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Day 12

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The Olympic flame watching over the stadium, day 12 is almost done.


Almost three-quarters over, the Olympics. 16 gold medals awarded


today, but the sport continues and the Olympic city. Men's basketball


quarter-final, USA against We've had another fabulous day and


we have a fabulous line-up on the Denise Lewis is the Olympic


Johnson by yards! Johnson wins his second gold medal and the world


record has gone! Denys and Michael are back, surviving the pace?


on! It is a marathon not a sprint. A sprint marathon. A great


conversation we were having about whether Michael had actually tasted


lactic acid in his mouth. He trained that hard. Denise was


horrified. I felt it in plenty of paces. I didn't need to taste it.


We had this conversation with Laura Trott. Not often, that is what


bothered me. Because of the brilliance of my coach. We've got


loads to come from these two. This is how we will spend the next 80


Hot to trot, could GD continue their gold medal horseplay? -- GB.


The sprinters were in action on the track. The women's 200 and the


men's 110-metre hurdles. The night- time is the right time for beach


volleyball. We've got the women's final. Boxer Nicola Adams was


aiming for a place in the flyweight final. We got her fight later. And


it is X-rated stuff. We have the start of the BMX competition and it


is not for the faint-hearted. Underdog of the day as well coming


up. Let's start with horse power of the purest kind. It has already


been a games to remember in the Team GB. Today was the individual


jumping and Great Britain had high hopes. Michael Vaughan has the


At the start of the Olympic Games, no one expected to march from Great


Britain's equestrian team, but already they have delivered two


gold medals and a silver and they are expecting more in the


individual Cho -- showjumping. I'm excited, I may even considering


buying a horse! It looks a damn What is going to happen today?


think the most talented horse, the most adaptable horse, the one that


has jumped the cleanest is Nick Herbert -- Nick Skelton's course.


He said it was like being a kid again. I can do anything with this


horse. I think we can win an individual gold. I think Ben Maher


is capable as well. Cian O'Connor were the first clean round. Irish


What a round. A clear round for Steve Guerdat. Absolutely


brilliant! This man is magic. Another clear round. Brilliant ride.


Clear round number five. British crowd holding their breath,


he got a bit forward. We should see Ben Maher in the second round.


the one fault, ranked tenth out of 34 riders. Still in with a chance.


Nick Skelton. One left to become the clear round... He has done it!


Yes! Clear round! Big star still hasn't had a fence over this week.


The elimination round has been completed and all three of the GB


team boss Dyldin. And Carver court has been changed for the final


round. We are now down to 25 riders jumping for gold. He has got it all


wrong! It is no individual for Britain's Ben Maher. Just one


mistake and that is his chances of any kind of metal gone. He has had


a nightmare. Gerco Schroder is on a score of one. He has certainly


given himself a chance. Gillian O'Connor... -- Cian O'Connor. He


joins Gerco Schroder on a score of one. He has jumped the first double


clear in the individual. Brilliantly ridden all the way by


Steve Guerdat. No penalties for him, perfect with his time. Scott Brash.


Desperately unlucky. Just the one down. Out of 20 riders, he is in


5th position. No medal for him. last man to jump in the showjumping


discipline of London 2012 is Nick Skelton. You will see this man dig


There it goes. He ends up in 5th place out of 22. The first fence


his horse has knocked down all week and it was right there. Look at the


ovation he is getting. That is just a dance shame. Here we go again.


heard the PA telling people to be quiet. I never heard it. One of


those things. He jumped great. I don't know. It is one of those


things. He hadn't touched a jump all week. The worst time to hear


one. But like I say, I've been there before. Same thing again. Rio


will keep going. Her the drama has unfinished. GB might not be able to


get a medal, but Ireland can. Can Ireland get the silver medal in a


jump-off? What an afternoon and it is not finished. Jump-off for


silver and bronze. Gerco Schroder are going for an individual medal


for the Netherlands. Off great effort! There's only one thing


clear know, can do now and that is go for it. -- Je Cian O'Connor.


Just going wide enough to make sure. He has galloped over... This looks


like a silver medal for Ireland. is down! He gave it everything. But


it is bronze for Ireland. Silver for the Dutchman, Gerco Schroder.


It is gold for Steve Gyurta for Switzerland. My day at the show


jumping has come to an end. No joy for GB today, there Mughal rush


comes to an end, but delight for Ireland who trot up for the bronze.


-- medal rush. Another fabulous day at Greenwich.


Nick Skelton, team gold medal winner in the showjumping, 5th


individual -- 5th in the individual today. The gold medal is sitting


proudly. You were desperately disappointed today and it felt like


it could be your day. When you were approaching the final round, did


your horse feel relaxed and comfortable? At yes. I had every


confidence in him. When you're at that level, you get a little bit of


nerves, but I had more nerves on Monday because I had other people


not to let down. Today I had every confidence in him and he has been


jumping great all week. He is a fantastic horse. I didn't think he


would have one down. Just before he knocked the fence down, he looked


slightly more uncomfortable. You said you felt him pulling a bit.


did. When I jumped out of the combination, I knew the time was


pretty tight. You don't want to have a time fault otherwise you end


up in the jump-off for the other medals. I thought maybe I might be


medals. I thought maybe I might be a little bit slow. He just took his


eye off it and he fell in the eye off it and he fell in the


corner. I say it was unlucky, but if I did it again, I probably would


not do a lot different. What about what Clare Balding said afterwards?


