BBC Two: Day 2: 17.00-19.00 Olympics

BBC Two: Day 2: 17.00-19.00

More action from across the Games on the second full day of competition.

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Welcome back to the Olympic Park. The good news is that Britain does


have its first medal of this games. Lizzie Armistead cycling through


the rain today. She won a silver medal. She was just pipped on the


line by the pre-race favourite, Marianne Vos. But well done to


Lizzie, a silver medal today. Hopefully, Becky Adlington will be


able to add to that as she defends her title tonight in the pool at


8:15pm. This is what we can look forward to over the next couple of


hours. We will be heading off to Wimbledon in a moment to see Maria


Sharapova. She is in action at volleyball. Will be after Weymouth


because the sailing has got under way. Ben Ainslie starting his


campaign for a fourth consecutive gold medal. We will see the gold


medal decided in the artery, the women's team final tonight. -- in


There is plenty of other options on will be live for the final later on.


And BBC Three, you will be able to We are heading off to Wimbledon to


Centre court, because Maria Sharapova, the most photographed


sportswoman in the world, she is in Sharapova gift to the opening game


double fault and three unforced errors. She was not finding her


rhythm early on. In the last game, Shahar Peer at the other end had a


little bit of a slip, the left leg gave way. She looked in a fair


amount of discomfort, it is already to favour Sharapova. Her serve and


ground strokes are much more the hit, it echoes all the more for


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 122 seconds


forehand. It takes Sharapova into a 5-2 lead first set. It was


remarkable winning the French, to complete the set of all the Grand


Slams for Sharapova this year. She was sliding with her left leg on


the clay, but it still was such a surprise. It was. Even Sharapova


was surprised she was this comfortable playing on a slippery


surface. Three years back she said she felt like a cow on ice playing


on the clay at Roland Garros, because the movement is always so


difficult for her. She has so much power but that place lows that down


and diffusers her power, so she lost such an advantage. To get the


Career Grand Slam at the French this year was so sweet. A Skeeter


victory because of their shoulder surgery she had a few years back. -


- ace Wheater victory. She really struggled in coming back. When she


had the surgery she wasn't 100 % sure she'd be able to come back


fully and have a huge weapon of a serve. She struggled with double


faults. Do you think she's back where she once was when it was such


a major weapon for her? I do. It's something she can rely on. She can


pick her spots and she has the power. That was critical for her.


It wasn't a comeback that came quickly. She had to work through a


lot of losses and build it back up, build the confidence and the


ranking. She became number one in the world again after winning the


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You just feel like you are being She has that first strike


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 122 seconds


capability with her own serve but the last seven games for Sharapova.


It's a comfortable set. 6-2 in 33 year. She finished at number 13,


the highest ever for any Israeli. Seven semi-finals or better. Five


top 10 wins. But the following year they always say is the toughest


year, backing up a great year. ended up at 37. She has had up and


down in her rankings. In 2007, she got to two quarter-finals, the


Australian Open and the US Open, the only two quarter-finals that


she's had. Shahar Peer gets it done by being gritty, being a great


fighter, getting that extra ball back in play against this young


lady, Maria Sharapova. It looks like Sharapova has too much


firepower. She will hit through you right from the first point, she's


smothering you with power. Trying to finish the point with each shot


penetrate. If you could have five minutes with Shahar Peer now, is


there anything you could say to turn this around, what has she got


to focus on? There's not much she could do right now because


Sharapova is playing very well. She is serving well and striking her


ground strokes perfectly now. Shahar Peer has got to try and


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continue to get that ball deep and the umpire was sure one way or


another and is asking the question. So hawk-eyed will tell us. It was


the same margin. Both experienced in the Fed Cup, these two,


representing their he has to be a different feeding -- representing


her country for the first time, Sharapova. He has to be a different


feeling. She was beaming when carrying the flag on Friday. What


of eight tennis players carrying their countries' flags. -- one of


Peer if I had five minutes with her, but afterwards I would tell her to


work on her serve. She needs to look at video tape and film of some


of the best servers because she does not use her forehand.


