Day 10 Olympics Tonight

Day 10

With action continuing until midnight, Gabby Logan hosts a mix of sport and conversation with those making the headlines, and guests from the sporting world and beyond.

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The Olympic flame burning brightly in the stadium. A team gold medals


were on offer today, and we will be reliving some of those incredible


stories. The sport carries on, happening live across the capital.


We will be going live to the ExCel Arena later for Anthony Joshua's


quarter-final bout. The live-action at this point is on the red button.


You have the best of both worlds on the Olympics tonight - the big


stories, and top-quality sport as it happens. Talking of top-quality,


checkout tonight's guest list. This is a great performance by the


youngest British boxer ever to win a medal. Kelly Holmes, going for


two gold medals. It will be an historic second gold. Kelly Holmes


wins the 1,500m title. A very warm welcome to Dame Kelly Holmes and


boxing silver medallist Premier can't. -- Amir Khan. Favourite


moments so far? It has to be super Saturday. The you can't say the


Queen jumping out of the helicopter. Turning the silver medal to a gold


medal earlier. A our viewers may not know that yet! Pretend you


didn't hear that. This is how we are going to take you to midnight.


Would Britain be jumping for joy down at Greenwich? Ask him, he will


tell you. At the Velodrome, Jason Kenny was looking for gold tonight.


More on the track, as the fourth day of that Mattocks sees Dai


Greene going for glory in the 400m hurdles. The greatest gymnast Great


Britain has ever produced, Beth Tweddle was going for a medal in


the uneven bars. Quarter-final action with super-heavyweight


boxing here at 11:30pm. We will be starting with horse power - Great


Britain have not won a medal since 1984 in Team showjumping, but they


1984 in Team showjumping, but they went in in silver-medal position.


It was a dramatic day. In showjumping, the lower the score,


the better. It is about avoiding false, having a fence down, or


being over the allowed time. The leaders were Saudi Arabia coming


into the position. In joint second place, Great Britain, trying to win


the first gold medal in showjumping for 60 years. The oldest and the


youngest on the team - Nick Skelton and Scott brash - both jumped clear


and a medal was guaranteed, but they needed a mistake by the last


Dutch rider to give them a shot at gold. It has gone! Britain are


still in with a chance. It is going to be a jump-off for the gold medal.


The scores were level. Great Britain and the Netherlands both on


eight faults. It would be decided by a head to head jump-off with the


best to three scores to count. It still have a long penalty points,


the fastest team would win. First into the arena, Nick Skelton on Big


Star. This is the moment he has been working for ever since he


broke his neck in 2000. He is getting towards the end of the


jump-off now, and the last fence! He has got us off yet again to a


tremendous start. That puts the pressure on. Turning for home.


Maybe not quite there, it is very close. 48.54, so Great Britain have


got an advantage. In rides Ben Maher, another cool cookie. One


more to jump. He has done it. He is clear, so Great Britain definitely


have the edge at the moment, and now it is down to the young star of


the Dutch team. It has gone. That has gone as well! This is the round


they will want to discard. Tower Bridge. Weak-kneed the best three


to count. Britain wants another fast ground and we will be there.


It has gone. It is pretty quick. Is it quickly enough? It is going to


be right to the wire. Now, the next rider for the Netherlands. It has


gone. He has jumped the last. If he had had that one down, the gold


medal was in the back for Great Britain. Now Peter Charles has a


big decision to make. Will he go for clear and go for gold at, or


does he go for the fastest time? This is pressure. Got it. Just the


double, and the last jump. Now the last. Down to Tower Bridge for the


gold medal. This could be the first gold medal for Great Britain.


Britain have got cold! What a tremendous round from Peter Charles.


The round of his life. The last man into that arena, and what are you


thinking? The tears in the back. This is what they brought me for. I


wasn't much good the rest of the week. We always believed we would


come here with a strong chance. We have been waiting for this time to


come, and we felt it kept drifting away again, yesterday with the last


fence down, but we did it the hard way. It was exciting for the public


to watch, and I still can't believe it. It is good that every one of us


played our part. It means absolutely everything to win this,


especially for our country. In showjumping we have not won a medal


for 60 years or whatever, and I have never won one. We are running


out of time. So pleased for the riders, but Nick Skelton has had


this long and distinguished career and it was just such a dramatic


ending today. Clare Balding is still with them in a restaurant


somewhere not too far away from here. You have managed to court


them? We are here in a very quiet room, everyone downstairs watching


the television and screaming. Here they are, the gold-medal winning


showjumping team. Fantastic, amazing performance under pressure,


and I asked you what it means - this is a massive for you


personally and the sport, isn't it? I think so. For me and my career,


it is probably the best thing that could ever happen. To happen in


London, it is the greatest feeling. I couldn't have done it on my own.


