Lucerne Rowing World Cup


Coverage from Switzerland as the world's best rowers continue their Olympic preparations at one of the sport's flagship events.

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The crowd are on their feet! What a He gets the gold medal. Kelly


Holmes for Great Britain. What a performance! Absolutely brilliant.


Hello and welcome to Manchester - Act defined by a sport red and blue.


A raid from football, a small rowing club is flourishing -- away


from football. They are working hard to mould international stars


of the future and is events in Belgrade are anything to go by,


Here comes Great Britain! It's looking pretty impressive.


British are coming on the right. It will be desperately close. The


British boys have their heads up. Another gold medal. Great Britain


opened well the -- 2012 as they should.


That is just about as good as it gets. Things get tougher as the


rowing World Cup moves to Lucerne. Five-time Olympic gold medallist


says Steve Redgrave is he to provide his insight. Just reflect


on Belgrade and tell us how much tougher things will be in Lucerne.


Belgrade was our best-ever World Cup. Saying that, traditionally we


always do well. New Zealand is the second best rowing nation at the


moment and they have come over in force. The Australians, the


Canadians and the Americans were over earlier and they didn't do a


very good world champions last year but this is the test. Because of


the distance they have to travel, they will not be at their best now.


That will be in three weeks' time in Munich. But this is more of what


they crews will be like when they race in the Olympics. Plenty to


look forward to in the show then. The men's four prove they are the


ones to beat. They gave their all three weeks ago but lost again. Is


today the day they finally beat the Germans? Four years ago, she had


never wrote but she is now one of the favourites for London -- rowed.


And there is also a quest for the women's double. So to the men's


four. They set a world best time in Lucerne in the heats. Three of the


crew are up Olympic champions. They won gold in Beijing. Alex Gregory


is the new phase and he is well aware of the spotlight he is now


under. There is the new line-up. Will it work? There was pressure in


the crew. It is the Olympic year and this is the boat they will have


heard about if they know anything about rowing. Undoubtedly, four of


the very best athletes in rowing today. We did not look straight


away but we progressed daily leading up to Belgrade. They have


to lay down a huge market as you would expect of a top vote --


Caister Lifeboat we had a good heat and we stepped it up again in the


semi-finals. Over the line against clear water. They have made a big


statement. When you step in a crew for the first time, it doesn't


always work straightaway. Particularly for us, the


expectation was high eight and that we would be fast immediately. We


just have to keep improving and do what we can to get better and


faster. My role in the boat is really weird. My position has


changed massively to racing from watching. I feel really good. It is


what I have aimed for ever since I started rowing. I feel like I have


made the four might boat and if I can finish on a high like I did in


2009 and become world champion for the first time, and to finish


becoming Olympic champion, it will be amazing. I'm not a sporty person


in the sport. I am competitive when I need to be but not off the water.


My family is important to me. Since Jasper was born, it has changed my


focus on life and rowing. After Belgrade, he asked to see my medal


straightaway and he took it is school the next day. That really


brought home what rowing it means to be now of -- to me now. I want


to go to London and make him proud. A way it nice and long from the


British crew in the lane number three. A push hard from Australia


in lane number four. The British crew are led by Andrew Hodge, just


pushing it out and blasting through the first 100 metres. The Aussies


are fast. They are. They moved fast in the first 1000 metres of their


first semi-final -- their opening heat, ride there. Great Britain


have developed some confidence -- rather. They had shaky confidence


in the first two rounds in Belgrade. Here, their heads are up. That


world-best time really suits them and they have flown along.


Australia really have gone out there in front and have about a


third of a length coming up to the The British crew are expected to


stretch out as they are there more powerful of the two boats. Tom


James is behind him. Alex Gregory is in the bow seat. They are just


settling into their rhythm. About one-third of a length down.


