BBC One: Day 3: 13.45-16.00 Olympics

BBC One: Day 3: 13.45-16.00

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# He's here again. # The man with the child in his


Young, talented, photogenic. Some people! At these Games, no one


would begrudge Tom Daley one ounce of success in the Aquatics Centre


this afternoon after what he has described as the toughest gear of


his life. Can today be his greatest afternoon? We will be live in the


Aquatics Centre from 3pm as he and Pete Waterfield compete in the 10


need to synchronised diving. This is what has already come to pass on


Hannah Miley and Caitlin McClatchey both booked places in tonight's


semi-finals. Michael Phelps reached the same stage in the men's 200m


butterfly. Caitlin Grainger -- Kath Grainger and Anna Watkins set a new


Olympic record to reach the finals of the women's double sculls.


Off Britain's men's fours remain on course to run defend their Olympic


title. They eased through their heat to reach Thursdays semi-finals.


But it was a disappointing morning for British judo. Danny Williams


and Sarah Clark lost their belts and are now out of the competition.


-- bouts. Already a very dramatic morning. This is how the afternoon


looks. In a moment will go -- we will grow to Greenwich for the


three-day eventing. There's been a great performance by Nicola Wilson


Let's start with the eventing. It has been a really tense first


couple of days with very little split in the field. Before we go to


Greenwich, some of you might find Eventing is an equestrian


competition made up of three different elements. Dressage.


Cross-country. And showjumping. Eventing developed as a military


exercise designed to reflect the range of challenges horses faced in


the army. To win the competition, riders had to accumulate the


minimum amount of penalty points. The individual and team


competitions take place simultaneously. Riders compete on


the same horse in each of the three elements. Teams are made up of five


riders with the best three total scores counting towards the team's


final total. The medallists in the eventing team competition by


decided during the first round of the showjumping. The top 25


competitors proceed to the second round of the showjumping, where the


medallists in the individual competition are decided. If you


would like to get involved in That is the education, now for the


entertainment. Yesterday the horses discipline was tested in the


dressage, tomorrow at their speed and agility is under the microscope


in the jumping, today it is endurance in cross-country. It is


one of the tightest Olympic competitions ever with Great


Britain currently sitting third in the team event, Mary King is the


best place British rider in 12th. After Royal Greenwich now a Zara


Phillips is riding just after 3pm. It is a wonderful location with


views over the Thames and towards St Paul's Cathedral. The


competition is so close, any time penalties could be very costly


indeed. 10 minutes until Mary is under way so let's join Ian Stark


Australia. He was on 45.4. He has already had two lives. He is


finding it quite slippery. He nearly fell as he turned into the


first water. He had a heart- stopping moment in the second water,


but he is now in the Greenwich Para drop. Making nothing of that. He is


still clear. How is he on the on the course. Huge crowds


supporting the teams. Makes nothing of that water. This is rider number


two for Germany. This is the horse that won the big French four-star,


a top event. We are hearing of a loose horse in the start terrier.


Whether that is a faller, we will have to wait and see, or whether it


is very close to where the horses are taken for the start and finish.


There it is. Is it Sam's course? Sam Griffiths? It might be. He he


was just coming to the flat ground at the top when we last saw him.


What drama has happened on the Extraordinary that they both had to


stop at fence three. It makes you wonder if the line they were


planning to ride was feasible. The riders will probably have to go out


and have another look. He got away with it, but a bit of a late


Burton's time. He had had a stop as well so that would have wasted a


lot of time. It is a very good point to see on the course. He the


Frenchman now comes to the second there all day so far, dare I say it.


He is on 39.8, one of the top leading team, but is also the


trainer of the leading Japanese individual rider overnight ever


dressage. -- after dressage. Still awaiting news of some Griffiths. I


have a feeling it might have been sunlight, there are several dark


areas on this course which will make it a little bit more difficult


for the horse. Fear anything from that point of view is that the


horses have been here for a wig and they have been walking about and


getting used to these shadows of up We are running about 15 minutes


late. Mary King will come later than scheduled, somewhere after


tomb topped -- 2:15pm. The Frenchman is that the most


beautiful end of this park. Sumps super rose gardens of there. Some


lot of people were wondering if they would get an extra stride in.


In fact, the horses are so opened up, if anything they are finding


the distance quite short. This is the German. A little bit of a


hiccup into the approach of that fence, but he sat a beautifully.


The interesting thing, we've not had any news of Sam Moa Griffiths.


Frankly, we've got to believe that he has had a fall for topped and


that he is out. That is a Bikey Cup for Australia. Do -- a big hiccup


Thomsen went round, he added 26 to his score. Correction, 5.2 to his


score. We can now confirm that Sam Griffiths has been eliminated. I'm


sure that is because of a fall. That is dramatic news. Australia


with five here. That round of Christopher Burton's could well be


crucial. Sam Griffiths is out and it will be Andrew Hoy and Lucinda -


- Clayton Fredericks that Australian fate will depend on.


not terribly sure that he is necessarily be up on the clock. It


will be interesting when he comes into the arena. He's in a lovely


rhythm, but he doesn't it like he's going that fast, but it could be


deceptive. Over the East End flour built by Andrew Hunter. He ran the


British country... A way goes if a clerk for Ireland. She will not


hang about. Just getting fat picture of Australians and


Griffiths. He had a fall at fence 21. One of the very simple fences,


dare I say. Not dissimilar to the We will get an idea of his time. He


was quick enough through the arena. This is the Frenchman finessing.


39.6. That includes a refusal. The cool surroundings to of the


seconds slower than Christopher Burton been the main arena. He will


have to be able to gallop on at the end if he is going to make up that


time. I reckon he will be another one with some time penalties. It is


not really what the German team were looking for. Peter Thomsen is


home safe and dry. They really need to get some horses closer to the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 60 seconds


crucial. Sit back and let the horse married to Simon Clark. By she is


nicely through. She is 31 years old. The horse is 12 years old. 48.9


dressage. Now back with Dirk. on this great galloping stretch at


the top and the horse looks like he has quickened up. It is whether he


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 60 seconds


has the stamina to keep up the think he is. It was such a great


shot of seeing a horse galloping under the trees. It is what cross


country is all about. In 2009 in the Europeans and then in the


world's in 2010, the Germans had some mistakes on some fairly easy


fences. Dirk Schrade playing quite safe, making sure he didn't make a


mistake as he now goes to the rose garden and jumps that very well.


best performer in the dressage. Owned by the very popular Terry and


to go inside the time on this to me if he's going to get some


time faults. Although he is making time, he's still got this Saxon


Awad has had a fall at fence three and a horse has gone spare. We


Germany are beginning to be in a situation where they could be


caught. I think you are right. It is putting a huge amount of


pressure on the final three rider macros, because they're going to


have to come up with the goods and get as near round possible -- as


possible. For Ireland, Clark. She was very cautious at that fence


their rather than the three. She Christopher Burton, so this looks


like a pretty impressive round so far for the Irish team. The time of


Christopher Burton is remarkable. There is Bennett-Awad. What


disappointment for her. This is a thoroughbred mare out on the course.


