BBC One: Day 12: 09.00-11.30 Olympics

BBC One: Day 12: 09.00-11.30

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the Olympic champion. -- Sir Chris Hoy is the Olympic


Welcome to date world of London 2012. These are the most successful


There is plenty to look forward to, right from the word go. Tim


Brabants defences kayak Olympic title this morning, he only just


qualified but could he get a medal at Eton Dorney? After his super


Saturday, Mo Farah is back on track. Can the 5,000-metre world and


Olympic champion at the Olympic title to complete an historic


double? Lynsey Sharpe goes for Great Britain in the 800 metres


heats. Can she justified her controversial selection. We will be


at the Olympic Stadium from 10 o'clock but before that we off to


Eton Dorney for the canoe sprint. The home of rowing has been a happy


hunting ground, can Tim Brabants He go first up on BBC Three,


taekwondo from the ExCeL. Table tennis and sailing to come later on


We just want to show you what it is like outside our BBC studios in the


Olympic Park. A wonderful crowd, welcoming us on air and perhaps


jeering bill and Hazel from Breakfast out of the way -- perhaps


Sir Chris Hoy it is here, they are pleased to see them. A really great


reception. Yesterday brought some stunning gold medal performances,


from triathlon to Cycling to equestrian. The gold in the team


dressage was not only broke Britain's Olympic medal in that


event but it has a special place because that was the moment we


surpassed the tally of 19 gold medals in Beijing. That was the


20th gold medal of these Games. The cycling gold medals took us to what


you see on the medal table. 48 medals is what UK Sport was


targeting for these Games, we are looking very secure. There are


guaranteed medals in the boxing so the half-century is secure. No


wonder it was all smiles at Greenwich Park, when our dress


large three delivered the historic Britain could bring another gold,


and the celebrations are still going on from the wonderful gold


medal produced by the British showjumper as yesterday. The next


horse comes in. But is Great Britain's car has to. -- that is


Great Britain's Carl Hester. This is the moment, Carl Hester for


Great Britain, with this lovely horse, Utopia. I can't believe the


timing. The three of us have three great horses when London decided to


host the Olympics. You won't see a better extended trot. Beautiful


balance, a lovely bend. This rider, it looks as if he might creep over


the 80%. And the team are happy. is the proudest moment of my life


and I am so glad to have made it one more Olympics, and come with


expectations that we are able to deliver. Now Laura Bechtolsheimer,


long-standing partnership, it feels amazing to have been part of this


long progression. It is amazing how this horse has developed its


confidence and partnership with Laura. He has been on a huge year


and hopefully to finish with a gold medal, I am so proud of the journey


Princess Royal will be delighted with that. What can this young lady


do? Charlotte Dujardin, this is for gold for Great Britain. I was a bit


more nervous today, because I wanted to come home with a gold


medal. Just hold on to your hats, let's hope she keeps this extended


trot under control. I wanted to do everybody proud, it was a great


feeling. She has made history. They know, and Charlotte nos. She has


won Britain's first ever gold in Britain -- in dressage. The first


of a medal, and it is a gold. Unbelievable timing. I can't tell


you how it feels. So many people supporting us, it makes its super


special. Taking it all in. Carl Hester, Loral Bechtolsheimer and


Charlotte Dujardin. It -- Laura What a wonderful moment, and they


are all with me. Congratulations. You must have hoped you would win


any medals, but to see you all sitting here with your gold medals.


How does it feel? The timing has been amazing. We had these three


great horses or at the same time. They were all with us here for


London. They are very different ages. Lloris is very experienced at


17, Charlotte has the youngest at 10 -- Laura's is very experienced.


The younger horse known as the Lionel Messi of dressage, explain


why. I only really started last year with that horse. He was only


nine last year, I started last year at the Grand Prix. We had never


competed at an Olympics. It was great. What has your experience


been like? Some of us may not have watched that much grass arch before


the big moment yesterday. What does it take to get out there and


produce that result? It kind of depends on your horse. Mine is 17


years old but he has been quite a long-winded project. Mentally, he


found the movements and a rethink quite easily but he found coping


with the pressures of competition most difficult -- the movements and


everything. It has taken me to a long time to ride him in front of


25,000 people and still keep him under control and pull off a good


performance. There are big crowds. That kind of crowd at Greenwich was


extraordinary. Yes, we are not used to riding in that a -- in front of


-- in front of that kind of audience. It is popular in Europe


When you right into a stadium like that, it is a very different


feeling. -- when you ride into. The atmosphere can create tension and


then you have something else to deal with. Dressage has to look


relaxed and easy. Sometimes when you ride in, especially with a home


crowd... One of the first movement's you have to do is to


canter down the centre line and standstill. Try telling your horse


to do that when he has just got very excited. You have to really


have to have the horse on side. that one of the hardest things


about it? Yes, it takes years to build that up. We have been riding


courses for six or seven years. Getting that bond and trust for


them to be able to relax and enjoy it. This is your routine. Your


worst nightmare is that something Is always a worry. We have to take


care. They are looked after very carefully. We hope nothing does


happen. What was your routine like? You plants that particular routine


and you're trying to bring out the best in your was -- you plant that


particular routine. It was a new test for this year. A slightly


shortened format. We have had at year to practise it. It is quite


strange when you first ride a new test. Because you are used to


riding the same tests all the time. It was quite interesting, getting


our heads around the new routine. You keep thinking you have to turn


left, right. You practise it at home, you try to complete the


routines and a certain amount of time. It shouldn't be too difficult.


A Grand Prix dressage horse is supposed to be very well trained.


And if you ask it to do something, that is what it is supposed to do.


We can safely say that the horses and riders got their heads around


unsuccessfully yesterday. There is an interesting story linking you,


wasn't it Laura's parents who gave you one of your big break? It was.


I am from the Channel Islands. I came to England because I wanted to


work with horses. I had a job as a groom and a rider for a family. I


was getting to the point where I didn't think I was going to be able


to stay. And make a living. Laura's father by a telephone to the


selectors, who were looking after the under 21s, and said, if there


was anybody they thought was looking for a job or had the talent


to be a rider for them. I it had an interview, I got the job. Laura was


about three years old at the time. She remembers because I did things


like locking her in rooms when she was a child! War the Charlotte came


She came to work with me and has been with my fault six years --


with me for six years. She started at the bottom like everyone else. I


put her and her horse together as a partnership. There are lots of


talented people but if somebody doesn't give her a break, you never


get seen again. I was fortunate I was able to do what her father did


for me. Was he a hard taskmaster? He is great. He is always fun. He


makes it really enjoyable. first wanted to be a jockey, you


wasn't -- you were not sure that dressage was for you. Yes. I was


always trained by a dressage trainer who tried to get me to


Dhoot dressage when I was doing the showjumping. -- get me to do


They knew all ended up at the top of the medal table. -- then it you


all ended up. Charlotte ended up with a higher score than you did.


That is true. Yesterday morning, I read in the paper, that they


thought that coal will end up working for Charlotte after today.


I thought, that is not going to happen -- that Carl will end up


What happens next to the horses? They are worth a lot of money. Will


they be in another Olympics? They should both be in another Olympics.


Not necessarily with us. They are 10 or 11 years old. They have part


owners, and they have specifically kept them for us so that we could


do the Olympics. And it has all worked out. It is a fairy-tale


story. We have to discuss what happens next when we get home. But


there is a not -- always another horse to train and bring on.


after you have developed a bond with a horse, it must be sad to


think of not working with it any more. Have you seen the papers this


morning? There is a rather unfortunate picture on the front of


the Daily Express, which is celebrating Britain's gold medals,


but has a picture of the Dutch bronze medallists rather than the


three of you. Hopefully, this kind of thing will not happen in the


future, because you have put dressage on the map. They are also


two girls in a boy -- and a boy, nothing like as! It is a shame


things like that happened. We work extremely hard at our sport. It has


taken years to get to this level. It is fantastic that we managed to


bring it to the front, because people's perception of it has not


always been great. But we are three very hard-working people. Lots of


people will think, this is a very expensive hobby or sport to be part


of. It takes a lot of money to have a horse at this level and be able


to train it. For us, the main legacy to leave behind after the


equestrian Olympics is trying to show, like car was saying in the


interviews yesterday, we are three people from extremely different


backgrounds who have all had different pasta getting here. We


what show that equestrian sport is for anyone who wants to get into it.