Australia, Great Britain and then Germany. The question in the second


500 is can the British keep cool and calm as they know over 2000


metres they are so much faster than the Aussies. They have to keep it


relaxed. Australia in a number four. They were quicker to the 1000 in


the two heats but in the second half, that is where the British


unleashed a phenomenal amount of power. A I like the way the


Australians are roaming though. They are very flowing. Germany is


not quite in the same class as the two leading boats. More muscular


work but not enough run and spread. Australia are looking very


confident. There boat is travelling along without any dip. Not bouncing


up and down. They are just sitting there with long arms and legs. They


have the Great Britain four in their sights at the moment. The two


boats are starting to move away and the chasing field. There is a


real edge match between Australia in four and Great Britain in three.


Great Britain must feel they confidence rising because they are


surely coming back and through the Aussies. Don't be too short! Great


Britain at are still not completely comfortable yet, even when they


were breaking the world's best time on Friday, they still didn't feel


it was rowing completely as they wanted it to row. Tom James is


sitting at three and he is very good at bringing a bit of


relaxation and rhythm to the boat. Here, it will be very tough as they


have to keep their rhythm and shape and put the pressure on Australia.


Australia have only been over for five days so they are in a good


position coming into the 1500 metre about rhythm. For Great Britain, it


is about keeping it long so they can apply a power. They are a


stronger boat and they need to be efficient with that power. Into the


last 500 and Great Britain are struggling in the third. Australia


are keeping its move. It is very tough. They have to do what they


did when they broke that well time on Friday. Australia is really


tank to lead. A further down the course they go, they know the


British power will kick in. Australia, and the crowd on the far


side now. This is surely a fantastic competition. The first


head-to-head in 2012. Hodge demands it. Pete Reed as well. The great


is how to do it. Heads and shoulders above Australia. They


were down but a power saw them through. You cannot write off this


four and you cannot write off Jurgen Grobler. It probably wasn't


our best rowing. We committed to it and I don't think we doubt it


ourselves. Australia did a fantastic race by the sound of it


and put us under pressure but this is what the Olympics is going to be


like. We might have got the world record on Friday but it does not


mean there isn't another crew who are able to do it. It was a good


platform for moving towards the I-Spy is the Australians may cause


a worry? They heat two days ago of smashing the world best time is a


great start at the Lucerne Regatta. The Aussies have been talked up --


the British crew. They surprised me in some ways. As they got through


and one reason than that - might reasonably comfortably, they will


be pretty pleased with that. But the Aussies have just come over.


How much is the time difference affecting them at the moment? They


will get stronger. It will be a fantastic race. Maybe Beijing all


over again. Now to the women's doubles. There was a double


performance to win in Belgrade but for Catherine the pressure is


mounting. She continues her quest for the elusive goal after three


seat. Anna Watkins also. What a partnership and friendship they


have developed over the last few years of rowing together. Germany


won in lane number five and China, scullers. They have succeeded very


well. Here, is a slow-motion shot where the action is about to happen.


There is a distraction but this is great Britain taking off from the


beginning of the race. They are just beginning to move out wearing


the yellow jersey is. The winners ill Belgrade. They are looking long


and strong. I wonder whether they have more under their belt. They


were hard pressed in the semi-final, by Germany. I wonder if they are


keeping their powder dry a bit. If they beat Germany by too much, the


Germans will go back into the court and strengthened the court. There


is a sense they want to keep mark in rhythm. The boats are


running along quite nicely. Into the second 500 metres of this final.


They will start to stretch out again. Such determination. Look at


the swing! You can see what rowing is about when you look at the


rhythm. Through the stroke and recovering of the finish. It is a


nice display of a terrific Reed them. -- rhythm. The sisters in


lane one were 6th in the World Championship last year. They are a


bit unstable in the balance. We have glorious conditions in Lucerne.


For the last couple of days, we have had a tail wind. They have


been setting world-best times left, right and centre. It is settling


down a bit. 500 metres remaining. The Great Britain crew of Katherine


Grainger and Anna Watkins have it under control. It is all about


perfection - the hunt seeking perfection for this crew. They have


just moved the strokes up a bit. From 34 strokes a minute to 37


strokes a minute. They are pushing up hard to try to justify the very


far semi-final performance they did yesterday. Poland are beginning to


attack as they come up almost level with Germany. Germany up slipping


back. Comparing the Stroke rates, the number of strokes they take per


minute, Great Britain is 35. Poland, in lane number three, 5th in the


world championships, are throwing everything and the kitchen sink and


more at Great Britain, through the last 50 metres. Great Britain have


sat there, contain them and the Polish have been pushing back and


pushing back. 200 metres and we would expect the British to take on


the power. There goes Katherine Grainger, backed up by Anna Watkins.


