BBC One: Day 8: 13.15-17.00 Olympics

BBC One: Day 8: 13.15-17.00

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Welcome back to our continued coverage of the Olympics. What a


morning it has been at Eton Dorney. Two gold medals and a silver and


the action continues. It's been a wonderful morning in the Olympic


Stadium as well. News on Jessica Ennis. She has extended her lead to


Ennis. She has extended her lead to 258 points. She jumped this. She


didn't have much success with her first jump. Her second jump of 6.40


and then this, her third jump. She sailed to 6.48. Just short of a


personal best. Tatyana Chernova is up to third after a leap of 6.54.


Things going incredibly well for Jessica Ennis. Absolute perfection


on the board. Launches high. She was aiming for something over six


metres. 6.4 T8, absolutely I was in the Olympic Stadium


yesterday and took a wander around to soak up the atmosphere. It


really is something. It feels quite cosy, even though it is enormous.


Jessica must feel tiny in there. These are the top stories from this


morning and there's been a series The heavyweight four in the first


group to back a gold for the men. Fourth straight title for Britain


Fourth straight title for Britain in that event. That was followed by


victory for Katherine Copeland and Sophie Hosking sit in the


lightweight women's double sculls, giving Britain their tenth gold


medal of these games. Zac Purchase and Mark Hunter gave everything to


win a silver medal after their race was restarted when a purchase's


seat broke. Helen Jenkins missed out on a medal in the triathlon.


The Hyde Park crowd were given a race to remember. Nichola Spirig of


Switzerland won after an incredible sprint finish. It went all the way


sprint finish. It went all the way and then it was a photo finish at


the end. We can go back to Eton Dorney. It is definitely west from


the Olympic Park, to John Inverdale and Sir Steve Redgrave. An


It has been a truly incredible regatta. Seen those pictures of


Jessica Ennis, Charles van Commenee still has the inside the ahead of


him worrying about her and Mo Farah tonight. Anxiety a thing of the


past until 9am on Monday. You must be overwhelmed, overjoyed, or is it


just a job well done? Overjoyed. We have a fantastic group of young


people. They've all performed on the water. I'm overjoyed at their


performances, fantastic. I feel like we are about to burst into a


version of we of the world. We have all of these people lining up


behind us. These are the guys. All of the interviews we've done with


everybody, people have spoken about how hot the job is. There's one


target at the end of it. From somebody who sees the commitment


they put in, how much respect do you have for these young women --


young men and women? Total respect. It is very tough. We are being


invaded! Through the winter, what they have to go through is a


complete misery, frankly, but it pays off when they come here. They


are fresh and lively. They are an outstanding group of young people.


In their rowing and how they are up, too. I was complemented this


morning by the head of the volunteers on how our guys have


behaved here. David is the head honcho of a fantastic


infrastructure that British rowing has got. Why don't you pay credit


to them? From David down, David runs a tight ship. We always say we


are the best organised team. We have got two fantastic head coaches.


Then we got the physios and the physiologists and nutritionists,


psychologists. Everybody is at the top level. That is why everybody


here is smiling. You are the obvious person to ask, Catherine.


You have been involved for four Olympics. How have things changed


in that time? Going back briefly to David. We say head teacher, not


head honcho! He does run the school well. He has been involved since


1997, the same year I started. The team has transformed in that time.


In those days, Steve and Matthew, their boat was the only boat


consistently performing at the top level. Now we've had every boat


class contending for the podium and most of them hitting the podium.


The feeling and belief in success and what we are capable of and the


standard that needs to be achieved and will be achieved stretches so


deep across the whole team that everybody knows what it takes. He


if I may say, from one under the age range to another... As one of


the younger members of the team, when you come into this environment,


how much are you aware that the expectation... The Bar is set up


there and you have to aspire to that. Yahoos -- you see that all


the way through the juniors and the under 20 threes. You aspire to be


like these guys. You follow a programme that you know works. Look


at us with all of these different- coloured medals. Everyone is really


happy. I think we are all pleased. You would be complacent. You've


been congratulated by the sports minister, Hugh Robertson, a few


moments ago. Once you have set the bar, you can't afford to dip.


and we won't. The lottery funding has been fundamental. It is really


give that Sir John Major has been here all the time. He started that


off. Without that, there would be no way we could be where we are now.


The other thing is to say Monday morning, I'm with our junior team


who were preparing for the World Junior Championships. I go there in


about seven days. It never stops. We need to make sure we've got


youngsters coming up like Will Satch to keep the older ones like


Greg on their toes. It is fabulous. With the performances here, there


were so many wear silver medals were almost gold. The discipline,


the attitude is fantastic. Catherine and Diana paid credit to


the coaching staff and those that support us. Everybody here works a


seven-day week. It is our tradition in rowing, we are not used to big


salaries or anything. The commitment is fantastic. What we do


have is top people and we are a team. That is what makes the show


work on the road. The final word, Alan Campbell. You've barely said


anything during this regatta. Better today than yesterday.


proud I used to be part of all of this? It is phenomenal. It is the


greatest pool of talent I've ever experienced. This is my third


Olympics. People have been here longer, but we have got the best


and most talented people. When you turn up every day and everybody is


striving for excellence, it is a great environment to be in.


Everybody is looking for the winning edge. It is great to be


part of a winning team. I can't say how proud I am. I am so proud to be


part of this. And to stand shoulder to shoulder with these guys. I


stood shoulder to shoulder with two of the best rowers on a podium, but


I'm here now with the best team in the world. I'm very proud to be


part of that. But also to be part of this great environment and the


people that came here today. On behalf of the whole team, we would


like to thank the British public because they made the difference


and that is why we came away with my medals, four goals, three


silvers, four bronzes. It was the public that made the difference


today. Everything that has been put in place, the infrastructure is


just right, and they Balad us to be selfish and perform at the best we


can. -- Dave allowed us. The final shot from Eton Dorney. These are


the men and women who have been an absolute credit to British sport.


Racing to the record books! Olympic champions! It couldn't go to two


more worthy winners. It is a steely look of determination. A bronze


medal for the British crew. This is going to the wire. This is going to


the wire. A word the silver medal for Great Britain. It was a valiant


effort from the British four. The British crew pushing hard. Great


Britain, a well deserved bronze medal. Let's do this! Let's finish


the story! The crowd are going absolutely wild. Perhaps the most


important final of this whole Olympic regatta. We are applauding


you, Katherine Grainger and Anna Watkins. Alan Campbell on the line,


getting the bronze medal. Cometh the hour, cometh the man. Great


Britain are going to be the Olympic champions in the men's four! We


have done it! We have done it in style! Hold on, girls. They are the


Olympic champions. It is Great Britain with silver. Inspiring


So many great pictures from the lake over the last few days and


let's see how the most successful regatta in over 100 years has


Great Britain in third place. Adding to that, cycling medals.


Jason Kenny picked Sir Chris Hoy for a place in the men's team


sprint and he was in action earlier on the track, the silver medal


winner in Beijing. This is Jason Kenny, the 24-year-old representing


Great Britain. Kenny has got a lifetime best of 9.85. This is the


qualification round for the men's sprint. 17 riders complete a 200m


time-trial. The fastest gets by under 16 others go into the first


round. Here comes Kenny. The lead at the moment if Shane Perkins with


9.987. Sir Chris Hoy has said he feels Kenny will break the Olympic


record. Let's see whether that is right. He is faster! New Olympic


record! 9.713. He is the fastest with only the world champion,


Boenisch of France, to come. made that look easy. Hardly got out


of the saddle. Very early wind up, carried a lot of speed into the


banking before he came down. Technically perfect. To be 1.1


seconds ahead after just half the distance is massive in this game.


He shattered the previous Olympic record held by Chris Hoy, 9.81. It


is now 9.71. That is a huge margin over 200m. He warned the that


against this man, one of the fastest accelerated in the game.


Gregory bows, the world champion. - - Gregory Bauge. He has been three


times the world champion. He has just seen Kenny, I would say his


nemesis for this competition, take the Olympic record. Here he goes. I


think he is still smarting from the fact he wasn't a gold medal winner


in the team sprint. He is just outside the time of Kenny. Will he


pick it up in the second stage? No! Gregory Bowditch is the second on


9.95. -- Gregory Bauge. That means Gregory Kenny will get a bite into


the next round and Gregory Bauge will start in the next round as the


will start in the next round as the fastest qualifier.


Onto the omnium now, which is a bit like the cycling version of the


decathlon. Ed Clancy started his decathlon. Ed Clancy started his


bid in this event that is making its debut at London 2012. Ed Clancy,


the penultimate competitor in the men's omnium. This competition is


held at the two days and six event. If you win an event, you score one


point. Second, you get two. Over the two days and six events, it is


the rider who has the least points that is crowned the Olympic


continuing his good form from last night. Inside 13 seconds, the


fastest, with one more rider to go. Inside 12 seconds. Half a second


nearly under that 13 second mark, that is quite incredible. And, I


thought he was late, he was still accelerating when he hit the lines.


I think we can say he is in good shape for this competition. He has


suddenly recovered well from his efforts last night when they set


the world record, winning the gold medal in the 4,000m team pursuit.


They last man on the track, the world omnium champion. He has just


seen Ed Clancy post that fantastic time. 23 years of age, can he match


that time? We will soon see. I do not think he will. He came down


wave took early in that build up. The Australian is a third of. It


means Ed Clancy has won the third of the six disciplines, he is the


We will be back at the Velodrome at 4pm, on BBC One. What a glorious


day it has turned out to be in the Olympic Park, it is boiling. Look


at the crowds. Making their way into the stadium. What a morning it


has been. Let us go over to Jonathan Edwards. People with


tickets this morning have been fortunate tizzy -- to see Jessica


Ennis, and the arrival of Usain Bolt. Jessica Ennis is in gold


medal position. We were all very nervous. As to whether she would


A bit nervous in the first round. She is carrying much more speed on


the runway, and we wondered how that would affect her run-up and


accuracy. Typically, she responded competitively, and her second and


third round jumps were excellent. this heptathlon javelin competition.


She has absolutely nailed it. She has been coached superbly since she


was a week told love. And in the government was always going to be


one of those events where it could have gone either way. In the first


round, she has blasted it out there. She has been working so hard with


Mick Hill. At the training camp in Portugal. He wanted her to be in


this better group, and what a start. Not far from her personal best in


the javelin. The excitement continues to build. Tatyana


Chernova to come. That really was exactly what Jess Ennis wanted.


we watch the Lithuanian go back, I note it is tempting fate, but


surely now the gold medal is in the bad. A lot will depend on how far


Tatyana Chernova throws, she is the best on record. We have already


seen Nana Djimou Ida. She has really attacked it, it is


over 45 metres but not as far as Jessica Ennis has thrown. There are


two rounds to go. What a start in this competition by Jess Ennis.