There are ways of accessing different disciplines and getting


involved, if you are prepared to put in the hard work and have


talent. You can make your own way to the top. And your route into it


was just that you loved horses, Charlotte? It was just a passion


and a dream and a fight. It was something I always wanted to do,


and I didn't want to give up on it. It is mad to think I have done it


now and got a gold medal. At being equestrians, you could have many


more Olympics ahead of you. We have been asking all the Olympians about


stamps and postboxes. There are stumps already on sale. In terms of


the postboxes, will yours be in Sark? Five think so. There is only


one postbox in Sark. It is probably very rusty and very old and has


stood there for years. I hope they are excited to have a gold one on


the island. There are only 600 people there. So in the age of us


are all using telephones, I will have to write a letter so that I


can put my own letter through the post box! Its sounds like it is


time that postbox had a fresh lick of paint. Thank you for being with


us this morning. Congratulations again. You are all going on to


compete individually. That is tomorrow, when you will compete


against each other. Tomorrow, it is the top 18 from yesterday's test.


The three of us have all qualified, and we are all in the last group


together. Charlotte is only two after me, so maybe I'll get my


chance to beat her cheques we will Thank you very much. Enjoyed a


golden glow you are all basking in. The it was a really dramatic day at


Greenwich yesterday, as it was in the velodrome.


It was somewhere there were always high hopes for Britain from the


start, but few dared to dream that the seven Cycling golds collected


in Beijing could be matched. More of us should have been daring,


because Britain's cyclists were in seventh heaven again, repeating


Britain are the world champions, and they will now become the


Olympic champions! They are on fire! Hit comes Chris Hoy! Gold


medal for Great Britain, a new world record! If Kenny is the


Olympic sprint champion! He wins the gold Medal, and he won it in


style. Victoria Pendleton has ignited the burners! She is the


Olympic keirin champion. The gold medal is Great Britain's! Oh, look


at the time! It is a new world record. Laura Trott is on fire!


Victoria Pendleton's career Wrens on a silver medal. Chris Hoy gets a


So great # God save our gracious Queen.


Seven golds in the velodrome. No other nation won more than one. It


is a personal milestone for Sir Chris Hoy, who has now surpassed


Sir Steve Redgrave's record of five Olympic gold medals. At the end of


a night to remember, we brought two remarkable sportsmen together.


Absolutely amazing. Are you going to race in the Olympics again?


has to be done. Wonderful to see you here,


celebrating. 11 gold medals between you. Steve is an inspiration. I


used to be a role as a schoolboy. We looked up to Steve and all the


rowers. To me, he will always be the greatest, no matter how many


medals anybody wins. He has an inspiration and he won a five


consecutive medals, which is different to winning multiple golds.


We saw the family all here. The emotion bubbled over. Before I got


on the podium. I was watching the athletics yesterday, and I was


getting emotional watching Felix Sanchez. When you realise how many


things have not gone well over the last four years, you doubt yourself


and take nothing for granted. Seeing Vicky's race, everyone was


expecting her to win. But you can take nothing for granted. Nothing


is assured. I wanted to do the best I could. I was going to celebrate


any medal, a bronze, silver or gold. The audience have given us that


extra percentage. It was the most unbelievable experience of my life.


You have done us proud. You did it all on your home, mate. Cheers.


remarkable a Olympians, two Another day to remember for British


sport, and the medal that began it came in the men's triathlon in Hyde


Park. Alistair Brownlee cemented his position as the world's leading


triathlete, and despite a few trials and tribulations, brother


Jonny made sure it was a family to begin the Olympic triathlon. The


Slovakian Leeds. Alistair Brownlee and Jonathan Bramley are in fourth


pedalling. Here are the leaders. This group of five exited the


Serpentine together, hit transition together and are leading the race


together. We have got a man down. Somebody has hit the deck early. It


brought in to do. He is leading the competition. The Brownlee brothers


are right in there. We are hearing that Jonathan Brownlee might have a


15 second penalty for mounting his bike too early. Javier Gomez is on


his way. Gomez and the Frenchmen have been joined at the front by


the Brownlee brothers, who now head out for a 10,000m run around the


park. The two Brown the boys and Javier Gomez have opened up a lead


of four seconds to the next best. The speed of but, my goodness.


Alistair Brownlee looks like a 800m runner rather than a 10 kilometre


runner. This is a hundred % effort. John E Brownlee is she struggling


to maintain the pace. Jonny Brownlee heads for the penalty box.


Time will tick past very slowly. He is away again. He stumbled as he


came out of the penalty box. first British Olympic triathlon


champion, in the guise of Alistair Brownlee! Alistair Brownlee is the


Olympic triathlon champion. Javier Gomez takes the silver, as Jonathan


comes home for bronze. Alistair A fantastic story. That makes it a


fifth gold medal for Yorkshire, who now sit above Australia and South


Africa in the unofficial medal table! There were some very happy


members of the BBC team at that particular result. Norfolk are also


celebrating after a successful afternoon for Nick Dempsey in


Weymouth. He missed out on a medal in Beijing, while his fiancee Sarah


Ayton was clinching her second gold in the yngling. Now both members


and family have a medal and plenty of Olympic memories to cherish.


Form macro years ago in Beijing, Sarah a tenth claimed her second


Olympic gold medal. But as she then had to watch her fiance suffer a


final day of agony on the water. Nick Dempsey went out on the water


in silver-medal position with the prospect of gold, but will finish


fourth. He will be absolutely devastated. It was always going to


be close today. It was tight, and we only had one lap, so it made it


very difficult. You spend your whole life grooming about getting


your gold medal. To be there and feel that you should have got your


gold medal and didn't, it was brutal. As a couple, they made a


tough decision. Sarah Ayton, on the verge of becoming one of the


greatest Olympic female sailors, stepped away from the sport so that


her now husband could focus on his Olympic dream. I am very, very,


very lucky to have Sarah. Without her, I would not be able to do my


Olympic campaign. This is my Olympic campaign now. It is my job


to look after the children and let Nick do the things he needs to do.


Hopefully, it is enough to make a difference. By London 2012, Dempsey


was hoping to put the past beside - - behind him. He has been on


blistering form. Dorian van Rijsselberge ran away with the


competition and claimed gold two days ago, but Dempsey was on target


for silver. My little three-year- old, Thomas, loves it when I bring


home a medal from an event. And I did promise him I would bring a


medal home from this event. It would be nice to not have broken


that promise. The Olympic final is off and begun. Can Great Britain


win silver? Good start for Poland, but Dempsey has the best start on


the left. What a start from Nick Dempsey. Netherlands look like they


have to squeeze round in front of them see. No pressure on Dorian van


Rijsselberge. He hasn't -- already won the gold. But Dempsey Poms hard


Olympic glory for the Netherlands, but Nick Dempsey, broken in Beijing,


has brought a silver to his son. He has delivered. It has been a pretty


difficult four years. I always believed that to come here and do


well and have all my friends and family here and do it in front of


your home crowd, it doesn't get any Mission completed and Olympic medal


to -- medal secured, it is time to With parents like that, there is


every chance that the young Thomas could take to the water with those


genes. How about a saline medal to look for two in 2032? -- a sailing


medal. Eton Dorney has provided grip Britain with four medals in


the rowing regatta -- provided Great Britain with. There has been


a healthy dose of realism after Tim Brabants only just scraped through.