Sadly, when he scored it will be none braver than this lady. Didn't


get a great line there. That's a dangerous thing to do. She was very


aware of that offence. She wanted to be straight and let the horse


see the step out, and she even we thought was going to be required


for this course. There was a test event earlier this year and


everyone came away saying they wanted fit, Little, athletic horses


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 60 seconds


that could be easily controlled. She is delighted. 3.6 penalties.


But an exceptional round. That will please the Irish coach. It


certainly will. Ireland, who didn't qualify as a team here, they just


missed out in the Europeans by a matter of a few points. Not to


qualify as a team so they had qualified enough riders, they had


to qualify five. As a result, they've got a very competitive team.


Certainly as competitive as they had for many years. There is Simon


Clark alongside her, her husband. He will be delighted. He is a


helicopter pilot. He takes famous people all around the country. He


took Lord Coe to an Olympic meeting very recently. As you can see,


competition delay that the moment for that four of Bennett-Awad. The


control of this competition at the start and finish, it is quite a


complex affair but it's very well done. The team up there are very


experienced, headed by Richard Clapham and others. Richard has


controlled two Olympic games prior to this. But it's got to be a good


communication system that immediately takes decisions and the


appropriate actions to get the right people in the right place, to


make sure horse and rider macro are looked after to the very highest


possible standard. We don't know how many people are in here but it


could well be around the maximum could well be around the maximum


A mention their of the 50,000 people all standing around watching


the dramatic action, and it was dramatic. Horses having problems,


competitors being thrown off and the competition delayed. As soon as


it gets going we will let you know. We will be over there because Mary


King is going this afternoon and Zara Phillips as well. You can see


that with us here later. We are going to get an update on the


sailing in a few moments. Before that, just how much of a difference


even in the winter, because you met your friends, there was lots of


adventures, you could sail to the island or role. It was a great kind


of Swallows and Amazons place, we have a lot of fun. I wasn't


brilliant at school sport. But with sailing it was different, I


instantly found something I loved. I think I was that sort of child


that if I found something I really enjoyed, I wanted to get better and


better at it. I remember the first time going on the boat on my own,


attached with a rope. And then when the rope was eventually taken off,


that amazing sense of freedom you get. I couldn't have gone on a bus


on my own or a train. I could only cycle round the block where the


lift. But there was an incredible responsibility and sense of freedom


to sail all by yourself. It's lovely that nothing's really


changed. One weekend the club organised proper instruction. They


came from the Royal Yachting Association. At the end of that


weekend I could steerer boat or by myself. It was a real turning point


for me because I suddenly realised, actually, I can do this, I can sail


on my own. I don't think I ever really sailed with my dad every


game since then. I remember the other end of the Lockerbie miles


away. It was like an ocean. Now it's just there. With no money or


funding, sport was really different then. No coaching either. It was


hard but I knew that I had to dedicate everything to make this


Robinson. That smile, doesn't that just say it all! Shirley Robinson


has the gold for Great Britain. was incredible. Shirley Robinson,


gold medal for Stam I can't really believe it myself. If I watch it


now, it's sort of weird it happened to me. What a moment this is for


Shirley Robinson. Here we are where I grew up, just a very small family


club, this is where it all began. That is a big grin! A very happy


Wonderful. Born in Dundee, 32 years later voted as the greatest female


sailor in the world. Lets joined Shirley right now, doing what she


does best, bobbing up and down on a boat somewhere off the Jurassic


Coast for us usually, but today she is looking a bit calmer, she is not


out on the water. Shirley, when you are out on the water now watching


those boats competing, how do you feel as a double Olympic champion


to be watching? You feel their nerves and stress. You know how


important it is to them. When they have a tough race it sort of gets


too deep inside. You feel the elation when they do well. It means


everything to all the competitors at the Olympic Games. I know how


much it means to them. A lifetime's work. Lots of empathy. Living and


breathing the whole experience with them through the week. Particularly


the young sailors out there, do they see you as something of a


mother figure in a few ways, do they ask for advice and help about


how to approach an Olympic Games from someone who has been there and


done it and been so successful? Some do but there's -- they are so


much more professional and experience. Take Hannah Mills,


she's only 24 but has been racing at the very highest level since she


was 10, 11, 12 years old. She's got plenty of experience and doesn't


need that much advice from me. Let's talk about what's been


happening on the water today. I'm sure there has been a great British


contingent cheering them on, because there's been more than just


Ben Ainslie looking to defend his title today. It's been hectic. We


have to be managing to keep up. Ben has just started his third race.


He's got two more races today. He was struggling when I heard last,


he hadn't had the best start and was caught up in the pack. The case


that he has his incredible downwind speed. So often you see him catch


up. First up in the Daily it was the fastest boats here, they fly on


top of the water. Stevie Morrison and Ben Rhodes didn't have the best


start. They really struggled in the first race. In the next race they


were up among state. They had a bad leg, dropped down to 12. A hard


start for them. There -- but in the 49s, they have a lot of races


before they get to that final. Plenty more to go. In the Laser


class, Paul Goodison looking to class, Paul Goodison looking to


defend, how did he do? Pretty good. There are 49 of them, so it's very


hard to get your own waves and a bit of freedom to make your own


decisions. But he managed to get free of the pack eventually and


finished 7th. Everybody is predicting a duel between him and


the Australian. He did extremely well, second in the first race.


Everyone is expecting that big battle, Australia versus Great


going in their third and fourth races. What do you expect from


them? They will have fire in their belly. Yesterday a tenth and a


photo finish, just got second, pipped by the Brazilians. Everyone


is predicting a Clash Of The Titans between these two teams. The breeze


is up, a fire in the belly. I think is up, a fire in the belly. I think


they will come back with two strong they will come back with two strong


results. Or you've already mentioned Ben Ainslie. We can see


some pictures of him. How would you rate how he has performed so far?


Not just today? Solid. Two second places yesterday. He was beaten by


Hogh-Christensen twice. He will be consistent this week. He will be


looking for two more solid results. He did not seem that stressed about


it yesterday. He was pretty happy with his performance. Today he will


just be looking to consolidate on that. In the Finn class, they will


do 10 races and then a medal race. A lot of sailing left in Weymouth


A lot of sailing left in Weymouth for Ben Ainslie. Consistency is K.


Thank you very much. The thank you feel story earlier as well. If you


were tuning in expecting to see some equestrian, today is the cross


country, in Greenwich. Usually the cross-country takes up such a wide


area that they have to perform a long way away from the Olympic Park.