Only the 800m to go. We said after the long jump, we could begin to


hand the gold medal around her neck. Just over 46 metres for the Russian.


Jessica at Ennis, sitting very comfortably indeed, on top of the


A penny for her thoughts? There is don't air of relaxation -- an air.


Realistically, no one can catch her. Tatyana Chernova would have to


throw it over 60m to capture. She knows she still has to maintain her


lead. But, a steady throw from her. After day goo, -- Daegu, she was


bitterly disappointed that the javelin had let her down. Given the


challenges she has had with long jump, to come up here in the


biggest arena and perform like that is a measure of the athlete she is.


Absolutely. It now makes sense why she was plastered all over the


billboards, she is such an incredible athlete, who would


understand the opportunity to come here to an Olympic Games on home


soil, to win a gold medal, someone who would prepare for that and


focus. A programme to get these types of results. It is all coming


through for her. This level-headed this she has, under all this


immense pressure. She has managed to shut it out. She has absorbed it,


it is a great opportunity for her. She has worked so hard to put


together the perfect heptathlon, at least one that will get her that


the gold medal. Predominately, it has been rock-solid, with some very


good running. She still has a job to do. She has to focus, the 800m


is tonight. That is an event where she has far less of a chance of


putting a foot wrong. She has always been solid, we have seen


have come from behind in the 800m. She is doing the right thing.


Remaining focused. Two more throws in the javelin. Back to the men's


400 heats and Oscar Pistorious was running, the first amputee sprinter


moment for him. And for Disability Sport, to see him running in the


Olympic Games. He is such an inspirational figure. Everyone


loves Oscar Pistorious. He is one of the big stories coming into


these Games. Seeing him here, make history, that is one thing. The


other thing is he had a very good run this morning, a much better


start than he has had in the past. It is more difficult for him, with


the prosthetic. He doesn't get a great start. What I noticed was a


better start than in the past. And a really good, solid race. That 400


is now thrown wide open, with LaShawn Merritt not making the


finals. There is a chance he could end up in the final. He is safely


through to the semi-final. This is the second heat. And the world


champion. James, Wright in the middle, not


running as well as last year when Only coming into the home straight


in second place, but now, he begins to move away, looking to the left,


The world champion safely through. He looks like a novice even though


he is a world champion. He is not great technically. He is a


tremendous talent. He hasn't been running as well this year as over


the past few years, we will see what happens through the rounds, he


will have to be a favourite for the gold medal. He is world champion, a


tremendous talent, and with experience at this level. Once he


is in the finals, we will see what You say he hasn't run as well this


year, has that been due to the pressure as world champion,


relatively young? I don't think he feels pressure. He was in the


collegiate system last year for the way through to the World


Championships. Now, there is a transition. He is a full-time


professional athlete. Finding his way in how he prepares, how many


races he runs. Three British athletes featured in these 400-


metre heats, let's catch up with position. Chris Brunt will be


strong on the home straight. That is a good run from the British


blocks. Williams bearing down on the Olympic champion already,


looking very tentative at the moment. Williams already a couple


of metres ahead of him, and LaShawn Merritt has gone, the defending


into the home straight in second place. This young Australian is


very strong. Solomon of Australia will win it. Williams just got


third. What a story. LaShawn Merritt has not recovered from that


Achilles problem he had in Monaco. He didn't even start running.


Whether it is a hamstring, I am not sure. He obviously came in, with a


problem, but realised he couldn't top bend. Storming around. He is


already looking at the screen. Here comes Rooney. Rooney moving nicely


into second place. Yousif finishes quickly for third place. Not as


quick as his brother, Borlee. Did not need to be. Rooney safely


for the second time. Goes over 45 metres. Her best throw was just


shown, up 4651 -- 46.51. Every time this Lady sets foot on the track,


the crowd go wild. That technique has been honed and worked on by


former British international Mick Hill. 45.99 for Jessica Ennis.


Still in the lead in this 50m again. Really strong arm


through, by contrast to some of these heptathlete, where they are


almost trying to place it out there at times. You could see that was


her previous best, 50.16. Going up to 51.98. Well down the field


overall, but that would improve her situation heading into the last of


it. Just about half way through the second group. Skujyte is currently


in the silver medal position. Just going through her manoeuvres.


a reminder to everybody that Katarina Johnson-Thompson, 38.37.


Very close to her lifetime best. Louise Hazel actually got a


lifetime best. Tremendous throw by Louise, well over 45 metres.


Tatiana Chernova got the bronze medal in Beijing for years ago. She


threw over 48 metres. That is not over 45. The Russian is not


on top of the world, I hope. One through to go and then the 800m and


then she will be confirmed as the Olympic champion, I'm sure.


Olympic champion, I'm sure. STUDIO: Jessica Ennis looking very


composed and relaxed, but she must be bursting inside at the thought


that she will most likely be the Olympic champion by the end of


today. If I have to be extremely critical, two could froze, but I'm


glad to see she is moving her run up back because she was so close to


the line of a last throw. There's more in the tank. She can throw


much better than that let's hope that slight adjustment will allow


her to do that. She was on target for a new personal best and new


British record. She will go out in style. It is great to see that she


has risen to the occasion. Will she be focused on that? Personal best,


British record? You're always aware of it. You know what you're doing


and you were aware of what your distances or your jumps give you.


Yes, the British record will be in her mind. The moment to do it,


Olympic Games, home crowd, producing your best ever


performance. Absolutely. She's been doing that throughout these


championships. She's aware of that. I think she will go back and forth


over the next few hours of beaming inside, but then also going back


into extreme focus because she will be aware that she has the potential


to set a new personal best. Also, we talk about... Jessica is moving


towards the higher echelons in the sport where she could maybe one day


get over 7,000 points. Usain Bolt get over 7,000 points. Usain Bolt


was in action earlier. This is what happened in the first round of the


modest 10.08. We know he can go a modest 10.08. We know he can go a


lot quicker. So STUDIO: Usain Bolt looking good.


For now it is back to the studio. Usain Bolt coasting! Ragged? He was


nice and calm. He is so relaxed. Indeed. What today it's been. The


medals keep coming and coming. Everything is happening and it is


so busy here. I walked out today yesterday with a little boy who had


been watching the swimming and he was telling me about his swimming


training, he must have been nine or 10. He is totally inspired not just


by our athletes, but when he sees somebody like Chad Le Clos, only 20.


Or Ledecky, who beat Adlington yesterday, she is only young. That


is what they are thinking, they want to do it. I had that


conversation with my wife last night. Can you believe she's 10


years older than our son? So close to the world record at 15! I think


the upper end as well are getting inspired. I saw a funny video this


morning from a sheltered housing and old people's home in London.


They've been doing their own Olympics. You must look it up. It


is the busiest day of the Olympics so far in terms of medals up for


grabs. It has all been going on everywhere, whether it is cycling,


rowing, athletics, triathlon can, tennis. Two gold medals and a


silver at Eton Dorney. Britain's most successful rowing performance


Gerat Britain's coxless four won Olympic gold for a fourth


There was gold for the women's lightweight double scull team of


Sophie Hosking and Katherine Copeland. Copeland says, we've won


the Olympics! Jessica Ennis took a giant leap towards heptathlon gold


in this morning's long do keep -- long jump. After two hours... Usain


Bolt had a bad start, but cruised After two hours of swimming,


cycling and running, it took a photo finish to decide the


triathlon. Switzerland's Nicola Spirig took the gold. Helen Jenkins


Coming up on BBC One, we will see the women's final and that is


Serena Williams against Maria Sharapova, but first we have Andy


Sharapova, but first we have Andy Murray in quarter-final mixed


doubles action alongside Laura A tie-breaker that will be


difficult to sleep through. Listen The poor girl for the point was


over. I have seen that happen before. I hope she doesn't feel too


bad. She wants to be quick and she gets across. We will restart the


It is the reigning US Open champion in Sam Stosur, one of the best


players in women's tennis today. Robson just ranked inside the top


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 54 seconds


100. Just broken the top 100 in the Very solid from Hewitt. You have to


believe at 31 and after three operations, it will be his last


Olympics. Absolutely pumped full this mixed doubles quarter-final.


Two sets to come from Murray. -- to That is a quite brilliant return.


The Aussies have the early advantage in this tie-break. They


had to go the distance in their first round, Robson and Murray,


winning 10-7 in the Champions' tie- She has an won many points on the


return of serve for Murray, but a good enough kick on that one to get


it wide enough. Murray made the error. It was a big hold on that


point. If she can win this next point, the Aussies will be in good


A lot of discussion here. It will be interesting to see if there's


Great Britain with it all to do, down a mini-break and Hewitt is


starting to take charge of this What a second serve! Surprising


tactic from Lleyton Hewitt, he tried to run around a left-handed


serve that was swinging into his body to try to hit a forehand. That


was tough to do and he paid the That is a big bonus to win both


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 54 seconds


Sam Stosur did not prepare well for Brilliant once more from Hewitt. He


was a little quiet in that opening set piece. He has come to life in


It caught the line. That ball seemed like an eternity before it


The Aussies once more art up, so much do to the brilliance to Hewitt,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 54 seconds


Murray, having to cover a lot of She saved one of her best serves 41


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 54 seconds


of the most important points in the Two serves to come. The firms can


What was he thinking, hear it? Murray was not going to cross on


The winner of this next board will How close was that serve, I thought


it was a doubles -- double fault when she hit it. This has been so


entertaining. Great Britain taking the opening set. The Australians


They have done it! And, of Great A thoroughly entertaining hour and


20 minutes for this Centre court crowd, under the roof. The British


camp are delighted, Judy Marib is ecstatic. They really deserved it,


They will face Sabine Lisicki and Christopher Kas.


And tomorrow, he will be in the gold medal match against Roger


Let us head back to the stadium, just a cap Ennis has been in the


javelin, this is her third and in her long jump, reinforcing her


position as the Olympic number one. The javelin, very close to her


lifetime best, it is a new lifetime best. All smiles for the Olympic


champion elect, just one event to go. I can't wait, neither can the


spectators. A little further in the javelin


means she can run a little slower in the 800m race. She has put


herself in the best position possible maybe she couldn't even


have dreamt of the lead she will have coming into the final event.


It could not have gone better today. A very good long jump and a


personal best in the javelin. Jessica Ennis leads the heptathlon.


Which she will not relinquish in the 800m race, it will be a glory


run for her, where she will put 110% in two. This crowd will go


medal. This is her moment. She has got to attach it. The run-up was


slow. Under 45 metres. Tatyana Chernova will be disappointed with


that, but Jessica Ennis has had a wonderful long jump, a wonderful


javelin, and she can concentrate on the very last event of the day,


What is so impressive is how she maintains her concentration,


incredible to see her. Effectively, tonight's race will be two laps of


honour for Jessica Ennis. She has been speaking to us.