It was almost crawl for the Polish. The class that is the British


double scull of Grainger and Watkins, all they needed to do was


keep the length in the water. They are coming up to the line. Another


gold medal and a huge step towards the Olympics in London. It is Great


Britain over in first place. Poland in seconds. Germany heads down in


bronze medal position. We were tested quite hard in Belgrade. We


wanted to move on a lot from there. It is fantastic to have different


countries trying different things to race Against Us. It makes us


better. The Poles did a cheeky push at the end. It shows the Germans


are not the only challenge. Congratulations to them. How did


they look in comparison with Belgrade? In Belgrade they


dominated the field. Competition has stepped up here. It was a bit


of a scramble a few weeks ago. In control here. They looked confident


and comfortable. A really good rhythm. We will move on to the


men's lightweight double with Zac Purchase and Hunter. They won gold


in Belgrade three weeks ago. They only made it into the final by


scrambling third place in the semis. The Canadians taking the final of


the men's lightweight double sculls through the 500 metre mark. Great


Britain is currently sitting in fifth-place. Unbelievable for the


world and Olympic champions to be right down there. Nice view it as


they come side on. The water is perfect. There is talk the British


crews have not tapered for this regatta. They have been training


all the way through. If that is true, we are seeing some of the


results now. Purchase and Hunter are normally out front. They are


languishing down at the back. is a choice. Do you wind down for a


big event like this all, do you say, most important for us is London? We


will keep the pressure on now because we cannot build it up


closer to the Olympic Games. Canada continue to lead but only just over


France and New Zealand. Great Britain continue to be back in 6th


position. If anything they have dropped slightly back in the first


500. The fight is on. All these crews will be stepping up into


maximum race pace, less than 50 strokes. You will count 10 and go,


10 and go, 10 and go. That is what France are doing in lane number


three as they come up level with Canada. The Canadians have so


valiantly lead this final all the way. How cruel at is it now with


the French easing away? They are moving out now up to two seat was


Doug New Zealand, the world silver medallists, are coming up. -- two


seat. The New Zealanders are up to 38 strokes a minute. They are


eating into the position of Canada as silver medallists. France are


looking very nice. 38 strokes a minute and they are looking supreme.


This is a new combination in the French lightweight double sculls.


They are finding such speed. Inside 75 metres. Less than five strokes.


The British are out the back. Today it is a day for of France. Over New


Zealand. It will be tight and on the line, Denmark from Canada.


Great Britain now over the line. Heads down, slumped in the boat.


one likes to lose. We love winning. You have to take knocks on the chin


and go home, back to the drawing board and moved on from there. In


the past we have shown we had come back from adversity quite well. I


spent a few days out of the boat with illness beforehand. It has


hampered our performances. Nine weeks to the Olympics and we have


plenty of time to put it right. We have a lot of potential to increase


speed and increase places. concerned were you with that


result? You need to be a little concerned if you know you are not


at full strength in one race. Particularly if you are experienced


like them. They have not been performing over the whole regatta.


It was not the real surprise. In the bigger picture, they have had


upsets in the past and they have had to come through them. As that


group, long-term, I do not have a problem. Now we moved on to the


Women's Pair which was expected to be a battle between Great Britain


and New Zealand. It was extremely tight last year. Our girls are


getting better all the time. Helen Glover had not started rowing until


after the Beijing Games in 2008. The men to meet at home in Cornwall.


Some days it is hard to get my head around the fact that I was not a


role. I was not going to be Olympics and competing. Here I am.


It has happened through hard work with the help of brilliant coaches.


It is exciting. I have had this dream since I was tiny will start a


wanted to compete in the greatest sporting arena. -- I it was tiny. I


wanted to compete in the greatest sporting arena. By mum saw an


advert in the newspaper and they were looking for people over five


foot nine for girls to try different sports that to you need


long levers for. Rowing is one of them. I was training to be a PE


teacher. I carried on my training and got a teaching job. Looking


back, I do not know how I did it. I was teaching all day and getting up


at about 5 o'clock in the morning to do my first session training.


