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Day 11

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Britain have got cold, and the crowd are on their feet. -- gold.


This is unbelievable scenes we are witnessing here. It doesn't get


better than that. Day 11 enters its last stage as the Olympic flame


burning brightly over seeing all the events in the stadium. The


sport continues as the Olympic city never sleeps. The women's


basketball quarter-final, the women's beach volleyball semi-


finals for happening now and you can watch them online. Another


fabulous day and we have a suitably fabulous line-up on the sofa to


review it. Chris Boardman is going to take the medal! Steve Cram in


second place, and the battle between the two. It is all over.


Lennox Lewis, the gold medallist. What a trio, Chris and Stephen with


me now. Lennox, you had a punch-up with him beforehand - he will be


coming later for the boxing. Don't give anything away, your favourite


moment so far? For me, personally, I am bound to say Mo Farah. Is that


OK? I think a lot of the nation would be agreeing with you. I think


not only so far, it might be my favourite moment for a long time.


think I would go with Bradley Wiggins, seeing those sideburns.


These? I have been wanting to pull these out for the whole of the


Olympics. I think they belong to Gary. You can have them. Here is


what is coming up. Alastair and Jonny Brownlee were going for gold


in the triathlon. The last night in the Velodrome - Chris Hoy, Victoria


Pendleton and Laura Trott had new medals in their sights. And dressed


for success, Team GB was brined for equine glory in the dressage arena.


Let's start with the triathlon, a relatively new Olympic sport


introduced in Sydney 12 years ago. Britain has never won a medal in


this event, but today Team GB had the Brownlee brothers. Could it be


the perfect family affair? Football the favourites Team GB had


coming into London, arguably the strongest are the Brownlee brothers.


Given our strength in the sport in the last decade though, Olympic


medals have been in short supply. This is a huge day for British


triathlon. No pressure, boys. Today's course in Hyde Park starts


with a 1,500m swim, one mark of the Serpentine, into transition, on to


the bike, a 43 kilometre bike ride past Buckingham Palace, then back


here for a 10 kilometre run, finishing here. And they are off.


May the two best athletes in that field win. The Slovakian leading,


and Alistair Brownlee and Jonny Brownlee in fourth and fifth


position. So far, so good. The plan now is that they stick together for


the ride. Stuart Hayes has been specifically selected for the


Olympic Games based on the next hour. Jonny Brownlee, Fabien of


Italy, Alistair Brownlee, they will hit transition together and they


are leading the race together. lap stint and a leading group of


lap stint and a leading group of five still, the good news is two of


them are called Brownlee. This is what Stuart Hayes has been brought


in to do. Stuart Hayes is at the front of the pack, doing exactly


the job he was selected for. We are hearing that Jonny Brownlee might


incur a 15 second penalty for mounting his bike too early when he


exited transition after the swim. A real surprise about how few people


are here, it is like a quiet ride in the pack. Yeah, right! A at the


dismount line they run alongside their bikes. Keep your eyes on


Alistair Brownlee, and his younger brother it is parallel with him.


The art is a big group, there may be 16 in that front group, and both


the Brownlees is there, but don't forget Jonny Brownlee has that


penalties are -- penalty to serve. At the speed of that, my goodness.


Alistair Brownlee looks like an 800m runner going through there and


this is 100% effort from the first step. There are the leaders and I


am timing begat back to second place. At the moment it is more


than 15 seconds. Amazingly, John Lee could still get a medal here. -


- Jonny. He will have to stop and stand, and time will tick by very


slowly. It looks like he has a reasonable lead on Javier Gomez for


the gold. Here he comes, so cold, and in bronze medal position Jonny


Brownlee distilled clear. This is a fantastic performance for a bronze


medal. The we are seeing the first British Olympic triathlon champion


in the guise of Alastair Brownlee. This is effectively a lap of honour


for Alistair Brownlee as he slows down to a jog on the blue carpet.


He has the Union Jack around his shoulders. He can walk across the


line. Alistair Brownlee is the Olympic triathlon champion. He has


the time to savour it. Alistair Brownlee, Olympic champion. That


must have been the most painful lack of former in history, and here


is his brother. That is a staggering bronze medal. I don't


think I will never experienced anything like that ever again. All


round the bike loop, it was 10 deep, all the way past the palace.


Amazing. A word about Jonny Brownlee chucking his guts up, for


want of a better phrase. That his triathlon. He went as hard as he


could today and obviously timed it right. He didn't want that to


happen before the finishing line. It is a shame he got the penalty


but I don't think it necessarily altered the race too much. He was


stressing a little bit but I said don't worry you can still get on


the penalty. When I have that 15 second penalty, I knew I had to go


for it. It was a stressful situation, and when I crossed the


line I have a heated, my blood sugar went down, but I got looked


sugar went down, but I got looked Fantastic, the pressure that was on


them coming into this because they are first and second in the world,


they have delivered, and some others haven't, and they have


transformed their form and brought it into the Olympic Games.


wasn't even as simple as that. He had a horrific injury in January,


practically ruptured his Achilles tendon, and to come back from


that... I saw him in March and he still wasn't even walking properly.


