Champions Day, Part 1 Racing from Ascot

Champions Day, Part 1

Clare Balding presents coverage of the most valuable day's horse racing ever staged in the UK. The day starts with the Qipco British Champions Long Distance Cup.

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has come through save us. We couldn't have asked for a more


beautiful day here at Ascot, the sun is shining, the temperatures in


the 80s and the crowds pouring in to celebrate a top, top class day


of racing. Henry Cecil will be someone they hope to see in the


winners' enclosure, Aidan O'Brien as well. You don't have to be old


to enjoy a day at the races, anyone can come here and know they're


seeing the very best in equine horse flesh, the best sort of power


and elegance. Joey the puppet from the play War Horses is here to


entertain the crowds. The way he's operated almost emphasises the


beauty of the horse and the flightiness that you can get in


thoroughbred racehorses. This is what the crowd are here to see, the


culmination of a six month flat season that's covered 35 races and


the first ever Qipco Champions' Day we couldn't have expected it would


be this good? I wore a suit with a bit of weight to it and it's


actually hotter here today than it was here for the Royal meeting back


in June. It's amazing, an amazing day to start off the Qipco champion


ship day and we have got seven out of ten top rated horses running


here today in the whole world, not just in England, the whole world!


This is a fantastic series, and this is the number one. Put your


recording on because in 50 years' time, if you can live that long,


you will still want to see it! Cup Final day with five Cup Final


matches coming up to your live on the BBC. We start here on BBC Two,


switch to BBC One, and in terms of horses that will dominate the


headlines, the number one is Frankel. He's unbeaten in eight


starts so far, goes to make it nine in the QEII, coming up later.


So You Think is a global superstar bred in New Zealand raced in


Australia, trained in Ireland, Ryan Moore takes the ride for Aidan


O'Brien and that's something we may see more of in the years to come,


the rumours this week that Ryan Moore will join Aidan O'Brien and


raid for Ballydoyle, do you think it's true and it's a good move?


Definitely a gad move for both. Everybody involved -- good move.


There's Fran Berry with him. He'll be riding against him if he take


this is job in Ireland, but it's not been substantiated yet. It's


just a rumour, only a rumour, and we hope today maybe somebody will


come along and say it's true or possibly we'll get the denial. It's


a very big rumour on the racecourse here today. We are here to


celebrate everything that is wonderful about thoroughbred horse


racing, but it's been an extraordinary week for the sport


can the headlines dominated and more news broadcast than I can ever


remember around racing because of the change in the whip rules that


came in on Monday restricting jockeys to using the whip seven


times in the flat races and five in the final furlong. One of those


who's taken um bridge at the severity of the punment is Richard


Hughes and top jockey Richard Hughes is here today to offer his


apology to Sheikh FA head Altani, the man behind Qipco, for


distracting the attention here from the meeting. -- Sheikh Fahed.


This is about as exciting I've been about a day's sport in a very long


time. Mick, how much are you looking forward to this day?


can't wait. The buzz around this place is terrific. People are here


to see one horse that,'s Frankel. That horse is versatile as regards


the ground. The official going is good which some people may find


surprising, considering the fact it's been very dry and they had to


put four mill metres of water on the course in the week. Are you


surprised in I bumped into Aidan O'Brien and he said it was


beautiful ground. If you get a trainer like him saying that,


that's all they can ask for. They are trying to get a level playing


field for what is the richest day in British racing. A lot of people


are talking about the ground and who will go on it. The Queen


Elizabeth Stakes against Frankel, Immortal Verse? She's got to be


able to cope with ground conditions like this. Nathaniel was taken out


of the Derby because the ground was quick. Maybe it might not suit him,


especially as we have such a beautiful day. Nathaniel runs in


the Champion Stakes, the most valuable race. How will So You


Think go? He'll love it. He's a smart horse. Just behind us, the


starting stalls in place for the first race of the day, the Long


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


Distance Cup, the first of five everything in the betting ring.