We needed the three guys with us and it is amazing. After all my


time... He you have had everything happened to you. Take us through


your injuries. I have had two cartilage injuries, a shoulder


replacement, a hip replacement, a broken neck, and I have got to have


a back replacement. Apart from that, fine. I will be there in Rio.


the oldest member of the team to the youngest. Scott, how will this


change your life do you think? I really hope it improves my


pulling-power with women, to be honest with you. Yes, that is about


it. You were doing it for that? Pretty much. Peter, last in the


jump-off - what were you thinking as you went in there? Being at home


in front of the most fabulous crowd you could ever imagine, and the


whole of British showjumping watching and waiting. We hadn't won


a medal in 60 years and there was no way I was going to put a fence


down. I said if I have a fence down, I won't even come through this


entrance. Ben, you were a big part of this, and in terms of the


breadth of experience this team has got, how confident were you you


would end up with this gold medal around your neck? As a team, we


were confident. We never said to anybody else we would win gold, but


we believed we could win. At dinner last night we said we were in a


good position, and I think we showed that a day. We pulled


forward with Nick, and we were there and dropping back, we have to


fight for it, but the jump-off made it exciting for the public to watch.


You are still in the individual, and so are you, so has Scott - you


have chances of winning medals again? Yes, we start from zero


witches are completely different competition. Anything could happen.


At least we are in with a good shot and hopefully we can get another


gold medal. You have on your country proud today.


If you can describe what is going to happen now, I am going to last


the music maestro to play this. That is Spandau Ballet, and you are


going to go up to the Totalisator and move the arrow to 17 gold


medals for Team GB. Well done. Tell you what, Nick Skelton, a bit of a


Dame Kelly Holmes in terms of the bodily functions, everything being


patched up. When he did the videotape earlier, and he said his


time was nearly up, I got a lump in my throat because people put


themselves out for years and years, and he said about the injuries like


mine, and finally he has done it. With that drama as well, brilliant.


From horse power on the horses to horse power in track cycling.


Tonight Jason Kenny, who was selected ahead of Chris Hoy in the


believe what I have seen here. The Britain four are inspired and


Australia are bottling. The gold medal is Britain's. Mears is washed


away, Victoria Pendleton takes the gold. They're on fire. Gareth


Britain win the Olympic title and the gold medal and another world


record. Clancy has a bronze medal record. Clancy has a bronze medal


with that raid. In the semi-final the Beijing silver medallist takes


on the man from Trinidad, Phillip. He won the first two. The silver


He won the first two. The silver was therefore guaranteed. In the


other semi-final, Gregory Bauge was far too good for Shane Perkins. The


Frenchman won his first two races and qualified for the final and set


up a show down with our flying Brit. Could Jason land his second gold of


the games to add to his team sprint? The first to win two races


would win gold. If you haven't seen this before, it is cat and mouse


for two laps and then it goes crazy. Cirs por or the and - Chris Porter


and -- Hugh Porter and Chris Boardman report. COMMENTATOR:


France have had a good tradition in the sprints. They have had five


wins and two in the early years. The most successful won the title


twice. Britain have just nailed the gold once with Chris Hoy in Beijing.


We knew it would be a tactical affair. Bauge would like to keep it


late and jump hard. Jason Kenny doesn't want to see that happen.


Get ready. Get ready for the adrenaline rush! Just over a lap to


go. Bauge at the front and beginning to inject pace. Kenny


still with greater height. They up to the white strip. Here is Kenny.


He is on his shoulder. Into the finishing straight. The crowd are


on their feet. Kenny takes it and goes 1-0 up. He rode that


magnificently. He didn't take his foot off the gas. Bauge tried to


control that race and the mistake came in the back straight with a


lap and a half to go and Kenny threw him a feint. He just forced


the Frenchman to lead him out. That is what he did. Beautifully done by


Kenny. Race one goes to Jason Kenny. If he can win this, it is two


strait and he is the Olympic champion. This is what makes the


nerves jangle, believe me. Kenny just keeping an eye out on Bauge.


This big Frenchman. Bauge certainly not out of it. He is still in


fantastic form here and Kenny knows it. It will take some controlling,


but that last I was surprised at the pace of Jason Kenny. He powered


around the outside. He certainly did. Completed the final 200 metres


at 70 kilometres an hour. The coach is on the track side. Just shouting


something to Kenny. They continue to weave their way around the bank.


Watching each other. You can feel the pressure building. Into the


back straight. One and a half laps to go. Now is Kenny going to take


Bauge on from the front? Is his confidence that much that he feels


he can hold him off for a lap. Kenny with one lap to go. Standing


tpwaen him and the gold medal. Bauge tries to come up to the wheel


and he won't do it. Kenny's got the head of the race and Bauge will not


take it. Kenny is the Olympic sprint champion. He brings the gold


medal and he won it in style with fantastic confidence. Look at this,


the celebration is unfolding and Bauge had no answer to Jason Kenny.