Can he draw on the memories of big event. The final is under way


and Tim Brabants has jumped out of the start. Two paddlers are going


player, Tim Brabants and van Koeverden. -- going clear. Tim


Brabants is devouring the course, each and every stroke. Has he got


enough to hold on? He grits his teeth, he is looking to push one


last time. Tim Bradman's comes up to the line, he pedals into the


record books, it is gold -- Tim Brabants comes up to the line. He


punches the air. No one came near A golden moment from four years ago


four Dr Tim Brabants. Rishi Persad is at Eton Dorney. That moment is


why he went into these Olympics with this expectation. Yes, he is


also the greatest canoeist that Great Britain has ever seen. The


first gold medal that grow Britain ever won in canoeing. Hopes were


high that four years later he would be able to do the same. He took 18


months off after Beijing, he did the same things after Athens, to


pursue a career as a doctor. He is a qualified A&E doctor. When he


came back, he suffered an injury. He ripped tendons in his shoulder


and that set him back enormously. He has suffered illness as well. It


has taken a long time to get back to his best form. In the heats on


Monday he struggled to show his best form. He scraped through by


the skin of his teeth, four hundredths of a second into the


final. He is in the final. He is in lane one. But if you look behind me,


the flags at the top of the grandstand are pretty still. On


Monday lane one was a negative role but it is not too bad. -- was a


negative draw. He will have the huge crowd cheering him on, which


he said it was a huge positive on Monday. That is what the row has


said all the way along. How is it looking at Eton Dorney -- that is


what the Rose said it all the way There is not that much of a cross


wind. If there is, it will affect them in the first five metres of


the rest. In the tunnel of the grandstand it takes away the effect


of the wind -- the first 500 metres His is the first final, but it


isn't the only gold up for grabs at Eton Dorney. We have the girls


going in the women's kayak for 500 metres. Go it is normally dominated


by Germany and Hungary. Four years ago, GB sport identified it is


possible to win a medal, perhaps not the gold or silver, but there


is an opening in the bronze-medal position. They put a team together.


The four girls who have been competing finished 4th in the World


Championships last year and earned a spot in the Olympics. They


replaced one member of the team, Angela Hannah has come in as the


4th girl in the team. They are hoping to find the extra four


hundredths of a second required to win the medal. They finished second


in their heat and 4th in the semi- final. There is a hope they could


squeeze a medal. Altogether, there are four gold medals on offer in


the canoe sprint. Will the first bring a medal for Tim Brabants?


Here is your guide to the Inns and Canoe sprint. There are two


distinct types of boat. Canoe and kayaked. The kayak is raised by one,


two or four competitors, known as k one, K2 and K-For. They are


contested by men over distances of 201,000 metres. Women compete over


The canoe is also contested over 200, and 1,000 metres. The canoe is


propelled from a kneeling position using a single bladed puddles and


is directed using a stroke on just one side of the boat. The first to


cross the line is the winner but a photo is often required. Dead heats


will see both progress but they may be forced to re-race if places are


That is how it works. Here is a view of the course at Eton Dorney,


all ready for the canoe sprint competitions. This is the first


final coming up in a moment, for Tim Brabants. He is a Beijing gold


medallist, Olympic champion, hoping tempered by the realism that Tim


Brabants is not in the form that carried him to gold in Beijing four


years ago. His main goal was to reach the final and see what


happens when the crowd can give you an extra lift. Realistically, look


out for Max Hoff, European champion for the last four years. Also, Adam


van Koeverden, the world champion last year. Not an easy race to call


for the order of the medals. The first medals to be decided on the


water in the canoe sprint. Paulson from Denmark is in with a chance.


Not at his impressive best in the settle the medals in the K1 1,000


metres. The roar will grow for Tim Brabants as they approach the


stands, who will take it out quickest? Van Koeverden off to a


fantastic start, he jumped out of the bucket. He leads from the early


stages, really setting the pace. The world champion in this event


last year in Hungary. The Olympic gold medallist from Athens. Already,


a length up on the rest as they tried to close down. Others will


set the pace at different times. Tim Brabants usually goes out


quickly. It is Adam van Koeverden who is powering to the quarter way


mark. He is ahead of Rennie Paulsen make sure they don't let Adam get


too far away. He is renowned for these past stars but it is about


whether he can hold on. He drives with those lakes, connects the


middle part of the body and drives the blade into the deep part of the


van Koeverden and the rest. We look down from the finish line. Where


medals wait for three of these men, as they power up towards the stand.


The coaches are cycling along on the towpath, half an eye on the


athletes and half an eye on the clutter of the peloton. Van


rhythm and technique. Looking relaxed with his shoulders, puffing


with his cheeks as he comes into the latter part of the race. In the


last 200 metres the lungs start to burn. Does van Koeverden have the


staying power? Last and is in there. The green Norwegian boat is


creeping into picture -- last and metres in the K1 1,000 metres. It


is all about van Koeverden and Larsen. Does Max Hoff have


something left? Neck and neck for gold and silver, van Koeverden and


last and, into the final 150 metres. That is how far they are. It is the


Norwegian, pushing clear. Erik Larson from Adam van Koeverden. Tim


Brabants, further down, listening to the roars. His Olympic title


will go to someone else, it looks like it will be Larsen. He has the


gold medal from the van Koeverden. Max half coming through for bronze.


Those are the medals. What a race, timed perfectly, as it so often is,


from Larsen, the veteran, 36 years old. He celebrates, he timed his


push to perfection. He has the gold medal as reward. What a well-


executed race. He did not let Adon get away from them too much. -- did


not let Adam get away. Van Koeverden will be disappointed he


was not able to hold onto his lead. Most of the crowd knew that this


would not be a successful attempt for Tim Brabants. He is not in the


form, he has had that injury. But Larsen, a friend of Tim Brabants, a


long-term rival. We wondered if he was fading. Because he is getting


on a bit now at 36, but not at all. Look how he powered through and


took the gold. An extremely controlled performance. Took the


experience from the previous 10 and 15 years behind him and executed


the race plan that he hoped could get him the Olympic gold. To go


with his gold medal, a silver in Beijing, he takes gold again. The


first champion of the canoe sprint week at Eton Dorney. His wife is


competing here, she was the flag- bearer for Nora at the opening


opening ceremony. Tim Brabants was here to see his title handed over.


Her all about Larsen, the gold medallist from Norway. A sense


Again of what is to come, what the noise and the atmosphere. It is


fantastic for rowing and the canoe sprint. Larsen is from the southern


tip of Norway, he is on the ground, the rowing takes it out of you. He


takes the gold, disappointment for Tim Brabants but I think even he


was realistic, he knew he was a very outside chance to get in the


Disappointing for Tim Brabants, that he wasn't able to be amongst


the medals. As Andrew Cotter was saying, a fantastic effort,


considering the on this and injury he suffered over the last couple of


seasons. To be in the final and competing, he had to take part in a


best of three race against his team mate just took get into the


Olympics. He has done well to get into the final. The guys he


defeated in Beijing in 2008 have all got better and bigger. Tim has,


unfortunately, not been able to press on as much as he would have


wanted since Beijing. He is on his way over. One of the good things is


that his wife, Michelle, who was not able to see him in Beijing, was


here to see him. I was just saying about how tough a row it has been


since Beijing. You took some time off but to just be here in the


I am happy to be in the final. The guys out there, each of them is a


champion. I was pretty much outcast in that race, unfortunately. I feel


bad for a lot of the British support here. I had support from my


wife, my coach, my team. Everyone was hoping I would get there. Me,


too. I felt I could be an Olympic champion again. Sorry to all those


who came out to support and are disappointed. You don't have to be


sorry for anything. You won the Olympic gold medal for us. You are


the greatest canoeist Britain has ever seen. Things have not gone


your way over the last few years. No. It was a fantastic build-up to


these games, seeing how well Team GB are doing. Last night, watching


Chris Hoy in the velodrome motivated me so much. I wanted to


add another medal to that tally, so I am disappointed in myself. I feel


bad for my coach, who put so much time into getting me into the best


shape I could be in. It was a hard race. I am not sure what was wrong.


I felt good beforehand. There were some better athletes on the day.


What does the future of canoeing hold for you? Eyes and not done yet.


You can't go out on eighth place at the Olympics. You can't make


decisions now. We work around a four year cycle. This cycle has


come to an end. Take a couple of weeks' rest and then look ahead. I


have the Royal paddling challenge to do on Monday. Should be fun.


