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Day 13

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It is a perfect day for Jessica Welcome to Olympics tonight and


what a night it promises to be as day 13 comes to an end and the


London 2012 Games reaches its final furlongs. We have all of the action


from another memorable day in the company of these guys and these


Yes! He is on route to gold and the world record. You can't be serious.


That ball was on the line. pride of Sheffield, the pride of


We have John McEnroe! And double gold medallist Daley


If that wasn't enough for you, we have gold medal heptathlete Jessica


I think you've been trying to avoid the crowds. This is amazing. It is


brilliant, I am overwhelmed by the support. I am enjoying this


Olympics. We are going to go inside in a minute so we can speak


properly, but this has been a wonderful event. Every event in the


Olympics has been like this. The races, the triathlon has. It has


been brilliant. These guys have really made it. This has been the


best Olympics. John McEnroe, Your loving this. It is just like


Wimbledon. Her I wish it was like Wimbledon! This is incredible. It


will be like this until the end. have got more from you coming up.


We have got swimming, taekwondo, boxing and dressage, but we will


start with the men's 200m final. The young pretender, Yohan Blake,


and the one and only Usain Bolt. The moment of truth has finally


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 52 seconds


to. Offices and the event he started at. The event where he bows


dump -- burst onto the scene as a junior at the age of 15, winning


the World Championships. He has dominated the world of sprinting,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 52 seconds


takes silver. -- gold all the way. He is unique. You can't argue that


he has no equal. He is incomparable he has no equal. He is incomparable


in the world of sprinting. You wanted to come here and cement


your legend. Tell me what it means. This is what I wanted and I got it.


I'm very proud of myself. I had a rough season, I came here and did


what I had to do. Is it more special to celebrate with these


guys? Without a doubt. My coach will be going crazy right now. We


pushed each other. This is the end product. Let me ask you, this year


has not been the easiest of build up. You said you were 95% fit, but


you have still been able to do this. Sum up what this means. It is hard.


I am really dedicated to my work and I know what London meant to me.


I am happy. You are a legend. Per and have set it better myself!


The first man to defend his title, his fourth Olympic gold medal. No


Incredible. Running out of superlatives for him. Did you enjoy


that? It was incredible. We thought you needed an adrenalin rush, you


haven't done much recently! A bit of a low. Let's talk about Usain


Bolt. The first double double. always said he wanted to be a


legend and in order to do that he would have to do the double double.


I guess the legend continues. He is still easily the best. He can


continue to be so for as long as he wants. I suspect he will lack a


little bit of motivation because he likes doing other things. Michael


Johnson said yesterday that when he interviewed him recently, he asked


him questions about when he knew it was time to retire. Michael said


when you start winning buy less. He looked like he was pushed by Yohan


Blake. There was an element of pressure coming into this. You know


about living up to expectation. People were a little bit worried


and not sure about his form. He dominated everything for so long


but then what Blake, Lun Gong and challenging him. But he is


incredible. He is a true champion. Brilliant to watch. I think he held


back. People were wondering if he was injured or if he had lost it. I


don't think there was ever a doubt. He was gone. Nobody would catch him.


He knew it, everybody knew it. The guide is magic. He lights up the


crowd. He has such a huge personality, he is brilliant for


the sport. It in the last few years, our sport would have sunk without a


trace without him. Everybody owes him a debt of gratitude. He is the


guide that is bringing the crowds back. It would have been a funny


dilemma if the guy that everybody wanted to see was not the best


guide. Compare him to 2008, 200m there, can you see any difference


in his tiny? He looked more under pressure tonight. -- his technique.


It blows me away watching him. It is incredible. It is not comparable


to anybody else. I was in the box after the race and he is so much


bigger than these guys. It seems like... We are talking about what


will happen in the next four years, but he can get better. I think he


will be in Rio. It you think so? can't afford not to be. For Blake,


to live in his shadow, arguably he would be the best in the world if


it wasn't for Bolt, he will be pushing him. And you have Warren


Weir. If he was from the UK, we would all be talking about him.


Both of those guys are two or three years younger. They have time on


their hands. With plate, having beaten him in the Jamaica trials, I


think he will want to assert himself over the next few years. I


think it will be really fascinating. Let's listen to the Jamaican


Off they go. Blake was up very quickly. Bolt ahead of the field


already. Usain Bolt comes off the turn in front. The big man is in


charge. Blake is coming fast. Usain Bolt wins again! Look at the time.


19.32. Usain Bolt wins the sprint double for the second Olympics in a


row. Is there are thrown in England big enough to hold this man? I


think not. These are the scenes in Jamaica House tonight. Everyone is


Jamaican tonight! Jess and I were looking at the crowd earlier and


families. Everybody wants a piece of the action. In London, you got


so many different countries that have communities here and the fact


that there's so much yellow and green in the stadium tonight.


Jamaica have dominated. It is a very proud moment for their country.


It is brilliant to see. They have taken the one-two-three. It is


incredible to watch and the support they had in the stadium was just


like we had. They have made sprinting their national sport.


