The King George Racing from Ascot

The King George

Clare Balding and Willie Carson present the The King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes from Ascot, as some of the world's best horses and jockeys gather for this famous race.

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King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes. Very much sought after by


the racing world. NEWS REEL: Watching the Queen win


the big race at Ascot. What a horse. Najinski is the


winner. Please, pli I have a gin and


tonneic. I have the hat on to Pru that my head is not getting too


big! Shergar the three-year-old bursting through to take over from


the far side. Do you think that anyone will beat


him? We have not seen him yet. COMMENTATOR: He is going to win by


a street, Harbinger. Europe's top midsummer race for


horses from different generations over a mile and a half. Some of the


brilliant horses who have won the King George over the 16 years. This


is the race we are here to see today as at cot. It is a race with


heritage. Providing a clash of intriguing age groups, coming


together over a mile and a half. It is worth �1 million in prize money.


It is a massive summer prize. A big draw for the thousands who is


poured through the gates at Ascot. Arriving as they would have done


when the race was first run. When they get here, they are not just


here for the horses, telepeople spotting. Prince Harry is here. He


is representing the Queen with her two runs there afternoon. A great


day out for everyone that enjoys a social experience as well as the


sporting one. There is so many for people -- so many things for people


to see. They can go on the training exercising machine or meet the


horses. This is Mon Signor. Sue here looks


after him. He has been a pull for the kids in particular? He is great.


A great ambassador for the heroes, people love to meet him.


His name is Dave. Well done, Dave. He is here for show, these horses


are here for the dough. A field of five, the headline make ser the


Derby winner Workforce who followed up, in the Arc, Rhine Moore is


taking him up. St Nicholas Abbey is being asked by Joseph to take the


reign is. Frankie Dettori has won the king


King George two times but not on Rewilding. The only three-year-old


is Nathaniel a brilliant winner at Royal Ascot, that allowed William


Buick to accept the trophy from Shirley Bassey. You may not have to


dress up quite on this day as you do for Royal Ascot, but it is a


real adrenaline-fuelled occasion for the jockeys, the trainers.


Do you think that this year's race is as difficult to work out as I


have ever known? It is a difficult race. We have four fantastic horses.


We have a pacemaker in the race. The pacemake ser a Group 1 winner


of the Arlington Miller, but what we have today are four horses tho


will slog it out. They are real true mile-and-a-half horses. They


are going to battle, all four of them. To go all the way to the line.


You said earlier, you see it like a boxing match? Yes, heavyweight. No


punch and run and hide, it will be a slog. A real slog.


It is a true heavy weight race this one.


You can tell how excited he is, well, the guys on board, they are


the ones that have to make all of the decisions at the right time.


This is Joe, the oldest son of Aidan O'Brien.


Ryan Moore who was not on Harbinger he had a Sir Michael Stoute.


And frankee, who has had precious few chances and William Buick, many


think he is a champion jockey in waiting. Another thing about


William, he was born and grew up in Norway. Given the tragic events


that have happened there and on the Utoeya island, he has been shaken


up by that That was terrible news.


You said that the race was to be a slog, a punch for punch. Is there


anybody that can take a tactical edge? I don't think there is. All


of the horses, look, these are fantastic horses. We are not


talking about ordinary, we call it a slog, but it is a slog of real


champions. This is going to be the horse that comes out and wins this


today. He is going to be the true champion. Possibly of the whole of


Europe. Who do you think it will be? Well,


I don't really know. I think I would go for Workforce, but I would


not be surprised, Nathaniel, 7-1 he is. A three-year-old, receiving 12


pounds as he is a year behind the others.


The rest are four-year-olds. He has the ability. He has been beaten by


the Irish Derby winner, so he is in the mix. This is a fantastic race.


There is no horse in the race who is going to have the speed to sit


there, to pull out and to go ping. That is not going to happen. It is


just going to be the best horse between A to B today.


It is interesting, the experts are split in terms of who they think


can win this. The Betty Fontaineing market has been turbulent. Rishi is


down in the Betty Fontaineing room with Gary who can tell us all about


Ababsolutely it has been an extraordinary build-up for the King


George. Seven days ago, the favourite for the race was St


Nicholas Abbey? Yes, and the punters could not get on. The


bookies would not give them that much. Now, today... We had rain,


that meant that Workforce was to run in the race, now, look at the


situation. He is the 11-8 favourite. Rewilding is 3 -1. There is money


for that. St Nicholas Abbey is now a 7-2 chance. Nathaniel there is


money for that. Everything accept St Nicholas Abbey.


Because of the rain yes had around the country, the two horses that


have had support are Workforce and Nathaniel.


Nathaniel was supplemented at �75,000. What bets have you seen


taken on the King George? William Hill went up with Workforce at 7-4.


Then Ladbrokes went 4-1 at Rewilding. Then Ladbrokes laid


Nathaniel 30,000 at 15-2. It is unbelievable. Apollo has laid


25,000 Workforce at 5-4. I have another Betty Fontaine here from


Big Jim, the bookie behind us, he has laid �10 on St Nicholas Abbey.


That is the own Betty Fontaine we found all day.


It is not your tener? Not guilty! Not guilty! Elsewhere, lots of


Betty Fontaineing opportunities here at Ascot where, is the morning


money going? Lots of money coming up. The fraift, Russelliana. Even


money now. I think it will start 5-4 a piece.


So, you expect Workforce to have further support? I do. Nobody wants


to back St Nicholas Abbey bar this man with a tern tonne with Big Jim.


I will leave Gary here, I hope you will be safe and sound?


If Workforce wins I will be safe. I'm out here on the course with one


of the day's big jockeys, that is William Buick. William, they have


given the ground as good to soft, will that suit you? He will settle


on the slow side. He will like it. He goes on ground with a bit of cut


in it. My worry would be if it were fast ground, but that is not the


case. This suits. Now, the talents, a three-year-old


against the older horses, he has been supplemented at �75,000. Is


there a shot in the dark here or does he is a realistic chance?


think he has a chance. He's an improving horse. Good three-year-


olds have a good record in this place. They get a good weight


allowance. There are a select few runners, it is a good race. If


Workforce comes back on best form, he will be hard to beat and rere.


Tactics could play a huge part, have you got a plan? I'm not going


to tell you! A horse like him, you know that he stays, you are not


probably too far away? I hope it is a evenly run race, everyone is


there with a chance. I love the fact that Buick bouk


will not reveal his tactics to -- William Buick will not reveal his


tactics! Looking at these two-year- old fillies, they have little


experience between them? Very little. They are basically babies


that are the better types. This is the black type race.


A Group 3. Mick Shannon is over there. Standing on the in-field, he


won last year with Soraaya. An Australian jockey here.


Miss Lahar is a little bit on her toes. She knows what she is here


for. She is ready to go. Looking very,


very fit and ready. Interesting there is a huge range of sizing.


There is a big filly down. There$$NEWLINE Look at the stride,


the length of her? She is very, very strong. Very come pact.


That is the favourite. They are all here to try to get


black type it helps them for their breeding programme, but as you say,


look at her back legs, the stride. The way that she walks.


She overtracks. There are foot prints of her front legs, the back


legs go further back. What you do look for in a horse, that tells you


she could be athletic in the gallop. She could be indeed, Jimmy Fortune


about to get a leg up. Do you like her? She is ready for today. Not


for the future, for today. She is exact, strong, a good walker. Look


at the walk behind. He is a very strong behind. She has a lovely


shoulder on her. A good walk. Athletic, but not big, but very


strong. We will see if we can grab a word


with Jeremy. I know that he thinks a lot of...


Never before, he is being superstitious now, I would suggest


that suggests that after he is to say that is all the clue that he


needs. I think we can see that as much.


She is athletic, she has a good attitude. She has won a race at few


market. It looks as though she is taking her first race in the stride


it d not worry her. She had a few problems with a


temperature. Another filly with a pulled muscle is Angels Will Fall.


Another word about her. Rishi? When she won at Windsor, a


lot of people thought she was at Royal Ascot, how disappointed were


you to win -- miss out at the big meeting? A week before she had work,


she pulled up lame. She had tweaked a hamstring. We have her over that


now. Obviously it will be a while since she last ran.


There are entries in big races towards the end of the season. What


it about the filly that has been exciting you at home? She has a


wonderful temperment. When she won at Windsor she showed a great turn


of foot. A good attitude? Very good. She is


taking it all in really well. It is not an easy place to come here. It


is so big and many people here. It is a tough field, how much


confidence is there in her to win today? We have always liked her.


That is why we put her straight into a Group 3 company. There are


good fillies here. We have to sit and follow them and hopefully she


will ride with a good turn of foot. How is dad? He is up in York.


He has a meet there too. Good luck.


This is a real good solid King George card today. There is a lot


of variety. Punting opportunities and real class horses. Let's see


the line up now on the BBC: Russelliana doing battle here with


Reignier. Then the Deloitte Handicap. This is


over a mile. Albaasil will be trying to carry


there. Then the charge up the home


straight. This is in the Betfair Summer Double First Leg


International Stakes. A total of 24 runners facing the


starter. Then the big one of the day, the highlight of the season,


the Kingscroft, it is over -- it is King George VI and Queen Elizabeth


Stakes, over a mile and a half. It is a cracker. Now, the first live


Princess Margaret Juddmonte Stakes. This is the course that they take.


It is up the straight, six furlongs. Unduallating. The question is


whether they stick to the centre. Lots of give in the ground as they


race up to the line. Six furlongs for the Princess Margaret Juddmonte


Stakes. Well, all of the money in the ring


is for Russelliana. It is now odds on 10-11.


Regal Realm is friendless. Then it is 55-2, aingaing. --


favourite. We are showing you why she is going into the race as the


favourite. She ran last at can see her here.


Also Betty Fontaine is an outsider in today's contest. Coming from the


back of the field, she stays on well, Mick? She has had the benefit


of a win at Leicester prior to this. This is a real step up in the grade.


She is looking progressive. The punters are latching on to that.


She had beaten Regal Realm in a maiden race on her first time out.


So there is Russelliana out on the track on her way down to post.


William looking at her beforehand, trained by Sir Michael Stoute. A


shade of odds on the last time we saw her about the 10-11 favourite


from even money. The runners arriving now down at the post.


There she is. Let's have a look, then, at Regal Realm. Jimmy Fortune


has just ridden a winner here this afternoon. 25-1 when she won at


Newmarket. She obviously when she got to the


racecourse was better than they thought she was going to be. I


think that is the thing. We just see Jimmy having a drink.