Apparently the announcer told the crowd to be quiet. I don't think it


affected him. He is the youngest horse at the Games. The reception


we got when we went in was unbelievable, I've never heard


anything like it. The crowd were ecstatic. It didn't wind him up.


You never hear anything when you're riding. The one thing I did hear


all the time was the cameras, the shutters on the cameras. They are


really noisy. You've said a lot what a special horse this is. He


can do anything. What makes him so special and when did you first get


a feeling this would be the horse of a lifetime? We bought him as a


five-year-old and he had a power. There's nothing he can't jump.


However big or wide, he has got the scope to jump anything. He is very,


very intelligent. He always eyes up defences himself. If you are a


little bit long body, he can compensate for that. It gives you


great confidence when you ride a horse like that. We decided that


not enough tribute has been paid to the horses in the team events.


We're going to pay tribute ourself. It is the only event where you


don't have to rely on yourself. You can have an animal. We have


discussed this before, how difficult it is to control are


being that you can't talk to. We were all wondering last year --


night what differences has made being at home, when you haven't had


to transport the horses around the world. The success has been


incredible, has it made a difference? I think so. People said


to me before the Games there must be added pressure being on your


home ground and I don't think so. That has been a big asset. The


crowd have been unbelievable. They've really got behind


everything. For the whole sport, athletics, everything in the


Olympics, the crowds have been magnificent. Not everybody can take


that pressure and soak it up and use it positively. Some people we


expected more of wilt under that pressure. We were talking about it


earlier in terms of an event where it is not just you, it is also the


horse. How do you get a horse to not feel pressure? Can a horse


sense it is a big event? Can you sense when a horse is a little bit


tight or feeling pressure? You can, but you generate the pressure


through you to the horse. If you are nervous or a bit tense, that


generates through your body to the horse. With a horse, you don't know


when they feel a little bit off. You have a general idea, but it


might be one-off day. When there's just last, we are to blame. We have


seen you at so many Olympic Games and enjoy due over the years. We


thought we would take a trip down memory lane. This is Apollo in 1988.


When you looked back at the campaign's you have been through,


all of the injuries you have picked up as well, it has been a


magnificent career. I've been very, very lucky. I've had a great career.


I've had some great horses. It is good to look back on these games


from years ago, how the sport has changed and how over fences have


changed and the horses have changed. I think for horses have got better.


Nowadays it is very intense and very technical. You are not the man


you used to be, you have a new hip. There might be another operation on


the horizon? Yes, I have another one. Is that the time you take


stock and decide whether you have another Olympic cam ain in you?


I have another one. I was walk out the venue and I saw Ian who is 65.


I walked past him and he said... know it is dressage but the


Japanese rider there. There is hope! You two, get on your horse,


you need to get on your horse. See you in Rio, perhaps. Are you going


for Rio? For sure he will only be 13, Big Star. Any way Ian Millar


said looks like we have to keep going lad. Big Star has a big star


and I am glad you have that gold medal. I know you would have loved


another one, but it was fantastic watching you and the team so thank


you for all the pleasure you given us. Let us take in some athletics


and another great night in the stadium. First up the women's 200


metre final T fastest woman in the world and the battle between


Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce using her 100 metre speed out of blocks.


Crown has ran a good bend. She has a slight advantage. Felix easing


away. Here she come, speed an endurance. Jeter is powering away.


Veronica Campbell-Brown wins it. Gold and silver has been won by the


same athletes in the last Olympics. Veronica Campbell-Brown, Felix


Felix. It's the American's destiny to take gold this time or can


is underaway and Shelly-Ann Fraser- Pryce got off to a good start. But


Veronica Campbell-Brown running down. And Allyson Felix, really


striding down the home straight. Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce going for a


unique double here. But it is Allyson Felix all the way, Shelly-


Ann Fraser-Pryce gets the silver. And Carmelita Jeter gets a bronze.


Wow. I thought the Jamaicans were going to come back to Allyson Felix.


going to come back to Allyson Felix. A cracking time, 21.88 seconds.


There was such determination on your face, you weren't going lose


this one. I was just about to get it done. I wanted to execute and


never give it up. When do you think it is sink in? Some time tonight,


maybe. Congratulations. Allyson Felix, two silvers in the last two


Olympic Games. Getting her gold. I wonder, how much, what has changed


for her, how much is technique? How can you work on, what can you work


on in a cycle to improve? What she has done is nothing dramatic, she


has been a fantastic athlete. You remember in between the silver she


is has won this event, she has won the gold at the World Championships,


competing against the same people. It has been her and Veronica


Campbell-Brown. She has taken gold and all of the wham ships and


between there Allyson Felix has taken gold, so it is just the small


things and small details that you can, you know, work on, so it could


be anything from work on her start, she was, she doubled in the 400 and


the 2 hundred. That strength played into things this year. Do you think


the big difference? Not necessarily a big difference. It could be not


anything in training, it could be execute the race better next time.


