Episode 3 Nitro Athletics: Usain Bolt Takes on the World

Episode 3

Gabby Logan introduces highlights of this third and final evening from the Lakeside Stadium, which sees Olympic champion Christine Ohuruogu captain a youthful England side.

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Hello and welcome back to Melbourne for the grand final of Nitro


Athletics, which could bring a whole new audience to the sport. Usain


Bolt's All-Stars have taken on five national teams, and so far, there's


been some great competition. COMMENTATOR: The best start possible


for the Nitro series. What a team. Does it brilliantly. England have


come from nowhere. They have got to get Boscombe of the track here,


because it will be chaos if they don't. Look at the excitement from


the big boys. It's in! It's in! We are winners. I keep telling you,


John. It is what we do. With the first two rounds completed, we have


now reached the sell-out grand final, where points per team are


more important than ever. Six teams of 12 female and 12 male athletes go


head-to-head over three evenings of competition. Traditional disciplines


sit alongside more innovative events. I think China might be


going. Points are awarded according to position, with the emphasis on


team performances. Bonus points are available in some field events, and


each team can use power play to double their points in a nominated


event. The team with the most points at the end of the evening will win


the Nitro Athletics World Cup. Let us know what you thought of it so


far via Twitter. Let's get over to your Australian commentators now to


describe the action, and Rob Clancy to talk you through the events.


Here's how the teams are placed after the first two nights of


competition, with the Usain Bolt All-Stars leading the points tally


ahead of Australia and China, thanks largely to the world's greatest


sprinter, their captain, Usain Bolt. Kicking things off tonight Nitro is


the medley relay. It is an event that sums up the essence of Nitro


Athletics. Men and women combine in a test of teamwork, technique, power


and endurance. It kicks off with a 200-metre sprint. The baton is then


passed to the 400-metre runners. Next, things take a twist with a


tricky 600 metres. And it is all brought home with an 800-metre shoot


out. For athletes, five laps of the track, and 100 points for the


winner. The start list for the medley relay, and the bolt All-Stars


go. Suzuka goes from the inside lane for


Japan. Mitchell for Australia. Hannah Williams for England. The


first event on Nitro final, and this is crucial to both the leading


teams. The bolt All-Stars and Australia.


So the Nitro finals away, and Mitchell got a good start. Hannah


Williams out wide. Olivia Eaton and Mitchell running well. Tam eyewear


is not far away. Good run by Hannah Williams for England. The first


change coming up. Theo Campbell taking over for England. Luke


Stevens for Australia, and the Olympic champion in the 400 hurdles,


Clement. Morgan ran well in the first leg. She was strong, but there


was a collision in the change, nearly. There is Clement, just


stalking them. So the big three for this event, England two were so good


in the 4x400 the other night. The 600-metre about to come out. This is


the crucial one, with Christine Day as a surprise selection, in a. Away


goes Alex Bell for England. Rubie in second place, and then Christine


Day, and then to New with Katherine Camp. Anneliese has looked good. She


is coming past me right now. Looks good. Are you happy so far? She can


sit on this spot, and when it comes down to it, get a nice kick and get


us a start up front. Getting to the halfway point of this 600-metre leg.


Alex Bell has run well for 500, so she is strong. Christine Day has


lost a bit of ground. The English team is a lot better for having been


here a week. Alex Bell is running a much better rates than the other


day. Alex looks very strong, and Christine Day is now passing


Katherine Camp from New Zealand, so she isn't dying as much as I thought


she would. The 800 about to start. Every metre she can get away is


really important. This has been a terrific run. Christine Day had real


trouble getting past Katherine Camp, the New Zealander. Rubie getting


further and further away. The pattern goes to Luke Mathews. Then a


long gap to Musson. Australia in a brilliant position. They are.

:07:43.:07:53. If it is going to be tight, it will be a good finish.