What a morning and early afternoon. A tremendous reception, you have


delivered a fine performance in the long jump and javelin. It has been


a brilliant day. I was anxious after yesterday, not knowing if the


long jump would go the way I would want it to. Yes, I am made up to


have those two performances today. There is so much pressure and yet


you're delivering, embracing the crowd, as well as doing the job.


am so nervous but it does help having this crowd. There is a lot


of pressure, but people are supporting you. That is what you


feel in the stadium. A personal best in the javelin. It seems that


the gold medal is there. Is that how you feel? I am not even


thinking about it until across that line, I have one more event. We


will see what happens. We are looking at how much you need to get


over 7,000 points. If 205 is ridiculously quick. I will rest and


see what I have left in my legs. I will stay here, recover and it.


Then head back out. All the best, well done for today.


You see so many athletes saying they will enjoy it, but she really


can. 8:45pm. BBC One. Her first Olympic games. A first Olympics for


Maria Sharapova, who carried the Russian flag at the Opening


Ceremony. She's in the gold medal match against Serena Williams, who


has twice won an Olympic gold medal with her sister Venus in the


doubles, but never on her own. Serena won her fifth Wimbledon


title exactly four weeks ago. This is Wimbledon, but not as we know it.


Coloured outfits, music, raucous crowds. As Andy Murray said


yesterday, when he won his semi- final against Djokovic to reach the


gold medal match: "It's the most fun I've had at any tournament."


This is the gold medal match, and it's between the two biggest names,


the two highest earners, the two power players of the women's game.


They are playing here, not for money, not for a Grand Slam title,


but for a place in Olympic history. It's the sport in which women were


first allowed to compete in the Both women are going for a Coria --


14 Grand Slams total. Maria Sharapova, playing in her first


Olympics. She carried the flag for Russia. As you know, with four


Grand Slams in tennis, if you don't win, you have another in a few


months. But not for the Olympics. Serena Williams is the favourite,


but that doesn't necessarily mean So in a Williams is the favourite,


she has destroyed the field on the She has conceded just 16 games, in


Williams started the Olympics in the first round. She is having to


take a quick break. A little bit of extra nerves. Serena started up


with Jankovic, the former world number one, and was spot on with


her serve, which we saw she was a few weeks back in taking her 5th


Wimbledon title, where she had 102 aces in the fortnight. Serena


started here hitting her ground strokes well. Very clean, very


accurate. Making players like Zvonareva and Caroline Wozniacki


and Azarenka yesterday look very ordinary. Azarenka is the number


one in the world right now. Sharapova, the only player here at


the moment after that odd timing for Serena Williams. She has been


doing that after warm ups. Another factor is the roof has been opened.


The sun was shining. It was closed for the match between Murray and


Robson and Sam Stosur and Hewitt. It is breezy as well. Sharapova


occasionally struggles on serve and that will only be augmented with


the breeze and a high ball toss. If she can serve well, she has a


fighting chance, but she goes in as a considerable underdog. Maria


Sharapova has not beaten Serena Williams in about eight years. 2004


at the Championships. Bout of the last time she beat Serena. -- that


was the last time. The chair empire is from Sweden. Here comes Serena.


-- umpire. Serving will be critical. These two are a couple of the best


servers in the game and it is what separates them. It has been


difficult so far in the Olympics for Serena's opponents to even make


inroads on her service game. It puts so much pressure on their own


service games to hold. Sharapova needs to get off to a quick start.


You can see just how much the wind is blowing. The sun was shining a


moment ago. Serena is taking her time, but we are ready.


Serena is not endearing herself to the crowd, taking her time. Two


women who have Korea Grand Slams, the winners of the last two majors.


Only Steffi Graf has completed the so called Golding Slam by adding an


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 54 seconds


Olympic gold medal in soot -- I can confirm that Victoria


Azarenka has taken the bronze medal, beating Kirilenko in the bronze-


She has power down a huge number of bases throughout this tournament. -


And the occasional one with a second serve as well. Very, very


impressive display of serving for Serena Williams to get things under


Serena Williams to get things under way. Now she will lay siege to the


Sharapova served. That is what we have seen all week from Serena. She


have seen all week from Serena. She had 16 aces against Azarenka, one


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 54 seconds


of the best returners in the game, Sharapova will hope that is not


setting the tone, but that really She struggled with double faults


when she first came back from her soap -- shoulder surgery in October


2008. She struggled with double faults for about a year and a half,


but that has slowly disappeared. Not helped by the be blowing wind.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 54 seconds


Second serve swatted away by Serena Williams. There's Venus, who won


the singles title in 2000 in Sydney. Still going strong in the doubles,


which they have won twice before. Ferocious! House that for a start?


Two games and all of the points for Williams is returning about twice


Williams is returning about twice as well during the Olympics as she


did during Wimbledon last month. So much confidence behind those ground


strokes and then look... -- that First point for Sharapova or comes


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 54 seconds


from a wild swipe by Serena Nowsherar pervert earns a point,


Hodder and. -- now Sharapova or earns a point. Finally an


opportunity for Sharapova it to look at the second serve. Getting


Williams on the run. Hard and flat A big serve, but Serena has been


doing this well all week, moving inside the baseline and hitting the


ball early so robbing time from her Just such an easy service motion.


So fluid and effortless. The best serve in the history of women's


We talked about the wind and Maria Sharapova has the wind at her back.


She did not quite get up to the shorter mid-court shots and just


Put away so nicely after a couple of jitters in that service game.


It is so impressive, the way Williams is playing, winning


Wimbledon and looking on course. This is the second part of her


career after a dreadful illness and injury in 2010. It led to surgery


and then on to blood clots on the lungs. It is amazing she is even


back, she did not think she would play again at one point. It all


happened after she won her fourth Wimbledon title in 2010. She cut


her foot and was out for 11 months. She came back just before Wimbledon


2011. Serena Williams, at 30 years old, looks hungrier than ever.


Extremely fit and for this young lady, Sharapova, it took her a


while to come back from a shoulder Just trying to gee herself up. I'm


still not convinced by the official Russian tracksuit! Sharapova still


looking for a game, serving here at Sharapova is now against the wind.


Didn't give his ball enough of a That's the way to do it, right on


Talking about Sharapova's shoulder surgery, she wasn't sure whether


she would be able to make it back. It was quite an extensive rotator


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 54 seconds


She is very good at letting it not affect her too much. She expects


But it does get her into trouble. As it has here, another break point


for Serena Williams. Evidence of A little bit out of position.


surprised Williams did not do more A late call but it did look long.


It is that backhand from Serena Williams which has been most


A double break for Serena Williams, A happy Williams camp, and why not.


What is happening here to Sharapova is what has happened to some of the


best players on the way to the The Williams serve even more


effective because she can pick her It is a demonstration at the moment.


She does struggle with picking the There is something of the Sharapova,


something of her class. Finding the line. This must have felt good,


finally an opportunity to set up Serena Williams not yet walking to


She tried to wait as long as she could, for the wind to die down.


Unusually, Serena Wood and have as much trouble on the second serve


That will do. It seemed she still has a kick for the home straight,


Very early stages, but difficult to see Sharapova coming back into this


match, the way they're playing at the moment. It really seems as if


it were needed it in the performance of Serena Williams.


hasn't dipped since the French Open. That is something Sharapova can


grab on to, she is such a positive If we look back at the US Open,


where she looked on the track to take that Grand Slam, the huge


favourite going into the final against Sam Stosur. But Serena


didn't serve as well as she can. of the last 34 matches she has won.


She has won her last 12 matches against top five players. She


really is back up there. The other he Cup was at the Australian Open


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 54 seconds


when she lost early. -- the other There was an opportunity for


Sharapova to win a game in this set, Waiting with the forehand, knowing


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 54 seconds


that this was Sharapova's favourite Serena Williams just doesn't want


to give up a single game. That was The debt from Williams is


phenomenal, three inches from the It takes a lot to kill off Serena,


This gets in your head, what do I have to do to win a point? Such


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 54 seconds


Little housekeeping. Some litter is The wind blew her toss around. That


coupled with the prospect of Serena Williams on the other end with that


A little puff of white and another point chalked up for Serena


Williams. Nothing Sharapova can do It has all gone her weight in this


set and it is set point to Serena What a good point to take it.


Serena Williams romps to the first set. She will not be denied a gold


medal, simply crushing Sharapova at the moment, 6-0.


STUDIO: Fantastic glasses in the players' box and you probably


noticed that Serena has the gold accessories. Gold watch, gold


necklace, and it is all pointing towards a gold medal at the moment.


If you would like to visit the beautiful bay around Weymouth, you


can do so on BBC Three. We've got the 470 class. Saskia Clark and


Hannah Mills are leading the women's race. That is on BBC Three.


Also the women's match race. On the red button, you can go to badminton,


the women's gold medal match. Or you could select basketball. The


USA against Lithuania. Lithuania were the bronze medallists at the


World Championship, USA looking for the 14th gold in basketball. You


can do so online or the BBC app. I use it virtually every day to check


results and schedules. It is very, very good. Andy Murray will be in


action again today, playing mixed doubles with Laura Robson. They won


their quarter-final match against Australia and they will be up later


against the Germans. Murray against Federer tomorrow in the singles.


What can Sharapova do now against a bonfire Serena Williams? -- and on


fire. Very humbling for Sharapova or and


Half an hour to see if that first At the changeover, Maria Sharapova


was rubbing her left five. -- phi. She has had to work much harder to


The year only slim hope for Sharapova it is that there are a


few more unforced errors from Serena Williams. This match is


really being played on Serena Williams's terms. She is getting


That was as Fishers from Serena Williams! -- that was just vicious.


Accurate as well. Around shoulder height behind the baseline, but she


gets the shoulder turned and then Serena Williams continues on her


Utterly unforgiving in this final. It is worth pointing out that


Sharapova is in decent company. Wozniacki lost the first set 6-0


against Williams. Zvonareva lost 6- 1, 6-0. Just 16 games in the five


matches on route to the final that Williams lost. Just over three per


match. That is simply incredible tennis. Spectacular. Azarenka in


the semi-finals, 6-1, 6-2. They are top players. Seemingly having no


trouble whatsoever. The gold medal is clearly on her mind, so focused


She makes this look easy and I can tell you it is not. Sharapova looks


rather hapless out there, but it is A little bit of a slip from


Williams at the end. She is mad at herself, she lost a point. That is


how badly she wants this medal. Serena Williams missed Athens with


an inflamed left knee and in Beijing she lost in the quarter-


She lost to Dementieva there, who went on to win the gold. For


Russians to the full sweep of medals in Beijing. Safina won


silver and Zvonareva bronze. doesn't want to settle for silver


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 54 seconds


here. -- they may have to settle Simply unstoppable, Serena Williams,


at the moment. It has got everybody in the crowd. This is a display to


remember for everybody in here and want to forget for Sharapova.


