BBC One: Women's Football: Great Britain v New Zealand Olympics

BBC One: Women's Football: Great Britain v New Zealand

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The City of London. London have won # You shine like gold in the ear of


summer # You shine like gold in the air of summer.


GABBY LOGAN: We are so close now. It's today's until the opening


ceremony Of London Olympics and this morning there torch made its


way through iconic sporting venues as Gordon Banks, one of the heroes


of 66, carried the flame down Wembley Way. But the first event of


the 2012 Olympic games happens in Cardiff and it all starts in less


than 30 minutes' time as Great Britain's women make history as the


first women's team to play in an Olympics and the first sporting


action of the 2012 Games. What a fantastic honour for Hope Powell's


team to kick of the Olympics. With me this afternoon are two of


England's most capped ladies, Faye White and Sue Smith, a regular


pundit for us in the last few seasons. England have made great


strides. Great to have both of you here. Like so many events coming up


in the next two weeks, this match It's a landmark after informing his


football in this country as Hope Powell's side play Great Britain's


first ever competitive match. They will be hoping Kelly Smith cannot


lead Great Britain in the same way she has done in countless times for


England, the record goalscorer. In their way this afternoon are a New


Zealand team who pushed England all the way in a controversial World


Cup encounter last year. A crowd of 40,000 is expected at the


Millennium Stadium this afternoon. Kick-off is just under half an


hour's time. Hope Powell spoke of the kudos of being the first and


the attention this team will garner so can they grasp this opportunity?


We have our commentary team on the ground they at the Millennium


Stadium but we can today at the Olympic Park and I don't believe it


could look any better than it does right now. It's basking in the


third degree heat and have enjoyed in the capital, and it's looking


absolutely stunning. That is our studio from the outside. The


athletics stadium with the opening ceremony is going to be is just


behind me. The Aquatics Centre is just over there. Most of the


athletes village is over their behind Sue Smith. In the distance,


the bellowed drome. You will get used to it in the next two-and-a-


half weeks, I'm sure -- the Velodrome. What an opportunity.


This is the first action of the Olympics. All eyes on Team GB. Hope


Powell has spoken about catching attention for the sport and


hopefully get a generation girls involved. Definitely, I have been


involved for 15 years at the moment like this is what we have been


waiting for. Not only for the players individually but for the


sport in general, to showcase it to the world. But also to inspire a


little girl's who we were once, who just want to play football. There


was politics about why we did not go to Beijing even though England-


qualified. They are not he does because they are Great Britain, the


host nation, but because there are world class side. How far can they


go? Really far for the without wanting to sound a to cliche, they


got to take every game at a time. That is their aim and if they can


get a good quarter-final, that will be fantastic. They have got America,


Brazil, Japan, some fantastic teams here that they have got to try and


beat, but... Unprecedented home support. 40,000. You heard the


figures for the game against Brazil was over 70,000 at Wembley.


record of 76,000, I believe, in a canter. If we could fill Wembley,


and surpass that, it would be unprecedented for a women's


football. Hopefully they would be too nervous about it and they will


use it to improve their performances. This is how the


women's tournament at the Olympics shapes up, then. The USA are


favourites. They have won at three of the four Games since women's


football has introduced in 1996. Three groups of four teams with a


top two in each group and the 8th two best third-placed teams going


to the quarter-finals. The USA will be wary of Japan who won last


year's World Cup final in Germany. Then they repeated it in March this


year. Americans have already won their final qualifying Games with


38 goals scored and none conceded. Great Britain's main rivals will be


Brazil led by five time a player of the year, Marta. After today's game


they will stay in Cardiff for the second match against Cameroon on


Saturday afternoon. With the exception of the Scottish


International's, the squad is the best ever teams are getting to know


which other, it should be quite swift. Jackie has been to see how


nerves, excitement and expectation At the Millennium Stadium in


Cardiff is used to hosting major events but has never witnessed


anything quite like this. For the first time ever, a great Britain's


women's football team embark on their quest for Olympic gold.


never felt as valued as an athlete as we have going to all the hotels,


we have received gifts, cards, you know, the football kit we got was


something I've never experienced before. It's amazing. For me, it's


a lifetime opportunity. Last summer, star player Kelly Smith and her


England team came from behind to beat New Zealand at the World Cup


and in her new autobiography she describes their opponents's rough-


house tactics as pretty dirty. was a bit rough and ready at times.


My personal opinion, the referee did not know that in the bud early


and it was allowed to go on so hopefully we will have a strong


referee this time around and we won't pick up any injuries. It will


be a tough game. They have improved a lot in the last 12 months. We


expect a tough battle. Her most famous moment so far came with


England five years ago at the World Cup in China. They did enough, in


theory, to earn a place in the 2008 Olympics before politics denied


them. It was frustrating when we qualified for reaching the quarter-


finals of the World Cup but found dead, you know, couple of days


after, we qualified for the Olympics and we were buzzing


because we never had that opportunity before. The thought of


going to Beijing and representing Great Britain was an amazing


feeling. But, you know, it was kind of taken away from us and I think


Sweden went in our place. That is in the past now. It was sad at the


time that we have moved on now. We had a great Britain team at the


Olympics, and we have got to embrace it, really, and hopefully,


we will do well and the next Olympics, in four years' time,


there will still be great Great Britain team. Two Scottish players


have added quality to an England squad for the Games. Kim Little and


Iffy Dieke are the new faces. kick it off, the Olympics, and it a


great thing to be part of, but once it starts, it could, and every big


game you always did a bit nervous but it a good thing, not a bad


thing. Once the game starts from the first few minutes, you can


settle down and after that, it should be OK. A lot of the English


girls have played in the World Cups, but for me and Iffy, its daunting


and exciting. I can't wait to get excited. I played with Kim Little


in America by and playing with her for a season, I want to be on her


team because she sees things other players don't and has very


explosive and powerful. She has a great eye for a pass, so I'm glad


she's here. She will definitely help. She will drive us forward.


the captain, it a bit special for you on Wednesday when are you lead


out of the side for the opening up the entire Olympics. No pressure on


you there. No pressure at all! No, it's an honour to walk out leading


the girls on Wednesday. For me, it will be normal, but at the same


time, it will be business when the first ball is kicked. We have to


make sure we do our jobs. Were you have lots of family and friends


there? Yes, they will be there to support and they have been sending


the tax measures to tell me how proud they are of May. That text


messages. She slipped and the captain's armband right at the


retired seamlessly and this is a similar job but this is slightly


different, I wonder what you have been getting about this experience


and have different to England? The use all their that the girls are


trying to take it all in. -- you saw on that of BT, the girls are


trying to take it all in. And mixing with the men in


Middlesbrough. I think they have been doing a few social gains and


things like that. I hear they won the quiz, which was good. Referring


back briefly to Lisa, and that particular game, the World Cup


match you were involved in last year in Germany when it New Zealand


came out of the traps with quite a lot of energy. And dynamism.


Obviously, Kelly was suggesting it was a bit of targeting in that game.


We knew that that was their strength, their fitness and how


hard and physical they are. She said that before the game but Kelly


gets a lot of attention on her because of the player she is. They


know she is a pivotal player for us but you should be used to that of I


saw her ankle after the game and it was black and blue but she carried


on in that tournament, and I'm surprised she could walk on it. She


won for rhetoric to try to protect. And make it a football game rather


than a physical game. That is what New Zealand want to do. They want


to rough up the opposition but I think Team GB can do that as well.


Don't underestimate the rain fitness. They have worked really


hard on the sports science side and I think they will give just as good


as New Zealand will. I think it will be a strong battle today.


on the specifics of team selection in a moment. The great thing about


football in the Olympics could be up to take the Games out of London


and England. The Millennium Stadium is one of six stadiums and Wales


has come out to enjoy the occasion. 40,000 fans will show their support


for Team GB this afternoon at the Millennium Stadium and then they


get a double header because Cameroon and Brazil play straight


afterwards. Jackie has been out and about getting a flavour of the


excitement. It's exciting to have a part of


that in Wales and be a part of it and see the atmosphere. I've never


been to a game before, and if the Olympics as well, so hopefully Team


GB will win. It's a dream come true to see actually England hosting the


Olympics and to be at the Olympics is fantastic. You know what Great


Britain. Great Britain, sorry. fabulous. We would not get an


opportunity to do this, so it's great it has come from this country.