They have, and they've been good at it for a few years. They have


turned the corner. They always had people that were talented


physically, but now these guys seem to have the mental toughness to go


with their talent. What I like about these guys is the fact that


they have the joy of life. When they are not participating, they


are having a good time and they are letting people know they are having


a good time. That makes them really attractive. Hopefully Bolt will be


left alone to a tiny degree in his country. I have seen him talk


publicly about being able to be himself. He is such a superstar. It


is a country of 2.5 million people. It feels like they are dominating


the Games. They have less than 10 medals and it feels like they are


at the top of the table. It is the Blue Riband events they are taking.


Everybody sees it around the world. They enjoy themselves. He manages


to pull a face on the blocks or making gesticulation with his hands.


The kids love it. Nobody came into these games with more expectation


from asked Van Jessica Ennis. But boy, did she deliver. Jessica Ennis


has got the potential to set the The fastest time ever by a


heptathlete! Come on! One step closer to the gold medal for


Jessica Ennis. Just get Ennis is Jessica Ennis is the Olympic


champion. The best all-round athlete in the world. What do you


feel like when you see that? Be it is such a great feeling, I can't


describe it. It is just really emotional. Just being there for


those two days and for it to come together the way it did and now to


be sat here, all of that pressure off my shoulders, with my medal and


I can just enjoy every moment. have stayed for you, give them away


for! They are brilliant. Everywhere you go, this is what it will be


like. People just want to have a piece of you and talk to you and


congratulate you and thank you. I've got a permanent smile on my


face. My jaws are aching! Everyone has a buzz around the stadium. They


are enjoying every minute of the Olympics. It is great to see how


everyone has got behind all of us. It is just a brilliant feeling.


I've never managed to cope with it, but she is down to earth and has


not spent her time in glamourous places, and when she's not spending


her time in the chauffeur-driven limousines, she is very down-to-


earth. When you came off the final straight, what was going through


your mind? I was a little bit behind the two girls, and I thought


this was my last big moment, something less in my legs -- left


to my legs, and the last time I was beaten by her, so I was going to


make sure I crossed the line first and finished with a victory.


were such a crowd-pleaser at that moment, in more ways than one.


There is a picture of you with the arms in your air, and you can feel


the relief when you see that. see to within my Tennis Halle, Andy


Murray at Wimbledon, so I imagine it was up by 10 times, because that


is a lot different than Wimbledon. I congratulate you with being able


to handle the pressure. Please get a little sleep. Have a wonderful


vacation. Any plans to be in another event? For me, this year,


I'm going to rest and recover and enjoy it for a bit. The then it is


the World Championships in Moscow, so that is what I will aim for.


were discussing your future last night. Michael Johnson and Denise


Lewis were discussing your potential over the hurdles, and


whether you might want to concentrate on just one event. The


toll on your body, obviously, is so great as a malty event athlete. Is


that something you are thinking about? -- multi- event. My mind is


all over the place, but I feel like I want to carry on with the


heptathlon and think if I can get to the 7,000. Mark. But eventually


your body will say it has had enough and you pick up more


injuries, but after that I would love to give the hurdles a real go.


It is a band of brothers, you people doing all the events, the


girls and the guys, you walk together, and I think we should


remind ourselves of the great thing -- things you did, Daley Thompson.


Daley Thompson with a remarkable start. He is miles ahead it. Look


at the clock! Coming down nicely, It is another fine, fine start. The


master is clear! Daley Thompson, the greatest all-round athlete in


Daley Thompson was busy persuading her she should forget the


heptathlon and not leave it. think there is unfinished business.


If you are in fantastic shape on your first day... You're not too


chubby. A banks, daily. The next two events, average for you. Don't


get negative! She won the gold. know, but there is more. It is


different in tennis, John. You are never looking for perfection.


