BBC One: Day 16: 16.00-19.00 Olympics

BBC One: Day 16: 16.00-19.00

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fantastic memories to look back on. It is final score in a week. Cannot


wait! Modern pentathlon provides the last


gold medal of the Games, that is coming up. Mhairi Spence and


Samantha Murray are aiming to win for Great Britain.


That will be coming up shortly. We will have the action live. Clare


Balding is at Greenwich for the combined event.


USA's dream team have been a fire in London and they aim to go out in


glory against Spain in the men's basketball.


Sweden and France go head-to-head in handball for men's gold.


We will be live to the handball shortly, followed by the


On BBC Three you can watch the men's basketball live. It is


tighter at the moment. Handball has been one of the big hits of these


games. Today sees the final of the men's competition with Sweden


taking on France. For the closing stages of the competition, the


handball has moved from the Copper Box to be Basketball Arena. That is


where we can watch the match live. Paul Bray is your commentator. It


off the foot. Sweden have possession. There is no change from


the referee. The ball is loose, he tries to throw it. Sweden are still


on the attack, they trail by three. Really, it has been down to their


line player shoulder barges him. He was well positioned and used all


his experience but he has paid the Price. There it is again. The


shoulder was straight in under the chin. He was there too late. He


needed to move into the space. He is up and he plays on. He has


scored 786 goals. Former world player of the Year - a huge


favourite. He went on his own. Fantastic player. A save. Right in


front of goal. He has not had the best of championships. They paid


the Price at the other end. He celebrates. He started it all with


the great save off the line. He was allowed to go all the way through.


This time he slope to close the gap. -- he slowed. The defence


specialist takes a breather was dug nearly passing to the line. He had


to switch it back. It was nearly stolen. It was a French port. He


deflected it out of play. They are looking a bit ragged. Sweden are


defending really hard. It has been a low-scoring game. Again, Sweden


get the advantage. Eight saves. He looks up to the clock. Back incomes


Petersen. -- in comes. He went into his wing. He is being used as a


wing at and a playmaker. It is deafening in the arena. -- a winner.


There will be moister on the ground. Save No. 8. -- moisture. That was


not very well placed. Tilt it counts. 9.5 minutes played in the


second half. -- still it counts. Again. If you give him the space,


he will put it away. Now he has scored three in the second half. It


line. He has put one of his trademark shots into the back of


the net. That was well defended. We are pass the ten-minute mark in the


The Swedish Royal Family approves. The king and queen are among the


spectators. That was a bullet of a shot - over 100 kilometres an hour.


He failed with his single attempt so far. That passed to the line. A


free throw. -- that pass. In on the line again. Into the weighing. He


could not do anything with it. -- into the wing. He went in too hard.


He has given the ball away will start -- the ball away. He put it


wide and not even on target. How could he missed it by so much? --


missed it. 705 goals. It may well have clipped his shoulder. He has


not been credited with a save but I do wonder. And cannot believe he


put it quite so wide. Back come Sweden. He has a big shot. You need


to watch him. He was held up by the 35-year-old defender. There was


criticism of his defending at the end of Euro 2012, when they failed


so miserably. They tried to put the ball to the line. It went out. He


16-13 to France. We're going to go back to the XL arena. Anthony


Joshua was given the super- heavyweight gold on a countback.


The Italians appealed. We have the results of that appeal. Let's get


the results. Just a second ago, it feels like Joshua has won two got


medals because the result has steered. Anthony Joshua is the


super heavyweight Olympic champion. I think when they we scored it,


they probably saw that Joshua won it on a wider margin. That was in


the West's interests of the Italians. There was something funny


about the scoring in the first two rants. The fact they went over it


again, they probably said, there was a definite problem and it


should stand. So it should be. He won quite clearly. The second round


I do not think he was three points down. In the last round he made up


for it. He got the points comfortably. I'm sure he won by a


wider margin. Quickly reflecting on what has been a terrific boxing


contest. Anthony Ogogo picked up bronze. It has been incredible of.


It has been very incredible - not only for the boxers but for the


country and the next generation of boxes that will come up. The next


generation of boxes, at seeing is in her home town and their home


country, it will give them great inspiration. -- in their home town.


Since 1908, we have not had four boxers in the finals. It is a


brilliant achievement for British boxing. He is just about to pick up


his gold medal of. This is a very special moment for him, isn't it?


know he will feel very proud - a job well done. All this work was


for gold. Or the hard work, he has been working hard. Sleeping early,


not going out with friends. All those things. Big sacrifices was


that it has paid up with the got Murdoch. Let's go to our commentary


Bronze medallist, representing The Azerbaijani was disappointed to


be defeated in the semi-final, 13 points to 12 in the semi-final.


Wonderful accomplishment for both of these men. Standing on the


Olympic medal rostrum, receiving bronze medals in recognition. It


has been a wonderful tournament Silver medallist, representing


Italy, -- Roberto Camerelli. What an achievement exclamation that he


gets his third Olympic medal in this division. -- what an


achievement! He has obtained a medal of each colour. A bronze from


Athens and gold from Beijing. medallist and Olympic champion -


representing Great Britain - Anthony Joshua! Anthony Joshua


pumps his best in celebration pulls but he acknowledges the crowd. They


cheered him on to the hard fought victory. He has the Olympic gold


medal placed around his neck. A proud moment for the 22-year-old


from Finchley. He is the Olympic gold medallist in the super-


Please stand for the national # God save our gracious Queen!


# Long live our noble Queen! # God save the Queen!


# Send her victorious. # Happy and glorious.


# Long to reign over us. A rendition of Great Britain'as a


national anthem by a 10,000 strong crowd in London Docklands. Ladies


and gentlemen, the Olympic medallists. It is in recognition of


the fact that Anthony judge-led, 22 years of age, is the Olympic


champion. -- Anthony Joshua. What an achievement from this young man


from Finchley in North London! Four years ago he did not know anything


about boxing. He had no idea who James DeGale was. He did not watch


his fellow Londoner stand atop the encrypt -- the Olympic rostrum in


Beijing. After stepping into a wing for the first time four years ago,


this magnificent all-round athletes ran 11 seconds for the 100m when he


was a teenager. He went into boxing. With his intelligence, his


incredible desire and his work ethic, Anthony Joshua has scaled


the heights to big cat -- to be crowned the Olympic super-


heavyweight champion. He has followed in the footsteps of such


legendary names in the Olympic boxing ring like Lennox Lewis,


Vladimir Klitschko. He emulates the accomplished ment of Audley


Harrison from Sydney 12 years ago. When you consider that the super


heavyweight division was not created until 1984, then the


biggest men were often some of the brighter stars of the Olympic ring.


That includes George Foreman and Smoking Jo Fraser. Anthony Joshua


has just joined their rank as an Olympic title list. Anthony Joshua


is the Olympic super-heavyweight champion at the Games of the 30th


Incredible scenes here as Anthony Joshua caps what has been the most


memorable of Olympic Games with London 2012 proving a massive


success. Anthony Joshua, despite the appeal from the Italian,


getting his hands on that gold medal. It is a dream come true from


the man who only took up boxing four years ago. The modern


pentathlon is still to come later on. We could even add to our gold


medal total of 29. We could talk about Anthony Joshua turning pro,


that is for another day. Tonight belongs To Anthony Joshua, he is


the Olympic gold champion here at London 2012.


Thank you, to Manish Bhasin, Ron Waddell and -- which she would all


and Ron Mackintosh. 90 no way it was the last time we came away with


so many gold medals -- 19 oh eight. We asked people why they eat it in


the medals. A dish to show whether it is real gold. -- it is to show


whether it is real gold. We can get back to the handball


final now. France have a slender receiving treatment after a heavy


fall. We have eight minutes or so remaining in the final. It is not a


big lead. The defending champions, France, looking to become only the


second team in the men's handball competition to retain their title


after Russia did, albeit under a different title the second time.


Play resumes. Sweden have been defending superbly this game. That


score will not count. The referee blew the whistle. He was under


pressure being pushed away, making the restricting angle worse with


waited for the goalkeeper to jump and as the goalkeeper was dropping,


he lobs it over the keeper. A team time-out is called by Sweden. They


have got back to be -- it back to within one, 15-16. But France have


opened up the lead again. That was a fabulous goal. It is how long you


there. The Swedish coach is the motivator, the French one is a


the end to give them a three-goal lead as play resumes. The French


goalkeeper was utterly brilliant in the match against Croatia, he made


19 saves. That was superb. French player was fouled on the


space and the number 7 player for Sweden was all over him until he


knows he has got him on the floor. Kalman has to come out again. They


will try and operate in behind him if they can. That was unlucky. He


inside the area. He took a step back as Petersen ran at him. He was


inside the area. Ekberg will take it. And he scores. With that goal,


Ekberg is once more top scorer with eight team that time-out is called


by France. Both teams need time to marshal and to make some


adjustments as we get into the critical phase of the game. They


met in the group stages and France won on that occasion, 29-26. There


was nothing in it. At half-time, the Swedes were leading and it


looked good going into the second half. The crowds were able to exert


pressure. It could go either way. Sweden have three times been built


and -- beating in the final by Russia and Croatia. 12,000


spectators are thoroughly enjoying this handball final here in the


remarkable. It is not all power either, as that shot shows, a


little flick of the wrist to drop it over the shoulder of the keeper.


Play resumes, five minutes and 40 seconds remaining in the final.


