BBC Two: Day 13: 22.00-22.40 Olympics

BBC Two: Day 13: 22.00-22.40

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Welcome back. The Olympics burst back into life today come with more


gold medals for Britain and the blistering two were injured metres


final. Usain Bolt said he knew to defend both of his sprint titles


before he could call him self- and legend. He has done that, edging


out Yohan Blake. The magnificent David Rudisha a 1800 metres gold in


a new world record. He was at his imperious best, the first man to


run under one minute and 41 seconds. Nicola Adams earned a place in the


history books, becoming the first woman to win Olympic boxing gold,


thanks to a stunning demolition of Ren Cancan and China.


Charlotte Dujardin one the second cross-eyed gold, -- won address


large gold. Jade Jones has guaranteed herself


Going back to the Olympic Stadium live. Usain Bolt is about to get


There is Blake, a proud man, I am sure. For a while, you thought you


might catch the great man, but it wasn't to be. Usain Bolt! Couldn't


have said it better myself. The first man to defend his title. His


4th Olympic gold medal. No world records this time. But once more,


stand on top of the world, on top of Olympic sprinting, on top of


this board, on top of any sport, if you like. -- on top of this board.


There cannot be any man who commands more column inches. Who


has more people gather a -- JAMAICAN NATIONAL ANTHEM PLAYS


# Eternal Father, bless our land. # Guard us with Thy mighty hand.


# Keep us free from evil powers. # Be our light through countless


hours. # To our leaders, Great Defender.


# Grant true wisdom from above. # Justice, truth be ours forever.


# Jamaica, land we love. # Jamaica, Jamaica, Jamaica, land


Usain Bolt, his 4th Olympic gold medal, and 81234 Jamaica. Let's not


forget, they will be back in the He really is a superstar. One of


the faces of the Games. Shortly will go to the tae kwon do and see


Jade Jones go for gold. But now, in the lightweight final in the


women's boxing, Katie Taylor was attempting to win her country's


first gold medal, up against Archer Dover of Russia. Most of Ireland


appear to have found their way to Katie Taylor, the four-time world


champion, is trailing her arch rival from Russia. A blazing left


jab, it was right on the button. hand to the body, take out that


left hook, come back with her own She gets through with a cracking


combination, Katie Taylor. And the crowd are doing their best to lift


their boxer, because she was trailing at the end of the second


round. She knows the status of the contest entering the third round,


and has responded like a champion Katie, beginning to settle a little


bit more. Doing what she does so beautifully, swift combinations,


getting her feet in and feet out. The Russian, in pursuit, the


referee has to issue the command.. Having one a round the ribs, that


is of course a legal. -- illegal. Taylor, caught in two minds almost.


She didn't pull the trigger. Running repairs Tutsi bootlaces and


the kit of the Russian. This is better by Taylor here. She is


getting in and out without getting caught on the counter. This is


where she is at home. And this is what she needs to do to a come --


overcome her opponent and her counter-punching style.


conclusion of the third round, look at the reaction of the Irish fans


in attendance here at the ExCel, and what that signifies is that


their poster girl has taken a two Relax, says her coach in the corner.


Not as easy as that inane Olympic final. But Taylor is a consummate


professional. She will box disciplined and professionally


Sir Steve Redgrave, five-time Olympic champion in attendance.


