Champions Day, Part 2 Racing from Ascot

Champions Day, Part 2

Clare Balding presents continued coverage from Ascot of the most valuable day's horse racing ever staged in the UK, with Willie Carson, Rishi Persad, Ian Bartlett and John Parrott.

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The very best gathered today at Ascot. A champion will be crowned


at every distance. It's the richest racing day ever in Britain. Qipco


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


horse, the brilliant Frankel. Ascot, but not as you've ever seen


it before. This place is full of people, some of them coming racing


for the very first time. All of them look ago head to four races


that we have coming up on BBC One that show case the very best of


horse racing. 25,000 people or more coming through the gates here today.


Many more because the weather is so beautiful, will have come to enjoy


the brilliance of Aden O'Brien and Sir Henry Cecil, two trainers who


undoubtedly will grace the winners enclosure. So much to enjoy. Most


of it based around the sheer beauty and power and elegance of the race


horse, the timing and the tactical skill of jockeys as well. Her


Majesty the Queen is here at Ascot. She arrived shortly and we have had


one race already. It was the Qipco British champions series long


distance cup. It was won by a horse who undoubtedly woim press the


Queen and everybody else watching because he is very well respected


honourable champion stayer of the season. Fame And Glory took the


Aidan O'Brien. Second place puts Frankie ahead of


Tom Queally in the race to be leading jockey over the Champions'


Series. That will be decided today, so will leading trainer and we are


here to crown champions every race is a Cup Final. The winners coming


through a newly erected arch into the winners' enclosure here where


they are greeted by the huge cheers and roars of the crowd and also the


all-knowing all-seeing eye of Willie Carson. It's a great day, is


it not This is absolutely one of the best days I can remember. In my


riding days, I would have dreamt about things like this happening.


Of course, I think today is very special because it's the first time


that we are going to have this. In 200 years' time, we might be


talking about this day because there might be the name of a race


named Frankel because I think Frankel is the best horse we've


ever seen. He's going to prove that today and you will see it and it


will happen here later on. It's absolutely a fantastic days' racing.


Even people who watch racing day in and day out and get paid to do it


as a job are excited about seeing Frankel, unbeaten in eight career


starts so far. He'll be trying to make it number nine in a row. He's


the best rated horse in the world. Henry Cecil says he's the best


horse he's ever trained and he's here for the QEI ch. Ryan Moore is


in the final race of the Champion Stakes. Two horses to get really


excited about, but, across-the- board, just quality everywhere you


look. The jockeys are raring to get going on a day that holds so much


excitement, they love to perform in front of a big crowd. Eddie Ahern


in the foreground there. It's not just about the atmosphere and the


prize money of it, but that is important, �3 million on offer


throughout the five days, and as Willie says, the right to be


crowned a champion. Fantastic. do the things that will still be


talked about in a hundred years is a great day of racing and Rishi is


here with us too. I'm taking a respite in the shadow


of the grandstand from this very hot sun today. The runners are


making their way down to the start for the champions sprint. A couple


were getting a little warm, but nothing too untoward. The official


going is good. Surprising because we have had such a dry week, four


mill metres of water placed on the course. -- milimetres. Here what


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


coming down the six furlong chances of landing this sprint with


Society Rock and Deacon Blues. He said he would have liked it softer


for one and firmer for the other, but the fact it's perfect ground,


he has no excuses and it could be a huge day for James Fanshawe. He's


had a very good season. The sprinters who line up here


today have been taking part in the sprint races across this British


Champion series. There have been 31 races now in a series, four more to


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


come, and let's see how the James Fanshawe's got a very strong


But it's the champions stakes and the punters are coming out to play.


Frankp was 2-1, that's gone. I don't think you will get any more


of that -- Frankel. But So You Think later on, 3-1, into 2-1.


They're G-G to play, John, the big boys are out to play on one of the


biggest days of the year. Here, Deacon Blue is cantering down


to the start. You will notice you are watching racing this afternoon,


something very different, because the way jockeys are riding their


finishes, they're using the whip with much more restraint and


judicial restraint because of the rules that came in on Monday,


restricting jockeys to seven in the race and five in the final furlong.


One of the jockeys handed in his licence having picked up 15 days'


suspension for obeying the rules twice. It wasn't in protest at the


be Society Rock trained by James Fanshawe.


He's got two very good sprinters, but I'm sure that Deacon Blues will


be the run that he thinks has got the biggest chance today. He was a


little bit worried about the ground because he said that he would like


a little bit of sponge in the ground. As we have said earlier,


the ground is perfect and every horse should have an equal chance


on this type of going. Let's not forget that Freddie has brought


over a lovely three-year-old filly who he thought was a classic filly.


Didn't get into the stalls earlier in her career, but she's really


taken... The green cap. Wearing that to denote second colours but


she's definitely the more fancied of the two runners. Moonlight


Cloud's won five to date including her last two. He's struck up a very


good relationship with her, the jockey. This is a three-year-old


filly improving, so you would have to think she'd have a very good


chance, although she's never ran over six furlongs before. She won


last time over six-and-a-half furlongs, and before that, it was


always seven furlongs. Six furlongs at Ascot I think will be OK. Speed


of the essence, Jim, here we go. Six furlongs for the sprint


Championship, the Qipco British Champions Fillies.


Night Carnation. Over on the far side, Silverside. Prime Defender


going through. Hooray. Deacon Blues takes up position behind them,


followed by Silverside and lab rar know. -- Libranno. Wizz Kid out of


the centre followed by ladys are forever and median man. Perfect


Tribute. Genki. The leader is Hooray on the stands rail from


Deacon Blues getting close to Libranno on the far side. Prime


Defender, Night Carnation looking for a way through. Moonlight Cloud


can't get a run. They race up with a furlong to go. Deacon Blues Haas


the run on the inside. Wizz Kid. Deacon Blues has gone for home.


It's right up to the line, Deacon Blues will win it. From Wizz Kid,


Royal Rock and Libranno. Very tight. In behind them, follows Moonlight


Cloud in company with Night Carnation. Further back in the


field, Jimmy Styles, but Deacon Blues, Johnny Murtagh, trained by


James Fanshawe and owned by John and Peter Hopper and Michelle


Morris. He's won the Qipco British Champions sprint stakes. Let's have


a lack at them cross the line. Wizz Kid on the far side. There's tea


conblues. Wizz Kid on the far side. It's a photo third between Libranno


in the centre and near side Royal Rock. They're clear of the two


runners. They are Moonlight Cloud with the green cap, near side


number 14, Night Carnation is next, followed then by Prime Defender who


was there all the way. Genki's run on from last to be just behind that


one. Followed by Perfect Tribute. Then Jimmy Styles. Hooray. Followed


by Society Rock and Medicean Man. Further back, Dafeef and Silverside


and Ladies Are Forever. The Qipco British Champions sprint has been


won by Deacon Blues. He's put together five consecutive wins.


Ridden by Johnny Murtagh and getting applause from the crowd as


the record. James Fanshawe is happy, as is Johnny Murtagh. What an


exciting sprinter he is, Deacon Blues. Two races in the Qipco


British Champions day ran so far and both of them won by truly great


horses. He is the champion sprinter for the


series and one could argue, the champion sprinter of the year. He's


been so consistent this year and a lovely straightforward ride for


Johnny Murtagh. You saw us giving lead speed guns there, it's not a


camera, there is a sensor in all of the saddle cloths and we can give


you the times for all of the horses. You saw them travelling at over


40mph there. Look at Johnny Murtagh still going easily when every


jockey is asking their horse for more effort. Deacon Blues finds it


easy and can go a little quicker when he picks up. He had an


uncomplicated ride. Sat there, two or three lengths off the pace. Went


to the front at the top furlong and punched his horse out to have a


very, very nice win. This horse has done nothing else but just improve.


This is the best race that he's ran in so far and he's won just as easy


as the rest of the races he's been winning this year. But today was


the best opposition and he has won it really well. He was gelded in


the winter of last year and, of course, ever since then, this guy


has just kept on improving and improving. He'll be a horse that'll


be challenging fortune sprinter next year, although today, he is


the champion! Confirmation that in third place


was Libranno, Kieren Fallon in third. Deacon Blues out and out


superstar this season, only beaten once this year and James Fanshawe


will celebrate in style. The fan fair goes as Deacon Blues nears the


effusive as Frankie Dettori, he won't give us a flying dismount,


but he has a smile that will beam up the whole grandstand. A great


moment for the Fanshawe family and Johnny Murtagh and for Deacon Blues.


There is Jan and Peter and Michelle Morris.


Just a great performance. To be able to keep a horse going through


a long season in good races and keep... Keep on improving. You know,


this was a group two today. The next thing, is he'll have to


compete in group one races. Obviously, these Championship races


next year, you would have to think that the board will have to upgrade


some of the races and make them into more, instead of a group two


next year, possibly a group one, and you will get the horses


throughout the world deciding to come to compete for the prize money


and our group one races. What a great reception for him. It helps


when you are riding the favourite and a lot of people have made money


from you, but a lovely atmosphere here today. The Royal meeting, we


get a lot of people at the Royal meeting, but today, if you look


round, you see all the steps around the paddock, in the saddling


enclosure, it's just full! More relaxed than the Royal meeting, it


feels like it's unfettered and people have let loose with their


emotions. In the Royal meeting you can't get close to everybody


because ladies wear big hats! The distances there: A length and a


season. He'd won here at the Royal meeting, won the Woking Handicap,


but then he took a step up. He went to Newbury, but the real one was at


the Curragh in August and he won by seven lengths. He went to Newbury


again, came back to five furlongs. This is his optimum trip, six


furlongs, I would say. He's absolutely top notch, this horse.


And a worthy winner. Fame And Glory won and Deacon Blues won the sprint


and both will be contenders for top honours. Maybe not quite in this


fellow yet, but as Willie said, next year, we'll probably see him


in that cat gloir glory. Anyway, Deacon Blues, the winner -- -- in


that category. ropes now, that was a terrible


result for the bookies. We said it was 3-1 earlier, because of the


first one that won, now 2-1 solid, So You Think for the Champion


Stakes. This horse, by the way, when he won the Wokingham off 98


Deacon Blues... I know somebody who backed hit. I I do.