Please stay with us, though! It is just a spectacular display. This is


Williams taking the women's game to Serena clearly serving better than


Sharapova today, but she moves better as well. She has confidence


that if the points go along, she can rally with Sharapova. Full


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 54 seconds


It is not a performance of Mercy, but it is one of simply great


tennis. Difficult to see what Sharapova can do. So much pride on


her side and feeling a bit of embarrassment, professional


sportsmen and women really feel embarrassed, but she will want to


get something from this match. She will know what she can do.


Sharapova would like to get at least one game on the scoreboard.


You don't want to lose a laugh and laugh on Centre court. -- love and


love. Can't emphasise enough how well Serena Williams is playing.


Look at her draw, it has not been easy, Zvonareva, Wozniacki,


Azarenka. Now Sharapova, who is playing so much better than she did


three or four weeks ago at Wimbledon. What it shows is that at


her best, she has a long way ahead of the rest of the women's game.


does. I've never seen Serena be this tournament. For Williams, it


I'm trying to think of record defeats for Sharapova or. She has


Well done, you get to keep it for that. You get to keep it for a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 54 seconds


second and then you need to give it Sharapova point being cheered


It was four games ago when Sharapova was serving on the side


that she had a 40-0 lead. Serena Just looking for small victories.


This will all sound rather hollow in Sharapova Park -- Sharapova's


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 54 seconds


Nothing from Sharapova there Sharapova is going to be furious


She hasn't been able to find her Right on the line. Frustration as


That return from Sharapova would have won her the point against


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 54 seconds


An array of double faults from She moved her returning serve


positioning. She did that against Lisicki in the third round.


first time in this match we had a little cry of, come on, from


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 54 seconds


A huge, come on, from Serena, because she knows how important


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 54 seconds


that point was. A big difference in The second break point battered


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 54 seconds


Sharapova needed just 1Xtra step. - More competition coming from


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 54 seconds


Williams facing break point. Such a luxury for Williams to come up with


We emphasise still in the women's doubles as well... Venus and Serena


Williams won their fifth Wimbledon doubles. A later on today they're


playing against Kirilenko, who lost out in the bronze-medal match in


the singles, and Petrova. But business to complete her first of


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 54 seconds


Two double faults to such -- to start the service game. Just when


she needed a strong hold to get some impetus, to get some forward


momentum. She is so under pressure on her serve. And against the wind


That is caught out. Sharapova looked unsettled by the ball


landing on the baseline. She thought it was out. That is what


happens when your opponent plays Sharapova is dealing with the


question, do all I try to get more first serves in, or do I try to go


for pick first serves and perhaps The inevitable Serena Williams


break. She is one game away from becoming an Olympic champion. If


there is any merciful news for We have been on court for 58


minutes. Serena Williams serving Just a flash of what she has been


missing. And what the crowd have been wanting to say. Sharapova with


a fine winner. It has to be emphasised how big this is, she has


had a phenomenal year, getting to the finals of Australia, winning in


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 54 seconds


The year for Sharapova has been Whatever Sharapova manages to come


up with, Serena Williams is still there. She is now just two points


Sharapova fighting so hard, and she does pick up on full stretch, but


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 54 seconds


too much "for Serena. -- too much The look she gave the other end of


the court and her supporters box when she fired that case said a


tall. She is impressive to the end. There it is, with a roar from


Serena Williams. The Olympic champion. A ruthless display of


utter brilliance, total dominance. They smile and a celebration. To


every Grand Slam, she adds the Olympic title, and this great


career has a golden edge to it. It is fitting that she should do it


here at Wimbledon. She has a gold medal in the singles like her


Her mother in the middle, and to her left, her older sister. So


excited, you can see what this means to her. You see what it


means... A few fine moves! And USA on the back. There is more to come!


Mark Williams, but USA, you are playing for your country, which


makes it so much more special. her supporters and family, more to


come for the medal ceremony, which we will hopefully bring year. But


it is a gold medal for Venus Williams, a silver medal for


Sharapova, but there was just one player in this, Serena Williams,


totally dominant. She is the Venus Williams abroad end. They


team up for the semi-finals of the doubles. It could be a .. Off. I


asked how much it matters, you can see how much it matters. She is


still bouncing up and still to run the dance moves. Utterly dominant.


Maria Sharapova gets a silver medal, but she will feel crushed, because


of the net is unstoppable. There are some sports that go way back to


1900, for example, tennis, but one of the new sports, trampolining. It


was part of the opening ceremony, in the section paying tribute to


the NHS and to great Ormond Street Hospital. There were a number of


children on beds, which have been turned into trampolines. Parents


have been trying to say to their children, do not trampoline on your


bed! The children have said, I could end up at the Olympics!


Trampolining is an Olympic sport! I bumped into some of those children


afterwards, they were buzzing at, walking out of the stadium.


Brilliant. Boasting some moves! Great Britain has one competitor,


cap Driscoll. We will market her first two routines. -- Katherine


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 54 seconds


the style. She stayed in the box. That is a safe start. She must be


consistent. Well done, Katherine Driscoll. It was an ambitious


routine. She fought at the end, she was telling me the other day, you


have got your one bounce out of your 10, and you have to learn that


could land without any more movement. She worked so hard to do


that. Lovely shapes in the air. You have got to hold the body as


straight as can be. You can see the bend of the knees, and the control.


She had to fight a little bit, but she managed it. A very good start.


The raw, they are happy with it. Driscoll. 12th place after the


first routine. She has got a bit of picking up today. This needs to be


difficult and clean. She has good work in the locker. She has to dig


This is nice stuff. Katherine Driscoll has gone very well indeed.


That was super. The first routine looked nervous, but that did not at


all. She gave it everything, that was a great performance. She has


given herself a fighting chance. Eight the place is what she is


looking for. A roar of appreciation. All of the gymnasts here with a


hugely difficult routine so. But You almost stopped breathing


halfway through, hoping she will keep going. We want at least 50.


54.65! She is delighted. She is in When all of the others had gone,


she ended up in ninth place, and only the top eight qualify for the


final. Let's head back to the north Greenwich every now and get some


more reaction. -- North Greenwich Arena.


You join us at a subdued North Greenwich Arena, where the British


men's team won their bronze medal, the first men's team from Great


Britain to win a medal in 100 years, and Katherine Driscoll was hoping


to make a trampolining final for the first time. Agonisingly missed


out. We are so disappointed she just missed out. She really wanted


to get into the top eight. It is such a small margin. She has done


amazingly well, she performed two solid retains. What would have gone


from her mind when she was waiting while the others did their


routines? Once you have completed yours come up or you can do is wait,


show -- so she would have been hoping that somebody made a tiny


error. You want to beat them fair and square, but it would have been


no fracking, watching her name People might think we are world


beaters in gymnastic events, particularly the trampolining, but


it's not an event we have done so well in. But Kat is a real


contender. She really is a top performer in her own right. She's


really come into our own in the last couple of years. We've got a


really strong women's team. There's a group of five girls who have


really pushed each other along. She's definitely got it in her to


make a final but she didn't quite make it today. That agonising


disappointment, finishing in 9th. Where did she go from here? She'll


go home, a little bit of time off, maybe go on holiday, time to


regroup, think about what she is going to do, think about whether


she will stay on for Rio. I would think she would stay on for the


World Championships. She is a fighter. She loves the crowd and


support. She's done so well so schuss it shouldn't feel


disappointed. I saw her tweeting some of the artistic gymnastics in


the build up to this one. This was her a moment and she did race this


crowd. The noise was enormous when she came out. To hold her nerve,


she was at third and that was soon on, she did a fantastic job.


Looking forward to the final. The Chinese girls are the ones to beat.


Kat Driscoll, 9th is not bad whatsoever. If you want to watch


that final, it is just under way and is available on the red button.


Also won the red button you've got all sorts of selection as you can


make. You could click on the Wimbledon action. You will shortly


be seeing the men's doubles semi- finals. It looks like they are


absolutely ready for Serena Williams's gold medal ceremony. We


will be showing you on BBC One Andy Murray and Laura Robson in the


semi-finals of mixed doubles. But it was all happening at Eton Dorney


this morning. What an incredible week, a golden week for British


Robling. We will reflect on the Smith in the stroke seat pushing it


on hard. Drew Ginn has called for another sprint here. But still


great Britain looks move and relaxed. They are 25 strokes out


from the line. Surely Great Britain have got enough in the tank. One


more big push coming from Australia. The Australians are charging.


strokes a minute. But Great Britain, if they stay long and loose, they


can do this. 150 out from the line. A little look over. He has to call


in these desperate stages for Great Britain. But the British four are


going to defend their Olympic title, and they're doing it in such style.


We are 50m from the line. Great Britain are going to be the Olympic


champions in the men's Orr. We have done it in style. Great Britain,


the Olympic champions once more. It was just a magnificent effort here


at Eton Dorney. Elation, complete and utter elation from Great


Britain. This partnership from Great Britain have only 25 strokes


remaining. Look at the support on the far side. The whole of Eton


Dorney is going absolutely mad. 200 out from the line. There is a wall


of sound here as they come into the last couple of hundred metres, and


they are still moving away. We are looking at history. Just moving all


look absolutely easy. This is an incredible race from Great Britain.


Still moving away. Greece fighting passed back China to try to get


into that silver medal position. Great Britain are flying. Sophie


Hosking and Katherine Copelnd just rolling up to the line. They are


the Olympic champions. They go into the record books. They have been


glorious here this morning at Eton reign over us. # Bach Save the


start I thought, this is it, it's happening. We did - that we just


did the race and I was just counting strokes. Everything fell


silent in our boat. We were just done a good position. I didn't look


across but I was aware Rob where we were, we were up the whole way. It


doesn't feel real. It just doesn't feel real. I can't believe this is


real. That we just one. -- 1. We'd just won the Olympics. You are


going to be on a stamp tomorrow. That's what I said! The hours we do,


the paint. It is all worth it at the end. I said four years ago,


thank you to the Royal Navy for giving us a chance, but everyone


has got people to thank. We've been working on it for so long. There


are so many people we have to thank. Paul Reedy, who has led this on.


I've got to thank Hester for everything she did to get us here.


I can't describe what this atmosphere is like to people at


home. It is beyond words, it is epic, it is magic, it is emotional.


The crowd is phenomenal. It is so exciting to be year, I am so proud.


