BBC One: Day 11: 19.00-22.00 Olympics

BBC One: Day 11: 19.00-22.00

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Jessica Ennis has got the potential to set this stadium alight. The


fastest time ever. Oh, yes! How good is that? The fastest man.


Jessica Ennis is Olympic champion. Best all-round athlete in the world.


Oh, my goodness! Greg Rutherford is Olympic champion. Mo Farah is


kicking hard. Has he got enough? Mo Farah for Great Britain. It is gold.


Christine Ohuruogu - a sterling, a sterling effort to get the silver.


He is pulling away. He is going to win the gold. Why did we ever doubt


the brilliance of Usain Bolt? Here comes Dai Greene trying to get


among the medals. Sanchez takes the gold. Moments of supreme sporting


excellence. Moments of an absolute desire to triumph and moments of


raw emotion. The first four days of athletics has had it all. Tonight,


but men's 1500m evokes memories of grainy images and greatness. Steve


Cram, 19 years old, Sebastian Coe of Great Britain and Steve Ovett,


the master at this event. The 1500m Olympic final. They will never be


caught. He is way in front. He will take the gold medal. There goes


Sebastian Coe. Steve Ovett gathers himself on the nearside. Could this


be his first defeat? Sebastian Coates gets the revenge he wants.


He is gone and down. This is going to be a real bite to the line. He


is going to lose. -- real fight. feel for the man. He has gone three


years unbeaten. He needs to fight if he wants this one. Has he got


anything left? He is going to get there. He has got it. Sebastian Coe


comes away. He retains the Olympic title will start Sebastian Coe,


back at his best, is Olympic Wonderful memories. While Lord Coe


is having a great Games, there will be no repeat of success at this


event. There is a man hoping to follow in his historical footsteps.


Asbel Kiprop, looking to match the achievements of Sebastian Coe by


winning back-back the Olympic golds and a 1500m. European high jump


champion, Robbie Grabarz puts his success down to being lazy but he


is a genuine medal hope. Laurence Okoye left it late to qualify for


the discus final but his throw has the potential to win a surprise


medal. Dittany Porter has been hampered by a back problem and


looks rusty in the 100m hurdles heat. -- Tiffany Porter. Australia


have not had their best Olympics so far. Sally Pearson is charged with


putting a smile back on their faces. Much to look forward to. Here it is


the timetable of events. The high jump has just got under way. The


men's discus gets into action at 7:45pm. There is the final of the


women's 100m hurdles and the men's 1500m. Athletics all the way for us.


Over on BBC Three, you can watch the men's hockey. Great Britain


against Spain. For the first time ever at an Olympic Games, Buchan


watch any of the 26 sports when they are on. We are continuing to


seek British success all over the place. There were tears of joy at


the Velodrome went Sir Chris Hoy it make the record Becks. -- when Sir


Chris Hoy made the record books. Victoria Pendleton lost to Anna


Meares in the women's sprint final. She leaves the Games with a gold


and silver. Laura Trott won her second gold of the Games by winning


the omnium. It was a proud day in the triathlon as Alistair Brown


leak took gold and Jonny Browlee runs in front of huge crowds. --


Alastair Bramley. Team GB won dressage gold. Nick Dempsey put the


misery of his Beijing 4th place behind him to win silver in the


last ever windsurfing event. Four at more golds for Team GB today. A


sensational effort. It just keeps going. Grand total, 47. Quite


remarkable! A busy night of track and field ahead. Time to make the


short journey to the Olympic Stadium. I am not going to make


this a regular feature but I would like to mention a remarkable lady,


Kathy from Cornwall. She is 80 years old and riddled with


arthritis. She came up from Cornwall this morning, enjoyed the


athletics. She said it was one of the proudest days of her life. If


you are at home, sitting there in front of the television with a last


-- a nice glass of wine, this is what you would have seen in the


stadium. Phillips Idowu appeared in the stadium today. He was beaten by


injury. Goldie Sayers will not have the chance to make a men's. A very


disappointing javelin for her. What did the world's most populous


nation make of this? Usain Bolt ran in the 200m of Gloucester he ran at


100 and then ambled his way into the semi-finals. -- in the 200m. A


British duo into the final of the 5000m. But for the fact that there


was Usain Bolt on the track, so much mystery surrounding Phillips


Idowu. After he crashed out of the qualifying section, there were a


couple of questions to ask. Can you explain just how difficult your


injury problems had been? I am guessing I will most likely need


surgery at the end of this season. What kind of surgery? I am not sure.


I have a problem with my right leg. I cannot say specifically. It has


been an injury all along. Most people suspected all was not well


We knew there was an injury that he sustained in that the US, but he


never came out. There was so much talk about what the BOA was


requesting from him, whether he was working with his coach, all of


those things and he never came out and addressed it himself which I


think did a lot of damage to his regret -- reputation. His


discussions with Charles van Commenee have been documented.


There was never a question about what the result would be physically


because the injury was what it was. The problem is now what people


think of him and how he handled it and the failing to produce. Denise,


we will get your thoughts in a minute but there has been a false


start in the first of the semi- finals for the women's hurdles


which means we can go live to this the French athlete. The line-up


at 9 o'clock tonight. This is the defending champion, Dawn Harper,


who starts quickly alongside Tremayne Williams. -- Shermaine


Austrian put a good lead in at the end. -- Beate Schrott. A big


occasion is when she comes to life, Dawn Harper. She had complete and


utter dominance there but who came second? It was a close call for


second. Dawn harper is a dresser. - champion. She is making a clear


statement, I am here and I will not give up my title easily. She drives


off each of the hurdles, a really good performance. She lands with


her trail leg. A real boon as she drives into the next hurdle. She


wanted that. What do you reckon? High I have looked at the computer


and it is better Scott. I thought Talking of spots, there are spots


of rain. We should have a glorious end to these games. Can you believe


in five days' time it will be over. How will we live? Denise, quick


thoughts about the two British athletes and first of all your


thoughts on Philips? I do not agree with how he conducted his business


but at the end of the day, one of our favourite athletes, one of our


best medal hopes was injured and he has not been able to do himself


justice. He has done everything he possibly can to be here. I do not


think he has jumped badly under the circumstances. His injury was


severe and I think it was a shame. Why do think he did not say he had


a really bad injury a few weeks ago? I do not know. It would have


saved a lot of speculation. A lot of negative publicity does not do


him good long term. I think with hindsight he will know he should


have handled it better. I hope he goes on and learns from this that


sometimes it does not pay to be controversial all the time. And a


quick thought about Goldie Sayers? I am gutted for her. She was in


prime shape going into these games until she hurt her elbow. She will


have to move on. We have two field event finals tonight. If you want


to watch on our specialist channels, you can do tonight. You can watch


the discus and the high jump. But there is also some long jump


qualifying going on and Jonathan Edwards will follow the whole thing.


Thank you. This is Shara Proctor. It is her second trump. She has


been in super form this year. She broke a long-standing British


record at the UK trials in Birmingham. -- it is her second


jumping, that was an excellent Jump. I will bring you in, Paul.


cracking start. Not spectacular in terms of the technique but


incredible horizontal speed. Good take-off as well. Only three


British women have ever jumped further. The athletes are ready for


semi-final number two in the heat. Sally Pearson is definitely


the world's number one for the last couple of years. She is the


reigning champion indoors and out. Lolo Jones got the silver medal.


Sally Pearson is looking very good in the heats. Tiffany Portier is


coming back from injury. Her husband who is in the United States


team, made the semi-finals this morning in the 110 metre hurdles.


Tiffany Porter was the former British record holder before Jess


Ennis got her hands on that record earlier this week in the heptathlon.


Lolo Jones is adopting a strange stance before they are called to


their marks. Those are the fastest losers so far. The two fastest


losers make it through to the final at 9 o'clock this evening. Lolo


Jones was leading the Olympic final in 2008 when she hit hurdle number


nine and was out of it. She is out Derval O'Rourke of Ireland. Sally


Pearson is absolutely blasting away. Tiffany Portier in 4th place. 12.39


the winning time. There is a following wind. What a time. A


silver medal it was for Sally in the bird's nest in Beijing in 2008.


Sallie Pears and this time is a far better athlete, a far quicker


athlete and she really means business, Colin. She ran quicker in


the semi-final and went on to set a sensational time but here yet --


yet again she has proved she is the world number one. She is


technically the best, the most efficient, and I think you can


clearly see why. Out of the blocks she shows she is a great sprinter.


She uses her trail leg very well indeed. Look at her head height. It


stays perfectly the same. There is a beautiful line above that saying


London 2012. Her head stays on that line and that is what you try to


achieve. A great shot thereof Sally world in 2012 Fawke Sally Pearson.


Jessica Zelinka came within a hundredth of a second of the time.


She set a new personal best. Lolo Jones and Tiffany Porter are the


Reports of Australia boycotting the games have been greatly exaggerated.


Lolo Jones was third there. People- watching may be amazed to hear that


she is an absolute superstar in America, the most well-known member


of all athletes there for a bizarre celebrity reason. Yes, the most


well-known of all the Olympians, she is up there with Michael Phelps


and not because of her performances. She has become a celebrity. She


went on one show and said... Had a guess what that was, we will show


you in a minute. She went on a television show and talked about


her virginity and head Twitter feed just increased dramatically. She


has become well known for that. There is a debate about whether she


should get that much attention for things like that as opposed to her


performance as. Let's move on to tonight. It could be a great moment


for British field athletes. We have not won the gold medal in the high


jump since 1906 but we have a genuine contender this evening.