A where have you come from? Birmingham. I was expecting rain


but there's no rain at all. Sunshine. We are a team at BT. --


BG. We are behind Team GB. Just With all the expectation, let's


hope they don't get the heebie- jeebies. Now, you couldn't wish for


more experienced coach to take Great Britain through this


tournament. Hope Powell has been England boss since 1998 and nine


men have held the job England manager. Team GB poses a different


challenge. First of well, you made one change to the team who played


against Sweden on Friday with Karen Carney coming in. It was nothing of


that Ellen White did wrong. Everybody has played well.


Competition for places is fierce. Probably the strongest it has ever


been. She offers more craft. The conditions are going to be hot


today, so undoubtedly there will be some changes at half-time.


Everybody has to be prepared for that but it is a squat thing. A bit


more craft from Karen Carney, a bit more final product and hopefully


she will produce today. It is sweltering out here today. How do


you think it will affect the players? Well, it is the same for


both teams, which is a blessing. I think these are conditions we are


not used to. Since we have been together, this is the hottest day


it has been in the last three days. It's got considerably hotter. We


recognise what it is and we just have to get on with it boss will


hopefully there will be enough water breaks to rehydrate the


players in between. As I said, the conditions, at half-time, there


will be changes. England came from behind to beat New Zealand and the


World Cup nastier. They were very physical in that match. They have


changed the coach since then. What I expecting from them? The a


similar style for that we've looked at them a few times already this


season and they have improved since the World Cup. They will be a tough


physical side. A large part of their game is physicality, they are


well conditioned, it will be tough and they will not let us settle on


the ball. We have to move very quickly. And make them try to chase


it. We have got to be on top of our New line is too early in England,


but as coach of Team GB are starting the entire Olympics, what


is it like? It is great, a real honour, hopefully a lot of people


will come out to support today. The atmosphere has been fantastic. The


coach arrived from the hotel to the stadium, two horses in front, that


was a bit surreal. We are embracing the Olympic spirits, we are glad to


be part of it. It was really funny, it's loaded down, it gave the fans


the opportunity to way to the fans, it was different. We are loving


every moment of it. Good luck. Apparently animals feature in the


cold rain ceremony, so maybe we are We will talk more about the New


Zealand side in a moment, but the 11 which started against Sweden on


Friday at the Riverside, just one change, Karen Carney in for Ellen


White, we will talk about that in a second, but the lady herself, Kelly


Smith, who has come through this year, CBE, a quite dramatic injury.


Their fitness was doubtful a month We desperately wanted her to get


back, she has worked ever so hard, and she is looking fit, sharp. We


watched her in the warm-up game against Sweden, she did not


complete the whole game, but it was a good 70 minutes, which is what we


needed. She can change the game, she is creative, she can score


goals. 45 goals for England, we saw an example on Friday how she will


have a shot from 40 yards out, magnificent power. She is so


confident in her own ability, even coming back from an injury, but she


gives everyone else confidence in the team as well. If you are in the


opposition changing room, if Kelly Smith is in the team, they take a


step back and the focus comes on her. She played well with Kim


Little, it looks like it could be a nice partnership. They are similar


inability on the ball, their vision, their ability to pass to other


players. I cannot wait. They have had a bit of experience playing


around Arsenal, certainly training when Kelly used to come back from


America to train with Arsenal, so they have a good understanding, but


it is about trying to get Kim Little on the ball so Kelly does


not have to drop to deeper into midfield to pick up the ball itself.


She is one of the global stars of the game. Iffy Dieke, one of two


Scottish faces in the line-up, she made a great impression at the


Riverside, she could be a great partnership at the back. I was


really impressed with her, she has come in as a Scottish player. The


majority are English, but she and Casey Stoney have formed a very


good relationship. She is a great defender, quick and very calm with


the ball, and that is what you need, calmness from the back, and that


filters through the ranks. Very briefly, can you see what Hope


Powell is thinking about Karen. she is more tricky, likely to take


players on down the wing, plus she can cut inside and link up with


Kelly and Kim. Ellen is more of a workhorse for the team. Strong


bench, anyway. Let's head to Cardiff to sample the atmosphere


inside the Millennium Stadium, where Jacqui Oatley is pitch-side


with Lucy Ward. Team GB women are opening up the entire Olympics, and


they are having to do it in the baking heat, how will that affect


the nervous? It is incredibly hard, but it will be worse than there,


and add that to the nerves, they are the first athletes of the


London Olympics, and whoever gets used to that first of the dominant


in the game. Nine English in the team, Jay Scots, no Welsh.


Little is used to playing with a lot of these players, and they are


very good, and they both start today, and it shows you how


important they are to the Team GB squad. You were with them in


Dresden when they came from behind to beat New Zealand, what are you


expecting from today? New Zealand want to win and will do anything


they can to stop Team GB's good players, and that is what happened


in Dresden, and that is what will happen today. They have put out a


really physical team. Enjoy the game. Let's remind ourselves of the


Their coach has got a very experienced squad to choose from,


13 on professional contracts. Amber Hearn score the winner when they


overcame China early in the air, which showed the kind of strides


they have been making. She spent time at Arsenal earlier in our


Yes, she was very good for us, she spent about a year before she went


to Doncaster, I think. She did she is very hard running, talk, so very


good in the air, she will be tricky, she will sit behind the front two


for New Zealand. She will be hard to pick up, and it will be Anita


Asante who will have to shoulder her. She will be the main attacking


threat. Hayley Moorwood pays for Chelsea. Yes, she has been captain,


she is not captain today, but she knows her role, has to break the


play down, past the ball out wide, and she will be very influential


for them today. Overall, a dynamic side, the New Zealand team. The


weather may sat a bit of energy, but otherwise we are expecting it


both teams are ready for that, and hopefully they have dehydrating,


because that will be very important. They have been according to their


texts dialogue! Let's get on with it, the first sporting action of


the 2012 Olympic games, let's cross to Cardiff. Lucy Ward and Guy


Mowbray are there, this is as close as you and I are going to get to


saying, led the Games begin, I will let you have the honour. Honour? It


is a word we have heard a great deal as the build-up to the Olympic


Games has intensified, and now they are here. The official opening


ceremony is still two days away, and the honour are being the first


at least to take to the biggest sporting stage of all calls to the


Women footballers of Great Britain and New Zealand. And it is an


honour for South Wales, too. London 2012 is starting in Cardiff, and we


and enjoying what we are about to say, perhaps not so perfect for the


players. They are going to have to take regular breaks to take on a


liquid. It is well above 70 degrees Fahrenheit, and it will be


considerably harder at pitch level in this great ball of a stadium. Of


course, before the action, we will stand and observe the national


# In the bonds of love we meet # Hear our voices, we entreat


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 62 seconds


# Guard Pacific's triple star # Send her victorious


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 62 seconds


people out! We will be hearing the long version throughout the Olympic


Games. You can feel the tension, you could see and hear the nerves


in the voices as those anthems were played, and this is it, this is the


culmination of an awful lot of hard today, Britain normally wear navy


blue, but all in white. New Zealand, who often wear All Whites, are


wearing a familiar New Zealand sporting colour, All Black. For


Englishman, Tony Readings. Hope Powell has been the England coach


for some time and sees it as a great honour that she has been


chosen to take charge of Great States, Kari Seitz, one of the most


experienced women officials anywhere in the world. Veronica


Perez and Marlene Duffy are helping her with the flags. The four


officials from Mexico. This is the Great Britain team making history


as the first great British team to play in the Olympics. If the Dieke


shone in a warm-up match against Sweden on Friday. Karen Carney


comes in, she is the one change, Ellen White is on the substitutes


it ramps up an extra notch. In terms of previous Olympic


experience, it is very much advantage New Zealand. Only two of


the starting line-up were not involved in Beijing four years ago,


Hannah Wilkinson scored in the World Cup in Germany last year.


