Day 1, Part 1 Racing: Royal Ascot

Day 1, Part 1

Clare Balding hosts coverage from Ascot as the five-day horse racing extravaganza begins, with Willie Carson, Mick Fitzgerald and Rishi Persad. Commentary comes from Jim McGrath.

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It is a glorious setting, the most impressive Grandstand in Europe.


This is Ascot, and this week at Royal Ascot we have the best horses


in the world meeting here to do battle, 30 races over the five days.


It is a sensational occasion, and we'll have crowds of up to 300,000


coming to enjoy it. The theme of celebration and jubilation very


much in the air over four kilometres of burnting is bedecking


the racecourse. Crowds arriving from early this morning to enjoy


their picnic lunches. Many of them coming by train. The railway line


came to Ascot for the first time in 1856 and made the racecourse


accessible to the masses. Everyone here, those in the Royal Enclosure,


in their finery. A very strict dress code. Style is of the essence.


You will see Union Jack flags all over the place as well. And for so


many, this is a week of entertainment and enjoyment. People


saving up to make sure that they can make this day, if they are


coming for one day, really special. For those here all week it is a


terrorist of stamina as well as a test of your brain as you try to


work out what with win over these fabulous races. Over �4. A million


is on offer over the week. -- �4.5 million is on offer over the week.


For the lucky few it will end in glory.


You dream of it as a kid. All you can concentrate on is the clock.


The countdown. Have I dreamed this dream before? Did I just imagine


this place? Shadows of past greats begin to lengthen. Memories of


glory days gone by echo around these halls. Just how will I make


my mark? For 300 years we have descended upon this holy ground.


This heartland of racing and majesty. This place doesn't shout


aloud to you. It whispers, with grace. When I journey to the line,


will I be able to block out the screaming crowd? Forget the


millions at stake? Make no mistake, there is no way on earth -- nowhere


on earth quite like this place. This meeting of dreams, this Royal


Ascot. This is not just a sporting event, it's a culture... Five days


of racing coming up... This meeting is made of dreams and that was the


first dream for me. This is one of the biggest and best days anywhere


in the world. Scintillating and sensational!


And for some, including Luke Nolan, who will ride Black Caviar on


Saturday and gets his first taste of Royal Ascot today in the King's


stand on Medicean Man it is a real test of temperament. Frankie


Dettori has more to prove than ever before. 45 Royal Ascot win Esso far,


making the most capable and successful of jockeys, but Mickael


Barzalona is breathing down his neck in the Godolphin car.


Johnny Murtagh has been leading jockey here four times and is


extremely capable. Richard Hughes came so close to taking the title


last year. Hayley Turner bidding to become the first female jockey to


win since 198. Tom Queally's nerves are fine. He will get the leg-up on


Frankel, as he has done in all the last ten races with this horse.


They are building up a fantastic partnership. England against


Ukraine in the football Championships tonight. David Seaman,


the goalkeeper, there. And Michael Owen, he lovers the game. Mick Shan


shone, now a successful trainer. He has big chance this is and is


having a great season Wider sports, Sally Gunnell is presenting


trophies for the Queen Anne Stakes. And here is the man who may well be


accepting that trophy - Henry Cecil, man that Willie Carson and I expect


to be saluting. Good afternoon. to you. Feet are lovely again.


are all in our finery for you at home. We've tried very hard. We've


got the most marvellous day's racing you will ever see in your


whole life. You just stopped me bigging you up. I was going to say


a man who has risen 56 Ascot winners, what is it ma that makes a


jockey good around Ascot and who, in your opinion, is the best in


that changing room? It takes experience and it is riding good


horses. Get yourself riding for the right stable, of course. Nowadays


it is Aidan O'Brien who is the right person to be riding for or


Henry Cecil. It is interesting because Joseph oh Bryn is favourite


to be leading jockey this week - Joseph O'Brien. I'm sure he will


ride more than one winner. We've got such a lot of good horses all


week here. It is absolutely the most... I don't think I can


remember going into a Royal Ascot meeting and thinking about all


these good horses that we are going to see this week. We have got the


top-rated, two top-rated horses in the world in our first races.


Frankel, rated 136, and then you've got black black, who is rated 132.


So we've got the most marvellous horses in the world. -- Black


Caviar. He is right. Frankel is starting the meeting and Black


Caviar is finishing it off. For many people coming here it is about


showing off your finery. With her eyes firmly fixed on that, here's


Suzi Perry. Obviously there's huge excitement about the race card this


week but I'm on Ascot High Street, where there has a buzz away from


the equine talent. Royal Ascot is one of the high on the social


calendar and this year it looks more glorious than ever,


celebrating the Diamond Jubilee. This week they've hit the headlines


with theirry advised fashion rules, so if you do come along and make a


fashion Foulkes pass, don't worry. Join me for a few cheeky glasses of


champagne and all the non-racy bits. The one thing we can't control is


the weather. Temperatures are expected to go up to 22-23 today.


It is very nice indeed. And that means horses will look their best


as well. Their coats will be gleaming. This is what we have


lined up for you on Dale one of This week Her Majesty will lead the


Royal Procession on every day of Royal Ascot.


The equine spotlight today falls on the phenomenal Frankel. He's won


ten races in a row. Can he make it 11 in the opening race, the Queen


Anne Stakes? Frankel gets it off to a flyer and


it cull mainates with the wonder mare, Black Caviar. She lines up in


the Diamond Jubilee on Saturday. We take the opportunity this week


to go behind the scenes in a number of yards. We start with rookie


trainer Charlie Hills, who has his first Royal Ascot runners this week.


This is a sporting event like no other, because of the fashion and


the high style. People-watching is a sport, you know.


All of the race this is week will be live on BBC One, BBC Two or on


BBC Interactive, kicking off at 2.30 with Fal in the Queen Anne.


The official ground is good to soft but the feeling here is with the


sun beating down and a slight breeze it will dry out through the


afternoon. Anyone who has worked it is saying the course is in a


perfect condition. One non-runner in the Coventry Jubilee Brig -- in


the Coventry - Jubilee Brig. An exciting way to start the


meeting. Frankel and his brother, Bullet Train. Bullet Train will be


the pacemaker for Frankel in the opening race, the Queen Anne Stakes.


About a year ago Frankel was a buzzy type but they have done a lot


to get him settled. There's a lot of noise from the road to the


stables. There's Bullet Train. But here he is, the magnificent Frankel.


Unbeaten, ten out of ten so far. He looks in great shape. He is the


best horse in the world. He looks in complete control of the moment.


If you were a jockey you would be very excited about riding him today.


