BBC One: Day 3: 11.30-13.00 Olympics

BBC One: Day 3: 11.30-13.00

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If you've been doing your a limpet homework, by now you are probably


familiar with our chances on the track, in the pool and may be in


the velodrome, but what about fencing? He has a crash course in


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some names to look out for over the Britons when surveying medal ever.


strength to strength or Nicola A bit of homework done for you


there. With 541 Team GB athletes in action, there's a lot to keep an


eye on over the next 14 days. This is what we've got coming up for you


over the course of day three of the time to lose the top hat and tails


and put on something a little more racy, as are eventers take on


Greenwich Park. The weight of the country's expectations are on your


shoulders, it's nice to have somebody to share it with. Tom


Daley and Pete Waterfield in the ten-metre synchro at 3pm. If Louis


Smith can cry like this when he's just made it into a final, imagine


the reaction of the British men were to win eight gymnastics medal


today. The team competition starts The groundsman at Wimbledon have


had just 20 days instead of their usual year to turn those dusty,


Brown baselines into the glorious green that we expect to see at


Wimbledon. If you ask me, the groundsman deserve to have the


first Olympic tennis medal of the Games. But as we all know, the


Olympics will have a character and they don't come much colourful than


Lleyton Hewitt. He thinks that he can win gold but he's got to get


past the first round. So let's head out to wait very pink court. Andrew


Castle and Tim Henman are waiting court Four for the Olympic tennis


wearing coloured shirts, lots of adjustments made for this Olympic


Bratislava, Stakhovsky. The son of two university lecturers in Kiev


and. He knows how to play the game. He hasn't had a great year, he


didn't win two rounds in a tournament until eight challenger,


Hewitt before, but I'm sitting alongside a man who has, Tim Henman.


What is it like to play against Lleyton Hewitt? For me, not much


fun. I think we played nine times to do. -- so I could tell


against Lleyton Hewitt, especially not when he's wearing the green and


gold. He has put in some of the finest Davis Cup performances of


start. It's an interesting match-up because you've got Lleyton Hewitt,


who is the great returner, the great counterpuncher, and


Stakhovsky, who is very much looking to take the net away. He's


got a good first serve, he likes to move forward. If he's going to play


that style of game against Lleyton Hewitt, he's going to have been


very clean, keep his unforced error count low, he's going to have to


keep his first serve percentage height. It will be interesting to


see because he doesn't really have a great deal of confidence. He


hasn't played his best tennis this year. His ranking down to 94,


it isn't the biggest event the players play. But everybody has


entered, everybody has prepared and everybody has been talking


positively about tennis in the meat of this match, I should say it


was part of the modern Olympiad from the word go, it was in the


Olympic Games all the way until Paris in 24. This is the 14th of


time this has been a medley event, I think it is fantastic how much


momentum it has gained. In 1984 it was a test event, in 1988 it became


an official Olympic event and in those years there were a few people


that did not play, a few top players gave it a miss, but now


Fiona Paterson not here is the defending gold medallist from


Beijing, Rafa Nadal. -- the only one not here. He elected to pull


out the week before. That will give him some rest ahead of the US Open,


which is only a few weeks away. He has got his gold medal. But he is


the only person missing from the You feel that when Stakhovski


misses that first serve and they get into baseline exchanges, that


is when things will play Intuit's He had to apologise twice for this!


Double net cord. You should get two Roger Federer is in action on


Centre Court in just a few minutes' time. That is against Julien


Benneteau, who was two sets up against Federer at Wimbledon. No


Andy Murray today, he won yesterday against Stanislav Wawrinka. Later


on this court, Elena Baltacha will play. The long-time British No. 1.


Down to number four at the moment, but she won her first round match.