Gregorius put them ahead against an England side that featured the bulk


of Team GB. Hayley Moorwood plays in Chelsea. Ria Percival is


English-born and only moved to the other side of the world in her


teens. Tony Readings move out to New Zealand in 2003, first to play


professionally for North Shore United, then to take up teaching,


and very quickly to take up a post with the New Zealand Football


Association, and he has risen up through the ranks. He took over


from fellow Englishman John Herdman only last year. You will also see


him at his Olympic Games as the ball, the Albert! That is the name


of it. Robert Ashworth from Derbyshire, one of over 12,000


suggestions from the public, Albert this heat. They will want to get it


two weeks of unmissable sporting endeavour. You may not think of


football first in the Olympics, but these players do. Women's


international football, this is even bigger than the World Cup. An


open air competition and a chance to be a gold medal Olympian at the


international football, it should not worry her too much. Lucy is


alongside me, as ever, for these big international football


occasions. New Zealand are looking dangerous. There could be a chance


early on it. The Team GB defenders combine to keep out Hannah


Wilkinson. Are they have so much experience through their team.


they do. And this is a massive occasion. I'm taking deep breaths


when I watched them sing the national anthem because it's a


nervous occasion, so they have got to get rid of those pretty quickly


because they want to start the Olympics with a victory. Hayley


Moorwood, who captained the New Zealand team at the last Olympic


Games. Iffy Dieke. Hannah Wilkinson went in there. Perhaps that the


first sign of the physical nature of New Zealand's play. That's what


Kelly player -- Kelly Smith was talking about. Yes, Hannah


Wilkinson is taller than the two Team GB centre halves, and they


will want to use that to get the Zealand. Eniola Aluko has got pace


to burn. Percival. Wilkinson, to herself the last World Cup by


scoring a 2-2 draw against Mexico to see it New Zealand's first ever


point at the finals. You get a sense that the nerves are with Team


GB, and so they should beat. They are in Wales, and New Zealand have


come to spoil the party and they will be focused on that. There is


no pressure on them at all, in their eyes. Kicks at half way. A


little touch on the Amber Hearn, which sends it to the ground. And a


yellow card straight away. Let's see what the locals make of that.


If you said that stand at three minutes, you have got to go through


with it. I suspect we will see a lot of yellow cards in this game. I


don't know whether, I don't think it is meant by a Anita Asante day


but for the rest of the game she has got to be really careful. --


Anita Asante. A Great Britain player gets her name taken first.


Riley. It is put wide of. It was an opportunity for Amber Hearn, who is


the leading goal threat in the New Zealand team. A great ball in and


she was arguing that perhaps it could be a corner to New Zealand,


but it may have come of her last. It's great for New Zealand. Good


work by ports and to defend, just enough to put her off. -- Stephanie


that time. Team GB need to relieve a little bit of pressure on the


back four. The two midfielders are feeling nervous, as they should do.


The other team are having to get through quite a bit of defending in


the early stages. Judging by what we saw in their final game, against


Sweden, at the Riverside Ground last Friday, it's the real strength


of the team. 0-0 draw against the strongly fancied Swedes. They did


really well on Friday to defend. Not so great going forward. But you


can look at that. The key thing is you keep a clean sheet in Games


like this. Purser ball. Cheers from from Kirsty Yallop. Riley again,


who was a doubt for the game last week at an ankle problem. She was


passed fit to play. An important player. Twice voted women's player


of the year. The formation using and applying it, the diamond in


midfield, is really difficult to pick up for Team GB and it's not


flexible which means players can pick the ball up between the lines


of play. Great ball from Riley. It came off Amber Hearn. It was left


to to Dieke to put it out. Amber Hearn is looking a real threat for


New Zealand. They are looking a real threat, New Zealand. Team GB


have got to be up for that. Kim not the execution of the pass.


encourages his team to pass the ball round. This system lends


itself to that. They started off very, very well. They have got the


Blackshirts on and will be the heart of the two teams. We talked


about who would adapt quickest to the heat. New Zealand, so far.


Heading towards Sarah Gregorius, who is allowed to turn and is then


stopped in their tracks by Casey Stoney. Difficulty getting the ball


away, and making sure it stays away. Hope Powell is ushering her players


forward. Back it comes with Amber Hearn. Backtracking from Jill Scott.


Now Eniola Aluko, who likes to play one way, looking forward down up


Steph Houghton. Lost the ball initially to Hayley Moorwood. This


is the strong at looking Wilkinson, trying to leave Dieke behind. Sarah


Gregorius is in the centre. Casey fortunate not to have her name


taken. The referee waved her hand over her pocket as if she is going


to do that. For the good of the game, we don't want to see many


yellow cards, particularly in the herself and she ran into that.


Nothing there. Scott. I think, already, we have seen more of the


field in midfield than the entire game against Sweden on Friday, Kim


Little. She takes the game and she's a quality player. I'm sure we


will see the best of her in the game under control. Back to Jenny


Bindon, 39 years old from the Zealand. There is hope for me yet!


Steady on. I have to take up goalkeeping first. I was going to


save. Given away. Given away cheaply. They rather got away with


it. The ball comes back from Katie anticipating what she was going to


do before making sure she took possession of the ball. Casey


Stoney, that's a good ball out to Scott. Possession is back with New


Zealand, in the form of Amber Hearn. country. Not Wales, of course, that


England, with Arsenal and Doncaster. It's a similar style of play. It's


a good game for Team GB to start with because it's a similar style


to what we would expect in this country. New Zealand are tough


competitors. Athletic, as well. Abbey Erceg. In the last World Cup,


we watched England play against New Zealand and I remember as remarking


on what a total team New Zealand were. You look at set-pieces, what


is happening, Steph Houghton is not that small but in that New Zealand


I have player after player who was 5 ft 10, by put 11, and six feet.


In the women's game, that's told, and it a distinct advantage. Karen


temperatures, that there would players to keep on running under


pressure. That would just be wasted energy. Wasted energy. They have


got a game plan they will stick to New Zealand. Picking it up there is


one of them. Good tackle from Dieke. Eniola Aluko, for her liking, she


has spent far too much time basing her own goal so far. That smell


like good ball that Kelly Smith, who has not been in the game. She


has a chance to fire one up over to Rachel Carmaine. Rebecca smith


tried to stop there, but couldn't. That is what Kelly Smith can do.


Much better for Team GB. It raises the crowd as well, and gives the


team confidence. A great first touch by a Eniola Aluko but great


defending. When Kelly Smith gets the ball, something seems to happen.


It does for England and it looks like it will fall off the Great


Britain team. Kim Little's Little. Casey Stoney not able to hit it


first time and goes around the long wait round to put it in. A great


pearl by Casey Stoney to put it in it. -- a great ball. She just


needed somebody to put themselves on the end of it. Kelly Smith could


not quite get it. Now Kim Little. Great Britain's best speller the


match by far, to some distance. In the crowd, the noise level rises.


The shot sales high and wide. That's what Team GB needed. Be


brave, seize the moment of this game thought of as soon as you get


into the New Zealand half, you can see Eniola Aluko's speed but it did


not match the quality of the build- up, but it livened the crowd and


the girls will have more confidence. She has seen it these days, good


boy, as a wide player rather than a last few years, Kelly Smith has


scored more than anybody else but the goals have been spread around


the team through midfield and attack. Yes, that is good for the


team. It creates goals as well as scoring them. Kim Little on the


ball now. Rachel Carney to the feet of Jill Scott. Cleared by a or pub.


They seem to have got over the nerves of the first few minutes,


the host nation -- cleared by a Abbey Erceg. Here is Sarah


Gregorius. A good tackle by Steph Houghton. I've got the feeling, we


will be saying that a lot as the tournament progresses. She is a


strong player. Not on her strongest side, but athletic and a defence


very well. It's a big occasion, though both sets of players,


particularly in your home country. I think that has got to play as


part in the first 50 minutes. It was always going to. Tony played


for a FC but then, when the club rose from the ashes of the former


Wimbledon. He was actually captain of the first ever competitive game.


He combined Counties Premier. That career on the other side of the


touchline for himself in New Zealand. I bet he did not know


which and then to sing. Jill Scott's long legs got on the end of


that, as the same time as Hoyle stretched for it. The referee is a


free-kick, I'm not sure, but take it. I am sitting on the fence.


was the angle of attack which she objective to, nothing wrong with


goalkeeper think and made a mistake! Nobody in the Centre for


Great Britain. Kelly Smith realised that, she was having to hang on to


it, and in the end she caught the heels of Ali Riley. That is why it


is a free kick to New Zealand. Eight great break by Team GB, I


caught the keeper would come out earlier, she was caught in two


minds. Fantastic defending, got her body in front of Kelly Smith. In


the end, she gave away a free-kick. Kelly Smith, 111 England games, 45


goals in those. The highlight of her career to date came at the


World Cup in China in 2007 when she of New Zealanders wearing the


herself, but it is better where it is now, good defending. Now they


the referee has seen that. Ria Percival was the culprit. Kim


Little is having a word about it. If the referee had not given a


yellow card, nobody would be complaining about these free kicks.