James Fanshawe and Johnny Murtagh, James, first of all the improvement


this horse has shown this season is remarkable. Could you have


predicted it at the start of the season? No, no. I always felt it


was a nice three-year-old horse. I think he ran tn times a as three-


year-old and one one. He's the most amazing horse and has improved


since The Wokingham. Was it difficult getting this man back on


board or much difficulty convincing Frankie to take the seat on the


side? Not sure but I felt to keep it fair, Johnny was the first to


ride the hor, he won the Wokingham on him -- ride the horse. Johnny


won on Soviet Song. Deacon Blue has his backside right next to the


camera, be careful. James is a great trainer, he


probably doesn't know how good he is, but for the big days, they


usually win. He's a lovely man, got a great family and he looked after


me very well. I'm very grateful to him for putting me back on this


horse. From the day I won at the Curragh I thought, this is a true


group one horse. Why? He won by seven lengths at the Curragh, never


came out of second gear, I knew there was a lot more to give and


James was, after the race, was ringing up saying he came out of


the race really well. That's a great sign of a horse. The way the


race went for you today was just about perfect? James said to me go


to the rails, Miles Prescott and he got there a bit soon but his


momentum was up and he won very easy because I followed him. I


think he's a genuine group one horse. What a day this is, James.


Henry Cecil coming over to congratulate you, the crowd, the


atmosphere, how great was that? fantastic day. Great for Qipco to


provide all the wonderful prize money, a lovely crowd, lovely


ground and a great day and Deacon Blues won which is great. A real


credit to the owners, they bred him with Mr and Mrs Grundy. For a small


stud, it's an amazing achievement. Every time there's a big meeting,


you are here. Society Rock down the Golden Jubilee again here,


fantastic? Well, I'm glad I have a lucky track because I love Ascot.


S in our second race. We'll have a look at the start for youfplt I


highlighted where the winner, Perfect Tribute who again is rather


messing around in the gates and, because misses half a beat, gets a


little scramble there with Society Rock. From that stage, Perfect


Tribute is struggling all the way through the race? Yes, you can see


he's desperate to get himself into a decent position but is unable to


do it. Two that didn't have the easiest of runs through. Two of the


French horses, Wizz Kid, the eventual runner up there, and


Moonlight Cloud with a green cap there. It almost looked as if,


although she's up from five furlongs since last time she run,


they were going too fast, she couldn't hold her place? Yes, you


need to get into the hole as soon as it appears and the racing is


very tight with no room for the horse to get through. When the gap


comes, Murtagh got a great split off the rail with the winner and


he's gone. The one from the right with the green cap is trying to get


through and she, all the time, tries to get a run through, gets


stopped between the two and the one furlong. Unfortunately, that's


sprinting. the drive position, keeping as low


as he can and punching the air there, knowing he's got it in the


bag. The lower you get in the saddle and the lower you can get to


your horse's head, the faster and lower the horse will gal lop. It's


-- gallon. If you sit down on a horse, you are telling the horse


without pushing the Rehns, go faster, because his stride gets


longer and he grabs the ground a bit more -- the reins. With the


number of cracks restricted and the jockeys made the point that a lot


of that is to do with the sound it makes, are they growling and


shouting more do you think to try and motivate a horse? When we had


the Derby I never spoke for three days because of screaming. Yes,


well, that's one way, you know, basically you are trying to


frighten the horse because he wants to give up and you don't want him


to give up. So you have to be doing something to keep them going. The


whip is a method, possibly an easy method, of keeping them going. It's


an essential, essential part of a jockey's tool, the whip.


Interesting to see how different the finishes look with restricted


use of it and the presentation here for the Qipco sprint being made by


Sheikh Altani. The Great Britain men's hockey team are around as


well. James Fanshawe receiving and Johnny Murtagh will now get a huge


round of applause. Such a reliable jockey, he has a big, big chance


coming up on Dancing Rain who he won the Oaks on. Jan and Peter and


mike and Michelle will be thrilled with the success is. Here is what


Roger Varian who took over from the much-missed Michael Jarvis. He has


good chances today. Frankie Dettori gave us a chance to see how he


lives at home and talked about how to keep himself motivated in his


40th year. He's so much part of it. Part of Ascot. Yes, his enthusiasm


helps people to get into something and enjoy it. Do you know, I was


interviewing the guy who wrote Warhorse and we saw the puppets


here today. I spoke to Michael in the morning and he said, could you


say thank you to him for making racing so much fun. Good! Isn't


that nice? It is. That's all you have to do now is write into the


BBC and say how much you've enjoyed today's racing. Please do that.


Thank you! Or you can send it direct to Willie Carson as fan mail.


We are celebrating the very best of horse racing and jockeyship and


it's a culmination of a week when racing has made more headlines than


one would have necessarily wanted. Rishi rounds up the week's whip


woes. Three weeks ago, new rules were announced in the sport of


Kings and, at the time, the majority of people seemed happy.


Concerns over public perception of racing saw the whip hits being


reduced to seven and five in the final furlong. There are there is


controversy and the new rule is only five days old. Several jockeys


are threatening to withdraw. DisUnite amongst them reach this


level when the popular and widely admired Richard Hughes... One of


the most respected men in the weighing room has quit riding after


picking up two bans totalling 15 days. The way is rule is structured,


they are making us hit the horse more. I was the foremost of all the


boys in the weighing room saying serve season a good thing, we need


change in racing, just two weeks before the rules came out, we


mensed our concerns about the last furlong. Unfortunately, it fell on


deef ears, but a rule can't really be tested until it's brought into


effect. As soon as it was brought in, I think it's been proven they


were finding it very difficult. What is it going to take to get you


back into the saddle? I want them to change the rule, not for me but


for the good of the sport. Serve none the last furlong, you know, if


you are allowed to hit them seven at your own discretion, do it


within the rules giving them time to respond and maybe have a look at


the severity. Five days is a long time. Let the stewards use their


discretion. If I come back and get done once more, I miss 30 days so I


wouldn't come back. I wouldn't do the horses any justice and the


position I'm in, I'll be saying, should I pick my stick up, should I


not, the only thing you should be thinking about is winning, that's


what the sport is all about. Richard Hughes is here as a


spectator and handed in his licence on Thursday night because he was so


cross at the severity of the of Richard Hughes is he has come


here today to apologise to the man who runs Qipco and has put the


money behind this series and this Champions' Day to say I'm really


sorry that because of what I did, I distracted people from building up


this great day. You know I really hope, he will reconsider. There's a


big meeting on Monday between the professional Jockeys' Association


and the British horse racing authority wr, they will look and


possibly take on board Richard's session, seven is fine. But make is


seven over the course of the race. But it's difficult to see the


furlong marker, particularly in you're in a sprint race in the mid.


Course. How do you know, genuinely know when you're inside the final


furlong. How many times due not see the furlong pole? I was usualfully


front by then. I never used the whip actually. Be serious. Richard


Hughes is a very serious and you know, he's one of the stable people,


thinking people in the weighing room wha. He says you have to


listen to. His views have to be taken on board. The weigh-in room,


I've been there today, they're not happy. They are not happy. It's


nothing to do with the actual stick, it's the penalties and possibly


this furlong marker. If you get, like today in that last race, just


watch that last race, just now, how many jockeys would know they've


gone past the furlong pole all grouped together? You would have an


idea, but you wouldn't know, when you went past the pole. Now


naturally, you could get one too many. Do you think in the long run


and if a compromise can be reached and the jockeys are happier with


doing away with the furlong marker rule, do you think that this will


be for the good of racing and an -- and in a year's time we will look


back on this day, saying that was even better because the whip rules


have come in. Yes, this is the way we have to go. They're being


bullied by the animal rights people. Do you think they are snfrplgts yes,


they are. That's the reason why they're doing it. It's for the


benefit of the sport we're told. The benefit of our sport, who runs


the sport, the BHA, who pays for it? The punter. Who's asked the


punt whaer they want. None of the punters have been told about the


whip rules. Are you going to - do you mean, it's been all over the


papers? They read the forms. They're not idiots. They're not


being asked. The punter is the person we should be looking up to,


what they have to say. Of course, there will be a lot of punters


won't be having bets in the next few days, just to see how this is


going to go because this is a tool that essential to keep a horse


going, not to beat him. I don't think anyone disputes that. You


have said to me earlier in the year that you felt jockeys were using


their stick too much. Yes. I agree with that. So the rule needed to be


looked at. Yes, I agree with that. I agree with getting the numbers


down to seven, eight, nine, whatever the number. The jockeys


could handle that. This furlong marker and the penalties, oh, the


penalties, well they're putting people out of business. Their


livelihood is going. What about the wife? What about the kids at home,


not getting paid? They're not thinking about that, are are they?


You get six months off for two offences? That means they're not


going to earn for six months. How many people can handle that? Not


many. That is your view on the whip issues and his reaction to what has


come in on Monday. Still some work to be done I suspect. The fillies


and maerz for the next race are parading now.


The sunshine is making a lot of these horses look fantastic. We'll


talk first at number seven, Meeznah. She's got better through the season.


She's carrying plenty of condition. She certainly does for this time of


the year as well. Top man on board, Frankie Dettori. He'll be keen to


get off the mark here. Behind her horse number five, Ferdoos. We


haven't seen much of her this season. Only one run. It was a very


good young trainer. Number four is Crystal Capella. I understand she


may be having her last race ever. She's getting a little bit warm.


wouldn't say that's a negative. This is a warm day. These are


fillies. Some of them are getting their winter coat. Sir Michael


stout has had a tough time this year. What do you mean, getting


hairy? Yes, unlike us they need extra hair for the winter. Vita


Nova is likely to be a well fancied runner. Two weeks ago Henry ses I


ill -- Cecil thought she might have been cast in a box. What does that


mean? That is like somebody throwing into a bed and being


unable to get out of it. That's the situation. The horse was flat on


its back, trapped in a korn, unable to get itself out of the situation,


crashing and banging to get away from the wall. They worry that


maybe she might have done herself an injury. She is OK. Henry ses


sill said before she ran in the Yorkshire oaks she was cast in a


box. But she's here and ready to do her best.


