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Day 14

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You will be beauty, and a teenage kicking superstar is the Olympic


It is a lovely sight and we should savour it, the Olympic flame


burning brightly, day 14. Almost over. 17 golds were given out today,


17 dreams come true. That is the scene right now at the ExCel arena.


It has been a day of boxing. We will be going there soon for


Anthony Joshua's semi-final against Ivan Dychko's of Kazakhstan. And


now it is time to introduce you to What a got he is. -- what a God he


is. The gold medal is hers. That has been a great performance by the


youngest British boxer ever to win a medal.


A big hello tip Amir Khan, Ian Thorpe and javelin champion from


1984, Tessa Sanderson. We had Daley Thompson yesterday, you here today,


it is wonderful to see you. Thank you, I am loving it. It is


fantastic. I cannot believe how well Team GB is doing. And you look


almost exactly the same as you did? Thank you! A lot older now. Here is


a taste of what is coming up We are live at the ExCel arena for


his super-heavyweight clash. Anthony Joshua is hoping for a


place in the semi-final. Lisa Dobriskey is looking to get


herself in the medals for the 1,500m.


Could Shanaze Reade and Liam Phillips dodge the dangers for the


BMX? And what has happened to the Australians? A note of caution for


Team GB. We have got great taekwondo action


as well. Let's start with athletics. One of the feature races at any


Olympics is the 1,500m. Following on from the victory in the men's


race on Tuesday, all eyes were on the women. Lisa Dobriskey came an


agonising 4th in Beijing, here she had high hopes for a medal. This


has come after a remarkable return to fitness. She was told earlier


this year to forget the Games after blood clots on her lungs. Laura


Weightman recorded a personal best in qualifying and you cannot ask


for more than that. Favourite for The early part of the race was very


Jamal a shut it off and then another push. Look, oh, dear me? Is


that Meggan Usain the again? the back straight. Where is Lisa


Dobriskey? She has got a problem now. She will have to work and try


and close the gap. She would have been able to work off the pace. Can


Jamal summon something again? The Turkish athlete kicks again and


Gamze Bulut also fighting to get there. It is turkey at the front.


Asli Cakir Alptekin, the European champion is going to become the


Olympic champion. Gamze Bulut takes the silver. That will be turkey's


first ever Olympic athletics gold medal, men or women. A Turkish one,


That was really messy the race, but I gave it my all. I try to stay


with it but I find myself, I did not have there. I'm really pleased


that I have got into the Olympic final and my first major


championship. I have nothing to complain about. I believe there is


more from in the future and this is a good path -- platform to push me


on now. A head of the race people were talking about you as a


potential medallist, where you going in with that same kind of


confidence? Definitely. It would have been a tough ask to get a


medal but I always believed I could. I feel quite dejected and a bit


disappointed now. Thank you for talking to us. Thank you.


I think Laura Weightman will take a lot from that going forwards. A one,


two for Turkey, the winner, Asli Cakir Alptekin was banned for two


years. Steve said it in commentary not the result the athletics result


-- world would like to see. I hate that, when someone gets band and


then brought back into the sport. Are you all given lifetime bans?


is such a fine line, all this now. It is just getting ridiculous, I


think. People are run out have chances, yes, but I am still for


that, if you have done something like that then take it out of the


sport. I hated it. I knew I was competing against people who had


taken drugs and I thought I had worked so damn hard, I went out


there, I would compete against people who had beaten me and it was


not fair. Where are you on this? think the band should be a lot


harsher than a two year ban. Whether it is a performance-


enhancing drug which is put in someone's system and they to get


themselves, we look at lifetime bans. This is what we should do.


The only argument I can make for shorter bans is if you did not


knowingly put something into your body. This is becoming a grey area


now because the rules have now changed. If you can prove you did


not put something in your body then you can get off and I do not like


that either. I liked that when you were responsible for everything


that went into your body and the testing result was judge of that. I


thought it was a better role. a shame when it is such a blue


Riband event as the 1,500m. Let's move on to speed and


excitement of the relay final. The US were in lane seven, Jamaica in


rise but gets off to a good start. So does Madison, the American is


flying into the back straight. There goes Allyson Felix. They are


being chased now by the Jamaicans. Sherone Simpson has a lot of work


to do. The Americans are really going well here. On the third leg


for the USA, Bianca night. She will hand over to Carmalita Jeter. This


looks like the USA all the way. What can Kerron Stewart do? At the


moment, nothing. The USA are storming away. Carmelita Jeter wins


it for the USA, Jamaica in second. Ukraine in third. It is a new world


record! They have beaten the East German's record which they set way


back in 1985. That is one of the longest-lasting world records ever.


It takes East Germany of the record books forever. What a final. USA


get the gold medal in the women's Great Britain did not have a


women's team because they messed up in the world championships. And


talking of an Essex, the men's team tonight. -- talking of a mess UPS.


I cannot believe it. We either drop the baton all run out of the box.