Silver in by a Ying -- Beijing and gold in London. What a handing over


of the mantle from Chris Hoy to Jason Kenny. He is a triple Olympic


gold medallist. That is his second gold medal here. Britain continue


to hoover up the golds. A brilliant to hoover up the golds. A brilliant


performance by Kenny. You're the champion, so much expectation, how


does it feel to deliver? It is amazing. I hadn't thought about it


until that last ride and it dawned on me and the battle I had to come


here with Chris and knowing you had somebody on the side that wouldn't


give that sprint away. I thought I had better not mess that up. I was


pleased and I did it for the team. It is the old guard handing it over.


Because he shares the same birthday as Chris Hoy, he is 12 years


younger. Living in his shadow for a few years, but today he soaked up


the pressure and delivered and it was a great result. First Briton to


have two gold medals in this game. With - eJason -- with Jason there


was that question mark about whether he should have been there


instead of Chris Hoy. But they knead right decision. In Beijing he


came so close to Chris Hoy and you could see he was the new guy.


know, you kind of game the game aware, you share that Bolton


heritage, I imagine you walk down the street in Bolton and you get


mobbed. Jason could probably walk down the high street. I think it


will be different, winning a gold medal will be huge and people will


recognise him. Bolton's only a small place. But we get recognised


every where. But he is happy. very humble. I was speaking to him


and what a nice and chilled out guy he is. That is what champions are


about. If you're a champion you don't have to be big-Eded -- big-


headed. Now time for ballet. And it is your turn. Would you move the


arrow up to 18 golds. One off Beijing on day ten. It is Monday.


We have six more days to go. Thank you. We do up to 35 on Big Ben. So


the possibility is not quite endless. Now a look at Victoria


Pendleton's quarter-final in the sprint. Six time world champion,


Victoria Pendleton cruised through her quarter-final. Tomorrow she is


against Christina Vogel of Yarmy. Anna Mears also qualified and Laura


Trott did well in the omnium. She had a ternt place in the 20k points


race, but a fantastic finish leaves her well placed with three more


events tomorrow. A lot still to come and a lot still going on,


London never sleeps. On the red button and online you can watch


live boxing. Men's beach volleyball and basketball. This is the scene,


we will go there for the superheavy weight fight, ant neer Joshua's


quarter -- Anthony Joshua's quarter-final. And now the art of


gymnastics and berth Tweddle. She is our most successful gym nars.


But she has never won an lemp gold. -- Olympic gold. There have been


more ferocious lacking revolutionaries. Beth Tweddle does


go around and round and come down with a bump. But can this be the


face that has led the way to a new order? For a long time, gymnastics


was under the control of the old eastern bloc, their names were


known and their routines admired, but they were out of reach. Only


superpower America could think of closing the gap. But ten years ago,


Beth Tweddle became the first British gymnast to win a medal at


the European Championships a bronze on the uneven bars. And the first


to win a medal at World Championships and in Euro 2000 6


she became European and world champion. In 2009 she was Wold


champion on the floor. Beth Tweddle, three time world champion a pioneer


and trail blazer. At the levels n Beijing she was fourth A placing


that urged her to carry on to one last chance at these games at home


and so four years later, 41 seconds and so four years later, 41 seconds


of this. Just has to go through like she always does. A lovely half


turn. A pirouette and into the move. This is the important section.


Catch with the half turn. Straight to the high bar, she floats up and


must focus now. Kick strong. Lift up. Two twists. Oh! A big step back.


But she saved it. It ended with a bump as revolutions can and it


seemed the old order was fill in -- still in control. It kicks in. It


is a very difficult routine. First pir Rett. The second. Here is the


difficult combination. Excellently performed. Just a bit of strength


needed to come out of that second front somersault. There is the full


pirouette. Beautiful, full into the next move. Swinging beautifully.


Straight up to the high bar again. A clear circle. Has to include a


close bar element. The Tyneest -- tiniest step. Wow! Must FINA means


business. - Mustafina means business. She is very smooth. If


anyone can post a higher score, she can. A lovely stoop in and out.


Down to the low bar and up to the high. She has made her combination.


Up into the one and a half dismount. This is going to be a fight to the


wire. Now in silver medal position. Pushing Tweddle into third. Gold


for Mustafina. Might America be the only superpower to challenge them.


Douglas is the only all round gold medallist. She lost a bit of rhythm


and controlled it well. And she has just lost that. No Douglas out of


condition tension -- contention and bronze for Britain, the first


bronze for Britain, the first Olympic medal won by a British


gymnast. It is only fitting a woman who has been such a servant to


British gymnastics and would you agree without that success, funding


would have been more difficult and this new generation have all


benefited from that? Yes to have the funding like gymnastics and


other minority sports it has show cased what they can do with that


support. Beth is outstanding. She has been going for years. And to be


world champion three times, to get that kind of Olympic medal, I'm


sure, I am sure she would have loved to have got silver or gold.


