BBC Two: Men's Football: Spain v Japan and United Arab Emirates v Uruguay Olympics

BBC Two: Men's Football: Spain v Japan and United Arab Emirates v Uruguay

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It is brilliant! Great Britain have the lead.


What was the hottest day of the Year, and G be made a sweat of it.


But we were able to enjoy their success on a day when Brazil were


brilliant, Japan were a joy and women's football got the 2012


Olympics off to a flyer. Today, with the sun beating down, we turn


our attention to the men, and particularly a team well used to


silverware who have now got their eyes set on something gold.


Less than a month ago, Spain reminded the world that when it


comes to football, they are supreme. It is four! European champions


again. After winning the European


Championship in 2008, they established themselves as the


world's best in 2010. This is it, that is the goal! Spain


have surely won the World Cup. Spain are the kings of world


football. So can this team, packed with some


of the most exciting talent on the planet, make it a clean sweep by


bringing Spain the gold and following their triumph in


Barcelona 20 years ago? A chance here... It is two. Yes!


We are looking forward to this one. Alongside me to see Spain can shine


again, Steve Claridge and Matt Holland. We should tip our cabs to


the women yesterday. Congratulations to Great Britain.


We spoke about it being a nervy affair. What is it like in that


first match? Of course you aren't -- are nervous.


It was a fantastic goal. It sets them up for the tournament.


The way that it works in the women's side of the tournament, a


win is important to get going. Winning any tournament, when you


have a smaller knockout stage, of course it is important not to lose.


It is fantastic they have got off to a winning start. Eight of the 12


will qualify. That gives them an outstanding opportunity.


Thoroughly more important for the men to get off to a good start,


because only be stopped two go Let's look at how it works. For the


women, you have got three groups, four teams in each group. As Steve


said... It is windy appear! As far as the men are concerned, it is


like Euro 2012. Four groups, 16 teams, and the format is identical.


The top two progress. Great Britain will be wary of you cry. -- Uruguay.


We have Switzerland and Brazil, who We have Switzerland and Brazil, who


Let's focus on Group D. Talking about Spain first, how much will


they be focusing on the fact that the seniors have won the European


Championships and the World Cup? Will they care?


Of course they will care. They won the 2011 European Championship, the


Under 21 tournament. It is the same team that won that. They come into


it as strong favourites. Once you win one or two tournaments, you get


a taste for it. What we have also got, we have seen


Rose Hill in action already. They were excellent. There's a spikiness.


Brazil have had their noses put out by Spain. Brazil will see this as,


hold on, we are going to make a stand here, we will say, Don't


forget about us. The toughest game is against Japan.


This is a real test for them today. These two groups will play each


other. Brazil would love to get one over Spain!


When you have youth football, the players blow hot and cold. But we


have seen Spain do the business at every level. They are champions.


That tells you a lot. What it tells you is there is one


way of playing throughout the ages. Everybody understands what is


required of them. There are not any pressure will we say, people coming


in at different levels, telling people different stuff. -- there


are not any, shall we say, people. It is good for them going forward,


into future tournaments. I am looking at the sides here.


This is what does not equate. People are writing Spain off. Into


the Euro John Bishop, they said they were getting too old. -- Euro


Championship. There are players here who at maybe


did not get a chance they wanted. Lopez did not come off the bench


and get a chance to perform. They have got Martinez, the captain.


They are players who were at Euro 2012.


How would you feel if you were in the Japan dressing room, knowing


their due lost every game in 20 -- 2008?


I don't think any footballer would look at that for my psychological


standpoint. This is a new era. It is different players. They know


they are going to be a hard game. They know what to expect. It is


almost a no-lose situation. Nobody expects them to get a result. Who


knows. The pressure is not on them. They will play as well as they can.


They have been decent in the qualifiers. They have shown they


are decent at that level. Now is the real test.


It will be nice to see Spain play with a striker!


As you can see from the sunshine here and in Scotland, these are


live pictures, just to let you know that if you like to see the Mexico


and South Korea match, you can do. It has kicked off and is available


on the red button. The players are starting to make their way out here


into the stadium. It is time to hand over to our commentators,


at under 19, 21 and senior level. They are bidding to add Olympic


gold to that incredible collection. It is Japan who stand in their way.


They are competing in their fourth They are competing in their fourth


consecutive Olympic games. It is a tournament which gave them their


fondest memory in 1968, when they will bronze medallists. Still, to


this day, it is the only medal and Asian country has one in an Olympic


football tournament. Both teams have been in Scotland. A


heightened interest is more than years for this tournament. They


could not have a tougher start. They have high hopes of upsetting


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 89 seconds


Look Japanese National Anthem "Kimi # Kimi ga yo wa.


# Chiyo ni yachiyo ni. # Sazare ishi no.


# Iwao to nari te. # Koke no musu made.


# Kimi ga yo wa. # Chiyo ni yachiyo ni.


# Sazare ishi no. # Iwao to nari te.


of the Asian games in China. It is a far from straightforward


start for Spain. They have to, as ever, deal with the expectation


when they are at the top of the favourites list. Understandably so.


The squad they have picked for this tournament... There are three


members of the Euro 2012 squad. Two of them scored in the final.


Martinez, the scupper -- skipper, in his career. He guided the Under


21 team to victory in Denmark a year ago.


Japan have opted to leave the big names out of their Olympic squad.


They have an attacking leader. Four of their starting 11 playing top


divisions in Europe. Six of them are full internationals. They have


been preparing under the watchful eye off their manager for the past


Japanese league. He has expectations of his own today. A


far from straightforward start for the Spanish.


Definitely. The Japanese will be very organised, very disciplined.


In the early stages, it will be interesting to see tactically how


they try to deal with the Spanish. The Spanish, whoever they played,


will have the majority of the possession, and they will keep the


ball. Do the Japanese sit back and allow Spain to have it? What do


they attack them and exploits a defensive weakness?


The goal medal bid starts here for Spain, looking to become only the


4th nation to win an Olympic goal as world champions. Something only


Uruguay, West Germany and Italy have previously done. The Spanish


players know each other so well. Seven of this 11 won the Under 21


tournament 12 months ago. A nervous Equally, this Japanese team have


played a lot of football together. Most recently at the Toulon


tournament preparing for these games, where they managed to beat


Holland before losing to Turkey. So there is a good understanding on


both sides. I think you can already see that Japan are tactically very


adept. They have lined up so that when the ball goes back, they will


not allow the Spanish time to settle on the ball. They are going


to press from the front, they look very organised. Almost like a


domino effect, once one player goes, he is followed by another and then


another, to put Spain under as much in the J-League at the moment --


Kensuke Nagai. Not an easy one, a difficult technique with the ball


coming across year. Again, you see the Japanese shirting the Spanish


players then very quickly -- shouting. And they win it back


has had for his national team and his club. Can he capita off with an


Olympic goal? -- cap it off with an Spanish team is they have adopted


the same sort of system as the senior team, that much talked-about


false number nine, they are not really playing with an out and out


centre-forward, a very fluid formation and packing the midfield.


It gives the two Japanese centre- the Spanish goal, just like he was


when they won the Under 21 tournament the year ago. -- David


de Gea. One tyre is a young full- back at Barcelona, one of four


players promoted for the Shuichi Gonda I think had it


covered as the effort came in from Rodrigo. He just took Greg tee shot


a touch wide. A little bit of nerves -- he dragged his shot. Went


for too much power and snatched across it across the face of goal.


Already, we have seen Spain setting up very much like their senior team,


the full-backs push up very high and it is the pick attacker


many great players Spain have got all through the levels, but this is


a product of what has happened over the last 20 years. As you can see,


the Spain team's right from the senior level right then, I expect,


to the junior level, all play the same system and the same style of


football and that makes the integration from one team to the


next a lot easier. Yuki Otsu of of speculation, is still an


Athletic Bilbao player. Their winner of Spain's World Cup winning


squad, the Euro 2012 squad and the Under 21 victorious team of last


year. He has the armband again for the Olympic games. He is an


exceptional player. I watched him during the U21 tournament. He plays


that holding role, which has become so crucial in modern-day football.


He just sits there, get everything moving from the back and


technically, he is absolutely corner to Spain. Good faith, a good


little interchange of passing on the box -- could feet. One that


they get beyond his marker but is then crowded out. I think Spain


will probably put the ball into the box, looking to use their bigger


Isco, who applauds the idea. Yoshida is Japan's captain. Three


internationals in their back four. It will be a tough time for the


Japanese defenders. We have seen already that they are going to have


the majority of possession and with Reid -- no real centre forward to


mark, it is very difficult for defenders. They don't like that.


They'd like to know exactly where the centre forward is. When they


have nobody to mark, it puts doubts a Japan corner. He did incredibly


well there, he held the ball up, had no real support and had to be


patient. He was strong on the ball, a good little turned and a hopeful


about in his homeland at the moment. Abigail was impeded. -- David


Monchengladbach there, he has just made the move from Atletico Madrid.


You don't see too many of the Spanish players leaving their own


of that. A good move from the Spanish, down the right-hand side.


As we have seen so often from the Spanish, a cross comes into the box


but there is no out-and-out striker in the six-yard box to put the ball


in. That is why they have to work the ball, play intricate 1-2s to


of a Olympic and under 23 football. Quite a start for him, against


Spain at Hampden Park. Spain were beaten 2-0 against Senegal in one


of their warm-up games, before tournaments, the World Cup and the


European Championship, despite not winning their opening match. Spain


have not quite found their range in and around the final third yet. One


or two balls have been slightly overhit. They just need to calm


down, relax a little bit. They will have plenty off the ball, plenty of


possession but so far, that final ball has not quite worked. But as


we have seen several times in the past, Spain can often be slow


starters in tournaments. Japan are trying not to let the Spanish


players get the ball and turn. We have seen already that they are all


very comfortable on the ball and are happy to accept it on any


position -- in any position on the had, culminating in a move back to


Barcelona. He will eventually foul. Yes, just a little bit


impatient. Spain had maybe 10-15 passes and then it came under


pressure and had to play the long ball. You can't do that when you


are defending, you have to stand up and be patient. Any contact from


behind, you give a fell away and give the ball to the opposition. --


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 89 seconds


three games. Lost all three of them inpatient around the final third.


The build up play is exceptional. They keep the ball really well. At


the moment, it looks like they are out of an idea or two. They need to


get the ball around and what a good will be interesting to see that on


a replay. I might have given the foul. It looked like he was in the


lot of men behind the ball, in fact all of them are deep inside their


own half. At the start, it was important for Japan not to concede


early. They are being clever. They are choosing the moment too close


players down. They are quite happy to let Spain have it. Suddenly it


is like there's a trigger from one of the midfielders all defenders,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 89 seconds


and suddenly the whole team does occasion. Sakai is one of the


Japanese player's he got moved to Europe. He will play in Germany


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 89 seconds


possession from the Spanish. Again, this is what the Spanish do so well


at senior level. Cool, possibly boring during the European


Championships. They are very good footballers. Technically, as a


collection, they are definitely the best team in the world. They do


what they are good at. They keep cushion it. A bit heavy on his


touch. Japan are going to have to make the most of every possible


situation. 20 minutes into the game, and already, as you would expect,


Spain have had 70% of the possession. The Japanese are not


going to get too many chances on goal, so when they do, they have


got to make it count. They won five out of 6 in


qualifying. They scored 17 goals, winning both of their warm-up games


importance on this tournament. We were talking about the Barcelona


players are bleeding to play, and being devastated when they were


around the world he put such an emphasis on Under 21 football. When


it comes to the Olympics, which is effectively for those under 23, it


is a big opportunity. It is almost the stepping stone before they get


patient. It is difficult for him up the front. He is trying to work


very hard. He has hardly had a touch. Not only will he get


frustrated, but he will get tired, aside by Gonda. Just looked a bit


disappointed. He comes inside. A strong left foot.


