BBC One: Day 13: 09.00-11.30 Olympics

BBC One: Day 13: 09.00-11.30

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COMMENTATOR: Very nice work, Usain Bolt wins it. Blake almost


Then Good morning, and welcome once again to Olympic Park, which has


witnessed so much excitement and emotion over the last 12 days.


Today, there are no less than 23 gold medals to be won. And, at


8.55pm this evening: Usain St Leo Bolt has his eyes on another prize.


Jamaica's finest is going for an unprecedented second successive


sprint double, in the 200 metres tonight.


Elsewhere, big British hopes for Keri-Anne Payne this afternoon.


After silver in Beijing, could there be open water gold at Hyde


Park today? Luke Patience and Stuart Bithell


hope to deliver a second sailing gold. Can they overcome the


Australian leaders in the men's 470 medal race?


Nicola Adams could become the first woman ever to win an Olympic gold,


if she can overcome her nemesis, Ren Cancan of China.


And, Rachel Cawthorn hopes to get amongst the medals in the canoe


sprint at Eton Dorney this morning. That women's kayak single featuring


Rachel Cawthorn is at 10.15 today. Keri-Anne Payne's 10k swim is at


midday. And Nicola Adams goes for gold at


4.30. But it's an early start in the


stadium this morning, because the athletics are already underway.


Usain Bolt will be making that appearance tonight. But let's see


what the morning has in store, with Jonathan Edwards.


One the sun is beating done. There ought will understand why we are


obsessed with the weather. A lot is happening, urged the decathlon


continues, the women's high jump qualification.


We are well past halfway in this Olympics. Three gold medals on that


first Saturday, things have hit the buffers since then, are we on


target? It is looking as if we've not -- we may not hit that eight


medal target. But, would I change it for that magical Saturday? Three


gold medals. I am not sure I would. That highlight will shine through


no matter what happens. Yes, we need Mo Farah to deliver a gold.


But, for me, it has been a very rewarding championships. That is


interesting, the emotional Saturday night. When the number crunchers of


UK Sport sit down with UK Athletics. They will not worry about the


emotion. They will be comparing it to other sports. They will say,


cycling delivered this, everyone has their own individual


expectations. I still think, those three gold medals are magical for


us. We want ultimately to inspire others. I wouldn't swap those three


gold medals. What happened especially on that


first Saturday, in the stadium, the expectation was so high. Every


other athlete competing wanted to be part of that. The atmosphere,


the energy of the crowd. But it hasn't quite worked out like that.


When you think about it, some athletes may not have got a medal


but they have set British records, personal bests. I cannot say the


team has failed in any way. still have Mo Farah to come, maybe


the relay. If we got six, it would be close to what was anticipated.


think it will be deemed a very successful Chava ships for us.


Those three gold medals, especially Greg Rutherford, and to top it off


with Lawrence Clarke in 4th place, an amazing performance.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


Over to the action now, the always had very good second days.


Particularly in the pole vault a brilliant start yet date in the


100m, didn't get away to be well in the long jump and withdrew, injured.


Disappointment for the British No. Cuban on the righthand side of the


screen. Van Alphen is having difficulty. Coertzen, the south


Cuban. He has run quite a long wait under 14 seconds. Figuring out what


went wrong. The other Cuban may hang on to -- may struggle to hang


on to 6th position. He normally has a very good second day. Lying in


6th place going into this event. Not a bad performance from him, not


too far away from his best of this year. There they are, together.


Garcia, the taller. The other Cuban lacks a little bit of pace, a


stocky guy. Hurdling pretty well. Garcia are able to make a little


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


For the winner, Coertzen of South One more heed to go, featuring the


world champion. Let us look back to Jamaicans would come back. A


Sorry to confuse you, two more heats in the one harder than 10


hurdles in the decathlon. Let us chat about that 200m final.


We thought it would be faster. think we had hoped. It is so rare


to see someone run under 22 seconds for the women's 200, we really


expected her to run quicker. But, a fantastic performance, she was a


majestic. A great performer, great to see her finally get back gold


medal she so craved, having been silver on so many other occasions.


She performed brilliantly, she held her form so well. The others could


not catch her. We were really surprised. One of the things which


is interesting about the Felix,... Her personal best is only 10.89!


But she has a great range of movement. Usain Bolt has the added


advantage he can move that stride length very quickly. If she could


have a quarter of the turnover of some of her competitors, we would


see her running faster. The is that something she could work on? It is


part of your DNA. You can only train your muscles so far, your


cadence. Luckily, she has great speed and endurance. And you get


results like she delivers. didn't Allyson Felix go for the 200


and 400 double. She tried that in Daegu, and was not as successful as


she would have liked to have been there. She has learned it is not an


easy double to do. She needed this Olympic medal. Working on some of


the speed has helped her in the 200. But her endurance from the 400,


combined, it was a perfect result for her. A surprising second and


third, I would say. I would definitely say that. Campbell Brown.


She had been slightly in front. Fraser-Pryce has been working on


speed and endurance. A wonderful performance. Back to the track for


second day. But he needs to find out something outstanding. He is in


15th place. I don't know if competing in the European


Championships affected him? But the first day did not go very well for


him at all. Another man who did not finish off so well. The Ukrainian.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


personal best. I thought he had lost it in the middle of the race.


But continuing what is turning out to beat a great a Olympic campaign.


with that performance. Clattered the first hurdle. But he did not


panic. Kept the pedal down and came away in the end. It puts that the


pressure on Damian Warner, the Canadian just ahead of him. That


was a big hit from his leader leg There is just one heat left in the


110-metre hurdles. It does include Ashton Eton. And we will now locker


yesterday's final of the 110-metre the mark of a man who knew all the


had to do was bring his best form at the right time, and he did it


again. It is a shame to see the champion go out like that. That is


what he has been doing all year. 12.92! A new personal best. As


Steve Cram said, he has been doing Colin Jackson, you must have


enjoyed that? He is a great guy, wonderful to talk to, very animated


when he is describing his racing. That's what I love about him. We


did have a quick word with him in Monte Carlo, to save the most


important thing is to win this Olympic title. Don't bother trying


to push yourself even more and get a fast time, deliver the


performance that mattered. He has done that will stop he can go on to


the circuit now with a great platform. Once he has this title,


he can go from strength to strength. Laurence Clarke, exceeded all


expectations? It was brilliant to see him in this final. It was a


pleasant surprise. He accounted a himself very well. It it's a huge


sign he has arrived in world-class hurdling. These are the top eight


in the world who can make Championship finals. For him to be


in this company and then come thought was a real outstanding


performance. What we are noticing is he had a clean hurdle race. He


gave himself every opportunity to be in contention to get a personal


best and be in the mix. It was great to see, he is a wonderful


character. He really is a character. Back to Aries Merritt, he has been


in this groove of 12.92, 12.93, 12 per 94, DeDee thing he would have


gone quicker? It is about a rhythm. Wants to establish it, it is


difficult to break out of it, either way. Break out of running


slower, he ran 12.94 in the semi- final. You just settle in it will


stop it might be difficult to shake himself up a little, push himself.


Take the risk of these hurdles coming at you much quicker. But


when he will break through and make the change in his life and perhaps


take the world records. Laurence Clarke did just missed out on a


medal, but and UK Sport will be happy but Charles will be gone?


am sure Charles will smile because there were days gone by when head


coaches came nowhere near having three gold medals, so he will be


happy to take that. This is the final heat of the 110-metre hurdles


looking very relaxed this morning. the time he set this year. He is


having a cracking couple of days. In third place overnight, Trey


Hardee, the former world champion. He really is playing catch-up


against the man who broke the world record earlier this year, a couple


of lanes outside him. The Lithuanian is in 18th place overall.