Maybe if she got bronze in Beijing she wouldn't have gone on. If you


had got silver, you had the temptation to turn professional.


Would you have gone on for the gold? Well yes. I may have. Because


the thing is when you gate silver, you want to beat it. The deal was


put on the table for me and I thought, I was young, I was in two


minds, I wanted to stay amateur. Maybe if I had known the 2012


Olympics were in London I may have. Because think about it. I'm 25. If


you look at other fighters they are young. So I would have been in the


Beth Tweddle is the queen of British gymnastics, well this guy


Zanetti. That is very impressive. Look at this. This is just


superhuman. It is, isn't it? He is superhuman. It is, isn't it? He is


really, hugely impressive. really, hugely impressive.


steals gold. The last gymnast up. Precious indeed, and it bodes well


for Brazil at the next Olympics. Christie and Thomas came in eighth


place, he fell back on landing but had a fantastic effort none the


less. British gymnastics going strong, and strength is what a lot


of the rest of this programme is about. Here is what we have got


coming up. The women get ready to rumble in the ring. Staying with


boxing, we are live for as super- heavyweight Anthony Joshua's fight.


We have the best of the action from a night of track and field. And


don't forget, the action continues on the red button and online. It is


all there for you right now. That is what is going on in the ExCel


Arena right now. You can go there to see that. Great Britain's hockey


women were in action against the Netherlands tonight. They will face


Argentina in the semi-finals on Wednesday. Time for some boxing,


and it is time for these ladies. We are calling them, the Free -- Three


Amigirls. Natasha Jonas was back in action, she had the daunting task


of taking on the overwhelming favourite Katie Taylor, from


Ireland, in the quarter-final. The first round when to Taylor, the


second round was all square, so we women's 60 kilogram contest, the


third two minute round. Katie Taylor from Ireland wearing red,


who'd just talk a good right hand from Jonas. Both boxers going toe-


to-toe in the centre of the ring, and Jonas has to overturn a 3 point


deficit. A good body shot from the left hand from Taylor. It is Taylor


getting on the front foot now, asserting her dominance, as we


approach 30 seconds elapsed in round three. The good defences by


Jonas, but she is just overwhelmed by the sheer volume of punches.


to full punching and accuracy from Katie Taylor. It brings about the


first standing count of the contest. She tells the referee she is OK,


and that is just one point so it is not like professional boxing. Katie


Taylor is really going through the gears, unloading accurate shot at


close range. She is so popular in Ireland that she was selected to be


flag-bearer in the opening ceremony. Boxing is in her blood. Her father


Peter was a lightweight champion in Ireland in the 1980s. She learnt


her trade by watching him shadow box in the kitchen. She has two


European titles, two national titles, and she is doing her thing


well, putting Jonas under pressure. Jonas, struggling to deal with


those combinations. She went well earlier on the inside, but it


depends whether the judges will count those body shops. Jonas


competing valiantly as we approach the final 10 seconds of this round.


Taylor, target in the body once more. Katie Taylor, 19-11 after a


dominant display. As we enter the final round in this women's 60


kilogram lightweight contest, the instructions in the corner could


not have contrasted more. Natasha Jonas is trailing by eight and the


instructions were that she has to roll the dice, scoring points


without reply. The atmosphere is fantastic at the ExCel Arena here


in Docklands. It is more like a football match, but it is women's


Olympic boxing, for the very first time in the history of this


tournament in the Olympic Games. Jonas is trying to land those


punches without reply. Jonas is trying to turn this into a fight,


but look at the response from Taylor. The No. 1 seed, the


reigning four time world champion, boxer of the year in 2000 date.


Really putting her talents on show. A great left hook to the body, that


will be hurt full for Jonas. Taylor really listening to the


instructions - he told her not to get involved. She also had to keep


moving her head. That was a big right hand, and he is forced to


make the second standing count of the contest. It really years


cacophonous noise being generated by this 10,000 strong crowd. Jonas,


impossible to deter. She continues to come forward, looking for her


own shots. Jonas, sagging into the ropes. It is a standing ovation at


this ExCel Arena, and they can be no doubt about the victor. Katie


Taylor is living up to her billing as she produces a fantastic display


on her Olympic debut. Ladies and gentlemen, the winner by a score of


26-15, in the red corner, representing Ireland, Katie Taylor.


A standing ovation for Katie Taylor, the world number one, through to


the semi-final and guaranteed at least a bronze medal. Given how she


performed, who would bet against her for the gold? For that


guarantees her a bronze medal. Jonas said afterwards she threw


everything at Katie Taylor apart from the kitchen sink and she came


up short. Continuing with the boxing women, and it is Nicola


Adams next. Victory here, and she would be guaranteed a medal. She


took the first two rounds by one point. We come into this in the


to go. This is the women's 51 kilogram flyweight division.


Petrova, just put under a little bit of pressure from Nicola Adams.