But it is happening just a couple of miles from here. But at the


moment it is not happening at all. They estimated Bath -- 50,000


people are watching the action, but the competition is suspended at the


moment. Let's talk about David Florence and Richie Hamilton. They


are going in the C2 doubles. It was their first run today. Let's see


their first run today. Let's see how they did in the first heat.


A massive cheer has just gone up in this Lee Valley White Water Centre.


Union flags are flying high. Fils is the reason why. David Florence


partnered by Richard Hounslow. They know this course probably better


than a lot of fellow competitors. David qualified for the semi-finals


of the C one competition yesterday. Richard Hounslow, the semi-finals


of the K1 competition. But how are they going to operate as a


partnership? David Florence goes for Great Britain along with his


partner Richard Hounslow. They are going for broke. You can see then


slide down into the first gate. Quickly accelerating. They have to


set it up for 6, 7 and 8. Both incredibly strong men. Both


incredibly confident paddlers, albeit at slightly different


disciplines. They have come together well in the C2 category.


Very strong at the front, David Florence. Complimented superbly by


Richard Hounslow at the back. will look to line up their boat


into 12. They decided to do has been. A two second penalty. Now


they will set up the boat for the next sequence. Pull the nose around


and back down. That looked pretty good. Neither of them go off to a


good start yesterday, but both of them came through strongly in their


second runs. If they get a good run here, the pressure may be off for


the second run and they may go even quicker. Four penalty. So far. Two


British pairs in this qualifying competition. The second pair come


later. That was a touch by David Florence. Six penalty points for


Great Britain. One Moorgate to go. They are in nicely. Am for pushing


hard all the way to the finish line. 1:0 8.23. 5th place. That would be


a qualifying position if that remained the same throughout the


competition, but I guess you have to anticipate that some teams will


go faster than that on the second run. How would you clarify what has


just happened? A slightly nervous start? Perhaps. They found


themselves off line on a number of occasions. Richard had to duck into


a couple of the gates. I think they will look to go away and check out


the video and see how they can fine-tune those errors they made to


fine-tune those errors they made to make sure they don't pick up


kennels -- more careless penalties. Sitting 5th after the first run.


David Florence only just made it to the semi-finals in the C1 and they


have their second run a little bit later today. You can see that and


plenty of other sport right across the BBC. Was an Lee Valley looking


wonderful in the sunshine? Wimbledon is not looking bad either.


It is so special to have Wimbledon at the heart of the Olympics. It is


so special for Laura Robson to be cheered on by a partisan British


crowd. She is taking on Lucie Safarova of the Czech Republic.


Safarova of the Czech Republic. Laura is leading 6-5 in the first


set. But she is now gearing up to receive service from suffer rover.


Plenty of action right across the BBC, right across London, right


across the country for these 2012 Such a big last game. Laura Robson


had been 5-1 up and serving for the set, 30-0 up and served a double


and she then lost 10 points in a ride. Pressure is back on the


Both players playing well right now. A change from raucous support of


the crowd and sudden silence when they are playing. A bit of tension


Couldn't put a foot wrong at the start of this match, Robson. A


little in and out since. It is starting to frustrate terror little.


Robson was just hitting winners all A tie-break to settle this opening


set. Terrific resistance from the Safarova. Ranked 23 in the world,


against Robson's number 96. Petr Martis chat to pull out injured.


Debut Olympics for Robson. I've been thrilled for her and the


tremendous support she has had from the crowd. But it also adds


pressure on her. This is not your He hopefully it will help her in


Page they have never played each There are not that many left-


handers around in the game, although there are suddenly a few


more left-handers around in the women's game, two lefties playing


She had an important point, she had a short ball like that on her serve


and missed it. Laura just have to be a little bit more alert to


That is the way you take advantage of a short ball. You have to see it


coming short and be there in good time. That is what you are looking


for as a tennis player, a short A lot of attention on there right


Unlucky, so quickly back for that There's a match going on in the


She loves going down the line. But it is dangerous. She was the first


to blink. That was that if second time we have had a cross-court


backhand rally. Both these players love to dominate with swinging for


A chance, but missed. Tension grows. An impressive point from Laura


Robson with so much pressure on her. She resisted the temptation to go


It is a Fed Cup atmosphere. Safarova played in the final of the


Fed Cup last year for the Czechs. Safarova has really got herself up


to number 23 in the world, she has had some good scalps this year.


Always a slow starter, she gets Safarova's turn to be ambitious.


She just got a little tense as she hit that ball. A mini-break has now


It is long. There's no Hawk-Eye on Fourth double fault for Laura


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 60 seconds


The first of seven, tie-breaks. A She's got it. The first set to


Great Britain. The home fans Judy Murray with a good round of


applause for Laura Robson. Lucy Safarova is about 70 places in the


world ranked above her. A great performance from Laura Robson. It


is a me the first round and only the first set but even so, a


fantastic performance. You can see the rest of that and folding on the


the rest of that and folding on the red button. Talking of the red


button, that is where you can go if you would like to see some handball


Britain 0. We were hoping to bring you this on BBC One but because of


the delays in the eventing, we haven't been able to do that. Look


at that, Great Britain picking up a point. The perfect time to drop in


and see what's happening. That is what is wonderful about the Olympic


for one of the riders. It wasn't serious but sadly, as soon as they


got under way, someone else fell off, leading to even more of a


delay. We can now join them once again for the cross-country. It's


up from hereon in it is a nice, round. The fence where everyone


today it has gone the short way. But we have had an incident, two


Japanese certainly performed above their station in the dressage phase.


This is a very quick horse. We have had a couple of courses slip in


some of these tight turns. The stunts that the horses had put in a


pretty crucial, but that was a good demonstration of that Fens. They


are very crucial. He is not hanging around. When I walked into the park


this morning just after 8am, the first horse and rider I saw what


these two. She looked quite strong. She was towing him around the warm-


up area. He certainly set of meaning business. I was glad to see


you went the long wait around the fence. Just get it out of the way


and let yourself settle into the Lucinda Fredericks, before she was


then put on the market. Lucinda was sad to lose the right. She was


and qualified. Not easy in the dressage, but it is a horse that


looks quite capable at cross country. This is much the biggest


test they've ever done. He's having a pretty good ride so far. A bit of


a stand-off therefore stop she's So Sharp. I don't think I've ever


heard such a vocal or seen such an animated crowd at a three-day event


in Britain before. It is fantastic out there. They are loving every


second of it. You expect it in America, that is something they are


always very good at bear. We haven't perhaps heard it quite so


much in Great Britain. 50,000 people here in Greenwich enjoying


the weather and the competition. It is all to play for. The Japanese


were in 6th place overnight, less than three marks behind Great


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 60 seconds


Britain. It is exactly where they arena. Mary King is four minutes


away from starting. The second rider for Britain. Britain in third


Griffiths, he had a fall at fence 21, a very straightforward fence.