But strong challenges since have not seen the production of a yellow


card. New line one-for-three at the start of a game. -- you like one


for free. She should have kicked somebody up in the air in the first


foul count is mounting, Jill Scott that time. No surprise to see her


name taken at some point during as she would have wanted. You could


see what she was trying to do, but she will be a thorn in the side for


the centre halves of Team GB. Karen Bardsley did well, stayed on a line,


it is deflected behind, Great Britain corner. Alex Scott is so


effective when she gets a chance to burst into the opposition penalty


some people may have gone down for. She managed to get the ball across,


will be able to keep the pressure on. The referee looked like she


in favour of Team GB, give the Steph Houghton shoot from distance


of action was to palm it behind. I do not know whether it was on


target, but the goalkeeper did not want to take any chances at will.


Well, Steph Houghton, one of the best strikers of the ball in this


Watt. I am not sure, that might have sneaked in, that is good


goalkeeping. Good pressure by Team Eniola Aluko. Looking for an


opportunity to throw it in with the Bindon, cleared by Rebecca Smith.


She was on the floor, and she got up quickly to parry the shot from


Eniola Aluko, which was hit pretty pressure, you have got to hit that


for some time, an American by birth, from Illinois, but she married a


Kiwi, her husband Grant used to be the captain of the New Zealand


volleyball team. Tall children, -- crosses. She is happy to let


little bit in the last 10 minutes or so. It has been great to watch


in terms of the momentum blowing to each team, and the team under


pressure looks nervous, whether it is New Zealand or Team GB. Whoever


is on top, they can make simple attempt to win the ball back.


is a big girl, difficult to get Anita Asante has got to watch their


step. She brushed into the back of Hayley Moorwood. A player like that,


she feels a touch on outback, an absolute sharp! You do not know


what the referee is going to do. She has got to be careful. The last


thing that Team GB want is to be playing with 10 players in this


she was sent off against England in 2008. She was captain of the New


looking to aggravate Anita Asante a little bit, because he can do


things to players who are on yellow cards to try to provoke more


reaction. But she is cool, calm and collected, Anita Asante. She will


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 62 seconds


get wound up, but she needs to be end, she was just making sure it


went right the way across the face. It was not likely to reach Eniola


Aluko. The keeper got a touch. Good play from Kelly Smith. To get into


that position, you think you're just in front of goal and you may


score, not good enough there. Excellent running by Alex Scott.


Much has been made, Lucy, of how British players would react to


playing in front of crowds is big on their home turf, but it is worth


remembering that most have played at the last couple of World Cups,


European Championships. They have experienced the crowds. The Chinese


crowd was so loud that it was unbelievable, so these girls are


used to it. They need to harness the nose and the energy from the


ground and bring it into the game. They will start to do that once the


initial bid is over and they do what they do naturally. The crowd


has been getting behind the home team. There will be some


disappointment that there are no Welsh players involved,


particularly in midfield and the striker who will be aggrieved that


they did not make the cut. Hope Powell made it clear that she was


picking face election regardless of the country's, it was all down to


ability. -- a selection regardless weekend as women's player of the


year for 2011. That is obviously a real honour for her, she has read


her country very well, a strong, physical centre half. Another one


born in the US, California. Player of the year for 2011. They were on


started. We have not had the first goal of the women's football


tournament yet. It has been a very decent watch. New Zealand started


the brighter of the two teams, but Great Britain have got themselves


back into it and arguably threatened that little bit more.


They have had the more obvious chances, nothing clear cut but New


Zealand look threatening going forward, and that is key for the


defenders of Team GB. Here is Smith, who liked the build up,


though. Similar to Friday, the way you play with Kelly Smith, you get


it in front of her, get it to her feet. Running on two balls like


that does not really suit hair game. 33 now, and increasingly we have


seen her play in the Kim Little role behind the main striker, but


now back to being the main striker for what may be her international


swansong. She has been a terrific player over the years, but Kim


Little has been very effective, and now we need Kelly further forward,


but you have got to give her the 22, Abbey Erceg. That's ridiculous.


That's like playing every week. It's a good experience, though.


did not deceive Dieke. Clever play. A little header by Casey Stoney.


Good build up. She had to let it through her legs but a little


harder by Casey's donor. Thank for the goalkeeper came out, I'm sure.


New Zealand have come so far, having taken over from Australia as


the leading team from that part of the world, Australia playing the


Asian section of international competitions, they beat the USA in


Dallas in February. It was Tony Readings first game in charge.


There is always a story, isn't there? To get that close to the USA,


they were favourites for this Olympic tournament. It's pretty


good and shows how far they have have got to move the ball quicker


in the final third. She was surrounded by New Zealand defenders


and did not know what to do next. Kelly Smith needs to put the ball


in the box because there were players there who will score.


problem for stage just -- a problem there for Sarah Gregorius. All six


foot one of her. You get the feeling she is frustrated but other


players in the team are not on her level. Yes, she wanted the ball


earlier. Good play by the New Zealand back four. She needed that


ball earlier. And then did not expected when it came to her.


leader. She moved to Germany after impressing after the World Cup in


Germany a year ago. A great name, as well. Here is Abbey Erceg.


Straight into Anita Asante. Kim Little helped it on that for Eniola


Aluko. Smith waits in the centre. This is off the post. The closest


we have come. Anita Asante, nearly made history. He should decide


quickly what is going to do. Just get the post of. Everybody here


thought it was going to go in. She ended up with a clear header, Anita


Asante. A little kiss for the post. Thank you very much. She scored one


goal in 50 by Games for England and became over seven years ago. Yes,


but her name was in lights there. -- -- he scored one goal in 55


Games for England. I don't think she will get a better chance than


that. She won't. She did well. She got it towards goal and that's what


you can expect. Just a little bit keep it. She did really well.


that has given Eniola Aluko a buzz as well. When she gets going, she's


very difficult to catch. She has added a few extra % to a game today.


The Olympics has arrived. She was trying to arrive with it. That is a


peach of a pass. Alex Scott. Jill work the corner and she has got it.


Yes, nothing Scott could do. But she has got something on it. And


that's positive. Heroine of the hour for England against New


Zealand in the World Cup last year. position in this one for Team GB.


In the six-yard box. Kelly Smith's contested. A great little ball into


the near post. But Steph Houghton is a good header of the ball. Let's


Anita Asante. She has had a better one. That one, really should have


been taken. She tried to get it. Tried to change the direction of


the ball then but all she needed to do was to get her head firmly on it.


Oh, just over the bar. Would you believe it? Two golden chances for


Great Britain and they have fallen to the same player, a player who


scores only in a blue moon. She got herself on to it but look at it.


Casey Stoney was going through the motions. I think Anita Asante had


every right to go for it. Yes, you don't wait for somebody else, just


in case they don't. Good effort. ball had a bit of check on it. It


was nice for her. You can't beat Casey Stoney for skill. The captain


is a little bit too wily to be Riley. Here is Smith. All the way


stuff there. Alex Scott inside. She shoots and only just Mrs! Across


the face of goal again. Great Britain coming close again. It's a


good club their all into Alex Scott but I don't know whether she should


have trusted her left foot and had a go. It was always moving away


from goal, the ball. She will never school a better goal than the one


she is good for Arsenal in the UEFA Cup final against Sweden a few


years ago. Dig that run out on the internet if you can have. She has


got a good left foot, as well, which is why I am so surprised she


Scottish players have a fit in with this largely England side


representing Team GB, seamlessly. Yes, they are good quality players.


Jill Scott is starting to get involved a little bit more. Back


got to make the most of this. just thinking that now is the time


to score because the momentum it will shift back to New Zealand at


some point are doing this game but when you're on top, you have to get


this important goal. Reilly was unlucky to slice the ball behind. A


corner has already been taken. Alex Scott, another good shot. It is


Anita Asante again have. She could have had a hat-trick. She has not


got anything. I can see her there, as the ball came across, she was


determined to get on the end of it, but did not get the right


connection. She headed the ball into the direction she was facing.


She is smiling. She will take an awful lot of ribbing at half-time.