This morning the best backed horse is So You Think from Ireland, the


�30,000 at 3-1, the 5-has gone, it's a 9-4 shot. My old mate Gary


is usually standing next to me and when he disappears, it's usually


fish and chips or a bookies board. He's already eaten so it's not food.


You have found something unusual? Champions' Day and I've found a


price. 1-2 Frankel. Why have you gone 1-2? It's Champions' Day on a


Championship racecourse. We want to give the punters a chance. We have


taken 2.5 million in stakes by 10.30 this morning. You can double


that with the multiples, this horse will cost us a fortune if he's as


good as we think he is. This is Champions' Day and you are still


one and two on the board. Wonder why you look sad, John, you might


be even sadder later. No eggs and bacon for me and probably not for a


week if this thing wins! Frankel. Unbelievable. Better than


buying money. This afternoon, we are going to


show you something a little different, an enhancement to our


coverage on the BBC, and it's all to do with this little twice which


every single horse that runs here today is carrying in their saddle


cloth and it transmits to around 60 censors around the track meaning we


can look at every single horse in every of the races and see exactly


how fast they covered every furlong. Also, you will be able to see on


the top left hand side there the speed the leading horse is doing in


miles per hour and every quarter mile, the cumulative time. Look at


the top left hand of your screen in the yellow box, you can see the mph


soon after the start. They'll be going about 35mph, if they head


towards 40, that's very quick indeed. Afterwards, we have a


closer look and we'll show you in some details how fast the horses


cover each individual furlong, or at least that's the plan.


It's a fabulous line-up we've got for you. Five fantastic races.


Let's have alike at the first of them. The runners are going to post


for the first race, the Qipco British Champions Long Distance Cup.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 56 seconds


Let's check the runners and riders Opinion Poll 5-2, that's solid. Big


bets going in for Opinion Poll but what a day. Nay harm's been backed


as well. And Times Up, the weak horse out the three fame and gloir.


-- Nehaam's been backed and the weak horse out of three is knee


way down to the start for the first race, the Qipco British Champions


Long Distance Cup. Here is what happened in the category up to this


racing up on the outside, grabs the lead now -- Fame And Glory. Opinion


Poll driven out by Frankie Dettori. He's made it - just! Opinion Poll


wearing down Duncan. They are sluging it out. Opinion Poll and


Cup. At Leger win for trainer John


Gosden. There is and there will continue to


be a lot of support for this horse, Opinion Poll, partly because he's a


proven stayer and hikes it here at Ascot as well. He was second in the


Ascot Gold Cup. Partly also because of the man on board. Frankie


Dettori would get this day off to a flying start were he to be


successful in the very first race. It look as if this is a race


between Opinion Poll and the horse behind him in shot there, Fame And


Glory and possibly Times Up. What are your thoughts on Opinion Poll,


a tricky horse to ride? Opinion Poll is reputed to want a little


more cut in the ground than it is today. But, I was speaking to


Johnny Murtagh who nearly always runs the course before racing to


get a few pound off, and he came in and he was saying that this ground


is like a carpet, every horse should be able to let himself down


and go, you know, run to his best on the ground today.


Something interesting about Opinion Poll. Since the start of 2010 he's


won four from five in Frankie Dettori and one from ten in other


jockeys. They definitely get on together. Times Up? He ran for the


first time in his life and he's bred to be a stayer for over two


miles at Newmarket. He came there at the furlong poll on the bridle.


He is definitely up in class today, but he's a horse that possibly


first time over two miles at Newmarket, two miles again today,


he's going to be a Gold Cup horse for next year. Fame And Glory would


be the other horse there who won our gold Cup. He ran a very bad


race last time at the Curragh, but the ground was very soft. He likes


top of the ground, this fella and that was his... He's a very, very


big price because he beat Opinion Poll in the Gold Cup. So why can't


he beat him again? He's repute, by his trainer, to saying he's not


quite in the same level as he was on Gold Cup day. He didn't say he


couldn't win though. We have an interesting race there. Those are


the three horses that one of those three I think will be the winner.