You can see Henry talking to Tom Queally about Vita Nova. She's


always thought an awful lot of this filly. She said "She's a lovely


filly." It could be a huge, huge day for Henry Cecil. Frankel in the


race after next. Then Midday as well. Roger Varion is over here.


Neilicalon rides Ferdoos, a key part of Roger's team and a man he


relies upon. Neilicalon -- Callan going for a leg up on Ferdoos.


She's a filly who has only had one race this year. Her form is


possibly one of the best in the race. Absolutely. But she's been


off a long time. So it all depends on her fitness today. Michael


Stoute walking over here giving Ryan a leg up on Crystal Capella.


She looks, a lot of these fillies because of the time of year, their


coats have gone slightly. I would say Crystal Capella looks a bit


woolly. And Ferdoos has had a trace clip. A lot of fur has been taken


off. They've got on a sweat today because they've got longer coats


than they should have. Yeah Vita Nova is very, very warm. She looks


well. It's a very, very classy race and a lot to work out in terms of


form and ability, also emotion running high. It will if Ferdoos is


successful here for Roger Varian. I mentioned he took over from Michael


Jarvis, a hugely popular trainer who died last month. Roger had


taken over the license at Michael's incestence and his wife Gaye very


closely involved as well. We keep our fingers crossed for Ferdoos.


Let's find out more about one of the newest trainers on this


champions stage. First day he came here, it was as


though he had been here forever. was in a privileged position to


train with a big string of horses. He was always level headed, very


sensible, very much like Michael Michael was very good to me,


setting me up and giving me owners to support me. Over ten, 12 years


built up our relationship to him. He was like a son that Michael


never had really. With the family, they've been great to me. It's a


secure way for me to feel I can start training and give it


know, you're not a roaring trainer, who goes "Look at me, I'm going


have winners." Do you it quietly. think if you roar too much about


your horses, horses have a good way of making you look silly at times.


We try and be honest about horses and I don't think we hide anything.


If they're good enough and in good form and run well and can win, we


let them dot talking. Ferdoos is one of the favourites for the


fillies and mares race. She won her only start at Haydock this year in


May. She's always been a little bit wary of everything around her. When


the camera first came close to her, she had a good look at it. In her


races as well, certainly at Haydock, final furlong there, Neil's arm


came up, she almost duck add way from it. She should be getting the


hang of it by now. She can run true to the line, if she's in with a


chance. This is one is lovely. She's a very attractive filly, very


pretty. Very sweet natured. It was Naharain who gave him his first win.


Frankie Dettori squeezing through a narrow gap. The timing of it was


special. Two days before we had the service for Michael in Newmarket.


The filly ran 48 hours later to put her nose in front, it was really


special. I guess some things are meant to be. That one of them.


Frankie's a fun foreign share a moment like that with, because he's


going to be valiant. He's a world class jockey and a great showman as


well. He jumps off and hugs and kisses everyone. For a first big


wiber here -- winner here, it was a special day. You went through


something in those three days of an incredibly emotional low to a great


high. How do you deal with that? Well, it's a course of life a


little bit. We often have lows and highs and they can come close


together. I had, last year, I lost my brother, tragically, only five


days before I got married last August. It puts everything into


perspective and it puts training race horses into perspective. It's


just been 13, 14 months, which you wouldn't believe the ups and downs.


Over the last year, Roger Varian has gone through so much and this,


the filly that carries his hopes, Ferdoos, Neil Callan in the saddle.


She is well fancied for this race. We hope this will be the start of


life improving for Roger. His wife is expecting their first baby next


month. Gaye Jarvis is here as well today. Keep your fingers crossed


and wish her well. Let's show you the fillies and mares who have been


successful over the Qipco series Dettori!


COMMENTATOR: Dancing Rain is going to get it. What a ride by Johnny


She wins the Coronation Stakes in here. Here comes Midday now


unleashed by Queally. She's holding on. Blue Bunting strikes the front.


She's going to win the Yorkshire oaks.


Blue bunting sadly not able to be with us today. You'll see Midday


running later and Imperial Guest taking on Frankel. Dancing Rain --


Immortal Verse taking on Frankel. Dancing Rain won one of the


qualifiers in the oaks at Epsom. She was 20-1 that day. Everybody


knows about her now. She has a big chance. Leets' -- let's see what's


favourite whether there is money for Dancing Rain or Vita Nova.


too much money for Dancing Rain at Vita Nova will ge off favourite.


Don't forget Ferdoos last week was 6-1. It's been an anti-post gamble.


All the punters who fancied Ferdoos have been on all week. They've been


taking the 11-2 and 5-1. Ferdoos still strong.


Let's look at the fillies now they've arrived at the start. Vita


Nova has to be one of the most unlucky fillies in training. Her


saddle slipped. Ferdoos won the race. Yes. Her saddle slipped. Tom


Queally was very, very luck tkwroi stay on board. Actually, it was


Gertrude Bell. This is Brushing. She doesn't fancy the tunnel at all.


She's through the tunnel Claire, now she's out. She doesn't want to


go further. We talks about fillies and their coats, and their term


perplts -- term perplts. Yes we know about that. It just needs


tender handling. That's where I've been going wrong. Exactly! Looks


like Kieron has persuaded her it might be nice to go in the sunshine


and see the crowds. There she goes. You see, tender handling worked.


Yeah, really simple. We're learning. She has an outside chance Brushing.


We talked about Vita Nova and how she could kick off three massive


races. There's two things going on for Henry Cecil. There's individual


horses. The chance to be the leading trainer through the


champion series. And the other thing is the overall championship.


He has to get 1.5 million. Richard Hannon virtually has it in the bag.


Sir Henry with a smile on his face. The Queen will knight him in the


Autumn. There's Ed Dunlop next to him.


They're having a chat and a laugh. He's always got one of those


charoots in his hand. His father was exactly the same. Very nervous


training these high-class fillies. Henry Cecil there. The Queen is a


big fan. She doesn't have horses training with him. When Her Majesty


goes to Newmarket gallops Henry makes a point of going over and say


hello. Let's say well done to Her Majesty, she had a winner in France


the other day trained by John Hammond, the first time for 15


years. Meeznah, trained by David Lanigan. I think you have a fancy


for. It's a filly who keeps on improving. She keeps Frankie gets


on well with his filly. Yes, she has to improve again today to win


on her form at Doncaster. That was a very good performance there. This


is, Claire, we've got championship races, you know, it's like Cup


Finals. Every race is the ultimate. This race, there's a lot of fillies


who are trying to win and be the best. The temper mental Brushing


will be the last to join the group. Let's look at the course here


at Ascot. This is the finale for the great fillies. The mile-and-a-


half is one of the toughest races to run at Ascot. Having a good


position is key, the first bit of the race. You have an uphill rise


to the final bend. Position is key. So one or two off the rail is very


important. Sometimes, you can be -- there can be traffic problems in


the bend. As you approach the straight there's three furlongs to


go. There's plenty of time to find yourself in a good, challenging


position. Having a horse with a final kick is very important.


So Ferdoos and Vita Nova joint favourites at 7-2.


I think everybody is saving their money for Frankel. There's about 40


minutes to go. The atmosphere down here is live. In this race, no 7-2


the field. I can't find a favourite, can you? Banimpire she's had six


wins this season. She won the Ribbledael. She's had a hard, long


season. They keep producing. This is a fantastic race. It is a good


race. They're loading up quickly. COMMENTATOR: There's Johnny Murtagh,


already a winner on the board. Can he make it a dibble? That's it,


they're ready. Set and racing. field, the yellow jacket the


outside. In the centre, Banimpire. Further back the inside Bible Belt.


Brushing is pulling hard back in the field. Crystal Capella on


settling down, Dancing Rain the leader on the inside for the big


white face of Gertrude Bell. They're a length-and-a-half now.


39mph downhill as they run to swindly boat om. Vita Nova in


fourth. Followed by Ferdoos and on the inside Banimpire. They're a


length-and-a-half clear of Bible Belt who's out the back now.


Brushing giving them a start. So too Crystal Capella and Cill


Rialaig. Just under seven furlongs to travel. In front it's Dancing


Rain. By the best part of four lengths, to Gertrude Bell. Half a


length away Vita Nova, followed by Meeznah, the outside. Banimpire


behind them on the inside of Ferdoos and then Bible Belt.


Brushing out of back in company with Crystal Capella and Cill


Rialaig. Dancing Rain is doing all the work. Gertrude Bell next the


outside, travelling kindly. A length to Vita Nova, the inside


from Meeznah, then Banimpire on the inside of Ferdoos. Who is being


anythingled. Followed by Bible Belt from Brushing, Crystal Capella. No


significant change. Dancing Rain has got them on the stretch as they


turn the corner. A leng-and-a-half inside of Gertrude Bell, Vita Nova


behind them. Followed by Meeznah and further back is Bible Belt.


They Set Sail, for two furlongs to travel. Dancing Rain in front from


Gertrude Bell. Vita Nova. Banimpire down the outside with Meeznah.


Still Dancing Rain with a furlong to go responding well for Johnny


Murtagh. Bible Belt with a late surge now on the outside. It's


still Dancing Rain in fronts. And Dancing Rain is going all the way.


What a performance. Dancing Rain goes on to win it well, from in


second place, Bible Belt, Gertrude Bell and Crystal Capella finish,


followed by Cill Rialaig, then Meeznah, Vita Nova is one of the


last to pull up in company there with Brushing. The winner is


Dancing Rain. A double for Johnny Murtagh. 6-1 winner of the Qipco


British champions fillies and mares stakes over a mile-and-a-half.


