Wenjun has come through. What a great result for the


bold All-Stars, Justin Merlino faded away as well -- bolt All-Stars.


-- you can see the handicaps. O'Neill as the big start. Look how


far back terrace and Wallace are, surely they cannot get to Will


O'Neill. Reardon is taking some ground of him. O'Neill is hanging


on. He beats Reardon and Ikeda. Perris and Wallace could not get


there. Will O'Neill has done the double.


The staggered distance is not so far, just out to 12 metres.


Pardy from the outside and Isaac is next to her. McBride trying to come


back on Ayanbeku. This is going to be close. Pardy has had a good first


hundred. Grimaldi coming home hard and so is McBride. McBride and


Grimaldi are coming at Herbert is hanging on. Half a metre in front


and she didn't did but I think so. McBride did dip and it is close.


Grimaldi cannot quite get there. McBride dips. And England have got


it! McBride has been able to get her torso over the line in front of Ella


Pardy. The javelin and this is Hamish Peacock, his second throw in


the competition and he is leading with 76.30 metres from its first


throw. He has let this one rip and a puff of dust and it was dead


straight and that is 82.12 metres. That is a serious throw. They go for


bonus point in the final round with accuracy but 82.12 is finals in the


Olympics stuff. In the final round, that is the bonus distance which


start at about 60 metres and it goes out in a V neck


. That is in! It's in! That is the distance for Joseph Dunderdale. He


got the 15 bonus points. Look at that, it is right in the narrowest


spot. Very impressive. Liu from China, 75.02 so far. He was third in


the national championships and he can launch it close to 70 metres.


The crowd are hoping to see a target. I could scream and it is


close and it's in! It is long and accurate! 76.55, that it is best


throw so far and 15 bonus points. That is fantastic stuff. Another


Australian victory with Hamish Peacock taking the javelin from Liu


Qizhen. That strengthens the Australian lead with China in second


and England and Japan sharing third place. But Bolt's All-Stars are yet


to use their power play and with the 4x100 still could we could yet be in


for a photo finish. The elimination mile for the men, it


was chaotic in the Williams. So much is riding on the captain for


Australia. -- in the women's. Cornish is 28 tomorrow, Weir is


pretty experienced. Kipchirchir getting around gout and he will work


up quickly -- around Gao. He is at the front on the inside, Gregson,


and that was frustrating in Rio, we all wanted him to get out and get


that free run and uses great kick. I think this sort of risk will suit


him because he does have a vast kick at the back end. Kipchirchir has to


be careful here. They will hang on, the All-Stars but it is tight and


Weir is out. Ryan Gregson is leading. What's of tactics did Ryan


have? It looks like he is front running. He is not normally a front


runner but this is a different race of the elimination, and he will not


give up the lead easy. He will not let the back runners catch him. Go


on, Ryan! He will not give anyone too much of a chance. When we do our


sons, I think if Ryan wins we cannot lose to the Bolt All-Stars tonight


unless there is a disaster in the relay. We work it out, we have to


state 120 points in front. So far it looks good. Safe here because it


looks like Gareth Andrew is going to be off the back -- Gao Tongyou. Does


he usually listen to you? I don't think he is listening now! Gregson


is leading Kipchirchir, Cornish is in third place and then a long gap


to Kawamura. You make a lot of sense here because in awake and he doesn't


have to spend too much energy because he is pretty safe. And he


told me to let him know how safe he is because he doesn't want to blow


up. He has plenty of room. Plenty of room, you're safe! Keep this


control! Get ready for the last lap! It looks like it is going to come


down to the three at the front. I think the Japanese runner has fallen


off the back. Cornish is interesting, he will be stoked to


make it to the final lap because he has had a tough year with x-rays and


sicknesses so he is happy to be racing but it is between Gregson and


Kipchirchir who ran the three Nordtveit is earlier. Ryan is head


and shoulders above the field -- the 300 metres earlier. He comes in with


great confidence. And if I had Jen shouting at me, I would be running


faster! If Australia can win it, I think they will win the whole night.