He said to me, I will be fine. He was placing a lot of faith in


medical Staff and everyone around him in the same way that can't this


was about saying to his brother -- that calmness was about saying to


his brother. Proper Yorkshire, I will be fine. Chucking up,


brotherly love. A lot of endurance athletes move away, whether they go


to France to train, moving away, and they have stayed in West


Yorkshire. I see them fairly often because the girl like coach is at


the same university so they are often on the track. They train hard.


They are good runners by the way. They are one and two in the world.


You constantly have a yardstick right next to you, literally in the


same house. In the same way Mo Farah trained, I guess. Yes,


working against each other. I said the other night, you know the guy


you train with, when you are both good, and obviously they are


talking during the event, it must be awful for the other competitors


around. It sounded like quite a big conversation as well. I told him...


Hang on, step outside! He will still be on the podium, don't worry


still be on the podium, don't worry about it. Let's look at how good


his times are compared to the rest of the world. His 10 K time is very


impressive, he would not have come last in the 10 K final. There is a


few minutes' difference in the pool, but they are strong runners. I


guess if they are in the front when they get off their bikes, the rest


they get off their bikes, the rest of the field has got a hope to hang


on. Just to be precise, often in a triathlon the 10 K is not exactly a


10 K, I am told, but this time she you -- Hugh Jones did it precisely.


He is a fantastic runner. The to time to head to Big Ben. You think


you're going to hear a particular tune we have played 18 times before.


No, we need special music for this particular gold medal. We have hit


19, the number of gold medals we won in Beijing. It is clearly an


important mark, so would you like to move the Totalisator up-to- 19.


Beijing was considered this might not happen again. Don't eat milk it.


Well done, there might be more tonight. Who knows? So far, Great


Britain have won five gold medals and a bronze from the races at the


Velodrome. Tonight the final three races took place. Sir Chris Hoy,


Victoria Pendleton and Laura Trott were perfectly placed for glory. We


The woman is only young. After day one, Laura Trott found herself in


the lead. And then the three: At her individual pursuit, where she


was head to head with the American. Hammer was leading by a point.


Laura needed to finish near her to be sure of a place in the 500


metres time-trial. Again, it went down to the last race and high


drama in develop from. -- in the Sarah Hammer, 15. Let me simplified


this. Laura must finish three places ahead of Hammer in this time


trial. So, two laps of the track. Both know exactly what is at stake


here. Away they go for two laps of the track. The concluding event in


the six event omnium to decide where the metals are going to go.


Great start by Laura Trott. -- the medals. She has already got Hammer


on the rack. One lap to go with the belt. Laura Trott is on fire.


fastest first lap. Now, then, remember, she has got to finish


three places ahead of Hammer to finish in the time-trial. Hammer is


4th. The gold medal is going to go to Laura Trott. Well, it went down


to the wire and I can't believe it! A brilliant time from Laura Trott


there. And Sarah Hammer coming in Laura, congratulations. A double


Olympic champion at your first Olympic Games. You have made a


nation very, very proud. I can't believe this is happening to me!


Yesterday, I was losing my head between events because they weren't


going the way I wanted them to, really. But now I am so happy.


I am delighted to say Laura Trott is here with her two gold medals.


Has it sunk in? No! It has and! Eyes still can't believe it! I


still can't! With the omnium, it is pot luck and Ed Clancy said it is


very difficult. The timed events are my best events so once I had


them in the back Dacre, I was OK. And then I had the omnium sorted.


But the scratch race, I am terrible at! It was more about limiting my


losses. And your first gold, did that propel you on? Did you have


his taste for it? Definitely. I think we all just bounced off each


other. It started when the men won the sprint. Everybody thought, well,


if they can do it, so can we. If we bounced off each other. Can you sum


up her achievements, because Laura, in stature, she's not as tall as


the other girls and she just has this incredible desire to win it.


Consistency in that event is so important. The time difference but


the skill to run an elimination race like that, creating your own


holes. So, tactically? Yes, and being consistent through those


events. It is being consistent through those events. That is the


key and that is what you were today. A but you do have a really special


character. You were a small baby, you came early and had a collapsed


lung. The doctors told of parents you should do some exercise and you


started cycling a bit by accident? Yes. They told by mum and dad I


should do so win to regulate my breathing and then it was one thing


and another that led me to cycling. Was it a concoction of you got that


taste? Yes. But I didn't even enjoys cycling to start with. I


hated getting up early! These with your heroes, I guess, though, and


now you are sitting at the top table with the likes of Bradley


Wiggins. It is embarrassing! they are your team-mates? Yes, it


is mad. I never believed I would be in the same team as them.