Second is Bible Belt ridden diFran all the way. Cill Rialaig came from


the rear. Vita Nova, disappointing, came into the straight with a real


the winner is Number 11, Dancing Rain, the oaks winner at Epsom from


Johnny Murtagh. A really class filly, trained by wig yum haggis


and ridden by Johnny Murtagh. Second, Bible Belt trained by


Jessie Harrington. Third number six Gertrude Bell trained by John


Gosden and ridden by Buick. -- Murtagh in two very different


manners. He makes the running on Dancing Rain goes fast early on,


steadies up all around the bend and picks up again from the front.


Hugely disappointing runs from Vita Nova, who looked too keen early on


from Ferdoos in yellow, dropping out now. Crystal Capella was never


really in it. Out in front, you cannot deny that this filly,


Dancing Rain, is proper quality. She's an oaks winner, a German oaks


winner and now the champion for the fillies and mares division. Yes,


Johnny Murtagh dictated matters. He grabbed the lead, slow it up and


picked it up when he wanted to. Johnny will have a smile from ear


to ear. He gets a lot of pleasure in riding this sort of race. He


loves the big crowd. He loves the big day. He's taking Dancing Rain


downed in front of the stands now it get the appreciation of the


crowd. I think a the lo of people will have backed her at 6-1 "Hang


on, she won the oaks, didn't she?" She is a top-class filly. I'm just


disappointed I didn't get on. run from Bible Belt in second.


be delighted with that. I saw her when I came in here and said "You


look very smart today." She sd "So I should. It's a big day and we're


trying to nick a bit of prize money." Gertrude Bell has been a


consistent horse. And Crystal Capella running on there, yellow


cap in the back of the shot, finishing fourth. That confirmed


the last race of her career. She'll be retired to stud. We will see a


foal of hers in future years. a lovely horse this winner is.


She's a strong, tough and exactly what you need. In -- the amount of


winners Johnny Murtagh has ridden on the big stage, he'll get a lot


of pleasure out of this. Look at him.


William haggis getting the congratulations an the owners will


be so thrilled. What a valuable mare she is and how much she has


gathered this season. I remember how surprised, not surprised, when


we saw her win at Epsom, we thought, hello, where has she come from.


Maureen Haggas, his wife, rides. There will be a great reception for


Johnny Murtagh here. He's a hugely popular jockey. My word, he is good.


He really is. Great judge of pace. CHEERING


Strong jockey in the finish as well. He's done. It Very popular with the


lads as well. This will mean plenty. They like to see one of their own


grabbing it. Even though Johnny is based in Ireland now, they treat


him as one of their own. Still best friends with Frankie Dettori.


him a hotel bill. Exactly, all the things important.


This is what you call a real money spinner, if you're an owner. This


Dancing Rain, who cost �200 -- 200,000 guineas as a yearling,


she's only won four races and three of them have been six-figure sums.


She won the oaks at Epsom 184,000. She won the German occasion 198,000.


Today, she's won the Qipco British champions fillies and mares stakes


�141 ,000 to the winner. So that is a money spinner. If you're going to


win races, you may as well win them with that sort of prize money,


really, really valuable filly now with us now. Do you think she'll


get the recognition for being an outstanding filly snfrplts as long


as she keeps winning like that, she will. Yeah, yeah, we think she's


outstanding. She's fantastic. good was the ride? It's always a


good ride when they win. I've always believed that. He did very


well. Johnny was cross after Irish oaks and felt he didn't make enough


use of her. He came in and said, "I don't usually make the same mistake


twice." He certainly didn't do that today. He seemed to judge the


fractions to perfection. Yeah, he D he's a top-class rider. I must say,


my wife Maureen rides this filly every day, as she did Diva Dream,


who she lost last weekend. She said today that the filly felt as good


as ever, if not better. Full credit to her. She deserves all the glory,


not me. Are we going to see her next year? I think the plan is to


go to Japan on the 13th November. Very much next year, absolutely.


Well done. We're going to swap you over with Johnny. Once again,


another fantastic ride. This one you had to be a bit more cunning


than on Deacon Blues, is that fair? This one, listen, I wasn't going to


make a mess like in the Irish stakes. We were going a good pace


there. The ground was tacky and I stopped the momentum. She ran right


up on the heels at the the end. Today was building gallop all the


way. William says let her use that momentum and she's got a good high


cruising gear and can quicken off it. Were you aware how quick you


were going. The winning time was half a second slower than the


course record. It was a good one all the way. I knew, I let her roll


down the hill. She was going plenty quick enough, but I didn't want to


disappoint. She's a good galloper. She would stay well. The others


would have to stay to get me. Fair dos to her, very brave. I don't


think she'd have been able to do that in oaks time. She was a bit


weak. Today she was able to. She's got a lot stronger and she could


maintain the high cruise for mile- and-a-half. You're glad they


brought Champions' Day to Ascot. performance.


Gary, the atmosphere is bubbling up nicely? It's amazing. You look at


that stand behind you and I hope they've got plenty of nuts and


bolts there because, I'll tell you what, if Frankel wins, the roof


could fall off here, everybody wants Frankel, don't they,


fantastic! And I think he will win. How far will he win, John? Under


three lengths. I don't think so. think the French horse might give


him a little race. Do you really? We'll find out, that race due off


at 3.35. Look at this for a man that puts in the miles Earl earlier.


This is Johnny Murtagh, runs around the course before every race, he


needs to sweat a lot. He does it because it pays off on days like


Rain won this. My glamorous Assistant is smaller than the


previous one. You all right? No box here. Dancing Rain from the outside.


We have heard already from Johnny Murtagh that it's a very fast time.


We saw from the time, the average speed was 40mph going downhill for


a mile and a half race earlier on, that is a quick speed? This part is


downhill and you can see Johnny using his hands to go with the


stride of the filly. He's stayed out wide, didn't want to come


across to the horses to set her alight. He wanted to keep her away


from the other horses, get her to the front and then slide towards


the inside rail and get her off the bridle, get her relaxed and into a


very nice rhythm. He did that. she is. This is where he's in front


of the field going quite quickly because we got a nice time and this


is the point where you come around the corner and start climbing. This


is where he slows the race down and he gets the race to get a little


bit slower and the whole field concertinas right up together.


stage he has to give the filly up, can't let her go full pelt? Can't


let her go the full way. There she is in front. That's the third. The


second horse is there Bible Belt with the yellow and red sleeves.


This is where Johnny Murtagh goes for home. He's on a horse he knows


very well. Won two Oaks on her. She's a classy filly and he says,


right, love, you can go for home. Just gone past the two furlong pole


and he goes there, says come on, stride out, go for it, you've got


to get your race won because we've got some very nice fillies coming


behind me and they're unable to repel.


He's on the best horse, you would have to say, but he's given here a


very good tactical ride. That's how she goes on to win. We


hear the second horse has got offers to ride in Hong Kong and


Japan and the third, Gertrude Bell, I think she's been retired. There


is the average winning speeds for you from the final five furlongs


and the fasters is from the furlong is coming up in the Qipco Queen


Elizabeth II Stakes, the final leg of the mile series. This horse has


dominated the mile division this year. He is a sensational animal.


Can't wait to see him in action. And the man who is in charge of


steering him is Tom Queally. He looks very relaxed actually,


doesn't he? He's the only jockey who's plezed about the controversy


with the whip, it's deflected the attention away from him. -- pleased.


That's a very good point. A cool customer. He's saying, back off now.


We'll leave you alone now. Frankel no idea of what superstar he is, no


idea of what is in front of him. He likes a crowd though, a showman,


and he enjoys the big occasion. went to Newbury specifically to see


him in the flesh and he is just a monster, he really is. I just think


that he's a good looking specimen that I've seen in a long time.


remnants of the trophy presentation there. Frankel there. He's actually


not anoverly big horse, he's just got so much power. Such a deep


girth and all the Mauer comes from behind him -- all the power comes


from behind him. The best is yet to come with the QEII and Champion


Stakes, but this is what's already happened on the Qipco British


has gone all the way. What a performance. Dancing Rain goes on


to win as well. It's been a great day so far. For the rest of the


programme, we've got the incredibly capable brain of Hayley Turner with


us, a jockey who rode her first two group one winners this year. A


sensational season for you. You've got little flat shoes on, a


horrible scar down your left ankle, how are you recovering? I'm wearing


flat shoes because I thought I'd be stood to willry Carson all day but


he's not here. It's going really well. Went to the doctors yesterday,


they said I could have my moon boot which I'd been wearing for the last


couple of weeks off, so it was good timing. A really sad end to a


season that's been glorious for you through the summer? Yes, an


absolutely amazing season. After the injury, the only way was to


look on the bright side and if someone said to me at the beginning


of the season, you can have 84 winners and you can have two group


one winners and then a four month holiday at the end of it, you know,


I would have been quite happy with that. Your first group one winner


on Dream Ahead and he just cut through the field and he's been one


of the real stars this year as well? Yes, I was really lucky to


get on him. It's William Bewick's ride, but there was high class


racing all around the country on that day and William unfortunately


had to go somewhere else so I got the opportunity to get on board, so


very lucky. Talk us through what it's like for the jockeys in the


changing room now preparing for two group one races to finish off this


massive day in front of the crowds. What have they done already today?


Queally and Fortune there. What has their day consisted of already?


Would they have been working this morning? Yes, and it's a Saturday,


the busiest work mornings in Newmarket, so they would have been


up early, gone to ride work, gone home, probably had to get in the


bath and have a sweat or miss breakfast and then drive here.


There's not that much time to get wound up about the whole thing.


We've had weeks of building the whole thing up, they've been riding


every day and their minds are not on totally stressing out about it


until now. The cameras are on, Tom's acting cool but I'm sure


inside he's anxious about the whole thing. How difficult a job is it


actually not to ride Frankel so much, but how tough is it to ride


for Henry Cecil, is he somebody who will give very specific


instructions? Sir Henry has his ideas of how he wants his horses to


be rode, but I think having been in his team for the whole season, Tom


will know what he wants and how he likes the horses to be ridden.