Probably doesn't catch it as cleanly as he wanted to. A routine


good one. Very good. If you are a defender, you hear the shout from


the goalkeeper, and it doesn't always matter, as long as he is


positive. You know what is going to happen. Again, Japan are giving the


ball away, trying to force the issue. They might not get it back


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a quality ball played in behind the full-backs. That is one of the


weaknesses but Spain do have. They pushed too far forward. He was


patient, waited, and almost found a promising moments Japan have


produced. Nagai possibly made the wrong decision. He should have just


struck it to the far post and gone for goal. He tried to check back


inside, Romford the defender with a released the shot, De Gea could


have been under pressure. A timely reminder to Spain of the


potential threat on the break of Japan.


The any criticism against Spain is they become complacent because they


have so much of the ball. -- the only criticism. They allow the


defenders to play as wingers, if you like. There are gaps in the


corner areas by the centre-backs, and they can be exploited.


Sometimes a lapse in concentration from the Spanish is the only


to become the second Spanish team to win a gold medal. A thrilling


final in Barcelona or in 1992 when senior players. Again, it shows the


process Spain have gone through, from youth level, players of 10 or


11, to play all the way through, playing the same type of football


from player to player. That is why they have become such a dominant


football, whatever level, the Spanish are so keen for their


players to get that tournament experience. It is absolutely vital


and I don't think people always appreciate that. In your opening


game, the most important thing is not to lose. Although Spain did


lose the opening game of the World Cup and went on to win it, it makes


it a very uphill struggle if you don't get that crawl all three


points in the opening game. That is why the first games are a little


bit cautious and kg. Maybe that is a criticism of Spain at the moment,


they are not as positive for as inventive in the final third as you


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 89 seconds


was in that U21 team that was Abed more aggressive, on the front


foot. Juan MataAnd was darting into the box but he was crowded out.


Spain it do Pushkin's back and everybody gets behind the ball and


the penalty area is very crowded -- the referee, a very good advantage.


He could easily have given the foul. But he allowed play to go on. Japan


do their best to get players up in support, but only two or three, it


makes it very difficult to work real quality opportunities. Set


didn't get that and Yuki Otsu did! Japan have a shock lead! Yuki Otsu


Opera shared Monchengladbach has shocked the favourites. -- of


Borussia Monchengladbach. Spanish defending is very poor.


There is a lack of organisation. David de Gea starts to come forward.


Yuki Otsu is almost unmarked, his market is the wrong side of them.


Martin Montoya has got to be goal side. He allows it to get in front


of him, it almost hits him, but he won't be complaining about that.


That is what you have to do against the Spanish, set pieces, free kicks


and corners, you have to make every opportunity count. Again, we have


seen possibly David de Gea not the most confident on crosses. Not


highly artful, but certainly part of the problem. -- not completely


at fault. That certainly wasn't in the expected script. I think for


the neutral watching these games, that is a terrific goal. Spain will


have to go mad for the remaining 10 minutes of the first half and


certainly in the second half, looked to get back on level terms -


- Spain will have to come out. We will have to see some real


positivity from the Spanish. his best again to let the game flow,


trying to play the advantage but there was one foul too many. Otsu


will be absolutely delighted with that. It was a decent ball into the


box, Abigail was indecisive, as we have seen many times -- David de


Gea are was indecisive. And a simple tap-in for Otsu. It is


absolutely magnificent for the Japanese and now they can stick to


their game plan, get all of the players behind the ball and it is


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 89 seconds


up to the Spanish to try and break - caught late. Yuki Otsu scored a


lot of goals in the J-League and made the move to Germany a year ago.


Only three goals last year, hoping to push on, the 22-year-old. A goal


against Spain at the Olympics won't do him any harm. Certainly not. As


he starts to progress and get better and more experienced, he


will be on the radar of one or two more European teams. Spain living


extremely dangerously! They got away with it. Hiroshi Kiyotake


could not find the target, he looks to the skies. What an opportunity.


Again, complacency from Spain. A pass back is absolutely awful.


Kiyotake does absolutely everything right, goes past the goalkeeper but


the angle is so tight, he pulls it across the face of goal. That would


be almost disastrous for Spain, to be 2-0 down. A how important a


moment could that be for the rest of this game? Very nearly a gift


referee says goal-kick. You can just since the Spanish frustration


at the moment. Certainly Sinstadt goal has gone in. They have tried


to up the tempo -- since that. The Japanese have worked hard, I have


been impressed. They have worked hard and I think the goalkeeper has


only had one notable save to make. And we have seen this so many times


before, but you cannot rule out the Spanish. They have their system,


they will continue to play this way until the 90th, 94th minute.


However long it is. We are about to see the first yellow card. Further


evidence of the Spanish frustration, a foul on Kiyotake. Jordi Alba is


in my eyes. It was just a little push in the back. Probably, the


higher up you go, you would probably get away with that, it


would be seen as good defending had a good experience, just giving the


centre-forward or the winger a these two in Olympic football. And


Japan looking to profit again. A quickly taken free kick, but too


quickly for the American referee's liking. And it is a red card that


has been brandished to Dominguez. Well, I think that is a strange


decision. I think Japan will be absolutely distraught that they


weren't allowed to take the quick free kick. Excellent player from


Kensuke Nagai and quick thinking to roll the ball to here's colleague


who smashed it into the net -- his colleague. Again, they will almost


feel like they have been punished. Nadai does fantastically well to


brush Martinez aside. He holds the ball up, keeps fighting. I am not


quite sure that is denying an obvious goalscoring opportunity.


Inigo Martinez are of real so's your dad sent off for Spain.


think it is harsh. -- Ray also said I think Japan will be absolutely


distraught that the goal was not allowed to stand. Very quick


left a very big gap at his near post. Had that been on target, I


don't think he would have been able to get across. What an


extraordinary 10 minutes. Japan taking the lead through Otsu. Inigo


Martinez sent off for Spain, who are a goal down and a man down as


we approach half-time. I think for the game and for the neutral, it is


almost what you want to see. Spain now have to come out. Luis Milla,


of what does he do? Spain will continue to play in their usual


style, but a man than, fitness might become a problem for Spain. -


- A man for Dan. The Japanese are certainly more organised. Most of


the Spanish players have had a couple of weeks of pre-season, if


that, and are probably not match fit. So as the game wears on, you


would expect of the Japanese to get stronger and certainly with the


extra man, that is a big bonus for them. Javi Martinez, the skipper,


who has gone back to centre half. A position he is more than accustomed


to. But he has one player less the Japanese players very quick to


close people down, not letting the Spanish have any time to breed.


Even sometimes, those little free kicks are not bad fouls, they just


disrupt the Spanish, break down caused the problems for the sending


off of. He has got to turn of pace. He is quick, strong, he has run the


line very well and worked hard up front on his own. He has proved his


worth. And again, had the referee not have pulled back that quick


free kick and quick thinking, they could easily have been 2-0 up.


trying to be a nuisance again. He another corner. I think art suit


agrees with me. -- Otsu. It looks like it comes off a Spanish me. --


going, but it certainly has not been without incident, the first


half. It is not the expected script. Arts do's goal is the one that


straight red to the Spanish defender. As well as being a goal


down, one of the favourites are a man down. It is all smiles for


You can see frowns on the faces of the Spanish players. We saw the


Spanish players -- Japanese players high fighting each other. It is not


a performer's we would expect from the Spanish. It looked like the


perfect spring display. -- Spanish display. Then it unravelled.


The possession football has been decent. Japan have negated the


threat. They have got forward themselves quite well. Spain, as


the half went on, got sloppier. They gave chances away. A


disappointing performance from them. What you do with the senior side is


defensive. Defensively, when you look at them, you can see how big


they are. It was a patient, progressive start. They rushed


things in the final third. What they did not do is defend by the


senior side. -- like the senior side. There were some passes that


did not come off. A better side would have taken advantage better


than Japan did. That is the difference between them and the


senior side. Spain are beautiful to watch.


They go forward with attacking intent. They don't concede goals


because they don't defend like this. because they don't defend like this.


because they don't defend like this. This was bad on a number of levels.


Absolutely. You can question the goalkeeper. It is difficult for De


Gea to come and Punch. It is a flat, fast delivery. I think it comes in


quite quick. Montoya gets caught out. Really, he should have been


ready. Get your Honour cross! If somebody puts you, if you get your


Armagh cross, or you have got leverage. -- if you get your arm a


leverage. -- if you get your arm a cross.


The defender thinks De Gea is coming, and by the time he realises


he isn't, the player has got in front of him. By simply taking


seeing or three yards, the defender thinks he is coming and he switches


off. It is one of the problems we have seen with De Gea's game.


If the defenders were rattled by that, they were a few minutes later.


It was not one bad pass, it was a It was not one bad pass, it was a


It was not one bad pass, it was a couple. Montoya, who was at fault


for the goal, he gives a horrible back pass. He tries to keep it in.


But this is across his own six-yard line. All right, he is trying to


save a corner, but kick it out for a throw-in, not across the


goalkeeper. It is horrific. Know when to defend, and when to play.


That is not a time to play. That is the wrong time to do that.


Take us back to the days when Steve Claridge had his socks rolled down


and was scoring for fun. Would you appeal for the defender to be sent


off in this situation? I would appeal for the quick free


kick and the goal. The referee, from the angle we can see, he sees


it early. He is right in line with it. He immediately starts to take


effect with regard to the decision he is going to make. With that, the


only way they can pull this back is by seeing him sent off. Look where


the referee is. There. He sees it very early. He has already made his


mind up. That is why he makes the decision, rather than giving the


goal. Spain are sloppy. We saw the chances.


The good sides, when they concede, they conceded goals, they don't


concede a sloppy goals. They are dolls that on a normal day they


were stopped. If you make one mistake, that is it.


Is it worth remembering that these are youth players?


Of course. We have built them up. We have seen them win previous


tournaments. If they concede goals, you can say, there's nothing you


can do about that. A on the flipside, they have not


done a great deal going forward. Their opportunities have come from


distance. They have not cut the Japan Open. A couple of incisive


passes, but that is all. I think Juan Mata Has tried to get Spain


going. It is a decent strike, when you would expect the goalkeeper to


make. He is the one player who has tried to do something for Spain.


Again, it is a shot from, what, 25 yards.


There's a lack of patience with regard to it is more quantity going


into the box rather than quality. The senior side will not put it


in... That might be because they don't have an out and out centre


forward, so they know that when the ball goes in, it has to be perfect.


This team, because they have a centre forward, they put it in


earlier. But maybe not with the same quality.


The only other real opportunity, not clear cut, but if we are


clutching at straws for Spain to find some positives, this was an


early effort. Some early, good build up.


Even there, you can see he has got the overlap and he does not choose


it. This is a difficult shot, a difficult angle. Look at the


overlap. You see the senior team hardly ever


take opportunities from outside the box.


Give it to him, he gets behind the Give it to him, he gets behind the


opposition. OK, we will go back before long and


we will discuss how Spain can get back into the match. But, sharing


the group with Spain and Japan, are Honduras. Mexico, to, who met --


who are making their seventh goal! That was a thunderbolt to put


Morocco in front. That was a goal of quality, out of keeping with the


game we have seen so far. A stunning finish. He found space on


the edge of the area and finds a is deflected and goes in. He has


levelled for Honduras. Figaro was allowed to carry this, and by the


time he hit it, it was not the most powerful shot. It needed the touch.


His foot diverts it beyond the goalkeeper, who had committed


himself to his left. A goalscorer's was the defender who was involved.


He has made an immediate impression here. Peralta a has turned the ball


in. Having seen it replayed, it looked a bit generous. He scores


with ease. He sends the goalkeeper the wrong way. Virtually down the


set up the first and score the second. This is brilliant. The


Honduras goalkeeper is only 5ft 7. Maybe, just maybe, that played a


part. The shot drifted beyond him. Plenty of young players seeing heat


today. Let's go to Group B. Mexico and South Korea are playing at St


James' Park. The second half has kicked off. Let's get the low-down


affairs. Park again. A shot from distance from tidy numb. -- tie he


a minute, Mexico looked short handed. A half-hearted claim for a


penalty, nothing more. There are some genuine warning signs for


Mexico. Here is an opportunity, which was slammed against a


defender. He was trying to guide it into the right hand corner. I am


not sure you would ever claim that defenders. Driven lower by Ponce.