Yes, she's never usually in opposition but she has agreed


chances. She's played centre-back for so much of her career. She has


played in midfield for England before and four club sides, playing


in cerise and -- in Sweden with the Gothenburg team. Andy Riley. She


They are all very well set-up and well run leagues. These girls


appear a lot on the world stage. They are wanted by the best leagues


in the world. It's a shame about the USA league but it has been


positive there the other leagues in play. There is extra confidence


about it as the game has gone on. Yes, a lot more energy. Karen


Carney has got involved more. Kim Little is making those runs from


midfield. It's great for them to hear the support of the crowd.


Eyebrows were raised that the game is in Wales and has not won Welsh


player in the squad, but many have travelled here and locals have come


as well. We saw the queues added ticket office when we arrived and


the interest is here, all right, real excitement. Jenny Bindon held


on well. New Zealand will be very, very happy to going to half-time


goalless. Yes, they started of the better of the two teams but Team GB


have got a lot stronger and if they go in at half-time having not


scored, a lot of disappointment there. You have got to take your


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 62 seconds


draws the free kick. A yellow card for the New Zealand striker. I


think it's rather harsh. It is harsh. Dieke was earned an


excellent position. Casey Stoney went in for the ball, waiting for


it. Yes, it was a foul, but there was nothing there, really. She was


just frustrated she get the ball go. You have got to be allowed to


Rebecca who had to take that course of action. Anita Asante scored a


rare goal last Tuesday against Colombia. New Zealand played two


Games in Switzerland as part of their preparations balls of they


lost to Canada but big the Colombian's. -- but they beat the


A lot of ideas going are far side. She did not really have anyone to


recycle the ball with and get it the end of the first half. New


Zealand will be happy for that to and Karen Bardsley got into a mess


When it came back, she had delayed too long. It looked as though she


was taking everybody on. Great play down the left-hand side, but just


as the keeper went, she could have way wide, and that will about do it


for the first half. All the good chances have gone to the British


side. Anita Asante has had three opportunities, hitting the post


with one. And Kim Little may be just taking the wrong option when


her big moment came. Your thoughts. I think it was a good half, it


ended well for Team GB, but a couple of chances got away. Anita


Asante will not let that worry her, she is not a sort of player, but


she has come the closest to any player of scoring in this opening


match of the London 2012 Olympic Indeed she has, and her hair which


gait the post was just one of many She kisses the post, the key venue


she got away with that a few times. We'll have a look at those chances.


Your overall impression of the first half and Great Britain or's


start to the Olympic Games. thought we were quite nervous and


if anything New Zealand had more possession and were in our half a


lot more, but as the game has gone on, and as we have had a few


chances, the players have relaxed and started finding each other's


feet in their passing, and also it gives confidence, and they are


going on to make more chances. got the sense of the occasion all


the sudden when you saw Kelly Smith, a veteran for England, a record


goalscorer, the power of the emotion of the day taking over.


think that just epitomises what it means to all the players. Obviously,


Kelly has been through a lot to get here, through injury and everything,


and it shows what it means to the players. Perhaps it did overwhelm.


I think it showed in the first 10 or 15 minutes, but they grew into


it, the confident starter to get better, we started to create


chances and started looking dangerous. We will look at his


header in many ways, a sad day got a booking early on, and we thought


about the tetchiness of the encounter in the World Cup. --


Anita Asante. Perhaps the referee was marking her card early on,


telling her the behaviour she expects. Probably so, she may be


nervous herself, but I think it was quite harsh, and New Zealand have


made a couple of challenges which have gone unpunished. It does not


seem to be that kind of game, so it has settled and become more about


the play, rather than the challenges. Anita Asante, let's


have a look at some of the many chances that have fallen to her.


Eni Aluko's good work has been consistent and led to the first


three great opportunities. She has given Percival a torrid time in the


first half, an experienced defender, who plays for Frankfurt and has 60


odd caps. It is good that she is up in these positions. I think


everyone knows that she is not well known for her heading ability, but


she is getting herself into positions, and that is positive,


something she can work on. It is a nice run. She attacks the ball


really, really well. It is unfortunate. Jenny Bindon may be


there for the taking, some dubious decision-making. I do not think she


has been very commanding, she has sat back a little bit and allowed


Team GB to get there before she does not look as confident as she


so. A She is not a massive, imposing keeper, so you can see


that they're trying to put pressure on her, tall players to cause


problems, because she is not that imposing. The pressure mounted on a


from Team GB as the half went on. Aluko created that first had a


opportunity, and she had a good chance. Yeah, Eni Aluko has been


the player of the half for mane. Both full-backs have done well, but


she got herself in a good position, she has got four off by New Zealand


players to beat, there was nowhere for her to put the ball, but she


has had a fantastic car and has to take a lot of positives from that.


That is what you want from a striker, for it to drop down and


for her quickly to get the power behind it and put it on target, but


obviously bodies were in the way. Steph Houghton getting at there as


well. Yes, she had a free kick, good technique and the dead ball. I


do not know if it was going to go in, may be hit the post, but the


keeper had to make sure. She can certainly strike them from that


distance, it is a good effort. can just see it turning onto the


post, it was a good effort, and that is what she has got, that


ability to do free kicks like that. It fell to Alex Scott nicely, and


Guy Mowbray suggested she should have attempted this with her left


foot, but to both SEN no, she did the right thing, the left foot is


not an option for her. She has admitted that herself. All first


half, she has got thought a lot, and there is a lot of space down


the wing, and she is a player that Froggatt fought a lot more than


staff, because she is more comfortable on the right foot. --


that will get forward. You never know what can come from that, like


Lucy said, it was drifting away from the goal. Because New Zealand


are plain that diamond formation in the middle, there is a lot of space


out wide. Aluko getting just before half-time and plays Kim Little a


lovely ball, the timing would have been perfect. Absolutely perfect,


just before half-time, we were screaming for them to score. She


has caused personal all sorts of trouble, a nice ball behind, and we


were surprised she did not go for that herself. You watch her week in,


week out for Arsenal, and she would have taken that. She was a little


bit unselfish. You can see the keeper and making her mind up early,


and Kim would normally show that you are going to go that way and


maybe think it over. But I am a centre-half! Dieke looked so


comfortable, slotting right in there against the Sweden on Friday,


and she has had some stellar moments. She has looked really


strong, composed with the ball in possession, and I have got the


impression from speaking to some of the girls that she gives them


confidence and is very assured. She is very quick, and that is her main


asset, that she can cover the ground quickly and get her body in


the way. But here, she has been very impressive, she has fitted


into that spot very well. She always seems to be around tidying-


up, and she has found AGB player every time. Confidence is growing,


you can see the goal coming. I do, Hope Powell must be sane, take


confidence from that, you have create chances, you just need to


score. It is important that we take the chances. I am sure she will say,


it is positive, but I am not happy, we should be up, because those


chances do not come around. You have to take your chances at this


level. Tomorrow it is the turn of Stuart Pearce's men, who had a


sobering experience at the Riverside when a very young Brazil


side came into town. Integrating 18 men who have never played before


with varying degrees of international experience has been a


tough but exciting challenge. Garth Crooks has been inside the camp as


they head into their opener against Team GB faced a tough beginning at


Middlesbrough in their only pre- tournament friendly. It ended in


defeat, but there were positives. Stuart Pearce believes his side


will benefit from facing the team he sees as the best in the


competition. In all honesty, whoever beats Brazil in this


tournament and finishes above them will have a gold medal around their


neck. But football is football, the next time we get the opportunity to


play them hopefully will be the semi-final at the earliest, or the


final, if we are good enough to get heir. We will be better prepared.


