BBC Two: Day 7: 22.00-22.40 Olympics

BBC Two: Day 7: 22.00-22.40

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I was just looking at the stadium. It is quite a spectacular sight at


night, and it has turns red white and blue. We have enjoyed another


her enthralling day. It is hard to know where to begin. Go on then, we


will start with the gold medal for Britain. After three silver medals,


Katherine Grainger's quest for Olympic glory is over. She and Anna


Watkins turned Eton Dorney into a gold medal. There was a chain


reaction in the velodrome with Britain's men winning the team


pursuit title in a world record time. And Victoria Pendleton


clinched the gold medal in the keirin to compensate for the


disappointment of her disqualifications from yesterday's


team sprint. Rebecca Adlington earned a second bronze medal as 15-


year-old American, Katie Ledecky set a near record pace to win the


800m freestyle. Jessica Ennis a leads the heptathlon after four of


the events out of seven, setting the best time in the sprint hurdles


and concluding with the 200m. Andy Murray is guaranteed at least


a silver medal in the men's singles after a brilliant victory over


Novak Djokovic. He will play Roger Federer in a repeat of the


Wimbledon final. Look at that out there, isn't it wonderful? London


is at its finest. It is something. Packed crowds inside the stadium to


watch the athletics. On BBC Three you can see basketball at present.


It is women's football next and a cruise through to the quarter-


finals or winning all three of their group Games. In a last they


take they faced Canada watched by goal. The crowd and the interest is


soaring in his Great Britain women's football team. It is the


next nerve jangling test. Now he gets a bit more tense, knockout


football and no second chances. There is one change for Great


Britain. Kelley Smith left out after picking up a few knocks. That


gives Ellen White the chance to start an Olympic match for the


first time. Kelley Smith won't be risked and won't take any part in


this game unless necessary. Canada's team is the same one that


started against Sweden. Mellissa Tancredi has four goals in total.


Even more than Britain's Steph Haughton. But the key player has


been captain, Christine Sinclair. Wilkinson has an English mother and


a Welsh father. And playing for Canada! That it wasn't a bad ball


end and it needed Jill Scott to come in and head it behind.


only one direction Jill Scott could heard that was straight back where


it came from. That was well worked and brilliantly finished. Canada


have the lead and what a good goal it was. Obviously a corner kick


they have practised a lot. What a great connection she got on that.


Not much Karen Bardsley could do so. Right in the top corner. You have


got to track your players in that position. The key the won't get


anywhere near it. Well walked -- worked and the keeper wouldn't get


anywhere near it. Sophie Bradley headed away. Only Ellen White is


further ahead of Eni Aluko. Jill Scott had a go. Karin McLeod had


plenty of time to see it and get down and across. She just didn't


enough on it. Great ball into the box. Alex Scott found a bit of


space, the run from Karen Carney was excellent, I thought the that


was going in. It was just wide. developing. Similar stature. I'm


not sure my first thought was it was a 50-50 battle and Kim Little


got her toe to the ball. But she did bring her down. Christine


Sinclair has Canada's second of the game, her third of the Olympic


games. Canada have put themselves in a great position to ruin the


British dream. I don't know if Karen Bardsley could have got to


that. Up and over the wall well enough. Not a good start at all.


They have just got to keep going. The fight back from a great Britain


point of view has to start sooner deflection. Team GB need to get the


momentum going. The opportunities will come. It is the quietest I


have heard a ground during these Olympics. The players have just got


to play to their game plan. Diana Matheson being held back by Jill


Scott. Maybe get the ball to Christine Sinclair. Another chance,


but this time Mellissa Tancredi played it straight against Karen


Bardsley. I think the crowd have decided it is now or never to be


the extra player. The referee has come across in an animated fashion,


Carney has to get the delivery couldn't carry on with the moves.


Pressure from Williams. Jill Scott was struggling to adjust. Perhaps


Fara Williams will be the spark Lauren Sesselmann. Looking to make


the change, but those down the touchline answer looking yet. They


Aluko a court? She thumbs the ground in anger and frustration.


They look like she had her legs taken from underneath her. The


referee was well placed. She got a fought to it and it happen so


quickly, but she definitely touched Canadian right back. Two minutes to


go and two goals needed. He just about everybody up for this one.


Karen Carney to get it into the crowd of players. Jill Scott is


wrestling with Carmelina Moscato. Somehow end the crowd of players,


Aaron McLeod falls on the ball. Desperate attempts by Casey Stoney


to get on the end of that. She is arguing with the referee, she


thinks the Canadian players have fallen on the ball and will drive


this out as long as possible. It is a great ball in. It just dropped in


front of Casey Stoney. It just ended up a mad scramble. Mellissa


Tancredi got a Fara Williams boot and the end of her nose. It is just


desperate. It just didn't fall for them. This is worthy Olympic dream


dies. -- this is where. Great praise for Canada's performance.