It went wide of the post. But at least a touch of encouragement.


Peralta, in the middle, not far of getting a touch. It was Herrera who


flag, none was forthcoming. It was a decent hit by Herrera, and at


last, a goalkeeper has had to put his gloves in front of a shock.


There is not an awful lot to compel you to watch the second half of


that match on the red button, but you can do if you want to and we


will break up any incidents or goals, which may not take too long


at judging on that first half performance. We will find out what


happens after the second half of happens after the second half of


Japan versus Spain. Let's talk about how the second half may go.


We saw a couple of incidents of Japan hitting Spain on the break,


maybe that is the idea this half, soak up the pressure and hit Spain


soak up the pressure and hit Spain on the break. There is no need to


chase the game. Everything they have done has gone according to


plan. We did wonder whether they would press and squeezed, but they


didn't. There were isolated incidents. They have kept the ball


better. Early on in their game, they gave it away very cheaply. You


can't give a side like Spain possession. But they haven't


panicked, they started to play and even more so now. You were critical


of the defending, but Jordi Alba was fantastic. A we should give


some credit to Japan to talk about how well they have played. If he


were the Spanish manager, what would you say to the players?


and get somebody behind. They haven't got enough players into the


18-yard box. Cristian Tello is an option of the bench, but they have


to get into more advanced areas. the right things at the back,


concentrate properly. You can say the trade -- team spirit amongst


the Japanese, despite the fact that the goalscorer from the first half


has left the pitch. Let's rejoin it, it is set up perfectly, ten-man


Spain 0, Japan 1. Back to Danny and any level in a football match. They


come to the second half leading the Spanish by a goal to nil, with a


man advantage as well. The goal courtesy of Yuki Otsu, who has gone


off at half-time. Japan are the ones to have made a change. Manabu


Saito, 21 years old, has command in Otsu's place. -- come on. Japan did


not win a single game of four years ago. Can they keep their goal


advantage and use them an advantage? -- used their man


advantage. It will have been an interesting conversation in the


Spanish dressing room at half-time. They will have had their little


reshuffle. Lapses in concentration cost them in the first half. David


de Gea at not really commanding end up in the six-yard box and now they


are a man down, they will have to benchmark. They have to try and


continue with it in the second period. They were very organised


and disciplined and worked very hard. Now having the extra player,


they have got to use that to their advantage as much as possible. From


Spain, the likes of Juan MataAnd, they are going to have to step it


up a little bit, raised the tempo and the more inventive. They have


only had one shot of any note to force the goalkeeper into action in


the first half. They will have to get more shots on target in the


second. Jordi Alba stopped in his to play on the counter attack now.


Spain will still push their full- backs on, but with a man down, the


counter attack is going to be a vital weapon for the Japanese. If


they can get good position off the ball and break quickly, Spain will


come under more pressure and could Japan with a second goal just


before half-time, before the sending off in that crazy five-


Takashi Seca Zip Car will have -- Takashi Sekizuka will hope and it


is 90 minutes already. A fantastic achievement so far for the Japanese


but do not rule out the Spanish. They will be patient and they will


certainly create chances. It is just what that they will keep their


composure and the clinical enough sure that they dare to try and go


for goal Cup -- to cricket. -- have to make sure that they don't go for


goal too quickly. They have the extra man now and fitness will


become very telling before the end of the game. The Spanish are not


quite in to a full pre-season as yet, most of the European players,


and therefore would be as fit as the Japanese and will certainly


start to tire before the end of the game. Juan MataAnd has been


out. A brilliant stop. He comes inside, Higashi, decent shot,


curling into the far corner. The outstretched arm over the top,


which is an unusual technique for goalkeepers, but I think he is


asked -- it is his shot-stopping that has never been called into


question. It is his fragility from crosses. He gathers that won


cleanly, the Manchester United goalkeeper. About to embark on his


second season in England. He played 29 Premier League games in the end


went the other. A little bit better from Spain, a quicker build up and


it was just unfortunate, lifted his head, looking for the run. The run


was made and then a change of direction. Once a player puts his


head then, it looks like a bad mix up, a split-second decision and


those instances around the box can offside flag went up. Again, maybe


trying to overplay sometimes. Yes, it is brilliant to see playing out


from the back every single time, but sometimes you have to defend


first and clear the ball, the the Japanese back four are all full


internationals. We have seen that experience at times in this game,


and indeed the understanding. Defences all about relationships,


understanding each other, now in each other's strengths and each


other's weaknesses. -- knowing. Once you do that then to play


regularly and do you know each other, that becomes a vital part of


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 89 seconds


struggling to get into their stride. that turn of pace once more. The


referee was about to blow and he didn't. Dominguez carted away


eventually. Spain just switched off for a split-second. At first look,


I thought that all may well have gone out of play on the touchline,


but again, a brilliant ball. Nobody really in the box, so he just


picked it up to the far post, tried to buy as much time as possible.


But again, the Spanish, defensively, not looking the greatest. We know


their biggest strength is keeping the ball in attack, and at the


moment, they haven't been able to do that in the second half.


sense that Juan Mata will have a hand in something if they are to


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 89 seconds


at the all-important moment. Again, X a counter-attack from Japan. He


just beat his ball into space and it is only inches away from being


perfect. -- excellent counter- attack. The first touch just let


the introduction of Herrera of finals last summer against


Switzerland. A very successful teammates. That was a waste. Juan


Mata gave the ball away unnecessarily. Three on three, he


should have slipped it to his left hand side and a player was in the


clear. He got a bit greedy, it may be sought glory and it was a


disappointing shot -- he may be second half. And Japan are playing


a big part in it. Here they come again. Higashi... A chance for


Kensuke Nagai and he couldn't take it. He has just scuffed it. What a


great opportunity. Spain getting hit again on the counter-attack. He


almost hit it off his ankle. He doesn't quite get the connection of


the laces that he need and it goes wide. Really, all the chances in


the game have been for the Japanese. With all the possession the Spanish


have had, still only one shot and one decent save from Shuichi Gonda,


everything else has been Japan. Japan may be left to rue those


missed opportunities. Despite the man advantage and the goal


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 89 seconds


delighted with the way the second half has gone. His tactics at half-


time have work to gain. He has told his players to go out there. --


have worked again. You can see they are tenacious in the tackle. They


are counter-attacking, creating there. Then, again, doesn't quite


have the composure to hit the target. Spain should be two or


three goals down. The Japanese delayed. He allowed him to make the


challenge. A foul that time. It rough treatment. He looks like he


might be carrying a knock. As players get tired, and a man down,


it is going to be difficult for them to get back into this. They


need the likes of Juan Mata to be higher up the pitch. He is playing


too deep and cannot use his expertise and coming to open the


division. He was nowhere near that. -- an early decision.


A deep cross, and he realised he was not going to get there. As the


goal keeper comes, just out of shot, a couple of players go back on to


the line to cover their goalkeeper because they know he is going to


come. They are positive so far. You don't mind that as a defender. If


they keep the Mrs a few, as long as you know what he is going to do, it


is not a problem. -- if the keeper occasion. Again, Japan, they don't


quite have the quality in and around the final third to kill off


the Spanish. They have had several opportunities. Sometimes it is the


final shot, the final cross, the weight of the pass that is not


quite right. It means the chance more of a like for like. We have


seen him play for Chelsea in the holding role. Not overly attacking


from Spain. But we saw in the European Championships, the manager


was happy to bring in a less has made us overlapping runs. --


Montoya or has made those We have not seen a lot of that.


Japan have sat deep. They have been organised. If you don't chase the


ball and don't leave gaps in behind, it is difficult for the full-backs


interesting. Those two don't seem to be communicating too well. Three


of Formica instances in the game where they have troubled each other.


read the situation for Japan. A corner for Spain. That is much


better from Spain. An exceptional ball through. As Montoya looks up,


he did not have a lot of belief in That was going to the far post. A


bit greedy, off balance, he went for goal and allows Japan to


regroup, get the ball back and get some much-needed air into their


lungs. The goalscorer watches on from the


bench. As you can see, his left ankle is heavily strapped. It is


his goal that, if it was to end this, would be a golden goal in his


homeland. They have never beaten Spain at any level in any football


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 89 seconds


Thought there might have been a little nudge to the Japanese


defender, but he got away with it. game, it is going to be the likes


of Juan Mata that create something. One of the most experienced players


out there, he scored in the Euro final. He had a good season last


year in the Premier League. They are looking for him for inspiration


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 89 seconds


to try to get Spain back into this Spain are beginning to beginning --


become frustrated. They are trying Gonda. Too easy for the goalkeeper.


Martinez is a better player than that. His team will not let him go


for anything less than possibly 30 million Euros. He is that highly


rated. Balls like that into the box are not going to help Spain.


Sakai is the Japanese player with a problem. The last thing he will


want is to interrupt that solid back four. He looks a very calm,


not flustered in the slightest. Very cool under pressure, possibly


one of the biggest games of his life, and at the moment the biggest


resort, certainly. -- biggest it just goes under him as he tries


to clear the ball. This is the trouble with football. We often see


bad tackles, but players get up. It is the twists that a very dangerous.


He is on his feet, hobbling, and hopefully he is going to have


enough strength to get away with that. That could easily be his


ankle as it buckled underneath him. A very important player for Japan


He is heading to Hanover in Germany can run the clock down. Still 20


minutes to go. But the more they can slow the tempo of the game, the


good opportunities. It is just that final ball, they can't quite get it,


to kill off the Spanish. They have had four or five good opportunities


to put this game beyond Spain in the second half. Spain had still


only had one notable shot on target in the whole game. We didn't


predict that before a ball was kicked. I think up until the goal,


Spain were very much on top. That twist is going to end his game.


Hopefully it will not be something to serious. It was not that


incident there, it was the previous one when he fell back on to it. But


Spain, up until the goal, were pretty much on top and since then,


Japan have grown in confidence. They have had all of the play and I


think their fans will be delighted that they have made the long


journey up to Hampden Park to watch this game. It is his namesake who


is going to come on. Got a coup Sakai. Another one who has caught


the eyes of the European scouts, he is currently on loan at stood guard.


Japan still leading Spain by a goal Milla must be thinking about his


third and final change. Because at the moment, Spain simply cannot


create any real good opportunities against a very organised and very


Japan. There are just too many bodies in and around the penalty


area at the moment. We have seen this with the Spanish before where


the opposition almost camp on the edge of their own box. You see


three defenders there, there are another three on the edge of the


box working very hard, and it makes it very difficult. There are NO-


SPACE is for the likes of one latter to thread those balls in --


dangerously once more. Again, great closing down, great energy with 15


minutes to go. They almost created yet another opportunity for


have done very well. They have all done their individual jobs -- a


Japanese players. Collectively as a team, they have worked hard and


looked organised. We have mentioned before, two years of preparation


going into this tournament has certainly paid off. They look


fitter, stronger and more organised the Olympics are, Japan, until


Atlanta in 1996. Since then, the best they have managed is quarter-


finalists in 2000 in Sydney. They lost on penalties to the USA after


a 2-2 draw. They were 2-1 up going into stoppage time in that match.


If this were to stay the same scoreline, it would be one of their


most memorable footballing moments, that is for sure. Definitely. I


think we have seen the strength of the J-League, it is getting


stronger and stronger over the last few years and the senior national


team are getting better and better all the time. They are providing


inspiration for the youngsters in that little 12, the first time they


Shuichi Gonda, the 23-year-old goalkeeper. He probably felt he was


going to be far busier in this game than he has been. I think we all


did, especially after the first 20 minutes, when, although he didn't


have too many states to make, the possession of Spain looked like he


would be the busier goalkeeper, but it has actually been David de Gea


air, at the Japanese bank on the counter-attack, who has been under


far more threat -- as the Japanese the next time the ball goes out of


way back into this match. 10 Barcelona in youngsters. Koke of


Atletico Madrid is the man to depart. Cristian Tello is on.


is much more of an attacking switch. Koke has explained a holding role.