France lead 20-18. Sweden have opted for a more aggressive defence


with Kallman at the front. That was a foul. The Swedish captain number


sparingly in this game. And it is a goal for France. It comes with a


two minute suspension. He shoots and while he is in mid-air, get a


push by Kalman and the No. 6 is off. He is unhappy. Five minutes


number 64 Sweden, is off. That was exactly what they needed from


Andersson, the former captain of the Swedish team, who after being


injured for a while, gave up the club and we will wait to see where


should have been an attacking foul. There was not a big gap and it was


after a backlash. There was a gap. -- after that clash. A change of


goalkeeper for Sweden, they bring in the veteran Mutai S Andersson.


He is 34 years of age. -- Mattis Andersson. He has not saved any


penalties so far in this competition, this would be a good


time to start. It is of the post. way now, they have to get organised.


The referee is warning they have to saved! It was an awkward one. He


shot lower normally be goalkeeper needs to see the arm of the shooter


to judge. That was an instinctive reaction. In handball, when the


goalkeeper puts the ball out behind the back lane, it is a goalkeeper


at the clock. It tells him he does strength put Kallman back at the


front. It is a full frontal attack Into the last two minutes. Two


goals in it. Will Sweden make it 4th time lucky in a final all will


France keep their title? It is deafening. The French supporters


are chanting. Saved. A two minute final team time out. Time for


Sweden to close the gap. There is not much time left. He would have


got away with it if he had not pushed back player pulls dug he


looks on bemused. The goalkeeper has saved 11 shots. -- pushed that


player. At the other end, he has made 13 saves. Both teams are level


pegging. The French scoring has gone some -- Dan sum up with its


accuracy. -- gone down somewhat with its accuracy. France will have


to defend as if their lives depend on it. Sweden has a three -- a free


throw. They have the extra player now, right through to the end of


the game. Only one minute and 36 has been given as a throw-in to


Sweden. It is a penalty. They could get back within one. The crowd up


on their feet. Let's have a look! Were they right? There is the shot.


It should have been a French a throw-in. Sweden get a penalty on


the back of this will stop they are still remonstrating with the


referees. -- at the back of this wane. -- put away. We were inside


the last minute. It could go into extra time if it is tired. He has


scored. France are two up again. Sweden, who had a chance Cup may


have blown it. They need to get a remaining. He needs to get back in


goal. Team time out to France. 12 seconds remaining for France to


hang on. You might say it may be poetic justice after the ball was


knocked out by a Swede and given as eight their win and they scored


from the resulting penalty. They have defended superbly, Sweden,


throughout this game. They could have been in trouble. As in the


group game, they have really dug in. 12th turnovers for France. There


had been a lot of mistakes in this game. It has not been a technical


masterpiece but it has been high in intensity, strong defence and now a


drama. The Swedish fans are desperately hoping they can steal


the ball and take this match to extra time. These are snared -- be


suspended player will only see action again if it goes to extra


time. The Swedes will defend the forecourt. They have an extra


player. 12 seconds. One mistake time for France. He looks at the


clock. They are going to do it. That is it. The buzzer has gone. He


raises his hands aloft. France have defended their title. They are


Olympic champions again. Sweden with the power play at the end


could not capitalise. Almost ripping his shirt off. The joint


top scorer in the competition, for him, that will mean nothing. They


had tasted defeat again in an Olympic final. They scored the


crucial gulp and France hung on. Incredible scenes in the arena. The


crowd is on its feet. It is deafening. French flags are waving


and so are Swedish flags. A huge 18 -- achievement for a team not


expected to have made it through. That is it. Bronze for Croatia.


France have retained their title with a win over Sweden in the final.


Brilliant scenes. Congratulations to France. The narrowest of


victories. The agony and the ecstasy of the Olympic Games. Let's


catch up today's headline makers. Super-heavyweight boxer, Anthony


judge-led, has clinched Great Britain's 29th gold Murdoch of the


Games after an appeal was rejected. There was a silver for Fred Evans


after a comprehensive defeat by the Keswicks star Any boxer in a


welterweight final. Uganda got their second ever gold medal ahead


of the much fancied Kenyans in the marathon. Let's go back to the


modern pentathlon. This is how the standings look. Great Britain's


women are keeping up with the place. -- the pace. Samantha Murray is in


Coronado's Son. She won the title in Rome in May. She is a 9th place


in the competition. Let's see how she can get on over these fences in


strong horse. Just going forwards a bit. She is trying to get him back


between the fences. She is an experienced rider. She has had a


pony club and triathlon background. She is managing well. She is


getting him balanced, getting him back together between the fences.


That is what she needs to do. He is tending to rush his fences a bit.


trying to hold him - trying to keep him back and stop him rushing and


flattering over the spent - is back and the fences. Now she will pick


up time penalties as well. -- flattering over and the fences.


That was disappointing. Not the easiest horse. You can hear Mhairi


Spence. She is quite vocal as she goes around the course. 104 penalty


Mhairi Spence not having the best of France. Let's cross over to


Claire Balding who is at Greenwich for us today and see if she has any


idea whether or not Mhairi Spence has spoken after that or not.


not get interviews with the athletes between the five


disciplines. We have the combined run shoots still to come. That is


really expensive. That will cost her about 26 seconds. The next


competitor has just started. Samantha Murray is in third place.


It is a little bit luck of the draw. Her horse was really big and really


strong. It was written already in the afternoon. It came in with all


these people who were fantastically respectful and tried to clap


quietly. That never really works. Coronado's Son became a bit of a


nightmare ride for her. She battled with it as best she could. 104


penalty points and 26 seconds. The run shoot is a fantastic


competition. The leader at the end of this riding phase will start out


first on the run shoot. It is 3000m Let's rejoin the competition. We


are getting into the key contenders. It is amazing, watching a different


level of riding abilities. Every time I think someone well jump


clear, something goes terribly wrong. It is the difficult thing to


get on an unfamiliar horse, ride it for 20 minutes beforehand, and


tried to jump these fences without having too many fences down. It is


really hard. You say they have 20 minutes beforehand to try to get


used to the horse. What can they do? There are some jumps out of the


back. They can only jump five of them before they come in here. That


is pretty quick to be able to pop on and say, I love you, do you let


me? It is a very hard thing. It tests off assets of an athlete with


the fencing, the swimming, the riding and then the run shoot.


Women have only been able to compete since 2000. Steph Cook won


the first Olympic gold medal. We also won a bronze at the next Games


and also a bronze at Beijing. Where the only country to have won medals


at all three pentathlon so at the Olympics. -- we are the only


country. Now let's rejoin the action. Margaux Isaksen Has re-


entered the whip - has never the ring. It is the ultimate test of


the Olympic sports man and, since 2000, sportswomen. The first person


to win an Olympic gold Murdoch in Sydney was Steph Cook. She is


sitting behind me. The American has been having an excellent day. Just


20 years old. She was equal 4th in the fencing, 16th in the swimming.


She will be riding Puck Glen. horses have all been written in one


round already. She is the second rider to have this horse. The first


rider ended with 356 penalty points. That is a mixture of jumping and


time penalties. The American is really taking a flying round. This


course is tight on time. She is certainly not hanging around at all.


Perhaps she could do with bringing this horse back a little bit


otherwise she risks bit flattering over the fences. There you see it


coming out of the combination. Two rails down and another one. This


course has been designed by Claire Forgat and is designed to test


riding ability rather than the horse. There are turns on the cause


to test riding ability. American conceding 80 penalty


points. Sorry, 60 penalty points. 1140 points, it puts her at the


moment at the top of the competition. Maybe she was going at


some speed but she spent her horse for giving a decent run around.


That was a fairly respectable round. We have only seen one clear so far


and that was Iryna Khokhlova. She had a relatively modest performance


in the fencing and swimming earlier on today. Just letting her down a


little bit. That was not a bad round by her. We're now into the


suffering a few injuries in recent years. The way things are going at


the moment, if she has a decent round here, she could put herself


in a good spot for the combined event which will be at about 6


o'clock. This is her third Olympic Games. She finished 9th in Beijing,


11th in Athens. She is also a triple world champion and double


European champion. Plenty of experience behind her. This horse


was ridden by tomorrow Vega from Mexico in the first-round. --


problems on the course. You can tell the experience of her riding


coming out here. She turns right handed into this oxer. Closely


followed by two uprights. They are both one metre 20 in height. Coming


into the final line now. These are the highest fences on the course.


20 penalty points there, just inside the time. She will be


pleased with that. That was an excellent round. She looks slightly


frustrated to have the one down but at the moment she has gone into the


lead of the competition. That will be a good position for her. As we


go through, you will see the pentathlon points tot up. For every


four points behind the leader, you will go one second behind them. The


leader will go first and then we progress down the rankings. At the


moment, Amelie Caze is at the top. Mhairi Spence is in 10th position.


We are now into the top four of our She started badly in the fencing


but she has pushed away up the leaderboard. She was 78 in the


swimming competition, so not the strongest of swimmers -- 17th. She


is a mum. She has a little girl. because Laura Asadauskaite is very


strong in the combined event. If she has a good round here, it will


put her in a very good position coming into the final phase of the


modern pentathlon competition. Her riding has been little inconsistent


in the past but she has really focused on it this year. She is


riding the same horse as Sarolta Kovacs in the first round. She was


eliminated for taking the wrong Olympic Games. She is ranked number


championships and at the World Cup trouble there. This riding course


has 12 fences, including two combinations, a double and a treble,


making for 15 efforts in all. She has 20 penalty points at the moment


penalty points for her right, Asadauskaite will be well pleased


with that and it puts her into an excellent position, prior to the


combined event. Yes, she is currently leading the competition.