Those are the things that make the difference that the level.


keeping the mental appetite there as well.. Yes, be she came off a


great US trials. She left those girls in her wake. Carmelita Jeter,


there was daylight between both of them. That builds kfrbgsd and like


Michael say, the ability to execute your race, time and time again,


work on it, tweak it and confidence. I mean she is such a beautiful


runner. It is almost faultless, Michael might correct me, but from


my eyes I can see she... Anything Michael that you would tweak?? Not


at all. Her first pilgrimages was town 4. So she has worked out the


little flaw, there are little things she would see, I would


guarantee she would say I should have done this and those are the


kinds of things that got to her this level. What make hers unique


is the fact she is a 100 metre as well. She made the team and ran in


the 100 and got fourth, and she can move up to 400. She tried to double


last year, 2 hundred, 400 unsuccessfully but won medals. It


is what has had her running fantastic times. It was the means 2


hundred metres semi-final, Usain Bolt looks to repeat his Beijing


double. He has tough competition. Yohan Blake and Christophe Lemaitre.


The semi-finals are mouth-watering. Yohan Blake is in lane four.


Christophe Lemaitre, the best Europe can offer here, from France.


Speerm the best the US has to offer Speerm the best the US has to offer


in seven. -- Wallace Spearmon. Away safely. Blake not the best start I


have seen him get. It is OK. Christophe Lemaitre going round the


bend well. Spearmon, Christophe Lemaitre is going to get into this.


Blake away. Spearmon, in second, and here comes the Frenchman, is he


going to run the American down? I don't think he has enough time.


Blake almost stops. Goodness me, that was risky. That will go in the


record books as one of the closest semi-finals in Olympic history. 2


hundredth of a second between first and third. The second semi-final of


the 200 metres. This one features before he put them into the set


position. The young South African is going well and Usain Bolt just


has a little look inside him. A glance outside. Usain Bolt wins it.


Jobodwana in second. From that run, question gather there is a lot more


to come. The same -- Usain Bolt wins it. Jont wanna, a new lifetime


wins it. Jont wanna, a new lifetime -- Jobodwana, a new lifetime best..


I did pretty well, so I am happy. This is my favourite vent. I know


This is my favourite vent. I know what I can do so I never doubt


myself. The last of the semi-finals, top two to go through. A cracking


start. Takes half a yard out of the Jamaican and finds Mitchell the


American up on him as well. Christian has to really work here,


Mitchell. Christian Malcolm in the middle. Christian running out of


gas a bit. It is going to be the two we thought. Christian Malcolm


gets third. Winning time 20.17. 20.51 won't be quick enough to


advance into the final. I think it is between the big men, Blake, Bolt.


Spearmon and Christophe Lemaitre Spearmon and Christophe Lemaitre


fighting for bronze. It was an impressive series of semi-finals.


Let us look at Yohan Blake bs first. What did you see from him tonight.


He is very relaxed in the round as I thought he would be, got a very


good start. He ran the bend accidentally, but, I mean in terms


of speed he didn't have to push very hard, and still came off as


you see with a couple of metres on everyone else. He can relax, he


will turn it on. This race gave him a lot of confidence. Running as


fast as he did, shutting down with about 40, 50 meeters to go. He


didn't have to shut down that hard. But, you know, he has got, what we


didn't see there whizz interview after, which was very interesting:.


He said he thinks the result might be different the one hundred.


don't think so. Well, it is hard to think so when he is competing


against Usain Bolt. Let us remind ourselves how it is hard to think


so. He looks so relax and easy. looks relaxed in a different way.