You have to believe that Spain will get at least a couple of chances in


this final 10 minutes of the game. It is just a matter of whether they


can keep their composure and put he caught Juan MataAnd. Again,


Spain will try and get this down and play it quickly, a little too


far out for the shot. Just sliding in, nothing to militias. It was his


follow-through that caught him. -- shop, it is a long way out. It


would have to be exceptional -- a shot. And it wasn't. Far from it.


little bit of a waste. That is 35 yards plus. Sloppy. He was looking


to stick it in the top corner and catch the goalkeeper underwear but


it didn't quite happen for him. I figure that has maybe be in the


whole game for the Spanish, it hasn't quite happened. Back that


has maybe been behold game. In the final third, they hadn't been sharp


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 89 seconds


for the shared Paul from Rodrigo. - his frustration. And the Spanish


frustration was there for all to see. Alvaro Dominguez. The Spanish


are not happy, they are getting annoyed, probably not just with the


Japanese, but with themselves. Pretty underwhelming, so far. We


expected so much of them, so much great football, with so many great


players on show, and they haven't expectations, at whatever level,


Japan their moment. I think Japan have done exceptionally well.


Tactically, they have been very good from the first moment. The


coach has got it spot on, they have worked very hard. Their fitness


levels look good, they have got some decent individual players and


as a team, they have worked very hard for each other. That is where


they have managed to block out, if you like, but by the Spanish


create something here. Not good enough. Cristian Tello was trying


time for ten men Spain to try and find an equaliser. Japan are going


to bring on another defender, with Romeu makes the most of it and make


sure he gets the free kick. But Ali five minutes to go and still Spain


are not really creating any glory ask opportunities that glorious


opportunities. Just that one strike in the first half. It was a good


save but it was assayed you would expect him to make. Apart from that,


or the Spanish have not been able to get any decent strikes on


targets. Yamamura, another full international. He is on to add a


Kensuke Nagai. He has been fantastic. And here he is again. Is


this the moment to see it? Denied by David de Gea. Great save, he


made himself Bede and stirred up, but Kensuke Nagai, surely he


deserves a goal -- he made himself Bede and stood up. He has worked


tirelessly, he could have kept his performance there. And still Japan


cannot put his -- but it to bed. A decent save by David de Gea.


think it best as this game goes into the dying minutes has become a


part of it. The Spanish players look a little bit sluggish and very


tired. We have reiterated throughout the game that it is very


early pre-season in the European game. The Japanese have been


preparing for a lot longer and look referee. A cynical foul. He knew


exactly what he was doing. Did not have the pace. This judged the


reading of the ball, and thought, well, I have got no option. I will


have to take the yellow card. Some would call it cynical, some would


call it professional. Depends whether you are a defender or a


centre forward. I was going to say, we won't say what you're can do is,


but we can take a guess! -- What expecting. Still hoping they can


edge of the box has cost the Spanish, relay. Good possession up


until the final third. The final ball has not been shot or quick


enough to exploit what has been a resolute, organised and hard-


working Japanese defence. Nagai is showing no signs of tigers.


Incredible. For me, he has to be up there for the man of the Match


award. He has done fantastic work. He has led from the front, often on


his own. Four more minutes of back of the net. Yamaguchi, the


latest one to miss the opportunity. Incredible, absolutely incredible.


Probably six or seven glorious opportunities for Japan to seal


this game. But again, they have failed to do it. Well, their fans


will be praying and hoping that they don't rubies missed


opportunities. -- they don't brood centre-forward now, and he has just


chance from the Japanese. Spain, now, a slight change of tactics.


They are trying to get crosses and Two minutes remain. What a hero the


goalscorer is going to be. Nobody expected this to happen. I think


the footballing world will be shocked by this one. This will be


front page news in Japan, mate. Make no mistake about that. They


know they are close. And this is not a weak Spanish team. They have


a lot of experience, a lot of good players. Simply, they have not


performed today. It looks like a momentous win an occasion for the


Japanese players. They have nine of the Under 21


winners from 12 months ago. But Yamaguchi has conceded a free kick.


Juan Mata indicates what he is Understandably, he is in no hurry


for. He did very well. Professional. Not sure whether he has just been


caught. Don't think it was a stamp. But he is happy to stay on the


floor and run the clock down. Just looking again, he is strong, holds


the ball up, he gets the shot over, and I think... He did not quite see


it. Time has run out. It is a real moment in Japanese


footballing history. It is his goal that has beaten Spain. It has given


Japan a dream start to this Olympic tournament. A team containing well


Cup winners, European Championship winners, but ended with ten men,


and have been beaten by Japan. This is the country that four years ago


lost all of their games. They have defied the rule book and have begun


with a victory that it -- they were talked about for many years. A real


moment for Japan. The first time they have ever beaten Spain at any


level in a football match. And it happened at Hampden Park, and it is


a scoreline they will never tire of a scoreline they will never tire of


Get ready for the influx of Japanese tourists heading to his --


Scotland to see the stadium. You Scotland to see the stadium. You


saw the tears. That is what it means to beat Spain. They have


never beaten them at any level in any tournament. This is a Spanish


team who lost to Ivan 02 Senegal a few weeks ago. Some questions over


their form. -- through last 2-0 to Senegal. People may well open the


Senegal. People may well open the papers tomorrow and think, well, it


was only Spanish kids playing. But it wasn't.


Know. It was a good team, a very good team. It was a deserved


victory. I thought Japan were excellent from start to finish.


Spain dominated the early possession. But after they scored,


they were the better side. They could have scored three or four


today. Let's go back and see the goal that


made the difference. It was interesting to see him on the bench


interesting to see him on the bench looking more and more nervous as


the game unfolded. He will be well aware how important this goal is


for Japanese football. The game has started to level out


after this decent start. A bit of a pull there. De Gea starts to come,


and that, for me, they are expecting him to come, and he loses


focus for one moment. By doing that, because comes in, and Otsu gets it.


No excuses for one tyre, for me. -- for Montoya. The defender was


really poor. He knows that he wants to attack


that space, so he has got to stop him somehow by getting there before


him. De Gea does not help by taking those strides forward. He has got


to see out the game. The way Spain were playing, they


were not really breaking Japan down. They had to play the whole of the


second half with ten men. They could not deal with the pressure


that Japan put them under. There will be a few complaints about the


Spanish camp about this. Are they justified?


From the referee's point of view, it is a clear goalscoring


opportunity. Was it not just a tussle, though? It is harsh. A


yellow card would have been sufficient. But the referee has got


a clear view of the incident. You can see him coming into the picture.


He is in a great position. Straight away he blows his whistle. He knows


that that is a foul. He must think that the Japanese lad


is goal side. If the defender is goal side, it is not a goalscoring


opportunity. From his position, the referee, he must think the player


has got the wrong side and has been pulled back. That is why he has


given a sending off. From our angle, there's not a lot in it. Having


said that, they take the free kick quickly and it is a legitimate goal.


What do you want? It is one of the other.


Japan will complain they were not allowed to make it 2-0. Let's look


at that other opportunity. We spoke about the goalkeeper being


commanding. But as a shot stopper, no questions over De Gea.


It was similar at Chelsea. He goes up with his right hand and puts it


out. That was a wonderful show of athleticism. His shot-stopping is


superb. Go on. There were one or two other saves


where he has made himself big. There were other opportunities


where he has narrowed the angle well. That side of his game, you


know, you are never going to question that. The other side, that


will come. But there's still room for improvement from the other side.


He was certainly a busy goalkeeper in the second half. It was exciting


for the neutral towards the end. How Nagai never scored his a


He gets a bit of luck when he goes through here, but it is a similar


situation. If it was Messi, we would have said


it was amazing football. De Gea comes out and makes that


save. Is he the most talented player ever


to play in Japan? You can tell Gary Lineker that!


People will be saying, be fair to Spain. They needed a win. It did


not happen. We counted once when they got in behind the Japanese


defence. We saw Jordi Alba in the Euros bring that all day, every day.


They were not able... When they had 11, they were not able to make the


11, they were not able to make the extra man count. When you get


somebody sent off against them, they really do open you up. It does


not help their style because they are overloaded areas.


They were sloppy, very sloppy in defensive situations.


It was a dramatic game. We certainly picked the right one. I


must apologise but telling you to press the red button in order to


watch Mexico and South Korea. It was, by all accounts, not the best


match in the world. The next match to be interesting. Gabbidon are


going to be making their Olympic bow. -- Gabon. Now we are going to


turn our attention to Group A. Tonight on BBC One, you can see


great Britain making their bow in the men's tournament. Let's discuss


their chances ahead of that game. We will talk about the team that we


believe has been selected. We saw Great Britain Abbate -- against


Brazil in the warm-up. How did that Well, with the impression that


Brazil are early favourites for the tournament. They have terrifically


talented forward players. Great Britain could have been beaten by


Britain could have been beaten by more. Here we see the golds. Heads


it over the goalkeeper, then there was a penalty Wyatt Richards get


caught the wrong side. Here he gets done for a little bit of pace.


what would a Stuart Pearce's thinking have been? Is it a case of


let's have a look at us against the best in the world and see where we


are? There are questions over what that does over -- four playerss'


confidence. I think he wants to get as much of


an idea of what he has. They have not at played any games together.


not at played any games together. The team has been put together at


the last minute. So you want an idea of the best opposition in the


tournament. What was demoralising wasn't just the result but the


manner in which they got beaten. Never at any stage did they look as


if they would match up to them. They were a second best, a real


second best in that game. There is room 400 and where that is


concerned, but Brazil showed that, yes, they are worthy favourites.


Just over three hours until Great Britain take to the pitch. Let's


cross to Old Trafford to see if it is beautifully sunny.


He yes, very sunny here, the jacket was a bad idea. One thing is


incredible, we were speaking before a boat some people were boating


weather this tournament would grab the public imagination. There are


thousands outside, the expected to sell-out tonight for the Team GB


game. It is indeed, we are a football-loving nation. I have no


doubt that having the European champions -- after the European


Championship we have another feast of football on our hands, and Team


GB have a very good chance of getting to the quarter-finals, what


happens after that is unknown territory but I will be


disappointed if we don't get to the quarter finals. Uruguay are taking


this very seriously. Team GB are taking this very seriously. There


needs to be a performance from Team GB tonight, doesn't there? I didn't


see it that way, it is a work-in- progress, it was a friendly. It was


about Stuart Pearce getting to know his team, getting the right blend


and knowing his best players. All of those things were very relevant


to that game, I think. The performance was disappointing, no


doubt. I don't think he was interested in the result. I am very


interested to know what his starting numbers will be. Play


expected to be very similar, the only change will be Butlin coming


in goal, with corker coming in with Tomkins.


That will make a lot of sense. me, the question is, can they get


Daniel Sturridge in on goal? If they can, he could score goals.


thing I could say, it is not quite North Korea-South Korea flag


proportions, but at end the programme they have this player


down as an Englishman. And on a great Englishman.


Thank you both very much indeed. Garth Crooks said there he sees


this as a good probable side by Stuart Pearce. The first thing we


noticed was that, just like in the friendly against Brazil, he is


showing a three left-backs. Been exactly, Neil Taylor will be at


left-back, Danny Rose well before would, if you like. For balance


reasons a bit like to see Richards in at right back. It gets more


balanced to the team. I think Scott Sinclair is very unlucky not to


have been selected, as well. It is not a million miles away from the


side we saw against Brazil. I think what we can see, Garth Crooks


mentioned it, about getting to the quarter-finals. -- Garth Crooks.


The result could quite possibly mean it that if Brazil went there


little lead and Spain finish second, they will play each other, saw one


of them will conceivably go out at the quarter-final stage. By that


result they could finish up playing Brazil. There are possibilities and


opportunities, no doubt a. That is the news as it breaks here. That is


the probable line-up for Great Britain tonight. Whoever Stuart


Pearce select they will get a cheer at Old Trafford, before that, and


man at Old Trafford to may not get Suarez scorers, at 2-0 Liverpool.


