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Numbers 50 to 26

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You can only beat who is there on the day. Fair play to him, for a


lad to come and win the final, good on him. People can say, could have,


would have, should have, but he has done it and he deserves it. He was


this incredible diver what won a gold medal in '84. He and without


and out one of the best divers in the world.


Yep, he was as good as it gets but in 1988 Greg Luganis lost his head.


He has misjudged it and banged his head on the board!!. That has to


hurt doesn't it. This kid's face does it all. He could surely not


survive. The Olympics were over over. Not really - he doesn't do


dying, he does diving. Incredibly he and his sore head went on to


achieve Olympic glory. The crowd are on their feet!!


CHEERING Two days later with stitches he


goes on and wins the gold medal. How hardcore is that!! Is there any


other athlete who could come back so quickly from such an injury and


win a gold medal? He is ironman. I stubbed my toe on that board I am


never going near one again. He gets up and wins the gold - brilliant.


Greg Luganis an Olympic hero and head and shoulders above the rest.


The 1984 Olympic game, American style. Yep, land of the free, home


of the brave and in 1984 host of the greatest ceremony ever seen.


warm welcome from the citizens of California. LA marked a huge scale


in the drama of opening ceremonies. There was even a rocket.


It is going to be a long, long time... # The rocketman had nothing


to do with the Olympic, it was just something amazingly cool. He just


comes out of nowhere and flies around a bit and then he is


carrying the flame, wasn't like a rocketman relay - it was just one


rocketman on his own. P in if that wasn't enough, how


about a sing along with this lady. We can be chasing if we can start


giving...# Cut to Paris and there were people holding hands, people


in Rotterdam holding hands. then there was us we may has well


have been eating leeks I was ridiculous.


The closing ceremony was out of this world. It was a sci-fi


spectacular. The love child of Frankenstein and


a storm trooper had a message for the watching world. I have come a


long way because I like what I have seen. It wouldn't surprise me if


people switched that on and went, "Oh, my God, the aliens have


landed". You want to come in here, you will never guess what has


turned up at the closing ceremony. I salute you!!


CHEERING It is the show that kept on giving.


How do you top that all off? Lionel Ritchie.


Come join our party # See how we play


# Come on!! # All night long# Music, Martians


and monumental madness. LA through down the gauntlet. How can future


games compete. Keep watching we have a few more coming up.


I use this place as a retirement home for old Olympians. It take as


lot of upkeep but you should think about moving in A kind of


retirement film for golden oldies. Yeah. No silver, no bronze. As I


said to you many times is it not about the winning it is about


taking part. Show me that bronze again that you won in Athens.


but you didn't win that, did you?? When I sat on the start line for


the Olympic games in '92 I was an unemployed carpenter with a wife


and two kids and absolutely no money.


In 1992 Chris Bordman was Britain's greatest hope in Barcelona. He


would need enthusiasm, positivity and total belief to win the gold


and if it was a gold medal for modesty too, he was the man.


didn't believe that I was going to win because that happens to other


people, people that you see on television.


A beautiful day...# In the final he was up against Yens Lavee. He is in


the lead. It was an exhilarating moment for Britain but Chris had


his wheels firmly on the ground. lot of athletes manage to get


excited. I just used to get scared. Chris Boardman has the world


champion in his sights. He went on to made a mockery of the German,


lapping him. He is doing a demolition job on the German.


was unstoppable. He doesn't just catch him - he overtakes him and on


the line he is ahead. Completely inconceivable. He is going to take


the gold med a will to become the 4,000m Olympic champion and he does


just that!! To be lapped on a velodrome is unheard of and to do


it at the Olympics is a credit to how much of a beast he was and the


fact that he had the guts to think I am not just going to win this I


am going to overtake him. One of the greatest gold medal perp form


answers I have ever seen. Chris Boardman is the Olympic champion.


But Chris remained the unflappable model of British reserve and


modesty. I was aware but emotionally not the euphoria that I


was expecting. I am always a glass half empty kind of person. Christ


Boardman cyclinging super hero, not that he would ever let it go to his


head head. Dale Beadman. An Olympic inspare rigs. In 1988 she had been


diagnosed with graves disease, a thyroid problem which can lead to


heart damage, strokes and blindness. After receiving treatment she was


told by doctors she was lucky to survive. She could have lost her


feet but she came back, not only did she fight the disease which was


an achievement in itself, but she got herself back to Olympic level


fitness. In 1992, just 19 months after being unable to stand up, she


was back on the starting line for the 100m final. You think an


athlete who had almost lost their feet would never come back to the


sport shoe had the fighting spirit in her and she could quite


realistic win a medal - it was amazing.