A 64 draw, rather than Wimbledon's 128. To win gold, six matches to


win. There's a third and fourth place play-off for the bronze medal


Lleyton Hewitt was out here late last night supporting Bernard Tomic,


the Australian No. 1 who lost his match to Nishikori of Japan. Only


one match played all day yesterday, badly affected by rain on the


outside courts. Better conditions Greg Norman is with us, a former


world number one golfer. He has won some majors before. Lleyton Hewitt


has Cadee took for Greg Norman before at the Australian PGA one


First break of serve for the man they affectionately called the


mongrel. Well, Pat Rafter did once! You can say somebody is a mongrel


with affection, can't you? You just did! Pat Rafter did. He is like a


dog with a bone. You saw in some of those baseline exchanges, once he


was able to get into the rally, he is putting Stakhovski under


pressure. I think they had four baseline exchanges in that game and


Hewitt won al four. That is his strategy. He is trying to get as


many first serves back into play. He is looking to be more often sit


on the second serve. One of the good science is that his movement


looks better. He struggled with that having had two hit surgeries.


His game relies so much on his speed. Surgery on his big toe as


well. When he was 15 years old, he started. He has put himself under


such strain. He qualified for the Australian Open in 1997 as a 15-


year-old. He had a good win in the last round of qualities. Who did he


beat? Mark Petchey? Or did Pengxi get him? Not shock, but he won


Adderley -- allayed as a 16-year- Per when he won in 1998 as a 16-


year-old, he beat Michael Chang. He also beat Andy Agassi. As a 16-


year-old in front of home fans. You can understand what they got hot


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under the collar about that Down By it is going to be a very


interesting if Lleyton Hewitt get stuck into this tournament. When he


plays for his country, he just goes mad for it. Absolutely loves it.


Todd Woodbridge on the right hand side, doubles gold and silver


medallist. He is talking to Greg Norman. Todd Woodbridge won gold in


the doubles with Woodford in 1996 when they beat a couple of duffers


in the final. Tim Ward was unable to carry Tim Henman be more in the


For a well-constructed point from Stakhovski. He came in on a very


deep backhand volley. That is the type of Tennessee has to play to


have an impact against Stewart. -- the type of tennis he had to play


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What a relief it would have been for Lleyton Hewitt to win some


matches. There was at Rhode Island on grass. The one in Newport was


pretty historic. He lost to John Isner in the final. He has only


played six tournaments this year. He is woefully short of match


practice coming in, but seems to be flowing very well around the court


Stakhovski is on a pretty Brault -- poor run. After Wimbledon and


Queen's Club, where he retired with injury, he lost in the first round


pinched it cot and -- at, both on Claye. -- instant carte blanche dad,


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Not an easy shot, the deft half Roger Federer is the world number


one and top seed. He won his first- round game in three sets. He has


got history with that opponent, say he was pleased to come through that


match. He now plays Benneteau, they are second on Centre Court today.


Djokovic had a tough one on Court 1 yesterday. He beat Fellaini of


Italy in three sets. He was a set down. Andy Murray beat Wawrinka 6-3,


6-3, and now plays Jarkko Nieminen from Finland. He is expected to


play Richard Gasquet after that. In his section, Tomas Berdych went out


in the first round to Steve Darcis. Once you get to the medal winning


stages, there will be some tremendous matches. Federer must be


favourite. High I think so. He will obviously bring so much confidence


to the court. He is so comfortable in the surroundings. Having got


that 17th Grand Slam title under his belt, he has to feel pretty


good about his chances for Olympic First round match at the Olympic


tennis event, Lleyton Hewitt with a break of serve in his first round


Did and miss by much, but could play from Hewitt. He's very


Who did Lleyton Hewitt partnered the victory in Grand Slam doubles?


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That was the year that Safin beat That was a very nicely controlled


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You've got to Love Hewitt's Stakhovsky is one of the finest at


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He made up his mind pretty early he was going to have a go at the


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fourth and here. -- at the forehand Not an easy shot, the off backhand


from the middle of the court, but you would really timing the ball


fantastically well. -- but you would really timing the ball


You've got to make sure you have a long, hard look at the court after


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Here is a question for you, what is best - to be bright when you are


playing professional sport ought to be not so bright? Because


Stakhovsky is a very bright man. Both his parents are university


lecturers. Professors. He has a brother who has a doctor. You


engage him in conversation, he is full of intellect and wit. Do you


think that the life lends itself to that sort of person, or do you


think it helps to be... Fake? most important aspect is you've got


a clear understanding of your game style and the way you want to play.


