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Day 9

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Dame nine, the Olympic flame burning brightly and 22 golds were


decided today. Sport goes on in the Olympic city and you can see live


beach volleyball, and boxing, right now. I hope you had a wonderful day.


I know what you are thinking. Which sporting icons have made it here


You cannot be serious! That was on Always welcome around these parts,


good to see you, and Allan Wells, Olympic 100m gold medallist from


1980. The athletics has been great and the atmosphere is phenomenal.


Thank you for joining us. Another incredible day. Here is what is


Usain Bolt was looking to blow them away again in the men's 100m final.


Big Ben was going for historic gold number four.


Andy Murray had a busy day, he was hunting for a double gold in the


singles and mixed doubles. Christine Ohuruogu was looking to


defend her 400m title on home turf. Gymnastic fantastic. Louis Smith


was hoping to upgrade his Beijing bronze in the pommel horse final.


Cycling, and men and women's boxing on the way, but we will start in


Weymouth, where this afternoon a triple gold medal-winning sailor


set out to make history. It was Big Ben's date with destiny. Matthew


Pinsent watched it unsold. Ben Ainslie is often written as the


best small boat sailor in the world but winning gold in 2012 could


prove it. By his recent Olympic standards, the first three days of


racing were close to disastrous. Six races, then Ainslie beat by a


Jonas Hogh-Christensen in every single one. But one of his main


opponents had made a crucial error. From where I was sailing, it looked


like Ben Ainslie hit the mark. Ainslie is doing a penalty turn.


had no choice because if BT's going to a protest, why would lose -- if


it is going. Big mistake because I am angry, those guys had better


watch out. Car on! Ben Ainslie, you can see it, he believes it!


Essentially, Sunday 5th August boils down to a man on man race for


gold, and if anyone can take this in his stride, it is the veteran,


Ben Ainslie. It will be a huge battle on Sunday but I am up for it


and I enjoyed those occasions. races of the regatta are completed


and today's race is the last one, the medal race. The points


situation it is delicate for Ainsley. He is two points behind


Jonas Hogh-Christensen, so he must beat him to win gold. The only


other contender is Pieter-Jan Postma. This is going to be tight.


There is the man who can spoil line, three seconds to go, and that


is the start. Perhaps we would have expected to see more confrontation.


Not Ainsley's best start but by the first mark, the Briton was in


charge. Ben Ainslie has got around the top mark in gold medal-winning


position, and Denmark have a big job to do now. Ainslie seems to


have a Jonas Hogh-Christensen under control but he wasn't the only


threat. Denmark will not overtake Ainslie, but Pieter-Jan Postma from


the Netherlands is under attack. Vitally, he stays behind the Kiwi.


The Kiwis looking comfortable... He has just hit the Kiwi, a penalty


turns all Pieter-Jan Postma. Things are looking good for the British


sailor. Ben Ainslie wins his fourth Olympic gold medals. The battle


between Ben Ainslie and the great Dane is over, and for the first


time at London 2012, the moment that Ben Ainslie was in a gold


medal position at the end of the race, is right now! Jonas Hogh-


Christensen had given his all but Ainslie's ability on home water, in


front of a home crowd, was just too much. History made. Ainslie is the


best sailor the Olympics has ever Have you ever had to work harder


for an Olympic gold medal? No, that was the toughest. The wage-earner


sailed this week, it has been a long time since I had seen somebody


sale that world -- the way Jonas Hogh-Christensen sailed this week.


I was a worried man today and something had to change, and


thankfully it did. I got myself back into a chance position and I


took it. I feel I should have a special card to say, four


consecutive gold medals. It is a special club. Welcome. We need a


couple. Well done, mate! Well done! I appreciate that. A fantastic


result for Ben Ainslie but there was another race this afternoon


that showed just how easily gold medals can slip away. In the Star


class, Iain Percy and Andrew Simpson were in gold medal position.


position all week. Right at the end, everything faded away. You can see


The most stunning start to the sailing regattas the Great Britain,


and who better to kick it off than Ben Ainslie? It has got to be so


Ben Ainslie, hasn't it? We shall wait and see. The


interesting thing this week has been the way he has raced, his


tactics. He got angry and said, you don't want to make me angry,


because two of his competitors grassed him up. The next time I


come on, could you put something where I have won, and secondly, I


like this guy, Big Ben, because he talks trash. He needed to do that


to come back, it was school. It was good for him to have that


protagonist, he was going for the record of school golds, the Danish


competitor was trying to stop that -- four golds. That is why he is a


four-time Olympic gold medallist, because he expects to be able to


win every time, he expects a lot of himself. Sometimes, if you are so


much better than your competition, you need something to fire you up


to give you that motivation that you need to win a gold medal.