It is very tight and she has got it in lane 2 and that is a big, big


surprise. She overcomes this incredible almost terminal illness,


comes back to the Olympics and win as gold medal. It is a great moment


in sport. Gail Beavers one of life's survivors.


Next we have the story of a man who wasn't satisfied with being the


best at one discipline - he wanted to be the best at ten. It is no-one


as the toughest event of them all, the decathlon. Ten different


discipline, each of them more demanding, challenging and harder


than the one that came before. thank you, Dean. This isn't about


you. This is about the other fella. The one with the moustache.


crowd already applauding. The greatest all-round athlete in the


world. At the 1980 games in Moscow daily Thomson stormed to gold in


the decathlon. The Olympic champion. And a sporting icon was born,


inspiring our nation's children and facial hair habits. But it was in


LA four years later that the man with the, the ash that made hulk


Hogan look like a schoolgirl cemented himself in the British


cyclinging. But could his performance patch his personalityal


allow him to win a second successive gold and become a


legend? Yes!! He is rock 'n' roll. He is like a living, breathing


action man. The Swiss army athlete - he can do everything, he is


amazing. He is dancing in the circle. Daly Thomson was a rock


star in the '80s. He was my hero, every boy love and worshiped him.


World champion and now twice Olympic champion and there is no-


one in the world that can match that record. He did it, making


history and giving the nation one of its greatest Olympic moments


winning not only the second gold in the decathlon but smashing the


world record in the process. It was a fantastic performance. He show


cased his full range of skills and strengths. He could do nothing but


make headlines. Whether it was on the track or on the podium,


whistling the national anthem rather than singing it. He probably


nailed it. He is probably doing some complex harmony. I don't think


that was him trying to be rude, I think that is just his rebellious


side. Nobody does it better ...# There is


no denying there is anyone quite like Daly Thomson. He is still rock


'n' roll. I have been to numerous black tie events and he rocks up in


a tracksuit and you think what are you doing? But you know what - he


is Daly Thomson, he can!! Baby, baby


# You are the best # The triple jump. One of the select Olympic


sports that Britain chooses to excel at. Jonathan Edwards left a


mark anywhere the sand when he took the gold in Sydney 2000 so


naturally in 2004 all eyes were own his successor as he sought gold at


the Athens games. Philip Sudo is only guy who has taken to any sport


and I have sat there and gone, woah, who is this player? But it didn't


quite go to plan. He is a great athlete, he wins medals however on


this day awful. Everyone can seize up just before that big moment. I


am sure there is many men and that big moment is about to happen and


they can't rise to the challenge. Second attempt. He really needs to


get a jump in here. We can forgive anyone a single mistake but two is


making the Micky. He has a rad flag and now he is in real trouble.


has been training for years. How are you getting this wrong time


after time? He had one more chance to get it right. And he has failed


that as well. Philip Sudo is out of the Olympic triple jump. Nothing.


That is your event, that is what you train for - nothing. Having a


complete matter in the whole stadium let alone the rest of the


world watching it must be pretty difficult to take. Where do you go


from here? Home. It was more than a bad hair day in Athens but four


years later Philip has picked up a silver in Beijing and has


maintained his progress since. How will he fare in London and how will


he be styling his hair? When he gets the jump and nails it he is


unbeatable. 2012 he is going to get gold. Don't let us down, big guy.


For all the glory of the Olympics, sometimes there are athletes who do


their best but their best simply isn't good enough. That is right,


Richard, you can have bucket loads of determination but without talent


you are never going to climb on top of that medal podium. For those


athletes they may as well just have stayed at home. Do you mean like


Eddie the Eagle. No, Colin, I mean Eric the'Ll. -- Eel. Here is Eddie


in his prime. We love an underdog in this country, people trying


their best but never winning anything. We were introduced to an


another Olympic underdog that blew Eddie the Eagle out of the water


and will burn on in our memory. introducing Eric... Athens two


competitors got disqualified for false starts. Eric found himself as


the sole swimmer in an early heat. Unbeknown he had only learned to


swim eight months before and had not evidence ever got his trunks


wet in a Olympic-sized pool. All his training was down in a 20m


hotel pool. Eric the Eel was a man who could essentially pairly swim.


