BBC Two: Day 3: 18.00-19.00 Olympics

BBC Two: Day 3: 18.00-19.00

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Welcome to Olympic Park. If you were watching on BBC1, we will be


heading back to the equestrian event. But Tom Tayly and Pete


Waterfield finished out of the medals in the diving final. They


just made a couple of mistakes and finished in fourth. But both the


guys have tweeted. Pete said, sorry, we gave it a good go, thanks for


your support. He signs it gutted. Tom Daley says, sorry everyone we


tried our best, but you cannot afford to miss a dive at this level.


And back to the equestrianism and there is the last of the British


team. Let's see William as we team. Let's see William as we


rejoin our commentary team. William Fox-Pitt is ranked no one in the


world and he is on a score of 44 and he does need to come inside the


time. Fox-Pitt, Lionheart, ten- year-old, 44.1 at the third. Quite


a young, inexperienced horse, but he has a man with real class on


board. You can just see the scope of Lionheart and the way he has


jumped these fences. He is flying. He knows the time is tight. He is


on a young horse, but a great young horse with lot of ability. Now look


at that score. Britain can get a few marks closer to Germany with


show jumping in mind. They can't get ahead, whatever William does.


But William could tuck himself into the individual title. 44.1 at the


moment. With two show jumping rounds to come that wouldn't stop


William Geding a medal individually. He is an out and out jumper,


Lionheart. We have seen that in the past. He is one of the most careful


horses in the show jumping arena. He has won 49 major three-day


events around the world. This is the one he would love. Oh he has


gone. Oiwa, the leader, he is out. He got unseated. It was just a


question of unseated rider. The horse does nothing wrong. Yoshy is


a fraction forward and gets propped out ot - of the saddle. What a


nightmare. Such a great day in the dressage, it was going so well. He


will be gutted. Drama from start to finish. William fix pit on the


course. -- Fox-Pitt. There can be no bigger competition that we have


needed getting accurate timing. Malin Pietersen, the last for


Sweden. So far so good. He can't improve the Swedish score. She has


been in the Swedish team in several of the, in fact the last two


European games. She is away. Riding So Far So Good. An Irish mare.


William, flying down the hill. To 13. You can fly too fast on this


going. But William beautifully over 13. He is coming back to the sun


his line now for the sun dials. Just pops over this. Gets the four


strides and then quickly back into the gallop. Straight into the Ai


that. To these incredible crowds: They're up standing on their feet.


William won't stop to look at that. Now 4.33 and he is on target. Ooh


hang on, it's a tight turn. Got it. And away. Fasten your safety belts


at home, William Fox-Pitt is on his way! William, won a bronze four


years ago. He was unlucky not to win a silver when his horse was


withdrawn after cross country in Athens. He so wants an Olympic gold.


Can it with done? The water. Ooh an enormous jump in. But he has


quickly rebalanced and lined up on the way out. Brilliant! Brilliant


William. He is well over six foot, he is huge, but he crouchs low. He


is a great judge of pace and he normally knows how to get horses


fit. Malin Petersen, so far so good. And there is one more to go, the


great Mark Todd. Just to give us a final fling. There he is. Mark Todd.


Four New Zealand. He could bring them still closer. And he is away.


39.1 after dressage. If they can drop the score of Caroline Powell,


they will come close to Britain, Germany and Sweden. The great Mark


tord is away. Now back with Sweden. When you look at William Fox-Pitt


and then Malin, there is a bit of difference in the aggression and


speed, but she is getting the job done and jumping the fences. Just a


problem with the brakes down there down to the fence 13. The east end


barrows fence. The Swedish picture can't be improved by Malin Petter


son Sen. -- Malin Petersen. This is as good as Sweden's going to get.


But this man can change the Kiwi situation. The horse is only a ten-


year-old. Quite young, but Todd has given him the mileage to get him


here. He has had to ride him in the right state of mind and with the


right amount of experience. Smooth piece of riding from Todd. 56 years


old. Back-to-back gold medals can Charisma. He never looks as if he


is in a hurry, but he always comes up with a good time. The rirt m is


so important. -- rhythm is so important. This is the situation as


we see it. We're watching Mark Todd come down the mill. If he could go


clear inside the time, ooh and there is a lot of legs go and a lot


of elbows going! He would put New Zealand on a score of 133. Britain


on 130. Sweden on 131. Will you have any nails left by tomorrow?