Two of the infringements today. Adam Gemili is out of the box and


then out of the lane. I thought it was a real shame for Adam Gemili


because he is a youngster, his first major championships and I


think inexperience, I felt, I am not an expert, should he have run


the last leg. His hand was way up. There was no way he could have


controlled. It is a real shame. is a shame because Gemili is a Big


Star for the future and we hope. will have a lot of pressure because


he is in London and he will have the crowd behind him and he will be


nervous. The crowd that there has been brilliant, making anyone want


to get up and go. I think he must have got a bit excited and anxious


and poor devil, if he thought he had better go. It is straight


forward in the pull. Relay changeovers, we took that thousands


of a second. You can still do it wrong. It was but that was painful


to watch. It is a bit that penalty shoot-outs. The baton and penalty


shoot-outs, we cannot seem to get right. We just have to learn from


it and put it right. The changeover in the 4 X 4 is more


straightforward. Great Britain have not won a medal in 16 years but


they qualified as third-fastest. We join in the last leg with Dai


Greene handing over to Martin What is his flat speed like? Cuba


have pulled up. There is a big gap. Look at the ground which is being


eaten up by Jonathan Borlee. Can Dai Greene hang on and give Martin


really a chance on the last lap? Trinidad are treading water. Here


comes Dai Greene. Belgium have got a fantastic run on the last leg.


The USA changeover first, then the Bahamas, then Trinidad and Tobago.


What has Martin really got on this last leg? He is in 5th place at the


moment. The USA are going for title number 17, Angelo Taylor has a huge


amount of experience. His light rain and Mellor, a semi-finalist.


Martyn Reaney is still in chance with a medal. -- Martin Rooney is


still in with a chance of a medal. The Bahamas are challenging the


United States. Martyn Rooney is into 4th, can he make a third?


Bahamas will be the champions, USA second and Great Britain just run


What an incredible gold for the Bahamas. They have 1% of the


population of the US, and to produce a team like that was great


to see. Clearly, the Americans have almost been put down to match


before this competition so it was still a good run from them as well.


The Caribbean and West Indian islands are doing so well. In years


gone by, or the Bahamas have had good 400m runners as well. Not that


I'm against the US, but it was a great surprise to see them win that.


Our guys, it is a shame that they were behind. Dai Greene does not


seem to have been on it in these Olympics. I think these days, the


days of Roger Black and Kriss Akabusi and the 400m runners, I


think tonight, Rini ran really well. He was looking for some kind of


redemption. He ran a super leg but for the others, it was OK and we


need more than OK. Let's move on now to the women's 5,000m and


Ethiopian Tirunesh Dibaba was aiming for the double after winning


the 10,000m a week ago. In fact, she was aiming for the Double


Double, after her exploits four years ago. Her arrival was be


Vivian Cheruiyot of Kenya, Jo Pavey and Julia Bleasdale of Britain. We


join the race as it starts to wind- the screen. Here she comes up


against her great rival, Meseret Defar. Has she got the power that


she showed in the 10,000m? It really is important. Here comes


Vivian Cheruiyot on the outside. Meseret Defar is on the outside. Is


the champion going to defend her title? Meseret Defar, the former


Olympic champion. Tirunesh Dibaba, the current Olympic champion. They


are fighting hard to make history. Vivian Cheruiyot is gathering


confidence. The Kenyon is close now. Dibaba is under pressure. Vivian


Cheruiyot is looking for a bit of run. Now the two of them go toe-to-


toe down the home straight. If it will be Meseret Defar. Vivian


Cheruiyot finishing quickly. Meseret Defar, after winning here


years ago, comes back to take the Olympic title. What a shock. Vivian


Cheruiyot, then to Barber. 7th for Jo Pavey and Bleasdale in eighth


place. A good run from the two believe it because she has been


second best to drum up for so long, and then Cheruiyot previously. --


second best to Tirunesh Dibaba. Something of a surprise winner, but


Tirunesh Dibaba, just not for her tonight. That historic double-


double? No. Absolutely incredible! I cannot remember if they are twins.


Every time I see those little girls run, so much strength. They are


fantastic. And they train hard. You know what it is like? Yes. I am


sure they trained very, very hard, getting up early in the morning.


are talking over 120 miles a week. That is incredible! But the


strength when you see them running, and sort of like the hunker of


wanting it. You can see every time they run. And Tirunesh Dibaba, who


Bob won it... Well, she didn't. hoping -- I hope it in time we will


be able to step up. I really feel that he could do the double. It is


great he took his stride pattern by the horns and changed it and got


the gold. He has got so much more confidence, Mo Farah, and I think


he will get it. You love him, don't you? Yes, Mo is a good friend and


he will have the crowd behind him. I love him. It has shown tonight


with Tirunesh Dibaba that it is not easy to get that double. And if we


are talking about crowds and that sort of thing, they can play havoc


with athletes. You don't know what the response will be. A noisy crowd


there, but all of the venues. But it worked! Right on cue! It was the


men's pole vault final tonight. Some good performances, and Steven


Lewis managed to finish 5th overall. He will be disappointed but I think


he did very well. The competition is always tough. And a new Olympic


record tonight for the winner, Renaud Lavillenie. Outstanding! I


think our guy should be really pleased. It was a fantastic win for


Greg Rutherford in the long jump. Are you satisfied the field events


we have are coming through and that we are pushing the talent in the


right direction? I am not exactly satisfied. It is good to see some


of our bills coming through, the hammer throw and things like that.