All was going OK but someone told him he had to go back again.


first length he gets through it but on the way back the guy is


knackered! He is racing no-one and yet still he almost didn't finish


it. This guy doesn't look as if he was going to make it. I am on the


sudden of the pool doing interviews and I thought I was going to have


to go in and get him. There is a possibility that he is not going to


make to it the end of the 100m race. Slowly but surely the Aussies in


the crowd start to get behind him. He will make it. This is the


Olympics. He has 10,000 people shouting for him. There is a bit in


the end where you are watching when you think please, dude please make


it. You don't want to it be the Olympics where we send the life


guard in to save you. Eric wins the 100m freestyle. He climbs out at


Eric the Eel as he finally managed to doggy paddle his way to victory


in the slowst time of 1 minute and Good. I am happy The swimming pool


facilities must be very, very poor but if there isn't a pool to take


advantage some of of the hundreds of miles of coastline. In the next


few years Eric was keen to show the world that the'Ll was the real deal


but sadly the government wouldn't grant him a visa to travel to


Athens four years later. It was a great moment. It was again one of


those things that, you know, makes the women will picks special. --


Olympics special. Martin Luther King had a dream. Gabrielle had a


dream and I have a strange recurring dream voluming lots of


rabbits. But it was the Dream Team that stole the show. Perhapss the


most predictable gold madal of the entire 25th Olympiad. It was a


dream because they were basically a team of superstars. These guys were


the best players on the planet. Magic Johnson. Charles barkly.


Michael Jordan, the greatest basketball player of all time and


you had another least another five huge names. That kind of team if


you assembled it when you were on the PlayStation or the Xbox, put it


together, you would think you were cheating. But it wasn't cheating


because for the first time ever stars from the NBA were allowed to


compete at the Olympic Games. Imagine if like today's Barcelona


football team went and played in the Liege - that is how superior


they were. This is exhibition stuff even this early on. It was sporting


equivalent of Paris Hilton taking on Stephen Hawking and the results


were inevitable. The US almost toying with them. They annoy lated


practically everyone. It was like the Harlem globe trotters every


game just showing up and taking the Micky. They beat every team but an


average of 40-something points. It was ridiculous how easy it was to


them. It was men and against boys stuff, albeit the boys were


freakishly tall. Croatian were the Opposition in the final with the US


scoring 117 pointsen route to victory. You can't have five top


athletic black guys against a team of five wide dudes from Croatia in


a game that involves running fast and jumping high. Round the back.


Back to Johnson. Wonderful stuff. They are never going to win that.


The result by no mean as surprise, the performance as expected. Magic


Johnson and the USA the Dream Team, the Olympic champions.


Still to come - injury. Yeah, it is mad, yeah, it is a little bit


insane. That is what the Olympics are and that is what it takes to be


a winner. Infai mow my. The light comes on the box and it was obvious.


It looks like she hit her head on the bottom on the way and she had


been attacked by a hen party somewhere. American swimmer Mark


Spitz was: Just the sing of the pool but he had the look. Nothing


says '70 God like a Beatle haircut and a Tarsh. He was like magnum PI


porn star, that is Mark Spitz. is the best moustache ever grown by


a man. Now you have to shave all the hair off so you are not going


to grow one of them which means you could lose by 1/100th of a second.


What a shame, technology have robbed the Olympic swimmer from


having a good mozzy. Another gold medal and a world record for the


super fish. In 1972 Spitz won every gold medal in a every race he went


in. He could have swam so much faster if he had put a cap on and


shaved off the moustache. What he did was amazing. Seven golds, seven


records. It was never going to be beaten. But it was. 36 years later


thanks to fellow American Michael Phelps. When a record like that


gets beaten you are not cool any more, you don't have anything to


tell people at dinner parties because you are not the greatest


Olympian any more, someone else is. The only true barometer is we can


only judge it for its point in history. He was best guy in the


world at that Olympic Games on seven events. Imagine - the


athleticism needed not just to race against the clock but to have to


hurdle fences at full pelt at well. No, is it not easy. Explosive power,


the focus, the timing. It has to be one of the toughest Olympic events


of all time. You are about to show my silver medal win. No, something


better, something called horse pentathlon. So it is actually


called the modern pentathlon invented in time for the 1912 games


and based around the fine school she thought a cavilry officer would


need. It is an odd event. It is shooting, fencing, swimming running


and last of all show jumping. all a bit horses, guns and swords -


generally not the kind of thing many of us can practice in the park.


