BBC One: Day 1: 17.00-19.00 Olympics

BBC One: Day 1: 17.00-19.00

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Welcome back to the Olympic park where there are thousands of people


milling behind me because this is the first main day of competition


with all the venues being used here but the big story of the day


happened at on the road and I'm the first gold medal of these


Olympics ended in disappointment. Kazakhstan's Alexandre Vinokourov


took the gold medal 40 seconds ahead of Mark Cavendish. China won


the first gold for shooting. She added to the world title. Gold for


Brazil in the judo. A serum and then there's been the final. The


women's extra lightweight competition. -- Sarah Mendez. The


men's gold went to Russia who defeated the man who beat Ashley


McKenzie in the early round. So what have we got coming up? The


men's beach volleyball, Great Britain against Canada. Archery,


the men's final. That is at 6 o'clock. And the sailing get under


way at 6:30pm and we will go to That's what we have got coming up.


Before we went to the news we were live at Wimbledon with Roger


Federer car. Federer was on Centre Court and we left it at two-two in


the third and final set and we can tell you Roger Federer raced away


with it and this is how he finished with it and this is how he finished


Wimbledon title three weeks ago. His dream is to win the gold medal


at Wimbledon. His twins are here cheering him on from the stands


with his wife, but a terrific performance from Roger. He dropped


the second set but is through against a very dangerous opponent.


The Centre Court is absolutely loving it and they love him. A we


will have more tennis later on but for us now it is beach volleyball.


A sport which has enjoyed increased popularity since it was introduced


in Atlanta at 16 years ago it. If you're not familiar with how it


works, listen closely. Beach volleyball, the height of the net


varies between the men's and women's game. 2.43 metres, at 2.24


metres respectively. The size of the court stays the same.


Surrounded by a free zone of a maximum six metres. The ball is


approximately one third lighter than a football. Teams of two


players compete in matches which of the best-of-three sets up. The


first two are played to 21 points. stage advance to the knockout phase,


culminating in the gold medal match. If you'd like to get involved in


to Horse Guards Parade, one of the iconic sporting venues at these


Games. Down the river, under Tower Bridge. Speeding along the River


Thames and then just by the London Eye, a quick ride and over we go to


Horse Guards Parade. Boy, doesn't that looked different? About 15,000


people around it. This has been one of the most popular spectator sport


since 1996. For many reasons. Today, the men are in action and we can


see how the British duo got on in their opening group match against


Canada. We can join at life towards the end of the first set. Let's


court after the time out. 17-15 per to Canada. The rebound of the net.


A big smash. But it was out. John Garcia Thompson have clawed back


one of those precious points. The Olympic debut for beach volleyball


for Great Britain. John Garcia he could not make it. Garcia


Thompson has done some sterling work at the back there. As you can


see, perfectly positioned from the much gentler controlled stroke in


this set and has opted to add some power into that's bike. -- that


Spike. So, the British keeping that deficit to just two points over the


last 10. They need a really big push here. That will hold the


Canadians. They are very, very Great Britain draw level -- no, not


enough juice behind it. Getting some sand out of his glasses there.


He used the jumps serve up for the very first time. He has been very


ecstatic with is serving throughout this set, and now opting for


something more powerful towards the business end. Taking the inertia


out of that survey. Garcia Thompson was down early. A little bit of


confusion on the defence. It is absolutely critical you have good


communication on those blocks. The person at the Net needs to take the


liner or the cross-shot, and the defender behind them, is clearing


up that lesser option. So both players down with a bump. A joust


at the net. Fantastic work. Simultaneously touching the ball.


You have got to touch that as long as possible but not let your hand


touched the net. They hit it together. The ball dropped into the


sand on the Canadian side. They are now level at 19-19. John Garcia


powerful spike just when they needed it. So, we have a side out.


These serve goes to the Canadians. We haven't seen any set tactics


from the Canadian said. There has been no physical weakness from the


by the British team. Fantastic rally, the best of the match so far.


fantastic rally to finish that set off. Very, very unlucky for the


British team. The Canadians doing fantastically well. I think that


final point summed up at set for both the Canadians and the British.


and coming in here, both teams had seen mixed fortunes in the build-up


to this event. The British team is ranked 50th. The Canadians, coming


into this, around the 40 mark. I don't know exactly. It will be


interesting to see what tactics they adopt for the second set. Lots


defensive work. Garcia Thompson and his partner both going forward


Reeder. Two main attackers for each team. On court, Garcia Thomson to


first set opens with a Canadian Plenty of space to the left. Great


jump again. Unforced errors like that, in such a tight game are not


going to be the deciders, I fear. went down. He made a late decision


to play that, by the looks of it. Very well played serve. Garcia


Thomson was down late. He could have left it, potentially.


Potentially he's wondering why he did not get a call when it was


going out. Oh, but his dreadful luck! It is an ace serve. Not until


a couple of years ago was that rule changed. The ball coming of the net


will count if it lands in. Canada, 4-1 up in this set. Garcia Thomson


did not quite get the contact he wanted on that. He gets the ball


over. Reeder was looking for a way round the umpire. As long as it


passes the and 10 on the Net, it's line. Just over the top. Great play


from Garcia Thomson. He's trying to find his position again. He did


well to work his way back to the centre of the court. But it was red,


and he sent the ball down to his left leg after he was running to


the right, and he could not alter his momentum and time. Canada, 5-2.


7 points in it, so we have changed sides. One of the key attributes of


beach volleyball is footwork. You are working with such a soft


surface. Great point. It has gone, the's way. It was out. The British


look pretty certain it was in. How you set up, how you create momentum,


and how you get your jumper. The sand will soak up all of your


After a tidy set, we are seeing unforced errors. They have let a


couple of them past the guard, but you cannot underestimate the power


of the service. The fastest of which from the Canadians has


measured out 76 kilometres per hour, 36 attempts from Great Britain, but


just 31 from the Canadians. In terms of statistics, the British


team are not struggling to create chances. But the Canadian defence


appears to be equal to them at this part in the first match. All four


players on court are Olympic sense of occasion. The Time Out has


sense of occasion. The Time Out has had a fantastic effect then. It has


slowed the momentum of the Canadians and bolstered the British.