He will shut it down, he is slowing down, and so he takes a look over


to the left, another look over, now, I mean he is jogging at this point,


I mean, and look, look at Bolt and everyone behind. Look how hard they


are working. It is embarrassing.! But, you know, that is how good he


is, so, I think, the interesting thing here, with this semi-final,


is that, you know, Blake is in a great position, because he doesn't,


he doesn't have to win gold to be successful. And he feels that, you


know this is a, they will have a better chance and Bolt he is saying


that is not going to happen. If I am going to let one go it is not


going to be this one. They will battle for the gold. You run the


200 in the heptathlon. Is it the bend the main thing you have to


master, once you have your speed sorted? I wasn't great at 200, but


you know, what it is, you need to start well, you need to be driving


yourt blocks and holding your form on the bend. I think the key I have


learned, the transition from that bend, into the straight, that you


can't afford to be deaccelerating, you have to maintain the


acceleration round the curve, and there is a slight adjustment in


technique at that point. And that is when you can see one metre, two


metre, really unfold, if you don't get that right. Who is better at


that, Blake or Bolt? Bolt is better. He has been better. Blake hasn't


run a lot of 2 hundreds, and I haven't seen him run a lot but he


has run fast when he has. You know, but that is, that is the keep key


for some people. If you get it right you sling shot yourself off


that curve and make up some ground there, if you get it wrong it goes


horribly bad. Bolt never gets its wrong. When you have incredible


speed it demeernt, you can get it wrong and it will be the same, it


is going to be a fast time. We are looking forward to it. It was the


men's 110 hurdles. Lawrence Clark was in lane two. A defending


champion Dayron Robles was in five champion Dayron Robles was in five


and Aries Merritt. The 110 metre hurdle. And a very good start from


Dayron Robles. He just had a lead. But here komedmvingsr rit. He is


forging ahead. Merit is going away. Richardson is in second and it is


going to be Parchment. Gold for Merritt. 12.94. That is the mark of


a man who knew all he had to do was to bring his best form at the right


time and he did it again. It's a shame to see the champion go out


like that and Clarke did get fourth. It was close on the line. Well done


Lawrence Clark, that is a real coming of age. I can't believe I


came fourth in the Olympic Games. I came fourth in the Olympic Games. I


didn't expect to make the final. The South African was a big Guy. He


looks like a American football. was a dream come true. The crowd


was amazing. The USA hasn't had a gold medal since 1996. So to have


the gold is a bless, it is phenomenal. A phenomenal


performance by you. Well done. Thank you. USA having a good night


tonight on the track. A very good night. With Carmelita Jeter,


Allyson Felix, and then, the hurdles two medals there, gold and


silver. Those are the Guys, Merritt and Richards,, they have been


incredible so year. And Jason Richards came into this with a lot


of confidence, being the World Champion but Merritt has been


consistently running 12.9 all over the place, so good performance from


those Guys. Good to bring that to the US. And tweeted after his


disappointment saying he was sorry, rubbish season from start to finish.


He is desperately disappointed but Lawrence Clark, what a race, what a


run, what a prospect. Indeed. He has a great start, and what he knew,


is that all the pressure was off, he has done himself justice, you


know, getting into this final, but he was there battling it out


holding his form. Tidy race and drove for the line. You know, we


saw say in championships anything can happen. It is about taking your


opportunity whence they arise and he did that tonight. It was a great


run. He has a great training squad, under the guidance of Malcolm


Arnold who coaches Andrew Pozzi, Jack Green, Dai Greene, and so that


squad has gelled and they push each other on. It is that competition in


the training environment and I think it is producing these kind of


times. Well it was the women's 4 attack card, but so is Lashinda


Demus, who has stormed early. The two of them are taking it to the


field. Kaliese Spencer on the arts side has also started quickly. --


250. Antyukh, this strong, tall Russian. Demos has to try to hang


onto her. Antyukh is clear. Demos comes off the last hurdle the


better. Antyukh wins the gold! A great rest, but gold goes to Russia.


A very, very good bronze for Zuzana Hejnova. A quick race, USA just


missing out. Yes, Lashinda Demus will be very disappointed at her


execution. She went out really hard, but it is always tough having your


main competitor behind you. Antyukh was two lanes behind. It was almost


as if she said, I want to make sure I'm not going up too hard. That


causes you to tighten up and it looks like she made quite a few


adjustments in that race. That was a lot of adjustments. I want to


talk about the prospects for Jessica Ennis, possibly going into


the hurdles as an individual event. Colin Jackson said to me that he


has been trying to persuade her for a long time that she is obviously


good at the 100m hurdles, but he thinks 400m hurdles with her


endurance abilities. Do you disagree? I will put my neck on the


line. I don't think she would enjoy 400m hurdles as much as she would


relish the opportunity to concentrate on the 100. She could


have easily finish third the other night in the women's hurdles race.


I think she has so much untapped potential in that event. But she is


not finished with heptathlon yet. That 7,000 points... It is tough on


the body. Has she got another Olympics in her? I don't know about


that. It doesn't get better than what she has done in London. Maybe


the Commonwealth. Absolutely. She would love a Commonwealth gold


title. Don't you think she would certainly want to go with hurdles


in the Commonwealth? She could do both. Why would she want and win a


gold medal at heptathlon in the Commonwealth? I don't think she has


won. She wants the full set. didn't run in Delhi in 2010. She


finished bronze in 2006. OK. She should go to the Commonwealth them.


Discussing her future! She might have a say herself. She is coming


on tomorrow night. This is what we decided. She is on tomorrow so we


will ask her. Basketball is still going on, the men's quarter-final


between the USA and Australia. That is available on the red button and


online. More athletics later, but now we're going to concentrate on


Approaching the boxing room -- ring is the woman widely regarded as the


best boxer in the world. Katie Taylor. Car mafia hour, cometh the


woman, Shanaze Reade. -- cometh the hour. Representing Great Britain is


Nicola Adams. Very, very nice work. Katie Taylor... Nicola Adams points


proudly to the lie and above the Olympic rings. Here come the girls,


women's boxing and Shanaze Reade later, but first it is beach


volleyball and it has been a massive hit with the crowds.


Brilliant entertainment and in the midst of that, great Olympic sport.


Tonight was the women's final and the double defending champions


Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh- Jennings are aiming to make it


three in a row. They were up against fellow Americans April Ross


and Jennifer Kessy and it was a mouth-watering match up at the


fabulous Horse Guards Parade. In the highly contested opening


exchanges, the double golden girls found their form and won the First


Sec 21-16. We will join it in the An all-American final. It will be


gold and silver for the USA. At the moment, the favourites for the gold


medal of the defending champions. They lead 1-0. It will be Casey and


Ross to surf after the technical time-out. Kerri Walsh-Jennings has


Walsh and May are two points clear. April Ross, Jennifer Kessy. Behind


Encouraging signs from Casey and Two in front again, keeping it


simple. Sticking to the game plan. Eight points away from their third


A bit of a soft point for May and Walsh. She picked up the attempted


dig first and played that into the Nothing they could do about that.


