BBC Two: Day 3: 22.00-22.40 Olympics

BBC Two: Day 3: 22.00-22.40

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It has been another her enthralling day at London 2012. If you have not


been with us for the last three hours on BBC One. Here are the


headlines. Great Britain's gymnasts a won a bronze medal in the men's


team final. Mick was their first medal in the event for 100 years.


Team GB's Liam Tancock was disappointed as he finished 5th in


the 100m backstroke final. America's Matthew Rovers took the


gold. There was glory for the USA as Missy Franklin or won the


women's 100m backstroke title ahead of Gemma Spofforth in 5th. The


men's hockey team got third bid for the first gold medal since 1988.


They beat Argentina 4-1. But there was hard break the Tom Daley and


Pete Waterfield as they finished 4th in the synchronised ten-metre


platform final, despite leading at the halfway stage. An excellent day


in the cross-country for Great Britain's eventing team. But they


are in silver ahead of the show jumping tomorrow.


We have Lennox Lewis with us. We will talk to him shortly. No


British boxer was in action but the best fight was between Australian,


Damon Hooper and Marcus Brown of the USA. We starter at the start of


81 kg like Division. Marcus Brown of the USA is in blue. Hooper, you


see the tattoos on his right arm. He was sent home from the


Australian Olympic training camp for what the management described


as behavioural disciplinary issues. It was towards colleagues and


coaches. He was them invited back into the fold. He said that time


away did him good. He regrets the manner in which it came about, but


when he returns to the Australian Olympic camp, he returns with those


tattoos. It says, super Hooper. And on the other one, it is to do that


he is an indigenous Australian. Despite the fact he has had brushes


with the authorities in the past, he wants to settle down and serve


as a role model. He needs to start stepping on the Gas and throw some


more right hands. He is struggling with the movements of Marcus Brown


who is boxing well on the outside and waiting for him to come forward.


Hooper has to start not only throwing their left hand, but a


right hook. He is falling short, he has to get closer to his man.


are both part as large boxing contingents for their respective


countries. Australia is the only nation to have a man competing in


every single weight class. But Hooper was the only one to secure


qualification at the first time of asking in the World Championships.


The USA have a squad of nine men and three women, making them the


largest contingents in the boxing gap London 2012. Hooper is


throws, dummies and draw the leader of his opponent and comeback with a


counter. That is a looping along uppercut. That delivered from some


were down by his knees. It appeared to go neckties, but it caused


Hooper to overbalance. -- Connect twice. I think the American corner


will be happy. Them man is controlling the tempo. He should be


ahead again. I wouldn't argue with the judges. On the inside, who put


got caught with a slight right hook. That was a bit better from Hooper


as he was coming forward. Watch does he do now, Hooper? Does he go


for him? I think he should. Everything to box for in this final


and third round. The crowd here at the ExCel Arena in London raising


the decibel level. Important round. It is an important round for Marcus


Brown also. We will see what he is made of because he will be put


under pressure. Can he respond to this man who is coming forward at


fence with those long left jabs. His coach is asking him for a


little bit more. With just one minute a lapsed in the final round,


Australian has to sustain the pressure for stocky has to throw


It has brought about a standing count. Hooper is enjoying this.


is responding to his corner. He caught his man with a couple of


right hands. What is Marcus Brown made of now? It will be tough for


the American. He has to be faster would defeat. 10,000 in the crowd


in London's Docklands are producing Hooper! Forcing Marcus Brown back


to the ropes. Marcus Brown appears badly fatigue. That was untidy and


I hope the neither boxer is injured. This has been a pulsating contest.


Marcus Brown is not matching the intense and see what the


Australians. He brings that a shot from his knees and it is difficult


to detect. He is surprising Marcus Brown. Marcus Brown started the


contest more brightly. Although there has been nothing in it


throughout. Damian two per has responded to his corner and come


out blazing as we approach the final bell. Damian Hooper feels he


has done enough. He immediately raises his arms. Both of these


boxers gave it everything in order to extend their stay at London 2012.


It was a better round from the Australian. There is the right hand,


if he literally brings it from his knees, and it is so hard to detect.


