BBC Two: Day 11: 18.00-19.00 Olympics

BBC Two: Day 11: 18.00-19.00

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Welcome back. If you were not what us a moment to go on BBC One, Mr


real treat because Chris Hoy was on the top of the podium again after


such a courageous run to win the keirin. He bows out of the Olympics


now, he will go to the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, but he is leaving


with six gold medals and a silver medal. A great champion and a great


ambassador for the sport, and a popular man as well. There is


plenty of success to talk about. Here are the headlines. We can only


start with the great man Sir Chris Hoy, picking up his sixth gold


medal to become Britain's most successful Olympian ever. Laura


Trott also won gold. There was gold for the dressage team from Great


Britain. They were almost impeccable today. Alistair Brownlee


was an emphatic winner of the triathlon in Hyde Park, joined on


the podium by his brother Jonny Brownlee, who finished in third


place. There was more medal success for Great Britain in Weymouth. Nick


Dempsey won Silva to make up for the disappointment of finishing in


fourth place in Beijing. I'm afraid it was not all good news because


Phillips Idowu failed to qualify for the triple jump, he came up


short in qualifying this morning so the silver medallist from Beijing


is out. The highs and lows of sport, not good news for Phillips Idowu,


but the good news is that Britain has nous four 22 gold medals, and


South Korea have won just 11. You heard in the headlines that


Alistair Brownlee won the gold medal in the triathlon today and


his brother got a brave bronze medal because he had to suffer a


penalty and crossed the line and collapsed, and had to be taken away


by a stretcher. He recovered well to the company his brother on the


podium. Congratulations - two medals in


triathlon on the same day at home Olympics. How does it feel to have


the gold medal around your neck? it is fantastic. They are like


buses - and had been waiting all this time, and two come along at


once. We were both in great physical shape, we trained hard,


and the strength of being in a team. Me and my brother have raced


together for years, and we have trained with the one goal of


everyone racing here today and getting medals. It has been a


fantastic few months. Congratulations Jonny Brownlee,


your first Olympic Games and you are on the podium. Yes, I am still


pleased for my podium. It was tough day today, I went through a mixture


of emotions. I thought it was a dream, then I saw I got a penalty


and I thought it was a nightmare, then the dream again. The penalty


didn't change things at all. Stewart was amazing today, without


him it would have been so much harder. A perfect team and Great


Britain has two triathlon medals. You are so much part of this. You


might not have a medal, but you are part of those wins. Yes, just to


see these two do what they did was fantastic and I take my hat off to


them. They deserve everything they get. The crowd was phenomenal.


Yorkshire flax as well as Great Britain flags everywhere and you


had so much support, didn't you? Yes, we were watching you on


television this morning and there were already people lining up


outside at 9 o'clock. I don't think we will see a crowd like that again.


10 people deep, all around the course. The noise was deafening. We


were trying to communicate and we had simple words but you literally


could not talk to each other apart from that part across the bridge.


The best win of your life? With out I just want to ask you how you are


feeling, because you collapsed after the race. Are you OK? Yes.


When I crossed the finish line, I think I overheated a bit. But


higher OK now. I am fine! When did you hear you have that 15 second


penalty, and did you know you had got on your bike too soon? After


lap number two on the bike, I saw the board and I saw 31, and at


first, I thought it was my brother. And then I realise, it is me! And I


thought, what have I done wrong? Apparently, I went out on the bike


and my foot was on the line. Apparently, you cannot do that. I


thought if you did not mount before the line that was a penalty but on


the line or after was a penalty. But that is what happens. It does


not change the result anyway. It made it a bit harder. It made it


very exciting. Congratulations, you've got a bronze in your first


Olympic Games. And your second triathlon medal. Well done. Thank


you. If yes. Well done to the Brownlee


brothers. Stuart was there to help the Brownlee brothers and take them


to the top of the podium. We gave you the news about Nick Dempsey


winning silver in the windsurf category in the sailing. We can now


see how that medal was won. And if the other British crews could stay


on course for more sailing successful stop if more medals here


at the sailing today. And Britain's Nick Dempsey, he went


out to the metal race in a medal position, just as he had four years


before. There, he came ashore with nothing, finishing 4th. Today, he


was out to put that right and some big names came to see that happen.


David Cameron, Ben Ainslie and the medal-winner from Sunday. A good


day today would turn medal optimism into medal reality. So it is all


hotting up for the end of the week for Team GB. It looks rather


exciting. So far in Weymouth, the British


sailors have secured a silver and gold medal, and today, potential


for more. In the men's windsurfing class, the title had already been


secured by the Flying Dutchman, so that left silver and bronze


available and Britain's Nick Dempsey was in a perfect position


to strike. The Olympic final is off and begun, Kang Great Britain when


Silvia? Four years ago, he suffered a heartbreaker 4th, and this was


his chance to lay the ghost of China to rest. At Nick Dempsey in


third position, and he pumps his arms to get into second. This was


all he needed to upgrade and Athens bronze to a Weymouth still. Nick


Dempsey... Broken in Beijing. They promised silver. He has delivered!