Mark Todd is on course, but so is William Fox-Pitt. Over the rose


garden. And still Lionheart gaps. Ooh! William can improve Britain's


position by a couple of marks. But no more. There the Brazilian rider


has got them home and he is Dee lighted -- delighted. But his


target is Rio, no doubt about that. We have seen couple of Hick ups at


this -- hiccups at this fence today. But no problem. Well ridden. Ma Len


Petersen on to the top of the hill and over the last eight fences. All


on the flat. Mark Todd comes flying down the hill. Heels down. The pony


club would like that! Now Fox-Pitt, the horse just beginning to look a


trifle weiry. What is the time? Oh it is going to be close! He is not


going to do that I think.Less going to do it. He is going to get


a few time penalties and we want him around that tree and he want


him desperately. Here he comes. And there is not a huge amount of


petrol left in this tank. So Britain's position is not going to


be improved. At the last, jumps the last, 9.2 to add to William Fox-


Pitt's time. I don't think it's going to be gold individual for


William and Lionheart. But here is Todd in the ring. He could get


himself into the hunt. He is taking chances now. He is smelling


success! Just to confirm Britain will finish on 130.2. They will


stay ahead of Sweden. They will still say in silver medal position,


behind Germany. Germany, remember, are on 134.7. Only six marks just a


lilt less than Great Britain. final horse in the final water jump


of the day. Makes it look like taking sweeties from babies.


does. The New Zealanders have put a lot of time and effort into now a


scheme that looks after the riders. They have got support for all the


riders. They have looked at what is going on around the world and they


have put a great team of support for both the youth and senior


riders and my word it is paying off. Sarah Harris, the girl that leaves


out and another one to slip on that corner. He loses his reins, but he


will pick up the knitting quickly. He has got it all together.


notice the hill, for this horse. Toddy's got him as fit as anyone


can get a horse. A bit of a liberty with the flowers there. Mark Todd


he is on that score of 39.1. And that would put him individually in


a very strong medal position. Petersen only two to go. Sles not


going to far away. She has never looked quick, but her time is


impressive. Her dressage score will be her handicap, 60.4. She will do


this time. Yes she is. She is going to be close to it any way. And


watching her earlier on, you would never have guessed that. A very


deaccept tifr stride. Is she is -- a very deceptive stride. Two


seconds over! 0.08 add. So 61.2 I think. Let's remind you, 39.1, tord


stays on that and he will -- Todd stays on that he would be on gold


medal position and New Zealand would be in fourth place, but right


Here he comes. He is still galloping. In fact the horse is


looking good. He has got a huge stride. He comes back for the... It


the century in the equestrian world. He has won so much for New Zealand.


He put New Zealand eventing on the map, started back in 1980 when he


won Badminton. He gave up after Sydney when he won the individual


bronze medal. He came back in Hong Kong. He did not feature but it


whetted his attitude to come back and try for London. He is 56 years


old. He could still be in the lead after cross-country. He is flying.


He has got to. The next cheque time it is at the second last. He needs


to be there and he will do it. is looking good. The horse is


looking a little weary though. He says come on, couple more to do,.


Even if he does not, he will be in a strong position. He just gives


the horse so much confidence. The horses running until their one gas.


He has plenty of time to get home. He is still galloping. He needs to


be in the site. -- in the site. Come on, toddy. 0.4, we will give


him back. What a man. New Zealand will go forth and it is game on for


the show jumping tomorrow. No doubt. He goes on to 39.5. That means he


can sleep easy tonight with show jumping to come. Remember for the


individuals, there are two showjumping classes. I think that


is Michael Jung. I wonder if he said well done, Toddy. He certainly


should have done because he rode like a star yet again. It took all


of his fitness as well as the horse's fitness to get round in


that time. If he had not just missed that the last fence, I am


sure he would have made that time. He asked for another big one and


the horse said, I do not think I can do that. Germany are one fence


ahead of Great Britain. It has to be the best three scores. Sweden


are in the bronze-medal position. And New Zealand. All those teams


are within a fence. United States in prospect for the medals tomorrow.


There is the individual situation. Michael Jung, the world champion,


within 1.3 marks of the lead. What a competition. Tina Cook who won


the bronze four years ago is still in touch for Great Britain.


SUE BARKER: Great scenes there and great support for the British team.


It is the showjumping tomorrow and Before we move on, let catch-up


with the headlines from earlier today. So near, yet so far. Tom


Daley and Pete Waterfield just missed out on a medal. They


finished 4th after leading at the halfway stage. Gold went to China.