This is a smart horse. I don't think there is any doubt about it.


There was not fluke in the last win. If there were any problems with


this horse we would have seen it before now.


You would say that they are ready for the seven furlongs but they are


running over the six as they are a very good seven furlong races in


the future. Here is Angels Will Fall.


She won her maiden race at Windsor. Had to barge out of trouble to get


to the front on that day, but she did win it well.


Once she was out she opened up and sprinted at them. Nothing brilliant


has come from that race. That is the only concern, but Barry Hills


does not miss out too often. There is Luv U Forever going into


stall number four. Kathy Gannon rides her.


She has the one win to her name at Bath back in June. She ran OK, she


was second at Chester the last time. So, Russelliana at 10-11, Regal


Realm at 5-2. Angels Will Fall at 5-4. Here is Jim.


Coming forward here is Ryan Moore on Russelliana. What is he going to


do today? He has a really good chance here.


Ready to go. A good line.


Easing a little bit in the early stages. The first away is Luv U


Forever. Miss Lahar is settling down, up


there in third is Betty Fontaine. Behind her is Red Larkspur.


Russelliana behind them. Regal Realm is at the back with Angels


Will Fall who is last. Coming up the dead centre, the


leader is Luv U Forever by a length. Second is Miss Lahar.


Red Larkspur is shading Russelliana and behind them two is Betty


Fontaine, followed by Regal Realm on the near side. Further back is


Angels Will Fall. Towards the two now, here come the


challengers on the farside. Miss Lahar and Russelliana. Regal Realm


on the near side is responding. Russelliana has not picked up. It


is Miss Lahar. Luv U Forever and Regal Realm.


Angels Will Fall is taking a narrow lead. Regal Realm coming up. Angels


Will Fall is in front. She is getting weary, she is holding on.


Angels Will Fall gets the money! She wins the Princess Margaret.


In third is Miss Lahar. Russelliana was disappointing. Last


was Red Larkspur. Angels Will Fall, the far side, she is unbeaten. Two


out of two. Trained by Barry Hills, ridden by


Robert Winston at 9-2. The winner of the Princess Margaret Juddmonte


Stakes. Let's see them cross the line now. Angels Will Fall, she


moved up, made a line of three and forged clear. Regal Realm was


beautifully poised nearside. She just did not supply the finishing


kick. Content then with second. Third was


Miss Lahar fourth then this is tight it is Betty Fontaine top of


the screen. Then Luv U Forever ethen to Russelliana who could not


go on with it. Red Larkspur at the rear of the


field. Let's check the placings on the Jed -- Princess Margaret


Juddmonte Stakes. Angels Will Fall, ridden by Robert


Winston. Well, the hot favourite,


Russelliana, disappointing here, but we will show you the helicopter


replay. You will see Angels Will Fall, the winner and Regal Realm.


They are towards the back of the field. You can see them come either


side it is a thrilling firn. Willie, did you see the turf kicking up


there? -- it was a thrilling finish. . The top of the ground is kicking


Robert Winston coming from the outside, giving his filly a real


good a clean run at this. Now this filly was not sold at form, then


90,000 Guinness. She is a good horse.


Out of this, this is her trip. I thought that the filly on the


right, Regal Realm looked to lose her balance.


Once Robert Winston pressed go, she really did. Keeping straight and


lengthening her stride. Regal Realm is out of a fantastic


light mare. That suggests that this filly could stay a mile, even a


mile and a quarter. So today you have a filly who has acted his


distance and another filly here, the second in the red with Jimmy


Fortune on board, a filly who could get further in the future. So as


you say, Clare, the horse to take out of the race is the second.


There she is. Her ears are pricked, she has done the job on the day


that it counted. Here she is a 9-2 winner.


She is in the lather at York. Also at Newmarket. The distance is


a half a length and two and a quarter lengths.


There is Charlie. His father Barry.


Now this is just over four seconds slower than the record, the two-


year-old record set by Henry the Navigator a couple of seasons ago.


Now, the O'Brien team are walking the track.


You can see Aidan there, Joseph, that's Dr John Halley on the right.


I would not be surprised if that is Konami in that group, but Aidan and


his son, Joseph have a big day ahead of them. Already on the


winner's board is Robert Winston. Robert, they did not go a great gal


-- gallop, but they all dashed that made the performance more


commendable? I think she is one of the best fillys in the country.


She had a great turn of foot. She got tired in the last four.


This was a little bit of a test. We were not sure if she would stay six


furlongs, but I think that she did well enough.


She has great entries, she has sadly missed Royal Ascot, but as a


plan, what would your route be? is in the flying shoulder, she has


beaten good fillies there. Regal Realm was a good playeden


winner at Newmarket. So is Sir Michael Stoute's filly.


But she was off with a little injury, got a little tired in the


last four. Life at the Hills, how is that


going for you? Great. The last month it has been quiet, but things


are picking up again. With the dry weather Barry laid off some of the


horses, so we have had a break. But the last few days have been


great. Long may it continue. Charlie, it is good to chat to you


before the race. You told us how highly you rated this filly, that


performance justified it? She has shown a good turn of foot. A little


tired in the last part. Maybe which which will look at the Lowther at


York the next time. We have said she is an excellent


filly at five furlongs, do you think five and six is her scope?


She has big entries at the end of the season? She saw the six


furlongs out well, but it is great to have speed.


When she gets stronger she may get seven, but with the right


temperment, she settles well. you have better fillies at home?


would like to think so. Probably not! She is certainly one


for the future. She is pretty good. Well done.


Cheers, thanks. A full result there with Angels


Russelliana. Let's have a look at the first live race of the


afternoon. The start of the race, the winner, Angels Will Fall in the


white jacket. There is Regal Realm in the blue cap and Russelliana.


They make the three major players in this settling in the rear of the


field early on. Yes, this is interesting. Off at


the front are the two horses coming in after a break.


Robert Winston is at the back in no rush.


She is still learning it will be a lot busier and a louder racecourse


than her debut. So she will be buzzed up. She settled nationly and


traveled well. She makes the challenge on the left. Here is the


runner up. Let's talk about Russelliana. He is the odds on


favourite for this. She is just, though, now being


asked to lengthen up. You can't say that the others were


too quick for her. She has run well at Newmarket. What do you think of


her performance? Something has happened with her. We know she is


better than that. Even a straight line to Regal Realm tells you she


should have finished closer. It is unfortunate that today is not


That is 2.78 seconds slower than average. Two from two for her,


looks like the runner-up needs an extra furlong.


An interesting start to the day. What was your feeling about the


ground there? The jockeys were saying the soft side of good?


it's had that overnight rain and last night, yesterday's race went


from a little on the soft side of good and they've ended up on good


ground last night. So they had to have 3.5ml of rain overnight, so


it's just got on the top of the ground. A great big lump of turf


came off. Yes, obviously it takes the top off. But actually, it's


fantastic from the big one, isn't it?! Oh, yes and the presentation


taking place behind us at the moment. Charlie Hills stepping


forward to receive the trophy from Mr Khalid Abdullah who's there for


Juddmonte. His colours will be carried on Workforce. We'll discuss


the chances of Workforce and analyse that in detail. Khalid


Abdullah hasn't won the King George since 19 86. You think of all the


horses he's had. King George horse is a special horse and he's got a


very special horse indeed in Workforce who runs in the race


today. He's got a first-class chance. He's the favourite, he


could win the King George for the second time after Dancing Brave and


maybe Workforce will have the same reputation as the great Dancing


Brave. Robert Winston there, a great ride for him and great to see


him get an opportunity. The other feature of the meeting today is


that if you were ever a lady amateur jockey... You used to be.


Your chance... How did you do it? Amazing, it was a long time ago,


thank you very much for that, I do love working with you. I have put


weight on as well! Amidst all the lady jockeys, who is right there in


the middle as the guest of honour giving them the benefit of his


advice, Willy Carson and Prince Harry. The Queen had a horse racing


in this. We pick it up. Ryan's sister, Hayley Moore hits the front.


COMMENTATOR: Gone three lengths in front now, Hayley Moore. Tevez in


the centre. Fish for Complyments. Don't Call Me. Hayley Moore inside


the final furlong, three lengths in front. Here is Lightning Cloud very


late. Hayley Moore, three lengths in front and coming up towards the


line, Hayley Moore's won the ladies' race.


I wanted to hit him but I didn't because I couldn't feel anything.


What a great horse. I'm honoured to have been able to ride him.


terms of ladies' riders races, this is one of the most prestigious, so


what does it mean to win it? can't put a word on it, I'll swear


a lot so I'd better not. wonderful moment for Hayley winning


on Captain Ramius. There are the prices there and Hayley Moore has a


budding career as a commentator. We'll talk to her about that later.


The second race of the day was for two-year-olds. In the past, this


proved a good pointer for future points. It was over seven furlongs.


Richard Hannon had two racers. Pearl Charm won his only start at


far side... Trumpet Major. It's tight, very tight!


A photo. I was going to make the run on him because the blind has to


be left on late. When challenged, he pulled out all the stops? He was


actually never going to get beat. Health service only playing with


him, I only had to get serious with the last furlong. The short header


was the winning distance. Jimmy Fortune the winning jockey. Talwar


won first. Willy had a massive tip today, Palace Moon in the big


International Handicap. Sadly, we have heard it's a non-runner.


That's 40-1. No point in talking about it now, it's not going to run.


The King George is part of the new initiative, the British champion


series, which is a chance for racing to showcase the most


consistent and best horses in various categories. So we'll


explain to you how it works and the different categorys that they are


and the season so far, let's have a look at the performances that we


have seen from these top class ride by Johnny Murtagh! Can he win


the Derby for the Queen? Carlton Hills called on at the final


goes on to win. Frankel now, he's starting to pedal. He's held on!


Fame And Glory is racing up on the inside. Fame And Glory wins the


is coming alongside. They serve up a real treat and it's So You Think.


Dream Ahead is there. Baited Breath got up. Dream Ahead getting up


first and Hayley Turner is going to win a group 1.


Hayley Turner there, one of the most recent winners in the sprint


division, the July Cup, dream Ahead. You can see the different


five different categories. Top class horses all building up to a


day on the 15th October here, British champions day which will


almost be like six Cup Finals all on one day. It will be a fantastic


day's racing. All I hope for is the ground won't be too soft. That


would be my only worry. In October, yes. It might spoil it a bit. This


is the sort of racing that you need a good surface to run on and to get


the true test. Prince Harry there kissing my sister-in-law actually.


