BBC Two: Day 7: 13.00-13.45 Olympics

BBC Two: Day 7: 13.00-13.45

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What a morning it has been at Eton Dorney, two bronze and a gold. It


is the first day of athletics, and what a great moment, Jess Ennis has


been in action, and it is also the last day of judo, and Karina Bryant


is trying to follow in the footsteps of Gemma Gibbons, won


silver yesterday. She has won her first two bouts in the heavyweight


division, and now she faces a judoka from Kazakhstan for a place


she has never experienced this moment, walking onto the mat in an


Olympic quarter-final, two wins away from a medal. She needs to


keep the focus here. She wants to fight similarly to how she did


third seed, the bronze-medallist from Beijing. Well, she has taken


an early kick to the leg, and the second round in three previous


games. Karina Bryant got a grip over the top, she needs to slow


strangle. The tactics very similar to the ones that they eventually


did for a previous opponent, so a bit of a dry run coming into this.


The 33-year-old is from Camberley in Surrey. A dozen years at the top,


came into these games as that Britain's best hope for a medal.


She has got to watch that, Issanova getting onto her collar and


dragging her down on to their knees. She has got to go and hard with


these grips now. Having a little word with the referee. An


indication on her face that it might have been deliberate from


under the sleeve, she has got control of the grips. If she can


get her hips across, she has got a great hip throw. The Kazakh doing


by the slap to the shops which she long ago in the judo all was a bit


of a house of pain for British player has, has become a house of


joy over the last 24 hours, and they are doing their level best to


underneath by Issanova. She is powerful when she gets on to the


first warning. A warning from the referee to smarten up her act, get


on with it a little bit. She needs to be able to get the grit to get


her attack in, and at the moment the Kazakh destabilising her with


little movement. Into the second half of this quarter-final contest.


Great Britain's Karina Bryant, who for so long has carried the British


black in those strong arms of her as without ever getting the success


that all the hard work perhaps deserved at these Olympic Games.


But she is on the brink of something here, two wins away from


a medal. It is important that she comes forward, really puts the


pressure on. Searching for grip. She gets the leg knocked out again


as she comes forward. That is troubling her. One of the other


issues for a fighter like hair, a British heavyweight, is that it is


so difficult to find proper practice in this competition


because there are so few other around. Yeah, it is, she often


trains with men on the mat to find people strong enough and big enough


to train with. There the Kazakh being warned for kicking. She was


kicking her legs out. That is the that drop. She did well to count


any end, made sure that he went over the top of the head of the


Kazakh and landed on her front. She spent a month in Japan ahead of the


Games to get some weightier can she can do that? She is not


happy, the Kazakh really dropping under her grip. Oh, but he has


conceded a second penalty, and that is costly, because as we can see,


it is part there one are you go down now. -- 1 you go. It is the


Kazakh he was ahead with 40 seconds to go. Karina is searching for a


coming onto her collar. That Amis really blocking out there, she


ditch attempt, yes! She has got it! Karina Bryant with the waza-ari, we


are going to have a check on this, as we often do, to make sure. But


they are off their seats in the ExCeL, and they seem pretty


convinced that was a waza-ari. could be a ippon, but waza-ari.


has been confirmed. She has just Count Karina Bryant into an Olympic


the week?! With all the headlines she has never been closer in Ayr 12


year and in their career to claiming one that no one deserves


more than Great Britain's Karina Bryant. She is into the semi-finals.


She believed in herself, did she? Right until last few seconds of


that contest, she kept going, and she got the score right at the end.