Great jump, kept his eye on the well. Garcia-Thomson was behind him,


and that left there wide part of the court opened. The Canadians 8-3


up in the second set. If the British team won to push this on to


the three sets they need to start working now. Reader with the big


jumping serve. Garcia-Thomson does well. Smashing it over Reader. He


gets a capital -- he gets an arm to it. Confusion between the Canadians,


both going do the same ball. Nine times out of 10 that is a critical


placement. 9-4 in favour of the I would say that is going where he


is. Fantastic work. Garcia-Thomson but a fantastic bit of placement at


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 64 seconds


couple of Serbs. -- serves. Reader aligning it out. 11-five in favour


of Canada. Oh lovely spike. unleashing it on to the Canadian


side of the court -- that hand to look like the British got caught


flat-footed, both in the centre of the court. Man - but it looked like.


A hard place to defend because if you are shutting down the line and


someone is attack and the middle of the court it leaves an awful lot


for the defender of the back to second umpire and saying that the


Canadians had touched the net. The teams are tapping her -- hands.


Making sure there are no hard minute, and he gets the final touch.


Was it a touch of the net? Yes. A net touch from Garcia-Thomson means


it is a Canadian point. 14-6 to the Canadians, having pushed the


Canadians 0.4 point in the first set they have dropped away in the


second. They really need to start a move in the next couple of points


if they are to salvage this. A great call from Steve. He lets that


take the technical time out for one minute at this stage. They had some


fantastic defensive work and attacking work in the first set.


They just seem to have lost their edge in the second set. Haven't


quite had the same impact. A couple of unforced errors can stop and


some great attacking work -- a couple of unforced errors and some


great attacking work. But plenty of life in this set yet. Plenty of


time for them to push this one. We saw some huge comebacks from nearly


incredible. So much height and power. Reader, and a fantastic


block from Garcia. Somehow they kept it in and manages to look big


back in. The Canadians structuring the attack. Garcia Thomson down so


quickly but the ball was fired into his left. Nothing he could do.


Great defensive work from the British. But when you have both


committed so heavily to saving a ball like that, especially when you


give such a high ball in return, you give the opposing team a lot of


time to construct an attack. That is exactly what the Canadians did,


underneath it. He got down to it. The Canadians but in yet another.


On the board. The 10 point lead, and a huge advantage in beach


volleyball, especially at this end of the second set. Only three


points to start calling in at the lead. The British with a lot of


and a deflection pushed it up and in at unevenly or left the hands


unevenly. Very tight rules on the set in beach volleyball. Just


getting double contact on the ball, so immediately it is a British


point. Sending the ball long. Dipping down. Only missing the line


by couple of feet. Now the Canadians are nine points clear,


reached match point. Two line box is the call from Riga. -- blocks. A


great spike. Both umpires give it lift the British team. We had heard


so much about the home advantage and that has certainly played a big


role in the first set. Let's hope it is not too late for them to


rally in the second. Fantastic Martin Reader holding the ball out.


The big jump serve the key powers in. It comes off the net. Spiking


into space. Beautiful work. Very well controlled. They considered


attack. That keeps Great Britain in here. The serve clipped the net and


Reader sets it. Not enough. It goes wide. And the British make-up


another point. Nail-biting stuff measured Spike into the space. On


to the right hand side. He was taking the block but he still


managed to find space down the line. Huge awareness there. Once he had


put the set up, he looks down, judged where they were and then


Peeling away. Looking for the block. Reading gets on to it. And he finds


the space between them, and that is it, in two sets, the Canadians have


won against Great Britain. But a fantastic game. The first set was


so close, and the final point of the first set undoubtedly the


highlight of the match. Great Martin Reader and Josh Binstock who


take on their first ever Olympic very enjoyable game. Both teams


working hard. Some fantastic defensive work. Neither committing


too heavily to the Net, so we had an awful lot of open play. And, for


me, Garcia Thompson was a stand out with some outstanding play. He got


down low and quickly. Some big plays by Martin Reader, there. But,


in most cases, John Garcia Thompson was equal to those. The British


team struggling to keep pace in that second set, but a lot of


encouraging signs for them in the first ever beach volleyball match


SUE BARKER: What an atmosphere at Horse Guards Parade and it's not


over for the British pair because that was a group match that they


have got two more matches to come. They will be back on Monday. We


will be heading to table tennis in just a moment. First, let's tell


you what's happening on BBC Three. It is women's football. Team GB are


looking to follow up on their victory against New Zealand earlier.


They are playing at Cameroon at the Millennium Stadium. Over on the red


button, plenty of options including the tennis, where an Keothavong


from Great Britain is up against Caroline was the key on second


These Games are all about leaving a legacy and encouraging youngsters


to take up sport. We have asked many famous names to share how and


why they got started. We begin with our table tennis commentator,


Matthew Syed, who was three-times Commonwealth champion and twice an


My parents decide to buy a table- tennis table and it was so big, we


didn't have far to run back from the table because it was very


enclosed, rather cramped space. The angles, the spinners, the hidden


subtleties, we were unaware of when we started playing, but we fell in


love with it. Within a few weeks of pain, we beat my dad and eventually


we beat him very consistently. That was the first experience we had of


table tennis. The key influence in our table tennis career was Peter


Chatteris, a teacher at the local primary school, who ran the table


tennis club. It was satisfaction. The players had ambition. They


really want to reach the top. is a video of us playing. 1980s.