The coach now has the luxury of a fully fit squad to choose from and


their captain making his competitive Great Britain debut in


familiar surroundings. Yeah, it estrange, going onto the pitch not


as the United player, playing in front of United players. It is


different, but a challenge am looking forward to. I am really


enjoying it. First and foremost, going to be training camp,


preparing in a different way than you would with your club. I cannot


wait for the tournament to start. There will be a few that will come


out of his better players, and it might serve England well, I am not


sure, but I hope both countries come out of it with a legacy of


better players. I think all 18 individuals build benefit from


being here for two and a half weeks, they have worked with us and beyond


that into the tournament. Senegal in Manchester, a tough


opening test for this embryonic side. The first men's Olympic team


to represent Great Britain since 1960 is very much a leap into the


unknown. How they will fare depends on how they perform at the Theatre


of dreams tomorrow night. We have seen a lot of Senegal, I was


fortunate enough to go to their final play-off game and saw them


qualify to get here, and lo and behold the next day they were in


our group. They are a big site, very athletic, can counter-attack


very quickly at you. But we feel as though we have got and if to give


them a good game. Obviously, we need to start well, but if you're


going to do well in a tournament, you need to get better with each


game. I only ever prepare 18 to win, nothing less. So we are prepared,


ready for action, and now are we going to be good enough to get out


of the groove, to go beyond that? I am not sure, but I think we will


grow as a group together, and I think the country will grow behind


us as well, so I am looking forward to it. You have to hit the ground


running in at first game, and from there you take it on the chin as it


comes. Gary Lineker, Alan Hansen and Robbie Savage will be here


tomorrow at 7 o'clock with an hour's build-up to the kick-off at


Old Trafford. Some other Olympic news now, and we are come to hear


from Charles van Commenee, who has been talking to Joe was there that


the controversy surrounding Phillips Idowu's injury. If I said


Phillips Idowu te right now, what would your reaction be? Well, it is


not something to laugh about, in fact. He is not here. I wish he was


here. Because I think this is the best place to prepare. His coach is


here, our best medical team is here, and all the athletes are here, so


slightly frustrated with that. At the same time, I feel sympathy as


well, because he is not in the greatest place from which to have


the most important moment in his athletic life. And you never wished


that to any athlete, certainly not an athlete who is one of our big


names in his own town. Just as you say, Charles, this is where the


preparation can is, this is part of your meticulous training, and there


are good reasons for you to be here with your elite athletes. It seems


strange that he will not come. Is there a breakdown in trust or


something? Yes, obviously! Otherwise he would have been here.


Yeah, but you know, that is a one- way thing. But it is his decision.


I have basically one sanction, I could withdraw his entry to the


Games. Obviously, are not going to do that, because I do not want to


take that away from him, nor from the crowd, and if things work out


for him, it could still be a great moment for the Olympics and for


himself. Right now, do you expect him to be competing in the


Olympics? I do not expect anything. I have no details about his


physical state since one week. is a very difficult position for


you to being as the head coach, to not know. Yeah, obviously, it is


not right, but there's very little that I can do about it. I can, I


can decide, you are not welcome! But I do not think that is the


right thing to do this year, in this particular time so close to


the Games. It is his choice, and we will see whether it is the right


Earlier we showed you Gordon Banks of the Olympic flame at Wembley.


The torch relay is a subject of a very emotive special programme


tonight. Incredible. I know what the Queen feels like now. Wonderful.


Marvellous. I'm out of breath. I've We are British and will come out in


whatever the weather. What makes it special is people getting behind it.


Just mind-blowing. I loved it. Britain's Olympic torch story


recapture some other memorable moments from the torches 70 day


journey across the country and tells the inspirational stories of


the people who have carried it up. That is tonight, BBC One at 7:30pm.


The second half in Cardiff is about to happen but it's not the only


event under way. Last year's World Cup finalists are just about the


kick-off, Japan entertaining Canada in Coventry. And the USA hosting


France in Hampden Park. They are on the BBC's Board website and the red


button. A promising ended the first half for Team GB. That's the way we


want them to play going forward. Sniffing out any opportunities.


they got to continue with that momentum. They didn't want the


half-time whistle to blow because they were gradually getting better


and better and they just need a goal and I think that will settle


them down. We don't want to start looking for permutations. Brazil is


the final group game. You want to pick up some points before then.


The opening game you want to win it. You want a cushion so you can be


more relaxed in the second game. At the end of the first up, they will


be aggrieved we're did not get a few goals already. It's vitally


important because we know we can beat New Zealand. It's a massive


stage for so anything can happen. We are good enough and we have to


take these opportunities and go forward. So we don't have to chase


a result against Brazil. Ahead of the match, there were a lot of


people outside the stadium who could not get in because a very


tight security. I did know it is it fill up a bit. A word of warning


for you if you are tickets, to get there in time and soak up the


atmosphere. This is a double header because Cameroon and Brazil play


afterwards so a very special afternoon of football in Cardiff.


It shouldn't be a problem for the England team, certainly, who have


played against teams at a World Cups and world championships.


they are used to it to these kinds of occasions. You block things out


and focus on of football and what you have to do as a team, so that's


what I think they will be doing. There's more cheering when you are


attacking mouthfuls of in Germany last year against France, there


were boos and hisses. When you are in it, you tend not to hear the cry


because you are so focused. noticed as well, a shadow on the


pitch has developed somewhat. There is only a ten-metre strip which is


now basking in the sunlight. Let's get on with the second half and


over which was richly deserved and hopefully the players made the most


of it. I can't stress to you how warm it is, particularly at pitch-


side in Cardiff this early evening. Great Britain make the first change


at the start of the second half. worked really hard and played


really well in the first 45 minutes. We will try to discover for you


whether it was a tactical or Kim Little was a feeling the effects of


the heat or picks up an injury. Ellen White is on it. She can play


wide, or through the middle as a striker. I think that is where she


would go up. The main striker, the number 9, Kelly Smith perhaps


dropping in behind her. In her number 10 role. This Great Britain


team, there's quite a few permutations available for the


coach, Hope Powell. Despite withstanding a battering in the


first half, he has decided to entrust the second half to the same


group of players is kicked off things an hour ago. Ellen White is


more of a natural number 9 than Kelly Smith is. I think we will see


the ball going to her feet a lot more. And she will pass the ball


more to Eniola Aluko and Kelly Smith. She has not got the throw-in


she is cheekily suggesting she should have got. Ali Riley can't


believe she even had the cheek to ask for it. Alex Scott. Sliced it


out of play by Katie Hoyle. looks like Hope Powell has gone for


two up front, and it will be different, a little bit deeper for


Kelly Smith to cope with that diamond of a New Zealanders. It was


working in the first half. I wonder if anything is wrong Kim Little or


just want to put a big centre- forward up. Before the match, she


said he was always going to make a change in these conditions at half-


time. Iffy Dieke as a bugle to express to Karen Bartlett as to why


she was left to do that herself. the chance to threaten in the first


half. Great Britain had seven chances. And they had chances for


most of them. New Zealand, as we pointed out, have height in their


team. The delivery is cleared by a the ball but the whistle has


already gone. A free kick for New Zealand. What Kelly Smith was


trying to do is stop the ball going past her. It didn't touch a player


but the referee saw the intent. Now New Zealand have a free kick in a


typical position for Team GB but a good position for them. The club


great position for the Football Ferns. She was trying to block but


at Ford of movement in football these days is not deemed acceptable.


looking to tee up to Amber Hearn to about it. It didn't look like she


was expecting it up. Well wide in the end. Another good striker of


the ball. You have got to put them on target if you worry forward.


have you ever come up against Amber Hearn in England? I think I did at


one point. She is big and physical. their of Hannah Wilkinson. She was


yellow-carded for a similar offence in the first half. Really


disappointing if you get sent off in this game. It's not a game for


sending off. There's not particularly been that many tackles


to warranty yellow-card which have happened. Hayley Moorwood. She


knows most of the Great Britain where could she go? Doncaster?


Birmingham. The possibly. Your Great Britain, 0. New Zealand, zero.


The opening game of the women's tournament of London 2012, the


Olympic Games have started. The excitement has risen steadily,


hasn't it? A it's great. excited. I can't imagine what it's


like to play for the it must be unbelievable. Are they have settled


into his first game. They will to play Brazil on Saturday in a


double-header. Great Britain face Brazil next Tuesday as Brazil


and was having to look an awful lot backwards to find it. She needs it


team mates with her. She is similar to Ellen White, the way she plays.


Casey Stoney stood up very, very well, but you have got to have won


a good team mates up there. It is hot down there. It is still


stifling. The stadium, as magnificent as this, it is a heat


goalkeeper missed it. It did not miss the far post by much. It is a


great bosom corner. Having a right footer on his left back, Steph


Houghton, it would have gone straight in. Abbey Erceg got her


corner. Abbey Erceg again in the thick of it for New Zealand. It did


look ball to hand. It's difficult for the referee to make a decision


where they left off in the first. Pressure on New Zealand. I think


one of the messages from a Hope Powell is to push the game on 15


yards, so they put New Zealand under pressure and it looks like


they have done that. They have kept Just think, as a team, Lucy, the


Great Britain team we saw on Friday, OK, it was a warm-up match against


Sweden, but I think every member of the team has performed better than


me on Friday. They have risen to the occasion. A number of factors.