think he is number four in the all- time most decorated British


Olympians. There has been a lot of shaking and moving going on in that


The temptation for him to go to Rio must be quite great. It sounds like


he has got the aggression to do it. If it is the metal Leicester that


he wants to do well in, that is what he will do -- the Medal list.


He has been a fantastic competitor and he will now contribute to the


first gold medal at of the night. Music, maestro.


# Gold #. Johnny Mac is feeling below par


this evening, so I will not physically is certain to much --


physically exert him. With seven days to go, we are four gold medals


from passing over Beijing's. I know you spoke to Percy and Simpson,


their agent, and he said, there is no way they could lose this. Yes,


he said they were set to win but this is the Olympics. My other


nature is a big factor in that as well. I know nothing about sailing.


Mother Nature, as you say, it is a force to fight against. To date


make it was too much. We may well speak to Ben Ainslie later.


today it was too much. Four weeks ago today, Andy Murray lost his


first ever Wimbledon final against Roger Federer. Today, he was back a


Centre court, with a chance of A fabulous first Wimbledon final


Title number seven for Roger Federer! I am going to try this and


They played in three grand-slam finals. The US Open in 2008, the


Australian Open in 2010, and When they had gone toted does so


far either the opening 21 minutes of this tennis final, Murray has


looked the most potent. -- when He had it. Something over the net


A good, deep return from Murray. It keeps in in this game. Pressure


Heavy hitting from Murray. The first break is greeted by the


Watching both of these players throughout their careers, at the


moment, there is only one person out there engaging in this match.


That is Andy Murray. He wants to keep the momentum, keep the


I have never seen this before. This Someone is looking after him! Maybe


You have to say, this is looking That ball is called long, no sign


of a challenge from Federer, he is Every time the Federer throws some


heat down to Murray, Murray has just returned it, again and again


It is a gold medal for Andy Murray! And he finished off, like the


There you go! Came first. Then mum. This proud son of Dunblane. He has


been through so much, this is such Where do you put that in your


victories? That is number one for me. The biggest one of my life.


This week has been incredible so far, I have had a lot of fund, the


supporters been amazing, I have one That is long, and Great Britain


take the opening set. It only takes After exactly one hour's play,


Azarenka and Mirnyi take the second Max Mirnyi, on serve for the gold


That is it, it will be a silver medal for Robson and Murray, and


gold to Azarenka and Mirnyi. Andy Murray, will the Olympics open


the door for many majors to come? After that draining experience four


be to go, that emotional defeat on Centre Court, how impressed are you


with the way he has attacked this tournament? It started a bit in


Australia, he lost a five-hour match against Djokovic, in


Wimbledon, it was a great effort, even against Roger, he almost went


two sets to love her up, this time I think it helped Murray. Straight


sets, but Federer had played six matches in eight days, I think he


was feeling it added. Murray was the fresher, younger guys. Roger


didn't really know what to do want his legs were not there. I have it


will springboard into many majors. This success, feeling what it is


like to be Roger Federer in a final, in terms of the psychological


benefits, that has to be beneficial, hasn't it? The reason he hired a


van Lindor is because -- Ivan Lendl is because he was one of the great


tennis players of all time, with eight Crown Slams. He is starting


to play the way people have paid 10 to play, to be more aggressive, to


take it to somebody like even Roger Federer. That is the question we


were all wondering. Believe it or not, if Andy Murray were to win the


US Open and windy pick Masters event at the O2 Serena, he could


still be the number one player out this year. So this could be an


unbelievable year. For tennis in the Olympics, this is huge. Because


Wimbledon is our greatest event. To have it there, we were to have it


at the same level as the Grand Slams -- we want to have read.


looks so proud to be representing Great Britain can he almost had a


go at it Save the Queen! I wouldn't like to hear him singing, but he


has done a lot for himself, as John system aid can only help his


confidence in the future. If he believes in himself that much from


this, he could do really well. what I'm hearing, I understand that


Andy Murray has just arrived at Team GB House. There they are!