A kiss from the coach, Luke Preston, and the sense of satisfaction that


Karina Bryant will be feeling right now is so well deserved. Few have


worked harder than hair over what has been a testing decade for


British judo. Yeah, and she is really giving it everything today,


and this is the score right at the end of the contest, she manages to


get the leg across. She did not have control of the sleeve, but he


still managed to turn it. Brilliant power, look at a height with the


leg. And there is the score, waza- ari, ippon, and up to take her


through, brilliant do you know! -- brilliant judo! We have waited a


long time to see the smile on that And of course we will keep you up


to date with Karina's progress, she is now in the semi-final, so we


will keep everything crossed. Before we crossover to the Olympic


Stadium, back to Eton Dorney. This is Alan Campbell receiving his


bronze medal, just listen to the And you can see exactly what it


means for him, three Olympics, his first match of. He was lucky to


make the final in Beijing after Just look at these pictures! It was


all worth it, Alan, all that hard work, single sculls, such a lonely


existence, pushing yourself to the Well, just look at the crowds here


in the Olympic Park, it is absolutely heaving, and still of


the crowds are in the Olympic Stadium, they are yet to come out,


so imagine what an impact it will have after the morning session, but


it has been a great mourning for track and field, and we can now


cross to Jonathan Edwards to find out what has been going on in the


Olympic Stadium. Thanks very much, Matt, a brilliant


morning, but we are all a bit choked after watching the coverage


from the rowing, it puts it all into context, and for one at the TA,


Jess Ennis, it all started three hours ago with the heptathlon heats,


with the 100m hurdles. Michael, Denise and I have been waiting for


that moment, let's catch up with it now. Colin Jackson, Paul Dickenson


and Steve Cram are your start for Nataliya Dobrynska up.


She is holding it together here, a pretty good performance, just


fading a little bit. 13 points 58, that is a big improvement. I said


you should never write this Lady off. Not that far outside her


personal best, to be honest, so a good start for Nataliya Dobrynska


out. That was an excellent start, I do not think anybody was expecting


very smartly, and she is getting away, Almunia side Ellen Sprunger


are going well, Louise Hazel being caught a little bit. Ellen Sprunger


coming through on the inside. Hanna Melnychenko of the Ukraine, 13.31.


Louise Hazel there, she was leading for a few hurdles, but she began to


fade a little bit as the race went on. Away safely this time, Johnson-


Thompson get a reasonable start Lyudmyla Yosypenko coming through,


Katarina Johnson-Thompson looking better, and it is the Ukrainian who


wins it, 13.25, a following wind, that is interesting. Lilli


Schwarzkopf just beaten by Lyudmyla Yosypenko. A very good European


Championships, the Ukrainian. A good start to their competition,


13.25, the winning time. Katarina Johnson-Thompson equalling her


personal best in fourth place, so a brilliant start for the British


heptathletes. She is a 1 woman athletics team, and this is one of


her favourite events. The Olympic heptathlon, let's hope it stars


Jessica Ennis is being closed down by the Belgian, but she is


beginning to pull away on the inside. This is a tremendous run by


Jessica Ennis, oh, my goodness! Wow! The fastest time ever! By a


heptathletes, any multi- events at late! A new British record, it is


legal, 1.3 metres per second, oh! The power of the crowd carried Jess


Ennis through to that time, and the rest of her competitors must be in


despair, seeing how fast the was one of the fastest of all time


You always hope for the dream start to the heptathlon but I don't think


even Jessica or would have imagined It sets the whole heptathlon up. It


settled the nerves, it's an incredible performance.


To put it into context, Michel Hosseini said that on BBC One, it


was quicker than the time one in Beijing in the individual event.


always knew she was capable of running quickly, but we didn't


expected to be here and now. But what a perfect time to do it.


home Games you produced an incredible performance in Atlanta.


For Jess, in terms of improvement, it was almost that kind of quantum.


Absolutely. It was an incredible time, over two tenths of a second


improvement over her previous best. We said from the beginning, she was


always going to have to have a great day today because this is her


better date. The competition is stiff. She has put a huge gap


between them now. She's put pressure on them. This also bodes


well for her going into the events tomorrow where she's not as good,


because now she doesn't have as much pressure on those. It will


probably help her perform even better in those events. Michael has


mentioned a couple of names there. Dobrynska, the defending Olympic


champion... How did you rate what I was expecting more from Chernova.