Colin Jackson has been doing the guide to all the track and field


Like all jumps in athletics, the high jump puts the competitors


under extreme physical pressure. The nature of this event makes


athletes contort themselves into weird and wonderful positions. The


crucial part is the trumpet sell. The jumping let have to come way in


front of the body, the further the batter and land straight on the


ground. Then, quick as a flash, it twists and the body takes off. In


order to get enough height, the bended thinly has to fall in a


tight range, go over 30 degrees and the jump will fail. It is those


tight angles, coupled with a huge forces, which gives the body


momentum. Athletes have to lived between seven to 10 times their


bodyweight within that movement. Get it right, they go high, really


high. The ladies easily jump over 6 ft, the height of most internal


doors. The world record men's height is an 8 ft, the height of


cheer and it was for this man, Robbie Grabarz. The defending


Olympic champion, Andre Silva, did fail his first attempt. That is a


nice little confidence boost to enter the competition. This high-


jump competition will be absolutely fascinating. A number of athletes,


particularly the Russians, are very strong. He will love this


environment, he is a real showman. Pearson ran 12.39. We have already


had two UK all-comers records. Will Kellie Wells respond? Two-time


European champion - the latest title she took in Helsinki. George,


of Canada. It is funny, when you are on the circuit, because of


trials and injuries, quite a few of the women's top hurdlers are not


here. That is partly because America have so many and they could


only bring three. The athlete from the Czech Republic on the outside


was that she is 30 years of age now. -- on the outside. Tiffany Potter


around 12.729 in the second semi- final. You can see her and Lolo


Jones holding on to beat two fastest losers spots. Kellie Wells


should win this. How fast will she go? A bear off night for solely --


It is Kellie Wells pulling away. The Canadian is pushing on. Kellie


Wells will win. 12.52. Not as quick as the other races. That may mean


that if any Porter will go because the athlete in third place may have


run herself into the final. -- tick any porter. -- Tiffany Porter.


Kellie Wells is not very consistent with her upper body. It contorts in


different directions. You want a sense of consistency which gives


you control. Sometimes hurt back arm is straight, sometimes it is


bent. -- her back arm. She tries hard out of the blocks. That arm


flies out a bit too much to the right hand side. When she gets it


right, and she did in Crystal Palace, we know she can be very


dangerous indeed. At the top end of high hurdling you have to be


perfect on every occasion. At home, you can pick it out yourself and


understand what I say. You can see her body would take slightly. Her


left shoulder felt a bit away. It needs to keep very square indeed.


Her left shoulder disappears. You need to keep that nice and tight.


We know what she is capable of. Once she gets it right, bat is


defeating the likes of Sally Pierce, the world No. 1. -- that is


defeating. It is bad news for tipper reporter. -- Tiffany Porter.


Lolo Jones still makes the final How did you do it? There but for


the grace of God. I need to go home, regroup and get ready for the


finals. Come out and get a medal. Pat is my hope. I can tell how much


you were inspired by the crowd. This is what I'm like. They got


there with me. -- I like. Do you reckon there is a seven metre jump


in you? There is a seven metre jump. I am just thinking about jumping


far and trying to get a medal - whatever it takes. I am hoping to


do it. It is the men's 1500m final. That will for ever transport you


back three decades ago to the golden age of middle distance


running. He may have been the architect of these Games in 2012


but Sebastian Coe was an athlete pure and simple. And there goes


Sebastian Coe. He is looking for Steve Ovett. He is in trouble. What


a comeback for at Sebastian Coe! you are back and in the tunnel. Hit


it is. It does make you shiver a little bet. You cannot help but


look at this and drink, what if? So much happened in such a short space


of time. -- and think. Steve Ovett coming home to take the matter of


from -- that gold Madog from Sebastian Coe. You came back from


the dead really. People were not looking at me in the eye after the


800. They thought it was a lost cause. If I am being honest, I did


wonder whether or not this was going to happen for me. Back on the


track, you have not been on it since 1980. What are you thinking


now? The stands would have been full of people. This is the start


of the 1500m. This is the curve. We are all in rigid lane order, as we


had to walk out. I deliberately messed up the lane order up, which


really irritated the guy that was trying to get us to the line. I


should not probably say this but I let them all settle and, just as


they had settled, I walked back a couple of strides. I just walked


straight pack. Had you planned to do that before? It just occurred to


me. It was the combination of not being quite ready and knowing they


had got there a bit early. I thought I would lead them waiting


for a few moments. Coming into the straight, it was so different


between the a 15 hundred - the emotions. The 1500 is a different


dimension. I have been through all the gears. It is a matter of


holding your form and not allowing anyone to come back. You knew you


were probably going to win, did you? I knew I was in the right


position. I had some daylight between myself and Steve Ovett. The


guts was being ripped out of the race. When I got into the crown of


the bend, I felt strong. It was going to take something quite good


to get past me in the finishing straight. There goes Sebastian Coe.


Steve Ovett is right there behind him. Could this be the first to be


for Steve Ovett? Sebastian Coe gets the revenge he wants. Do memories


flood back right now? They do. I remember both arms coming out,


running the last couple of strides. I was criticised by Mike of man for


not running right through the line. -- my old man. The moment grabbed


me and I went down on all fours. I remember, when I went down, it was


the relief and the joy and disbelief that I had done it. You


are almost pinching yourself. Is this me? Have I just won the


Olympic title? This spot probably defined everything else I have done


He defended his title four years later in Los Angeles. Hard to


imagine that athletics can produce such strong emotions. It was a bit


like Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe. If you wanted John McEnroe to win,


you were aware of. Steve Ovett and Sebastian Coe divided a nation. --


a Repsol. It was Sebastian Coe all the way. I came in and I have


watched that 800m race. I saw the look on his face. I have watched


the 15th a couple of days later and thought, bat is the man who lost. -


- the 1500m. I thought, that is it. I am going to feel like that one


day. David Rudisha is favourite to win the gold medal in the 800m. As


a young kid, he used to study videos of Sebastian Coe running.


The extraordinary way he never seemed to be running. He always


appeared to be gliding. That is a gift. That is part of the talent -


his ability to make it look so easy. There is a tremendous amount of


work that goes into it. Sebastian Coates is one of the hardest


workers. The same thing with David Rudisha. He trains really hard but


he has certain incredible natural ability. Athletes gliding to very


big powerful men in the discus. Laurence Okoye is into the final


tonight. If you did not see the qualifying programme, his first


throw was an unmitigated disaster. He almost took her head off a


photographer standing on the left- hand side. -- the head. A big


reaction from the big man. He is safely into the final. I love that.


That is one of the best reactions to achieving anything from the


Olympic Stadium so far. This man has put on hold his university


place. He gave up a potential international rugby Korea to be an


athlete. What can we hope for him? He is competing against guys who


are 20, 30 years his senior. Virgilijus Alekna is 40. He is the


best thing to have happened to British discus throwing. If he


acquits him sub really well, anything can happen in this


competition. He has the 4th or 5th longest throw this year. He has


come through really well in qualifying. I do not think he will


be intimidated by these guys. He looks very confident. I do not


think he world -- I think he will give it all he has got. The crowd


will help as well. He spoke to Phil Jones a couple of weeks ago. What


was your reaction once you knew you had a place on to the team? That is


just the beginning of the job. You need to go to the stadium and do


something. It was a great day. It is a day to realise I am starting


on a new journey. How long has the Olympics been on your particular


radar? Two years. I used to play rugby. I left school when I was 18.


Her wish I could do both. I am really enjoying my discus.


Hopefully, be Olympics will be the time when I can look back and say I


made the right decision. I cannot wait for the combination of all


this hard work. I have to go to the Games and make sure I have my head


onto the scene and won the Olympic title. He was the greatest threat


in all times. I wonder if that is an omen for the 20-year-old a


gentle giant from Great Britain - Laurence Okoye. The bar has mood to


two point 29 metres. This is Andrey Silnov from Russia. A first failure


at two point 25 metres. 2.25m. In Atlanta her there was a bronze


medal for Steve Smith pulls up some good inspiration. -- Steve Smith.


Not the best record outdoors in championships. Very nasty. I think


it has stopped raining. Still damp underfoot. Very worrying for the


ration. It knocks your confidence. -- the Russian. The Canadian makes


his first attempt. He won the Grand Prix meeting in Crystal Palace.


That is a very good clearance indeed. He surprised us all at


Crystal Palace but has carried his for the Canadian, good stuff.


this is Warner Melo of Colombia. This would be a new personal record


for the Colombian. Not quite for Miller. A huge cheer has come up in


the stadium. We will go across to see Lawrence Okoye in the discus


very shortly. He knows the environment now, he knows what to


expect. The crowd will go wild if you get so long one out. The flight


taller than Lawrence. That throat demonstrates what potential


Lawrence Okoye has. It was not brilliant technically but it still


first attempt at two metres 29. A couple of athletes are clear


the later stages of a high jump good indeed for Robbie Grabarz. He


is right in the mix in this high jump competition. Two jumps, two


successes, just the way to start an Olympic final. I was talking to his


coach just before and he said, yes, he is in shape. His former coach


will be delighted as well, I hope she is watching. Your man is going


throw was 61.03 but he will have to final. And also one of the biggest.