Your technique on the forehand and backhand is almost textbook.


with a defensive player. One table in what was essentially a wooden


shack, but what was absolutely vital, it was open 24 hours a day,


just for table tennis. At his peak, Matthew would not play close to the


table like this. He was, the best defenders in the world. All of us,


young people had a set of keys. We would play in the morning, go to


the chip shop and have lunch, get some sweets, go back to the club


and player or afternoon and then my parents would come in the late


afternoon and pick us up. Subconsciously, without realising


it, we were courting a purposeful practice which was converting us


into extraordinary players. I would I would be there. And then come in


and make a smash a winner like that. My first Olympics was 1992,


Barcelona, and I did well, and it felt like the most uplifting


sporting competition I'd ever played in. I was more professional


in my approach for Sydney. This was really the opportunity, far more


than Barcelona, to try to win a medal. And, to my utter surprise, I


I knew I was choking while it was happening and when I sat there


afterwards, my coach put his arm around me and said, you just had a


meltdown and these things If you would like to get involved


Matthew describing the other more painful side of sport. There's no


middle ground, win or lose. You have to experience the lows to


appreciate the highs. Britain's No. 1 and table tennis will be hoping


it's all smiles today when he opens the Olympic campaign. The draw has


been kind to him as he takes on Kuwait. It's the best of seven


Games. The good news is, he's two Games up as we go live to join our


commentators. Matthew is what Ian two-0. He has two game points here


at the climax of the game. It has been a really great match-up


between these two players. An opportunity now to take it 3-0 in


this best of seven opening round forehand winner. This could be a


Great Britain takes in number three. -- at the back hand. Now he leads


3-0. He is closing at these Games well. Three Games in a row. A two-


point margin. It he doesn't believe now, he will never believe. If you


believe it is your day, every game, it's a reflection of his mental


strength. He is under pressure. He's playing and 5,000 people in


this hall and is expected to win. He is a world ranked player and so


far, credit to this young man, he has won the big points. He's


showing great composure under pressure, Drinkhall. He has a


Chinese coach. A great deal of his temperament has been constructed by


this very wise coach. A top player from the Gulf, Alhasan, he has


given a very credible performance so far today. He's just lost one of


those climactic key moments at the end of the opening few Games. One


game away for a place in round two, absolutely crucial. Slightly too


fast for Alhasan under also feel he's a better player close to the


table at the net. He knows the nuances of table tennis. Alhasan,


his wrist is quite tense because of the way he held for table tennis


bat. There's very little wrist in the table and keep his dominance,


Paul Drinkhall. The venue is pretty touch. A real vibrancy to the


support particularly for, it has to be said, Drinkhall, who has


responded very well. Great play from Alhasan the, who spread it


wide and played into the back and. Second service here in the sequence


of two. That may have looked like an unforced error. It was a


cleverly deployed backspin serve to not taken a time-out, 5-2 down,


Alhasan. Each player can have a time out of one minute. By think we


might see one here. Yes. The coach is on his feet. Each player has an


opportunity to interrupt play for one minute. This is looking pretty


gloomy from the perspective of Alhasan, who has been so close but


does not a big game on the board. It is still early days. They are


still some work to do for Drinkhall, but do you think he could do some


damage in this contest? I certainly feel he has the ability. I think


perhaps, if I look over the period of the last four years, perhaps he


has not realise the potential I would have hoped. But that does not


mean to say he can't do it in the He's an absolutely splendid young


man. Let's see, in the next four years, when we go to Rio, what he


can do. Alhasan, he used every second of that one minute


double edged. There's extra support but also extra expectation and


Drinkhall and his girlfriend Joanna Parker who also won a game, it is


given an extra edge. A absolutely. They are paying players are


expected to beat and that gives an not as good as ball on the receiver


of service, Alhasan, and that is the decisive part of this match.


It's that part of the game would efficiently. Nothing flashy. To the


shot down the line. A huge roar reverberated around the venue. It's


been a great opening day for Team of forehand down the for a blind.


He takes game number for. He joins his girlfriend in a round number


two, Joanna Parker, who won earlier What a way to start on your Olympic


debut. We will have live archery for you later on, the final of the


men's team event at around 6pm. But now two three-day eventing, a bit


like an equine triathlon with their riders needing skill, courage and


endurance. It may be called three- day eventing, but it takes place


over four days, as on the first day at the horses perform a dressage


test. There are high hopes to win individual medals and as a team for


Great Britain. Mary King is competing in her 6th Olympics along


with Nicola Wilson. Let's find out inventors have long been favourites


for gold in London. And in the spectacular Greenwich park setting


they can begin their medal quest. But in the crucial run-up to the


games, injury and the incident for Team GB has opened up the door for


other nations making this one of the most hotly-contested Olympic


competitions ever. They start this triathlon with the opening dressage


phase where whores and drive up -- rider are judged on balance,


obedience and correctness -- horse and rider. There is some room for


ever -- for error, but the lower the penalties, the better the


chance for realising those golden ambitions. First up was Nicola


Wilson and her horse Opposition Buzz. Initially just reserves, they


were called into the team last month after the writ -- withdrawal


of P D French. He is not living up to his name, which is an


interesting situation. One of the top sires in world eventing. Greg


Bright the owner, Rosemary Search. -- brained by the owner. I know


that their team coach have been going up to Yorkshire a lot to help


Nicola and the opposition -- and capital opposition Buzz to try and


get them relax. So far he does look pretty good. Well done, Nicola.


did not sustain his halt, but that is good start. Maybe not the best


score we will see from the British team, but a good start for this


combination. Their best could be yet to come. This lovely Yorkshire


girl, a great favourite. A favourite with everybody. Such a


lovely character and this combination is something to behold


across the country. And if he can produce anything like his best


around here on across country day it will certainly set Britain up.


He is 15 years old now, but that He was great. He gave me everything


he could. It was a mistake free test. We did not have any blunders.


I have to be delighted with how he tried for me, and I think he did


the best he could have done today. He gave a solid performance, I felt.