And the horse got a little spooked on the way out of the ring. Better


on the way out than in the round itself. These horses have been well


schooled over these jumps. They can all jump them and they were


selected originally from a pool of 150, from all around the country,


from stables which are used to providing courses for show jumping


and pentathlon competitions. They are used to having unfamiliar


riders on their backs but it is all about the chemistry between the


horse and rider. That was an extra fence there. This is Samantha


Murray, currently lying third in the competition. She was joined


16th after the fencing. She was second after the swim. She is a


European bronze medallist. What a moment for her as she comes into


the ring. This horse was ridden by Chloe Esposito from Australia in


experience in riding. Her uncle owns a livery yard. She has grown


combination but she gets away with it all. Still Clear at the moment.


Just got too close to that. The horse pop in an extra stride. That


is two fences down so far. The time penalties are starting to clock up


as well. Two offences and 20 time faults as well. It started well for


some Myrie who grew up in Lancashire. -- Samantha Murray. At


the moment she is third place, only eight seconds off the lead as it


stands at the moment. If she can keep her shooting together, she


could be in for a podium finish but it will be really tight. We have


two more competitors to go here, Yane Marques and Adrienn Toth. What


do you think? It is hard to say. It will be such a close and exciting


competition. We have some really tough -- top athletes up in the mix.


It will be really interesting to see which of the the athletes will


be able to hold it together in the shoot. At the moment, it is Laura


Asadauskaite in the lead from Lithuania. Amelie Caze is in second


place and then Samantha Murray. Iryna Khokhlova is just behind her.


We wait to see the last two riders and see if either of those two can


take their place in the top three. This is Yane Marques of Brazil.


is ranked third in the world. It is her second Olympic Games. She


finished 18th in Brazil. This horse was ridden by Sabrina Crognale in


the first-round. It is a careful little jumper. But unfortunately,


there, Marques needed to keep the fences on the course to get bigger


so they are up to height at the end. There were a few hairy moments


the front legs. 40 jumping penalties and eight time faults as


well. But she held that together pretty well, even though the time


was starting to beat her towards the end of it. She will be in


second place at the moment. Nora Asadauskaite is still top. -- Laura


this combined event. It is no longer a straight run for the


finish as it was when Steph won gold in Sydney. There are three


kilometres with three lots of five targets with an air pistol to shoot.


It is not only a test of the athlete's running ability and


shooting ability, but also the ability to keep cool under pressure,


to keep their heart rate down and it can really change around in the


final section here. David Svoboda of the Czech Republic was the


winner of the gold medal yesterday. He had the better run on the hills,


a very hilly course around Greenwich Park here. Adrienn Toth


than Adam Marosi yesterday who took the bronze medal for Hungary. She


points. It will turn it into a very close competition at the top. --


more rails down. And another two in That was five rails down, a total


of 100 jumping penalties. It will be interesting to see where that


puts her overall in the competition. She will be in 5th position. She


was the final rider to go here. 1,100 points for Adrienn Toth. She


looks disappointed with that because she was in such a good


position as the leader going into the riding phase, but it just


proves that this is where things are shaken up. We say that the


cream does tend to rise at the top and at the top of the leaderboard


is Laura Asadauskaite. We will see she's very strong. They raised


strong. -- shoot. The Laura Asadauskaite's markings on the same


score, so they will set off into the lead. Amelie Caze, only two


seconds behind. It is so close at the top. You can't get tighter than


that. It really is very, very close. Look up the scores there. That is


after the riding. Iryna Khokhlova were the only clear round. Samantha


Murray was 13th place. A Elena Rublevska, who led early on, his


own the 16th. So, the standings in the riding, in a few moments time,


we will be able to tell you the order they will go off in the


happiest of times but Mhairi Spence, her hopes of repeating the success


she had, have probably gone. We do see that happen in modern


pentathlon. Lena Schoneborn, defending champion, right down


there in the riding, so they are starting to clear the course away


to prepare for the running course. Laura Asadauskaite, top of the


leaderboard with Yane Marques, an equal number of points behind her.


And then at Amelie Caze, who will go to seconds behind Samantha


Murray. She would go eight seconds behind the leader, Adrienn Toth,


and Mhairi Spence going down the leaderboard. She is well out of


contention at the moment because she has improved her run and he


shooting, but she will go 30 seconds behind the leader. It is


going to be so fascinating. The very final medals at London 2012


will be awarded at a roundabout 6:15pm after the combined event but,


A disappointing round there for Mhairi Spence, but Samantha Murray


is in a good position. She has got a very good time for the combined,


hasn't she? It doesn't look like Laura Asadauskaite will be caught


by any body but has a much better time than a Amelie Caze and Yane


Marques? Exactly, it will be very exciting. I'm fascinated watching


the show jumping phase. Some of them of very, very good riders and


others, less so. Some horses are easy and some aren't so it has a


morbid fascination for me because so much can go wrong. This is the


first time in the Olympic Games this has been combined, and they


set off with the leaders going out first. We have joint leader setting


off together, so will there be argy-bargy? Would it get quite


physical as well? They run for a very short period, they stopped,


and then to be shooting at the far end of the arena. They are using


electric targets, so not actual bullets, but your accuracy has to


be very good. Then they have a one, to run, they come back, should


again, and repeated, twice. And the winner will be the first one across


the line, so there is huge scope for those who are placed in the top


10 to make up ground, because you are the target in front of you. You


have got some body you are aiming at. We have seen Steph Cook, when


she won in Sydney, you can really, particularly with a crowd and


support, I think Samantha Murray will think she could still win it.


Yes, she has good competitors ahead affair, and Amelie Caze is dangers,


right in the mix. She's thinking it's a big chance. Amelie Caze's


personal best is a minute and a half a slower than Samantha


Murray's. Shooting will a major effect. That can change day-by-day


and that is a real test of your ability to calm yourself down, to


get a high adrenalin, and then slow your heart-rate down, take aim at,


take your time and fire. The two combined, I think it makes it more


unpredictable. Having them next to each other in the shooting, when


they are catching up with each other, shoulder to shoulder, will


be very interesting. I think it will be gripping, the last gold


medal awarded. The last silver medal and bronze medal as well.


What a magnificent end to the Olympic Games it would be of great


Britain could manage to be on the podium. For Mhairi Spence, her show


jumping has cost her dearly and she's an outside bet now but for


Samantha Murray it's desperately possible. We will join you for that


just before 6pm. Legacy was always a huge part of the London Games and


just chatting to friends and family, so many of us already feel inspired.


Thousands of people will take up new sports hopefully. If you went


to Tooting Bec Lida today you would I don't think anyone can deny the


Olympic Games has been a fabulous success, Great Britain's third on


the medal table. What about the important legacy? Ian Thorpe is


asking the same question in Tooting I like teaching people how to swim.


I enjoy it. I don't do it very often. On Friday, I thought, maybe


I will offer free swimming lessons. And all of these people came to the


Great Britain has done really well in terms of performance but what do


you think the legacy should look like for Great Britain? It's a good


time to actually have a conversation about it. It's a


conversation that happens nationally, which needs to happen


between government and also a leap sport. What role we play in this


country for years to come? We have to look at the impact Sport has. In


terms of an over burgeoning of the health budget, getting people


involved in sport and exercise, I don't care what a corner, getting


active, will save people money in the future. But I don't care what


you call it. Children have been inspired by what they have seen on


a television. If they have not been, Britain has a problem. The athletes


have done well. What has been great be showcasing so many sports. And


people saying, I can try that out. It's just fun, and it's something I


It's a good opportunity to be taught proper swimming from an


Olympic champion. You can improve so much. Have you seen the future


Ian Thorpe? I hope not thought it If you would like to get involved


in Olympic sports, go to the I think we would love a view Ian


Thorpes here. What a great capacity has been. Baroness Sue Campbell,


the chair of UK Sport, has come in to talk about legacy. First of all,


the success of UK Sport in terms of the money you put into coaching and


athletes for the and seeing the fruition of a here, it's a business


where you can measure it, can't you? Yes, it's been fantastic, a


ten-year journey to see the performances we have seen here


today. The money we have invested as not has been invested in the


medals for London, but building a high-performance system that can


continue to grow and evolves through to Rio and beyond. That's


really important. Legacy is about the next generation. I think we


have built something here in high performance terms, which will be a


very, very strong, sustainable system, and it would not be


possible without the lottery and government money. But it's more


than money. It's about building a system which looks at coaching,


talent development, research, innovation, sports medicine,


science is, all of those things which surround the coaches and


athletes to make sure they can produce world-class performances.