She didn't get off to a brilliant start. Second behind Jessica or in


the opening event. But Dobrynska, I thought she was really good. You


can tell a lot from her shape, her form by her hurdles race. She


looked really good. World indoor champion with a world record of


beating Jess, as Chernova did the year before. She will certainly be


an athlete who is in jest's mind, she won't underestimate her. Jess


is not going to take a competition for granted, but he will be more


focused on her own race, executing the way that she knows she needs to.


That is the way she approaches competition. That is why she was


able to come in here to this stadium, first day of athletics, a


huge crowd, sold out, and all cheering loudly as she walked into


the stadium. She was able to focus on what she needed to do, get over


each one of these barriers and get an incredible start, which she was


able to do, and have the best performance here. She will do that


through the next few events. Jess Deering the high jump at the moment.


Also on track is the men's 3,000m go in the second heat. The Ugandan


leader at the moment. Kipruto, the defending Olympic champion, has


cruised through into second place. Yousef Avdeeva in third. Florrie


army is back in third place. A Spaniard moving up through the


field. The first sign we've had from him that he was really in the


race. Four laps to go and it is developing nicely now with the


defending champion looking strong. The defending champion running


nicely on the inside. It has been a fairly sedate opening. 250 for the


first 1,000m. They have to get a fast qualifier from this race, they


would have to speed up in the later stages. Hurdling strongly, running


well between the barriers, as the Olympic champion cruises into


second place. Looking in good form as they approach the water jump.


Now they are strung out, there are less dangers at the water jump.


They you see the different styles. For the Olympic champion, missing


the barrier, going straight into the water. The tall figure, the


impressive Kipruto. The Australian first heat. But Kipruto isn't a bit


bothered by that. Just under three Kipruto looking very comfortable


indeed. He was smiling as they went to the start line. Kipruto this


year, just outside of eight minutes, he is the second fastest man in


history. Just coming on to the shoulder bare his the tall


Frenchman. Heading out into the home straight. When they go through


the finish line this time they will beat two laps to go. The Ugandan


still leaves. It's interesting in a race as low as this, the way they


approach the water jump is fascinating. They slow down and


then accelerate, clear the barrier and tried to run it almost as if


you are on the runway for a field event, a long jump or triple jump.


In the final they won't be able to do that because they will be


stretched and running hard. Just less than two laps to go in the


second qualifying round of the men's steeplechase. The Olympic


is the signal, that's where it puts him in the Olympic favouritism.


Moving out and giving himself room. Acceleration now. A clear run at


the barrier. That is really sensible. This is an interesting


way to run a race. The athlete from Australia, who finished eighth in


the Olympic Games in Beijing, is giving them a run for their money,


as they come down the home straight. They will hear the bell and at this


point, the first Ball to qualified, the three fastest, and I don't


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 44 seconds


think that three factors have got very well indeed. Already, Kipruto


is looking around. Just accelerates away. That is a touch of real class.


Kipruto wins it. Looking so outside of eight minutes this year,


but he can run faster. That is a very comfortable qualification for


the man who won the title four happening in the high jump in the


heptathlon. Louise Hazel went out at a fairly early height early on.


It's a busy morning down there. There's a real disappointment for


hurdles but that's not good for her. But all eyes have been very much on


Jess Ennis. Her big rival didn't have a good start, Chernova, the


1.86, another disappointing event for her. The second day is


definitely her best but not a good high jump for the Russian. All of


bit of an anti-climax, but nothing to worry about at the moment for


That's clear. Well done to Fountain. Even the good high jumpers have


been starting to struggle. It was wet earlier on, its stride off now.