They just have to say relaxed. Pretty hard to stay relaxed. And


Michael Rimmer, he knows how to raise these 800s. It is a bit of a


worry. He will try to close that gap and then sit on him. A gap to third


with Ben Musson. One lap to go. Mathews, three or four metres in


front of Rimmer. I feel like Williams has made up a bit of the


gap. He has taken New Zealand. But he has Michael Rimmer's back in his


site. Mathews in the back straight. Three or four metres in front of


Rimmer. He is tired, Luke! Come on! Mathews, every point fight for


Australia tonight. It will make a huge difference if they can get it.


Rimmer is a danger. Mathews is two metres in front. Australia and


England. Australia is away. It is the perfect start. The medley team


have done it again. Yes, it's Australia home from England. The


Bolt All-Stars, New Zealand, China and Japan. What a great team effort.


Everyone of them ran so well. The first win of the night to


Australia, beating home England and the Bolt All-Stars. That gives


Australian 100 points, 20 points ahead of the English team, who came


into night in sixth place overall and looking to improve. Next, this


60-metre sprints. Don't blink or you will them!


Powell got a good start, so did us Eto'o. Doing the work all right. A


bit quicker than the other night. Powell gets the hundred points that


he was after. Establishes his polity about halfway. Oseto Gao trying to


run him down. He is so powerful. Look how strong he is out of the


blocks. He saw Gao and Millar coming back at him, but he is in sparkling


form. He got the 100 points he was after. You promised 100 points, and


you delivered. Definitely. We have to win, ask All-Stars. On Thursday,


Michael freighter didn't quite take of business. Did you say, hand it


back to me? We can't wait to see you in the relay. Well done. Both of


these races combined to get a final point. Riley Day, 16 years of age.


Kelsey Berryman won the 60 on the opening night. She has been such a


factor in New Zealand's efforts here. The battle behind Prandini,


who I think is the overall favourite.


Prandini came through very hard. Berryman second, and Riley Day


third. The Bolt All-Stars get the job done. Powell and Prandini in the


two 60s. A perfect result for the Bolt


All-Stars in the 60-metre sprints, with Powell and Prandini going


through this series undefeated. Coming up, the next pole-vault. The


women's pole-vault. This is the final round. Abigail Roberts of


England. She goes through at 4.05. Her personal best is 4.08, so it is


a fantastic effort from Roberts. She has had a great competition here.


That jumps into lead. This great clearance here, where she just


scrapes over 4.05 puts her into the lead, and the other girls under


pressure. The men and the women going together, so we are now back


across to the men. Here he goes, Adam Hague.


Pretty sure that the idea is to go over it, not kick it off. He has got


so wound up with the crowd behind him that he has just annihilated


that poll. He found himself underneath the bar when it recoils.


As he goes upside down, you want to be generally 30 centimetres in front


of it, but he was directly underneath it. In terms of the men's


competition, who are the most important jumps?


Here is Xue,. Up he goes, and he is over! A super impressive jump there.


It was 5.50. That is the best jump we have seen so far. From China to


China. A lifetime best of 4.20. This is four point ten. It had a tickle,


but stayed on. China just jumped from 60 points to 100 points. That


is how quickly you can turn around in this format. Now Kennedy,


competing for the NME, from an Australian perspective, with the


Bolt All-Stars. That would give her the lead by five centimetres,


choosing that height. A clever move, being last in the order. The format


Acrobat went and missed. It looked like she had the height. She did so


well on Thursday night. She cleared 4.10 so easily. So China take the


maximum points in the pole-vault, with victories to Xue in the men.


Coming up next: At the three-minute distance challenge, race with no


finish line. With the clock ticking, which team can run the furthest? A


male and a female athlete from each team combined. It is a traditional


race start with the first athletes running as far as they can for three


minutes. Wherever they finish, that is where the second team member must


start. They then have 180 seconds to chase down the leader or protect the


lead. The duo who power through the most metres get to take home 100


points for their team. The start list for the three-minute distance


challenge: We have got a power-play here. They absolutely need full


points, Australia. The 26-year-old has run close to two minutes for the


800 and this is an extra minute basically. Spoken like someone who


has never run 800 metres, Bruce! Away in the three-minute distance


challenge. The women first and then the men. How far can you go? It is


so hard not knowing where you are going to finish. Camille Buscomb is


doing exactly the right thing for the Bolt All-Stars, a little gap.