That's Frankel behind the closed door there, being saddled up now,


Rennesry having private time with the superstar? I walked over and


bumped into Sir Henry. There's Jane, his wife. Instead of talking about


his nervousness about the horse running, he was more asking how si


am and don't be nervous about coming on the BBC, you'll be fine


and it's like never mind me, you've got Frankel running in half an


hour! There was a drinks party and they stayed at the Dorchester last


night and Jane hadn't been there before and they were very excited.


They've tried to make it feel special and to enjoy it but also to


relax into it. The horses are lined up now in front of their banners


and very soon it will be over to them to take over, two down, do


their job and come back over the straight mile. It's the straight


course here for the Queen Elizabeth II and I'm fairly certain for the


first time. It was ran once at Newmarket and then it was


transferred? Yes, the jockeys once they're on board, they get in the


zone. When you're on the horse, the crowd goes away, they're there and


you are amongst a massive atmosphere. But they just


concentrate on what they've got to do. I was talking to one of the


starters -- the starters earlier and we were discussing how on a


group one day, at the start, the jockeys, there's not as much banter,


they are not taking the mickey as much and they are in the zone and


concentrating more than they usually would. He is going to start


as the shortest priced favourite for the Queen Elizabeth II since


Brigadier Gerrard back in the '70s. He's the highest rated horse in the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


world, he could be the best horse entrance into this packed paddock


here,. The hundred is about to emerge from under the tunnel,


Willie, and there's a magnificent crowd and atmosphere. Tell us,


nurpbdz, why this horse is as good as he is? -- in your own words?


Because he's unbeaten for one thing and the manner in which he gallops,


he wins his races by a long margin every time and he's coming into the


paddock. With his half brother? Here comes Frankel and a round of


applause greets the unbeaten champion, Frankel. The best horse


in the world is here to do his stuff at Ascot. That's got to be on


fire today. He has to be on top because the French filly who won


the Coronation here earlier in the year is a very good filly and there


is other horses today who're very, very good. Dubai gold,


Excelebration who finished second to him twice. He has to be beat


Dick Turpin. Very good horses in their own right. He has to be at


his best, but we think and I think this is the best horse I've ever


seen. I'm expecting this horse to win unchallenged. I even had


Frankie Dettori saying, I've ridden 50 group one winners, I've never


ridden one like Frankel. And he's ridden Dubai Millennium?


And a lot of good horses. He thinks he's the best he's ever seen. All


he's ever seen of Frankel is his backside. It's almost universally


acknowledged that Frankel is the best horse around.


Among those watching Frankel was Her Majesty the Queen and taking in


the awesome sight of his gleaming skin and muscles. Henry Cecil's


just come through to join the two jockeys, Tom Queally and Ian Mungen.


The Queen with her racing advisor and Sir Michael Stoute who rides


for the Queen. There was ant Royal runner today. Had Carlton House


recovered, he could have been in the Champion Stakes, but that's the


only thing lacking from a perfect day.


Richard Hughes is not riding Dick Turpin, so it's Soumillon. Frankie


Dettori coming through here with Saeed bin Suroor. What's the matter,


you all right? Yes. Not a winner yet. You could win? Yes. Chance of


winning second to Frankel? Hopefully first, you never know!


We'll try for first! I know you will. We'll see Frankie at home


with his donkeys and dogs and children later on and Johnny


Murtagh coming across in front of me. Having a great day so far. Had


two winners already. He's going to get the leg up on Dubai gold. This


filly, when he gets the leg up, have a look at this, she could be


the one, Immortal Verse, she's like a jet engine, she just takes off.


We saw her winning at the Royal meeting here and she's sensational.


She's got a real ball of power behind her.


It will be interesting, when we see the time force this race, I think


people within the sport and outside it are going to be so interested to


see how this filly clocks in the last two furlongs compared to


Frankel's big burst of speed is, whether it's between the two-and-a-


half and the three-and-a-half or after that. There is an awful lot


of people in this paddock and even more around it and that applause


for Frankel as he came in gave me goose bumps, Absolutely Fabulous,


before the race has even started. Tom Queally getting on board


Frankling. Willie, the crowd around here are all murmuring and


mumbling? Never heard an atmosphere like it. Such a noise. People are


talking about this guy. They're all pleased to see him. He's just got a


little tiny bit of sweat in-between his hind legs, but basically, he's


quite cool and the filly... Here are his two main oppositions


seemibly, number 6 Excelebration and 8 Immortal Verse? Immortal


Verse has been completely out. You can see the little marks on the


back. And horse 8? Yes, that's 8. There's a mark where she's been


completely clipped out. That's not detrimental in any way of course,


it's just a gily at this time of the year, they're growing their


coats and if they're racing, you have to take the long coat away --


a filly. It would be uncomfortable to be running with a fur coat on,


wouldn't it? It would be. Frankel's dominated the mile tuition all year


long and we can see that from these foot. Canford Cliffs wins...


Canford Cliffs gets his neck in front now. Fighting back is... Oh,


Canford Cliffs goes on to win it. Frankel now is starting to paddle.


He's going up and down. He's held on! Frankel's won it. Frankel is


going along. Frankel is too good. would think he's one of the best


horses we've ever seen. Stretching them here. Ransom note wins. It may


be all about Frankel, but this man is plotting his downfall because he


trains Excelebration who's been second to Frankel a couple of times


now. You must have hope that you can get close and perhaps even beat


him? Yes, obviously the horse looks well, got a bit warm in the paddock


because it's so hot today. We are hopeful to close the gap. In terms


of tactics, how do you go about it? It should be an even pace. Frankel


has a pace-maker, so hopefully there won't be any hard luck


stories, it's going to be a straightforward race, both horses


have a good turn of foot and the race will happen in the last


furlong. Exciting to be in it, isn't it? It's a great day. Lovely.


Exciting to be here. We'll let you enjoy it, Marco, thank you very


much indeed. In the crowd are Ant &Dec having a look at the runners


for the QEII. The parade took place a moment or two ago. Let's take you


through the eight extraordinary horses. They're headed by Bullet


Train ah half brother to Frankel, they have the same mother who is


called Kind. He's a pace-maker. Dick Turpin, not as good this year


perhaps as last year. Frankie Dettori told us we are going to be


trying, Poet's Voice, 33-1, and bear in mind, he was the winner of


this race last year. Side Glance for Jimmy Fortune. Andrew Balding


the trainer. A 50-1 shot, probably reflecting his chances. The kip quo


mastermind man's taken over him. Dubawi Gold for Johnny Murtagh,


good horses these are at long prices, such is the expectation


that Frankel will dominate. Excelebration, we just talked to


his trainer, Marco Botti, and he's looking like he's having a little


look at the crowd there, Jamie Spencer who won on Fame And Glory.


Frankel looks the calmest of the lot, nothing bothers this horse, he


can be pretty forceful in a race itself and takes a keen hold, but


he's utterly calm here. He's go ck, crowd, crowd, what crowd?! Then the


French filly, she comes back pretty darn fast, Immortal Verse for


Gerard Mosse. An unbelievable you can have? Unpleefable. The


bookies think Frankel's already past the post but this is a


Championship race and anyone can win. Some are going 6-4 that


Frankel breaks the track record and also bed Fred are 10-1 Frankel but


you have got to name the winning distabs. -- distance.


If I was playing, I suppose I would go Frankel four lengths, how about


you? A bit less. Because you've gone bigger, I'll go shorter.


Higher, lower, higher, lower... Great anticipation and expectation


in the crowd, but there's Frankel. He has the two handlers. It was


interesting that soon after we took these pictures, that Tom Queally,


he took him to the far side of the course and has allowed him to just


go very steadly to the post. And there he is. Kept well away from


all the handlers earlier in the straight and once he's got down to


this point, he's well and truly on his own in complete isolation. Who


knows, that may be how he comes home as well.


Frankel on his way down to the start and Hayley Turner and Willie


Carson are watching him closely. Nothing yet that would disturb you,


he looks the calmest of the lot? Hayley? Really chilled out. I saw


them walking around the paddock and they were just holding him back and


getting him relaxed. For what reason should he not be chilled


out? He's never had a hard time on the racecourse? I suppose it's


something to look out for as a punter, if he is in the paddock


jumping around, sweating and looking agitated you would be


concerned but we can reassure everyone that he's not doing that.


One of the few horses in my life that I've heard people clap for


before a race. It was extraordinary that. Consequently, an awful lot of


peel, they didn't necessarily back the horse but they are emotionally


backing him, wanting him to win, as they wanted Wales to win the World


Cup semi-final this morning. We hope France don't spoil the party


again. They could do though because Immortal Verse, their contender, is


a very, very fine filly. Henry and Jane there, relaxing I think and


enjoying it, because it's such a pleasure to have a horse this good.


Immore that will verse, she won the Coronation here at the Royal


meeting in June and she also beat Goldikova in August and Gerrard


Mosse, the jockey on board, is a big fan of the filly who can be


tricky. Yes. My filly, it's something serious, she doesn't race


since August, so she get a big break and I don't know how she is.


The ground's going to look good today. It's spot on, so we just


have to see it to get a clear run and see how good she's got to be


today. She's bidding to be the first winner of the French race.


Dubai Millennium will be figuring in many people's minds. Frankel


reminds me of that, that incredible power in the middle of a race.


Immortal Verse is all about the speed of her race? Yes, Immortal


Verse, has a tremendous turn of foot, but will she have that after


going the pace to follow Frankel?! That is the question. She was able


to do it here at Royal Ascot. She came from last to first, turning


from home, and really looked like a filly of outstanding ability.