After school I would do my second session late into the night. It was


really tough. I have a really supportive family. They are


brilliant. I have my mum and my dad and two brothers and sisters. My


gran lives at home with us. She is the most excited out of everyone


about the Olympics. My boyfriend is a canoeist and he trains in


Nottingham. He trains really hard. I have always been really


competitive. Everything was made into a competition when I was


little. I ran international cross country and played hockey for my


county. Every sport I did, I do it to be the best I could be. -- I did.


Heather is a commonly strong and fit. We have to live in each


other's pockets. I am the messy one and she is in the Army. She is very


tidy. Everyone is going to be going for the same thing - the dream -


Olympic gold. If we keep progressing, we are going to be in


a brilliant place on the start-line. If we put together a good race,


Weem must be pleased with that. -- Britain pair are doing everything


their coach has asked them. They are holding a. Clear water over the


United States of America, who have come through New Zealand - the


world champions - in the second 500. The third 500 metres is crucial.


New Zealand up on their back foot. They will be under pressure. Great


Britain will have to grow in confidence. If ever a crew enjoys


racing, it is Great Britain. They must be the most experienced of all


of the athletes in this field. If we go right back to 2008 in Beijing,


looking at the United States, they are Olympic champions in the


Women's Eight. They are very strong - big athletes. The British pair,


you saw Helen Glover looked across to check the United States. She


knows that crew will give them the most pressure. They have raised


them twice was dug -- raced them twice. They have the measure of


them. This is where the big test will be. How flexible bar of the


British pair to change their rate and change their rhythm to lift the


pace in the last 500 metres? That will be the key. I think the New


Zealanders are suffering a bit from jet-lag. They only arrived about


five days ago and are still recovering. Four years ago, Helen


Glover could not Rome and Helen's damning was about to start life as


a soldier. -- Helen standing. This is absolutely critical. Time and


again we have seen Great Britain in this position. They have been


exceptional out to be 1500 metre mark. USA in lane five. The New


Zealand crew, on the left of your picture, they are scampering along.


It is hard to see whether they will come back on terms. The big


powerful crew of the United States - the Olympic champions in the


Women's Eight - they have the experience to overhaul Great


Britain. We're into the last 250 metres. Britain are still at 33


strokes a minute and then they moved up to vertical 0.5. The other


pair up at 38. -- to 34.5. metres now remaining. The crowd is


on its feet. Surely the British pair have done enough to hold of


the United States of America? New Zealand are upping the rate. Great


Britain have replied. The British crew have found the pace surely to


take them to the line. They up inside 10 strokes and it will be


agog Murdoch full Great Britain over an exceptional field. -- a


perfect. An exceptional confidence boost. They now know they really


have the ability to move on to the Olympic Games coming up in little


over 60 days. You just can't predict, especially in our event,


who can predict what will happen. Every nation will have a different


approach to the regatta and will learn different things. We are


letting everyone else decide what they want to decide and keeps our


heads and training good. There's Americans have been breathing down


your neck? In Belgrade, they showed they are quick. They sorted them


supped with their start so were quick again. It is fun to have


It seems as though they are on track. Is that fair? Lastly, they


dominated the circuit but got picked at the post by the Kiwis.


The Kiwis looked a bit uncomfortable. Rating Harley. Dan


was saying they couldn't go faster by rating higher. Sometimes by


having less strokes per minute you can go faster but they will improve.


Gold-medal? I hope so. I tipped them from the middle of last season.