Ireland's Katie Taylor, the best boxer in the world, the four time


and reigning world championship gold medallist, the five-time


European champion, stands two minutes away from Olympic gold


medal glory. She responded like a champion dies as she entered the


third round a facing the adversity of a swan point deficit -- like a


champion does. And now, the tactics will no doubt change from the


Russian, she will have to take her opponent -- take the match to her


opponent. She is now out of her, but then, she wanted to sit on the


back for Goode, but she can work on the front foot as well. Katie needs


to remain concentrated. She catches her with a flying a left hook,


slightly off balance. Past the halfway stage in this 4th and final


round. Katie Taylor has heeded the instructions of her coach and


father to a tee. He was an Irish amateur champion in the 1980s. It


was copying his shadow boxing in the kitchen at home where Kate


Taylor first absorbed her love for this board. Who knew she would


possess such a prodigious talent, one that has taken her to four


global titles? She lands a beautiful right hand. Who knew that


produced -- prodigious talent would take up to the pinnacle of the


women's Olympic sport? She stands here now, on the cusp of Olympic


gold medal glory. She continues to box brilliantly as we approach the


final bell. This is a boxing lesson in this final round. She is


countering and moving, moving her feet. Her opponent is struggling in


the last few seconds to find a shot And at the final bell, Katie Taylor


beat her chest in celebration. She receives a hub of congratulation


from her team, there can be no doubt that the woman who is the


best boxer in the world has done enough to overcome her arch-rival


from Russia, he gave it her absolute all. Indeed, should lead


after two round, but Taylor responded like a championship. She


dug deep to have an advantage going into the 4th and final round. She


maintained her concentration and surely, that is enough to see her


crowned as the inaugural Olympic lightweight champion. In a nation


where boxers are revered, Katie Taylor stance on the cusp of


joining Irish budget -- boxing The crowd, continuing to cheer and


clap in anticipation. Her opponent played her part in a wonderful


contest. Her fans made their presence felt once more. They have


provided the pomp and pageantry, and they support Katie Taylor with


the purpose of a pilgrimage. 1000 of them have made their way here to


London, and they are about to find out whether their produce a poster


girl will be crowned Olympic champion. -- punching place to go.


Ladies and gentlemen, the winner by a score of 10.28 and the Olympic


champion, in the red corner... Katie Taylor! Katie Taylor


collapses to the canvas in absolute delight. She has just been crowned


the Olympic champion. The combination of a lifetime of work.


She learned by copying her father Peter, who is giving her a hug over


in that red corner, and her fans here are in absolute rapture. Their


superstar has just achieved, she now takes the time to acknowledge


the crowd, who supported her without hesitation and without


failure through the course of those four two minute rounds. And the


magnitude of achievement is just beginning to sink in. Katie Taylor,


the four time world champion, five- time European champion, dancer with


delight at having just been crowned the first ever women's Olympic


lightweight champion. She has made history. She drapes herself in the


Irish flag, does Eilat around the ring as she joins island's boxing


immortals, in a country where boxing tradition runs rich and deep.


She stand at the very pinnacle of Irish boxing achievement, becoming


just the second Olympic champion in Irish history. But this moment


belongs to Katie Taylor. Ireland's favourite Boxing daughter has just


been crowned as the Olympic champion. And the ovation is fairly


carrying her towards the mixed zone where she will go and meet the


Well done, Katie Taylor, brilliant. More live sport the now, and the


final of the tae kwon do's under 57 weight categories. What's more, we


have a British finalist. Jade Jones made it through to the final. To


win, she need to beat her Chinese COMMENTATOR: I wonder if the post


box in North Wales tonight is turning gold. Flint's Jade Jones is


going to get has face on a stamp tomorrow. She has captured our


imagination during the course of the day inside the ExCel, Jade


Jones. The 19-year-old world championship silver medallist last


year. That gave us the first indication, John, but he was


something special, someone who could challenge at this stage in


the day at an Olympics taekwondo. Yes, a prodigious talent, Jade


Jones. As elite youth Olympic champion she will look to go one


better here, on the biggest stage of all. She has been in fantastic


form all day. It's not discount Hou Yuzhuo, world champion and in fine


form and it is going to be a cracker. Yes, the Chinese comes to


the Olympics as world champion, having beaten Britain's Jade Jones


in South Korea last year. It went to sudden death. It shows you how


tight this might be. It went to the 4th period, the other Tyne and it


was one kick that made the difference. But Jade did exact


revenge at the German Open, winning by a couple of points, eight-six.