Whether you are intelligent or not or intellectual or not or


streetwise or not. If you are going out on the road 36 to 40 weeks of


the year, you are grinding it out, and some events like this are


special, but does the actual lifestyle suits somebody who thinks


a lot or a little? Everybody is different. Tipsarevic is a very


deep thinker. He seems to be doing One thing that is a prerequisite is


to love the game, and Lleyton Hewitt loves playing and competing.


Federer is the same. Federer has already talked about the


possibility of playing the next Any time you can call your job your


hobby, you are probably going to be in a pretty good spot. That is the


It's a really different atmosphere here than during the championships.


A different sort of crowd, different people. People taking the


opportunity to get in, where perhaps at the championships you


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We were told not to call it Henman So many aspects of Lleyton Hewitt's


game to be impressed with. His ball-striking, really timing the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 54 seconds


ball well, getting into position He executed that particular place


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 54 seconds


in the previous game. He thought Lleyton Hewitt it certainly having


a happier time in his Olympic first round than he did in the first


round of Wimbledon. If you want to see the rest of this match, you can


continue watching it on lino on the red button. We have just heard in


the last 10 minutes that the cauldron has been moved inside of


the Olympic Stadium. We can see that it has moved from the centre


of the Olympic Stadium to where Bradley Wiggins was ringing that


Bell in the Opening Ceremony. That is where it will stay for the next


Due for one member of the British three-day eventing team, it is on


home turf. It is time for Zara Phillips and the rest of the


British team to let off some steam as we go cross-country at Greenwich


Park. The oldest part in London. -- Park. A beautiful setting.


Traditionally the equestrian events have been held well away from the


Olympic Park. Rishi Persad and Ian Stark have got their walking boots


on for us and they will give us an idea of what lies in store for the


horses at Greenwich Park. Key cross-country after two days of


dressage. A word about the venue. We are looking down on the arena


where the show jumping and dressage takes place. I remember in --


remember the diving at Barcelona being one of the iconic images of


the Olympics. I think this is more than enough competition for that.


think it has to be. It is the most incredible setting. People walk in


and can't believe it. Sitting on top of the hill by the Observer


tree overlooking the city. What more could you want? The


photographs will be for its spectacular. The fact we are up


pate gives you an idea of what the horses will face. The hilly terrain


will make this a test. I think so. The course is beautiful. Potential


-- attention to beautiful -- attention to detail, the fences


look beautiful. It is perfect. Some of the top riders walked the course


and felt it was perhaps a little bit lacking in technical difficulty.


But when you take into account the twists and turns, I think people


will be struggling to get inside the time. That will create the


difficulty. That time is 10 minutes, three seconds. Riders have to


negotiate 28 obstacles. A lot of three-day eventing in the


UK has been cancelled due to bad weather. Surely this can't have


helped the preparations of the Great Britain team. Our showpiece


event is badminton and that was cancelled because of the weather.


It hasn't been the easiest lead-up to the Olympics for our team.


wasn't. Badminton was a big blow. A week later it was Chatsworth and we


thought that would be perfect for the potential team of riders


because it is quite hilly and we would have similar terrain so it


would give us an idea of what horses could cope, but that was


also cancelled. But the riders have been very willing to go whether we


have asked them. They are all desperate to get on the team. They


do what they have to. Even though some major events were cancelled,


they have been charging around the country to get some practice.


the run-up to the Olympics, the British team have lost Peggy French


after an injury to her horse, but Nicola Wilson is dubbed as the


pathfinder for top tell us what that means and how we will play out


in the team. For pathfinder will be first to go and will give the rest


of the riders an idea of what they will encounter. And some advice on


where they can use certain strategies. Nicola Wilson, for the


last three years, has been the pathfinder for the team. The horse


is probably the world's best cross- country horse. I don't want to jinx


her! He is phenomenal across country. She normally goes up fast


and clear. If she can do the time, people will have a go. If she can't


do the time, the other riders will know how difficult it is. Our worry


is that riders start chasing the clock and make stupid mistakes. But


Nicola will come back Guillaume of the information we need. She will


be first off and that is at 1:02pm. Hopefully there will be time for


them all to get some understanding of the course. Hoping for a flying


start. Great Britain currently in third. Is that what they expected?


