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Hello, good evening and welcome. Whatever you are doing, you don't


want to miss the next 80 minutes. They don't call it Super Saturday


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 54 seconds


What we are seen right now is that The Olympic flame, burning brightly,


as another fabulous, fabulous day draws to a close. A look at the


scenes, as crowds leave the Olympic Stadium after what has been one of


the most historic night in British sport. We have a cracking line-up,


and on this super Saturday, suitably scintillating so first


She will be delighted with that! Mary Peters has beaten all of them


for the gold medal. Denise Lewis is the Olympic champion, she has got


I am delighted to welcome Denise Lewis and Dame Mary Peters. It is a


bit of a ladies' night, and I think you might guess why it two Of Our


Greatest multi- inventors are grinning. This is how we will take


Great Britain has ruled the regatta, it was another by normal day on the


water at Eton Daunay. - Margaret phenomenal day. Play two of the


heptathlon, and the chance of glory. Gebrselassie, Bekele, could Mo


Farah at his name to an incredible list of the 10,000 metres


champions? And there was one gold on offer in


We have also had an incredible long jump competition. Let's start with


a dramatic day at the rowing. Before today Great Britain had one


six medals on the water at Eton Daunay, we went in three of the


four finals, and yet again it was a day of high drama and a few tissues


go! Great Britain and get the gold medal! It is going to be a so


close! One last time! We are going to get it! It is Great Britain,


from Australia! Gold medal, what a perfect, perfect day. Here we go,


it is going to be great. We are now a wave finally, after all the talk


that has come out of the Aussie camp, we are in the final of the


men's coxless fours. Great Britain, the defending champions, coming out


of the starting blocks. Cometh the hour, cometh the man, and Great


Britain have four of them here. Now the confidence will start to build


here. Great Britain, Australia and the USA. Great Britain in lane six,


so varied and relaxed. This is starting to develop into the two


Boat race we did expected. -- we expected. This will be like a


heavyweight boxing match, like no other in international rowing. Here


comes the wall of sound. Great Britain, stretching out. This is


where it is going to matter. But this is going to the wire, and


Australia are still in this. The Australians are charging, but the


British will defend their Olympic title! We have done it! We have


done it in style! Great Britain, the Olympic champions once more,


and it was a magnificent effort It doesn't feel real. It doesn't


feel like we have one the Olympics. I am just very proud. I am so


relieved, the support was just incredible. It really lifted us,


stop us making mistakes in the last 500. I'm thrilled and proud of my


guys, proud of what we have done in the past few weeks, I couldn't be


happier. Building up has been a lot of expectation and pressure from


ourselves, we have wanted this so badly. The way we have gone about


training has been a very intense. To actually pull it off, we are in


disbelief, the last four years has been extremely difficult for all of


us in our own right. We saw how much support and enthusiasm there


is, it got louder and louder, right from the beginning of the race. The


crescendo from this crowd was deafening. You had everything in


your heart telling you could do it. As soon as he crossed that line, it


was just silence, because we had done it.


They have been celebrating at a post regatta dinner, they are back


now at their hotel. Alex Gregory and Tom James are waiting to speak


to us. Thank you for cutting your evening short. A huge


congratulations! This was an old- fashioned ding-dong with the


Aussies, they were talking of the tour, it ended up being a cracking


race. It certainly did. The Aussies always one to beat us, it is


between the Aussies and GBE in the last 24 years after the gold medal


in the coxless fours, they wanted to beat us on our home soil, and it


has been a pretty epic battle all season. They were essentially it


the favourites, I think we felt the pressure, but we pulled off a


really good race, and it is a great feeling to name it like we did. It


hasn't really sunk in, to be honest. You have joined the dole Ding Dang,


you were the only one in that boat he wasn't on the top rostrum. You


said earlier today, you felt like you owned the boat, because people


came and went, you were the one consistent one there. I have been


in the boat since 2009, so why had that benefit. I felt a bit of


pressure with these guys. For the last 500 metres of the race I was


afraid I wasn't going to catch cramp, I'm pretty relieved, to be


honest. You have all had various things go on, you had an irregular


heartbeat, you had to take a year off, put into context how typical


does build up has been over the last four years. It is not your


most typical Olympic build up, I imagine. But yes, there have been a


lot of dark moments, training or in your own outside of the squad has


been tougher. We have got a great support system, a great medical


background to get a quick prognosis, without that, I wouldn't have been


able to get back into any decent sort of performance. But yes, it


has been quite Astra Sport Olympiad. It is funny how these things work


out, all the times I it was on my own training, coming back from an


injury, you find out whether you really want it or not. The last


year or so has been absolutely magic. It is funny how things come


together, it has worked out fantastically. You were incredible


together, you are a real pride of the nation. It is the first time we


are going to have a blast of this! I'm going to ask if you could go


over to that Big Bang, Denise up. She is walking over to Big Ben. She


is moving our gold arrow up one place, to number nine. We are


already at the level we were at in Athens. Bats -- thank you so much,


guys. We really appreciate your The women's lightweight double


scull next, and Greece have dominated this for the last couple


of years, while Great Britain have a young and an experienced pair --


in experienced pair. They may be young, but they were not daunted,


they led strongly, they found a similar, strong rhythm, putting


a way! Greece are spent, it is Greg Bird and all the way. They are


making history. Surely they have got enough now to hold on here.