We didn't do pentathlon at our school. It is already a tricky


event but it gets really tough when it comes to the equestrian


discipline as the individual horse riders, they don't have their own


horse. They inspread to ride a completely unfamiliar beegs.


walk forward you take the ping-pong ball out of the hat, it has a


number, all the horses are lined up in front of you, they all have


numbers on them. It is the ultimate lucky dip but in 2008 we saw how


unlucky some of these fateful pairings between man and beast were.


You have obviously got other sports you can train for. We are not


spending all that time on a horse. Yeah, that definitely seems to be


the case. I know what event I am looking forward at London 2012!!


The Beijing Olympic, OK, was phenomenal. As we have seen, the


only ceremony of the Olympics is the precursor to the greatest show


on earth and it is crucial that you do everything in your power to make


it go as perfectly as possible and the Chinese went above and beyond


the ball of duty. 15,000 performers, 4 billion TV viewers and a cost of


$100 million. Nothing was left to chance. The world was star struck


as this sweet girl stole the planet's heart. Wearing a red dress


and pig tails, she charmed the world audience with a rendition of


Owed To the Mother. But it wasn't her voice we could hear. The kid


who they got to sing and had the voice of an angel didn't quite look


like an angel as far as they were concerned so this young woman had


to step into a recording booth and sing her version of the song which


was then dubbed on to the miming of a young girl who to, be honest,


looking very similar as a Chinese 9-year-old but she did have very


straight teeth. Perhaps we can try something similar to introduce the


London Olympics. Take. The next thing I heard the fire works


procedure. They even created some of their fire works with CGI, but


they looked impressive. They had little sly bits and pieces to make


it better, it was good. I want it on DVD. I think the Brits can take


a leaf out of their book n this one. Just CGI out most of Hackney. I


live there and is it not going to look good on camera!! So, London,


no pressure then!! If there was one piece of advice,


Colin Jackson that you could pass on to young, aspiring athletes,


what would it be? Respect yourself. Respect your pop po innocent and


you must respect the officials - opponent and you must represent the


officials. You always have to respect the officials. If that


fails you could always fight them. Cuba is famous for many things -


some popular and some not so popular but in the 2008 Beijing


games it was Taekwondo that was making the news when this man let


his emotions get the better of him. As a fella once said ain't that a


kick in the head. He took the law into his own hands


when he was ruled against. He thought I could just kind of - I


could accept his decision or I could use my Taekwondo gifts and


kick him in the head and he chose that option.


Can I kick it? # Yes, you can# It wasn't the right


thing to do, it wasn't going to gain him any more points but fair


play. You come here to kick people, you kick the guy against you, the


other guy is having a go, you kick him as well. Someone else comes in


you kick them - you kick people, that is what you do. He was furious


about the ref disqualifying him and his reaction got his banned for


life. It is 2004 and in the men's sprint


relay the USA are red-hot favourite to win yet another gold medal while


our boys were rank outsiders. GB given no hope, we are going to


get our kicked. We are going into this as the underdogs. With were


just making up the numbers. Americans were the favourites - of


course they were. Everyone thought it is a done deal. The United


States will win it. Running the first leg f first leg fn


Gardener. Right then was the best change ever we had ever had. Bang,


the baton was gone. I can't tell you the relief for me do have the


baton out of my hand. Next up Darren Campbell. Halfway


through the race we are still in it!! Gardener to Campbell, to


Devonish to Francis to finish it off. It was a perfect race. Each


pass better than the last pass. It was beautiful. It came down to the


smallest of margins of 100 seconds. We can be herry rows just for one


day# It was this exchange that cost the favourite. This is where they


got in all sorts of bother. Darren Campbell and the boys it


must have been the most amazing moment of their lives.