The German, the top German decathlete in the Olympics at the


moment. Then Ashton Eton, the top of former in three out of the five


events yesterday, finishes off with a massive score in the 400m. 46.9


he ran, which was absolutely brilliant. The Chilean is 13.81


wearing the green number because he is in the lead. He has led since


the beginning of the first day, the fastest 100-metre runner, 10.35,


the greatest long jumper and the best 400m runner at a 46.9! Just as


a matter of record, the fastest time in a decathlon hurdles, 13.47,


and that was bide the great German in Atlanta in 1996. -- by the great


But Ashton Eton going into the lead. Trey Hardee has won it. It will be


a photograph. 13.55, but Trey Hardee if confirmed by the winner,


that is a new lifetime best. Maybe the destination of this gold medal


is not over yet. 1034 points. What a great start for the Americans on


Hardee. Ashton Eton hit two hurdles and it put him off balance. Trey


Hardee finished a better. Hit the last one himself, but strongly


through the line. Only 20 points difference, but it does eat into


the lead a little. That is a big run from the two of them. It is a


personal best the Trey Hardee and it strengthens his silver-medal


position, if nothing else. Ashton- under-Lyne just knocked off balance.


and Trey Hardee gets it on the dip. When Ashton Eton broke the world


record for the decathlon earlier on this year, he ran 13.7, so it is


still faster despite the fact he lost out by a few points to Trey


Hardee. Still on course, not for a world record necessarily, but to


challenge the magical 9,000 point barrier. He clattered that one. So,


his lead was 220 points, that will have been cut by a little bit, but


he is still in the lead and still some events to come. Great start


for the American. About seven or eight inches in it. Trey Hardee


with a new lifetime best performance and you cannot do any


deficit by Trey Hardee has been cut a little bit. Damian Warner hanging


on to third place, despite the fantastic personal best by the


Her it was three gold medals for the Americans last night. Colin,


tell us about decathletes, 110- metre hurdles style? Usually they


are pretty awful. But today we saw two athletes who are good at that.


Denise, de Cathy Reed son not as flexible as athletes tend to be. --


decathletes. He did not have to do the shot put? Exactly. I do not


like this seven stride approach that so many hurdlers are adopting.


It does not get into the frequency apart. I could do, but it is not


about that, it is to be as effective and efficient as they can


to score as many points as they can. He does show he has range of


movement. Because they are heavier, when they hit the barriers, it does


not affect them as much. But because there technique is not so


sharp, for force created when they do hit them, send them along on


their merry way, so they have to First there is this seven to eight


strides to the first hurdle. Arras Merritt said he is seven strides


now. Why can some athletes hit hurdles, and some athletes cannot?


Seven strides, if you are tall and have long legs, I understand


because it is the only way you can get into the barrier accurately. It


is about being accurate at the first hurdle. Hitting hurdles? It


is about your position over the barrier. I used to go into the


hurdle committed with my torso. But then I used to land and turn my


trail leg in a funny way, which is unique to me, I could not afford to


clip a barrier. Because it would always carry me to the direction I


wanted to go. Allen Johnson used to put the fours on his front leg and


went in a straight line. It is about it sitting used. It is about


a fingerprint, very individual and unique. How many strides did you


take to the first hurdle, Denise? What is important it isn't feels


comfortable, the acceleration into the first hurdle, position played a


part in making you feel good, making sure your first foot down is


very important. It is about acceleration, comfort, top flight


speed. Collins Guide to hurdling is on the BBC website.


The big final tonight is the 200m, let us look back to get a date and


the qualifications. The -- to look at this semi-final and say,


that was a close race. But it doesn't tell the story, Yohan Blake


before bringing them up into the set position. Usain Bolt has gone


up strolling past. He has a little The scene is set for her Blake


against Usain Bolt in the two hundred metres, who is your money


on? It has got to be Usain Bolt. He just looks phenomenal again. You


question whether he was quite in the shape he wanted to the end, and


he has answered that. He is making it look easy. And his confidence,


what I have picked up. That is interesting, there has been a


transformation since he won that 100m final. He has definitely grown,


winning that 100m final, it was never in doubt and it sent a clear


message to his competition. He is easing down. Looking easy. Yohan


Blake has to step up now. He is the one who needs to show what he has


got. I don't think anyone would bet against that man. It is difficult


to analyse that. He is not getting anywhere near to running flat out.


It was only the 60m of the term before he shut down. We talk about


the hurdles and getting into the groove, it is the same with


sprinting, getting your tempo. about Yohan Blake and his Vine said.


Michael Johnson says, he doesn't think he is under any pressure, he


is here for the silver metal. don't think the pressure from us is


there, but he put himself under pressure. He does believe he can


turn things around. Plenty more coming up in the Olympic Stadium


this morning. The big athletics moment in the two


hundred metres, just before 9pm. 8:55pm it is the crucial moment. It


will be over very quickly. Over at Eton Dorney today, there


are more canoe sprint finals. With four gold medals on offer,


including in the 500 metre women's kayak single. That's the race where


Great Britain's Rachel Cawthorn is hoping for a medal. Yesterday, Tim


Brabants hope of defending his Olympic title ended in


disappointment. But, before we take you back to Eton Dorney, here's a


guide to what you'll see on the The three kayak class has ranged


from 5.2 metres long, up to 11 metres long in the largest class.


Indeed two canoe classes, these are There are a maximum of eight lanes


each measuring nine metres wide, the boats have to stake in the


centre or risk disqualification. Combining call straight, upper-body


strength and cardiovascular fitness, spenders can reach speeds of 25


kilometres per hour. The event will feature a total of 158 men


competing in eight events. 88 female athletes, in four events.,


and distances are 501,000 metres. For the first time, races will be


contested over 200m across all single disciplines. The competition


format includes heats, semi-finals of and finals.


If you would like to get involved in Olympic sports, go to our


website for more information. That is how it is looking at Eton


Dorney. The first of the final races on the water is the canoe


through. This is one of the favourites. The quickest time in


qualifying, they are the reason why Germany are world champions. An


unknown, the Chinese team, very impressive in qualifying. They won


the second semi-final. And the defending Olympic champions,


new. The conditions could not be better


at Eton Dorney. The water, a mirror, very little wind, it is warming up.


The spectators are here, already making a bit of noise. Look out for


Azerbaijan. Prokopenko, the former Ukrainian.


The Chinese, night in last year's rhythm. This is a very hard event,


are balancing on a knife edge. They make sure they drive that blade


into the water at the same time as one another, to prevent any extra


of wobble, so as not to disturb the ahead of Germany, with Russia in


there as well. Last year's European champions.


This really demonstrate how these can but does have to bend at the


waist, drive through their front leg. And get those arms into water,


putting the power down. Still taking it through, Azerbaijan.


European champions a couple of years ago, silver medal in the


world champion ships last year, In this 1,000-metre race, each crew


will have a plan what they want to do. Try not to let what is going


are not quite right. It is a Click Azerbaijan out in front. Beginning


to look very comfortable. Picking up pace towards the latter part of


the race. We can see the Chinese Azerbaijan. Look at gritting and


Kuschela. With every stroke, they are pushing ahead.


Journey are looking -- germinate are looking strong. Who denied the


world champions at the International trials, and Germany


are powering their way to the gold medal. A strong surge from Belarus.


The defending Olympic champions coming through to take silver.


Germany will take the gold medal. Belarus take silver. What a final


surge for the silver medal, they lose their Olympic crown. Utterly


spent, what an effort they put in, and they'd find it so carefully,


they waited, they were carried along by Azerbaijan, but in the


second half of the race they were stronger. They certainly were. They


let Azerbaijan do the hard work in the first part of the race, and


picked their timing to come through the field. As did the Bahdanovich


brothers. Belarus, handing over the Olympic crown, helping Germany to


celebrate as well. Kuschela and Kretschmer are the Olympic


champions. Russia, coming through to take


bronze medal. They were finishing so quickly, the Bahdanovich


brothers. Gold medal, no doubt about it, finishing powerfully,


Kuschela and Kretschmer. Increasing their stroke rate in that last 250.