Congratulations, guys. Thank you. Can we talk about your singles


final first, and the? Just talking about what they can do for you


psychologically, and the effort it took a bounce-back from that


Wimbledon final against Roger Federer four ye -- weeks ago when


you looked emotionally drained, how quickly do you feel you could do


this? Well, it took about five or six days for the Wimbledon final to


kind of... To get it out of my system. I spoke to my coach a few


days after the final, and he said to me that I had played really good


match at there, it was the best I had played in a grand-slam final


beforehand. I had struggled normally when I lost than, --


Wenger, but with the Olympics coming up, it was perfect timing, I


go straight back out on the practice courts after four dazed


and started working hard. I was desperate to do well here. I didn't


expect to do what I did today, but the whole week has been


unbelievable. You beat him in straight sets, if I am not wrong


you only dropped one set in the whole tournament. Today especially,


I played great tennis, I got hold after the match in the third set I


only lost one point on my serve, I didn't lose my serve against


Djokovic in the semis or against Roger in the final. So it was to


serve that really helped me out. The best we could my life. A long


day, though, and I bet Laura was delighted he got rid of Roger


Federer in straight sets, that we keep him fresh for the doubles. The


pair of you were going for the gold, and in the first set it look like


it would be a walk in the park. The second set was more tricky.


played really, really well in the first set, and they are the top


seeds, so obviously, it was always going to be tough. They started


playing really well, and it was a close tie-break in the end, it is


disappointing to lose, but we have -- he has got a gold, anyway.


you have got a silver. I'm sure John McEnroe wanted to say


something. What question to Andy would be, how nice was said to have


that crowd, so behind you, where even at Wimbledon, which obviously


is your stamping grounds, if four were to go it wasn't nearly as one-


sided. That must have helped you. - - four weeks ago. It helped a lot.


Roger get unbelievable support everywhere he goes, it is probably


not something he is used to, having all the crowd supporting who he is


playing. It helped me a lot today. Even though it was straight sets,


there were still some moments in the match when it was tough. The


there were a lot of close games. The crowd were so into it, not just


today, the whole tournament, in all of our mixed doubles matches as


well, they have been a great help. It is a huge asset when you're on


the court, it gives you a great debt of motivation and focus.


crowd, you saw Federer was annoyed, you had to pick up and see he


wasn't too happy about that, how my right or wrong? Normally Roger,


when he is serving, he likes to play very quick in between points.


Because of the noise of the crowd, it was slowing him down a lot. He


cannot start the point until it is fairly quiet. Maybe it through his


rhythm of a little bit. He does normally try and play quick. But he


never looks annoyed on the court, no matter what the score is! I was


trying to pick up on a few little things. We have a ritual around


these parts when we have a gold John McEnroe is going to go over to


the rather large Big Ben, and moved the barrel up another notch. It is


the 16 number match cold. -- 16th gold. That is just an incredible


achievement. We have loved watching you in the last week. Laura, you


are only 18, you have a lot of time! Plenty more action and medals


Max and Luis were in the hunt for medals in the pommel horse final.


Ed Clancy fancied his chances in the omnium.


It was an historic day for women's boxing, they took to the ring for


Sport still going on tonight, Britain's women are facing Brazil


in the basketball, it is the quarter-finals in the beach


volleyball, the match between We are going to go back to Weymouth


and gatecrash the party for the sailors. Ben Ainslie is waiting


outside what looks like a Fish and chip shop! Is that where the party


is? Surrey, it is really hard to hear you, but it has been a


fantastic day here, it was the most amazing race, in front of such AA a


huge crowd. So much at stake. Having all those people cheer you


on makes such a huge difference. It was a tough race but I'm so happy


to have come away with the gold medal. In front of a home crowd, it


was really special. Was this the Sorry, we have got a lot going on


here. Next time I enter the EU I might not do it in a kebab shop. --


I interviewed you. A police to have a lot of racing to go, great


expectations of medals to come. It I will try one more question


because I am not sure that you can hear me at all. This week, when two


of your competitors grassed you up, and you said, you do not want to


make me angry, did that help you to focus? Yeah, for sure. It was a


very tough competition against the Danish guy and they got me angry


and it helped to fire me up. I needed to change something to get


back into this series and that certainly made the difference and I


was able to close the points back. In sport, sometimes you have to get


angry. Are you going to go for five? In Rio? It is a long way off.