Question be her lows...# In Atlanta, 1996, the US women's gymnastic team


were vying for gold on home turf and it all came down to the final


event and an 18-year-old American. The team event was very, very close


for the positions. Kerry subpoena slug was the last person up for


vault and injured her ankle. Very difficult to land. You can see she


is injured. She goes down and is limping with an ankle injury.


pulled her leg ligaments and sprained an ankle. Everybody is


counting on you, aren't they, and you don't want to let anyone down


and it is as close as it was with the Americans to get gold. It is


kind of like, yeah, I hurt myself but I am getting on with it.


Determined not to let her team- mates down she mastered the


strength to go again. And she made it!! Ouch. To stand up and go I


want the gold this much they am prepared to maybe cause myself


long-term injury, that is pretty incredible. She is superhuman.


Everyone likes a big finish. That was her big finish. Yeah, it is mad,


it is a little bit insane, that is what if Olympics are and that is


what it takes to be a winner. she lands after the final jump she


does a weird movement thing like a toddler shuffling on the carpet and


I don't know if that is a celebration or if she is terribly


injured. Following her success she was


carryed to the podium by her coach, carry they were crowned gold medal


winners and boy did they celebrate. The only way you can the-by-seen


pissed, pissed, you are in Lanzaroiti and


it is 3 in the morning. I think that which were doing impromptu


versions of the dance, that is cool. I salute you Kerry Shrug.


So in 1998 and things were going really wrath err well. Then this


happened. -- rather well. Then this happens. Roy Jones junior is


fighting,. He pummels him. He beat him into the ground. He demolished


this guy. He just went bring your face closerly hit it. Bring your


face closer, I will hit it. absolutely hammered him from pillar


to post for three rounds. And you are kind of thinking he has won,


that is it, it is obvious. It was obvious Roy Jones Junior had beaten


the home boy. He handed up 80 something punchs to Parks 36 so of


course he is going to get the gold medal. No. In the blue corner...


Never lost that faith. Everyone knew it, including the guy he was


fighting against. That guy looked embarrassed when he took that gold


medal. They must have said whatever happens here he is the gold medal


list and that is it, which is just terrible. The least deserved gold


medal. An outragous decision in my opinion. In the aftermath of the


bout all three judges voting against Jones were suspend but Park


was still allowed to keep the gold medal. The worst decision I have


ever seen. I have never seen one It is humbling. Glory years, hey?


Yes, it is, it is. Not all Olympians have very


glorious 1 sporting years. The Montreal Olympics will be


remember for Princess Anne becoming the only royal ever to compete for


Britain when she swapped a tiara for a hard hat and rode one of her


mum's horses. But 1976 was famous for an extraordinary case of


sabotage, as Boris Onischchenko took on dashing Brit Jim Fox in a


fencing hit. Nice uniform, Blue Eyes! Jim Fox


said to the referee after Boris Onischchenko had supposedly hit him,


he believed that Boris Onischchenko hadn't hit him. It was obvious to


everybody that he hadn't hit me. They checked Boris Onischchenko'


sword and he had a switch. Every time he got near an opponent, the


light would go on. The more times he - all he needed


to do was press his thumb and the light would go on in the box.


all the idiots are doing all this, I will just do this!


Three hours after the fight, he was winning points when he was in the


dressing room. And people were thinking Boris Onischchenko is


really good! It is like something a James Bond


villain would come up with, to win, a button in the sword!


Who would have thought that the sport where the aim is to stab your


opponent with a sword could be so dastardly. Always keeb to have fun


with a cheating foreign name, the Suns labelled Boris Onischchenko as


dis-Boris Onischchenko. They went on to win gold as Boris


Onischchenko was swiftly stripped of his medals and became a taxi


driver in his native Kiev. Make sure you keep an eye on his metre!


If somebody cheats in the Olympic Games, there is no point in having


them at all. What is the furthest you have run?


450m. It was tough, too. I'm sure it was. But can you imagine running


for 26 miles? Would I have to jump fences all around too? No, you


wouldn't. Even without hurdles, the marathon can be a rough old race.


The marathon is one of the most testing. In 1984, women competed


for the first time too. It is such an old, outdated frame


of mind that men are strong, big, and women do other things. No-one


sums up the Olympic spirit and desire to succeed more than


Gabriela Anderson-Scheiss. I loved the determination to finish. If you


can get round a marathon course, good for you. But...


She looked like she had found a bottle of vodka on the way and had


been detached from a hen party somewhere!