It is so often the way. You jump all the difficult fences and then


you have a silly for at a simple fence. Having said it was simple,


one but he's taking the longer route. I would have been concerned


if he'd taken at stand-off in the water and tried to turn for the


themselves in glory to this moment in time. Everyone has been so


and easy as any we've seen so far. Keep going, keep going! There was


no stopping there. If they come to a standstill then it can't be


months out of his job to come over here and a train at Wellesley Park


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 60 seconds


the course. The little horse is ride in the dressage. What can she


do now? This is her 15th consecutive championships for Great


Britain. She's got a great record. control and accuracy for fence


three. It is the offence that has Imperial Cavalier looking strong.


Yes, a great line from Mary. She had the line as soon as she came


around the corner. The horse had a clear picture of where he was going.


The revised times with the stops we've had for our British riders,


Zara will be away at 3:45pm. Tina after 3:50pm. Nicola Wilson got


Great Britain after a great start. Canary sustain that British


challenge? -- Canary -- Hammett Mary? And he's down! He is the


was enough to unbalance the horse. There we are, you've got to jump


all the 28 fences. But good to see quickly to make sure all is well.


cheque time against the first clear inside the time from Christopher


run into the ditch there, he is so held. You can see the elbows going!


Everything was working there! The horse responded and reacted, which


on the course, designated by the control team here. We will see if


Mary is going to get stopped. She probably needs to be stopped fairly


soon. She comes to that pretty big climb away from the water at 20.


They are letting her run. That is good news. Will she keep her line?


A good job that brush was there. It is a box hedge. You don't have to


jump all of those, they can go through them. That was just as well


for Imperial Cavalier. A hairy moment there for Mary King and


Imperial Cavalier. She's trying to get inside the time. You've got to


take a bit of risk. Can she make this turn in the arena? It is tight.


She stands off her stride. She is 11 seconds behind Christopher


the fitness to run at the top, it is quite possible. Prince Harry and


the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are watching in the arena. Imperial


Cavalier is getting stronger. very keen and enthusiastic. Mary


has got control. Ready for the turn. Nicely over that. That is the sort


of control she has at the moment. They're rather flags. Mary is being


stopped. She will be able to go up the hill. For horse doesn't look as


true professional, Mary King. What happens... That is the royal party


with Lord Coe. The Duchess of Cornwall, too. They are all waiting


to hear the news, particularly of the British team. Prince William


and Krupp -- Prince Harry, they love their polo. They play a lot of


The crowd is huge. They really are in a great mood. Just longing to


cheer the British riders home. Mary King is on course, but being held,


we think as a result of a fall from the young Japanese rider. He fell


at fence 23, the cricket ball basket. He caught his knee on the


front of the basket. You wonder whether it might have scratched the


knee. It might have caused an injury which the veterinary team


competition is just about to be restarted. On the course is the


Brazilian doctor. He will be restarted and Mary will be


restarted very shortly. She has got the water out of the way. Hopefully


Imperial Cavalier has got his breath back. He was 11 seconds down


in the arena. Can Mary King and Imperial Cavalier get that back?


Nicola Wilson certainly did with still clear. Keep it calm, don't


get carried away. This is the toughest of the hills. Will it work


to none. Her first Olympics was in 1992 in Barcelona. Wow! That is all


right! For flag went as well, but my word she's on the edge. She


jumped at the right side of the Red Flag. She had to leave the red flag


on her right and she jumped definitely the right side of the


flag. It is a safety measure for the horse, actually. No penalties


incurred, still clear at the moment. We are a bit on edge! Dare I say it,


she has got the worst of the terrain behind her. It is a case of


jumping fences on the flat. Up we have had a couple of horses take a


tumble at the cricket ball basket. It is the question of focusing. She


has got the galloping stretch in front of her and Imperial Cavalier


is full of running. The cricket basket comes after the garden fence


it is one of the more upright fences. You certainly want to give


it respect. Two competitors have fallen there. Word will not have


gone back to where it -- Mary that this offence caused the problems.


But she will be aware that there has already been a fall or earlier.


Hopefully she will get ready for it. Mary, 6th consecutive Games. She


has been in the British team since Yes, fantastic. Got on the line


from way out. Next out, 22-year-old. And very talented young man. He got


a very good dressage score, 43.7. Sweden were lying equal fourth


behind Britain. A huge question for this young rider. But he is well up


to the job. This is the doctor for Brazil at the last. Brazil with


just four riders. Josephine is home. 42.8 in the cross-country phase.


The Swede at the first water. Winnie the Pooh. He is away. Now


Mary King. On this lovely horse, Because she was stopped on the


course, she will not have a time. Has she gone quick enough? She is


not flying around the last, but she has gone well. His is inside the


STUDIO: Emotional scenes with Mary King adding to the fantastic


performers by Nicola Wilson earlier. If you would like to see the rest


of the cross-country, turnover to BBC Three. On BBC One, it is time


to head for the Aquatics Centre. Tom Daley has leapt off the diving


board thousands of times in his life, but never before a British


crowd in the Olympics. A good job he is already used to the


spotlight! Clare Balding is with Leon Taylor. Before we talk about


the diving, I bet you had a television with the cross-country


on. I did! I was watching Mary King and holding my breath because


sometimes it is nerve-racking. I was trying to explain it to Leon.


Look at that line-up as well. Prince William, Kate, Prince Harry.


We had diving royalty here. Leon Taylor knows Pete Waterfield better


than anyone. You won a silver medal with him in Athens. He seems to


have an aura of incredible calm this. That is so important,


especially today. It is a straight final. Six dives and every single


one counts. Pete has been there, this is his fourth Olympics. He


will be steady and that is what it is about. He is 34 years old, a


father of two. Tom competed in his first Olympics at the age of 14. He


is now 18, he has grown six inches in height. It is extraordinary to


see the footage of Beijing and see how he has grown in stature and


class. He is a man today. He is taller than Peter and he is ready


to rock and roll. You have to get up to the commentary box. An


incredible atmosphere here. Tom and peaked will be 7th to dive out of


eight. Thank you. Or lies on Tom and Peter over the next 45 minutes.


From a height of 10m, it takes Tom Daley about 1.6 seconds to hit the


water. That is not a lot of time to do what he does. He is judged by


those who know diving inside out and upside down, at normal speed.