2016. We'll see. But right now, it won't get any better than this. It


is such a fantastic opportunity to race in front of my home crowd. To


see into the future that far ahead, right now, this is as good as it


gets. By will let you carry on with your evening. Good night. -- I will


let you. I wanted to ask him if it was annoying that it takes him so


long to win a gold medal when the guys in the 100m do it in 10


seconds. If and you just get the The Olympics covers all shapes and


sizes, and this is Live TV, as you have probably gathered! Last night,


you might have remembered, Great Britain did all right in the


# Happiness, happiness #. Happiness the greatest gift that I


possess #. # I have got more than my share of


happiness #. The pride of Great Britain. It is a


perfect day! Michael Johnson looks completely bemused by that songs.


have to download that. I love that. I bet it is on your iPods. Ken Dodd.


OK... Ken Dodd and the Olympics, a match made in heaven. Could we add


to the three gold medals on the track? We will see. First up, the


men's 100m, the night when the This stadium has just come to life.


I wonder why. It citing times. Olympic semi-final. -- exciting


word! He was looking at them to say, keep up, come on!


Chambers is fading. 9.874 Usain Bolt. Clowning around a little bit.


Their third semi-final. Athletes third, well done to the youngster,


finished very strongly. 9.85. came third in the semi-final of the


Olympics. That is great, it really the four fastest men of all time


block, Asafa Powell was the champion becomes a legend! Why did


we ever, ever, ever doubt the I was worried about my start, I did


not want to do a false start. I don't think it was the best


reaction in the world. My coach said, stop worrying about the start,


the best part of your race is at the end. So I stopped worrying


about the start and I executed and it worked. What do you say to the


doubters? It is all right on the track. All people can do is talk.


When it comes to the championships, it is all about business to me, and


I brought it. A fantastic final. One of the best? Yes. Normally you


he people speak about the best-ever but this had nothing to do with the


times. It was incredible stories coming into this championship. We


didn't have to sit here and try to make a story out of something and


debate whether Usain Bolt was going to break the world record and have


that be the only story, because he wasn't actually at his best. We


were able to talk about who would win the race and he would contend


for the other medals. What makes the race so great is all of the


stories, and all of these guys, 60m into the race, could possibly get a


The other three guys outside Bolt, Tyson Gay, Yohan Blake and Justin


Gatlin, altogether. Justin Gatlin was in there, no doubt. Usain Bolt


knew he would be able to do this after his semi-final, separate from


the rest of the field at any time, and he was able to do that tonight.


He had a month to work on his race from the last competition, when he


lost to Blake. He retains the title, something only Carl Lewis has done,


and Carl Lewis only did it as a default, if you like, because of


Ben Johnson. That pressure, living up to the competition. This almost


seemed sweeter than Beijing for him. Possibly. Having done what he did


in the world championships, I think he had a lot to come back and prove.


He accepted it in the world championships, that he did a false


start. In the heats, ice or something. You have to consider the


way he ran in his heats, and a wind that was there, you take all of


that into consideration, the formula. I felt he was there to win.


For me, he showed the confidence in that first round. He was very sure


of himself. He was very focused on what he was going to do today.


is a superstar. Athletics really needs characters. Can I say, as a


fan, I think I have seen every 100m guide around the BBC in the last 30


years -- 100m man. The it is a basin of the race, I got nervous. -


- the anticipation of the race, I got nervous. The only thing I can


compare it to, Sugar Ray Leonard, Thomas Hearne, I am dating myself,


where you come out and you feel, in that first punch, somebody will be


lying face down. It is awesome. You can hear a pin drop. There is


nothing like it. The quickest thing, apart from perhaps the diving at


the Olympics, and everybody wants to be around the TV to look at it


or stop we have a split screen of the gold medals on 2008, and


He rushed his head getting up today. pressure today. Sometimes you don't


run faster when you are under pressure. In 2008, he ran 60m and


walked the last 40 metres. Today he had to run it all. He had to dip.


It made it more entertaining for us. We managed to get a little clip


from Jamaican television. This is quickly, and assets up a will.


Usain Bolt turns up the big engine! Usain Bolt! Olympic record! The big


man shows to his boss! The Americans are beaten! Usain Bolt!