He's representing the Queen, his grandmother. Abergeldie her race.


Good to see him at the races here with his friends. He'll present the


trophy for the King George later. Could he be presenting it to this


guy, 18-year-old Joseph O'Brien has his first ride. When did you find


out that you were going to be riding it? I didn't find out until


Friday. Rode him a good bit at home and I'm looking forward to it.


is he like at home? Uncomplicated, settles in, quickens well and


hopefully he can do the same here today. In terms of planning the


race, have you watched previous King George's and what has your dad


had to say about you? I've seen all the King Georges back along the


years and I suppose to keep it uncomplicated with him. There's


only a field of five which does help? Yes, when I say uncomplicated,


I let him jump smart and see what happens and what the other jockeys


are doing and ride my race from there. Your father always very keen


on walking the course. I suppose that's part of the ritual, as well


as checking where the ground might be best, it's a good way of


clearing your mind and being prepared for the big occasion, do


you think? Yes, I walk the track, never any harm to know where you


are going and to see where the ground is and take it from there.


As far as Sir nick loss Abbey is concerned, he was very good to --


Sir Nicholas Abbey, he was very good. In the Coronation Cup he


looked as the He took a while to get going? Went very slow early and


did a little bit too much. Took him half a furlong or so to pick him up.


You can see him here in the puple carp. It seemed like the horse was


a little awkward, but brilliant once he got going -- on the purple


cap. It wasn't ideal, but once he got a couple of smacks on him, he


picked up well and won well. He did. In terms of how he's been at home


since then, has everything gone smoothly? Yes, everything's gone


well and I'm looking forward to it now. For you in that jockey's


changing room, are you somebody who keeps yourself to yourself or do


you ask for advice? No, I don't say a whole lot. A closed mouth catches


no flies I say. The 2000 Guineas is the highlight? Yes, it is great.


You made all the running and hung on in front. Look at your father!


Honestly, never seen him that animated, even matters more to him


when you're riding? Yes, it's great and I'm very lucky to get the


opportunities and hopefully I can keep doing my best to make the most


of them. Willy had a go at me earlier saying he couldn't


understand why I was ever an amateur jockey given that I


struggled with my weight. It's very difficult. How long do you think


you might be able to keep riding and how much do you weigh now?


About the nine stone mark. I'll keep it going as long as I can, I


can keep nine stone comfortable enough so I'll play it by ear.


this won't be your last chance of riding in the King George?


Hopefully not. It's a hell of a first chance. Did you think this


morning when you woke up, I am going to win this race? Workforce


is a very, very good horse. Obviously, I've a great chance and


hopefully an early draw. We wish you the best of luck, Joseph, thank


you very much for talking to us. Big task for Joseph O'Brien, all


the best to him on Sir Nicholas Abbey. Nick and I having a look


here for the Deloitte Stakes. Sir Michael Stoute had a disappointed


in the last race with Russelliana. Lots more expected for him in this


race in Albaasil. This horse ran in a handicap last time, dotted up as


well. Suitably impressed. Put this horse up ten pounds and looking at


him, he could be a group horse, this fella. If he is, you wouldn't


want him to carry top weight. the type of horse who has more


improvement in him. Just behind him, number four, a few people are


talking about each way for him. I wonder if the ground is OK for him?


William Buick was slightly concerned the ground may not be


quick enough for this fella. Behind him, number three, the horse who is


easy to spot because of the white bridle, trained by Hills. Same


profile as Albaasil? Yes, looks relaxed and particularly well.


horse that is interesting because he has head gear on for the first


time is number seven, My Freedom, trained by bin Suroor for the


Godolphin team, granky is taking the ride and should have won last


time -- Frankie. With the visor on, it should concentrate his mind and


this could give Frankie a winner. busy paddock down here. William


Buick down there. He'll be on board Nathaniel later. Let's come through


the crowds to see who we can see. Through in the background there,


looks like the back of - I know - that is Luke Morris and he'll be on


board Aerial Acclaim. A big turnaround in the weights actually.


Decent form with Stage Attraction whose ob owner is just here in the


cream jacket. Prince Harry was down here earlier supervising things.


Geoff Smith, a big owner, is also here, he's got an interesting


runner in the race and a big chance with Seattle Drive who won a couple


of races, certainly won at Newmarket as a two-year-old and is


trying to find his form now in his three-year-old season. Andrew


Balding straight through there, two horses in his races. Hello there.


Hello. I assume Stage Attraction is the one you really fancy? Well,


tkwron. Abergeldie won well last time and it's a handicap at the end


of the day. She's carrying weight and the way she ran at Chepstow


she'll have a chance here. Queen not able to be here, but


Prince Harry representing her. Stage Attraction, her owner is here.


Jimmy's had a winner this afternoon. Yes, he's done nothing wrong his


last two starts, won well at Sandown last time and keeping


everything crossed because it will be lovely for Audrey if she can win


here. Must be pleased to be enjoying a day here when Prince


Harry is here, hope he's enjoying it. Yes, hope it can win and he'll


be enjoying it even more. I would like to say that I like number


eight, Seattle Drive who had good form as a two-year-old. Elsworth's


team slow to come form this season. Didn't do too badly. Looked well in


the paddock today, Mick, and I think that as long as it's a decent


pace, he'll run a good pace today. I think he could be Dwight smart.


Seattle Drive on his way out, playing up a little bit. He has a


bit of temperament. Comes from a family of horses, they trained, do


you remember Seattle Rhyme, a few years ago. But I'm going for


Albaasil. Albaasil. A very competitive handicap this is. As


Mick says, this top one, Albaasil, might be something special, might


be looking at a horse who will leapfrog his way out of these ranks.


Let's check the runners and riders as they go to post for our second


live race here from Ascot this this is over a mile. It's a real


climb up this straight, unJew lating as well. So far, they've


been sticking dead centre. -- undulating. They'll group up centre


again, I would imagine. No sign or clues so far that they might do


otherwise. The bookies finding it hard to find a favourite. I have


Freedom a number one horse here which is Albaasil is 130 each in


the ring. The Queen's filly, Abergeldie, making her way to the


start. Simon Pearce on board, very promising young apprentice and


takes three pounds off the weight of seven stone 12, so he's actually


riding at seven stone nine. She, this filly, was one of the four


yearlings that were given by Sheikh Mohammed to the Queen and that


batch included Carlton House who finished third in the Derby and


favourite, Albaasil. My smiling companion here, very impressive


horse? Very impressive indeed when he won this race. But because he


won so well that day, he's paying the penalty because he's getting


ten more pounds put on his back for that performance. He is a horse


that is improving and, of course, they always say, keep following a


horse until he gets beat. This guy's won his last two and was


second last year. So he has done everything that's been asked of him


and, of course, he's in this race today which is a little up in class,


up in weight and still everybody has to beat him. OK, here at the


post is Albaasil from Sir Michael Stoute's stable. Brings him on


nicely. Could be a group horse in time maybe. It's possible. Very


nice type. Looks very athletic. He's a very good looking sort of


horse. Let's have a look at some others. Here is Mariachi Man. Comes


from Tim Easterby's stable. Very well. Likes soft ground. You were


going to say something? No, carry on. Claire does that to me! I only


tee them up, mate. The ground is improving? Yes, he's going to love


this ground and he's a horse that reproduced his best form last time.


It was very soft ground, it's not going to be very soft today, but


I'm sure the ground will be in his favour. Here we have number three,


Rave, who won here at Ascot last time. Very impressively he won last


time with this young lad on board, Paddy Hills, who basically, he


rides Canford Cliffs every morning at home and is always telling us


about him. He's got a nice horse here to ride because it won so easy


here at Ascot last time. Might have improved but cannot beat Mariachi


Man on this form because he finished second to him that day.


Here is five, Crown Counsel from Mark Johnston. Ryan Moore rides him.


14-1. Fair run at Epsom? Yes, it was. Coming back at Epsom, you know,


the trainer always trying, Mr Johnston, this horse has been quite


busy. I'm sure this horse would have to improve again to be winning


today, but he's obviously a very genuine horse. I think he would


have to put his best foot forward to be winning today. OK, he's a 14-


1 chance. Gary told us My Freedom's become favourite. Let's see what


the latest is. The money's come down for Albaasil.


We said it was 130 joint favourites, no more, 3-1, knocked over. All the


money in the ring here is for Abergeldie just going in. Let's


have a look at a few more. Orange and brown there is Alnashmy.


Trained by David Marnane in Ireland. Always looks as if the ground might


be troubling him last time? Maybe so. It was his first time in a


handicap last time. He ran reasonable, but obviously, he's got


a group one entry, he's entered in the Desmond Stakes, so they


obviously think this horse is better than a handicapper, but he


didn't perform so well in his first time in a handicap last time out.


So a question mark there, but they've obviously brought him over


here to compete, so you would have to think he's going to put in a


very big performance. OK. I just can't work that out.


the looks of things, if he's a handicapper now, they have a group


one entry, neither can the trainer. forward on Seattle drive. Colin


O'Donoghue has plenty of rides today. He must have half thought


he'd get the call up for Nicholas Abbey. Joseph O'Brien taking that


Deloitte Handicap, here is Jim McGrath.


Footballers like playing on home ground, Frankie Dettori loves


riding at Ascot and what a day he's got ahead of him. Health and Safety


wearing the Royal blue of Godolphin. Later on, he'll be wearing those


exact colours on Rewilding in the King George. Last one going forward


now, Mariachi Man. For this Deloitte Handicap over a mile. Set


to go. Stand by. Ready. Racing! And a fairly ragged start there,


missing it badly, Aerial Acclaim, one of the first away in the centre


is Crown Counsel going nast with Mariachi Man. Up there, straidge


attraction on the near side -- going fast with Mariachi Man. Up


there, Stage Attraction. Making up the ground well is Aerial Acclaim.


Followed next in the field by Alnashmy and further back is


Albaasil in the striped cap. On the near side, the blue colours of My


Freedom, followed by Seattle Drive who is clear of Rave. The centre of


the track, dead centre, they haven't deviated all day, Mariachi


Man shows the way by a length and a half to Crown Counsel with the Red


Cap. Followed by Ahlaain. Aerial Acclaim followed further back by


Stage Attraction. In the centre next is battling away, almashny. --


Alnashmy. Seattle drive and Albaasil switch


to the far side. Race starting to take shape. Mariachi Man draws


alongside to throw out the big challenge, takes the narrow lead


from Aerial Acclaim. Up there too in the centre is Ahlaain. Albaasil


producing on the far side. Rave coming through the centre.