Less than 50 strokes remain in the final of the women's lightweight


double scull, they came together this year, and they have formed a


fabulous partnership. Hold on, girls, and it is yours! They are


not going to get caught. They are just flying along. This could be


Britain's third women's gold medal of this Olympics. This is history


in terms of rowing, fantastic. Catherine Copeland, 21 years of age.


Sophie Hosking, 26 years of age. But this partnership have only 25


strokes remaining and they will be the Olympic champions. Look at the


support on the far side! The whole of the place is going absolutely


mad. It will be a wall of sound here as they come into the last few


metres, they are still moving away. We are looking at history, moving


all the time, every stroke, look at her, her first ever senior race.


They are making us look absolutely easy. This is an incredible scull


for Britain. Still moving away. Greece, fighting back past China to


try and get into that silver medal position. So it safety Hocking --


Sophie Hosking and Kat Copeland, they are the Olympic champions, an


incredible, incredible scull! They have just been glorious here this


morning. A fabulous, fabulous result, a well deserved result.


They can hardly believe it. Sophie Hosking, Kat Copeland, complete and


utter joy now. You are an Olympic Are quite believe this is real,


that we just one! -- that we just won! You are going to be on a stamp


for the next 10 years following the It is her first year at senior


level. Look at her, she is just counting her blessings, it is


It is something we have been working for so long and there are


so many people we have to thank. Paul Reid, Hester for everything


she did to get us here. I can't believe it actually happened.


emotion! You were there, Mary. Absolutely. Wonderful experience. I


was a guest of the National Lottery, who made it possible for all of


these medals in the rowing. It is sensational and the girls were


wonderful. We can cross back to the Hotel. Katherine Grainger and Greg


Searle on there. Thank you for talking to us. Those two are at the


other end of the Olympic spectrum. They have got magnificent futures


ahead of them. And that is how you introduce us! I was thinking, why


would they get us two together! like the idea you have pulled us


away from a dinner, it is cheese and pineapple on a stick! I had you


eating lobster and drinking champagne! Rock-and-roll! They


could go on to be multi- gold medallists. It took me four times


to get it right and they did it first time, I don't know what I was


doing wrong all of this time. will not necessarily save it the


way you have. I got to do it early and I don't think I've realised how


special it was when I was 20. Now it feels all the Battle of the


mile-long Korea. Your long torturous Korea of highs and lows,


it makes it all the better when you win. -- career. Katherine Grainger,


you have shown them what is possible and they have a great


career ahead. They looked invincible! They did. We have been


on the same training camp as them for the last few months, and they


have really shown incredible speed and potential and it was all going


to come down to, could they produce the goods on the day, at their


first Olympics, when they had never felt this kind of attention and


expectation? We knew that this speed was there. It was if they


could turn it on, and they nailed it. They both utterly deserved it.


Sophie Hosking was lovely, she said she was inspired by the success of


the women's team for years, so it is nice to think that some of what


the older members of the team have done have brought on the younger


ones, who will be far more successful than us. And it is fair


to recognise what you have done as well, in terms of the way they look


to you and they get confidence from you leading the women's team and


the performance has been so special and to me, it is the difference


between how things were ten years ago when I left to how they are now,


to see the strength in the way the women have come up and have


actually done better in the men, and it did not used to be like that.


It is very special. We are lucky. We are in a very successful


environment, it is very supportive. We all get on. It is competitive


but it is a positive experience for all of us and that has helped the


women's team every step of the way. We understand the ladies are not at


the banquet, they have hit the town! That is the difference


between the oldies and the younger ones. You two have got your


slippers on! Dame Mary Peters will now go up to Big Ben and move the


Totalisator. It is time for this! If you will pass that on to the


girls, we will be delighted. Get back to your crisps! Thank you.


Next up, the men's lightweight double sculls, Mark Hunter and Zac


Purchase, reigning Olympic champions. Sickness meant they


finished down the field at earlier regattas. After 80 metres, the boat


stopped. Zac Purchase's seat broker. Under the rules, you are allowed to


restart if there is a mechanical failure, as long as cities before


100m, so after some good work with a screwdriver, they started again -


- as long as it is before 100m. We minute. Denmark are fighting back!