It looks like she had an imagery friend who was trying to get her to


leave. "Gabrielle, forget this, come on." And she was like, "No,


stop it! Stop it, Charlie, I'm going to finish it." Suffering from


heat exhaustion, she took five painful minutes and 44 gruelling


seconds to complete the last 400m of the race. But, still beat six


other runners. Everyone was trying to run in and


save her. Guys in white, going, "Oh, no, no, no."


But she makes it. And the crowd gives her an amazing


ovation. And she deserved it. She might not have won gold but she wan


our hearts and a well deserved lie- down.


Britain is a bit rubbish at most Games. When someone comes on the


scene who is good at what they do, we love them. In 1992 it was


linford Christie who set our pulses racing, as he sought to win the


limp's most glamorous event, the 100m sprint. It is the biggest


event, the 100m. It is a tag - the fastest man in the world, the one


that everyone wants to watch. If you are an athlete, it is the one


you want to win. After coming to athletics late, and only winning


his first big race at the age of 26, Christie had taken silver at the


Seoul Games in 1988 behind Carl Lewis. But Christie stormed to


victory in 9.6 seconds. It was an air of confidence about


him that you just knew that there was going to have to be a


superhuman effort to stop him from being first part of the line. No-


one else had it other than him on that particular day.


COMMENTATOR: Christie is storming through!


Linford Christie! I just remember he came through the


line. The British flag, the Union Jack!


That was, like, a big win. The fact that we had the fastest man in the


world living in our country. Still to come - misery. That makes


this an almost impossible situation. The look on his face. It is just


like... What is this I'm hearing about the


Olympic ideal? That you have to win u at all costs, even if it means


gouging your opponent's eyes out? It is the importance of taking part.


That is for sure. Winning doesn't matter? No, no, not really. That is


lucky! Paula Radcliffe, the fastest woman


marathon runner of all time. An athlete of truly amazing renown, a


clutter of world records, three times the winner of the London


moor-athon, winner of the Chicago marathon. She is the best and ours!


Paula Radcliffe was the big golden girl of British athletes. It is


rare that a British athlete is the best ever at their thing.


arrived in Athens in 2004, with the nation's hopes pinned to her, and


we all sat back to watch her romp to victory.


Going into Athens, she was going to be the girl that brought back the


gold medal. The unfortunate thing is that everybody put the gold


medal around her head, way too early. It should have been her


finest hour, winning gold in the marathon herself. But she ran the


race looking more like Daniel Radcliffe than Paula Radcliffe.


realised she would not make up the difference. Rather than carry on,


she just stopped! I think she should have dragged


herself over the line. It was an Olympics. But when she started


crying at the end - how to not just think, "Poor woman, she couldn't do


it." Paula was distraught. hurting so much inside of myself.


I feel like I've let everyone down. Paula, you have not let anyone down


at all. And just five days later, Paula had


the chance of redemption in the 10,000 m. Paula's a fighter, you


know? If there is anyone who can come back from something like that,


it is Paula Radcliffe. 10,000 m, for Paula, that is nothing! That is


a sprint! This is what legends are made of! Come on, Paula! Hang on -


why is she at the back?! Something wrong with Paula Radcliffe. Oh...


COMMENTATOR: Why is she stopping? Radcliffe tried her best for


Britain, but things just didn't go to plan.


It has to be totally crushed me emotionally.


I know she was not in shape to do it, physically, probably shouldn't


- medically, probably shouldn't - have competed. I would like to have


thought. They had the balls that she had. She is a woman - she


doesn't have balls! But don't worry, Britain, Paula is back for 2012. We


are backing her to win it on home soil and give her a great and not


heart-breaking Olympic moment. History will remember Paula


Radcliffe as one of the best female British distance runners of all


time. That never-say-die attitude is why she is where she is now.


At the 1998 Games in Seoul, a good athlete became a great athlete, as


Florence Griffith Joyne became Flo Joe and became a different runner


to the one of the 1984 Games. Comebz comens a marvellous start.


She moves away! COMMENTATOR: A marvellous start!


