BBC One: Day 11: 14.15-16.00 Olympics

BBC One: Day 11: 14.15-16.00

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Hello again from the Olympic Park. It is estimated over 1 million


people have come into the Olympic Park in the past 10 or 11 days to


witness the London Games. An estimated 5 million people in total


have been to all the venues around the United Kingdom so far. An


amazing response from the British public. The estimate is hundreds of


thousands who watched a gold and bronze medal in the men's Triathlon


today at Hyde Park. It has been a day of marvellous highs and pretty


dreadful lows for some at these Games.


Alistair Brownlee in one the 19th gold medal of the games for Great


Britain with this victory in the Triathlon at Hyde Park. Joined on


the podium by his brother Jonny Brownlee who finished a third. More


medal success for Great Britain in Weymouth. Nick Dempsey has taken


silver to make up for the disappointment of finishing 4th in


Beijing. It is his second Olympic medal after a bronze in Athens.


Phillips Idowu has failed to qualify for the triple jump final


after coming up short this morning. He had been struggling with injury


this season and his final jump was the nine centimetres too short. And


disappointment also for China's champions Liu Xiang. He felt after


crashing into the first barrier, the second time he has failed to


clear the first hurdle in consecutive games. But Usain Bolt


looked imperious again as he cruised to victory. He booked his


place in the semi-final tomorrow. And we will reflect on all of the


events to date later in the programme. We go to Greenwich Park


where there are high hopes in the team dressage. The first stop is


the North Greenwich arena. It is the last four individual apparatus


finals. And we're under way in the finals. And we're under way in the


men's parallel bars final. The third highest qualifier is the


next to go. He has been world champion on this piece of apparatus


and is the current Chinese champion. Soft shoulders, ideal for this


apparatus. And a clean handstand. Double pike, high above the rails.


And no hesitation at all. Here is the big release. This is


great stuff. Another double pike. And that is


his superb performance. That is what you call a parallel bars


routine. It was incredible, ever think you could wish for. Will his


physique is made for the apparatus. It opens all sorts of possibilities


up for different types of work. Super-strong. He has to generate


the swing. But loughs that arm out as soon as possible. Beautiful


technique. A lot of people go to the upper arms, he goes to grip.


The double pike was just a dream. That was sober stuff.


qualification the highest score was 15.86. It is that 15.966. Feng Zhe


in the lead. Anti also has some different work.


Watch carefully for the does my. -- the dismount.


He is very exciting to watch. Incredible strength on the Rings as


well. He is an all round silver medallist.


A really sharp start. Those somersaults are so difficult to


perfect, but he has got them nailed. Great opening half of this routine.


Into that double. Lovely straight body.


Just to that tiny adjustment. Of such an exciting routine. But a few


tiny performance errors. For me he was absolutely on fire. I thought


at the start that he was swinging so well he was almost going to


accelerate off the bars! Affair a bit of talk about stars


siblings today and we have two brothers from Japan going in this


one. Can they get themselves on the podium as well?


Nice and clean. Almost missed with his left hand there. Double pike.


Goes into a pirouette. Secure in that handstand. Very nice


work indeed. It is a good one! What a good routine. It is a good one.


He is looking at something like 15.8. He did not give much away.


did not and another great does not. They're using the balance of these


bars so well to lift themselves into the air. He completely Tesco.


That was where he just had a little readjustment of the hand. That was


a nice neat double back. But the parallel bars came and surprise to


him a bit. Some of the gymnasts were a tiny bit higher.


There will be a little battle there between him and his brother!


It is going to be tough. There is nothing like sibling rivalry!


He is outside the medals at the moment.


15.567 is the score to get up into 15.567 is the score to get up into


15.567 is the score to get up into the medal position at the moment.


It is all about the Tanaka brothers It is all about the Tanaka brothers


for Japan. There again that softback. You have got to keep the


spring clean. Now he is back in control. The mid-


section of his body is crucial. Steady in the Haan stand. Big


double pike. I do not think that will be enough to get up into the


medal position. The top two routines were faultless, really.