Demonstrating how they really have to drive with the whole of their


body. A great shot to demonstrate the effort it takes, the joy in


achieving the greatest moment in your sport, Olympic champions,


Kretschmer and Kuschela, confirming their potential coming second


behind the Romanians earlier. And, It gold medal for Germany at Eton


Dorney. They have a good chance in the next race coming up. It will be


a busy day at Eton Dorney because there are four gold medal races and


one of them features Rachel Cawthorn. We started to have a


sense of what they go through, so much exertion over 1,000m? He has,


talking to them yesterday, they talk about the amount of lactic


acid they build up over the first 200m and find it difficult to


dispel that. Even at the end of the race there is the build up, and


they have to put up with the pain. It is very demanding. It is very


tiring. We are hoping Rachel Cawthorn can go through the pain


barrier because she goes in the third of those finals. Germany are


favourites in all of them. Rachel does at about 10:14am. She was


second fastest in her semi-final. The Hungarians probably have the


advantage. They have already won a gold medal. But Rachel has an


outside chance of a medal. After the disappointment of Tim Brabants,


at Eton Dorney, we have to hope for better things? We must bear in mind,


Rachel is the youngest member of the field, she is only 23. The


oldest is the Italian, appearing at her 8th Olympics, 47 years old, she


won in Sydney in 2000. There is a lot of improvement to come from


right foot, but she has shown enormous amounts of potential at


the European Championships, the World Championships. If she can


sneak a medal, it is a bonus, but she does have the potential.


have seen the gold medal for Germany. What about the next race,


because they have a good chance in this one? Canoe sprint has been


dominated by Germany and hungry. Germany are the favourites, Hungary,


as always of their biggest danger. And in the double, for the women it


is expected to be dominated by Germany. They are the two nations


that have dominated canoe sprint and we expect them to do so again


this morning. We are hoping for on Little Britain, 23 years old just


Little Britain, 23 years old just might get in the mix. Nearly time


for the second race of the day. This is the men's four. Let's


rejoin Andrew Coltart. Athens. And they were both part of


the winning K-For last year. Denmark are the reigning European


champions. But disappointing in qualifying. It will have to be a


strong performance from them to get amongst the medals. Lookout for


Slovakia. The silver-medallist in Beijing. They are in lane five. I


have a sneaking feeling Australia. They were quickest in the semi-


finals. Sometimes it is not the truest guide because of conditions.


But Australia were looking strong. So the final of the men's K-For


1,000m. Romania in lane one, Czech Republic in two, Australia in 3,


Hungary in lane four. Slovakia in five, Germany in six, Russia is in


seven and Denmark in lane eight. They have just been calls for what


a little more. Ready. No, a false start. Looks Like It might have


been Australia or Hungary. You wonder how you can get a false


start because you get the start pockets which drop. If they get


their timing spot on, they can get a little fraction ahead. But it is


a risky game to play. Mick you get it wrong, you get a false start


like this, and you have to be recalled back, which takes of this


and a long time. They pass each other on the way round going in


various directions. This is the start. Remind have been hungry, it


might have been Australia. Australia out quickest. -- it might


have been. If you get a warning, you don't get disqualified. The


false start has been given to Hungary, as we thought. The


Hungarian at the front of the boat made his Olympic debut in 1996.


They qualified directly for the final by winning their initial heat.


Slovakia, silver medalists in Beijing. They had a last minute


change when the brothers were replaced. It did not go down well.


All sorts of allegations, but they looked good in qualification.


have been told not to delay, straight to the start line. This


does take a long time to reset. The facts they are on live television


is the last thing on their minds. They want to get the best start.


All bodes to the start line, please. The it'll be interesting to see how


quick the Hungarian is get away. If they did that again they will be


caught disqualified. And -- all bodes. It is not an immediate


disqualification as it is in athletics. You do get one chance.


You pay the price if you do it a second time. A reminder of the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


success yesterday. They do start as false start again. It is all


frantic fury from these quartets as they set off at a vicious pace.


They will drop down into a rhythm. Australia are looking strong


through the first 100. They will now settle into the middle part of


the race. Hungry, the silver medalists at the watch


championships I just aim front. Slovakia inferred. These are the


favourites coming into the race. The front man sets the pace and the


rhythm. The second man tries to make sure the connection is good to


the power houses at the back two seats. Hungry sitting alongside


Australia. It is Australia out there at the moment. Slovakia in


lane five. Germany sitting back a little bit at the moment. They are


trailing as they come through the halfway mark. It distil Australia


from hungry. Australia, hungry and Slovakia in that order as they come


to the final quarter of the race. Beginning to open up a gap. They


are moving an inch further forward. All working in Unison together,


driving the bodes smoothly through the water. Slovakia looking to


creep back a little bit. It is all moment. Coming up while is the


Czech Republic. Ensued if final 150 metres, it is Australia. They won't


be caught now. It is about silver and bombs. -- bronze. Australia get


the gold medal. Hungary look as though they've got the silver and


the Czech Republic the bronze. Gold medal for the men in gold. Take


Smith at the front celebrating believe what has happened. They


jumped out the start and they control the race. Every time a push


came from the Hungarian is all the Slovakians, they edged ahead again.


They certainly dominated the race. It is the brave way to do it, going


out from the front and holding on. Hungary celebrate their medal as


well. Ben Maher faded a little bit, but coming through strongly with


the Czech Republic. They knew they had a stronger second half. Dave


Smith almost falling in with his celebrations. It was close at the


end. Hungry just coming through ahead of the Czech Republic to take


the silver. Germany in fourth place. Nothing for the fancied German crew.


Australia like the conditions at Eton Dorney, it is very warm.


That's what it means to win an Olympic gold medal. It is so


important to keep the timing exactly together. It is what was so


well executed. Smith at the front of the Australian crew, setting a


great pace for the others to follow. Murray Stuart from the manly kayak


Club. The Australian commentators are not a million miles away and


What a fantastic race. The 6th gold medal for Australia, no wonder they


are pleased with that. Germany won the earlier gold medal, and how


fantastic it is to watch canoeing and Kayaking. If you feel the same


way, look at the BBC website because that is where we have a


guide to this sport and ways to get into it. The focus is now going to


be on the women's races coming up. We will be back in about 20 minutes


to see Rachel Cawthorn go in the women's kayak final. Later this


afternoon Luke Patience and Stuart before go for gold in Weymouth at


around 1pm. Just before that, Keri- Anne Payne dives into the


Serpentine in Hyde Park looking for gold glory. Can she go better


today? Open water is all about who is the best on the day, who makes


the right choices at the right time. People can tell me 100 million


times I have the gold medal. I don't, I wish it was as easy as


that. I am going to make sure I am on the pontoon about to dive in,


and I am happy with my preparation and I know I will get in there and


Last season took a lot out of me. I have been doing this for 12 years,


I am only 24. 12 years of long- distance training on my body. I had


a few injuries which took a while to get over. And then I had a


For me open-water has been incredible how much it has grown


over the last four years. If I can say I inspired a couple of people


to get into the open water and try it out, to get families open


swimming, I will feel happy about that. 10 kilometres under way. And


Keri-Anne Payne is going to take silver. What a race that was.


have to focus on what I am doing and so cut the atmosphere and all


the cheering. I have to do my absolute best. We wish her the best


of luck for her swim. She will dive off the pontoon into the Serpentine


at 12 noon. Rebecca Adlington is here in the village and I'm sure


there will be a lot of support for She will do well to match America's


star of the pool, four gold medals, record world holder Missy Franklin


We just want to do our best Diane. If that gets us a gold medal, it is


I have been in love with water and always wanting to be in it. I still


have that same passion for swimming that I did when I was five years


old. When you go back to the United States, do you think there is going


to be pressure on you to maybe go professional. I think there are


always going to be opinions to go professional or stay amateur. This


decision is totally mine and my family's. I am going to do what is


best for us and for me. I am 17 years old and I am too young for a


swimming to be my job. They are forcing me to put a price on things


that are priceless in my eyes, like friendship and team-mates. Michael


Phelps, his 80th Olympic gold medal. Will anyone ever get anywhere near


what he has achieved? 18 gold medals, do you think you can get


there? He has set the bar extremely high. He was joking around with me


and he was saying, I challenge you to beat me. I said, how many do you


have? Our think it is 38. And he said, only 36 more to go. He has


just set the bar so high for every Olympian and it is awesome. My


first gold medal was the most emotional. By 100m backstroke.


Probably the most meaningful was the relay. Well done, Team USA!


are a family, we were so close, we did everything together. When you


get up there and you realise you are part of something so much


bigger than you are and you not only got a gold, but got a gold for


teen USA with three other girls, it is just incredible. 17 years old,


Missy Franklin, and she seems to love every moment of being in the


water. She is my candidate for the best smile of London 2012. In the


athletics stadium it has been quite a morning. It is looking absolutely


beautiful here at Olympic Park. Jonathan I was a bit envious of you


being in that fresh air in that fantastic stadium.