Got a little excited on the last halt but it's lovely to have the


support behind us. Six time Olympian Mary King was the only


other ride in action on the first day of the dressage, riding


Imperial Cavalier. A pretty telling Amazing that she is about to start


her 6th consecutive games. -- one of the senior riders on their team.


Very straight on the entry. Straight into this bending it,


medium trot. Looking good. Nice steps. Very nice. A good change.


And the eights are still coming. just lost the last change. To Aids


and a seven, but then suddenly down to four -- two Bates. A pity,


because he was so obedient. We will see what it all adds up to. A lot


to enjoy about that test. There are their team mates there. They are


There will be very few riders more popular than Mary King. 51 years


old and as enthused and focused as ever. A what was the atmosphere


like? You have been to so many Olympic games. How was it


different? The was absolutely fantastic. I am actually quite


tearful. To have the home crowd behind Jude, and they were


brilliant. When I came in, they were amazing. They were all at


dying to clap and I had to tell them to be quiet and they were all


responding unaided what I asked. I am thrilled to bits. I don't mean


to be cheerful. The best marks of the day went to Germany with two of


the ride is achieving the under 40 scores. The best of those was 39.3.


We had to do a good job and I am happy, and now I can focus on the


cross country. Germany in a very strong position with the top two


places individually ahead of Mary Unlike the Germans and Australians


Britain have only had two riders go so far and amongst those waiting in


the wind are the world No. 1, William Fox-Pitt, and Zara Phillips,


so shaping up to be a very interesting day of dressage


tomorrow. It certainly is and if you want to seize our affiliates in


the dressage you can see that at 10:15am. -- if you want to see it


Zahra Phillips. We have some archery coming up, but let's tell


you what is happening at the Millennium Stadium. Because this is


what happened after just 18 minutes. the lead. Trying to follow on from


their victory over New Zealand earlier in the week. And then just


a few minutes later, the 23rd minute, a tremendous strike from


the Jill Scott. Great Britain 2-0 up against Cameroon. They have just


come out for the second half and Just to confirm, BBC Three, live


pictures from the Millennium Stadium, Cameroon against Great


Britain. Other options available on the red button including Anne


Keothavong. She certainly made a good start. A break of serve up


early in the first set against the former world No More. -- the former


world No. 1. These London games have got so many iconic venues, and


the archery is being held at Lord's, the home of cricket. Former England


captain Michael Vaughan looks back at the history of a ground that


I remember when I first played here, walking through the Long Room, out


of the pavilion, my legs shaking. I was incomplete or of the


surroundings. The atmosphere of the ground, its history and all of the


great players who had gone before me -- I was in complete off. This


is the spiritual home of cricket, where every batsman and bowler


wants to make a mark. When Bravo, driving towards Michael Vaughan.


That is the two that he needs. He will be another hundred for Michael


Vaughan. Lord's is one of the most famous sporting venues in the world.


How fitting that this great cricket ground, which is almost 200 years


old, plays a part in the London Olympics. It was not a difficult


decision because we were into a role to the bidding process. Back


in 2000 and to the committee took the decision to get involved in the


Olympics and be one of the iconic venues we would see during the


period -- 2002. This was originally just and duck pond in the middle of


St John would -- St John's Wood and some noble men aristocrats wanted


somewhere to play. A wealthy entrepreneur and cricket enthusiast


bought up the land and build a new ground. This ground was built in


1814, and the pavilion has been there since 1890, the third built


on this ground. The first was burned down in 1825 which destroyed


-- destroyed of the club records. The other one was destroyed in the


end of the 1880s because it was not big enough. A rich history, but not


always a proud history. In 1999 the MCC granted female membership but


up to that point women were not even permitted to enter the Long


Room or any part of the pavilion. It is not a big thing now. Everyone


is very comfortable with it. Since then the MCC have made a huge


effort to advance women's cricket with a very vibrant women's plane


section and the club, and helping to develop women's cricket


worldwide. Back in 1814 the wicket was prepared before a match by


allowing sheep to graze on the grass. Things are a bit different


today. The groundstaff worked tirelessly to keep the pitch and


the outfield in pristine condition. Everybody is worried about the


hallowed turf, but we will not touch it. Nobody will be walking on


it, no equipment will be there. The groundsmen will have daily access


to nurse it ready for the cricket season after the Olympics is over.


We are working very closely with the MCC and ensuring that we give


back aground in pristine condition. They this is not the first time the


Lords has played host of other sports. It has already proved its


adaptability. There was a famous gave a baseball in 1970 between the


Canadian and American teams. In the 1830s and 40s part of the ground


was set aside for archery, but we do not know if it was actually used.


Lord's has witnessed a lot of change over 200 years. Cricketing


greats have come and gone and now it is the turn of the world's best


archers. It is the latest chapter in this grounds rich history that


we will be about to see Britain. That is how we normally looks, but


this is it today. The home of cricket is now way home to archery


and 5,000 spectators are at Lord's to enjoy the action. To date is the


men's team competition, so let's join our reporter. First of all,


Great Britain's men went out to Ukraine earlier. Was that a match


they should have one? On paper, due to the ranking rounds, he was the


closest match they could have had but Great Britain knew it would be


a tough match. The Ukrainian team has the defending individual


champion and in their last four meetings Great Britain have never


overpowered Ukraine and this morning was no different. They were


too strong and the left the men's team out in the first round for the


home Olympics -- eat left the men's team. As far as the men are


concerned it is not over. Larry Godfry qualified well in the


individual event yesterday. Yes, certainly not all over. The three


guys have to concentrate on individual competition and Larry


Godfrey showed why before the Olympics that he said he was in the


form of his life. On Friday he shot just one point short of the British


record and was the highest scorer apart from the three competitors


from South Korea. He has been seeded in number four and is in the


form of his life. You mention the South Koreans. They have won the


last three Olympics, but they are not in the final? It has been very


dramatic. They have just won the bronze medal but they were knocked


out of being able to weave and defend their title by the USA, who


are actually the number-one ranked team in the world. South Korea


really were the team to beat. They are such a strong nation in archery.