Every inch of him is solid muscle. We have to say that generally, the


discus is not a young man's game. The champions' normally come in


their late twenties or thirties, even 40 years old. 65 metres plus.


Out standing. In the qualifying competition, the defending champion


of Estonia had the longest throw at 66 metres. I think that is even


further. Even at 40 years old, he has got what it takes. That is the


sort of distance that Lawrence will have to throw. The longest we have


seen so far. Is the defending champion. It was a bit wobbly and a


qualifying competition. That is his coach. He was out of a qualifying


position like Lawrence Okoye was and then he came out with an


champion, that was a surprise. He really is an outstanding jumper,


European champion, Olympic champion and so far, looking at his form, do


you think dipped 2.37 he has jumped already this season, you cannot see


Robbie Grabarz's hopes of becoming Olympic champion. The leg that


swings through, then on take-off leg in other words sometimes grates


along the ground a little bit. The spikes can get caught. But he has


it off as well. He is lucky to be here. He finished 4th in the US


trials but the athlete who finished in third place did not have the


standard 42 metres 31 so Jesse Williams got the slot. At the


moment, he is in trouble, two failures. His team-mate Jamie Nieto.


He was 4th in the Olympics in clearance indeed. Nice and relaxed,


nice and easy into the bar. There was a lot of fresh air between him


is quite a good wind here for discus throwers. It is a headwind.


Discus throwers like that, it helps with the flight of the implement.


That was massive, he leads. Now back on the track, the men's


800m semi-final is about to get two fastest losers. Andrew Osagie


is in the second one and he has a tough one but they are all heart,


to be honest. Amos is the new world junior champion. I was watching


that back this afternoon and on that day he ran an even paced race.


A very talented young man, just 18 risk of making a tactical and


watched the other two races quicker? They may be listening to


me. They are normally tuned into run. That is really quick for the


and are two Africans behind him are really talented. Amos is working


hard to stay with this. For the Polish man is moving up on the


outside, he is in the red shorts. They are slowing down but he is


slowing down the least. Amos moves out. The man from Box one there


does not have anything left to give. -- but one of. It will be the 18-


year-old who wins this. They were both there. Quick, a good start.


The standard is very, very high. There he is. They are tired. The


gaps have slightly increased. He is making a huge effort round the bend.


Young Amos, the world junior champion running well. Now it is a


race. It did not have to be a race because the two of them up pulling


away. Amos is stretching, running hard, the two of them are really


quick. That is impressive. A significant moment in the men's


high jump competition. Teeth third attempt off Andrey Silnov, the


defending Olympic champion. I'm sure when Robbie Grabarz's coach


sat down and looked through the field and the start list, this


would be one man they feared. Always a redoubtable championship


performer but he has not produced the form he has shown during the


season. The defending champion is out.


Twice the world champion is Robert Harting. A typical German technique.


The discus is really flying in the air of this Olympic Stadium tonight.


We have already seen the Iranian Gover 68 metres. There he is.


Lawrence Okoye has got a big task on his hands here tonight. The


flight was not right so the release of the forefinger was not as


Harting would have wanted it. But he is in the next at the moment,


that is for sure. He is in second place. Lawrence Okoye, the gentle


giant, just think back to the third round of qualification where he


produced a massive throw. That is going head first down towards 50m.


The overcooked it. He only has one final attempt. He has gone. My


goodness! Andrey Silnov Arab, Williams out. Robbie Grabarz is in


equal third at the moment. Early stages are encouraging for Robbie


Grabarz. Lawrence Okoye composing himself outside of the cage. He


needs to produce something good in the third round. He needs to be in


the top eight by the time he gets to the last throw. That has spun


away beautifully. The very medal lines constitute one, two, very.


Still a good throw from the Estonian. -- 3. We can tidy up the


result from the semi-final. Anthony Chemut the other fastest loser at


the moment. Another race to come. The baht is going to move to 0.33


metres. -- 2.33m. Andrew Osagie goes in the next heat for the 800m.


He has based himself in St Mary's Training Centre in London. There is


a fantastic facility there. The principle has built a terrific


organisation. He has benefited from that hugely. He has come of age. He


is the only Briton in the semi- final of the 800m. We are also


looking at the great David Rudisha. Lopes of Spain. We're looking at


the old Olympic champion, Yuriy Borzakovskiy. I think we will find


this race is too much for him. is a very tough line up for Andrew


Osagie to cope with. Yuriy Borzakovskiy, 31 years old now. We


have been commentating on him for ages. There is another athlete that


Kevin mentioned, Lopes. What the talent he is! The European champion


back in 2010 from Poland. His team- mate, adder, hanging on as one of


the fastest losers at the moment. - - Adam Kszczot. The United States a


number one, 1.4 to 3.7 T8. David Rudisha was athlete of the year


pulls up a semi-finalist in the World Championships last year. --


de Harlow club. Listen to the roar! He needs his lifetime best to get


through to the Olympic final, perhaps. The Egyptian on the


outside. Two make it through to the final on Thursday. Andrew Osagie


goes off at quite a quick pace. David Rudisha going off quickly as


well. Gonzalez, the Pan-American champion is going well as well. And


the gangster from Qatar. We're all assuming that David Rudisha will go


to the front. He is strong enough and fast enough to do that. He is


doing exactly that. The 2004 champion running from the back.


Andrew Osagie needs to take closer order. He has a chance to come on


the inside next to David Rudisha. This man could be the start of the


Olympic Games. I know that Usain Bolt has won Olympic medals. Andrew


Osagie has to do some work will start he needs to get on the


outside quickly. He looks tired but he is trying hard. It is David


Rudisha. Listen to the roar for Andrew Osagie. He is back in 5th


will start just under 200m to go. - - Fifth. Nick Symmonds of the USA


is trying to make space for himself on the outside was dubbed David


Rudisha gets away. Andrew Osagie needs to be Nick Symmonds. He is


going to qualify for a place in the final. Everybody's eyes in this


stadium were on the fast-finishing Britain - Yang Andrew Osagie has


make the Olympic final. A fantastic performance from him. We needed


someone in the final of the 800m. That was a brilliant performance. A


personal best behind the star man. He has a bit to do. I thought he


was struggling in the back straight bet he was accelerating bolster up


the Olympic champion of 2004 is starting to fade. -- accelerating.


Here comes Andrew Osagie. Nick Symmonds is a very good athlete.


Andrew Osagie has run the race of his life to finish in second behind


David Rudisha. That is better than a lot of people expected. This


young man has a fantastic coach. He has done a great job of getting him


ready. He has a won his gold medal. He has won his way through to the


Olympic final. Well done, Andrew Osagie. He is giving a message out


there. That is the emotion coming out. He must have dreamed about an


There was almost a sense of disbelief as he crossed the line.


am so happy. You plan all year for this race. When you get it right,


it is almost disbelief. My legs were quite tired today. I am so, so


happy. What a class field! I cannot believe I have qualified


automatically. I was aiming for a fast as qualifiers spot. To come


second in that race behind David Rudisha, it is pretty good. Words


cannot describe how I feel at the moment. That was your dream - make


the final and then who knows? wanted to give the crowd a bit of


the booze. This is the toughest 800m in the Olympics for a long


time. You have done a wonderful job. Congratulations! Thank you everyone


at home - family and friends and the coach and busied team so I can


get out and ran. -- the physios a Okoye. That is the last time we


will see a young Lawrence Okoye in the Olympic Stadium. His coach will


be gutted. He knows what potential this young man has. This is a


college kid from America will start he is a real showman, a bit like


Robbie Grabarz. He is very good. He is the first athlete clear at two


point 33 metres. -- 2.33 metres. He has put himself into a really good


position. Ivan Ukhov has lost his competition singlet. His heart is


complete the beating - panicking. He is putting on a T-shirt. He has


pinned it on to his T-shirt. He has to tried to compose himself for a


first try at that distance. He would have been all over the place


when he could not find his competitive best. Two people clear


at that height. Erik Kynard of the really is in the medal hunt. It was


close - it was close. The rain is coming down. He will have two more


the temps. It was a Dalton Grant type wriggle. There is a


significant result in the athletic career of Andrew Osagie. David R --


He does not have to worry about how stadium but pretty good conditions


for middle distance running. We have seen from the two quick races


already... I do not think Nick Symmonds would have expected to be


in that position. He was swift. Solomon came here third in the


American trials but did impress in qualification. He front man his


heat. Will he do the same here? We just caught a glimpse of Mohammad


Aman from Ethiopia. He is the only man in recent years to have beaten


David Rudisha. This is interesting. I thought Solomon might have put


his boot down a bit. He does not really want to push arm. In the


first heat, he went 50 and then 55. That is not the weight to do it.


bit more sensible. -- the way. Solomon now is a determined leader.


It gives him a chance. Muhammad demand is the interesting one. --


Mohammad Aman. It is quick. The young Kenyan, Tim Kitum is coming


through quickly. Solomon keeps driving. The world indoor champion


looks hungry for the fight and ready to move. Is he going to be


strong enough? Ethiopian sitting on the shoulder of the tall American -


Solomon. Behind them, Tim Kitum, trying to get on terms with the


front two. He is just 28 years of age himself. Solomon is holding on


to this will stump he has to pump those arms and keep their knees


going. Tim Kitum is taking second place. -- beanies. That is going to


be interesting. It may well be the two Americans might well go through


as fastest losers. Solomon has to be close. A smile coming across the


face of Nick Symmonds. I think that he thinks he is through. Will


Solomon get through? The two youngsters are looking good.