Anyone who wants to get in it up amongst those, you have to really


be pushing the boat out to be challenging for those top two


medals. That just had too many errors. But technically the start


was very impressive. He has got his shoulders above the bar of. Lovely


technique in the under its wing. Every gymnast will tell you that if


you can do that, you understand the timing. This is a pretty heavy


deduction. That will cost him a fiver! I think that was just


conference. When you see the slow- motion, he was in perfect position


to land but he just lost confidence along the way. He was watching the


replay and I think he agreed. gymnast to go. One left to go.


a story would that be, France have never had an adult on the Olympic


carrying a bit of a knee injury. Perhaps did not perform to his best


was dub but in these pieces he really flourishes. This is the


Russian parallel bars champion. not be surprised if he squeezes in


amongst those medal places. Because he has got a lovely body line.


Excellent combination to start. Lovely clean technique. Keeping


body tension. This is very good. to be in amongst the medal


positions were that. I think the important issue will be the start


value. How difficult the routine lift and you get a good beat into


the somersault. Watch it. Very quick hands, thatst a very


difficult skill and people don't give it the credit it deserves.


It's a var impressive way to get yourself above the bars, that was


smooth front somersault. Just the tiny hop here, now that will be a


0.3 deduction, the two-footed hop back. Every 0.1 going to matter.


needs a 15.566. Feng Zhe is hugging, I think, yes, I have just saw 15.3


in the background. What a shame for Emin Garibov. But Hamilton has made


his triin getting a medal for France on parallel bars, there is


your Olympic champion. Gold for Great Britain. Alstrair Brownlee


top top. Jonny in bronze medal position, silver for Spain today.


This is the men's triathlon. Podium. And very very hard-won medals for


And now Alistair Brownlee will take to the top step of the podium.


Younger brother Jonny has already accepted the bronze. Gold medallist


and Olympic champion, representing Great Britain, Alistair Brownlee.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE What a moment. The medal ceremony was delayed a


while because of a medical problem for younger brother Jonny who left


it all out in the park. Received some med kale ten shurpbgs he is OK


now, but the two brothers on top of the Olympic podium. -- received


some medical attention. Huge smile. The 24-year-old Alistair Brownlee,


# God save our gracious Queen # Long live our noble Queen


# God Save The Queen # Send her victorious


# Happy and glorious # Long to reign over us


The National Anthem. God Save The Queen rings out in the Royal Park.


Ladies and gentlemen, the Olympic medallists. Alistair Brownlee has


collected Team GB's 19th gold of the London 2012 games. The silver


to Gomez. Two brothers on the Olympic podium with Jonathan taking


the bronze, after a dramatic Olympic triathlon race. Gold and


bronze for the Brownlee family of West Yorkshire and for Great


Britain. Now we are zipping straight to Greenwich because we


were in the final stages of the team dressage event, Great Britain


has nerve won a medal in Olympic dressage, they lead the standings


going into the all-important last three rounds here. Carl Hester is


the man coming in on his horse, from Sark. Remember, all three


scores will count in the team event, there is no room for error in this


one. Will bit gold? Followed by This is his fourth Olympics. 12th


niem the senior British team and there is no more important occasion,


this man has led Britain to the European Championships, last year,


a tremendous team performance with Laura Bechtolsheimer and Charlotte


Dujardin. This the man who has set the pace. Now, can he throw down


the gauntlet and really challenge Germany? This is the moment Carl


Hester, for Great Britain, with horse will have every advantage.


Look at the extended trot. She going for it. I don't know whether


days. It is the best start we have seen by anybody, so far. It's a


Now let us see, keep the contact Carl into this extended trot. Away


we go. You won't see a better Over 83% of the good marks till


that walk. The walk might not be so good but we have time to make up


for that. It is getting tense in the collective walk. You can see


and Carl came out of it quickly but he should be more secure in the


next one, which is gone into from Dorothy Schneider from Germany


finished on 77.54. Got the canter a bit knife-edgeed for me, but he


got them. Now the half passes. -- edged. Beautifully balanced. Lovely


bend round the rider's inside leg. Smoothly away into the new


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 65 seconds


is having a look at that little Mike, as far as I can see. You tell


them. Careful here. Watch this spooky corner. It is where the


horse made a mistake in the Grand Prix. No, fine. Lovely piece of


riding. One of the finest horse men in the world, this man. Really


forward in that trot. Look at my base himself here in Great Britain


who sent him to Barcelona on the first of his four Olympic Games. It


looks as if he might creep over the 80%, and the team are happy. The


team are happy. Remember, just one year ago, helped Britain to their


first ever team gold, her Royal Highness the Princess royal with


her husband there, watching and Peter Philips. Has he gone to the


80%? Yes, he has gone to the 80%. They won team gold in the European.