Nick Dempsey, Great Britain, silver! It has been a pretty


difficult four years but I always believed I could come here and do


well. Just massively relieved, I An amazing day for spectators as


the women's windsurfing final continued the high drama. This was


a much tighter class, with seven goals in with a chance of a medal


and podium position. That included Bryony Shaw. Potential for silver


but it depends how many others in that middle area perform. But the


odds were stacked against her as the Spanish sailor came through the


fleet to win gold in fine style. As the rest of the girls finished, the


points system confirmed a creditable 7th for Bryony Shaw. So,


a gold and two Silva has now for the British sailors, and the good


news continued in the men's competition. The pressure. On the


Australian favourites. -- the pressure up was pushed up on the


Australian favourites. They have got it all Toulouse. And the women


lies second with just two days to go in the regatta. And the women's


match trio still have a chance of making the finals. Well worth a


watch. A good day for British sailing, but


I have Nick Dempsey with the medal around his neck. That was quite a


moment when you make your family and love and Thomas. We have been


talking about that. -- when you met. And little Thomas. It was pretty


special getting the medal. And putting it around his neck. He was


quite happy. I am not sure he was that had the! Not as happy as I


would have liked him to be! But I am sure you get home and he will be


throwing it around the house! were nervous out there, but


watching the race, it was a confident performance. Nerves


seemed to leave me once I have won the water. And once I do my


starting sequence. Immediately after the start, the race was done


and dusted. It was beyond my control. So nerves went out of the


window and I just concentrated on finishing the job off. It is hard


to forget what it felt like four years ago, but can you put into


words what today felt like? Just massively relieved, more than


anything. Just such an amazing team and I did not want to let anybody


down. I have been talking about it for a long time. An aim to get a


gold or silver medal, even a bronze. So to come home with silver is a


proud moment. You nearly got into trouble with your celebrations. You


let go of the board and John to shore! Yes. The police wanted to


search me when I got back! Some of the other officials were a bit


upset but there is not much they can do, is there! You seem pretty


relaxed a relieved. A special moment. But so much going on this


week for the British team. The 470s are doing well? Yes. I will keep


the celebrations to a minimum until the whole team has finished. Just


amazing. The boys and girls are so excited. And watch the racing


tomorrow closely and the girls are still well in it. So it is


fantastic for the British team. Incredible to be part of it. A you


told me you would not touch anybody else's medal until you got your own.


Have you done that now? I have not already seen anyone! But it will be


nice to get back to the team and just shared the moment. But, you


know, the team is very much still working hard. Still concentrating


and we have more medals to win, I hoped. And your wife, what did she


say to you? She said, Well done, very proud. Love you lots! She said


what you would expect her to say. Again, very happy. And I am very


grateful for everything she has done. Well, your little boy is very


proud and we are proud of you, too. Lots more action this week. On


Thursday, it is a duel for gold and that will be very exciting. And


tomorrow, this gives are out. Stevie Morrison and Ben Rhodes, and


they are in a great position to bring back a medal.


Now, at the velodrome, it was not a fairy-tale ending Victoria


Pendleton was hoping for as Ho Olympic career came to an end. She


was hoping to be the first Olympic woman to win three medals. She


found Anna Meares that her very best. The Australian won the first


two races to take the gold, so Vicky had to be happy with silver.


But just like Sir Chris Hoy, an inspiration for so many youngsters


in this sport. Let's go back to the scene of those medals.


And the winner of the silver medal, representing Great Britain,


Victoria Pendleton! She gets a huge ovation. So we will


not see the iconic figure of Victoria Pendleton again. That is


the concluding event of what has been an unbelievable, glittering


career. Enjoy your retirement, The winner of the gold medal, the


Olympic sprint champion, representing Australia, Anna


Meares! And she says the Australian's


blushes because that is the only gold medal they have won. -- she


saves. They have got a full collection of medals from the


competition. She won the bronze in Athens, the silver in Beijing, and


finally she achieves the top podium position. Anna Meares of Australia,


the winner of the gold medal, the Ladies and gentlemen, please stand


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


for the national anthem of Ladies and gentlemen, the Olympic


medallists. That concludes the ceremonies here in the velodrome.


The cycle racing on the track is now concluded and it will resume


SUE BARKER: Congratulations to Anna Meares, and, Victoria Pendleton,


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