Australia, China in fourth, Yuki Hirota of Japan in fifth, and Laura


Nagel, the 25-year-old, her birthday today, moving up a place. What are


the tactics here for Heidi? I am watching now and I know Camille


Buscomb here well and I am worried for her because she has gone out too


hard. I am going to tell Heidi to relax and sit in. You are fine! Do


not get caught up in that! You will eat her up at the end! Camille


Buscomb knows that she has got Leonard with a great pace. I


actually think Camille Buscomb is running a smart rates. To be honest,


Leonard has been clever. They know what she is doing and they are


sitting back off that pace. You can see the leaderboard. New Zealand is


not that far away, with England. It has been a fabulous night so far.


Camille Buscomb, Alison Leonard, you can see the gap to Laura Nagel.


Leonard has gone out so hard. We know that Heidi is very powerful on


the back end. They have almost got one minute to go. Can you see the


scoreboard and do you know how far you have got to go in terms of time?


You can really tell on the home straight how far you have got to go


with the clock. But poor Camille Buscomb is struggling. All right,


Heidi! One minute now. You have timed it perfectly. Let's go! Should


she go? Not yet. One minute is a long way when you are moving at this


pace. Camille Buscomb has done a brave thing, but setting it up so


perfectly, Heidi has just got to wait for the next straight and get


the gear is going. Can she hold of Leonard? I believe she can because


it is a fitness test. This is scary, way too close, but Heidi is


stronger. Heidi See... Leonard responds. Camille Buscomb, what they


run by her. She has shown so much character. The men to follow and


every minute is vital. Can Heidi shake them off? Camille Buscomb will


not go away. This has been outstanding. Come on, Heidi! Has she


got one last kick, Heidi See? Leonard gets up to her. Just one


last kick! Camille Buscomb will not go away. Look at Camille Buscomb and


they finish at the same line. How good was that? The three of them ran


their hearts out and the men will basically go off from the same


market. That was fantastic to watch. I take you my hat off to Camille


Buscomb. That was so brave. Usain Bolt should be so proud of you. It


looked like you were in agony with a whole lap to go and you kept on


fighting. Alison Leonard, that was great as well. Heidi See, second


race back, you are back. And here we go, the England 32-year-old who won


the 5000 metres championship, so he is strong. And we have the


three-time Olympian Jeff Riseley for Australia. And Kerron Clement. They


are the big three. Cornish, and then the torture


continues. Jeff Riseley has that beautiful 1500 metres base. He is


probably just as good at 800 and 1500. This is what is tough for him.


He is so good at both that it is hard to choose which one to do. They


will have to take it out quite fast. Jeff Riseley has a beautiful long


stride. He is a great runner. The last one was his first race back for


a while. He will be better after that run. Do you think Jeff Riseley


has freshened up for tonight? Absolutely. We have picked that


smartly. This is Jeff Riseley's race and he can show off here. The way


Camille Buscomb ran the way she did, it was very impressive. It certainly


was. Just a reminder, bonus points for Australia. We get double points


wherever we finish here. For Australia to win Nitro, I think we


have got to win this event. If we don't, we will be climbing a big


deal. We are just leading. Jeff Riseley is well placed, then


Kipchirchir Kiptoo. Cornish on his own. We are getting to that very


interesting stage. You can sense that Jeff is just happy with his


nice place. They are going to come quite late. Jeff has such great 800


speed that I think he will back that to go as late as possible. One


minute to go and he is about to pass you. I agree. He is looking so


comfortable. A beautiful start and he had just got to hold off and go


when it matters. You are fantastic, Jeff! Get ready now! He just moves


out on the shoulder of Kipchirchir Kiptoo, who is sitting on him.


England, Australia, Bolt All-Stars. Power Play for the Aussies. Can they


get the 200 points that they really need? Nitro final here. The 5000


metre man, Jeff Riseley sitting, Kipchirchir Kiptoo comes off his


back. The big long sprint for home. Jeff Riseley smooth. Holding form.