It might be better than what we were expecting. Being in third


place at the moment. After the dressage, we were expecting to be


off the lead. Germany are very strong in dressage. It is very


tight at the top and I think we are much closer than we thought we


would become at least to the Germans. We all fought the Germans


would storm the lead in the dressage. We were only about 7 1/2


points behind them. That is nothing, really. We are in a good position.


It is pretty tight. There are six or seven teams at the top and any


one of them could win gold. It makes it a great competition.


Nicola is first off at 1:02pm. Zara Phillips does offer three-year six


p and. The last rider, William Fox- Pitt, is due off at 5:14pm. By a


with five partnerships involved in the team, Clare Balding has for


about there are so many stories to If keep Britain wins the team gold


for the third time in five attempts. 40 years ago in Munich, Great


Britain won two gold medals in eventing for the team and for


Richard need as an individual. In the subsequent years, it was a case


of nearly but not quite, a string of civil medals until Athens and a


delayed and controversial gold medals for Lesley Law. Fast forward


to Beijing and Great Britain's won team and individual bronze. In


London, they will be right back in the heart of things with the cross-


country course in Greenwich and a group of five very talented


individuals and their horses are determined to bring home team gold


again. P this is the line-up. Mary You are all riding against each


other, but you also riding for each other. How much can you do to help


other members of the team? For we have to produce personal bests, but


at the same time it is important that our team mates go well. If you


see something, none of us hold back. It will just come out. We are


always bouncing ideas off each other. This is your six Olympic


Games. By can't believe it. Barcelona 20 years ago, it doesn't


seem 20 years. I love it. I'm still really keen and eager. I'm dying to


be even more successful. Does it still make you nervous? Yes. It is


apprehension, the wary of let -- making a mistake and letting


everybody down. You were the latest call up because greedy French was


originally selected and Vinci at two pull-out because her horse was


lame. What was your feeling? could not have been more unhappy,


really. That sounds strange because this is a chance of a lifetime. PD


has become a very close friend. It is very, very sad. So many people


are supportive of you, but they adore opposition bars. He has his


own fan club. He is such a character, he loves it. I am so


pleased that we've now been given this opportunity. You came out of


Beijing with so many honours. Does it give you more confidence?


don't know if I came out like that! It does give you massive confidence


and the fact I was able to pull out that result on a horse I had no


idea if he was going to cope with the atmosphere, it gave me more


drive to be going for London. you, it has been a traumatic ride.


What happened a year ago? This time last year the horse was very ill


and the vets said he could die overnight. The Olympics could not


have been any further because he was my any chance to get here. He


is a miracle. For you it has been a case of building a new relationship


with the new horse. Toytown got injured before Beijing. I had a


great relationship with him, I had some huge successes and he was the


horse of a lifetime. Piat had this one since he was five. -- I've had.


He is quick and nippy. We've had long enough to get to know each


other. In terms of your experience of riding in World Championship


teams, European teams, Olympic teams, how could a team is this?


That is the meanest question of the afternoon! I believe we have a very


strong team. Core we are hoping the cross country will be difficult


enough. We are praying we can do better than that in London in front


What a wonderful insight that was. Everything you would want in a team,


all of the characters. This is the second stage of the competition,


the dressage took place over the last two days and this is how the


British team got on. On day one of the eventing dressage,


the first British rider to take to the arena was Nicola Wilson,


recording a score of 51.7. That is a good start. This lovely Yorkshire


girl, a great favourite. Such a bubbly character and this


combination is something to behold. Next to ride for Team GB was the


six-time Olympian Mary King. Her impressive round of 14.9 securing


Great Britain the bronze medal position overnight. -- 14.9. The


51-year-old paid tribute to her supporters. It is absolutely


fantastic. I am quite tearful! To have the home crowd behind you and


they are brilliant. When I came in, they were amazing how they kept


quiet. They were dying to clap! They all responded to what I asked.