What is amazing is there are 80,000 people in the stadium. It is not


the most packed schedule this morning. We have got the Men's


decathlon and the women's high jump. But the crowd want their Olympic


experience. There are a few end PCTs, but pretty much 80,000 people


here, fantastic for the decathlete. Yes, they have worked so hard and


the second day is always tough. This crowd have been cheering. We


have got no British interest at all in the decathlon and the women's


high jump, but they are loving it. They are cheering everybody and


being very supportive. Disappointment for Daniel Awde, he


ran a personal best in the 100m, then injury got the better of him.


Yes, but he was clearly not 100% coming into the championships. The


strapping on his knee were bothering him. No interest in the


women's high jump, but we have the relay team going for qualification.


Should we be concerned about it? It is one of our medal chances.


have gone on about this a lot, the experience of the crowd and how the


crowd will energise people. If there is an event where the crowd


can make a difference it will be in the four by four relay. We have an


opportunity to qualify. How we do in the final is anybody's call,


because there is so much jostling that goes on. I'm glad I never did


it. The women's high jump qualification is under way and Paul


Dickenson can tell us what has been happening in that. The qualifying


competition is under way. The target now is 1.85 for all of the


athletes. That is a nice, easy 1.96 is what is required to go


through to the final on Saturday. The conditions are absolutely


around the top bend on this warm date. She has been having perfect


clearances. This is the fantastic world champion from last year. Not


a problem. She has been in great form and she will be tough to beat.


She became a mother in 2010. A lot of people were surprised how well


she came back last year. She took the world championship title. A


bronze medallist four years ago. This is a former world champion. I


do not think anybody blames her for wearing sunshades on a day like


today. A nice jump. Deceptively powerful, the German. That curved


Nice and easy for her as well. A couple of question marks as to


whether she would be here in 2012 to defend that title. She carried


the flag for Belgium in the opening ceremony. There are many going


clear at this early stage. 1.96 is easy. 1.96 is one centimetre higher


than the British record. That is shared by a couple of athletes,


including Jessica Ennis. An easy entry into this qualifying


competition. She is always very entertaining to watch. There you go,


the American. Nice and easy. It will be interesting to see whether


the standard is higher in the women's high jump than in the men's,


which was a very tight competition. decathlon discus competition in its


first round. That was a very gentle start for Damian Warner, the young


Canadian. He is in third place, but only three points ahead of the next


competitor, from the Ukraine. He has taken over the mantle of


Canadian multi- events from the great Mike Smith. Not a bad start.


One man who knows Olympic arenas very well, he is working just below


us for an Australian television company, the one and only Daley


Thompson. He has hardly changed a bit since his heyday when he won


He is looking a bit grey around the edges. We will be back sharply. We


have got the business in the decathlon and the four by four


relays. But we are going to race back to you.


The decathlon ends tonight with the 1,500m race in the Stadium this


evening. Let's take you back to canoe sprint at Eton Dorney because


there are two files left including the 500m singles race involving


Rachel Cawthorn. She was a bronze medallist in 2010 in the European


Championships. She is no minutes away from her race. I'm in awe


after watching the canoeists in action this morning. What an


incredibly demanding sport. imagine jealousy as well because


perfect conditions down here with the sun shining. But you are right


about these athletes, it is extremely demanding physically and


they get very tired in the closing stages. They are gasping for breath


when they come off their boats and they come to these interviews. It


is difficult to watch for somebody as unfit as I am. Rachel Cawthorn -


- Rachel Cawthorn is only 23. The oldest racer is 47. Rachel is in


lane seven. She was second fastest in her semi-final and has got an


Sheeny still make a strong start. She was saying yesterday that the


crowd helped to left her. We are hoping that combination of a good


fares and the crowd roaring her on might just get her into medal


position. But being in lane seven, how might that affect her? If there


was a cross wind, then it might well be an issue, but there is not


much of a cross wind. When the canoeists come into the final


stages, the last few hundred metres, it is like a tunnel, so the effect


of the wind is minute. We are hoping there will not be any effect,


other than the fact that she is next to the favourite. Danuta Kozak.


This is a sport that is dominated by the Germans and the Hungarians.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


well in lane seven. All the medals are up for grabs. Danuta Kozak is


moving up nicely, the Hungarian. champion of the Ukraine, Inna


Osypenko-Radomska, does she have the strength to have our? Rachel


Cawthorn will have to finish very strongly. 250 metres to go now. It


is still at Inna Osypenko-Radomska or taking it out. Bridgitte Hartley


of South Africa going well. Inna Osypenko-Radomska, the Ukrainian,


is in the lead. Rachel Cawthorn is trailing never back of the field at


the moment. She is starting to come through in that Union flag, but at


the moment it is still Ukraine, Inna Osypenko-Radomska, then Danuta


Kozak. And Danuta Kozak is pinning -- beginning to edge up on the


Ukrainian. She is fighting hard for a medal. It is surely Danuta Kozak


for a metal. Inna Osypenko-Radomska or is fading. Danuta Kozak will


take the gold. Hungary take the silver, and then it is Ukraine.


Rachel Cawthorn was just out of it, perhaps fourth or fifth. But Danuta


Kozak takes it for Hungary. The European champion last year now


becomes the Olympic champion. may have thought she had a slow


start, but then you saw her really putting in the energy through those


blades as she crouched over and drove that boat passed the


Ukrainian in the last part of that race. Inna Osypenko-Radomska really


did start to wane a bit, but managed to hold on better than she


did in the heats and the semi-final. Danuta Kozak handled that


beautifully. She timed it to perfection. She edged up on the


Inna Osypenko-Radomska and then held on. Rachel Cawthorn of, for


Great Britain,... We can see the confirmation. I think she was in


sixth place. Very close, as we expected it to be. Here we see


Danuta Kozak's style as she drives her knees and arms, really getting


a connection with the boat. We have had confirmation that Rachel


Cawthorn was in sixth place. After that initial very good start from


Rachel Cawthorn, it was the next stage of the race that she did not


do enough, but she finished well. We often see the opposite from


Rachel. She comes through the later stages of the race. It was unusual


to see her go out solar hard, and then drop off. She did come back,


but left it a bit too late. timing for Danuta Kozak was perfect.


The 25-year-old from Budapest is the champion. We have seen so much


success here. It is traditionally a very strong support for Hungary.


They had so much success yesterday and today. We are just waiting for


the timings. Rachel Cawthorn was in sixth place. Those Hungarian fans


have been making themselves known throughout the morning, even before


the racing, and now they are really celebrating. Inna Osypenko-Radomska


or raced very well also, just hanging on this way. She put up a


third place, Bridgitte Hartley of South Africa. The Ukraine, Inna


Osypenko-Radomska took silver. And the gold medal went to Danuta Kozak


of Hungary. Rachel Cawthorn What is your assessment of your


performance? I don't know. Just seemed to be over so quick. Just


the kind of got a good start and then I was trying to go with my


race plan but... Yeah. We know you are a very good strong finisher.


Were you happy with where you were halfway, or did you want to be much


closer? I was probably a bit too far down, so it was too much to


come back. I kind of wish I could do it again! It was all right. I


wish I could have done better. Still firmly in experienced. You


had athletes like just a server -- Josefa Idem. You must fill this was


a good stepping stone? Yeah, it is good. But it is such a long time to


wait now to have another bash at it! By yeah, I can take a lot away


from this experience. It has been amazing. The crowd has been


incredible. I was so Praf myself -- I was so proud of myself after the


semis. In the final, it probably hit me, what this means.


Congratulations. You can be very proud of your performers. In four


years' time in Rio, let's hope we are celebrating success. Well done.


Disappointing race for Rachel Cawthorn. She finished in sixth


place, so out of the medals, but it was always going to be hard for her,


because it was a strong field and the gold medal went to Hungary,


Danuta Kozak winning the race. There are still two days of the


canoe sprint at Eton Dorney, so let's hope for muddles later.


Now on to the boxing. Great Britain's Micky Adams goes straight


from yesterday's stunning semi- final victory into today's big for


a gold medal. This afternoon, she faces Ren Cancan of China in the


final of the women's fly after beating five time champion Mary Kom


of India. Her fight is the first day, which means that if she wins


the gold, she will be the first woman in Olympic history ever to do


Nicola Adams, 51 kg, two-time world medallist. I was 13. I was not


nervous at all. Couldn't wait to get in there. It all started with


Nicola coming down to the gym with me. Was it your intention to take


her to a boxing session? No. I did not even realise they had boxing,


and then she went off and did her own thing. I knew she would not get


it hurt, because they had the trainers and coaches there, so it


was just something for the kids to do. It has been tough. The choices


we have had to make, it is expensive. All the equipment. It


has not been easy. The days of boxing being an Olympic sport for


men-only are over. We men boxers will be able to compete at the


London Olympics. Is women's boxing really what we want in London 2012?