At the end of the contest, the feeling is he has overturned it and


won it. I think he has. Anxious moments for both of them. Ladies


and gentlemen. The winner by a score of 13 points to 11, in the


red corner representing Australia... Damian Hooper! Damien Hooper


salutes the crowd. Disappointment for markers Brown because his


Olympic tournament comes two events will stop make no bones about it,


take nothing away from this man because Damien Hooper overturned


Terrific scrap. Damian Hooper is a self-confessed bad buoy. Likes


barbecues, beer and fishing. have to let it all hang out. How


many times do you get to go to the Olympics? Nobody really remembers


any other medal apart from the gold medal. You were not too impressed


with Mark has Brown? He seemed to think he had all day. A lot of


people are saying, four years ago at the Olympics, we had this point


scoring system when it came up on the screen. It was interesting,


because even if you couldn't work it out or were they were getting


the points from, you could still see who was leading. I cannot


understand why it has gone. I think they should put it back in. If you


are behind you get to look up at the score and see how many points


you need to make up. The reason they have done it, apparently it


was showing the scoring to be flawed at times. Now we know.


is the only sport the referees are tested for alcohol. Are you


serious? It is true. What about the British, we have seven boxes, all


unbeaten so far. They are looking good. I was watching Anthony Ogogo.


He looked like he was very serious with great poise. He is very


focused and wants to win. Have you got any advice because a lot of


them will turn professional after the games. The way they should go


about it? I can only go by myself. I would say to them, take your time,


relax and have a break. And then go round to all of the promoters who


want to sign you, talk to them and talk to all of their people. Grab a


feel of what you like. For me, I talk to everyone. Did you do much


after you turn professional? He did all right did you? Of course!


were a magnificent fighter, world champion and it has been a thrill


to have you here. Thanks for having One of the great things about the


Olympics is a we can suddenly be engrossed by a sport that a large


majority of us would normally watch. A great example of that was


weightlifting. The Great Britain we have Zoe Smith. Let's see how she


Smith. It is the biggest moment of her life, she is only 18. To get


very close and it won't be long before she breaks the record. At


least she has a 90 kgs which is the important thing. She is still in


produced the British -- can she record. Zoe Smith, the 18-year-old


from London, that put her on a total of 211 kg. Well done, she


makes her look easy. She composes herself, up it goes. She stands


still. She gets the British record, well done. The crowd on their feet.


211 kg, she sits in a silver medal position at the moment but we do


have another group to go later. had more in the tank. She is very


powerful. Just come up from the lower weight category, looks very


strong, probably one of the shortest in the group which can be


an advantage. You don't have to lift the bar as far. Successful


attempt at 101, and 104. Stood up 106 kgs, flies up. Six kgs over her


previous personal best of 100 kg. She has really improved. This is


the Olympic title they all want. This is her final attempt. Needed


105 in the second attempt. She is now going for 108. She is going for


an Olympic record. She does it. And with ease, as well. It is a shame


she doesn't have another attempt. To look at the Chinese flags waving,


a huge support for the Chinese. Another record for them. We have


seen World Records and now we have seen an Olympic record, look at the


power. The second section of the weightlifting, about to begin, for


it in the first love, this is her final attempt. By virtue of very


light body weight she will go into the judges think. Three white light.


That was close. Took her a while to stand still and keep the bar


completely still above her head. goodness me this celebration says


everything. She goes into the lead 134 which will give her a total of


234 and propel her from 6th position into the bronze position.


personal best. She is in the bronze-medal position. Thailand a


tempting 136. Only her second lift. It is a five kg increase. If she


does it she goes into the silver delighted. 136 kgs. That takes her


into the silver medal position. has just seen herself pushed off


the podium, a great lift. It is one of Thai competitor against the


other. Had she comes for her final left. If she hits 136 she will go


into second equal, and by virtue of body weight she will have the


silver. The second tier lifter. -- gave it everything, there is not


much more you can ask for from an athlete. She was stuck in the squat


position, finishes with a smile on her face. Fortunately just outside


the medals. She is sitting on a total of 241 after 108. If she does


this she will get 138 and her total will go up to 245 and it will be an


Olympic record and she will be so far away from the Thai competitor


it will virtually guarantee her a total, 246 kgs, 10 kg ahead. She is


at the top of the pile when it comes to Olympic lifts. She holds


the overall total record at the Olympic Games. New Olympic record.


There you go, confirmation she is 10 kgs ahead of the second position.


Ukraine takes the brunt. Great Britain, further down, Zoe Smith


Her British record for Zoe Smith. But Great Britain women's


basketball team 1 -- lost their first match but today play calendar.