A furlong left to go, Rave in the centre. Albaasil called upon for


effort. Two lengths in front of Aerial Acclaim. Rave drifted out a


bit. Still the leader. Albaasil being held now and Rave, a


comfortable winner and goes on to win it well. Albaasil second, then


Aerial Acclaim and just ahead of Seattle drive further back in the


field, Ahlaain, followed by Abergeldie and My Freedom. Then


Mariachi Man, Alnashmy and Stage Attraction and Crown Counsel was


last. The winner, number three wave


ridden by Patrick Hills, claiming the three. And he's ridden that for


Gary and Lynett Woodward, trained by John Hills and has crossed the


line here. It's three and Rave, Patrick Hills, a son father one-two,


there. Aerial Acclaim. Fourth is number eight, Seattle Drive,


followed by ah line and then Abergeldie. Behind them is My


Freedom. Mariachi Man and Alnashmy, Stage Attraction. Some considerable


gap six lengths or so to Crown Counsel who's just about the last


to finish. Rave has won it. Won it well this


cult. Paddy Hills landing his third winner of the season and 12th


winner of the season for John Hills. A length and a half and two and


three quarter lengths and the time was 1.43.33.


This the biggest day of Patrick Hills' life without doubt winning


this race on Rave and beating his father in the process, I would


think they might try to walk into the enclosure together. A family


affair because Patrick rode for his father John Hills and it stems down


from the Barry Hills line, a massive racing dynasty. Very easy


to spot Rave here with the white bridle to see where Patrick came


from and how he managed to get the better of his much more experienced


father. We have just seen a Barry Hills trained winner here as well.


Whether the ground is catching them out a bit, riding that bit slower,


but a lovely ride. Willy talked about jockeys being smooth. This


was pretty smooth. And a great low profile as well. A very aerodynamic,


looks almost American? Yes, but he's quite a bit taller than his


father which is why he tucks himself up that bit more. Albaasil


lost nothing in defeat. The handicap put him up ten pound for


that win and that's what stopped him. Abergeldie hung back into the


field and didn't help Simon Pearce at all, maybe not enjoying the


ground or whatever but the first two have pulled will clear and Rave


fell off. Good spot, Mick. That is Rave's


third win over course distance. They want him to keep coming back


to Ascot. He clearly enjoy it is. A great day for the Hills family.


The son beats the father. The son lands the money for his


uncle. Rave at 10-1 has beaten His grandfather trained the winner


of the previous race, Angels Will Fall. A big Ascot day for the Hills


family. Now, watch this again.


There he is. And dad, now doubt, having some


words I would say of encouragement and congratulations! Back he comes.


Rave has won the money in that Winner's Enclosure.


There is still lots of action to come.


That's the place that any jockey, any rider feels honoured to be, in


the Winner's Enclosure, a very, very special place here at Ascot.


Very happy connections here. Rave has beaten Albaasil. Let's


check the full result of the I have Patrick Hills and dad,


Richard with me. Patrick, your emotions crossing the line having


gotten into a battle with dad? Brilliant. He beat me at Newmarket.


Now I have gotten him back. Richard, your assessment of what


happened? Patrick, I gave him a patient ride. I thought I would


track him. I was given a little bit of weight my side, but pleased with


Pat. There must be a feeling of


proudness, surely? Yes, we go out there to do our best, he has done


well, that is what it is all about. Patrick, what does it mean to ride


such a big win on such a big day and finish ahead of your dad?


such a brilliant horse. He won here the last time. He picked up well.


He did it again today, even with the big ask. I thank the owners for


keeping me on him. Thank you very much.


much. Well done.


Another marvellous result for the bookies.


A great ride. Albaasil the favourite.


First Rave at 10-1. He did the bookies a massive favour! Let's


have a look the start of the mile handicap. Here is the winner, Rave.


He comes out of the stall number nine. He flight jump as little bit.


And now the VT. Richard Hills I think he wants to be held up, but


he is buffeted from the horses on all sides? The horses kept together


and push him out so that he had to accept and settle his horse.


Patrick had to do the same thing. His horse jumped up in the air and


came down in a bit of a happy and had a length behind, but both


horses were out in the back it was possibly the place to be.


It looks like it was. The first and the second coming from the right


and the rear of the field. Let's have a look at the closing


stages. Here is Rave, he gets to make his move at the back. There is


Albaasil as well. The interesting thing watching the head-on film,


here, Willie is that the two of them are taking from our


perspective a real dive to the right outside? Yes, the father and


son have their sticks in the right hands. Both horses go that way. In


this occasion, Patrick, here he had a little bit more patience than the


father. The father went a bit sooner than son. Of course, the son


has gotten home in front. You can see there how they drifted across


the track when they got to the front. When they come out of the


pack they have drifted that way, but a great result for the Hills


family. It is indeed.


Then he drops as he celebrates, he drops the rein a bit.


He has to gather him up. The father is shouting, "Well done" I think


that the father is shouting to sit tight as well.


They have a great reception from everybody else. It is interesting,


Richard rides a lot with his son Michael, but not so often with


Patrick, but a great day for them. Nick Fitzgerald with me. A chance


to look ahead to the King George. I heard you previewing the rates.


Despite the fact that there is a field of five it is really


interesting it make as case for all of them.


You can, and Debussy, he is the pacemaker, he is a class horse in


his own right. Thereis a three- year-old, Nathaniel, he was so


impressive earlier. Tactics could play a huge part. I think now what


happens? Sir Michael Stoute has had a couple of horses run that are


disapointing. Do you start to get nervy? It will be interesting to


see if there is money for the other horses here..What is your view --


what is your view about the reaction on getting the ride for


jof. He knows the horse but -- for Joseph, he lacks the experience,


but he knows the horse, does it balance it out? Is he good enough,


St Nicholas Abbey? He has beaten Midday, but he has to improve and


up his game a little bit. There are no illusions, this fella


can ride, his father would not use him if he could not.


And concern for Rewilding, he is such a good horse. I fancy him on


faster ground? I would not be concerned about the ground. He was


raining on the day that he won when there had been rain, but he is not


a forgotten horse. A very good day here for the Hills


family. There they are accepting their winning trophy for the


Deloitte Handicap. They are making the presentation


there, a big crowd of them all come to enjoy the day.


Congratulations to them with Rave. Earlier on we saw a parade and


demonstration of retired racehorses. This is Earth Mover. He won the


Christie's Fox Hunters at the Cheltenham Festival. Distant


Prospect, a winner, and polo, miss Boogie Woogie. Mon Signor petted by


various members of the crowd. The public have a chance to get on the


exerciser to see how difficult it is to balance and keep riding. So


lots going on to help people feel involved in the sport? They have


seen what a great season we have had flat racing. The jumping is to


come for the winter, but they are trying to keep the people closer to


the action. That is why they are loving it.


Absolutely. Over 30,000 people here Absolutely. Over 30,000 people here


today. Thousands thinking of coming on


October the 15th when we have the finals with the different


categories, but when they get here, the sport takes centre stage. This


is what is happening so far this COMMENTATOR: Regal Realm is lunging,


but Angels Will Fall gets the money. I won!


COMMENTATOR: Rave drifting is still the leader, Albaasil held now. Nick


Ravenscroft is a comfortable winner. -- Rave is a comfortable winner.


Still to come, we have the Betfair International over seven furlongs.


23 run ers, Palace Moon is a non- runner. It includes last year's


runner, Castles In The Air. At 4.30pm the big one, the King George


VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes. A field of five as we were hearing


from Mick, all of them, all of them have a chance and Frankie Dettori


is a jockey who loves it here at Ascot. He has had so many winners.


This is the place for his memories. He has been talking to Mick.


It doesn't get bigger than the King George. A fantastic race this year.


With the Derby winner and St Nicholas Abbey and the three-year-


old. A fascinating race. I know it is a small field, but all of the


top guns are here. This should put it to bed it was the best middle


distance horse of the world. We are all excited. We are expecting


fireworks out. There$$NEWLINE you were excited when you won on


Rewilding, has it meant a lot to you? Yes. He is such bonny little


horse. It shows what tremendous courage he has got. Last time he


won out here I was racing against one of the best horses in the world.


To wear him down, to get past him was a, is showing true quality of a


great fighter. Have you sat on him since? Is it a


hard race coming in? They keep me well away from him! He is a horse


that does not need much training. We know that we have to space the


training. It is over 30 days since the Prince of Wales. We think it is


enough time. There is only one King George, we are going to give it a


Tell us about Mohammed he is not doing a lot wrong? Absolutely.


He was third in the Derby. He nearly won the 1,000 Guinness in


Ireland. This year started with a bang.


The 1,000 Guinness in Ireland and the oakes. The Classic winner, so


for a guy not even two years training, it is fantastic.


This is billed as one of the great races of the season, d'you think


that Rewilding can do it? I like to think so. I will go out there, put


him in the right place and give it my best shot. The competition is


hot. It is like asking who is going to win the cup final, but any of


the horses can win it. Frankie Dettori's thoughts there on the


chances of rere. I am joined by the two finalists in the race to find


Britain's first me mail horse commentator, Hayley Moore and


Rachel Casey, you are the two who have made it through to the fine.


We will talk to you about your experiences and what you have to do,


after we hear you in action. They are into the closing stages


here, it is Billy Red, then Titus Gent. Then Baron's Boy.


Also up there on the right is the Sovereign Debt. He is proving handy


this time. It is battled out by sovereign Debt who is ong by a


length or two. It is Sovereign Debt to do it today.


It is very, very hard a thing to do. I have done it for golf, but I


would not dreep -- dream of doing it on racing. Rachel, what did you


think about it? It is really exciting. The buzz of doing a live


call. It make it is that you just really want to do it.


One of the difficulties is trying to keep the pitch of your voice low


when you are getting excited? of course. It is also about giving


the enjoyment to those of you watching the race and obviously


trying to build a rhythm, to keep the rhythm and to keep the climax


and get the right result on the line.


Does it give you a real adrenaline rush, Hayley, how did you enjoy it?


That is one thing it does give you. I do get worked up. I get jiggy, I


start jumping around. Like riding a finish for the last furlong.