But for the rest of us, he has to be slowed down. Only then do all of


the twists and turns of his life reveal themselves. There is then a


sort of distortion to how we see the world of Tom Daley. From the


moment he looked up at the age of seven at that platform high above


Central Park pool in Hibs home city of Plymouth until his dad -- and


told his dad that he wanted to climb up. Ever since then he has


been a prodigy falling gracefully. This wonder child, unable to escape


He he began to make an impact in international competition at the


age of nine. He was bullied at school. He went to the Beijing


Olympics at the age of 14. A spat with his partner in the


synchronised event became public knowledge. He became individual


world champion at the 2009 World He won individual gold in the


Commonwealth Games, plus a gold in the 10m synchronised with Max


Britain. Rob, his companion, his driver, his film-maker, his Best


Mate, his father, aged 40, died of a brain tumour. This year, Tom won


the individual ten-metre platform in the European Championships in


Eindhoven. His coach criticised him for overdoing his media and


commercial activities. In Mexico he won the last leg of the world


series before the Olympics, plus a bronze in the synchronised with


Pete Waterfield. But can he beat his arch-rival from China? For


twists and turns of being Tom Daley. Perhaps we shall never see him as


he truly is at normal speed and we should only worry that he does not


go the way of some other child stars and four. Except for link is


what he does and perhaps how we see him is no more distorted than how


he sees the world, from a handstand on the edge of a platform 10m up


there. Perhaps we should simply enjoy young Tom and all that he


does while it lasts. I think I was nine when I drew theirs. It is


needed doing handstands in the Olympics in London 2012. All 1.6


Nine years after that drawing, it is time to write some Olympic


history. A week on Friday Tom and Peter will be competing against


each other. But today they are together 14 GB. Look at the crowd


inside the aquatics centre. Now live coverage of the ten-metre


noise really lifted the roof of the aquatic Centre. What a reception


for Pete Waterfield and Tom Daley. And there is great expectancy from


the crowd. Leon Taylor, you have been in this position in Athens,


what are they expecting today? took to the board to do their final


warm-up died and the crowd greeted them with massive applause and


is made of tougher stuff than me. Both boys are injury-free, so it is


down to this contest, these six dives, and who can hold their


nerves. There are potentially seven per us who can be in the medals. On


their day, they could be eight. First up it will beat the Russian


pair. They will be doing tariff 2.0 dives early on. This will be a back


dive with a pike. The scoring system has changed since we last


brought diving on the BBC. There are six Execution judges rather


than three. We're not quite ready to start. I will explain the judges.


The intention is basically to make it even fairer. You will average


everything out. The Russians are sorting out what died that they


will be doing. Six Execution judges, three for one diver, three for the


other. The highest and lowest of Beach judge is taken away. Then we


get the synchro judges the to leave you with five scores that carry,


multiplied by the degree of difficulty. It is then multiplied


by 0.6. You basically get a score that is comparable. It is tipped


towards synchronisation. So the better the synchronisation, the


better. Execution is important, but synchronisation is keep today.


is a hiccup the Russians do not need. They are prepared mentally


and physically, and there seems to be a disagreement or a


misunderstanding on the opening diver which we have down as a back


died with pike. Has the up been confirmed? I am not sure. This is


important. It is hard enough opening up your campaign. When you


are No 1, there is additional pressure another has been a


disruption to proceedings. It looks like we are ready to go. And it is


Russians would have been looking for. Not fazed by the delay.


Folding at the hips but keeping knees straight. Arms up together


and touching the toes. A bit closer to the diving board than they would


have liked. Good synchronisation. Looking at hitting the water at the


same time. Is solid start at by the is the forward dive in the pipe


position. Keeping legs nice and straight. The judges do not get to


see the replay, but that is what you were looking at four good


synchronisation. Exactly the same time hitting the water. You can see


the diver's spreading their arms out as they hit the water. There is


a 10, but it won't count. All the marks with a line through them to


do not score. Now to the most consistent per in Europe in recent


teams won't be giving a lot away. Look at that camera angle. Nearly


40 miles an hour impact speed. A steady start from what you would


expect. The first two rounds will Spinning forwards towards the


from the judges as one hit the water before the other. Coaches


always seem to like it. You never see a negative reaction. Here are


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 60 seconds


We will be seeing more moves that we have not seen before at an


Olympic games, but this is their easiest one. Synchronisation was OK


in terms with their entry into the water. Lowest marks so far for the


you can tell, and very solid die from the Cubans. Guess who is up


next? This contest has given a high-class start from all of the


divers so far. The big question now as we wait for Tom Daley and Pete


Waterfield, what effect will the crowd have on the judge's scores?


Surely the crowd will have some kind of influence over the outcome.


Best to get the first dive out of Super synchronisation and the crowd


like it. They have been training well and they are both injury free.


The crowd are loving it, let's see what the judges think. Come on,


let's go with them. This is their day today. Super slow-motion.


Bracing themselves for the impact. What an amazing piece of footage.


Some amazing marks coming your way. 9.5 on the right, and 9.5 on the


left put Great Britain in equal see anything but a very good here.


The top divers have been selected from the European Championships a


few months ago. You can see the strapping on many of the diver left


on the screen. I think Barbour is our top of the pile. -- Barbour is.


This is what you will see at the top of the table. China and Great


Britain first round completed. Then come the USA. It is early days yet


with another round of 2.0 tariffs. Then it is the big boys. The


women's competition has five rounds, the men's competition had six


rounds. I don't think it will be lacking in noise this afternoon in


the aquatic centre. Everybody is expectant. They won't have to wait


quite as long for the second round died. -- dive. Forward 1.5


somersaults with pike. More like it from the Russians. Maybe the delay


before their first dive put them further down the pack than they


would have liked. Entering the water in perfect alignment. They


were throwing up a little bit of splash. I should be a judge. Decent


marks for the Russians. I imagine it will be more than decent that


China. But there is a bit of pressure on them in the early


support for Tom Daley and Pete Waterfield. They are just doing


their thing. They are only young, 17 and 18. Younger than Tom Daley.


Look at the entry into the water. at the Olympics in Beijing. In


would dive with pike. -- in would dive. Just positions from the


Germans. Notorious for their consistency and it earned them a


silver medal four years ago. However, my people on the ground


saying training they have been struggling with some of their


optional dives. But that basic guys womb, the way the water holds you.


The Germans in the second position for the time being. This pair, on


the day, can be red hot. Nick McCrory and David Boudia --


will let you know how they take-off at the same time, it is one, two,


three, go. It is not telepathy. They look a little shaky, this pair.


They are well in contention. Anything over 53 or 54 is a really


good dive. The American coach is easily pleased. We are in for a


high-scoring final. 54 Fall USA. -- for USA. At the back of the pack,


looking to repair that damage, are the Mexican pair of German Sanchez


Sanchez and even Garcia Navarro. -- the first dive they were different


distances from the diving board. You can see the beauty and


precision displayed by some of the other athletes, the other pairs.