Victoria Pendleton as well. And I read that you said, when you were


training really hard and you have the build-up of lactic acid, you


can taste blood in your mouth? and your teeth hurt as well. If cue


gold medals? It is unbelievable. This guy sitting next to me knows


about the success of what has happened but it just shows you that


when a sport works it out and you find what makes it click, you would


then just looking for the people like Laura to come into the system


and make it deliver. We have all been snuggling up to the cyclists


and finding out the secrets! But it is brilliant. Such an achievement.


Stacking them up! This is the first time we have been able to do this


because we have a bit of a blast of Spandau Ballet... And if you would


be so kind to move the Totalisator up from 19 to 20 golds. Yeah!


is a special moment. Very special moment. We have got a bit more


cycling to do. We would love you to join us for the rest of it. But not


giving anything away, of course! For Victoria Pendleton, it would be


the final race of an illustrious Olympic career. Whatever happened,


there would be tears. The women's sprint. A case of cat and mouse.


You have to a wit and outpace your opponent across the line. The best


of three, and Victoria Pendleton sprint. -- cheater one. A repeat of


the final four years ago. And it is crunch time now in the velodrome.


This brings Victoria Pendleton onto the track and her nemesis, Anna


Meares, of Australia. This is her finale because she is drawing the


curtains on what has been a glittering career. After this, she


is retiring. She really is fully confident here. Pendleton leading


it out. Here comes Anna Meares. Pendleton, really applying the


pressure and lifting the leg speed. Here comes the challenge from


Pendleton. On the line! It was a close! That was an incredible ride


by Anna Meares. She bluffed Victoria Pendleton into a leading


that out and she had the confidence to leave a gap of nearly two bike


length coming into the back straight. She took it all if the


way to the line but it has given Victoria Pendleton... We are


looking at the screen here and this is what they are looking at. Did


Anna Meares come inside the red line? Ooh! No. Victoria Pendleton


came out. I cannot believe they are going to relegate Victoria


Pendleton. She did come out of the lime butter was not done to put


somebody else off their race, it was in reaction to having an elbow


pushed into her. So there you go. That is the worst news that has


just been announced. Hard to know what to do about that, isn't it?


Terribly unpopular. We watched the slow motion as well. The only


reason she was outside that spring to mind was because she was elbowed


by another competitor. A very poor decision. No contest between these


two. No contest is every easily decided and I think Pendleton is


seeing the advantage and looks like she will jumper wear from Anna


Meares. I thought she was going to but she stalled. I thought she


would go for a whole lap and a half or two. That would have been a big


move in this kind of competition but she has lost that opportunity.


And Anna Meares said, you know what, I fancy more. You can leave this


out. She has got to win this to take it to a decider, and I think


she has lost it because she stalled there. Anna Meares is going around


the outside and she is going to take it. She goes around down the


straight and wins the gold Medal. Victoria gets the silver medal.


have to handed to her and so does Victoria Pendleton. A round of


applause straightaway. I don't even think that Anna Meares believed,


from the look of a phrase, that I can't imagine what went through


your mind when you realise you had been relegated. I was really


annoyed. Because I realised she had touched me. I cannot believe I have


been disqualified are relegated twice in this competition. It is


unheard of. So it a bit of a surprise and it did not much


confidence. But two golds and a silver medal, and nine-times world


champion. Thank you so much. I am so overwhelmed right now with


emotion. I would have loved to have won for my final race but Graham so


glad I can move on and that is my final race. -- but I am so glad.


Tears from such an illustrious career. But did you think that was


unfair? I do think it was. Anna Meares did not lead on how on


purpose. But there are so close, going at 70 kilometres an hour. And


then Vicky's response was just a lean back on the person who was


leaning on her. They were not trying to impede somebody else's


progress. And after that, Vicky's Hot just was not in it. -- Vicky's


heart. Anna Meares was a very convincing winner. And it is good,


to be honest, to see somebody so related to win something. And I


think it shocked her. And, Laura, as much as we on this great British


success, in the velodrome, it is difficult to win gold. So maybe it


shows the rest of the world that they can cycle. She has been a huge


poster girl, Victoria. We saw you when you were a kid with her so she


has done a lot for men and cycling. She really has. She is my role


model and I get sad to see her upset because a silver medal is a


silver medal and nobody can take away from her what she has done


before. If I can inspire as many people as she has, that is an


achievement in itself. It really is. For to it is raining out there and


the people are still there. Can you give them a wave? The folks at home


cannot see you making them happy but she has made them happy!


Next, the final race of the night, and the final race of Sir Chris


Hoy's and Lembit career. The men's keirin. -- and Olympic career.


This is a laps -- eight laps of the track. Five of those are behind the


man in black. And then a straight sprint to the line. Sir Chris Hoy


was aiming for his 6th gold medal to become the greatest British


Chris Hoy takes it. Free to go, and levy is still on the pace of the


bike. A long stride for home here as she comes up to the line. And


Sir Chris Hoy has already ignited the burners. He is on the front!