-- it has dried off now. The American very much rising to the


and closer to her lifetime best of 1.88. She was 15th after the


leaderboard but not quite. She is learning all the time how to handle


herself in these sort of major Olympic experience. She didn't


quite get the take-off right there. Like Jessica Ennis, she will have


goodness! Within a split second the whole crowd thought she'd cleared


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 44 seconds


this stadium would have given her clearing this height. Doesn't want


to lose ground on the other campaign to retain his title after


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 44 seconds


they're all clapping for you! Can me? Yes, it was, and she responded


Johnson-Thompson. -- by young. big smile. If anybody wants this


the Olympic title, they are going to have to produce something


remarkable, because Jess Ennis is heat of this steeplechase, that is


the start list, they are just getting under way, and it contains


the name are the Stuart Stokes and Ezekiel Kemboi, the former Olympic


champion and the current world champion. All of that excitement, I


wonder whether those cheers might just lift Stuart Stokes to


something here. I was chatting to him last week, and he was saying, I


feel so privileged to be part of the team, he was picked on a B


standard, he said, maybe I deserve it for all of the years I have been


fighting to get the chance to be at an event like this. He was not


there for years ago, he is a great guy, a very popular man in the team,


Stuart Stokes, so he is going to enjoy this, whatever happens.


he will have been privileged to stand on the start-line, to hear


the roar from the high jump in heptathlon, and he is a great lad,


Stuart, he should have been selected in 2008. He almost gave up


the sport but came back and decided to dedicate the last two years to


qualify for the Olympic Games. He has qualified, and now he is going


to enjoy it. He is a full-time teacher in Chorley. He gets up at


4am, trains at 5am, and then again after school in the evening, but


there is nobody who applies himself added to the steeplechase than


Stuart Stokes. I would love to see him run well. If you are as close


to his personal best, he will have a chance of being one of the


fastest losers, but he has got a tough field ahead of him. But it is


great to see him here, there will be no prouder athlete in the


Olympic arena running for Great Britain today, Stuart Stokes.


looking at Ezekiel Kemboi, the only man behind Stuart Stokes is the


current world champion and former Olympic champion. Have I missed


something? Did he fall? He is right at the back of the field. Now, I'm


assuming there's nothing wrong with them, he has another ability to


give plenty of these people a head start, but he would not do that,


they are running a decent pace. What is going on? Did I miss


something? Well, we were looking at the pack, I did not see him hit a


hurdle. Interestingly, he has come into the Games with a real issue


hanging over his head anyway. He has been charged in court in Kenya


with assault, a Stanning. E as at the tasers then did so that he


could come to the Olympic Games. -- he has had the case suspended.


Moving up close to Stuart Stokes, the two of them are quite detached,


Ezekiel Kemboi, well, we can have a look through the V T T C of E did


anything wrong. Moving closer to the packed there, the signs are not


looking good for Ezekiel Kemboi. do not think he did hit any


barriers, I think he just started slowly and was maybe a little


surprise that the early pace. It is not passed by his standards. It


just seems as though he is in a little bit of no-man's-land. It is


all right running at the back of the pack, but he would not normally


give them that sort of lead. The immediately goes to the back, like


it is a choice, a decision. Really strange. That it is not unusual.