If women want to box, they should be allowed to. I was not interested


in women's boxing. I did not want to see young girls getting hit. I


could see the determination in the girls, but they were lacking a bit


of skill. But within 18 months, we have got five in the world's top


ten for their weights. In the 2008 European championships, we got some


metals. How do you feel about women's boxing now? A love it.


Everything you ask, they will do. She has an amazing smile and a


fairly slight frame. She does not strike you as someone you would


associate with boxing. Exactly.. She has flat feet and is not a good


runner. She has asthma. It is sheer determination and will power.


was a time not so long ago when it was nearly all over for you. I know.


I had a serious back injury which left me in bed for three months,


which was really frustrating because I am such a get-up-and-go


person. At that time, the GB selections were going on and I


couldn't train. I went from being able to do 300 sit-ups a day to not


being able to do one. Did you think, this is it? That thought crossed my


mind a few times. The first time I started punching again, I felt so


slow. I was a bit overweight. I just saw everybody else on the GB


team flying up and down, punching so fast, and I was like, how will I


ever get back to how I was? I was saying to the coaches, will I be


ready to come back at this sort of level so quickly? And they were


like, yeah, you can do this. wants to become the Olympic


champion and the world champion. Nicol Adam worked hard to do that.


It is because of the Nicolas that the game is going into another


level. I have been boxing for so long, and I have won a lot of


tournaments. At the European Championships, getting gold and


silver medal at the worlds, it could not have asked for a better


career. What would it mean to have an Olympic gold medal? I would give


that Olympic gold medal a whole shelf! Lets a hope she gets it.


She is such a down-to-earth, committed girl. I met her when she


was a torch-bearer in Sheffield before the Games began. Best of


luck to Nicola this afternoon. Her fight against Ren Cancan of China


will be live on BBC One at 4:30pm. Now, some of the athletes we have


watched so far at the Olympics have been immersed in their sport since


childhood. Others are relative newcomers. Great Britain's Jade


Jones, who fights for its gold medal today in taekwondo, only took


it up four years ago at the age of 15. Before we see her in action,


here are some tips if you are new to the sport.


Taekwondo. The taekwondo Competition There is eight metre


square, with a safety boundary around the outside. Fights are


contested over three two-minute rounds with a minute's West in


between. If the score is tied after three rounds, the fight goes into a


sudden-death 4th round. The scores are reset to zero and the first


person to score wins the contest. The aim of taekwondo is to land


kicks and punches to your opponent's scoring zone. Moves are


worth between one and four points, depending on the attack. A referee


oversees the action, which is scored by three judges. At least


two judges have to call a point for it to be valid. Competitors wear


protective equipment, including head guard and a chest protector.


The chest protector validates points when a powerful kick is


delivered by the opponent. All athletes wear censored it socks,


which protect their feet and register points. Points can also be


recorded through penalties. Half son penalties and four. Penalties.


The few would like to get involved in Olympic Sportsday, go to the BBC


sport website for more information. Jade Jones is 19 and from Flint in


Wales. She is a medal prospect today, having reached last year's


world championship final. All the more impressive, given that she has


only been doing taekwondo for four years. Let's take you over to where


it is happening, away from the Olympic Park and over to the excel.


This venue hosts no less than seven Olympic sports, and this is where


we will see Jade in action for the first time today. She is up against


Dragana Gladovic of Serbia, fighting for a place in this


afternoon's quarter-final. Let's fight before we get our first look


at the great British hope. It is a men's fight between the Serbian in


the red and the Peruvian, Peter Lopez. Taekwondo is made up of


three two-minute rounds. We are nearing the conclusion of this


match. The Serbian is ahead and is also creating a slice of Serbian


Olympic history. At 18, he is the youngest member of the team and the


first man to fly the flag for his country in this sport. Dragana


Gladovic, who is up against Jade Jones next, was beaten to the


accolade by 15 minutes, by the luck of the trough. The Serbian man is a


minute away from reaching the quarter-finals here. He is


performing really well, covering electronic body protectors, so the


scores go up automatically. If you kick to the body it is one point.


If you kick up to the face it is three. There are four points for


the head shots. At this stage it is all about push kicking and good


himself right back in base in the final 10 seconds and is just one


point down. The Serbian got in the final blow. He will take his place


in the quarter-finals. Peter Lopez has to bow out earlier than he


might have expected. He has been around for a decade. One of the


changes in the sport, the decision to use the electronic body armour


has changed the way athletes approach it. Youngsters like this


young man are making the most of it. It is all score against New School.


Lopez was a fantastic competitor for a number of years, and he loses


out to the young man in red. That was right upstairs to the head, a


three-point shots. I am sure Jade Jones will be trying to do that.


But also there is a little sensor on the bottom of the foot. And they


score. That is the most fundamental difference from Beijing until now.


We also have the replays which we might see over the next few minutes


as Jade Jones prepares to come onto the mat. Taekwondo was born in


Korea, and now it is enjoying its 4th Olympics. An ancient martial


art has been around the Korean peninsula for the best part of two


centuries. The modern form evolved in the 1950s. It captivated a young


Jade Jones when she was first introduced to its in Wales as an 8


year-old. 11 years on, here she is. Greg cannot Ludovic becomes the


second Serbian to compete in the Olympic Games, beaten to that title


by her male compatriots by quarter of an hour. Up against Jade Jones.


The Serbian has the honour of leading them onto the mat. The


first woman to represent her country in this sport of Ty


taekwondo at the Games. Here is Jade Jones. 19 years of age, world


championship silver medallist last year. Bronze at the European


Championships in Manchester in May. It is easy to imagine that not a


lot of work is being done in North East Wales at the moment where she


is born. The Dragana Gladovic is a rough, tough fighter and has beaten


some decent names on the way. Absolutely, she is a redoubtable


fighter a. She comes in with a very strong pedigree and this will be by


through the European qualification tournament as the top fighter.


Let's not underestimate the quality of the opponent up against Jade


Jones. The Serbian in the blue. Once the formalities are completed,


it will be Jade Jones for Great Britain. Here we go. The pushing


cakes that we mentioned. Jade gets spinning kick. Jade has flexibility


and artistry, and she has to get the timing right. But the Serbian


is very much a force in this opening exchange. If you are new to


disport, do not just keep an eye on the legs and that beat, but also on


the arms, because they are the defenders, the soldiers to stay


behind, guarding the front wall. has been good covering so far from


Jade Jones because there was a back kick thrown there and they are


worth two points. Again the same attempt from the Serbian. It you


encroached into that zone, you are likely to get a slap around the


chops. The Serbian has drawn level in the closing seconds of this


first of three rounds. It is tied up nicely. One point apiece. Maybe


any nerves that were coursing through their young veins of Jade


Jones might have gone. Somebody else will be selling the sausages


at the butchers because that is where mum works. Her grandad as


well who introduced her to the sport. Even her old head teacher


from her high school is here. I cannot imagine many people are left


in Flint. People will be glued to the television watching their young


heroine in the Olympics. That is connecting with the body are met


and that was the return shot. It registers on the electronic


scoreboard. Nothing to choose between them as the scoreboard


which indicate. The second of three rounds. The contests are six


minutes long, divided into three rounds. Jade Jones from Great


Britain is in the red. The Serbian, Dragana Gladovic is in the blue. A


head shot from Jones, three points. A little flurry of activity. She


has established some daylight between her and the serve. That


gives her the opportunity to move it further ahead. This has been a


very good 50 seconds at the start of the second round. Half-a-dozen


points already in the bag. Often when you have an aggressive fighter


like the Serbian, when you open a gap on them, that can pursue them


and give them pause for thought. That will play into the flexibility


of Jones, particularly in her front leg, the one nearest her opponent.