When I am comment aing on tennis, I start throwing shots! Yes, when I


went to Doncaster, they enjoyed my driving finishes! Here were you


commenting in your head? No, but I thought what a great horse to keep


in line. Jim, what advice do you have for


Rachel and Hayley? I think tomorrow, they will love the commentary


position at Ascot. Rachel had a hard job at Bath. It is difficult


at Bath. They are coming at you head on all of the way. Hayley had


a lot of runners. Looking at the field tomorrow, they don't look so


big. So that will be in their favour. I hope that they come here,


it is a fine day, it is not too sunny. Keep looking at the monitors


and learn your colours. So, to clarify, the final here is


here at Ascot, how does it work? do the first race which is a maiden,


none of them have raced before. That will be interesting. The third


race and Hayley does race two and race four.


What do you win for the winner? get a place in the prestigious


commenting course with 18 months training with the professionals we


have had with us now it is difficult to get on to. They take


on four a year. We are not give an complete leg up. We don't get a


place to comment on, we are up against three others in training.


So we are given a leg up, but not actually being given a job.


Well, good luck in the final. Injoy it. From potential female race


commentators to race riders who are also female, and Rishi somehow


managed to get into the lady's' changing room, how did that happen?


I have no idea, but I managed to convince people. I have found


Catherine Gannon and Judith Kerr. Cathy, how difficult has it been to


establish yourself. Now you are ranked amonk the top riders,


generally in the country? It was hard to get established first of


all. I kept at it. Like Julie, she has been here a year. She is


starting to pick up now. Obviously she can pick up the same as I did


and keep getting plenty of rides. You'lly -- Julie, you are had great


winter. Hopefully it has given you the profile to get more races


today? Kevin has given me lots of chances and given me the ride today.


Is it difficult to get rides when you are competing in a male-


dominated sport? It is, but I work hard.


How much has it helped to have the likes of Kathy and Hayley, etc?


is a big help. Without them we would not be able to do what we are


doing. They broke through for us.


Kathy, I have to ask you about the ride in this The Confessor, how


much is he going to fight today? has a real good chance.


The horse is in good form. He ran at the Curragh the last day. He had


to overcome a bad draw. He ran well. So, I hope that I can do the shot


today. The bell is about to go. I'm going


to remain here in the quiet of the ladies' changing room! Julie Burke


has had 13 winners this season, and Kathy Gannon 35, more on the board


that Frankie Dettori. Let's have a look at the runners


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 68 seconds


Let's have a look at the runners a seven furlong charge this. It is


the biggest field up the course today. They have been grooming up


in the middle, but they will split, that is for sure it will be


interesting to see which side is the faster.


In this Betfair Summer Double First Leg International Stakes coming up


today is alive. I will go to a few customers, who are you backing?


on Hawkeyethenoo and �10 on Noble. A fancy horse Noble, lots of money


for that one. You, sir? Castles In The Air.


Who here? Excellent Guest. Who do the girls fancy? Excellent


Guest. Lads, you are Betty Fontaineing


with the bookie wearing trainers is that a good idea!? It is the first


day of the King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes. A long day for


the trainer of Hawkeyethenoo, Jim Goldie.


A big day today? Yes, but we shall see what happens.


We have seen this often, how much does the course matter? Well, he


has decided to come here, he knows where the winning post is!


handicap has been unkind and hiked him up eight pounds. Do you think


he has improved to take that extra weight on board? Hopefully. I think


he is going to be on top form to win today, but he is going the


right way. We got him when he was 50 odds, he has not stopped


improving yet. So we are just onwards and upwards. Tell us about


Gary Bartley who rides him today? Gary has been married to Carol, the


pair have been together for five years. They ride him out. They know


him very well. Isn't he lovely? He look as


smashing ride. Do you think he can win this? Definitely. I think it


will be close. Gary will get him relaxed and get him finished.


Hopefully we are drawn on the right side. He is in good order.


That was Jim Goldie, the owner of Hawkeyethenoo. He drove the


horsebox down all the way from Glasgow. Set off at 10 am yesterday.


Now, ruth, you have three runners in the race, talk us through your


chances? Dubai Dynamo. He has run really well on ground thats what a


little too soft for him. He is in great form. He looks fantastic. We


are hoping for a good chance there. You also have Imperial DJ?


Imperial Djay? Imperial Djay has done nothing but improve.


He could have an outside ers chance. And Al Muheer? That it interesting.


He looks like he is starting to run into for more. He has the ability,


he has bags of it. He could run a big race. Willie is nodding, have


you had a Lillibet? Yes, we have! How are you enjoying the training


game it is going great for you? has been fantastic. The horses are


running well. We have a good gang of owners and it's going well.


It's been lovely. Great to talk to you, a big field, lots of chances,


let's have a closer look at them. There is Brae Hill. He is one of


the market leaders. The reason for that is a victory at Newmarket also


in the race was Excellent Guest. Brae Hill you can see he comes by


himself on the nearside. Look here now, the arrow is not great, but


there is a white jacket of blue cap in the centre. He does not get a


great run this horse, but finishes best on the farside.


Brae Hill is an unlucky loser. He has had a great race. The line came


to soon here for Excellent Guest. He got going towards the end of the


contest. It is a wider track here, they are more spaced out. That will


help him. Brae Hill has been the runner up in the Lincoln. A very


good conturned. Very consistent. George Martin has two runners in


the race, Imperial Guest and Excellent Guest. Two fine runs for


Excellent Guest, including here, the Royal Meeting? Great starts. I


felt that the ground were right. I think I have been proved right.


He d a good job in the Bunbury Cup. He is in really good form and going


the right way. I'm looking for a big run from him.


I read in the newspaper in the last seven days, that you thought that


Imperial Guest could win the race? There is no doubt in my mind that


he is the better horse of the two. The other horse is improving


rapidly. He could be catching up, they have not worked together for a


while, but the work that they showed Wednesday morning, I gave


them a blow the pair of them, they did a blow, the other horse had


more guts. It is a tricky one. If they are drawn either side on one


side or the same side I would go for Imperial Guest to beat the


other horse. Can you be confident on the side?


I'm hoping that one is drawn one side and the other the other side!


Imperial Guest was unlucky as the Royal Meeting last year, but I am


hoping for a big run from the pair of them. It's a handicap.


Good luck. We are looking at last year's


running for you. The winner of this race was Castles In The Air. In


fairness he has run OK, but not fantastically so far this season,


Mick, but back to this place, a valuable prize here, Richard Hughes


on board. Do you smell a plot? I don't, but it would be obvious if


you were connected to the horse to stay right.


But hopefully he will be. There he is, let's have a look at some of


the others. Hawkeyethenoo who won the Victoria Cup.


Over this course and the same distance this last time. He has a


big weight to carry, but down by three pounds for Gary Bartley?


worry is the ground. All of his best form has been on a fast


surface. Even when he won here the last time it was quick. This ground


is on the slower side. Moving on to strike strik strike


rid bin David Alan. He has another one wo has won well on the track in


the big handicaps in the past? keep coming up time after time, it


is amazing. If the horses like it here, they like the American in


which the races are run, that is the key.


There are a couple in the line up Jonathan. Blue cap. Fairly


consistent. The last couple of runs, he's just been out of the money.


Yes, the thing is, he's just been knocking on the door and sometimes


you get a lot of the horses that fall into that category.


Levi than. Used to be Tom Tate who I used to think trains the biggest


horses in the world. But now it's Tony Newcombe who can train the big


horses. If you look at the close-up of this horse last time, too much


to do, had no run in the race at Sandown. Salisbury I think he won


at. This horse will be there at the business end. Stall one for him.


Right over on the far side. Dubai Dynamo goes through into the gates.


Hawkeyethenoo, they took the seven croft nearest to us. Jamie McKay


riding. There is last year's winner, Castles In The Air. Striking Spirit


just going in as well. He's got to go into stall 18. The higher the


number, they'll be on the right, the lower the number, they'll be on


the left. Will aye Carson is famous for his predictions on big races.


Your prediction is? Coming out of my house to get my Tent back


because I don't think Hawkeyethenoo can win, I think the handicapper's


stuck too much weight on his back. I would imagine that will stop him.


But there are so many horses in the race running for you, so that would


be my prediction to get my house back. Willy making reference to the


fact that he said so you think couldn't get beaten who duly did


get beaten at Ascot -- So You Think. Away to a good start too. One of


the first away, Brae Hill. Up there too in the early stages is Bronze


Prince on the near side. Drops in behind. The Confessor is the early


leader. From up there in the centre Advanced. Also Below Zero. Manassas.


Joseph Henry. On the near side, just behind them, striking sprirt,


followed by Kings croft with the Red Cap. Further back in the field,


coming up the centre of the course, grouped together, haven't spread at


all. Below Zero, Advanced, Manassas, Joseph Henry. Striking Spirit.


Further back is Reignier. Excellent Guest. Out on the centre The


Confessor. Hawkeyethenoo. Excellent Guest. Striking Spirit starting to


run on well. Dubai Dynamo. Noble Citizen right down the near side.


It's The Confessor starting to paddle. Noble Citizen's flashing


home with Bronze Prince down the outside. They race towards the line


now. Bronze Prince has got up to win it from The Confessor. Noble


Citizen, further back in the field is Atlantic Sport and then Dubai


Dynamo. They were clear then of our Jonathan and Brae Hill, as they


crossed the lain in the Betfair Summer Double first leg in the


national. It's Bronze Prince, down the outside, who's got up to win


for William Buick. What a boost. Only a half hour before his big


assignment on Nathaniel in the King George.


Bronze Prince has mow them down, got up to win here and the in the


dying strides from The Confessor who was there for so long. In third


is Noble Citizen. In fourth is praf za Street. That's the one, two,


three, four. Atlantic Sport is in fifth -- Pravda Street. Our


Jonathan. Kasnls the air, Imperial Guest and Manassas -- Castles In


The Air. Followed by Dubai Dynamo, Imperial Djay. Al Muheer. Striking


is spirit. Rainier: Hawkeyethenoo. Advanced Mirza. Brae Hill. Behind


them is Below Zero. Kings croft. They were clear then of Leviathan,


who's one of the last. I think there's a couple of stragglers


still to come. We are not waiting for them. The winner is number 18,


Bronze Prince, William Buick, from the near side. They raced up the


centre. 16-1, the winner. They raced up, all in a group, they


didn't split and this horse had drawn high. It's run on well.


1.26.60 the time. The distance is a half length and a hear.


Let's have a look at where William Buick came from on this winner,


because as we pick it up, he's towards the back on Bronze Prince,


whereas The Confessor who gets down on the line, she's hit the front


already. You will see Buick gets a real tune out of this horse, starts


to make progress, never gets impeded, into a great rhythm and


flies home. First time Bronze Prince has won since he was a two-


year-old, he's four now. himself well handicapped, only


carried eight stone six, so he was actually well handicapped on his


two-year-old form. But he came out of stall 24 of 24 runners, but


slightly come across nearly to the far side. He's followed the rest of


the field. But you can see them spread all over but the draw


doesn't seem to have paed any difference to them because the


second horse was drawn seven, the third 19 and the fourth drawn two.