It is first time Britain had done that. They won two individual


silvers. Is it going to be gold. Look that the extension! That is


fantastic. Look at that power in that horse. Flying down that arena.


And the one time changes here. This is what it is all about. Power,


speed, elegance. Control. Yes. And that is a young laid di, and that


is Charlotte Dujardin, and she, in less than two hours, will be the


third rider for Britain. The crowd are on their feet. Dare I put it


this way, but is it first blood to Britain? It is looking good, but, I


know who is the expert on the piaf and the passage and it is clear


and the passage and it is clear balding. She is there now. Clear,


after wonderful scenes there yesterday, 50 something is the new


cool of the age Olympic Games after seeing those boys go yesterday. Can


you explain in dress sadge terms, what the judges are looking for


from these performances today? and I will tell you that Carl is 45


and the two girls on the team Laura Bechtolsheimer Charlotte Dujardin


both in their 20s so similar to Nick Skelton going out first in the


showjumping team. He has set a marker there. And remember, he is


coming in on a horse that ways over 100 stone. It is picking up its


feet as if they are light as a feather. The judges are looking for


rhythm. Precision in the movements. They are looking for elegance and


that X Factor, they are looking for a horse and rider that come in and


say qvingspt "Look at me, this is a performance this is something I can


show off to you. The fluency of the movement. That was a really good


test. That will make that whole British team feel calm. Remember,


Germany have been unbeaten in the Olympics over the last seven


Olympic Games. They have set a standard that is so high no-one


thought they would get beat, but over the last few years the


training led by Carl Hester because he owns two of the horses competing.


He owns half of Charlotte Dujardin's horse. He has made sure


British dressage is the envy of the world. The next rider is in the


arena, we have two more to come. We are in a very very good position.


Thanks to that start from Carl Hester. Thank you clear. I will


Laura backdoor Scharner is going at about 20 past three. But it is


looking good because Germany and the Netherlands are chasing Great


Britain for the gold. But we moved once again to the north Greenwich


arena. Matt Baker is looking forward to the women's been final.


What nerve and skill and balance it takes to win a gold medal on this


takes to win a gold medal on this piece of apparatus. Just 10


centimetres wide. The dimensions of the balance beam


demand accuracy as well as artistry. It has a sprung servers to aid


acrobatic skills. But it is the narrowest of all Olympic platforms


so attention to detail is a must. Gymnasts have 90 seconds to perform


a variety of moves connecting one skill to the next. They use the


whole length of the beam to displayed steps. Jumps. Acrobatic


elements. And turns. Poor technique and fighting a losing battle


against balance will need to a deduction in points. Every routine


requires dance elements including a jump with legs in a 180 degrees bit.


There must be acrobatic moves, one of them has to be as somersault.


And a perfectly performed dismount. Any unplanned fall to the floor it


leaves the gymnast with 10 seconds to dismount.


It you would like to get involved in the Olympic sports, go to the


in the Olympic sports, go to the Web site.


Well we have already seen the parallel bars. And there is a lot


to come this afternoon. This is the event that has seen one of the


Champions' like Nadia Comaneci. And Gabby Douglas of the United States


already has the two gold medals and she is in this one as well. Can she


she is in this one as well. Can she she is in this one as well. Can she


make it a third? It is a good question. Before we


talk about gymnastics, we were just watching the dressage and you are a


massive fan's? I was almost a national champion


but I left to go to the United States. You said about the dressage,


it is very much a piece of cake! We're just expecting the gymnasts


to come in for the big final. We spoke about Gabby Douglas. But


others are in contention. There is a lot of tough competition. The


Romanian who was the Athens's Olympic champion.


Then Russia, the United States and China.


This been is just the width of a house brick. How do you make it


look so easy? For a gymnast if you have to think about how wide it is


then you will fall off it. You start on the floor and then on the


smaller beam and then you go until you get to this level.


The apparatus has changed quite a bit since you're Olympic debut back


in 1972. But then it was just a solid piece of wood.


When I do a turn, you can hear that. Before, I had a lot of bruises!