They are a little bit scruffy but they will really come into their


own when they come into the optional dive. A much better dive


from them. Could do with your arms being straight there, make yourself


look a little bit more a aesthetically pleasing. Didn't


really catch the judge's eye. They have not really made up a great


deal so far. The Cuban pair of Jose Antonio Querrey and Jeinkler


Aguirre. Interesting choice of dive. Not quite sure whether they were


electing for the top position. That was a solid dive from the Keepin


pair. Beautiful entry into the water. The execution marks will


certainly be nine for Joe's day. -- Jose. Spot on the money as ever,


for Mr Leon Taylor. These two are quite popular. Might take a while


to compose themselves. Must be quite daunting with the noise being


generated, virtually at capacity here in the Aquatics Centre in


London. Reverse dive with pike, Daley and Waterfield, died number


two. Here we go. This is how it is going to be. These are going to


keep putting the pressure on the Chinese. Perfect synchronisation,


let's take a look, jumping away from the diving board, touching


toes, looking back, our movement in perfect time. Come on, judges. The


crowd on their feet. This is only round two. Wait until we get into


this competition. There is Pete Waterfield's dad, he likes it and I


certainly like it too. That means, Great Britain are into the lead,


they are ahead of China by eight that Ukraine at feeling the


occasion, different distances from the diving board. There are nice


safe distance from the diving board. One of them a little bit safer from


the other. His injury doesn't seem to be affecting his jump. Amazing


power generated from their small framed. -- frames. The entries were


not quite in sync. Here is the scoreboard for the crowd. There is


no point me holding it back. You will see what they are seeing,


after it you create any -- Ukrainians leave the water, Great


Britain at the top of the standings. We haven't really begun at the


competition yet. That is the starter, here comes the four-course


exactly where our boys want to be. I wasn't expecting them to be in


the lead, the Chinese not looking as good as they have done in


training. This is where the real competition starts, the optional


died us. -- died us. -- dives. In would be three and half, the


Russian pair of Zakharov and Minibaev. You can really see the


difference, from the most basic dives in the world, straight into


the most complicated. Superb synchronisation. The judges did get


to see the replay, but we do. Pretty close to the diving board,


Zakharov, closest to us, not very pleasant. I am not sure if the


judges will take off any marks. I know a lot of you jump backwards


aghast but that is OK. That looked any kind of pressure with their


back to a half somersaults, one- and-a-half twist in the pipe


The coaches like it. If they like it, it is really really good. I


will not be surprised if we see some 10 ofs on this. -- 10s. It is


only 3.2 degree of difficulty. They are laying down the pressure on


everybody else. There is a 10 in there but that will not count. They


are not going for a big tariff dive, they are leaving it to the likes of


Mexico and Great Britain later on. Hausding and Klein go for a back to


and a half somersaults, one-and-a- half twist. A tremendous effort,


they did all the hard worker, the all-important entry has let them


down slightly. Beautiful, into the pike shape, all looking good. A bit


of Splash, probably only eight before the execution. They are very


much in with a shout. Maybe not quite as high as they would have


hoped for. They are in second place behind China. It almost seems like


there is a brawl when people look at the scoresheet. -- roar. Three-


and a-half somersaults, but Harris is 3.2 -- the tariff. Interesting,


very interesting. Like the German pair, he didn't really like it.


Multiple Olympic champion himself. Good all the way, David Boudia,


furthest from us, that is too much splash. I have seen them died


better. They are feeling the pressure, the nerves of getting


up into the big numbers. 3.7. The highest tariff we have seen so far


but not a highest we will see. Forward four-and-a-half somersault


with tuck. This is tricky. Stand by for some splash on this one. It is


impressive. You can hear the cry to hold their breath as they take off.


Our boys will be using this as are most of the teams. The Mexicans


have done well on this. Let's count no somersaults, 1, 2, 3, 4, half,


slightly faltering as their way -- as they went in on the entry. If


they were going to know what all, that might have been the one, but


they are still in it. Slight difference in their entry times. I


Grayrigg, -- wearer. -- Guerra. There is a difference in distance


from the diving board. You can see this been at speeds are the tame --


decent marks, 81.60. Doesn't really do much in terms of moving up the


table. He might this be? -- who might this be? A certain Thomas


Daily, -- Tom Daley, and Pete they were looking for, this is the


one I was unsure of. David Cameron next to Andy and there, they like


it. -- Hunt. That has got to be 9.5 on synchro, they have been working


so hard. Come on. I have just gone 91.08. The 10 will not count. Big


smile on his face. They are back in caused because of fog -- gosh


the synchronisation is good. It will give them a good total.


level here has raged to fever pitch. At the top of the table, not much


at this stage, but at half day -- halfway, Tom Daley and Pete


Waterfield lead. Look how tight it the bigger tariff dives.


Russians. They reversed 3.5 somersaults quick talk. 3.3 is the


degree of difficulty. It is a brilliant dive for the Russians.


The reverse is incredibly dangerous. You are standing forwards on the


end of the diving board. You jumper away and then spin backwards


towards the diving board. They were slightly different on spinning


speed, but entry into the water was good. They might be a little bit


behind the game this side. Marks want to get into this pretty


quickly by the looks of things. QC me, and now you don't! The all


important entry into the water. Support from the rest of their


team-mates. -- now you see me, and now you don't. Entry into the water


was spot on. I think it will be over 90 points for stomp and they


are laying down the gauntlet for Tom Daley and Pete Waterfield to


catch up. 93.6 is a very good score indeed. Everyone knows how tough


and could this competition is turning out to beat. The Germans


were second place in Beijing. high risk. Shaking off the hands


means a bogey dive. 3.6, back 3.5 in the folding position. Low into


the water. Arching into the water. Will suffer a bit with the


too bad. But the standard of competition, if you are not getting


eight or nine, you are not in the mix for a medal. That is how high


the standard is today. 4.5 somersaults in the forward position


for the Americans. They have done it. This is the risky one. This is


the one great Britain has coming up. The American guys in perfect


synchro. They should be pleased with that. If that gets them over


90, it is worth the risk. Into the water. Good entry from both of them


and their team mates agreed. It might bring them back up the field


a little bit. They are just behind China, 11 marks behind China. This


is a dive you wouldn't believe it when you see it. If it comes off,


and I have not seen it come off get, it will be spectacular. It is a 4.1


tariff. It is off the Richter scale when it comes to diving in would.


You think it is impossible, and it might be. As ever, they will give


it a go. If it comes off, watch synchronisation is spot on. I am


taken aback. It is an incredible effort. There synchronisation is


good. 4.5 somersaults. It is extraordinary any human being can


do this and let alone that are well. Maybe they will get a 6.5 and seven


for execution. If they get close to 100 points, it is job done. Biggest


mark of the competition so far. 95.94, we have not seen them do it


as good as that ever before on BBC Television's. Now the Cubans have


opted for the fourth round died. -- the water was awful from what a


week are used to. Smacked his head. Look at the splash from the diver


furthest away from us. Synchronisation solid. Solid is not


going to get the medal. They are down in 6th place. Well, so far, so


good for Tom Daley and Pete big margin between Great Britain


died. This is how tricky it is. You can see by the expression on their


faces that neither diver did what they normally do on this. Peter was


a little bit late, Tom was a little bit early. The execution was off.