Just approaching 30 seconds gone in this third round in the women's 51


kilogram flyweight division between the box are wearing red, Petrova,


and Nicola Adams making her Olympic debut. She has been boxing very


well indeed. She led 2-1 after the opening round, extended that, and


now we are here in the third round. Nicola Adams is using all her


fluidity and punching variety that is her hallmark. Nicola Adams is


one of the hardest body punches I have ever boxed. That is good to


see she is employed in those body punches because that really will


slow her opponent down. The you to fall straight -- beautiful straight


shots from Nicola Adams. She was told to calm down, relax, and she


is boxing in rhythmic, fluid action in round number three. She is


jabbing to much better effect now. The smallest boxer on the Great


Britain programme, but she has the longest reach. You think you are


well out of range, and you get thoroughly proven wrong. The crowd


rising in unison because Nicola Adams has extended her advantage.


She is leading 11-5. They at impressive third round win bought


Nicola ahead, and she scored a 16-7 victory.


Congratulations to her. In the semi-finals she will face a five-


time champion from England. Next stop, Savannah Marshall, Great


Britain's No. 1 seed, in action for the first time. She was taking on


her opponent from Kazakhstan. She had a decent start, all level after


the first two rounds. 10-8 down, Marshall had it all to do and ended


up losing the last round, going out 16-12. That means, from three


British women boxers entering for the first time, Nicola Adams is the


last one standing. She looked good, and she will face the Indian


fighter who has come down a weight division. I think she has the


division. I think she has the strength to get through, definitely.


She is a quality boxer and puts combinations could together. The


other girl will be coming down the weight so she will be physically


stronger. Chester do some footwork, hit and move, and that will slow


down the Indian fighter. The Body - - Body shots she throws will slow


down the fighter's world. Katie Taylor is a brilliant fighter. She


puts punches together really well, her timing was perfect, and she won


by a wide margin so I wish her the very best. Have you been watching


the boxing? For I was there yesterday and I was in the crowd,


and there were so many women spectators. It just shows it is


getting popular so maybe in the next Olympics we will see more.


what are your thoughts? I think why not. If you are given that


opportunity go for it. Jane couch tried to get boxing here for women,


and to see them in the Olympic Games, a lot of people look at it


and ask whether it is right, but why not? They are athletes. They


have head gear. They have a referee watching them so it is a great


sport for women. Did you ever try any in training?


If I was boxing people, it would be without the gloves. It is a tough


form of training to do. Yes, I have tried boxing exercise and things


like that. It is one of the toughest sports in the world,


alongside 800m! Have you got any female boxers at your boxing club?


We have that many women coming to the boxing gym that we have to have


a separate day for them. We get around 50 women who come and train,


and having women boxing in the Olympics will make a massive


For young people it is a disciplined sport and you see how


coachs have drawn people off the street and given them a sense of


presence and purpose. That is brilliant what boxing can do.


People think it is a violent sport, because you go in there to punch


someone. But every person in that gym, it teaches you discipline and


not to fight on the streets. It is about technique and discipline and


listening to your trainers. Let's move on to athletics. Britain's big


hope tonight was Dai Greene on the track. The world champion scraped


into the 400 metre hurdles. Could he surprise everyone and get a


medal. He had all the main rivals in his sights. Can Haier Culson and


Felix San clez in seven. Steve Cram Felix San clez in seven. Steve Cram


calls this. Green gets a good start, the crowd playing their part. He


had to go wide. Culson down the back straight. Sanchez has started


quickly and Taylor. Green has a lot of ground to make up. Culson may


have the lead. Taylor just behind him and Dai Greene has room to make


up to get into the medals. Culson lits that one. Sanchez is in and


Gordon and Taylor. Here is Dai Greene. Sanchez rises first and


Culson is there. In the middle Taylor, but Sanchez is coming away


and takes the gold. Taylor, Culson and then Grand Prix. Eight years


ago -- and then Green. Eight years ago, he shouted on that occasion.