Jennifer Kessy almost piled into our cameraman. The gap is three


again. It is beginning to get a little desperate for Jennifer Kessy


They are playing in their first Olympics. They need some unforced


errors from their opponents. And some windows of their own like that.


That is a good way to close the gap to two. That is the shot from our


hot-air balloon. Anchored in St That is the scoreline. 13-15. Ross


to serve from the Downing Street The gap is now a single point. Will


the red Americans take a time out? No. They are staying put at the


moment. Encouragement for the rust Well, April Ross, absolutely have


to book may be in trouble. Mr by a That is an ace! 17-14. The London


Olympics beach volleyball title is getting closer for Ms de Mai and


Kerry Walsh. They need four 0.4 Walsh then sit behind Jennifer


Kessy. -- friends bit. A wonderful disguised hit. A great pick up from


misty May. Walsh sending them scurrying towards the bench and


they have continued along that path. Jennifer Kessy and Ross have taken


a time-out. It is getting close for This could be the final stage of


the gold medal match in the Olympic beach volleyball tournament at


Horse Guards Parade. It is going to be an American gold and silver. At


the moment, May and Walsh, the defending champions, lead the way.


A missed served from Kerri Walsh- Jennings. A gift for Ross and


Jennifer Kessy. Can they build on this? They need a couple of big


serves, they need more unforced They don't need that. Wonderful


control. Nerves of steel. Two It is blocked! Match. Has arrived.


After 35 minutes of play. -- match point has arrived. The champions in


2004, the gold medallists in Beijing in 2008, surely about to


become the champions of London in 2012. Jennifer Kessy gives a little


bit of breathing space to her and Ross. Walsh is waiting. The second


The service long! They have done it again. Three times the Olympic


beach volleyball champions. Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh-


An incredible three Olympic titles in a row. The United States, a


magnificent achievement, totally dominant in their sport. Michael,


even though you're slightly miffed that it should be allowed that


there would be two US teams in the final... Two American teams, see


how objective I am? Would you guys do that? I was really happy to see


misty. I was with her the other day and she was talking about how much


she wanted this one. Three in a row and that his history-making.


They've been incredible together, unbeatable. Did she mention playing


at Horse Guards Parade and what it was like? She said it was a great


atmosphere, they've got a DJ, music, it is a call at the fair. Neither


of you have got down there. Kind of busy. If you were -- if you


were to have an ideal partner, who would it be? Denise! You two, a


good-looking duo. From a fitness point of view, you could be quite a


I don't know about the bikini top on Michael! OK, time for more


boxing action from our remaining girls. Now there is only one,


Nicola Adams, who is flying the flag in the flyweight semi-finals.


Adams was taking on the Indian boxing icon. She suffered defeat to


Nicola this year. Adams started well. She took the first two rounds,


3-1 and 2-1. She had a 5-2 lead. We Both ready for work round number


three. It is scheduled for four two minutes rounds. Adams takes


Adams is really using her advantage in height and reach. Her opponent


is often at a considerable size disadvantage near the flyweight


division, but in her opening two bout she is used speed to


tremendous effect. She gets caught bay left-right combination and is


pinned to the ropes by Adams who is scoring with the left and right


hand. Thvingsfrpblgts is fantastic. She is landing with stronger and


stronger shots now as she grows in confidence. Catching her on the


ropes. Forcing her to dive in. It She switchs to the southpaw stance.


She boxes out of either stance. She does switch feet on a regular basis


causing further confusion to her opponent who will have seen it


before, but giving her a different look. She will have seen it before,


but she won't have had the problems with very many boxers in the past.


She seems a bit baffled. She has to change her tactics now. She needs


to push forwards towards Adam, put her back to the ropes. With one


round of boxing to go, Nicola Adams has extend her advantage to four.


It stands at eight points to four The winner will progress through to


And it is Adams who has been in complete control throughout this


contest, against the iconic Indian boxer. A five time World


Championship gold list but she has struggled to cope with the speed


and movement and superior size that Nicola possesses. Adams is


continuing to exert her authority, scoring with straight shots, simple


botioning, that is all you need, just simple boxing, she was caught


but Adams, attacks with combinations. A round of up a


applause from the crowd.. Good left-right and Nicola Adams cannot


afford to switch off. Concentration is going to be crucial in this


final 40 seconds of the bout. She is being encouraged by the crowd.


The referee is allowing them to work away on the inside. Adams did


well to get out of the clinch. Sneeds to be careful not to become


lackadaisical. Good left hand. Adams was struck on the back of the


head. It is an illegal blow. But it is also an infringement to turn


your back on your opponent. -- Adams scores with a jab, is moment


grace a place in the gold medal A brief glimpse of the Ali shuffle


from Adam, but that is in recognition she has done enough to


book her place in the Olympic gold medal bout, here at London 2012.


And even though her opponent competed in spirited fashion, one


suspects she hasn't done enough to overturn a significant advantage in


favour of Adams. Ladies and gentlemen, the winner by a score of


11 points to six, in the blue corner, representing Great Britain,


Nicola Adams. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE. Nicola Adams points proudly to the


Lion above the Olympic rings on her left breast as sh moves into the


gold medal bout in the women's 51 kilogram flyweight final. Raise I


am in the final now. All I want do is make my mum proud, the fans, my


friends and family, and I think I have done that today by getting in


have done that today by getting in the final. Your opponent is a


lighter flyweight, you weren't going to take her lightly were you?