There is a metre mark that gives them an idea of where they need to


be standing within their range. mats are a metre in length. You


have an optimum distance you want to be at. Most of the female


fighters will stand in a save his own and try to operate from within


that. This has been a very good round for Great Britain and Jade


do. The 57 kg women, around nine stones in old money. Excellent


stuff from Jones. She looked composed from the start. Dragana


Gladovic does not have the same flexibility to go upstairs as


resolutely and as quickly as Jones does. They call her the head hunter


for the way she attacks during hours and hours of training. 200


miles north of here and they head hunter did her business. A lovely


front leg turning kick, straight upstairs into the front shot of


Dragana Gladovic. Paul Green, the British coach, delighted with the


work of his charge. Jade Jones is keen to clock on at the start of


this third and final round. Taekwondo points can be clocked up


very quickly and Jones will be aware of that. Jones is in the red


and the Serbian is in the blue. blink and you'll miss it. Jones has


come out like a house on fire. She is pushing hard and trying to give


her opponent lot to think about. A back kick attempt from the young


Serbian. Jones has taken a decisive lead. She went upstairs again. She


leads by 10. If she gets another couple of points, it will be all


over, because biters go 12 points clear and the match is ended. She


needs one more to bring a premature conclusion to this one. She went to


bed last night and dreamt of how her debut might go and it would


have looked like this. She is on the verge of a place in the


quarter-finals. She has been composed throughout and has not


been intimidated by education. She is the Youth Olympic champion and


would love to add the real deal to Dragana Gladovic. She is no mug.


She has been mugged here and has been confused all the way through.


Jones is very professional and more than worthy of this win.


quarter finals will be in the second session after lunch. That


will do. Jade Jones, British Olympian, emphatic winner in the


first round. She has sprinted into the quarter-finals. A wonderful


effort. The pictures tell the story. So flexible and so adept at the


head shots. She did not have to bother with too many efforts to the


body. Paul Green, her coach, the in this contest for Jones, and


these were just a few of them. The head hunter, hunting head. The


Serbian eating a foot sandwich to get her debate going. -- to get her


day going. She has got a real Jade, you can't have asked for a


better start? Yeah, the points were going really well and the plan was


perfect. I felt really sharp warming up, but I need to a bit a


bit. But the tactics were perfect. Easing into the first round and


then stepping it up? Yeah, hopefully. Then Japan in the next


round. I was expecting Croatia to get through, but I have studied all


of them, so I will go through the tactics again. Dock me through the


home crowd when you walked out? was amazing. I did not expect it


when I came out. It was crazy, people shouting my name. The


atmosphere is amazing. Good luck in the quarter-finals.


Well done to Jade Jones, a commanding performance. She is only


19 and has done fantastically well. She goes on now to fight against


the Japanese taekwondo who are... Coming out now is Martis Dumbo of


Great Britain, taking on Erick Osornio Nunez of Mexico. He is


Britain's world bronze medallist. He will be hoping to make a strong


impression this time after a knee games, the highlight of his life


has so far. The bulk of the audience here in the ExCel Arena,


who are British, will hope it remains the highlight of his life


so far. Martin Stamper, the 25- year-old from Liverpool, marks his


Olympic debut with a wind. -- will hope he can mark his Olympic debut


with a win. It is the kind of raw he will never have heard before in


his taekwondo career, the kind of trauma that makes all those years


of dedication worthwhile. -- is the kind of raw from the audience that


makes the years of dedication is in the blue. The rituals of this


sport are observed. Martin Stamper of Great Britain on the right hand


side in the red. A three two-minute rounds. If you get to 12 points, it


is all over. The electronic body armour protects the toss of. There


are sensors on the bottom of the socks that the athletes have to


wear now. Occasionally, you will see kicks going in that perhaps in


the old days, before the technology, might have been countered by the


referees. But the body armour is so sensitive that it occasionally


doesn't naturally register. You are looking for a prolonged contact and


impact. You will see a feature of how much blocking and covering goes


on from the opposing athletes. They want to reduce the target that is


available. Martin Stamper started with a good back kick. He tried it


again. But Erick Osornio Nunez has fought him before in the Dutch Open.


And it was the Mexican who was victorious on that occasion.


martyrs Bamber comes here on a bit of a role. Bronze medallist at last


year's world championships in Korea. The highlight of his career so far.


Then the championships were held in Manchester in May. He came away


with a bronze then. It is the quietest we have heard the arena


for around a bay and a half. That is a good point, because the job


off the Mexican is to subdue the partisan crowd, reduce the tempo.


He wants to keep the scores low at the beginning. He took a blow in an


area that needs protecting. Might take some time to find his balance.


Couple of deep breaths, and the Mexican is up and kicking again. We


are heading towards a pointless opening two-minute period. That is


where we stand. Martin Stamper marches his way back. He said


becoming a bad for the first time in the last year has given him a


different outlook on life -- becoming a dad has helped his


taekwondo. I am not sure what his one year old daughter would make of


this noise, or, more to the point, the silence at the moment. I am


sure she will enjoy these pictures of her dad making his debut in the


Olympics when she is older. He seems to have reacted well to


becoming a father. It has given him a certain amount of peace and


calmness in the way he approaches his work. He has a gap between life


and training, and that has worked for him, because he is one of these


fighters who can either be fantastic or doesn't quite produce


it. It is all-or-nothing for Martin. He is a lot more calm. Before, he


would try and Rush, and now he is a much more composed fighter. Second


round. The Mexican it is in the blue. Stamper, the 25-year-old from


Liverpool, appropriately enough in the red. The Mexican, with a double


kick. They are not easy to get on stamper. Just enough power to


register. He is getting closer. the naked eye, it looked like it


was worth a point, but electronically, it wasn't.


Mexico has switched stance to give himself a broader target. Martin


Stamper does the same to shut that target down. Good cover from both.


We sought a high-scoring encounter previously, but it is really hard


to score points. The ring is becoming smaller. Before Beijing,


it was 12 metres by 12. Here, it is eight by eight. Little by little,


the areas you can run away in are becoming increasingly scarce.


players are more than adept at kicking and moving. Unfortunately,


that was a low blow to the top of the thigh. Often, the compact


strays below the area where you are trying to aim at. All the talk is


about Aaron Cook and the controversy of his non-selection of


the British team. But he is here today. He has got himself some �20


tickets somewhere, so he is up with everyone else, watching somewhere


in the crowd. He has not been picked, but could not bear not to


be here. Goodness knows what he is thinking at the moment. This is the


division he would have been fighting -- This is not the


division he would have been fighting in. That will come


tomorrow. But now, it is all about Martin Stamper and the rest. Samuel


Stevenson fights tomorrow as well. This second round has come and gone


in a flash. It is as kg an affair as we have seen. You get everything


an Olympic taekwondo - high-scoring matches, head kicks, and kg matches.


The Mexican and Martin Stamper have thought before. And it has been the


same here. There have been expansive kicks Perone, good


strategies, but at this level, it is like Italian football, where


they cancel each other out. You could see them almost connecting


with the body armour. But almost is not good enough at this level.


final word on Aaron Cook, by the way. It is not clear what his long-


term plans are. But I don't think it is settled that he will be


around in Rio, fighting for Britain in four years' time. He has clearly


been scarred by what went on. But Martin Stamper has his own problems


to think about. He is in the red, up against Erick Osornio Nunez in


the blue, from Mexico. After this, we had to a golden score and a


fourth round. The Egyptian referee is making sure both fighters are


active all the way through. There has been an admonishment against


Martin Stamp Bug, a penalty if you are holding or avoiding anything


that stops the progress of the match. That could prove important


later, because at this stage, both fighters are not managing to get on


the scoreboard with legitimate kicks. It will only be important if


he gets another warning, because then the Mexican will be given a


point. That was better from stamper. It was the kind of running, kicking


routine that looks like it deserves to get a point for artistic


impression if nothing else, but those pesky electronic body armour


suits are not registering anything. They have now -- Martin Stamper is


ahead for the first time. Good counter from Martin stamper. The


but will that one point be enough? He is claiming the head shot, and


he has got it. Now, the Mexican coach is bringing out the blue card


to signify that he wants that checked. This is another innovation


we have had since Beijing, not just the body armour. The British coach


is handing out instructions. Lots of you will be watching at home who


remember Sarah Stevenson, the British fighter, being done in cold


water, -- in cold blood, let's not beat around the bush, by the judges,


in her big match against the Chinese favourite when she almost


knocked the Chinese fighter's head off, but it was not noticed by the


officials. So we have a replay system now. The players have one


attempt to question the system, and the Mexicans are asking, did that


kick really connect? Be is hard to tell, but they did look to be the


lightest of compact to the head. We will have to wait for the


adjudication of the Video Review Panel. They have been busy men over


the last few days. The Singaporean on the right hand side of your


screen makes the final decision. They have five cameras and one


above, to have the best possible view. This is all very dramatic.