probably more dust than chalk. But are already down to two challenges.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 122 seconds


So in the first game of the second she wouldn't have missed though


shot on the break point. That is exactly right. Confident, winning


matches, pulling through matches sport. When you have it, you feel


you will never lose it, and if you don't, you wonder when you will


you are trying to to -- to do, and Shahar Peer where she has driven


the ball. -- the first point. She their knees. She was on one knee


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 122 seconds


forehand volley, but no, the backhand. An excellent backhand


hiccups at the start of the second said as there was at the start of


the match. -- the second set. We talked about it at the time, first


round of losing any tournament, the big events, and potential banana


skins for all the play's -- first round of blues at any tournament.


You have to get used to the atmosphere, although the top


players have played a lot of matches here at Wimbledon only


In the first couple of years it was struggled at Wimbledon after taking


the French Open. She came into Wimbledon full of confidence and


belief that she never really got match there. -- Sabine Lisicki


Olympics. On the back of Wimbledon again, just a few weeks later, and


you have to make amends for not being as good as you wanted to be,


perhaps. That gave her the second week of, not that she wanted it,


but it was time to recharge -- to win the French and then backing


it up by winning Wimbledon, a beforehand. Frequently, in my


opinion, she opens the left side of her body sooner than she should. So


the left side comes around, then the right side comes around and it


is in two sequences where it should everything is moving together, and


you get more power as well. -- if everything is moving together. And


on her serve, she is not using her Andy Roddick, he loads with the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 122 seconds


shoulder turn. Moves forward as if gifted. Two double faults in her


opening service game of the match helped Sharapova get back on level


terms, but she is facing a lot more trouble this time around, Shahar


Peer. She puts so much pressure on her opponents because she has such


a phenomenal return. It is deep, hard, accurate. So the server can


get on the defence right away in Sharapova inside the baseline to


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debt for if she cannot get the pace. Maria Sharapova well in control on


Centre court. We will keep you up- to-date with that match, and if you


want to continue watching it live, We are going to be heading off to


the beach volleyball, because Great Britain's women are in action.


Before that, boxing from the welterweight division, and the


opening bout for Britain's medal hope Fred Evans. He is surprisingly


unseeded, despite being champion. Here he is fighting his Algerian


seeded in this division, so he has a point to prove there, just to say


he should have been. I find it astonishing that Fred Evans wasn't


character and sometimes he has been a bit lazy in contests, but not


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 122 seconds


little left hands by the Welshman. Evans' style, he is predominantly


punter. He can punch with either moves away from an attack, now and


Evans, right then left. Perfect combination to finish it. Happy


with that? Yeah, good start. 7-5 up, just two points ahead. I think


that's pretty fair. I think they will be pleased in that corner. He


has to tighten up on his defence caught with a wild swing. Fred


Evans, some good shots, lovely right hand in on the inside. They


will be pleased. Got himself out of trouble very nicely. The opponent's


left hand didn't land with the correct part of the glove, nor did


championships and Boston his opening contest to a Georgian. --


Buddy Box two. Evans needs that said to them and, this British


boxer is an out and out counterpuncher, so don't go to him,


let him come to you a bit more because he's not just taking all


the steps forward that he did in the opening round, he's waiting for


Evans to come for him. It will change the whole dynamic of this


contest. A bit wild there from glove again, I didn't agree with


any of the contests. The defence by Again, another close round. Some of


the better work done inside by give a decent cushion, but he can't


boxing career by Freddie Evans. But there's still a lot of work for him


good round by Evans. 5-2, he's opened up a five point gap. I


thought he might have been closer because I thought the Algerian did


some of the work in that round, although some of the good single


shots were landed by Evans. thought some of his work was more


accurate. Certainly the left hand got through their from Evans. A


mixed round. The judges obviously saw a little more than we did. And


he is ahead, and rightly so. I think any opponent going to Freddie


Evans is going to have problems. He's an out-and-out counterpuncher.