I wasn't taking any chances. I didn't want to take her lightly.


You have to be special to be a five time World Champion but that shows


my class today, on beating her again, and straight into the final.


Having picked up three world Silver Medal, how motivated are you to


make that silver a gold? Nobody will remember the three Silver


Medals I got in the world if I get that gold. To get that for Great


Britain, that would mean the world to me. She has a killer smile,


hasn't she. She fight Ren Cancan tomorrow. She beat Nicola. Can it


be third time lucky? If anyone can, Nicola condition. -- can. Sorry. It


is late. If I was pronouncing it properly it would be different.


That was good. Are you patronising me? No, I wouldn't try I We were


chatting about women's sports and I think boxing has been a huge


success, and all the commentators have been impressed with the


standard. We were talking about 1984 the first winner of the


marathon, the first time it was in the Olympics, and you were saying


walking a late inclusion. Yes. Steeplechase. Triple jump only came


in, I think, in the early 90s, so, some sports are still in its


infancy, and there is so much more potential, and I just, I love


Nicola, I think he is a credit to her sport. The discipline, you can


see obvious skill, which is the first thing they question, have


women got the skill factor to compete. I just think it is


brilliant to see what she is doing. I think the question is usually,


not so much, to some degree where skill, but are people going to find


it entertaining, that is the big question. Do people care enough to


watch. Absolutely. In America women's boxing has been anticipated,


and it has been phenomenally successful from I understand. It is


very quick. I am hoping to get to the final. If I can, please give me


some time off. All of Ireland are absolutely elated with the success


of lightweight datey Taylor. She is up next. The four time World


Champion, knocked out Great Britain's Natasha Jonas. Natasha


said she threw eeeverything at her but The Kitchen sink. Taylor won


the first round 3-1. The second 4-2. She found herself ahead. We are


going to join this at the start of the third. It is Ron and Lucy on


More support from the crowd as we move into this third two minute


round. Kaith Tay -- Katie Taylor of Ireland wearing the red. The four


time World Championship medallist, leading by a score line of 7 points


to three after two completed rounds. Her opponent 19. Sole women


representative on her country's team. As is Katie Taylor for


Ireland. Cheers of "Ireland, Taylor's opponent just being warned.


Of it. Kate Tay Taylor who is coached by her father Peter, as she


good success once more. He was a light heavyweight champion of


island in the 80s. That is another Taylor takes good shots in reply


from her opponent. Her opponent said her father wanted a son and so


she was brought up as a son. She has an immense talent for it. 19


years of age and she is competing in the semi-final. The referee is


not happy. The crowd love it. At the end of that Third Round, the


crowd stand and wave their -- raise their volume level again, but it's


a 13 point to 6 advantage in favour of the number one seed Katie Taylor.


We move into the final, fourth two minute round in this women's 60


Look at the change in tactics being employed by Taylor's opponent. She


knows she faces a significant deficit. She is doing her utmost to


close and try to overturn it. She takes a beautiful right hand, but


she spent three weeks in Cardiff as part of the governing bodies road


to London programme. One of 44 qualified boxers competing here who


benefited from the expertise in coaching, medical back up and


nutrition provided at the training centre in Cardiff. Colin Jones ran


the first one before the qualification stages of the World


Championships. A good exchange takes play and the final road to


London camp was head once again in Cardiff and conducted by the US


former Olympic coach Tom Corta. Anything to try and take Katie


Taylor's mind off the job. Look how focused she have mains. A bit late


for that showmanship now. She is a hatful of points down. She needs to


concentrate more on the tactics. Katie is too professional and


experienced to be falling for these games. The atmosphere that is


generated by these fans is remarkable. Katie Taylor, such a


revered figure in Ireland. She was the flag bear forethe team at the


opening ceremony and reports in Ireland suggest that employers are


making special arrangement for staff so they can watch this very


bout that is taking place in the middle of the afternoon here in


London, special dispensation being given to staff to watch Katie


Taylor book her place in the gold medal bout after another master you


feel performance, she know shaes done enough. She blows a kiss to


all her fans who are encircling her here at this wonderful theatre for


boxing. A spirited effort by her opponent but Taylor's experience,


her strength, speed shone through in that bout. Ladies and gentlemen,


the winner by a score of 17 points to 9 in the red corner representing


to 9 in the red corner representing Ireland Katie Taylor. Katie Taylor


gives thanks at having secured a place in the gold medal bout in the


women's 60 kilogram lightweight bout and look at the reception she


is receiving. Thvingsfrpblgts is a dream come true for me to be boxing


in the Olympics. There are so many Irish people here. It is better


than I thought it could be. Now I have made the final, boxing for a


gold, I feel like I am in heaven. It is amazing. You bagged a silver


medal but the job is only half done, isn't it. Yes, I have to go back


and refocus for tomorrow. I would love to bring a gold medal home for


my country and all these people who came to support me, it is an


amazing feeling. Fantastic win for her. And her opponent tomorrow will


It should be quite a fight. Quite a day for Ireland. We talk about


pressure and expectation, they are going to give people time off from


work tomorrow to watch this fight. There is not going to be a Dubliner


Olympics. I wouldn't think so! It is unlikely. But if you like. But


for Ireland, this is massive pressure on Katie. That will be a


tremendous amount of pressure. They love their boxing. Good luck to her.