Kipchirchir Kiptoo at his shoulder, looking ungainly. Jeff Riseley


kicks. Looking good. Fantastic. I reckon he has got it! He is going to


go again! He has got another gear! Jeff! Jeff Riseley, and why not? He


hammers them home and Australia get the Power Play. Full points. Then


Kipchirchir Kiptoo and Richard Weir. So Australia increases its lead


overall but with no Power Play to come, will it be enough? The Bolt


All-Stars in second with China clinging narrowly to third position.


We will stay on the track for our next event, the 2x300m relay. Usain


Bolt has stacked his team here with Kerron Clement. Christine Ohuruogu


going for Power Play along with Williams. Two teenagers from Asia in


the final, Fu of China and Takuya Nagata of Japan. They are about to


go. Christine Ohuruogu is very unsteady. This is a woman who has


won Olympic gold and two World Championship gold and silver, bronze


medal in Rio. Here we go. Brent Dini's pace. Can Mitchell keep with


her all the way? Brent Dini is away -- Prandini. Can Mitchell run down


Prandini? Prandini and Morgan Mitchell, two of the big stars of


Nitro. Look at this! Mitchell goes up at Prandini takes. Half a stride


in front. The baton change about to come up. Prandini kicks up. What a


war going on. Mitchell half a metre in front. Prandini starting to tire


out. Job done. Morgan Mitchell gives Stevens the lead. That was a great


change. They took metres off the Bolt All-Stars in that change


because they were messy. Stevens about two metres in front of Kerron


Clement. Then a gap to Williams. Luke holding it for the moment. The


big run down the back stretch. Clement, the two gold-medallist. It


will be close. The Bolt All-Stars... Stevens have won! Australia got


there. It is tight but I reckon we have won. Clement threw everything


at him. What they run from Clement. He was down by a few metres when he


got the baton, but Morgan and Mitchell, a fantastic rate. --


fantastic race. What a war. Both 300-metre legs were marvellous. Luke


Stevens running scared against a man who has done it all. And Olympic


medallist, gold-medallist, in the 4x100 on the flat. And Luke has


already run tonight, so his legs will be tired. He has run a lot. To


hold your cool when you can feel Clement breathing down on you,


fantastic. That is what Nitro is all about. A spectacular win for the


Australian team, edging out the Bolt All-Stars. That puts the home team


further ahead with England moving up to third place after a consistent


night so far. In the shadows of the stands, the star of the show is


preparing for the first of his two races tonight.


This is appropriate, the referee just explaining everything to the


women because we had the catastrophe the other night, where Camille


Buscomb was stopped and he could have stopped running after the first


lap. She thought she was eliminated and she wasn't. She took off at the


wrong time. You know how it works now. After the


first lap, the woman in the last position drops out, the next lap the


same, and then the final lap. So we get down to three. Genevieve LaCaze,


we will rely on her strength. She was a steeplechase runner, who


dropped down. Her 1500 metre and mile times are coming down. Ryan


Gregson, the co-captain, can you hear me? What about Genevieve going


in? Will she use her strength? She is the fittest girl in the race. The


first lap will be the most important. She wanted to go in front


and hold them all out and it looks like she will. She wanted to keep


the pace after that. Genevieve LeCarre is, Busienei, and so who


will be the last woman? Genevieve LaCaze has got to be very careful!


She has just made it. Okita has gone out. Half a metre between first and


sixth, and although Okita doesn't know it yet, she will be eliminated


for Japan. Genevieve used a lot of energy to hold on. This event is


brutal. It is an interesting event to watch. The ladies and the men,


they take the first lap so fast. If there is a sprinter in the race,


they will be able to take down that first lap to stay in. Genevieve has


got good strength. A five kilometre run and in the steeplechase as well,


so she will be better the further she can stay in this race, but he


needs to be able to hold off the ladies with faster 400 and 800 times


than her. LaCaze has got to be careful. I


think she has got itself safely... Not quite. She has got to dig deep.