Thrilled to bits. I am not usually tearful! On day two, it was the


turn of the remaining three team members to compete. First up was


Olympic debutant Zara Phillips. Love fully extended canter --


canter. Very well balanced. Cheered on by her family and the packed out


stance, she produced a solid performance, recording a score of


46.1. As the weather took a turn for the worse, Tina Cook had more


than nerves to contend with, but she did not let the conditions rain


on her parade. She racked up an impressive score of 42. The last


British rider to compete was well number-one William Fox-Pitt. His


44.1 ensuring Team GB maintained the bronze medal position going


into day three. So after the first phase of the competition, the


In the individual competition, the surprise leader is the Japanese


With the British riders currently lying in 12th, 14th, 17th, 24th and


39th position overall, we are all set for an exciting cross-country


competition today. Indeed we are. Before we crossover


to Greenwich Park, we've had some cycling used. Fading can Schiller


has been passed fit to defend his Olympic time-trial title on


Wednesday. He crushed up badly in the men's road race, injuring his


shoulder. -- crashed out badly. But we've heard from the Swiss Olympic


Association and they say he will be on the finish line. Bradley Wiggins


starts as favourite. As we've heard from William Fox-Pitt, Great


Britain are relying on the cross- country stage to give them the edge.


I'm delighted to say that we have a nice cool breeze. Ideal for the


horses and the first horse and rider for the United States of


America. They will be counted down very shortly. It is Boyd Martin, on


Australian who relocated to the USA in 2007. He is an integral part of


what is a very strong American team. They might be down the order at the


moment, but they are still very much in touch. You can certainly


say that anyone out of the top eight nations, although they might


be a little disappointed to be in 8th place, the team are not out of


the hunt in any way, shape or form, the Americans. I would not be too


disappointed about being in 8th place. It is so tight at the top.


Anything can happen on this course. It will be all about the time. And


trying not to make silly mistakes. jumping stallions in the world. He


is a horse that has already been very successful. Away he goes. 5728


metres. Look at this course because it is beautifully made, beautifully


presented. A chance to get going quite quickly. A combination coming


strict board. The -- first fence. That Forest questing here, he is


taking the inside line. He makes nothing of it. I do not think they


will all be as plain sailing as he made it look. We had several very


professional and very capable riders getting a way only. That


will give a to a very good indication. Not just how the fences


will jump but how difficult the time will be to get no penalty


points. 10.03 minutes, to get inside that client without any time


penalties. The privet hedging is built into


that dents. Next, areas routes into this combination, it will be


interesting to see what the There are lots of different options,


we will see them as the day towards the the victory with the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 54 seconds


gathering crowd in the arena. They are round the course with the


stands acting as a wonderful viewing point as well with the


screen, too. My word. He nearly overcooked that. He was going so


fast there was not sure that he was going to make the turn. -- I was


not sure. Riders have got to take these risks to be inside the time,


I think. He is coming to the second water behind the grandstands. That


will be a very good check time. Christopher Burton coming to the


third. In fact he is farther round the course than that. Fence five, I


make nothing of that. It will be interesting to see Boyd Martin on


through the water, which is a crucial fence on this course. He is


now on that serious climb up to the Greenwich fence. Big drop here. He


needs to be well up on the clock. He managed that drop so easily.


These days the riders train for those narrow fences. He will be an


interesting indicator of the time on the course. He did not waste any


time and he is still galloping strongly. The Australian,


Christopher Burton, very experienced and going very well. He


is not travelling at the same pace as the American, Boyd Martin, by


Martin was going much faster than this but it is always deceptive. He


is wasting more time setting up for the fences but he is a thoroughbred


horse, and he has probably got a good turn of speed and a big stride.