And if there is anything to challenge them, it could be the


grey gelding Colour Vision, Desousa taking the ride for Mark Johnston


and three-year-olds have won two of the last four runnings of this and


filled the first three placings in 2009. So don't rule out Colour


sweat was Darley Sun. So they walk forward now. This is the first race


on Qipco British Champions day settling down for the Long Distance


cup. They're off and running and Eternal Heart is on a flyer. Behind


them is Darley Sun, but Eternal Heart in its usual role taking up


the running. Fame And Glory away smartly on the inside. Chiberta


King on the inside. Motrice. Times Up. Opinion Poll has the nose band.


Nehaam on the inside with the striped cap. Polly's Mark. Colour


Vision followed then at the rear by Darley Sun. They are going 32mph


upfront as they race down to the straight now. Chiberta King crosss


to the inside. Leading by a length and a half to in second Fame And


Glory. One length further back is Times Up. Motrice. Darley Sun in


the white cap on the inside of Opinion Poll. They continue their


journey down the side of the course now, passing the mile and a half


game. Last couple there, Colour Vision is right out the back as


they travel down past the mile and a half. So fame and gloirbgs a five


time group winner and Gold Cup winner is the leader by a length


and a half -- Fame And Glory. Chiberta King. The pace is very


generous. Just behind them, as they race downhill is Times Up, followed


by, on the outside, Eternal Heart. They're going 43, 44mph. They are


just steadying a bit in front as they race down past the mile. Fame


And Glory. Chiberta King. Times Up. Eternal Heart, Nehaam. Deeper on


the track Motrice. Opinion Poll is in the centre. A length to Colour


Vision. Polly's Mark is back in the field. Darley Sun. 35mph now and


the leader still Chiberta King and Fame And Glory from Chiberta King.


A length away in third follows tiepgs up and Eternal Heart and


Motrice -- Times Up. Motrice starting to improve rapidly.


Frankie Dettori getting busy on Opinion Poll in the blue jacket of


Godolphin, followed by Nehaam from Colour Vision, Polly's Mark and and


four-and-a-half furlongs to go. Motrice is flat to the boards.


Chiberta King. Toward the end of the straight, here is Frankie on


Opinion Poll. It's Fame And Glory going well in the lead by a length


and a half as they pass the three and are about to straighten for


home. Times Up in second. Followed by Motrice. Nehaam going into third,


followed by Opinion Poll on the outside. They're clear of the


others. Lorvition getting up on the fence. -- Colour Vision.


Opinion Poll going into second, followed by Nehaam. On the inside,


Times Up. Inside the final furlong, fame and gloir getting weary, still


two-and-a-half lengths clear -- Fame And Glory. Fame And Glory has


done enough to win. Wins the Long Distance Cup from a tight second


there. Opinion Poll second. Colour Vision. Times Up, Eternal Heart,


followed by Darley Sun and Polly's Mark. Further back, Motrice and


last to finish, Chiberta King. The Gold Cup winner has been good


enough to win the first Qipco British Champions race. The Long


Distance Cup over two miles. Fame And Glory, Jamie Spencer, is the


Opinion Poll. Near side is Colour Vision and the far side in fourth


is Nehaam. A gap to Times Up in fifth. Then a long gap to the


others, Eternal Heart has finished a long way behind. Polly's Mark in


the yellow. The white cap of Darley Sun. Second is number 5, Opinion


Poll. That's official now. Makes Colour Vision third and there's


Motrice crossing the line and the others coming in at very long


intervals. Still a couple, Chiberta King was last to finish. Let's he


can the one, two, three. Clsh -- let's check on the one, two, three.


The winner trained by Aidan O'Brien and ridden by Jamie Spencer. A 3-1


winner in the time of 3.26.50. What a great way to start Qipco


British Champions day. We are seeing here a real superstar stayer,


a horse who had only See the Stars better than him as a three-year-old.