Great Britain... They have got to find something! Denmark have found


something! The closing stages! Denmark are coming on! They will


get zero! Great Britain will just lose the championship medal to


Denmark! Denmark, sneaking ahead of Great Britain! Denmark get the


Olympic gold! Great Britain get the silver! And New Zealand get the


bronze. They kept us on the edge of our seats. But they just ran out of


Steve is helping Mark Hunter to his feet. Mark. There is probably


nothing in the world you want to do less than talk about that race.


What are your thoughts? We gave everything. We tried everything...


We wanted to win so badly. We are just... Sorry to everybody we have


let down. You have let nobody down. After the year that you guys have


had, you have let nobody down. Can you tell us what happened at the


start? We had a problem with the seat, it just came apart. It was


fixed, it did not have any bearing on the race. We had the best race


we could and the crowd have been absolutely amazing. We have really


enjoyed being a part of this amazing team... Just... I just wish


we had been a little bit quicker for everybody else... I will let


you go but thank you so much for all of the help you have given us


over the last few years, and you are silver medallists. I am sorry.


Sorry. Take care. Steve will take them down to the medal ceremony,


where they will receive their silver medals. Emotions...


Especially when you know these people pretty well. It is quite


hard being here as well... John Inverdale was challenging the


emotions of a nation. He is a local boy, Mark Hunter, from the East End.


State-school educated. He goes to schools and talks about how you can


get him. It is not always about public schools. He was a fantastic


champion and he did not let anybody down. He did not by any stretch of


the imagination. Post-race interviews like that are so painful.


Hopefully, when he reflects on the career that he has had and what it


takes to break through into the rowing fraternity, he will be very


proud of himself. And he is a gold medallist from Beijing. Let's speak


to a Sir Steve Redgrave. Good evening. An incredible regatta. If


you could just reflect on that race. I know Mark and Zack are tired but


I hope they realise the nation is incredibly proud and that they let


nobody down. They are very proud. They have had a great time at the


party tonight. I think it is starting to sink in. Starting off


with the youngsters, then going to Katherine Grainger, then me. We are


getting older! They have actually got my boat behind me! They are


making good use of it! What is going on?! You are the senior


statesman. We have seen how important you have been to the


younger athletes. They look up to you. It is time to celebrate what a


success this has been. If we look at how many medals Team GB have won


at the regatta, it has been an great rival, but no golds. What are


the magic ingredients that have Paul Thompson is the women, coach


and yoga is the men's coach and they are in tandem in some ways.


The women have actually done better than the men. It is the combination


of commit each year that everyone is willing to learn to go that


little bit better, of how to improve the team. One of the


elements that we have is the support staff, from the coaches,


from David Tanner at the top, down to the doctors and physiotherapists


and the team, and that is where a lot of the finances has gone in, to


make sure the athletes are in the best position, so when we push them


away from the landing stage, they will get their best possible result


and the best conditions to be able to do that, and that is what the


BOA have been planning to do as well, so the athletes can go and do


their business and enjoy it. The we have all enjoyed it. We have


enjoyed you as well. It has been a phenomenally successful element of


a brilliant week so far. It has been owned lot of fun, but this is


our best ever regatta -- it has been a lot of fun. Before the best


was a 1908 when we one eight medals, and we have beaten that -- when we


won eight medals. Maybe we can do even better in Rio. Let's see!


Thank you. We can see the younger generation taking the baton from


the older generation, a fantastic The men's 10,000m. Mo Farah looking


to add Olympic gold to his medal collection. The men's long jump


final. Greg Rutherford and Ian Tomlinson, launching for Britain.


The last Olympics went for this certain of Michael Phelps. And here


come the goals. In the velodrome, it was another night to savour --


here come the girls. It is always busy outside our


studio, we get the odd incredible guest opinion. But they had been


chanting "we want Jess", and we are hoping that we might get her! We


will see. If we can, rest assured, we will. They do not want to go


home. It has been too good. The first big night of the athletics


finals. All eyes on Mo and Jess. Jess shows all of her Sheffield


steel yesterday. So much expectation on the slender


shoulders of Jessica Ennis. And this is a tremendous run! Oh my


If anybody wants his Olympic title, they are going to have to produce


something remarkable! Come on, Jess. Can she finished in the same rich


vein of form? Jessica Ennis is flying. This is a good end to what


has been a pretty good first day for Jessica Ennis. She led by over


180 points, three events left today. Gold could be herds if she


continued that way. -- could be everything goes according to plan,


and she and Great Britain will come away with the gold medals.


wanted! Just what we wanted! Just what she wanted herself! 6.4. One


step closer to the gold medal for Jess Ennis! They belief is growing.