You do not want it injured before a big tournament and but always in


the minds of players. Power experience has given an extra 50%.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 62 seconds


get the ball away from Jill Scott. Great covering by Steph Houghton.


You can see what she was trying to do, slipping the ball in and she


Great Britain turning their dominance into goals, will start to


test a few nerves? I don't just mean in the crowd! I think it will.


He wants to win comfortably so that you do not get nervous. At 0-0,


you'll see what happened at the start up the game, a few misplaced


passes. That so we get a goal New Zealand from their final third,


a shot like that, but still by Riley, importantly for New


Zealand. -- Block. The ball sat up nicely for Alex Scott, but that is


great covering by the full-back. They are defending very, very well,


New Zealand. If you are going to keep a clean sheet, you have got to


be compact, and then back four is very compact. Credit to the coach


and the back-up staff, because they do not really have to defend much


to trouble Bardsley in the Great Britain goal. That is something to


think about, it is the reason that Australia left the OSE, with the


greatest respect to some of the smaller nations in that part of the


world, they only have to play two games to qualify for the Olympics,


they beat Papua New Guinea 7-0, which does not prepare you for the


likes of USA and Brazil. playing at a high-level oil clung


does prepare you, so you have just got to draw on that experience as


well. -- for your club. The full- backs always attacking, and they


could be missed because of the way they play the diamond in midfield,


but they have played so far in this game. -- a risk. Boss-eyed, she has


only just found out about it. -- offside. Only four of the starting


line-up do not play in Europe, and one of those... In fact, only three


of them, one who plays for Chelsea has gone off and made way for Betsy


Hassett, who was expected to start. She plays in America where she is a


student at the University of California Berkeley. A nice bit of


sun cream on her cheeks as well, she is the palest of the pale.


Zealand schools snowboarding Champion, where the weather is a


bit different. But in California in trying to win the ball back. --


filed. The last thing that some of these forward players want is the


ball that far in front have them in Ms heat. The Sun has moved off the


Blatter has come to lend his support. Support for the women's


game has grown from him, after some rather misguided comments a few


years ago. He was in attendance at the last World Cup in Germany and


the European Championships in Finland in 2009. I think he has got


time. Katie Hoyle read the danger. Quite a few players have slipped, I


do not know whether they have watered the pitch a lot because of


the recent hot weather. Quite a few of the players have slipped,


she decided she was going to go for it and she was firm in their


a regular game in the England team. Ellen White is going to do it all


by herself. She was through for Great Britain but not finding the


target, brilliant New Zealand defending, they came back with pace,


and it was Ali Riley who kept it 0- 0. Great ball by Kelly Smith, just


deciding when to pull the trigger, and it was a little bit too late,


but what grates defending. When you have got a full-back as quick as


it is a Great Britain free-kick. Now is the time to score, wouldn't


you say? Such is the confidence here, near it -- never mind Kelly


Smith, Steph Houghton has come across to grab the ball and tee it


up. I think seniority will win in this one, but you never will stop


she had one effort in the first half from a little bit further out


wall does not start to encroach, also keeping a check on the Great


Britain players in the midst of Steph Houghton scores, Great


Britain have the lead, and Steph Houghton has the honour of scoring


the first ever goal for Great Britain's women's international


team at an Olympic Games! Team GB 1, New Zealand 0. Brilliant, brilliant,


so pleased for Steph Houghton, hard and low right in the corner, she


can't half strike a ball, and she got what she deserved, straight


through the gap that Casey Stoney left and into the corner. Accurate


with a bit of pace as well, fantastic! She just did enough. It


curled away from Jenny Bindon, the wall did its job, the TV players in


their job. Now we are on for a game, because New Zealand have got to


take a few more risks. They were defending beautifully, a cheek


free-kick conceded by Amber Hearn has cost them. What will that do to


for Great Britain. -- Houghton. A sneak peek at herself on the big


screen, she will be shattered from the celebration never mind anything


else. Just keep your heads at the back, Team GB, because New Zealand


have got to go for it. This is Jill Scott, hence it away. The shop


is closed down as soon as it left the boot of Hassett. New Zealand


corner again. Team GB have got to be committed to getting bodies are


malign and stopping shots like that. Zealand to get a point from this.


Tony Readings is a confident coach, he said he was confident of making


the last date, that will still be is a now, but their next game is


against Brazil. You cannot afford to have no points from two games by


the time they face Cameroon in their last game. Kelly Smith


offside, New Zealand not out of this yet. No, they are not, they


are a good team. GB needs to soak up the pressure. Just to remind you,


I did say it was time for a goal just before that free-kick.


former team-mate of hills at Leeds, Steph Houghton got it. So pleased


for at, coming on, playing on this stage, scoring the first goal is


perfectly. -- parsley. That is brave goalkeeping, she was


stretched in his heat. From what I have seen in his game so far, we


have watched England in several tournaments together, this site is


coming together as Team GB with the addition of Kim Little and Iffy


Dieke the, the experience that the England players have gained from


World Cups, it looks to have come on another level, when they are


playing like this. Those two players fit in, Dieke is just solid


at the back, giving Kelly Smith an arrest, I think. I cannot think


that is a surprise. I think one How was the target, and she has gone


more than the owl. Rachel Yankey, just the 118 England games has come


on to replace her England -- will be looking to see and make


those runs forward. Karen Carney has come into the middle to fill


the role that Kelly Smith was in. Karen Carney is a clever player,


lots of energy, she will be pleased that she is in that role now.


anything, she was just a little frozen out of the game at times,


out wide. You play your part, if you get a place in this team, you


play wherever, but we will see the better of her now for the remainder


of this game. What are we going to save from New Zealand? Fighting


there, the pace -- the pass was not among the New Zealand substitutes.


He has got to go for it, to try to Olympic goal in Beijing, a 2-2 draw


against Japan. That's not going to bother Karen Bartlett. -- Karen


in a group with Japan four years As far more important than the


World Cup finals. Yes, I follow them on to it up. It's all going


for goal, step into gold. -- I What a chance to miss spurned a!


Sarah Gregorius had the moment are to draw New Zealand level and throw


the cat amongst the pigeons. That chance was presented to her and you


have got to beat the goalkeeper. She tried to place it in the corner


but well done Karen Bardsley. The occasion may have just got to her


but you have got to take your opportunity. Anita Asante, like in


the first up, she went get a better chance. I bet she dreams about that


tonight. -- she won't get a better chance. It should have been 1-1.


Sarah Gregorius has scored against England at the World Cup last year.


She does not score against Great Britain in the Olympic Games. Not


though. Showing strength, showing deal to do, certainly in the first


half, but has looked very, very solid in the second. She's a very


important figure, one-on-one, going towards the keeper. I fancy her


chances but you would be gutted if you were sent afford and missed


that. -- it Euros centre-forward and missed that. She moved to


Sweden recently. There is a few in corner. Are the Europeans generally


catching up with the USA? I think so, yes, because a lot of them have


had experience of playing their at that level and, athletically, they


are now just as good. Technically, the Europeans are very technical.


They are not far and away better now, the USA. Rachel Yankey spent


her time playing professionally in the United States. Having the, 14 B


g. -- Team GB. It -- having the will be a New Zealand substitution


now. Annalie Longo is coming on, I think, for Kirsty Yallop. She


played at the World Cup in at 2007 when she was only 16. She is


competing the set here. Jackie met their parents outside and they were


so proud of her. I think you can hear them. There is a ripple of New


Zealand applause. She's played under 17, and 20, and other senior


World Cup and Olympic Games. That is what you dream of when you are


kicking your ball in the backyard. She still only young as well. What


an achievement. Still only 21 and this is the 45th time she has


played for a country. Little more than 15 and a half when she paid


for China. Ali Riley certainly will not give this up for New Zealand


with her head off. 15 minutes to go. kick for Team GB. As the tempo


slows in the game, New Zealand are looking for Team GB to make


mistakes. They have got to be firm, Team GB, keeps the ball, and its


use the players have just come on like Rachel Yankey with her pace.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 62 seconds


Hannah Wilkinson to come back to see a free kick given against her.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 62 seconds


New Zealand get on with it quickly, her left hand. The referee blows.