Defending champions, world champions, world record breakers.


The strength in depth in the team is so strong that the world


champion didn't even make that team, some a real shock. But now the


final is USA versus Italy. wasn't the world record holder part


of the team? He just didn't make it. Did not make it through the trials.


Maybe they are regretting it now. So what can we expect from the


final? We know the USA won an Olympic gold in 1996 and it has


been a long time since they have come for the gold again. Yes, they


won it in 1996 and that is the last time anyone had beaten South Korea,


so they did it at the semi-final stage. They are due to meet Italy.


It is pretty evenly matched in the meetings but they haven't met that


recently. Italy got a silver medal in Beijing and are not really in


that kind of form like four years ago. The USA have spent a lot of


time and energy and a great deal of money in archery. They are taking


it very seriously. Really, everybody would bet on the USA


winning this match. And actually they have just come out onto the


field of play. That is my cue to So, let's join our commentators at


EDDIE BUTLER: Italy have got here the hard way, coming from the lower


end of the ranking system, having to play an extra game. They have a


former Olympic champion in their midst, in the middle there, Marco


Galiazzo. The United States of America were so good yesterday in


the ranking round, that they did not have to qualify for the


quarter-finals, they went straight quarter-finals, they went straight


quarter-finals, they went straight there. They beat China in the first


round, which set up a semi-final against Korea, and it really was


one of the most gripping archery matches that we have witnessed at


the Olympics. But the USA came through, they managed to overhaul


Korea, who had a mini collapse just when it mattered. Italy have not


when it mattered. Italy have not been quite so dramatic, but they


have also had to come from behind. America retain their starting order,


so it is going to be Jake Kaminski to start. The first of 24 arrows.


Divided into four ends. That's a steady nine, and the crowd have


rediscovered their appetite for the nine. There was a stage when only


10s raised a roar. The USA will be thrilled to be in this final. It is


their first medal for 10 years, this will be. Now, Brady Ellison,


ranked number 1 in the world, the American team ranked number 1 in


the world. They have been training together, living together, eating


together, for the last four years in California, training up to 12


hours a day. They have gone to so many matches, 29 international


matches in the last two years, ready for this moment. The strong


man of the Italian side, Mauro Nespoli. Marco Galiazzo, he is no


slimline whippet, but he is an former Olympic champion. So, it


elite replicating the USA so far. Here's the Gharib style of Michele


Frangilli, kisses what is called the kisser. That 10 gives Italy the


Jake Kaminski, a second nine for him. Very close family support


Jacob Wukie shoots, steps away quickly. The clock is running day-


long from two minutes, leaving Brady Ellison with less than 10


seconds... They like to go close to the clock. It is all part of the


adrenalin rush. They will be disappointed with that start, those


arrows were just skirting around the 10th. And that will not Bladon


his heart. 59lb on his fingers, when he pulls that string back,


incredible weight. He won the individual event in Athens eight


years ago. Steady nine for him. And a former world champion, nine years


APPLAUSE 10, 10 for Michele Frangilli.


Italy, two points ahead. The United States, having been behind against


Korea, will not panic. Both of Well, it is one of the major sports


in Korea, there's a circuit, and coaching posts available, and Korea


churn out the coaches. New Zealand supply the world with rugby coaches,


and Korea supply the world with a luxury coaches. -- with archery


coaches. We have seen a variety of approaches to archery. The British


have seemed to adopt the stony- faced method. Italy tend to go for


the high fives and the hollow ring. Mexico, very chirpy! America, they


The second end... No changes. America have not experimented with


a different order. Nor have Italy. Korea did, and it went wrong.


very unusual to change the order of your archers at this stage of the


competition. Nine former Delon. That's three consecutive nines. --


nine for Jake Kaminski. His dad is so proud of him, he cannot believe


his son is an Olympian. Well, he is, he is in the final. No 10s yet for


the USA. Skipping round that 10 again, the USA need them to be in


that centre. Liz my not was saying that Brady Ellison has more 10s on


his record than any other archer currently playing, but even he


cannot get a 10 yet. Yes, he got 15810s in the World Cup series this


The wind blowing down court and across it. 10 for Marco Galiazzo.


This is when your experience comes into play. They have got five


medals between them, the Italian team. Every single one of them has


an Olympic medal already. There is The last three arrows of this


Nine. On the line earns the higher A little wobble, And it's only an


eight. He was really lucky there, he almost let it go. When that


happens, you can often miss. After that, comes a 10 from Brady Ellison,


the number one archer in the world. Not in the best form of his life


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 64 seconds


Italy, at halfway, have a four- point lead. This is the same team


who qualified for the Olympics by means of the World Championships


back in 2011, winning the bronze back in 2011, winning the bronze


medal match. So, they are a secure team, they trust each other, there


are no unusual faces joining in. That must be reassuring, they know


what it is about. There is a chance that the United States might be an


exhausted team. They have been on the road, going around the world,


like no other team. Absolutely, Italy have done 17 matches on the


world stage, compared to 29 by the USA. They have barely been home,


surely?! But of course, the reason why they have done that is because


in 2008, at the Beijing Olympics, Brady Ellison came back and said, I


just was not ready to win a medal, what do I need to do? I want to be


known as the best archer who has ever walked on this planet. They


said, you have just got to get more international experience and start


winning, which is what he has been doing. Travel the world, my son.