He is questioning if anything went wrong. He will be disappointed he


has not got a Med 58. Gold to Felix Sanchez for the second time. Culson


wins his country's first ever medal. I felt a bit tired. Of coursely a


couple of days ago it was a shock in the semi-final. Surprised


everyone went that fast. I gave it everything I had. A bit better


structure to my race. But just a bit too tired at the end and missed


out. Do you think that what happened to you earlier on in the


year with the injury problems, has affected your build up and what


happened here? It certainly affected my build up. I couldn't


start until half way through January, instead of October. I


can't argue, I ran a personal best a few weeks ago. Perhaps the


endurance was not there for the rounds. It shows I probably missed


a bit of the winter work. You cannot tell if it is there or not


until you get to the majors. I couldn't have given it anything


couldn't have given it anything else. Felix Sanchez, what an


incredible story. He didn't make the final in 2000. He went hell for


leth tore make sure that didn't happen in 2004 and then eight years


later he wins again. You see the emotion. It is huge. He dedicated


to it his grandmother. You could see what that meant to him that. Is


what the Olympics is about and you feel see that true emotion. I feel


sorry for Dai Greene, common wealth andure mean and world champion and


Olympics and the home ground. He looked drained. How much do you


think that experience in the semi- finals of having to qualify as the


fastest loser took out of him. think as he said, it was a shock


that everyone ran so fast. Sanchez just flew. Tonight when you see


that interview and how he was running, he didn't look like he


normally does. For some reason it didn't click. It may have been the


injury, was tit pressure? Was it just that, -- was it the pressure,


was it that they moved on to the next level. But he didn't get the


gold that we thought he would. Holly blaez dale didn't do well.


She had a disappointing pole vault final. -- Bleasdale. Jennifer Suhr


ended up picking up the gold. looked so nervous. When I saw her


at the start, she looked petrified. It is such a shame. Because she is


somebody that I thought would move forward this year in particular.


She made a huge break through. Isinbaeva only picked up bronze. It


is experience and she is young, moving forward. There is a silver


lining to her story, her boyfriend, Paul Bradshaw proposed to her after


and she said yes. He timed it well didn't he? Yes. Good for the boys.


Perry Shakes-Drayton failed to qualify for the 4 hundred metres


hurdles final, but nen another competitor was disqualified and


then contested the decision and the appeal went in her favour. But


don't be surprised if there is a British counter appeal. Eventually


the appealing will stop. But you would expect Britain to put in


another appeal? They probably will, because we are always going to


fight for athletes. Who knows what the outcome will be. Some flat


performances there. Yes I rated Holly Bleasdale and I still do. I


think it would have been nice for her to perform well today and then


have that hope of a potential medal and Perry has done well. But just


again didn't come together. But she made it. You excited. Live box


something Yes. Ant neer Joshua will be fighting. And now the latest


inStahlment of you know what. The Magnificent Seven are six. Josh


Taylor is the only one to fall so far. We're live for Anthony Joshua.


He has impressed on Wednesday beating the Cuban fighter. Tonight


he will be guaranteed at least a bronze after beating Zhang from


China. It has been a busy day there and that is the scene there now.


Can Anthony Joshua do it? The atmosphere looks fantastic. Let's


last? This is bout number 213. The last contest of session 20 in the


boxing tournament. Three bronze medals positions have been decided.


Will there be a bronze for Britain for the third time in this cover


tigs, from the number two seed, and the world silver medallist, Anthony


Joshua? They stood as Joshua came in. And it is silver against silver,


because his opponent is the reigning Olympic silver medallist


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 49 seconds


from Beijing four years ago. Now 29. extraordinary noise level. It is


world silver against Olympic silver, battling for Olympic bronze. The


big fellow in red is the silver medallist from four years ago. He


lost to the Italian then. Zhang and China in red and Joshua and Britain


in blue. Jang the bigger of the two, the south paw. He will have to


watch himself. While Zhang isn't the most mobile, he can punch a


bit.. Yes but he should have the measure of his opponent. He has got


to set up the punch behind the jab. I like to see plenty of jabs into


the face and that straight right hand. He doesn't need to hold the


feet. Just set up that jab and establish that punch and that gap


between himself and his opponent. We know from four years ago that


Zhang is susceptible to a hard shot. He got stopped in his last round.


But what a great sequence in the World Championships last year


Joshua had. He beat three seat seeded boxers on his way to the


final, that he lost by a single point. That was a super right hand


from Anthony Joshua. What this fellow Zhang does, he slows things


down and doesn't prefer, he prefers a slower work rate. What Josh has


to do. That is better. He hurt him there. That was a good left hook.


He certainly did. He has got to get his orthodox right foot outside the


onrushing right of the southpaw from China. Gotta -- good footwork


by Joshua. He is stalking. Zhang just retreating. This might be


Joshua's round. Joshua will be hanging on, but does not want to


incur the wrath of the referee. Zhang is slowing it down. It is


important that Josh keeps jabbing and that will use that straight


right hand. There it is. That is better. A bit of a slap with the


following left. But his right wasn't too bad. He has to move off


the ropes. Zhang is allowing him to do that. Is not much between us.


But I think Josh has maybe nicked this opening round. We will find


out soon. Zhang, Joshua got him with the left hand. A good shot


rate at the end. A baleful look from Zhang in Joshua's direction


and Anthony Joshua leads thrie 3-1. Good stuff Josh. In his corner,


they are pleased with him. Saying good stuff. Just relax. I think he


was affected by the first contest against the Cuan. There is that


long jab I was talking about. is a giant electronic score bard


that says Britain 3, China 1. trainer is saying don't Tay take


the risk, hands up. The second contest for both these boxers.