was great was seeing how much use to light up the crowd and you look


like every event, every one of the 10 events, you were smiling. Even


in the 1,500 metres you managed it. That was my happy place, being in a


big competition, that was my happy place. That is where I enjoyed


being. The training is hard and sometimes it's a bit miserable, but


for me, if I couldn't be happy there, it wouldn't have been worth


doing. What was the biggest challenge for you in the last six


months? Signor face everywhere, becoming the pin-up girl of the


Games, did he get to a point where you thought, they all want me to


win this and I am feeling it? definitely felt it. I tried to


block it out as much as I could. I was privileged to be in that


position, more than anything, not being part of the last Olympics, so


a great position for me. More than anything it was the training. The


hard training, sitting in the gym, doing the running session and I


wondered why I was doing it. Because you can be the greatest


shape ever and then it comes to the Olympics and things go wrong. I was


just really anxious about it. much as everybody wanted you to be


in Beijing, to be in front of your home crowd and have that reception,


especially on the first morning, so many people said it there we have


seen so many Olympics where it is how boring in the morning session,


but your first day was beautiful. That is what I expected, a few


empty seats, because it was early, but to step out there and see a


full stadium and the cheering was just amazing. And you have a lovely


wedding to plan as well. He s, I have some things to do, fun things,


and I can have a break, dress shopping, flower arranging, I love


all that! Daley Thompson's face glazed over. John has had a few of


those, to be fair. The second one was better, but good luck with the


Jade Jones was fighting in the tae kwon do, and what a day the 19-


J Jones, British Olympian, and an emphatic winner in the first round,


and she has sprinted into the tae kwon do quarter finals. Wales is


finding itself a pocket-sized battling heroin. She is into the


Olympic semi-finals. Jade Jones is an Olympic finalist! And if there


has been a fine a moment in the history of tae kwon do in this


country, none of us have ever seen it. Jade Jones won three fights


through the day, and the 19-year- old was going for goal at The Excel


Arena tonight. She was up against the Chinese world champion and we


will join it at the start of the The final round of the Olympic


final, the final two minutes. Just two minutes standing between Jade


Jones, and you know what. She is up against one of the sports deadliest


exponents. Jade Jones in the blue, Attacking back kicks, but she looks


weary in her legs, the Chinese. That young lady is giving her a


head full of problems at the moment. The database running in the


background, subconsciously, they have to choose what distance to


throw at, when to do it, how to do it, but it is all about Jones at


the moment. Two points is not a lot at this stage. Another caution


against the Chinese for the pushing and that could be costly. Jade


Jones has got one against her, so she cannot hang back. The Chinese


was looking, but Jones has scored again. 3-0! The Chinese athlete


takes it, and that helps Jones even more. 4-0. Not time to start


believing, because tae kwon do has caused can rattle up in the blink


of an eye but we are into the final minute and James Joe -- Jade Jones


is on the brink of something special. She has conceded a point


penalty, so the lead is back to just three, but she is within reach


of a head shot, but not any more. Four points clear! Point by point,


that gold is getting closer and closer. Paul Green can barely


contain himself. As I suspect few of you back home it will be able to


do. Who thought she could get sowing -- excited about tae kwon


do? That is the beauty of sport and the beauty of the Games. That is


the gift of the game's from tae kwon do. It is all about Jade Jones,


in a dominant form. She picks up another point and she is on the


cast. It has been brought back to four. Very quickly. But she is on


the cusp. Never has a British tae kwon do player been able to call


themselves Olympic champion. The countdown will begin. She has to be


careful. Three points will concede the gold medal and she's just two


points ahead now. Keep an eye on You little beauty! And the teenage


keeking superstars -- superstar from North Wales is the Olympic


Jade Jones the first ever Olympic tae kwon do champion for Team GB,


how does that feel? It is crazy. I have dreamt about it for ages and


it is amazing. The crowd have been just amazing. You have won a Youth


Olympic gold medal, but how does this compare? That was special at


the time because I was only a junior, but this is crazy. How have


you remained calm? He won 19 years old, in front of an incredible


crowd, and delivered a incredible performance. My coach, Paul Green,


he is a legend. I wouldn't have been mean with at -- near without


Jade Jones getting her gold medal today. 19 years old, our first ever


Olympic gold medallist in tae kwon do. And what an incredible feeling


that must be. What is it like when it goes round your neck? It is the


best feeling in the world, especially when the crowd is there


and you hear the national anthem, it's a brilliant feeling. Well,


The this is the scene at now, and there is Jade Jones, doing the


classic biking of the gold medal. I am sure you did a few of those.


don't remember trying to bite one, but I do have a nice little


collection. Rafael Nadal lights -- likes to bite the Cup, so he


probably did that in 2008 when he won the gold. I'm not quite sure


why people do that. Is it an instinctive reaction? They have


seen people, so they do it again. Did you fall for it, Jessica?


An amateur mistake. She won't do it next time. What a day. She started


at 10:30am, and Imry end at 11pm, or even a few minutes after -- it


might end. It is like when you do so many events, you have to keep


building up. It is a long day and the adrenalin is pumping and you


are nervous and anxious. You're on a massive roller-coaster, down for


those hours, then up for those days. You know what this means, folks. We


had none of the yesterday, but now we can have a little blast of


Spandau Ballet! Yes,, you can move the arrow. 23 goals, John. More


Will we get to 35? I doubt we will get to 35. Don't be a pessimist.


But there's not many days left. They will have to be events we have


never previously won or even entered in the categories? He John


turned up for the 100, they would have given a house. There was a


feeling that we had come to expect the success in his games, and we


were reminded of a few Olympics ago where we weren't quite so dominant


in many sports, but it is a good feeling. I think the British have a


problem with success. First of all we started with the fact that we


were worried we would not win anything, now we are worried we are


winning too much. Let's enjoy it the right and see what comes.


Jones enjoying it, being grabbed, and hopefully exported over to


being to start an interview. Daley Thompson hit the nail on the head.


They were a couple of days where it was a bit bitchy. That is just down


to the timetable and the good events -- a bit itchy. Let's hear


Talk to me about the experience on the podium. It was amazing, I sang


the national anthem. The best moment in my life. Take a look at


it and talk it -- talk me through what it means. Be it is crazy, I


have seen pictures, I have watched people getting this week and I


wanted one so badly. To finally have it around my neck, I still


don't believe it. Have you been inspired by the British


performances this week? 100%. Britain has done amazing. Everyone


has made me think I want that. To become the first ever one to do it


in taekwondo is the cherry on the cake. Can you believe it when you


look at the crowd and the response. It is amazing, taekwondo is such a


low-key sport. Hopefully this will increase the profile. The


supporters just amazing. People will expect it in Rio now. Yeah! I


will have a bit of time off first and get mentally sorted and bring


on Rio. Showed the people you're medal. Congratulations. Can I say a


big thank you to my coach, without him I would be nowhere near where I


am today. He is a legend and he pushed me so hard. Some days you


are tired and you're crying, he has dealt with all sorts. He is amazing.