Watch out for Schaef. Thomas ran out of room in the end. So close. She


has gone. Ryan, can you hear me? A lot of energy used so far. We know


how strong she is and he will be able to regather herself, I think,


don't you? -- she will. Yes, that was just one lap. Trust me, even if


they look OK, they will be spent and the strongest girl will win. Is this


a good move? I think so. You would think that Schaef from New Zealand


would be the one to struggle. She is probably more a 2.07 runner. She


works here in Melbourne, so this is her home track, but if Genevieve can


just regain some energy, we know she has got a lot. She is darting across


the track to cheer everybody on. This is so hard. It is whoever has


got the most legs after all that surging, which is not the way to run


a distance race. It is brutal. You are spot on with Schaef. What


happens when it comes down to the last three in the final lap? That's


it, Genevieve! Keep going. You can relax a little bit through the bell.


It I am not sure if Gen has a kick left


in her. Busieni looks like she is going to


do the job for the All-Stars. It is Busieni, LaCaz and showing here. The


two Kenyans has done a great job for the Bolt All-Stars. Down she comes.


The Bolt All-Stars strike back. LaCaz has done a strong job, though.


They doubled this up with the men, so Ryan you are in the position to


turn 80 points into 100 later on. LaCaz comes in for second. The long


jump. Berryman, New Zealand's national champion. She jumped a


personal best on Thursday night. As you can see on that right hand, she


sliced it open. You thought pole-vault could be dangerous. It's


got nothing on the long jump, Steve. Steve's got up off his chair to have


a good look. I reckon it is pretty close. Kelsey, is that what you need


for the turbo? I think it will be pretty close. 6.20 four. One


centimetre of the turbo charge. A big jump of 6.44 in the third round,


which is the best we have seen for the women's. The turbo-charged


distance is 6.15. A fierce look of determination. That looks pretty


close. The pocket rocket she is. No additional 15 points on the turbo


charge, but the thumbs up. Lapierre is up next. The Australian team


manager. He needs a lift. He has got to lift big-time, because he was an


absolute shocker in the relay. His distance is 5.75. He needs some


noise! Seven point 75. An eight-metre jump will put him into


the lead. The chain was his 18th birthday present from his parents.


He came in flying! I'll! What is that? That is a fowl. That was


enormous. Fabrice Lapierre, and now Lawson, who is currently in second


place. The Bolt All-Stars can get some serious points here. Lawson won


the men's competition on Saturday. Currently in second. The


turbo-charged distance is eight metres. Can we see that here?


What sort of colour flag? It is white. It is fair. It might be over


eight metres. It is right there. 8.02 is the distance. That is going


to fill Usain Bolt's heart with joy. Because the Bolt All-Stars are now


in a very strong position. Fantastic. Japan and the Bolt


All-Stars claiming 50 points each in the mixed long jump, so no major


change in the standings as we head back to the 150 metres sprint, Usain


Bolt's first event of the night. So the points table sits like this. The


Bolt All-Stars might catapult into the lead here. A power play for


them. Confidence Lawson is -- Usain Bolt is the fastest man in the world


at this distance. It is an unusual distance. 11 World Championship


medals. It is the most remarkable sprinting story in the history of


the sport. There is only one, and there will only ever be one. He is


different, both in personality and power, and ultimately, speed. He


puts his reputation on the line every time he starts now. It seems a


formality for us, but not for him. About to go. Hartmann and Bolt in


the middle. So the moment has arrived. He is off. He got up pretty


well. Up to Hartmann, Millar and Lawson. Hartmann and Lawson, Bolt


stretching away. What a privilege. We have been waiting for it. He


strolls over the line like he did in Beijing all those years ago. We have


seen him in an individual race. It was enough. We can all go home


happy! He has the 4x100 to come, of course. His start was OK. It is


pretty tough for such a big man. Joseph Millar ran really well. He


looks a bit more compact and tense than he usually does. But I am being


picky. His speed off the ground is really good. He is able to switch


off with 20 minutes to go. If I was his competitor leading into the


London World Championships in a few months, I wouldn't like that. Millar


has had a real breakthrough hair. He is someone to watch. The first time


we have seen you back from the Olympics in an individual event. How


did that feel? It was rougher than I thought it would be. The first time


I have run this early this season, especially in a sprint. It felt OK.