Often the Kenyan athletes slip into the back and give away from trouble,


but he is now moving closer, getting closer to the pack. I do


not know why he is doing it like this, but we will find out. He is


making it hard for insulted -- hard for himself. He is moving to get


closer, but he has had to work hard for a couple of laps to get himself


in contention. The lead is still held by Donald Cabral of the United


States. Now he is much closer, the top four to go through, as Brendan


was saying, and with everything that is going on in his life


outside of the track, it might not be so easy for him to concentrate


on the job at hand when he is to the fore. Steve, he is also


making it harder for an assault by running down the inside and now the


outside. -- harder for himself. He has had a troubled time in the run-


up to the Games, the selection was difficult, then the court case over


his head, then huge controversy about their training camp in


Bristol, which has been irritating the Kenyan athletes. But now you


could almost say, as they come into the thinning straight, or it will


move to three laps to go, and Ezekiel Kemboi... The defending


Olympic champion has one more attempts to achieve 1.86, and she


gave it everything, but he has been eliminated. Three laps to go in the


men's steeplechase, and we have already had an amazing run by


Ezekiel Kemboi, the former a Olympic champion, working his way


from the back of the field, working through gradually, and he is now


into a qualifying position. We cannot understand why he has run


this way, it is unusual for him, the likes to be at the front, but


he does not look troubled, he is back in a race, and the leg


champion has done a good job. -- the Olympic champion. Well, 2.50


through the second kilometre, so it is slow, and there will be a couple


of athletes from the first heat who will be happy with that. There are


enough people in this to make it quick over the last couple of laps,


but Donald Cabral of the United States has been there from the


start, happy to lead. Roba Gari is in second place. The Algerian is in


third place, then Ezekiel Kemboi, the world champion. Hamid Ezzine of


Morocco is in 5th place. The big figure, Lucas Kaczynski, is


starting to struggle off the back of that group in the white with the


red shorts, second from the back. There he is, he has actually


stepped off, Victor Garcia. They are starting to move down the back


straight. You can see in a light blue of mulled over, Ion Luchianov,


trying to get a better position. -- Moldova are. Roba Gari almost at


the start in its stride. Ezekiel Kemboi is pushing and shoving,


trying to move through on the inside. Well, he has made it hard


for himself all the way, and there could be an inquiry if that was


close, the cars became very close to putting his foot and the inside


of the track. -- because he came very close. This is Ezekiel Kemboi


in second place. He has run a strange race, and now the bell. All


he has to do now is run hard and he will be into the final, where he


deserves to be as the former Olympic champion. I am looking down


the field, Stuart Stokes. Let's just brake for a second because


Jess Ennis is going in a high jump. A new target for Jess Ennis, 1.89.


If the crowd have got anything to Kemboi hits the front, Roba Gari is


in second place. The Moroccan is right there as well, the top four


go through. He has been all over the place, he worked hard to catch


them up, he has been stepping aside, but he is good enough to do all of


that and still win. Ezekiel Kemboi wins, I do not know where he is


going now, I have not got a clue! Roba Gari and Hamid Ezzine call


five, and that is a strange, strange run. -- co-op 5. He has


probably got a lot going on in his head with the charges that are


against him. Stuart Stokes, well done, Stuart. He is not as fit as


he would like to be, 35 years of age, his better days behind them,


but is the Olympic experience, at least he got the chance to run.


Tough, tough, tough out there, but he will have enjoyed the crowd, I


am sure. So far so good for Jess Ennis, two more attempts at 1.89.


Earlier this morning we saw Dai Greene go in the 400m hurdles,


Michael, a difficult draw in lane one, but he coped pretty well.


coped pretty well, he at and easy heat, so he was not pressed in Ms


race. He was able to conserve a lot of energy for tomorrow's semi-final,


tomorrow night, so he has got a little bit more than 24 hours to


get ready for that race. He will feel very good about his attempt,


able to conserve some energy and get ready for that semi-final.


Great for him to get through, a bad draw, but easy for him in terms of


the competition that he had to contend with. He will not have to


worry about the main one any more. Defending Olympic champion


Christine Ohuruogu in the first round of the women's 400m, apart


from a little mistake at the end, Denise, she looked pretty


comfortable. I would say she ran a decent race. She has not got much


running in her legs from previous injuries, not racing much, but she


dealt with this very well. You see her nerve and through, asserting


their authority on the race. -- you see her moving through. As you say,


she made a little mistake at the end, which will cost her a decent


lane go in forward to the next round, but all in all she did OK.


It was a good qualification, she tends to be a little bit mistake


prone. She usually makes one as a third championship, hopefully that


was it and she will learn from that and be able to go through these


next few rounds, solid races, get us up into the final where anything


can happen. A Mike Carr, Denise, thank you for this morning. --


Michael. Matt, up at do you on total of 18 medals, all very nice


As Jonathan said earlier, BBC One will keep you up to date with all


of Jessica Ennis's high jumps, and she has got two more events today,


the shot put and the 200m, which will be in the evening session. We


are also keeping you updated with Karina Bryant's progress, medals


will be given by the end of the day in the judo, and that his own on


BBC Three. The semi-finals of the men's tennis, Roger Federer is on


court against Juan Martin del Potro as we speak, Andy Murray will the


Hon Sue and against Novak Djokovic. You can see all of that over on BBC


34 star What a busy morning we have had, history has been made at the


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