Plenty of fuel in the tank towards the end could make it up. That is


the interesting part. Eight fences in four minutes. 20 fences in the


course before, a very experienced corner and any strong horse will


waste time preparing for the turns. Still not the same time as Boyd


will go down that in three. The second part is so narrow that it is


easy to gallop past it. I think Australia for the first time in


Kentucky in the World Championships. He has been based in England for


more than a year and he is showing what he can do. He is quickening up


now. He was much faster through that combination. He had a much


better line than Boyd Martin and he took a stride extra by going too


first on the course. He is over the time fence. All the nations


represented here. Now he is going round to the Observer to return. --


the observatory. I wonder what his time is? Certainly not going so


quickly and the horse looking a bit tired. He jumped that on exactly


the line that his plan, three strides. The horse is beginning to


look a bit tired. And this is France, who have been disappointing


after dressage in 9th place. They are going to have to have three


good clear rounds to get them back in it. Even so, the French, only a


matter of 20 marks behind the leaders. And they do ride very fast


across the country. They sometimes throw caution to the wind. He tried


to get the angle and he runs out! The first penalty on the court. --


course. 20 penalties at the third for France. And this is the


American, Boyd Martin. 10 minutes 11.74. 3.6 time, which is very


interesting. This course would look to me in the very early stages that


not many will be inside the time. do not think many will go faster


than Boyd Martin. It is a question of who dares go round the turns


more quickly and down the hills faster. Any horse that has stamina


at the end to go down the course. Boyd Martin's horse was tiring at


the end, so we may have lost time for each team when they come back


and pass on the words of the right to know exactly how it is ridden. -


- the words of the ride. That was an unfortunate stop at fence three


for Dennis. He did not quite have his horse facing on to the right


line. And away we go with her new starter, the first for Germany,


Peter Thomsen. He was in a gold medal team for Germany in Hong Kong.


The German team are leading on 11 9.10. He will be an extremely good


indicator of the Germans and the rest of the teams and individuals.


The important thing is, yes, they want to go round as quickly as


possible, but they want to bring back information for the others. It


is not the be-all and end-all that Australia. Interestingly, he set


out much slower than Boyd Martin. He did not get around in 11, he was


eight seconds over. Beautifully through the second to last,


checking the clock. This looks to me to be much better. He has judged


it, built up his speed, and made time over the latter part of the


course. To you agree? -- do you agree? Yes, and he is a


thoroughbred horse so he has not tired and he could make the time


rather easily. He is well inside the time! He stays on his dressage


score. The dressage score for Australia was 46.1. I sort of feel


disappointed that he made that time so easily, but on the other hand,


he is an experienced rider. And a very fast horse. I am not too sure


that we will see that many inside the time. Before the day started I


was not sure that anybody would, but there we go, the second horse


out. Boyd Martin looked to be in a hurry all the way and not making it.


He obviously was not covering the but he has that only 20 that he


medal team. If you are in the winning team, you still get a medal,


even if you are not part of the winning score. The market place


looks like a gymnastic exercise. does. The riders are not taking it


too seriously and the horses are the bottom of a steep hill and


sharp turn. Waiting in the box is Michael Ryan for Ireland. Ireland


are in 10th place at the moment. Sue Benson, the course designer.


Peter Thomsen coming into the arena, Jo May have got a rider very


experienced at cross-country. -- the horse helped him out! He took a


stride out. Previous horses have gone on four. He realised it was a


long way off and kicked for it but the horse made it even though it


was scary. Peter Thomsen 13 seconds behind Christopher Burton who has


gone inside the time. This is Denis Mesples for France now. Coming


towards the end of the course. All of the riders getting huge support


second quarter, up the steep climb. -- second water. Quite a


straightforward fence towards the steep climb and now he starts,


got the stamina or not if they can gallop up this hill, get down the


big drop and then recover. Did talk about it in human terms, they could


be jelly elect. -- they could have jelly legs. Yes, they could


collapse in a heap! But actually they are all making pretty light


work of it. This is the French one coming home, Denis Mesples. 49


years old. He is already well over the time and remember he has got 20


jumping penalties in that. His time penalties are clocking up as well.