Solomon was working hard. He was trying to give himself a chance. I


was not impressed with Mohammad Aman until he started to move. The


Ethiopian is trying to be the first Ethiopian to win a Murdoch in the


Olympic Games. He has a real chance of that. Mohammad Aman, I think he


is the only danger to David Rudisha and I am not sure how big a danger


he is. Tim Kitum working hard for that one. Maybe there will be


tactics in the final. Mohammad Aman is now relaxed. Powering through,


the 18-year-old Ethiopian. They are so excited to find this young


talent in Ethiopia. We know they can run long distances. We are


finding out they can run short ones in the long jump to qualify. She


has had a couple of fouls. That is not quite over automatic qualifying


but it was good enough to take care into the finals. Shara Proctor is


through with six metres and 83. Robbie Grabarz is pacing around. If


nobody else clears two metres 33, Robbie Grabarz would have a bronze


two failures for Jamie Nieto, and a couple of other competitors. The


next athlete to jump will be Robbie medal but it will be very close.


The trouble is, the two other athletes thinking gold have got


there first time clearances. But Robbie Grabarz can get this. Be


reckon that Robbie Grabarz, although he would have loved to


have cleared it, he would also love the theatre of a third time attempt.


A massive crowd noise. It will ratchet up a few not just for his


third and final attempt. -- a few champion last year. This would be a


lifetime best for the Ukrainian. The crowd really developed a


relationship with the jumpers over He has enjoyed his time in London.


He did well to make the final. The next athlete is really interesting,


Mutaz Barshim from Qatar. He has a beautiful technique. I would not be


surprised to see him go clear. Mutaz Barshim is just a youngster


as well. Just 21 years old. He is tall and lean. Powerful on the


good news for Robbie Grabarz. There will be two more athletes to


attempt to meet his 33. -- two metres 33. It is good to Steve --


it is good to see Robbie staying cool, calm and collected. He needs


to remain focused. He knows he can get his height. He is enjoying the


theatre as we are calling it, the atmosphere. Using it and feeding it


is what he needs to do. Jamie NATO has decided not to take his third


attempt. He will go for broke at two metres 36. Derek Drouin is


A few athletes have brought their but not quite close enough. Robbie


Grabarz is out and ready. We have still got Michael Mason to do an


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 64 seconds


underfoot because of the early rain. and final attempt, Derek Drouin and


in for third place at the moment. You will have to see what Jamie


Nieto does at two metres 36. If he fails that, Robbie Grabarz will


have a bronze medal. Drama in the high jump, we will not


miss anything there. A high jumpers have to stop for this next semi-


defending champion from Jamaica -- Veronica Campbell-Brown. Carmelita


Jeter is the world champion of the 100 metres. She picked up a silver


medal here in the 100 metres behind Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce who we will


see him one of the semi-finals as well. Veronica Campbell-Brown finds


herself outside in lane nine. The first two and the two fastest


losers are through. The final is start. She blasts out of the blocks.


Veronica Campbell-Brown is running very well. The Jamaican is trying


to hang on here. Campbell-Brown wins it from Jeter. She said in her


interview after the heats, I need to get through. She was third in


her heats and to me she did not look ready but she was ready


tonight. She had to be out in lane nine. Jeter pushed her all the way.


Was that a good a performance for you, Colin to suggest she could win


her third 200m title? I think she found it difficult around this turn.


She is in the outside lane. She is running completely blind. She knows


this field is full of talent, especially Carmalita Jeter. She had


to really motor around this turn. I think that may have used up more


energy than Veronica really wanted to use. But she still kept going


all the way down. She worked hard down the home straight. Right now


she would have seen Iraq Carmelita Jeter but she managed to hold


terror. She takes the victory. -- she managed to hold her off.


Veronica is saying she is tired, you have every right to be. That


was a tremendous performance. happy tonight. I think I executed


the race and I am happy. We know you have a chance of history having


won gold twice before in this event. How are you feeling going into the


final? Just have to remain confident and execute a really good


race. Do you draw on all that experience you have got from the


past? Does it inspire you on the start line? You could say that. I


know what to expect tomorrow night. I know it will be an extremely


difficult event, based on the talent and the fit Les in the final.


My job is to stay focused and just run my heart out. You always do,


thank you for talking to us. Thank you. I am just wondering if there


is enough confidence there. Even in that interview she does not look


like the sort of athlete who expects to win this. We will see


Allyson Felix and Sanya Richards- Ross as well. She knows the quality


of the athletes she will be up against. Her competitors are tough,


especially Allyson Felix, the world leader at this moment in time.


Felix will be in the next semi- final. There is the result of the


the high jump competition, Erik Kynard of the USA. He says he likes


to have fun when he is jumping. I think he is having a lot of fun


today. He gets very animated when he fails this. But he is so


competitive and that is good to see. As you say, a surprise package, but


also an incredible talent as well. He certainly is. I do not think


anyone would have backed him coming into this competition. He has


hardly jumped out of the USA. One season runs into the other and then


to try and integrate that into a normal summer season. He has found


his best now. And he has found his form. What a jump from the man who


sits on top of the world list, who has jumped two metres 40 but has


never produced it outdoors. Great indoors. He could be rewriting the


just had a shake of the hands with another jumper who won the


competition four years ago and has just gone out of the competition.


This decides whether Robbie Grabarz and wins the bronze medal or not.


If he knocks it off, we have a bronze medal in the high jump to


match that of Steve Smith back in 1996 in Atalanta. It is bronze for


Britain and Brahms for Robbie Grabarz. Not much of a celebration!


A little clap. I wonder how many people in the stadium realise that.


Not a big cheer for the bronze medal for Robbie Grabarz. He


attacked it but the take-off was not very good. The brilliant young


go Tarry congratulating Robbie Grabarz. He gave it is best and he


the time he speaks to Phil Jones. I wonder if he will have wanted to


jump better than that but he has got an Olympic medal. A good


looking start list for the second history. The US championships this


year, 21.629. Murielle Ahoure of the Ivory Coast has been running


very bulk in London. She was 7th in the hundred -- 100m final. The


competitor from Trinidad and Tobago was just outside her best time in


the heat. Sherone Simpson of Jamaica next come at out in lane


eight. The Commonwealth champion for the 200m. She defeated Veronica


Campbell-Brown in 2006. The 200m silver medallist in the European


Championships in 2010. A couple of athletes we did not see but Allyson


Felix very definitely the favourite. She ran really quickly in the first


round and looked so, so easy. This is her best event by far, I think.


She finished 5th in the final of the 100m a few days ago. She goes


in lane four. The first two go already up. -- Murielle Ahoure have


pulled up here is Allyson Felix. The transition from be bent to the


straight is wonderful. Felix wins with Murielle Ahoure in second.


Exactly the same time as a Veronica Campbell-Brown in the first heat.


Surely that was a demonstration run by Allyson Felix and there is a lot


more to come. What is so scary about Allyson Felix is how she


looks so effortless when she puts her foot down and creates so much


power. Erik Kynard has one failure. The first-time clearance by Ivan


Ukhov means he sits in silver-medal position at the moment. He has


something - he has a lot of confidence for a young man. He


epitomises the American self-belief. Right out of college, bang full of


confidence. Let's have a look at the 200m race again. Allyson Felix


bought in red. She glides around this corner. She looks so


impressive when in full flight. I can assure you she is not quite


there yet. There is a lot to come from this young lady. As soon as


she came off the bend, she just switched down. She moves so lightly.


She is majestic to watch. The time tells us she is in great shape. 22


point 31. She glanced at the school board to see where she was. The


school -- the final is going to be sensational. 100 so of a second


comfortable. There was a slight Veronica Campbell-Brown was


impressive and Alison theme it -- Allyson Felix more so. What is his


meaning for you? It has been a long time coming and I finally feel like


I'm ready to put a base together. You are the favourite and now even


more so. I am focused. I am ready to work. Do you think you will have


the gold medal? I want to take one thing at a time. All the best for


the final. Thank you very much. Ivan Ukhov must be full of


tradition. It is looking like another rash and might take the


title. -- Russian. He lost his top and was in all sorts of a flap. Now


he is sitting at the top of the high jump competition with that


first-time clearance. It is a brilliant performance by the


Russian. If you are at tuning in, Robbie Grabarz has a medal - it is


a bronze. He is sharing it with the Canadian. Erik Kynard has have one


more attempt left. Here he is. He has passed his third and final


attempt at two metres 38. This is brinkmanship at the very least.


Lots of confidence but no form. Ivan Ukhov is Olympic champion. He


is following on from his team-mate, Andrey Silnov. He lost his shirt


but he got an Olympic title. That was an outstanding performance. A


great performance from Robbie Grabarz. They do not put a height


on a muddle and he will be getting on to the podium to get the bronze


medal later on. Well done! round of the discus final and Gerd


Kanter, but defending champion. He seems to like it. Bank on the line


that signifiers the lead at the moment. -- bang on the line that


first round. He has not improved since then. Gerd Kanter was out of


a medal position up until this throw. It will be close. He is in


second place. The start list for but she is not a worse 200m runner.