When they crossed that -- cross that line that will make is certain


but I think it will be. The First World Cup regatta for the sculling


side of the male - man -- men's squad. As in Belgrade, they


finished 7th overall. We start with the new look double who impressed


with a double in Belgrade. We were pleased with the whole regatta and


not just the final. We delivered well right from the heat and semi-


final. For those who watched it, it was a tight race. To come out on


the right side in get a medal was really good. It is great to know


wait you fitting to what is a high standard feel. -- field. It is not


a big margin. You can fit in very close to the top of that event and


it is tight enough to push on and British suffering in lane number


one. Lucas and Townshend. The French were valiant in the third


500 and into the third 500 they have done enough to hold on. The


Germans are right back in it. Australia, the Olympic champions,


yellow in the middle of the picture, are pushing on hard. A good push


back for Australia. They started steady. Slovenia are doing very


well on the road from retirement. Germany in the Yellow at the top.


They are coming back hard on the early leaders, France. This is


where they will push hard won last time. The Germans have gone through


still in this. France does look like they are holding on for dear


wait for a cut -- full confirmation of silver. But the Germans, well!


They put themselves into it. They were fils at the first 500. They


were second at 1500 and they timed it to perfection. First over the


Alan Campbell has been overhauled in third for Great Britain. Closest


to us, he was ache at the World Championships in Bled last year and


he is having a flyer. Four scullers going for the gold medal. Alan


Campbell will drive on, believing He correctly looks the grass and


sees what he's got to do. It is a very close finish. Q But is not out


of it. You have to go a long way before you see a hard sculler like


this. He has battled this but he is under an enormous amount of


pressure. The Sprint is coming from the line. A massive, massive


disappointment for Alan Campbell who talk that the race last night


but he sits and will have to reflect that the second half did


Alan Campbell finishes for. Heidi you assess that? Very disappointing.


With Alan, he never gives up. He did blow. He paddled across the


finishing line which is not him. I don't know what the issue is. I


will agree -- disagree with Dan a bit. He said he is looking snooze.


His legs were nothing -- moving before the connection of the plate


which is not getting the most out of the leg drive. Speeding rowing


is all about that. He has to work on that but rumours are coming out


of the camp that he was working well and technically well but he


did not show it there. Lucas and Townshend finished in sixth.


Between the performances, would you say it is unsatisfying? Big what


has been our weakest point in recent years so it is not too


unusual. Obviously, the new double... Nothing is firing. It may


be that Alan might go in the double early through the winter and


working from that. Perhaps they have lost a bit of focus in their


individual boats. For the doubles, they have been up with the French


in recent years. Whatever double we put out, the French are well up


there and our guys are not. men's eight is still to come but


letters round at some of the others off - other finals. We start with


the men's pair. They got pushed by the Canadians this time. Knowing


the Brits are out, they may have got an easy run but it does not


always work that way as the Canadians pushed them hard. They


were comfortable winners so it will be interesting to see what happens


in three weeks' time in the next World Cup. They are looking good at


the moment. George Nash and wheel macro finished 5th. Is that a true


reflection of their abilities? Unfortunately yes. Andy and peaked


where the strongest pair. The four would be the first boat and the


eight would be the second. Making a final is good if they can do that


at the Olympics but I don't see a medal coming from them. What about


the women's squad who finished in 5th? A little bit of an issue there.


They weren't that impresses three weeks ago and they have not moved


on from that. You would have thought they would be more


competent than that with a little more time in the boat but they are


struggling at the back end of the final, which is not a good thing to


sea in women's quad. The women's this have had a lot of illness. --


the eight. They are all struggling at the back end of the final rather


than the front. Everyone was on a bit of a high before but this is a


reality check and it is a good time to have it. In the women's


lightweight double, China established an early lead. Greece


where in third and Great Britain finished in 5th. What about their


performance? Stepped down a bit from three weeks ago when they beat


the Chinese. The Chinese have moved on because they were third three


weeks ago and are now winning. It is early days for that partnership.


They haven't been together for long and I am sure they will improve


from that and move up a few places by the time the Games come along.


Now the men's lightweight. The most exciting race of any regatta. A


desperate battle for the finish line. Peter Chambers is out injured


by a matter of a few feet, great Britain continue to lead. China and


Denmark as it was at the 500. The crews have to find something to


push on. It is about a psychological battle in the third


500. Great Britain are skirting to drive it on. Keeping the length and


a little bit more power in the finish. The crowd will now scream


through. Great Britain have to keep their heads that because coming


hard-up is Denmark. China are at 38 strokes a minute, three strokes


higher than Britain. Denmark are also coming up all the time. This


is fantastic stuff. Each boat will have one Carl on their mind. It is


all about gold here, setting a market too late on to the next


regatta. Three weeks from Munich but it is one step at a time from


Britain. Paul Mattick is in the bow Denmark, defending Olympic


champions in lane one. A little look right from Chris Bartley.