Trial by video. If they decide that Martin Stamper's nail on his big


toe did hit, that is all it needs. He will be awarded the three points


for the shot to the head. It looks like it might have been clipped.


The appeal has been turned down. Martin Stamper gets the three


points he was initially given. The Mexicans have now lost the ability


to make any more challenges in the an appeal and you win, you get to


hang on to the Cup to make more. But if you lose it, you have lost


the cup for the duration. You only get one shot at playing your race


card at. The Mexican coach had a game of poker and came second.


Mexican managed a little shocked to reduce that gap to two. Asked


Bamber is now under lots of pressure and is being forced out of


the ring. If he concedes another, it will be getting tight. Not that


it isn't tight enough. Sweaty palms. Final 20 seconds for Martin Stamper


to hang on. He has stretched his lead. Three points ahead. 10


seconds away from a place in the Olympic quarter-final.


AUDIENCE: Five, four, three, two, mouse. But in the end, it was won


by the Liverpudlian cat. Martin Stamper takes his place in the


taekwondo quarter-finals. He really had to battle, John. He had to dig


that one out. They knew each other coming in. They changed their


strategies. It was Stamper that produced the best of it. Just


simple body shots. Good footwork. Not always the acrobatic shots


score. The TV replay takes time, but has it been well received?


was a game changer, and that is the evidence that it is all you need.


In the end, the best athlete wins. the Mexican was a little bit short.


That was the head shot. That was the telling difference in this


match. I think he enjoyed it! had a bit on their plate, the


taekwondo squad, leading up to these Games. They did not make life


easy for themselves, they took a difficult decision to leave our own


cook out of the squad. But they are up and running and it has been a


very good 15 minutes for Britain's taekwondo players. Jade Jones and


Martin Stamper are into the quarter-finals. You pulled it out


in the last round. It is really hard to score on the body armour.


It is brand-new and it is quite hard. I was doing the right thing.


I failed to hit the body armour with a few kicks. I just waited and


was patient and tea was the first one to crack and he took a risk.


Here are an experienced fighter, but how difficult visit to stay


calm at an Olympic finals? It was tough but me and my coaches went


back and kept the same game plan. He took one rescanned he was open


to the high and I got him with my reaction. It is done by your


coaches interacting and making sure you stay calm. You have a Peruvian


in the next round. Yes, he is really good on his protecting. I


have got to look at some other videos and do the best in my next


fight. What does it mean to be out here after missing out four years


ago? It is unreal. I came out and I felt like dancing. I was just


buzzing, the crowd erupted and everyone was chanting my name. It


might have been a bit of a boring fight, but they still kept behind


me. That took me through to the wind. Good luck in the quarters.


Do not dance at just yet, Martin, because you still have your


What a strong start for Great Britain in that high taekwondo for


Great Britain. More of that on the red button. Live on BBC Three it is


the women's diving. This is the ten-metre platform and the semi-


final is taking place. Very exciting so far in that taekwondo.


Martin Stamper says his recent good form has been down to the birth of


his daughter two years ago and that has given him a healthy focus. He


did very well indeed as did Jade Jones. Let's take you back inside


the Olympic Stadium. We had our athletics team basking in the


sunshine. Let's see if they can make a bit of time for us. I hope


we are not interrupting. No, you are not, we are slightly


overdone. But we are loving it. is perfect conditions for the


Dickenson. The sun continues to keep the crowd beat a plea warm.


The athletes in the decathlon and the qualifying competition for the


high jump. They are enjoying these conditions. This is the defending


Olympic champion. If she keeps going with that sort of form, she


will have no problem at all. That was 1.93. Looking very comfortable


indeed. The qualification automatically is 1.96. At 1.93, so


many women still involved. It is the first-time clearances that are


favourite on the circuit. She is in appropriately-named, but she is a


real entertainer in the high jump. Anna Chicherova was the world


champion last year. She won an Olympic bronze medal in Beijing.


Not as fast as the American. But very elegant. Demonstrates the


Fosbury Flop technique almost perfectly. A lovely jump by the


conditions. This is the new European champion. It was in


Helsinki and it was a little colder than this. A nice, easy clearance.


All of the big names looking in very good form. She had a real


tussle in winning the gold medal in the European Championships at last


for her. Getting towards the end of her career. That was her second


attempt at 1.93 and it is better, just. She has been over two metres


this season when she finished second in the US Olympic trials.


time she gets it right. She has had a difficult couple of years.


Remember that bronze medal in Berlin in 2009? See how much that


meant to her. She has had a difficult season. It took three


efforts to get over it. But that was much better. She had a little


bit to spare as well and she will need it if she is to go over 1.96.


Interesting that 13 women have gone over 1.93. Only 12 should make it


through to the final. Will they make an argument as the pole vault


as did the other day to take everybody through? There are 14


women clear. Think, all 14. They are trying to persuade them to pass,


then everybody can go through, but the official needs an answer. If


they all pass, they all go through. All I need is you to say jump or


pass. What I'm saying is that is not fair. Because if other people


jump and I say past... Do you get what I am saying? There are 14


women Clear, but Friedrich is not in the top 12 because she had two


failures at 1.93, but she is trying to get them all to agree to pass,


which means all 14 women would go through. Barratt is saying it she


says yes, I am passing, at it someone else decides to jump at


1.96, then she could end up not having a place in the final. They


either all need to agree or they go out. That is yet to be resolved.


The Bar has gone up to 1.96. The shop steward has said she has to


get his second attempt at 1.96. I wonder what happened to all of


those athletes who said that they would pass? She was persuading


people to fans and some told the official on the basis that everyone


was going through, that they would pass. That is not looking good for


her at the moment. She has not been in good form this year.


decathlon discus. The Belgian getting that out towards 50m and


that would be a massive improvement for him. He is in 5th place overall.


He is 100 points off a medal position at the moment. That is


still held by Damian Warner, the young Canadian, but that is a great


throw. That was a Daley Thompson moment. He produces his best when


he can. That is a lifetime best. Damian Warner is not a great discus


thrower, but he is holding his own. This athlete is in third place


overall. He is very slow and deliberate, but he gets it out into


the sector, straight down the middle. 45 metres would bring the


Canadian an extra to the odd points. The better throwers go in the B


group in a little while. But Damien Warner trying desperately to hang


on to third place. A great effort for him. Leonel Suarez is in all


sorts of trouble. A poor effort of 25 metres in the second round. He


needs a good distance here and that was solid and that is long as well.


A good effort. A young Cuban, who won an Olympic bronze medal four


years ago, had to make sure of the footwork and the release and it was


good. Much better than anything else he has achieved here so far to


date in the discus. It is a fascinating contest. The two


Americans are still at the top of the table, Ashton Eaton and Trey


Hardee. But the battle for bronze has been hotting up ever since the


110 metres hurdles this morning. He keeps the pressure on those above


him. Ashton Eaton is yet to take his first round throat. He has got


Trey Hardee his team-mate, America one and two at the table at the


moment. There is the javelin and 1,500m and there is a lot to be won


and lost over the course of day two. It comes down to this after all


that discussion. She did not clear and we have got 12 left end. It


would have been another season's best. It has been a troubled year


for her, and she goes out. We have got 12 left and they can advance to


the final. After all that chatter, it came down to hide something in


the end. It was so close. Certainly she has cleared 1.96 in the past,


but as Steve was saying she has had a lot of problems over the last 18


How great when Daley Thomson came through on his third throw. It


happens. This is the stress of the event. You know you only get three


attempts to get it right. It is a big day for Suarez. The one thing


Daley Thompson did not do was breathe a sigh of relief. We have


two big finals tonight. We have the men's 200m and immense triple jump.