and collected. You would suggest that if she can nail a javelin


throw of around 45 metres, the chase for the Olympic title will be


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 54 seconds


smiles for the Olympic champion elect, just won event to go. --


just one event to go. This could be taking any chances! This is


outstanding! Jessica Ennis is the Olympic champion! For best all-


I am so shocked, I can't believe it. After the javelin I knew I was on


for a good score and a metal, but I couldn't believe it until I crossed


the finish line. All this hard work, the disappointment of Beijing, and


everyone just supporting me so much... Are you OK? Yeah, I'm just


shocked. Everyone has supported me, I just want to thank everyone here


and my family... Just everyone that has supported me, I am so happy. I


just had to give it everything at the end, I thought I will only have


one moment to do it in front of a home crowd, and I'm so pleased I


left everything on the track. I think I need to savour this moment,


recover and see how I feel tomorrow. It is a huge amount of pressure


coming into this, I just tried to stay focused, and the crowd helped


me. I can't believe it, I can't believe I have done it! A I am not


sure I've ever heard an Olympic stadium give a reception like they


gave Jessica Ennis denied. -- tonight. The nation, filled with


pride at this magnificent Well, the previous two generations


of multi-event athletes are here with me in the studio. Just the


most fantastic conference of talent. She had the upset Andy misery of


missing out in Beijing when we all felt she was on fire, and she


proved it by winning the World Championship. There were times, in


those dark hours, she wondered if the opportunity would come again,


and it came again in the most perfect setting. You just think,


what can be done in four years, she was so devastated with that injury,


she was just on the crest, just moving into the hearts and minds of


the British nation and then she was curtailed with their triple stress


factor. What she has done is really known her event, really Crafter


event and really understand where she can gain points. She is quick,


athletic, dynamic, but what is special about her is her mind. It


is her mind and how she absorbs information. You can see how she


dealt with the pressure going into these games, it has been so


pleasurable, such a proud moment, for us all to witness. It has just


been magical. As you said, in the stadium, when the national anthem


was played, and the whole of that stadium just erupted in song. You


just don't get moments like that too often in life, and you could


see how much it meant to her. started yesterday morning, the


first day of athletics here, she came out into a packed stadium, and


she ran a time in the 100 metres hurdles that would have got her a


gold medal, 12.54. How to deal with pressure! Aynho, at the crowd was


just wanting her, she was the poster girl of the Olympics, they


wanted her to do it. My fear was the pressure and expectation might


affect her. But she was so controlled, she did everything


right. Was the long jump the key moment today? She had a


disappointing first jump, and the second jump, you saw her there, the


smile on her face, it was like she knew that she was just with a


button the podium. She nailed this junk, this was the first round,


when she was slightly behind the board, we know she's carrying good


speed, but you still have to be accurate on the board. She had to


compose herself, you only get three attempts in the heptathlon, and she


made the last two account. In the 800, when all she had to do was get


round, it was pretty much a foregone conclusion, but she is a


classy, and she said in her interview, she wanted to give the


crowd something, she went for it. It was a Kelly Holmes moment,


crossing the line first. She showed her class, it was just amazing.


This is typical of Jessica. She could have easily sat back during


that race and just cruised to victory, but she wanted to more


from it. She wanted to entertain the crowd, she wanted that moment,


like the Dane said about the other day in the! She wanted to the


victory for the crowd, and look at how everyone reacted to it. To


deliver not only a jaw-dropping performance, to deliver your


personal best, to run the way she did to finish, it was world class.


She is so lovely as well. She is so adorable, so mild-mannered, and she


has been everywhere in the build-up to this, so it really was a massive


pressure to absorb. She now joins these two ladies in the multi-event


delirium! She will be delighted with that! The dazzling smile


appears! Denise Lewis is the Olympic champion. Mary Peters has


beaten off the rest for the gold medal! She has started! Denise


Lewis has just made history. pride of Great Britain! Jessica


Time for a blast of Spandau Ballet. As you were the last at Bath on a


gold medallist, would you like to go and move the table. --


heptathlon gold medallist. Thank you so much, Denise. Now for


another athlete who has the weight of expectation of a nation on his


shoulders. Mo Farah, the world 5000 metres champion was aiming to


become the first British athlete to win an Olympic gold in the 10,000


metres. He faces a tough ask, have really strong field including


Kenenisa Bekele of Ethiopia, who has one this event in the last two


comfortable, nobody made a move, we joined the race with three laps to


go, with all the main contenders in touch, and the crowd going


the outside, ready to move -- is in a great place. Tariku Bekele is


doing nothing other than blocking the track. A word of encouragement


as they went past Chris Thomson, to his great friend and one-time rival,


Mo Farah. The crowd are already reaching a crescendo and there is


still just over two laps to go. Look at Farah, how easy does he


look? But they are all there. Farah, poised and ready to strike. Masai


is there, Kenenisa Bekele is in a terrible position at the moment, if


anyone is to go in this lap they may just get a bit of air between


themselves and Kenenisa Bekele. It is winding up, but this is not a


sprint yet, it hasn't started. We have been waiting and waiting for


this, when is it going to break? Who is going to go first? Are it


certainly hasn't started, too many of them in this group for comfort.