talk with Ian Thorpe about Australia's dropping off, a little


bit, since Sydney. A lot of coaches left, systems were disbanded, and


was never as good as people thought. From the outside, it looked like a


mystery project going on at the Institute of Sport, but it's


important, in a business, a sports organisation, to have some bawdy


good at the top. Somebody needs to come through which includes coaches,


doesn't it? It does. One of the things we are proudest of in the


last 10 years, is we have done a really good work around both play a


part ways, really doing a health check of the talent pathway for


each sport, but also matching it to really strong, powerful well-


managed coaches. So, in the early days, we imported foreign coaches


to really help us take a step up, and now we are developing British


coaches underneath which can take their place. I think we have built


something very special here. A lot of people think somehow this is


going to be the moment that we were at our best. I don't think so, I


think we can move on. David Cameron has said this morning he will


continue to fund be on the 2014. The money was in place until then


but now you have assurances that that level of funding will be there


until 2016 it. That must be a huge relief? It's massive. Most


importantly, its massive to the Sports, because of these four year


programmes are exactly what they say, and it's very hard if you


start with uncertainty, you may have less money for the following


two years, so the Government's announcement today is terrific,


very welcome, and the athletes and coaches, and us, we are grateful


because we know our planning for the Olympics in Rio can be the best


possible. There is tangible evidence which may back up why that


may happen because if you look at how host nations of third in the


years afterwards, there is a decline -- host nations have fared


in the years afterwards, there is a decline. There is a peak in Athens


and then a tailing off and even China, the superpower it was in


Beijing, has dropped off somewhat. Some of their medals have gone to


great Britain. Other nations get stronger. 29 Metals now. A Anthony


Joshua one there are heavyweight. was there. How do inshore this not


a tailing off. A home crowd stands for lot. Mo Farah said the crowd


got him over the line. It's been a contributing factor, so there has


to be a slight accounting for that. Powell do make sure it does not


take off like Australia? Again, it's about building a system which


is very resilient and sustainable. In the past, what Britain has done,


it invested in individuals and coaches but not builders system so


as those individuals move on, you can continue to build. I think


we're in a great place. We have won more medals this time in more


sports, which was one of our promises. 16 different sports. Six


more than Beijing. This still scope for improvement in some sport and


are still sports which are not quite at the World Class level yet


but, but the right investment, they can take a step up, I have been in


every arena and the home crowd has been immense. They had been immense,


not just for athletes, but they're just such a knowledgeable people,


it's been a terrific. They have given our athletes an edge, but I'm


very positive that we can celebrate where we are, enjoyed, and then


push on again until Rio. I think there is a real commitment in the


system. Our performance directors and coaches are looking for the


next step up, so I'm excited. ultimately take responsibility for


what goes on in their sport so if we look at how they fared against


their targets, in athletics was a The stand-out sport, which seems to


be no where near its target,, you say it's the most disappointing


return. They are very disappointed. I sat with a chief executive


yesterday and I know they are devastated. They are instigating a


review. What we do after every Games is sit down with each sport


and have a thorough look at what happened. And what is possible


going forward for that judo said the fact they had won medals, was a


relief for their funding. It's catch 22 for the desert swimming


now get penalised for not attaining its target? It's a conversation we


have to have but we introduced no compromise approach, one of the


first things I did when I came in, and that's tough, but the world of


the elite sport is tough for that I remember after Athens, cutting the


gymnastics budget very significantly because they just


hadn't got sufficient people in this system to warrant that kind of


investment. And look where they are now. They went into Beijing and did


well and they are on that trajectory. Sometimes you have to


go backwards to go forwards, so it's not about penalising but


investing public money in the most effective way to get the best


Is that any inquiry that will go on into swimming and is it open?


believe in open and transparent ways of working. Everybody


understands how we work and how things are invested. And we do that


for every sport. Even Dave Brailsford, with all his success,


he is still accountable and has to be. He is a wonderful example of


somebody who keeps on innovating and pushing on. And we want that in


the system. Another strength from the last four years has been how


good the sports have been at sharing best practice. Yes, many


would love to tap into what Dave Brailsford has done. Yes. Thank you,


Sue. In the end, four medals for the athletes in track and field.


How would you assess the performance of the team from your


perspective across the board? have mixed feelings about it. It is


clear we are below eight medals. So a bit mixed about it but there is


plenty to celebrate and to remember the iconic moments. We finished in


the medal tally, which is exceptional for us. I think we made


the nation proud and we can look back at it for a long time.


mention the eight medals and it has been well publicised that you said


you would consider your position and may be resigned if you did not


hit your target. Are you now re- evaluating in light of what you


have said, about being in the medal table, and delivering four out of


six? It is a slightly different scenario? Yes. It is. I have taken


the advice of a few friends and the CEO. We need to go on a break first,


for a few weeks. And then take some distance and re-evaluate and look


back rationally. So it is something I will get back to in a few weeks.


I know you talked about the credibility issue of setting a


target and not eating it and then not staying on. I will come back to


that. -- not meeting it. Do you think it changes as they thought


people's -- changes people's perspective of these Games? We lost


our credibility collectively over the last 15 years and I think


people are proud now, so I am happy with that. Nevertheless, I have


made the point many times, when I was asked, what do you do when the


target is not hit? So for me at the moment, it does not change. But I


promise to leave that for a while. And I will get back to that when


the time is there. Today is about the athletes. That is what they


deserve. Charles van Commenee. It will be a bit of time before he


makes his decision. Would you like to see him stay on? Yes. He has not


been there very long considering how long it takes to shape a


performance systems. I think he has brought a discipline and


organisation to track and field and he has a huge amount to contribute.


We hope he does think very seriously and hopefully he stays


with us. We have got the World Athletics Championships in 2017. A


great target for him as well as Rio. It would be great to have him with


us in the system. And if it is on Saturday, it will be great, because


that happens every night! Yes. I don't know that we will see another


athlete winning the five and the 10. We all wanted it so much. Special


moments and special athletes. What are your stand-out moments? You


have been too many venues and seen lots of sports? Probably my most


tearful moment was Kath Grainger. I have seen her through three


Olympics to get that silver and I know how much this meant. Everybody


around me was crying. And such a story coming into this. Everybody


was willing her and her partner, Anna Watkins, over the line. Yes!


We should not forget her! We are so focused on Kath Grainger. But we


think the cycling at the velodrome was immense. Chris's final gold...


Yes, that has been mentioned so much. And I loved seeing Nicola win


that boxing medal. She won the first ever woman's boxing medal. I


saw her do that. And what a wonderful event it has been.


Anybody who was not sure about women are on the agenda has been


blown away by the standard of the women boxers. Yes. I don't know a


great deal about boxing but who was standing around aficionados of the


sport and they were saying, this is so good. -- but I was standing. And


such a fantastic person to go with it. Working on a building site and


here she is in an and Olympic championships. I understand boxing


will expand the winning events. I think it will be five. Yes, five by


the time we get to Rio. They did very well. I sat next to the


chairman at Joshua's fight just now and he kept reminding me how well


we have done! So I am sure we will do a review. Thank you so much for


coming in. Good luck for the next four years.


Let's move on to the final of the men's basketball. Not surprisingly,


it is the model of the 2012 US Dream Team. They pass the 100 point


barrier in five of their seven games, including an Olympic record


of 156 points against Nigeria. They took on Spain today in a climax of


what has been a dramatic basketball Welcome to London 2012 and the


it! Goes up with the two hands and stuffs it with some anger! This


game has been out of control for a while. There's your All-Stars


showing up. And Spain has defeated Russia, and they will advance to


the gold medal game. Now let's Durant, and he hits it. The actor


is a thing of beauty. Team USA is They are out in the Olympic Park to


the north of Greenwich arena. The will the US come out? And how will


Spain come out and react? Calderon brings the ball up. And Anisya


Kirdyapkina gets it from Fernandez. But Chandler came out to shut him


out. And now they start over. Navarro driving and then they miss


the rebound. It is interesting they chose to pass the ball out. I like


that play but instead of a shot you have a shot 15 freed from the


basket. That is a tough shot. Nothing but net. Four-point game.


Calderon brings it back for Spain. Backing in Ron Tyson Chandler.


does that so well. He really does have an arsenal in his post. He


started off every quarter closely but that was brilliant defence


there. A great hand in the face. Over to James and gives a bumper to


Ibaka. Durant tries to stuff it through and he will be fouled. That


is his first. And he's going for that from deep. The US bench is up


in recognition of that. From about the time he took the stuff to


step... Yes, they were anticipating lead for the US. Navarro cutting


through. Again, backs in on Chandler. It is in, and the foul on


Chandler. One thing it seems is that Paul is more effective on the


basket. I think he has a bit of both. But when he faces the basket


that is when his quick advantage comes into play. We have seen in


previous games, the last game we watched, the bronze medal match, a


constant help was coming even if it was not a solid double. It was


making the post player think. But this time Gasol has all the time in


the world to think about what he is going to do next. No way to go...


Fernandez comes down with the rebound and runs. Fernandez looking


for a pass. And Spain is in the lead. I have the say, the USA looks


a little tight now. Not so free and loose. It is not that that is what


I think they need right now but they seem to have a comfortable


swagger about their game that is not currently present. Durant is


off. Fernandez was boxed out by Gasol. That was a good defensive


set from the US. And that came right on the buzzer, as you saw.


And Bryant could not get anywhere. That went off his rut. And a bit


unlucky there. Because that is not what they wanted. Per -- off his


foot. As we always say, until the well is dry... Now, instead of a


layer, you get that shot. This ball turns things up for the US. Kevin


Love for three. The anti- misses. - - and he misses. Spain is up by


three. If anybody was wandering whether that was legitimate, it was.