No Phillips Idowu. With the benefit of a couple of days to think about


it, what do you make of that saga? Did has been interesting. His whole


demeanour has been difficult -- different to what we expected him


to be like. He arrived here with no dyed hair, which you normally


expect. Many things were different about his whole presence. And the


information he gave was honest. It was interesting to listen to him


are actually telling his story. I am sure that next year, we will


find out more about the story of 2012 from Phillips Idowu. One of


the questions to ask is, why did you have to be so secret about his


injury? What was the great drama about saying, I am injured and I am


working hard to get fit? It just boils down to Philip's' way. He


just wanted to prepare how he wanted to prepare for. Or maybe he


didn't want to acknowledge how bad the injury was. Like Colin says,


with hindsight, he may have done things differently. We don't know


how much communication was going on behind the scenes. It just was not


brought to light. He did not jump badly. Even with everything he has


been through. When you are carrying a severe injury, he will clearly


have surgery, so it was a bad injury. He did not look too bad. He


probably could have got through qualification. And then the final


would have been another day. You have been through that yourself.


You know what it is like. It was blustery and difficult. It was one


of the things we were wandering about, the fact that he hadn't


competed takes you out of the groove of that competition and


dealing with the environment. You can experience it on a regular


basis, but it is always different until you come back and do it again.


We also have these 200m final. If Usain Bolt retains his title, it


will go down in history writ large. In Mexico, the 200m also created


The archive is well-served when it comes to the story of the civil


rights struggle in the United States. The struggle would travel


south to Mexico. Tommie Smith and John Carlos, about to be split by


an Australian. Tommie Smith wins! A new world record. The two Americans


were about to make their stand. But what of the silver medallist, Peter


Norman? Alongside his medal, a badge supporting the cause. It was


Norman who suggested, when Carlos forgot his black clothes, but they


share them, one black glove, -- one right glove, one left. By Smith and


Carlos were sent home from the Games, and Norman returned to


Australia to be rebuked and ostracised. He was banned for two


years. This was the badge that would cost him dear. Despite


returning to athletics and qualifying for the next Olympics,


he was not selected. His time of 20.06 seconds still stands as the


Australian 200m record. He fell on hard times, and when he died at the


age of 64, Tommie Smith and John Carlos were bearers at his funeral.


They had told him what they planned to do in Mexico City, and he had


replied with a four simple words. "I'll Stand By You".


Still an incredibly powerful image. Colin and Denise, before we


discussed what happened there and its impact, what do you think would


happen if an athlete tried to do a similar thing today? I don't think


they would be allowed to. Everything is literally scrutinised


when you are at medal position. You can't take anything on the track


with you apart from literally your presentation uniform. It would be


difficult for a protest at like that to take place. And on a


simplistic level, when the Jamaican team were deemed to be being


disrespectful on the rostrum, it might have been Beijing, when they


were a bit too jolly and not appearing respectful to the other


athletes, they got cautioned. higher Cisse sport and politics


don't mix. Slightly naive? I think so. There has always been


controversy surrounding all Olympics. Even if we look back to


1972. At that time, there was so much civil unrest in the United


States. Making sure that athletes competing in those games,


especially black American athletes, they did not want to be removed.


They wanted to acknowledge that they were very much connected and


thinking about their people. It was such a strong message. Lot of


things were involved in that protest. The fact that they walked


out to receive them medals with no shoes was to recognise the poverty


of the black Americans at that time. They kept their shirt collars Open,


which was linked with the blue- collar workers of the United States,


to say, we understand your fight. They warn necklaces with the beads


to represent all the people who had hanged and suffered. All these


things were little protests, and only things -- be anything we


physically remember is that blood, because it was such a black -- an


iconic moment for the Black Panther movement. The fact that we still


discussing today shows that it has had an impact. In it resonated so


much around the world. It made people focus and really think about


what was going on in America at that time. There was solidarity


with Peter, acknowledging that this is not right. It is still powerful


today. Well, that men's 200m final tonight at is off at 8:55pm. Make


sure you don't miss it. It is Bolt versus bike, take two. In case you


need your appetite wetting, this My hands were shaking and by


nervous system was in some kind of shock. Then, silence got blown


blocks. Here comes Usain Bolt! He is pulling away. He is going to win


the gold! 9.64! The champion did we ever, ever, ever doubt the


It is like your favourite movie, you never tire of watching it. Is


he the greatest ever? In the world of sprinting, yes. World record


holder and Olympic champion, twice, of the 100m. In terms of sport


overall, I remember people saying when he came into the village, he


created the greatest stirrer of any of the athletes. More than Djokovic


or Sharapova. At Semitic. Imagine being a first time Olympian, and


have this man walk through the village. It is a big deal. He


transcends athletics. He is a global icon, and people admire him.


And yes, if he does the double or even the trouble here at this games,


legendary status. We will come to the relay leg to. That men's 200m


final is off at 8:55pm. Now we catch up with the men's discus in


their throws very shortly. Here is the world record holder and the


current leader of this Olympic decathlon. When he broke the world


record, he was just over 42 metres. He is not a great thrower. That is


a very naive technique. But it is about the same distance he threw in


the United States, when he broke the world record. He did not smash


the world record, just finessed his way over the figures that Roman


Sebrle set some time before. It was a prodigious total of over 9000


points. In this country, we still think of 8000 as a very good target.


Ashton Eaton has obviously got his mind on different matters at the


moment, winning the gold medal. A modest start, but still good points.


Here is the chaser. 217 points behind Ashton Eaton. He would like


to get one here well INXS of Ashton Eaton's first broke. That was a


better technique. Ashton Eaton scored 716 points. The gap is 217


at the moment, so you can do your Now, our very own Nostradamus,


Colin Edwards. What will happen in the 200m? In it will be a new


Olympic record. At the moment, it stands at 19.30. So quicker than


that. So can and third? Blake, and probably a European. There is only


one in the final, Joseph Jamaica. What about the young Jamaican?


have your own prediction! So what is it? I will definitely go with


the first two. Tier him? I think Colin is right. He is usually very


accurate. So I will not go against that. You are always disagreeing


with him! Maybe 19.4 for Blake. I want to say the new young Jamaican


might get a sneak in. That would be special. So Spearman also looked


good. Will be back on BBC Three short to. But is it for us on BBC


One. We have to hold them to all these


predictions! We will see how it pans out. We have been talking


about the fantastic weather we have been enjoying at the Olympic Park,


but actually, the weather is possibly too good at the moment in


Weymouth for the sailing. The wind is too light, which is causing some


concern amongst race officials. They are going to check the


conditions at about 11:30am. This is how it is looking right now. The


470 medal race was due to start at midday, but we are not sure what


will happen. The final call will come later from the authorities in


Weymouth, but there is a cut-off point at 4:30pm. If they have not


started racing by then, they will not race today. Keep an eye out if


you are interested in the sailing for that announcement. However, the


conditions are looking good for the open water swim. The women's race


will start in half an hour, when they will be diving off the pontoon


in Hyde Park. Keri-Anne Payne is the big British medal hope here.


Clare Balding is in Hyde Park to see this today. You have former


silver medallist David Davies with you. Fee I have, and were have just


seen the swimmers a pair. They are hiding away in their


preparation tent. You said it will be carnage in there. What happens?


The last hour before a water Grands Prix different to what you do in a


pool. It is a hot bay, and they will be putting suncream on. All


the swimmers have to be numbered. They will take their last HyperCard


trip -- carbohydrate gels. The last hour is always frantic.


Lots of support down their for her, Clare? Yes, and her fiance is there.


They are getting married in September. Becky Adlington is here


and all the swim team are here. have all come down. They will be


ready when the Grands Prix going on. And that is how it should be. It is


still a very important race for us. Berry still conditions, so more


like a pool -- very still conditions. Swimming covers every


extreme. You can swim in the sea, with a shark nets around you and


jellyfish in the water, or you can swim in a nice, still like like


this. This would be my preference. It is perfectly flat, hopefully not


too cold. Amazing setting, right in the centre of London. Everyone will


I am definitely with a gig in taking the Serpentine over any


shark infested oceans. Clare Balding will be with you for the


open waters went later on. Abuse one in there? Yes, I have. Do not


ask, it was a Christmas Day thing. Even worse. Here are going to be in


charge of things this afternoon. And for that taekwondo, we had a


fantastic start. Yes, and through to the quarter-finals with Martin


Stamper, what a great name that is for the taekwondo. I am sure all of


North Wales is wondering what is going to happen for Jade Jones.


you will have Keri-Anne Payne in the swimming. Everybody is very


expectant and all of the British swimmers are down there and we are


looking forward to seeing what happens. A good Olympic experience


so far? Yes, yesterday was brilliant and I got down to


Greenwich Park for the showjumping and I came back to what the 200m.


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