-- our girls. Unfortunately we did not get any medal. I was devastated


for Goldie Sayers. I did not know whether I would make the decision


to say, no, don't go in. Would you not even have started? Seeing her


throat, that was nothing like her at all and I don't know whether one


should have made the decision to say, no, the injury is too bad. --


seeing her throw. I saw nothing like that, bless her. She had to


have thrown away in the 60s to clinch the position. She probably


could have got a medal if she had been OK. Sophie Hitchon was


throwing tonight as well. She qualified in 10th. A former


ballerina, and there is a transference of skills! Tonight,


sadly, she finished 12 out of 12, but what an experience, the final,


and what an experience for her. You throw a personal best and get into


the Olympic Games. Yes. Getting to the finals and getting in is great.


But I have yet to put my finger on it. I don't know whether it is the


type of training we are doing, as such. Not even the hours, but the


technicalities. Not just the power. She was a ballerina and the speed


worked well for me. The supporters would have helped her. But also the


aggression and hunger. Tatyana shen Co ended up with the gold. Let's


have a look at her. -- Tatyana Tatyana Lysenko. -- Tatyana Lysenko.


I think going from a hammer thrower to a ballerina - that would be


interesting as well! sports the other day. Because


Caroline Wosniacki was talking about how she loved the gymnastics


and she meant the rhythmic gymnastics. We are going to do a


bit more later on and we can talk about mashing up many other sports,


but it is live boxing now - Anthony Joshua. He has already proved he


He really has been a remarkably rapid rise. Auto shot by Joshua!


is now a guaranteed Olympic medallist. -- what a shot. Yeah,


super heavyweight Anthony Joshua, and, of course, he is one of the


magnificent seven fighting in London. The guarantee of a medal


and we will catch up with the others later. Freddie Evans and


Anthony Ogogo. But now is all about Anthony Joshua. The atmosphere


there, well, it has been electric tonight. Soaking it up and calling


Great Britain, Anthony Joshua! Joshua has received ahead of this


super-heavyweight final. In front minute round in this Olympic semi-


final between the box-set in blue, representing Britain. Anthony


Joshua. And his opponent, the tallest boxer in the tournament,


representing Kazakhstan. Anthony Joshua stands 6 ft 6 but he is


towered over by a good tour and a half inches by his opponent. 6 ft 9.


-- a good 2 and a half inches. Anthony Joshua, the reigning world


silver medallist from Azerbaijan last year. Yes. A new situation for


Joshua here, in that year's Boxing somebody significantly taller. --


in that he is boxing. Don't let him settle into his own rhythm behind


that jab. With the boxing distance, he has to close that gap down. And


then throw that right hand. four seeds made it through to the


semi-finals. Again, Joshua being cheered to the rafters by the fans


here at the ExCel Centre in London. East London, London's Docklands,


but everybody getting behind Anthony Joshua from Finchley in


North London, and competing at a home and Olympic Games. These two


have sparred many times and Anthony Joshua does get the better of those.


But this is different. It is a semi-final of the Olympic Games. It


could come down to is in the better physically and mentally strong


shape. I think that his Anthony Joshua were. Demonstrating


wonderful movement. He worked effectively on the back foot and


the front, showing a wide variety of shots, and because of that


towering height, no opponent has been really successful at putting


him under pressure. But Anthony Joshua, one of the strongest


heavyweights in boxing. He has the tactics, the technique and, indeed,


the temperament to do that. wants time and space. That is why


Anthony has to put him under pressure. The third contest for


both of these boxes. A good Rover has 1-2. Right-left. Joshua,


operating out of the centre ring into a clinch. The end to the first


round of boxing and there is nothing between them. It is tied at


gets caught with their right hand. In this situation comedy comes back


with a clever short, mid-range punch. -- in this situation, he


comes back. Look at the height and reach by both boxers, but there he


bit more pressure. Into the second round we go in these men's 91 kilos


plus heavyweights semi-final. Anthony Joshua, wearing blue,


representing Great Britain. And his opponent, from Kazakhstan, who has


been put under serious pressure in the first round. Beginning to get


through with hard lefts and rights. Can the jab and a range find him?


He has to bring that right and home. Beautiful left hand to finish that.


That from Joshua. He just has to allow his head to clear. Anthony


Joshua, 6 ft 6. Towering figure of a boxer. And his opponent has a


good 1-2 of his own. The third out for both boxers here at the semi-


at the quarter-final stage. Anthony Joshua were had a really difficult


encounter against his Cuban opponent. Just getting over the


finish line in front before producing a winning good


performance to eliminate the reigning Olympic silver medallist


from China. He dropped him heavily during the course of that contest.


So we are here at the semi-final Josh has to upset that rhythm. He


has to take him out of his comfort zone. He is starting to work better.