It will be tough. It depends on the athlete, it might give her


confidence, it depends how she handles it. Talking about the


inclusion of boxing in the programme, if you're a naughty


world champion and boxing wasn't on the Olympic programme, -- boxing


world champion. You would feel aggrieved. At the Luke Hartley, you


want to compete at the highest level. F -- absolutely. If you know


there's a chance to compete at the Olympics, why wouldn't you take it?


By large how the Irish idolise their champions. It is something to


really admire. Will you be backing the Dublin bid? More boxing later


with Britain's Tom Stalker. Cycling now and BMX cyclist Shanaze Reade


went to Beijing as the overwhelming favourite only to crash


spectacularly in the final. She is a silver medallist from the 2012


world time-trial, looking to put to To win the Olympic Games is


everything to me. I want to be Reade in the silver medal position.


She has crashed! Beijing made me part of what I am. I have a


fantastic support team around me. My coach has pulled me back from


the bottom from the Olympics. I was in a bad place. It is about getting


the right people around you to bring you out of that situation.


That has been the biggest key of how I have got over Beijing and


learned from it. Beijing was a stop off along the way to the London


Olympics. Now London is here, it just feels right. Some other


athletes might be feeling the pressure, but I'm really excited to


represent my country. I think it is a really good course. It suits


everyone. It has a little bit of everything, technical and speed. It


will be great racing. He you've got to be so relaxed and so calm at the


start. If you are not, things go wrong. You have to be wanting to


get out there in front, but at the same time be as calm as possible.


It can be hard, especially in the final and everybody is lined up.


You have to learn to control your mind. For a long time, I didn't


think I was capable of being Olympic champion. It was a dream. I


thought I am a fast BMX rider, but I don't know if I can put it


together. Now I think about it quite a few times a day. Even if I


am watching TV, especially with so much sport at the moment, I relate


to the Olympic champions. I think I can definitely do this and I


believe I can be Olympic champion. Today she started her journey to


retention as the women and men retention as the women and men


began with the seeding runs. -- redemption. The BMX track, one of


the most stunning venues of the 2012 Games. Cometh the hour, cometh


the woman, Shanaze Reade. She has come out with absolute confidence.


She just let the back wheel dropped nicely, floating across the double.


She used that cascade in the middle of the rhythm section really nicely,


created a lot of speed. First rider to go under 40, very nice work.


Sarah Walker from New Zealand has a broken collarbone. A looking very


smooth and confident. 38.64. Caroline Buchanan from Australia.


She is so powerful. Athletic ability, confidence, strength, very,


very smooth. She takes first place. Two tenth of the second, but she


did not look like she really got Bad crash. The back wheel caught


the step up. Not a pleasant feeling. Good to see him get up and walk


away. Liam Phillips of the UK is a fantastic time trial rider. Low and


fast. Looking very good in the rhythm section. The crowd going


nuts. Smashes it! 38.719 for Liam Phillips.


Phillips. Shanaze Reade has won world titles


on the track, she went to Beijing as our great hope on the BMX. Would


you be delighted if she could get some kind of Olympic medal and some


sort of closure? Yes. I was at the track when she crashed out in


Beijing and I could not believe what I was seeing. Not once but


twice. Yes, it would be fantastic if she won here. I was talking to


David Brailsford earlier and he was saying she gets very nervous. She


gets very uptight. She has been through the coarse and maybe that


will calm her down. She is such a good girl, a sweet girl. She gets


very nervous. Last week she was really, really nervous about the


Olympics. But she is in a good place right now. I think things


will go really well for her. I certainly hope so. Gerat Britain's


women were in action tonight in the hockey semi-final against Argentina.


But sadly they will not be contesting the final against the


Netherlands. They were beaten 2-1. There was not enough time to get an


equaliser after pulling one back five minutes from time.


Heartbreaking for the girls. The scenes when the final whistle blew


and they knew their big chance was over were just devastating. They


can be very proud, though. They have played very, very well and


they will face New Zealand on Friday for the bronze. Let's go


back to the track and the women's 1,500m semi-final. Lisa Dobriskey


has made it through. It was a good run. She ran really well. She put


herself in the right position throughout the race. A very


experienced championship performer. She knew what she had to do and


delivered the goods. A great race from her, she looked comfortable.


We have got high hopes for her in the final. Hannah England did not


make it. It has been tough for her. She was in great shape earlier in


the year, but had a freak accident where a spike went through her


Achilles. She has not been able to get sharp for the Olympics. That is


unfortunate. Paul Laura Weightman, who is coached by our very own


Steve Cram, he sat out of the commentary. She had a spectacular


finish to what he said last night that this is what they wanted, a


semi-final, but they got a bit more. He has been in this position


numerous times. He could give her the best advice on how to tackle


this race. She ran through the line, one of his final words was make


sure you get through the line. He was so nervous. He then had a


chat with her. It was wonderful to see his joy as a coach. I chatted


with him last night, about how we got involved with coaching her, he


did not want to commit to being a coach, and ended up quite enjoying


the experience. She is such an independent athlete. She trains on


her own, she gets on with the sessions he gives her. She listens.