Excelebration, a very handsome horse. In an era without Frankel,


he would have been the leading miler in Europe. He's a beautiful


looking horse. He won on very soft ground last time at Longchamp. He


had quite a hard race, so this time of the year, possibly sometimes


when you have a hard race at the end of the year, it takes the edge


off a horse. Is that right, Hayley? Yes, I think Excelebration and


Frankel both started their careers this season on the same day which


was April 16th I think at Newbury. Basically Frankel had four runs and


Excelebrations had five and probably been overseas a bit more...


Here we go, the big, big one for Frankel, the Queen Elizabeth Stakes


and here is Jim. They're racing!


And Frankel away pretty well and drops in behind them early. Pace-


maker twos on, Bullet Train, Dick Turpin in second. Tube Which? Gold


in second. Excelebration. Frankel wanting to go. Half a stride, maybe


a stride faster he wanted to go. Being held by Tom Queally. Also


pulling hard, Poet's Voice and Immortal Verse. Bullet Train out in


front. Six lengths clear. They've basically been ignoring him. Dick


Turpin. Dubawi Gold. Excelebration. Queally giving Frankel a bit more


rein. Now he's starting to move up on the outside. Excelebration going


with him. Followed by Poet's Voice. Virtually ignoring the pace-maker


and Frankel has strode up on the outside to lead the bunch. Bullet


Train well in front. But it's Frankel who's now about six lengths


behind his pace-maker. Being tracked now by Poet's Voice and


further back, Excelebration. There followed next in the field by


Immortal Verse, four lnths to make up on Frankel. -- four lengths.


Bullet Train being tackled by Frankel who takes it up clearly.


Excelebration. Immortal Verse on the far side. A furlong left. It's


Frankel by two lengths. Trying hard, Excelebration, he's gone for the


whip, Queally; but kept going, Frankel makes it nine out of nine,


exciting, sunt lating and sensational, -- scintillating.


Frankel goes on to beat Excelebration. Further back,


Immortal Verse, followed by Dubawi Gold and Poet's Voice. Further back,


Side Glance and Dick Turpin. He's done it again, he's unbeaten, nine


out of nine and 11-4on favourite, Frankel. Ridden by Tom Queally.


Health and Safety won the Queen Elizabeth II Stakes.


Again in the style of a champion. Here he is. He's got to the Lune,


won it by four-and-a-half to five lengths from Excelebration in


second. Immortal Verse in third. In fourth is Dubawi Gold, in fifth


Dick Turpin, in sixth is Poet's Voice, in seventh is Side Glance.


Then in eighth, Bullet Train, the pacemaker.


What a sensational performance, again proving himself the best


racehorse in the world. Frankel. He's done it easily and thumbs up


for a great champion. Sir Henry Cecil, the man who said


quite a few times now, I've never wanted them to go faster. They


split into two divisions. They virtually ignored Bullet Train, who


was sixth lengths clear of the pack. 2.29 of a second outside the track


record. That is what we wanted to see, true


greatness, confirmed here, on the biggest stage of all, the biggest


stage of the season. A huge round of applause in the winners


enclosure because Sir Henry Cecil has walked down. Frankel is


parading in front of the Grandstand. The clapping is for the man who has


Master Minded the career of this freakishly good horse, Frankel. It


doesn't matter how he's ridden. He has learned to settle. He settled


so well in the early stages that Tom could pick his time and say,


right, I'm using Bullet Train as the marker and I will use him as


something to aim at, catch him. Look at him there!. The horse never


looks under any pressure it's amazing. The only time he looked in


trouble was the three furlong marker. Tom Queally started to ask


him to quicken. It took him at least half a furlong to three


quarters before he got him into Top Gear. Then when he got into Top


Gear, off he went. Everybody was right behind him. There was a scrap


going on behind him when he went first of all, every jockey wanted


to get onto his heel tolz get the draft through. There was no draft,


when he got to the two furlong marker. He spread the field, pull


add way from them. He stamed -- stamped his authority. The placings


behind him were predicted. Excelebration ran a blinding race


in second. The three-year-old filly to race so close thoim, was again a


massive run. That gives Sir Henry Cecil his seventh win. He is the


trainer of the series. There is so much joy here today. When you do


expect as much out of a horse as we expected out of Frankel, the


dainker is always you're going to be disappointed. We haven't been.


That was as impressive as anything he's done all year. It was very


impressive. He's beaten Immortal Verse by seven-and-a-half lengths.


That is a filly that they thought was exceptional. She actually beat


a filly, Goldikova who has won 14 group one races. That puts things


into perspective. He has beaten her seven-and-a-half lengths. This


horse is the greatest race horse, over a mile, I have ever seen. I


think most people in Ascot might agree with me today. I think as


pressure rides go, Tom is never going to have to ride under as much


pressure as today. That wasn't pressure, pushing a button! He's


giving Frankel a huge hug there. I can't believe how much this horse


has matured mentally that he seems so relaxed with it all. He loves to


race. He's spaced out his races to get the best from him. What a


finale to his flat season here in the UK. That is just a stunning


performance and one thaw want to watch back again and again and


enjoy it. He's only 3-1 to be unbeaten next season. Get on.


Sir Henry Cecil probably wonder where on earth he has gone.. He's


gone in front of the stands, Claire. I know that. He looks like he might


have done a lap of honour. He didn't want to stop. It took a long


time to pull the horse up because he was still full of running.


Hayley, I think this horse possibly would sustain a mile and a quarter?


Yeah, I think he took a spot where he took half a furlong to get wound


up. Then he stamped his authority. It was a bit messy to start. Though


Bullet Train's gone off quickly and sensibly as a pacemaker. Ian did a


fantastic job. Dick Turpin and the rest of the field didn't follow


suit. If you take out the front runner they've got quite slow to


start. That's when Tom took his initiative, just switched him out


and let him get up there. Let's not hand it to Bullet Train whatever we


There he is going to the line. Tom Queally gave him two smacks. He


really did respond. He went into turbo then. He's gone away to win


it by four lengths. It's interesting that he's won nine


races by an aggregate of 46 lengths. He really has stamped his authority


on his races. He's won by wide margins. That makes him truly


exciting to form followers, to those assessers who like to compile


the ratings. This will be some cheer.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


great, something very, very special. Something befitting this Qipco


Champions' Day here at Ascot. The owner Prince Khalid Abdullah, Sir


Henry Cecil and Tom Queally, Lord GrimThorpe, the racing manager in


the Trilby. The four of them there, Jane Cecil, lady Cecil on the right.


What an excited, elated bunch they are. This horse has completely


dominated the season. He is officially the best race horse in


the worldment -- world. There he is. So, let's check the full result


John. That's what this game is all about. All this week, leading up to


Frankel. Frankel mania, I called it. He's won by four lengths as well.


You tipped it up at 10-16789 What a marvellous performance. The next


race, what's happened? There's going to be fortunes for So You


Think. Claire said early, with all the favourites winning, the odds


will tumble for So You Think. It's 7-4 at the minute. It could be less.


Here I am with the winning jockey. We can see the joy in your face.


Can you put into words that performance? It's as good as ever.


He's getting more professional with each run. He's the real deal, not


that wasn't before, but he was today. The way the race fell apart,


didn't suit you that well, but nothing can stop you. Ian went a


good tempo. That was important. He was grown up enough to know there


was horses in front of me. I don't have to tear off like mad unless


Tom says go. He waited until I said go, it was electric. Just flawless


again. Can you explain your feelings for this horse, Tom?


a horse in a lifetime for the public, let alone the jockey lucky


enough to be on him. What a privilege, you know. It's an honour,


a privilege. I could stand here for hours just saying what it means to


me. I'm terribly lucky. People talk about pressure, surely


there's joy to go with that pressure, isn't there? Yeah, I


don't feel the pressure. There is pressure, of course there is,


there's hype. I'm the one in the centre of it all. I was lucky


enough, the whip debate took a lot of it off me this week. There is


the pressure that goes with it, but I would like to think I handle it


pretty well. I enjoy. It I get a kick out of it. Last thing, if you


could sum up this season in one word, what would it be? Frankel.


Sir Henry Cecil has sent Frankel round the paddock for a lap of


honour. You have read affection for this horse as well. He's a very,


very good horse. He's been lovely and relaxed today. It's been a long


year. I'm delighted. I'm looking forward to having the winter over


and next year. I'm sure he will get a mile and a quarter easily.


looked it today. Just doing enough. Very, very happy. Where did you


rate that or how do you rate that in terms of what he's done this


year? He just did everything we asked him. We just tried to win the


race nicely and that was it. Listen to the roar of this crowd. He has


made this Qipco Champions' Day. I saw the sheikh come over to you and


probably say thank you. It's lovely, the sponsor and everything. It's


really a very nice day. Now I have to settle two more horses. Yes,


thank you very much. He has Twice Over and Midday to saddle in the


final race and this Champions' Day could get even better for him. As


far as the fans are concerned, that really was the icing on the cake,


superb from Frankel. Let's look at how he won another


race and beat the opposition very, very easily. Here's the times of


Frankel in the last half mile of the race. Interesting race because


early on, although we had a pacemaker, it looked like the


pacemaker was there for insurance rather than to set the gallop. As


it happens, he comes from stall number four, he shifts to our left


as he comes out of the gates. Probably didn't hamper Frankel that


much because Tom Queally would have wanted to get him in behind and


settled. They were keen to race together. If he was going to sit


behind him, he needed to be not having to make up too much ground.


It just worked out that Frankel sat in. He was ignored by the others,


Bullet Train. At one stage you saw Tom Queally say OK, let's go, it's


time to ride my own race. Yes, Bullet Train out in front at the


moment. Dick Turpin on the right. Frankel, as we've seen before, he


takes quite a strong hold in his contests. There he is eventual


winner. Look at this, he's pulling quite hard. They've not gone very


fast. This is cat-and-mouse. Nobody wants to make a move and leave


themselves alienated on their own. You can see Dubawi Gold. Once you


see this horse opened up, the acceleration is immediate. From


everybody pulling, they're all having to work. They've all lost


their race already. Let's look at Immortal Verse from the back there,


the white and green. Trying to get through. Excelebration in the grey.