China looks strong. They are out by almost half the length now. Look at


the length of Denmark in lane one. They are right up there. South


Africa are coming through. They are pushing right on through. Great


Britain have to do an awful lot. China stretching out at 42 strokes


per minute. They are flying. Chinese look so powerful. The race


is tightening up. At go Great Britain on 40 strokes per minute.


They have 175 metres remaining and South Africa, from No where, have


Britain getting the bronze. A fabulous result for the Chinese.


Well deserved. They punched the air and right that they should. A


phenomenal sprint from South Africa. Great Britain... Well, it wasn't as


good as three weeks ago but it was To achieve the brunt medal, that's


the way it is. It is Olympic year so what do you expect? It is what


we had to do to get from A to B as quickly as possible. Steve, was


I think it was a good performance. Peter Chambers is out, injured at


the moment. With him in the four it should be faster. They have been


raising for the last few seasons so it is established. They would not


make the change if they did not think it would be passed to repeat


in it. It is always very close. It could be a bronze, it could be 6th


place, it could be a god medal. am going to speak to the chairman


of the rowing club here. -- gold medal. Rowing and Manchester does


not trip off the tongue. We moved here to a purpose built facility.


We have grown from about 12 people to 120. Thereat in the two rowing


clubs in Greater Manchester. -- there are only two rowing clubs.


Thank you very much for having us today. We are going to press on


with the action and to the men's fate which proved to be the most


exciting race in Belgrade. The Men's Eight. It would become a


little bit tougher in Lucerne with Australia and Canada entering the


frame. Alex Partridge is a sportsman who has enjoyed the


sports highs and lows over the last decade. This is the one that is


going to the Olympics. Alex Partridge unfortunately suffered a


collapsed lung. The British crew grit their teeth. Great Britain get


the silver medal. The dream for me is to win the Olympic gold medal. I


chose to be in the eight because I believe that is the best boat for


me. There is not a lot to dwell on. It is getting this going. Every


time I do something, it is probably going to be the last time I do it.


The only race that matters is the Olympic final. London is probably


the last time I will have a shot at being able to fulfil the Olympic


dream. The British have got their bows just ahead. It looks like


Germany have got their bows back but there is nothing in it. Great


Britain will get second. Do not want to come second, we want to


come first. -- we do not want. You either come first or you come last.


That is how we want to race. We changed the order of the crew and


shuffled everyone around. We took it by the horns. It was an


efficient effort but we were too slow. It is not surprising. We had


not rowed that combination enough. We thought we would come back from


Belgrade and we would have had Constantine back in the boat. We're


going to give him some more time and we're going to rise without him


in his Lucerne. We're going to lead the race from the front and go toe-


to-toe with the Germans. We're going to be more efficient and


practise doing what will win the quickly. Netherlands have the


better of the first five strokes. Netherlands are in lane one was a


great Britain are in two. Canada, the Olympic champions, are in lane


number four. Poland up in lane number six. The big race for the


British crew. That is Greg Searle it in the bow seat of the British


crew. If this is the battle between Canada, he went fastest in the


heats, and have come back with a complete the new crew. The coach


has a magical hand in turning raw- material into fantastically fast


eight crews will start it will be interesting to see how they can


come back and to challenge Germany. They have been dominant on the


world seen since 2009. Germany just going through the picture. They are


world champions. Canada are the Olympic champions. There are three


from the Olympic eight on board in the Canadian crew. Brian Price is


in the driver's seat as they come through the 500 metre mark. It is


Germany from Great Britain. Now they have to consolidate that. It


is about finding rhythm and finding the length. Germany from Great


Britain. Canada in third position. Poland in force. Australia in five


and Netherlands in 6th. -- 4th. Canada are usually far stabbed in


the first 500 metres. They are being led by Great Britain. --


usually fast out. Germany are still the fast boat pulls up -- for


Germany are still the faster boat. The British are looking all right


was that they are in the race and in their rhythm. They can keep


their heads up. We are looking at the Netherlands. The British art in


this race will start they were leading Germany in Belgrade.


this race. They need to hold it together. At the halfway mark by


just a quarter of a length, it is Germany over Great Britain. Now the


race will start to wind up. This is the final of the Men's Eight.