He's stepped up to the plate. He's the new Yeats. Frankie Dettori came


wide on Opinion Poll and tried to get the horse going for him, he


needs an awful lot of motivation. Jamie Spencer grabbed this race by


the scruff of the neck and said, I am going to make this a real test,


and it paid off. Yes. The last time the trainers said the race at the


Curragh, they quickened it up and slowed her down. They accepted the


pace. Today, Jamie Spencer did not accept the pace and he said, after


he went past the mile and a half start, this pace is not fast enough,


I'd better go and make it himself. And that is exactly what he did.


The horse was getting a bit tired at the finish, but he's done it the


hard way. He's the true staying champion. He's won the two possibly


main races for staying horses of the year. The gold cup and this


champions two mile race here today. Actually, Jamie Spencer, everybody


says he rides out the back, but there again today, we can see that


he can do it from the front. The boy has got a clock in his head.


great training performance from Aidan O'Brien to bring this horse


back from frankly two disappointing runs. They were both on soft ground


at the Curragh and particularly last time, he just didn't look


himself at all. But today, back to his best and remarkable to be able


to win the Ascot Gold Cup. Come back here on British Champions day


and win the Long Distance race as well. He is a genuine champion


stayer, isn't he? Of course he is. He was good enough to run in the


classics, Fame And Glory, and of course, Ballydoyle, got so many


good horses, they said, right, we'd better go now that Yeats has


retired. They chose this horse to be their staying candidate and of


course, he's done the job really, really well. He's winning the main


staying races and he looks as though he'd have to be favourite to


win the Gold Cup here at Ascot next June. In fact, he gets a quote of


3-1 favourite for next year's Ascot Gold Cup.


Willie speaking very confidently, he was speaking confidently without


the race in our production meeting. He wouldn't hear of this horse


being beaten. He's been spot on there. This horse is is its 13th


win in 21 starts, an outstanding horse, a great credit to his


absolutely perfect, those that are coming in after riding in our first


race. He's an Irish Derby winner, he's a Gold Cup winner, but he's


also a Coronation Cup winner at Epsom, so he's a really versatile


horse, he can handle all sorts of ground and courses and he's really


appreciated the conditions of today's race. He's won it very,


very well. He goes into the history books as the very first winner of a


Qipco British Champions race. That is the Long Distance cup. Jamie


Spencer. He is the winning jockey and that was his 99th winner of the


season. Had a great season, not only here, but also abroad as well


with those trips to America and also in these colours, Cape Blanco


owned by Mrs And Dr Haye and they race this in partnership with


derrick Smith, Sue Magna and Michael Taylor.


Here we see time and glory coming into the winners' enclosure. Aidan


O'Brien will be hoping they win this horse because the Ascot crowd


love Ascot specialists and Fame And Glory's proved himself that by


winning the Ascot Gold Cup and coming back and taking this. A big


reception for Jamie Spencer. Mrs Taylor there obviously thought,


like I did, it would be a lot colder than I did. Fame and floir


was lugging towards the rail and getting tired, wasn't he -- Fame


And Glory? Yes. The Joness are here to see this horse win. A great day


for even at Ballydoyle and for the breeders as well. You can see the


changes being made today to make sure this looks and feels different


from any race day that's ever been staged. Yes, look at how many


people are here, Claire, there isn't one little spot. If you


wanted to come in here, you would have to fight to get a spot to see


the horses. Michael Taylor and Derek Smith congratulating Jamie


Spencer. Jamie is their retained jockey, so he'll continue to ride


the horses in which the Hayes are involved, whatever the jockey


arrangements at Ballydoyle next wonder from John and Gary down in


the betting ring, whether that was a result that's hurt the bookies,


because I know when the Ballydoyle mob like a horse and support it,


they can have serious money on it, John? Certainly can, Claire, but


for the moment, they've won the first here with Fame And Glory.


Claire was asking the question, a bit of money late on for Fame And


Glory but it's not that horse that's been the biggest backed?


rp right, bouz So You Think in the champions stakes was the first. All


the money will be running up. If you fancy So You Think, take the


price now, it will be a lot less come just after 4 o'clock, John.