I've been trying all week not to think about it. It's made me cry


every time so I've been trying to just not think about it. Then when


we were in the last 50, I just couldn't believe it... That just


happened. Double Olympic champion. I can't believe it. You run through


everything in your mind before the race. You never ever think about


afterwards. I'll let the other guys speak, I'm so tired. I can't


believe it. I know this isn't the Oscars, but can I say thanks to my


mum and dad because we've been through some bumps. I don't know if


they always wanted me to just row all the time, but thanks. These


guys are the best three row was that Britain has. We executed our


plan, it was our masterpiece. It took four years to make that. Four


years training every day, pulling out everything we had for that. It


was without question our finest piece. And four gold medals, nine


medals in total for Great Britain's rowers. I have this Hey Jude that


you to everybody down there who was part of it. A special fought for


Zac Purchase and Mark Hunter, who came up so close. They had a false


start to that race, a technical fault that happened within the


first 100m. The race was restarted. They gave their all, they finished


just beaten. Denmark coming through very strongly in these closing


strokes. And so badly emotional a affected were both of the rower s,


and John Inverdale, that they ended up all in tears. One of the


highlights of what has happened and there has been the presence of


Steve Redgrave. He's been there as a show of support for people. He


consoled people where necessary and also to tell people just how well


they've done. For the most part, Britain's rowers have done


sensationally well. Imagine if your life was distilled to just less


than 10 seconds. That is all it will take tomorrow night we Usain


Bolt to discover whether he is still Olympic champion. This


morning, in front of a packed crowd in the Olympic Stadium, he ran his


heat of the 100m. He stumbled slightly at the start, he said that


in the interview afterwards. It's hard to tell watching it there,


because once he gets into that enormous stride, he can slow down


and just Jock. He cruised in a time Do you guys get together, is there


a nervous feeling about watching him on the TV? Everybody gets


inside the house, everybody making noise. When we watch it it is


somewhat nerve-racking. I tried to do all the antics. Tell me about


the antics. I sing and dance. are you feeling now coming to


London? I'm a little nervous now but I saw him yesterday and he is


in high spirits. I'm feeling much better now. Since I saw him


yesterday he said he's ready to go. I said, OK, since you are ready, I


will be relaxing. If he wins, when he wins, thanks, mum. When he


wins... Yeah, because it will solidify him being at legend status.


Beijing and London are the ones. the Jamaican trials, what did you


say to you after those defeats? didn't say this happened, that


happened, but he didn't look too focused to me. He said, Dad, don't


worry, I'll be back. He said he is 95 % ready. He is going to prove it


to me that the run in Jamaica wasn't anything to look at. He's


not the best starter, but once he's It's a very big year for Jamaica


because it is 50 years of independence. What would it mean to


both of you to see Usain standing on the top of that podium with the


national anthem playing? It would be great. And it's my 50th birthday,


too. It would be a great birthday present. Let's hope he can deliver


that. Yes, he's going to. You are his brother. You know him better


than probably any one in the world. How is he feeling right now?


talked to him yesterday and he said his body is in good shape. Do you


think he is more motivated coming into London that he was going into


Beijing? I would say. Because he wants to do it over again, because


no one in history has done it before. He won to be that person


that when the Olympics twice. how proud of you are your -- are


you of your brother? I try to find words to describe it but I can't.


It's just a really good feeling, I'm so proud of him. Jamaica and we


as a family are proud. Those lucky enough to have tickets to the


Olympic Stadium tomorrow evening will get to see Usain Bolt and the


other Jamaican sprinter has run twice, because it's the semi-finals


early evening and then the final later in the evening. Also kicking


off today at Greenwich was the show jumping competition. It is


individual and team medals at stake. This is Nick Skelton on the


brilliant big star. He is competing at his 6th Olympic Games. He broke


his neck in 2009, it's an amazing comeback. Big star making light of


these big fences. He jumped clear. This helps where the team will


start in the team competition. And also give them a decent move in the


individual competition. Then they're -- Ben Maher, so still an


incredibly long legs, he is riding double X the third. -- Tripple X


Nick Skelton said he jumped great and was very big star. Team medals


decided on Monday. The last time Britain collected an Olympic gong


was 28 years ago. Hoping that Nick Skelton and Ben Maher can spearhead


that British team effort. In case you thought the course was easy,


and they were making it look easy, this wasn't so easy. This is the


Swedish rider. The horse saying, I really didn't fancy that. That is


horrific looking. Just paddling in the middle. And panicking. Luckily,


horse and rider are absolutely fine, horse and rider are absolutely fine,


but it's rather terrifying to watch. Ian Merlot of Canada said in a new


record. He's competing at his 10th Olympics. I'll be heading up on


Monday to have a closer look at it all. Matrix is fine. Fredriksen is


also all right. Albeit a little sore. Jessica Ennis has been in


sensational form in terms of trying to win her first Olympic medal of


any kind, because it's the first Olympics she has competed at. The


heptathlon event has only one part of it left, that is the 800m


tonight. She is in the lead after six of the seven events. She is on


a very neat looking score. That, the experts say, is an unassailable


lead. They are saying all she needs to do is turn up tonight. I'm not


being over-confident sitting it, it is what the experts say she needs


What a morning it has been for Jessica Ennis. A tremendous


reception. You delivered a fine performance in both the long jump


and javelin. Yes, it's been a brilliant day. I was really an just


coming into today having had such a good day yesterday. Not knowing if


the long jump was going to go quite the way I wanted it to. But I made


up to have done those two performances to date. Do you have


ice running through your veins? There's so much pressure on you and


yet you are delivering with a smile, embracing the crowd and taking it


all in as well as doing the job. I'm so nervous but it does help


having this crowd. There's a lot of pressure but it's a nice pressure.


Its people supporting youth and willing you to do well. That's what


you feel in the stadium. With that personal best in the javelin, it


seems that the gold medal is pretty much nailed on. Is that how you


feel? No. I'm not even thinking about it until I crossed that line.


I've got one more event to do, I've got to make sure I get that right.


Hopefully we will see what happens when I cross that line. 2.0 5.69


would get you over 7000 points. love to get that but it is


ridiculously quick. I'm going to go and rest and see what I've got left


in my legs. I'm going to stay in the Combined Events room. Rest, eat,


recover a bit and head back out for It is going to be a momentous night.


She will be brought through every single step of the 800 metres, a


fantastic performance so far, and make sure you tune in tonight to


watch her be crowned the Olympic champion, the final event. It


should be around 8:30pm. If you want to watch the tennis, it is on


BBC Three shortly, Andy Murray and Laura Robson in action, playing the


semi-final of the mixed doubles, and playing for the right to get


into the gold medal match. Coming up on BBC One shortly, track


cycling go. This is the scene at the velodrome. It is beautiful


inside and out. It is so smooth and shiny and lovely. Cycling coming up


on BBC One. Tonight, at the Millennium Stadium, Ryan Giggs will


lead at Great Britain to play a match against South Korea for a


place in the semi-finals. They have won the group, and this is how


their coach assesses the match. Unbeaten, three games, is that what


you thought would happen? I thought we would get out of the group. You


never can tell him to you get involved and see the magnitude and


the quality of the opposition. Looking back, we deserved to be top


of the group, and we have got to step up again on Saturday, to


progress further in the tournament. The Bonn thing that is pleasurable


for me, all 18 of them are enjoying the experience. I wanted them to


say, this is the best pre-season period I have ever had, and if we


can couple that with success, that will be Utopia. What did you make


of the game against Uruguay? For a British team to keep possession,


63% possession, was a feat in itself. They played some great


football, we kept the ball extremely well, we defended well,


and we have no real injury problems, which is a real bonus. What do you


know about said Korea? -- South Korea? You have to match there were


great. It will be a real good game for us, a different style of play.


That is the beauty of the experience. Any team in the


quarter-finals nose, if they win the quarter-final, they have got


two shots at a medal. Against you require, the couple of times, you


got concerned about one or two of the challenges. Is the tournament


started to get to a stage where the tension is started to rise?


mentality has calmed down a lot on the touchline. I was more a


protective father of my players against them, and the protection of


them was paramount for me. I have come to love this group of boys!


Good for him, and good luck to them. You can see how he think it is at


the Olympic Park. A lot of people coming in with �10 tickets and


sitting by the big screen and watch the action. But many of them


heading into the stadium to watch Jessica Ennis and Mo Farah, because


tonight, he will be running it lapse and lapse in there, in the


10,000 metres. Let's hear what he makes of it all.


I am running the 50101000 metres. - - 5000 metres and 10,000 metres.


His mission is to complete the double. In an age of African


domination, he has made what once seemed impossible probable. A


British champion. Be under no illusion about the enormity of his


mission. African nations have swept the medals in the last five


Olympics over 10,000 metres. Over 5000 metres, African countries have


got the medals in the last four Olympics. Challenging the best came


with this training assignment. Know the enemy, follow their ways.


trained with a lot of Kenyans that will be racing at the Olympics. You


know they were world record holders, remained under 13 minutes. If they


can do what, why can I not? Reaching this, finding the belief,


years in the making. It began with a 2006 failure against a European.


Mo Farah just run out of it. Coming so close, almost having the gold-


medal, it is hard to take, but it gives you determination to train


hard and get ready for next year. The next harsh life lesson on the


road of his mission came in the Beijing Olympics. It was not easy,


it was the hardest time of my life. You know it you can do that, but


you did not do that, so it is hard to deal with. Something you know


you could have done, but it did not do that, it is not easy, but I came


back stronger. Mo Farah texted gold medal for the first time! Lessons


learned, it clicked at the 2010 European Championships, up with a


double gold medal. He is destroying them in the home straight!


country fell for his charm, his honesty, the smile. When you were a


kid, did you dream of these moments, or were you dreaming of scoring for


Arsenal? I dreamed of that a lot! But you learn to make decisions,


and you know what you are capable of, and football was not my thing


it, even though I thought I was the best at football. Behind the


winning grin, he knew it was not mission accomplished. Last year, he


uprooted his family to live and train in the United States.


Sometimes, training is harder than the competition. You are running


over 100 miles a week, it is not easy. But what drives me more than


anything, I know that people are training hard, so if I need to beat


them, I must train. The impact proved seismic at the world


championships last year. He was on a double mission. He was chased


down in the 10,000, but he rebounded superbly for gold in the


5000. I was disappointed in the 10,000 metres, I came second, and I


had to take back to the 5000 metres. I wanted to win more than anybody


else. A gold medal for Mo Farah! This time, he does it! What a


performance! That showed that if you really focus and work for it,


you can do it. It is Olympic mission accepted!


Sue Barker has joined me. I assured you heard the story from the


athletics about Kim Collins, he has been kicked out by his country, he


was due to compete at his fifth Olympic Games, because he spent the


night with his wife, and they said, that is against the team roles.


Rules are rules, but it is severe. He is such a crowd favourite. The


other news from the village, Kate Walsh, who fractured her jaw after


being hit in the hockey, she is going to play tonight. Against


China? I am going to watch that, because the hockey venue is not far


away, then I will head down to the Aquatics Centre to do the final


night of swimming. Fran Halsall is in the 50 metres freestyle final,


there are the medley relays, and everything that we do will be on


David Burton, but the best races will be on BBC One. -- it will be


on the red button. There has been drama galore at the velodrome.