Anthony Joshua in blue squeaked through against the fighter from


Cuban. The Cubans didn't appeal. A lot of other countries may have


appealed. A lot of people thought their man had won it. But Anthony


Joshua was given the decision and he has to justify that decision.


good left hook again from Anthony Joshua. It is important he doesn't


fall short with his right hand. So he must establish that jab. That is


why the jab is so important. Zhang closing it down and Josh doing the


sensible thing. It is about speed with this fellow. The Chinese 29


year-old is known as the iron fist Prince. Feet in the right position,


movement going nicely. He should target the body, fight with the jab


to the head and whipped a straight hand down to the middle of the body,


and finished with a left hook to the head. That would be a


combination that would work for Joshua. Sensible boxing at long


range. He got caught with a left hand, that was a good shot by


Zhilei Zhang. Stiff jabbing, classic stuff from and Joshua, jerk


two ahead of this man back. Joshua needs to keep that movement going.


Zhilei Zhang prefers the contest at close quarters, at a slower pace.


We knew he was susceptible to a hard shot, and this will only


warrant a standing count. Joshua looking to the corner, and he will


be saying keep doing what you are doing. The Chinese fellow has not


recovered here, Jim. He is hanging on, with 30 seconds to go, and what


a shot from Anthony Joshua. As good a shot as he has ever delivered,


and what it time to do it. Zhilei Zhang is looking weary. Again, some


good left shots. He is starting to wobble. He is tiring. Great work.


What did finish to the round. 8-6. They gave it to Joshua. I am


astounded. High thought he had won by a long way. That is incredible.


A lovely shot from Anthony Joshua, and that brought about the standing


count. How they only gave it to him 8-6 has dumbfounded me, I am amazed.


But nevertheless he is in control and he has the measure of his


opponent with his right hand. He might not recover in this next


round. The coach saying that he should just can't -- calm down, box


your way in. Every second taken up with good advice in the British


corner. A spectacular shot in the last round. Nevertheless, there is


not much between them. Joshua leading 11-7. The Chinese boxer has


got to go for it now. He has got to come forward a lot more and that


may suit Anthony Joshua with the right hand. On his toes, boxing


sensibly, listening to his corner. He needs to move away to his left


to keep away from the range of the back hand of the Chinese boxer, who


has been told to go to the neutral corner. There is a problem with


Joshua. The vest has got to be talked in so the white waistband


can be displayed at all times. That helps the officials decide whether


a punch is illegal. Joshua leading, needs another few points for


insurance. I don't think Zhilei Zhang has totally recovered. I


can't believe his tactics. Four points behind, he should be put in


some pressure on here. I don't think he has recovered. I have seen


a contest stop after one hard shot like that. The referee, pushing his


fists together, saying I want you to do more boxing. Nothing wrong


with his stamina. Zhilei Zhang knows he has got to land some


punches. Joshua still probably leading. Joshua has got to get his


timing sorted out. Now the Chinese boxer is going to start coming


forward, looking to land. He knows he is behind so that will present


more opportunities for Anthony Joshua. The another good right hand


from Joshua. His opponent responded with one of his own. This is


another close round, I think. The last 40 seconds now. Zhilei Zhang


coming forward with that trademark left of his. I still think Joshua


is in control here. The last 20 seconds. Come on, Anthony Joshua.


You need this. You have a world silver, you want an Olympic medal.


Bronze will do, Silverwood be better, gold would be fantastic.


Zhilei Zhang not offering very much. Joshua not doing very much but he


doesn't care. The referee doesn't have time to tell them off. I


reckon Joshua has won this one. think he knows he has been beaten,


he thought I don't want to walk on to another one of those right hands.


There is no way he lost that by five points in the last round, no


way. Look at that, straight classic left jab in the face of the


Chinaman. Per affect timing, and there is the right hand as well.


Just gets caught. Anthony Joshua, a 15-11, in the blue corner, Anthony


Joshua. The world silver medallist is now a guaranteed Olympic bronze


medallist with the prospect of silver and gold to come. Joshua


still on his way, Britain's third qualifier for the semi-finals. What


the day for British boxing, what the day for Anthony Joshua. It came


through against the man who reached the final four years ago. Very


pleased, Anthony Joshua pointing to the crowd and it was a much better


performance than his opening contest against the Cuban. Zhilei


Zhang, very appreciative. Anthony Joshua much-improved and well


deserved. A guaranteed bronze medal. Just like Audley Harrison did in


Sydney in 2000, Anthony Joshua has a bronze medal and it is onward and


upward. Anthony making his way over to be


This crowd waited a long time to watch you fight tonight. You gave a


good show in the end and guaranteed a bronze medal - congratulations.


Thank you. I would like to congratulate my team mates as well.