You get two sides with Luis Suarez. He has gone for the chip...


What a goal! Sensational! on the line. It is a clear hand


ball. What drama! So why is, that is magnificent! He


As they say, if you can do it against Norwich City, you can do it


against anybody. That was his first hat-trick in the Premier League.


Apart from indiscretions he has adapted brilliantly to life in the


Premier League. He was the most valuable player ended 2010 World


Cup. He is such a special player, but he does have an edge to him.


has a fiery temperament, all right. There is no questioning his ability,


but there is an edge to him where you can wind him up a little bit


and he can get himself sent off. We have seen it happen. This is the


kind of game, against the UAE, where would you would expect him to


excel. He has pushed the boundaries of football, no doubt about that.


What I like about his type of player, we are used to centre-


forwards playing down the middle in the centre forward mould. These


players are prepared to play right across the line, taking up wide


positions, across the middle, the other side, they stretched their


defence naturally. They are good players all round, as well. They


are starting to make their way out of the tunnel. Obviously there will


be plenty of focus on Luis Suarez, because obviously when he played at


Old Trafford last there was the handshake that never happened. His


fellow striker upfront, Edinson Cavani, Napoli have been very


generous and said if anyone comes in with �78 million they might


listen to offers. I think he is an excellent player,


whether he is worth �78 million are not, what would you have been worth


in your prime, Steven? Is, I think he is a top player. I


don't think there is huge expectation of him getting 78


million, 30, probably, but he is a great player. We should also


mention for at the UAE, they beat Australia in February. They said


this is their chance to shine on the world stage and won't want to


be embarrassed here. No, all that you can do is the best


you can. We have seen a major upset you can. We have seen a major upset


in the previous game. If they work hard like we have just said there


is no reason they cannot give a good account of themselves.


Plenty of drama for you here this afternoon. Let's all live to Old


Trafford where Mark Bright and World Cup football, European


Championship football, the FA Cup final many years ago, the Champions


League final more recently, though world -- rugby league World Cup


final, to. It has seen Bobby Moore, Bobby Charlton, Wayne Rooney and


David Beckham, but never before have the Olympics come to the home


of Manchester United. UAE and United our -- Uruguay and United


our Emirates enter the Olympic won the second of their footballing


gold medals. Some familiar faces in the Europe-wide side, less so maybe


in the line-up for the Uruguay. -- are, there will still be a few


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 89 seconds


nerves before the beginning of this Interesting speaking to some of the


Interesting speaking to some of the press corps from the UAE, they


firmly believe they can get out of the script into the knockout phase.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 89 seconds


poised and ready to go, to use an athletic metaphor. He looks like he


is on the blocks waiting for the starter's gun. Amongst the sides,


Uruguay one of those of you feel good when this competition. The UAE


side has been together in youth football for something like five


years, since the 2007 qualifying campaign for the under 17 is World


Cup. They did not make that, but two years later they made the under


19 is a World Cup. Then the under twenties. They also reached the


final of the 2010 Asian games, and there number eight, Al Kamali,


spent last season getting experience of European football


playing for Leon in France, or more accurately the reserves. But they


are region and a team that is on the up, and their coach there has


guided it this group for all of those five years together. He has


followed them through the age groups. They are a settled unit.


Uruguay include their three over- age players who all played at the


World Cup in South Africa two years ago, when they reached the semi-


finals. They are Liverpool's Suarez, Tabarez. He is the oldest coach in


either the men's or women's tournament. He coached in the World


Cup finals of 2010, and also in the you are quite World Cup appearance


in 1990. -- in the Uruguay World Cup. This side lost one of their


stars in a car accident last year. He was tragically killed at the age


of 20 and they have used that as a motivation for this tournament.


Peter all the is the referee. He has four World Club Cups under his


belt, but it is his first major international tournament. The UAE


all in red from left to right in the first half. The first chance to


bring you in, Mark Bright. Obviously, on paper, Uruguay are on


-- other fit it, but on the pitch the journalists, they were


confident of them getting out of the group. If you look at some of


their qualifying games, 10-one over two legs. They played Eavis the


opposition, but we will see. -- easier opposition. That will be a


goal kick. The two players called Abdulrahman. He can play in central


midfield, just off the front two. He is the playmaker, the man they


look to create opportunities. Suarez is crowded out and it is


tucked away by Al Kamali. Suarez is never likely to get a good


reception at Old Trafford, for reasons anyone interested in


Premier League football well know. Coates was just beaten to it by


Copa America, that Uruguay are a nice mix. They can be strong when


the once, but there is plenty of ability and talent and skill in


their ranks. -- strong when they want. There is no question about


level. There must be a lot to be said for the UAE philosophy of


keeping this group together for such a long time. Having grown up


literally together. This is Abdul Aziz were saying. -- Hussain.


idea is that they have a system in place, that the team come through


together. That team, if they start off well, you can bring them


through. It is a product of the team that did well in the U20


Suarez will take the free-kick. Manchester United fans in the


ground. Suarez with the free kick, well cleared, well dealt with by


Omar Abdulrahman. He played it on to the head of Ramon Arias. Uruguay


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 89 seconds


defended by Rolin. Matar was arriving. A decent cross down the


right hand side, Khalil puts it into the danger area. Matar, strike


partner, trying to get on the end of it. A decent touch on the ball.


A willingness to track, move the ball around. They have got a free


kick. That was Matar, who nearly got on to the end of the cross,


arm, spotted by the referee. Feeling the after effects of that


see more first-team action for Liverpool this season than he did


last. Suarez is off after this. Good pace by Mohamed Ahmed. He wins


a corner. Mohamed Ahmed stuck with him quite well. He gets the ball


into his feet around the penalty area, good at twisting and turning.


Gaston Ramirez runs away from the corner kick and he leaves it to


Luis Suarez. Ramirez has joined Cavani inside the area. Coates is


there as well, Arevalo is lurking. It nearly found its way to Rolin.


The back kill from Abdulrahman was ill-advised -- t e back heel. The


box. It was Arias with the header. He tried a flick on the edge of the


18 yard box, to nobody. He put his team in trouble. Arias had stayed


up there, he didn't take advantage, he could have brought it down on


He had to wait a long time for selection at international level.


He has been to a few years tournaments, but never played.


Always been second or third pick. Arevalo, underneath this. Cut out


far side. Not a bad ball to Khalil. the attack there. It was a good


counter attack. He went at pace. Peter O'Leary dispenses the card.


Alexis Rolin. Yes, he knows exactly what he is doing, he blocks of the


run. Khalil was trying to go around the outside, I think he has winded


himself. I think he has saved a really good opportunity. They have


made a bright and confident start, is trying the quick one-two with


Matar and he gets body-checked. He knows exactly what he was doing.


Taking one for the team. Everybody is OK. At the moment, Amen -- Ahmed


Khalil is not on the field of play. I thought Martin Campriani was


thinking of catching that -- Martin Campana was thinking of catching


that but he thought better of it. Uruguay on the back foot again.


Eisa skips over one challenge. He stuck his foot out, it is a corner,


with Abdulrahman asking for a penalty. It was optimistic. I don't


think he is going down for a penalty, he showed good skills. I


don't think he tried to appeal. Well... He jumps up and gets on


with it. They are appealing again. The offside flag is up. On the


replay there, Cavani can chat to the referee or he wants, it looked


like there was contact. Is there a slight touch? Excellent skills.


That was the first one, the second minutes for Uruguay. Suarez could


five in midfield, two up front. That is a goal kick for the UAE.


They won the 2008 Asian U19 championships under the guidance of


Ali. Mahdi Ali was also the coach of Al Ahli at the FIFA Club World


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 89 seconds


he gave the Napoli man too much to comfortable, easy ride, they have


not got one yet. Slightly uncomfortable for 12 or 13 minutes.


They haven't picked up the ball for any sustained period, they keep


giving the ball away, due to UAE putting them under pressure are all


He chose to try to do a bit of skill. Are necessary corner. --


unnecessary corner. That was really whipped in, and well claimed by the


goalkeeper. It is the first thing he has had to do. It is worth


trying to whip one in on the keeper early. He is a full international


you over-age players? Do you have one in each position? You look at


something like Matar, striker, then you have Khaseif, the goalkeeper,


they just got them around the field. They do is interesting that UAE


have one of their over-age players at Brierley could buy Abdulaziz


Hussain. -- as though he had been it really hurt by a. In any other


international tournament that would be punished. Hussain comes right


back through. It is the follow- through, isn't it? It I think in


the old days you would say that is a great block, but it is seen as


dangerous these days. Coates is just checking his shin pad is in


than Coates thought it would be. disappointed with himself. A top


striker here, and that is a really good chance. You can seek Campana


just making his way to the near post, up he does try is an


elaborate flick but does not make any contact with it.


The corner, curled in dangerously, just about dealt with.


Omar Abdulrahman. Ahmed Khalil. A Abdulrahman is wearing No. 5, Omar


Abdulrahman wearing No. 15, they are both full of drugs. -- Amer


Abdulrahman. A have been impressed with him, they have got round the


right sounded of the three defenders is getting more forward


got a punch on it and got a bit of a smack himself. The referee has


given the free kick in the favour of UAE because of the contact of


Australia from qualifying for the Olympic games football tournament


for the first time in a long time. On the evidence of what is nearly


beaten in the air. Premieres thought he was entitled to a free


kick, but he has not got it. -- Given away carelessly by Omar


their chances, talking about how seriously they would ticket. It is


the first time they have qualified since 1928. They see themselves as


one of four or five teams who might win the gold medal here. They have


not played like it particularly yet. Early days, tournament football and


Suarez. Corner kick.


Yes, Al Kamali stating that Luis Suarez really well. Good defending.


taken off the goalkeeper's first by one of the goalkeeper's defenders,


balls, Uruguay. I am quite surprised.


Omar Abdulrahman, beautiful ball! For a great chance for Matar! T is


rendered deeper and scores a! -- round the keeper. What a turn-up we


may have here! Ismaeil Matar opened the scoring for at the UAE. Great


ball, split the Uruguayan defence, it was a lovely run, he was


definitely onside, and Matar skipped around the goalkeeper and


kept his cool. This is an excellent pass, the timing is all-important.


It is Coates who plays him onside. Campaa hasn't got a good position,


he should be near enough on the edge of his box. He has to start


backing off. Matar keeps his composure, really good finish.


Outside of the left foot, times it's just well. 1-0,. -- UAE.


what a beautiful ball from Omar Abdulrahman and what a cool finish


box and there is nobody there. They have not got the ball down and used


it well enough. They have not gone through the midfield. Ramirez and


Calzada have been second best. Not easy when you have to cheese. --


Chase. A great finish.


Superb finish. He has a bit of experience, didn't panic when he


got in front of the goal. They have to Khalil. The of the ball back


into Khalil, can he? At the keeper has saved it. Nearly a second there.


Exceptional counter-attacking from UAE. That is knotty.


The I have to confess when I was talking to some of the journalists


from UAE before the match as said, what realistically do you think you


can do in this tournament? They said, we will get out of the group,


I did not think it was likely. That had -- that is Ahmed Ali, he


is lucky to get away with that. They have come in and known to us,


we can only read the notes and seeing is believing. We saw Brazil


the other day, they were exceptional, and we have been very


impressed with UAE. Good discipline, working behind the ball, they


countered quickly and push players forward, and they have used it well.


Uruguay, I don't know if they are complacent or underestimated the


opposition, but they are in for a will be a corner. Luis Suarez


getting a little bit involved with Al Kamali. Wherever Suarez Close,


Al Kamali seems to go with him. Very close contention all the time,


and Suarez is trying to do the same from Arias is over the top. Next


delivery, just where it should be, but once again here is the pass,


excellent timing. Coates plays him onside, it is an excellent finish.


and very nearly gave it away in a dangerous position.


Suarez just threw his hands in the air, cannot get any good service.