They're very good horses. They're trying their hardest, but no match


for a super horse. Certainly not. I'm just pleased to have been here


to see this horse in action. This is one in a million. He sure is. He


wins his races very easily indeed. Frankel goes on to win,


Excelebration in second, and Dubawi Gold in fourth. There's a


possibility they're going to Hong Kong later in the year. There's the


average speed: Her Majesty the Queen here at Ascot, specifically


to make the presentation for this Queen Elizabeth II stakes. High


highness who bred and owns Frankel. That huge roar is for Sir Henry


Cecil. Ten times a champion trainer. A few years ago, he thought he was


down and out. He was down to about 20 horses in his yard. He has come


back. In the way great trainers can. He's a hugely entertaining


character as well. As you heard, he can be sharp at times, but he said


"Some of us are working class you know. Got two horses to saddle." A


tremendous performance for him to keep this wonderful horse going,


throughout the season unbeaten and to Tom Queally, as Hayley was


saying, he will never be under as much pressure again as he has been


today and at various stages this season. I think, to be fair to Tom,


he's grown from it and now, rather savours the pressure. Oh, yes. He's


good class jockey. He has actually with this horse he's grown up with


him. Of course, Henry Cecil being the governor has given him the


confidence to go out and put the things that helps the horse and he


is basically a world-class jockey. Henry Cecil watching the race and


you'll see the emotion run through this race as he realises, we're


going to see something possibly even more special than he's seen


before. The man who owns this horse is with me now. You've owned so


many good horses how do you rate Frankel? No, never. He's the best


horse I ever own. Many people he is the best horse that they have seen.


So, I am glad to have that horse. So exciting for him to come here


today and everybody expecting so much and to see a performance like


that. I wasn't expect -- expecting that. But he is always like that.


I'm just hope that he will do the same thing next year. Willie carson


and many others think he will stay a mile and a quarter N year. Just a


word on Henry Cecil. He told me that if it wasn't for you, he would


have stopped training. Well, that's good of him to say that, but he is


the best trainer. He is very good trainer, actually. I mean, when he


says something, then I believe him. He's done a wonderful job with this


horse. We thank sow much for running him here and making the day.


It's been sensational. Thank you very much.


I ought to say that his highness has two more shots, the same two


horses that Henry is going off to saddle, Twice Over and Midday. I


think Midday in particular could have a chance. It could be her day.


Of course, we have the Champion Stakes coming next. This Champion


Stakes is possibly one of the most competitive ever Champions Stakes


we've ever had. Of course, Prince Khalid has two runners. That's


Dubai Prince for Godolphin. He's only run three times and is


unbeaten. He has to improve to win today. It is possible to do so.


Frankie Dettori looking for a winner here on Qipco British


Champions' Day. He would dearly love to round off the day with a


flying dismount, a man who has brought so much to British racing


and well worth catching up with him, as I did last week, to talk to him


about how on earth he keeps going and being so good and so


Frankie! This is the horse that made history Fujiama Crest and in


what 300 years of racing, no-one has done what you did. No-one won


seven. One day somebody will. you think? You never know. McCoy


might do. My head's cold. I think this is yours. Is it? I'll take


that one. You look beautiful. Only because you're here, otherwise


I wouldn't get this treatment. love coming here. As your family


has expanded, so everything that comes with it, miniature donkeys


weren't here last time I came. Have you puppies as well. A pony for


every child. Most trainers have these for real in their stables. I


had to get mine. All part of the preparations, see. You see to have


found a renewed vigour to your riding. Yeah. I'm on stage three of


my career. I spend the last 20 years fulfilling my dreams. Now I'm


taking time to take a step back and enjoying it.


Bo Derek. In typical style, he's not bashful. What do you think


makes daddy a good jockey? Not sure. Not sure? He's generally quite


happy these days, isn't he? Come and see your dad. Come on. The 500


group winners, that's a marker you wanted to hit? Yeah, I actually


passed Lester Piggott's record. To do it on Arc day was magic. Lefter


always says he thinks you're so great. When it comes from somebody


so great to say that, it's a fantastic feeling. If you had been


a footballer, for example, I think it's the same as playing for


Manchester United pretty much your whole career. The sheikh has put


all his trust in me all these years. If it wasn't for him, all the


records, numbers, I would not reach these targets. When you first


started out, were you trying to impress your father? I still do


now! My dad is one of those old fashioned dad that, even when I won


the seven he wasn't happy. He said I made a mistake somewhere along


the line. It's nice to have a parent like that. At least he


always tries to improve me. You better ride well because you're on


camera. Yeah, yeah. What are you like with your kids? I'm a big


softie to be honest with you. She's the strongest in the house. This


must be the funniest thing in the world. I was just thinking that.


you take the words out! I'm Frankie Dettori, I'm champion jockey and


tonight I'm hosting the most famous show in the world. First it's Gina


In terms of you and your role as number one promoter of racing in


the UK, do you ever get tired of that and wish someone else would


step up? I do it for the sport that I love. I want racing to be popular.


I want people to come racing. Ryan Moore is a fantastic jockey. He


finds it difficult to do what I do. But he believes the same things


that I believe. But he's just a shyer person. Sorry Ryan. In a nice


way you know! I'm 40 now. I love to go till 50. But every year goes


quicker and every year I know is one less year than I will be a


jockey. I am actually try to capture the special moments so they


can stay with me forever and really enjoy it. I'm so lucky that I do


such a wonderful sport and I get to enjoy it.


No jockey has a closer affiliation to Ascot racecourse than Frankie


Dettori who is in the paddock ahead of the most valuable race of the


day, the Champion Stakes. Frankie is riding Dubai Prince. Hayley


Turner is with me. We're looking at the Champion Stakes, the last race


of the day, but just tell us about Frankie in the weighing room, the


Frankie Dettori that people don't see so often in the moments of


victory and in the moments of defeat, what's that like? Frankie's


very much the same in the weighing room. He's good fun. He's always,


if you're feeling a bit down, he'll cheer you up. He's really good fun.


He is a laugh. He is so enthusiastic on telly, he's like


that as a person. Very social. a very determined man. I'm sure you


know, especially when race riding. He determined to land the Champions


Stakes. He's had big chances in this race. He hasn't managed it yet.


What about his ride, Dubai Prince in this race, you have a fancy for


him. It's the most competitive race I've ever seen. Picking a winner is


really difficult. You should do what my sister does and go for the


name she likes or the colours. Midday because it's pink colours


and she likes the name. He's coming around behind us. I have my eye on


him. The form of his last race worked out really well. The horse


he beat comfortably, bolted at York by nine lengths the next Time Out.


He's just, he's not done anything wrong. He's the most likely raced -


- lightly raced horse in the field. I think he'll be the most


progressive out of them. Heem' need a lot of luck as well.


considerably more relaxed Tom Queally now. Both of them against


each other with genuine contenders, Now Ed Dunlop talking through with


Olivier Perrier. She hasn't got many miles on the clock this season.


Michael Bell with Wigmore Hall and good form. William Haggas and Green


Destiny is their runner in this race. He has to step up a bit on


what he's done before. It's not entirely out of range. Now, here is


the Ballydoyle camp here. So You Think is their big hope today.


They've had a winner in the long distance race with Fame And Glory.


Ryan Moore, Aden O'Brien has done all the talking he wants to do. The


colours of purple that So You Think carries. Ryan Moore all the rumours


that he's about join Aiden O'Brien. We don't know whether that's true


or not yet. He could go a long way towards making sure it happens with


a good, confident ride here. Let's speak to Derek. I'm sorry, grab you


quickly, So You Think. This is huge for him isn't it? Huge day. It's


just the final race of the season for him, well maybe. We're just


hoping he's going to put on a great display. It should be fine for him


to run so quick after the Arc. That's what he's done down under.


Aden is happy with him. Do you think we'll see Ryan Moore riding


more in your colours next year? He's ridden a lot in our colours


already,. He's retained by Michael, until that ends, then he rides for


him and us when he's available. Thank sow much and good luck with


So You Think. That's Derek Smith. Let's have


aanother look at them. Ryan Moore and Aden O'Brien here


with So You Think. It's been one of the subjects that's been much


spoken about this week. We're going to look at a few of them. So You


Think is coming around behind us. He only ran two weeks ago in the


Arc. People have pointsed out concern that's might be a bit quick


for him. First impression he looks magnificent. He looks really well.


It's difficult to know if your horse has gone over the top at home.


Sometimes when horses are over the top, they work even better at home.


You just don't know until they're on course. It's the same with Snow


Fairy, ran the same day. The Ar Arc is a big race. Here is Snow Fairy.


Her skin looks really well. It's like looking like a human being.


Her skin looks really well. He's healthy and my friend Jane, who was


with me today, she works with the yard and they're raving about her


at home. Tom Queally, Sir Henry Cecil, the stars of the day so far.


About to put Twice Over, Midday sorry. One thing that horse is


going to get a confident ride. explain that, how come a jockey


suddenly gets confidence like that? It's amazing. You get a buzz and


you think you can do no wrong. It's confidence, riding a horse makes a


huge difference. After I had a couple of big wins, I was riding


like a demon. Your pick of the paddock? Probably So You Think.


Looking amazing. That would be my pick. What about you? We both agree


on that. The parade for this Qipco Champion Stakes is led by the


gelding, Cissus Des Aigles, who was prevented running in the arc


because he's a gelding. He's a very consistent horse. He has a chance.


Number two is Green Destiny. Kieron Fallon taking the ride for William


Haggas. Winner of the eboar handicap in July. That looks like


Nathaniel, out of order. That's the King George winner. The three-year-


old colt who is a bit of a superstar. Dropping back it a mile


and a quarter here. William Buick knows how to ride with confidence,


on board him. There's a big gap now, huge crowd here. Just lapping up


the sunshine. Everyone on such a high after Frankel. Now Sri Putra,


trained by Roger Varian. Neil Callan on board him. He's 100-1.