Paul left before James. He picked it up. That is quick. Should not be


legal for somebody that big to be went off Toby Bryant. The US does


look tight. You are right. Defensively. Rudi Fernandez put his


head down and kicked it out. It is that away by it Love. I think


that's a good call, too. Maybe you get away with it. But that's a good


ball. Maybe Love reflected on not see Kevin Grant moving over to the


Spain up by two. Kobe Bryant drives. Go 68-68. And again, you just have


to wonder, the defence is so porous, where these drives can happen. You


have got to be able to step up and from seeming like the Spanish team


had taken control, but that's good. The USA looking like they were back


into it. Back into their rhythm. Both teams are looking as if


they're getting the shots they wanted. That's the question for the


defence, because it's so easy. Chris Paul, reaching an, and there


is the staff by James but now Pau Gasol puts Spain are back in the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


lead, halfway through the third the court, with his arms spread,


asking for the foul. That is the third on James. Williams has a


three. Love has three. Anthony has able to play. In a sense, they


could be playing better without him. They have to go with Pau Gasol all


the time. Maybe it's a better match up defensively for them. It's not


necessarily that I think he's not a good unit on the fraught but he


does bring them some toughness on the inside. Lately, the USA have


played for the basket unchallenged. Marc Gasol can stop that from


happening. A but even it was in the game, he would not be able to step


up. Rodriguez is in for Spain. earth stopping him going for a


basket. No, but was a done deal for some time but it was bad defence. I


had know why -- I have no idea why he was playing so far too high side.


Straight into the basket. Good a shot by Bryant. He's been doing the


simple things so well. Remarkable. In this tournament, he's done


amazing things, he's done so well. As a defensive specialist, he's


great. It must be nice to the Continent week -- complementary


player who can contribute in such a good way. A little bit of mopping


up going on under the basket. Now Kobe Bryant will take two foul


go out and Darren Williams will come in for the USA who now lead by


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


of a fast break basket. They managed to get back so quickly.


Rodriguez lost it. Pau Gasol could not get the dinner. Ibaka, he is


running the court and it's a two point game. It's been a good


recovery by Spain, but if people start watching this game like a


tennis match and see the ball going back and forth, back and forth so


quickly, that is of the USA's case. Darren Williams, stolen away by a


Rodriguez. And Spain's Pau Gasol is taking a rest. They know it's a


mismatch. Key we have seen that tightness. 83-80. And there it is.


1.5 minutes to play in this third period. Rodriguez. It was kicked by


Darren Williams. Spain, on the shot blocked. Do you know what I think


will hurt the Spanish team? Every time I watch Pau Gasol, he's got


his hands on his knees. He's tired. He's being put on defence. Even in


the zone, he's guarding two or three different people and having


to recover and offence, he asked to is the break he needed. I don't


Spain wants to run. When they get the rebound by her Rodriguez into


the corner. 14 on be shot clock, 30 on the game clock. The foul will be


on page Iguodala. That what they needed, to stop this game. Kobe


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


point game with 27 seconds left of the quarter. Ibaka is out at the


three point line. We to means he's not out there to help on defence.


We Liam's working, working, five on the clock. -- a Williams. Rodriguez


picks it up. He will fire a long shot. It comes off the back board.


We saw him as he walks both before wagging his finger. The it was one.


The it's a real cat and mouse encounter. Every time the USA get


get two or three passes, each team is getting better looks at the


basket. And then they become more stagnant, and both teams looked


good. Marc Gasol. He is re-entering the game which is good for Spain. I


think they need to go back to basics. Pau Gasol on the post and


anybody else in a good space, because that's what worked for them


in the first. And they had Juan- Carlos Navarro to carry them


through the first quarter. The Spanish team have kept pace with


the USA throughout. They have refused to allow the Americans to


this tournament, you can talk about cheating are more often than not.


The balance of good shooting his defence. Sometimes, bad teamwork.


It's about shot selection. And the quality of the defence. Try and get


the best possible quality shot even against these good, solid defences.


Love was hit after the shot by a Fernandez. He got away with it


twice in this game. I'm not sure that's a smart foul. K B Bryant is


a Grade should do, but I'm not sure why that's a good idea. -- A Greek


there in his face. Just a foul on the elbow there that time. So what


was not even like he was going to take him out for the game. Misses


he has four. Yes, he does. And that could cause problems for him


defensively. He makes the ball. Six minutes to play. And it is now one


never for the Gasol brothers. -- now or never. It is a really simple


but smart play. They just run across screen with what you would


imagine is the primary post guy, Gasol, screaming away from the side.


the rebound. Out to Navarro. A double screen. Great pass. That is


the set to play their love to work. Yeah, and they do it well. But, boy,


do you need to make that shot in does differently. So not quite as


bad as when he goes off. Will they stay big or small? I would almost


bet they don't go with Chandler. Eight-point game. First ball as we


approach the halfway point of the final quarter. Cross-court a Paul.


inside. He has just got to play, Durant. Regardless of the foul or


not. He has got to get technical or he will be thrown out of this game.


He is still on the ground... And that was Bryant with the shot. He


hits! Anthony is still feeling the pain. Still hobbling. And this does


not suit it either team well. When a player is about to shoot, the


defender runs right to buy them rather than trying to get down in


front and played deep. -- runs the shot. Antibiotics it in. It is


a six-point game again. -- and he Bryant and Spain takes possession


again. -- tips it to Bryant. can see he takes a half step back


because he knows both US players are going to come in. Then he is in


perfect position. But if Bryant had pursued, too, he would have been


there to stop it. And that defence was picture-perfect on Bryant.


But that pass was definitely errant. You have to teach players to get


into a position where you can foul. He had to move into the passing no.


Yes. And my question is, previously, they inbound the ball and if you


are up by 10 with four minutes to play, were due not on the clock to


not start immediately and used as much time as you could? -- would


you not want the clock? I have a feeling most of those guys know


something I don't, though! The US up by six with three minutes to


play. A high-scoring game by both teams in this Olympic final. Spain


have two silver medals in their Olympic history, including the one


from Beijing four years ago. The pass was deflected by Durant and


there will be 12 seconds on the brothers and Carlos Navarro. In and


out. They tried to keep it him play but only as far as Durant. You saw


that there. That is a hard ball. Yes. That is OK. And that is how


the game is played. Gasol is now going with the up and under. So he


has just got to go back to the sweeping ball, the one-piece moved.


That is what you don't want to do! Create a one-way system for them.


And by that I mean "wow"! A double and it was good. Great pass behind


the back to Gasol. They have had a number of star performances and


they're doing everything they can. What you were saying before, Gasol


cannot challenge, not that he would want to, because he has four forts.


And he'd get sit through. Six points. -- and he gets it through.


Over two minutes to play. The US slowing things up. Per boy, this


feels dangerous! He hits it! James for three. That is huge.


STUDIO: Well, the lead proved unassailable in the end. The USA's


20th Olympic gold in the basketball. It is closer than the final they


had against Spain four years ago. They are catching up, but the USA,


just so dominant. James, the MBA star, enjoying his Olympic medal.


And Bryant, both of them huge global stars. And afterwards, he


Once again, you have got a gold medal around your neck and I can


see from the smile on your face what this means to you guys! Yes.


To be here now, representing our country, it is unbelievable.


have you guys gel to become such a great team? We know about you


individually but together? We share the ball and to try to take the


shots. If and you have got such support. How much have you enjoyed


being in London? It has been great. London has done a fantastic job for


the Games. The City has done a fantastic job. I saw you getting a


bit emotional at the final. Can you tell us why this is so tearful for


you? This is my last round. So it is always emotional. Time flies!


Here I am now, and it is just a great opportunity to be able to


enjoy it. And you have been a hero to so many. Can you tell us what it


means to have had those Stars and Stripes on your Jersey? It just


means so much. A dream come true. Enjoy the moment, enjoy the gold


medal. You are Olympic champions again. A thank you.


Well done, USA. There is a bit of movement around the Olympic Park.


The French and Swedish teams have been in the Basketball Arena and we


also suspect people are coming in now for the Closing Ceremony as


well, and you cannot see this, but I have seen some shots of what is


going on in the stadium at the moment. They are rehearsing and you


have probably seen the Spice girls photos in the papers. I have just


seen a bit of a rendition of what they are going to do. It is going


to be an amazing show. Let's bring you the headlines of today.


Super-heavyweight boxer Anthony Joshua has clinched Great Britain's


29th gold medal of these Games it after the Italian appeal from his


opponent was rejected. But Welsh boxer Fred Evans had to


settle for silver of a comprehensive 79 defeat by his


opponent in the welterweight final. The winner was absolutely


magnificent. And Stephen Kiprotich became the


victor in the men's marathon over the much-fancied Kenyans.


The final medal of the Olympic Games is going to be given away in


the next half-hour, and Clare Balding is at North Greenwich for


the combined event of the women's modern Pentathlon, and Samantha


Murray is in a really good position, Clare? Yes, she is. The leader from


Lithuania is very, very strong, so it would be quite a turnaround for


Sam Murray to win this. But what a fantastic way to finish the Games.


Remember, the women's Pentathlon only came in in 2000 in Sydney, and


Britain won gold on that occasion, Stephanie Cook making up bags of


time. Then it was a shrewd followed by a run. Now those are combined,


and you can see the competitors sorting themselves out. -- it was a


shooting event. Sam Moray, eight seconds behind the leaders. They


stop to shoot and it is a laser gun and an electronic bleep registered


sued. Then they run for a 1,000 metres and then come back to shoot.