Katherine Grainger and Anna Watkins are on their way to gold. They


powered into the finals of the women's double sculls, setting an


Olympic record in the process. Caitlin McClatchey won her heat in


the 200m freestyle to qualify for the same if -- semi-finals. Hannah


Miley also is in the semi-finals. Coming up now it is archery. Let's


update you on the progress of Larry Godfrey who's in the only member of


the British team who has been shooting well. He is the sole


wrapped sedatives of the individual event this afternoon. He is quite a


character. You from practices archery in his house. Members of


the family have to watch where they walk. The practice has paid off so


far. Whip again today? In the second round he was up against the


Mexican competitor. We can join our put across, could not split across


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 52 seconds


Serrano can win it with a 10. A It is an 8 so Larry Godfrey takes


two points. Larry trains with his team-mates Alan Wells and Simon


Terry. He still works for Rolls Royce as well as shooting full-time.


As he did throughout his Olympic career. I think he likes that


balance. He likes to enjoy his archery as a hobby even though he


is incredibly talented. He does not want to be doing it full time every


single day. A sweet side of the arrow going in that central gold


been thrilled with that timing. She's usually shouting at him


behind the line. Serrano is willing it to go in the 10 and 80 bayed him.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 52 seconds


incredibly well. In this wind, the wind socks are blowing around 360.


The flags up there on the high right, they are blowing one way and


the wind socks by the targets are both pointing in separate


directions. We have three directions or at the same time.


This is where the weight of the bow really comes into its own. The


higher the draw weight, when you pull the weight back, if it is


stronger, it will throw the arrows down the field quicker, cutting


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 52 seconds


second. 29 out of 30, to share the to go on the clock. It was a seven.


A lowly seven, but it is enough. It is not over yet. Godfrey, five


points, Serrano, of one.. longer you are at full draw in this


wind, the likelier you are to be pushed off as we saw in the last


match. It is not a wind which dies down, this has been a constant wind


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 52 seconds


nothing goes wrong with his possible 20. A good solid comeback.


10 for Godfrey. That is the timing we want to see, Larry, keep it up.


The last arrow out of set four. It into the lords outfield! Serrano


and Godfrey enjoy a big home. Godfrey goes through, Serrano is


out. Oh the Godfrey team will be on their feet. Jess his sister, his


two daughters, mum and dad, they two daughters, mum and dad, they


will be loving this at the moment. After all the disappointment,


something for British fans to clear at lords. Larry is through to the


last 16. We will go to the sailing in a moment. But let's pop back to


Greenwich Park. Because we saw William Fox-Pitt complete his cross


country course and it put Britain in second place. Let's hear from


William with Rishi. Well done. Would it be fair to say Lionheart


looked tired at the end? Yes it was not look him. But he did get tired,


maybe something's not right. He lost a shoe, but it is just one of


those things. I was confident before I started. I thought he


would cope well with the hills. Burr when he started to make up


time, I was beginning to lose it and I thoughts, oh God, I just need


to get him home. The girps have done well. Hopefully they won't


need my score. We can put pressure on the Germans. We're only six


points behind and they have done brilliantly and tomorrow is another


Kay. -- day. The team remain in a great position. Only Tyne nine


marks separate the first four. after the dressage, the scores were


close and it came down to the cross country and we have Claude up one


place. I hope the horses are well tonight and can jump well tomorrow.


What was it like out there? The support has been tremendous? It has


been fantastic. A home Olympics is what we were excited about. It is a


prev ledge to have one in our lifetime. And I mean look at it, it


has been such a boost and they were cheering before we even started. We


have never had that before. It is a big deal for the horses as well and


they coped well. It lifted spirits the whole way round. British fans


are wandering -- wondering what hope we have tomorrow


realistically? The Germans are good jumpers and they have got three


good scores up there. And you know, thing will have to go wrong for


them. But they can. Who knows? But the most important thing is the


British horses are good tonight and fass vet inspection tomorrow. And


then with the show jumping, we hope it is a demanding track and our


horses jump well. Give those Germans a run for their money.


will do that for sure. So much can happen in the show jumping and


tomorrow the vet's inspection. You can see the tome -- team show


jumping tomorrow. The individual is on later in the afternoon. A lot to


look forward to there. Now time for our early evening sailing report as


we led to way mouth. No medals decided. It is all about keeping in


contention A busy day on the water with five classs in action. Ben


Ainslie was second yesterday. How did he fair today? Well today six


of our ten classes were in action. All three of our returning gold


medallists from Beijing. Yesterday Ben Ainsley started well. But the


same man from Denmark had beaten him twice. The target taited for


ane swhri, that was to be changed. We join him for the racing. It is


the second race at the first mark wind and will see these guys start


to get physical with the boat and really try and make some difference


and Ben will want the put it into effect and overtake the Danish guy


who is just next to him. Time to throw the boom across, that big


powerful sail. New Zealand rounds in first. We got a glimpse of Ben.