And also Brian Green, his dad. He is a legend as well. Well done.


A flash of recognition across your face. Crying and moaning, shouting


or coaches. All of those emotions! My coaches normally crying. Maybe


the Iain Teaz view it gave away a couple of things that might be


coming up later in the show. Martin stamper was also in action,


fighting in the under 68 kg category and rose to the occasion


and enjoyed great success. He got through to the semi-finals. He came


up against the top speed and with a succession of spinning kicks,


pushed him all the way, but sadly lost 9-6. It meant Martin went into


the contest with -- for the bronze. In a tight and tense about, Martyn


We are going to go to boxing next. The first women's final. We will


concentrate on a good Yorkshire girl who packs as much of a punch


as our jess. Nicola Adams, the Leeds-born


flyweight, is the last over of three girls standing and is one win


away from gold. Whatever happened today, she would get a guaranteed


silver. She beat Mary, yesterday in the semi-final and today faces


Cancan of China, who has beaten her in that last two world finals, the


last of those in May. She was looking to take the lead role today


and win the first gold to be handed and win the first gold to be handed


out for boxing in the Olympic Games to women. She started in fire and -


- fine style and won the first round. The crowd were right behind


her. She started the second on the front foot and that is where we


will joint it. -- join it. Into the second round in this


women's 51 kg for Olympic flyweight final between the No. 1 and No.2


seeds in the tournament. This is a rematch of the World Championship


final from last year. Nicola Adams has come out blazing. We saw three


phases of attack. Amazing boxing by Adams. Cancan is struggling to


workout this speed and these combinations. A beautiful left jab


from Adams and the decibel level rises at the ExCeL Arena in


London's Docklands. It has been a sell-out crowd for every session of


boxing. An historic day, the first time that women are competing in


the Olympic Games for a gold medal. What a stunning right cross from


Nicola Adams! Driving Cancan back towards the ropes. What an amazing


shot. If that hasn't caught the eyes of the judges, I don't know


what will. Amazing shot! Cancan is on the canvas. A legitimate knock-


down, the count will be issued. It is only one point in Olympic boxing.


As we approached the closing 30 seconds, the momentum is in favour


of Nicola Adams. She is in the ascendancy. You suspect that at the


close of this round, Cancan, the reigning world champion and world


number one, is going to have a significant deficit to try to claw


back. Adams is content to box on the back foot and use that sublime


footwork that we all know she She can't afford to get as excited


as we are. She has to keep her discipline and keep her hands high.


This is a brilliant performance by Adams. She needs to keep it up.


end to the second round. Nicola Adams has extended her advantage.


It now stands at five. 9-4 after two rounds of boxing. Fan knocked


down but Nicola well in control. She won the third round and


continued to impress. Going into the fourth and final round, she was


As we move into the fourth and final round of this women's 51 kg


flyweight final. Only two minutes of boxing stand between Nicola


Adams and Olympic immortality. She is leading the reigning and three-


time World Championship gold Unless Cancan can produce a punch


to bring about to finish and but Adams on the canvas and keep her


there for 10 seconds, one suspects that Nicola Adams is on her way to


Olympic gold. Concentration will be absolutely crucial. She doesn't


want to let the occasion get to her. She will have to stay in the moment.


She will not want to be thinking about the outcome. Her focus will


remain on the task at hand. This is absolutely admirable discipline.


She knows she has a comfortable lead, but she still maintains a


very tight guard. She is picking her shots. Another tremendous right


hand as she moves forward. She is not being complacent. She knows


that Cancan is a danger until the last bell. Nicola Adams began


boxing at the age of 12. She struggled to find opponents. Her


mum took her down to an after- school club in Leeds. Nicola was


running around and Dunn done it to her mother, she got inside a boxing


ring and tried it out. It was there that her talent was first


discovered. She is now on the cusp of claiming the first ever women's


Olympic boxing gold medal. Just seconds away. The crowd begin to


count it down by clapping their hands and stomping their feet. As


the closing bell sounds, Nicola Adams produces a fast fisted flurry


just underline her superiority. Now the celebrations begin in earnest


because there's no doubt in that blue corner, in the Great Britain


corner, that Nicola Adams has just made history. Ladies and


gentlemen... The winner by a score of 16 points to seven, and Olympic


champion, in the blue corner, representing Great Britain, Nicola


Adams! Nicola Adams of Great Britain has just made sporting


history. She is the first Olympic boxing champion in history in the


women's tournament. Nicola Adams is the Olympic champion. It is like a


dream come true. I have wanted this all my life. To have finally done


it, I'm finally here, with all of this support, it has really made my


day. I would like to thank all of the supporters here, all of the


supporters back home. I am bringing that gold medal back to Leeds.


Surely you will get that medal, what will it be like?


absolutely amazing. To have a flag lifted, I can't wait. I'm so happy


and overwhelmed. Well done. Gold medallist and Olympic champion,


Nicola Adams can barely contain her joy as she makes history by


becoming the first women's Olympic boxing champion. What better place


to do it than before her home crowd in London at the Games of the 30th


Olympiad. STUDIO: Another Yorkshire girl.


is incredible. She is such a lovely girl. She trains really hard in


Sheffield so it is great to see her do well. She has spent a lot of


time in Sheffield. A lot of people want to own a little bit of fur.