Tom Queally is. He spoke to Mick Fitzgerald erl dump duffer earlier


today. Are you nervous Tom? No. Newbury he looked to be the most


eye-catching performance. I suppose so, on he went. Do you ride the


race in your head over and over, plan A to C? Not really. What


happens if plan A or B don't work? Then there's C. Play it by ear and


see what happens. He's the best horse in the race. Everybody knows


it. We'll see how it goes and hopefully he will win very well.


Does it get harder to ride him after each big win, or easier?


Easier if anything. I developed that belief in him, so it sort of


gets easier. Plus to get to know him more. Is he a complex


character? Not really, just keep him relaxed beforehand. That's the


biggest job. He is getting cleverer as time goes on. It is amazing for


a horse with so much ability, normally they have their quirks and


pull up and things like, that but he doesn't. He grabs the bit and


wants to go. He's straightforward in that respect. And breeders all


through their lives try to come up with the perfect racehorse. They do


that by selecting the right mare and then you cross your fingers and


hope. For Prince Khalid Abdullah, who owns him, having had great


horses all his life, Dancing Brave, and Oasis Dream, this is the best.


He is by Galileo, a champion sire. Great temporaryment. It is that


combination of speed and the stamina that produces the miler in


the world who will definitely stay a mile Andreas quarter at York.


really looking forward to this horse over a mile and a quarter.


That possibly is when we will see the real, true champion that


Frankel is. Over I think they are still running them over a mile,


because they've just, it is quite easy for them. When he gets to the


mile and a quarter he will be able to use that long stride, that easy-


going fluid action and flow over the ground. Horses are going to be


huffing and puffing a long way out when he gets over the mile and a


quarter. Today he is running over a mile. He is possibly beaten all the


horses that he's running here against before. He's beaten them a


long way. It is so interesting to see him without the saddle on. You


can appreciate where the mustle proportioned in him and what a


compact horse he is. He is not pretty. Isn't he beautifully


proportioned? Well, he is the top- rated horse in the world. We can't


criticise him. This is what you want to be breeding. This horse


goes faster than any other horse. He's also strength. There is, where


you look at him, even his forehead, his ears, look everywhere, it tells


you strong. Everything about him is strong. He's not, his walking


action is not fantastic. It is nice, but it is not really long and


fluent and elegant. When he gets galloping he gets lower and lower


to the ground. This horse just floats along the ground. It's the


same with Black Caviar. She's very similar.


When you see them galloping, they don't seem to be doing anything but


they are going faster and easier than all the other horses. It is


just in their action. A this guy, His only fault in the early years


was almost being too fast for everything in the race? Yes, he was


too exuberant in his action. He was trying too hard. Tom Queally


couldn't sort of control that in the early days. Those are the


saddling boxes. That is where Frankel will have his saddle put on.


Don't worry about the sweating between his hind legs, he has


always done that. There is Sir Henry Cecil looking at his pride


and joy. Sir Henry, knighted by Her Majesty


the Queen. Exciting, isn't it? we mention that, look at this for a


sight, the Royal Procession coming through the Golden Gates at the top


through the Golden Gates at the top of the Straight Mile. That is where


Frankel will be coming down at a much faster pace than this in just


over half an hour's time. So many tune in to watch this. In the first


carriage, we have Her Majesty the Queen and his Royal Highness the


Duke of Edinburgh, happily recovered from his bladder


infection that took him out of action for some of the Diamond


Jubilee. He was home for his 91st birthday. The Queen and the Duke of


Edinburgh are joined by the Chief Whip of the House of Lords. He is


on the far side. And Lord Vesty, the chairman of Cheltenham


Racecourse. The Queen will have entertained her


guests at Windsor Castle. They will have had lunch there and then


joined the carriages. In the second carriage, we have the Prince of


Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall. With them, Lord and Lady Irwin.


James is the son of the Earl and Countess of Halifax.


A great thing for them to enjoy. In carriage three, we have Princess


Eugene, the younger daughter of the Duke of York, waving and smiling


there. With her, The Duchess of Gloucester. Opposite them, the Duke


of Gloucester and Mr Philip Mitchell.


In the final carriage, Viscountess Ullswater and Mr and Mrs Peter


Velon. He owns New Zealand thoroughbreds and spons Mark --


So a fabulous sight. They will start to hit the crowds in a moment


or two as they come past the Silver Ring. At the moment, everybody is


looking at the big screen. Willie, you know how much the Queen


understands about racing? Yes, she loves her racing and she loves


coming to Ascot. She actually has a piece in the programme. She would


like to thank you for the welcome "my family and I have always


received at Royal Ascot and to wish you all the most an enjoyable day"


- that is from Her Majesty. Not me, you mean everybody? No. She is a


great supporter of horse racing, a great breeder herself. She's a


person who loves this week to come to Royal Ascot and then, as you


were saying earlier about Frankel, the breeders, she will stay in the


paddock after she arrives here. She will cast her eye over Frankel


thinking about which mare she will be sending to Frankel next season,


if he retires that is. The Queen has had 20 Royal Ascot winners, the


last of them was in the Chesham Stakes, Free Agent winning. Have


you ridden a Royal Ascot winner for the Queen? I rode a Royal Ascot


double in 1979 on Expansive and Buttress in the Queen's Vase. I was


lucky enough to be doing it for her, trained by Major Dick Hearn. This


Royal Procession dates back to 1825, King George IV was the man who


started it with his invited guests and the people that were staying


with him. Queen Victoria came in 1838. After Prince Albert died, she


didn't come back again to Ascot after 1861 so there was no Royal


Procession for quite a while then. The Queen in her 60 years has


embraced the sport that she has enjoyed since she was a teenager


and first came here to Ascot in 1945 when she was 19-year-old as


Princess Elizabeth. The Windsor greys leading the procession here.


It's just the most extraordinary sight, isn't it? We are in 2012 and


people can fly into space and this represents so much about history


and tradition that you don't find it in other countries? We have been


doing this sort of thing for 400 or 500 years in this country. We have


a lot of tradition and this is one of the great traditions that has


been upheld here at Royal Ascot with Her Majesty doing the same


thing year in, year out. It doesn't matter if it was pouring with rain,


she would still come down the course in the open carriages, maybe


with an umbrella. They still come in open carriages. As you said,


what a great sight to see Her Majesty. Isn't it great to see the


Duke of Edinburgh waving to the crowd there after - I felt sorry


for them - I was watching it on television when they were doing the


Parade along the river. They stood there for four hours, standing on


their feet. We have to do it here, but standing there for four hours


in the pouring rain was a great feat for them both to have done.