When he is able to do that as he has been in his opening two bouts,


he is a very difficult proposition indeed. Anthony Joshua started the


round by disrupting the routine that Ivan Dychko was displaying.


is waiting too long. He has got to get back on that front foot, work


with that jab, and set himself up for the big red. Ivan Dychko popped


Ivan Dychko has settled into a rhythm and boxed effectively. That


is why the scoreline remains tied. It was four points apiece. After


one round of boxing, it is tied at been a point up going into this


last round. Ivan Dychko definitely came back in that last minute also.


He landed with a shot. Joshua slowed his feet down and neglected


construction, be more active with it. Trough, come on. -- Josh, come


on. The crowd I doing their best to raise the activity limit of Anthony


Joshua. He is three minutes away from a place in the gold medal bout


but the boxer wearing red from Kazakhstan is equally determined to


book his place in the final as well. Two are highly skilled amateur


boxers competing for all they are worth on the grandest stage of all.


It is the Olympic Games, the games of the 30th Olympiad here in London


and their contest is tied at eight points apiece after two rounds of


boxing. The winner will progress to the gold medal bout. The other


person will have to settle for bronze. There were cries of Joshua,


Joshua, wringing out all around the ExCel Arena in Docklands.


fantastic boxing match. I think Ivan Dychko is more vulnerable when


he is put under pressure. That is what Anthony Joshua has to do. That


was a super punch from Joshua. There was a trace of punch coming


from his nose. The stinging left to jab is starting to increase the


flow of blood. How much will that change things? The momentum now is


beginning to tilt in Joshua's favour. Ivan Dychko is keen to hold


on in the centre ring. It is important he starts to double up


his attacks. He has to go again, Ronald. Four years ago, when James


DeGale was winning his Olympic title, Anthony Joshua was not even


watching. He knew next to nothing about amateur boxing. He only


started boxing when he followed his cousin who won a heavyweight title


down to Finchley Boxing Club in north London. In the space of four


years, he stands just over a minute away from NO-SPACE in the Olympic


boxing finals. -- from a place in the Olympic boxing finals. Ivan


Dychko is definitely tired. This will suit him, this rest. He is


holding now. That blood is the result of those fast jabs from


Joshua. The momentum is with the man in blue. He has to step on the


gas. The Fellow in red is tiring. We are inside the final minute of


this Olympic semi-final. Anthony Joshua of Great Britain is doing


his utmost to book his place in the Olympic super-heavyweight semi-


final, in an effort to emulate Audley Harrison who took the title


in 2000. Ivan Dychko is on the retreat. That was a good right


uppercut on the inside from Joshua. The momentum has tilted in Joshua's


favour. He is proving impossible to discourage. He is different on the


back for it. This is Anthony Joshua's round now. If he wins this


round he will have won the contest. He has definitely scored with more


punches. Inside the closing seconds. He is finishing in strong fashion.


A three punch combination. As he returns to his blue corner, Anthony


Joshua has surely done enough to book his place in the Olympic


super-heavyweight final. Ivan Dychko was a formidable adversary.


He is the tallest man in the tournament. Anthony Joshua produced


a spirited effort in the final round. Joshua's desire was perhaps


greater, his fitness was perhaps superior and he got home with the


more accurate punches in that crucial, critical third and final


round. Joshua certainly sensed he was starting to get through. That


gave him the momentum. He kept going forward. For me, there was


only one winner in that round, that man bear. Both boxers now standing


awaiting the decision. Ladies and gentlemen, the winner with 13


points to 11, in the blue corner, Anthony Joshua! Anthony Joshua is


beaming from ear to ear, because he has just booked his place in the


Olympic super-heavyweight gold medal bout. He is through to the


Olympic final. He is guaranteed at least a silver medal and just


listen to the reception, the ovation, that he is receiving from


this ExCel crowd that is filled to capacity. He takes his time to


acknowledge the support he is receiving and how crucial was that


support in inspiring, in encouraging Anthony Joshua over the


finishing line because the bout was tied at eight points apiece.


Anthony Joshua summoned up a supreme effort. He beat his chest


in celebration because he has just booked his place in the Olympic


super-heavyweight about. Celebrations in the blue corner.


Their man has done it. He has the chance to emulate Audrie -- Audley


Harrison may become the Olympic champion. Anthony Joshua is an


Olympic finalist. Let's not forget Robert McCracken, the national


coach. He has produced three finalists here at these Games.


Congratulations. What a wonderful scene here at the ExCel Arena in


London. Anthony Joshua continues to be cheered as he makes his exit. He


makes his exit from the arena knowing he will be back here on


Sunday to compete in the final contest of the Olympic Games boxing


tournament. That is the privilege, the honour of afforded to the


super-heavyweight final list. Well done, Anthony Joshua. You are in


What a night for British boxing. We have seen Fred Evans secure a place


in the final on Sunday, now this man has made it through to an


Olympic final. Was that the game plan to that, to wear your opponent


down? A bit. Once again, the best atmosphere I have ever boxed in. It


has boosted us up. I dedicate a win to my captain, he is a legend.


Unfortunately, he did not get the decision against the Mongolian so


that is for Tom. What did they say to going into that round, go for


it? Never just go for it. Used all your attributes and get the win.