Life changes are so much. You have now got a little girl. It makes the


whole thing a bit harder. It does, but I am and that ageing athlete


now and life moves on. You put it on hold for so long, have children.


I know my little one will still be there and be happy to see me, even


if my coach isn't! You made us proud four years ago, and you made


us proud again by getting to the final.


So Tim Brabants, not ending up in the medal table, but a man of so


much achievement. Rishi Persad was saying he is the best canoe sprint


a Briton has ever produced. The coverage of canoe sprint continues


on the red button. The British female quartet will be in the


women's K4 race at 10.45 and you can see that live on BBC Three.


Four gold medals are up for grabs in the canoe sprint during the day.


Now, it is that time of the morning when the stadium starts filling up


and we turn our attention to what is happening in the athletics. This


morning's races include the first round of the men's 5000m, featuring


a certain Mo Farah, and the start of the decathlon. Over to Jonathan


Edwards. Yes, Mo Farah back on track. And


also in the decathlon, we have the appearance of the new world record


holder Ashton Eaton, which should be special. First, we look back at


last night's action. Colin Jackson and Brendan Foster are alongside me.


You are showing the full range of BBC wardrobe options, it is fair to


say. Brendan was actually not expecting to be here. I came


dressed for work, and he is dressed for going out. So, another great


night last night and another medal for Robbie Grabarz. It was a nice


medal. This young man worked so hard. He broke onto our screens


indoors, and we thought, who is this young man? For him to come


here into the Olympic Stadium and deliver the performance and the


bronze medal was a great thing. In this environment, he just excelled.


He is a bit of a showman. He loves playing to the crowd. He was


probably a lizard -- little disappointed with only jumping 2.29


metres when the Russian jump higher, but Colin's point was well made -


this is a different environment from what he is used to. He has


only come of age this year. The immediate we are not good at any


more is the one you left behind! Where is your Olympic legacy?


old Phillips Idowu. Injury got the better of him in the end. The


trouble jump final is tomorrow evening. We also had at Sally


Pearson yesterday evening, your favourite, Colin. And electric


event. Far closer than people would have anticipated. The defending


champion, Dawn Harper, third from the right of our screen, made a


courageous upsurge at the end and set a new personal best. But Sally


Pearson just had enough to take this title. She was so anxious at


the end. We knew she had won, but she was elated when the result came


through. The Dawn Harper found some form almost from nowhere, didn't


she? In the last 20 metres. But it was great for Sally. She has been


world champion, Commonwealth champion, she comes here, loses a


race just before the Games, and then wins. She has been based in


London and the weather has been off all summer. It was awful yesterday.


I am certain that has given her an advantage. She's used to being cold


and wet. Real sport, when you see the green and gold Australia,


crossing the finishing line, you know it is real sport. They have


not done very well here. There are a lot of queries going on in


Australia. But at least Sally got her gold. They were hideous


conditions. It was not the best, but she is so good at the hurdles.


I know I keep going on about how perfect this young lady is, but


over the barriers, she is perfection. For the men's 1500m,


Seb Coe was in the stadium with Roger Bannister. It was a strange


race. To be fair, seven years ago, we were awarded the games. The


first disappointment for me was that in seven years, we have not


been able to get a British athlete ready to run in the final. Then we


saw the Olympic champion labouring at the back. He did not run at all


well. It was a strange race. This was the race that first got me


excited about athletics. All the greats, the greatest Olympian of


all time won the 1500m. I don't think this man's name goes into


that record book. It was a strange race, with a controversial winner.


It left me feeling a bit cold. The 1500m used to be the blue riband


event. The last one was ruined when the Russian won it and was then


disqualified. This was disappointing and that it was not a


great race. It was a strange performance all round. He is a


controversial winner, and for me a bit of the Olympic flame went out.


Just a word about the other athlete who got an injury. As so many of


our athletes have done. He is a great sprinter. We saw him in the


diamond lead in Monaco. He looked so majestic and we were all rubbing


our hands together, thinking, he will defend a title. He is a very


good fast runner. He is really strong and can deliver us up 3.30.


He is not a great racer. He has come into the championships. Last


night, I hope it was an injury. must be able to win. But he


finished second in that race. Enough of last night. Now we look


forward to today. It is the 5000m, Mo Farah on track. 80,000 people


will be excited to see him, because he won the 10,000m and brings the


confidence of being an Olympic is winding up, but this is not the


sprint yet. It has not started. We have been waiting for this. When is


it going to break? Who will go first? De it has not started. There


are too many in this group for comfort. It is now about


positioning yourself for a move, for a last-lap effort. Mo Farah is


in contention. Kenenisa Bekele is not in a great place. He needs to


position himself better if he is to defend his title. He quickly moves


up on to the outside. Now we have got a raised arm. It will come down


to a last-lap sprint. There goes Mo Farah. That is his first serious


move. There has been a response from Kenenisa Bekele. Mo Farah hits


the front! A lap to go. The bell rings. Is it dolling for a gold


medal for Great Britain? Mo Farah are trying to become the first


Briton to win the Olympic title of 10,000m. He has a bit of company,


including his training partner. Can he hang on? He is running


magnificently. A 500m lead, -- a five-metre lead, but that is all.


Mo Farah is kicking hard! The crowd are lifting him! They are cheering


him on. Into the home straight, just 100m to go. Has he got enough?


He is kicking again! It is going to be a glorious, glorious win! Mo


Farah for Great Britain! It is What a night. The emotion comes


pouring out. Galen Rupp and Mo Farah took on the Africans, showed


them how to do it. Unbelievable. Victorious, happy, glorious. In all


of this excitement, hang on, Tangier. Can't believe it. Brendan,


you and I have sat and waited for many years, you more than me. All


of us have waited for a British distance gold. I have said it I


will say it again. Gold medal at the Olympic Games. And the weight


night. Well, I don't know about you, but what a night to be British.


Heart pounding. Great since. Lovely That was the end of a 45 minutes


sequins which saw Jess Ennis and Greg Rutherford winning a gold


medal, and then Mo Farah. Watching that again, you get right back into


the moment, thinking, is he going to win?! It was the greatest hour


in the history of British athletics. We had waited a long time. We have


had people who have made efforts and got medals, and been amongst it,


but distance running has got bigger and bigger. There are people around


the country who run 10,000m races who know what Mo Farah went through


her because they have been through it themselves. I did not think we


could win a few years ago, because the Africans had taken over. Then


Mo Farah comes here as a young man from Somalia, learns the system.


And now, the ball is beginning to roll. Mo Farah was on the top of


that pile. There were 80,000 it we in the stadium who will all be able


to say, I was there in the greatest hour of athletics that has ever


been having this country. The previous one was the Roger


Bannister four-minute mile. And there weren't even thousands of


people there to see it. There will be millions who were here that


night. And he just seemed to control that race. He never looked


in any great bother. The great news is, it was not a fast race. I think


he is physically capable of 26.30. He ran it in 27. That too. I have


spoken to his physiologist. He said his recovery has been remarkable,


because he did not fully extend himself. He ran a steady race and


then a fast two laps. That means his recovery for the 5000m is in


hand and he has more chance than in the 10,000m, because then he took


on the great Kenenisa Bekele. He was not at his best. But Mo Farah


it is coming in. He is not drained. He will enjoy this morning's run.


The ball is rolling. He has got the confidence and the physiology to do


it. We know he can sprint. I am getting excited already. We say he


has a better chance in the 5000m. But he does not figure in the world


rankings. It is not about that. Distance racing is about the race


on the day. You can go to Diamond League races until you are blue in


the face. You can't judge Mo Farah against a race he was not in.


Athletes are running flat out in the shorter races. Distance racing,


it depends on the pace. Mo Farah has not lost a race and has not


been in a race, so the Times are irrelevant. This is not like a


Diamond League. There will not be a pacemaker. There may be some


teamwork. I think Mo Farah has a Will we have also got Sophie


Hitchon qualifying in how much, and Steve Lewis in the ball vote. --


Paul pole vault. He came into this championship with a brand new


British record, so things are looking very good for him. He loved


rubbing shoulders with the top guys, learning from them, and he has


adopted everything he has learnt on this journey as a young man, and of


course, a season's best. The for pole vault is a tricky event. Here


is Colin Jackson's guide to the This is a seriously tough event.