She moves awoman! 10.54 - a new Olympic record. It was not just her


newly manicured nails that had changed - she looked bigger, better,


faster and a lot harder. The time she ran was off the


planet! 100, 200 - helped her team win the


400m relay. She was running times that a very good club male athlete


would run now. That is why what I do in the practise - No-one has


beaten her record. No-one had thought that a woman could run a


100m at the time she did. But she did. She didn't just break records


but smashed them into pieces. greatest woman sprinter of all time.


But Flo-Joe became plagued with rumours about suspected steroid and


testosterone abuse. Everyone hinted at something else making her good.


They talked about how bizarrely muscular she was. She was an


immensely talented athlete. If she was on drugs, it is ashame she


didn't do it clean. I think she could have run crazy times if she


had done it as a clean athlete. retired a year after the '88


Olympics, having never failed in her career, but sadly died 10 years


of later after heart failure. is still one of the greatest


Olympians ever. Gres oco-Roman wrestling. That


cannot be in the Olympics?! A Russian by the name of Alexander


was looking to win an amazing fourth consecutive Olympic gold.


the only thing scarier than Alexander Karolyn is after you have


accidentally pinched his bottom! The only man who stood between the


Russian and another Olympic triumph was American Roland Gardener.


Karolyn had been undefeated for 13 years. Gardener was competing in


his first Olympics. People love an underdog. You see the little


American guy. I was thinking this is him! Chubby kids running around


thinking, "Oh, my God, he will be murdered." Nobody gave him a crack!


You wouldn't fancy your chances., COMMENTATOR: One point given to


Gardener. Karelin has a problem. has never won anything more of this


magnitude and you thought the Russian guy would use him as a


toothpick. COMMENTATOR: He leads by one point


to nil. It was shock horror! Alexander, the scariest wrestler in


the whole world, gets beaten by a man called Roland! That is a


deodorant - right?! The king was dead.


Long live the king! Richard Yeah. Only 194 British


athletes have won an Olympic medal. I have one of them. I think you


mentioned that! Shall I show you it? Later, Colin.


First, a completely deranged priest!


The Olympic Games is renowned for featuring the greatest athletes of


all time, Jesse Owens, Carl Lewis. In Athens we were introduced to


someone else entirely. Meet the strange and possibly


dangerous Cornelius Horan. Previously, he had turned up at


Silverstone and ran in front of the cars. And I think he thought, well,


fast cars maybe next time I should go in front of a runner. That is


clearly what he did. He wasn't going to miss the biggest stage of


them all, as he chose to tragically ruin the Brazilian's runner's hopes


of winning gold in the 2004 marathon as he led after 22 miles.


The look on his face - he was just like - not only is the most


important day of my life, I've just been accosted by some prat.


thraest it was for a very worthy cause. I went to Athens to draw the


attention of all mankind to the nearness of the second coming of


Christ. Right, thanks for the heads-up,


Cornelius! It is a marathon! He has run so far.


He has trained so much. And then one moron can screw it up!


Amazingly, he recovered his xorz to finish third. But robbing him of


the gold has been on his conscience and Cornelius has finally decided


how he can repay the Brazilian. would like to go to Brazil to


perform a jig for him and his family, and his tribe and village.


Yes, Cornelius, I'm not sure you will be all that welcome. And steer


clear of London 2012 while you're at it. The Beijing Games were


watched by over a billion and a half people.


The Spanish basketball team seemed to miss the memo.


The Spanish basketball team posed for a team photograph, they did a


parody of orental expression. -- oriental expression.


It is racist. What a way to treat the hosts!


don't think it endeared them to the Chinese.


The only thing I could think of the reason they did that is maybe they


thought it wasn't offensive. It was offensive. Very offensive.


But hold on, it is not their fault. They were told to do it. They


blamed it on the fact that the sponsors had requested it. Who was


sponsoring it? When they were asked to do that, someone must have said,


"Isn't that racist?" They offended a whole nation. Not only that, but


the whole nation which has billions of people in it! The team went on


to win the silver medal. It seems they will be remembered more for


this inglorious snap than anything else. It was a massive boo boo!


For those who are -- those are the first 25 most amazing moments of


the Olympic Games. But there's always one thing you


know about the Olympics. Yep, next time, the there will be always be


more, more glory, spectacle, records, tears. And more medals for


Team GB! Yes! Could we unearth another Linford, or a silver


medallist or a gold at the hurdles? Yeah, well, we do well in cycling


and rowing. What about the horse pentathlon!? Watch the second


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