The winner will be the first one to cross the line. Here we go. The


shooting range. Shortly, you will see Sam Murray of Great Britain


lining up in position number four. And it is all about getting those


Yane Marques is out before her. You can see the likes of Murray. She


manages to get out of the range. But a good lead already for Yane


Marques. What kind of a runner is our current leader? Not the best


runner in the field, Yane Marques. Her best time for this event is


about one minute slower than the top in this event. So I would


expect her to be caught by some of the faster runners. Certainly


Murray is a stronger runner, as is Amelie Caze. But she benefited from


that shoot. She is building up a commanding lead already. This is a


very hilly course. She has run out of the arena in front of us in


Greenwich Park and she is on a wave. Don't forget that further down the


leaderboard was Mhairi of Spence, 14th going into this final combined


Asadauskaite chasing up the Hill, trying to catch up with Yane


Marques. They are out on to the hilly part of the course in


Greenwich Park. It will benefit the better runners in the field. The


times will be slower than we might be expecting to see because of the


nature of the course. That was a glimpse of one of the British girls


- that was Mhairi Spence. The final runners are heading out into the


firing range. It has become a very different test. Not only is it


about running three kilometres as fast as you can, it is about going


into the shooting range, keeping your nerve, firing at the targets


and getting back out what others around you are coming in. Perhaps


your nearest rivals are right next year and not shooting down the


targets. Yane Marques comes back into the stadium in front of us. We


will be able to see her very shortly. She is followed by Laura


Asadauskaite. The Lithuanian is making a good time already on Yane


Marques. Normally I would expect Laura Asadauskaite to shoot better


than she had. There was Samantha Murray going past her. Some of the


athletes coming through now. The Australian is another one to look


out for. Coming into the stadium, Laura Asadauskaite closing up on


Yane Marques. Yen Marquette -- Yane Marques had a great shoot. She is


back out into the lead. The world number one, the leader in this


field. 1000 metres completed. They are coming back in for the second


session of shooting now. It is all now about keeping their nerve.


Their heart rates will be high. Breathing rates will be higher.


They will be used to shooting under these sorts of conditions. Samantha


Murray is coming into the shooting range. She will be in position


number four. Laura Asadauskaite and back cat as well is Yane Marques.


It is a battle between these are two as well. That is more of the


issued we would have expected from her. She earned the midst a couple


of shots. Sam is a wave from the range and again. We can hear the


applause from the crowd. -- at Sam is away from the range again.


a nerve-racking end to the modern pentathlon Dave. We got under way


it on the fencing and then it was into the swimming pool. Then there


riding phase and now the combined man and shoot. It only became part


of the Olympics in Beijing when it was a straight run to the line.


They have had to adapt themselves to this particular discipline and


the demands it makes on embodies. Samantha Murray is starting to run


up those hills. The British team have been training at altitude in


the French Pyrenees. This course should not hold any fears for some


and the married. Laura Asadauskaite is starting to take the lead from


World Championships in Rome. She was run down on the cause that day


by Mhairi Spence. She has had a disappointing day by her standards.


She really struggled with the horse she was given. We are seeing Laura


Asadauskaite now. I think this is our leader and she looks so


confident. This is a specialism for her. She became a mother last year.


Two years ago. She has the young daughter. She is married to a


format modern pentathlon world champion and Olympic silver and


bronze medallist. There is Samantha Murray in third place at the moment.


She has to go into the shooting range one more time and hit those


five targets. Britain has a very proud record since it became an


Murray as she comes into the stadium. They ran at a little loop


of the course. Yane Marques is in second place. Samantha Murray is


closing all the time on Yane Marques. She has trained so hard.


She is so determined. She really is. She will be giving it her all. Her


running has improved immensely. It is a question of her being able to


hold it together on the range in the shoot was stabbed here comes


the Laura Asadauskaite now. -- in a shoot. This is the final Test. She


has one down, two down. She is really hitting these targets


absolutely. That is four down. The pressure is on Yane Marques. She


has to control her breathing and hit the targets. Samantha Murray is


in a shooting range as well. Laura Asadauskaite is leaving the range.


She is well out ahead. Yane Marques is struggling with her shoe.


Samantha Murray has four down. She has five Dan. She would chase after


the Brazilian, Yane Marques. Now it is a race to the line. Samantha


Murray is in the silver-medal position at the moment. She is 22


years old. From Nick Clitheroe in Lancashire. She has grown up in the


Lancashire countryside. She is so good at this modern pentathlon.


Laura Asadauskaite of Lithuania is out in front. She is the leader. It


would be astonishing for Samantha Murray to run her down from here.


The hills are taking a toll on the legs. Laura Asadauskaite is


starting to breed a bit here. Her husband is a former Olympic silver


and bronze medallist. Samantha Murray is in second place. Yane


Marques is behind her - not that far behind her. Samantha Murray is


going down health. She knows where the arena is. It is just to the


left. When she re-enters the arena in Greenwich, you will hear the


crowd roar her home. There is Laura Asadauskaite, the leader on the


final loop of this grassy, hilly course in Greenwich Park. What a


wonderful venue this has been at the Olympic Games. She has a


massive lead. Up where is Samantha marry? She is out in the


countryside. -- Samantha Mario Sepulveda. Laura Asadauskaite, as


she comes round, she will take the final loop into the arena. That is


the Chinese athlete, further back in the field. That looks like


Samantha Murray with Yane Marques behind her. As Laura Asadauskaite


makes her way round, she will come into the arena in a few moments,


just up the final Hill. Round the course. She enters the arena now,


Laura Asadauskaite, of Lithuania. The Olympic champion elect. She


will be making her way round the course now. She is already


celebrating. Here comes Samantha Murray. She is entering the arena.


You will hear the crowd for her in in a few moments. Yane Marques is


behind her comeback in the bronze- medal position. The Lithuanian is


going to win gold. Samantha Murray is in the stadium now. You can hear


the crowd cheering her on. The flags are waiting for her. She is


following Laura Asadauskaite around the course. Yane Marques is not


that far behind her. Samantha Murray has a silver medal in her


sights. She is very close. Laura Asadauskaite crosses the line


Ingold medal position. It is still there for Samantha married. She is


a true Lancashire lass pulls up -- it is a silver medal for Samantha


Murray. After 16 remarkable days of competition, it is a 65th Olympic


Madog for Samantha Murray. The tradition of modern pentathlon for


British women is continued. Samantha Murray is an Olympic


silver medallist. As we watch the other athletes crossing the


finishing line, Laura Asadauskaite looks like she has gone for a


stroll in the park. Samantha Murray got the bronze medal in the World


Championships. She always had it in her mind that an Olympic medal was


possible. We're going to seek Mhairi Spence entering the arena


shortly. Laura Asadauskaite taking the gold medal. We're going to see


Leena Schoneborn as well entering the stadium. She is being applauded


across the line by the spectators. A Mhairi Spence, 21st in the


Olympic Games was not her target. Samantha Murray, at just 22 years


old, is an Olympic silver medallist. Steph Cook, you have held it


together so well today. Just tell us was dug you must be so proud


that the tradition you started in Sydney has been continued. -- just


tell us. For Sam to come and take the silver medal, it was fantastic.


She did not have the best start this morning that has put it right.


She held it together so well on the shooting range. The pressure must


have been immense. In the running, she gave it her off. She overhauled


Yane Marques. Laura Asadauskaite, a worthy winner. Just to match left


to do to close in on Laura Asadauskaite. -- just too much to


do. It takes so much out are the athletes. The sport was founded 100


years ago. The history of British women's modern pentathlon is such a


great one. It continues here in London. It is suitable that this


most hysterics bought at the Olympic Games - the modern


pentathlon - produces the final medallist. Samantha Murray hugs her


supporters in the crowd. We can all feel very proud of 22-year-old


When she was a teenager she was kicked out of the programme. She


was not sure if she wanted to continue. She got advice from a


sports psychologist. She found love again for her sport. She dug deeper.


She attacked those hills. What fantastic scenes at Greenwich


today! I had to say, a gold medal to the crowd. They were sensational.


They helped her chase down the leaders, at moving up from 4th to


second place. This medal rush for Great Britain, which started with


Lizzie Armistead in the road race, now finishing with a fabulous


silver medal for Samantha Murray in the modern pentathlon. Four years


ago she was working in a cafe, watching the Beijing Olympics on


television. Her absolute idol is Steph Cook. She won the first gold


in the modern pentathlon. It was the first time they could compete


in 2000. Great Britain is the any country to have won medals in the


modern pentathlon and every single time. What a gruelling, exciting


competition. Having watched the showjumping and then to see then


set off as they do, the pressure of standing next to each other to


shoot and knowing that the person next to you is getting their


targets and setting off again and tried to chase them down and there


hills as well, coming in here to run on the surface designed for the


dress such horses and show jumpers, quite difficult. It has bring in it.


To finish in this arena in Greenwich is so appropriate. A


And you can see how things can change so quickly, with


Asadauskaite. The whole competition, Murray had a difficult ride and a


difficult fence. So things can change through the day? Yes. You


are right. What a difficult horse Spence had to ride. Not an awful


lot she could do about it. 104 penalty points in the showjumping.


I was worried for Sam Murray as well. She had eight seconds off the


pace, but, my word, she has come through strongly. I am hoping we


will grab a word with her as she comes through before going on to


the final medal presentation. It is quite emotional! I might ask you to


tap into your favourite moments. But if anybody can grab her, you


can! I will be back with you shortly.


So, 29 gold medals for Great Britain. It has been Alan pigs that


has provided us with countless inspirational moments. -- it has


# I'm going to call that number, so far across the sea, # I wish I were


in my land, that is where I want to # That is where I want to be.


And it is great Britain's first gold medal of this Olympics!


# Please don't you forget me, I am so in love with you.


# It won't be long now, even though I know, # Eyes seemed to leave my


heart behind me every time I go. # I am going to call that numbers


so far across the sea... You are an Olympic champion!


Olympic gold! The crowd were absolutely incredible! This is what


I have dreamt of my entire life! The look at the crowd, every seat


is taken and it is filled with Union flags. I am just taken away.