Teun Mulder tucked him 4th on the inside. Here comes Hoy. Shoulder to


shoulder, shoulder to shoulder! They come up to the bend and they


are lining up for the run to the line! Who will get it? Chris Hoy


gets the gold medal! That is his 6th gold medal. He becomes the


greatest achiever ever, the greatest British Olympian. His


tally - six golds and warn Silva. Sir Chris Hoy is the Olympic


Chris, nobody is going to spoil this party! I am shocked. Trying to


take it all in. This is surreal. This is what I wanted. To win the


gold in front of the home crowd. I saw the team pursuit, the girls,


everybody stepping up the plate. Laura today. This is the perfect


end to my Olympic career. I look back four Games ago to Sydney and


the silver medal was like, if I had stopped then I would have been a


happy boy. But to go on to Athens, Beijing and here... I can't put it


into words, what it means. I have got a man here who would


like to know what it feels like to pick up six. Eurostar, thank you so


much. Oh absolutely amazing. Is that it? I have finished. I am


coming back, it is official. wonderful hero, he never


disappoints. He must of a ruthless side we don't see. He applies


himself to the task when he is in the sport itself, but he is


genuinely a nice guy and he makes time for everybody. I have seen him


wearing himself out giving autographs, he doesn't like to say


no. You say Victoria was a role model to you, Chris is a benchmark.


You could have four Olympics, you could be emulating him. I will try!


I will do my best. That is the thing, it is re-evaluating your


goals. He started in Sydney, got his first medal in Athens. It is


the most difficult thing for anyone at the top, staying there. Everyone


is after you, you set the benchmark, but the thing is sport never stops.


If you don't start that cycle that year, as hungry as you were eight


years ago, you are stuffed and the fact he has done that is incredible.


Has he become the King of Scotland now? So Bream overlord or the King


of Scotland. He won't commit to the Commonwealth Games, but they will


demand it, won't they? He did say 99.9% certain he will not do


another Olympics so there is some were cool room. It gives me great


pleasure to introduce the music. Would you like to do this? You


remember the days when Great Britain didn't sweep the board in


the Velodrome. We are moving up to 21 gold medals. I used to be a


carpenter, I have got to get it just right. The you failed


miserably. You should see the shelves I put up. What a great


Olympics so far it has been, especially from Great Britain's


for Great Britain. I don't believe what I am seeing here. They are


inspired, and Australia are bottling. Victoria Pendleton takes


the gold medal. They are on fire. Great Britain wins the Olympic


title and another world record. Ed Clancy has sealed a bronze medal


with that ride in the kilometre. The Olympic sprint champion, and he


won it in style. It went down to the wire and I can't believe it. A


gold medal for Laura Trott. That is a very poor decision. And Victoria


Pendleton's career ends on a silver medal. Chris Hoy is the Olympic


champion. It has been a phenomenal Olympics in the Velodrome and the


total medals from this Olympic Games in track cycling is nine


compared to 12 from Beijing, but of course the events changed as well.


Chris Hoy was allowed to enter the sprint last time. We are not


suggesting the world governing body was trying to alter the result saw


anything, but they wanted to change it so we had parity between the men


and women, which is a good thing. Because they had 10 medals, they


are not allowed more, they decided to take out the individual pursuit,


brought in the omnium, which we thought was a paying, now we think


it is quite good, but it is only one rider per nation which changed


things. Everybody has raved about it as a venue as well, saying it is


one of the great venues of the Olympic Games and hopefully it will


inspire a generation. Laura, you are spearheading that. In the short


term, are you going on holiday? can't wait! He will be desperate to


get back on your bike. I will. There is plenty more still to come


tonight. If there is a horse involved, we seem to be doing all


right - the dressage riders were going for gold today. A busy night


on the track including four Robbie Grabarz on the high jump. On the


water again in Weymouth as windsurfing waved goodbye. This


thought continues. The women's basketball quarter-final is under


way, and the men's beach volleyball semi-finals are under way. We can


semi-finals are under way. We can catch that via the BBC's Board


website. It was the team final for the dressage today, a discipline


where the relationship between human and horse is at its most


symbiotic and Great Britain appear to be good at it. Team GB qualified


in top spot. Sit back and enjoy this. The there is a real hope that


Britain could bring another gold, and let me tell you the


celebrations are still going on from the wonderful gold medal that


was produced by the British show jumpers yesterday. The next horse


comes in, and that next course is Great Britain's Carl Hester. Will


have never won an Olympic medal Great Britain comes on with his


lovely horse, Utopia. You won't see a better extended trot than that.


Very balanced, a lovely bend on the rider's inside leg. It looks as if


he might creep over VAT percent, and the team are happy. In to is


the proudest moment of my life and I am so glad to have made it one


more Olympics and delivered. Now, Laura Bechtolsheimer, her first


Olympics. We are long-standing partnership and it feels amazing


for me to have been part of this progression. It is amazing how this


horse has developed his confidence and partnership with Laura over the


years. Hopefully to finish his career with a gold medal is


extremely emotional for me and I am proud of the journey he had. Laura


Bechtolsheimer! I am sure they will be delighted with that. What can


this lady do? Charlotte Dujardin, this is for gold for Great Britain.