I'm glad it paid off, I was determined to get the win. Once you


got the job working, you had the big man in serious trouble. He is a


great fighter. I took it away from him, I thought I would box at my


distance instead of his. defending champion showed big heart


in the previous final by coming back to win, are you ready to win?


I will be on Sunday. I know we talk bedroom finals, but this is a dream,


isn't it, a London boy, London Olympic final? I am buzzing but I


have got to ride that steady roller coaster. I cannot get too high.


When it goes wrong, I will not get to lead. Focus on Sunday. I hope


you can come out on Sunday and support us. You are guaranteed a


silver but you're going for gold. Thank you.


Well done to Anthony Joshua and he will fight the defending champion.


He beat him last year in the world championship quarter-final so he


has got that in his head. That will help him be on his side because he


will know how to beat him. He knows what his style is all about so why


am sure he will go into the fight confident and after beating him


last year, that will give him an excellent -- an extra confidence.


He boxed really well today. The Kazakhstan opponent was a lot


taller than him. The first two rounds were very close. They were


tied. That is right. In the first- round he seemed very nervous.


Slowly, his nerves seemed to settle. In the last round, I'm sure he was


told to put the pressure on and push the Kazakhstan the back and he


won by two points. This was from the last round when Ivan Dychko got


a bloody nose as well. It does not matter if you get someone's nose


bloodied because you put the pressure on and try and hurt them a


little bit more because you know the person is hurt anyway. You can


see he was very hurt there. surprised me a bit earlier on, Ian


Thorpe, you were a bit of a boxer in your day? I boxed. I just worked


out, if I had boxed in the Olympics I would be in the super-heavyweight


division which is probably why I boxed in private. You can laugh but


seriously, the movements in boxing, use the same muscles as you do in


swimming. For a higher intensity, I loved it, loved boxing. I did not


love it when they hit me back so I hit them back harder. So you did


not just do the training? No, I learnt how to do it from a boxing


coach. Don't be surprised to see him in the next Olympics!


It is the over 91, not the A grade category. Are you saying I am


told?! He has been learning to speak Yorkshire because he is a bit


aggrieved with Yorkshire being above Australia in the medal table


but we will talk about that later on. Now for some Olympics sport


Sorry, we could not resist it, it was the final of the BMX. Great


Britain's Shanaze Reade was looking to right the wrongs of Beijing


Wenxiu crashed at in the final. And for Liam Phillips it was a chance


to improve on his 2008 quarter- final. -- when she crashed out in


the final. This is fast and furious and high-energy. It is one of the


only action sports to make the summer Olympics programme. Do not


look away because anything can happen. Ladies and gentlemen, this


It is a fantastic start. They are showing everyone a clean pair of


heels. The Olympic velodrome behind a has


already proved a happy hunting ground for Team GB and here at the


BMX track, Britain's hopes are high. They rest on Shanaze Reade and Liam


Phillips. Cometh the hour, cometh the woman,


Shanaze Reade. Today is finals and understand. The top three go to the


finals. Liam Phillips was looking really good for such Shanaze Reade,


I'm sure she will be one of the top once. It is mental confidence and


belief that you will make that turn first, you will not hesitate and


you will not give way. This is the first of the three runs.


Heat one is the semi-finals, one where Shanaze Reade it is important


Nice, easy, finish straight. first of the men's semi-finals.


Expect a big roar here. Liam Phillips. He has gone down. If oh,


massive, massive crash! Liam safely through. The second of heat one.


Another great start for Shanaze. Neck and neck down the last


straight. Smart riding there by Filippidis. And the third race of


the semi-finals. -- smart riding there by Phillips. As Liam Phillips


makes his way up into third she can her if she wants. So, Liam Phillips


has done enough. Looking good for the British riders. And then in


lane one, she has been in this position before in Beijing. Shanaze


on the inside but coasting at the back. She is getting caught in


traffic. Bitter disappointment for Shanaze Reade. Today's schedule has


been pretty hard with back-to-back laps. I have just tried to stay


focused and do my best. Today it just wasn't to be. The gate is down


and it is a fantastic start for Liam Phillips. Liam Phillips in


bronze... Liam Phillips is down! Maris Strombergs is a double


Olympic medallist. The best start of my life. That is what you aim to


do at the Olympics but you cannot compete with them if you make a


mistake. So, sadly no a British medal on two wheels today, but


hopefully they have inspired a new generation to take up this exciting


Down there at the BMX, they have more medics to than at any other


sport, over 24 stop and over half of them are anaesthetists. Brittle.


-- brutal. Yes. You see some of those crashes. I saw a girl


crawling because she couldn't walk and she was concussed today. Not


the best performance today for Shanaze Reade. She looked boxed-in


as well. The start seems to be integral as well? Yes. And she had


a higher frequency than usual. fan? I liked the BMX when I was


little. They look like they have the smallest bricks, though! But it


is so recent. No such thing back before 1984. Absolutely not! But it


really is exciting to have something like this now. For


youngsters can do can recognise this. And there are all having a


global stock -- the youngsters. -- and they are all having a go.


like boxing. I think every sport is dangerous. An element of it. And


that is what drives us. sometimes we play to save him. We


have to get out there and have a go. Don't stand in the wake of Tessa's


javelin! Today, Britain's hockey team met


New Zealand in the bronze-medal match. Could they get the heavy-


corner. Yes! Perfect delivery from Kate Walsh. 1-0 for Great Britain


and thoroughly deserved. Another penalty corner. Crista Cullen.