That will put them down into the middle of the pack. There is still


time to fight, but the Chinese will be ahead already. Tom Daley going


off to have a little think. That is not the score they wanted. First


time they have missed their dive and they have missed it quite


spectacularly in this round. Still time to make it up. The very basic


forward 3.5 somersaults in the pipe position. This is low risk, but no


degree of difficulty. Squeezing into their legs. No daylight in


between. It is a good dive but they won't feature. Mid-70s I would


imagine for that dive. Such a beautiful pool isn't it? We cannot


dismount anybody. But it won't beat the Ukraine's day. And they are


down at the bottom. Just over 30 points separate first place to the


bottom at the end of the fourth cannot bring you the standings


after that round. We can tell you it is China from Mexico, from USA


big dive. Very well executed. Squeezing into the 2.5 twists. Get


them out a way and then into the somersaults and into the water.


That will keep the Russians in contention. Moving towards each


other as they were going down them, I don't recommend holding hands


going down. Not to be advised. 88 point 56, sounds like a radio


frequency. That is the Russians almost done. One more dive. China,


back in pole position, where we it is not a big mistake.


Synchronisation in complete it Unison, it was spot on. Into the


shape. We have seen other divers and make a bit of a mess of this.


The Chinese have a little wobble on it. Execution a little bit off, but


it is certainly not going to impact China. Now, the Germans. The last


round did not go very well for them. They have gone down to a 3.3. But


they do have a three-point 60 finish off their programme.


Germans trying to get themselves back in it, they have not made a


big mistake yet. This one, they would have wanted this a little bit


sharper. Meaning they would have wanted a clean entry into the water.


That will get an eight Execution, probably a 0.5 the synchronisation.


Slightly different entry times into the water. -- 8.54 stop come on,


give us the total. 84.15, is the total before it appears on the


somersault. 3.5 degree of difficulty. The Americans are still


in the hunt. Inspired by the goals yesterday in a three-metre


Second place is certainly in the mix and bake on 19 points behind


China. As we watch the Mexican has go for, not a big dive compared to


their 4.1, but nonetheless it is another difficult programme. On the


day, if they get everything right that they will win this competition.


But it certainly won't be today. 3.3 difficulty. Sanchez and Garcia


That is what they needed to do because that is a spectacular dive


from the Mexican has. This just doesn't go so well in training.


These are my dark horses for a medal. And that it will get over 90


points. This is the weakest one in their programme. They took ages to


get off, but when they did! What a dive. Where are you going? Health


and safety report from the Mexicans. Definitely in contention. They are


to let the other competitors get a wave. Dive after dive, are all


about consistency. Squeezing in a nice and tight. This will get


would be, world class. This has to be the best 10m synchro we have


ever seen. Look at these marks. Now, they have to put their fourth-round


a dive behind them and think about the big one. This is the big one.


better execution. Not quite sure what is happening. You can see,


just from the body language, not quite as police. Forward for 0.5,


all looks good, -- 4.5. I am not sure what the judges will make of


it, it needs to be above 90. It is very good, I just wanted it to be


better. Earth 4th place at the moment. If they are six points


Probably not knocking on the metal door at the end of this competition.


doing. Ukrainian coaches sharing their delight. They have been


consistent. They are there to pray on the pairs that make mistakes.


Nobody is really faltering. I think that is probably a little bit close


to the diving board. Everything is safe. So dangerous, spinning


forward towards the diving board. A solid synchro dive. That would be


some way to have a pedicure. You can say if we now say Ukraine will


not be getting a medal today. The end of round five. This is how it


looks. Look at the differential. It is not a great differential, China,


Mexico, USA in the medals at the moment. Daley and Waterfield to


make up seven points. Germany still mathematically in with a chance.


Great Britain will have to have a superb last dive to overcome the


USA. You would think China would take the gold. Final round. Of the


men's synchronised ten-metre platform final effort from Zakharov


and Minibaev. He it is the big one to finish, a little bit off. They


have just loaded their list of dives with this big one to finish,


it is the make or break died. I don't think it will be good enough


for a medal. If the dives are OK. Maybe seven 7.5. -- 77.5. Actually


16 points better than Daley and Waterfield achieved in theirs. But


medallists? Finishing off the Chinese programme. We will note in


10 seconds whether this will be gold. That looks like it to me,


gold medal number two for China. Six pairs to go but we believe they


have acquired for -- they have that kind of quality. Slight over


rotation from both divers on the end but the synchronisation, as on


although dives, is bang on. I have seen them dive better but that is


why they are Olympic champions. Not even diving at their best they are


head and shoulders above the rest, look at that. 99.36. We haven't


seen 100 yet. Will we do it before the end of the competition? Not for


the Chinese today. I think there probably will be enough. The silver


and bronze are still up for grabs. These two have slightly


underperformed today. Patrick Hausding and Sascha Klein. It has


got to be a monumental last dive, it has got a big parrot attached to


it. -- tariff. They have got to race at the scoreboard and get this


right. That is more like it. Just putting the pressure on the


remaining competitors still to go. You will see this dive quite often


now. The Americans will use it. So will our boys. A little bit of


their game on some of the earlier dives. Just putting them out of


contention. I did think this will be good enough for a medal, but


didn't have to put pressure on those still to dive. That is


fantastic synchronisation. Let's see what the judges think. We are


awaiting their input. They are in third place at the moment. If


everybody else falters they will get a bronze. You can tell by the


faces of the divers they are not really convinced. USA are currently


in the medals, in third position. Nick McCrory and David Boudia. You


have seen this dive before. We can the Americans. Very consistent


throughout today. That is a dive they needed to finish on. They have


got a six points lead on our boys. Execution from both divers is


superb. Synchronisation, it is bang on, he really likes it, that is the


US coach. Let's see what the judges think. This will be hard to catch.


I think they will get 95. Which means, we know what that means,


pretty much the British pair have to get a ton and that will take


some doing. It is not impossible. We were just hold our breaths for


the time being as we watch German Sanchez and Ivan Garcia Navarro.


They are in second place. All kinds of things are possible with a


tariff dive of 3.8. Some people on their prayer mats. Not quite sure


where to look and what a to-do. That is a big breath. They have got


it all going on, at the synchro was very good, but the execution, both


divers going over vertical, the 3.8, I am not sure which way this will


go. Three twists, into the pad shape. They are crazy. It looks


like it will pay off. What colour will it be? He is crossing his


fingers. What will happen? Dramatic pause, there you go. The crash can


see them. 91.20. It will take 102 from Great Britain to get a medal.


What other chances? -- what are their chances? They will not be in


the Middle East but they would have to finish with both up -- the


superb dive from the key bins. -- steady. -- from the Cubans. This


has been a fantastic contest. Everybody diving out of their skin.


This will be a good score. It will not be in the medals. They were


sick after the last round. -- 6th. their final dive. The Mexicans have


the silver. It is now the bronze medal that daily and Waterfield are


going for. It has to be perfect. -- Tom Daley and Pete Waterfield.