Cornish will get the third place. This last 300 metres could determine


if the Australian teams win. Let's go, Ryan! Your fine! The last 150!


Let's go! And he does go, putting the foot down, look at this. The


first Australian to make an Olympic 1500 metres men's final in 40 years


in Rio and he is flying away and the Australians are going to get maximum


points. How good is this? I've got to get to the finish line! You had


better run quickly, young lady! The captain is flying and so is the


Australian team! The co-captains are about to get together. What a run!


Kipchirchir was second and Cornish was third. It has been a remarkable


night from the Australian team and so many of the young athletes have


been inspired by the veterans. Beautiful, lovely. Australia claims


another win but will it be enough to hold off the Bolt All-Stars who will


use their power play in the final event of the night and their


favourite, the 4x100 metre relay, featuring the man himself, Usain


Bolt. The main show is still to company will run the bend tonight.


Nobody has ever run a bend like him, world record-holder in the 200


metres as well as the 100 in those relays. It is all business for him.


He is getting the tape to tell him where he needs to take off. Because


we have females going into males and males going into females, those bits


of tape are important. We are about to conclude now. Day got away on the


outside and she has already had a spectacular start, branding is going


quick in the middle. Prandini has probably had the best and she gives


it to Powell. Look at Asafa Powell go, running down hail and also


Zhang. They are waiting, the Aussies are in trouble! We might be


disqualified! Bowled flying to Morrison who has to wait but he is


now await, the All-Stars are awake. Jenneke get it, I'm holding my


breath. China will be second, third will be England, Japan are in fourth


place and then New Zealand and Australia have made a mess of it.


Have we been disqualified? I'm not sure. We will have to wait and see.


Do Australia get 40 points which is what we need to win? Jack Hale is


about to pass the button to the Breeze Lapierre. He has no chance of


getting it -- Fabrice Lapierre. They are well outside the changeover box.


Not good. Back to you. Make, you have seen the replay, it is clear


that Australia ran out of the box which means you are victors the


night will Jess! Perseverance is the key! Push


hard and anything is possible! I said earlier, anything is possible


and we won. How do you always get it done, you were happy and then angry


and you got the job done? We have a good team and they pushed on and


tried their best and that is the key thing. You were quite confident they


ran out-of-the-box? I could see the yellow line. I have been doing track


and field for years, there Arter yellow lines, one at the start and


one at the end and it was clearly outside. We can see it here. That's


it out! It's over! Cancel Christmas! outside. We can see it here. That's


That is Fabrice Lapierre and he was keen to run against you. That is why


he went out to quick but I was too far ahead! I will get confirmation


to make sure you get the overall victory. That means you have a huge


lead going into Saturday night. We're winners, that's what we do, we


always win! It's an all-star team! Well done tonight, you got it done.


What a race and what a result. With the Bolt All-Stars taking the


bigotry in sensational circumstances -- the victory.


Thanks again to the post commentary team, let us know what you thought


of Nitro Athletics. Join us again tomorrow on BBC Two for a highlight


of the grand final. Next Saturday we will be live in Birmingham for the


indoor Grand Prix featuring Mo Farah and Laura Muir and if you can't wait


for that, there is more on BBC right now on the BBC sport website all


weekend. This afternoon we have live Rugby union as Wales host England in


the Six Nations. That is it, join us for the grand final tomorrow. Until


then, goodbye.


Superstar Usain Bolt captains his own team as the second Nitro Athletics event gets takes place in Melbourne. The legend sprinter heads up the Bolt All-Stars, and they battle it out against five other teams in this new event which aims to give track and field a different dimension and energy.

Events such as a mixed hurdles relay, an elimination mile and target javelin are just some of the new events in this team competition which also includes athletes from England, Australia, New Zealand, China and Japan. Athletes also wear microphones and heart rate monitors to bring a new perspective to the sport.

Introduced by Gabby Logan, the competition is points-based with an overall winner crowned in the Grand Final in the next episode.