That is a great question to ask, isn't it? How can I be better? Well,


they are trailing at the halfway point. It is the first time that


the team event has come before the individual event. All over in one


individual event. All over in one day. This, the first day, and these


are the first medals. This is what they do, they crank it up, the


Americans, they respond to the A second 10. He likes getting close


to that camera in the centre of the This for a fourth 10 in succession


for the Americans. But it is only Mauro Nespoli gets a 10. The


quality rises on one side, and it does so on the other. Marco


The Italians are the current silver-medallists in the World


Championships. They lost to the Netherlands, a very young team, but


who are shooting very well at the moment. It will be interesting to


see them at Rio. Meanwhile, in London, Michele Frangilli, with a


Jake Kaminski seems to be in the The American team have sacrificed


an awful lot to be here, staying away from their families for weeks


The loneliness is bringing out the best of them. This to end their


Normally, Nespoli takes his position behind Galiazzo. Starts


quietly, encouraging the others. Now, if there is a clock issue,


there is Nespoli, behind Frangilli, The deficit is cut. Just one end to


go. Six arrows for each team. We had tension in the semi-final, and


it looks as though the final will go to the wire as well. They will


have to start giving Frangilli extra time to get his last hour


away. It is an enormous amount of pressure in the final of the


Olympic Games. You have five seconds to shoot your arrow from


full draw. Particularly with Frangilli's style, he does take his


time and needs time to execute his shot confidently. The high arc of


the arrow, winging its way 70 metres from just in front of the


pavilion at Lord's, over the Square and into the target. It goes down


most of the way through the tunnel formed by the stance, and then


there is an open zone where the wind can kick in. You can see the


flags. Beyond the stand, there is an open area. We are ready. The


targets have been emptied of the arrows. They are on their way back


to the pavilion end. We are now down to the last four minutes. Jake


Kaminski of the US to set off in pursuit of the Italians, who lead


Glancing down, looking at his arrow, making sure it will come out at the


right time. Jacob Wukie wheels away quickly so that Alison can step


forward just as quickly. He can't move forward until the frontline


has been cleared. So, 28 out of a You can really feel the wind start


to pick up in the stadium. It does not affect the burly figure of


Eight for Frangilli. The lead is cut to one, with Three Arrows to go


Eight for Kaminski. He, until that moment, had held it altogether.


of these charges can shoot tens. They should tens all day long in


practice. It is who can shoot them under this pressure. It is 100% a


mental sport. 10 for Jacob Wukie. He took on the pressure and said,


you won't get me down. Brady Ellison, the last arrow for the


United States in the gold medal final. The target has been set. 218.


Compare that with the 224 they shot against Korea in the semi. The USA


have not been below 220 much in their last year. Nespoli, with a


nine. 18 to win. Two nines will win it for Italy. Galiazzo, with an


eight. It has to be a 10 by Michele Frangilli to win the gold Medal for


Italy. He can tie with a nine. It would go in to shoot off. But 10


will win it. Four seconds to go. is a tenth by Frangilli! The clock


was against him, the pressure was against him. He had to get the


maximum, and he did. And all that in a calm crumbles as Italy


celebrate in style. Brilliant by Frangilli. What a final. Frangilli


has now got one of each colour to take home. Only a 10 would do it,


and that is exactly what he got. Italy, Olympic team champions in


the men's division. Tomorrow, the women have their say. But on day


What emotional scenes at Lord's. Frangilli will be a big hero back


in Italy. Huge disappointment for the US, who were the favourites.


Italy have the gold. Tremendous scenes at Lord's. The women will be


in action tomorrow. Four years ago, Britain's women finished in fourth


place, just outside the medals. We are heading off to Weymouth to look


ahead to the sailing, which gets under way tomorrow. Before that,


let's tell you what is happening So, Keovathong is battling on


Centre Court, but there was Great Britain -- good news for Britain


earlier, when Elena Baltacha, serving at match point against


Agnes survey of Hungary, had victory. She won and will play Anna


Ivanovic in round number 2. Well, the big story earlier today


was disappointment from Mark Cavendish. He did not win the gold


medal. He and his team-mates lost touch with the leaders and could


not make up the time. They finished out of the medals. Now let's hear


from two of Mark Cavendish's team mates.


She there was a plan A, and it was going all to plan until the last 45


minutes of that race. What happened? We just ran out of legs.


We did exactly what we had planned, but the whole race was against us.


There was only so much we could control with four riders. We did


everything we could. There is nothing to reproach ourselves for,


but it was disappointing. There is a sense of this being Great Britain


against the world. That was exactly what it was, but we knew that was


going to happen. I think we rode really well. No other team could


have done what we are tempted to do. When you see the likes of Stuart


MacGregor, the Australians will be trying to pull it back. We knew


they were never going to ride. Only Germany were going to ride, and


they did not have enough strong guys to help us. So we were


isolated there. I don't think we could have done anything


differently. Disappointing to see Fabian Cancellara go out with a big


crash. Did you see that? I did not see that. You question whether he


can do anything on Wednesday in the time trial. Is there now a chance


for Bradley Wiggins to perhaps finish this off with a flourish?


think he will. He is in such incredible form and such good


spirits. I think we will get our gold medal there. Brad against the


world, he can wrap that up. A quick word on the crowds out on the


course? It was magic, never seen anything like it. It was phenomenal.


We could not hear anything, we couldn't communicate. We could not


hear each other, there was so much screaming. That was incredible.


I can see from the way you came in how much effort went into that.


That was a hard 250 K. It was definitely a hard day today. Yeah,


it is a shame we could not hold it together for Mark. But that his


bike racing. You had to do so much on your own in that race. I said it


did Dave Miller, but there was a sense of you against the world?


Each and every one of us buried ourselves today. We were trying to


keep the race together. But with a team of only five guys, that was


quite a task. Hats off to the guys who stayed away. Your team-mate


took the silver medal. What do you think you have got left in the tank


for Wednesday? I will be able to tell when I wake up on Wednesday


morning. At the moment, the tank is empty. I have to go and fill up


again. He will need a break. The women's


road race is tomorrow. Nicole Cooke is in the mix for the medals. The


sailing gets under way tomorrow. The British team were not at their


opening ceremony last night. They stayed in Weymouth to focus on the


challenge ahead, but watched the ceremony unfold with a large crowd


on the beach. The cauldron may burn brightly in the Olympic Stadium,


but the athletes on the south coast now have their own Olympic flame to


inspire them, lit moments ago by Ben Ainslie. The 35-year-old is the


most famous member of the team, and tomorrow he will begin his pursuit


of Olympic history as he goes for a fourth straight gold medal. The


British team overall has set a target of four medals, but the


total could be higher. Expectations are high. Let's head live to the


south coast and joined former gold medallists John Robinson to look


ahead -- Shirley Robinson to look ahead. British team management have


been cautious about their predictions for the sailing. They


have been in contention since 2000. Six medals at Beijing, four Gold.