For a start, the poll that the athletes career is over double


their body length. They can get them even at five metres long.


Modern technology means that the breasting weight of the pole vault


is around three kilos, which is pretty light, but when the athletes


pick it up and run with it, the effective force on the body raises


it to 20 kilos, the average maximum weight of airline hold baggage.


Holding that while running, seriously disadvantage is the


athlete. It means they are effectively running without the use


of their arms and it means that the body's stance is more upright than


a normal running position. That means it is really hard to get


exhilaration and momentum. Competitors have to get the pole


vault down into an area the size of an 83 piece of paper, a very small


target to aim for. But once they get into the air, the amount of


leverage the athletes get supersedes any other job. Women go


around five metres high, easily clearing the height of a double-


decker bus, whilst the men go even higher, up to around six metres,


Colin Jackson, PhD. Once I have finished my commentary this morning,


I think I will go down to the warm- up track and have a little practice


with it! Just you said, when you run with a pole vault, it makes it


hard does. But it does! Stephen Lewis coming up. Steve Hooker is


next to him, the Olympic champions. He has had a crisis of confidence.


He has really suffered for a long time. He got injured and came back.


Steve Hooker had a lot of drama. All of a sudden, his confidence


completely went. I can't quite understand when you have won so


much, and he has gone over six metres, so he is a quality athlete,


but sometimes, as we know, click of the fingers and things can just


changed and he has suffered. automatic qualifying is five metres


and 78, very close to Stephen Lewis's personal best. Let's hear


It has been a good season. I have been jumping up really well. I have


to keep believing. I know how my run has developed and the technique


I amusing, I am really focused and paying attention to all of the


details. A bunch of the best guys in the world are there. It is


getting a bit close now to my home Olympics! I had a really good


experience in Beijing. It was my first Olympics, I was lost in the


hall Olympic spirit, but this time I have a lot more experience. I


unfocused on making sure I get the most out of it -- I am focused. I


am sure I will look back on it well. You can't deny that in a stadium


that bake in a home crowd, there will be so much good energy and for


me it will be taking that in and hopefully Adie on it that extra


energy to my performance, -- adding on that extra energy. If the crowd


can help me do better jobs along the runway, it will work for me. --


better jumps. A big moment for Stephen Lewis. Five metres, 70.


That will be tough for him. Hopefully the crowd will lift him


to greater heights. I am delighted to say that Denise Lewis is


alongside. I feel like sunshine on a cloudy day, you are looking


stunning. There you are! You must be excited about the decathlon.


I can't wait. Ashton Eaton. He is the supreme athlete. He is head and


shoulders above everybody else in the decathlon, and he set the world


record at the trials, breaking the 11 year it decathlon records. Many


people at home it may not know him but they will by the end of these


championships. He struggles a little bit but he is a natural run


and jump, and when people see him, he is absolutely electric. In the


US championships heat jumped 8.23 and is 100m time was fractionally


quicker than Dwain Chambers ran at our UK trials. The one event that


is his weakness is the shot but, where he do struggle a little bit.


-- shot put. We also have Lynsey shot in the 800m heats. Slightly


controversial! -- Lynsey Sharp. You questioned whether she should be


here. It is not that I did not think she should be here. She won


the trials and then she went on to get a medal in the European


Championships in Helsinki. She ran well and she does deserve to be hit,


but the three girls that have run quicker than her, it was a shame to


see them at home. This morning when we were watching those 800m round,


there is only one British woman. will head to the commentary team,


Brendan Foster, Steve Cram and Paul decathlon, 100m. The first of 10


events over two days to decide the best all-round male athlete in the


number three, and Great Britain's Daniel Awde goes in Abiodun


and not his best event. The man from Kazakhstani won the bronze


medal last time but since then he has not really achieve what


everybody thought he could achieve its. Everybody thought he could


really do some damage in the decathlon but it has not really


worked out that way for the Kazakhstani record holder. Kevin


field in paper, a new lifetime best this year of 10.98. All of the


times converted into points, of course. The wind is very steady in


the stadium this morning. It is breaks the tape with a new season's


best. 10.91. He is obviously in shape. That will give him 881


points, so a good start for the holder. Karpov Now, generating a


little bit more speed. As you were saying, it is much warmer than it


has been on a few of the mornings. Yesterday may have been the coldest


morning. No wind at all, in fact, a very slight headwind. That will not


slow down Karpov. A big, big man. Not the best out of the blocks.


Olympic bronze medallist in Athens eight years ago. That is his best


score from that year. 8700 points then. A bit of that these days, but


that is a good start to his Olympic campaign in London. 31 years old


now. He is the Asian record holder and twice world championship bronze


medallist. A good start to his two just started. Trying to go over 73


metres. For automatic entry into the final. Sophie Hitchon, the


British record holder, is yet to take her first round throw. That is


a big, big start. The Olympic record is 75.02. That was in


qualified her for the final. She can go back to the village and


relax. What a start. A new Olympic record for the Polish athlete.


one former world record holder to another. Lysenko, and that is good


as well. 73 meat is required, a first-time up, mission accomplished


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 49 seconds


Twice world champion. Technically, I think she is one of the best


around. She sits very low, she is not a tall lady at all. She says


she will retire after this year. Not the best delivery in the world.


She goes dancing around in a circle afterwards! That is another athlete


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 49 seconds


Karpov winning in the first heat, if you missed that.


Artikov from Uzbekistan. Yet to break 8000 points. And Sebrle, so


many times over that mark. This is Suarez. Took the bronze medal three


years ago. From Liberia. Ushiro, from Japan. The Japanese record


holder. Sebrle, has he still got the pace?


The sun is out. Always worth checking weather forecast! It is an


0 -- a long day in the Olympic medals in this decathlon. He is


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 49 seconds


next to Sebrle, one of the all-time for him at all. He's certainly got


left in the blocks. Addy coming through and scoring very well.


Just faster than Karpov in the first heat. That will give us some


indication of the sort of shape the former world record holder is in.


Suarez running a season's best. But he will be a little bit


disappointed with that. Sophie Hitchon, the British record holder.


Just over at the 65 metres mark. We have son died - seen some great


throws this morning. Technically looking pretty good. She is a


former ballet dancer and attributes part of her technique, the balance


and everything else, to her ability in dance. She has got off to an


average start there. Lying in eighth place at the moment. Two


throws to go. The result of the second heat in the decathlon.


Erins second. Suarez, a season's just started. And a former American


great under a bit of pressure here. Looks very slow. Derek Miles did


not really get started in this competition at all. Big


disappointment for the American. Certainly good conditions in the


stadium this morning. But five metres 20 is a lowly height for


this American to have gone out on. Steve Lewis yet to take his first


jump. Betty Heidler, German world record


holder. Just shy of the qualifying line of 73 metres.


Amazingly, she did not qualified for the final of the European


Championships in Helsinki a few weeks ago. She said afterwards that


technically it was not right at all. Wry smile from the German. Will do


not blink during this next heat, you might miss this man. Ashton


Eaton, the fastest man ever in a decathlon 100m. You think of all


the great athletes have gone before, the likes of Dell Thompson will


stop that record may go this expects to run away from everybody,


10.66. Trey Hardy trying to make amends for a disappointing games


number of promising young Germans this year. And one of the best


Commonwealth athletes next, and Damien Warner. He is the Canadian.


Ashton Eaton is a class apart. The American just 24 years old.


He will get faster and stronger as the years roll on, provided he


stays clear of injury. But at the moment he is on the top of his game.