UAE are playing the better football, there are no better shape.


middle again. Matar with a little flick nowhere near it intended


seven. The game at the ball, he wanted it


back first time, he took a touch then he is on the deck and is


looking to the referee to get a bit of help. Nothing doing. Look at the


shape of UAE, it is excellent. Two centre-backs have dropped right


back, two at full-backs up to the halfway line, they can get in front


of the midfield and the full-backs. Very impressive. They have been


based in Switzerland and Austria for almost six weeks before these


Olympic games, the UAE. They played one of your former clubs in a


friendly. I never played in the league, I had


to come back out, there was something contractually wrong.


A did they pay you? a friendly to Shakhtar Donetsk,


before don't -- beating the you Zealand team 4-2 N it warm-up


matches, the UAE. -- the New commit -- Khalil.


Wasted two opportunities, he really did. When you come inside, why not


Abdulrahman, both of them, Omar and Amer.


There is a bit of swagger about the team, there -- they are very


near post, smashed away technique, doesn't panic, goes to


the breadline -- byline, it is tight but what a goal. You never


know if it will go through the keeper's legs.


Well, the way he left him was brilliant. He has something under


his acceleration paddle, hasn't he? The whole team are mobile, Steve.


They are very lean. I like the way as soon as they get possession the


break wide. It gives options for get involved in the game. And he


has smashed it about 30 yards over the top of Emiliano Albin Albin --


Emiliano Albin's head. You would say that the UAE look likely to get


the next goal in the game. Very comfortable. They are not getting


tight in any position. The only ones to come into contact R the


defenders. Four in the group, it top two go through, the bottom two


go home, or they stay home, if Great Britain are in that position.


Ahmed Khalil. Ismail Matar, kept in by Sanqour. Looking for Matar again.


Not breaking at pace whatsoever, Uruguay. Cavani, cal filly into the


path of Alban. -- carefully into. The path of Albin. UAE, all back in


their own half. They are the two front men. The defenders -- they


defend as a team and attack as a team. That's a good run, looking


for the return from Suarez. It has found its way to Albin.


Aguirregaray was still in the area. Offside at the back post. I think


it was a foul. Khaseif comes for it. I think there was a bit of a body-


check. Suarez looks at him, stops in lifting hymns comes up. -- he


stops in lifting his arms up. -- he refereeing in the two days of the


football tournament so far. So much space for the UAE. Just over half


an hour gone. I suspect Uruguay will have been talking to at half-


time. They will not be giving them this much space, they will be


trying to win the ball back higher up the pitch. It is great stuff.


Omar Abdulrahman. Abdulrahman, Matar tried to get on the end of it.


That was unlucky, I sought he was trying to do, he tried to roll the


defender and get it on to his left foot. Full credit to the UAE,


really working the ball well. stay on his feet, San Cup got his


foot in. -- Sanqour got his foot in. Uruguay are quite comfortable to


allow UAE to have the ball. Then they start to slowly press. They


are not working together. They are just going in ones and twos. It is


easy to pass around when only one or two players close you down.


Sanqour. Omar Abdulrahman. Am Abdulrahman. -- Amer Abdulrahman.


Amer Abdulrahman, back to Hussain, it was nicely done. Smashed forward


ground, their passing is Chris Ben Shore. I'm sure a lot of the crowd


ball. They look very committed. They have been away at a training


base for a long time together. They have come through and know each


other well. There is a lot of understanding out there, a lot of


good team player. They haven't really been asked any questions in


any area of the pitch. In the midfield, the defence, the


goalkeeper hasn't had anything to didn't have a pass out wide. I


think it was Albin, who didn't pull by Mohammad Ahmad. And the card is


connection with the feet, an ideal shooting position. He needs to


compose himself. A bit of a chance for Cavani, or maybe Gaston Ramirez.


Cavani is nearest to the ball and is striding back with some purpose.


rooted, but the ball was over his Napoli, that is some record. It is.


The goalkeeper says he has got the left side of the goal covered, if


you have the ability to get it up over the wall. The answer was No.


Amer Abdulrahman is lurking on the edge of the penalty area. They are


not related. It puts me in mind of a great piece of commentary, a


Scottish commentator who said that the Baggio brothers were not


very close! Ismail Matar again. Excellent movement, great delivery


and the marking isn't good. They have a decent line, Uruguay, Coates


is in the middle. He is playing everybody onside, he is so deep. A


lovely delivery into the near post. He flicked that, just flick it to


as an attacking force. Especially the two attackers in the team


currently. On paper, look at the Uruguayans, full of quality all


over the pitch. Especially up front. Oscar to virus will have given many


a half-time team talk in his life - - Oscar Tabarez will have given. He


will be thinking of a good one just Abdulrahman. You just never quite


a throw-in. It has been the beauty of the first half, Omar


Abdulrahman's play in particular, that he is extremely unpredictable.


He is flamboyant. He has had a lot of the ball, hasn't been under a


lot of pressure. Showed some good touches of skill. Albin, Cavani.


There was no support. He had to go all the way back. Look how close


come in deep this time, he takes the ball, a good feet, he knows


exactly what he is doing. It is a good shooting position to the left


of the goalkeeper. Cavan he took the last one, I don't think he will


be involved in this -- Cavan retook great free kick. Gaston Ramirez for


Uruguay. With three and a bit minutes of the first half to go, a


goal that they are very much needed. It is a goal I couldn't really see


coming. Khaseif, the goalkeeper, you line up the wall to cover one


side and you take the other, and you ask the question. Have you got


the ability to do it? There is a lot of pace on that. He is close,


but not close enough. An excellent free kick. Lovely weight and pace,


coming away from the goalkeeper. He gets the trajectory just right.


That is just about picture-perfect from Gaston Ramirez. And it is 1-1.


the pleasure at which that the UAE played, it won't be enough to take


the wind out of their sails. They might be feeling hard done by if it


is 1-1 at half-time, because they have been the better side. Suarez


goes over again. I would go as far as to say they have outclassed


Uruguay in every department, they have looked better. Amer


locals and neutrals are backing the UAE. That may be partly the Suarez


effect, but I think if you took him out of this team, they would still


be back in the UAE, because they have enjoyed the way they have


played in this first half. In this country we like the underdog. If


the first half had been played by Uruguay as the UAE have played, we


would have been saying, they must be the favourites for the


tournament, because of the pedigree. You always worry about the lack of


concentration, or as you said, over Ramirez, buoyed by the free-kick,


which was about as good as they there will be a minimum of one


added minutes, we are about to move in a shooting position, they have


absolutely dominated the first half. That is one of very few chances


Arevalo Rios managed to win it and find Coates.


to bring to an end a really interesting first 45 minutes. The


opening goal from Ismaeil Matar, gloriously exciting football from


Omar Abdulrahman, Uruguay getting out of jail thanks to an excellent


free kick had with power, pace and precision, left-footed, by Gaston


Ramirez, to give Uruguay an equaliser. Have time at Old


Trafford in Group A, it is UAE 1, Gaston Ramirez has said that the


Uruguay squad have been watching all the old Olympic videos, and


every inspiration from that the deal was put behind that food for


that free kick. UAE were brilliant. Omar


Abdulrahman has run the show. P has been involved in everything good


about the way police might have played. Uruguay have been - but


have not had the ball. They have not got up the pitch enough,


servicing the front been enough, to cause any problems.


The President of the UAE was saying this week, we're not a team of


superstars, but we have a team, and they showed that, they worked so


hard to go there. They have, they know each other's


games, they always have options on the ball, they are comfortable in


the presence of each other. It can be a very -- sometimes a very


difficult game - I found it difficult, anyway! But they make it


look easy. There is no fluke about the scoreline, and they will be


kicking themselves coming off that pitch 1-1, as they certainly


deserve to go ahead. They were the better side for the first 40


minutes, certainly. If you just got home from work, it looked like it


would be an afternoon of shocks. Earlier we saw Japan beat Spain 1-0,


and it was looking for a long time that we were going to going to


half-time with UAE in the lead. Ismaeil Matar did it when it


mattered. mattered.


Yes, it is a very composed finish. He get past the goalkeeper with


ease, a composed finish into the corner. Looking at Arias, who was


marking him, he steps up, tries to play offside, Coates is not on the


same wavelength, and it breaks the offside trap. He doesn't worry,


doesn't hurry, it is a fantastic pass again from that man again,


Abdulrahman, and there is the finish into the corner. They it is


the release of the ball and the timing that allows it. If he waits


a split-second longer he will run offside. You also think, that is


lazy defending, because you think the full-backs will come round to


cover a. At all point of them coming to cover, they are the last


man. The last man on the line he has to follow the attacker rather


than step up. Coates not on the same wavelength and they get caught,


same wavelength and they get caught, lazy defending. We have learnt two


things in that first half, UAE are good, and Manchester have not


good, and Manchester have not forgiven Luis Suarez. He was the


man who won the free kick. Yes, he made a bit of a meal of it, he gets


caught, he goes down theatrically, if you like, though he does get


caught, in fairness to them. He gets a kick on the ankle.


doesn't make much of it, though, does he?!


No, not at all. This is some finish, though, great power, fantastic


finish. He is 25 yards out and he gets it


up and over. Any closer and he probably wouldn't get that


elevation. Also, the weight of the ball, the pace of the ball, it is


perfect. Can I have a feeling of their game may swing on that one


their game may swing on that one moment.


A must be a feeling of frustration in the UAE dressing room. It is a


late this week the managers said his players were not ready to play


outside of the UAE yet, at yet now they are playing on the world stage.


They were very unfortunate not to be more ahead. The frustration will


come from that. They had two or three really good chances to make


three really good chances to make it two or even three. Here is one


of them. Ahmed Khalil. It is a great through-ball again. The


goalkeeper does very well, but that could have been 2-0. They had more


could have been 2-0. They had more opportunities, as well.


As an impartial striker, you would have been appealing and the


have been appealing and the situation, surely?


We yes, looking at this from this angle, it is not as clear as from


another angle, but there, Abdulrahman, a good control, he has


great, quick, nimble feet. He gets a bit of a lucky break through the


legs of Coates there. He gets the first touch, makes no contact with


the ball, and makes contact with the ball, and makes contact with


the man and he goes down. Looking ahead to the second half.


As far as UAE were great, Uruguay were poor. They will need to


improve. The have to get the ball to the


front two, quicker. All of this football is happening


and the shocks are on the way despite the fact the Olympic games


have not officially started. As things stand the torture is


somewhere in central London making its way towards us at the Olympic


Park. It has been a busy day for the Olympic torch today, it has


been held by eight the great and good, including Eddie and Pat save.


They will be hoping their games are absolutely Fabulous. If you look,


there is a lovely smile from Jennifer sunbirds, clearly


delighted. -- Jennifer Saunders. Lawrence Dallaglio got to run with


the torch passed his beloved Chelsea. And here she is, looking


sprightly, Bruce see delighted to be part of the Olympic games today.


He it is wonderful, it is the occasion, and everyone is so


excited, including me. He will be hoping it is a good game.


That is as good as my jokes get! Just to mention the fact is -- the


purchase on it way, he has tickets for the opening ceremony? No, me


neither. But we do get two enjoyed this afternoon, and it is an


inspiring sight, when you think what this place was like a few


years ago. They it is incredible, the Velodrome, the main stadium,


the swimming arena, the Hockey Stadium - it is fantastic. This was


Hackney Marshes, wasn't it? We urge us down the road from there, but it


was marchers, and it was a Warehouses, even the raffle was a


mess. We came in on the tube on the other side, and we have blessed


field, the whole area, the regeneration is... The really bad


thing is if you get lost, isn't it, Steve? It is a bit of Pollok!


you finally made it after it hath - - half an hour of wandering around.