What she will do for women's boxing will be fantastic. It has been a


big success and some people were sceptical. Because? They didn't


know whether or not women should be on the programme, the boxing


programme. Why not? I would not like to fight her! Technically the


women have proven how good they are. You were there today. In it was


awesome. There were three great fights, I will not discuss what


happened after this. She beat her up, the Chinese girl, the number


one. For the other people she should possibly think of the Irish


fans because the place was at least three-quarters full of Irish men


and women. Along with maybe a quarter Britain. Hopefully you guys


are getting along quite well right now. Just fine. You quite liked the


women's boxing, I understand. not? We are one of the fuse sports,


in tennis, that has equal prize money. That sets a great example.


I'm assuming that in the next Olympics, you will have even more


divisions for women and you will see bigger and better things and


hopefully the women boxers... She is a star. There's a potential to


turn professional because in America there's a professional


circuit. She might want to keep on the Olympics until Rio. How well


her life changed? A lot. Experiencing the past few days


after competing, it is madness. She will enjoy every minute of it. It


will be great for her to get back home and see her family and


celebrate. I'm sure you would like to see this. We did a Yorkshire


table the other day and it has improved. If Yorkshire were a


nation, and I say this with a little bit of interest as a


little bit of interest as a Yorkshire girl, Yorkshire would be


11th. A few people today have told me that perhaps Gloucestershire,


because they have done very well in equestrian, should also have a


table. We can't do it for every region, but there must be something


region, but there must be something in the water. Pudding! Quite


possibly. I'm very happy with that statistic because I'm working for


on Australian Channel nine. Every day I go in and see 400 very, very


sad Aussies. I pulled up this statistic the other day about them


being behind the sporting powerhouse of Yorkshire and they


are very upset. But they are taking it gracefully, for once. At really?


Let's do one more of these. It is your turn to go up and move the


arrow. And no problem. Nicola Adams's gold medal takes us to a


total of 24 gold medals. The record was 19 from Beijing. We passed that


a while ago. 24 today. If you had to make a prediction now, what


would you say? I think we will go up to 28. OK. Come back and join us.


Thank you is so much for coming in. You are massively in demand and


having some of your time has been wonderful. Gold fingernails.


thought you are going to say have you noticed how tightly she is


gripping the medal! Tell us what you are saying about the


fingernails. I literally did not want to have anything gold before


these games. I didn't want to pay my nails gold, but now I can relax


and enjoy it. Give us a close-up. You can wear those for at least the


next four years. Tel Rolette to send that bright colour watch! --


Rolette. A gold wedding dress, anything! Could like with ever


think and enjoy your time off. Staying with the Queens of the ring,


Ireland's Katie Taylor had the expectations of a whole country on


her shoulders. She is their big gold medal hope of the Games and


after qualifying for today's lightweight final, she was also


favourite to win gold. Among the gathering green army desperate she


would win was Dara O'Briain, a resident of the same town Katie


hails from. This is his special and There is a saying in Irish, that


which is rare is wonderful, and four Olympic medals, that tends to


apply. But not this year. In the general gold rush of Team GB,


Ireland is about to win five this year, which is the greatest we have


every down, tying with 1956 in Melbourne. Even more rare and


beautiful than that, is it lies in the hands of a genuine world-class


For the last four years, Katie Taylor has been a her world


champion in the weight division, but she is widely regarded as the


best pound-for-pound boxer in the sport. Women's boxing is a new


sport, with the first Olympics, and in need somebody good as Katie


Taylor to establish it. Katie is from the same small town from where


I'm from, so she's not only fighting for Ireland, she is


fighting for County Wicklow, but she is also fighting for the future


of the sport. So if you are wearing green, this is the hottest ticket


in the Olympics. Joining me it is noted, the flyweight, Ed Byrne.


Have you been following the boxing? Religiously. Why are the weaknesses


of the woman Katie Taylor is fighting today? A I would say it


would be her face. By that will be proven to be a weak point. Luckily


the padding will save her. I am not saying this out of the position of


superiority,, but she is winning it. Come on, there you go. Thanks for


coming along. Now the women's 60 kilogram lightweight final in the


boxing tournament is under way. Katie Taylor, wearing red, with the


orthodox stance, when she takes to the boxing ring to demonstrate her


vast array of skills, the entire nation comes to a standstill.


the combination in! Break it up, Very tight. The at was any bodies


Come on, Katie! The good left hand from Ochigava or was followed by


Katie Taylor's impersonation of the Ali shuffle. As we stand here on


this historic women's Olympic boxing finals, how many youngsters


will take inspiration from these And for the first time in the


course of the Olympic tournament, the No. 1 seed, Katie Taylor, is


trailing. One punch down. What a cracking right cross. Following a


blazing left jab. Come on! Come on! A cracking combination again.