Two big names, two Olympic champions for Abi Oyepitan to take


on. She looked good in the heats of the 200. If she were to finish


close to either of these and ran inside... Round about 22.5 - the


quickest of her life. She ran that expect using her 100m speed out of


the blocks. Abi Oyepitan has run a very good bend. Sanya Richards-Ross


in second place. Abi Oyepitan just going backwards at the moment.


Sanya Richards-Ross wins it. All of the big names have gone through.


All three semi-finals where ran in roughly the same sort of time. I am


going to save the most impressive in terms of producing that time was


undoubtedly Allyson Felix. -- going to say. She has just been given a


slightly quicker time, Sanya Richards-Ross. From the blocks, we


expect Shirley-Ann Fraser-Pryce to be explosive and she was. I did not


expect her to run such a good bend. He would have thought Sanya


Richards-Ross would be used to running corners. She uses her 400m


strength and experience to ease away past Sally Ann Fraser price


and just take this victory. It is important for the lane draws.


Olympic record height of two metres 40. Two more attempts. Do not bet


against him getting it. Around this term, look at Shirley-Ann Fraser-


Pryce! She has a metre and a half on Sanya Richards-Ross. She is


sharp. She has run 22.09 this year. She eases across to take the


victory. Victory is important because of the main draws for the


final. Very strong, as you would expect from the 400m runner. Sanya


Richards-Ross wins. That is the quickest time of the qualifications.


Into the final with Shirley-Ann Fraser-Pryce. They both have two


through. The two Jamaicans, the 100m champion, they are the top


five. They will contest that final tomorrow night. Sanya Richards-Ross


is always happy to stop and chat. She did so. Steve Cram said in a


commentary this is Sanya Richards- Ross Peter macro event. -- B event.


It was a lot of weight off my shoulders. I hope I can get a medal


tomorrow. You have had immense pressure taken off your shoulders.


Every time you are introduced to this crowd, begin a huge cheer.


they give you a huge cheer. I'm very happy to be competing as a


champ. Thank you for talking to us. Banks, Phil. Ivan Ukhov, after he


lost his jumping shared the step he takes over from his team-mate,


Andrey Silnov, as the Olympic champion. -- he lost his jumping


shirt. Not the best of conditions for Robbie Grabarz but he has a bit


an American college kid. And Mutaz Barshim, poet Derek Drury and and


Robbie Grabarz on to 0.29 a -- if close for gold, silver and bronze


at the moment. Ehsan Hadadi from Iran, hoping to become Iran's first


ever Olympics athletics champion. But Robert Harting I think it is


enamoured with that threat. We have got a new leader by 17 centimetres.


The last throw for the man who led the final for so long. A looks as


though Harting has got it. We have seen all sorts of antics in the


past, I do not mean that in an unkind way, when he first won a


world title, he did a superman action and ripped his shirt to


shreds to celebrate. I think it is too cold here to that. Robert


Harting is the Olympic discus champion. He wins another major


global medal. Ehsan Hadadi, the first ever medal for Iran. A great


start for him. Kanter, the defending champion, fell short four


years after he won in Beijing. We have had two British throwers in


finals and both of them have finished in 12th place, first of


all Alex Smith in the men's ham and this time, Lawrence Okoye. -- the


men's hammer. Steve Smith won a bronze in Atlanta


and Germaine Mason four years ago but Robbie Grabarz has won a bronze


tonight. In the context of British sport, it resonates because that is


what the medal table looks like at medals we won in Beijing four years


ago, 48 to 47 and we are three ahead as far as the gold standard


is concerned. Everything that we hoped for has just about come


through. Charles van Commenee, the performance director of British


athletics was talking about having a metal target of eight at these


Games. Do you think the high jump would have been on that list,


I think so. Robbie has beaten his personal best, he has been


consistent. He was confident, his coach was confident. I think it is


great. I am glad he is smiling. I think he was a bit disappointed


because I think he felt he could have done better. Every sport keeps


talking about the need for characters but the Russian winner


of the high jump, he is one of those guys you want to watch him


because you do not know what will happen next. How was it possible


for somebody to lose their competitor's shirt in the middle of


the competition? Yes, that was a bit weird. Became out there with it


and where it could have gone, I do not know. I do not understand why


he had to take it off after every job. I wonder about the state of


his bedroom, probably clothes everywhere. Andy had a random


number with four numbers on it. They do give you extra ones.


British medal tally has risen to 48. It will not be increased in the


next final we will see on the track but we come on to the latest of


Colin Jackson's guides and this is the event he knows an awful lot


To win this event, there are loads of different factors that an


athlete need to get right, and every section of the race happen so


quickly that one small mistake will make the difference at the finish


line. On average, it takes a good male athlete around 0.3 of a second


to clear a hurdle and about 0.7 of a second to run between them. The


women go slightly quicker because the men have their hurdles higher,


about up to their only buttons. The distance between the hurdles are


further apart. It is all about getting a consistent level of


centre a body mass. The way to do this is if an athlete keeps their


head at a consistent height during a race, even when clearing the


barriers. When a race can really be won is in the landing, how long it


takes to get the leading leg down and start running again. The


backward movement of the leg acts as a braking for so athletes need


to get it down quick and keep moving. Do that and there will be a


Denise, you know about this as well, if you were doing a pie chart about


how you would divvy up the important elements of the sprint


hurdles, how would it be in terms of technique and speed? Because of


the height of the hurdles, this is really a sprinting event, the more


Flat speed you can carry through, the better your chances of getting


a quick time. The girls vary in height so that affects the


technique. Sally Pearson seems to have everything down pat but we


know she has a good Flat speed. Are a bit of speed endurance towards


the end. It has got a great package and it is a great event to watch.


The speed between the hurdles, that is a benefit but when you seek


Gayle divas for that the last hurdle, Lolo Jones, it can lose


medals. You can almost be going too fast. Four how would you manage


that? Go slower? No, it is not. It is that the frequency between good


hurdle technique. Gail's was sometimes a bit ragged. When you


are carrying a bat speed, you have to make sure you make adjustments


very early. This is a big moment for a small island. This the first


gold medal at the Olympic Games, 19-year-old car Rini James's the


Olympic champion. A huge staff for a -- a huge roar for a future star


of the Olympic Games. He is from the island of Grenada. They must


have been one big party there last night. He was spotted as a great


talent. He is at Alabama University, coached by a great sprinter of the


past. He is still a bit of a raw talent as Michael Johnson was


saying yesterday, but to run under 44 seconds at the age of 19, how it


can he go in the future? His country's first ever Olympic medal


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 64 seconds


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE It was a Caribbean party.


This is the first non-American ever We were struggling to remember what


the capital of Grenada was but we remembered it was St George's. I'm


sure all over the island there are great celebrations for this man. He


could win in four years time in Rio and four years after that. He has a


long career ahead of him. Here is somebody who would have loved to


have won in Beijing four years ago. For Sally Pearson, this is the


moment, Denise? It is a big moment for Australian athletics. It is not


going particularly well in this stadium but she could lift their


hopes. She has been completely dominant last year, apart from her


fall in Brussels. She is an amazing hurdler, great Flat speed and she


is here on a mission. She wants to win, make no bones about that.


is breakfast time in Australia. I am sure this has got a monumental


audience from Perth to Sydney because we made the point, with a


certain amount of pleasure, that it has not been very successful for


Australia. I am sure she must feel the weight of the nation on her,


albeit from thousands of miles away. Yes, but more harrowing personal


desire to be Olympic champion. She is world champion, Commonwealth


champion, she has been ranked number one in the world, she has


been extremely consistent over the last two years but you have got to


win the Olympic Games and that is what she wants. It is the moment of


truth for Sally Pearson and Steve surprise finalist here. Remember


the drum of four years ago. Lolo Jones was leading that race. She


hit the hurdle. Maybe she has become more famous as we were


saying earlier on in the programme, since then, not for the races she


has won. She has done well to scrape through the trials and


qualifications to get into this final. She will be banishing those


thoughts and will be looking for some redemption for what she


happened four years ago when she four years ago. The American


champion here, finished ahead of Kellie Wells. But she beat Sally


Pearson. The only person who has beaten Sally Pearson over the last


couple of years. That was just a few weeks ago in London. Two times


European champion now, most recently in Helsinki, Nevin Yanit


of Turkey. Herb -- her Commonwealth champion, both indoors and out,


Australian to win this title. Jessica Zelinka was in the


heptathlon are against Jess Ennis. She decided not to contest this


event. That would have been interesting. And Beate Schrott of


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 64 seconds


start and so does Kellie Wells. -- Pearson gets a good start. It is


Sally Pearson of Australia. She is going to forge ahead. She just gets


it, on the line. Gold for Australia! A new Olympic record.


12.35. The world champion now is the Olympic champion. She's looking


up at the screen. She's not quite sure. Harper came back really,


really hard at the end. Half a metre lead and maybe in the end it


was just enough. Oh, yes! And the emotion pours out as Sally Pearson


realises the pressure. It was immense for her to win that race.


She can hardly believe it. Great defence from Harper. But you cannot


hold back such talent. Of you cannot hold back such speed. And


you cannot hold back such determination. She was not to be


denied. COLIN JACKSON: It was very crawl.