Before Great Britain kick-off this evening, does Brookes has been


talking to Stuart Pearce. -- Garth How does this compare with your


other experiences? We feel the manager is that -- magnitude is


that much bigger, the exposure is much bigger. It is a fantastic


opportunity to showcase our own sport on our own soil on -- under


the umbrella of the Olympics. That will be the message to the players


- go and enjoy it, we have done plenty of work over the last few


weeks, physically and tactically, just go and express ourselves. You


have seen Brazil, what do you expect? It will be the ultimate


test. Whoever beat Brazil in this tournament will have a gold medal


around their neck. But football is football. The next time we get the


opportunity to play them will be at the earliest the semi-final. If we


are good enough to get there, we will be prepared to take them on


again. You have made the difficult decisions and picked you over-age


players. What will they give you? They will give me exactly what I


thought they would. One of them as my captain with a wealth of


experience and the players look up to them. He is a fantastic captain.


Craig Bellamy is as good a professional in regard to the


pruning pitch as I have ever worked with. -- the training pitch.


Anything that you ever asked of them technically or physically,


there is 100% forties. And Richards has served me fantastically well in


my time as a manager. You will get stronger as the tournament goes on


and we will rely on him a lot as the tournament starts. Do you have


the best team here? I think or, in my mind I do. But you need all the


team, make no mistake about that. What do you make of your first


opponents? Were have seen a lot of Senegal, I


was fortunate to go and see them qualify to get here, and then they


are run our gripped the next day. They are a big side, very athletic,


can counter attack very quickly, but we feel we hat have enough in


our ranks to give them a game. far dear you dream? You can rest


assured I only ever prepare up team to win gold, I did prepared to do


anything less. We are prepared, are bigger did -- going to be good


enough to get out the group and go beyond? Am not sure. But I think


with home advantage, as well, we need to get some momentum footstep


once you get that momentum, you can go as far as you want. We would


grow as a group together, and I think the country will go well


behind us, as well. I am looking forward to it, but you have to win


-- hit the ground running in that first game. From there, you do get


on the chin as it comes. And we will see what happens. Don't


forget what happened in Euro 96, R run at all the way into the semis


because being carried by the crowd into the final. Then the big one,


Great Britain on the pitch, and to discuss the match Dan Walker is


Yes, Stuart Pearce was talking about there is no lack of fight,


but is there that quality in Team I think there is come undoubted


quality. If we are looking at the supposed team he picks, he has real


ball players in the midfield. They're obviously using that Team


GB tonight. I don't know whether it is related to England, but it is


after income 2-0 in international football, keep the ball. There was


a worry that this would be a very English team, but there are five


Welshmen in the squad, and we expect four of them to start


tonight. And think we are probably out of order by Dean surprised.


the players starting are very good players. It is the way forward. I


did not quite see all of the few -- first have, I had a few


accreditation problems, but outside it is a fantastic atmosphere,


mothers and fathers and kids. I think they have all bought into it.


And if Team GB buys into it, who knows? Do see the quality UAE had,


the guys in the studio said, as well, that they totally played


Uruguay -- out played Uruguay. standing, a couple of passes and


the first half they were brilliant. They do look better than Uruguay,


much better. They will be interesting to see how it Ramirez's


at kick makes to the outcome of this game. I do think the


Uruguayans will get stronger, they looked a little sluggish. Luis


Suarez was booed off the road the first half. Everyone gave the UAE a


standing ovation. The actually had a huddle on the


way out before half-time, and I thought, why would you do that? You


might win the dressing room and you manager made tear a strip of you.


At a the future, huddle on the way It is wonderful to see Old Trafford


filling up, one of the headlines yesterday, apart from the misplaced


flag in the wrath Korea match, is the fact the stadiums were quite


empty. It is lovely to see people flooding in. Great Britain against


Senegal, all the build-up tonight on BBC One and BBC One H t. An


update on the other games, and Daborn are playing Switzerland at


plenty going for it, is that a penalty? It is. The Swiss player,


already, this happened moments ago. Gabon, Who are making their debut,


scoring. That has been one of the appealing things about today. Japan


beat Spain, Uruguay against UAE is exciting, this is all before GB


have taken to the pitch. We're hoping the trend won't continue


tonight With Team GB. UAE and Uruguay have given Team GB food


forethought. I think everyone thought, UAE, that will be three


points and worry about the rest, but they are a good team. People


will be looking at who has qualified and thinking, do they


deserve their place, have they been in week groups? But the teams we


have seen have more than held their own. There doesn't look to be too


many easy games in this competition. Uruguay are the first out on the


pitch, they have clearly been told what they have not done right, get


back out and be better in the second half. We can see that the


UAE are joining them. What do you want to see that you didn't see in


the first half? A bit of what we saw from UAE, a bit of movement and


possession, some quality on the ball and getting players in areas


where they can affect the opposition. That is where they have


got the goal from. UAE got there good players on the ball with Omar


Abdulrahman. His vision and quality on the ball was outstanding.


get the feeling Uruguay can play better. You also get the feeling,


can UAE play better? I understand what Mark Lawrenson said at half-


time, maybe it might have changed the complexion. Let's Angie back to


Steve Wilson and Mark Bright. The second half from Old Trafford --


light sandy your back. Lodeiro has come on for Uruguay. He


to aggregate i, there was one of their more potent attacking force


his -- injury to Aguirregaray. Cannot the UAE get themselves back


in front? On the balance of the first half, they would deserve to


purpose about it Uruguay from the off. Cabaye the rolls the ball out


of play. -- Cabaye t rolls the ball. been booked already. I think there


is a queue for who will take this free kick. The un comes across, the


referee is in a good position. -- the arm comes across. This is


familiar to the scenario which brought Ramirez the equalising goal,


perhaps he is a further out. It is still a good distance. Khaseif has


goalkeeper wasn't really troubled. He couldn't reproduce what he did


in the first half. Plenty of pace behind it, just too high. A


positive start from Uruguay. There is Lodeiro, he had a couple of


years in Dutch football with Ajax, but he has left them, he will be


going to Brazil to play for Botafogo once the Olympic Games are


out of the way. Didn't really work Ismail Matar, with the cross, it


was sliced by Coates. Alexis Rolin is lucky that the ball went out of


play. I could see that he was trying to save a corner. He got


Abdulrahman into Amer Abdulrahman. It looks like it was going into the


far corner. A little bit sharper in the second half, Uruguay. Lodeiro


more orthodox flat back four, Uruguay. Arias at right-back,


ball, well-defended. By Esmaeel. thought Khalil kept that in. A good


Uruguay's World Cup squad of two place play-off -- CAB Tanni, he


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 89 seconds


scored in the third-place play-off seeing an emerging nation arrive on


the international stage. In the first 45 minutes of this game, UAE


looks like that nation. Lodeiro played it in behind Pedersen Cavani.


easily. They have been pressed higher up the park. You couldn't


expect Uruguay to come out and be as flat as they were. Pre-season


for a few of their squad, coming back after the summer break. The


same for everybody, but you lady looked sharper. Brighter, passed


the ball well -- UAE t look sharper. The Ramirez equaliser late in the


first half has given Uruguay's some breathing space. They are looking a


more settled side. You sense that the late free-kick, the break in


the momentum that UAE had broke up, and the substitution, has conspired


E. I am not sure that Suarez was. The goalkeeper managed to prevent


it from going behind. He was looking down the line, but it came


lot better competition, now. The half-time team talk has worked for


Uruguay, they are moving the ball Cavani. The front two are much


vaunted but they have been disappointing. It is all about


service. Uruguay have played a lot of long balls, too long and two


straight. Suarez needs the ball into feet, he needs to be the link


man. Lodeiro is playing just off the front men. So far he has had a


lot of joy. It is nice to see what both sides do it in and out of


possession. We have seen the best of UAE, what they have done when


they have had possession. Having to to turn, the shot ping-pong it


before it ricocheted to the back involve, a good block.


Mohammed Ahmad got in the way. Sanqour, the left-back, he sold


himself completely. Arias has moved into the right-back position.


Uruguay. Can Varney, a great ball shot, excellent save. He arrived on


the edge of the box. He just clips it towards the top corner, I think


it is just going in. Khaseif could not be sure and he gets his hand to


it. Might have broken the crossbar on the way in but it might have


gone in in the end. It is a very good save. Ramirez' s delivery has


front foot and in the ascendancy for the first time. And it is in!


Tucked away by Lodeiro, the substitute. Uruguay were trailing


with five minutes of the first half to play, they are in front 10


minutes into the second half. Suarez is involved, but the finish


is from Nicolas Lodeiro. Good play. They come out but they don't mark.


This is too easy. Coming inside, Lodeiro just takes the initiative.


He plays the original ball, takes the initiative, dictates the


situation and finishes off. An excellent strike. He has only been


on the pitch 11 minutes but what a difference he has made. Not just


the goal. Absolutely. They have had more of the ball, they move the


ball better, they have put the UAE under pressure. It is an incredible


scoreline, looking towards the end of the first half, after how well


UAE played. They kept the ball. All of a sudden they look in a panic,


they are kicking the ball, they can't keep it, they have lost


composure and rhythm. As you said, they had a bit of swagger. He


didn't look worried man just before half-time. You are thinking, you


are getting outplayed, you don't look fit, you have impressed the


ball, you haven't looked sharp, and last, desperate touch from


Abdulaziz Hussain. It pro for him, I think he wanted a little touch to


compose himself. That takes an unlucky deflection


there, I think it is Hussain who does others will well to recover. -


- ever so well. Where is the swagger now in the UAE


because I think they think Luis Suarez fold. It looked like he was


blowing. One or two of the UAE players stopped. That is wild,


22 appearances altogether. Last season. That is a free kick. And


the UAE are going to make their first change any moment. A Ismail


Al Hammadi, the third of the over- age players, is going to come on.


He scored in an international against Germany in 2009. It has to


be said it was in a 7-2 defeat. He wonder if he is thinking about the


formation. Al Hammadi has come out of the left-hand side. He is more


of a wide player. Maybe he thinks the full-backs are, none too much.


That is Coates for a clearing game is now how we expected it to


be from the author. Absolutely. from the start.


When you chase a lot, when you get the ball you're not in a position


to keep it. If the opposition try and win it back off too quickly,


that is how they routine -- retain, key depend in. -- keeper you penned


was accidental. The referee says free kick come what may. Yes, give


up the pace two to go past. Just clipped the back heels of the


substitute, Al Hammadi. interesting tries to leave one of


your over-rates players on the bench, but he is on now. You think


if you are limited to three Doveridge players you would play


all three. But the manager decided now, Players free, offering


themselves. The full-backs are pitching right Hon forward now.


That is given away to Al Hammadi, showing some decent pace. He is


chased by a player three -- Arias, and the free kick is given.


Hammadi stumbled a couple of times, he didn't really get it clear. Once


the defender, Arias, get in front, you have to get to the ball. He


offside. It will be interesting to see win the Uruguay going to the


next game against Senegal whether they will start with a flat back


four, which seems to suit them in this second half, or whether they


will start with a three and get -- three at the back as they did in


this game. Three is good, you wing- backs can push on a little bit, the


midfield get involved, but if your opponents pursue back you end up


with five in defence. You can't really play a lot of football with


all the men in the back five. They have just been a different team,


they have looked a lot better from the off.


Ahmed Khalil was just crowded out their last game is in the


Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, Uruguay, against Great Britain. I


can't get used to say in Team GB. It sounds as if it has come


straight from the US of A. Great Britain famille -- for me.


The Omar Abdulrahman. And again, almost. Now Amer Abdulrahman. And


again. His little lofted pass fell kindly for Emiliano Albin. Nicolas


Lodeiro got a foot in. Every thing that went for them in the first


half has gone against them in the try sued by the crowd. Wasted


opportunity to his right, as well. Coates took it away from them. A


shooting chance here blocked by it the backs -- the back of Alexis


path of Ahmed Khalil, who has lost call it advantage. The referee


signals that now. Eisa. Omar Abdulrahman looking for Eisa. That


is Cavani right on the edge of his own penalty area. Not always what


you want to see your strikers, in your penalty area. Sometimes they


are prone to do things that you wouldn't want them to. But renowned


this game. Especially going into that last game against Great


of play so they can get some treatment for Ramon Arias. If you


are looking at the quality of the side, we have seen that Uruguay


have the ability to change their game. Over the next 25 minutes we


will find out whether UAE have the quality to change again. These


other things to talk about when you are educating kids, playing


different formations and board -- positions, you play them in


different positions so they understand what happens when you


make changes. The three at the back wasn't working big from the start.