You have the Formula One coming up. What you do between now and then?


Sit down! I will relax and get ready. Natasha Morrison is that


favourite here. Riley Day and Zoe Hobbs, two teenagers, go here. What


an experience for the young kids and all the people from Melbourne in the


crowd. I'm sure many have travelled just to witness the great man here.


You can see that he is over the moon, and relieved it is done and


dusted. Morrison the favourite, Day the youngster. Morrison a good


start. Maeyama got a very good start for Japan. Day has a slight lead


over Morrison. This is something very big. A star is born. We have


seen the greatest, and now we have seen somebody who might be very


special within minutes. Well, that was quite remarkable. You cannot


overstate what we have just seen. A big surprise in the 150-metre


sprint, with the Bolt All-Stars failing to make the most of their


power play. That still enough to give them the overall lead from


Australia. A great run by Riley in the 150. What you think of her? She


executed really well. You could tell she wanted it really bad, so that is


a good thing. You are you saying take up the win. Did that motivate


you? Definitely. Take away that power play from him, and keep


pushing hard. When this started, did you believe that you would be


winning the 150 in front of the greatest of all time, Usain Bolt.


And now you are sitting next to him. Running against Natasha and all the


girls was an honour in itself. She is a great girl. I am not doing the


relay, unfortunately. She is good. She's good. Did you see the 150? He


got lucky. Coming up, the hurdles relay. It is hurdles like you have


never seen before. Male and female athletes team up in an exciting


format. The female athletes start first. Across three lanes, we run a


traditional 100 metres. When we cross the line, the men take over.


Then they run 110-metre high hurdle race back in the other direction.


The quickest overall takes the points. It is an event you don't


want to miss. This is scary for everyone, commentators included.


This is something quite different. Lanes one, two, three for the women.


Then the men come back six, seven and eight. The women to go first.


Once they get to the finish line, the men will be sent on their way.


That will be interesting in itself! True got a pretty good start. Aoki


just beat them out. Drew coming through pretty hard. England, Japan,


New Zealand. Let's see how the men see it. Japan got a very good start.


Henry well back behind. The time is important, because the second race


will double up. Yazawa is clear. Japan lead at the moment with 27.52.


That is their team captain. He was in Rio. He is a national champion.


He held off Odujobi. The replay will be interesting. Karla Drew was a


clear leader. Yazawa may have gone a bit early. It is something new, it


is fresh. Either he went early, or Odujobi sat in the blocks. The


points at the end of the hurdles relay all about the time. So China,


Bolt All-Stars and Australia ahead. -- up next.


Up they come. The hurdles relay. Japan have put a marker down. Big


points so important here on Nitro final. Jenneke out of voice, but


hopefully not out of refs here. Next to her, Abigail Taddeo.


Jenneke got a good start. Abigail Taddeo as well.


China have got a very good second one. But Xue is right with him. Our


China quicker than Japan? The Bolt All-Stars well back. I'm not sure if


China was as fast as Japan. Xue head. It must be really hard to be


the lead woman there. You have to cite the hurdles so that you don't


crash into it, so I think it is something that they will have to


keep practising, those changes. But China and Japan nailed them. Maybe


Xie had the advantage of being closer to the women. They still have


their heads down and they are focusing on the race, but it is the


person behind who tells them they have to go. So maybe we should blame


the person behind. I hate to blame Luke Stevens, because he has done so


well first -- so far. The 100 metres here. This was on the


opening night. Scott Reardon has been second in both 100 and the 200.


Mariko Okita lost his arm and leg at birth.


That was a big finish from James are not. O'Neill wanted the line and he


couldn't quite get it. James are not! -- James Arnott. Reardon is a


bit slow to get up. It is difficult for him.