Greece are second at the moment. The nethed lands are third and


Ainsley rounds the raft of three. Let's watch him work. Denmark are


down one side of the course. Ainsley is at the other. Yesterday


this is where we saw the British sailor in a league of his own. He


stepped up a gear and found a gear that no one else has got. Watch the


technique. He is on a waver and you can tell when he has got one. You


see a push there. The boat leans to wards him. Pull towards and push.


Look at that on a wave. Stay on the waver, keep going! Down he goes. He


has got this perfect. Confident, calm, cool and getting it right.


They split down this run. We saw Ben diving left, we saw Christian


son diving right. Christensen has got it right. Christensen is doing


a Ben Ainslie and sailing down and getting these this wave. Look at


that, Denmark getting the waves right. Sailing up closer and closer


to Dan Slater. The pressure is coming from Denmark. We can see


Ainsley coming into the mark and the Danish sailor, Hogh-Christensen


will round in second. Stay like this and it will be one, one two at


the Olympics. Hogh-Christensen who, beat Ben Ainslie twice yesterday is


leading him now. After an opening bout of a seventh and an eleventh


in race three, New Zealand crowds will be cheering as Dan Slater wins


in the Finn class. The man whether has is coming behind him is the man


who is making the greatest impact. Yesterday, it was two victories,


Hogh-Christensen was out to Ben Ainslie again and today the Danish


sailor may have come second and not first, but that may be a more


significant roult, -- result, because Ainslie isn't hot on his


heels. Riz rival's luck was about to change, the great Dane hooked


the control boat. He has hit the pin end of the line and he is stuck


there. Penalty turns for Christensen and a chance for


Ainslie to sail a race that would bring him back in touch and he is


in a solid four. Was normal service to be resumed as the Dane was Mott


just out of top 10 -- not just out of top 10, but in the 20s. Their


man capsized while leading. leader in the firn class, we said


how easy it is to get it wrong. Then the Spanish sailor took a swim


when his rudder fell off. He had been leading too. But none was


enough to save Ben. Sweden, France and slovon ya took the top spot and


ainsly had lost ground and he wasn't happy. Double first


yesterday and you're good run continued today. It was no


tpwhruebg? No. I had a good day again today. -- fluke. Two not so


good starts, but a good day. Hit the pin end in the second race and


had to do some turn and I was pretty much last. But I fought my


way back up to seventh. It was an amazing tun around. We were right


next to it and we saw you. Were you using anger and frustration as your


motivation? I was pushing hard. I knew I had made a mistake. Of


course I was angry with myself. But you know it is one of those things


where you focus and push as hard as you can and hopefully make it back


and I did. It is a big fleet and many people to win. Were you


noticing that Ben wasn't having the best of days todaysome Yes of


course. I mean there is four or five guys that I'm paying attention


to 5 he is one of them. Yes, he wasn't having the greatest day


today. But I'm still focusing on my own race and to do the best I can.


You want to do this for Denmark, for the record and for yourself.


But at what stage do you start to think this is getting very


exciting? Well I think it's exciting already. But there is a


long way to go. We're one day closer and it is still we're only a


third into it. So let's see. There is a long way to go. Bebb, nobody


said the path to gold was easy A tough day? Yes. It was frustrating.


Difficult. Certainly to pick up the game for the rest of the week.


problems with Rita. We saw you and the bow sun having a look. I don't


think it is the boat, it is the person sailing it. I didn't have a


good day, I didn't sail well. So you know it is still a long way to


go. But I will have to sail a lot better than today if I'm going to


do well. Were you feeling the pressure from Christensen in the


last Day race, he has put down another big marker today?


really. He is sailing well. He made a big mistake in the second race


and he got back through. But no, I was trying to do my best. The best


I could. It was difficult conditions. But for one reason or


another I struggled to pick the breeze and pick the right way up


the course. Which was frustrating. You will go away and gear up for


another day. You have won from tougher positions than this. Yes, I


have, but you know sometimes events come to you and sometimes you have


to go out and fight for it. And this one is not coming to me, so I


guess I will have to fight for it. Good luck. So a tough day for


Ainslie. But it was the start of the competition in the laser class.


A head-to-head has been predicted with Australia and Tom Slingsby.