You were the first gymnast to do this somersault on the beam. This


was the first time in an Olympic Games. Was it always your aim to do


that bodied you think it was a crazy moved to try to do a


somersault? Everyone said it was dangers. Now


everybody is doing it. Before 1970 to be said, nobody will do that. I


said, we will see. And this has happened.


Gymnastics has come on a lot since when he last competed. And the


somersault collection is now a required skill. You will see many


impressive somersaults today. the same with a confidence thing,


if you do not think about how narrow it is? You just have to


think about the pointers for each skill that you coach may remind you


about. You do not think about what might go wrong but what you have to


do to get it right. And how do you weigh up the difficulty with the


execution? How much do you go all out and how much to think, I will


stay within my reach and do it as perfectly as possible? You can do


the most difficult routine but it is less likely then that you can


perform it as well. I have tried many different skills but you want


to get them right when you compete. You need to be confident that he


can do them well. And if not then do easier skills and perform them


better. We have spoken about that confidence. We have the former


Olympic champion coming up next. She is now 24 years old. Experience


is a big plus. The first time you are competing, it is more difficult.


Coming out there in that big coat, keeping her body as warm as


possible. Gabby Douglas has had a wonderful competition so far. Can


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 65 seconds


wonderful competition so far. Can Olympics. The Flying Squirrel!


Let's hope there are no tears from Komova in this final. This is set


interesting line-up. The top nations.


The gymnasts just making the beans how they like it. It has become


something that they like to do. It is a ritual.


Sui Lu, the first we see. What can we expect? She is the current world


champion. We know that she can deliver. Pike front somersault


immediately back into the flip. Super high front somersault with


half turn. She is the only one to perform it at this level.


Straight into the back flip. That is the first little hesitation.


Control on the spin. She is moving like that. She is going for


everything. That gives her a little bonus point. This has been a superb


routine. We need a sopor dismount as well. - first Super. That was a


great start and she is going to be very difficult to beat. Very


accurate. Just a couple of little adjustments.


She really attacks this. Very impressive. The head goes right


back. She gets her foot to the height of her head so the judges


will give credit for that. It is an E element.


She really set that double pike. Remarkable composure to perform


those moves one after the other. To link the Mall and to get through


the routine. It must be a feeling of relief. These gymnasts do a huge


number of proteins. It is the piece of apparatus that it is very


difficult to produce a good routine under pressure. You talk about the


penalty shoot-out and this is the ultimate test. Just posted a 15.5.


That will be very difficult to beat. Catalina Ponor knows what it is


like to win gold on this apparatus. It is very important for her to get


hurt rhythm. She works so fast. Just a little pause for the double


spin and that was just a little fairer. -- error.


Straight into the flip. She is on her way now.


As long as she works with this with him, she is OK. Another is of a


combination of three skills altogether. Artistic arms, she is


elegant. That was a fight. She has covered it well but the errors are


there. Two jumps that have to be included.


This was the gymnast that everyone expected to win beam. She has gone


for broke. That was one of more difficult skill than she competed


in qualifying. But I do not think she got the balance right. I would


say no, but we have got to keep the tension here! Budgeted some lovely


work. -- but she did. This could still get a medal position. But it


will not beat the first gymnast because they were too many areas


where she gave away deductions. You were talking about the double


spin earlier on in the routine as could see there was a wobble with


it. She only did 2.5 and you get credited in full ones. If it was a


triple it would have been worth more. They are very demanding, the


judges. If you're going to go for this work, you have to go for it


exactly. She had to do it if she was going to make an effort. But


there we are. She is down on her team final score. I very much doubt


whether that will be enough for a medal. You cannot tell because


others still have to come out and perform. Tiny Deng Linlin is up


next. She is 20 years old. She has been world champion. She did a


super qualifying been but has not the end of the beam at. Then a


linked. Gymnasts have to show elements forwards, backwards, side


Woods if they can. She is being precise with everything. Not quite


the same artistry with the arms and the body. There is a spin which has


That is a strong challenge. I could not see any errors. There was


nothing negative so surely that was a huge challenge. There was a


little step on dismount. Christine is the walking Code of points and


she did not make one negative comment. Here is a negative


comment! No, I was going to say the only thing the judges may pick up


on his there have points for rhythm, of the surety of performance and,


this is lovely, she did just pause quite a bit. The mere fact that the


whistle blew meant she was a bit slow on her routine than perhaps


the coach would want. It was a bit stilted. She might lose 0.1 or 0.2


for lack of rhythm. Her to steal gold from her team-mate, she needs


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 65 seconds


the moment. Catalina Ponor, the She got a silver medal at the


Europeans. She is not in with a chance. The Romanians will be very


disappointed because this is their apparatus. This is the apparatus


that they have made their own. She have to get their routine inside


will not lose marks for but she has already lost one hole mark for


what the Romanian coaches will be thinking now. Then made a


substitution but it did not work. They are very much a united team.