Let's listen to what the corner minutes away from earning himself a


place in the second round of the Olympic boxing tournament in this


very competitive division, the European champion. The pride of


from taking a step further to the little bit open. He doesn't get the


punters back to be on guard position that he should. But he is


really working overtime. -- body. He's got a bit of a problem with


towards any of the corners telling them to be quiet, the discipline at


there from Evans. Evans is loving this. He is rising to the occasion.


He's just got to stay tighter now, Jim. First the gumshield, then the


lace. This Algerian may get a bit desperate now and may start coming


in and throwing more shots. That will give Evans more chances to


land punches. He's got to get his timing right as his opponent comes


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 122 seconds


in, then pick him off as he comes pressure. He knows he is behind, so


this is why he is upping the tempo amateur boxer and in him. --


movement. Just teasing him, trying to draw the lead. Great


counterpuncher. Evans, I think he realises he is winning this.


crowd knows he's winning it. I'm pretty sure that judges will as


well. What a great start by Freddie Evans. That was a 100 mph contest.


Freddie Evatt allows himself a little smile. Well done. Listen to


the crowd as well. He is a star all his own way. No, he got caught


Ladies and gentlemen, the winner by a score of 18 points to 10, in the


red corner, representing Great Britain, Freddie Evans! A great


last round by Freddie Evans. Freddie Evans is through to the


second series in this welterweight division. The European champion is


still in with a shout of becoming Well done to Freddie Evans. We


mentioned he wasn't seeded. He is actually prove to have faced a


number of four seed of Lithuania, who beat him at the World


Championships in the quarter-finals last year, so that it is not going


to be easy. But it is a wide-open division. You may be able to see


behind me there are thousands and thousands of people making their


way to the Aquatics Centre, because everyone is hoping that Becky


Adlington can win have 400m freestyle gold medal. She won it


four years ago. She defends her title tonight. But Federica


Pellegrini is in form and the one to beat. A great evening ahead.


Becky is at 8:15pm in the final. We are heading to archery now. We've


got the final, not live later on at about 6:40pm. We know that the


South Korean women are through to the final. They've been the


dominant force and won the last six Olympic titles, but who will they


meet? They are up against China, who were the semi-finalists, the


silver-medallists four years ago, up against Russia. Let's see what


eight. Last ago, the most successful team member of the day


steady way. They have started every match and a similar fashion. --


now we will have a wet one. For the Archers on their field, all of the


heavily on a flying Harrow. That is right, it can affect the flight and


also make the string heavier so that the string travels a little


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 122 seconds


string hitting her chin. It makes that more consistent. A second 10


going to China. A very impressive batch of arrows. The first end, 55


roll out in the early stages of this competition. They have come


back each time stronger and stronger. As soon as they find the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 122 seconds


10th, they don't seem to lose it, doing better than a dull day. And a


third eight. -- she had been doing better than that all day. She will


be disappointed with that. She came is always a delight to watch.


Smoothly, under the face, 1, 2, 3, arrow went forward enough. Straight


into the 10. She would have felt herself drifting away from that.


She will have pulled the bowler at a last-second to pull it back in


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 122 seconds


is the difference between the teams. Russia are trailing. Halfway


through this second semi-final. of the Archers from Russia, it is


their first Olympics, so shooting in such a stadium will be getting


to them, although they did seem comfortable in the last round. They


were dancing and smiling, but I'm not saying that behaviour this time


around. I think one of them sets the tone, and opening with the


eights took the edge of her humour. this Olympics that everybody has


gone for a more relaxed approach, just enjoy it. Don't be afraid to


show your emotions between shots. Get into the zone when you're at


the shooting Light, but away from it, the message seems to be that


the strict observance of concentration has been that the


sliding a bit and there has been more emotion on display. Yes, the


Korean team were renowned for their stony faces, never smiling, never


seemed to enjoy it but now they push each other in a swimming pool


back at the hotel. Perhaps they are it is under way with a nine. She


the boost in clerk place -- third place. Nine, that is better.