Britain could get another gold medal. The favourite for the gold


medal in the women's team pursuit Dai Greene goes in the 400 metres


Christine Ohuruogu is in the 400 metres semi-finals for the women.


We could be in for a magical 90 minutes, the first heat in the


heptathlon 800 metres, the final event. She has put in three


personal bests in six events so far. That is Jessica Ennis. Mo Farah in


On BBC Three now, tennis, the mixed doubles semi-final, Laura Robson


and Andy Murray won their quarter- final earlier, against the German


team. Andy Murray plays Roger Federer in the final of the singles


tomorrow. In the hockey, Kate Walsh will play, that is against China,


bidding for a place in the semi- finals. They beat them 3-0 in the


test event. That starts very soon. We are heading to the Fano train,


Ford years ago, Britain won seven gold medals. We wondered if they


could repeat that. After four events, Britain has produced three


gold medals and set 6 court records -- six world records.


It sounds good, there has been remarkable scenes here so far.


Every time Great Britain have taken to the track, there have been two


emotions, anticipation from the crowd, apprehension from their


rivals. After everything we have medal, listened to the role. There


is nothing in it between these teams. The British team are biding


on a world record schedule. The gap is beginning to stretch. Great


Britain are inspired. Australia have not panicked, they are trying


to peg back the quartet of Great Britain. Australia are battling.


Half a lap to go, the gold medal is Great Britain's! Look at the time,


a new world record! Great Britain Basma Kor continues. A stellar


performance, well done, boys. Now we can move on to the big one. Will


it be fruitful for Victoria Pendleton? We are getting towards


the business end. The crowd are waiting for the first strike, and


it is coming from Anna Meares. Here comes Victoria Pendleton. Victoria


Pendleton has ignited the burners! They are coming down the finishing


straight! Victoria Pendleton takes the gold medal! That was sheer


genius. A masterclass by Victoria There are six gold medals still to


be given away. We are the world records at the women's team pursuit,


which happens tonight. For the first time in a long time, you have


had the chance to shout and cheer with the crowd, and enjoy a base


rate. How has it been? It has been amazing. It was great to watch


yesterday. I would try to look behind me when I was not talking!


We are doing well, and I will be proud to see the guys, I have a


personal relationship with them. It is an incredible atmosphere. The


Velodrome is an incredible place for the ambience. So far, you have


left -- you have let off your chair on six occasions! Chris gets


excited as well. It has been special, because the British


cyclists have had huge expectations after Beijing, similar to the


swimmers, and they have admitted that they have found the


expectation too much, but the What they have learned to do is


focus on their performance. In essence, it is as simple as that. I


said when the Games came to London, people said what are the


advantages? I said, the flights are shorter. But a lot of the


advantages are after the event. There's a huge amount of


expectation. There is an advantage in the last few hundred metres,


that's when the crowd can get you through. It was another really busy


day you. Super Saturday. What would you say to the people at home to


stick with us and see our team pursuit riders in action. World


records. You can't talk about the GB track team now, it said that the


gold medal or world record. We are going to see more today. Confidence


being spoken from Mark Cavendish. But these days it's up to mark to


get on the bike and deliver the former -- performances when


required, but there is a man involved in British Cycling who


doesn't get on the bikes but is hugely responsible for the medals,


the records and the current success. Dave Brailsford.


It's been at a couple of days for the British Cycling team at the


velodrome. A reaction to bad performance from Victoria Pendleton.


Another sensational performance. Every British rider who has been on


the track has put in a brilliant performance. She continued that


trend. We could see in the team sprint the other night, her second


lap was really fast. We knew she had great form. But to hold it


together and then take it on like she did, sensational. The huge


message to the rest of the field going into the women's sprint, just


to show where she is at the moment. She is back on that Beijing form,


isn't she? She is. She's probably better than she was in Beijing, but


the rest of the world stepped up. That is what Victoria Pendleton is


all about. For two years she's worked really hard. She hasn't


worried about results, she's built very steadily. Credit to her. She


stepped up on the big day when it really mattered and delivered.


word on the pursuit team winning the gold medal and a world record


time once again. A lot of hard work has gone into that but it must be


incredibly satisfying for you as performance director and the rest


of the team to see that executed so well. I absolutely. There's no


better way to win them with a world record. The winning margin was


quite considerable in the end. The Aussies have been talking it up for


four years, there was no point in winning two years out. That's where


we knew we were confident that with a team of Guy's and super cultures.


All I do is I'm very lucky to be a little orchestra conductor. The


riders deserve the most credit but the coaches have done a super job


once again. Every one of your riders have stepped up and


delivered a world record. They can't be many performance directors


from any nation can say that. but that's what it's all about. You


want to come to the biggest event and perform at your best. The whole


thing is about being best on the day it really matters. I think


we've done it now but two Olympic, won the Olympic cycle and then


again this Olympic cycle by the looks of it. From a performance


point of view, that's what you aim for. You want the Ryder -- riders


to be the best they can possibly be. He will always ask for more because


he always wants better and faster and quicker. Interesting to hear


him giving huge credit to his coaches. What is Dave like to work


with, because it seems to have this aura, Clive Woodward with the rugby


players, Sir Alex Ferguson with Manchester United, he seems to be


in that kind of company. He is a great motivational speaker. He


captivates you. You look around the room and see everybody has bought


into what he is saying. They listen intently. He's got this way of


doing that. He is not as hands-on as a lot of people think. Dave is


the best person at getting a lot of people to do things well. He is a


manager. He works well at getting the right people in the right job


and getting 100 % out of them. over our rather and healthy lunch


in the staff canteen here today, I know, it was my fault. I ask what


day it was like and your first answer was a risk taker. He is. He


will take a risk. He will really put his budgets and say, right, if


we do this we will get bonuses on the other side. In every area he


will keep pushing it and pushing it and have faith. Whereas somebody


like me is risk-averse, I'd always be careful. That has enabled him to


make breakthroughs. He's not an easy person to work with, though.


There's always tension, but it's always about the performance. It's


not about whether I've got the bigger office or anything like that,


it's always performance and pushing it to be the best. It isn't, it's


highlighted by everyone in the organisation. I read a quote from


him today it saying that before the Beijing Olympics he visited Beijing


13 times to work out how best to operate when they finally went out


there for the Games. Is that training and exhausting for you


guys to work with someone that intense? No, I love it. I'm quite


the same. That's why I bought into Team Sky originally. There's a


thing that everyone is striving to make things better and every minute


detail is looked at and taken into consideration. The can't complain,


24 Olympic medals since he arrived so he's certainly doing something


right. Dave will be in the tracks and a watch him on as his cyclists


have to pick up yet another gold medal today. This is what we've got


in store in the stifling Velodrome and Dani King announced their


arrival in the velodrome by breaking a team pursuit record.


Gold is their aim today. Jason Kenny has been chosen as the sole


GB representative in the men's sprint. See his initial sparring


ahead of tomorrow's metal rights. He is looking fast. Fresh from


winning gold in the men's team pursuit, Ed Gansu gets his second


bid for a medal under way in the men's omnium. -- Ed Clancy. We see


the tremendous Friel in action first. If they win that, they are


little has gone to plan here in the velodrome so far, so expect those


The team pursuit team walked in yesterday, quite unassuming, got on


their bikes, broke the record and disappeared just as quickly.


spoke to the coach, Paul Manning. He was so deadpan. I said, what's


the plan? He said, same as the world really, we're just going to


go really fast, probably world- record pace and do the same as we


did bear. It was just like, I'm going down the shops to get a loaf


of bread. That's just what they do. I said, what about the schedule? He


said, we planned to half the distance. Then at that point I just


let the Gulls do it because they feel the weight. I imagine the


girls have got together, we are going to go in there, we're going


to lay down the mark and break the world record. They were asked, why


did you go so fast? They said, that the pace we ride that. It is, it's


true. Sometimes it's easier to go quicker than go slightly slower and


zig-zag your pace and down. You can see just by the technique, the way


they are writing, they practise and practise, they know each other,


they know themselves and they know how to get around as quickly as


possible. They look so perfect together. Only recently have they


been specifically training for this kind of event. Yeah. In the old


days everyone used to come together and do it. Now you can get people


who specialise in certain events. The likes of Ed Clancy in the


omnium, but in the team pursuit, there are specialists. They come


and train together time and time again. That's all they do. It's


getting the technique right, getting the tactical element right


and fitness right, and know each other so well. How excited his


British Cycling at about these three young ladies? Houvenaghel was


a silver-medallist in Beijing but she can't even break into that trio


at the moment. It is heartbreaking to be so close, warming up with the


others and not getting the chance to ride. But that's how hard fought


it is to get in this team. They've made it a different discipline now.


It's no longer an endurance race. It is a series of sprints. It is


that fast. It's something I know you would like to get back on a


bike and ride in Brazil in four years' time. Having seen the kind


of emotions being created in this Velodrome, surely that has just


added to your belief that your track career and Olympic Games on


over. I have aims now. I've been texting with the guys. Knowing how


they work together. To be part of that is something special. I


thought ahead, I've been texting the guys. I'd like to be in Rio


with them in four years. We'll see how it goes. There are other people


around but I would like to be there if I could. That was a knowing nod


from you, Chris. I think Mark can do it but it is hard fought to get


in that team. That's the way it should be. It's going to be a hard-


fought couple of races to get into the medal rides. Great Britain


against Canada, won that and the British girls get to ride for a


gold medal before too long. But Australia against the USA. The US


were quicker than the Aussies. It was fantastic to see. The it was


surprising. It was and whether challenges were expected to come


from, but that is what happens in Olympic Games. In the middle of the


year rather than at the start, the World Championships are always


around April. They were in great shape at the World Championships.


They Pique for that. A lot of them haven't managed to repeat that.


explain how that works, by virtue of being the fastest so far, all


Great Britain need to do is win a race against Canada and they will


make it through to that gold medal race. If Great Britain made it


through to the gold, then that is who they will race in that gold


medal race off. It's worth pointing out to people at home who are new


to Cycling, they are just sitting down having a spot of late lunch


and joining us, that two out of these three young ladies, who have


got such immense talent, they've been found through British talent


been found through British talent spotting. It's so great that system


is working. We see the pinnacle of a programme. We see the absolute


end result. Write down the bottom, the talent team, they were going


into schools and running tests Firova 5000 kids idiot. And other


activities where the talent catchers went and watched them race.


It's a huge effort to go and find new talent. It was maybe six people


could have got into this women's team pursuit team. That's the depth


they've got in talent. This is The Netherlands of against Germany.


ten-second countdown. This is The Clash between Netherlands and


have four countries in Group B and four in Group eight. The winners of


the two heats in group A will ride off for the gold and silver medals.