Anastasio Marimekko running for the Bolt All-Stars. She is one of seven


siblings. Oh, no! She lost all her stride there. Maybe McBride over


Mana Sasaki. England have had a huge start. I think there was some slight


interference. I think McBride might have done it again. She is a talent.


Ella Pardy stumbled at the start. She stumbled and tripped, but I


loved that she got up and kept on running, Femita Marie Ayanbeku. That


is great for the team. Maybe McBride. Yes, she gets it over Mana


Sasaki. England takes a pair of wins. Australia gets pushed back


into the lead in the team standings as we head into the javelin. Points


are up for grabs big time in the final round of the javelin. The


Chinese competitor has thrown over 76 metres so far. Let's see how the


radar is for Luke then. It looks good! -- for Liu. Bonus time!


Straight out of his hand. Like a ten pin bowler. It left his hand and he


turned around and walked the other way. He knew it. International


viewers, that is what they call straight down the doodled idyll. --


diddle diddle. Power and finesse rolled into one. He didn't guided


in, he hammered it in. And now we come to the final round. Hamish


Peacock would like your support and he has got the support of his fellow


competitors. 81.12 for the Rio Olympian from crass mania, the


26-year-old. -- from Tasmania. Yes! Steve, The Peacock was strutting!


You already secured the win with your first round throw of 81 metres


and you have just put the icing on the cake. A bonus 15 points for


Australia and with things so tight that the top of the leaderboard,


that will make all the difference at the end of the day. That was pretty


handy. I sprained it the other night so good to get it down the middle.


That one curved back, right to left on it. Have you been working on


that? I put a snake on it and it curved beautifully down the middle.


Australia remains in the lead heading into the second to last


event of the night, the men's elimination mile. The Bolt All-Stars


with Matthew Ramsden. And Ryan Gregson, who was an outstanding


teenager, for Australia. Now the elimination mile. Get out of China.


Ramsden for the all stars. Gregson at the back. He has looked powerful


so far. He is prepared to go right around the field and put himself


outside the New Zealander, Tom Moulai. Usually in championship


racing it is a slow start. They have taken off, like in women's


elimination mile. Baby wants to be the first one out. It is like a


reality TV show. -- nobody wants to be the first one out. But they are


spreading far too fast for the mile right now. You went through this in


your race, Genevieve. It is so tough. You have got to hold your


lead and you can't let anyone pass you no matter how hard it feels.


Ryan is doing well and he is good at that. Hey has got a kick. You just


can't be last across the line. China lose their men. Ramsden is 19. He is


now with your group and he is some kind of prospect, isn't he? Sitting


outside Ryan. Ramsden definitely has a bright future ahead of him,


following in Ryan's footsteps at his age. He has so much potential to


show and that will be the guy on Ryan's shoulders tonight and he is


well aware of that. Watch out for those two upfront. Gen, you have


done all these races, and is this the most brutal of all of them? I


can confirm it is the most brutal and I have never done anything like


it. That says it all! Come on, Ryan! Stay on it. You are good. Stay on


him. Who is going to drop out here? New Zealand? Tommy Lai of New


Zealand, he is gone. We are down to four. Ramsden, Gregson, Jamie Webb,


and again Gregson takes the lead. This must be so hard. This is a good


tactic. They can relax a bit. There is no danger for Ryan or Matthew


here. It is a fitness test now. Make him work! It is true you have only


got to worry about the last person, but at the same time Ryan is trying


to run Ramsden off his feet and trying to tire him out but he can't


run too much because then he won't be fresh. He needs to be fresh and


take the sting out of the younger Ramsden. I think it is the opposite.


I think Ramsden is the distance athlete. The interesting thing about


these two is that Ramsden looks up to Gregson. One of his idols was


Ryan Gregson and now he is racing against him. He has emulated him in


doing the double, the 1505 kilometre. But Ryan has a great kick


which we have seen at majors. -- the 500 metres and the five kilometres.


This will be fascinating. How important is it for Ryan? Not just


the points but beating the younger guy? There is a bit at stake here.