After the first day, life was not looking straight forward. Coming to


the climax of the first day of raising in the laser class and


Australia lead with Slingsby and Britain are in the 20s, struggling


in this second race. Goodson with a difficult day for himment. For the


man from down under, he leads after day one. It looked like sufficient


a tough day. It was hard to get away from the pack. No, the first


race quite a good start. But once you're in the pack it is difficult


to sail where you want to go. was a great day for me. I had a


second and a first. Yeah, it is a lot different to four years ago and


I feel good. It has been your goal to own Weymouth and also the strong


winds. Yes, I have always wanted to do well and show my competitors


that I'm hard to beat here and I have done that. Now it is time to


perform in the big show. I have started well and I'm happy. In the


other classes well a difficult start for the high speed 49er class.


Stevie moreson and Ben Rhodes end the day on 12th. But good new


foster wrish British. Iain Persie and his partner are leading the


class after a third and a second. So it has been a tough day for the


British team. But there is a lot of races still to go and for Ben


Ainslie he is perhaps in a corner. Burr we have seen him fight out of


Burr we have seen him fight out of that with a lot of punch before. It


seems to happen at each Olympics, but good throubg Ben. The men's


team gymnastics is reaching its climax on BBC Three and Britain are


battling wit Ukraine for the -- out with the Ukraine for the bronze


medal. And now beach volleyball is causing a score in London with the


loud music and the crowd asked to stand up and do the Conga. Now the


British men are back on court and off lightly against this calibre of


opponent. Double contact. That means the ball was not upset evenly


by eight Garcia Thomson. There are very strict rules about to have


been beach volleyball, whether the and how did the Brazilians get it


out for? Phenomenal recovery by the Brazilians. There is a very


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 52 seconds


Ricardo looking for a drop just got to it. Luckily it does not come


back. Garcia Thompson came to life in the game against the Canadians


around this time. It will be interesting to see if he can do the


same against the Brazilians. It really helped the British team


rally against the Canadians. 7-12, shot. A technical time-out. We


reached the sum total of 21 points in the first two sets. An


interesting year for the Brazilian duo. They started it very strongly


with the third in Brazil Leah and a win in Poland. They just missed out


on the quarter-finals and a two Chinese events but came back to the


Open in Prague. Third, 9th and 5th in the run-up to the game's. Always


a threat. They are very much the second tier Brazilian team behind


Emmanuel and Alison who we will see in action tomorrow. The players


come back on court after the 32nd time out. Garcia Thompson and


Grotowski. They would not be expected to advance from the group


but a lot people have been watching their performance against the


Canadians and may have revised their ideas on that. A bit of


confusion between the Brazilians but as they have shown already they


can recover well. That -- a fantastic well-structured attack


Grotowski Serves, 13-9 to the Brazilians. The ball goes out.


Another point for Team GB. They have cut the deficit to 3 points.


With the amount of noise the crowd are making, you would have thought


Brazilian point. Looking at the statistics, two from Great Britain


and two from Brazil so not be covered with some sand so that


role as football. If it is out, the whole ball needs to be out, only


the slightest touch on the line. There was a dirty bounce off the


net. Are a fantastic Spike down the these was match point with the


was good work. You have got to say, the crowd are certainly playing


their part here. Both Grotowski and Garcia Thompson cited the crowd as


a huge influence in their first game. It spurred them on. That


space. He seems to have found a couple of ways round Ocado at the


net now. -- round Ricardo. The crowd are not making it easy for


into Garcia Thompson. Despite down the line again. -- This bike down


the line again. In comparison with the first game against the


Norwegians, certainly Ricardo has not made his presence felt in the


into the net and then rebounded off. You can see how much it means to


deflected it out. The Brazilians lead 18-15. As I was saying, we


have seen less than underdog battles, we have seen some serious


thrashings. At the moment, Grotowski and Garcia Thompson are


giving a good account for themselves. Fantastic! A fantastic


approach. Just a little too hard. You cannot give a player of


Ricardo's calibre an opportunity Grotowski set that ball, when we


get the replay you will see him for him, 17-19. They have not


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 52 seconds


managed to get any closer than two SUE BARKER: They certainly ran it


close in the first set but the Brazilians raced away in the second


set winning it 21-12. A second loss for the British men but one more


group match to go. The British women will be back on the sand


tomorrow. To just before we go, we have some


great news, Britain has got another medal. It has come in the


gymnastics. It is the first time the British men have been in the


team final since 1924 and we are hearing it is a silver medal. These


are the live scenes from the North Greenwich arena. They were lying in


third place but they have taken the silver medal. You will be able to


find out more on that story on BBC One with Gary Lineker in a moment.


What a story down there, fantastic. Just before we go, there is


swimming tonight. There are lots of people heading towards the Aquatics


Centre. If there are two British athletes in action, Gemma Spofforth


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