Slightly more subdued than normal though. To a very brave birds just


flew across the stadium. -- two very brave birds. They sat down


around the 50-metre mark and flew line. She has gone eight, 10, 9, 9,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 122 seconds


norm. She did dip down to eight front arm as she released, but it


didn't seem that bad. Certainly her reaction from that score would


suggest she did not think there was nine. Now, she needs to find her


six be like? That is the recovery frock. 810. -- the recovery shot,


from an error. Sometimes you can beat yourself up about it and the


next thing you know you have done it to the same. -- de two the same.


A after the six comes to tens. little blip. A bit of a struggle, 6


and 7. Earlier in the day when she had to produce a tenor with her


last arrow, she did. So maybe she has deserved a little weakness.


China still in the lead with 160. She certainly did pull it out of


the bag at that point. She was stopped grinning until they left


situation, because you still have to shoot on your own, on that


shooting line. Your team cannot shoot the arrow for you. And when


you shoot one which goes off, it does not feel great, it feels like


you have let your teammates down. No matter how many times they say


it doesn't matter, it does, and it hurts. It is not quite as lonely as


in the individual competition, because they do speak to each other,


there's encouragement. Here we go, the last six arrows of this semi-


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 122 seconds


The Russian archer improves on that Chen Ming with an eight. Her


teammate next - her worst Arrow has been an eight, but she has also got


10s. It is a nine. Now,, it is all about her teammate. What now,


following the six and the seven? She is really struggling here.


is a six. That's six-seven-six for Perova, no 10s for her in this


semi-final. And it's a seven. 207, the targets set. The face of the


coach says it all. It may not be That is a nine for Chen Ming. That


Fang Goes next, and it is a nine. Seven to win. Can she control her


nerves? 10 seconds left. It is a seven to win. And seven it is!


China go through to the final. Yes, and it is China against South


Korea, a repeat of the final four years ago. That final is just


getting under way at Lord's. You can watch it on the bed button. We


are hoping to go there later on. We are going to the beach volleyball


in just a moment, which is running a little bit late. First, let's


check on the headlines. And Britain has won its first medal at these


has won its first medal at these Olympics, Lizzie Armitstead,


getting silver in a thrilling finish to the women's road race.


Marianne Vos took the gold. Defending 400m Freestyle champion


Rebecca Adlington had an anxious wait to see if she had made it into


tonight's final, and she had: but only just. Ben Ainslie came second


in his first two races in the Finn class, as he aims for a record


equalling fourth Olympic gold medal. And there's more Olympic heartbreak


for Paula Radcliffe, the 38-year- old withdrawing from the Marathon


after failing to recover from a foot injury. Disappointing news for


Paula Radcliffe, but great news for Lizzie Armitstead. Well done to her.


Now, we head to Horse Guards Parade for the beach volleyball, where the


residents have had a bit of trouble getting to sleep. Last night, the


last women's game did not finish until 20 the midnight. We will be


going there in a moment to see the British women play their opening


group match. But first, Andrew Cotter takes us through some key


Cotter takes us through some key moves to look out for. Beach


volleyball - the six key moves are the serve, pass, set, attack, block


and dig. The jump serve is an overhead smash which generates


power. The floating serve is played without Spain, and it is hard to


read the flight. Players will use hand signals to communicate tactics


to their teammates. Passing is when you receive the ball after service.


A set is where a player position as the ball for their teammate to


attack. Attack involves the spike, where players hit the ball overarm.


The block may involve getting to the net to block the ball. The dig


is a defensive move, following a spike. If you would like to get


involved in the Olympic sports, go to the BBC website for more


information. Let's show you the route from here at across London to


Horse Guards Parade. It is a whole new experience for this area of the


capital, with loud music and screaming fans. Here we go, down


the River Thames, turned right, and we finally arrive at the venue. It


has to be one of the most extraordinary Olympic Panorama's


ever. So, the British team are up against Canada. Let's enjoy the


against Canada. Let's enjoy the introductions. Wearing number two,


she has played in 66 major tournaments, please welcome Shauna


SUE BARKER: That was just a few moments ago. They are up against


Canada. We join it in the first game. Over to Matt Chilton. The


opening set has been very much dominated by the Canadians. Great


dominated by the Canadians. Great Britain trail at the moment. It was


a decent serve, and it has given Great Britain the first points


since the time out. That was a very good serve, goes down as an ace.