Goals from Janelle Philip no and Christine Sinclair. There won't be


a medal in the women's Olympic football. It ends in Coventry


Disappointment there Team GB women. I am joined by Fay White. It was a


shame it did not happen for them? Not today, Karen -- Canada were too


strong and physical. Very disappointing after the euphoria of


beating Brazil. Today it just didn't seem to work 14 GB. What was


missing? They have been so impressive so far. They looked so


confidence in the Brazil game in their passing. Canada didn't allow


us to do that. Kelley Smith wasn't playing, she picked up an injury


against Brazil. We just seemed to lack a bit of creativity. Towards


the end of the game we put more pressure on them. But the two early


goals gave us too much to do. medal, but how would you evaluate


the overall performance? Women's football, more people will know


more about it, and they will be impressed after seeing how good the


women players in this country are. They have had some fantastic crowds,


Great coverage. Massively disappointed because it was such a


good opportunity to get the break, break the quarter-final barrier. We


had a great chance against Canada, but he did not work out on the


We have boxing, with Great Britain's Andrew Selby taking on


Ilyas Suleimenov. We join it at There are five points separating


them at the start of this, the third and last. Andrew Selby, the


man in blue, the world silver medallist and number two seed in


this bantamweight division, the flyweight division, I should say,


at London 2012. Looking comfortable, cheered on by an enthusiastic crowd


but he knows that Suleimenov will come after him. Because he has a


good balance, Andrew Selby, he is one of those rare boxers whose feet


when Square, he still finds the target. That is a gift he has got.


His feet come Square. He manages to find and attack, the punch well


planned. He should be there now. was not allowed to do that. He is


such a laid-back character. You would not believe Andrew Selby. He


does not like the cameras or interviews. He likes to box. That


Freddie Evans, a fellow Welshman, the first man to box for Britain in


the Olympics from that Principality since 1984, we reckoned. A warning.


Oh my goodness, warning, that means two points will be added on to his


opponent's score. I think Suleimenov will do the sums and say


I am in with a chance. He has to concentrate now, Selby, not make


any more mistakes. That is better. Selby just moving, switching the


point of attack, keeping herself out of trouble. He probably feels


he has done enough to keep ahead but it is going to be a lot closer


thanks to that warning. We will not know the extent of that until we


see the final scores. Into the second part of -- second half of


this third and last round. Come on, Andrew Selby, don't be giving silly


points away. He must keep focused, get the timing right. Just set the


feet to launch an attack. Lovely movement, if he could have just...


Good move it from the Kazakhstan boxer. One minute to go. 12-eight


up at the start of the round, he will have conceded a couple of


points, because of the warning, which will go to his opponent in


red, Ilyas Suleimenov from can extend. -- from Kazakhstan. He next


to make doubly sure. Selby wants to get on with it. Not quite the same


movement, he has a bit more static. That was better. Not facing his


opponent. The referee will gesture to him. He needs to be careful,


Andrew. Yes, I think he is getting tired, Andrew Selby. He has to find


a couple of quality shots here, just concentrate. That was a better


right hand from Selby on the inside. He got himself caught with the


right hand from the Kazakhstan boxer, who is steaming forward and


slips. Into the last 30 seconds. Despite that two point penalty in


favour of his opponent because of the warning, I think Selby is doing


just enough to win this. He needs one more point to get the victory


and Suleimenov, who is looking tired, Selby has found the extra


energy knowing that the seconds are ticking away. Time is on his side.


But the complete performance we might have expected, Andrew Selby


has done enough. A great left hand to finish it off and I am pretty


sure but he has done enough. Yes, I think he has done enough, Selby,


even with the public warning. He did not flow as well in the last


round as he did in the first two round, nevertheless he has done


enough to win that. A fairly high intensity contest for his first one.


He faltered at the end but I think he is home. A point, maybe two


points the better there. The Kazakh is coming forward. Sell the brings


-- Selby brings a super right hand there. He scores with the shot.


Suleimenov, landed with the right hand to the body. A bit scrappy at


times. This is when the referee brings about the public warning.


Needless to say Andrew Selby disagreed with that. He holds his


hands up at the end of the contest and and dissipates. Ladies and


gentlemen, the winner by a score of 19-15 in the blue corner... Selby


has won it. He has got through. Despite getting a public warning,


which cost him a couple of points in the last round, Andrew Selby has


gone through and they are probably just as relieved as they are


pleased. Andrew Selby will box a lot here -- well box a lot better


here in this tournament but the important thing is the score.


Andrew Selby, it was too close for comfort perhaps but four points was


Andrew Selby was the winner. A great win. Britain's cyclists


struck gold in the Velodrome. Victoria Pendleton won the Keirin


and there was victory in the men's four of them. Comfortably beating


Australia in the end. Incredible atmosphere inside the Valegro and a


world record to be much -- inside the Velodrome. A fabulous


We are joined by three of the team. Congratulations. Brian Thomas first,


you must be absolutely delighted. You won it in style, didn't you?


was incredible, something we have talked about since November at


least and Burke has been on about it since Beijing. It is to do with


pressure and expectation. Like I said, to be talking about it for


all that time and finally get on the boards and deliver the goods


was a great feeling. It is quite so real, now. We feel we have finished


and whisked off for a load of interviews, dope control, here, it


has not sunk in at all. It is so real. Try your best to enjoy it.