Tamsin is right. Ryan is trying to run Ramsden out of his feet. But he


will need more. Come on, Ryan! 150! Gregson and Ramsden, both Aussies.


One for the Bolt All-Stars, 19. The other the first Australian mail to


make the 1500 metres final in 40 years for Australia in Rio. The


captains are about to start screaming encouragement. He takes


him! Away goes Gregson. Gregson remains unbeaten in Nitro. Ramsden


has made his mark. Over the three nights. Here they are. The captains.


Australia can win the night if we finish in the top three here, even


if the Bolt All-Stars win. But for Australia to win Nitro, we have got


to win and the Bolt All-Stars have got to finish both or below. That is


what it comes down to. It will be tough for Australia to take down the


Bolt All-Stars, but if they can just get that battle ground cleanly and


finished as close to the Bolt All-Stars, then winning the night


would be great. So great to see the Aussies at the top. Mitchell to


Hartman, to Jack Hale, so the Australians go woman, woman, man,


man. Morgan Mitchell, five wins at Nitro this week. What a star. Jack


Hale is the future. And also, Usain Bolt, interesting that he will give


to brandy unique as he did on the first night. That is really tough.


-- he will give it to Jenna Prandini. Really tough for the first


village at their fastest man in the world to give it to a woman. Watch


that exchange. The final event of Nitro. Asafa Powell quickly passed


Michelle Jenneke at, and Kelsey Berryman. Usain Bolt left to right


hand. Flying down the back. Australia back in fourth place with


Mitchell. Look at Usain Bolt powering away and this is the


important change and she got it! Jenna Prandini was so good! The


Aussies are in all kinds of strife. The last button change and the Bolt


All-Stars are clean. They are away. Usain Bolt and his team will be the


champions of the night, flying home. Look at the battle for second. The


Bolt All-Stars are number one! Pretty hard to beat. Asafa Powell to


Usain Bolt. What a great concept. I love it. Pretty exciting watching


the men racing against the women. Asafa Powell showed what this is


about. He just took metres out of Michelle Jenneke. The Bolt All-Stars


are such a well oiled machine. What a way to end an incredible evening.


The Bolt All-Stars have saved the best till last for the third night


running, grabbing a thrilling victory in the final event and in


the process taking the overall win in Nitro by just 12 points from


Australia. It is mission accomplished for the world's fastest


man who came to Melbourne to spearhead this new concept in


athletics and leaves as the inaugural winner of the Nitro World


Cup. I am happy. It was brilliant. The guys gave 150%. We are going to


push, we are going to push, and that is what we did and we got it done.


Thanks again to the host commentary team. Do let us know what you


thought about Nitro Athletics using the hashtag below. More athletics on


the BBC right now with the conclusion of the indoor team


trials, streaming on BBC Sport website. Next week, join us on


Saturday, live from Birmingham for the indoor Grand Prix featuring Mo


Farah and Laura Muir. And in three weeks we will be in Belgrade for the


European indoor championships. Over on BBC One, live rugby union as


France take on Scotland in the Six Nations. The inaugural Nitro


Athletics champions have been crowned. Is this the future for


athletics? Only time will tell. That is all from us today. Thank you for


watching. Goodbye. Our gifts to the world. We invented


the bicycle. We invented television.


Usain Bolt and his All-Star team are looking to be crowned the first winners of the new Nitro Athletics competition as three days of action concludes with a grand final in Melbourne.

Gabby Logan introduces highlights of this third and final evening from the Lakeside Stadium, which also sees Olympic champion Christine Ohuruogu captain a youthful England side.

Nitro Athletics is a new team event which has the backing of athletes including Bolt and the sport's chief Lord Sebastian Coe - with events such as a mixed hurdles relay, target javelin and an elimination mile - just three new disciplines which could, as Coe says, help 'revolutionise the sport'. Along with the Bolt All-Stars and England, teams from Australia, New Zealand, China and Japan are also involved. It has been suggested this event could be for athletics what Twenty20 is for cricket. Time will tell but sports fans and those in the athletics world will certainly hope so.