Thank you very much indeed. We will hear the National Anthem played by


the Band of the Guards. They were The carriages are coming by the


Silver Ring and you will see the # God save our gracious Queen,


# Long live our noble Queen, # God save the Queen


# Send her victorious, # Happy and glorious,


# Long to reign over us The Band of the Coldstream Guards


playing the National Anthem. The Royal Procession turns left and


heads underneath the tunnel into the grandstand and it will head


into the paddock. There are hundreds of people around the


paddock. It is a fabulous amphitheatre and was built with the


Royal Procession in mind. A lovely shot of the Prince of Wales after


whom tomorrow's feature race is named. It could be won by the Queen


because she has Carlton House in the line-up. She has a big chance.


He has to improve. You were talking about the crowd. I'm sure the Queen


can pull more people around the paddock than Frankel can. Today,


they get both. The Queen had a winner last night at Warwick.


was an Oaks. Yes. Congratulations, ma'am. The Queen is wearing a pale


blue woollen silk dress and coat by It's the practicality of the hat as


well as the style of it that is important, particularly coming down


here. Talking about hats, Clare, how about yours? Thank you. Do you


like it? Yes. Thank you. I think the Duchess of Cornwall has a


fabulous hat on as well. We are APPLAUSE


Another three cheers as well! It is like a three cheers version


of a Mexican wave! LAUGHTER Don't we do - we British, don't we do it


well? Isn't this fantastic? There's not many other countries you could


go to and get a pageant as grand as this. This is really lovely to see


those grey horses, well turned out, everybody spruced up, and nothing


goes wrong. Oops - I said that and a strap broke! Do you know, I


bumped into some people an hour ago who were making their way to the


paddock to make sure they got their seats for the Royal Procession so


they could see it clearly. We do expect the Royal Party will remain


in the paddock and wait for the horses to come in for our opening


race, the Queen Anne Stakes, named after the monarch who founded Ascot


Racecourse in 1711. In those days, racing was different. Hunter-type


horses, more like the horses you can see pulling the carriages, they


were racing over four miles in legs, so they did three separate heats.


Years ago, they used to do that. They used to go very steady. They


used to hack, canter around and then sprint finishes. Most of these


horses, the Irish cob... Household Cavalry horses tend to be


the ones. Some lovely shots of the Queen waving to the crowds. Those


are the lift shafts for this amazing grandstand. They have been


recovered in the Union Flag. The red, white and blue is everywhere.


80,000 Union Jack flags have been handed out to race-goers. When you


look at that grandstand, it has the largest number of private boxes of


any sporting facility in Europe. 255 of them. It stretches all the


way down to the right-hand side there and down the furlong, down to


the furlong marker and beyond. Nearly 5,000 people can be


accommodated in those boxes. This is the horse that everybody is


waiting in the paddock to see. The Queen among those who want to see


Frankel in the flesh. He's been saddled now by Sir Henry Cecil.


Gently and slowly, he is walking around the Pre-Parade Ring. The


carriages clear the paddock and that leaves the way clear for the


racehorses to come in. A very different sight. Equally


magnificent and exciting. You can feel the buzz for the entrance of


I, hopefully they don't start clapping him. It is possible he


might get clapped into the Arena or the paddock. Obviously if that does


happen, it is not very good for the horse, because he doesn't


understand that he's being clapped for what he's done in the past. He


will be delivering in the present and wondering about all the noise.


Doesn't he walk around there so easy and very relaxed. As he always


does he has a lip chain which goes over the top of the gum, above the


lip. And that's just for control is it? What it does iss horse calm. It


releases the enfor fins and keeps the -- ondophins and keeps the


horse relaxed. People could start clapping him and you have to be


prepared. Henry Cecil has to be prepared for everything with this


horse, because he is a superstar. There is going to be a lot of


cameras. There is going to be a lot of people want to get close to him.


Most of the people in racing want to give this guy a pat on the neck.


Everybody wants to be close to him. And the closest person to him is


the groom who leads him up. It is important as well for a horse, any


horse, to have people around them that they know, voices that they


recognise. See how slow the lad is walking him. That's fabulous,


because that's keeping his heart rate down. The thing is, he knows


he is going to race and his heart rate will start to rise going


around the paddock. He will be entering the paddock shortly for


the first of three Group 1 races, the Queen Anne Stakes. The point,


Willie, is that for this horse, it is not about prize money but about


extending the unbeaten run, taking on later in the year new challenges,


stepping up to a mile and a quarter. I think Henry Cecil feels he


doesn't want to let anybody down. He wants to take him to places


where le is seen by the people. will see that later when he meets


horses that have been around for years, older horses. Today, when he


wins today, Tom Queally and Henry Cecil are just going to have the


relief, because they'll be all churned up inside. There is so much


pressure on them for it to go right. Can you imagine if it went wrong?


There could be like anatomic bomb going off if this horse gets beat


today. Everybody is waiting to see this horse gallop gracefully over


the straight mile for the Queen Anne Stakes. We do expect him to


win by three to four lengths. fact, and this is very, very


welcome as a development, the horses coming into the Parade Ring


in numerical order. Frankel is third behind Excelebration and just


in front of Indomito. Look at the Weighing Room entrance, Clare. All


the jockeys riding today have all come out to get a glimpse of this


guy. The jockeys riding in the race are in the paddock today, but the


others not riding, this rarely happens, it happens at Cheltenham,


they are all coming to look at Frankel. And there is the guy who


gets the closest view through his An absolute unbackable favourite


here. Here to tell us about the betting for the first race of Royal


Ascot 2012, here's John Parrott. Thank you Jim. What a way to start


this fantastic festival, with officially the best horse in the


Princess Anne there having a chat. The Princess Royal with Henry Cecil


and Tom Queally. Ian Mongan there as well. He will be on board a


Bullet Train, a three parts brother of Frankel. He will give a lead in


the race itself. Princess Anne clearly having a detailed


conversation there, I don't know what about, obviously, but about


Frankel I would subject. The bell is going for the jockeys to get a


leg up on board. That'slogical when Tom Queally can relax. Willie, when


you get the leg-up do you switch into automatic? Sometimes when you


get in the paddock you've got, well, the owner is not here today. Prince


Khalid Abdullah is at the funeral of the Saudi Crown Prince. Saudi


Arabia is in mourning at the moment. When you get in the paddock you've


got nervous owners and sometimes the trainer, the owner, starts


talking things they wouldn't talking things they wouldn't


normally talk about. Let's look at a few of the horses hoping to push


Frankel. Excelebration has done that every time. He keeps seeing


the backside of Frankel at the moment. Every time Frankel has been


in the field, Excelebration has been playing second fiddle to him,


especially in the Lockinge. He's such a good horse, this. There are


no other races he can go for, because he's a miler, so he has to


take Frankel on all the time, with the same result. He is a very good


horse. Every time Frankel doesn't run, he wins. Strong Suit is a top


class horse as well and he's won at this meeting for the last two years.