Dominating London! The king of sprinting, undisputed, best in the


world, Usain Bolt wins in majestic style! 9.63. Olympic record. The


big man, back in business!! would be great if we could now play


LAUGHTER. As an American, I don't want to admit this, but I was


pulling for Bolt because I just think... Was that anything to do


with Justin Gatlin's drug suspension? No of stock I am asked


a lot -- no no. I am asked a lot about my global view, and you just


love Bolt, you just want to see him when. And a lot of people in this


country with Jamaican Heritage wanted to see him win. Moscow 1980,


how this man at one the greatest -- this man one macro the greatest


is a photo finish. Wells. Did he get it or not? It is very close.


Wells! Takes the gold medal. A magnificent victory. Concerned as


You wanted that finish line to come and that second! This is making me


feel old. You are looking good. was good. They re memorable. A -- a


very memorable. A white guy in the final, that was it, and one I won


the final as well. You got in an exclusive club. The as we know, the


Americans were not there. You did not have to say that! I took them


on two weeks later. And I won, by the way. The thing is, we did not


know who had won. I went on the lap of honour, thinking I had one


Macros. And then I thought, what if I have not won? This would be the


most embarrassing thing. It was a great experience. A great time for


British athletics. I regret that we have not got the clip of your


lovely wife screaming in the background. We all know what it


looks like! Give her our love. She is still training people to be fast,


it isn't she. Absolutely. Christine Ohuruogu grew up less than a mile


away from here and has been unforgettable since the night at


the birds nests stadium, but if we know anything about her, it is that


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 68 seconds


she loves the big occasion. Could are five, six of them here. Trotter,


coming through. Sanya Richards Ross, and Christine Ohuruogu is coming


again. Sanya Richards-Ross is strong, but Christine Ohuruogu is


coming! Sanya Richards-Ross takes the gold, Christine Ohuruogu and,


as sterling, sterling effort to get this silver. For a moment I thought


it was going to happen all over again, just like four years ago.


But Sanya Richards-Ross is a worthy champion. And the silver to


Christine Ohuruogu it, what can you say? Every time, she saves the best


and for the Olympics, for the World Championships. Forget all the other


races, this is the one that matters to her. She gets the best out of


herself again. Hats off to Sanya Christine Ohuruogu. Perhaps a


I was stunned, I was stunned. I was heartbroken, actually. I really was.


To lose your title like that... It was tough. But she is a worthy


competitor, and she ran a good race. So why have to be happy with what I


have got, it could have been worse. It is really great that the whole


country has got behind the London 2012 Games, they have all helped to


make the games it is. They did it. We're just here to perform, but the


crowd turn up and supporters, even when it is raining and cold, they


She times her peaks to perfection, doesn't she? A brilliant piece of


analysis that Colin had done, the Times counting down to major


tournaments, there was nothing to say a year ago she would be on that


rostrum. At the beginning of this season, not until Crystal Palace, a


month ago, did she really start to show herself to be a contender for


even for any metal, or even the final. So she really does time her


training just right. Christine doesn't like to race anywhere


except Championships. She does and one a lot of races in preparation.


-- doesn't run a lot of races in preparation. Sanya Richards-Ross


started to falter a little bit. look where Christine is! She has


given it away in the past, and Christine is always there when the


favourites Poulter, to just a step ride in. She almost pulled it up


again. Her perspective was not, great, I one the silver, she


actually felt, I came here to win this! She was disappointed she


wasn't able to defend her title, which is amazing. Thirtysomething


all sports people have to contend with when you lose a crown -- that


is something. That is true, but in our sport, even if you're the


Olympic champion, the next year there is a world champion, so the


current best is the weather is world champion or who is number one


in the world that year. You're only as good as your last race in


athletics. I think it is just amazing, the reason she one silver


tonight, she didn't lose the gold, the reason she won Silva is because


she was trying to go for gold. idiosyncrasy that she has come she


just wants to peak in a major championship, it is like a tennis


player only wanting to play in a slam, not on the Tour. That may


keep them in the sport for four more years, the Williams sisters!


So I think is a smart play. Michael is right, it looked like she really


felt like she was going to win this. I think a couple more steps, she


would have won. Allen, the emotion that came out of her as well, she


is from Stratford, a mile away from here, this is her home turf.