100.63. You will know if they have made at bronze. 3.6 degree of


they will be oh so close. They did absolutely everything. 3.6 degree


of difficulty, coming back from a bad fourth-round tie. Perfect


synchronisation. A little bit of splash being thrown up from both


divers. The execution marks will probably be about 8.5. I am not


sure what they will get on the synchro? But as out of our misery.


It is misery, I am afraid. You now see the marks, it is the worst


place to finish. Exactly where you finished, Leon, in 2000 in Sydney.


It looks like they are going to be 4th and no medal for Tom Daley. All


down to the individual at the weekend. It all looks so promising.


But not to be. Let's finish this off and we can get out of here.


Bondar and Gorshkovozov. The Ukrainians, the last dive for them.


3.7. They saved their biggest dive until last, they have done another


steady it, good job on it. Not the most fantastic dive. They have


managed to pull it together, final dive in this exciting competition.


Finishing up well, I did think they will move off their position. They


have back loaded, their entry into do a great deal for the standings,


but this will be agony. Maybe some thoughts about what went wrong. The


Chinese can celebrate, as they did in the three-metre synchro


yesterday with the women. What about the Mexicans? What about that


performance?! They went from an amazingly high tariffs on their


dives and it paid off. China winning, Mexico in second, the USA


in third and look at the margin between third and 4th. Roughly nine


points in a competition where the winners got 486. Imagine what would


have happened if they have got the fourth round for the fifth round


the way they wanted to. The difference between gold and silver


was only 14 points in the end. It is all about the Chinese, as it so


often is in diving. They don't go for the higher-risk dives, but they


have a very solid programme. Although they were being led by


Great Britain for a while, they held their nerve and it did not


work out for Tom Daley and Pete Waterfield. They will be back for


the individual event. Let's not lose sight of the facts they did


beat Cuba, Russia, Germany and Ukraine. It was a solid final. The


lowest mark the Ukraine, 4.33, a high as two. The China, 4.86. The


Americans are absolutely delighted to get the bronze medal. Edging out


Tom Daley and Pete Waterfield. The Mexicans are the real stars of the


day with their second place, what a Agonising scenes inside the


Aquatics Centre. Mr Ayling effort from Pete Waterfield and Tom Daley


but the Chinese proving how impressive their training regime is.


Congratulations to China so they have managed to defend their


Olympic gold medal. It was agonising out in the park as well.


We have our own Henman Hill in east London. These are the scenes when


there diving was taking place. After four years of hard work and


effort, it wasn't to be. Fantastic effort from both of them. It was a


4th died, hard way they we leading the Chinese. However, they slowly


started to slip back. It did unsettle them. And in that


competition being so close, it made the difference. But China looking


successful. We can speak to Leon Taylor, as was pointed out quite


cruelly in commentary, you know how it feels to finish 4th in his


competition? But it was so close to being a silver medal? It just comes


down to one mistake. And that is what happened. After leading after


the first two round, the third round dive I leapt out of my seat.


But it was the all-important fourth round dive, ironically verve best


dive. They have been exceptional in training, but when it mattered in


the competition, they faltered. What a shame and they left


themselves too much to do to get back. That is the two 4th places


for Pete Waterfield now. You do feel for them. They do go in the


individual events, but that is some consolation. Let's have a look at


arguably the dive that had to out of their seat, probably the best of


of their seat, probably the best of the competition? Without a doubt.


The marks speak for themselves. They are squeezing into the shape.


You can see the synchronisation. But that is where it counts,


disappearing into the water. Hardly any splash on the entry. That is


what you want. They will be gutted they did not do that on their


fourth round died. -- dive putters into the mindset a of them, they


were looking so strong at the halfway stage. How much can as dive


affect you for the rest of the competition? It is one of those,


you are letting it happen, following the process. Tom came out


a little bit too early, and Peter came out a bit too late. Both


making a different error. Calling a discrepancy on the synchronisation.


They both would have been swimming to the side muttering things under


the water. There is no magic rewind button. We must mention the fact


that standard in that Aquatics Centre was so high, the crowd had


an amazing afternoons. Despite not getting a medal we wanted to for


Great Britain. Without a doubt. I am taken aback by the quality. I


was running it back. The crowd are going mad behind me. They have had


a real treat, even Ukrainians is phenomenal. No one is out there


giving anything away. It was about going for broke. I was impressed


with Mexico, they went for it. High degrees of difficulties. I cannot


believe the dives they are doing. I invented the most difficult dive,


and they have done that and gone better. Let's talk to the two men


4th place is a horrible place to come in the Olympics, but you have


just saluted the crowd? They have been amazing. I'm getting emotional


thinking about it will stop to come forth, is so agonising after the


hard work and training. We have got our individual event coming up on


Friday so hopefully we can get back on our game for that. It was all


looking so good after three dives? I don't know why, I kicked a bit


high and could not stop it. In this competition you cannot make


mistakes. We left ourselves with a lot to do. Our last two dives were


brilliant. The others have a higher tariffs, but unfortunately it


wasn't meant to be. The crowd were amazing. They would have been


lovely to have stirred on the podium in front of them. It on,


what was your overall reaction? started off it really well and we


got a personal best on offer has two required dives. It was just off


4th dive. If you miss the dive in a field like that, you are gone. We


did well to come back after diving so badly. It is unheard of to come


4th still. We only needed another nine points, which normally we


would have been able to do. It is just the way it goes. Sometimes it


goes in your favour and sometimes it goes against you. It is annoying,


but what can you do? Well done. Understandable, disappointment for


them. Let's go back into the aquatic Centre and Liam Taylor. It


is amazing how one dive can make or break a competition. The job for


Tom and Peters to go away and get their heads right and work out how


they attacked the individual? Exactly right. They have a big gap


until the individual event. It starts on the 10th with the


preliminaries, semi-finals and finals. They will be leaving the


Olympic village and going back to their training camps to prepare


properly. You can see bide their interview, they were professionals.


But that 4th dive will haunt them. They could have had the silver


medal, but that could be the driving force over the next two


weeks. Because they have to stand in his Aquatics Centre and do it


again. Peter is a great diver, has died with you at the Olympics in


2004 and picked up a medal. He knows what it is takes. Tom is on


the form of his life? Peter Studd on the podium here at the test


event six months ago. Tom Daley has retained his European title he won


four years ago. He has been ailing it World Series, after world series.


They will have a point to prove. -- nailing it. I think you need to go


and have alive down. I feel sorry for him, it is harder work


commentating than doing it because it is so dramatic and emotional.


is so involved. His ex-partner is Peter out there and they know


exactly what they are going through. All the expectation and pressure


and that the three dives, we are getting so excited. Just one error,


and the margins are so small. place in an Olympic final for Tom


Daley at 18 is impressive. He won't feel like that. He won't, but we


must not put too much pressure. As we have said, they will be diving


individually and competing against each other and they both have what


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