They have medal chances in every discipline. On paper, it all looks


dangerously good. But tomorrow, all eyes are on one man, Ben Ainslie,


as he begins his quest to become the greatest Olympic sailor of all


Ben Ainslie is, in my opinion, the best sailor the country has ever


best sailor the country has ever seen, maybe even one of the best


athletes the country has ever seen. He is the name, isn't he? It just


goes together with sailing. He has got a talent that no-one else has


got. To be in a team with him is amazing, I cannot really describe


how amazing it is! U2 draw a lot of inspiration from the excitement of


the younger members of the team coming through. It might be their


first Olympics. It reminds you how fortunate you are, it reminds you


not to take these things for granted. It is not doing your job,


it is a huge honour and opportunity. To have effectively a figurehead of


the Olympic Games in your squad is inspirational. If he wins his


fourth gold in Weymouth, I think it puts him off the scale in the


Olympic sailing history. It is something I do not think about. It


comes up quite a lot, but you cannot afford to think about it.


You just think about your goals for these Olympics. If I do that, win


or lose, that's all I can do. inspirational for the team, that


you have someone who performs so consistently. The pressure never


fazes him. He always raises his performance. With some people, you


worry about performance dipping under pressure, but with him, his


performance always goes up, that's what is impressive. I appreciate by


sailing a lot more now, I enjoy it a lot more now. It takes a huge


amount of time and commitment and effort, but it is a once-in-a-


lifetime opportunity. It is true, I Joining me now is the Olympic team


manager, and the man himself, Ben Ainslie. What incredible


endorsements and support, all of those phrases - how does it make


you feel? I am not quite sure exactly what my teammates have been


saying, but we have got a fantastic team. We have done a lot of work


over the years to be a tight unit. We have spent a lot of time


together. According to one of the older guys in the team, although


not the oldest. The younger guys and girls are an inspiration for us,


with their excitement for these Olympic Games. It is great to see.


Stephen, For you, you have also got three other returning gold-


medallists - what inspiration does that give to the youngsters?


key thing is that they are able to help set the tone, to show those


young sailors that everybody has got highs and lows, and they are


able to follow their example, and see that every day, you just stick


to your routine, get one race at a time out of the way, and hopefully


they will get to the end of the week and they will be challenging


for a medal, just like our experienced sailors. You have just


come from lighting that cold and, you do not always dress like this!


-- from lighting the cauldron. Thanks for that! But there has been


so much expectation, hasn't there, especially for your event? Yes, I


guess you cannot hide from the fact that there is a lot of expectation.


It puts a lot of pressure on us, but we put pressure on ourselves to


try to be successful. The preparation has gone really well,


and after that, all we can do is to get out on the water and give it


our best. Are you match-fit? Yes, for sure. It goes without saying,


we have been working for years for this point. It is very exciting


that we are on the eve of racing. We are really looking forward to


getting up there. Hopefully, things will go well, but in this arena,


you just have to deal with the pressure, the situations, and do


your best. It is a long two weeks, isn't it? What about the rest of


the team? We are quietly confident. We think we do have realistic medal


opportunities in all 10 events. Everybody is desperate now to get


racing. They have done the preparation, they have been working


very hard. We just want to get on with it tomorrow, and hopefully we


will get off to a good start. The racing is staggered over the first


week, and then, in the second week, we will start coming to the end of


the competitions. At the beginning of the year, it was pretty tough


for you, how are you feeling now? am not too bad, I had a difficult


winter, for one reason or another. But I am in good shape. I don't


think that will let me down. The training and preparation has gone


well. It is time to get out there and do it justice. Ben Ainslie's


Competition kicks off tomorrow, but there is a lot of racing to go


before you get that crack at the podium. This is how you win a gold


medal. 10 Olympic gold medals can be won in sailing. It can be done


with a variety of equipment. Five golds can be won by sailors


competing on their own. Four can be won as part of a two-person team.


And one, like this, with three on board. Winning the Olympic


competition is a huge logistical exercise. Most classes have 10


races spread over a week. After that, it gets brutal. Gradually we


get towards the medal race. That decides gold, silver and bronze. In


sailing, there is just one entry per nation, for each of the 10


classes. It in the Olympic sailing team comprises just 16 sailors -


nine men and seven women. So, to win a gold medal, it is all about


consistency. Ben, we have not seen you start particularly well in the


Olympics, although you finish brilliantly - how important is it


for you tomorrow, with the crowd and the spectators? It would be


nice to have a good start, for the first time in four Olympic circles,


to get off to a good start, with my fifth one. But like you said, it is


the result at the end that counts. I will try to do my best and get


some good, solid results. Tomorrow, you have not only got Ben racing,


but also Iain Percy and Andrew Simpson in the Star class. They are


defending their result in Beijing. Do you have them down as a gold?


Yes, you would have to have them down as one of the favourites, for


sure. Iain Percy, double Olympic gold-medallist, he did a fantastic


job in Beijing, in very difficult conditions. They know this venue


inside out. The preparation for them is coming to a crescendo.