Then the first of Sir Henry Cecil's two runners. This is Twice Over.


He's won four group ones, including this race, for the last two years.


Tom Queally confirmed as the leading jockey for this series.


Wigmore Hall next with Jamie Spencer on board. Jamie Bell trains


this. We have Snow Fairy. She's super


consistent. She's been very close behind So You Think in the Irish


champion. Then in front of So You Think when she was third in the Arc


last Time Out. She's a most admirable mare. Then we have


Casamento. Tricky ride. Then Dubai Prince, Frankie Dettori, unbeaten


so far in just three starts. He had problems at the beginning of this


year. He picked up a hair line fracture in his pelvis. Plans to


run him in the 2,000 guineas had to be put on hold. He has had just one


Rhine and that was a month ago. Then Midday. Again like the Arc was


dominated by fillies. We could have one, two here for the fillies.


Midday has a great chance particularly on this good ground.


She can quicken up. She hasn't finished out of the first three


since her two-year-old days. She's so consistent. Then Ransom Note,


running for Charlie Hills who has taken over from his father Barry


this year and his first Champions' Day runner. His father had a


fantastic record in this race when it was at Newmarket. He won it


three times. We should find So You Think, the very last one to come


out. They have made sure that nothing's going to bother this


horse, though. They're making sure he's wrapped in cotton wool or


given space behind the rest of the field. He is the 7-4 favourite,


just slightly on his toes. Nothing to worry about. He is incredibly


versatile. He's won three group a mile and a half. He's also ran in


the Melbourne Cup in Australia and won a host of good races over there.


I would love to know how much he weighs because he's an immense


horse to look at. He's quite a chunky horse. 450kilos,


something like that. He's a biggish, strong horse. I love how hands on


Aidan O'Brien is, fantastic to see him on the track leading him out,


keeping him relaxed. Obviously he knows the horse very well.


obviously gets a little bit worked up. They are making sure he doesn't


parade that far in front of the grandstand, then turn round and


heads down. Are you trying to get him into trouble? No, just saying.


Here is John and Gary. would stop the contest. All the


money's for So You Think. Apollo went 2-1, they got knocked out. 7-4


Chronicle. All the money's for one horse, So You Think. What happen if


it wins? I don't know what the bookrys are going to do, I don't.


They are having a terrible day. No good holidays for the bookies for


the winter, John. So You Think, bred in New Zealand,


an Australia champion. He's had six runs in Europe for four wins. The


second here at Royal Ascot and also a fourth in the Arc and he backs up


13 days after that fourth at Longchamp.


There he is live and we seem almost at the start now. Ryan Moore,


conspicuous in that he took him away from others, kept him well


Sarafina and Goldikova over a mile and one and just below group one


level he finishes second or wins. Sometimes he knocks on the door.


Close but no cigar. Indeed. Christophe Soumillon, how do you


find him? He's really helpful and flash. If you needed any advice,


he's more than happy to help. in the past pointed at his bottom


as if to say quis my, you know. William Bewick, what a season he's


beautifully if Tom Queally was to win this as well as the QEII. This


horse? I'm familiar with him, I rode him and I will put my hands up


and say I probably should have been second on him, he was unlucky


turning in, but he's a fantastic horse, but he seems to like his


road trips, likes going somewhere on a plane or a boat. So did they


take him round the M25 twice so he felt like he had a trip? Yeah! He's


very popular and despite us saying he's better abroad, he's ran a good


race at Ascot before. I think 33-1 is a massive price for him,


actually. How influential is the draw going to be? John Gosden said


he didn't want Nathaniel to be drawn wide and he is. The thing


ability him being drawn wide today is, it's OK because all the horses


that are drawn low are holed up horses, so he'll get a free run to


get his position wherever he wants. I know that the mile and a quarter


is a bad place to be drawn wide because you come to a turn pretty


soon, but I think because of the way the draw has happened, he will


be automobile to do whatever he wants on him. There's not too many


to go on him. -- he will be able to do whatever he wants.


It's been a fabulous afternoon here so far. Can it get even better?


Here is Jim McGrath. �1.3 million in prize money. Ryan


Moore aboard the favourite, So You Think. That's it, they're ready for


the Qipco champion Stakes. They are racing. So You Think began


brilliant, as did Nathaniel. Vying for the lead with Ransom Note.


Cirrus Des Aigles. Dubai Prince trapped a little wide. A short run


to the first corner and Ransom Note on the inside. Two lengths to So


You Think. A beautiful position there. Fol Leed by Cirrus Des


Aigles. A length and a half to Snow Fairy back in the field. Wigmore


Hall. Two lengths to Green Destiny. Settling down and the leader is on


the inside, Ransom Note. Being pressured by Nathaniel. Two lengths


to So You Think. Two lengths Sri Putra.


All the time they are climbing uphill towards the half mile. So


You Think is travelling beautifully for Ryan Moore. As they race up


with less than a half mile to go, Ransom Note, the leader from


Nathaniel and So You Think. Snow Fairy behind them, followed by


Twice Over. Going forward is Dubai Prince. Sri Putra. Wigmore Hall in


company with Midday who's giving them a long stand. Into the home


straight now. In the Champion Stakes, kicking for him, it's


Nathaniel. Two lengths in fronts. Here is the Aussie champ on the


outside, So You Think, striding up from Cirrus Des Aigles. Snow Fairy


looking for a way through. A furlong left in the champions


stakes and So You Think takes it up. Cirrus Des Aigles is the challenger


for France. So You Think and Cirrus Des Aigles. Snow Fairy in the clear.


It's stride for stride, Cirrus Des Aigles just getting on top. Cirrus


Des Aigles is going to win the champions stakes. In second is So


You Think, third Snow Fairy, fol Leed by Nathaniel and further back


Midday -- followed. Casamento one of the last Twice Over in company


with Green Destiny. Somewhere behind them tailed off is Dubai


Prince. The French have won the Qipco champions stakes, the 12-1


winner ridden by Christophe Soumillon. First prize money of


�700,000. One of the great riders in Europe, he's won the big one on


Cirrus Des Aigles, wearing down, so you would think, in the dying


strides, just when Ryan Moore thought he was home, this horse got


on top and won it by a half length. Cirrus Des Aigles beat So You Think.


In third place, Snow Fairy, another great run. Back in fourth is mid


daifplt in fifth, Nathaniel. In sixth is Green Destiny. -- Midday.


Sri Putra. Wigmore Hall and one on the far side, just can't quite pick


it up. Just behind them though, Twice Over. Then a gap to Casamento.


Dubai Prince was a long way behind them. There's the winner though.


Cirrus Des Aigles. The winner trainer is with me now. The scenes


here in the winners' enclosure are fantastic. What does it mean to


you? It means a lot. I always thought this horse was a very good


horse, the best in the field and I'm very happy for the owner, for


all the team and especially for my friend. Could you describe your


emotions through the last furlong? I talked to my neighbour, he


guessed he's going to do it and he just did it, so we are very like in


paradise. You look like you need some gas and


you can't breathe? It's the first time for a group one and...


first one in England. Thank you to English racing to accept geldings.


Indeed. Fantastic. Many congratulations. Well done. For the


second time today, the French enjoy a narrow success. They win our


finale, the Qipco Championship Stakes with Cirrus Des Aigles, his


first win at group one level. He's been consistent all season long.


The owner said Cirrus was her friend. Ian Mongan tried to keep


the horse in but couldn't make it happen. So You Think, he finds


plenty, but Cirrus Des Aigles finds just a little more. Snow Fairy a


little trapped behind them. Not sure whether it would have made any


difference but she was blocked when Peslier was coming up. It's a


course record and what a way to round off the day. Very competitive


indeed. This horse is just a winner through merit. So You Think, the


Aussie champion, won on merit today. I thought the race was run truly,


there's no hard luck stories, Snow Fairy ran a great race and So You


Think, similar so what they were two weeks ago, it's a great thing


here for the champions Stakes. It's been a great Champions' Day. We've


just seen another champion, Cirrus Des Aigles, winning the champions


stakes. Absolutely fantastic. And Soumillon greeting the crowd.


Unfortunate maybe for some people that the French ended up winning


the big one. But for the good of the day it's fantastic. A European


international day 12-1 by the way, just confirming. Having the finale,


we have the best British racing, especially in the summer, starting


with Ascot and we need a finale for the best races and this is it.


That's why we need the French involved. We've got the Arc, Hong


Kong, the Breeder's Cup. We've had to muscle in a little bit but


rightly so. Given this was the first ever, Willie, how good was


today? Fantastic. The best horse you will ever see in Frankel. We've


had fantastic racing. The punters I think have been on top of the


bookmakers, except in the last race, and now we think that the last race


we've just seen that Richard Hannon's won the Championship with


prize money. In terms of the Qipco trainers Championship, that's been


won by Sir Henry Cecil and the leading jockey for that Champions'


Series is confirmed as Tom Queally. It's been a great innovation, it's


brought so much I think to flat racing, to the season, it gives us


a great finale and what a way to go out. With thanks to all the BBC


racing team, in particular the editor, it's his last programme,


what a way to sign off, to Hayley, Willie Rishi and the team in the


betting ring as well. Most people would have watched today and if


that was the first time ever watched racing, you would think,


wow, is it that good and yes it is. I hope you recorded it. Frankel


will be in training this year and maybe he'll be back to defend his


crown next year and possibly even stepping up to the Champion Stakes.


Clare Balding presents continued coverage from Ascot of the most valuable day's horse racing ever staged in the UK, Qipco British Champions Day. The flat racing season has been building to this day, and four champions will be crowned in the remaining races.

The two showcase races are The Queen Elizabeth II Stakes, which will crown the British Champions Mile horse of the year; and the Qipco British Champions Stakes, which features this year's leading middle distance horses.

With Willie Carson, Rishi Persad, Ian Bartlett, Mick Fitzgerald, John Parrott and Gary Wiltshire. Race commentary comes from Jim McGrath.

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