Keeping the ball low but enough height off the ground to make it


awkward for the goalkeeper. Another penalty corner! So upright. She has


exposed both of her feet. And she will take the corner. Touched in!


On the post! Absolutely brilliant! Brilliant control by Sarah Thomas,


and that is what it means. And this is what it means to the Duchess of


Cambridge. They have come here and shown real character and produced a


really excellent performance. have always known that the hurt we


have been through in the last 48 hours and there was no way we were


going to leave with nothing today. So to get this today was such a


reward. We have trained hard and we know each other inside out. We came


to his game knowing we were ready and the best-prepared we could be


and we have come away... We knew we were not leaving that pitch without


OK, and here they are! Great Britain's Olympic bronze medal-


winning team lining up for us outside the studio. What an


incredible achievement. And the captain here, K Walsh. After that


semi-final, could you have ever imagined the feeling of elation you


have now? I knew the girls would do everything to make sure they got


over that semi-final to be prepared for the bronze medal match and we


have no doubt we would go home with a medal. A but the emotions, the


swinging up-and-down, the tears the other night, and look at you now?


think it just shows how professional we are and with sport,


you have the highs and lows. will you take this lot with you?


The support in the stadium has been wonderful! Unbelievable! 16,000


people every time we walked out, shouting and chanting for us. It


made a huge difference and it was amazing for them to be here for us


tonight. It is so special for any athlete performing at a British


Olympics. 20 years since for Britain's women have brought back a


medal with a hockey. How awe- inspiring is that? Is it has been


so awe-inspiring for me and I hope it will be for everybody else.


woman have done so well. Congratulations. Give them a big


cheer! Thank you so much for coming down. They can go off and celebrate.


And we should tell you that Holland won their gold medal, beating


Argentina. Let's go down to Weymouth, because


yesterday there was no wind. Could the men and women unhook upgrade to


gold? -- cut the men and women upgrade? -- could the men and


The atmosphere is electric and there is Australia. It is the


British team who have the stronger start. I am with Stuart's mum, and


how are you coping? Terribly! is a boat between them and the


Australians. The tension is almost unbearable. Everybody has their


binoculars out. It is so, so close. The British team have gained.


last lap, it could not be tied up. They have got to put a boat between


themselves and the Australians. is gold number three for Australia.


Great Britain, a superb competition. Olympic silver for Great Britain.


John, it was not gold but your boy has Dom prowled? Absolutely! It is


is done up here, and it is not gold but there is plenty of time. We are


young boys and we will be coming back. The second of the day's


medals deciders were getting out on the water. The British team have


had a great start. They had boats around them so they had to go left


and now what is just a case of which side is going. It is London


Olympic gold for the New Zealand team. Olympic silver for Hannah


Mills and Saskia Clark. We have had a wicked 18 months. When we started


sailing, we put everything in, so to come away with a metal, it has


been up and down and a wear. We have had a wicked time! -- and a


away. So, double silver delight for


Britain's sailors on the last day of the regatta. The party will last


Well done to the 470s. My heart has just about got back to normal. But


let's go downstairs because they are still partying there! The


hockey girls! We may go down there tonight, so get your party gear on.


That is for you, Ian! The sailing concludes tomorrow. Britain have


won five medals, including Ben Ainslie's gold. Australia have had


great success but their success there has masked not such a good


performance overall. Sydney 2000 - Cathy Freeman's run


United a whole nation. The Aussie swim squad established


them as a global force. I cannot believe it! What a God he


is! And the world took notice. In the medal table and again in Athens,


punching way above the weight of were being exported across the


sports market. So what has happened to the Aussies in 2012? Gone are


the days when they will do pool. Many must have thought the medal


table looked upside-down. There are at and downs and unfortunately, we


seem to be on a downpours stop -- there are ups. -- we seem to be on


a down. There has been a huge amount of soul-searching in the


Aussie press this week. Questions over how much money is being


ploughed into sport. Just 12 years after Sid be hosted the Olympic


Games. Some are even stronger. -- after Sydney hosted the Olympic


Games. Swimming has been a disaster. This -- the swimming bosses had


home early to investigate. Australia Jim Reid dominates at the


Olympic Games. Maybe it is this simple - other countries have


caught up. Oh I think Australia is improving but other countries are


improving fast. In many cases, may have employed our coaches. Britain


had some wonderful small boat medals, and who coaches them?


Australia. The Olympic time-trial coach is being coached by an


Australian. It seems much of their top coaching talent has been


poached by other nations. We shed our nation -- our knowledge with


Great Britain and they are using it wisely. -- we shared our knowledge.