He won the Coventry as a two-year- old and the Jersey Stakes. He was


third on his next start and then was sold to Qatar Racing. He run


different colours. Richard Hannon trains him and Richard Hughes rides


him. He ran in the breeder's Cup mile and was disappointing there.


He hasn't won for 227 days. This is his first run of the year. The


ground is drying out all the time. The ground we all thought was going


to be soft, it is not. The ground today I think we are going to start


off on the easy side of good. Strong Suit does prefer the ground


to be on the fast side. I would think this ground is going to suit


most horses. It is not going to go for a firm ground or a soft ground


horse. It is interesting to assess what it is that makes this horse so


what it is that makes this horse so good. We've had a brief


conversation about his confirmation. Let's go to analysis team. Why is


he so good? One can only quote Willie there, because he gets from


A to B in the quickest time. This shows the transformation of the


horse over the last 12 months. At horse over the last 12 months. At


this stage, Tom Queally lets him go. He is a younger horse. Wants to get


on with things. He is very exuberant on this day, hits the


gate running. He ran with the choke out. A lot of people thought he was


beatable on this performance. As the season progressed he looked


more relaxed. You can see the pacemaker in this but he didn't


need that. He is going. They said in the race they were going a five-


furlong race. The jockeys chasing him are on the fancied horses. They


know they can't allow this sort of animal this amount of rope. That


was the 2000 Guineas last year, in May. Now to May this year and the


Lockinge. Here he is behind the pacemaker and he's prepared to sit


behind the pacemaker. This is the more mature Frankel. He could go


even slower than this. Tom Queally is very much in control. This is


the true Frankel we all know. This is how good he could really be.


thought this performance at Newbury, the Lockinge, was one of his best


so far centre Without a doubt. He was so smooth. As a jockey that's


what you gant a race - smooth. Today he expect him to be less


relaxed, or more relaxed, sorry, than he was at Newmarket last year.


If you had to try, if you were riding, to try and beat him, is


there anything cue do? The best of luck. OK. It looks like he is


unbeatable. We are going to see this marvellous horse already on


his way down to post. There's a parade for this race, being a Group


1 race. They will parade in front of the stands in numerical order.


Bullet Train leads the parade, with Ian Mongan on board. He is there to


guarantee a decent pace, so that Frankel can relax and settle in


behind. He is the lead horse on the gallops at home and does the same


job here. Excelebration used to be trained by


Marco Botti, now with Aidan O'Brien. Today Joseph rides.


Here Frankel. Unbeaten in ten starts. A 10-1 on favourite. That


means if you put on �10, you will only get �1 if he wins, because it


is considered a virtual certainty. Number 4 is Indomito. Trained in


Germany and ridden by William Buick. He would have a chance of getting


placed. Premio Loco is a 50-1 shot for


George Baker. He has a very good career record. 14 wins from 33


starts. Red Jazz gives Charlie Hills his


first Royal Ascot runner since taking over from his father, Barry.


Michael takes the ride. Side Glance, trained by Andrew


Balding. This horse won at Epsom last time U-turn.


And in the first of the Qatar Racing colours, Strong Suit.


Richard Hannon and Richard Hughes. My word he is a good horse on his


day. Windsor Palace in the second


colours for the Aidan O'Brien team, the Ballydoyle team. He would be up


there, one would think, making the pace. He didn't do that in the


Lockinge. Worthadd was disappointing at Epsom


but he's a good horse. Frankie is riding Worthadd because Mickael


Barzalona got the nod to take the ride on the Godolphin first string,


and that is Helmet. Frankel is being pulled up and


jogging now with Tom Queally. What a start to this meeting: we have


the best racehorse in the world on official ratings. Frankel is going


for his 11th win in a row to try to extend his unbeaten record.


Forever we will Tales Of Grimms about how fast we could run.


Stam na that never faltered. The power when he won.


They will recall the time when they couldn't believe what they had seen.


How he flew past the competition like a supreme being. And he


conquered the world, it took only a second. We will say, we saw him.


The best. The greatest. A legend. Frankel bidding to make his mark in


terms of global sport. It is difficult for a horse to rise to


the sort of attention and the profile that people have, because


clearly they can't give inters. They can't pose for model shots,


but this horse, my word, he has a presence and an aura about him. A


style of race is incredibly exciting to. Everybody here just


tingling I think at the prospect, Willie. You say he will win by four


lengths. I think the betting market agrees with you. He is going off a


very short price fafrpt let's join John Parrott. Is anyone backing him


at 10-1? 6-1 and it went straight away. She-1 now, Frankel.


A punter said today, John, it is better than being in a building


society and they pay out quicker. We'll soon see. That's a fair point.


The danger is you could lose it all. The racing manager to Khalid


Abdullah keeps saying this is not a penalty kick with no goalkeeper.


Isn't it? As you know, anything can go wrong. I cannot remember when


you had a 10-1 on shot in a Group 1 race where you've got about five


other horses that could nearly win Excelebration, he is a very, very


good horse. Talk us through this straight mile and the undulations


of the course here at Ascot. When you are riding, it seems flat to


begin with, although it looks downhill there. From the stalls, it


is flat. Then you do seem to climb from the four. You go up a little


bit. Then you level off again. Then it's a slight climb right from the


two-and-a-half to the finish. But you could see on that - you can see


the climb at the finish there on that. It is basically quite a level


track here, although it has ups and downs. If you were Tom Queally, how


long are you hanging on before you press the accelerator and say, "Go


on then!"? He should have wing mirrors on, this guy, to see how


everyone else is going. You would wait to the furlong-and-half?


would wait till the furlong-and- half. If Lester Piggot was riding


this horse, he would be wringing the neck. He has a nice turn of


foot. Look at that - that is nice. Look at that. Just eased - I like


the way - he is a heavy-type horse, but he is so light on his feet.


Everything just floats. He's almost a grade above all the rest of these.


There are Group 1-winning horses and, you know, Excelebration in an


ordinary year would win this. There is nothing wrong with this horse.