They will have gone for putting out the person who had the chance.


is where that chance went begging. She did everything she could, bless


her, to try and hang on. If she could have held the feet steady and


controlled it without moving the feet, she would have had a better


chance. Once you move your feet, but this was super. It was a pity.


It would have made a great competition of it all. Such high


hopes for the Romanians coming into this Olympics. Look at the


could get a gold here. It would be the first gold for Russia as an


independent state on this piece of apparatus. They have had a silver


the team, the only one who was in count five acrobatic skills in


their eight and three have to be knows if you want a medal, it has


that was very good work. Very, very elegant. It is her grace against


the precision of the Chinese, just an error at the end, good work.


is a challenge for a medal. Have to wait and see what colour it will be.


The elegance, Chris. interestingly, her qualifications


call was 15.66 so she needs to have elements. There was a tiny wobble.


I thought it was a lovely dismount. She might have taken a step back


but we have seen some with the chest down on landing so that will


quite as high as 66. Lovely to watch on the beam. She is so much


in control. The stamp of elegance, lovely work. Victoria Komova is


Ponor hangs on in bronze medal camp. Indeed. You would do if the


Flying squirrel was about to go. See if she can cling on as well as


who has a wild us here. She has won the all around and has two gold


that we saw in the all-around competition. As well as power she


has got super suppleness when she precision in the all-around.


However quickly you get back on, you lose one hallmark for falling


have won the all around to be up for so many days later. Here, a


lovely dismount. It was not to be on the been but she has had a great


championships. Indeed, I think it is fair to say she came here for


that all-round gold. She is an all- round gymnast. She is not a


particular specialist on one apparatus. The day she needed to be


on song, she was. That was interesting, a quick shot of


Catalina Ponor, literally clinging on to that bronze medal at the


moment. We did say it might be enough for the minor medals. She


did not get the foot behind. The back for it is meant to go behind


the front one and she had it at the side so it slipped down. Many a


gymnast will know that feeling. You are quite blind when you land like


that. It is knowing it is coming, here comes the pain. That is right.


But she is so athletic, really She will not have the third highest


score. This beam final has been surprising. There have been a


couple of spills. It all there's very quiet. Only one piece of


apparatus is being worked at a time. It is a test of nerves. The seating


goes right the way it up to the roof. If you are balancing on


something that width of a house brick, it amazes me you can walk


along it. They bury match have to get into their Saone and block


everything else out. -- very much. It is the peace way you are not


looking for them to raise their game. -- the apparatus where you


she did not fancy scoring less than her younger team-mate. There is


rivalry with then every team. Gabrielle Douglas, 13.633.


Komova up after her performance. It is such a disappointment with her


standards and targets she was aiming for. This one could make it


all fine. That was not a very promising start. She is such a


perfect physique for gymnastics. Long legs, very supple. Beautiful


feet. She looks like a prima ballerina and she has superpower as


well. She really has been disappointed. Half turn into rate


front somersault. She is so powerful. Those legs of belie


tremendous strength. She has had silver medals. She has made it very


clear that is not what she wanted to go home with. She threw in the


towel, didn't she? Always a bit of effortless, doesn't it? That is the


marker of a really talented performer. This is very difficult.


She sits that out as well. Two vaults. Not the way she would have


wanted to walk away from the Olympic Games. What about the way


she just seemed to give up? What will they say about that?


Russian coaches these days seem very tolerant. I have watched her


in training be quite difficult. That was the first little sign.


They will have wanted to have come home with medals - the Russian team.


She has not chosen not to do well. If it is going good, she will be on


fire. Absolutely! Her mother was a gymnast. She was in the Soviet team


in 1985. From the cradle, she has been destined to be the great


gymnast. In the American team, you have to fight your way through


three or place. She is a typical gymnast. -- threw for your place.