Dampney to serve again. Mullin is back on her feet, looking for a way


through. Dampney with the set, and Mullin... Rolling it over the top


of the net. And Great Britain on a bit of a role here. 10-13. Dampney


will serve for the third time. 26- year-old Dampney, that's long. It


is left by the Canadians. The British pair started the match


nervously, then they seemed to settle. Then, the Canadians got up


a head of steam. Can Great Britain work this serve, coming through


from 30-year-old Annie Martin. That's perfectly played. They are


within 3. First to 21 in the first two sets. There will be a deciding


set, if we get that far. Shauna Mullin, South African born. A Scot.


Dampney did well, but the outstretched hand of Dampney just


guided the ball out of play. Lessard and Martin are leading by


15-11. It has been a wet and blustery day at times in the West


End. Lots of noise in Horse Guards Parade again. Over the top, beyond


the line, that will do for Great the line, that will do for Great


Britain. 12-15. They played in the Olympic test event here one year


ago. They won their group matches before finally being beaten by the


reigning Olympic champions, Kerri Walsh and Misty May, who won here


last night. That one goes straight into the net, and the British


couple will take those free points. Another change events coming up.


They switched ends after every seven points in the first two sets.


They are in touch here. A few nerves early on. When they finally


scored their first ever Olympic point, they started to settle.


Dampney has served well - let's see what she has got here. The


Great Britain are just one point behind. In order to disturb the


momentum of Mullin and NASA, the the time-out was just a tactical


ploy, to disrupt the rhythm of above Horse Guards Parade for the


first time in about four hours. The too far in front of the British


players, who were trapped in the middle of the court. Annie Martin


to serve. And deflected into the chest of Zara Dampney. There was


not much more she could do with that. She was diving to pick up the


expected trajectory of the ball, she attacks. That's not so good.


She fires it directly into the net. And Great Britain are once again


hot on the heels of the Canadians, Guest, she can! Extraordinary point


for Great Britain! They were down deep in the dust, both of them,


Mullin and Dampney. The Canadians were scrapping and diving as well.


And then, out of nowhere, Dampney picked herself up to provide the


winning shot. Shauna Mullin to serve. It is out. A collective gasp


angle, deciding to go down the line, but could not find the target. 19-


16 in favour of Canada now in the opening set. There have been


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 122 seconds


encouraging moments in this first head back to their bench with


plenty to be encouraged about in the first set. But the Canadians


brought up in South Africa and Malaysia. Her father was a hotel


manager. She has a master's degree from the University of Edinburgh in


management and business law. She becomes the second Scot after


Audrey Cooper in 1996-played at the Olympic beach volleyball tournament.


Zara Dampney is from Christchurch in Dorset. Lives in Bath now.


Played volleyball at school in Dorset. Not many schools play


volleyball. She then went on to study for a law degree at the


University of Sheffield. The court here is showing the scars of battle.


The Lions have been raked clear. We are ready, in bright sunshine now,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 122 seconds


afternoon sunshine, and then Zara Dampney's timing was perfect. Great


Britain lead in the second set. Dampney's efforts just came up


short. But the British pair are beginning to trouble the Canadians


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 122 seconds


ball and rolls it down the line for players, it landed between Dampney


and Mullin at front and back of the court. Perfect placement. Clever


stuff from Martin. Off the net. Great pick-up from Dampney. She


courageously dove deep into the sand to pick it up. Dampney was


there in a flash. Mullin provided a perfect set, and the point went to


Great Britain. They changed ends. Dampney will now serve from the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 122 seconds