I was nervous today, just because I wanted to come home with a gold


medal. Hold on to your hats, let's hope she keeps this extended trot


under control. I wanted to do everybody proud and it was a great


feeling. She has made history, and they know and Charlotte knows she


has won great Britain's first-ever gold in dressage. Here we are,


winning our first-ever medal at the Olympic Games, and it is gold.


There are so many people in the crowd supporting us and that makes


it so special. Take it all in - Carl Hester, Laura Bechtolsheimer,


It is incredible how well we have done in the equine sports. The show


jumpers yesterday getting gold, the event has took silver. I don't know


where your knowledge extends to. Let us be careful. I just wonder


about transporting the horses. is the only thing, given what


happened in Beijing. Having it at home must be a massive advantage.


Apparently a lot of the horses are stabled here for a long time before


hand but not having to transport your horse... It must be a


logistical nightmare. It is bad enough getting your bike around the


world. It is one of the few sports where there was a massive advantage


to being at home, it has to be. deliver it on that stage, it is


beautiful to watch. If a great venue. Did you have much of that


when you were growing up? I don't think they know how to spell that.


We put it to music for your enjoyment. On first David do


actually performed to music in the individual freestyle section. It


was a gold medal, so it is time for... You can go over, trot over,


trot on and move it up to 22 gold medals. And it is only Tuesday


evening, can you believe it? and two more opportunities. You may


need to get a bigger tower. Were really thought we were being over-


ambitious but we can get an extension. The on the poise and


grace to the power and precision of perfection, and the last day of the


routine. Can she harness it? the power and control - brilliant.


What a performance! Utterly spectacular. There it is great


stuff. That is a super performance. And a great double pike. Wow. Now


that is what you call a parallel bars routine. My goodness me, she


is really being precise with everything. That is a strong


challenge. Is it enough for gold? It is? She is in gold medal


position. They this is the most difficult combination in the world.


And he has done it. That is a cracker. Unbelievable. That was


spectacular! You have done it. Gymnastics doesn't get any better


than this. That routine on the high bars was incredible. Have they got


to our commentator, who coaches him. I'm sure he will be celebrating


this evening. Hockey news now and great Britain's men have qualified


for the semi-finals after a draw against Spain. It was a dramatic


game. Britain led 1-0 through this strike, but Spain equalised in the


second half, so 1-1 was enough, that was OK, but there were a few


final tense moments towards the end, and some skirmishes as well but


thankfully Great Britain have gone through and they will play the


Netherlands in the semi-final. A possible medal for Great Britain's


men and women in the semi-finals as well - it is amazing how so many


teams are peaking at the right time and that is what the Olympics are


all about. We are moving on now to the athletics, and we are starting


with another medal for Britain - Robbie Grabarz and he picked up a


bronze this evening. We are going to show you his procession of jumps.


The first jump, he went clear at 2.25. They this was crucial because


in high jump... It didn't develop into that exciting a competition


later on, but it was always going to be the medals that were likely.


year. On the day, you have to go with what you get and he had a 2.33


at least in him. I think his second attempt was probably the best. But


it was marginal. But the Russian who won... He jumped to two. There


T8. He was an internet sensation a few years ago! He was. If you


haven't seen him, you should check him out. But the interesting thing


was, you lost his best. And he was panicked about it. The official


came and said, but a T-shirt on. He pinned on his number with one pin


and still clear behind. It was unbelievable! That was the jump of


the competition. Yes, you could see he was getting a little bit anxious.


And then he was scrabbling around. I think he asked if anybody had


seen it. He found it because then he put it back on for his final


What a performance. The biggest night of your life and you have


delivered a medal? Yes. I am over the moon. If somebody had said, you


are going to get a bronze medal in London 2012, I would have bitten


their hand off. How did it come about? Remind everybody at home


where you were and how you got to here? I was just wasting too much


time and not really applying myself. At the end of last year, me and my


coach sat down and he gave me a good telling-off, to put it


politely. He said, you are wasting my time and you are wasting your


time. Go away and come back if you want to win a medal. And I won a


medal. So the coach gave it to him? Yes. They have got a good


relationship and more is to come from Robbie as well. And of course,


Greg Rutherford in the long jump, so jumping is OK. But not so much


the discus, as Lawrence Okoye went out well below his season's best.


He has thrown over 68 this season. This young man has got so much


talent. What I know about discus throwing, you could write on the


back of my hand! But the guys tell me he could have thrown 69 metres


tonight equally because he has that ability. He is still learning. This


is an old man's event. So to be in there with the big champions, he


has done well. Rio if we can keep him involved in athletics. Where


else will he go? He is a heck of a rugby player and he has given up to


do discus. We hope he has got a bit of a taste for it. And he is a


lovely guy, a gentle giant. He may be needs to develop more of a


willingness and a thirst to do well. Maybe you is to do rugby for six


months, get beaten up a bit and think, I want to go back to discus!