Then all the rest, the two quickest times from the rest will contest


the bronze medal. Germany, exactly the same team as the qualification


round. But Netherlands have made one change. Amy Peters has gone out.


They've brought in a pretty strong road rider. Van Dyke was very busy


in the road race earlier in these Olympic Games. She was jumping off


the front to try and set up Marianne Vos. It eventually worked.


On paper between these two, Netherlands are 0.4 of a second


faster than Germany. Netherlands have gone off the mark pretty


Germany already. Judith Arndt in the German team, 38 years old, she


got a silver medal in the road time trial that took place last week.


She's also the current world time- trial champion. In her early career


she won a world title for the individual pursuit. So they've


decided, the Germans, that they would bring her into this team


pursuit squad, obviously relying on her strength and experience. The


tussle continues here. Remember, it's all about time. Netherlands


have a handsome margin here. Germany are going to have to find


something. They are still trailing. Getting a lot more hide on the


track, which allows them to run down onto the back wheel without


losing any speed. It's really difficult to accelerate when you


are trying this hard. They are divide in the qualification round,


which is what they have to do, they have to pack up their rights to


show they have made a good recovery. The team from Germany is holding


them, they have not got long to pull it back. They have slipped


slightly further back now. This is all over. It is a good scrap


between these two countries have. They were in sixth place and


seventh place in the qualifying round. The bell lap for benevolence.


-- for benevolence. They have got the measure of the Germans, no


problem at all. A good performance by the Dutch. That is a very good


time for them. The winning margin when it is matched against the


other squads later. As I said, the two fastest times from the


country's that do not make it through for the gold and silver


well wide off for the bronze medal. -- they will ride offered. That was


a nice rider. They were never really in trouble. It is all about


consistency, technique is so important. To an extent, more than


raw power. He tends to show in the latter part of the race, those


riders getting close on the wheels and getting close down, making good


changes, they are fresher for the latter part of the race. They could


take make a steak all choked up to cross the line -- good technique as


they crossed the line. A hive of activity in the middle, with


dividers spinning the rollers, ready for their ride. Three are


straight. They are 2 1/2 seconds faster on paper than their


opponents. Pate are starting on the back straight. They must be very


surprised to find themselves in these countries. No changes to the


line-up, so New Zealand stick with Lauren Ellis, Jaime Nielsen and the


powerhouse, Alison Shanks, although she needs to be on better form than


she was yesterday. She seemed to be struggling at times. She is the


world individual pursuit champion, so you would look to her to inject


race. New Zealand have had a silver and a bronze. Alison Shanks has got


optimum aim is to stay tight on the wheel ahead. But at the moment,


they are 0.6 seconds back. A bit of a turn up. They are a very strong


team. We have seen a lot of surprises in this Olympic


competition, a lot of teams peak for the World Championships. Some


teams on the back foot have got themselves into shape. New Zealand


are starting to eat into the deficit now. New Zealand getting


their second wind and settling down. You would expect they would have


the measure of their opponents. This is a brand new event in the


Olympic Games. It took place in the world championship's first in 2000


date in Manchester, but it is worthy of a position -- in 2008.


They have wiped out the deficit. They are now 0.7 ahead. Very soon,


New Zealand will be in the same straight. The perfect scenario,


that will pull them out. They are looking to preach to the quarry


ahead. 0.5 seconds faster than qualification, so they should go


inside three minutes 20. They will want to stay in the hunt for the


bronze medal. If they possibly can. The closing 500 metres. They will


just klutz at -- catch a glimpse of their opponents. It will be the


bell this time, music to their ears. We are into the final lap of the


second heat of the first round of the women's 3000 metres team


pursuit. New Zealand beginning to turn the screw a little bit. If


they want to be the quickest, they have to beat three minutes 20. They


talking at earlier apart right in Caerphilly, and the last kilometre


or making a difference -- we were talking earlier about going


carefully. The British coach said they expected the challenge to come


from Canada and Australia, with New Zealand being a star calls. A


fantastically drilled team. The first rider moves up, so the two


riders behind have the shorter route. That is how they manage to


finish in a straight line. Zealand can sit back and keep an


eye on the time. I think that they should be in with an excellent


chance of contesting the bronze medal. Sue Park -- superb technique,


almost all in a line. They can be proud of that. They hit the line


together. We are just go to catch a glimpse of the British competitors.


They have finished their warm-up, and they will call round to the


catch area. That is Dani King. She will play a big part in this. The


next heat, on the line, the USA, started in the home straight. Sarah


Hammer, Dotsie Bausch and Jennie Reed. Sarah Hammer leading Gogh.


The strongest of the three. I think you are right. She is one of the


strongest in the whole line-up. For Australia, Annette Edmondson,


group. The USA against Australia. On paper, they have little between


them, they both posted three minutes 19. The Americans' time was


a national record, just 0.3 quicker than Australia. The Australians did


not shine too much in the previous round. The free from the United


States also had problems, they got a shout from the coach that it


would be close in the qualifying ride, and Sarah Hammer went through


so hard, she put it Jennie Reed into trouble, she lost the wheel.


They could have gone quicker if there had been moored unity.


Perhaps Sarah Hammer doing a longer term. Sarah Hammer has been four


times the world individual champion. The New Zealand ride, it is over


one second faster than their national record, so they will be


delighted with that. You cannot ask for more than personal best, and


the best place is an Olympic Games. Quite a distance between these


teams. Over one second. It is quite kilometre for Australia. You have


to be careful not to go out too fast, you can pay a price later.


But the Australians have decided they are going to take this on hard.


The Americans have stopped the damage, but they have to pull it


back in six laps. The opening kilometre or is nearly one second


faster than the world record pace set by Great Britain. The


Australians are looking to put down a marker. It will be interesting to


see what they're two kilometres split is it. Great Britain did it


in two minutes, 12.1. They are fast. Two minutes, 11.1. This is inside


the world record pace that Great Britain said yesterday. They are


backing up their qualification very well. It is an enormous amount in a


race of this distance. The United States have not given up yet. They


are just 0.7 seconds behind. They can get back on terms. A fantastic


clash. The coach in the back straight is running past the line


and asking for more from his team. It is going to go right down to the


wire. What a scrap. They are going to get the bell. It could go any


way. America will get it, I think. Which way is the pendulum


guarantees wind? Australia are digging deep, and so are America.


Sarah Hammer is bringing them home. The USA take it on the line, it was


a fantastic ride. Australia, 0.08 slaver. What a race. We talked


about Sarah Hammer, she needed to control her ability, she needed to


use it for the team. She pulled them apart yesterday. They clearly


had a team talk, she did long returns to give her team-mates more


rest on the back. That made all the difference. They did not panic when


Australia played at heart, they wrote their own race. The careful


pacing paid off. The national record for the United States of


America, quicker than the record they set in the previous round. For


Australia, their time is shy of the personal best. But it was a


fantastic scrappage that went all the way to the wire. The noise is


getting louder in the arena, the applause is resonating around. It


is for Great Britain, they have arrived on the line. The world


record holders and the world champions. They are going to do


something special, I feel. Canada said a national record in the


previous round. But the world record by Great Britain was really


impressive. Danny Kent, Laura Trott and Joanna Rowsell. It will be


Joanna Rowsell leading Gogh. Canada on the back straight. No change to


both sides. They have just seen the performances by the USA and


Australia. We already know one of the teams that will ride in the


gold medal competition. That is the USA. The winner of this clash will


meet the USA. We are away for 12 laps of the track. The last four


competitive rides by this Great Britain trio have all resulted in a


world record. Their coach has said they are pulling on a world record


schedule again, it is standard procedure now. Joanna Rowsell has


taken them up on that schedule. Canada already 0.3 seconds in


arrears. They do not settle for anything less than world titles and


world records. The crowd are lifting them around the track.


Canada or settling down as well. They are plotted. The opening


kilometre in the world record, 1:8.6. They look like a polished


unit. Laura Trott goes straight into it. They save 0.1 seconds


every time they do not change a Every time they go out they seem to


find a little bit more. Again, coach Paul Manning indicates to


them they are well up on their own schedule. Canada are holding. They


said this is where the threat was going to come from. The way this is


shaping up, Great Britain looking to win this, will race off USA for


the gold and silver. It could well be a clash between Canada and


Australia in the ride for the bronze. But look here, Canada still


going well. They are fighting, they are trying to get back on terms but


they are not going to do it because Great Britain, with the bit between


their teeth, are absolutely flying around the track. It's like


watching a tug-of-war where they hold and hold, give a bit more


crowded and hold again. I don't see them coming back here. Nearly a


second and a half in arrears now. world record. Unlike the Australian


team, I don't think they will die off towards the end of this race.


They know how to pace it. Paul Manning has now stopped talking


about the schedule. He has just indicated to them that it is time


you started calling the pace. Manning was Olympic medallist


himself at Beijing. Just get on with it, girls! 500m to go and they


really are forcing Canada on to the back foot. They are looking for a


world record. What time are they King. That's the mark of this team.


There's no egos here. The final half lap. Great Britain are going


to be the quickest. Here they are lining up. Keep an eye on the clock.


I cannot believe what I see! Every time they come onto the track they


go quicker and quicker! It's a world record! 3.14 0.682 for Great


silver medals will be between the United States of America and Great


Britain. The rider off for the bronze medal will be between Canada


There were a lot of gaps starting to form in the wheels, but they


didn't panic, they held it together. All of them in the last two laps


went to half lap turns. That did show the pace was taking its toll.


But they have the courage to complete the change my game plan.


The Great Britain trio are in the unequivocal form of their lives.


Another stellar performance by them. Just let me reiterate that comment


I made, the last five rides of the Great Britain team have all been


world records. Can they lower that Mark? I'd be very surprised. Unless


they get a catch, the team from the United States dies off in the final


and they have a slipstream to utilise, I think that really pushed


them. They knew if they wanted to go for world record they have to do


it in this round. There's only about an hour-and-a-half between


these rights. They thought it would be tighter, they train for it being


an hour's rest. I think that is probably the fastest we will see


them go, but we'll settle for a gold medal. Shattering performances


by both countries. Great Britain shattering their own world record


with that hugely impressive display. Just over a second faster than the


previous mark. Fairplay to Canada, they have once again set another


national record, taking nearly one- and-a-half seconds of their


previous mark. The track is clearly running fast tonight. The


temperature is high, the humidity is high, there are rain clouds


outside, it shows the air pressure is low. Great conditions.