perfect from the British pair. Pass, said, Spike, the three major


elements in beach volleyball. The Canadians were relieved to see it


Admiralty behind us at the end of the court. The Canadians are out of


shape hair, and out of luck. And Great Britain are moving away from


when they are doing the simple things well. There is the single


from Lessard to Martin, who is on the extreme left of the court at


Mullin, because she had to take it from a standing start without any


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 122 seconds


run-up. Great strength to put that the chest. Martin could only react


helping every step of the way. The Canadians are rattled. They have


taken the time out to try and disrupt Zara Dampney and Shauna


as they discuss tactics. And yes, that is the music from Benny Hill


here in London, last night in particular, was fantastic. The


music was amazing, the dancing was great, the sport was brilliant. The


crowd, after a day in the sunshine and one or two beers, were very


lively. The atmosphere was fabulous. It is lively again this afternoon,


and possibly about to get better if Great Britain can take this second


time out to prove to be a good call for the Canadians, as they take the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 122 seconds


the second set. It looks like we will be heading for a decider. The


final set will be shortened. It is You can just see the top of


London's tallest building, the Shard, with the Household Cavalry


museum overlooking Centre Court here. Can Great Britain go on to


take the second set? Not the most auspicious start from Shauna Mullin,


firing the serve straight into the net. But they still have a six


point cushion. It is an ace. Back- to- back points for the Canadians.


But they are not yet into double Dampney. The ball was not hit


cleanly on the stack. Let's see if we can spot it here. Yes. And Great


Britain have decided that a time- out is required. A loss here would


not be terminal. Of the 24 teams in the tournament, 16 will go through


to the knockout stages. But of course, Great Britain are keen to


get off the mark with a win, as are the Canadians. Just a few shaky


moments since that last time out. There are some Canadian supporters


in Horse Guards Parade this now. The serve, from Lessard. This


looks more promising... But Dampney is blocked out by any Martin, who


shaped as if to be playing a big hit, but in the end went for the


Mullin! Two touch is used instead of the three that are available. It


The Canadians with a mistake of They had changed ends again.


of the court. Now, she is ready to go. 18-11. Deep serve. Good hit


from Annie Martin to take the point supporters here at Horse Guards


Parade, as they wait to see if Dampney and Mullin can close out


this second set. Lessard, too good once again. The Canadians are on


the charge. 21 points required to Shauna Mullin had touched the net,


but I can see no sign of it in the replay. That takes Great Britain to


off the shoulder of Dampney. That was hit extremely hard. The beach


volleyball, about a third lighter here at Horse Guards Parade, and


that has got the crowd going again. So, there will be a toss of the


coin to decide who will serve at the start of the shorter final set


- first to 15. They will change ends every five points. A two-point


advantage still required at the end, though. We have got the dancing


boys and girls on the court, and in the grandstand as well. Three aces


in that second set for the British team contributed to that total. Can


they take it at all the way now, the final set, from the Mall end.


Great expectation here in Westminster. Here we go. Dampney


has picked it up well, but the first point is called for a lift


against Mullin on the set. In other words, the referee believes that


she held the ball. And he is probably right. There it is one of


those grey areas in the rules, open to interpretation from the referee.


pace and accuracy. The set was perfect as well. Martin gave the


British team no chance with the deciding set. A mistake from the


Canadians allowed Great Britain to carbon copy of their previous


attack. So, a change events. The Canadians now at the Downing Street


end of the court. And Marie-Andree Lessard will serve. The Mullin


tried to go it alone. It is advantage Canada. They have the


point. Now, a two-point gap opens up for the Canadians. Lessard


serving again. Mullin called for it, and she comes back to try and


wanted to do. The return ball from from the Canadians, who let that


wondered for a split second whether she should let it go, but decided


to take it. In the end, it was a nothing sort of block. And the


British pair have called for a time-out. A few first-night nerves


of course here in the West End of London. And we have had some real


Theatre on the beach volleyball court in the last couple of days.


It is proving to be the hottest ticket in tell. -- in tone. -- in


Great Britain get the point. The whistle had blown following an


infringement by one of the Canadians. But in the end, it did


not matter, because Dampney had the winning shot. Now, they are down at


pair. They are back in the final set. The British men lost to a


Canadian pair here yesterday. Can they go some way to avenging that


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 122 seconds


spinning away from Mullin. What a end, having swapped ends. Can she


Great composure. It is a cauldron of an atmosphere at Horse guards


Parade. Eight points apiece. The final set. The Canadians are


cautious, and Great Britain are in front. Molina climbing, meeting the


ball with exquisite timing -- Mullion. The Canadians are rattled


again. They have called a time-out. doing the damage in that replay.