That is what -- one of the key elements. It is fantastic. You


think, where could she go? I just think she shows a lot of grit and


determination. Clearly ability as well. In abundance. Is it making


you want to but a duck you represent athletes, you don't coach.


I came into the representation business by accident, I was helping


out a friend, Jeremy Warner. I picked up a couple of others, but


it is tough. Coaching is tough, managing athletes is tough. It is


really difficult. People think it is automatic and natural, but it's


not. My Mo Farah was in action again


this morning. Two heats in the 5,000m. He was lapping up a


fantastic reception he got in the stadium. He did exactly what he had


to do. The reception want -- when he was announced as Olympic


he was announced as Olympic champion, it was immense. It was a


good race, it wasn't easy, but he qualified comfortably, which was


always the objective. He had a tough 10,000m race. The emotional


roller-coaster you have to go through before the race and


especially afterwards, to then refocus, regroup and get yourself


refocus, regroup and get yourself in a position where you can deliver


further 5,000m. Britney Rhys won the long jump, Shara Proctor did


not have the best day. -- Brittney Reese. She doesn't get enough


credit. She came in here as overwhelming favourite and won it


by far. Phenomenal long jumper. Clefts have enough of track-and-


field for now. It is the inspiration for tonight's you know


All right, hands up, it is a cliche, it is Hannah time for the hammer.


Today looked we salute Sophie Hitchon, who qualified for Friday's


hammer final with a P D of 71.98. - - personal best. She is a former


ballet dancer and said she was dancing for joy after this. Well


done and good luck. We have to do better with underdogs. We did


really well at the beginning with people going out of their lanes.


You don't have to be crawl! It is time for more boxing and the return


of the magnificent seven. The seven is down to fight. Tonight Tom


Stalker was in quarter-final action and a win away from a guaranteed


medal. His opponent was from Mongolia. He fancied his chances.


Mongolia. He fancied his chances. The first two rounds were very


tight, both boxers trading punches and looking impressive. In the


first round, the judges could not split them, it was 6-6. But in the


second round, it was 87 in the Mongolians favour. In the second


If ever a captain's performance was needed, it will have to come from


the man in red. The British team captain, Tom Stalker, a single


point behind the vastly experienced man in blue from Mongolia. His


The Mongolian is leading by a single point. Those southpaws have


cancelled each other out. Not a bad The Mongolian has a granite chin.


Better from Tom Stalker. He may have levelled it. How close is this


going to be? Stalker can't afford to take anything by chance, he has


to win the last round. He has to find two extra points from


somewhere to get into the semi- final. Better from Stalker!


Important that he keeps his Digard knife and high. Go on the front


foot and push your man back. He is trying to counterpunch.


counterpunches with great effect. We thought he won the last round,


but he lost it 8-7. 6-6 in the first round. He is maybe easing


ahead. The Mongolian is standing That was a lovely shot. That was a


good punch. She couldn'ter punching well. He must then step on the gas


and dudge that attack, and score again. Stalker retreats almost to


his own corner. Hands up. Here he comes. Everything Stalker throws


they cheer him to the rafters. Will those those impress the judges, I


think he has turned this round. There is not much in it. Into the


last minute. Is it going to be another bronze in boxing for


Britain here in London, courtesy of the Liverpool Stalker and he is


working his man hard. I think he is turning this round. The pressure is


telling now. The strength of Stalker. It is coming through. That


one-two. That is what he has to do. Keep it going. Create the room and


space. Lovely work from Stalker. Last 30 seconds. Uranchimeg is


tiring. Caught staubg we are a decent shot. I think Stalker has


done enough. -- Stalker. How will the ringside see it. Four men and a


woman. Better by Stalker. A good exchange. Needs another couple of


insurance points. What a bat this will has been. Two of the oldest


men in the stkrition. Stalker is 28. Uranchimeg is 30. Stalker coming


forward. Has he turned it round? We think he has. Uranchimeg moves. No


time for a shot. Has Stalker done enough? How close is this going to


be. Really close fight. A point either way, but Stalker did enough


there, to win that contest. It is very close. I wouldn't be surprised


if it a point either way. Stalker did enough for me in that last


round to win it. The winner by a score of 23-22 in the blue


corner,... Oh, he has lost it. 23- 22, it has gone to the veteran


Mongolian, in his third Olympic Games, and Thomas Stalker can't


believe it. He is distraught. He is going out of the arena in double


quick time. He will be very disappointed because he is the


British team captain. You haven't let anybody down, you gave it


everything you had. This fellow got the decision it could so easily


have gone either way. We understand an appeal has been launched. We


an appeal has been launched. We will hear more about that tomorrow.


Better news for Irish light flyweight Paddy Barnes, he will


fight Zou. What we normally do is put faces on the board. You will


notice there aren't any. On the way we will look at the medal table.


Britain were the perfect hosts. They allowed the others to enjoy


themselves today. No medals today. Third place and China and the USA


continuing to hold top spot. So we have a nice relaxed medal period


here. That is the face we are hoping will be one of the faces we


get tomorrow. Keri-Anne Payne is going in the open swim, of course,


and we did wiant any golds in the pool, so all our hopes on her. She


got silver in Beijing, remember, so Guys, thank you. Good day for USA


Michael. We will be generous. you. That is it for today,


Wednesday is almost over. A good day for Nicola Adams, she is


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