Aidan O'Brien, how happy are you get to horse back at his best?


Delighted. Like even knew, his big day this year was Ascot Gold Cup


and he was trained very hard for it. Out of respect and to the horses,


we had to be gentle and kind to him after that. We chased him hard for


the Gold Cup and you don't want to do that to a horse twice this a


year. He had his break, two nice comebacks and we chased them a


little bit today first, but delighted. Jamie gave him a super


ride. He knew the horse really well and when he turned down, he just


led him into a lovely rhythm. Delighted. Royal Ascot Gold Cup


next year? Listen, obviously that'll be everybody else's


decision, so, you know, we just feel privileged to have him this


year and wouldn't it be great. We'll let you go and swap you over


with Jamie. Thank you very much. You heard Aidan singing your


praises about the ride. When did you concoct that plan? We were


always going to be positively relative. Jimmy said he'd go a good


one, so I followed him. Once he turned to go by the stands, the


horse was idle so I slipped down and let my fella use his stride.


Without trying to sound patronising, Aidan O'Brien, how can he get him


to turn the form around? I was so gutted at the Curragh because you


expect him to win, odds on favourite for a classic and nothing


happened, but he was just electric today and every time something came


to me, they were setting him alight. He was shooting on again. He was


entitled to idle at the last 100 yards but he did well. It's


exciting, Qipco's a great day's racing, I hope everybody grasps it


because it's something new and we should praise them because without


them we wouldn't have such an exciting day. Other than Royal


Ascot, I can't remember being so excited for a race. What was that


like walking back into the winners enclosure? Seemed like a different


day to Ascot? It's a Group three, but they're the best Stayers and


have been running against each other all year. That should be very


exciting, delighted to be part of Fame and gloish won the first race


of the afternoon, -- Fame And Glory. We can have a look for you at the


decision after about half a mile to go through and take the lead. We'll


highlight for you, there he is the winner, Fame And Glory. The runner


up Opinion Poll is there. Colour Vision there and necessity haum


there. Chiberta King was in front and with the aid of the times they


were going 27, 28mph early on. they were. Now Jamie Spencer know


that's horse has no problems with stamina. He said, this is no good


for me. I'm going to ride the race and dictate matters to suit me and


that's exactly what Jamie has done. Added to that fact, he's gone at


that stage of the race alw, we'll see that later on, they're going


downhill. So they will get faster, though they're not making it harder


for themselves on this track. It would be different on the straight


track. Let's have a look at the straight. You have the winner there.


Here is Opinion Poll. He's come round the outside. Yeah, but he


knows, Frankie knows, Jamie Spencer, he saw him look round. He's


weighing up the opposition. You see Jamie have a look there. Frankie


knows I've got to get after him because he's had a freeby up front.


He's chased him. He has no option. You never see Frankie go that wide


round a bend, but he had no option. He's had to chase. But the bird had


flown. And at that stage, between the three, just before the turn to


the two furlong pole and the winner of the race put in his fastest


furlong. Jamie's won the race by taking the lead 12 furlongs out and


seized it by getting his horse to quicken round the home turn.


Because of that it must have seemed an eternity for the finishing line


to come to him. Good performances in second, third and fourth. Colour


Vision ran really. That's the first race of the day. Fame And Glory


winning. Real jubilation for Aden O'Brien


and his family. They know how good this horse is. The family are here


to celebrate. Aden moves on to four winners. Sir Henry Cecil has six.


In terms of jockeys, Frankie Dettori has moved ahead of Tom


Queally through finishing second there. He has five wins, three


seconds now, two thirds and it's those two thirds that move him


ahead of Tom Queally. This is just for the Qipco champions series.


Let's hear from John Magma. What a great start to the day. How good a


training performance was that to get this horse back to his best?


tell you, it was a good training performance, there's no doubt about


that. When you train a horse to win a Gold Cup, you have to have them


so supremely fit, it takes a lot out of them. To get them back to


that level of fitness that's what he did. A sensational ride as well?