Getting in there amongst this is amazing and is not just for me, it


is for the country. After such a tight fight in the last round, how


are you feeling going into this one? The experience you gain,


whatever happens from this, I walk away a new man. You are turning


into a bit of a people's favourite. When your name rings around this


crowd, what effect does that have on you? It can be a bad round


sometimes. I have to stay composed, but looking at everyone here, we


are here for the country so I am glad they can come out and enjoy


some decent boxing. Thoughts on your next fight? It will be


difficult. The support is storing up for these difficult fights.


There will be positive energy and we will take that into the next


fight. Let's keep behind them and keep pushing for some medals.


you have done your country proud. Congratulations, get yourself into


the shower. This is the semi-final line-up for


the super-heavyweight division. I will ask Amir Khan what kind of


challenge he will face in a moment. Anthony Ogogo is guaranteed a medal


as well, following his victory over Stefan Hartel this evening. He's a


15-10, and he will face the floor and -- face Florentino. He did very


well, he had come down in the second round. Yes, he is becoming


stronger and stronger. The first fight he had against the Cuban,


that will give him the extra drive to win. He can literally go for the


gold medal because I think he has a good chance. The Chinese he thought


today, he was a silver medallist in the last Olympics so that will give


him more confidence as well. He boxed very well, winning by a wide


margin. What do you know about the opponent he has in the semi-finals?


He is from Kazakhstan - they are pressure fighters, very experienced.


If Anthony sticks to his game plan, I'm sure he will get through the


fight. I don't think it will be as difficult as the Cuban fight he had,


but this will get him to the finals. He looked more loose, and then


knock down - what does that do for a fighter? Yes, brilliant, it will


only give you confidence. To be honest, I don't really think the


Chinese recovered from that knocked down. It was a nice shot right on


the chin. That is when Anthony put the pressure on and he started


cruising through the fight. It has been a great competition, hasn't


it? Yes, we saw Nicola Adams becoming the first woman to win a


medal, and we have Anthony Ogogo also guaranteed a bronze medal. I


really think this will be the best Olympics we have ever had. And the


funding, you were talking about how much the funding went up after your


silver medal and you were the only boxer there. He shows what a


difference the funding makes because in 2012 we have got nearly


a full team and a few of them are women. It makes a massive


difference, the funding. It gets kids off the streets, get them into


boxing, and they can focus on sport instead of getting a part-time job.


The dit keep you on the straight and narrow? 100%, but I was always


a good boy anyway. That's not what you told me the other day. You were


driving your mum mad, weren't you? It vindicates the funding.


It was the men's 400m final tonight and Kirani James, the world


champion and favourite, was going talent. Cleanly away. Who will be


the first to show? Chris Brown has started quickly. Santos has gone


out hard. Pinder out in lane eight has started very fast. James is


looking good and Pinder being hauled back in now. Look at Kirani


James glading around that top bend. Gordon trying to go with him.


Santos is in there. It is James, the two teenagers have got this


between them. But nobody's catching the world champion. He is storming


away. Kirani James will take Olympic gold. His nation's first


ever gold medal 4.94. -- 4.94. Kirani James winning his nation's


Kirani James winning his nation's first ever gold pledal. He is still


under 20. What a phenomenal career he has got ahead. He looked there,


that last 50 metres, he was powering away. First gold medal,


first medal for Grenada. A great future ahead of him. The Carr bean


runners having a fantastic lichs. Now we celebrate the underdog.


Today we take to the high seas for the men's laser class sailing as a


young student took the medal for Cyprus. He said he hasn't realised


what it means to his country until he arrives home. For soup Rus, we


salute you, underdog of the day. Now an underperformer, this from


Now an underperformer, this from Stephan Feck in the spring board.


Forward three and a half. Oh here you go the first calamity. Oh my


goodness. It is silent in here. I think he is OK. He slips off the


side of the bard. Only has hold of one leg. He smacks him and that is


one leg. He smacks him and that is a failed dive. He is out of it.


That one moment. That one day and he slips off the board. It there is


a time where we go and put our faces on the board. Come with me.


And I will tell you the medal board is looking good for Britain. Still


is looking good for Britain. Still clear in third place. Only one sly


of the total from Beijing. And we have still got six days to go.


Eight medals would be our highest tally since 1908. If I can ask you


to put the wonderful Beth Tweddle on to the bronze. We have so many.


And Amir can put Bolton boy Jason Kenny on to the gold. Can you do


Nick Skelton, the senior member of the show jumping team. We have got


Ben March there as well. -- Ben Maher there as well. And Scott


Brash and I will put Peter Charles. He was the last jumper. We're


running out of space. Well we have so many. Thank you. That is it. The


end of day 10. Can you leave believe it? It has been a wonderful


day, Beth God her medal. The show jumps got gold and for some night-


With action continuing until midnight, Gabby Logan hosts a mix of sport and conversation with those making the headlines, and guests from the sporting world and beyond. It could be a big night for Britain's Anthony Joshua, a boxing world silver medallist. A win in the super-heavyweight quarter-finals guarantees him an Olympic medal.

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