-- made any difference. Nothing in the draw, but Buick obviously on a


well handicapped horse has done it, got there without using the stick,


hands and heels. It was one of those races where it was a very


well timed ride. And got the horse going really well for him. Lovely


to see The Confessor finishing second, just to confirm, third was


Noble Citizen, and fourth Pravda Street. That's run a big race as


well. You were correct, Hawkeyethenoo couldn't win. Yes, he


didn't. William Buick coming back after


winning this handicap at 16-1 on comes back here. He had finished


15th in the Hunt Cup here over the mile at the Royal meeting and since


then, he'd gone to the July Newmarket course. He had been


finding it hard to win a race, hpbtd won since his maiden days, as


Claire was saying -- hadn't won. Hadn't won on the turf until today.


There he is. He's enjoyed it this afternoon, that's for sure, and


finished down the outside, really strong burst at the finish of the


seven furlongs. John Gosden there with the trilly. -- trilby. Rishi


is with jockey William Buick after that big race win, this Heritage


Handicap win in the Betfair Summer Double first leg international.


Yes, William Buick, where did that come from? Well, you know, we


thought we generally had a good chance so it wasn't a complete bolt


out the blue, but they all try hard and a lot get near misses and I'm


pleased this horse got the number one today because it was well


deserved. At what point in the race did you think I'm going to get


these? He was always doing enough, it just took forever, but he was


always doing enough for me, he was always going to be in the mix, just


glad he did enough to win. Tell me about how much you are looking


forward to running Nathaniel in the next? Yes, looking forward to it,


can't wait, here at Royal Ascot now. Thanks. Thank you.


What a result there! Bronze Prince Paddy Power, were planning on the


first five, so if you backed Atlantic Sport at 25-1, you still


get paid. I said the favourite would be 5-4, Workforce, and that's


the first show here, 5-4, 3-1 Rewilding and 130 St Nicholas Abbey,


all the money still for Workforce. Let's have a look back at the


closing stages of this valuable seven furlong handicap. Bronze


Prince takes your eye. Castles In The Air, last year's winner, he's


not in that much of a different position at this stage of the race.


Atlantic Sport is back now with Mick Shannon here. Castles In The


Air finished fifth, I think he's split than the eventual winner,


every chance, unable to peg them back today. Kasnls the air, the two


last runs have been 18th and 23rd. Kshksh Castles In The Air. Watch


out for him in the future. Atlantic Sport, I dare say, same from him if


Mick Shannon can get a win for him. Slightly wicker than average on the


time. William Buick will be on board Nathaniel. He's back into the


weighing room after the victory for that very valuable �62,000 first


prize seven furlong handicap. I've come down to the pre-parade


ring. Sheikh Mohammed is down here himself beyond the blue bins of


water. They are in his colours. Willy is down here with me. We'll


get a chance to talk to them later. It's lovely to see the horses


before they begin to get revved up by any bigger crowds. This is where


the real students of racing come to have a look at them because,


particularly a race like this, Willly, where it's difficult to


make a strong argument of form from one horse to another. I've got four


horses in this race and looking at them now might make my mind up


which one I'll go for. St Nicholas Abbey here. Rewilding behind him.


Sheikh Mohammed is in the pre- parade ring. We think this horse


sometimes needs a long time in- between his races. And runs up a


little light. You can see his ribs there. Slightly on the light side.


First glance at Workforce, the horse that won the Derby in a


record time last year. Stuart Messenger here with him, Michael


Stoute's very trusted Assistant trainer. He looks well, doesn't he?


There's nothing about him that would put you off. I would say you


would definitely be on him. Looks absolutely fantastic, his coat


gleaming here, little bits of sunshine getting through the clouds,


look as though they're behaving very well. Calm at this stage. We


haven't seen Nathaniel. I got a glimpse of Debussy, the pacemaker


he is the pacemaker, but a very good one, because we have four


cults in here, one three-year-old, top class animals, not a lot of


distance... You would say you could throw a sheet over them and that's


what difference there would be at the finish. I'll show you back here


to the saddling boxes. When they redesigned Ascot, they moved the


saddling boxes to this area closer to the paddock and made sure that


they're big and roomy, the horses have plenty of space They're cool


in there as well with the sun not getting to them. There is Deb usy,


be easy to spot -- Debussy. I would think Godolphin will be excited


about today because they could play the tactical cards, given they have


the pacemaker, they can judge exactly how this race is going to


be run. And hopefully he's not just there


for Godolphin, he's there for everybody today. He is going to set


the race up for everybody because these four horses are going to be


following him. It's just a real gallop over a mile and a half. And


which is the strongest... Look at Sheikh Mohammed, he's bobbing away


on his toes there and getting all excited. Remember how excited he


was last time. This isn't just about what the horses do on the


racecourse, it's whether they are potential stallions and can go on


to earn millions at stud. The added interesting factor to this is that


the key owners are also part of massive breeding operations. I'm


talking about Darley, the Godolphin team and Juddmonte. Possibly the


three biggest breeders in the whole wide world. They are the three...


Not forgetting about the Australians.


Absolutely, but they are the three big super powers of racing in this


country. They've all got a cult in this race and if it wins, it will


put a lot of money on their, what do you say, stud career. Absolutely.


They are battling here for millions. operations in the world come


together in a Clash of the Titans for the 2011 King George. Between


them, they've won more than 600 Group 1 races worldwide and they


are the dominant forces in British racing. Their trainers are the very


best and they share the glory with the men at the top, Juddmonte's


prince Khalid Abdullah, Godolphin's Sheikh Mohammed and John Magna.


They've been associated with some of the modern greats of the turf.


Horses that really did take their breath away.


Dancing Brave. What a fantastic finish. Comes from last to win it!


The crowd is going wild with excitement!


Rock of Gibraltar. This is a machine, walking away with this.


Wins the Sussex Stakes in a canter. He's turned into the ultimate


racehorse. He's so full of himself and was doing very well here. Very


unusual to find that quality in horses. Dueb millennium well clear


in the Dubai World Cup. What a performance -- Dubai Millennium.


was an unbelievable feeling, probably the best horse I've ridden,


Frankel. Destroyed them from halfway, an amazing performance.


He's very difficult. There's something extraordinary about him


and I don't know what it is, everything I think! Galileo.


Fantastic Light can't get him. Galileo triumphant in the King


George. Unbelievable the way he travelled


through the race. Mike aid it was like driving a motor war in the


race, he went where he wanted. Daylami is going to win for


Godolphin. Very, very happy to see him come back and win this big race.


What about this man, he knows how to show his pleasure. Mwah...


to overexcited. The battle for supremacy comes to Ascot's summer


highlight featuring three of the best middle distance horses. St


Nicholas Abbey had no three-year- old season, but having won the


Coronation Cup, victory here would complete his comeback.


St Nicholas Abbey getting there. It's enough to win the Coronation


Cup. The race will be the biggest challenge for Aidan O'Brien's 18-


year-old son Joseph who takes the ride. Godolphin's Rewilding is in


the form of his life, having thrillingly beaten the flagship


horse, so you think. He doesn't get the recognition he deserves. He's a


very good horse and showed his true colours today.


Last but not least, Juddmonte's Workforce who bounced back from


failure in last year's King George to be crowned champion of Europe.


Workforce gains the upper hand now, 100 yards left to go. They race to


the line. Workforce! Has a great attitude. He's had


difficulties in his life and he's ran the Derby well. This is a


mighty race. Three teams, three star horses, one winner. And the


final touch is being put to Rewilding. Equally, St Nicholas


Abbey's been saddled and is about to come down right in front of that


box between it and the camera. There you can see St Nicholas Abbey,


a little smaller than some of the others, a fine head on him and


looks extremely well. Willie, you have had a look at all of them now.


What is your honest opinion? It's very difficult. A lot of horses


here. Not a lot between them. I have to end up with Workforce


because he looks absolutely magnificent. The other horse is


just about to walk behind us who we are talking about as the pacemaker,


Deb usy. -- Debussy. Good enough to be a stallion one day, that guy.


The water is put in his mouth. the most powerful horse. When he


ran in the Derby, he wasn't as mature as he is today. You think


about the horses that Michael Stoute's won the King George with,


he bids, by the way, to become the most successful King George trainer,


this would be his sixth win. Harbinger last year broke the


course record. This horse was favourite and that's the only bad


race Workforce has ever run, was at Ascot. I don't think it was


anything to do with the actual racecourse. I think it was to do


with the firm ground and the condition the horse was in, but


he's matured so much between three and four, he looks the complete


horse. He was trying to do the impossible at Sandown over a mile


and a quarter, trying to take this speed out of So You Think and he


wasn't able to do so, but he did not lose anything at all in defeat.


In fact, I thought he ran a great, great race just to be beaten by


possibly one of the best horses in the whole world. Which is So You


Think. That's who beat him. We can almost touch him here, they're


coming so close to hus. Don't do that! No, I won't do that. St


Nicholas Abbey, very aware, seeing everything that goes on. The


trainers here, running in Derek's colours. A good chance to get to


talk to Aidan because he very often goes out with the horse on to the


course. We won't manage to later so Aidan, we had a long chat with


Joseph who came up with a cracking line, he said he tends to keep his


mouth shut because open mouths catch flies. How are you feeling


about the race? A good day, thank you very much. Listen, everything


is good, he was relaxed while tacking him up and have been happy


with him since Epsom. Joseph said he's very straightforward at home?


Very much so. Joseph rides him and knows him very well. There's a look


there at your son Joseph. A big day for you and him there? Absolutely.


He's here and riding him and we are going to learn a lot about him.


Very grateful to everybody for letting him have the chance.