This is the lack, it is now about positioning yourself off for a move.


Mo Farah is in contention, Tariku Bekele is holding him off, Kenenisa


Bekele is not in a great place for there. He needs to position himself


better if he is going to defend his title. Now we have got a race are,


it is going to come down to a last lap sprint. This is Mo Farah's


first serious move, there has been a response from Bekele. Mo Farah


hits the front! 1 lap to go. Is the bell tolling for a gold medal for


Great Britain? Mo Farah, really trying to become the first Great


Britain to win the Olympic title at 10,000 metres. He has got a bit of


company including his training partner. He is ready magnificently


now. -- running magnificently. any to be keenly looking for room


on the inside, and a Farah is digging on -- Kenenisa Bekele. The


crowd are lifting him, Farah into the home straight, just 100 metres


to go, has he got enough? He is kicking again! He is going to do


it! It is a glorious, glorious win! medals for Great Britain. What a


took on the Africans, they showed Mo Farah, Olympic champion, on an


night of three gold medals for Great Britain, can you believe what


has happened? The crowd got so much behind me, it was getting louder


and louder, I have never experienced something like this. He


doesn't come around often, to have it right on your doorstep, to have


people shouting out your name, it is never going to get better than


this, this is the best moment of my life. It is just the hard work, 120


miles week in, week out. Would you put in is what you get out. I have


just had great support from the crowd and Barry French, he has been


monitoring every single thing, he has been away from his family, I


have been away from my family, I want to thank everyone who has


supported me from my childhood until now. Without all them people,


Britain has never one the 10,000 metres, there has been such a


stranglehold, with the Ethiopians and Kenyans, and for Mo to do what


he has done, he has vindicated the decision to go and live in Oregon,


it has been an immense achievement. It was probably the best thing he


could have done. Some of the best lessons are learned in the face of


defeat, and last year when he finished second, you can just


imagine how he has been studying his opponents, working out the


strategy of how he was going to win tonight. Wasn't it just poetic? I


am really happy for Alberto Salazar, who also coached the athlete who


finished second. It was a simple plan, they knew they could outstrip


everybody on the last lap, he never panicked. It is about confidence,


the more you can build on that, through the work you are doing,


having confidence in your training sessions and the people around you,


you can walk into arenas like this and no -- know what you have to do.


It is not heated to execute, but that mental toughness you have to


have if you want to win, they both have it, just a Gatt and Mo. It is


a lonely life, being a distance runner, lots of miles, lots of


restrictions in everything you do People don't realise the miles that


they have to run to be able to perform like that on the track.


They don't understand what it is like when it is raining and cold


and miserable, and you have to perform a day after day.


performance like that is used in the making. He has doubled up in


the 5,000m -- years in the making. This will give him so much


confidence. Is a double gold a real possibility? It really is. Mo is


capable of winning the 5,000m race. It will be tougher. More challenges,


more people to affect him, but as you said, confidence. Anything's


possible. We understand Mo is still inside, his medal ceremony it is


tomorrow, and Jess is also still going through doping, we would love


to have them both here tonight. 12, above Sydney. What are you


doing these days, Mary? You are in good shape. I walk four miles every


day, if I can, which takes an hour. I feel good. All of that training


has its rewards. The crowds are still outside. They are still


hopeful we will get some gold medallists for you this evening.


They are patiently waiting. High drama at the Olympic Stadium, and


there would be more. Tonight was the final of the men's long jump.


Britain had not won a medal in this since 1964. Chris Tomlinson and


Greg Rutherford lined up on the runway, going for gold. Get ready


This long jump competition is wide long jump competition comes alive


with Greg Rutherford in round two. Paul Dickenson is bouncing up and


down like a teenager next to me. really nailed that one on take-off.


He maintained his speed. Krakow! 8.21. -- what a cracker! Chris


big impression in the sand. It is over eight metres. Absolutely


perfect on the board. He just maybe miss the Tate got a little bit. He


didn't quite a time it right. -- he missed the take-off a little bit.


this atmosphere? It is big! -- cam Greg Rutherford ft office


atmosphere? Could this be the greatest night of British athletics


competition, that is going to take mistake. If this man hits it, he


running up, he just didn't have the pace and the rhythm. Another


athlete down. Will Claye is the only athlete now who can deny Greg


is the Olympic champion! Oh my goodness! Just remarkable! What a


moment! Not many people would have put Greg Rutherford down as an


Olympic champion at the beginning of this year, perhaps not even at


always going to happen, but it doesn't matter!