-- played Canada. Britain are run often in basketball. An inadvisable


shot on one end is punished on the other end. That is the exact type


of shot Great Britain have been That was a dangerous pass. It was


an obvious one. They need to keep their composure, get something out


of the events, very stagnant by now another close one. She misses,


rebounds. It looks really stagnant on their sides. Four minutes left


He wants to talk it over, he knows the shots are not those that will


win this kind of game. When it like Canada, making sure they


forced the referees to make decisions about fouls, and


certainly for GB to play tough in Defence. The interesting thing is


how well the players have adjusted. Both teams have understood the


referees will swallow the whistles. GB have taken more advantage of


that fact than Canada which is surprising. One of the rules is


referees will always interpret the game in one way. Good players will


adjust to that. It is not a question of the referee being bad.


They have been invisible. basketball has been the better for


the result. You see the drive, the last drive by Canada. They are


getting a higher quality shots in Here is the pressure. A bad pass in.


Stafford pushing her free. Another big offensive rebound. Another


possession. This is the key time, only one shot, you can only allow


one shot. They go cross-court, take the three, miss it. Both Great


Britain players were on the floor. Again they miss. Becomes least. --


police. This is a nightmare. seconds and they still have the


ball and they are still taking Kitted out to the cornet, Smith was


on the line. That was almost a full minute of possession from Canada.


You cannot the win if you will give up that many offensive rebounds.


Kim Butler kids it out -- kicked it out. You can see the frustration on


Collins comes in. That last shot by Canada, foot on the line, luckily,


for Great Britain. The fact is now, the pressure has to come on but


they must make sure this pressure doesn't mean they get beaten moving


Canada spread it out again. Smith hits A3 at this time. No need to


panic at this point. Loads of time. Just need high-quality shops. The


speed of passing by Great Britain is not as sharp. Temi Fagbenle!


pressure is easily handled by She almost couldn't handle it. She


put it in in the end. Almost fumbled it. Temi Fagbenle looking


to get open. Has to come back out to control the ball. Natalie


Stafford tried to lay it up. Canada saying, we need to hold this up.


They get the rebound. That was huge. Be up there is a story at the end


of this game if it does not go to Great Britain, it means these


offensive rebounds means Canada had or 10 possessions when Great


Britain only have three. You cannot win when you have 10 possessions


against Jews. Great Britain have their work cut out for them. This


is a question of getting a great shot, moving towards the basket,


getting there whole team moving. Look at the intensity from Alison


McNeill. She knows exactly what they need to do. If they can do it


without mistakes that they are in a great position to close it out.


Trying to get Great Britain an option. Probably one option heading


towards the basket. Great hands to hold on to that and put it into the


basket. Passing is the terms of the game in terms of driving in. A


lesson can be learned from that in Canada all over the board. A great


job of trying to keep it going. Natalie Stafford has done a great


It was short but that it was good They can't let at the clock just


run down. Either foul or don't foul. And there is a foul. The it is the


worst combination. Foul early and caused a reset for starboard don't


40 seconds remaining. Kim Smith the Mrs them both. Stef Collins comes


away with the ball. And there is a foul. You wish she could have


thrown the ball up as she gets hit. For foul is on the floor so no


three throws. It is one of those It is amazing, any of these touches


could have been a foul in any other Great Britain needed to stop the


Again, reaching in for the foul. Only 15 seconds now to play. The


next foul will send Canada to the line to chute. And then the penalty.


I would like to have seen Great Britain get Canada earlier into the


penalty. Instead the ball goes on Jo Leedham last a foul. The this is


a tough, tough loss for Great Britain. They are looking at a game


where they did so much right. A good foul there by Jo Leedham to


stop the clock. It would have been criminal, win or lose it Great


Britain had looked at this game and said, that is as good as we can


play. The reality is, there is so much more they can do to take them


to the next level. As they fight for the ball on the court. That


will bring the game it to a close You just made a great point, this


is a British team at that knows how they played better, they could have


won this game. Absolutely, but lessons they can take from this and


help them improve for the next game, they did escape did Canada? They


did. When they needed it, they got the shooting and came out with the


tremendous one minute long possession after the time-out and


wrapped the game up. Great Britain suffered their second loss.


Disappointing results. Gabby Logan is here because she will be on BBC


One. I cannot get any guests together tonight, it is quiet.


are these then? Besides this lot. The only medal winners of the day,


the only time in 100 years Britain has won a gymnastics medal. I am


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