A loss of coaches and inquiries already underway. Already they have


slid out of the Olympics superpower league. Team GB must make sure that


12 years from now, they will be at I think one of the important


reasons we want to look at this because in three Olympics time, we


want to grow one our performances and clearly there has been a


retraction in terms of Australia. If you put medals on the table,


there has been a slipping down the table. I thought I would have to


learn all of this Yorkshire lingo because at one stage Yorkshire was


ahead of us on the medal tally. There are lessons to be learnt here.


I think everyone has assumed our programmes are better than they are


as well. I think people have given us too much credit for programmes


they think exist which do not really. Like identification of


young athletes, I do not think we are doing a job which is good


enough in that area. But looking at the last Olympics, going from


Sydney, Athens and Beijing, we have 47 gold medals in those Olympic


Games which is more than a third of our entire total in history. We are


now 17 at this Olympics. I think we have seen a bit of the benefit from


an increase in funding leading to the Sydney Olympics and that has


flowed on to Athens and potentially a little bit of that went into


Beijing. But I think we have stepped back. I think we used some


sneaky images there because I know some of those athletes, the


difference between agony and joy is quite close. And some of those


athletes were happy with winning a silver medal. Are you saying that


is a bad thing Oregon thing or OK? It does not seem to be the Aussie


way. We seem to be used of the win at all costs. What has been


terrible is when an athlete has been criticised for winning a


silver medal. That is completely not right. Especially when an


athlete has gone above what they expected. We are saying silver is


not good enough. I think what has happened in Australia is we have


become too accustomed to being too successful and assuming that these


results will happen. A lot of hard work goes on to these results and


we should be more appreciative. realise what special times they


have. I do not want to embarrass you and say you were part of that


in 20021004, exceptional athletes come along once in a lifetime and


you were happy to have those kind of figures. We really have to look


at what do you do for the individual athlete with their coach


and get back to those kind of basics. One of the things I have


liked with Team GB's programme is being able to allocate funds


directly into something which is quite specific. Somebody being


accountable for that. I think we have layers of bureaucracy in sport


which detract from where some of the performances could go. I think


there are lessons to be learned in the Australian model and what has


happened. For Team GB looker what it does in the future. You have had


Sally Pearson and Anna Meares, the Golden girls on the track cycling


and Sally over the hurdles, rowing has been a bit disappointing,


hasn't it and arguably, track cycling as well. And swimming. This


is the big one. There have been some disappointing results. Within


those results they have been some things where you go, maybe we were


unlucky. Jack is winning the big disappointment for you? It probably


is. And it is probably the disappointment for GB as well.


disappointment is and the results. I'm not disappointed with the team.


I am proud of the team. Especially in Australian swimming, our team


actually is more than one competition. We have a history in


this team and we will come back from this result. We will be


working out exactly how to do it. We need you to be good, Tessa,


because we like that competition, that Antipodean cousin we enjoy


having a contest against. Yes, because there has been USA, USA,


USA, we like having the Aussies in the competition and Team GB as well.


We miss you, come back. Are you still swimming? I think the


important conversation which needs to take place in Australia now and


what needs to happen after the Games here in the UK is basically,


what role will government play in sport? Icy government's role in


sport is looking as putting as much money as possible into sport and


across a number of spots and look at it as being one of the greatest


preventative measures of decreasing the future health bill. I think


over the next few weeks, one of the legacies here will be pressure on


government to make sure that happens. Engage these kids who was


so enthused. I totally agree. move on to taekwondo now. Lutalo


Muhammad was selected ahead of world champion Aaron Cook completed


today. Reached the quarter-finals. He was sadly beaten in the quarter-


final by Nicolas Garcia Hemme from Spain. He then won the repechage to


set up a fight for bronze. Here is 21-year-old Lutalo Muhammad from up


the road in Walthamstow, if he can win a bronze here, Britain will


have doubled its medal tally in the space of 24 hours. He calls himself


an east London have. This is his part of the world, doing what he


does best, doing what he does very well. First 30 seconds and he has


caught the crown of the Armenian. Lutalo Muhammad is 4-1 up against


the Armenian. He has gone for a big one there! He has got the big one.


That might be costly for Armenia and very profitable for Great


Britain. Lutalo Muhammad is less than two minutes away from claiming


a bronze medal. Five miles from home, five miles from Walthamstow,


they are cheering his name in the Olympic arena. The other man in the


great taekwondo selection story has the last word and it is set in


I am really great full and happy for this opportunity. I was able to


come away with a medal. It is unfortunate that it was not God but


I am grateful that I managed to get a medal. The crowd's reception was


fantastic. The crowd was tremendous. I am a London boy so it makes it


more sweeter. I really wanted to deliver and bring a gold medal home.


I am happy I was able to get the bronze and excite the crowd a bit.


Congratulations to Lutalo Muhammad won his bronze medal. There he is


on the rostrum. All the furore which happened about Aaron Cook not


been selected, it was nothing to do with Muhammad but it must have


added pressure to his shoulders. There he is wearing his bronze, a


great sight to see. The bronze medallist from Beijing, Sarah


Stevenson, was sadly beaten in the first-round. Other news, Tom Bailey


has qualified for tomorrow's ten- metre platform finals. He got


through in 15th place and sadly his synchro partner Peter Waterfield


missed out. Let's go back to boxing. Earlier,


we saw Anthony Joshua reached the final. Let's see how the other


finals went concerning our magnificent seven. First, we will


seek bantamweight Luke Campbell. He has been in great form. He was well


fancied against his opponent who serves in the Japanese army. He did


not waste time to assert his authority. He powered through to


win the first round. He took the third round to win by an impressive


20 points to 11. Gold or silver is now guaranteed.