in stronger now, certainly. He much better by Taylor. In and out


without getting caught on the counter. This is her boxing, this


is where she is at home. And this is what she needs to do to overcome


Archie gave or -- Ochigava and her account of boxing style. -- account


of boxing style. Yes! Look at the reaction of the Irish fans in


attendance. And what that signify is as well. Two more minutes,


Katie! Come on! Jesus, the place erupted. I cannot call it. As we


begin the 4th and final round. The tactics will change from Ochigava,


because she will have to take the contest from Taylor, but her


schoolwork is sublime. Staying out of harm's way but she will have to


concentrate on her own boxing. Katie needs to remain concentrated,


but she catches Ochigava or with a flying left hook. Slightly off-


balance. Managing to hold the clinch. By think the Russian has


have the best of this round. Come on, Katie! She needs to do


something in this final 30 seconds. And not that. The crowd are


counting down the final seconds. And that the final bell, Katie


Taylor beats her chest in celebration and receives a hard of


congratulations from her coaching team. Jesus, this could go either


way. Ladies and gentlemen, the winner by a score of 10-9, and the


Olympic champion, in the red corner, Yes! She has just been crowned the


Olympic champion. The culmination of a lifetime of work and the fans


on hand at The Excel Arena are in Russia. K T Taylor! Are in rapture.


Brilliant stuff. You were there, soaking it up, digging down into


your Irish roots. Definitely. I felt part Irish and half of the


country were there. Unbelievable support for Katie Taylor, Barry


Maginn there, and the crowd was totally in to it. -- Barry McGuigan.


That was an extremely close fight that could have gone either way, so


in this case the crowd might have influenced the judges a little bit


because from what I understand, it wasn't her best day. A little bit


more tense than she might have been put she came through it. And


exactly the kind of example as to why it it is on the Olympic agenda.


She is a repeat world champion. If your discipline was not on the


programme for a woman, but it was for a man, you would be aggrieved.


I think these days they think they should be an equal balance, and I


think she probably trains as hard as any man and fights as well, so


why shouldn't she? Her dad was a box and he trains her. The home


town scenes in County Wicklow, you could see the tension when they


finally realised she had the gold. The first gold medal for Ireland


since 1996 in Atlanta or. And for a whole nation to be rejoicing.


an American Irishman, why wasn't she wearing green? All the boxers


wear red and blue. We were discussing that today. There is the


Irish House in London, a massive Irish community in London and all


over the UK. Pockets of the community celebrating everywhere.


They have to wear red and blue and it would be nice to wear the


national colours and a rare -- where those head protectors.


Ireland is going through a tough time, so for a country it is pretty


important to win a gold medal, so that is really going to spur them


on. Boxing is struggling in general, I think. The women, for the first


time are even in the Olympics, so I think this is a great Forum for


boxing to try and get back in the mix. I think it has given it to


boost. Olympic boxing is special. To have the women on to the


programme has given it a bit of a lift. Yes, I think it opens at out


to more people to play and watch. And as a former fitness all women,


it is a fantastic way to keep fit. I believe the first time ever that


the US did not get any medal in the men's, so thankfully you can go to


the next bout, because we are going to show all of that. We are not


showing that tonight, but you can tell us about that Seventeen-year-


old. She is incredible. She was a middleweight, the Third Division,


and she dominated the and she has, like Nicola, she has a personality,


so I hope for great things. Good to have you as our women's boxing


correspondent. From the physicality of boxing to horses dancing to


music, that is what the Olympics is about, variety. Great Britain has


excelled on horseback and today was the individual dressage final. Our


three riders were beautifully placed for an assault on the


individual members -- medals. two days ago, Carl Hester, Laura


Bechtolsheimer and Charlotte Dujardin won our first ever Olympic


medal, taking the team gold, but today they went head-to-head, and


which one of them, if any, could do the double? Having placed well in


the qualifiers all three were in the last six to ride and Laura was


than so far? I am holding my breath, but I am happy so far. You get the


feel that they are dancing together to the music. You certainly do.


Fantastic! That is one of the best tests I have ever seen from a


British rider in freestyle, and she knows it! 84.33. She goes into the


lead. So, a happy Laura was in the gold medal position with three


riders to go up. Two of them were her team-mate, and first up was


Carl Hester on Utopia. A small loss of rhythm coming out. So slight


errors cost him dearly and left him in third. And after an impressive


round by the Dutch rider put her into the lead it was all about what


27-year-old Charlotte Dujardin, riding her horse could do. Her


rousing patriotic choice setting the tone. It there was ever time to


ride for your life, it is now, Charlotte. She is doing it, Judy,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 52 seconds


she's doing it. She's going for temperament! She has done it!


has got the gold. 19.89. Charlotte Dujardin has iced the cake in style


So no, Charlotte, who 18 months ago he and never ridden in a grant Prix


event secured a British first, double Olympic gold -- grand prix


event. Laura Bechtolsheimer took bronze, and Carl Hester finished


5th overall, topping off what has been the equestrian team for Great


Britain's most successful Olympics ever. And the thing I really love


about that story, Carl Hester was competed on the same team, and he


was against a in the individual and he gave her that horse and said


that the horse was like blind or And sea search. There's growing


concern for 59-year-old Gregory Last seen at 11am yesterday morning


I saw him today, and I did not give him the time of day. He was in the


stadium. He sends his love. There are horse and rider have a


different relationship. The rider is in charge of the horse, and he


is waiting outside. How long has that grudge been going on? When you


are part of a team, you do you think she would not normally do.


And if he is old enough to make a decision... You used to lend


rackets to Jimmy Connors, didn't you? I am staying out of this one.