-- maybe he needs to do rugby. This was a fantastic thrower in the


discus. He ripped off his shirt and had a bit I incredible hulk moment


and then hurdle to celebrate! Not sure about his right hundred


metres! But a good effort! Staying with the hurdles, a big night for


Australia. Their world champion, Sally Pearson, was going for a


drama in one way it or another. Dawn Harper, the defending champion,


in a number for. And then Kellie Wells and Lower Lode Jones making


does Kellie Wells. It is Sally Pearson of Australia. She is


forging ahead. Sally Pearson just get sit on the line. Gold for


Australia! A new Olympic record. -- Sally Pearson gets it. The world


champion now is the Olympic champion. And she is looking up at


a screen and she's not quite sure. I wonder what it means to her?! He


must have been so amazing, bringing that world title into an Olympics.


And also, she has been almost invincible for the last few years,


except the last race before coming here, and she got beaten in her


first race in 32. Apart from the fact she's so good, she has been


very tough mentally. A typical Aussie. And she gives good


interview! Yes. And to be fair, Harper was brilliant tonight. But


Sally just got it and she deserves it, I think. You like to see any


body celebrate like that. You like to see any body enjoy it like that.


And Australia really need it. they do, and they have doubled


their tally to four golds today. Without wanting to stick the boot


in, but with apologies in advance as a Yorkshire lass, I am quite


pleased to bring you this next item. Because it would seem the biggest


county in England is punching above for Great Britain. One step closer


for Jessica Ennis! Her first ever senior race. Alistair Brownlee is


the Olympic triathlon champion! have done it and we have done it in


style! A fantastic grow from them! Jessica Ennis is the Olympic


champion! That is what it means to Yeah, could think Yorkshire, if it


goes for independence, would be at the moment 11th on the table. -- I


pushed things down. We might not have a Premier League football club


but we appear to rock the Olympic Games. What do you want me to say?


You obviously want a moment there! I was hoping for a Yorkshireman on


the sofa, but two northern lads, that is fine! From Yorkshire


packing a punch to Olympic boxing command over the years, the


competition has unearthed real talent over the years. See who you


One of those phases. Great to have you here. Are you having a good


Olympics? Yeah, I am loving it. Super-heavyweight Anthony Joshua


did very well last night. Very well. He's done a great job so far. His


first fight, you know, he waited a week for his first and it is


difficult to stay sharp. You could tell he had really learned in his


second because he came up more controlled and threw a great right


hand, but the Chinese guy down and almost surprised himself. And you


can tell he is learning as he goes along because he got hit with a


good punch and he was like, OK, I got hit, what have were doing


wrong? He is definitely doing good. of these. The magnificent seven are


only one man down. Today was the return of Andrew Selby and a win


would guarantee him a silver medal. You can expect a tough opponent for


him. The Cuban prodigy. The first round was really tight. Both boxers


trading punches, and the judge at the end of the first three could


only split them by a point. But the Cuban took a slender lead 5-4.


Andrew was under pressure and Ramirez took the round, leading 12-


third and final round, the 52 kilo flyweight fight, Andrew Selby,


ranked number one, has to return a five-point deficit if he wants to


join his GB team-mates on the podium. We have progressed three


men to that stage. And Nicola Adams in the women's tournament as well.


He will have to find something to overcome this deficit. 12-seven. Up


against this very slick, Cuban talent. Andrew Selby needs is which


of attack and is to switch from head to body. This is what he has


got to do. The Cuban is Bocking well to the head. He might be


vulnerable downstairs. -- the Cuban he opened up the advantage of five


points and Selby is desperate to overturn that in this final stage.


Suffered from Selby but then warned for punching incorrectly by the


those gloves and elbows. He's flowing very well now, is Andrew


Selby. You feel that Ramirez is at the peak of his start, just waiting


for the opening. Not giving Ramirez taking Selby back to the


ropes and loading a quick flurry of his own. The crowd, again,


continuing to encourage Selby but they know what a really difficult


task this will be. To overturn five points in the final round against a


boxer as talented as Ramirez. Just 20 years of age. The youth Olympic


champion from Singapore a few years ago. And a Pan Am game's senior


champion from last year. An immensely talented boxer and could


he be about to stand between Selby and a place on the Olympic rostrum?


And it's a strong finish to this contest from the Cuban. He landed a


good left hook. The two men going toe-to-toe. But Ramirez is


confident he has done enough. He led by five going into the round


and Selby gave it his absolute all, but that was going to be we did


have got margin to were overturned and his body language suggests he


has not done enough to guarantee himself upwards. -- to guarantee


himself a place on the Olympic podium. In the red corner


representing Cuba, Ramirez! Andrew Selby won the third and final round


against Ramirez but there can be no doubt about the victor. He muse to


the Olympic -- key moves to the Olympic level podium. -- he moves


That particular fight, he learned that the Cuban, Ramirez, we looked


at his time. He did not work too hard for the first few minutes. --


took his time. But his where he held him back. I am sure when he


looks back, he will think, should have done this, I should have done


that. But this is what the Olympic experience is about. Have you been


impressed with the Olympic standard of British boxers? Absolutely. I am


looking forward to the finals to see how the boys do. And especially


the women. I am shocked at the Women. I am looking thinking, that


is not a goal boxing, it is -- it is not a girl boxing, it is a boy.