That was earlier this year. In terms of being able to kick to the


head, it is a battle of flexibility and ferocity. I know there will be


lots of you enjoying taekwondo for the first time at this Games. It is


enjoying its 4th Olympics. Ancient martial art, it has been around on


the Korean peninsula in its various forms for the best part of to


matured centuries. It might have been born in Korea, but it has


captured the attention of those here in the ExCel, the bulk of them


locals supporting Jade Jones. So many have made the trip down from


North Wales. Her family are here mum. I am not sure who has been


selling the sausages back home in Flint, because that is the job that


mum normally does. She is here. Her dad, Gary, has been pacing around


outside, tried keep his nerves down. How would you feel if your 19-year-


old daughter was on the way to winning an Olympic medal, possibly


gold? The rest of her family is here, including her grandad, Martin,


who is there inspiration. He introduced her to the sport when


looking at other sports but liked looking at taekwondo. What a gift


she has been do the sport so far. She will be looking to go for the


biggest title of all and in terms of skills and ability and


temperament, she is going to have to manage this environment here


this place, inside the ExCel. It is not quite melted metal, but it has


felt like it on occasions. Here we are, the women's and 57 kilos final,


the women's featherweights, nine stones, if you prefer old money,


and it features Britain. A British taekwondo athlete has never won


Olympic gold. Here come the girls, showing the way all day for Great


Britain and right at the end of it, Wales' Jade Jones. She is against


just about the best the sport can offer, China's Hou Yuzhuo. It has


been a good start to these games for China. The flyweight title was


defended yesterday. Tonight, it is the responsibility of Hou Yuzhuo to


go in search of a second gold. There has been a battle shipped off


determination from Flint, in North Wales, who is determined that it


will not be China's night, it will be her night. The referee in charge


of business will be helped out by three chair umpires, who sit around


at the edges of the area, eight metres square. A day that started


for Jade Jones eight long time ago with her first contest at 10:30am


this morning. It will end a little over 12 hours later. That is what


you call a shift that the Olympics. Unemphatic first round win against


Serbia's Dragana Gladovic. She swept aside Mayu Hamada, then Li-


Cheng Tseng. This is just about the only place in London tonight come


away you can legitimately kick someone in the chops and be


I have a vision of little girls around the country charging around,


trying to kick their big brothers. That is what Jade Jones has done,


changed the perception of taekwondo today. In her excitement to get


into the middle of them that she forgot a fairly important aspect of


the kit, her protective headgear. On goes the blue headgear belonging


to Jade Jones on the left, and in the red, from China, Hou Yuzhuo,


the Olympic featherweight title. Jade Jones going for Britain's


first ever gold medal in this sport. Starting in her usual customary


style, pushing her with the legal leg. The front leg is the leg


closest to the opponent and the censor socks on the feet have been


measured up to the body armour. The point registers automatically. One


point for a kick to the body, two for a spin to the body, three for a


kick to the head and four for a spin to the head. These two ladies


have previous. They are trying to find the range and the distance.


Yes, when you get a close-up of the mat, it is made up of turquoise


rectangles, one metre square, and about a metre is the amount they


are looking for, but where they feel safe to launched their attacks.


Absolutely, you can see trepidation from those, trying to maintain the


gap. Hou Yuzhuo will be trying to subdue the crowd, more than aware


that Jade, if she gets going, could be compete -- can be dangerous to


compete against. Jade Jones does not want to make mistakes because


she knows when Hou Yuzhuo brings her feet close together, she is


looking for a head shot. Just as she did there. A spinning head shot


would have been worth four points, had it been connected. It did not


and it is 0-0. We're into the final 30 seconds of the opening round.


Three, two minute rounds will It is not rootless Jones. And she


has just stepped out. A little penalty. At this point it is not


significant, but if she has a low one, then Jade Jones will get a


point and she sprint back to the coach. Paul Green. She can be


enormously pleased with her start build upon, she will have done some


research, realised the shot that will work and because these ladies


have fought each other before, they will have studied the tapes, worked


out different strategies and are not going to fight with a great


deal of freedom at this stage. I will pay you a picture of flint


in North Wales. It is the place Jade Jones calls home. It is


standing room only at the social club. They are spilling out onto


the road outside, those not lucky enough to have a ticket here. They


don't need to worry about cars in Flint, because no one is driving.


The town is brought to a standstill by its young heroine and the sport


of taekwondo. That is the power of The second round, Jade Jones from


Great Britain in the blue. Hou Yuzhuo from China, the double world


champion, in red, all the right. Both moving to open stance. The


change of tactics from the start of the match, opening up to invite the


An unintentional clash of shins. She is going to need some attention


here. We were talking about Flint. They played an integral part in


helping her to win Britain's first ever gold medal at the first use


Olympics in Singapore a couple of years ago. The good folk raised


�1,600 to cover her costs. This is payback time, she reckons. Exactly,


she almost raised the roof with ahead shot. Hou Yuzhuo. Hou Yuzhuo


is very good at covering. Watched the arms, always on the move,


And approaching the halfway point of the contest. We still await the


first significant blow to torso, or The palpable tension has resulted


in the stalemate. The low blows are unintentional from Hou Yuzhuo.


can work it out for yourself. Jade Jones ahead in this Olympic final.


Penalties for the Chinese, it has It is beginning to heat up for Hou


Yuzhuo, finding her range. Great cover from a Jade Jones. You saw


her right arm go up. To make sure the kick did not come down on top


of a head. Taekwondo has these moments of stalemate, where they


are sizing each other up. A flurry of aggression and the points can


And Jones has just doubled her lead at the end of the second round.


these games, was offered the choice between a pair of flash high heels


or kicking people in the head. It did not take long for her to tell


him what she would rather be doing. There high heels can wait. The head


is all she has on her mind at the moment. She is known in training as


the Head hunters. The top target brings you the biggest points and


that is her preferred target, when going through her routine in


Manchester. It is not far from the Velodrome. She has not found the


head, get, but finding the blows that matters. She was near the head


shot. Such a difficult technique to land on the world champion. There


is the low blow that resulted in the kyong-go that has increased the


gap to two.. It is a reasonable margin, but not a pushing. -- push


The final round of the Olympic final. The final two minutes, just


two minutes' standing between Jade Jones and we know what. She is up


against one of the deadliest exponents of the sport. China's Hou


Yuzhuo, in the red. Jade Jones in An attempt to change the tactics,


the attacking back kick from Hou Yuzhuo, but she looks leg weary.