Unbelievable! It has just been an amazing experience. Just listening


to the crowd. # I am thinking of you, lover.


# May be when it's over... Both Brownlee brothers on the Olympic


podium. # I am going to call that number,


so far across the sea. # It is where I want to be. They


have gold! Farah is going to make it two gold medals for Great


Britain! What a ride by Trott! # It's where I want to be. I am


just shocked. Everybody is supporting me so much. It has just


been the most unbelievable Emotional, exhilarating, heart


warming. Plenty more of that coming up this evening, I promise you. But


Clare has caught up with a final medallist, the silver medallist in


the women's modern Pentathlon, Sam Gary Neville stop here is the


Finnistere list of London 2012. Sam at Murray. The final silver


medallist. I am so pleased. My legs, I kept running, they kept running


for me! Up the hills as well. They were so steeple stop and I just


kept working so hard. This Games has inspired a generation. Just


explain what you have done to get to here? Four years ago, I was


still at school. I was training but by no means performing at


international level. I went to the University of Bath in September


2008 and that is when my coach, Emma, took me up. And since then I


have just progressed through the ranks, made the team. And I made it


to the Olympic Games. A lot of hard work. So, yeah, if you're goal,


anything you want to achieve in life, don't let anybody get in your


way because you can do it. Find the path you want in life and stick to


wit and achieve it. I am a normal girl. Anybody can do anything they


want to do! Auto fantastic message of. Thank you so much to everybody,


UK Sport, my coach, all the squad. Everybody at the training village.


My family, thank you, everybody. I love you all.


You are right, Clare for Stockport a grim message. Athletes taking


what they have done. -- you are right, Clare, what a great message.


What has encapsulated this for you? I think in terms of big messages, a


lot of people seeing strong, powerful, competitive swimming


through these Games. The message that, if you first don't succeed,


try, try again. But also the moment for its, -- for its comedy man U,


Chad's dad. --, devalued. He was still hot with the paternal passion


of success. The way he reacted to the shots of his son. For me that


was a moment you don't get very often he and I think it connected


with everybody. And think parents have made me cry more than anybody


else, because the pride and joy they get out of seeing their


children, knowing what they have done to get to here, it never fails


to get the eyes watering ever-so- slightly! But, Clare, you have been


at the heart of so many great moments and thank you so much. You


will be here tonight with so many unsung heroes, the volunteers. And


anybody who has a privileged come to any of the venues, the


volunteers have been integral to making this such a successful Games.


So you will be getting them on the telly later? Yes. A he it seems


quite a long time ago Britain won its first gold medal of the Games.


It was Helen Glover and Heather Stanning at Eton Dorney. The


regatta was over and they had time on their hands, so they headed into


town and Gary Richards caught up with them. And he was influential


enough to get them an appointment Olympic champions! They have pumped


the air. They shake their heads. Great Britain have the Olympic


champions and it could not have gone to two more worthy women. We


So, you have not only won Britain's first gold medals of the Olympics


but you also get a visit Buckingham Palace. This is so surreal. It has


been brilliant! We're going through the front door as well, not the


trade entrance. That is incredible. A real honour. It looks slightly


different from this side. It is absolutely massive, isn't it?


moment, when they put the gold medal around your neck, can you


relive that for us? Well, I was crying like a baby and she was


singing the national anthem at the top of her lungs! I was


concentrating on not breaking down. But we were stood in front of our


friends and family, right in front of us, just watching our flag go up


as the national anthem played. It was amazing.


This is the grand staircase, and, my goodness, it is grand. And this


is where you would come if you were visiting a state occasion, a ball,


for example. It is beautiful. wouldn't want to be the window-


cleaner here! Don't know how you get to it! Your race, you lead from


start to finish. That moment, what was it like? As good as you thought


it would be? Yes, more. The moment we heard the cheering from the


crowds, that is when we knew. It was phenomenal. All did you say to


one another at that moment? Can you remember? -- what did you say?


said, sorry, because she knocked my sunglasses off my head! I said, it


is fine. But I kept saying, we have done it! I was in disbelief. These


belonged to Queen Elizabeth and they would have been commissioned


for the coronation of Her Majesty the Queen. And they would have been


placed in Westminster Abbey. That reminds me of Only Fools and


horses! That chandelier! Not a bad fireplace, is it? A chance to think


and reflect about what you did. How much have you been doing that?


catch pictures of ourselves or secrets on television. -- we catch


a. A few quiet moments but not many. A bit of a whirlwind as well.


you got a scrapbook? You ice, my parents gave -- yes, my parents


gave me one but I think it has overflowed in the last few days!


Thank you. And we see your medals? Of course you can. It is really


heavy, isn't it? Were crying! as well. A fantastic song. It is


the last one I listen to before we went out in the Olympics. I really


like it. It was a really uplifting song, for the Queen and the


Commonwealth. It gets you in the moment. It gives you a bit of


something in the heart. Lots of gold in there! And people will want


to keep on having a little look at their medals over the months and


weeks ahead. No doubt, there are still celebrating. But there is


another side to win in gold when all of hard work has paid off and


the moment of triumph has passed. It is sometimes not the fairy-tale


ending. The top of an Olympic podium is, in


many ways, the ultimate destination in sport. It is the dream of


millions and the privilege of just a tiny few. But it begs a question


- what does winning gold actually feel like? You imagine life is


going to be changed and you are going to be hugely rich and famous.


It is. Everybody imagines it is. At a I didn't sleep for weeks. Weeks!


Perhaps we do mythologise what it is to win gold. We are seen getting


to the top of the podium is like a fairy tale. Is human psychology


quite so simple? I remember being chauffeured back in the bus to the


athletes village. I did all my press conferences. I was thinking,


what are you going to do now? You have done it. What are you going to


do now? That made me kind of a bit depressed. Fantastic. We had won.


The whole world is moving on. There is another event coming and we have


to go. You make no plans after your event finishes. For many sports


people, winning gold is not just an occupational ambition, it is a


motivation. Coaches demand nothing left -- less. Is it any wonder so


many gold medal winners feel an overpowering sense of emptiness?


Their entire life is wrapped up in getting this one thing. They


believe this will be the answer. They need to get there. The lucky


ones get there and find heard it is not. Then they looked in the right


place to find satisfaction and happiness. It is not wrapped up in


a gold medal. It does not mean all other aspects of your life are set


and you are not going to have another problem in life. It is odd


for me, having lost my face, to quote the Bible. Without vision,


people perish. If you do not have something to lead you on, the


journey finishes. Three hours after the race, I was in the Olympic


village, on the end of my bed with my Olympic gold medal in my hand. I


thought, that is it. I have done it. Winning is undeniably and publicly


a highlight. It is as high as you can go up in almost any Olympic


sport. Everything else will be down. A sense of anti-climax is not


exclusive to sport. National lottery winners have talked about


extreme lows after the initial high. Perhaps this is not a bad thing.


Maybe a lull hopes -- helps to set someone up for the next challenge,


the next summit. Maybe this is the ambition of so many great sports


people - that they go for their next gold medal so soon after


winning the last one. If you work euphoric for ever, it would be like


having the best steak to eat. You pick your best meal but it is a


curse to have that for the rest of your life. There is not a set way


to react to victory or defeat. We respond differently. If athletes


were to force a motion, that is the problem. Except how you feel at


that moment. That is OK. If you have never achieved that great


level of success, how you know how you feel? At one level, it is


obvious that the gold medal is not a panacea for life itself. Just


because an athlete is fantastic at sport, does not mean they will have


all the answers that lie beyond the field of play. I cannot imagine


that I would not have just a little bit of a smile and a good feeling


when I think about that moment when I won Olympic gold medal so. Does


that make everything else in my life perfect? Absolutely not.


of the greatest sportsmen look back with pride on the sending the top


of the podium. Many others have expectations that simply cannot be


met. If it is not a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, what is?


What has been really fascinating in presenting the evening show is


seeing some of the medallists coming in to make up almost hours


after they have won their medals. For some, it is relief and others,


joy. It depends on expectation. Tom Daley yesterday with the smile on


his face. Michael Johnson was looking at him. He was speeding off


that smile and tapping into his own emotions. -- feeding. It has been a


privilege. The Olympic stadium is a hive of activity in preparation for


tonight's closing ceremony. None of the bands are rehearsing at the


moment. It is a veritable feast of British musical talent over the


last 30 years. Outside, the queues are forming. They're getting ready


to go in and have the taste of what is to come over the hours ahead.


Danny Boyle earned worldwide praise for the unique opening ceremony.


The man who followed in that is Kym DA then. -- Gavin. I wanted to


create a party. Music in our culture has been an amazing export.


I have wanted to create a Symphony of British music. You have an


unbeatable choice of music. How do you get that down to a smaller


playlist? We started with a list of songs that we thought people were


saying. One criteria was I wanted people to synch in the audience and


have cameras seeing people sing along because they know the words.


It would not be fair to call it a pop concert. It is more than that.


We start with an amazing sequence, where we really do bring in


probably a most busy cast right at the beginning. We have a London


tunes event. Teens which resemble London and say where we are in the


world. Then we move on to British music, culture and fashion.


opening ceremony went down so well, it was really impressive. How much


pressure does that put on you? woke up the following day and


thought, it is me next. The pressure was on Dani. No one knew


how the Games would go. Everyone was hoping for a great spirit. Of


course there was a pressure. The biggest pressure was getting into


the stadium when the sport has finished and trying to put


something together. I feel the show is very exciting. I am excited


watching. It is important to tell viewers that they will enjoy the


music but there are important elements coming up after the


musical section. It makes the ceremony at a ceremony and what it


is. I have always wanted to make sure that we did not try to steam


roll those bits. At the end, it is the extinguishing of the flame. I


think that was probably one of my starting points. I wanted to make


that a really great moment. At the time when I started to create that,


I knew what the idea was. This wonderful flame, that is now a


fantastic piece of engineering, I thought, that is very exciting.