And that is a compliment. Now we go to welterweight. He takes on


Clayton. He is second in the rankings but Clayton is a man on a


and he was in great form. Connected with a whole range of shots. He won


the round easily, but the Canadian fought back and took it 6-3 in the


next round. Let's joint at the start of the third round, it was


10-8. We move into the third and final round of this quarter-final.


Both of these boxers will be so desperate to stand on the podium.


This is the final eight, if you make it through to the semi-finals


you are guaranteed at least a bronze medal. To remain alive in


this competition, both boxers will have their minds on the top spot


but there focus will remain on the boxer in front of them. Said Evans,


wearing blue. Clayton representing Canada in red. The men exchanging


blows. The two is important Fred Evans maintains that gap, that


distance. He does not want to be boxing Clayton on the inside. Oxfam


range, bring him on to the shots, and don't stand and hold your feet.


Clayton working well to the body at close range, he had a good right


hook as Evans missed with his own left. Clayton started boxing at


eight years old, introduced by his uncle Gary Johnson, the father of


Kurt Johnson. He used to hang around the gym, desperate to try


the sport himself, but his uncle said immediately he could see that


Clayton possessed some talent, and now here he is representing his


country as part of a very strong boxing team - two men, one woman


representing the maple leaf of Canada. Fred Evans has got to work


harder, make sure. Vox that range. The feller is going to come, get


the timing right. A right hand landed on the inside by Clayton as


Evans went along with his shot. He was really given a rocket when he


returned to the corner by his coach, he said he had stopped working. The


crowd are raising their noise levels in an effort to spur him on.


Concentration going to be absolutely crucial now. Fred Evans


led by two coming into this final round. We are approaching the final


30 seconds of around that has been keenly contested. Do you want to


get on a podium? Let's go, you have got to work harder. Keep your


balance, this is what it is all about. Which boxer can dig in and


find the moment of inspiration? Which boxer will take inspiration


from this crowd? They are chanting Fred Evans' name. He was content to


stand and posed but he didn't work during that period and it was a


keenly fought encounter which will hang in the balance. The Canadian


corner think they have done enough. Clayton, absolutely spent after


returning to that corner. Fred Evans gave it everything as well


and a place on the podium is at stake. They competed right until


the final bell. Ladies and gentlemen, the judges scored the


bout level at 14 points apiece. go to countback. The winner on


countback, in the blue corner, representing Great Britain, Fred


Evans. Fred Evans from Wales has guaranteed himself an Olympic medal


after winning by the slimmest possible margin over Clayton, who


fought a terrific final round. On countback, Fred Evans has been


declared as the winner. He is through to the final four. He has


guaranteed himself an Olympic medal and that is brilliant for the boxer


from Wales. Clayton deserves a round of applause as well because


he played his part in a magnificent contest, and now Fred Evans will


stand atop the medal podium and there is the moment of realisation.


Ralph Evans was the last boxer in 1972 to secure a medal, and that is


wonderful for GB boxing. There is a slight cavil at because


the Canadians have lodged an appeal. Not all appeals are successful but


it will be an uncomfortable night's asleep for Fred Evans until he


finds out. Let's say the appeal is not successful, and there are five


boxers going into the semi-final. Six bronze medals out of 10 boxers,


and it could be more - the colours could change - pretty good going.


To a thick, you can't ask for anything more. They have worked on


the team, the team is looking lovely. Hard work get the results,


simple as that. Ugo two Olympics back, and near Khan was the only


boxer and he was saying to me the other day that the injection of


funding means now we have really successful boxers. We it is true.


Boxers don't really get a lot of support but when there was an


opportunity and you see an opportunity to get cold, the


support comes and you get results from that. And socially, the


importance of boxing, the kind of areas that boxing clubs spring up


areas that boxing clubs spring up in, their impact is very important


so it has great benefits for society as well. And something that


is happening at the Olympic Games here will only have a further


knock-on effect. It is still a fairly accessible sport in that


sense. Not one that everyone would gravitate to, but certainly one


that is accessible to any town you are in. Olympic boxing, how what is


structured with women there, it is giving Great Britain a fantastic


shot. It depends on you. If you do hard work in the ring, you get


results. You don't have to have a team atmosphere, you depend on


yourself. It is a great grounding for young boxers before you launch


yourself into professional boxing. Yes, this is the pedigree before


you turn professional, and start your trip to become a champion of


the world. The amateur scoring compared to the professional


scoring, I love the professionals Goring, it is a lot better.


find out who you really are when you turn professional. You can put


more into the rounds you go through. Give us one name that has really


impressed you so far? They have more impressed me. Anthony Joshua


has impressed me, Anthony Ogogo did some smart things in his last fight


and it really helped him to win. will stay with strength and the


super-heavyweights were in town. This Iranian confirmed himself as


the world's strongest man. He lifted 455 kilos on his way to beat


his fellow countryman. While. Back to the track now and an event close


to call our hearts, the 1,500m. Steve Cram won Silva in the LA


Games, but tonight Britain didn't have a qualifier. Makhloufi ran the


fastest time in qualifying. The defending champion, Kiprop, was


aiming to emulate Sebastian Coe's outside. Makhloufi pushes the road.