Conditions perfect for records. I feel we will see something special


settle for a gold medal. That shows you how confident we are here in


the velodrome. It is Australia against Canada. That is for the


bronze medal. But Great Britain up against the USA to race for the


gold. You're watching that, Mark, and you said we learn as much from


a defeat as a victory. What went wrong for Australia? They started


off really quick. I don't know whether they were over-optimistic


and said, will put all our chips on the table, we got to go for a fast


one to qualify. Or if they just got carried away. They started quicker


than Great Britain. They were the only team to go faster than 1.08 in


the first kilometre. That enables you to set it up. You've got enough


energy for the last two kilometres but you got yourself on track.


Great Britain did 1.08 and sat on 1.03 for the rest. Whereas


Australia went out over half a second quicker than Great Britain.


They paid for it. In their last, do they were 1.05. What a ride for


Great Britain, nothing the second of the world record. We are about


to enjoy this. We now move into the men's sprints. It's quite


misleading because there are only 12 cyclists left in six heats. The


six winners will go through to the quarter-finals with the losers


battling it out in a repechage for the remaining two places. Here is


Jason Kenny representing Great Britain. He needs to beat the man


in front of him, at Oosthuizen, and the front. Jason Kenny in the


qualification this morning over the 200m time trial set the new Olympic


record of 9.7, which gives him the number one seed. This is his first


competitive outing in the competition. He is matched against


the young rider from the Republic of South Africa. He has had to win


his way back in the competition through the repechage. Thanks to


that fantastic qualifying ride of Jason Kenny, he gets what is on


paper the easiest ride. He benefits from that early work. So important


in qualifying. He was on fantastic form. 9.7 seconds is just so fast.


But he looked sharp as well. His acceleration seems to be there, we


saw it in the team sprint event. He is a Mamon form. -- is a man on


Let's not forget he's already got the gold medal from these the


Olympic Games, when he was in the team sprint that set the world


the last 200m there and still recorded a time of 10.3. Fantastic


track craft there. Look at the pace, around a curve and looking


backwards at the same time is quite something. Look at the acceleration


here when he decides, I'm going to take control. There's probably five


kilometres an hour difference there at that moment. Not allowed to come


outside that Red sprinter's line once he has start of the sprint. He


second heat. It is the three-times world sprint champion and the


current holder of the rainbow second seed in the sprint


competition. In the time-trial round this morning he posted 9.95


in a single season, but to perform like that under pressure as well,


it is certainly something special went last in the time-trial looked


to me to be head and shoulders above the rest of them. That is all


due to the changes, with one rider per country are only allowed to


compete. But it probably means there's about eight riders at home


who would have easily made it through to the closing stages, but


they are not allowed to compete now. Here they are coming up to the line,


well. He was able to leave it late, run up into the slipstream, nip


around in the penultimate bend with that great acceleration. There was


just no answer. There wasn't. He finds himself in the repechage,


just as he did after this morning's heat. He was allowed to keep his


height there as well. It's the Longo way round the track, the top,


but you can use that height to dive down and ate in the acceleration


process. It's a combination of those two things. The shape of the


track being used. They want to keep their height in the Straits and


then around the bend you will see them Job down to the bottom to get


the inside is Shane Perkins, from the repechage heat to get to this


stage. How much fatigue has it got in those thighs? Perkins is a


former keirin champion. Perkins went 9.987 to get the third seed


the Commonwealth Games in the sprint, when they were held in


Kingston, Jamaica. Beaten by Roger Gibernau of Trinidad. -- Roger


are waiting, they don't want to be taken by surprise. You can see they


ride up the track in the straight, so they can use the height of the


track to accelerate it needed. Daring the opposition to come


underneath and they will close the door. You are impressed with


Perkins. He has improved a lot. Tactically, he has come on an awful


lot. He used to be somewhat of a rough rider, but now he's just more


improvement. Obviously, Shane Perkins has got respect for the


Venezuelan. At this level, you have to treat all of your opponents with


respect. You can lose, thinking you have got an easy round. Then, you


are staring at going out of the competition. The Venezuelan is not


afraid of reputations. He is taking this on from the front. He nearly


went down. Was he outside the sprinting line? Shane Perkins


thought he was. The Venezuelan came down again. We will not call the


result of that. It is shown as the Venezuelan women do. That just goes


up automatically, the coach does not think it is a problem. Once the


sprint has started, if you are inside the line, you cannot come


out of it. If he was inside and Shane Perkins came up the inside,


that will be interesting. sprinter's line is the channel


between the deadline and the Black Lion. -- between the Red Lion and


the black line. Shane Perkins came up the inside, but it was already


occupied. You have to respect your opponent, that is quite an ever. I


am not sure he will be awarded that. I think Shane Perkins will go into


the repechage, because the Venezuelan did nothing wrong. He


was being forced off his line. I think you are bright, Shane Perkins


is at fault. You cannot force the Venezuela to surrender the front.


Meanwhile, the next week. We will notify you of any relegation of the


Venezuelan. The forepeak, between Robert Foerstemann of Germany...


Just take a look at the size of this further. Extremely powerful.


He will be riding against the rider really shop in the previous round,


amazing acceleration. He is up against the track craft of Robert


Foerstemann, an interesting match. Yes. On experience, you would


favour Robert Foerstemann. The Trinidadian won the gold medal in


the Pan American sprint this year. He has also had a gold medal in the


Central American championships in 2010. Robert Foerstemann prides


with a much higher quality of competitors. He is trying to


intimidate his opponent, he is trying to draw him in. Invite him


to go underneath it and then closing the door. A neat move.


Watch Robert Foerstemann, he has got awesome power. That is superbly


done by Philip. He is not afraid of reputations. The German has got


work today. He has got to get those powerful legs working. Can he get


on to the shoulder? Look at that, that is a scalp! A good victory! He


celebrates. Did you see anything untoward? We will have to take a


look. There was some weaving about, but we cannot at the replay. -- we


can look at the replay. Venezuelan in the previous heat has


been relegated. Shane Perkins has been declared the winner. Both play


and the same game. Robert Foerstemann started it, but his


opponent finished it. This is where we were looking. Teacher the day


being held in high. -- beach with a day being held him high. I cannot


see anything there that was to answer warder. He is showing better


form than in the world championships. Do you get the


feeling that the coach is happy?! They are exceeding expectations. He


went really well. He is happy. certainly is. Shane Perkins has


been promoted, his opponent has been relegated. That is the reverse


of the way they finished. There was nothing wrong with what you just


saw, we have two to go. I am not sure about that, I thought Shane


Perkins tried to go up the inside. I cannot see what the Venezuelan


could have done. What more is he supposed to do? If the rider tries


to go up the inside and there is, how could he be blamed? They are so


pedantic about disqualifying people in the team sprints, and I agree


with you, the Venezuelan was in the Channel, but he has been penalised.


This is the penultimate heat. Denis Dmitriev of Russia, the former


European sprint champion. He is riding against the Malaysian on the


inside. Words of encouragement from the coach to the donation. -- to


Gregory Bauge, and he is getting back to his form. If you think back


to the World Cup, 18 months ago, he crashed heavily, and he had a


splinter 18 inches long, straight through his calf. He had to go to


the hospital and have it taken out. That cost him most of the next


season, but he is coming back. can look at YouTube and see the


video. Do not do it while you are having a male! It was quite extreme.


He finished the race. Yes, that was the staggering thing, but shot


kicked him. He had to have an operation. But he is a nice Fano.


He is a crowd-pleaser, 24 years of age. For May, he is more courageous


in the keirin. He always throws his be to show some respect to Denis


Dmitriev. The door has been opened, and Dennis Dimitri of said Bankia.


-- he said thank you. Has he got the power and speed? Denis Dmitriev


wins. That was underpinned by the mistake he made coming into the


finishing straight. I noticed they were both riding around defence.


When you are believed wider, that is inviting get somebody to dive


underneath. He was not sure which side to pass. The fastest of all


the heats. 70 kilometres per hour, 70 kilometres put away the long way


Van, you would need to be 80 kilometres per hour. The malaise in


will go into the red this Welsh. -- the Malaysian will go into the


depths charge. One more heed to go. There is Jason Kenny, called as a


cucumber. He won easily, setting the Olympic record of in the time


trial this morning. He is having a talk with his coach, but he looks


pretty sharp to me. The final heat. On the outside, the American


impressed us this morning. I can tell you that, while we are


commentating, we are getting some analysis, and the judges were


correct on the previous right. Shane Perkins was first inside the


breadline. -- inside the red line. We can only talk about what we see!


What it means is that the Commonwealth Games champion from


New Delhi has got to fight his way back through the repechage. This is


competition, and a fantastic ride by him in qualifying. The best


American sprint performance for a long time. The current national


sprint and keirin champion, coached by Jamie Staff. He is learning a


lot from him. He was a World BMX champion early in his career. The


Czech Republic rider is a former BMX rider. He has been allowed to


keep his height. He can run into the slipstream. Look at the


acceleration of Watkins. That is hugely impressive. It is all over.


opportunity by the Czech Republic rider, not the sharpest rise we


have seen, just brute power, but this is the opportunity with these


Championships not here, which is a crying shame. It will not affect


the gold medal match, but the further down we go, it will


interfere with the competition, but it gives an opportunity for the


It was a big decision for British cycling, they could only choose one


sprinter. It was between Jason Kenny and Chris Hoy, and the


selectors went with Jason Kenny, he broke an Olympic record this


morning, and he just went off on his own den. He was so smooth that.


He knew what he was to ring. -- what he was doing. He just takes it


on and he rides down from the track. He is not accelerating as much as


he has to, he just keeps his speed up. He does not have to go for in


the last 50 metres. He did a super- fast time, still. He is not going


forecast, he is up for a medal. can either go cat and mouse, or you


just go for it. What does that tell you about his mind set? He is


confident, he is in great shape, he can take it on. He is not thinking


about who is on the track with him. If he takes it on, he will win.


imagine that Shane Perkins is feeling relieved, because he is


back in. We thought that the result would stand after this. Explain


this. The deadline is the sprinter's line. Once you are in it,


you cannot go in or out. The original replay did not show quite


far back, but this one, it is Perkins is already underneath the


red line. It was a difficult call. It probably would have been fine


under different circumstances. But You think the correct decision?


is debatable. It was a difficult call to make. If it was the other


way round, he would have a load of Aussies appearing in! All in all,


Jason Kenny's Olympics court Dublin today. -- it got going today.


would have been a tough call by the selectors. He was the perfect


choice to make. You've heard the gun go off, this is the points race


as far as the omnium is concerned. We will explain it later, but


pushed the red button if you would like to watch. As well as that,


we'd go for another gold medal in the Velodrome.


We will be back soon. I can tell you what is happening elsewhere. We


will pause for the news. There is plenty of sport continuing. The


mixed doubles semi-final, and the maverick and Norman Robson have won


the first set -- Andy Murray and Laura Robson. Britain taking on


China in the women's hockey. Kate Walsh is back in the team. A draw


would get Britain through to the semi-final. It has been a fantastic


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