Here because we knew the result we wanted to see how she would react


when she saw her name come up at the top of that board. A new


Olympic record of 12.35. But she was pushed all the way by the


defending champion, Dawn Harper, of the United States. And Kellie Wells


also ran her personal best in that race. A tremendous performance by a


all of these ladies. Not one made a big error in this race. You can see


the smiles on Dawn Harper's face. They can all see the scores on the


scoreboard. And they are all very, very happy indeed. Dawn Harper had


the previous Olympic record but Sally Pearson, she should enjoy


this moment. It is a special moment indeed. As usual, explosive out of


the blocks. And by this stage, she would know she is a bit ahead. And


then all of a sudden, she starts to see the lead leg appear. But Dawn


Harper, struck at the back end as always. Keeps her rhythm and the


start and her technique. And works hard awards that line. And she has


been rewarded with a silver medal and a brand new personal best.


Nothing wrong with that performance it would have done to her not to


have won that. Sally is a real tough character and she is not


frightened to say what she thinks either. She is one of those who has


made it very clear that it was gold or nothing here. She has been


training in London for five, six, possibly even more weeks. Just


outside Teddington. And these conditions, she is not fazed by


them at all. It is a horrible night and she is getting used to them


over the last few weeks. That has been an advantage. There was no


wind in the stadium so that would have helped. But not the best


conditions, only 17 degrees. But it won't stop any of these women


performing so well indeed. And look at that! For a while, Australia


have had a better day to day in the velodrome and here at the track.


well, Australia have had. A new personal best and defence by Sally


Pearson. And a new personal best for Kellie Wells. Leonard Jones


just run out of it in 4th. -- Lolo Jones. This is sprint hurdling at


its best. You want to record this and play it back on numerous


occasions if you are a hurdler because it does not get much better


than this, I can tell you that. Nevin Yanit must have been thinking,


what is happening here?! She blasted out of the blocks and just


kept going, Pearson. But a national record for her. 12.50 it. A lovely


moment for Robbie Grabarz. A lack of honour in front of 80,000 people.


-- a lap. We got three gold, a silver and a bronze to add to our


ever-growing collection. What a performance on the biggest night of


your life, and you delivered a medal! I am over the moon. I am


kind of sad it is a bronze but if anybody had said, you will get a


medal at London 2012, I could not believe it. I am so happy. Over the


moon. You make that decision to flip off before you were not taking


it there quite so seriously. Can you remind people how you got to


this point? I had just been wasting time and not applying myself. At


the end of last year, my coach gave me a good telling off, to put it


politely! He said, you're wasting my time, you're wasting your time.


Galway and if you don't want it, don't come back. And I came back


and got a medal. -- go away. I managed to get across the barrier


and see her quickly. I think she bore be proud of the decision I


made. -- she will be proud. It would not be possible without my


mother and him. They have been there through the whole thing. And


again, so many other people. Too money to thank but I will thank


everyone. You lost your funding previously and you have for your


way back where, on the big stage of your life, you have got an Olympic


medal in London. What a great story! It is fantastic. I am lost


for words and I am over the moon. I am so happy. I am sure it will sink


in eventually! Well done. Thank you. JOHN INVERDALE: As the rain pounds


down, we await one more final, the men's 1,500 metres. And there's two


great figures of athletics. Seb Coe and Roger Bannister discussing what


might or might not happen in the next five, 10 minutes or so. Just a


quick word about Sally Pearson and that extraordinary, well, resilient


performance, as the rain was hammering down. She spent five


weeks in south-west London where it has been raining, so she was


perfectly acclimatised to the conditions. Absolutely. An


incredible run. We always knew it would be a great race for sock she


stops off running quickly and brings it right home to the end. --


a great race. But Dawn Harper! Michael and I were just discussing,


had she run through may be two more strides, that probably would have


been a dead heat and closer than it came out. Absolutely. Dawn Harper


is a defending Olympic gold medallist and you will see as she


comes off that last hurdle, right here, she loses balance a bit and


Mr time baleen. That probably would have been a dead heat. -- she


mistimed it. But Sally Pearson, a great hurdler. And a super high


quality race. We saw the men last night and the 400 metres the other


night. Dawn Harper now getting silver and Sally Pearson world


champion in this race. Lolo Jones did well in lane one to get 4th


place, and so many personal bests from Kellie Wells. Just high


quality athletics. We had an outstanding women's 100 metres race


on Saturday that everybody forgot about it because of the three


medals Britain enjoyed. From what you're saying about the quality of


that race, do you think this is heading towards a vintage athletics


programme in this Games? Are it could be. You mentioned these races,


the men's 100 metres, the women's. We saw what is to come. That will


be a great race as well. This could go down in history as one of the


best. One race we have not mentioned, we have not discussed


Bolt and Yohan Blake in the 200 metres this morning, who were


ambling their way to the line. Was that just sparring? Were we any the


wiser after that? No! In A nutshell! If he vitally what was


most impressive was the other Jamaican, the young boy, he had


such an impressive time so the Jamaicans could sweep that one.


Well, here we go. The men's 1,500 metres final, which, in days gone


by, always meant British interest, but today, sadly doesn't. It


reminds us of what Sebastian Coe did 28 years ago.


That man walking away from the camera, he did not win in 2008. It


was won by Ramsey. He was found later to have failed a drugs test.


It was not until December last year that Asbel Kiprop had a ceremony in


Nairobi to receive his Olympic gold medal, which was a shame for him. I


always think it is not good if the champion cannot stand on the


rostrum. And he came to the cross- country and he said, I was the


first Olympic athlete to be awarded a gold medal in Kenya. We have


never staged the Olympics there. Kiprop, but needs to be running the


right way and find the right tactics. And I always get really


excited about this race. They have got me excited in the first place


about athletics. We have been watching this man. And Peter


Elliott, Britain's last medallist in this race, is sitting out there.


They'll probably discussing which tactics should be used. -- they are


probably. I am sure this man will figure in their discussion. Well,


you can look a bit out of sorts in more tactical races, Asbel Kiprop.


He likes it when it is fast. But the question is, how do you make it


fast in the Olympic final? His team compatriot in 2000, when he broke


the heart of his team mate, when we asked him earlier, who will win, he


said, Asbel Kiprop. This could well be the controversial Algerian, who


was initially taken out of the Games for not trying in the 800


metres. Those races overlap and his country still had cemented in that.


To be able to run in this final, he had to turn up and then it seemed


he was injured. I am not sure this man will figure. He has been a


danger in the past. Ali. Well, the Americans have very high hopes. If


it was a slow race, he is always quick in the home straight. A


former Kenyan, Ilham Ozbilen. Now of Turkey. The Kenyans think they


can get a one, two, three here. Take Silas Kiplagat. A man who


knows how to win titles. A Commonwealth champion. And this man


could be a bit of a danger, Mekonnen Gebremedhin. The Ethiopian


has improved this year. I don't know if he has enough pace, though.


Let's see. Abdalaati Iguider has pace. The Moroccan, who looked very


good in the semi-final and won his semi-final. And again, Chepseba, he


is possessed of great talent. One of the few Kenyans not to come from


altitude. And what about this young man here? Matthew Centrowitz. Just


22 years of age. For another last year when he snuck in the


bronze. And this man to go silver medal for New Zealand. Nicholas


Willis. He knows how to win medals, does Nick Willis. I think he will


be a danger here as well. He is in great shape. The men's 1,500 metres


unfurled here. The Nigerian always likes to start quickly. There was a


push, and Kiplagat was involved. Kiplagat's team-mate likes to sit


at the back, and the early pace settling down a little bit. Iguida,


leading them but he will not stay there, he does not want to lead.


Kiprop, the gold medallist from last time, moving up. I wonder who


will add their name to the list of people who have won this in the


past, including Sebastian Coe himself. Whose name will join them?


Chepseba, now deciding to move the pace on. It is not quick, it is


tactical, and when it is tactical the result can be different to what


you expect. It is not super Slow at least, it is 58.3 and that is


within the ability of all of these men, obviously, but it is not too


slow. Ali is a former Kenyan himself, and he is just keeping its


strong enough so that it is a decent pace. Centrowitz with the


American team-mate alongside him, and they will pass the 800m having


done a slower lap. Yes, the 62nd lap gives every one a chance. --


60-second lap. Nick Willis is in a good position, with Makhloufi


outside him. Kiplagat in a real battle with Makhloufi, elbows all


over the place. Nick Willis is boxed on the inside, and Makhloufi


pushes through. He has the best spot. Kiprop will not win it from


there, surely? He has a lot to do. His team-mates are at the front.


His team-mates are setting the pace. Makhloufi from Algeria strikes out.


The controversial Algerian kicks for home in a style which we


haven't seen from him. This is a victory for a man who would not


have come to these games expecting to win this race, certainly not


many thought he could do this. He has completely destroyed this


Olympic field. Here so far ahead, and it is Manzano coming through,


maybe Centrowitz for the bronze. It was very close. Makhloufi has won


the gold medal for Algeria. He won it in a manner which many will find


surprising. He was disqualified by the judges in the 800m yesterday,


and he looks slightly perplexed, wondering what happened. Kiprop is


carrying a bit of hamstring injury, and I can only suspect he wasn't


able to function fully. I suspect the fit Kiprop would not have been


able to do anything about Makhloufi. Where on earth did he get that


from? It was the best run of his life. There goes Iguida. The


defending champion is not in it, he can't function. Down the back


straight, there goes Makhloufi. The statistician has just told me he


ran 12.6 seconds for his 100m stretch. Round the bend, he


accelerates, and his time was 12.5 seconds. That blew the field apart.