Absolutely. She was going out there to win, I think she felt she had a


good chance to win this, but when you look back, she was the Olympic


champion, to come back and try and defend the title, it is a lot to do,


and to do it under this public pressure is phenomenal. She has


done exceptionally well. Thanks for the moment. All eyes were on the


streets of central London this morning to see the women's marathon.


The rain didn't stop the fans lining the route. It was a bit


cooler, a bit damp, but not great for Britain's Mara Yamauchi, she


pulled out after six miles. The race was eventually one in a sprint


finish by a Tiki Gelana of Ethiopia. Freya Murray finished 34th for


Mo Farah received a rapturous applause and Greg Rutherford as


well, before the athletics programme got into full swing, when


they got their gold medals, in front of a packed house. I guess it


is nice to savour the moment a bit longer. Yesterday was a great day


tour British athletics. It has been a long time coming, because there


has been this mediocrity for so very long. And now to see these


athletes coming through with three gold medals, it is a great day in


the sport. The sport of track and field needs Great Britain to be a


good country when it comes to athletics. Now we are going to go


to gymnastics. Louis Smith one a medal in Beijing, today he wanted


to improve on that pommel horse bronze. Max Whitlock made it two


There was a time when gymnastics was beyond the British. For 80


years, nothing. Suddenly, there is not just one gymnast Bart 18, and


here in London, 18 our Lord Step forward to receive a bronze


medal! At the heart of the men's team, Louis Smith. No stranger to


this medal business. At Beijing he was the chin as to broker that


drought. -- he was the gymnast who broke that drought. Now he set out


again, a pioneer, to become the first Briton to win an individual


gold in his discipline, the pommel horse. Smith was last to go. It


meant he knew everyone else's scores, including his team made,


when he starts travelling the length of the horse that sometimes


the form goes. This is very impressive. Spindle, excellent.


looking very good. The wu ji has gone well. Now, then! Into the


handstand sequence, a beautiful routine! He is challenging for a


He also knew with a double world champion of Hungary, Berki, had


beautiful lakes separation. Lovely in the handstand. Picking up into


Night in depression. This is really, where from that spend all, there


was a criticism of him. -- Square from that spindle. He is keeping


style very well indeed. He really is building. A small hesitation,


but Krisztian Berki, you have really risen to this challenge.


Smith chose to perform a more difficult routine, not his most


difficult, but rewarded with a hired difficulty score. It was all


crucial point of the exercise there is the spindle. So far, this


is going extremely well. Hit the wu ji, into the trouble Russian. --


triple to stop keep your head, keep this winger. Keep the focus.


Beautifully controlled. Super! That is worth a gold medal. Yes! Louis


Smith delivered under pressure! All eyes were on him, and goodness me,


he didn't let anybody down there. His it gold or is it silver? It is


The scores were level, and in the event of tides cause, to the


deciding factor is the execution score. Krisztian Berki was the


champion, with Louis Smith taking silver and Max Whitlock the bronze.


Whitlock, the symbol of continuity that this will go on. It remains a


fact that Britain have never one an individual gold in gymnastics. But


is equally clear that it is no longer beyond the British, far from


He really couldn't have been any closer. Despite the fact that


gymnastics now has two sets of scores, and an element of


subjectivity, you just have to feel for him today, he did everything.


The scenario you had, when you were wondering if you have winds or not,


it couldn't be tighter. -- if you had won or not. In 1982, myself and


Mike McFarlane had drawn, I was asked if I wanted to look after a


photo-finish, I decided not to. Maybe it was a mistake. You didn't


want to look at it encase you were going to be second. But to be so


close, it is just unbelievable. And how they can split it, for me, it


should be two gold medals. Should be just go to the host country?


next asked -- it makes us look fast. I love the pommel horse. To see


those routines is very cool. Be it was much tougher than it looked.


Beth Tweddle good on the a symmetric Bosc tomorrow. -- goes on


This is a 37-year-old, we talked about her, at the 37-year-old super


mum. She moved to Germany to get treatment for her son who get --


had leukaemia. She one a gold in Barcelona in 1992, and she is there


today. Usually you are over the hill at 16. That is like the 71-


year-old showjumper. I think gymnastics is a bit difficult, more


than sitting on a horse! Wigan have Great Britain is well placed for a


first Olympic team showjumping medal since 1984, lying second with


Netherlands, Switzerland and Sweden, three penalties behind the leaders,


Saudi Arabia. Nick Skelton is in the mix as well for the individual


title, which is decided on Wednesday. And he is 56.