0.4 of a penalty for every second over 10.03. He will be almost one


minute over the time. He does not seem into much of a hurry either.


He is not chasing the latter part. I think the horse has looked quite


tired. He was not very high through that brush fence. I think the horse


will be relieved that the finish is in sight. Over a minute. Yes, 46


penalties to add 4 Denis Mesples. 61.5 after the dressage. This is


the Irish rider, Michael Ryan, very experienced. Never been to an


Olympic Games before, but he has done several championships and


Europeans. He went to the World because he did not hurry there was


down that hill and he did not waste any time either. -- he did not


hurry the horse. At now Canada. -- despite their silver medal at the


worlds. In 11th place, but not that many miles behind if the cross


thought to be one of the influential fences and it is the


first time we have seen it. It comes in the last leg of the cause.


-- the course. Michael Ryan jumped the two fences in the arena very


well and the crowd beginning to realise they have got a very good


vantage point. Lots of cheering. 20 seconds slower than Burton. He ran


inside the time, so that gives a good indication. Christopher


Burton's round was so well judged for Australia. But he is a class


rider. He is not very well known over here yet, but he is winning


all the time on the circuit. As I said earlier, I don't think we can


take it for granted that lots of them will go inside the time that


going to make it, I don't think. The Germans have only got the lead


over Australia of just under three points. The penalty points are


clocking up. That was the last. He fastest riders for Germany. He has


always been a very good cross- country rider. A very good judge of


pace and that will be the secret many on this course. 48 years old.


She has competed a lot in Lexington. Just coming to the ancient


marketplace. Incorrect fence. is Michael Ryan in the beautifully


laid-out gardens. A beautiful part of the park. You can see crowds all


the way around. Huge support for the various teams. Now it is


Michelle Miller on and a stabbed. A sharp turn left and cunning defence


No. 13. She is going downhill very slowly. She is going to be way over


the time. Experience and judgment of pace will be two grip of the


crucial factors. Michelle jumping fences well, but not in a big hurry.


sensible pace, not flat out, but opening out the horse. A little bit


of light into dark, but there's plenty of chance to adjust to the


bright sunlight on his all-weather arena. Hanging a little bit. It is


great when they come into the Syrian and hear the crowds cheering.


Big is the riders such a buzz. penalty points. That was a silly


mistake. She jumped the first brush a little bit left to right and


drifted out wide and didn't make a quick enough decision to make the


turn. Judgment of pace also important? Yes, she would have got


away with it if she had been quicker in her reactions. The horse


did not totally help Iraq, but he was not given much incentive. --


helper out. Michael Ryan, second to disappointment. Michael is very


experienced. For a horse was just a little weary, I suspect. There


wasn't a great stride can do think he waited for another one. It


wasn't there and the horse was running out of power. The horse


doesn't look that tired. He looks like he still has plenty of running


in him. He will be sick. Certainly will. That is a disappointing start


for Ireland. It means that the next four riders for Ireland have... At


least three of them have to get round. Wasn't one of their county


combinations after dressage, but it doesn't give you confidence when


your first rider doesn't get home. This is the crucial Pole on the


course. She is not really pushing. She will be conserving energy, but


she is losing time. 20 in the arena. They really are making that look


ridiculously easy. What was interesting with Michelle is that


her horse is so full of running because he has gone quite slowly.


He landed and accelerated. The rest are landing a little bit weary and


then they recover afterwards. the first for Japan. Japan did show


what they were capable of and surprised everyone in the dressage


is relatively inexperienced compared to a lot of the horses and


combinations we have seen. But the Japanese have spent a lot of time


training with some professional set-ups and they have really


pleased everyone with their efforts so far. Will they succeed cross-


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