Olympic long jump champion, Greg Rutherford! I don't think he can


quite believe it. Have I don't think any of us can quite believe


I thought I was going to jump further than that, but I don't care.


The first long jump champion for a sense Lynn Davies in 1964. -- for


us thinks. Exactly. I am glad I can emulate somebody like that. What a


night for British athletics. Three gold medals out of a possible three.


It is incredible. I cannot thank everybody at home enough. The crowd


were absolutely incredible. I got to see my parents in the crowd. I


don't think it has sunk in properly. This is what I have dreamt of my


entire life. I knew I was given to be a sportsman, and when I picked


athletics, I knew I was going to want to be Olympic champion, and I


get to do it in London! I might wake up in a minute! When you were


coming in, you said you were going to do it. You have done it.


Congratulations. The nation shares your joy. Thank you so much to


everybody at home and everybody on Twitter. Go and celebrate! I will!


That was one of my favourite interviews of the day. Olympic long


jump champion from 1964, the aforementioned limb Davies, has


joined us. What a night! -- Liam Davies. I predicted a medal, but


perhaps not the gold. Greg Rutherford was the leading jumper


going into the competition, so we knew if he got it right, he could


win the gold, and what an honour and a pleasure for me, 48 years


later, to be sitting in that stadium and to see another Brit to


win the long jump. It is the shortest gold medal for 40 years,


the distance, but it doesn't matter. You have to be the best on the day.


Once every four years, you have to seize the opportunity and this was


his opportunity. The leading dissidents was his. The main danger


man was Mitchell Watt. He had done 8.54. He looked to be the favourite


at, and this was his opportunity. This was his jump. How much to be


crowd help? Every time he stood on the runway, there was an enormous


response from the crowd, and T Muster been aware of that. Luckily,


he channelled that -- and he must have been aware of that. I have


known him for the last seven years. He struggled with injuries, he


struggled in Beijing, but to come back and be Olympic champion in


front of your home crowd, I can't think of anything better. We know


it Jess is popular, but Greg is as popular as Jess a month the British


athletes. We call him Mr Breakable, because of all these injuries, but


we have always been aware of his talents and we knew he could do


this today. The fact he has had such a good protagonist in Chris


Tomlinson over the years driving him forwards... Yes. It is always


great in your own country to have somebody pushing you. If I can pick


up on Sir Steve Redgrave earlier saying what has made the difference


is the support staff, and I cannot speak too highly of UK sport for


the funding, the doctors, the support staff, the physiotherapists,


the coaches. It is a team effort and he is the finished product, but


you are only as good as your preparation. It is about the team


as well. Feeding off of it. It is between the athletes in a healthy


environment where they all expect to deliver maximum performance. I


guess we were all a bit fragmented before. We were not sharing


information. But now we have got these groups of athletes training


together. Charles Van Commenee has put that into place. Yes, and I


think it has been effective. John Inverdale was teasing Greg Abbott


training camps saying he wanted to replace these images -- great at


the training camp. As beautiful and fantastic as these images are, we


needed to move on from black and white images of gold medals in the


long jumper! Look at that handsome young fellow! I thought they would


have been worn out by now, the film! It is always great to win a


gold medal in an Olympic Games, albeit in Tokyo! You can see I was


quite excited. 8.07. To stand on that rostrum in Tokyo was a great


thrill. It is the realisation of a dream to win the Olympic gold. But


to do it in front of your crowd tonight. Woods escaped me in trying


to capture what that atmosphere was like -- Words escape me. One gold


medal in Beijing, three tonight. The most ever by a Great Britain


team is four in track and field, so only one more... It is all about


belief and confidence and these three guys have shown they are


Olympic champions, and now the rest of the team can walk into the


stadium knowing that they can compete well. It is time for gold.


# Gold #. Never have Spandau Ballet been


aired so much on a Saturday night Takes us up to 13 gold medals so


far. Thank you so, so much. It is great to see you. I am sure you


were delighted to be there. We used day longer? Indeed. Fantastic. --


will you stay a bit longer? Lots more to come before bedtime. It is


the final night in the swimming pool. Will it be a golden end for


the Michael Phelps Olympic era? We are celebrating those who don't


always make the headlines in our underdog of the day. And more from


the track as the fastest women in the world join the party.


What time is it? We are coming up to midnight and they are still


outside. Still hope for, as we are, that we might get a couple of our


gold medallists. Denise is giving them a wave and getting them into a


frenzy! They are still in doping. It is a long process if you are a


gold medal-winner. Team GB! Team GB! Team GB! Team GB! Fantastic!