Confidence is high at the moment. As Ben said, there's tough


competition throughout the class, but everybody would agree that Iain


Percy and Andrew will be fighting for the gold medal. There have been


plenty of nights I have seen them coming in after dark, it means


everything to them, so whole well some that they have been preparing


for this? For sure, you cannot find two more motivated guys. Clearly,


it has been a huge effort, as it has been for everybody. But they


are a great team together. I'm sure they will be right up there at the


end of the week. Good luck tomorrow, do not give us any surprises. Last


night, it was all about celebration and spectacle, not only in London,


but also here in Weymouth. Tonight, though, there is a very different


atmosphere. It is all about to begin. It certainly is. Take a look


around the boat park. What a contrast to yesterday evening. As


you said, we had 9,000 people cheering and waving. Tomorrow


morning, in here, it will be a scene of quiet concentration. Four,


eight, 12 years of planning, and the final few checks will be taking


place, for Ben Ainslie, and 4382 other sailors, from many nations.


In the distance is Ben Ainslie's leading lady. People have said, why


don't you modernise, why don't you change? He says, they do not make


them like that anymore. I hope we will be saying that about Ben


Ainslie one week on Sunday. Tomorrow morning, he will come in


here, it will be fairly quiet, it is not the only class starting


tomorrow. There will be a few people milling around. Ben will get


himself focused and ready. He is the Master of peaking at the right


time. There is where the preparation will happen, and it is


out here behind me, among 50 square kilometres, the field of play,


where he will make the first steps in his quest for another Olympic


medal. He has lit the imagination of the public, he has lit the torch,


can he ignite our dreams, and his own? He is on the verge of becoming


the greatest ever, and there are not many people who can say that.


Thank you very much. Very positive vibes coming from Weymouth. We will


be heading off to the tennis in a moment. I have got about 20 minutes


before I hand over to Gary Lineker, and his main focus will be on the


swimming finals. At 7:30pm, it is the first showdown between Brian


So, for the remaining 15 minutes or so, we're going to head back to


Wimbledon. We are not sure if we will see the completion of this


match. It is Caroline Wozniacki, the former world number 1. She lost


in the first round at Wimbledon just three weeks ago, on this very


court, Centre court, against to mirror patients. She is in trouble


again, up against the British player and Keothavong. Let's join


our commentators, songsmith and Tracey Austin. Well, it has been an


We are right at the start of the third set. Judy Murray, looking


after the British women, looking on. She would have been very impressed


by this performance from Anne Keothavong. What can the British


number two do here? She is in It has been impressive, hasn't it?


It has. Anne Keothavong came out playing really aggressive tennis,


and she needs to continue like that, Anne Keothavong, 28 years of age


now, playing in her very first Olympics, but it means so much to


her. She needed a wild card to get in, she did not quite get in on her


ranking. She was born and raised in Hackney, very close to the site of


the Olympic Park. She currently lives in Wimbledon, not too far


Speaking to the British camp earlier, they were saying they have


had a really good practice week. They have got four women in the


Singles competition. They have practising very close -- they have


been practising very close to the Unfortunately, they did not take


part in the Opening Ceremony, but they did spend some time in the


Olympic village earlier in the week, before coming to stay at home for


the Olympics, in the case of Anne Keothavong. She has really been


inspired by this occasion, and her Nice variety from Anne Keothavong.


Caroline Wozniacki coming into the net, where she is not comfortable.


You would not know which player was which, in terms of their world


rankings, for watching this match. Anne Keothavong, ranked number 76


in the world. Caroline Wozniacki, One feature of this match has been


the Keothavong serve. She is such a good returner, and that has been


key to this performance. It has, Keothavong has improved her serve,


working with her coach. Caroline Wozniacki did come out a little


nervous in this match. She did lose in the first round at Wimbledon.


She has never been passed 16 here, so grass is not her favourite


It is so strange to be back at Wimbledon so soon after the end of


the championships. Keothavong's Why not? She has already challenged


once in this match and got it right. That was very tight. Yes, she has


Very tough ground for Wozniacki. She has been practising with Rory


McIlroy. Her boyfriend has been around as well, soaking up this


Olympic experience. Came here straight after his last round at


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 64 seconds


Wozniacki knows she has to continue Oh! What a point. Great court


coverage by both players. Keothavong has been so successful


with many backhands down the lines today. She has got the film --


former world number-one hanging on in this women's first round singles


Caroline's father and coach. He won the men's doubles here at Wimbledon


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 64 seconds


a few weeks ago. That was some Keothavong played such spectacular


tennis in the first set here, probably some of the best tennis of


her life. She played with authority and control, very precise. Could


It really has turned into such a physical match. Wozniacki always in


great shape, but so is Anne Keothavong. Very hard trainer,


Keothavong, who has come back from two cruciate knee surgery is, the


last one being three years ago. She works so hard to get back and


relaunch her career. She has been One of her main goals was to make


She was in an awkward position, couldn't control the racket head.


Or Wozniacki is starting to make Another fantastic point, but


Wozniacki comes out on top and takes a 2-1 lead in this deciding


Keothavong has been inspirational so far, but as someone who has


finished twice as the world number- one over the last couple of years


and was the world's best ranked player until about February, she


must have something in her locker, despite the fall-off in form. You


have been world number-one. Even when your ranking drops, I guess


you still think like a world number-one? She is so mentally


tough. Wozniacki does not give much, always keeping the unforced errors


down. Makes you work for it. She has such a positive attitude. That


will not be a issue for her. But I got the feeling that after she lost


that first set, she knew she had to come out with more, had to serve a


little bigger, try to dictate from the baseline more and add depth on


her groundstrokes. Keothavong was really taking control. For she was


getting too many short shops for Wozniacki's liking. It has been a


cracker of a match. The fans are really absorb and invested in this


match. You mentioned, can Keothavong sustain the level?


Catchy sustain the amount of winners she was hitting through the


first? That is what decides whether she makes it through this terrific


Missed opportunity there for Keothavong. It was a short second


Just about avoided touching the net. That is what Wozniacki is


Does she hit the net before the end SUE BARKER: We have come to the end


of our programme, so if you want to continue watching the tennis, it is


on the red button and will be on BBC Three short cliff. At the


moment, they are showing the football. That is it from me. Gary


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