That was the deciding factor, and he comes away, and it looks as if


the young Ethiopian was going to get a medal. But here comes Manzano,


the American in second place. It was at times confusing and


controversial, but Makhloufi wins the gold medal. Brendan, some


people will ask what has gone on here because yesterday he had a


doctor's note to say he was injured and that is why he had to pull out


of the 800m. He was initially taken out for not running properly, and


that is because the federation entered him in both events, maybe


that was their fault, I don't know. A doctor said this man was injured,


there was a doctor's note to say he was injured yesterday, and he has


done that today. He was reinstated on the basis that he had a proper


injury and the doctor's note was believed, and then he came away and


ran the gold medal. He wasn't injured yesterday, but because he


had entered he had to go through the motions. The controversy of


that is small compared to the conversations that have been going


on about this athlete himself. He is there, he has improved


drastically this year, and a surprise but remember more subtly


won this event back then and it was a fantastic sprint finish. That is


the result - a big disappointment for the champions from last time.


We had a great champion earlier wrong. It was a fantastic race. She


had so much pressure, she did it in brilliant style - Sally Pearson of


Australia. Let's hear what she Australia. Let's hear what she


thought about her a gold medal performance. What a performance


from Sally Pearson, Olympic champion. How special is this


moment for you? Our don't even know how to describe it because it is


like a dream right now. At the moment I am feeling released, and


now it is shock. It is a matter of going through the motions and the


emotions. You have seen me through the diamond leaks and everything


else. I have worked so hard for the last two years. My goals were to


win the World Championships and the Olympic Games, and I have done that.


You have the nation's expectations on your shoulders, let's not forget


that. For I'm sorry, Australia, but I blocked you out for the last few


weeks to concentrate on tonight. Thank you to everyone who supported


me. We saw you celebrating with your team and your husband, and you


have extended British family here now. Yes, I have my and tea and my


uncle, and my cousins. Everyone at home, my antique Janice came to the


heats yesterday and I know I will forget some people. Happy birthday


to my it's Uncle David. You are one of the most worthy champions I can


think of. You thoroughly deserve this. Thank you. Well done indeed.


Just before the women's 100m hurdles final we had Robert Harting


of Germany doing his lap of honour. He has ripped his vest off,


runaround restraint must got in the past, and this time he showed us


that the men can't jump. Robert Harting, the Olympic discus


champion. He will be in the decathlon and


next time. Michael and Denise are here, and we have been joined by


Sebastian Coe, twice an Olympic champion at 1,500m. We thought


Kiprop might be called that. What was your take on what we have seen?


It was a funny race. I'm surprised they allowed it to be run at such a


pedestrian pace. They saw in previous rounds Makhloufi had a


strong finish and I'm surprised they played into his hands in the


way they did. The commentators were speculating that you were


discussing pacing in the crowd - were you? We were, but everything


with Roger tend to be very analytical and academic. He didn't


quite understand why it had been run that way. Over the cost of the


last few days, switched the radio 1 and whatever radio station it is,


there has been a perennial debate, and I have been asked so many times


- answer the question. People try to get tickets, they go on the


website, it says tickets are available, they are there for half


an hour. They want to go and pay, and it crashes. People are cross.


Why? The have a few 1000 tickets and at any time 2 million people


trying to access the website. When they are not getting through it is


because they are one of over a million people trying to do that.


The website is not crashing, it is just the extraordinary demand. Some


people we are able to put into the system because we have contracted


the space as we have followed through the accredited seating,


some of them are a returns, but there is a massive demand.


other question is, bringing us back to athletics... Why have I got


this? Nobody was able to hear you! You are an athlete - playing rock


music during the 800m tonight, do you like that? I thought it was OK.


I tend to be on the conservative side of these arguments but it


seems all right for me. It is not unusual. The world championships,


the Diamond League. But these are the Olympic Games. We have full


houses here and I think it is important we do that. It feels


appropriate to me. Let's talk about the athletics. Michael and Denise


were saying they think we have had a pretty good Olympic Games in


terms of performance on the track and this could end up being a


vintage Olympic Games on the track. What is your take on what we have


seen? It has been fantastic. The athletes have risen to the audience


here. The spectators have been fantastic, even handed. Of course


they will be supporting hometown kids but they have given great


respect to the other competitors. When Greg Rutherford was competing,


they were still cheering the other athletes on the long jump, and you


don't often get that. I think... I have always believed that the


success of an Olympic Games is down to the athletes lead as much -- the


atmosphere. Last question, you have seen, heaven knows what you have


seen on the athletics tracks of the world over the last 50 years, where


Right at the top. I just feel he knew more than anybody else in that


race about how to conduct himself 40 minutes out. Yohan Blake is an


extraordinary talent and might even go on to win the 200. I doubt it!


But if you looked at that field and decided who would emerge from that


call a terrier after 40 minutes, it would always be Usain Bolt. -- from


that call up area. I think it will be a tougher race for him, the 200.


I am sure we will talk again. Now you know - as far as the website is


concerned, everybody wants tickets but there are not enough to go


round. You are back with us tomorrow morning and evening. That


is a stun from the Olympic Stadium. Actually, it has stopped raining


now so quite be pleasant evening. We will be back in the Olympic


Stadium tomorrow night. Let's look back now to earlier in the day and


the eagerly awaited men's triathlon. Going for Britain, two men from


Yorkshire, two medal hopes. The And they dive into the Serpentine


to begin the Olympic triathlon. The Slovakian at Leeds. The Brownlees


are in 4th and third position. And then Gomes. Jonny arrives. Gomes is


already aboard and pedalling... Here are the leaders. This group of


five Exeter the Serpentine together, in transition together, and are


leading the race to get the. -- this group of five exited at. You


can see the chase group now. They are closing the gap. Just a handful


of seconds, so these guys at the front, five it was, now it is 22.


This is what Stuart Hayes has been brought in to do. He is leading the


competition. The Brownlee brothers right there. We are hearing


Jonathan Brownlee might have raised 15 second penalty for mounting his


bike too early. If -- might have a The Brownlee brothers now head out


for a 10,000-metre run around the park. The boys have opened up a


lead of four seconds to the next best. The speed of that, my


goodness me! Alistair Brownlee, this is 100% effort right from the


very first step. Jonny Brownlee is struggling now to maintain this


sort of pace. Time will tick past very slowly. He is away again, and


still in third. He'd stumbled as he came out of the penalty blocks.


first British triathlon champion in the guise of Alistair Brownlee.


Alistair Brownlee is the Olympic triathlon champion! Jonathan comes


home for bronze. Alistair Brownlee, And here they are. The brothers,


alongside Stuart Hayes, who played an important part. Firstly, many


congratulations. A remarkable effort. You run away with it. You


must be immensely proud? Thank you very much. It was a tough, tough


race. For the first three-quarters of it, I was battling away. On to


the bike and then you're on your own, going as hard as you can. I


did not know until about two, three kilometres away. And there you


grabbed the flak. Lots of people in the office were going, I hope that


is allowed! Especially after what happened to Jonny earlier on! Tried


to describe your emotions at that point. As you can see from my face,


I am absolutely exhausted! So tired. I just want to sit down after


crossing the line. It was deceptively hot and humid and that


took its toll. An hour and 46 of solid racing so I just wanted to


lie down on the carpet! But mentally happy and delighted to


cross the finish line and even more happy when Jonny managed to hold on


to that bronze medal. Were you concerned about that, because you


must have known about his 15 second penalty? And there you are, Jonny.


Lovely scenes between the two of you at the end as well. When I


crossed the finish line, I went straight to Alastair. We are very


close and we trained together. More than just brothers. I went straight


to him and gave him a bit of a hug. What happened with the 15 seconds?


De Jim Marshall bike too soon? Were you a way you had done that? -- did


you mounted your bike? No. I have never got a penalty before in a


triathlon. I saw my number come up and first I thought it was my


brother. He was No. 30 and I was 31. I saw one of the 30s on the board.


I saw the penalty and thought, what an idiot! And then I saw it was me.


I realised I was the idiot! And I ask the British coaches would have


had done wrong because I didn't think I had done anything wrong.


And then I thought, fair point, maybe I have done something wrong.


And then I had to countdown for the race. There were literally


centimetres in it. It was so harsh. Stuart, you played a very important


role? Yes. We decided to go into the race as a team because we had


not got a medal. And I was sorely there to make sure the pace was


high on the bike and to make the run as easy as possible. And that


is what I did. Because there was a slight concern that everybody was


going to gang up against you? I knew that could happen so I made


sure the pace was as fast as it could possibly be. Alastair was


attacking as well and the other countries didn't know what was


going on. You know this man a beer, don't you?! We owe him a bit more


than that! He has got a few more night of celebration on me. It is


so great to be so good in one a particular field. How did you get


involved in the first place? It is very popular now but it wasn't a


few years ago. We are not entirely sure ourselves. Dad was quite into


something so we were outside and doing sport. -- quite into swimming.


He first gave me the idea and it carried on from there. And you


followed on? Yeah, he is the older one so I pretty much followed him


into the sport and copied his training. And he be me today it!


There were many remarkable statistics but one that came out


today was that your 10,000-metre time, you wouldn't have even been


asked in the final in the 10,000 metres of the athletics stadium,


and 20 seconds behind Mo Farah. That is quite remarkable after you


have swam and been on the back for so long. Yes, I was quite pleased


with that. I thought it wasn't very accurate but it was. I think that


is the fastest I have ever done in a triathlon and faster than any has


-- any body has done. It is enormous. Probably bigger than


going two or three minutes slower. Jonny, the crowds in Hyde Park, it


must have been incredible? Hundreds of thousands of people, it seemed


to me? Yeah. 50 Deepak some point. We couldn't even talk to each other.