Let's go to the velodrome. Day three, with Britain looking to


continue their gold rush. A problem for the British team!


Great Britain are the fastest of the qualifiers! Gold medal for


Great Britain! And new world record! I don't believe what I am


The gold medal is Great Britain's! Pendleton has ignited the burners.


Meares is washed away! Victoria Pendleton gets the gold medal! Two


nights, three goals. Not bad. Tonight it was the women's team


pursuit and the white, red and blue and to one of Rosewell broke the


world record in qualifying -- Joe when the Roselle. They beat Canada


to reach the final, where they took 3,000 metres team pursuit. Sarah


Hammer leads the US team. They have a good formula. They are two


seconds behind the British three. Already they have lost nearly 0.7


of the second. An incredible start Sarah Hammer could get to the front


and assert her power, and it could it breaks of formation. I think it


is what she is already doing. They have spread the work, not evenly,


but proportionally to strength throughout the team. The United


States are holding the British team. The opening kilometre, Britain in a


one. A weight. Not as quick as their world record. But they have


the US 0.78 behind. They are being called on the same schedule as in


the previous round. But they are going to be clever, they are going


to stretch themselves to stop --. They really are moving, they are


swinging up to allow their teenage to go through. This is a phenomenal


ride by Great Britain. They don't need to do anything clever here,


they need to be clever, Laura Trott did it shorter turns on this


occasion. They are spreading get more evenly between them. They can


almost see the tail end of the American team, they are flying.


There are the 2000 metres mark. What a fantastic sensation this


must be, in London, in front of the home crowd, they can see the


opposition in front of them, they are so close now to getting the


gold medal. That last split was very close to their world record


pace. They can see the Americans, they are now pursuing them. This is


the ideal way to tidy up a team pursuit. I reckon they could set


another world record here! They are absolutely flying, Great Britain,


and the crowd are getting behind them! They are coming up to the


line. That means the final 250 metres. Great Britain are the world


champions and they are now going to become the Olympic champions! They


are on fire at! Take a look at their finishing time. Great Britain


one the Olympic title, and the gold medal, and another world record! So


that means Great Britain in the last six events, they have posted


six world records. Dani King, Laura Trott and John Russell are the


Olympic champions -- has joined a Rasel. If they get any faster, they


will be parachute to slow down. They can't keep breaking these


You said it was like a family? it is, they are like sisters, I


can't believe we have done it, it is amazing. You talked about


getting up to speed, you experienced this will -- wall of


noise, it was even better. It was, I could tell we were winning by the


noise of the crowd. It really spurred us on in the last kilometre.


Six world records in the last six competitive rides! Brie amazing! I


don't did we expected it. I think we expected it in one of the rounds


but not in everyone, we can't The Velodrome was literally rocking


today, that was incredible. Just an amazing effort. Good to see that


Stella McCartney has an embarrassing dad as well! The


sports science, the technology that they used within British cycling,


what Dave Brailsford has done to move that to the cutting edge, to


take it from Beijing where they were so successful and move it on,


there is only one gold they didn't win, that was a disqualification.


It is a real benchmark for other sports. I think all of our sport a


taking advantage of sports science in this day and age, luckily we


have a very qualified psychologists, people who can analyse on film and


so on. Interesting talking to Greg, that he and his courage look at


film analysis of Carl Lewis, they noticed that in the take-off, he


feared slightly to the right and then took off this side, and they


used that to great effect. Coaches are looking at the best analysis


and taking it on board and applying it to sport. It is no longer just a


theory, it is applied science. the expectations just grows,


especially in cycling. Bradley Wiggins, then the time trial, then


the Velodrome. Cycling is one of those sports that is relatively


easy to get into, you get a bike and away you go! I did it, not to


that level, of course, but in terms of making a start, everyone wants


that first bike, but why not Channel than now? We don't know the


potential of any young person who may want to have the desire to be


the Olympic champion. All sports have something to learn from their


structure and how they have galvanised and feed off each other,


which is inspirational. It is interesting how some medallists


have found their sport, Peter Wilson the Chuter was a cricketer,


he got an injury, and he found shooting. Lydiard Medstead --


Lizzie Armitstead was found in the playground. How did you find it?