Great Britain's hockey men were in action against Australia. They were


at a three-match croaked -- 3 down but staged a magnificent comeback,


it finished 3-3. Weightlifting. The world's


strongest woman from China had a titanic battle but lifted the total


of 333 kilos, more than any other Ever left that? No are. No.


didn't mean a woman, I meant that amount! Horrendous! What was that?


Nothing! Cycling now. There was one dolled up for grabs at the


Velodrome. Ed Clancy was representing Great Britain are --


there was one gold medal up for The omnium. It is like the


decathlon on wheels, except with six events. Ed Clancy is our best


all-rounder. He kicked off with one of his best events, the flying lap,


and he won. The next was the points race, that Ed Clancy endures rather


than enjoys. 11th place, Lasse Hansen in top spot. The first day


ended with the elimination race will stop the last rider over the


line it is eliminated until there is only one left. Ed Clancy got to


the final five. France's Bryan Coquard topped the standings. This


morning started with the four kilometre individual pursuit,


another of the Yorkshireman's strong cards. His time was four


seconds than all of the others, apart from the Danish man, Lasse


Hansen. Still with me? Good. The penultimate event was the 15


kilometres race, which is a normal Bice race. Glenn O'Shea finished


14th, Ed Clancy 11th. Bryan Coquard was third. Just that time trial to


go. Bryan Coquard, and Lasse Hansen were tied in first place. Ed Clancy


was 5th. He had to post a fast time and hope those ahead of him but


the back foot already. He is the quickest man on the field. Let's


look at the 500 split. Fantastic by Ed Clancy. 18.9 seconds. By far the


quickest. That is what we would expect. 1 lap to go! Is this going


to get a medal for Ed Clancy? He has less than half a lap to go!


Glenn O'Shea, the world champion, has washed away but is still riding


Wells. Look at that winning time! That would have one Ed Clancy a


world kilometre title in the past! -- won. In the next heat, Bryan


Coquard did enough to stay ahead of Ed Clancy in the final reckoning,


meaning that two rounds left, Ed Clancy was guaranteed at least


fourth place. Lasse Hansen going for gold, the Italian trying to


has gone to Lasse Hansen of Denmark. The silver medal has gone to Bryan


Coquard of France. And the bronze Jason Kenny goes in the spring


tomorrow. Now the men's Sprint, you are only allowed to enter one


person. Chris Hoy is not able to defend. Can you imagine in the 100m


if Jamaica and the USA could only enter one athlete. That kind of


choice. It is an issue in gymnastics and tennis. In


gymnastics, that has dominated... for Jamaica, it would not make any


difference! Let's move on and have Napoleao May have finished 44


minutes behind the winner of the marathon, Tiki Gelana, but she and


her fellow countryman are the only two representing Timor-Leste day.


They have had barely any funding. A new personal best. A massive,


Women's boxing it was on the Olympic agenda for the very first


There were 12 boxers in three different weight divisions. The


women box of four rounds of two minutes and Great Britain have high


hopes of winning a medal. Here they are, at the Three Amigos. Nicola


Adams, Natasha Jonas and Savannah Marshall, flyweight, lightweight


and middleweight. Natasha Jonas was the first British boxer to qualify


for the Olympics and began her bid against five time American national


champion, Queen Underwood. We would join them at the start of the third


division. Natasha Jonas, representing Great Britain, in the


blue. Her opponent from the USA is she is giving herself all of that


space, or working from the centre of the ring so that when Underwood


attacks, she has all of that room to move us to the side, behind that


that doesn't hurt, but it doesn't matter. They will have moved to


school or in Natasha Jonas's favour. Underwood is an aggressive mode --


they will have moved the score on. Underwood knows she needs to make


up these points. Natasha Jonas is the product of a famous boxing


production-line indeed in Liverpool, the Rotunda. Terrific boxer has,


outstanding amateurs, now winning medals all around the world, they


came from that club. At the end of the third round, Natasha Jonas's


lead has increased from one just between Natasha Jonas and a place


in the quarter-finals of the women's lightweight division,


because she is leading by a 13-9. That has brought about a few is


beginning to this fourth and final round by Queen Underwood of the


United States of America. -- her punches up by the referee. -- R


Underwood, who is getting through to both body and head. This is a


furious start to the run from Queen Underwood. She is scoring


effectively. Natasha Jonas needs to keep our discipline, she is


dropping her hands which is giving Underwood the opportunity to score.