He it is time for another blast of I am not going to trot on. Take it


to 25 on the board. Very good. We are getting there. We already got a


hint that was coming early on after the taekwondo, but we didn't know


where they would be coming from. A great win for Charlotte and a


bronze to Laura. News today it of a First to go, Langehanenberg with


Damon Hill. We joined Damon Hill at the top of the circuit going into


the right-hander. Dropping downhill to the hairpin left hander. Damon


has driven an absolutely immaculate race. Approaching the end of the


last lap. Damon Hill Exits the chicane and I have to stop because


I've got a lump in my throat. Hill has put down a very, very


strong challenge. I know that the Germans have got a very wicked


sense of humour, but where do you think Damon Hill for a horse came


from? Do I think he's scrubbed up rather well. If there's any


confusion at home, we've sorted it out. That is Damon Hill, the


Formula One driver, and that is Damon Hill fossils. What about


Lewis Hamilton? You got horses. Thankfully at this time in my life


I'm waiting to pick the right course. I am going to see what the


great British team and the Germans, who seem to have the market on the


top horses, they are going to start selling them after the Olympics.


With the money I'm making from BBC late night, I am going to buy these


great causes. Who will ride them? My daughter. She will be in the


Olympics in eight years. You can't be serious, that would be a good


name. Right! And the Serpentine is normally the preserve of voting


Taurus and ducks, but today it hosted the brutal race over 10


kilometre or open water. Keri-Anne Payne had great hopes for Great


Britain. She is the world champion and silver medallist from Beijing.


She -- could she bring GB's first swimming gold medal of the game's?


Rowing, sailing, cycling, equestrian, canoeing, we've won so


many gold medals in a lot of different sports. Swimming has got


one more chance. Bring on the pain. Keri-Anne Payne is in slot No. 15.


She has a very, very clear tactic. She is going for it. She has gone


with the Hungarian. Farepak looks like it's trying to hold on to


Keri-Anne Payne. I remember watching her in Beijing when she


won silver. There was hardly a soul there apart from in the grandstand.


It is completely different here, but it is like the slowest Mexican


wave coming down. With pretty much 30 minutes gone, there will be


almost a quarter of the race gone. About 2,500 metres done. 7,500 to


go. 10,000m. That is six laps of the Serpentine in Hyde Park. They


can stop for a drink or some food at the feeding station. But


basically this is non-stop action. Keri-Anne Payne is there or


thereabouts. Looking good at the moment. Brilliant to see so many of


the GB swimmers here coming to support Keri-Anne Payne. In the


middle, who Wells, the Prime Minister! To just over half way.


She is still in there but she is in the pack, not her normal place. She


is usually leading. She has gone now. I have to say it is not


looking good for Keri-Anne Payne. She is in fourth or 5th, but


there's quite a gap to the leader. Come on! She is Delyn fourth


position. Just off the pace for the gold medal, but may be in


The Hungarian gets it. The Silver has gone to Andersson of the USA.


Bronze has gone to Italy. Keri-Anne Payne in fourth position. After


10,000m, nearly two hours of swimming, so close! I just made a


really bad decision on the third lap when I went in to feed. It all


went wrong and I had to work really hard to get back to where I was and


I worked too hard. It is not quite what I wanted for all of these


people and my family and everybody that has worked really hard for me.


When I go away, my dream was to win an Olympic medal, which I have done


in Beijing. I can't be too upset, I have done what I set out today. I


wanted to win the gold medal, but I will always be a Olympic silver


medallist and world champion. doesn't go right for everybody.


is sad. Everybody wants to win. There's only three medals at all


there. She had high hopes, being the world champion. We used to have


a world of sports in the States and I, along with many people, got


sucked into that race. The crowds looked incredible. That is a brutal


way to lose, by about a second for the bronze and three or four


seconds to gold after two hours of swimming. It can come down to the


finest margins. That is the beauty of sport. There's a winner and


unfortunately there have to be some people, even if they do well, they


don't get first. Daniel fog is going in the men's open water


tomorrow. No joy for Keri-Anne Payne and no joy for the British


men's hockey team either. They were aiming to reach the final for the


first time since their gold medal win over Germany in 1988, but they


were soundly beaten by the Netherlands. The final score was 9-


2. In the second half their heads dropped a little and they conceded


three goals in around five minutes. But they will play Australia for


the bronze medal on Saturday. We wish them the best. The Dutch are


much fancied to take both gold medals in this tournament. Bad news


for hockey and more headline makers The women's football final was won


for a third time by the USA. They beat Japan 2-1. Carly Lloyd scored


both goals in front of 80,000 at Wembley, a record for the women's


final. The men's beach volleyball gold


medal has been won by Germany. They And on a dramatic crash field day


in the BMX, Liam Phillips booked his place in Friday's semi-finals.