Rachel Yankey thought he was referee before that. She fell on to


the ball. I sense a little bit of momentum has shifted in New


Zealand's way. They have got to go for it. They've got to try to save


could to make sure those long legs stayed down. New Zealand get a


throw-in. The ball is spending an increasing amount of time in the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 62 seconds


possession and use the and have enjoyed. It will come to an end now.


-- this is the longest spell of possession in New Zealand have


enjoyed. It will come to an end now. She will keep it for as long as she


does. She has just had a hurry up Britain. I thought there was going


to be another change for a moment. The referee is calling a halt. I


think she thought that was going to be one as well that nobody is ready


on the touchline. Asking questions of the New Zealand bench. It's a


balancing act for Team GB. The second goal could kill this game.


If they press forward too far, they could risk conceding. Further out


for Steph Houghton, this. Casey Stoney. It has gone. Casey Stoney


is extremely strong in the air. But just didn't quite reach her. Amber


no great hurry now. She's only just come on, as well. That's how hot it


is. Scott, looking to be in prime position here. Rachel Yankey's


corner. Eniola Aluko, to keep the attack going. It's a good cross and


it is behind four another corner. It came off a New Zealand player.


great bear in by Eniola Aluko. An attacking header -- a great ball in


by Eniola Aluko. Jill Scott was on the end of it in the end of.


puffed out her cheeks. Well- defended. It could have been worse


for her. Rachel Yankey's corner. Eniola Aluko not able to jump for


it. It just comes off her and goes behind. You are right about the


balancing act for the British side now. Yes, they would love to get a


second goal. If they have to grind out a 1-0, I'm sure they will. They


has noticeably dipped, and that's burst of energy from substitute


of the match by some way. She's a great game. Defended well.


Athletically, she's done extremely well and she scored a goal. The key


moment of this game so far. Free kick, right-footed, curling through


the wall. Just on the corner of it. And fired away from Jenny Bindon


into the corner. 1-0. New Zealand are running out of time and


opportunities to equalise now. One huge one from Sarah Gregorius but


it went straight to the goalkeeper. He is managing to stay cheerful


about at all, though. Great scenes around the place, around the


stadium and in the stadium. People are getting into the spirit of the


Olympics. A big, big day for the top by Karen Barnsley. A great try


by Amber Hearn. She's had the two of the game, particularly in the


second half. She knew at some point, someone was going to unleash it.


That would have gone in. Good goalkeeping. Determined to keep


this clean sheet. Guaranteed the point. Amber Hearn coming as close


deepest defender. They are a good together team, New Zealand, and you


can see that by the way they defend and attack. I wonder what they are


missing. You look at the defending and think, it's all there. Why


don't they threaten more in these competitions? Yes, they are


improving and the confidence of this game will give them, because


they have had their opportunities and experienced it, and any


difference for Sarah Gregorius, it would have been 1-0, totally


of two New Zealand players. GB is the chant that has started to go


around. Difficult for supporters to find a chant, they are not used to


this. He is not difficult, is it?! Hyundai! It is not as if... They


are many who think they should not be able to get used to it, that is


the politics. You would never want to miss out on this if you were a


player. Scotland's best player, Julie fleeting, said one year ago,


although her position may be compromised by her position with


left to go. Any other girl looks like she has still got some running


sure the ball stays as far away as possible from their own penalty


area. They are minutes away from winning the opening game at the


I am not surprised, to be honest. It was really entertaining in the


first half, GB got the goal in the second half, but it is difficult to


maintain that intensity for any footballer. Yes, it is intense, and


they have been no breaks for drinks or anything, which surprises me


somewhat. Nerves play a part, they drain you at the start of the game.


If you think too much about what the game means, you are wasting


forward, and it is a chance for Fara Williams just to get a few


minutes, a regular starter for England, she has had to make do


with a substitute role for Great Britain in the first game. She is


taking the place of Karen Carney. Will those Flaxby waving in a


couple of minutes' time? Fara Williams is extreme experience that


tournament football, a calm head in the middle. Karen Carney has done


well. She is not have the, but you expect players not to be happy, she


is so passionate about doing well. Williams tax in as a straight swap,


giving more steal to the middle of the Great Britain team. -- Tax in


really hard to get anything out of Yankey. That would have been the


safe and secured a pass, but Yankey wanted another one to select. Will


there be a last chance to equalise? I think Hope Powell would have


wanted Rachel Yankey to keep it at that end, but they are looking for


minutes for fans of the host nation to the ball, and then New Zealand


will not score. He knows that, a little frustrated. The goal for GB


came at a time was perfect for them, and New Zealand have not been able


kick. She will take their time getting back to her feet. The two


full-backs, like you say... The historic opening event of the


London 2012 Olympics. Great Britain got to go early and they have got


to go along, and they have got to make something happen from


Zealand had a throw-in. Annalie one last chance to load the penalty


area. This is it for New Zealand if they're going to get anything from


the game. They are all getting minutes additional time at the end


Zealand are concerned, because Great Britain have hung on at the


end, but they deserved the win, because they have dominated the


game. Hope Powell's team have got off to the best possible start,


anti-Olympics has got off to a winning start for Team GB. Steph


Houghton's free kick was the Karen Bardsley, the hero of the


last 20 minutes or so, but Steph Houghton the hero of the hour, what


a crucial goal that could prove to be. The way things are turning out


in the other games, if GB could top this group and get a nice passage


through the quarter-finals, who knows what we could be dreaming of


in a week or so's time? What a lovely story, Faye, missing out on


a 2007 World Cup and the 2009 World Championships, always knocking on


the door. She was obviously a lot younger then, she missed out on


selection, having to go through quite a few months of rehab, and


then in 2009, she broke a leg doing extra training, John Denham over


hurdles. She has had a lot of misfortune in the past. To have the


confidence to say, Kelly Smith, I want to take this, is brilliant in


such a massive tournament, but she has the technique. Not only in a


both said, this is definitely for Kelly, definitely a left-footer,


but to have the confidence to strike a all like that, it was


exactly where it needed to go with pace, and to be honest the keeper


had no chance. It was just a fantastic strike. We saw earlier


that she came quite close, she had that belief, I am going to score,


leave this to me, and that is what she did. She does well to keep it


down, make sure it gets in and the Var, but it is well within the post


as well. Bardsley, as I mentioned, made a couple of really crucial


saves. Gregorius scored against England in the World Cup, the


opening game, she came close. keeper did not have much to do, but


she came out and dominated when she did, and Gregorius should have


scored. Any centre-forward, when you're through on goal, she should


have scored. Karen Bardsley stood up and made a good save. A just a


bit our indecision between Alex and Iffy, but this is a great save as


well. With her stature, she does that a lot in training. She is able


to do that because she is over six foot. She gives the defence


confidence, her presence and everything, and I think the defence


tends to settle with her in goal. She is obviously brilliantly minded,


she said she was going to use their substitutes, Hope Powell, and she


did that again. That is what is really good, we have had a


fantastic bench, lots of great players to bring on. Even the


players we have not seen, they are impact players that can do a job,


and it is a tough job for Hope Powell, but a nice one to have that


selection. These are the latest scores from the other games that


are under way in the women's France but have come back, it is 2-


2. -- 2-0. What a heart that has been, you can continue to watch


those gains on the red button. Later on BBC Three, highlights of


us and the second half of Brazil against Cameroon at 7:45pm. You are


heading over there to cover those games. Just a quick word, USA, when


they were 2-0 down, it was going to be the shock of the tournament.


France are powerful. Yes, they were 4th in the World Cup, beaten by


America, so this was seen as the big clash of the first set of games,


obviously a lot of their players are from Lyon, who won the


Champions League, so confidence is very high. They have made massive


strides recently, and to be two up, dark horses. We will have reaction


from Hope Powell off on BBC Three, but what a start. You could have


heard her screaming from back in wherever you live, because we were


so delighted, we wanted a confident performance, and that is what we


have and the win, so really pleased. Thank you for your company. The men


kick off their campaign against Senegal tomorrow live on BBC One at


7 o'clock with Gary Lineker, Alan Hansen and Robbie Savage. Don't


forget, later this evening, the story of Britain's torch relay, it


is a great wodge on BBC One at 7:30pm. So the Games have begun,


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