You 1-4 years ago. How does it compare, Home Games? It is massive,


ten times as big. Cycling has boomed since Beijing. To deal with


all that and to get the training done, to get beaten in London in


February and turn it around, it is crazy. It is still so real, it has


not sunk in. -- sunk in. A fabulous atmosphere inside the Velodrome


CRAE. -- inside the Velodrome, Peter. It must have spurred him on?


Incredible, the support has been incredible. We were training in


Newport. There were 800 people coming to watch his train. Tonight


was just absolutely amazing. With the girls getting up and doing an


outstanding right in the qualifying for the team pursuit and the key in


the Keirin, you were buzzing when you got on your bike -- and the key


Pendleton in be Keirin. He must have a great team spirit?


Definitely, all the way. I am so happy today. The experience of a


lifetime. Yes. He is still in shock! I am stunned. I want to


break my team-mates. An awesome job today, we kept going faster and


faster. You did wonderfully well. Peter, you are from the Isle of Man.


Have you any idea the last time someone from the Isle of Man won


the gold medal, do you know? No, I am not too sure. I have seen it is


the first medal in over 100 years. Exactly. Apparently they have


painted the postbox gold in the local village. I am not sure what


the reception will be like when I get home but I am so proud to be


from there and the support I have had it has been a real. It is great


to be from the Isle of Man and to do them proud. You are just down


the road from Mark Cavendish? about two kilometres away. It is


good. Good cycling territory, I imagine. Gentlemen, thanks very


much for taking the time to talk to us. You have done loads of


interviews and will be fed up with them, go and have a good time.


Thanks, cheers. Well done. Brilliant stuff. On Olympics


Tonight, with Gabby Logan, you can see how the other Welsh boxer got


on, FED Evans, 10:40pm on BBC One. The British men's team in hockey


won their first match and drew the second. The latest encounter was


against Pakistan. A win would help their chances of making it out of


group A. This was the state of play before Great Britain's match. The


teams are level, three points morning. The commentators, Sean


and it is in on the follow-up! Great Britain in the lead from


James Tindall. Look as whoever it was on the far post have not taken


the chance, but James Tindall coming in. Cracking shot. James


Tindall taking no prisoners, smashing the ball on the backhand


side. Lovely passing from Ashley from Great Britain. Much more


positive and they are putting a lot of energy in what they are doing


and causing problems. Matthew Daly getting behind. Trying to wrong-


foot the defender. Nothing else on, stick it on the 4th and win a


goodness me! From one end of the pitch to the other. It was


magnificent. Jonathan Clarke is the goalscorer. Great skill by Ashley


Jackson, wrong-footing the Defence. He finds Jonathan Clarke. They get


their reward. Lovely skill again. He was a word Jonathan Clarke was


there. He took his time. If you have got it, take it and make sure.


Penalty corner. The Pakistan goalkeeper was showing the sign for


cracking game, everything is going right for him. Quite sensibly, the


option was put it on the ground. The keeper was expecting a higher


one. Really difficult for the keeper to get through -- get to. He


does not get in the right line a bit, so superb execution by Jackson.


-- write a line of it. Penalty corner. Came off James Tindall.


is getting easier now, Pakistan are getting tired and Great Britain are


having more possession. Making it countered and turning the screw.


easy. It is fantastic skill. He takes two steps in and the


goalkeeper has no idea where it is going. Get the ball up high and


under the crossbar and there is make it 4-1. He picked out the spot


where there was no defender. It is more difficult for the key is to


get down. It was a good goal from Pakistan. That result but Great


Britain level on points with Australia. They meet in a couple of


days. The top two progress to the semi-finals. Just before we go, we


have time to hear from Jo Pavey and Junior Bleasdale who finished 7th


This must be one of the biggest nights of your life? It is


fantastic, we are great mates and to get a personal best at our home


Olympics, it is amazing. The crowd has been amazing. Can you talk us


through it from your perspective? It got a bit difficult when the


field was pulling away. We tried to hang in there. It was great to


finish so strongly together. They ran well. You will see Gabby Logan


has joined me. If you want to break your own personal record, that is


the time to do it. The athletics today has been sensational. The


stadium filled like that. The morning heats, you never normally


see crowds like that. This is the Olympics, the pinnacle of your


career. I can't believe it is a week since the Opening Ceremony.


will have you got on your show? Rebecca Adlington. I will be


speaking to the row was who won medals today. That and a whole lot


more. Boxing, swimming, rowing and Cycling. It is all there. He just


keeps going on and on. Savouring every moment. Women's basketball is


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