16 I did my first pentathlon, I knew I was never going to be really


good at one of those five events, so I combined it and became Olympic


champion. Just like that! It took me a long time. But I didn't have


any technology, Mike coach are used to write my schedules out on the


back of a brown envelope. Blazing a trail for the generations that have


come, and the legacy which is so important here. Hopefully tonight,


kids watching Greg Rutherford can think, I can have a go at that! It


is time for a bit more of Spandau Ballet. I wanted to this one. -- I


want to do this one. U three get all the fun. It is time to take it


up to 14! I felt began a powerful there. I'm the only person that has


done that Hoovers and got an Olympic gold medal. -- hasn't got


an Olympic gold medal. I don't think there is a sport, I think it


is too late, may be archery, if I could get into that. The eyesight


is not so good any more. Not that archery is easy, but it is not as


important in terms of cardiovascular! You could be a good


at rhythmic gymnast. The men were also in action today, the omnium


started, after the first day, Ed Clancy is in 4th, with the finals


tomorrow. Jason Kenny is also well placed. Let's get more of today's


Serena Williams storms to her first singles Olympic gold medal, she


beat a Maria Sharapova and did a crowd-pleasing shimmy as well.


There was one hitch, as the star- spangled Banner played, but the


flag didn't know the words. Andy Murray has made his second final,


in the mixed doubles, with the Laura Robson, they overcame Germany.


They will face Victoria Azarenka and Max many tomorrow. In football,


GB have been knocked out by South Korea, the scores were 1-1 after


extra time, but the inevitable happened in penalties. Sturridge


missed his kick and South Korea scored. World champion Helen


Jenkins finished 5th in the women's triathlon in a sensational finish.


Switzerland's Nicola Spirig one a gold medal. In boxing, Tom Stalker


was in action, he boxed clever He made it through, so let round-up


the final action in the swimming- pool, it was a significant night,


the last night we will see the incredible Michael Phelps. If you


had lines from the aquatic centre. -- a few headlines. Kromowidjojo


one of the gold medal. The men to 1500 metres freestyle was one by


Yang of China. -- was a won by Yang The USA's medley quartet, all gold


medallists already come a set a world record to take gold. And


fittingly, Michael Phelps walked out for the very last time to swim


as part of the American a re-rating. He swam the butterfly leg, the


third leg. In a friend Adrian was on the 4th lake. -- Nathan Adrian


fast. Adrian really controlled in this at first 35. He is swaying


from side to side. I think the world record is going to go. The


world record is held by Team USA. It is not, but it is gold to Team


USA, silver to Japan, and runs to Australia. 4th place for Great


Britain. That is the end of a Michael Phelps. He finishes right


Emotional scenes as he picked up what will be his final Olympic


medal, his 18th. He has quite literally been the iconic swimmer


of a generation. Three Olympic Games, and rightly, it was an


emotional experience tonight. He 22 medals, which is the best?


don't know. I think tonight is just... It is the craziest night of


this Olympic sculler brush-off. -- of this I Olympics, for sure.


started all those years ago, did you ever dreamed this? I dreamt of


being the greatest. We worked together to become that, me and Bob,


we have done everything we ever wanted to do. Looking back at my


career, I know I am hanging my suit up, retiring, and looking back and


saying, I have done everything I wanted. I couldn't be happier. I


have said this many time, having my mum and family here is the best


feeling. Has London matched up to your expectations? It has been an


honour to watch your Olympic swims. Every Olympics has got better and


better. This city has been great, the people have been a great, the


village is awesome, the food is better. I am happy. We are having


fun and I couldn't ask for a better It is very difficult to imagine


anybody is ever going to be their dominant in any sport again.


thinker had Ian Thorpe saying that you leave your legacy, but in the


back of your mind, someone is going to get there. Maybe not in our


The speed demons were on the track today in the women's 100m. Shirli-


Ann price and combine their cheetah were running him -- Keri-Anne


Baptista, Carmelita Jeter. Or eight athletes have run under 11 seconds


Campbell-Brown gets another bronze! Fraser price retains her title!


Shelly-Ann Fraser Pryce, blasting it! Defending her title brilliantly.


It is that time of the day where we get a mention to those who put the


effort in but do not always get the today. The 20km or walk. He is from


Guatemala and he finished in second place, delivering Guatemala their


first ever Olympic medal. A fabulous silver. They will be


dancing on the streets of Guatemala We will now go through to the other


studio. While we are doing this, I will show you the medal table and


you will be delighted to see that Great Britain now have 14 gold


medals, a total only surpassed twice, in Beijing and in London


This is where the real money end of it starts. Denise, could you put


that silver medal for Mark and Zack there, please? We will do these in


chronological order. Let's do the men's four. Peter Reed, Tom, Alex


Gregory... The and would you do the ladies? Kat Copeland. Gold! Sophie


Hosking it! The lightweight women's pairs. Denise, would you do Dani


King, who was part of the sprint team? We have Joanna Rowsell and


Laura Trott. Would you put Jessica Ennis on to the medals? It seems


only appropriate that you do Greg Rutherford. Well done, Greg,


congratulations. The wonderful Mo Farah. APPLAUSE. When we got this


port, I thought they would never get filled. This is amazing. It has


been wonderful sharing this incredibly special day with legends


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