They persevered with it, they have gone into a flat back four in the


second half, they have pushed the full-backs on. They put pressure on


in midfield, and all of a sudden UAE can keep possession, cannot get


hold of the ball. When they get hold of it they give the ball away


and they have just lost their rhythm completely. They have come


back into it slightly, but I am sure it is a game that the UAE now


feel, having played as well as they did in the first half, they can get


back into it and get something out of it. Ramon Arias has made his way


off the field of play, and Uruguay are making a change. De Gaulle


Rodriguez, is readying himself to come on. -- de Gaulle Rodriguez. --


Diego. The crowd is brewing because of the non-participation of a


section of the ground in a Mexican wave. I may be a killjoy, but I


have never seen a game of football that was less interesting than a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 89 seconds


Emilio and will -- Emiliano Albin. real distance. He was a bit


optimistic. My well, they can get his debut last year against Chile.


His nickname is the bill. Diego they have the ability to unlock the


Uruguayan defence? Omar Abdulrahman has lost it, that has not happened


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 89 seconds


too often. Luis Suarez has given it accreditation to the fourth


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 89 seconds


side. He chose to go the other way. I think he is. Luis Suarez... No,


he is not. He is noting the substitution, I beg your pardon.


Ahmed Ali comes on, and Eisa, who has provided some real pace, has


gone off. Needs a goal, gone for a side. A decent strike. Haven't seen


Abdulaziz Hussain get for it too much in the second half. There is


the man who has just come on, the 22-year-old, Ahmed Ali. 22? Another


one who is a full international. This was Luis Suarez. Not every


foul is a booking. I think he is searching for match fitness. After


the summer break. It is not a book into me, it is just a foul. He has


played an enormous amount of summer football recently, Luis Suarez. The


Copa America, the World Cup the year before, the Olympics this year,


the Confederations Cup next year. A effect. The shot from Diego


Rodriguez, the substitute, he didn't get over it. No, not at all.


It is a decent shooting opportunity. He has gone for pace as opposed to


asked a couple of questions and they have no answers, UAE. Second


best in all areas of the park. Looking a bit despondent, which is


not like them from the first half. They have got to find something,


get themselves back in the game. We have seen they have the ability to


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 89 seconds


Doesn't get anything. Here is Luis Suarez for Uruguay. He has some


work to do, he need some support, it wasn't the best pass. He hasn't


had the best game. Awful. I said before, he doesn't look fit, he


doesn't look sharp. He usually has a turn of place to go past


defenders. He hasn't led the line well, he has linked the play --


Hussain. Can they find an equaliser? In the context of the


second half you would say they don't deserve it but in the context


would to finish 2-1, that you require basically won the game in a


25 minute spell. They didn't play well before and haven't played well


since. But in that 25 minutes, they did enough. Maybe not! Ahmed


Khalil! That was the opportunity they were looking for. That really


was a glorious opportunity. An excellent run across the 18 yard


box. And down the side, he lets it run across his body. Really needed


a little dink. It takes a deflection which guides it to him.


He just pulls the shot. Fantastic opportunity. The 21-year-old who is


not short on confidence. In one of the build up press conferences, he


said his aim was to win the Golden Boot in this tournament. As a


striker, that has to be your time, to go out and score goals, keep


thinking goals. You work all game for an opportunity like that, to


get in between the penalty spot and the goal. It is a key area, for a


free shot. He missed the target completely. A little injury problem


to Gaston Ramirez, the score of Uruguay's first goal. I am not sure


strike of real quality, that is what turned the game. In any


tournament, in any country in the world, it is a fantastic free kick.


I am not sure if Khaseif could have done anything more with it, I


thought his positioning was decent. That is not good news.


Urretaviscaya is going to come on, he placed in Portugal. -- he plays


in football. How do you pronounce impact. We will see if Gaston


Ramirez can come back or not. The corner kick in the meantime,


Nicolas Lodeiro. Suarez, underneath shouldn't have been, Luis Suarez


for Uruguay. Straight into the glass of Khaseif. The game


continues, it was a poor delivery. He could not executed. -- execute


it. Gaston Ramirez is walking extremely slowly behind the goal.


think it is his calf. I didn't see get the throw-in. It should be a


chance for the substitution. Gaston Ramirez comes off, that is a blow,


if he is not ready to come back in the Senegal game, only three days


away at Wembley. And Jonathan the substitute in his notebook, he


will hope to finish that before the Suarez is furthest forward. No real


acceleration from Suarez. It is not there. It would take a couple of


more games before that comes back. Training is training but it is just


the games. He will be frustrated that he can't get there to the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 89 seconds


passes, he doesn't have the in the first half. He has been a


bystander in the second half. Five minutes, 10 minutes, to get back in


the game. They haven't been effective, they haven't got their


full-backs forward, they haven't controlled the game. They had the


big chance for Ahmed Khalil and they will believe that they have


Suarez. The interchange with Vadera, who scored the second. -- with


card, that's slightly surprising. It is a little way out, as you can


see. There were generous refereeing decisions in the two matches I saw


yesterday at the City of Coventry Stadium. I think there have been a


couple in this one as well. But the seven places and has a look. He


hits it. It is way over the bar. Three goals stacked on top of one


another would not have seen that go in. He wants to be leading


goalscorer at the Olympics. He has tried to get it to dip. You can see


him strike through the ball. The aim is to hit it on the bow of, the


ball moves in the air, it tries to bit of concern for Madera. --


Lodeiro. Arevalo is very unhappy with the challenge that came in


from Hamdan Al Kamali. The referee has a job on. Lodeiro looks like he


is on all fours. Everyone is getting involved. Khaseif came


rushing out, he saw something, I am -- Al Kamali?


Yes, it was Hamdan Al Kamali who in with their foot raised up. He


has given this three kick to Uruguay, hasn't he? Here it is.


am not too sure what he is saying, a handball? Nicolas Lodeiro, is it?


I think he is making the point that it hit the palm of the sand, not to


his elbow, I'm not sure. Then this white that for us -- followed it


was dangerous by a alcohol label. - He has won a corner. It is a


position from which you couldn't really see Uruguay winning the game


and our goal, it is now difficult to see them at not winning it. --


an hour ago. Urretaviscaya with the could to get anything on it. All


the way back to Martin Campana, who has not had a lot to do in the


passing, his touch, his range, everything is out. It smacks of a


player who is just unfit and is trying to come back to fitness.


Some of this team should -- team- mates have looked sharp and


incisive. He just looks very at some point in the next 90


seconds plus stoppage time if they're going to get anything out


of this game. They thrilled us in both sides of Uruguay, haven't we?


As poor as they were under for staff, they have been excellent and


the second. Little flashes of their best to win the game. Given away


rather too nervously by Abdulrahman, they will want him on


was a good one. Kept in play by Ismail Al Hammadi. Good control,


got the shot away. That didn't trouble the keeper. And not too


sure if there was a push, it might have been Khalil. This was the


second attempt, decent skills, but it is going away from the goal, a


very difficult to get accuracy and power on a snap back like that. I


thought there was a suspicion of a has to go now. A wealth of


experience here in the Uruguayan players. They are running the clock


down. Stuart Pearce's great Britain team


take on UAE next. We were thinking how happy he would have been to get


a chance to look at them before he played them, because I think they


took Uruguay by surprise. Suarez Hammadi is really disappointed to


see that rolled away. That was Britain will have done their


homework on UAE. They better look at them now, hadn't they?


Especially in the first half. Watching them on the tape and


watching them in the flesh are two different things. I think what it


showed his, that if you give them space and time, they can be as good


as anybody. They had lots of enthusiasm, desire to get forward,


when they did not have the ball they had the desire to get back in


shape and when the ball back. In the second half they have been


asked a serious question and have not responded at all. At times the


would be happy to have a look at striker playing in the end, he gets


in between the ball and demand. If anything, he is trying to draw a


foul and the run the clock down a little bit more, playing it of the


defender out for a corner. It looks like defeat for UAE, but an


honourable defeat. Luis Suarez, he never attempts to


win a popularity contest, tries to eat out the last -- Vigo to the


last few seconds of the game. -- eke out. A useful win for Uruguay.


And expected win, but it does not say anything about the manner in


which they have achieved that. The report just says they played really


poorly in the first half and came whistle and it Uruguay can


celebrate a hard earned victory. They came in at 1 H, somewhat


fortunately. Ismaeil Matar had put the UAE in front with an excellent


goal, equalised by a Gaston Ramirez free kick which was as good as you


might see in double tournament. But that man, Nicolas Lodeiro, who came


on at half-time, it really made a difference for Uruguay of the stock


he scored -- for Uruguay. He scored the winning goal, added only just


finished his at Old Trafford, UAE, And Uruguay can side are sigh of


relief. Job done for them. Yes, you wondered how the UAE would react


after conceding a goal. They played the better for the


first 40 minutes, and I think it knocked the stuffing out of them. I


think you are quite made it count and held on. Let's have a look at


Uruguay knocking on the door early in the second half. We thought this


would start happening, a lovely shot from Arevalo Rios, and that


shot from Arevalo Rios, and that was the warning shot, wasn't it?


Yes, it was, they were far from their best, Uruguay. Arevalo Rios


strikes from distance, and it is a decent save from the goalkeeper.


They started to get up a head of They started to get up a head of


steam. That goal gave them a real boost before half-time. And four


the winner, I said Uruguay got lucky because that striker its --


tried to turn and it fell into his team-mate's path.


But that is what football is all about. It yes, this town from


Suarez, you thought this was a pass, I am not sure it was.


He tries to turn him, he has followed his pass, he has done well.


Yes, he -- Suarez, and you think he is trying to keep the ball himself,


but Nicolas Lodeiro follows it up right into the corner. At this


stage you thought they could go on and scored a couple more.


The air are never going to do any more than they needed to today,


Uruguay. They were reasonably comfortable at holding the lead.


The UAE nearly did enough. I guess this effort from Khalil could have


this effort from Khalil could have been the moment. This could have


been it. They had a lot of joy from getting a Abdulrahman one of the


Khalil. He scored a couple of goals in a warm-up game against New


Zealand last week. You probably feel he should have hit the target


feel he should have hit the target there.


All in all, a good afternoon, a good football feast, and UAE will


hold their heads high no linked that as they go into the next


matches, particularly be playing at Team GB, they have reason to think


they could do well in this tournament. We came in talking


about Spain and Uruguay and we have gone away talking about Japan at


UAE. They both acquitted themselves really, really well.


That was almost a shock at Old Trafford, but there was a shock


earlier when Japan took on Spain. earlier when Japan took on Spain.


This is not just a goal, but a very important goal, because this means


that Japan have beaten Spain for the first time in their footballing


history. You can see what it meant to the players there. It finished


Honduras to, Morocco -- Cronje has as the Under 21 champions currently


at the bottom of Group D. It is early days at the moment. Meanwhile,


in group become Mexico against South Korea was on the Red Button.


It was 0-0. In the other game, it is Gabon against Switzerland. One


player has been sent off for diving in the box, about 15-20 minutes


left to run in that game. To watch left to run in that game. To watch


that just press the Red Button. Now people have to decide what to do


next, eat their donor or watch the build up for Great Britain against


Senegal. We would encourage them to go to bbc One, because this will be


a big test for Team GB tonight. are right, we have seen,


underestimating opposition is dangerous. They are not the type of


quality side you're going to play every week, Brazil, so they will


have a lot more of the ball and we expect a better performers. That is


enough shocks now, as Steve's helicopter arrives to take him home.


A nice easy winner would be lovely for Team GB. What we have seen


tonight from the UAE and Uruguay, it will be tough to come out of


this group, because there are a good teams. But it will be tough


for Team GB, and they will be hoping to get on the ball with


three. Tonight. He has a helicopter landings here at Olympic Park, but


that is where it is getting busy, Old Trafford, as they gear up for


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