He has the best spot, and look where Kiprop is. He has a lot to do.


His team mates are at the front. His team-mates are setting the pace,


and now Makhloufi from Algeria strikes out down the back straight.


He has some company, he has the Ethiopia and attacking as well.


Controversial Algerian kicks for home in a style which we haven't


seen from him. This is a victory for a man who would not have come


to these Olympic Games expecting to win this race. Certainly not many


people thought he could do this. He has completely destroyed this the


Olympic field. It will be tight on the line for the bronze. It was


close, very close for the bronze. Makhloufi has won the gold medal


for Algeria. He won it in a manner for Algeria. He won it in a manner


which many will find surprising. A very original celebration, but


Makhloufi was no were last year, and yesterday pulled out of the


800m with a doctor's note to say he was sick. An amazing recovery.


he was entered into both events and he can't now do the double - the


800m semi-finals were about an hour before that so his federation had


made a mistake and they should have withdrawn him. They didn't, so


after the semi-final he had to come in and win the heats. Obviously he


was qualified for that final so he decided to jog off the line, ran


100m and stopped. If you do that in competition, you are considered not


to her for tint of bona fide effort. The doctor's note said he was


injured, and that was the reason he stopped. He didn't look very


injured tonight, is what I would say. It is a bit of the


manipulation. Maybe the federation got it wrong, but it was a


surprising win none the less. This guy has come from almost unknown.


He has run some quick times this year suddenly, and dominated the


Olympic final, although Kiprop was injured. A long way out. He ran


12.6, and 12.4, they were the 200m sections, then he built up the


massive gap and eased off at the end but it was pretty impressive


stuff. The so pointing on a less not to have a Briton. Ross Murray


did really well, he was a real prospect. He is only just finding


out what this is all about. Andrew Baddeley was disappointing. Let's


not get too pessimistic. If let's head to Weymouth for the men's


windsurfing final and nick Dempsey looking to gain redemption after he


led first place slip to fourth place for years ago.


In Beijing, Sarah Ayton claimed her second Olympic gold medal, but that


she then had to watch her fiance suffer a final-day agony on the


water. Nick Dempsey, went out the water in


silver-medal position with a prospect of gold, but will finish


in fourth place. He will be absolutely devastated. It was


always going to be close today, and it is a case of not messing up. It


was tight today and we only had one lap so it made it very difficult,


yes, not quite today. He spend your whole life dreaming


about getting a gold medal. To be there, and to know that you could


have got a gold medal was brutal. as a couple they made a tough


decision. Sarah Ayton, on the verge of becoming one of the greatest


Olympic female sailors, stepped away from the sport so her husband


could focus on his Olympic dream. Am very lucky to have Sarah.


Without her, I could not do this Olympic campaign. It is my job to


look after the children and let him do what he needs to do. Hopefully


it is enough to make a difference. London 2012 and nick Dempsey was


Dempsey was on target for silver. My little boy, Thomas, he loves it


when I bring home and a medal for an event, and I did promise him a


would bring him a medal for this event. It is nice not to have


broken that promise. The Olympic final is off and begun. Can Great


Britain win silver? What is dart from Nick Dempsey. The Netherlands


look like they will just squeeze around Nick Dempsey. Nick Dempsey


is around and that position. He pumps hard to get into second.


Looking good for Great Britain. Olympic glory for the Netherlands


but Nick Dempsey, broken in Beijing and he promised silver to his son.


He has delivered. It has been a pretty difficult four years. I


always believed I would come here and do well. And to do it in front


of, you know, your home crowd, it doesn't get any better. Mission


completed, Olympic medal secured. Now it is time to return to family


Well done to Nick and to Sarah. The wind beneath his wings for sure.


Now, it is the underdog of the day and we have this! This flag-bearer


at the Opening Ceremony had a day to remember. He lined up against


Usain Bolt at the start of the 100 metres -- 200 metres. He reported


his own personal best, 2.5 seconds behind the winner, but if you do a


personal best, you cannot say what -- better than that! Will go on! --


well done. He now we're going to go through to


the other studio, and we will go and put our medals on the board. I


can show you the table as we go. Great Britain now on 40 it medals,


which is more than we got him Beijing. 22 gold medals. -- 48


Up you can do the bronze and then would you be so kind to do Victoria


Pendleton on the silver. Oh! I will do Nick Dempsey. You can do Steve.


You can do Carl Hester and. And Laura. There you go - Charlotte.


Laura Trott for you, and would you like to do Sir Chris Hoy? In the


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