Hopefully it goes well. Does it make you more nervous or excited,


does it affect you more that Joseph's on him? No, obviously


Joseph knows him very well so I'm relaxed about that and listen, he's


do his best and whatever will be will be, Claire. What to you make


of the race,? Very high quality, isn't it? Very. Great for the race


and great to be part of it. Looking at St Nicholas Abbey there, very


relaxed. You thought so much of him as a two-year-old, he was a great


two-year-old, three-year-old season didn't two to plan, now he gets the


chance to prove what you have always thought? Yes, stepping up


for him all the time and hopefully he runs a nice race today and it


will be a great experience and we'll learn a lot about him after


it and look forward to it. I'll let you go because he's walking into


the paddock there. Thank you very much. We saw Joseph, one of the


five jockeys riding in this race, he was in the weighing room getting


his thoughts in order, getting himself focused, big, big task in


hand, Ryan Moore knows all about it. He'll be on board Workforce, a very


cool customer. There's Joseph, by far and a way the tallest of them


but saying he's going to keep riding as a professional. Act Ned


on the right, he'll be setting the fractions, making thes by of


Debussy. William Buick having a chat with John Gosden over the


prospect of Nathaniel and Frankie and Ahmed making sure they know


what they'll be doing. Frankie on Rewilding. Interesting? Yes, a


fantastic race. I like what he said, he keeps doing a step up, there


isn't another step after this one. No. This is the top step that they


are all on here. The highest quality race. Just so interesting.


It will unfold over the next 15 minutes or so, so let's take a look


at the field in full request Jim McGrath.


Yes, it's a cracker on paper. The King George VI and Queen Elizabeth


Stakes sponsored by Betfair. Here are the five runners for this


Workforce. It's now 11-10, 7-2 bar. Look at the bookies' board. 7-2,


Rewilding, 7-2 St Nicholas Abbey. 40-1 Debussy, that can't win if it


started now. 11-10 for Workforce. Prince Harry in the paddock ahead


of the King George VI and calling into the Queen Elizabeth Stakes


speaking to the jockeys, getting an introduction with Frankie Dettori


who will be riding Rewilding hoping to land his fifth victory in the


King George and Mick and I have been joining the crowds, massive


crowd here, lot of people taking in a view of this race and the horses


in the paddock before this race. Mick, let's start off talking about


Frankie's mount, number two, Rewilding? Brilliant when he won


the Prince of Wales Stakes here at the Royal meeting. A lot has been


made of the fact that he needs time before his races. What do you


think? Looks very well to me. Very handsome, doesn't have the stature


but looks very well and I would definitely give him a positive.


Nicholas Abbey just coming to our left here, ahead of Workforce.


Let's talk about St Nicholas Abbey, he's now four? Rhine Moore will


give the horse a brilliant ride and this is a horse who promised so


much as a two-year-old. Just had a barren year last year, but he's


starting to come good now. Number four, the best mile and a half


horse in the world? Moore summed up how good he thought this horse was.


Workforce is hoping to redeem himself from his disappointing run


last year. Do you think there was anything where it was down o the


track last year? I think it was down to the fact that this horse


hadn't run, he had a long time between races, he was too fresh.


Even if you look back, he was keen in the early part, it will be very


important that Ryan switches him off and that's why Debussy's role


as pacemaker is very important. I said there was no money for St


Nice lass Abbey. Look at this ticket, the magic sign, �45,000


somebody's had on and the returns is a massive �195,000. That would


believe it. Joseph O'Brien meeting up with his father over there and


that is the St Nicholas Abbey camp. The whole team are involved there.


Joseph looking... Well, always pail and quietz so... He doesn't


actually look old enough to be dog this job. Neither did you, even


when you were in your 20s and 30. Come on, I was an old man when I


was a young man. Whatever. Over here, we have the Nathaniel team.


The only three-year-old in the race. Interesting, very, very interesting


his chances. John Gosden is always good to talk to to assess the


quality of a race. William there in deep discussion with Lady


Rothschild talking about Nathaniel and his chances and what he thinks


about the horse. He's a very exciting prospect. John, a quick


line on what you think of the quality of the race? It's an elite


crew isn't it? Obviously, the best older horse, that's So You Think


and obviously with Rewilding, won the Prince of Wales and the winner


of the core nation, group ones and two, then a three-year-old is here


-- Coronation. He's trying to move up another level. An exciting elite


crew and a pace mairk who, you never know, might steal it --


It is interesting to see him getting jiggy before the race even


starts, for want of a better word. Let's have a chat with Simon. I was


watching sheikh Mohammed, he is really geeed up for this? I think


that we all are. Frankie Dettori is spot on. It will be a really


exciting contest. Obviously the key is our pacemaker. Hopefully he will


set a nice, honest and even building pace, but it is no good


him going ten lengths in front, but they are in great shape.


If that rain had not come, Rewilding would almost be the


favourite? I think so. The best form is on a really quick track. We


have had rain. It has been quite overcast, but we are not putting


that up as an excuse. He has got good form on soft ground in France.


It is great. It is great to see sheikh Mohammed here with a real


live contender. It has not been that many in the King George?


have been lucky. We think that Rewilding can be as good as some of


the champions in the past. So, the race is on.


OK, the boss is off. Clare, Nathaniel, like he did at


Royal Ascot is indeed getting a bit warm, but it was not a barrier. The


one thing that you can say it is a cool day, nothing else is getting


warm? That is what you have to take into account here. He does look


that time of -- type of horse, but John Gosden knows what he has here.


And the pacemaker, Debussy, he is a Group 1 winner? Simon summed it up,


saying that this horse probably has the most important role of any in


the race. It is worth taking a look at the


horse's official races, the horse with the highest number is the best


horse, Workforce, ranked at 28, that is a gig given to his


attainability. The second top-rated horse is Rewilding. Now, the


difference of a pound or one point is equivalent to a length over a


mile-and-a-half. Then behind them, four lengths, is 123, St Nicholas


Abbey then Nathaniel, the three- year-old, he has a bit to do to


catch up with the others, he is 115. That means he needs to finish 13


lengthsth better than he ever has done. So it goes to show the level


of ability that the Workforce horse has and what the others must do to


catch up to him? Sometimes I think that you can throw the ratings out


of the window it is just the way that the race is run on the day.


Well, the other than of Workforce, he has not taken his eye off the


horse all the way around. He is clearly the horse to watch.


The King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes sponsored by


Betfair is run at Ascot. This race is over a mile-and-a-half. It is


run in the middle of the season. The race itself over a mile-and-a-


half is straightforward. You have a long run in through the bend.


Then from then on you have the climb through the last bend to the


three furlong marker. This is where the race starts. This is where you


want to be in a good challenging position coming into the straight.


This creates one of the best horses of the season, usually a great


champion wins this kind of rain. So, that is the course in front of


them. The horses are now prayeding in front of the Grandstand. Led out


by Debussy. Used to be trained by John Gosden.


It is up to him to get the pace right and to take the field with


him. It is a big task for Ahmed Ajtebi, the man on board.


Then, rere, he has won up to �2 million in prize money so far.


Ridden by Frankie Dettori. Many people think he is the missing


piece of the jigsaw. Now a bit of a gap, then we find


Joseph O'Brien, 18 years old, he could be the youngest winning


jockey ever of the King George. He has won the Ormond Stakes.


He has so much belief and faith. He thinks that the horse is truly


brilliant. We will discover whether he can be brilliant on King George


Day. Behind him, this is Workforce, a


winner of �2.9 million in prize money so far. He is four years old.


Rhine Moore is on board. He broke the track record when he won the


Derby last year. He is a brilliant horse, the only time he has been


disappointed was in this race when he started as the favourite but the


race was won by Harbinger. Now, Nathaniel is being led in with


a long gap between himself and Workforce. He sweats up a lot. John


Gosden explained it all to us before he won the King Edward they


7thStakes, so don't worry about the sweating.


The jockeys on them, on William Buick's arm, he is wearing a white


arm band that is to raise awareness for the prostate cancer charity.


37,000 men a year suffer from prostate cancer. That is the


charity hoping to ensure that they are diagnosed early and where


possible are treated and cured. So, now over to Joseph O'Brien, a


big day for him. Let's find out what the jockeys think of their


chances and of the race as a whole. If he goes on there, my worry is if


it is fast ground, but that is not the case. I think that he has a


chance. He is an improving horse. Good three-year-olds have a good


record in this race. He is a good horse. He quickens up well.


I let him run smart and see what happens. See what the other jockeys


are doing. I mean, he is such a bonny little horse. It just show


what is tremendous courage he has got. The last time when he won out


here I was racing against one of the best horses in the world, to


wear him down, to get past him I thought it was true quality of a


great fighter. Well, there is over 150 bookmakers


standing here today. They are getting knocked over here on


Workforce. He is 6-5 now in the George I have ever seen. Every


horse they are backing down here for money! It's a great race. There


is a real buzz around the Grandstand here. The dramatic music


is playing. Luckily the horses are so far away from it they will not


hear this at all. The big horse, Workforce does look well. Willie,


in terms of tactics, we know that Debussy is making the running not


to go so fast, to wind up the pace. Is there a danger of anybody


getting caught in a box, or are a trap or not getting out when they


want to? There is only five, I would not have thought so. But it


is possible if they get in the strait that I think that every


jockey should fan out and give everybody a chance and the best


horse will win, but it is, as I have said before, it is like a


heavy y weight boxing -- heavyweight boxing match. There are


big punches. It is who can gallop strong forest the start to the


finish. As we have heard, the pacemaker is in there to help every


horse to. Make a proper gallop, increasing every time. So,


basically, at the start of the race, who gets the number two spot is the


guy who jumps the best. What a fabulous day it is. The


crowd making sure that they have a position to see this race unfold.


Joseph is drying off St Nicholas Abbey's neck, making sure that the


reins are not slippery with sweat. Some jockeys prefer to wear glove


because of the sweat. That is why there is rubber around the leather


to stop that slipping, but it does not always happen that way. A big


step into the open for Nathaniel. �75,000 they paid to supplement him


on Monday, but this is his chance. Here are the big boys, this is it.


Here is Jim. So, the field is almost locked away.


18-year-old Joseph O'Brien, a heavy responsibility on very young


shoulders. That's it. They are racing! Nathaniel began well on the


outside. Debussy began OK. He put the brakes on. He slowed them in


the early stages. Just in behind them on the inside is St Nicholas


Abbey. Workforce on his outside and


Rewilding settling in the rear. This is not what we expected. We


expected him to set an even good pace, Debussy, but he is going a


crawl. He is pulling hard. Pulling him almost out of the


saddle. William Buick is forced to take it up. So it is Nathaniel the


early leader, Debussy on the outside. Tucked away, locked on


third position is St Nicholas Abbey, Joseph O'Brien. On his outside is


Workforce with Rhine Moore on an even rein. Last is Rewilding as


they race down into Swinly Bottom. Now he is allowing Debussy to


stride on. Nathaniel in second. Two lengths away and then Workforce.