He's got plenty of capability. is sweating there. He is thinking


the name, "Oh, Frankel's here again!" I thought the betting in


this race would have been Mark Prescott's, a place bet, not to win,


a place bet. He is 20-1 on. We will have a look at Worthadd in a moment


or two. Helmet looked like he had got a bit warm before. They had


obviously washed him off. He has been a bit warm in the stables. He


looks as if he's had a shower. He looks a lot better now. He has got


warm again. You can see the brand on him. He is as Australian-bred


horse. Godolphin have won this race plenty of times. They won it four


years in a row. They have won it seven times in total. A big, strong


horse? As is Excelebration? Exactly. They are the sort of horses that


like to get on with it and use their action. I would imagine this


race will be run at quite a good pace. It's a lovely race to watch.


You were talking about Worthadd. I think he may have gone in. It is


all about Frankel. He didn't like the fastish ground at Epsom. No. It


should be all about Frankel. We will see Bullet Train up front


early on. We will see Frankel up front late on, we think. The Queen


Anne Stakes, the opening race of Royal Ascot 2012. Jim McGrath?


So being pushed forward now is Bullet Train, the three-quarter


brother of Frankel. Sir Henry Cecil looking to see how this wonderful


colt goes in the Queen Anne. What a start to the week. Frankel unbeaten


in 11 starts, six of them Group 1s. Will this be another big one? The


last one goes in. There is Tom Queally. They are set. Standby.


They are off and a pretty good start too, Premio Loco on the near


side, going fast in the early stages too is Worthadd, on the far


side with the noseband. He is looking around there, Bullet Train,


he is the pacemaker for Frankel. Frankel right in his slipstream


there in the pink cap in fourth. Going into second in the early


stages is Joseph O'Brien on Excelebration, so Bullet Train


shows the way from Helmet and Excelebration, a half length away


Frankel, who is smothered in the centre, three parts away Worthadd,


further back Side Glance, they are followed by Premio Loco and Red


Jazz and out the back is Windsor Palace, in company with Strong Suit


and Indomito is last. They race up towards half-way. It is Bullet


Train taking them along at a good gallop from Helmet on the near side,


over on the far side in third is Excelebration, in the centre is


Frankel and now Tom Queally is giving him more rein. He says, "Go


on!" Frankel races to a narrow lead, Excelebration trying to go with him.


The old rival, they have two furlongs left. Now he starts to


shake the reins. Frankel gets an immediate response. The champion


starts to draw away. He's gone three lengths in front. This is a


procession! It's now Frankel who is drawing away. What a performance!


The superb, the spectacular Frankel, 11 out of 11. In a zone of his own.


It's Frankel who wins it by eight lengths, Excelebration is second.


In third is Side Glance. Followed by Indomito, who ran on well. They


were followed by Windsor Palace, Helmet, in company with Bullet


Train and further back Red Jazz, back towards the rear was Premio


Loco and Worthadd and also Strong Suit. But what a mighty performance


by the highest-rated horse in the world. It's Frankel. What an


exciting start to a magnificent week in prospect. 3 Frankel, ridden


by Tom Queally, is the winner. Owned by Prince Khalid Abdullah and


trained by Sir Henry Cecil. Frankel has got the money. He's done it at


long odds-on. It never looked in any doubt. In second is 2


Excelebration, his old rival. He's been beaten five times by Frankel.


Third was 7 Side Glance, who has ran on particularly well for Jimmy


Fortune. Fourth is 4 Indomito, ridden by William Buick. 1-10


Frankel. 5-1 Excelebration, 33-1 Side Glance. What a start to the


meeting. A fabulous performance from a fabulous performer. Here he


is, Frankel, making it 11 wins from 11 starts and look at it - daylight


to second! Excelebration gets second officially. In third is Side


Glance. In fourth is Indomito. In fifth is Windsor Palace. Then the


early pacemaker, Bullet Train, who stuck on particularly well, ahead


of Helmet, they were followed by Premio Loco and Red Jazz and Strong


Suit and Worthadd, who was out there early is last. But Tom


Queally, the man in the box seat. He has been from day one. He's been


aboard this absolute galloping machine. This has set the scene and


set the standard. There he is, Sir Henry Cecil. One of his proudest


moments, I have no doubt - a tear in his eye. An emotional moment for


this great man of the turf. There he is. Here is Frankel on his way


back after this absolutely outstanding performance. He's by


Galileo, a Derby winner, and a super sire in his own right. As he


comes back to scale, we hear the applause from an appreciative crowd


as Frankel comes back 11 lengths is the official margin, 11 lengths he


won by and a neck. The time 1:37.85. That time is outside the record of


1:37.16 - but not by much. He's got nothing challenging him in there in


the closing stages. Honestly, the visual impression this horse gives


is unlike anything I have ever seen before. It is staggering to watch.


The way he puts the race to bed. Three furlongs from home, it is


over. Tom Queally is going to take him down in front of the grandstand


and give everybody their chance to appreciate this horse. Anyone who


is here today knows that they have seen something really special.


APPLAUSE It is difficult for a horse to live up to the hype and


then exceed the hype. He's done it. The thing is, Excelebration, I know


he's beaten him a few times now, he's beaten him further today than


ever. Now, let's take a length to be two pounds. He has given the


second, a Group 1 winner a 22-pound beating today on ground that


possibly could even get faster so maybe he could even have broken the


track record if we hadn't had that rain on Saturday. Just amazing.


Absolutely amazing. He's not... Look at him. He is not bothered.


Everything in life to him, Clare, everything he does is so easy


because he's got so much ability and everything that he does, when


he is galloping, it is easier for him than others. When he dies, we


will find out possibly why he is so good, maybe he will have a heart


twice the size of other horses. There will be something about his


interior that is not normal in other horses. We know he's got a


big heart. He's obviously got very, very big lungs. Among those


watching Frankel Her Majesty the Queen and the Duchess of Cornwall


there taking a really close look at this horse. This is something to


savour. It is not about money. It is not about what he has won today.


It is about what he can do and where he takes this sport and what


he does for the racehorse, for the thoroughbred. This horse is worth


more than any other racehorse that has ever been. He won't be for sale.


You would have to, if somebody could get a figure on him, you


would be talking about 60 million, maybe more. 6-0? 6-0. He takes the


thoroughbred racehorse to another plain. He lifts the bar. That is


what the breeders will be hoping to do by using him. They will pay


extra money to do so. Such a shame that Prince Khalid Abdullah isn't


here today. To see his best-ever- ever performance, absolutely. I


don't know, it is stunning. We have just started Royal Ascot. We said


we were going to have a great week. We have started off with an


unbelievable performance, a performance that's never ever been


beaten on a racecourse anywhere in the world. This is the best


racehorse that you have ever seen, I have ever seen, that anybody will


ever see. That is the headline. Just repeating the distances - 11


lengths and a neck. That time - 1:37.85 - is 0.69 seconds outside


the record. So he's done it well. A wide margin winner. This is exactly


what those assessors, the handicappers, want to see. That


gives them a chance to boost his racehorse we have ever seen,


winning the Queen Anne Stakes by 11 lengths, the fabulous and


frighteningly phenomenal, Frankel! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


So back in this winner's enclosure, this is the seventh Royal Ascot


there has been at the new racecourse, at the new stand.