The decathlon world will be watching this very closely and will


be staggered at his performances, His team mate also going well. And


Damian Walker, the Canadian. Not the fireworks were expected at the


beginning. But that is the fastest ever in an Olympic arena for the


decathlon. And it looked very easy indeed. Big total of points. 1011


points. Huge. It is a very good start. He got out


of the blocks well. Just looked a little bit tight to me. I thought


he was going to get a little more pace. His head is going back. Just


watch him here. Pretty good out of the blocks. Driving through. Trey


Hardee also going well. He really was reaching for it.


A little bit of his world record. But the main thing for him


undoubtedly is to win this Olympic title. He will want to do it in the


best possible style he can. And that is a solid start.


Just to confirm his time, 10.35, the fastest ever in an Olympic


Games. And Damien Warner running Games. And Damien Warner running


one of his best races ever. A good start from the world record


holder as he tries to add the He comes with a big reputation. He


follows some great and iconic decathlete so. He got out really


well, Ashton Eaton, that he seems to get a little bit tight.


Heptathlete and decathlete are looking to get as close to possible


to their personal best and he was not too soft. He has never won a


major outdoor titles. He is very young, remember. Everybody would


say, you need to gain a lot of experience. People saw this guy,


and natural athlete, beautiful, and now it is time that he holds it all


together. He got a world record at the US Championships, but he has to


deliver now at the Olympic Games, and people in this competition have


won big championships and will be chasing him happily. If it will be


interesting to see Daniel Ward in the next heat. -- Daniel ought.


He is young. It will be difficult, we need a realistic expectation,


but hopefully he can really enjoy this competition and get a personal


best. Let's hear his thoughts ahead I am so looking forward to that


moment when you step out in front of the crowd. My family, they don't


know how they have stuck with me. I have been through some real low


points. My mum especially, she has been there. My brother has been a


diamond. Family friends. Everybody has been so supportive. I want to


pay them back and reward them for all they have given me. Top 10, I


will be happy with. Top eight is what I am aiming for. I will give


it my all. He will be looking for over 8,000, that will be there for


us target. Absolutely. I think he will be disappointed if he does not


get over his personal best. The crowd is suing everybody on and he


can maximises opportunities -- cheering everybody on. The Daniels


in -- Daniel is in the next heat false dock he would be looking


forward to the moment he gets introduced to this capacity crowd


way it works in the decathlon and you wonder why the gold medal


favourite was not in this, the events are seeded according to your


season's best times, and so these are the quickest men in this


particular event. All of these men are pretty good sprinters. Daniel


Awde, we will see him in a second, is a very good sprinter. He gets


big points in the 400m, not bad at the 100m either. The Russian


champion. He is a young man on the upward trend as well, just 21 years


blood coursing through the veins. Let's see if he can build on that.


Daniel's lifetime best is 10.85. He has done very close to that this


year, 10.87. Nice and warm, hardly a breath of wind. It keeps moving


around a little bit. They might just have it on their tails this


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 49 seconds


personal best. That was into a headwind as wealth -- as well. What


a start for the young man. If that is an official time, that will be


worth 926 points. A cracking effort. I think you really worked from the


crowd there. That introduction, you could see what it meant to him. He


was fired up and ready to go. 10.71, a new personal best. Great start!


30 points more than Daniel has ever scored before and that is just what


you want at the beginning of your very first Olympic experience. The


crowd inspiring him. He kept his form, a little bit tight in the


shoulders but you have just done a lifetime best, well done. I liked


his form at the start, he stayed low and did not come up too soon.


The young Russian next to him was going well, too. Garcia's run, a


very tall and powerful Cuban... By Daniel Ward had them all in the end.


A good race. -- Awde. Cracking start. He looked good. I like


seeing athletes to respond to the occasion, bring your best game.


That will stand him in such good stead. More to come, I am sure. A


series of personal bests for him. That is what he will be looking for.


position for the Cuban. Oh my God! Dear me! That is certainly one of


the hazards of pole-vaulting, no fault of the pole vault or the


athlete, but they do have a lifespan. Right in the middle. He


is a very lucky young man. It broke in two places as well. That woke


is OK, thank goodness. That was a very interesting first event in the


decathlon. No surprises that Ashton Eaton ran the fastest time ever in


the Olympic arena. Just a few points ahead of his team-mate and


world champion, Trey Hardee. Damian What a response to the crowd, let's


listen to it. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE He is loving


that, isn't here. It is brilliant. Steve Cram says he


loves to see an athlete be in that situation and wry as to the


occasion. It does not get greater than this. -- and rise to the


occasion. It really pumped him up and he delivered a personal best in


the 100m, which is a great start for him. For some athletes,


probably for Holly Bleasdale in the pole vault, that proved just a bit


too much. Different athletes respond in different ways. For


example, the music that they play it will be very irritating for me,


but it has not bothered any of the athletes in the spring so far.


Would someone like Daniel, there is no expectation -- or with someone.


He is here to do his best and deliver. He is relaxed. It was very


different for Holly Bleasdale, where there was some expectation.


We thought she could get a medal. Maybe she felt a bit under pressure.


Another big cheer. The Olympic 10,000m champion is out. We would


see him very shortly. First back to the studio. Another very busy


morning in the stadium. We just want to remind you of what else is


happening in terms of the coverage from the Olympics. Live on BBC


Three, it will be the women's car yet final. -- car yakking final.


Kayaking. Two gold medals will be awarded at the Excel and centre in


Mo Farah is inside the stadium right now, gearing up for the heat


in his 5,000m race. BECTU Jonathan. -- back to Jonathan. It must be


great for Mo Farah. To be back on the track. I don't know, he is


coming to these championships with clear objectives. He has delivered


on one of them. I am sure he is expecting a gold medal. I'm think


he thinks he can do it. It is businesslike now, I think he will


have put the 10,000m behind him. is qualification today, Mo does not


want to stress himself out too much, he just needs to qualify. Steve


Cram thought he had a better chance of the 10,000m. I will leave it to


you to describe the action. What we meant was he had a great chance in


both, he has already delivered in one. Delivering in the second can


sometimes become a little bit easier, because you can run with a


bit of freedom and the knowledge that you already an Olympic


champion. This is an event in which we all know Mo Farah has more than


five fastest from this heat will incidentally. If you have been


following what has been happening, Tirunesh Dibaba and Kenenisa Bekele


were named as reserves in the 5,000m. Tirunesh Dibaba won a gold


in the 10,000m. She is now in the five. Kenenisa Bekele did not do


very well in the 10,000m, and he has gone home! I think the


Ethiopians have got three very good athletes for the Brit to contend


with. This is a historic moment, Steve. We have never, ever seen a


British distance runner, an Olympic gold medallist, start a race.


energy levels occasionally get high, and the first thing I thought was,


I cannot wait to hear Mo Farah introduced to the crowd this


morning. Seriously? As Olympic champion. Mo Farah, Olympic


champion. Fantastic. Let's keep saying that. We may be saying it


again. He could change his name by one of the Ethiopian EST. The


second fastest 5,000m runner in the They want Mo Farah to win this race.


This is another Olympic medallist from Kenya. Mo Farah does not want


to win this race, he wants to be in the top five. He just needs to


qualify here. Isiah Koech another one to watch.


are just two heats. So the guys in the second heat always have a


slight advantage, knowing how fast the first one goes. And the good


athletes in the bunch, and cannot see any of them wanting to push it


on. There are all capable of running a good last 600. That is


all but it will be required. Some experienced athletes in their who


will look around this field and think, OK, I still think I can


finish in the top five. It is then went you get into the next kind of


phalanx of athletes who perhaps are not used to this kind of race. A


lot of these athletes, they get the big times but it is different when


you come and you run in the heat. Absolutely right. It is hard to run


in it and he'd because every step that you run is a step that you do


not want to run. You do not want to be tired, you want to keep it for


the final. I really would love Mo Farah just to hit the front just


for a little bit. He has to be a bit of a show man when he was a


young man. Then he settles down and started to take his athletics


seriously. But I would just like him to beat in the front for a time


to hear the roar of the crowd. I remember when he was in the world


cross country team and they all turned up with their hair dyed! I'm


certain that Mo Farah up was the one who had instigated that.