When I saw the idea of the design, I thought you really do need to


make this moment. We have created a special moment and his special


artist to be part of that. It will be a great show. We will wrap up


the rest of today's medal. It is their medals ceremony over in


Greenwich for the modern pentathlon. Samantha Murray picked up a


fantastic silver medal. She starts to be combined round in 4th place.


The let's cross over to Greenwich. It is just fantastic that we have


been able to continue the tradition of a medal at every Games since the


mid- -- the women's modern pentathlon and was introduced. That


is Yane Marques of Brazil, who went into the final event in second


place. She had a wonderful shoot. She was not quite strong enough to


live with the other athletes in the field. The beautiful setting with


the well Neville college behind. -- at the Royal Naval College behind.


Yane Marques takes the bronze medal. Murray. 22 years off. Already a


bronze medal in the World Championships at Rome in May. Now


she is an Olympic silver medallist. What a collection already at the


age of 22! She has worked so hard. The team behind her, we have to


give credit to the whole team. The performance of director and coach.


People you know very well as well. Gold medallist and the Olympic


champion, at representing Lithuania. Laura Asadauskaite For a start she


-- at Laura Asadauskaite. She is the world number one and now she is


Olympic champion. She is a mother. Her husband come at the modern


pentathlon format world champion, picked up so ill that and bronze at


the Olympic Games. -- -- silver and bronze. Now she has eight gold


medal to take home. A great moment for any Olympic athlete. The final


Olympic champion of London 2012. Please stand for the national


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


London 2012 Games, a medal ceremony is carried out. A national anthem


is played and the athletes take their position on top of the podium.


Congratulations to Britain's latest modern pentathlon medallist. The


medal run continues with Samantha Murray at London 2012. That was the


last Murdoch of the day. The last boxing gold to be given away here


was the super heavyweight category. Anthony Joshua had never even laced


up a bluff four years ago. Today the winner takes all. -- a bluff.


The names go on and on, or in this division. -- all. The opening bell


to determine the final gold medal in the Olympic boxing tournament.


We're in the super-heavyweight division between the man wearing


red representing Italy, the reigning defending her Olympic


super-heavyweight champion, against the man in blue colour competing in


his first Olympic Games book stub seeded number eight two in the


tournament, Anthony Joshua. -- first Olympic Games. Anthony Joshua


prevailed securing the most significant victory in the history


of British Amateur Boxing en route to his World Championship silver.


Style wise, this could be perfect for Anthony Joshua. That punch is


very important. Get a few points on the board and get the Italian to


come forward. He will come on to the right hand. Mid, at long range


boxing and nothing else. A victory over him was at the quarter-final


stage in Azerbaijan last year. This is the final bout of the Olympic


boxing tournament. It will determine the destination of the


Olympic super-heavyweight gold medal. Which go to Great Britain or


might have beaten me before, but you will not be me here. But this


deepens his belief, his self- confidence. The desire is all there.


Could double right hand from Joshua. Snaps the head sideways of Roberto


Cammarelle. That's what he has got to do. He has got to throw more


jabs and keep the movement going, because that is confusing Roberto


Cammarelle. It will make clever bit easier if he comes into it. -- make


life a bit easier. And he is using that jab from none other than


Lennox Lewis. The champion in Seoul of 1988. Joshua is trying to fight


back now but he has been rocked by a quick-fire combination from the


reigning Olympic champion, Roberto Cammarelle. Joshua, his work


getting a bit ragged towards the final bell at the end of that first


round. And perhaps that flurry of success for shots from Roberto


Cammarelle was enough to give him a one-point advantage. He leads by 6-


5 over Joshua. STUDIO: Well, and he Joshua was


behind in the second round as well. We start this at the third. --


and his opponent, Anthony Joshua, just 22 years of age, and this man


has made a meteoric rise through the ranks of boxing. And he finds


himself competing on the grandest stage of all. Being cheered on by


the crowd but he finds himself trailing by three as we enter the


third of final-round of what is the biggest fight of his life bar none.


And he has got a target now as Roberto Cammarelle comes forward.


And that shot into the midriff of Roberto Cammarelle. That is what


you should be practising. He has got to work again. Drives Roberto


Cammarelle back to the far corner. He tries to bring him back to the


centre of the ring. The referee asking both boxers to move away.


That work being done at close quarters will favour Roberto


Cammarelle. And now the two fight is engaging in a rather untidy


exchange, and you suspect this contest is becoming tricky in this


final round. Moore left hand success from Joshua. As we passed


the halfway mark of this final round. It is important he moves his


feet now, Joshua. Because his opponent will be looking to move


around the left and side and that gives him the space to punch again.


For -- left hand side. We approach the final minute and there of three


Olympic champions in attendance today at this excelled centre. In


the Docklands. -- at the ExCel Centre. Anthony Joshua is trying to


emulate them. But he was trailing by three coming into this third and


final round. The boxers are exchanging misses at the moment.


has got to work hard on the inside. This is really close now. That is


better, though. Roberto Cammarelle appears to be feeling the pace. He


has had a difficult tournament and this is a spirited rally from


Anthony Joshua. It brings a great response, as you would expect, from


a great champion like Roberto Cammarelle. He is the got medleys


from Beijing four years ago. And as the closing bell sounds, Anthony


Joshua raises his hands immediately because he feels he has done enough


to overturn the man in the red corner. Roberto Cammarelle. And


prevent him from successfully defending his title. But there is


jubilation in the Italian corner because they feel their man has


just made history by successfully defending his super-heavyweight


gold medal after a really hard fought super-heavyweight final.


Yeah. I think he won the last round, Anthony Joshua. It was a better


last round for him. A good right hand there with the left. He feels


he has done enough. Very, very but just look at the response in


the Italian corner. They are dancing. At the end of the round,


in recognition of the sterling work he feels his mum produced, Anthony


Joshua raised his hands immediately as well. -- he feels his man


produced. The decision will be decided by the five judges ringside.


And they give the verdict... Ladies and gentlemen, the judges scored it


level and 18 points apiece. The winner and the super heavyweight


champion, in the blue corner, Anthony Joshua! Anthony Joshua is


the Olympic super-heavyweight champion! A wonderful achievement


by this 22-year-old from Finchley in North London. He has overturned,


once again, the defending Super heavyweight champion. The second


victory is enjoyed over Roberto Cammarelle. And what it means is


that on the grander stage of all, this powerful young super-


heavyweight has just scaled the heights to be crowned the Olympic


super-heavyweight champion. -- on the grandest stage of all. This, in


celebration, of the crowd who cheered him on to a hard fought


victory. STUDIO: Well done, Anthony Joshua.


Andy started boxing four years ago. The Italian made an appeal but it


was overturned, and that means the 65 medals in total. The United


States' top of the lot. China 38 golds. Australia just make the


John McEnroe has been an invaluable member of the team here but he has


also been doing work for NBC. Arguably one of the biggest


characters of this Games, Usain vulnerable again today? Usain Bolt


is coming along. It is Tyson Gay. It is Bolt! Usain Bolt explodes and


he is still the king of the 100 Una Elvis Presley? He is like the


American Bob Marley. -- you know? And every time he turned, everybody


took a picture with the cameras. And I saw that in the 200. You have


got to be aware of that? Yes. It is funny. Every move you make,


Was it like when you won the 200? lot of people were doubting me this


season so I was really focused on going out and doing it. One-sided


that, I thought, you can stop talking now. -- once I did that. I


am a legend. Usain Bolt is second. That is a big


win for Yohan Blake. Muhammad Ali had something he called the Roper


dope. And that was like at the Jamaican trials for you? T I went


there does to qualified and my training partner, Yohan Blake, were


cut me up and said, this is the Olympics, you need to get serious.


-- he woke me up. I think your idol was Michael Johnson. Michael Phelps


was in the mix. So many champions. But you are there? Yes. Definitely.


These guys were the greatest in their sport and they have done so


many great things over the years, so for me to be mentioned in the


same sentence is just amazing. is just a joy, and as we be due


farewell, the sport is now over and the Closing Ceremony is almost upon


us. -- as we did you farewell. Gemma Gibbons' victory in the judo,


and she mouthed to the sky, I love you, mum. The joy of bronze going


to Tom Daley as he held his nerve and won one of the closest diving


finals. The tears of Chris Hoy, the laughter of Laura Trott. As a


nation, we are so proud of our Olympians as they have given all of


us so much joy and inspiration. And none of this would have been


possible without those thousands of volunteers who have helped us pull


off an amazing Games. From all of # Imagines there's no heaven.


# It's easy if you tried. No hell below us.


# Above us only sky. # Imogen all the people.


# Living for today. # Imagined there's no countries.


# It isn't hard to do. # Nothing to kill or die for.


# no religion, too. # Imagine he all the people.


# Living life in peace. # ooh, you may say I'm a dreamer.


# But I'm not the only one. # I hope some day you will join us.


# And the world will be as one. If # Imagine that no possessions.


# I wonder if you can. # no need for greed or hunger.


# The brotherhood of man. # Imagined all the people.


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