There's been a few changes to the winner's enclosure this year. There


is a nice hedge around the back of it. It seems to be a different


layout. Frankel is not happy. He's given a bucket a bit of a kick - no


damage done, though. Sir Henry Cecil there, just checking that


everything is OK. That is Lady Cecil, Jane Cecil. Tom Queally,


just explaining to Lord Grimthorpe about matters. Sir Henry not


entirely happy about something. I says he wants a bit more space for


the horse to walk around and relax and not be crowded. It is often the


most dangerous time when a horse comes in, I've seen it happen on


many occasions, when a horse comes in and there are crowds around. It


is unfair on the horse and it is extremely dangerous.


A great start to what we hope is a fantastic week. The result of our


first race, the Queen Anne Stakes, anxious moment. He hacked up,


winning by 11 lengths. Only one word for that horse - machine.


And we have got the benefit at Royal Ascot for the first time of


sectional timings. We'll be looking at those to see where his fastest


furlong was and how fast it was and if there is way of comparing him


with Black Caviar, who will run on Saturday. That's the only way we


can do it, to take the fastest furlongs and see how fast they


cover the ground. That time was nearly a track record. We'll see


how the other times today pan out. Let's here from the winning trainer,


Henry Cecil is with Rishi. Many congratulations to Henry Cecil.


What's the first feeling, is it relief or surprise? Relief, not


surprise. Things have got to go right. No horse is a certainty. He


is a great, great horse. You need not ask about him. You've seen him


for yourself. Everybody can form their own opinion. You were


confident he would perform, from the Lockinge to today. Did he do


exactly what you thought or even more? He did what I thought, but he


is still improving. As Tom said, he is getting better. That's a


frightening thought for everybody else. He looks as if he will stay a


mile and a quarter. We leave our options open. He is in the Eclipse,


the Sussex, the Juddmonte and two races at the end of the year. We'll


feel our way and he will tell me what to do. I don't tell him. He


will tell me what to do next. those options are open. A few


people have mentioned the possibility of going abroad, is


that something that would ever enter your calculations? Going


were? Perhaps to America for the breeders Cup. Very unlikely. Thank


you very much Sir Henry. do you think? It looks like that.


He settled, he travelled. Got everything off the bridle. I was


sitting there and away he went.Ing. Is it the best performance he's put


up so far? Yes. Why would you say that? He ticked all the boxes, did


everything correct. From my point of view, he's been flawless in the


past, but I couldn't have asked for any more. He did a perfect prep for


it. Henry had no complications and we were all able to do it nicely.


Tom, well done. Thank you. Frankel won by miles. Let's look at a


couple of the others. Two didn't break too well, Indomito and Helmet,


stalls nine and ten. A little bit slow. I had a word with William


Buick. He said it didn't make any difference to him. If he hadn't


missed a break, he wouldn't have finished with he did. The white


face is that of Mickael Barzalona's horse. Looking around to see where


the horse is making the run, Frankel, and they haven't gone that


fast early on have they? I asked Ian about that. He said that was


the plan - ride him like it is a little bit of work. I wanted a


decent gallop. He said it was the perfect race. Bullet Train is in


front. The pink cap is Frankel. Just track him in second place. He


absolutely blitzed the load of these. This is the closing stages,


from another angling. Excelebration is in second place and the horse in


fourth is Indomito. He benefited from in the having to Chase Frankel


early on. I had a word with Frankie Dettori, who ran an unplaced horse.


He said it was breathtaking, as he couldn't believe how much Frankel


extended his lead. He said it was an awesome performance. That sums


it up. You have class horses in behind. He is making them look like


handicappers. We saw in the 2000 Guineas earlier how devastating a


performance that was. And that is another one. Poor old Excelebration.


In most normal years he would be a champion miler. It is Frankel who


keeps finishing in front of him all the time.


Meanwhile the cheers ring out for Henry Cecil, the most successful


trainer in the history of Royal Ascot. He has 73 winners so far,


but that's the 74th. I suspect the one that he will cherish the most


fondly, because, my word, that was a impressive. Sally Gunnell, the


Olympic gold medallist from Barcelona, making the presentation.


And Sally, the only woman in history ever to have concurrently


held the Olympic, world, Commonwealth and as well as the


world record. 400 metre hurdles is her speciality. One mile on the


flat. -- one mile on the flat is Frankel's speciality.


Everybody is looking so smart, as it is an occasion for which you


definitely make a huge effort. And plan well in advance. That means we


have a special correspondent for the fashion and this year I'm


pleased to say it is once again Suzi Perry.


Thank you Clare. You may have seen stories in the papers yesterday


about Royal Ascot enforcing their fashion rules. Let's look at a few


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 86 seconds


of the definitive dos and don't. differences between being in the


Grandstand, where the gentlemen can wear suits and ties, like these


gentlemen here, looking dapper, and ladies can wear their fascinators.


However, if I walk into the Royal Enclosure, I have to wear a hat.


Let's chat with Paula Reid of Grazia Magazine. I'm a great one


for guidelines. Maybe rules cramp people's style a bit. I think that,


the idea of formal day wear is such a troubling concept for most people.


I think more girls get into a flat spin about weddings and formal


events like Ascot than any other thing. Having guidelines and


knowing what the parameters are adds to the enjoyment of the day


out. Looking around you, do you think everybody has adhered to the


new guideline? I think they have definitely upped the ante. There've


been some exquisite hats and really great colours, which you don't


often see in England. And we are blessed by the weather. The rules


have been the same over time but they've been relaxed over the years.


It is about style isn't it? Nobody has to wear a uniform. That is not


what's required. That's not fashion is it? Personal style is fabulous,


but when it goes beyond the realm of what's appropriate for the


surroundings, it doesn't look so great. Thank you very much. You're


looking great yourself. Thank you Paulla. Someone else who doesn't


look bad, are you upset you can't wear your fascinator? Do I pass


muster today? You are looking hot JP. What are you doing in the


betting jungle. Watching following was a magical moment, poetry in


motion. Awesome. I want to ask you about Wizz Kid and Ortensia in the


next race? Wizz Kid, won a group 2 last time. In Chantilly. Bound to


go well here, finished behind Deacon Blue last year. Second is


Ortensia. She won at Meydan last year, a Group 1. She's improving.