Natasha Jonas is happy to hold on at close-quarters, as we are inside


the final minute of this fourth and final round. Underwood is giving it


solar plexus, which the referee saw. Natasha Jonas can work at high pace.


One of the best runners on the squad. Good endurance. Underwood


at the end of the round, there is no doubt in the mind a Natasha


Jonas that she has done enough to book a place in the quarter-finals.


She led by four at going into the final round, and Queen Underwood,


her body language betrays what she It Underwood gave it her everything.


A classic boxer. She put the pressure on throughout. But on this


occasion, Natasha Jonas kept her head. She showed the greater


experience between them. This is the moment, the official verdict.


In the blue corner, Ladies and Gentlemen, representing Great


Britain, Natasha Jonas! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Natasha Jonas


boxed absolutely brilliantly, and despite the pressure she faced in


the fourth round, she controlled She will now contest the quarter-


finals with the four times world champion and No. 1 seed, Katie


After all the build up, ever since he qualified, how nervous or you


stepping out into the ring? -- how nervous were you? It is great to be


here. We tried to downplay it by saying, it is just another


tournament, and it is. We are always expected to do well, and


that is what I am here to do. If you want to be the Olympic champion,


you have to beat the best. And she will have to do that. Fantastic,


but she does Grace the overwhelming favourite, Katie Taylor from


Ireland -- she does face. Now, our magnificence seven. Amazingly,


there are still six left. Tonight, Luke Campbell was in action. World


silver medallist is only one win away from a medal. He faced a tough


opponent tonight, at 2009 world champion from Bulgaria. The fight


was going to be difficult. He lost the first round. The second was a


tie. At the start of the third round, Luke Campbell was down,


last round will be crucial. Can man in blue. The 29-year-old from


Bulgaria, the number succeed. -- the No. 6 seed. He is leading by a


single point in this third and last round. His Campbell going to be


denied an Olympic medal by the veteran from Bulgaria? Needless to


say, everything Campbell throws it clever. That is better from


Campbell. He should move back now. He doesn't want to be falling in on


his opponent, he should punched in combinations, then move back.


to be first with the punch, Campbell, which means getting the


feat in the right place. His -- told him not to do that. I think


you might be tiring, can Campbell this final round. -- the need away


round is just a point. He is working well, Campbell, that is


moving backward, because Campbell had his right foot on his left. He


overbalanced. He is exhausted, though. He is holding again.


referee is going to have a good look at it, but he let it go.


Surely Campbell has turned this one round. It has been Campbell from me.


It is Campbell again! You have got energy, good counter-punching from


Campbell. He is just relying on the single shot now, the Bulgarian. He


is really, really tired. Campbell has just go to up the tempo and go


through the combinations. referee split them up, will it be


for the last time? This is very close again. We felt Campbell had


one the opening two rounds, wrongly, it turned out. -- had won the


enough, Campbell thinks he has done enough. The Bulgarian tics he has


done enough. The people that matter are the five in the white shirts at


ringside. It is whether the parties have been registered by the judges


here. -- punches. A good last round from Campbell. I thought he one the


round. -- won the round. The winner by a score of 16-15, in the red


corner... He has got it! He had to win the last round by two clear


points, and he did! He got the last round 8-6. And they will be in


ecstasy. Luke Campbell has got Britain's first Olympic boxing


You are guaranteeing a Britain's first Olympic boxing medal this


year, congratulations. Thank you. I am overwhelmed, you know. Something


I have worked all my life for. I have got a medal. That was just


about -- now it is just about moving on.


A fantastic win, he has got a guaranteed medal. A semi-final now.


Good news as well for Ireland's bantamweight Nevin, who one his


quarter-final. -- won his quarter- final. Let's look at the medal


leapfrogged the USA. They now have 30 gold medals. But a long way to


Let's start with the bronzes. Let's put Max Whitlock on the table. And


Ed Clancy, can you do that, please? I want to put the sailors on.


about the women's boxing? Would you do the golds for us? Louis Smith


here, Kristin our rigour here, and Laura Robson and Andy Murray. Look


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