Yeah, you've got to hand it to Jamie, that's a great ride. No


better man than Jamie on his day. big day, the horse that most people


will associate with you, So You Think in the last race. Most


occasions a horse running in the Arc, two weeks later, people worry


about the closeness of the race. Can you ease the worries by saying


he can take it. He went from Ascot to Sandown pretty quick this year N


Australia he ran three races in ten days, the last one being a two-mile


race. Had eran wling in that. There for the grace of God, he looks like


a horse that can do that sort of thing. What do you make of this new


day at Ascot? It's fantastic, a great course and the sponsors have


done a great job in promoting the day. It couldn't be better.


Hopefully you'll get some more of their money. Thank you. And this


day has the royal seal after profl. Her Majesty the Queen arriving


through the gate here at Ascot and she is here to watch the final four


races of this British champions series. She will present the trophy


to the winner of the Quene Elizabeth II Stakes, that race at


3.35pm. Franc sl odds on favourite to win that one.


-- Frankel is odds on favourite to win.


Johnny Weatherby there greeting the Queen. She will make her way to the


Royal Box. The trophy presentation for the first race. Tom James is


Qipco British Champions Long Distance Cup. Great start to the


day. Fantastic start. They've got the best stayer that there is in


Europe winning our first race. The championship Qipco stayers race, so


we're on a roll, as it were. We have got a lot more to come. We've


got even better to come! We V we have Frankel still to come, So You


Think as well. The top sprint race and fillies and mares race as well.


A stunning line up on an extraordinary day. We'd like to


take this opportunity, before we switch over to BBC One to say very,


very best wishes and a quick recovery to two former jump jockeys


and great trainer, he is in hospital at the moment in


septicaemia. We hope that he makes a recovery. Pums through, come on


Josh! -- pulls through. He and Terry Biddlecombe suffered a stroke


earlier in the week. He's now home and recovery. Josh and Terry were


at the head of jump racing, as jockeys, both of them trading


titles and great, great friends. And great people, you know, they're


really the stal warts of the racing community, 20, 30 years ago. Josh


went on and became a very successful trainer, taking over


from Ryan Price, very successful and Terry who did train, not quite


with the same distinction as Josh. Now one of the innovations of this


champions series is a lot of focus on the equine heroes, but also far


higher profile for the jockeys. They are required before all of


these champions series races to come out and stand by their banners


in front of the crowd. Richard Hill there. The banners have the owner's


colours on them with the name. Richard Hills a man with so much


experience in the saddle. That's the manager there. Kieron Fallon


takes over from Richard Hughes. Richard had taken umbrage at the


penalties for breaking the new whip rules and handed in his license on


Thursday night and doesn't ride here today. Kieron Fallon benefits


by taking over for Richard Hannon in this race. It's a field of 16


for the British champion sprint. Deacon Blues and Society Rock have


good chances. Yes that's got chances without a doit. We saw in


the Rugby World Cup a narrow victory for France. We could have a


French victory here as well. Moonlight Cloud is very well


Franceied. -- fancied. It's been a great start to the day. We have so


much still to come: The best is still to come.


He's unbeaten so far in eight starts, Frankel goes to make it


number nine in the Queen Elizabeth II stakes at 3.35am. So You Think


is a global superstar, eight group ones in total, three of them since


joining the yard of Aden O'Brien. Ryan Moore rides him in the final


race. We'll see behind the scenes of one of racing's newest trainers


Roger Varian took over from the much missed Michael Jarvis. He has


wonderful horses running today. I went to see Frankie Dettori with


Clare Balding presents coverage of the most valuable day's horse racing ever staged in the UK, Qipco British Champions Day.

With three million pounds in prize money up for grabs, there are five races over five different distances. Each event will crown a champion.

The coverage starts with the Qipco British Champions Long Distance Cup.

With Willie Carson, Rishi Persad, Ian Bartlett, Mick Fitzgerald, John Parrott and Gary Wiltshire. Race commentary from Jim McGrath.

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