And just the Claude fingertips of Annie Martin, the slow-mo shots


showing you all the elements of this entertaining sport at Horse


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 122 seconds


guards. Final set. Remember, it is but it was Mullin who needed to


hold her nerve to produce the finishing touch. The ball is out of


play. Great Britain are two points clear. Another change of ends. And


the noise is steadily reaching a takes a deep breath. The service is


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 122 seconds


point at the first opportunity, allowing the Canadians back in. It


has gone straight back to the Canadians. They are in pole


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 122 seconds


empty bucket of sand at the side of possibly for the last time. Two


points needed for victory in their feet as they do here at Horse


guards on match point. They let it go. It was out. Risky business for


the Canadians. Still match point. and Shauna Mullin. And 15,000 are


on their feet at Horse guards Parade. An Olympic beach volleyball


when for Great Britain over the Canadians. They lost the first set


but they didn't choke. They fought back, and they have won, beating


the Canadians here on day two of the beach volleyball tournament by


two sets to one. Wasn't that fun? Great scenes at


Horse guards Parade. Well played to Zara and Shauna. What a performance.


They could go a long way in the competition. But the first of their


The first daily events got under way in Weymouth and Portland today.


Thousands of spectators arrived on the south coast to cheer run Ben


Ainslie as he began his quest to win a fourth consecutive gold medal.


Yesterday, we heard from our sailing team that Britain had medal


hopes in all 10 events. Three of them started today. Let's go to


surely for an update. Yes, it has been an exciting day.


Two returning gold medallists are in action, Ben Ainslie, and Iain


Percy and John Simpson. Here we have Stephen Park. Ben normally has


a fault at the start of the Olympic Games, but today was a really good


opening. A solid start for Ben today, so we are pleased that the


regatta has up and running and he has got away safely. Unusually, as


you say, for Ben, he is not going home scratching his head about what


will come tomorrow. Sailing downwind is his ace. He is


definitely the fastest downwind. There were shifty winds ab there.


It is not half -- our preferred area. There is no doubt that the


Danish team sailed very well. But Ben had some incredible downwind


speed to keep himself in the game in both races. Another senior


member of your team was in action, Iain Percy and Andrew Simpson. I


felt for them. Really tough. They managed to get themselves up to


third at the end of the first lap and then up to first, leading the


race. That second race, that close PhotoFinish, what action. He sued


action. They were coming down. Ben had that fantastic battle in Sydney,


and it really was a photo finish. We have been key aquarium with the


race teams as to who did get that first place, and the results have


changed a couple of times. We just want to make sure they have got it


correct, which they are keen to do. Did it all come down to who got the


final wave that pumped them into the finish line? Yes, and it will


be like that all week, particularly in that class. The start classes


fall off fantastic sailors, many of them multiple medalists. We will


see that from now until the end of the regatta. Plenty more action


tomorrow. Ben and Andrew will be back in action. But Evra will be


keen to see -- everyone will be keen to see the Finn class. And the


match-racing girls had their first two races today. They did. They


sailed well, so they are pleased with their day. The top 12 teams in


the world were there. Any of those guys could deliver a top


performance. Lucy, Annie and Kate have done fantastically in the run-


up to this event. They come into it as silver medalists from the world


championships. They had a solid start, and it was good to get their


first day under their belt. A solid start. Plenty more action tomorrow


here in Weymouth. Our returning gold medallists are back racing.


Stevie Morrison and Ben Rhodes. It is a busy day on the water. Five


classes at Weymouth. We will keep an eye on that tomorrow. Apologies


but we were not able to bring you the archery final. It went to China.


They beat South Korea by just one point. That's it from me. Gary will


be back shortly on BBC One. Coming up at 8:15pm, Becky Adlington


defends her 400m Olympic title, but up against the Olympic -- the world


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