Up on the outside is St Nicholas Abbey, two lengths away, Rewilding


with Frankie Dettori. Now, they are clapping on the pace.


There is a tight ride on this, it is still Debussy by two-and-a-half


lengths down. They stride out better.


Two lengths further back is St Nicholas Abbey. On the inside of


Workforce, Rhine Moore is sitting pretty. Tracking him is Frankie


Dettori, still on rere. All the time they are climbing up towards


home. Five fur lungs to travel in the King George.


Out in front is Debussy. Two away then, St Nicholas Abbey, tucked


away on the inside of Workforce. Nour, Frankie Dettori is easing to


the outside on Rewilding. They race to the entrance of the


home straight. Three furlongs to travel. Debussy in front. Nathaniel


the first to strike. Workforce coming up. Behind him is Rewilding


and St Nicholas Abbey is back to the rear. Into the home straight,


Nathaniel strikes for home. Frankie Dettori has gone! Rewilding is


down! Frankie Dettori is on the floor. They are racing with a


furlong to go. On the farside is Nathaniel. Nearside is Workforce.


Followed by St Nicholas Abbey as they race up with 100 yards to go.


Workforce is heading to the outside rail! It is Nathaniel in front.


Nathaniel has gone on to win it convincingly! In second is


Workforce, what a sensation. In third, then is St Nicholas Abbey


followed by Debussy and Frankie Dettori is on the floor.


Rewilding... Rewilding is up... He, Frankie Dettori... He is on the


floor, sadly, Rewilding appears to have broken a leg. What a shame.


What a shame. Such an epic. The a tend ants -- the attendants


are racing over to grab hold of Rewilding. He has come up the home


straight. There is Nathaniel. The winner.


One of the most dramatic King George's you will see for some time.


Frankie Dettori is up on his feet. I am pleased to say. He is being


helped over by the First Aid men. And Rewilding, sadly, has broken


down very badly. But there is Nathaniel. William


Buick the winner of the King George. Let's check the second and third.


Second is Workforce, Rhine Moore. He hung to the outside. It was


unbelievable how badly he hung. Third, St Nicholas Abbey, Joseph


O'Brien. Fourth was Debussy. What a desperately distressing


thing to happen for everybody involved with Rewilding, for


everyone here at Ascot. It has completely marred a wonderful race.


It is so difficult to try and talk about the brilliance of Nathaniel,


who is a brilliant winner of the King George and the extraordinary


race of Workforce when you know what has happened to Rewilding.


Even those of us who watch a lot of racing, involved with horses all of


our life, this is really, really hard and almost impossible to take


in. It is a tragic story for Rewilding. A very good horse. The


race did not go as we thought. There$$NEWLINE I'm finding it hard


here. Workforce would have won had he


kept straight. That is for sure, but the three-year-olds are 19


times to older horses winning the race, 21 times. So with the three-


year-olds getting the 12 pounds this horse would have finished


second, a Irish Derby winner at Chester. We gnaw he was going to


run a big race. They decided to supplement him with �75,000. They


knew that the horse was improving and improving. Which he has shown


today. He is a very, very great horse.


Workforce, unfortunately, Rhine Moore could not keep him straight.


Had he kept him straight possibly he would have beat this horse but


he did not. He ran across the track, so this horse has won the King


George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes. A fantastic achievement for


a three-year-old. Ladies and gentlemen, coming into


the Winner's Enclosure, the winner of the 2011, King George VI and


Queen Elizabeth Stakes, the only three-year-old in the race,


Nathaniel, ridden by William Buick and trained by John Gosden and Lady


Rothschild, the successful owner. Nathaniel, the winner of the


dramatic King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes.


Sponsored by Betfair. Nathaniel had 11-2.


Workforce is second at 6-5. And third is St Nicholas Abbey at


7-2. It was exactly what we were


expecting right from the time that the stales opened.


-- right from the time that the stalls opened.


Here is William, talking to Rishi after the big performance.


Congratulations to winning jockey, William Buick, winning your first


King George, take us through the winning for you? First of all, I


would like to say how sorry I am for rere, it is never nice to see


that happen to a wonderful horse, but my fella jumped in front. Ahmed


Ajtebi did not intend to make the running, so I let my horse stride


along. It was not ideal. I was happy to take the lead. I took it


up and turned it in. This horse is getting better and better. Today he


showed how good he is I always knew he was a very good


horse. I did not know hoe was going to be this good this soon.


The closing stages, yourself and Workforce drifting to the left,


Workforce more violently than yourself, when did you know you had


him beat? I could see Workforce from the corner of my eye. You have


to have a lot of respect for a horse like Workforce. I could see


him drifting further away from me, but I was going with him. Nathaniel


was never stopping. He galloped on well to the line. What does success


mean to you, William? It means everything. The King George is... I


remember when I came here racing with my dad before I started riding.


Now I'm here winning the King George it is just a dream come true.


Well done. Thank you very much.


Full marks to trainer John Gosden here for suggesting that this horse


be supplemented. He was supplemented before the race for


�75,000. That is a bold call especially as the horse is


relatively inexperienced. He won the King Edward VII stakes


by a wide margin, but still a big call to come into the King George


against horses like Workforce, St Nicholas Abbey, Rewilding, who had


won between them a string of Group 1 races.


So, there is the horse. He is by Galileo, continuing the side's


incredible run this season. I have the winning trainer, John


Gosden with me. First of all, we talk about the performance of your


horse, Nathaniel, what he has done and how much he has improved to


beat top-class older horses? Yes, he won well today. We have been


lucky, we were lucky to get the ground. To finish in front of a


horse like Workforce is setting the standard. He is an Arc winner, a


Derby winner, a phenomenal horse. And Workforce was an Arc horse, is


your horse an Arc horse? With a bit of luck we will have to meet there,


but we will have to supplement him again.


He has just had his maiden race, but it would be wonderful to meet


in Paris. And the rider? He is a talented


rider. It was difficult to gauge the race, Debussy was not going


ahead. I gave him no instructions, he must ride it the way that he


wants, we didn't have orders. John, you are delighted to have won


the race, but there is sadness for the Godolphin team and your good


friend, Frankie Dettori? Yes, and the lovely horse, Rewilding. I


think that the people have to understand, I have seen things


going on like this, it is a freakish thing, he has put the leg


bone wrong, he ran down the track in front of everyone and stopped.


He was calm, he was collected. We had to deal with it, the leg was


completely gone. I have seen it happen. I have seen it happen with


horses running loose. He is out now, he is fine. He was in no pain it is


extraordinary. When they break a leg like that it is as though


nature desensitises them. It is very strange. We fed him grass.


Unfortunately, he obviously had to be put down. This is a freakish


thing that had to be put down. I have seen it with horses running


loose without a rider on. John, thank you very much.


There is nob mother sensible or experienced to put it into words,


but a fatal injury suffered by Rewilding in a heavy fall for


Frankie Dettori who came back in the ambulance. We hope he is


alright, but it sours a great race and a very exciting winner in


Nathaniel. It is very hard to do it justice knowing what we know.


We would love to be cocka hoop and scream being the three-year-old


beating the old horses and beating a true champion in Workforce, but


it looks as though Workforce has to go one way it is not around Ascot.


He has to go right-handed. Left-handed.


Left-handed. That is where you will find him going.


I would imagine that the Arc de Triom he.


That will be difficult. M like at York he has hung badly.


It has cost him the King George by hanging across. That is what is


looks like, but the three-year-old was a lovely horse. We said he had


a big chance because of his form. He was an improving horse. He is


the three-year-old, he is the one that can improve more than a four-


year-old. A four-year-old could not improve, but he has shown us today


how much he can improve. Honourable runs from St Nicholas Abbey and


Workforce, not much between them, but let's confirm now the starting


prices and the fin I -- finishing order with Gary.


I must say one thing, the crowd we have here today, every one of them


is an animal lover, whether the winner went past the post nobody


cheered. They were so upset for what happened to the tragedy there.


That is racing. Well, William Buick is the only


jockey smiling. I tried to grab a quick word with a couple of the


lads. Rhine Moore said he could not work it out.


Joseph O'Brien said it was a mess of a race.


-- Ryan Moore. Let's have a look. Debussy was to


make the running and set a decent gallop, but he didn't. William


Buick razes this quickly. He is a high-class galloping 12 furlong


horse. He does not want a slow gallop. The others don't either. So


he is in the right position for a messy race. The thing is he found


in himself in that place and said he had to make the best of a bad


situation. He will have to set the race up to suit myself. What does


happen is that Debussy is pulling hard on the outside. He is revving


Nathaniel up all the time. The two of them are competitive. He is not


helping. Then Debussy goes on it rather looks as though he wanted a


slow gal yol -- gallop for Rewilding, the ill-feated horse.


Now let's have a welcome at Workforce in the closing stages. We


saw this earlier in the handicap for the three-year-olds. They dived


this side. There is Workforce, there is Nathaniel, they are doing


it again. Why? Is there any rime or reason? As Ryan Moore said it


himself. He doesn't have an answer. It is interesting that good horses


have done it in the previous race. Absolutely, he has hung one before.


So, there he is, Nathaniel, the winner. For the first time, William


Buick wins the King George. A huge hug there from his valet. He will


be priced. Good on him. A great horse, Nathaniel. The trophy


presentation made by the Queen normally, she is not here today,


but Prince Harry is an able deputy. News on Frankie Dettori who is


coming back in the ambulance. He is fine. He has barbed his knee, but


he is OK -- he has bashed his knee, but he is OK. He will be hugely


upset to are lost a quality of the horse of Rewilding reand the


American that it happened. If you want to switch to BBC Two,


you can see the kick-office of the match Warrington versus Wigan and


tomorrow Hull against Leeds in the semi-finals.


That will be great coverage. We are back here at Ascot on the 15th of


October, for the coverage of the Champion's Day. That will decide


who are the champions of this year in the UK.


The World Swimming Championships start tomorrow. They are under way


in Shanghai. We are there at 5am tomorrow. They are the winning


connections from the King George and Prince Harry behind them.


Congratulations to everyone involved with Nathaniel, but


obviously a desperately sad day. We are sorry with everyone connected


Clare Balding and Willie Carson present the Ascot midsummer highlight, The King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes. Some of the world's best horses and jockeys will gather for this famous race. There are races at 2.40pm, 3.15pm and 3.50pm, with the King George at 4.30pm.

With Rishi Persad, Ian Bartlett, Mick Fitzgerald, John Parrott and Gary Wiltshire. Race commentary comes from Jim McGrath.

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