So much promise. She will come again. I do hope so. She is a


special performer. Suspense for Catalina Ponor. There is one


gymnast left. You talk about fight and the next gymnast definitely has


that. We will have to wait and see. Viktoria Komova has no chance of


getting up into the medals. reminds me of Lukin. She had to


fight and she became the best in the world. That is the bit what the


Russian team has to find. She tried again to get into the listing. She


had to fight for a place and, at this time, she was not good enough.


Selection was proven correct. They have come here and stormed the team


title. They had won the individual all-around. One gymnast who picked


her to replace on the team is next. She knocked out Jordyn Wieber for a


place in the top 24. She knocked at her team-mate, the current world


champion. There is Alexandra Raisman, ready and hungry. What


will the next few minutes have in store for of Alexandra Raisman and


Catalina Ponor? She has at least managed to not cry today. That is a


step in the right direction. Deng Linlin leads with a score of 15.6.


Sui Lu has 15.5. The last gymnast in the women's been Olympic final,


Alexandra Raisman. This potentially for a medal. Of course a different


style altogether. Punchy. She has not got long leggy supper nurse but


she has plenty of power. -- suppleness. Fulfilling all the


requirements. A good with them. Keeps the whole thing moving. --


rhythm. She fights well into the standing layout. She will not have


got a bonus because it did not join but she will get the value of for


the elements. She is warming to the performance. A free cartwheel. She


got the join nicely. A leap into the tuck back. And this spin. Not


quite such a perfect straight pointed Tobe but no wobble. This is


a very important dismount. Double Arabian. She is there will start


that is a strong challenge. A very strong challenge. -- she is a bear.


-- she is there. If they could bottle their grit, they would get a


fortune. This combination - she had her hands down on the beam in the


ball around and it cost a medal. She was not chancing it this time.


She was quite low on the free cartwheel. This is super stuff,


isn't it? Double Arabian. Beautifully done! What a tense wait


for her and a tense wait for Catalina Ponor. Deng Linlin leads.


Sui Lu, what could have been for her? She performed very well. I am


surprised to see tears. She is hoping. She is hoping. All eyes are


up there. Goodness me! This is a tense few moments. The gymnasts can


do nothing more. It is all in the hands of the judges. Just a


reminder, the school she needs is over 15.066. Will she go ahead? No.


It is 14.966. Alexandra Raisman finishes the competition force.


Just as in the ball around. -- all around. Tears of sorrow for Sui Lu.


It is great to see great champions of the past getting a bronze medal.


Felix Sanchez is certainly in the mix. We saw his tears of joy last


night. It is definitely eight games -- a Games for the old people. We


are back to Greenwich. We saw Carl Hester set the standard in the team


dressage. That has got the Germans and the Dutch thinking. Laura


Bechtolscheimer is next to go. She was born in Germany and raised in


Gloucestershire. Her first pony was called Peacock when she was three


years old. She is in position to strike gold if her score and that


of Charlotte Dujardin will count. Hojris, her second Olympics. Her


first was in Beijing. Her horse did not like the big screens on that


occasion. She has done so much since. A team gold and individual


bronze at Windsor. And then, in Kentucky, team gold and individual


silver in the World Equestrian Games. Then the big one when a won


team gold for the first time ever in the Europeans and then beat


individual bronze for this combination. So, she was national


champion at 20 years old. Now the test of her life. She is trained by


her father. She is advised by the twice Olympic gold-medallist. This


is very definitely trying to put Britain in a position for gold in


the 2012 Olympics. That would be the first time ever. Steely


determination in her eyes as she sets off. She is a bit disappointed


with high marks. I am sure she will try to make up for that and show


everyone what this horse is made of. Good, powerful extended trot.