Not only are you a fashion judge, you are a good judge on the horses.


The wonder of Wolverhampton. Doesn't she scrub up nice? Thank


you. I'm sure I will be buying the beers in the bar later on.


An amazing buzz around here. People still reacting to Frankel. I just


talked to Sir Peter O'Sullivan. I said, how would you describe that?


He said it was extraterrestrial. William Buick said he will end up


getting no opposition, as everybody knows they can't beat him.


Everybody is thrilled by the ability of the horse to exceed


expectations. When they are as high as they were coming into it, you


can't imagine he could do what he did. I'm surrounded by accents from


all over the world. We have runners from Australia, Hong Kong, France,


Ireland, America. A huge field for the King's Stand Stakes. It is an


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 86 seconds


international field. Jim McGrath is starting for this King's Stand


Stakes. This will certainly be a case of


blink and you miss it for the sprinters. Ortensia is your


your favourite at 9-2. This King's Stand Stakes is packed


with Group 1 winners. Hayley Turner there. Willie, a horse that's


disappointed a couple of times this season. A change of headgear today?


She's had quite a few races since she won a Group 1. Disappointed a


little bit. This is quite a tough race. There's a lot of strong


horses. Let's find Ortensia, the Australian champion, who is coming


over. She is horse number 18. She has headgear on. There was thought


about retiring her but since she's joined Paul, she's had three and


won three. A strong filly. A lot of power. That's what you want in a


sprinter. A little warm in the neck, but nothing serious. She's been


around the world, so that should be kick that day. As long as things go


OK tactically, she will be very hard to beat? She wants a faster


ground, possibly. Let's talk about Bated Breath. He is a horse that


connections have always wanted to win a Group 1 race, what about


today? He is very relaxed. He seems to be at home in the paddock here.


I thought Sole Power last time was slightly unlucky not to have beaten


him. There was only a head between the two that day. It depends on the


way the race is run. I think Sole Power, the ground is going to go


against her. Sole Power likes fast ground. Bated Breath, possibly,


will go on this. Last year's winner, Prohibit. If he hadn't run this


season in Dubai, you would give him a huge chance. Yes, he needs a


change of headgear. He wants blinkers. He is one of those horses


that he's getting old now. He is getting a bit clever. Who do you


think is the stand-out horse in this race? Bated Breath looks the


best. Looks the coolest. He looks well within himself. I do like


Ortensia. We agree on that. Ortensia from the paddock.


The runners on their way down. I have Joseph O'Brien with me now who


chased home Frankel. Was there any stage of the race you thought you


might be able to give him a race? suppose for a couple of strides, I


thought I might get close to him. As soon as Tom pressed the button,


he quicked un$$DUMP up. He is an amazing horse? He is very, very


good. The last time we saw you on the BBC was on Camelot. How is he?


He's not done much after the Derby. He seems to be OK. We won't see him


here this week. You have plenty of other good ones. Power is a horse


who has done it already. He must be a good ride? Yes, he's in good form.


We will see how it goes. Do you think with such a number of runners,


it could be a rough race? Everybody obviously needs a bit of luck. I


suppose like every race, I think everybody needs a bit of luck.


Hopefully, we can get a bit of that. Can I ask you about two more?


Cristoforo Colombo? He ran nicely. It is a big step-up today. We will


see what happens. We don't have an ideal draw. And tomorrow, a good


ride, So You Think in the big race? He seems in good form. Hopefully,


he can put right what happened last year. He was unlucky last year.


Plenty to look forward to. Good luck with the week. Thank you.


It is a pleasure to welcome Derek Cruz. The horse that brings him,


Joy And Fun, two years ago suffered a nasty injury. There was a thought


he might never race again. Exactly. He had a very bad fracture and he


had four screws put into it. The horse slowly recovered. We nursed


him back to health. His first few starts back from the injury, he


seemed as if he didn't have confidence. Once he got that back,


was it like the old Joy And Fun? Yes, it was the first few runs he


wasn't very comfortable. He didn't dare put his feet down. He got


there. When he didn't put his feet down, he was only four to six


lengths. Today, he might see the same Joy And Fun at his best.


Things didn't go well in Dubai. He wasn't beaten that far by Ortensia.


So you could go very close today? I'm hoping so. I think - the skies


have opened up. We have the right attitude coming to this race again.


His work back home and over here has been very well. Top class. I


expect him to finish well today, yes. Great to see you here. We wish


you all the best of luck. Great pleasure to be here. Thank you.


Thank you. A fair few of the owners and


trainers do stay in the paddock. There are 13 big screens around


Ascot. Here we find the winning trainer of this race from last year.


Prohibit again and two other runners. You have a taste for this?


I love my sprinters. They are easier to train. All three of them


are entitled to be here. Three horses with plenty of ability and


they deserve their line-up. terms of Prohibit, last year that


was a success that meant an awful lot to you, financially obviously.


But also in terms of making your stamp as a trainer? Yes, more as a


stamp as a trainer to be honest with you. It brought plenty more


horses through the doors. We have a full yard now, full of lovely


sprinters. I'm hoping I'm carving my way with that type of horse and


at least I can carve my way with something! A one, two, three would


be special? Way too special! One of them in the first three would be


fantastic. You have an inkling? They have all got plenty of ability.


They have all got chances. Prohibit on his best form would win. Whether


he is in the form of his life, I doubt. Spirit Quartz, he is only


young. Monsieur Joe has done a lot of winning in Dubai. He deserves


his chance. Good luck. Let's see where Monsieur Joe, Spirit Quartz


there. There's Joy And Fun, one of the Hong Kong runners here. They


are trying to tighten the girth a bit there. This horse has come from


Hong Kong, a long journey over. Obviously, a little bit keyed-up


before this big assignment. Brett Doyle working very hard to make the


necessary adjustments. Others, though, are circling in front of


the stalls. Five furlongs. It's a testing five furlongs, though. It's


while we are talking about it. What you may not see here on this clip


is the actual undulations. It's a real test and it is something that


say Ortensia from Australia will find very different. Also the two


Hong Kong runners, Little Bridge and Joy And Fun, they won't have


encountered such undulations before, that's for sure. Up to the line,


five furlongs here at Ascot. So, there's Luke Nolan. He has the


ride on Medicean Man, trained by Jeremy Gask. Luke will be gaining


valuable experience here of this course because he will be aboard


Black Caviar on Saturday in her big assignment, the Diamond Jubilee


Stakes. I'm sure he will consider this very valuable experience, just


to get a feel of the course here at this meeting, just to see how it's


riding. She had a canter this morning, Black Caviar, at Newmarket,


just having a stretch. Peter Moody happy with what he saw. It's all


part of the preparation for Saturday.