He in the final he will face Jonjo What a fight in prospect. What an


electric atmosphere that promises to be. We saw the Irish with Katie


Taylor. That will be big. We know the Irish can make noises and the


crowd will go crazy. You have a British fighter verses and Irish


fighter. I had seen both fighters. They have faced each other before.


Call it. If I have to call it I give it to the British fighter,


Luke Campbell. He is a good friend of mine. I used to being amateurs


within back in the day. He is a class fighter, strong and he had a


great performance today. Both fighters are good. There is


something tellingly that Luke Campbell will take the fight.


good. Next up is welterweight Fred Evans.


Standing in Fred's way and a shot that the gold is the reigning world


champion, Taras Shelestyuk of the Ukraine. That would be a tough


fight for Fred. Reputations did not intimidate him. He got off to a


great start winning 4-1, then it was 4-4. We will join it with Fred


in blue at the start of the last go in this welterweight semi-finals.


As Fred Evans was about to move towards the centre of the boxing


ring, you head encouragement being issued by his coach days away. He


stands three minutes away from a place in the Olympic final full


stark Taras Shelestyuk, the reigning world champion, the world


number one and tournament number one seed is sure to mount a furious


rally, in an effort to book his place in the gold medal bout. Evans


is being encouraged by the capacity crowd once again. The tempo set by


Evans has suited him down to the grant. He has got to keep it going


now. He got caught with a shot their earlier but he must respond


to his corner. He is fresh enough to do this. He has got to step on


the gas. That is better. And a minute gone in this third and final


round. Taras Shelestyuk continuing to find a way inside to land his


own shot. A beautiful combination from Evans, finished with a


corkscrew right hand. Excellent work from the young man from Wales.


Taras Shelestyuk is closing his man down. Evans is remaining


concentrated in this third round to date. He was in the third round


against crustier Clayton in the quarter-finals when he appeared to


switch off and which of -- Custio Clayton. That is better from Evans.


He has got to keep the movement going. The gumshield came out there.


He has got to keep the movement going here. That creates that


elusive target. Then he must stand momentarily and fire two or three


shots. That will keep the referee happy. The referee will want him to


punch. Taras Shelestyuk chasing shadows as a new movement of Fred


Evans continues to leave out of punching range and slightly


bamboozled as we approached the final minute of this third round.


Fred Evans first walked into a concentration or getting ragged. He


must stay in the moment and remain right hook. Come on, Fred, keep


working, you can do this, you can beat the world number one. What a


momentous victory this would be but it is not in the back by a stretch


of the imagination next. Taras Shelestyuk will continue to push


until the final bell. Fred Evans must remain focused. The crowd are


on hand here beginning to count down the closing seconds of this


third and final round. As the bell sounds, Fred Evans raises his hand


in celebration because he feels he has done enough and surely he has


done enough to book his place in the welterweight gold medal bout


here at the Games of the 30th Olympiad. Ladies and gentlemen, the


winner by a score of 11 points to 10, in the blue corner, it


representing Great Britain, Fred Evans. He has done it. Great


Britain's Fred Evans has booked his place in the 69 kilogram


welterweight final, the reigning I had a game-plan. I thought I had


a point to prove. Stuck to my game plan and I went good. Oldham have


to see the Olympics and it has always been a dream to see if I can


get there. -- are old enough. will face the Kazakhstan me in the


final. Also in the ring, Anthony Ogogo up


against the bronze winner at the World Championships last year.


Anthony had a really good first round and the two boxes could not


be split in the first round. -- boxers. He led 9-6 going into the


third round but in the final round, he could not get back into it. But


no doubt, proud of his efforts. Reading him on Twitter, you said he


gave it absolutely everything. -- he said.


And sadly, Michael also found his Cuban opponent too much. End of a


very tight match. Quite a few appeals for this one. -- another


very tight match. Are you happy the decisions were as correct as they


should be? There are some decisions that have not gone to whoever


should have won. Now it is computer scoring, half the time the judges


don't score and it is within a second that they have to press the


buzzer. Not an exact science? Exactly. There have been a lot of


arguments about it and there are talking about changing it. Great


Britain could win three boxing golds here. Australia have never


won bop a boxing gold. -- have never won. This man wants to be a


Yorkshireman! I will show you the medal table as we go through. Five


medals for Team GB today. No gold can do the taekwondo there. And,


Tessa, you can do the girls. People might be disappointed we have not


got their faces individually but just putting them on. A lovely shot


of them celebrating. And Anthony Ogogo on the bronze. And silvers


for our 470 sailors. Anyway you can find his spot. Stop! They are old!


Phew! And Stuart as well. While Tess is doing that, she might be


here tomorrow. Thank you so much. Thank you for coming. Ian, it has


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