actually scored 76.839 in the Grand Prix, to put Britain less than 1%


in front of the Germans. Carl Hester has extended that just a


little with utopia. She needs a bit more energy and activity. She can


be more down on her hands if she is not careful. She has got him back


up again. This is one of his highlights. Good boy! It is amazing


how this horse has developed his confidence and partnership with the


rider over the years. He used to be a real monkey and sued of all over


the place. 78% cruising at the moment. 78% of those marks,


remember. Good enough half past bit and getting him more active. --


clicking. At this point in time, it is not just her giving 120%. It is


extended walk. That is how you want to see it. Lovely relaxation,


length of stride. He is purring across the ground like a Rolls-


walk. Well done! Well done! That is lovely. That is the best when we


have seen out of the walk. Come on, Now back on the spot. Good


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 65 seconds


for the marks, 78.45 %. Good boy. He is a big horse to get there and


back across the arena. He is giving all he can, willing, in tune with


changes their which were not clean. The marks have dropped down a bit,


she stays ahead of the 76.2064 Christine spree of Germany if


trampoline. Coming up the home Mistral Hojris Hojris, the number


two for Britain! That is her father, Wilfred. The Princess Royal I'm


sure we'll be delighted with that. We are here to see -- they were


here to see his are we in the team silver medal, now well they see


Britain win the first dressage medal and will it be gold? Look at


that. A fabulous extended trot which showed all that grit and


determination. Look at him, he is changes. We did not see the mistake,


but, I did not want to see the mistake again. STUDIO: It all looks


German's right now. Clare, how healthy is the advantage with only


Well, it is healthy enough because we have just one horse and rider


remaining. That riding Charlotte Dujardin who only started riding


Grand Prix last year. Horse she discovered last year, called


Valegro, is one of the best in the world. He set a grand prix stalk


last year of 88 %. If she can do anything like that then the gold is


in the bag. The lead is certainly enough. 3:55pm is when Charlotte


will be performing on Valegro. We have had good news from the sailing


regatta today. Another silver medal from a snake Dempsey, the


windsurfer. There was also a chance in the men's 470. -- Nick Dempsey.


This was from a Luke Patience and Stuart Bithell. Let's see how they


conclusion of this contest for now. Australia have done enough. You can


just see them through the binoculars there. It is another


terriers against the experience of the Australian double-act who have


dominated this class for the last three years. They are the world


champions, no one has touched them. Australia will go into the medal


race guaranteed a silver and leading the fleet. Australia will


be the gold medal favourites. Great Britain, the only way is up because


the British team had secured silver. There will be celebrations in the


British camp. Luke Patience and Stuart Bithell have sailed an


immaculate series, better than any other British sailor. They have had


an incredible series so far, cannot say enough how consistent, how well


they have performed to be matching the Australian's head to head all


the way through this, with the experience they have and the number


of world titles. For these guys to come out in this big event, taking


second place in the last of the fleet races, it will be an


intriguing final medal race for Well played because that means a


guaranteed sold at least when they go in the medal rise on Thursday.


There will be a straight fight for gold with the Australian duo there.


I also have some news, I'm afraid it is pretty disappointing from the


Oldie's perspective. I was talking about Catalina Ponor and how


everyone was delighted with the bronze medal on the beam. That has


been a protest by the American gymnast and it has been upheld from


Catalina Ponor's perspective. Alexandra Raisman has been upgraded.


Catalina Ponor in her thirties goes home without anything. One of the


great. Super Tuesday, it is one of these things we talk about every


few years in American elections, the primaries before the


presidential election, but I think we could hijack it this afternoon,


possibility of three gold medals in the velodrome would be very CBE


Tuesday, wouldn't it? He would, following on from Super Saturday.


We are set for a golden afternoon in the velodrome for tea and GB,


Chris Hoy, Victoria Pendleton and Laura Trott are planning to have a


record-breaking medal haul. There are other options. We have been


hearing about the gymnastics. That continues now and coming up in a


moment it is the men's horizontal bar finals. That will follow this


medal ceremony and it is the women's floor final after that over


on BBC Three. On the dressage, you just saw the wonderful performance


from Laura Bechtolsheimer. Charlotte Dujardin is due to go at


3:55pm. Gold medal -- Great Britain is in the gold medal position at


the moment. That is live on the red button. On Saturday evening we


witnessed one of the most memorable evenings in British sport. Now we


are poor used for another couple of hours. Is the velodrome is in the


gold medal position for being the loudest a venue. They will lift the


Hazel Irvine and Matt Baker present coverage from the final day of artistic gymnastics, featuring the remaining apparatus finals.

Gymnastics artistic: 14.00 Men's parallel bars final 14.45 Women's beam final

Gymnastics commentators: Mitch Fenner Christine Still.

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