Let's have a look at a few of these. This is Wizz Kid. She is getting


warm and sweaty down there. She won her last start quite well. She came


over this morning because she will not eat and she's travelled this


morning from France. She won't eat other than in her own stable?


Exactly. In the paddock, she looked a bit on edge, you know. She is not


a good traveller. This is Sole Power, who needs the ground faster


than this. There was talk about whether they would run or not. They


think it will be fine. He sprung 100-1 shock in the Nunthorpe?


don't think it will be fine. The ground will be too easy. He does


prefer real-fast ground. There with the red bridle, that is Little


Bridge and it's such an interesting field, this, because of the...


handlers in the parade ring... one trained in Hong Kong. Zac


Purton taking the ride. You would think this horse might be close as


well. Seven-week break since his last run. Yes. Spirit Quartz, he is


only young. Frankie Dettori on one of many spare rides he is getting


this week outside of the Godolphin camp. We will talk in more depth


about that. He is very much saying, "I am around and I will still be


around. I'm not retiring." He will want to be riding more winners here.


That is Tangerine Trees in the bright yellow colours. That will be


- Tom Eaves will have this horse up in front. A Group 1 winner. Very


fast. We will take a final look at the market for the King's Stand


Stakes. Ortensia is our favourite at 9-2. The same colours as Frankel.


Craig Williams over from Australia to ride Ortensia, a man who has


travelled the world since we saw him here winning a Group 1 race.


Last few going forward now. Ortensia attempting to become the


fifth Australian winner of the King's Stand Stakes. Joy And Fun


has backed out. The horse who was causing all the trouble before the


race. Very anxious and backed out of position there. Brett Doyle in


the saddle. He sat tight. A hairy moment. Seven minutes late this


race. That is it. A couple - Master Of War rearing high. They are


saying, "Take one of them out!" You can hear the starter there. He's


asked for one of them to come out. Just trying to see which one it is.


That was Master Of War, I think. That is it. They are off! And a


fairly level break as well and one of the first away on the near side


Secret Asset is up there, going fast Tangerine Trees and Night


Carnation is there as well, Hamish McGonagall showing plenty of speed


and on the far side, Ponty Acclaim is there. Tangerine Trees takes


them along, Ponty Acclaim joins on the far side as they settle into


stride, on the near side Hamish McGonagall is up there as well in


the early stages, Margot Did is behind them, and they are followed


by Stepper Point, they are followed by Ortensia, just threading her way


through, inside the two, Tangerine Trees is the leader. They race up


now with a furlong-and-half to go, it is Tangerine Trees in front,


Bated Breath coming, Little Bridge, Ortensia on the far rail, it is


Little Bridge for Hong Kong in front, Bated Breath trying hard,


but it is Little Bridge who is holding on, a famous Hong Kong win,


Little Bridge beats Bated Breath, Sole Power third, in fourth


Medicean Man, further back in the field then was Spirit Quartz and


they were followed by Tangerine Trees, Caledonia Lady made up some


ground, Night Carnation, Ortensia finished in the middle of the pack.


The winner is 6 Little Bridge, ridden by Zac Purton, trained in


Hong Kong by Danny Shum. In second is Bated Breath, third is Sole


Power and Johnny Murtagh. Fourth is Medicean Man, 8, ridden by Luke


Nolan. Just behind them you can see Spirit Quartz in that maroon jacket,


right up at the top. As the others cross the line, Night Carnation is


the one on the near side. That light jacket. Just behind them is


Hamish McGonagall. There is Ortensia, top of the screen now.


Just having passed the line with that black cap. And further back


then, Monsieur Joe, some way behind them, Ponty Acclaim and Stepper


Point, they were well back. Also, Bapak Chinta was well back in the


field as well. Secret Asset among the tailenders. Margot Did got very


weary as well. What a moment for Danny CS Shum. He has brought a


horse half-way across the world to winning distance. A length between


second and third. The time 59: 69. It is 0.25 of a second outside the


record. Little Bridge, this gelding by Faltat out of Golden Rose. It


has come up trumps today. This is a win that will be celebrating Happy


Valley and right across Hong Kong island and the new territories and


Kowloon. Little Bridge is the winner.


The international nature of this Royal Ascot really confirmed there


with a win for Hong Kong in the King's Stand Stakes, a race that's


gone abroad in so many of the last ten years, usually to Australia.


Ortensia never really went through with it. Meanwhile Little Bridge,


with Zac Purton on board, was finishing best of all. A great run


by Bated Breath. A lovely run by him. He wasn't quite good enough.


He was beaten by a better horse on the day. Little Bridge, he's


quickened up better than anything. Sprinted away. You can see Ortensia


on the nearest to the camera in the black cap and orange colours, being


pushed along and not being able to pick up. The ground you would have


to say might not have been quick enough for her. But look at Sole


Power, and he needs it rock hard. Obviously there was only a head


between the second and third at Haydock last time. Today, Bated


Breath has improved a little bit, but that could be down to the


ground being a little bit slower than it was at Haydock. A great


result for Hong Kong to win this sprint race. It was race where a


lot of the foreigners were going to give our British challengers a lot


to do, but Bated Breath gave us a great run for our money. But today,


Little Bridge was too good, too fast for them all. Very shortly we


are going to be switching channels to BBC Two. We have another Group 1


race. I will be joined by Henry Cecil to reflect in more detail of


the stunning success of Frankel in our opening race in the Queen Anne.


Here, victory for Hong Kong and for Zac Purton. A moment I suspect he


will rate up there with the best things he's ever done. I think so.


Why not? A great thrill for people to come


from another country and win. I know when I did it abroad I was


always very proud. Hong Kong, they have not in the past been great


travellers. One won a race at Meydan. Am I right in saying this


is the first ever? It is at Ascot. David Orton won with at York. Do


you remember? Yes. It was a sprinter. The fanfare sounds once


The start of a five-day horse racing extravaganza, billed as the greatest race meeting in the world. The Berkshire event is also one of the highlights of the social calendar, with many attending simply to see and be seen.

There are 30 races over the week, and the first day's card includes three Group One races - the sport's elite contests. Featuring some of the world's best horses, they are the Queen Anne Stakes, King's Stand Stakes and St James's Palace Stakes.

Clare Balding hosts the coverage from Ascot. She is joined by Willie Carson, Mick Fitzgerald, Rishi Persad, Suzi Perry, Ian Bartlett and John Parrott. Race commentary comes from Jim McGrath.

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