I was shouting at him and he couldn't hear me! -- 50 people deep


at some point. Yorkshire are doing OK at these Games! A final thing -


you were expected to win and it must have put a lot of pressure on


you to deliver? And you did it? I was pretty relieved. A lot of


pressure and expectation but I think we did a good job of getting


it right, removing ourselves from the Olympics and treating it as a


normal race. Thank you so much to the three of you. Lovely to see


your medals. London looked a picture today. Hyde Park looked


amazing. And you did your home nation crowd. Thank you so much.


A net's turn our attention to boxing. Great Britain's men are in


a grid position to contest for some medals. -- a great position. If


Selby could fight his position against Ramirez, you could


guarantee himself a medal. The commentators at the excel arena are


there for us now. -- the ExCel Cuba. Ramirez. And his opponent is


the world number one ranked boxer, Andrew Selby, the reigning European


champion, world championship, silver medallists -- silver


medallist from last year. A fast start by both boxers once again but


finding themselves pinned to the ropes. That is not where you want


to be. No, he has got a fine position in the ring. When he is


breaking away he is coming with his hands too low. Just looking for a


response from Ramirez. A far more difficult proposition for Ramirez


boxing out of the stamps momentarily. He does have the


ability to do that. Such a talented boxer. And you said himself,


sometimes he doesn't know what he is going to do. But so much


training has gone into that. So many things are automatic and


distinctive for this young man. He is demonstrating his range of


ability here. Back to the orthodox for two offences. I think what


Selby needs now is a few friends. False attack and then launch into


another one. And then a long hook a round that guard. An exchange of


books between the two boxes. Good, straight shots from Selby but then


he was pinned on the ropes. Ramirez, recovering effectively to repel


those flurries from Selby. Ramirez moves away effectively before


giving a hard right hand to the this contest by both boxers. And no


discernible drop in pace, tempo or quality as we look to an end to the


second round. Remember, Ramirez led by one, 5-4 at the end of the third.


-- of the first. He has extended his advantage further and now has a


five-buoy advantage, Selby. can't be on them. The way he is


doing his temper, follow around him. The coach is saying, don't stay on


the ropes. And that is the mistake he has made here, Selby. He Musa


wear game but that is the mistake he is making. -- he stays away


again. And he is caught. He will get away with that but nine times


out of 10 only, but with the Cuban, he is well balanced. The quality is


definitely coming from the Cuban. Stay away from the Ritz, the


instruction was crystal clear. -- from the ropes. As we move into the


third and final round, the boxer wearing blue, representing Great


Britain, the world ranked number one, Andrew Selby. He has to


overturn a five-point deficit if he wants to join his team-mates on the


podium. If he wants to join their ranks, he will have to find a way.


Away to overcome a five-point in attack. He needs to switch his


attack from the head to the body. That was better, that one got


through, and that is what he has got to do. The Cuban is blocking


well to the head, maybe downstairs he could be vulnerable.


The place of confinement allows Ramirez to work away without reply,


and it was during the second round that he opened a five point


advantage which Andrew Selby is desperate to overturn as we


approach the final stage of this third and final round. The crowd


doing their best to encourage self- -- to encourage Andrew Selby. A


couple of those shots got through, particularly the final one to the


body. He is flowing very well now, Andrew Selby, but you feel that


Ramirez with that peek-a-boo style is not giving anything away. Inside


the final minute, and Ramirez again bulldozing Andrew Selby back


towards the ropes. The crowd continuing to encourage Andrew


Selby, but they know what the difficult task this is going to be


to overturn five points in the final round against a boxer as


talented as Ramirez. Just 20 years old, the youth champion from two


years ago, and upon on game's senior champion from last year. An


immensely talented boxer, and could he be standing between Andrew Selby


and a place on the Olympic podium? It is a strong finish to this


contest by the Cuban who beats his chest and then lands with a good


left Hough. Going toe to toe in a furious exchange to end the contest.


Ramirez is confident he has done enough. He led by five going into


the final round. Andrew Selby gave it everything but that was always


going to be a difficult margin to overturn and his body language


suggests he does not think he has done enough. He gave it everything


at the end. He was a feeling the pace of the contest in this final


round. Worked well to the body, then sticks in a left hook as well.


Here, pulling short with an attack and getting caught with a counter.


Andrew Selby this is this and walks on to a perfect left hand counter


from Ramirez. Perfect counter punching. Andrew Selby, the


reigning European champion, is about to find his fate here at


London 2012. They ladies and gentlemen, the winner with the


score of 16-11, in the red corner representing Cuba, Ramirez!


Andrew Selby won the final round but they can be no doubt about the


victor. He moves to the Olympic podium, progressing to the final


four after a 16-11 victory over England's Andrew Selby who gave it


everything. The world number one Fighter has been eliminated, there


has been an upset on the cards. Andrew Selby has been eliminated


from London 2012. Disappointment from London 2012. Disappointment


for him, but those Cubans can fight. When we switch channels at 10


o'clock, we will see how Fred Evans gets on in his quarter-final. The


cycling here has been sensational, especially for Team GB, and more


medals were assured today. In the medals were assured today. In the


keirin, Sir Chris Hoy was defending his Olympic title.


Max levy is still on the mudguard of the racing bike, and the crowd


are starting to get behind the riders. Two laps to go and Chris


Hoy has already ignited the burners. Hears on the front, and Max levy of


Germany in second place at the moment. Sir Chris Hoy hits the line


with one lap to go. It is shoulder to shoulder now as they come off


the ground of the bend. Who will get it? Chris Hoy gets the gold


medal here in the keirin. That is his sixth gold medal. He is the


greatest British Olympian. His tally, six gold medals and one


tally, six gold medals and one silver medal. Sir Chris Hoy is the


Olympic champion for the keirin. How good was that! Here he is. I


know that is the first time you have seen it. Pretty good, isn't


he? I left it a bit late, didn't I? I am still in shock. I thought it


was all over when the German guy, Max levy... Where did you find it


from? For I knew I had to hold on because if he got a full bike


length ahead of me, he could take the line. I had to fight to hold


the inside line, which is a shorter distance. I gave it every ounce of


effort I had in my body, closed my eyes, and lunch, realised I had got


it. -- lunged. I have held it together pretty well during these


Olympic Games, but you did me on the podium. I was gone, as were


year. I wasn't crying, it was allergies to the flowers. I was a


bit of the state. I hadn't even got on the podium and I was crying.


What was going through your mind? just the realisation that it worked


out. There were so many moments with losses and defeats, and when


you finally get there and experience the crowd and the


incredible atmosphere... I look a right state. It is an amazing


feeling. The best you have had? it is. I thought the team sprint


could not be topped last week, but her realise now you still have your


mind set on what is still to come so you can't completely let it all-


out. There was by far, you know, I have been so lucky to have so many


moments in my career that was special but that was the most


special. We have sound effects from clanking medals. What about the


British cycling team - why has it been so phenomenally successful?


is hard to explain. People always want to know the secret to success


and there are so many things going in to it that you can't pinpoint


one. It is the planning, the coaching, the talented athletes,


facilities, Investment that went in 15 years ago. This has happened


since 1997. It is a privilege to be part of that and to have seen it


develop. Does it annoy you, the suggestions by the French - what is


going on here? Is that bad losing? For I thought it was a joke when I


saw the comment. It is funny because the French make the wheels


for us so they should know exactly what wheels we are using. You look


at the skin suits, the diet, the training, it is all optimised. It


happened after Beijing as well, they pointed the finger then. When


you lose, it is easier to say to yourself they are winning because


they are doing something we are not. It is harder to look in the mirror


and think about what you are not doing. They made it harder to win


because now you are only allowed one person for each event. In


swimming, can you imagine if you didn't have Michael Phelps versus


Ryan Lochte? But you still managed to overcome that and get as many


medals. The plan was to stop one nation winning everything but they


have not stopped that. In the 100m final, if he had only one Jamaican


and one American, it would not be the same. To be honest with you,


personally, Jason was still always going to be the man who was the


first choice for the sprint and I was so pleased for him. I have been


impressed by everyone in the team but his performance in the sprint


was my stand out one. I was so proud of him because Gregory Bauge


is a difficult man to beat. You have more gold medals than any


other British athlete in the Olympic Games, that must feel quite


good, and Sir Steve Redgrave was there. He was hiding, and then he


just popped up. It is hard to explain. Everyone knows he is a


legend, and I used to do some rowing when I was at school and I


looked up to him. To have him there to congratulate me was quite so


real really. Rio? The eye will be watching in the stands. The


challenge is the Commonwealth Games in two years. Perhaps you can drive


the little motorbike at the front. Thanks for coming in. It has been a


privilege to watch you over the years.


That is it from us on BBC One, although we will have a round-up


programme later. Victoria Pendleton has had a gold and silver medal


today, on what has been another golden day for Great Britain.


Britain. Great Britain are the world champions and now they are


going to become the Olympic champions. They are on fire. They


are on fire! Here comes Chris Hoy, a gold medal for Great Britain and


a new world record. Jason Kenny has got the head of the race and


Gregory Bauge will not take it. Jason Kenny is the sprint champion.


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