Bigger pictures are a match -- around -- big pushes up around this


mark. The world champions retain the power. Great Britain is a third


of a length down. Great Britain is just edging Canada at the moment.


They are in a very good position. Poland is closest to us in third


place. They are trying to get alongside Canada and Great Britain.


Germany are doing what they do best and dominating the scene. It is a


fantastic turnaround for the British crew. They are in second


position. They are putting pressure on the world champions. They are


half a length up on Canada, the Olympic champions. They could close


the door on Canada and focus on Germany. The Germans are relentless.


In the bow seat, looking a lot better than he has in the early


part of this race. Great Britain are coming back. They have closed


down the gap on Germany. The race is on. It is Great Britain's for


the taking. The boat is travelling between the strokes Gustav they


have really learnt from the last regatta. Bob -- the strokes. Can


Germany do it? Canada are in third place and cannot catch Britain from


this point. Germany are responding. They have moved at to six feet from


three feet. Great Britain need to remember they are racers and


fighters. They will be so confident in his position. They have the


better of Canada inside 200 metres. Germany has turned it on. They have


an extra gear. Up Great Britain have to move. They have to bring it


right back on to Germany Again. Inside the last 100 was up gold


again undefeated Germany. -- the last 100. The Great Britain crew


have turned it around. Silver again for Great Britain. Canada, the


Olympic champions, take the bronze medal today. One thing is sure,


Great Britain are back in the hunt. This crew is coming together. We


are still learning. In this regatta we have really progressed. You have


the old man back in the bow seat. How does that feel? I love it there.


I need to keep my blinkers on. Looking at them only distracts me.


I can get a real feel for what is going on in the boat and move with


it. I am enjoying the challenge. The British team were on track in


Belgrade. How tough where the opposition here? Really tough. We


do all three World Cups. Not everyone does. We were not quite


recovered from the first one and did not need to be. We have got a


lot of people coming in. It has been outstanding. The Olympic field


is here. You have seen it taught in Lucerne. We need to build on the


last 500. -- all in Lucerne. We are learning and getting better. The


last race counts and it will be in London on 1st August. Germany


continue their unbeaten run since Beijing. I'll be getting any closer


to toppling the Germans? -- are we getting? It was a great performance


by the guys. Will he be back for the next one or in for the Games?


Heat is the young star that everyone wants to see. He has been


stroking the boat when he has been in the boat. It makes the


difference when he is fit and healthy. We will have to watch this


space. I am disappointed with the Canadians. World-best time two days


ago and not in the race now. Is that inexperience from their point


of view? You would think the coach would have been more sharp in


making sure they did their best performance in the final and not


the first race. I think the Canadians can push the Germans as


well as us. You got 12 medals in Belgrade. What to make of the


overall performance? There will be four boats who will be very happy


and the other 13 will be disappointed. On the Olympic


statistics, the won less medals than we did four years ago. This


time there were three goals. 10 medals at the world championships


last year and only five this time. A bit of his trouble from that


point of view. A little bit disappointed over all. -- a bit of


a struggle from that point of view. We will be back in three weeks'


time when the British Olympic team will have been selected and I have


the last competitive outing before decamping to Eton Dorney for the


summer. The World Cup is in Munich on 11th June and we will be life.


We will be presenting from Henley. They will be celebrating their 25th


anniversary of the Women's Regatta. We said at the start of the show


Coverage from Switzerland as the world's best rowers continue their Olympic preparations at one of the sport's flagship events.

Great Britain enjoyed success in Lucerne last year with the women's double sculls partnership of Katherine Grainger and Anna Watkins, one of four crews to win gold medals.

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