There was no sailing today because of a lack of wind so it is time for


Gerat Britain's group and rhythmic gymnasts were in action. They had a


huge battle to get here. They fought their own governing body


odour confusion after their requirements. They moved from all


areas from the UK so they could train together. They received an


incredible response from the Wembley crowd. They will not get a


medal, but it is the taking part that counts. Well done, girls, and


good luck tomorrow. Let's get back to tonight track and


field. The 800m next. Britain last won gold in 1980 with Steve Ovett


beating Seb Coe. Tonight 24-year- old Andrew Osagie lined up for


Britain in the race of his life. David Rudisha was the hot favourite


and world record holder. Steve Cram race of his life. It is against the


world record holder and world champion, who is now attempting to


become the Olympic champion, David Rudisha. He loves to be at the


everybody thought would happen. Rudisha in the front. And he is


stretching it out. A fast opening 300 metres. He is looking for a


decent, solid 52nd time. Kaki is following him. The medals may be


decided by the people that don't follow. A phenomenal opening and he


knows about performances. There might have been world records set


in the Olympic Games at the 800m. Osagie was through in 50 seconds.


David Rudisha, the great athlete that he has. They have gone with


him down the back straight. Can they hang on? Look at this. That is


really, really quick through 600. Amos moves into second place. Kitum


is moving into third. Osagie trying to get forward. It is all about


David Rudisha. Already the world record holder, already the world


champion. Striding away to become the Olympic champion. How quick


will it be? World record! greatest-ever 800m race anyone has


ever run, that I've ever seen: obviously. What a privilege to be


here. That is a world record. Seb Coe beat the world record all


those years ago. A personal best fit Timothy Kitum. Andrew Osagie,


1:43.77, a new personal best for 1:43.77, a new personal best for


him. I'm very happy. This is the moment I've been waiting for for a


very long time. To come here and break the world record is something


unbelievable. What a fantastic race. What an elegant runner as well. The


first world record. The performance of the athletics track so far. It


was an unbelievable race. The times and the rest of the race were


unbelievable. The fastest times for each position. A few people said


the conditions were lovely, there was not much wind, and ice


temperature. People were thinking about the 200m. A you need the


right guys. The only thing I'm a little sad about is that what was


basically the best performance we've had so far is going to get


overshadows by Usain Bolt. -- overshadowed. Athletics purists


will probably... Poor of the headlines tomorrow will be about


Usain Bolt. Not if Seb Coe has a thing to say about it! I think it


was pretty gutsy. The guy came out and said I will set a world record


and he did. Andrew had a fantastic race. His time is the four fastest


ever, behind Elliott, Seb Coe and Steve Cram. He smashed his personal


best. Is there a dearth of middle- distance runners? Doesn't


disappoint you? These things are cyclical. All sports have to go out


and find their future champions. You're right, it has been a good


few years... 20 since we have had a man in the 800m final. Exactly. He


ran a personal best, there is nothing more you can do. It was the


best race ever. Doesn't he need a rivalry? They always help. Maybe if


somebody was coming up behind him. Another story is his coach. He was


a missionary who went over to Kenya and met Brendan Foster's brother


and he suggested he should start coaching kids. That is how they met.


A nice story. I thought it was! can go to Newcastle and find some


runners. Your final event, the decathlon, 1,500m, you never looked


like you enjoyed that. You're right. I'm glad I'm not doing it now.


did it tonight because it was the final of the decathlon. Ashton


Eaton, the man who broke the world record coming into this, was


looking to break the Olympic record here. He is an interesting


character because he only found has bought six years ago. He has done


remarkably well. Been a lot of sports, every 10 years you get


somebody that is the next generation. He is clearly that. He


is so much better than all of the people around at the moment. Let's


look at what he has done over the yes, he has got the speed. A couple


of tenths of his best, but more than enough to beat the best of the


world at the moment. In the long jump, just over 80 metres. His shot


putter is a little funky, because he uses a technique from the 50s.


The high jump was OK. But here, he is powering away in the 400 metres.


That was the end of the first day. Starting today on the hurdles.


little bit of a shot. He is a fantastic hurdler -- a little bit


of a shock. He is throwing his his weak point. The poll vault, very


good, 5.2. I used to watch -- love watching you won the pole vault.


Thank you, I used to like watching you as a gymnast! He threw a


personal best in the javelin. And then I think it caught up with him


because he did not have any sparkle left and he was just running for


the goal. He was not going for any times or any records. Is he still a


The experience has overwhelmed him, I think. He was quite subdued at


the end. Over the next few years he would get stronger, mentally and


will put the world record out of sight. It seems like it has lost


the lustre since the days of Daley Thompson, and I think Bruce Jenner


is better known for being on television now. But that was where


it was that, the decathlon. A maybe I have that to look forward to, my


reality show. Will we get another Daley Thompson? Dean Macey was just


kept from the big occasions. A I'm not sure the world is ready for


another Daley Thompson! Let me take you through the studio to but the


faces on the board. We will have a look at the medal table as we go.


Normal service resuming for Great Britain, three gold medals to


cement a third place behind the USA cement a third place behind the USA


and China. Australia on the top board, and we have surpassed half-


a-century of medals, and nearly half of them, incredibly, gold.


First up we have Laura, can you do that, John? And then the rest of


the big goals. The they are the only ones I know about. Charlotte,


in the dress arch. -- the dress inch. Just mind great Rotherford!


You had such another two -- nice time watching Nicola Adams today. A


little gap emerging for Jade Jones. What are you doing? OK, it is art.


Maybe you can pop that down here, Jade Jones, the final goal.


don't want to cover Katherine Grainger. She's pretty big. It has


been wonderful having you here. I can tell you that day 13 has come


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