That was funny because he was expected to run really well in that


junior cross-country but he did not run well at all. Two of them came


and knocked on the door of the commentary box. I opened the door


and Mo Farah said, I am Mo Farah, can you interviewed me for the


television? I said, when you run better than that, I will introduce


you! He has always been a character. There are quite a few stories about


his younger days, some of them have not been made public! He is


entertaining in a different way now. He's still a great character and


much loved within the British team. Is that the one about him jumping


off the bridge into the River?! No he jumped off the bridge


laps, as expected. The first 1,000m was fairly slow. Lopez Lomong is


just beside Mo Farah, from the United States. A little bit like Mo


Farah, he was a refugee from Sudan. He has been held up as a bit of a


standard bearer for American athletics. He has now moved up to


the 500m -- 5,000m and has done these Olympic Games. Galen Rupp


already with a silver medal. He is of course going in the 5,000m as


well. Fairly steady running here now. Mo


Farah enjoyed the crowd, the reception, but with eight laps to


go he gets down to business. And I'm so impressed with the set-up he


has got around him, her really big team of supporters. The British


endurance squad, he is part of that when he comes over here. When he


finished the race he took a recovery drink and then he got a


massage and then he goes into an ice bath. He stays in there for a


couple of minutes and that helps with the muscle recovery. So that


recovery system, I spoke to his physiologist the other day and he


said that he had recovered brilliantly. That is because he ran


it at a pace when he was very comfortable in the first part of


his race. A huge roar for the British record


holder, Sophie Hitchon. She is down in 15th place, such is


the quality in this competition. She likes it! That could be a new


British record. What a performance by Sophie Hitchon! Her coach and


mentor... That is a really good response to that final round the


throat which could have seen her totally eliminated. Can she make it


through and? 71 metres and 98. That is the new British record.


When you have 80,000 people cheering for you, the actor and an


-- the Jhelum and it must be front, getting a bit of a cheer.


He is a target now, look at the way they are running! That is what


comes of being the Olympic champion, when you make a move, the whole


field follows you. Five laps to go. The crowd are starting to respond


to this. Just got clipped from behind, that is what we do not want.


Isiah Koech thinking enough is enough. For the first time now this


Darge running at a pace that the good athletes would be used to. --


they start running. Shugi on Mo Farah's shoulder. The


field is starting to gather. The athletes have got targets to


qualify. Mo Farah now thinking about getting himself out of that


group and getting into a better position. The crowd responding once


again. Just brilliant to see a British gold medallist in action.


He does not want to win this one, but the crowd want him to win it!


Koech on the inside. Three laps to go and Mo Farah doing


the right thing. That little trip from behind just reminding him to


keep as much space around him as possible. But he is like a magnet


now. There is a bit more pushing and shoving.


This group is quite large, they need to spread out a little.


All the big names here. It is only going to get faster from here.


Birmingham from a Australia one of the athletes resort running really


well at Crystal Palace. Two laps to go. This is when the


race can start. Mo Farah has to time this one properly.


The to 18 year-olds controlling this.


Lopez Lomong with his good 1500 this year. Moffat looking poised.


This is for real, he has to get amongst them now. We know what he


can do well over the shorter sprint. There they go.


The gap begins to open. Mo Farah in fourth place, in a qualifying


position. He needs to make sure he finishes


in the first five, that is all he wants to do.


They are making him work for this. There are six athletes and only


five will definitely qualifies. Koech in second place. Mo Farah


just looking around, checking where the danger is. He is OK.


Soi in sixth place. That was being wound up and have wound up. Mo


Farah had to work hard there. That burst of pace from this man it was


something that I'm sure he did not enjoy. He did have to work for it.


And even when you are the Olympic champion, and it can still be hard


work, particularly when you do not want to do it. That is exactly it,


he would love to go straight to the finals. And that is always going to


hurt you. Moffat does not want to win this, he wanted to finish in


the first five but at this point he had to finish in the first five


because there were six athletes in left. Mo will have found that


difficult in the last couple of laps, but he has now got the chance


to run the race that he doesn't want to run, and that is the final


of the men's 5,000m. That is the first time we have ever seen a


British distance runner that is a gold medallist lose a race. When


are you going to stop? I love sailing it! Olympic champion Mo


Farah comes off the track. You will see him again in a couple of days.


Go for it, Mo. Brendan, Jonathan was making the point earlier about


the 10,005 1,000, I think Mo will have to be absolutely at his best


to win this -- the 10,000m and the 5,000m. I think more men can cope


with the final kick in this as well. That injection of pace that we saw


at the end from Ibrahimov was better than anything I have seen


from him before, and when Mo gets to the final, he will want to be


controlling it a bit more when he gets to the last 600, rather than


After the euphoria, you had to get back to business. Yes, it was


pretty difficult. I was pretty tired. That took more from me than


I thought, but it is all good. I got a great reception from the


crowd. It is nice to get through to the final. You said you kept


getting caught. A lot of pushing and shoving. The pace getting up


and down. That is what happens in the heats. Hopefully the final will


settle down. Last year, having not won the gold, you said you were the


hungriest in the field for the 5,000m and then you got the gold.


Do you think you will have more of a sense of freedom now? Yes. I will


give 110%. It just depends how my legs allow me. It wasn't as easy, I


would have liked to have run a lot slower just then, but I will just


have to recover. I have a great medical team. Hopefully I will


recover. All the very best, Mo. They are due to everybody for your


support. Thank you. -- thank you to everybody. That was a difficult


morning's work for Mo but safely and the others will have to sit and


watch the second semi-final. Earlier, we saw a brilliant


performance from Sophie Hitchon, just 21 years old. She screamed it


out into the arena. Her coach, Derek Afellay, will be delighted,


as was the athlete herself. A brand new British record and a possible


What about that? A British record on the biggest day of your life.


was in great shape when I came in and I knew that. The first one, I


clipped the cage a bit, and the next one went better, and I knew it


was there but you only have one left and I was like, it is all or


nothing! Now I just have to wait and hope I make the final. What is


that feeling like when you know you have nailed it? You just know. I


knew as soon as I let go of it. It is just being relaxed. As soon as I


let it go I was like, yes. I did not know it was quite that far. I


knew it was over 70 and that is what I wanted today. And a great


chance to make the final. We sought Daniel Awde did it. Mo women. What


is it like? -- we saw Daniel Awde do it, and Mo women as well.


can't wait to be in the final. I just have to cross my fingers. If I


don't make it, I am not bothered. I have thrown my personal best and


there is nothing more I can do. was a wonderful performance, you


should be proud. Thank you very for more world record holders, and


the current world record holder, and the former world champion. She


beat a host of great athletes. Only the top 12 will make it through to


5,000m. 12 and a half laps. Nick McCormick goes for Great Britain.


An experienced athlete. He could well have to run faster than he has


ever run before, depending on the nature of the race. Galen Rupp, who


won the silver medal behind Mo Farah, and Craig Mottram,


Commonwealth champion from Australia. Gebremeskel is the


fastest athlete in the world this year for this. Bernard Lagat as


well, of course, a legend. Not just in the United States but around the


world of distance running. Well known in Britain. Former world


champion in 1,500m and 5,000m, and Olympic bronze medallist. Galen


Rupp, training partner, friend and rival of Mo Farah. The two embraced


after they beat the might of Africa the other evening. A surprise


bronze medallist yesterday in the 1,500m, Iguider. Another Ethiopian


in very good shape. Quickly, Brendan, Nick McCormick is among us


some very, very strong company. is a very difficult one, this.


Seven of these athletes have broken 13 minutes of 5,000m, which means


they are faster than Nick McCormick. He has done well this year. He had


a couple of years in the wilderness. He has started to be coached again


by Lynsey done. He has one the Commonwealth Games and the European


Championships. This is something he has been dreaming about for a long


time, to represent Great Britain in the Olympic Games in London, and I


think he has done well to get this far. Let's see how we can respond.


Craig Mottram of Australia, interestingly enough, he has


decided 13.27 was what the runners did in the first round, so in the


second heat, he has set out to give himself a chance to make this quick,


deciding to run first serve than the 13.27. -- run faster than. The


second heat always know what they have got to beat. They could go


through as fast as losers. Craig Mottram is just happy to lead them


through a very steady pace. Nick McCormick, trapped on the curve.