She looks exhausted. It has been a long, long day. Not too many other


sports over the course of an Olympic day that start at breakfast


time and finished not far-off bedtime. The first contest of the


day was at nine o'clock this morning, so the athletes arrive at


7:30am, and will not leave much before midnight. They are brutal


days but no one complains if they go back with the metalwork they


come here to collect. That young lady is giving Hou Yuzhuo a head


full of problems at the moment. the database that runs in the


background subconsciously of what to do next, what kick to choose,


when to do it, how to do it, it is all about Jade Jones at the moment


but two points is not much at this stage. Another kyong-go for pushing


and that could prove costly. Jade Jones has got one against her, so


she can't hang back too much and needs to flick her head back on


that occasion because the Chinese is looking but Jones scores again,


it is 3-0. I think she might take up kyong-go for intentionally


blocking. But the Chinese takes it, that helps Jones even more. 4-0. It


is not times to up -- it is not time to start believing just yet


because the schools can rattle up in the blink of an eye. We are into


the final minute and Jade Jones is on the brink of something special


here. She has conceded a little point penalty of her own now, so


the league is back to three, which means she is within reach of a head


shot but not any more. Four points clear!. By point, the world -- the


gold get closer and closer and her coach can barely contain himself,


as I suspect you at home can barely Who thought you could get so


excited about tae kwon do? It is the gift to the watching fans, it


is about Jade Jones, she is imperious and dominant. She is on


the cusp. She has been brought back to four points very quickly. Never


has a British tae kwon do player been able to call themselves the


Olympic champion. The countdown will begin. She has got to be


careful. She is just two points ahead. Keep an eye on the fighters


You little beauty! And a teenage kicking superstar from North Wales


How could this Olympic Games get any more incredible? Jade Jones has


just one the Olympic gold medal and she has beaten two of the deadliest


exponents of the art along the way, The day of her life. The moment of


her life. She will remember this I never thought I would see the day


that there would be an Olympic gold medal hung around the neck of a


British athlete. It is the young prodigy, Jade Jones, she takes the


congratulations, she deserves it. Every second of every match, she


was on it. The great game plan, great execution and a great gold


for Great Britain. All this after the controversy of the non-


selection of Arran cut, he is here tonight, sitting in one of the 20


pound seats, he will be cheering his head off abyss. -- at this. I


can only imagine what is going on back of the social club in Flint!


The butcher's where her mum works will be doing a roaring trade in


the morning. Her high-school teacher is here in the crowd. They


will have a few stories to tell. She has played a small fortune to


be here. -- paid a small fortune. Even her headmistress is here. She


was the head girl. Absolutely right. Gordon Borrie. He loves it. He


guided her through, gave her the It is Great Britain again. The time


of her young life a. Jade Jones, How does it feel? It feels crazy. I


have dreamt about it for ages, it is amazing. The crowd of just been


amazing! You have one a Youth Olympic gold medal before, how does


this compare? That was special. This cannot be beaten, it is


amazing.19 years old, in front of this incredible crowd, delivered a


phenomenal performance. My coach is a legend. I would be no when near


where I was today without him. When I came out I just wanted to go out


and win. 12 months ago you lost to her in the world 10 bishops finals,


you have come back even stronger. - - world championships. 12 months


ago you were losing to her but you came back even stronger. Definitely,


she took my world championship final and that killed me for ages,


so a I wouldn't let her be to me here in front of the home crowd.


Led to bring your coach in, you must be so proud. I never tell her


that enough, the work this goal has put in over the last six months has


been ridiculous. She has been getting up at six, extra training


sessions, ridiculous. We're back ups and downs, she has been in


tears, but she is a fighter and she works hard, she is like a male


athlete. I'm so proud of her. She has delivered, she always delivers


under pressure and she did again today. You even achieved something


Sarah Stevenson didn't achieve. That was always on my mind, to be


the first ever British athlete to win an Olympic gold. It is just


amazing. Paul, you have said she is good, but Olympic champion now,


where can she go from here? In reassure be even stronger. She has


things to build on her game, that is the exciting thing, she has


improvements, she can get more explosive, work on her left side.


The future is bright for her. She once said and she works hard at it,


they get a good result. How special to win it in front of or your


family? To win Olympic gold is obviously special, but with all my


family being here, all my friends, back at home, it has all gone crazy,


so to actually perform is just Was it that wonderful? That is at


-- that is our first gold on our BBC Two show! The United States


Lots of gold, three for Great Britain, we have seen some amazing


athletic. -- athletics. David Rudisha breaking the world record


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