There are 21 athletes in this race and he is 14th, 15th position.


McCormack is going to run this race as though it is a final. -- Nick


McCormick. Alistair Cragg is the ahead of him, the Irishman. The


pace is being laid down and Craig Mottram is doing the job. This is a


more comfortable pace for the athletes, more like the pace they


will do in training and in hard races. Remember Craig Mottram in


2008, one of the favourites, got knocked out in the heats, and that


was because he did not gauge his pace. He isn't making that mistake


today. He is giving himself a chance to qualify, doing this


absolutely right. If he isn't in the first five, he will be in the


position to qualify if he runs faster than 13.27. Mo Farah's


training partner, Galen Rupp, in second place. Bernard Lagat is in


third place. He has been outstanding over the years and he


will be a danger in the final. He is less comfortable in two rounds


and he is in one round. He hasn't looked as good to me this year but


we will find out if he is ready for the Olympic Games. Craig Mottram is


doing a sterling job. 11 seconds faster than the first heat. Nick


McCormick is on the edge in terms of running at a pace that may not


comfortable at the moment. He is getting a good pace set by Craig


Mottram. They are running at 13.10, which is exactly right. Nick


McCormick would have to run a personal best. If he runs inside


13.20, which he has done before, he could get to the final. We did not


have a finalist in the steeplechase and there 1,500m. We have one


finalist in the 800m. It would be good to see Nick McCormick get to


the final, it would be a great of seasons this year. But he is


looking confident and strong. Asking for a bit of help. His Galen


Rupp prepared to take it on? He has done his bit and he is giving these


athletes a chance, and they know that. They should work together


because it is to all of their advantage. 10 of them can get rid


of the final if they keep going at this pace. If you do you share and


you run steadily, with a lap to go and you know you are qualifying


under 13.20, you don't even need to sprint in the last lap and that is


a physical advantage, so steady running is much more conducive to


recovery. Galen Rupp knows what he's doing. Good, solid running. A


64-second place. That is great. These guys can run faster. They


should be thanking Craig Mottram and Galen Rupp. I wouldn't be a bit


surprised if these athletes had this conversation. Craig Mottram


was burned last time in 2008. He had the chance to do something


similar in Beijing but he did not have any information, he did not


know what time he was supposed to run, but he has made it his


business to find that today. He has done that well. He is getting good


assistance from Galen Rupp, who is now in -- inviting somebody else to


takeover. They should do that, no point running fast and then slowing


down. Who will help now? Galen Rupp running out wide. Mo Farah watching


his friend. Galen Rupp decides to go back into the lead. Craig


Mottram is looking comfortable. Right at the back of that group is


Nick McCormick of Great Britain, still looking comfortable. No


distress at the moment. This group is full of quality and it does


contain Nick McCormick. If you were in this group and aiming for the


final, you would say, thanks very much Craig Mottram, thanks very


much Galen Rupp. There is no point one in all these laps at a good


pace and then slimming-down and jogging so I hope somebody else


takes it up -- and then at slowing down. They know how to work hard,


these athletes, and they are throwing it away a little. This is


a little bit silly. It certainly has slowed down a bit. Nick


spoke to Galen up about what they were going to do this morning. --


Rupp. The professionalism of the man that he has developed in the


last few years is amazing. Come on Craig, you have to do your


bit! That is much quicker than the first


heat. Craig Mottram recognising that the pace had perhaps slipped a


little bit so he is taking it on All ahead of Nick McCormick at the


moment. But it is Craig Mottram still leading, trying to keep the


pace going. Craig gave them all the opportunity.


They're not seizing that opportunity. And some of them could


regret that. They're all queuing up and as soon as they get to the


second place they just hold back. Around 17 athletes in this leading


group. We have not seen any sign of Bernard Lagat yet. Moses Kipsiro


pushing on. Kipsiro in the 10,000m, his shoe came off! He is a very


good athlete. It looks as if Nick McCormick is in


trouble now. He only has to beat a couple of the athletes ahead of him.


The way they are going right now, there could easily be 10 qualifiers


from this group. Great Mongeham disappointing the fading away. --


Craig Mottram. Mo Farah watching, studying this


well, really struggling there. What information is Mo Farah at


gathering from this one? He will be watching Bernard Lagat. He is in


that group. Just coasting on the inside. 600 metres remaining. And


that is nearly enough. It is beginning to wind up Kipsiro,


Rupp there as well. Iguider showing for the first time as well.


Some of them will have been working out the times they need to get


through. That is the qualifying group. They know what they're doing.


Finished in the first 10, keep going, and that is you through to


the final. At the moment, Galen Rupp does not need to be in the


first five. Here comes Bernard Lagat down the inside.


Where is Nick McCormick? Struggling a little bit. Just about to cross


the line. We think he is about 13th. He gave it absolutely everything.


Craig Mottram just crossing the line. That wasn't have won it for


Mick McCormick. But I thought he ran OK today. Galen Rupp in seventh


place. He knew exactly what he had to do. He is alongside Kipsiro.


Bernard Lagat coming through, just reminding us he is still very good.


Galen Rupp confident that the fastest losers are coming from this


heat. There is Nick McCormick. That was an OK run from him. He has been


through a tough time and that was a good the Olympic experience for him.


Hopefully the rest of his career Hopefully the rest of his career


can progress from there. Well Nick McCormick is here. What


about the race performance today? am actually really pleased. I did


everything I possibly could. I wanted to come here and make sure I


gave it everything, no matter what. That is the second fastest time I


have ever run for the 5,000m. It is a very different race. But I loved


every minute of it. I am just disappointed that I missed out on


the final by a couple of spots. But it is just a brilliant occasion,


the crowd was fantastic. I have, long way from where I was at two


years ago. I could not be here without my coaches. I'm just


disappointed not to make the final, I think I could have done that. It


was a scrappy race. There was kicking and everything. I just did


not have enough today but I gave it absolutely everything and I have


got no regrets. In 20 or 30 years I will be thinking I gave it


everything. He performed in the Olympic Games at London, you will


Olympic Games at London, you will always remember that.


Certainly the first five very close Nick McCormick just outside of a


qualifying position. Sad news for Nick McCormick and sad


news in the decathlon as well. The former champion and former world


record holder, Sebrle. Unfortunately he has now pulled out.


He has not turned up for the long jump and that is a shame. That


could be the end of what was a could be the end of what was a


fantastic career. These are the standings after that


first event. Ashton Eaton giving a very good indication of what kind


of shape he is in. Steve Lewis Nell's it! Very good indeed. Five


metres 50. Good stuff from Steve Lewis. He has


beaten most of the world's best vaulters at some point in 2012.


And excellent entry into this qualifying competition. Ashton


Eaton now in the first round. That is very good indeed. Sebrle,


we understand, did warm up for the long jump. What a great champion he


has been. Ashton Eaton in control. Good effort by the American. Daniel


Auld still pumped up from that superb run earlier. A huge roar


from the crowd. That looks long. It is a red flag. Daniel has got a


couple more attempts. The adrenalin probably still running through him


from the race. Steve Lewis this morning in the


pole vault qualifying. He will be relieved. He can hope leek go on


now and get into the final. Daniel Auld I think getting a little bit


Auld I think getting a little bit carried away. A word on Sebrle. He


is one of the legends. He has been a great ambassador for the Czech


Republic. He took over from the Olympic champion in 2000. I have


grown up with him from the junior into the senior competitions and he


has been a fantastic all-round athlete. We will be back shortly


with the women's 800m event. The highlight this morning has


probably been Mo Farah going comfortably into the final of the


5,000m. He finished third in his heat. That final is on Saturday


night. So he has got about three days to prepare. Time to hand you


over to Matt Baker. What else have you got coming up? We have got


showjumping coming up. So fingers crossed for an individual medal


there. And also an unbelievable high bar final in the gymnastics


yesterday. And we have that champion hopefully coming into the


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